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JBoss Application Server 5

JBoss Application Server 5

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Published by: vasulax on Sep 25, 2009
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As part of its upcoming JBoss Application Server 5.

0 release, JBoss has been making available components of that release that can be used with the existing JBoss Application Server Version 4.0.5. JBoss Application Server 5.0 would comply with the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5.0 standard. Components include:
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JBoss Web Services, which is a JAX-RPC 1.1-compliant SOAP stack. JBoss Clustering, re-architected for improved performance. JBoss Messaging, a JMS 1.1-compatible implementation featuring high availability. JBoss Seam 1.1, which is a unified component programming model and framework featuring data-oriented application wrappers for entity beans as well as integration with the Ajax4jsf framework. Seam 1.1 also reduces the need for database roundtrips via an atomic conversations function. JBoss EJB3, reflecting the final EJB 3.0 specification. Hibernate 3.2 for object-relational mapping.

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The beta release of JBoss Application Server 5.0 is targeted for December, with the final release due in the first half of next year.

Meanwhile, IBM is looking to infringe upon JBoss's turf by announcing that its open source WebSphere Application Server Community Edition is growing at a more rapid rate than the JBoss application server. IBM's application server is based on Apache Geronimo. IBM is citing annual research by Evans Data to back up its claims, saying IBM's offering gained market share of 16 percentage points as opposed to 6.6 points by JBoss. IBM was one of multiple vendors to fund the study on behalf of the Eclipse Foundation.

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