Simple Stoppie


Initially, we should avoid the fear which makes our life miserable. Fear is the only thing which leads us to great dangerous. The above lines are applicable for all the situations in the life and this is applicable for doing Stoppie. Stoppie is less dangerous than wheelie when it is done under suitable conditions.

Avoid FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Requirements for the rider and the bike: 1. Bike with disc brake (For beginners, disc brake is better than drum brake) 2. Proper front suspension. 3. Tyre with normal pressure. 4. Helmet (Because skull is always damaged in bike stunts) 5. Gloves and knee pads (To avoid damage due to skidding)

Now we can start the training, (Avoid fear, be a man) 1. Leave the clutch and go at a speed of 30-35 kph. 2. Have faith in you. 3. Pull the clutch and front brake at same time slowly. 4. When the speed is going low, pull the brake fully. 5. When you experience that your bike’s back part is lifting, Lean somewhat forward. 6. When you feel unstable leave the clutch and brake.

Beginners don’t try more than 75º. It’s so



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