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Ul ric h Zwi ngl i (1 484-1531)

 Swiss Reformation- Zurich

 Battle of Mariganano (1515)
 Clerical Celibacy
 Zwingli’s scripture test- Jan.
29, 1523
 Marburg Colloquy called by
Philip of Hesse (Oct. 1529)-
Zwingli vs. Luther
 Civil war- Battles of Kappel
(Jun. 1529, Oct. 1531)
 Zwingli’s death at 2nd battle,
brings up Heinrich Bullringer
as new leader
Joh n Calvi n- Gr ea t
Be ginn ings
 Born 1509
 Received church
benefices for
 Law degree, became a
 Conversion to
 Surrendered Benefices,
moved to Geneva
Ref or m I n G eneva
 Revolt in late 1520s, City
 Protestant adoption-
May 21, 1536
 Calvin’s arrival- July
 New Catechism for
 Exile of reformers- 1537
Calvin in St rasbou rg
 Sent out of Geneva
 Became pastor
 Institutes of the
Christian Religion
– center of reform
– Predestination
– “signs of divine
– removed superstition
and idolatry
– consistories
Gen eva b y Ca lv in
 1540- Calvin allowed to go back
 Immersed Genevan Church with politics
 Organization of Church
– Pastors- 5 men, exercised religious
– Teachers- taught doctrine to the
– Elders- 12 men chosen by a council,
oversaw what was going on in the
– Deacons- attended to the sick and
to the material needs of the
Major Diff eren ces In Cal vinism

 Jesus only as spiritually present

 Saints vs. Elect
 Predestination
 Faith changed what your actions
later in life would be.
 Teaches all others groups are not
“true Christians”
 Had laws against beating women
Joh n Ca lvin ’s L eg acy
 Restored Faith to its purity since Apostolic
days through Calvinism
 Influenced Calvinist believers to change
society both spiritually and morally
because they knew they were going to
Heaven any way they acted
 Purified the Protestant movement through
his ideals.
 Created an entirely new Catechism for his
 Wrote the Institutes of the Christian
 Recreated the original Church with politics
and created a new hierarchy for it
 Damaged his reputation through the part
he played in the capture and execution of
Michael Servetus who was condemned for
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