Unit 3 HOW OUR BODY WORKS THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM We use our respiratory system to breat e in air!

" W en #e breathe in$ air enters our bo%y t rou& our nose an% mout ! " Air &oes %o#n t e trachea! " Air &oes t rou& t e bronchi an% enters our lungs! " In our 'un&s$ o(y&en passes )rom t e air into our b'oo%! " *arbon %io(i%e )rom our bo%y returns to t e 'un&s! " W en #e breathe out$ +arbon %io(i%e 'ea,es our bo%y! - To 'oo. a)ter t e respiratory system$ #e must breat e +'ean air$ .eep our ouses ,enti'ate% an% not spen% time in areas # ere t ere is a 'ot o) smo.e an% %ust! THE *IR*U/ATORY SYSTEM T e +ir+u'atory system mo,es b'oo% aroun% our bo%y! T is mo,ement is +a''e% blood circulation! T e heart is t e or&an # i+ pumps b'oo% aroun% our bo%y! !B'oo% tra,e's aroun% our bo%y t rou& b'oo% vessels! T ere are t ree %i))erent types0 " Arteries +arry b'oo% a#ay )rom t e eart to t e rest o) t e bo%y! " Veins +arry b'oo% ba+. to t e eart )rom t e rest o) t e bo%y! " Capillaries are tiny b'oo% ,esse's # i+ +onne+t arteries an% ,eins! - To 'oo. a)ter our +ir+u'atory system$ it is important to %o re&u'ar e(er+ise an% not to eat )oo%s # i+ +ontain a 'ot o) sa't an% )at! THE E1*RETORY SYSTEM T e e(+retory system remo,es ot er #aste )rom our bo%y an% .eeps our b'oo% +'ean! " T e kidneys )i'ter t e b'oo% an% reabsorb use)u' nutrients! In t e .i%neys$ #aste substan+es an% #ater )orm urine! " Urine tra,e's %o#n to t e bladder t rou& t#o tubes +a''e% ureters! " T e urine +o''e+ts in t e b'a%%er! " Urine 'ea,es our bo%y t rou& a tube +a''e% t e urethra! - To 'oo. a)ter our e(+retory system$ #e must %rin. 'ots o) #ater an% a,oi% +onsumin& to(i+ substan+es an% ta.in& unne+essary me%i+ation! THE SKI2 Our bo%y e'iminates #aste t rou& our skin! Sweating e'ps our bo%y to .eep ea't y an% +oo'! Our s.in a'so prote+ts our bo%y )rom in)e+tions an% in3uries! It is ,ery sensiti,e an% as many ner,es t at sen% messa&es to our brain! E1ER*ISE Doin& e(er+ise an% sport is essentia' %urin& a'' sta&es o) 'i)e to stay ea't y! Some bene)its o) %oin& e(er+ise0 " It pre,ents us )rom &ettin& i''! " We )ee' better an% more +on)i%ent! " We +an s'eep #e''! " We stay at t e +orre+t #ei& t! W en %oin& e(er+ise it is important0 " to #ear prote+ti,e +'ot in& an% e4uipment! " to #arm up be)ore e(er+ise! " to stre+ a)ter e(er+ise!

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