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—————————— German Piety A ROSE AMONG THORNS Most of the carly years of a ecm Loca (ca. 1400-1451) remain a mystery. Solas tee documented bis artistic ativity in Cologne in 1440, and by wate he had accrued sufficient respect fo be named city coun lon representing the painters’ guild, Lochner’ painting from sre taste Madonna in the Rose Garden (F1G. 15-20), presents an are emmy popular theme inthe Rhineland. The artist depicted o ‘he Virgin Macy and Christ Child in a rose arbor, «traditional ant renee to Mary’sholiness (“arose among thorns”) and a sym to of her purity. Increasing interest in Rosary devotion no doubt contributed tothe popularity of this theme. The Rosary. ¢ sevarional exercise in which one meditates on aspects of the lives of C ‘needs of the lity ina time of growing privatization of ‘at and Mary while reciting prayers, particularly served t *Sfigion. Lochner presented this subject using stylized conven: rons He established a symmetrical and very structured compo: ‘ition, and the exquisite gold background recalls Byzantine and medieval artworks. His use of established conventions can be at tributed in part, to the new patronage, Wealthy laypersons who Uesired such images for private devotional purposes or as status Symbols relied on a familiar, recognizable iconography and FISHING IN LAKE GENEVA As in F sin the Holy Roman Empire. Amor pieces were familar themost notable ofthese isthe Altarpice ofS sinted in re ore chapel of Notre-Dame des Maccabées inthe Cathe- 15-20 Sreruax Loci, Maton inthe Rose Garde UO dealt Saist Peter in Geneva. On one exterior wing ofthis trip-_1495,Tempera on wood, approx. 8" 14% Wala Richart tych appears Miraculous (G.15-21) by the Swiss Museum, Cologne 15.21 Konan Wirz, Minacuous Drought of Fi, rom the Altarpiece of Saint Peter, in the Cathedral of Saint Peter, Geneva 4.1444, Oi on wood, approx Musée dart et histo as Chapter 1S svn AN ORNATE SPIRITUAL VISION (a. 1460-1531) depicted the Vin