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Date __________ Name of respondent Address Dear Mr.

/Mrs/Ms _________ It has been 30 days since you received my letter dated ______ and still, you have failed to pay and still refuses to pay your arrears hich have no amounted to NIN!"# $N! "%$&'AND (!'$' )( *+, 000.00, . (lease be reminded that I have sent you several letters of demand for you to pay your bac- rentals and to vacate the premises but the same letters have been left unans ered. .onsider this then, as my last and final demand for you to pay your account ithin five )/, days from receipt and to 0A.A"! "%! premises ithin ten )+0, days from receipt of this notice. $ther ise, I shall be constrained to commence suit to protect my interests. 0ery truly yours, _______________