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Welcome to the free Ebook Simple Balanced Self Reliance
The Family Urban Survival Guide of the 21st Century
Dave Author.
First Edition © 2007 Revised edition © 2014
All Rights Reserved
Simple Balanced Self Reliance
This is the free preview copy. Please email me to download and read the full
version of the current copy of my work in progress Ebook. It will open on your
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Until further notice anyone may download much of the book as it is for free.
You have permission to forward, print, copy, give away, etc. this free version
to anyone who you feel may benefit from it. It has always been my intent,
when the book was finished and appeared in hard copy (E copy as well), to
put free versions of the book in the hands of as many police, fire, first
responders, school administrators and so forth as possible. This will not be
an inexpensive proposition. A few people have been nice enough to
volunteer a contribution. Much of this book is free or very low cost for now.
BUT ONLY if you wish to (totally optional) donate to this fund I am building
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use help in certain sections of the book. I'd really appreciate the help.
Please note to repeat this is the free version/partial unfinished version of the
book Simple Blanced Self Reliance. This book was typed up very quickly in
2007, then updated and new parts added in 2014. This free version has not
been corrected for grammer, if you would like to read the finished version
with the extra bonus chapters it will cost the current price of a silver maple
leaf. This is a non profit making project for education purposes only, the price
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Foreword by Gary Yantis. Bestselling author of Infinite Dangers and
Fukushima Secrets Revealed.
This book is the sum parts of all of Dave's extensive experiences, condensed
into a book that is both simple to read and simple to apply. I have known
Dave for decades now and have had the honor to have been part of his
information sharing group. That means that the suggestions here have been
proven to work. At times our group has had some serious struggles on our
hands and at times we have learned as much how not to do something as we
have about how to do it - but that is what Selfreliance is all about. Improvise.
Adapt. Overcome. Ultimately, whether a person can lead a simple, balanced
self reliant life or not will come down to spirit. - And on that front this book
has been written by the best.
Gary Yantis. Consultant, Author, Speaker, Investor.

Contents. Foreword by Gary Yantis. P4.
Preface: Why simple balanced self reliance and not just self reliance? P6.
Introduction: Why Any increase in the amount of money over the poverty
level will not increase your happiness? P10.
Prelude to Chapter 1: Why the need to live in a simple balanced self reliant
way? P12.
Chapter 1 Monetary History Ancient times. P13.
Chapter 2 Monetary History Modern times. P61.
Chapter 3 The worlds whitest metal is where all the action is not the yellow
metal. P237.
Chapter 4. The silver lining. P342.
Chapter 5 Digitally Trading monetary precious metals/crypto currencies.
Chapter 6 The coming perfect economic storm. P666.
Chapter 7. Preparation, water. P979.
Chapter 8 BIOFUEL. P1337.
Chapter 9 Bugging out. P1357.
Chapter 10 Communications. P1466.
Chapter 11 Self defense. P1482.
Chapter 12 Health and fitness. P1515.
Chapter 13 Eating. P1817.
Chapter 14 Food For Free. P1871.
Chapter 15 Insurance, saving and investing. P1959.
Chapter 16 Predictions. P2022.
Chapter 17 Self reliant life. P2263.
Chapter 18 Preparedness. P2321
Conclusion, Summary. P2368.
Afterword, Epilogue, Postscript. P.2431.

Bonus preview of SBSR 2. P2506.
SBSR Shop. P2561.
About the Author.
Dr Author is an internationally known master herbalist, nutritionist and health
coach. He is the author of several books, including the Simple Balanced Self
Reliance series. Dr Author lives a low cost, but contented life with his wife
and children in London. They enjoy wild food from foraging, hunting and
trapping. They also often eat their own caught fish, shellfish and sea

Why simple balanced self reliance and not just self reliance? Because this
book is about how to live a simple balanced happy life. Being 100% self
sufficient/self reliant off the grid may sound romantic and idyllic but it's not
balanced. If you can buy flash-frozen (which suspends their "aging" and
nutrient losses) fruit and veg very cheap to supplement what you grow or
forage yourself that's balanced. If you can fit solar panels to sell electricity
back to the grid when the sun is shinning that's great. But it's very useful to
be able to use electricity from the grid when the sun is not shining, compared
with 100% living off grid. Water bills can be expensive and currency doesn't
grow on trees. But water does fall from the sky for free. To install a fully
fledged rain water harvesting system can take years to pay back. But to have
a storage tank and have your gutter/downpipe feed into it can greatly reduce
your water meter readings when you use this instead of relying 100% on
buying from the water company.
Finally to have a multifuel wood burner stove like the portable one shown
here or WVO lamps (read about later) to heat your home (and provide light
with the lamps) and use for cooking AS WELL as using central heating and
conventional cooking methods gives you wonderful versatility. So not relying
on either the 100% self reliant way or relying completely on utilities (as most

people in the developed world do) always being cheaply available. This is

simple balanced self reliance.
To sum up, the ideal life of living in a smallholding 100% off grid growing your
own food and raising livestock not relying on anyone else or anything else is
true self reliance and it might sound great, but it is not all its cracked up to
be. Why make things hard on yourself unnecessarily.
This book is all about making things easier, but most of all simpler in the long
run. A more level headed, moderate approach to self reliance. A realistic
approach that is within reach of most people no matter where you live. The
first part of the book is about wealth then later about health and happiness.
In March 2011 Japan was struck by Earthquakes one magnitude 9.1 and 15M
Tsunami's causing the worst nuclear crisis ever. Having lived and worked in
Tokyo and my wife's family still living there talking to them everyday makes
you wonder. How would most of us cope if all the supermarkets were empty
after panic buying and you have no idea when new food will be available?
How would we be if electricity can not be relied upon with blackouts, and gas
is also turned off just when you want to do some cooking and heat your
home. How would we manage if the fuel stations ran out so you cant use your
car any more and there is no other public or any other transport available?
Most of all what would you do if there was no clean water available? Even if
you turned on the tap and it worked, what would you do if you were not sure
if it was safe to drink or wash with? All this happened to North East Japan at a
cold time of year with snow and harsh weather conditions.
The suggestions in this book could alleviate the worries with all these
challenges. To have food and water stored will help but also to be able to
provide food and water if your stores are lost or taken, in a simple balanced
self reliant way. Real solutions to real problems.
Marketing types know that if someone can describe the problem better than
you, you will assume they have the solutions. Since the start of this latest
global financial crisis bookshops are full of books describing the problems

that are causing the GFC.
When you read or hear others who are awake to the GFC, listen to their
solutions, not their descriptions of the problem. Almost anyone can describe
the problem, but few offer real, positive, empowering solutions. This book
doesn't just concentrate on the problems the main focus of this publication is
helpful suggestions and solutions to the coming perfect economic storm.
Every bookshop also has a large shelf or section with books designed to help
you have more money. This is not the solution. This book is different, this
book is designed to help the reader understand the truth about money. The
truth about what is money and what is currency. Most of all the truth that
additional money does not equate to additional happiness. Any amount of
money over the poverty level does not increase happiness, it just increases
choices and options and we already live in a world of choice and option
overload. This brings anxiety and stress and the opposite of happiness. Hence
the name of this publication the theme is to live a simple balanced more self
reliant life. Balance, in all things.
For example the vast majority of those in the developed world aspire to own
their own home. But recent research suggests that home ownership and
happiness do not necessarily correlate. Material things from beautiful homes
to fancy pens turn out to provide less happiness and more anxiety and worry
about losing such things.
So rather than suggest you strive to get more money this book has as a goal
to help you live a more simple balanced self reliant life. Which will in turn
relieve anxiety that comes with modern life, and will also bring a certain level
of contentment and happiness.
A point I want to clear up at this early stage is I do not believe things will ever
go Mad Max or other similar apocalypse situation. This is not a doomsday
prepers book. Many times people like me try to be discredited by making fun
of thinking we believe things will get so bad like in The Road by Cormack
Mcarthy. This is an attempt to discredit us as doom and gloom propaganda
artists, so do not listen to us. I am not one of those.

I do not believe things will get that bad at all and do not try to scare people. I
do however think harder times are down the road, due to the perfect
economic storm the next chapters talk about. Unemployment will keep going
up, wages will keep going down in real terms meaning they will buy less and
less as cost of living keeps going up. As governments get deeper into this
perfect economic storm they will have to cut back with Austerity measures
everywhere. I predict not apocalypse but there will be more riots and civil
unrest around the world as the global financial crisis worsens and life gets
harder for everyone. I do not claim to know what it will be like for sure but the
facts this book presents show that the worst of this global crisis is not behind
us but in front of us. What I am saying is the things we have seen in recent
times are just a small speed bump on the way to the main event which is fast

This is nothing to fear if you are prepared for it and as you will see in the next
few chapters its just history repeating. Once you are educated you do not
need to fear this perfect economic storm, you can be like me an apocalptimist
a term invented by Chris Duane.
Decades ago there was a feeling that scientific advancement would be able
to feed the world, find clean renewable energy sources and benefit mankind.
The facts show that what has happened is the opposite. Science has
damaged the earth with genetically modified crops now spreading beyond
control and nuclear and fossil fuel severely damaging the Earth and the
natural habitat of both humans and all the other creatures God created. My

hope is that those reading this will want to be more informed and then take
steps in one way or another to live a more simple balanced self reliant life
now and the suggestions in this book can help you do just that.
But the most important reason to be self reliant in a simple balanced way the
way this book suggests and not 100% self reliant the way other books
recommend is because the Bible says to not rely on your own understanding
but instead we should rely on God. What this means is too look to what the
Bible says not our own thoughts or man's thoughts ahead of Gods. Does
relying on God mean we can sit back and expect God to look after all our
needs without doing anything? No! God does expect us to make a sincere
effort ourselves. This book shows ways of doing just that. My hope is that at
least some of the book will resonate with you if not all of it.
Even if we never experience a disaster or crisis of any kind, the self reliant
balanced suggestions in this book will help you live a greener lifestyle and
benefit you now, as well as leaving you better prepared for the infinite
dangers this world presents.
Simple Balanced Introduction
It has been said that any increase in the amount of money over the poverty
level will not increase your happiness. It just increases your choices and we
already have choice overload which brings anxiety and stress. Its worth
meditating on that simple statement because if you as I do, firmly believe it
100%, then it has profound implications on your life.
I was quite surprised to find in a recent report that my wife and I basically live
just above what the report said was the modern poverty line in terms of
income. We have both been full time unpaid volunteering since we were
teenagers and are still regularly involved with volunteer work even with our
children on top of both of us working full time while the kids are in school. We
purposely choose to live very simply but in a balanced way. I've never felt
poor, quite the opposite in fact, but I just don't seem to need to spend or
want for much. I loath waste and tend to think carefully about whatever I
spend, but that doesn't mean that I deny myself. I just don't feel the need to
have every latest gadget that arrives in the shops. In fact I get pleasure out
of waiting for the latest gadget I want to bottom in price before I buy it. When
the new smartphone or whatever is released you can find the old ones a few
generations ago can be bought very good value 2nd hand. It was the same
gadget that everyone was saying was so great a few years ago, just the same
as they are saying about this new one now.
Much of our approach to life was learnt from our parents and even more so
from our grandparents who remember the hard times during the 2nd world
war. They were not rich but I never heard them complain about being poor.

They were comfortable, warm and well fed from grandfather's garden. He
used to teach me how to pick off caterpillars and slugs then take out the
weeds when I was a very young boy.
When I was a bit older my other grandparents inherited a large amount of
money from my great grandparents. They could now go out and buy almost
whatever they wanted for the first time in their lives. They went into town
with all this new currency for the first time and what did they come back
with? My Nan bought a new toothbrush and Granddad bought a new pen.
There was nothing else they wanted or needed. They gave the rest to
charity* because the rest of the family didn't need it either. True story. That is
being master over money not letting it master you.
* This charity is nearly always the first in with aid with any disaster in the
world and nearly always the last out after rebuilding work.
A very wise man called Dr Vogel wrote some fascinating books similar to this
one, and he made a very important point very well. He suggested getting
pleasure out of life whatever you are doing and where ever you are. He
recommended enjoying things for free. One example was going for walks in
beautiful parks and gardens that are not yours. Its far better he would say to
enjoy public parks and chat to others there than to have a huge garden all to
yourself and have to upkeep it yourself. Or even better woodland area, if you
can find the nearest one to where you live.

Above all the suggestions in this book are practical. Everything I recommend
is either something we do or have done or have friends that do, not theory.
Things that make sense financially and which make a reasonable trade off
between your time and currency. They make sense ecologically as well.
Simple balanced self reliant living is also environmentally low impact living.
I talk later about reducing your financial footprint as well as your ecological
one, this has also been described as going Galt or reducing your currency unit
income to the point where there is nothing for anyone to take, living a very
simple life the correct description is reducing your financial footprint. It
sounds a bit like reducing your carbon footprint while producing actual
results. This is so powerful especially as the pressure from the world wants
you to earn and spend more this attitude is so against consumerism and the

advertising world. But it really frees your mind and relieves pressure and
Real solutions that reduce our impact on the environment may be positively
boring, but they work and people can and will use them. Most of the
suggestions in this book are anything but boring as you will soon see. Be
prepared to be shocked.
So I hope this book will help you to enjoy a better quality of life by spending
less currency and help the planet because you are living a greener lifestyle.
Dave Author
Prelude to Chapter 1
Why the need to live in a simple balanced self reliant way in the first place?
For more than 4000 years a pattern has continually repeated in which
governments debase and dilute their currency supply until a point where the
common psyche of the populace and the collective mass mind of the people
begin to feel that something isn't right.
You probably feel that way right now.
As the debasement progresses, the population senses something is wrong.
They sense the loss of purchasing power of their currency. Then something
miraculous happens. Through the free market system, the will of the public
causes gold and silver to automatically revalue. In doing so, monetary
precious metals do an accounting for all the currency that was created since
the last revaluation. This has happened over and over again. If anyone tries
to argue it will no longer continue to happen then they are ignorant of
historical cycles.
It's automatic, it's natural; gold and silver have always done this. People the
world over have an innate sense of the rarity of gold and silver. When paper
currency becomes too abundant, and thus lose value, man always turns back
to monetary precious metals. When the masses come rushing back, the value
(purchasing power) of gold and silver increases exponentially.
During these events there is always an enormous uncertainty, and it always
ends badly. It ends badly for the governments issuing the currencies that
died, and it especially ends badly for those who were not prepared for the
crisis. If you choose to be prepared for this incoming crisis, then you must at
first educate yourself, and second take action.
This book is about both education and taking action. In the following pages
you will find both historical perspective and practical advice about how to be

prepared for what I believe to be the perfect economic storm converging on
the entire world.
At first you may be surprised by the amount of history I have laid out. But I
assure you there is good reason for it. For it is only by understanding the past
that we can understand the present.
This book will equip you with all you need ride out the coming perfect
economic storm, and will equip you with skills and a mind set and the
knowledge you need to take your future into your own hands by leading a
simple balanced self reliant life. Enjoy.

Chapter 1
Monetary history Ancient times.
Just the facts about what is money exactly?
Before a medium of exchange was invented, people traded, using a barter
system. They exchanged goods and services of equal value. There was no
unit of account in the exchange, the medium of exchange was just exchange.

But bartering could be inconvenient. For the system to work, each party had
to desire the goods that the other was offering. This is called a coincidence of
wants. In addition, traders had to carry or care for cumbersome trade items
like animals or bags of grain.
Incidentally barter can still work well on an occasional individual basis. I
happen to be good with electronic gadget's and phones/small computers. But
not very good at fixing cars now they all seem to be computer controlled. So I
swapped an hour unlocking and improving then setting up a garage owner
friends new smartphone with a new operating system. He spent an hour
servicing my car. Nothing formal, nothing in writing just a favour for a favour.
Of course governments do not like barter because there is no tax to pay.
My wife is a highly qualified experienced beautician. But there are many
beauty treatments that can't be done to yourself. For example eyelash

extensions, she tried doing hers herself but you really need to close your
eyes. So now she regularly meets up with other beauticians and has an
exchange of services. No currency needed, no tax to pay. She spends an hour
or so treating them and they then do her nails or hair or something. Everyone
saves money and you are paying less tax than if you charged for your
services then went and paid for another service.
But it’s surprising how many skills you and your friends have. If someone
works in one field and can get you something for free that you normally have
to pay for, can you provide something for free in return? Swapping skills or
even goods you've made rather than fiat currency cash is efficient so long as
both parties feel they have had value. You just have to get over the
coincidence of wants, this can be done through good reasonable negotiation.
So what really is Money?
Today, we're accustomed to thinking of small paper rectangles or digits on
our on line banking account as the definition of money, and we think of the
governments of the world as the only source of money. To honestly discuss
sound money, we need to realise where our current money customs came
At first, it was every man for himself. You ate or wore what you could pick or
catch. Barter as we said was the first advance. If you had some extra meat,
and your neighbour had an extra fur, you might make a direct exchange. If
food, water, clothing, and simple tools are the only goods on the market,
barter is fine - you can always find someone who has what you want and
wants what you have.
But as soon as there's basic manufacturing and prosperity begins increasing,
barter becomes inadequate. Say you're a hunter and you want a bed, but the
only bedmaker in town is a vegetarian. What do you do then? You would have
to figure out what the bedmaker wanted (maybe tofu), and then find
someone who had tofu and wanted meat. If you couldn't find that person, you
would have to find a fourth person (someone who wanted meat, and had the
hats that the tofu maker wanted), or try to convince the vegetarian bedmaker
to take the meat and trade it for something else. Meat, however, spoils, and
so the bedmaker would have to unload it pretty quickly. So, unable to get
your hands on anything the bedmaker wants to consume, you trade your
meat for some salt and approach the bedmaker.
"Look, I know you don't want salt, but think of all the people who do. They
use it to preserve their meat and flavour their soup. And this stuff is nonperishable, so you can hold it quite a long time. And if, when the tofu dealer
comes through town, he doesn't want salt, you can explain to him what I've
explained to you - he can use it to buy something he wants." If you and the

bedmaker agree, you've just created currency. Organically, more people in
your community begin taking salt for payment, even if they have no intention
to use it, because they know others will accept it.
But - and this is important - the value of salt currency is not entirely
dependent on other people accepting it as payment. If, for some reason, folks
stopped taking salt as payment, you could use it as, well, salt. In the same
way silver today is has over 10,000 applications as, well, silver, as well as a
monetary precious metal. The value of paper currency today is entirely
dependant on people accepting it as payment.
Salt was a pretty good currency, especially before refrigeration, because it
was widely demanded, divisible down to the grain, very portable, easy to
weigh, and could easily be tested for counterfeit by tasting it. Salt was used
as a medium of exchange in ancient Egypt and through all dominant world
powers many times right up to the Romans who used salt for currency as a
medium of exchange.
But just because salt served as a medium of exchange didn't mean there
would be no other form of currency in circulation. Tobacco leaves might be
widely accepted as payment. Salt will not last generations passing on
generational wealth and it is not that durable, if it got wet you could lose your
entire life savings. Imagine your life savings were kept in salt in what you
thought was a safe place then there was a flood? Which is why people prefer
to save up over time gold and silver which are money in and of themselves.
But to really answer the question what is money you first need to understand
the difference between money and currency. The official definitions of
currency and money are:
Currency must be a medium of exchange so we have to be able to buy and
sell things with it. It has to be a unit of account, so one gram or unit is equal
to one gram or unit. It has to be portable so not to large or heavy. It has to be
divisible which means you can make change. Durable which means it has to
last and not dissolve in water or evaporate or degrade in near extreme
temperatures. And then something called fungible. Fungible means that each
unit is interchangeable so the unit in your pocket buys the same as the unit in
my pocket.
Money has to be all these things plus it has to be a store of value over long
periods of time. So if you only remember one thing today remember that lots
of things have been currency but only two things have ever been money.
Nothing else meets ALL of these requirements and is a long term store of
value only gold and silver are money in and of themselves. Currency doesn't
have to meet all these requirements, but to be money it has to meet all of
them especially a long term store of value. There are many things that are a

long term store of value (like land for instance) but they do not meet the
other requirements land is not portable. Diamonds some say are a good long
term store of value and very portable but not fungible because no two grams
or units of diamonds are worth exactly the same. But diamonds are used as
currency a lot mostly for the sale of arms. Another reason I do not like
diamonds as a long term store of value because they are not nearly as rare
as people have been led to believe. I go into rarity of different physical stores
of value later in the book.
Salt and tobacco as we have said meet most of the requirements of currency
but are not durable even if they arguably do hold their value over long
periods of time like money does, gold and silver. Things like this do hold their
value over long periods of time but what good is this if they are not durable.
Just because the value of something lasts the thing itself may not. Even
modern digital currencies like Bit coin may well meet all or many of the
requirements of currency but can not be a long term store of value because it
is dependent on many things like electricity and Internet being reliable and
not being hacked or messed with. Bit coins can not have any intrinsic value in
themselves because they do not exist, they are virtual currencies. They come
and go. Bit coins may be limited in quantity but they are not limited in
competing digital competitors so the number of bit coin lookalikes could be
infinite. Bit coins and suchlike are only a medium of exchange they don't
have any use in themselves other than a virtual currency, so can not be a
long term store of value. They can not be money in and of themselves like for
example gold and silver coins because Bit coins and other virtual currencies
are digital and not tangible they are not backed by anything just like fiat
currencies from governments.
medium of exchange
unit of account

medium of exchange
unit of account









slowly becomes worth less

STORE OF VALUE over long periods

Mike Maloney brings out this point very well in his free video series. It is
worth repeating, Many things have been used as currency but nothing has
met all these requirements and been a lasting store of value over long
periods of time (thousands of years) only gold and silver are money. The key
point to remember as we go through monetary history in the next chapter is Only gold and silver are money, EVERYTHING else that has been used as a
medium of exchange is just currency.
Monetary history the very start.
Genesis 2:11-12 in the Bible is the first and earliest place anywhere, where
you will find that Gold is being talked about for the first time. According to
these Bible verses, in the land of Havilah, Gold is endorsed as being “good”.
This was just after the first ever man Adam was created and just before God
created the first woman Eve, around 6000 years ago. They were then
commanded to have children and fill the Earth and become many. Some say
the first mention of gold and it being endorsed as being good even before the
first Woman was created suggests that God had in mind monetary precious
metals as a monetary system for when they filled the Earth and became
many. I am not so sure but it is very interesting that the Bible talks about gold
being good so early on, just after the first man was created.
Now I would like to start at the very beginning of monetary history. So when
do you think was the earliest ever recorded financial transaction where the
unit of account and the means of exchange was recorded? And what was the
first ever unit of account mentioned?

Interestingly it is silver that is first mentioned not gold, it is in Gen 13:2
Where Abraham was leaving Egypt heavily stocked with silver and gold. This
was not really a financial transaction as such but a good indication of what
was being used as money. There is no clear mention of any money earlier
than this time anywhere in historical records ANYWHERE. A few chapters later

in 17:13, 23 mentions purchasing with money, what was being used as
money here was not specifically mentioned, what do you think it was? What
was being used as money at this time? The accounts say purchasing with
money, so this had most definitely moved on from barter at this time over
4000 yrs ago. Chapter 20:16 tells us the answer it talks about 1000 silver
pieces of money. v16 is arguably the earliest ever financial transaction in
recorded history " And to Sarah he said: "Here I give you 1000 pieces of silver
to your brother" This is not a clear financial transaction but the unit of
account was clear, it was 1000 pieces of silver being used as money.
Then Abraham in chapter 23 first of all in v9 asks someone to sell him a piece
of land for the full amount of silver, so that he may own the property. He got
silver ready for a burial place for his wife. Then in v13- 16 he weighed out the
required amount of silver which was 400 silver shekels to bury his beloved
wife Sarah. He paid for her funeral with 400 silver shekels, and bought this
field as a burial place, this was the first earliest ever clear recorded financial
transaction. There are no other really clear records of financial transactions
earlier than this time. This was different from Chapter 20:16 because this
transaction is clear we can see what was being bought and how much it cost.
We dont know how much land exactly but it was a field that had a cave and
all the trees within the boundaries were part of what Abraham purchased for
400 silver shekels. A silver shekel at this time was 11.4grams or 0.367ozT. So
400 shekels was 4.56Kg or 146.8 troy ounces. This has varied a little but not
much through all of history. Depending on where it was obviously and how
much land was included in the transaction about 4 or 5KG of silver was what
a large plot of land was valued at. This is the true value of silver at all times.
Now most of this book is based on solid facts that can be verified. Like the
very first mention of money/silver in recorded history. Some of it will be my
opinion based on sound reasoning which is this next bit, I am going to say
that silver was most probably being used as money long before this first ever
recorded example. Even though there are no clear examples of financial
transactions before this first one. There are several accounts of carrying on in
business, and most importantly accounts saying they were buying and selling
long before Abraham's first recorded financial transaction. But the first ever
record of the unit of account is later as already mentioned, when Abraham
paid for his wife's funeral with silver. The account's from before did not say
bartering as means of exchange it said buying and selling so there must have
been a unit of account, even if it wasn't recorded. This is not proof alone of
my theory that silver was being used as money but further sound reasoning
to support my theory comes from Genesis 4:22 where they were mining
copper and iron and other metals to make tools. Why is this so interesting?
Well silver has a lower melting point than iron and some of these other
metals they were refining. Also silver is many times a by-product of mining

copper and iron and other metals. So there was a good chance they did have
silver at these times over a 1000yrs before the first ever recorded financial
transaction I mentioned, and the point I am making in this book is that silver
is nearly always the money of last resort but also the money of first resort as
well. Silver was often mentioned being used as money at this time, but
copper has no record of being used as money until a long time, thousands of
years after.
The earliest known financial artefact's are actually 4100 years old
records of civil law which refer to the amount of compensation an aggrieved
plaintiff is to be awarded for various offences.

The code of Ur Nammu, written between 2100 and 2050 B.C. and similar to
the more familiar code of Hammurabi, which pre-dates by as much as three
centuries, announces the standardisation of units of measurement, and
among other things is followed by list of fines to be paid in standardised units
of silver. These non Biblical lines of evidence authenticate the Genesis
account which used silver as money around the same time period.
So that was the very beginning of monetary history, we are not sure the
exact time but my theory is long before Abraham's first ever earliest recorded
financial transaction silver was what was being used as money. But human
history did not start that long before Abraham because he was born only 2
years after Noah died and Noah was born not long after the first man ever
Adam, died. So we are talking about very early on right at the start of
humans being on the Earth. No doubt about it silver was money when we get
up to Abraham's time period, and who was the dominant world power at this
time? The first ever major dominant world power on the scene was Ancient
Egypt at the time when the earliest financial transaction using silver was
recorded. There is much other evidence that silver was being used as money
for a long time during Egypt's dominance on the Earth. For example Joseph

who was Abraham's great great grandson. Joseph who was sold by his jealous
brothers as a slave to Egypt just a few generations after Abraham. Joseph
was sold for 20 pieces of silver, most probably these were silver shekels. A
silver shekel at this time was 11.4grams or 0.367ozT so 20 shekels was
228grams or 7.34 troy ounces of silver. This has varied but through most of
human history a slave for life would be valued at around 200grams of silver.

When his brothers years later came to Egypt to buy food during the famine
they paid with silver. But towards the end of the reign of the Pharaoh's the
monetary cycle that has repeated throughout all known history began to
make its presence. The people were deceived and convinced to use
something other than gold and silver as a means of exchange and a unit of
account. At first the imported gold and silver pieces were used by the
Egyptians as precious metal of standardised weight in ingots rather than
coins. Then other things were introduced as a promise to pay with silver. To
start with in the monetary cycle when some form of currency is introduced a
temporary prosperity or false boom happens. To understand this false boom
part of the monetary cycle, think of a business who is borrowing twice as
much as they have profit every month. For as long as the bank foolishly
keeps lending them funds every month they will look like they are booming
but it is a false boom and can not last. This happened in ancient Egypt they
became by far the wealthiest nation ever to exist on Earth up until this time,
all because of expanding their currency supply and people believing it is
worth the same as gold and silver. Remember anything other than money
gold and silver used as a medium of exchange is just currency and currency
becomes worth less over time but money holds its value over time.
The people had confidence in the currency for some time in ancient Egypt,
even as the supply was expanded more and more, it is a con game. It's all
about confidence. But the monetary cycle is very consistent and after the
false boom which can vary in length, come the feeling that something is
wrong with the expanding currency supply and then the slowly losing
confidence in the currency that has replaced gold and silver. Maybe you are

feeling that way about the expanding currency supply in the world right now
in the 21st century.
According to wikipedia Currency evolved from two basic innovations, both of
which had occurred thousands of years BC at the time of ancient Egypt.
Originally money was gold and silver ingots. Then a form of receipt,
representing gold and silver in storage in Ancient Egypt replaced the ingots,
this was the first known currency ever.
This first stage of currency, where something other than monetary precious
metals were used to represent stored value, eventually formed the basis of
trade in Ancient Egypt. After gold and silver were replaced with currency
though it is not known everything that functioned as a currency to facilitate
exchanges, but before Egypt went over to currency it is thought that ox-hide
shaped ingots of silver, functioned as the medium of exchange. Then grain,
salt as already stated and other things functioned as currency. Remember
anything at all other than gold and silver used as a medium of exchange is
currency only gold and silver are at all times money in and of themselves.
Mike Maloney did an excellent free video series called the hidden secrets of
money. I highly recommend you watch it all, its extremely educational. Where
he traveled to Egypt and talked about how this monetary cycle started there,
he puts it a different way to me he says in this cycle they go from quality
money (gold and silver) over to quantity currency (anything else used as a
medium of exchange) then back again.

This is the same monetary cycle that has repeated through history and
continues to repeat in our time. Some argue that the cycle will no longer
repeat but that has been said many times in the past just before money does
an accounting for the expanding currency supply as the cycle does indeed
repeat over and over again. I am convinced the cycle will repeat again in our
lifetimes early in the 21st century. My prediction is it will repeat in about the
first quarter of this century, so I am looking towards the year 2025 at the
latest for the cycle to have completely repeated. But it could be well before

this year and I go into more depth my reasons later in the book.
It is a fact that this monetary cycle has been around for thousands of years
and it is key to understanding what is happening in the world
right now. It's basically the same process every single time that the cycle
repeats, because human nature hasn't changed. So we're always going to get
governments going over to currency from money then trying to inflate away
the currency out of greed and in order to stay in power so they can keep
spending when they run out of funds. And we're always going to see people
who actually figure it out early and act accordingly. You can be one of the
early smart ones who change your currency for money before the masses
rush to change their currency for real money. So we're in the same cycle and
now in the late-stage of the currency abuse again although most people, if
they don't feel it right now, they know something's wrong but they don't
completely put all the pieces together yet. But eventually they will and then
we'll go to the next stage which is the end of the con game, confidence is
lost in currency and everybody wants to change their currency for real
monetary precious metals. This has happened so many times through history
it is the exact same cycle we are going through today in the early 21st
Many Egyptologist's and historians speculate that this first time the cycle
started, several other things were used as currency at this time which
replaced the money - gold and silver ingots as means of exchange.
This, one of the first known cases of using something other than gold and
silver, ended badly for the once great Egyptian world power, and led to the
rise of the next great power on the scene Ancient Assyria. The monetary
cycle repeated as it always has and gold and silver revalued to account for all
the currency that had been added to the supply. The currency also revalued
to its true value of almost nothing. Assyria who took over from Egypt as the
dominant world power went back to using newly revalued gold and silver,
thus monetary precious metals did their first accounting and revalued to
account for all the currency that had been added to supply. You could say one
of the first hyper inflation's. The currency goes to its true value of almost
nothing and gold and silver value to their true value.
Consider these words recorded at Revelation 17:10: “There are seven kings:
five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet arrived, but when he does arrive
he must remain a short while.” When the apostle John penned these words,
he was being held in exile by the Romans. The five fallen kings, or world
powers, were Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece. Rome was
the world power at the time of writing and the Anglo-American world power
was the seventh that was prophesied to remain a short while.

We have looked at Egypt the first of the 7, now lets look at the other 6 world
powers of Bible prophecy from a monetary history point of view. Next after
Egypt came Assyria.

Nineveh was the capital of the Assyrian Empire that was the second great
dominant world power in recorded history after Egypt. In its heyday, Nineveh
may have been the largest city in the world. The Bible refers to it many times
as a great city. It was a vast metropolitan region that evidently included
several other cities. So a good question would be what was the means of
exchange and if there was one, what was the unit of account being used?
Assyriologist Archibald Henry Sayce says they used gold and silver ingots but
then other things were introduced as currency to replace monetary precious
metals. He describes the mighty empire after it went from money over to
currency this was the second time the monetary cycle repeated, he says it
"experienced a huge economic boom." It was what I call a false economic
boom due to expanding currency supplies and people believing they are
worth the same as gold and silver. Archibald says "Nineveh was a mighty city
with magnificent places and temples, broad streets, and massive walls."
How they went over to currency is unclear, but it is certain they started off
using money gold and silver after the Egyptian currency system expanded so
much that it brought down that Empire. When the next great Empire Assyria
first started issuing currency maybe people said no way, look what happened
to Egypt when they went from money over to currency we want to keep using
gold and silver as money! But the Assyrian Empire was most famous for its
cruelty. If they said from now you will use our currency for exchanges and not
gold and silver then if you ran a business back then you would do as you
were told. If you ever visit the British Museum and have a look at the Assyrian
section you will see the extent of their cruelty. One relief from Sennacherib's
palace depicts a torturer wrenching the tongue out of a prisoner who had
been pinned to the ground. People who did not do what they were told were
skinned or burned alive or reserved for a worse fate.

So when businesses were told to use this new government issued currency
that is what people did out of fear. Price inflation is the result of expanding
currency supplies but governments have in times past tried price controls.
Assyriologist Archibald Henry Sayce describes how the Assyrian leaders tried
to curb inflation of their currency units with price controls even as they
expanded the supply. So those with the power to create and issue currency
become very wealthy but as they issue more and more currency there are
more units chasing the same amount of goods and services, prices want to
go up but it is illegal to put up prices and business owners were frightened of
breaking the law no matter how stupid the laws were. The initial boom from
going over to currency and expanding the supplies exponentially is doomed
to failure. In the end no matter how frightened business owners are they can
not afford to keep selling their goods for the low prices forced on them to try
to curb inflation, they will either go underground and create a black market
selling goods for fair value in relation to the expanded currency supply or go
out of business or try and run away, maybe run their business far away and
accept gold and silver as payment even though it would be breaking the law.
Whatever else may happen expanding currency supplies exponentially
always ends badly. Manipulations never last forever. Price controls never
work. Forcing people to use your currency never works, the free market
always wins in the end. This was what brought an end to the Assyrian empire
the 2nd dominant world power in history.
Today some say the petro-dollar is backed by the Anglo American world
power's military. Same thing happens every time this monetary cycle repeats.
Similar to the other dominant world powers like the Assyrian world power
using fear to try to force people to use their currency alone as a means of
exchange as they expand the supplies and spend it on what they like. But the
free market always wins in the end.
The current dominant world power Anglo America is trying to force the
continued use of the petro-dollar for world trade, but the world is slowly

repudiating it. Saddam tried selling oil for gold they went in and killed him,
then Gaddafi tried the same thing and the same thing happened. Now Iran is
turning its back on the petro-dollar and selling oil for gold, the Anglo
American world power is looking for every way possible to go to war but the
rest of the world will not stand by and let it happen so easily as last times.
So a quick review, after Egypt the monetary cycle going from money to
currency and back again started. Then Gold and silver started off again as the
dominant forms of means of exchange in the world dominated by Assyria,
which were used as common denominators of value. Then barley, salt again
and other forms of currency even shells however, slowly replaced money.
Other things were also made into currency and spent on whatever they liked
by the currency creators.
Thus the monetary cycle started to repeat and the people started using
currency (anything other than gold and silver) as a means of exchange. This
once again to start with brought great prosperity to ancient Assyria, for as
long as confidence is in the currency, but as we now know it was what I call a
false boom because it is a con game. Eventually confidence is slowly lost as
the currency supply is expanded more and more, until the general feeling is
something is wrong. Eventually again the free market and the will of the
public bid up the price of forgotten gold and silver to meet the currency
supply as the con game comes to an end and confidence is lost in the
expanding supplies of currency. Even if its on the black market and no mater
how frightened the populace is, gold and silver are used underground if its
illegal to use gold and silver as it has been many times in history and could
be again in the future. This cycle still happens its natural. The cruel Assyrians
could not stop the natural monetary cycle from repeating with price controls
and other manipulations, no matter how much fear they instilled. Whenever
this happens it always ends badly for the nation who issued the currency. This
once again proved true for ancient Assyria.

It was around this time just after Assyria's decline as the dominant world
power due to the monetary cycle repeating that the Bible gives an incredible
account of some of these world powers “In the second year of the kingship of
Nebuchadnezzar,” wrote the prophet Daniel, “Nebuchadnezzar dreamed
dreams; and his spirit began to feel agitated, and his very sleep was made to
be something beyond him.” (Daniel 2:1) The dreamer was Nebuchadnezzar,
the king of the Babylonian Empire. He had effectively become world ruler
with the decline of the Assyrian empire. The following day Daniel told
Nebuchadnezzar: “There exists a God in the heavens who is a Revealer of

secrets, and he has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what is to occur in
the final part of the days.” Daniel was ready to reveal not only the future of
the Babylonian Empire but an outline of world events from Nebuchadnezzar’s
day to our time and beyond.—Daniel 2:24-30.
(The prophetic dream has been well written about, but I am looking at it ONLY
from a world monetary history point of view. If you want to learn more about
the more important aspects of the prophecy I suggest the Daniel's Prophecy
book published by JW.org.)
Nebuchadnezzar listened intently as Daniel explained: “You, O king,
happened to be beholding, and, look! a certain immense image. That image,
which was large and the brightness of which was extraordinary, was standing
in front of you, and its appearance was dreadful. As regards that image, its
head was of good gold, its breasts and its arms were of silver, its belly and its
thighs were of copper, its legs were of iron." Daniel next declared: “This is the
dream, and its interpretation.”—Daniel 2:36. “You, O king, the king of kings,
you yourself are the head of gold.” (Daniel 2:37, 38) The successive world
powers represented by the metallic parts of the image could now exercise
world domination. Lets look at them one at a time and what led to their
demise as world powers.

Lets go back to the start again by way of review before money was invented
people traded using a barter system. They exchanged goods and services of
equal value. Traders using barter eventually saw the need for a more
convenient commodity that could be used to buy and sell goods. The solution
was to use precious metals such as gold and silver coins and ingots to buy
goods and services.
For example as already said the earliest recorded example was right at the

start of the Bible when Abraham bought a burial site for his beloved wife
Sarah he weighed out the required amount of silver.-Genesis 23:14-16
Silver was almost certainly money long before this first recorded example.
The first coins rather than ingots were likely minted in Lydia (modern-day
Turkey) sometime even 1000's of years before Christ. So before silver coins it
was small silver ingots that were used as money for thousands of years
before this. Metal workers in various countries were soon mass producing
silver coins and bars people throughout the lands mentioned in the Bible
began using them.
As well as traders another group who handled money were the bankers, of
each dominant world power. They devised saving systems, made loans, and
paid out interest to those who invested in the bank. Jesus referred to these
bankers in an illustration about slaves who were given various amounts of
money with which to do business.-Matthew 25:26,27
As silver coins and ingots were supposedly (so said the bankers) heavy and
cumbersome these bankers soon devised ways of holding onto peoples silver
money and issuing currency in place. Lots of things have been used as
currency throughout history like shells, sticks and of course paper but only
gold and silver are money.
Apparently by Nimrod’s time, the basis for such a system was largely in
place. The Collins Atlas of World History explains that “from the third
millennium onwards Mesopotamia [Babylon] developed powerful corporations
of businessmen. They stocked goods, speculated, used various types of
goods as currency, and used ingots, especially of silver, carved into particular
weights and sizes and sometimes bearing authentication marks.”
The main money used was silver bullion known as a Shekel 11.4g of silver.
This was 12hrs 1days wage. For bigger purchases they used the Mina which
was 50 Shekels 570g of silver. Or for very big purchases the Talent = 30 KG
silver was 60minas about 19 years wages. For smaller purchases the Gerah
which was a tiny 0.57g of silver. Or 10 Gerahs about 5.7g of silver was called
a Bekah and 2 Bekahs were a Shekel. There was also a Pim which was
7.8grams of silver. But these values have differed from time to time over the
millenniums. A couple of thousands years later the world was still valuing
things in silver Minas and Talents but the amount of silver needed was less.
Silver goes up in value through history (with the exception of the last hundred
years or so). By the time of Greek and Roman money you only needed 340g
or 10.9 Troy ounces to pay for something costing a mina when it used to be
570g or 18.35Tozof silver. A talent which was 60 Mina was now only 20KG not
the previous 30KG. It was still about 19yrs wages but it took 10KG less silver
because the silver was worth more. So average wages were less silver per

day. For the first few thousand years of history a shekel was an average days
wage 11.4g of silver but silver slowly increased in value over thousands of
years by the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries average days wages all around
the world were just under 3grams or a 10th of a ozT which was the average
days wage through history.
Here is the interesting bit according to some historians they in time (ancient
Babylon) started issuing written cheques or receipts for stored silver (carved
on plates or written on animal skins the first ever 'paper currency') with same
personal details as cheques today (Amount, quantity, date, name etc). The
Encyclopedia Americana says that the ancient inhabitants of Shinar—the
original name for what was later called Babylonia—carried on “a surprisingly
complex system of lending, borrowing, holding money on deposit, and
providing letters of credit, on animal skins.” Or in simple terms confusing the
people about what is money and currency and getting them to think currency
was as good money. Then those with the power to write on animal skins "this
is worth one ounce of silver" could literally create as much wealth as they
wanted. As long the people were fooled into believing it was worth one oz of
silver then they could spend as many animal skins as they could create, i.e
far more than there were ounces of silver in existence. Again it is a con game.
It is all about confidence every time the monetary cycle repeats.
Commercial activities in Nimrod’s day are not directly referred to in the Bible.
Yet, expressions found in its first book, such as “to buy,” “to sell,” and “carry
on business,” indicate that at least a few hundred years later, commercial
activities were commonplace.—See Genesis 25:31; 34:10, 21; 39:1; 41:56,
So we are up to Babylon the 3rd dominant world power after Egypt and
It is true that for a prolonged period of time, cuneiform texts are silent with
respect to commercial activities in Babylonian society. Admitting that this is
difficult to explain, the book Ancient Mesopotamia nevertheless concludes
that “one cannot assume that trade relations ceased through that
millennium, especially since they are known to have flourished greatly in the
subsequent period.” This work suggests that at that time trade may have
rested mainly in Aramaic hands and that papyrus and leather (animal skins
the first EVER forms of paper currency) were used as writing materials as well
as using as a form of currency. Maybe one of the first EVER forms of paper
currency made from animal skins. Amazing that today the world is
accustomed to using paper as currency. These first ever examples of paper
currency have not been preserved through the ages like the cuneiform
tablets that can be seen in the British museum.

All we know is that the once mighty Babylon was sacked in 539 B.C.E. If any
of these animal skins had been preserved through the ages I wonder if there
would have been evidence that because animal skins were increasing in
quantity at such a rate more than the banks held real money gold and silver,
the people began losing confidence in them. The con game always comes to
an end. Babylon experienced the knock out blow of currency (anything used
as a medium of exchange that is not gold or silver) and the once again easily
won battle between currency and real money gold and silver repeated.
So the head of gold in the dream image represented not just Nebuchadnezzar
but the entire Babylonian line of rulership. Gold was fitting to represent the
Babylonian dominant world power as they started of using gold as well as
silver money until they could not fund the very costly war and the cycle
repeated so they got the people to have confidence in and use paper
currency which they expanded the supply to pay for the war.
Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar: “After you there will rise another kingdom.”
(Daniel 2:39) A kingdom symbolised by the image’s breasts and arms of
silver would succeed Nebuchadnezzar’s dynasty. Some 200 years earlier,
Isaiah had fore told this kingdom, even giving the name of its victorious king
—Cyrus. (Isaiah 13:1-17; 21:2-9; 44:24–45:7, 13) This was the Medo-Persian
Some 60 years after interpreting the dream, Daniel witnessed the end of
Nebuchadnezzar’s dynasty, as they had their own version of what the world is
going through at the time of writing, their own little Babylonian financial crisis
due to expanded currency supplies. Many historians agree things were not
going well for Babylon at this time, they were at war and it was proving very
costly for them. (Sound familiar?) They expanded the currency supply to
continue funding the war. Daniel was present on the night of October 5/6, 539
B.C.E., when the writing was on the wall for Babylon. The Medo-Persian army

diverted the protective waters around Babylon so they could surprise attack
at night. Cyrus took seemingly impregnable Babylon and executed King
Belshazzar. With the death of Belshazzar, the golden head of the dream
image—the Babylonian Empire—ceased to exist. The monetary cycle going
from money over to currency always ends badly.

Following Babylon, Medo-Persia became the dominant world power of Bible
history. So after Babylon the next dominant world power was Medo-Persia, as
represented by the silver chest and arms of the dream image. There is ample
proof that the monetary cycle repeated once again they went back to using
silver as money. They went back to using the terms shekel and minah which
were once again the basis of the monetary system based on silver once
again. Indeed the Bible chose silver to represent them in the dream image,
many Bible scholars say this was due to the new silver monetary system that
replaced the Babylonian currency system that had just collapsed ending that
world power. I have been researching for a while when and how they next
went from using real money to issuing and using currency but historians do
not always agree on this. I can see its the same monetary cycle repeating as
normal. However what we do know is that when the next world power that
had been prophesied in the Bible - Greece's new leader Alexander the Great
became the next dominant world power by force formed an international new
monetary system after the monetary cycle repeated the next time, 2300
years ago when he conquered the Medo-Persian empire and imposed his own
monetary system, based on gold and silver once again. This indicates that
before the fall of the then world power Medo-Persia, the world was using
currency not money as a global financial system. But as I said there is ample
proof that they started off using silver as money not currency. Indeed the
Bible chose to use silver to depict the Medo-Persian world power because

they started off once again using silver as a monetary system.
So how could Alexander the great go back to silver money, if they were
already using gold and silver? The answer is the monetary cycle repeated as
normal so they (Medo-Persia) had gone over to currency and expanded the
supply to the point where people lost faith in it. As always it ended badly for
By now it is easy to see the pattern developing. A world power starts using
money and then fools its people into thinking its currency whatever that may
be is as good as money and fools the people into having confidence in the
currency as they expand the supply which ends badly for them when the con
game comes to an end.
The last of the kings on the throne of the Persian Empire was Darius III. His
reign ended abruptly in 331 B.C.E. when he suffered a terrible defeat by
Alexander the Great at Gaugamela, near ancient Nineveh. This defeat ended
the Medo-Persian World Power as symbolised by the silver part of the image
of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. I suspect the pattern was similar after the MedoPersian world power expanded the supplies of currency to a point where the
people began to lose confidence in it and the con game came to an end
which always ends badly for the world power issuing the currency that died.
The power to come was superior in some ways, yet inferior in others. This
becomes clear as we listen to Daniel’s further interpretation of
Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar that the belly and thighs of the immense image
constituted “another kingdom, a third one, of copper, that [would] rule over
the whole earth.” (Daniel 2:32, 39) This third kingdom would follow Babylonia
and Medo-Persia. As copper is inferior to silver, this new world power would
be inferior to Medo-Persia in some ways. However, the copperlike kingdom
would “rule over the whole earth,” indicating that it would be more extensive
than either Babylonia or Medo-Persia. What do the facts of history bear out
about this world power?
After the victory at Gaugamela, Alexander the Great went on to take the
Persian capitals Babylon, and others. Subduing the rest of the Persian Empire,
he extended his conquests into western India. As Daniel had foretold, the
copper kingdom ‘ruled over the whole earth.’

If you have studied history you will know that ancient Greece was considered
one of the great civilisations of all time. So what happened why did such a
great world power fall? The answer lies in the same pattern we have see time
and again.
The Owls of Athens.
The owls of Athens are thick and bulky silver coins stamped with the
helmeted head of Athena on one side and her owl, the symbol of wisdom, on
the reverse. First minted at the end of the sixth century BC in Athens, they
soon spread far outside its walls. I used to be a sailing instructor working out
of Athens sailing to many of the islands in the Mediterranean. Every museum
from all the surrounding islands and lands will have a history using these
silver coins as money.
They were used for foreign trade and became a symbol of Athenian power
during the time when the position of the dominant world power was held by
Greece. The monetary cycle repeated as normal, other coins came and went
but these owl silver coins remained consistent for more than three centuries.
And that consistency ensured that Athenian coins were accepted and trusted
throughout the Mediterranean. Only the Venetian ducat of medieval Europe
silver coins, which were minted for more than half a millennium, would rival
the longevity and credibility of the Owl.

The first owls were minted just as Athens was starting to go through a period
of unprecedented political and economic growth. Athens prosperity depended
on silver, much of which came from the silver mines of Laurium, 65

kilometres south of the city of Athens. The mines helped Athens rise to
become the pre-eminent civilisation of the Mediterranean. Xenophon wrote:
"the divine bounty has bestowed upon us inexhaustible mines of silver." This
to me is such an interesting quote. I have visited these long since exhausted
silver mines and couldn't help wondering to myself if only they had known
that silver only occurs on the earths crust and it is not indeed
inexhaustible. The fact that silver is not inexhaustible became clearly
known around 413 BC, Athens began to find less and less silver as the mines
became depleted. The real problems became evident as the new silver
started to run out, in an act of desperation, the city even melted down the
gold objects on the Acropolis, including eight gold statues of Nike, the
Goddess of victory. In 404 BC, following a prolonged siege, Athens
surrendered to the Spartans. Thucydides described the chronic shortage of
silver as the principle cause of Athens defeat. The silver mines had supported
the rise of this great civilisation, but their absence upon the realisation that
silver is not inexhaustible, hastened its fall.
Nike had been abandoned. From her, new gold coins were made with the
same weight and form with the owl and helmet. But they did not prove to be
as popular. It was silver, not gold, that reigned supreme during Athens'
cultural, political and economic heyday. The importance of silver was evident
by the greater value given to it at this time. Historically the silver gold ratio is
around 16:1 because this was around the amount of silver being mined
compared to gold through most of history. But in Athens gold was valued only
12 times that of silver. Very similar to the ratio of ten to one decreed by King
Croesus of Lydia. For over four and a half millenniums the GSR (gold silver
ratio) fluctuated in the range of 9:1 all the way up to the high end of the ratio
16:1. Today in 2014 the ratio is 75:1. Seventy five ounces of silver are valued
the same as one ounce of gold despite the fact that silver is now more rare
than gold in available worldwide stockpiles.
Through history the relative values of gold and silver simply float, based on
supply and demand. But this is not the case today as the silver manipulation
needs to keep the price of silver down to keep the investment interest of the
masses away for as long as possible.

As Franklin Sounders says "If I had a chart 45 feet long on which every foot
represented 100 years of human history, the gold/silver ratio would remain
under 16:1 for all but the last 15 inches. In fact, 16:1 are the highest spikes
on the chart apart from the last 15 inches and for the first 40 feet the ratio
oscillated under 12:1, and spent most of its time between 8:1 and 12:1. So
the majority of the time over the 45 feet it was around 8:1 which is the
natural ratio they are coming out of the ground today."
Over 97% of that 45 feet chart the ratio has been average under 16 ounces
of silver valued for one ounce of gold which was the natural ratio that silver
has been mined for every one ounce of gold. That ratio has now halved, only
8 ounces are now mined for every one ounce of gold.
Imagine that 45 foot chart on a wall. Most of the time 8:1 with a few spikes up
to 16:1, averaging about 12:1 for all but the last few inches. Then right at the
end few inches it shoots up to 75:1. And that only covers the last 4500 years
back to the great flood of Noahs time. Almost certainly gold and silver were
being used as money for more than a 1000 years before that and I would
guess the ratio was similar the long term norm about 8:1.
So as we have said when Greece became the next dominant world power the
monetary cycle repeated as normal and they went back to using money as
money rather than currency, how long would it last this time? Well they really
flourished under this new monetary system. As Mike Maloney says in his book
about monetary history "Then they got involved with a war that turned out to
be far longer and more costly than they thought (sound familiar?). After many
years of war and most of their money spent the Greeks came up with a very
clever way to continue funding the war. It was the same thing that led to the
demise of every major world power we have looked at up to this time. They
began to debase their money into currency to pay for the war. They
discovered if you take 1000 silver coins in taxes and then mix in 50% copper
you can then spend 2000 coins. Does it sound familiar? Maybe not as bad as
issuing 2 animal skins for every 1 silver coin, but its very similar to what the
previous world powers did."
This was now a government currency that you could buy gold and silver with,
but the currency supply was no longer gold and silver in and of themselves.
And as a consequence this currency became practically worthless. It's very
interesting the Bible chose copper to represent Greece as the next world
power when they were the first to use copper to debase their currency. Silver
was very fitting for the Bible to use to represent Medo-Persia as they started
off with a silver monetary system. Copper was very fitting for Greece because
they were the first to debase their silver with copper.
To repeat because its so important and as far as I know I am the first to

recognise this: Gold was fitting for Babylon because gold was being used
along with silver as money, silver was fitting to represent Medo-Persia
because silver was once again the monetary system, then the Bible chooses
Copper to represent Greece which is again very fitting because they were the
first to debase their silver with copper, a practice which has been repeated
right up to modern times. I am the first to make these observations and that
is all they are observations. The Bible using copper to represent Greece may
have nothing to do with them debasing their silver coins. But it is generally
agreed that the Bible using silver to represent Medo-Persia was based on the
fact that they went back to using silver as money again after the Babylonian
financial crisis. I am a long time student of both the Bible and monetary
history which is why I am so interested in these three monetary metals
copper, gold and silver. In particular the two monetary precious metals at the
top of the image- gold and silver.

But obviously once the public woke up to the abuse of money and the
currency debasement by mixing in 50% copper, anyone who held on to their
old silver coins found they were worth a lot, lot more than the same face
value 50% copper coins. Many times over the next thousands of years this
has been tried debasing monetary coins, and those who held onto the old
ones found they were worth a great deal more. See the next bonus chapter
on urban mining to see how this can be done today. This once again ended
badly, as the monetary cycle repeated as normal, within a short time of going
off money and onto currency they eventually became nothing more than a
province of the next great world power that had been prophesied in Daniels



Daniel continued his explanation of the dream image: “As for the fourth
kingdom [after Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece (not including Egypt and
Assyria)], it will prove to be strong like iron. Forasmuch as iron is crushing and
grinding everything else, so, like iron that shatters, it will crush and shatter
even all these.” (Daniel 2:40) In its strength and ability to crush, this world
power would be like iron—stronger than the empires represented by gold,
silver, or copper. The Roman Empire was such a power. Rome crushed and
shattered the Grecian Empire and swallowed up remnants of the MedoPersian and Babylonian world powers.
Lets look at how the Rome empire fell.
To quote Mike Maloney again.
"Rome just as every empire in history never learnt from the mistakes of past
empires. Over the many years of Roman leaders various leaders inflated the
Roman currency supply by debasing the coinage and issuing more paper
receipts than they held real money gold and silver. All this led to one of the
worlds first known about hyper inflation's. At one time a pound of gold was
worth 50,000 Denari in the year AD 301, but 50 years later it was worth 2.2
billion denari. It had risen 42,400 times in 5 decades. In modern times to
compare, 50 years ago gold was $35 an ounce if it rose the same amount in
the same time period it would today be worth over $1.5 million an ounce. If
an average new car sold for about $2000 50 years ago which they did, the
average new car today would sell for $85 million."
The Romans expanded the currency supplies so much that there was not
enough gold and silver or even copper. Thus the Iron coins replaced monetary
metals, iron was almost unlimited in supply so these new iron coins that were
'fiat' as in the government says you have to use them slowly replaced the
monetary metals gold, silver and copper. This could be why the Bible
represents Rome and indeed the next world power Anglo-America using iron.
Because the idea continued through to our day, iron/steel coins going through
the legs all the way down to the feet mixed with clay. Even today the majority
of the coinage in the Anglo-American currency is made of iron or similar low
value metals. You almost certainly have iron/steel coins in use today look in
your pocket or purse. I think a lot of the old cupro-nickel coins are nickel clad
steel in the UK, actually Wikipedia (take them for what you will) states only
5p and 10p are nickel plated steel from Jan 2012. 20p, 50p is still cupronickel. In 1992 the copper 1p and 2p coins in the UK were replaced with
copper coated steel coins.

Steel is actually an iron alloy with a carbon content between .2 and 2.1
percent. Steel is a common name for many combinations of Iron. So much of
modern coinage today is iron/steel. This started with the Roman empire which
could be why the Bible depicts Rome then Anglo-America using iron.
Iron may be worth a little more than paper but it is still classed as currency
not money. It does not hold its value over very long periods of time like
money does.
I have long been studying the image in the book of Daniel so to review my
theory - the head was gold because Babylon used gold as the monetary
system the chest and arms were silver because medo-persia used silver as
money systems then the hips were copper because Greece debased their
gold and silver coins with copper then the legs were made of iron is it
because Rome then Anglo-America used iron/steel coins in place of the
monetary metals?
Dan chapter 2 says the feet were partly made of iron and partly made of clay.
I wonder if the clay could represent the cashless society we are becoming?
Could the clay mixed with iron represent unbacked digital and unbacked
crypto currency? All the dominant world powers started off using Monetary
PM's and then the cycle repeats but its a little different each time just as its a
little different in our time now that the cycle is repeating but this time we
have unbacked crypto as the cycle repeats.
Lets get back to Rome and how the monetary cycle repeated as always. To
look at the mentality of the Roman emperors, we can look just at the advice
that the Emperor Septimius Severus gave to his two sons, Caracalla and
Geta. This is supposed to be his final words to his heirs. He said, "live in
harmony; enrich the troops; ignore everyone else." Now, there is a monetary
policy to be marveled at!
Caracalla did not adhere to the first part of that advice; in fact, one of his first
acts was to murder his brother. But as for enriching the troops, he took that
so seriously to heart that his mother remonstrated with him and urged him to
be more moderate and to restrain his increasing military expenditures and
burdensome new taxes. He responded by saying there was no longer any
revenue, just or unjust, to be found. But not to worry, "for as long as we have
this," he insisted, pointing to his sword, "we shall not run short of money."

His sense of priorities was made more explicit when he remarked, "nobody
should have any money but I, so that I may bestow it upon the soldiers." And
he was as good as his word. He raised the pay of the soldiers by 50 percent,
and to achieve this he doubled the inheritance taxes paid by Roman citizens.
When this was not sufficient to meet his needs, he admitted almost every
inhabitant of the empire to Roman citizenship. What had formerly been a
privilege now became simply a means of expanding the tax base.
He then went further by proceeding to debase the coinage. The basic coinage
of the Roman Empire to this time — we're speaking now about 211 AD — was
the silver denarius introduced by Augustus at about 95 percent silver at the
end of the 1st century BC. Which makes it more durable similar to 9.25%
silver today. The denarius continued for the better part of two centuries as
the basic medium of exchange in the empire.
By the time of Trajan in 117 AD, the denarius was only about 85 percent
silver, down from Augustus's 95 percent. By the age of Marcus Aurelius, in
180, it was down to about 75 percent silver. In Septimius's time it had
dropped to 60 percent, and Caracalla evened it off at 50/50. Same as the
Greeks did who discovered debasing silver coins when you run out of silver.
But the real crisis came after Caracalla, between 258 and 275, in a period of
intense civil war and foreign invasions. The emperors simply abandoned, for
all practical purposes, a silver coinage. By 268 there was only 0.5 percent
silver in the denarius.
Prices in this period rose in most parts of the empire by nearly 1,000 percent.
The only people who were getting paid in silver were the barbarian troops
hired by the emperors. The barbarians were so barbarous that they would
only accept silver in payment for their services. They were smart enough not
to fall for debased coinage.
But ten years later, he finally abandoned the silvered coinage, which by this
time was simply a bronze coin dipped in silver rather quickly.

Now one interesting thing with all this inflation should be a great comfort to
us: historians of prices in the Roman Empire have come to the conclusion that
despite all of this inflation — or perhaps we should say, because of all of this
inflation — the price of silver, in terms of its purchasing power, remained
stable from the first through the fourth century. In other words, silver
remained, in terms of its purchasing power, a stable value whereas all this
other coinage just became increasingly worthless. Silver on average
maintained it historical average norm of a tenth of a troy ounce or about
3grams valued at a 12 hour hard human labor 1 days wage.
A practical example is in Acts 19:19 which tells us something enlightening
about newly converted Christians in Ephesus at the time Rome was the
dominant world power: “Quite a number of those who practiced magical arts
brought their books together and burned them up before everybody. And
they calculated their value and found them worth 50,000 pieces of silver.”
The silver piece in question was the Roman denarius which was 0.1ozT of
silver, the sum would have equaled the combined 12hr daily wage of 50,000
average workers—a substantial amount!
Imagine today in 2014 in the west an average 12 hr days wage today is $120
then the modern day equivalent value would be $6million. Yet to show how
undervalued silver is today this 50,000 tenth of a troy ounce of silver would
today be able to be bought for just $100,000 ($20ozx5000oz).
Also of note is that just before Rome fell the barbarians demanded a ton of
silver to not sack Rome, but the Romans would not or could not pay them, so
they sacked Rome. I think it was the latter.
But they could pay them as many debased 5% silver denarius coins as they
could carry. The barbarians said no way we're not falling for that, only silver. I
wonder if they would have fallen for unbacked US dollars or bitcoins? I doubt
In the end it was currency debasement that brought down the Roman empire.
Just like every empire throughout history it thought it could go from money to
currency and get away with it. As you can see debasing currency is a pattern
that repeats throughout history. It is a pattern that always ends badly.
To repeat a key take away point as already said and as Chris Duane brings
out in his truth never told and silver bullet silver shield series of video's
"When the Barbarians were at the gates of Rome they gave them the choice
of paying 1 ton of silver and they would not sack Rome. As Chris says The
Romans either would not or could not come up with 1 ton of silver, I think it
was the latter. But they could offer a lot of currency to the barbarians which
of course was almost worthless hence the barbarians sacking Rome and

leading to an end to the great Roman world power.
But the iron legs of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image pictured not only the
Roman Empire but also its political outgrowth. Consider these words we have
already looked at recorded at Revelation 17:10: “There are seven kings: five
have fallen, one is, the other has not yet arrived, but when he does arrive he
must remain a short while.” When the apostle John penned these words, he
was being held in exile by the Romans, on the isle of Patmos. The five fallen
kings, or world powers, were Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, and
Greece. The sixth—the Roman Empire—was still in power. But it also was to
fall, and the seventh king would arise from one of Rome’s captured territories.
What world power would that be? Britain was once a northwestern part of the
Roman Empire. But by the year 1763, it had become the British Empire—the
Britannia that ruled the seven seas. By 1776 its 13 American colonies had
declared their independence in order to set up the United States of America.
In later years, however, Britain and the United States became partners and
have been ever since. Thus, the Anglo-American combination came into
existence as the seventh dominant world power of Bible prophecy. Like the
Roman Empire, it has proved to be “strong like iron,” exercising ironlike
authority. The iron legs of the dream image thus include both the Roman
Empire and the Anglo-American dual world power.
We can learn from the way Daniel described the metal image that the AngloAmerican world power would come from Rome, not conquer Rome. Daniel
said the iron starts in the legs and continues to the feet and toes. In the feet
and toes the iron is mixed with clay. This clay that is mixed in with the iron
means people within the Anglo-American world power that make it weaker
than the Roman empire was. Just as solid iron is stronger than iron mixed with
clay. Daniels prophecy says that the clay means "the offspring of mankind"
Dan 2:43. The common people have weakened the Anglo-American world
power when they have fought for civil rights, to have more freedom and even
to become independent nations.
The common people make it hard for this world power to become strong like
Daniel said in v42 of chapter 2 "The Kingdom will partly prove to be strong
and will partly prove to be fragile."
We the common people have the power to walk away from their debt and
death paradigm. If we get out of all of their paper ponzi schemes and buy
silver, we can start a silver revolution. I strongly recommend Chris Duane's
work for understanding how the common people can just walk away. If we
walk away we take away their power and enpower ourselves. All we have to
do is sell everything we have have in their dying paper currency denominated

world and buy real physical silver and take it off the market. This is why the
7th final world power the Anglo-American duel world power was prophesied
to be fragile.
Chris Duane who started the silver bullet movement often stresses leaderless
resistance. The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield is about fighting the
predatory forces by withdrawing our capital from their system and stacking
real wealth. He coined the term listen to all follow none. He quite rightly says
marches and unrest do no good whatsoever. One ruler famously said "let
them march all they want as long as they pay their taxes" When buying silver
bullion and taking it off the market is a the most effective silver bullet that
can do far more good than protests or marches. It is also a silver shield to
protect yourself from the perfect storm that is historically due to repeat.
So the 7 kings prophesied in Revelation are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, MedoPersia, Greece, then Rome then British-American world powers. Each of these
world powers were also symbolised by other beasts in the scriptures as can
be seen in this picture.

When I first presented this information to some monetary historians they all
said this is information that can not be found elsewhere. I said thank you for
saying that there is information in my book that can not be found anywhere
else. I am a very keen student of the Bible all my life and in recent years
monetary history, so I formulated these thoughts about the metal image from
Daniel chapter 2 and the monetary cycle that has repeated through history.
I am not the first to say the reason silver was so fitting for Medo Persia was
because of the silver monetary system, but I believe I am the first to say why
gold represented Babylon. Also why Copper was for ancient Greece as they
were the first to debase gold and silver with copper, then iron for Rome and

Anglo-America because steel coins have now replaced monetary PM's. Then
the clay mixed with iron could represent digital currency worth even less than
steel or iron. We are slowly becoming a cashless society. At the moment we
are iron mixed with clay, we do use iron or steel coinage alongside digital
transactions. The so called elite version of digital money if implemented, they
will be able to take all of ours and control it 100%. No more privacy
But that was just to set the scene on why to live self reliant. I wanted it to not
be about describing the problem but mainly solutions that are helpful.
It has to be said that these 7 dominant world powers do not include every
dominant world power through out history. But I feel it does include most of
the main ones. Most others if not almost all dominant world powers through
out all history went through these stages of the monetary cycle that ended
badly for them. For example Genghis Kahn's reign went far further than
Alexander the greats. But his dominant world power only lasted a few
generations unlike the 7 main ones I looked at. But even his and subsequent
Khan's went through the monetary cycle, there is a famous quote that has
survived until this day. "The great Khan (Chinese ruler), causes the bark of
trees, made into something like paper, to pass for money all over his
country." It's well worth repeating for emphasis that many things have been
used as currency but only gold and silver are money in and of themselves.
So we have just looked at seven of the dominant world powers of history. As I
just said there have been many many more dominant world powers and less
dominant world powers. It is a fascinating subject to study, if you want to look
at monetary history. Even in modern times the cycle has repeated in lesser
world powers like Wiemar Germany then Argentina a few times recently, then
Zimbabwe and at the time of writing its happening in Iran, to name just a few.
I know some have disagreed on comparisons made to Wiemar Germany and
Zimbabwe for reasons relating to functional debt markets (Wiemar) and the
fact that Mugabe is absolutely nuts- granted our central planning overlords
are crazy too- but they are far more subtle. The moment that major
devaluation occurs in the West, it's game over for them.
So there are always differences every time this cycle has repeated. It will be
different in many ways this time around but its the same cycle repeating that
has always repeated. From money to currency and back again.
GOLD WARS BY FERDINAND LIPS, first of all what a great name. But seriously
this is a must read book for those interested in monetary history and this
monetary cycle that repeats through history. A few words on Ferdinand Lips:

He was a renowned Swiss Banker born in 1931, and established his own bank
in Switzerland, Bank Lips AG (Bank Lips Silver) in 1987. He openly says in his
book when he says gold he means gold and silver. Aside from banking, he
was also active in finance and a respected authority on gold and silver
markets. His long experience gives great weight and value to the insight he
provides in Gold Wars. He was also a vocal critic of the sale of Swiss Gold
Reserves, and dedicated a chapter on this matter in the book. In his foreword
of the book, he says about himself:
“I am not an economist. For most of my fifty professional years, I was a
practicing banker. The experience gained and thirty years of studying history,
particularly monetary history, led me to recognize that the present monetary
system is in disarray. It is a slap in the face of law and order, civilization and
civility; but, most importantly, it is a threat to our freedom. Let us hope it will
not last much longer, as the same monetary cycle repeats.”

Gold Wars is a great source of information on monetary history, the part of
monetary history that is no longer taught, the part that is overlooked. Very
few if any universities offer this information, there has been an effort to keep
this history hushed up. In the book he answers the question that so many are
now asking, what is money? He discusses money at a high level, perhaps in
some ways at a beyond PhD level, since many PhD’s in economics frankly
don’t truly seem to understand the difference between money and currency
In Gold Wars, Ferdinand Lips reveals how the world economy has swayed
from money which is only gold and silver, over to currency which is anything
else used as a medium of exchange. Summary of gold wars.......
Gold in History

Ancient Civilizations Rose and Prospered With Gold and Silver then went over
to currency and back again.
The rise and fall of ancient civilizations goes back to the stability of gold and
silver in their markets. Cultures flourished on wealth and stability – this
prosperity was secured by sound money - gold and silver. The Egyptians were
the first ancient civilization to mint and use gold and silver as a currency,
then ancient Assyria, Babylon and Medo-Persia went from money over to
currency, followed by the Greeks, and the Romans repeated this cycle several
times during their dominance. After a prosperous and stable economy under
gold and silver sound money, the monetary cycle repeats and develops into
the first Keynesians, tempted to cheat one another with weights, diluting the
coins, ultimately debasing it – which Lips says can explain why they suffered
from long periods of instability and civil war, then the cycle repeats. Many
factors could be blamed for the fall of these Empires, but the monetary cycle
repeating was certainly a critical one.
It is important to point out that silver and gold have been monies dating back
more than 5,000 years. I think they were being used as money even before
that but there is no proof. The very same monetary cycle going from money
over to currency and back again has repeated time and again and is
repeating again in our time early in the 21st century. It is also worth noting
that every inconvertible fiat (paper currency) monetary system in history so
far has collapsed each time the monetary cycle has repeated, with each
“monetary unit” returning to its intrinsic value of zero. It could be argued that
not all of them went completely to zero, but as a practical matter the
devaluations were so harsh that the currency was abandoned by the
population as a medium of exchange—effectively making it worthless. Yes
you could burn it or maybe stuff your mattress as insulation but to all intense
and purpose these paper notes are worthless.
The average fiat monetary system has lasted roughly 35 years, which
ironically, is seldom if ever pointed out in academia. Is it just coincidence that
an economic event (hyperinflation) came about at nearly the same time that
fiat money came into existence? Hyperinflationary episodes have occurred
more than 50 times in the 20th century alone. Various economists have
answered the question regarding why silver and gold, as opposed to other
commodities, are considered money. A. J. Turgot, Richard Cantillon,Carl
Menger, and others have pointed out that it is because these two precious
metals have the most marketability or salability. Aristotle named the
attributes that the most ideal (commodity) money should have. It should be
scarce, durable, malleable, divisible, homogenous, transportable (having a
high value to weight ratio) and be a store of value of long periods of time.
These virtues almost perfectly describe silver and Fiat simply means a
currency that derives its value from government regulation or law, such as

paper currency. Currency may well fit some other requirements, but has
never been a store of value over long time periods, only gold and silver have.
Turgot argues further that, while almost all commodities may more or less
conveniently serve as money, gold and silver have been chosen as the
‘universal money’ because they possess in the greatest degree the various
physical properties which peculiarly suit them to that role. Joseph Salerno,
says a similar statement as do many other respected monetary historians. I
will briefly summarize just how intertwined silver and money have been
throughout history, which is necessary to understand because silver has two
demand drivers. The first is the industrial demand component, which I break
down between fabrication (jewelry, photography, and silverware) and that for
industrial uses (electronics, batteries, brazing alloys and solders,
photovoltaic, 10,000 other uses etc.) The second is investment or monetary
demand. Investment demand hit a record in 2013 and looks to do the same
again in 2014. Investment demand should continue to set new records nearly
every year until the current fiat money house of cards implodes or a
worldwide monetary reset occurs, as soon as this next decade to 2024 or 25.
This is for several reasons, including but not limited to:
Investment demand of silver in both China and India continued at an
extremely robust pace last few years and looks set to at least continue or go
up. India in particular really drove investment demand in 2013. As of the end
of December 2013, net silver imports stood at a whopping 7.063 tons for the
year, an increase of well over 15% year-on-year. This puts India on track to
import 27%-28% of world mine production (assuming total world mine
production increased to 842m oz. in 2013). American Silver Eagle Sales set
another record high in 2013, reaching the 2012 threshold with a month left in
the year. Remember this is immaterial but gives us insight into what the
smart money is doing.
At some point in the next five to ten years, the price of silver is destined to
reach tripledigit prices, or over 6 times greater than the present ($14-$16oz
in 2014). With silver, the potential is exceptionally strong because of required
industrial consumption, which will greatly augment the coming effects of
significantly higher investment or monetary demand. This means the price of
silver should rise sharply as total demand far outstrips supply. But its value
shouldn’t be looked at in currency terms, rather in terms relative to other
To fully grasp the concept of the origination of money, it is necessary to start
at the beginning, answering such questions as: What is money? Why is
money necessary? What is its function? Who chooses what constitutes
money? And lastly, what makes a chosen monetary system sound or
unsound? These are key question that are answered in this book.

So in review of Ancient Monetary History of Silver – from 3,400 B.C. - 1792
Money is a medium of exchange and a unit in which prices are expressed but
it is not, as many people think, a measure of value. This is because exchange
is an action that expresses preferences; that is, he who acquires a good or
service values it more highly than what he pays for it. Market participants use
cardinal numbers to measure such things like space, time, weight, and mass.
This begs the question as to what technical or economic need there could
ever be for a measure of value, given its subjective nature. If one were to
assume money could measure value, meaning the price paid for a good
represents that good’s cardinal value, this should then be applicable to
money if it were a measure of value. And this brings up the question, “What
is the value of this measure of value?”
The Origin of Money
Starting from the most basic monetary system, a barter economy is when a
person engages in direct exchange with another individual, lacking a
standard unit of account. This problem is solved by the development and
usage of indirect exchange.
Naturally problems arise when exchanging one good for another in a barter
economy, because the market is constantly changing due to an individual’s
ever-changing subjective values of needs and wants. Furthermore, exchanges
only take place if each party in the proposed transaction has a direct,
personal need for the good he/she receives in exchange and views the good
he/she receives in exchange as more valuable than what they have to give
away for it.
What makes a monetary system sound? A clear and concise answer is, “any
monetary system that a government is not involved with.” A sound monetary
system inherently rises in a market economy, with checks and balances that
prevent monetary inflation. A more detailed answer, which history has shown
us time and time again, is that the market would choose a commodity
money, notably gold and/or silver. This shouldn’t be confused with the
monetary system of the U.S. during the period of 1913 to 1971 as this wasn’t
a true gold standard. As many suspect the Americans of printing more dollars
than they held gold and silver.
One of the great things with the presence of a 100%-backed commodity
standard is that such a standard is synonymous with freedom. The inherent
nature of government is to usurp as much power as it can in an economy, or
said differently, attempt to control all or as many as possible factors of
production, the most important being monopoly control of the currency,
communication, and transportation.

The irony here is that government and central banks are the cause of the
boombust cycle (business cycle) by distorting interest rates, which relay
important information to every individual, instead of letting the market
determine interest rates. A common fallacy is that modern day business
cycles (1913-present) are commonplace and, as Alan Greenspan would say,
are “Economic Phenomena.” Interest rates relay such information as to what
part of the structure of production capital will be most efficiently allocated. It
reflects society’s savings/investment-to consumption preference and acts as
a signaling mechanism to capitalists as to whether they should invest capital
to maximize accounting profits. Artificially manipulating interest rates
downward, combined with fractional reserve banking, induces an artificial
economic boom in the first place, which is followed by a natural bust, or
cleansing, of the imbalances from the economy created by the artificial
Looking at Turgot’s contribution to monetary theory—more specifically, how
exactly the market adapts and has adapted silver and gold as the ideal
money—the following quote from Turgot is ingenious, with an obviously deep
understanding on the origins of money:
“Individual actions generate a spontaneous and self-reinforcing market
process whereby silver and gold evolve into money. Market participants,
realizing this, will become increasingly eager to acquire and hold stocks of
these metals for the purpose of being used in exchange at a later date. This
demand for silver and gold and the corresponding market values of each will
be augmented by this development, further enhancing their usefulness as a
medium of exchange. Once this is accomplished and universally becomes
the preferred medium of exchange and traded against every other good in
the market, the metal weights become the standard unit in which all market
values or prices are expressed.”
Sadly, in order to have a natural money circulate as the predominate medium
of exchange, private property rights must at all times be acknowledged and
protected! To the degree that private property rights aren’t acknowledged,
the money that comes into use is forced money, a clear violation of private
property rights. Forced money therefore has one feature—it owes its
existence to violations of private property rights, which violates free market
principles. In reality (as opposed to theoretically), there is nothing in the
middle of capitalism and socialism, thus if government has monopoly control
of the mint, it is anything but free market capitalism, and sadly, this is what
exists in every major economy today.
Just how pronounced has silver’s monetary role has been throughout history?
The very word for silver is money in many languages. In Italian, Spanish, and
French, the words can be interchanged. In Hebrew, the word kesepph means

both silver and money. Even in Early-American slang, the word silver was
often used to signify payment:
“Grease my palm with silver!” To be precise, among more than 250 million
people in over 50 countries, the word for money is identical to the word for
silver. Many Europeans refer to both silver and money as “argent,” while
Spanish-speaking people the world over use “plata” to mean silver, money,
or both.
Another greatly misunderstood concept is that of deflation and how
mainstream media and market pundits exhibit such great disdain for it. It
could be because central bankers do the same, but history has shown that
economic forecasts by members of the Federal Reserve Open Market
Committee are generally inaccurate and always inaccurate for medium to
long periods of time. These forecasts aren’t just wrong, but, at times, so
significantly inaccurate as to be almost comedic when looked back upon. My
wife grew up in Japan during many years of deflation. This is referred to as
Japans lost decade/s. For the people living in Japan it was wonderful seeing
your currency go up in value and be able to buy more and more each passing
Silver’s Use as Money: a Brief History
While it is unclear who the first people to mine silver were, we can trace
silver mining and silver used as money back to 3400 BC in Mesopotamia
(although some argue that silver mining began before that, in Hungary,
closer to 4000 BC). This was also beginning of writing, and correspondingly,
journal entries. These entries were for local trade, which had various
standards as a unit of account, such as silver and animals, amongst several
other goods, illustrating that even 5,000 years ago, the market chose silver
as a medium of exchange. As identified at the start of this chapter with the
first ever recorded financial transaction when Abraham paid for his wifes
place of rest with silver money. While this money system was very primitive
and remained so until coinage came about, it didn’t stop other societies from
using silver as a monetary unit nor did it impede the advancement of the
monetary system.
The first instance of bimetallism, actually the use of three metals (gold, silver
and copper), began 1,400 years later (2000 BC) in Egypt. The monetary
system evolved and had definitive weights for trade purposes as well as
exchange rates against one another. The unit of weight(deben) and monetary
unit (sha) were the following:
· A deben of gold was worth 12 shas
· A deben of silver was worth 6 shas

· A deben of copper was worth 3 shas
· 1 deben = 7.5 grams of gold, 15 grams of silver, or 75 grams bronze/copper
What a wonderful simple fair monetary system. Easy to understand
and work out. Why does it need to be more complicated than that? I
think this could be a fair monetary system today, with these relative
values used in physical form as well as using the blockchain
technology for backed crypo currency. There could be the main
money used to compete with bitcoin et al called the silvergram,
which would be worth half a goldgram and ten times a coppergram.
Given the relative supply demand fundamentals of the three
monetary metals today. Most of the time the world would just use
silvergrams either digitaly changing ownership of serial numbersof
silver grams in a vault, for long transactions or physical grams of
silver for hand to hand transactions. See later in the book for more
on the new silvergram monetary system.
Amazingly, by today’s standards the gold-to-silver ratio was 2:1, followed by
copper worth around 10% as much again. This advancement of the monetary
system continued, and in 1500 BC, monetary units of the same melts had
varying weights. The Hittites reverted to a monometallic standard, using
silver as a medium of exchange. It is also important to point out that this was
prior to the advent of coinage, which came 800 years later.
· Shekel ~ 8.41 grams of silver
· Stater ~ 16.82 grams of silver
· Mina ~ 500 grams of silver, or 15.5 ounces
· Talent ~ 30 kilograms, or 933 ounces
The Lydian System
An immense advancement in the monetary system was made by the Lydians,
who were the first to utilize coinage (silver and gold) for monetary purposes,
which first occurred around 700 BC. The Lydians were the first to not only
coin money but to also develop the first system of coins, initially making
them from gold and silver alloys. They were also the first to establish retail
shops. Some argue it was King Alyattes who developed and then first coined
the stater, while others argue it was King Gyges who first circulated this

These small oval nuggets circulated throughout the East. As you can see, the
oval nuggets were not 100% homogenous, so technically could not be called
coinage. King Gyges ruled from 690 to 657 BC, while King Alyattes ruled from
610 to 550 BC. Historians tend to link King Gyges with the first coinage and
system of coins. These coins were actually not silver or gold, but rather an
alloy of the two. Later, the son of King Gyges, King Croesus, greatly improved
the smelting technique of his predecessor via separating silver and gold from
the electrum. While either King Alyattes or King Gyges came up with the first
coinage and system of coins, King Croesus originated the first bimetallic
system of coins, with an exchange rate between the two, as follows:
· 1 gold stater = 8.17 grams of gold
· 1 silver stater = 10.89 grams of silver
· 1 gold stater = 10 silver staters
· (8.17) x (1) = (10.89) x (10) OR
· Gold-to-silver ratio = (108.90/8.17) = 13.33
The Lydian system spread like wildfire through the East, then to Greece and
all of Mediterranean Europe. Greece was able to develop its economy thanks
to silver-lead veins running south of the city. The first mines exploited easilyobtained surface veins, which is silver closest to the earth’s surface.
This was the start of the first large-scale mining industry, which included
more advanced ore refining. As a result, Athens sported a strong currency
and advanced trade, but it then made one fatal flaw—initiating the
Peloponnesian War.
Athens society and political philosophy were more capitalistic than its
neighboring city, Sparta. Sparta had almost the exact opposite philosophy,
one that would be regarded as Socialist in today’s world. Athens instigated
the war in 429 BC and to their detriment did not foresee it lasting 27 years.
This brings us to the first instance of government manipulating/debasing its
currency. In 407 BC, the government debased its currency by adding copper
to the coinage, therefore causing a face value that was less than the value of
its metal content. Another devaluation occurred just two years later in 405

BC. During the biblical times of Jesus, notably the betrayal by Judas, we know
Judas was paid 30 silver “pieces” for this betrayal. It is unclear as to what
weight of silver these 30 pieces equated.
“Then one of the twelve, who was named Judas Iscariot, went to the chief
priests and said, ‘What will you give me, if I give him up to you?’ And the
price was fixed at thirty bits of silver.” Matthew 26:14-15
There is evidence of two different monetary units (denier and shekel) as well
as varying weights of both during this time. At the creation of the denier, it
initially weighed 4.51 grams of silver but the silver coin created in 212 BC
became devalued and by 140BC, weighed 3.96 grams of silver. But although
the evidence that Judas was paid in “shekels” is much stronger, therein lies
another problem. At the time, there were different variants of shekels,
“biblical shekels,” “Tyrian shekels,” and the basic “shekel.”
· 30 denier/denarii x 3.96 grams or .127 troy ounces = 3.82 ounces
· 30 biblical shekels x 6 grams, or .193 troy ounces = almost 5.79 ounces
· 30 shekels x 11 grams, or .35 troy ounces = 330 grams or 10.61 ounces
· 30 Tyrian shekels x 14 grams, or .45 troy ounces = 420 grams or 13.50
The Tyrian shekel was used over the time period in Jerusalem and they were
specifically referenced in the book of Matthew. Due to the fact that a shekel
of a specific weight was mentioned (Tyrians) in the book of Matthew (21:12)
and it was the medium of exchange used to pay temple tax in Jerusalem,
Judas’ payment for betraying Jesus was most likely approximately 13.50
ounces of silver.
However, this is a bit confusing, given that the biblical shekel was 6 grams,
which naturally sounds as if that were the shekel referred to in the Bible.
When the first shekel was coined in 600 BC it weighed almost 11 grams
(10.89). Further complicating the issue is the denier/denarii, which is also
referenced in the Gospel of John as well Luke (10:25).
The Roman monetary system fell apart when the denier as a weight of silver
was reduced as silver coins were recast over and over again with each
emperor. Over the period 158 AD to 284 AD, Rome had 20 different emperors,
most of whom debased its currency. Starting with Nero in 158-167 AD, the
weight of silver in a coin was 2.19 grams. Then in 282-284 AD under Emperor
Carus, the weight of coin dropped to 7.47 grams and only included .04 grams
of silver. In other words, the silver content in each monetary unit was less
than 1/54 of what it was 115 years earlier.

Year Emperor Silver Weight in Coin Depreciation 156-167 Nero 2.19 167-170
Marcus Aurelius 1.57 -28.31% 191-192 Commode 0.92 -41.40 212-217
Septimius Severus 1.16 26.09% 224-227 Caracalla 0.88 -24.14% 235-238
Maximanus I 0.74 -15.91% 238-244 Gordian 0.61 -17.57% 244-249 Phillip
0.87 42.62% 261-268 Gallian 0.4 -54.02% 268-270 Claude 0.26 -35.00% 282284 Carus 0.04 -84.62%

The Medieval Period
This period primarily involves Charlemagne, who became king of Gaul and
Germania in 771, after the death of his brother. Charlemagne went on to
expand his empire by defeating the Saxons to the north, followed by Austria
and then Northern Italy. Charlemagne decided to replace the previous
worthless currency with a new one, a currency strictly minted in silver. The
names of the monetary units were nearly the same, the basic unit being
called the Roman denarius. This weighed 1.70 grams, with the next monetary
unit being the obol, weighing 0.85 grams. A popular unit was the penny,
being worth 12 denarii, as well as the pound, worth 240 denarii. This
monetary system was on a monometallic standard (silver), partly due to the
fact it was the only one relatively plentiful among the Franks. Charlemagne is
important in monetary history because his change to monetary policy would
be influential throughout Europe for many decades.
This monometallic system lasted for four centuries. In Venice 400 years later,
the first “sequins” were minted. Sequins were first called ducats, which
weighed 3.60 grams of gold (3.495 grams of fine gold), thereby replacing the
monetary system Charlemagne Cyrille Jubert, Silver Throughout History, had
put in place. Venetian bankers imposed an exchange rate on gold
(manipulation) in order to control its inflows.
In 1275, the prevailing gold-to-silver ratio was 8, increasing to 15 just 50
years later. This along with trade with the Mongols and what was essentially a
monopoly on gold mines pushed Europe onto a monometallic monetary
system, but this time using gold. The gold-to-silver ratio was reduced as the
emperor of Mali undertook a journey to Mecca, bringing with him 60,000+
men and more than 10,000 slaves. In every city this journey took them
through, they paid generously in gold for the needs of all the journeymen.
Due to the influx of gold, Venice reestablished the gold-to-silver ratio, from 15
to 1, to 9 to 1 by 1345.

Florentine bankers were ruined by the gold manipulation of the Venetians.
Their fortune prior to the manipulation was primarily in silver and the
increase from 8 to 15 per Gresham’s Law drove silver out of circulation. This
caused 60% of the silver to be driven out of circulation by 1345, and
fractional reserve banking (multiple claims on one monetary unit in specie) or
lending out more money than it actually held in deposits caused a financial
meltdown. This crisis, also known as the “systemic crash of 1345,” led to a
substantial spike of inflation.
The results were extreme poverty and famine among the masses, the recipe
for a wave of epidemics due to the immune system becoming substantially
weakened. It was known as the Black Plague. In five years, it wiped out
roughly 40% of the total European population. This, along with the Hundred
Years’ War, resulted in a century of silver shortages and economic stagnation,
or in other words, set back economic progress for more than a century.
China: The birthplace of paper money
The first use of pseudo-fiat money was 2,000 years ago by the Chinese
Emperor Wu-ti, as he was caught up in a series of wars and needed financing
to fund his battles. He tried numerous money substitutes, most of which were
very odd, with one of these being deerskin money, which was exactly like it
sounds. This money at the time was highly ritualistic. While this use of
deerskin money was successful in financing Wu-ti’s campaigns, it didn’t last
very long. To get an idea just how valuable this was in society, a deerskin
monetary unit was equivalent to 480 ounces of silver! This was not the first
time animal skins were used as currency, that was as shown earlier in this
chapter, in ancient Babylon when both animal skins and clay tablets were
marked with values of silver. But it could be argued that animal skins were
the first forms of paper currency.
The Tang Dynasty
During the Tang Dynasty (618-906) in China, paper money widely circulated
and “religious paper” that corresponded to silver, gold, copper, and silk was
not money that circulated in commerce, but was just religious offerings.
Copper coins were the primary circulating medium of exchange and for brief
intervals of time, silk rolls were used in exchange for medium- to large-sized
transactions. Gradually, silver gained preference as the common monetary
unit among the people. Three types of credit institutions existed, one being a
money shop, which was a concept similar to a bank.
By 750, fei-ch’ien, or “flying money,” illustrated the advancement of the
Chinese monetary system. Today it would be considered an instrument used
in credit exchange, similar to a credit card transaction. It could be argued that
this is comparable to a warehouse receipt used in “classical” deposit banking,

as it was a negotiable draft note.
It became commonplace to keep metal on deposit somewhere and draw
notes against it (known as debiting the metal on account). It is important to
note here that this system arose from the market, not government.
By 812, flying money came to an end as government prohibited private feich’ien as the fee for using fei-ch’ien, similar to credit card fees today (fees
were raised from 3% to 10%).
“Chinese histories attribute the origin of ch’ao-pi, or paper money, to the feich’ien ‘flying money,’ of the Tang period. The ‘flying money,’ also known as
pein-huan, ‘credit exchange,’ was essentially a draft to transmit funds to
distant places; hence it may be considered a credit instrument but not
money. This history of paper money and that of other credit instruments,
however, is so closely woven together that the ‘flying money’ forms a logical
starting point for our account.”
Paper money was used in Szechwan in 1011, which was called Chia-Tzu.
There were problems from the start as the three most prominent money and
credit institutions (pawnshop, co-op loan society, and money shops) had
control over issued notes, either shortchanging their customers on deposits
or even completely ruining them. It only took 11 years from the start of this
first paper money experiment until it collapsed due to a loss in confidence,
causing the government to close the private note shops. There were and still
are a myriad of contradicting explanations regarding why this system
The Song (S’ung) Dynasty
Not too long following the first fiat collapse, the Chinese again experimented
with fiat money, with the Song (S’ung) dynasty being the second to issue
paper money (1024), which was called Chiao-Tzu. As is typical, the prevailing
government began abusing this new concept. The notes in circulation did
have an exchange rate against gold, silver, and silk, however, convertibility
was prohibited. Initially, all notes would be redeemed after three years and
replaced by new notes at a 3% service charge. This, however, began to be
abused as the government stopped this practice and instead just printed
more and more notes, inflating the inconvertible fiat paper money. Shen Kuo,
the minister of finance, explained to the emperor how the economy prospers
with more money in circulation in 1077: “The Utility of money derives from
circulation and loan-making. A village of ten households may have 100,000
coins. If the cash is stored in the household of one individual, even after a
century, the sum remains 100,000. If the coins are circulated through
business transactions so that every individual of the ten households can
enjoy the utility of the 100,000 coins, then the utility will amount to that of

1,000,000 cash. If circulation continues without stop, the utility of the cash
will be beyond enumeration.” His logic is astoundingly ridiculous and quite
comical. Inflation at that time took a bit longer to be recognized as the S’ung
dynasty was cautious at first and only issued small amounts, such that the
chiao-tzu held its value for seven decades. Inflation,nonetheless, became a
big problem around 1085-1090. For a time, fiat money and sound money both
circulated, but then the government started demanding taxes be paid, at
least in part, by inconvertible fiat paper money.
The government also introduced various laws, which essentially forced
individuals to use fiat in a plethora of situations. Less than a century later,
the inevitable happened and inflation became an issue. The dynasty was
fighting the Mongols (the Yuan dynasty) and the increasing cost of fighting
the war made inflation very apparent. The S’ung dynasty eventually lost the
war early in the 13th century (1217). From the start in 1106 through 1217,
several other fiat systems were tried, but they failed, due to lack of faith from
society as a whole. The Chin Tartars gained control of the Northern China
Empire, and the S’ung dynasty continued to reign over the empire, which
makes up modern-day Southern China. The Chin brought back paper money
in the form of Chiao-ch’ao in 1153. The Chin currency maintained its
purchasing power for 40 years because the currency was believed to be fully
backed by silver and gold as the Chin emperor proclaimed; however, even
while he was saying such things, all the precious metals that backed the
currency were either redeemed or sold.
Merchants relied heavily on silver to sustain commerce, despite the
government trying to do everything in its power to prop up inconvertible fiat
paper money by Yang, prohibiting the hoarding of metals, imposing a
maximum drawdown on silver and gold from the imperial treasury, and
eventually inflating the money supply to finance the war.
Coming back to the S’ung dynasty in Southern China, the old S’ung leaders
again took charge and introduced paper money after this failed the first time.
This time it was in the form of Hui-Tzu, to circulate in everyday commerce.
The society reluctantly accepted the new paper money because the collapse
of the S’ung currency in the north had been just a few years prior.
Like the paper monies in China before it, the hui-tzu eventually was worth its
intrinsic value of zero. For the first 50 years, this paper money was more or
less stable— that is, until the government’s management of the currency
became reckless. This paper money hoax that began in China is in practice in
EVERY other government throughout history. More notes came into circulation
and the purchasing power declined, followed by an attempt in 1204 (after the
currency had lost roughly 20%-22% of its purchasing power) to increase
confidence in the monetary unit by calling the newly issued paper note a

“gold, silver, and cash communicating medium.” Hu Zhiyu criticized the
currency, declaring it worthless and stating that only precious metals backing
gave paper value . .. in other words, blaming the inconvertibility. He ascribed
a great analogy between paper and precious metals as paper money being
the child, which is dependent on the mother, precious metals.
The Yuan Dynasty
The Yuan dynasty fared better with fiat money relative to the S’ung dynasty,
due to the actions of Kublai Khan, who followed the recommendation of Yeh-lü
Ch’u-ts’ai, his most prognostic advisor, and instituted a conservative ratio of
paper to backing by silver. Further inspiring confidence in the Chung-t’ung
currency, in 1268 the government established the Equitable Ratio of
Treasuries. These bureaus served only as a place where convertibility of
paper money to silver and gold was processed.
At this point it could be stated that the Chinese had learned from their
failures experimenting with paper fiat money. It was clear the government
learned something, albeit not in full, from the mistakes made in monetary
policy from the recent past, as Minister Liu Hsuan said the following: “If there
was the slightest impediment in the flow of paper money, the authorities
would unload silver and accept paper as payment for it. If any loss of popular
confidence was feared, then not a cash’s worth of the accumulated reserves
of silver and gold in the province concerned would be moved elsewhere. At
that time, still very little paper money was issued without a reserve to back it,
and it was therefore easy to control . . . For seventeen or eighteen years the
value of the paper money did not fluctuate.” Liu accompanied this by also
warning of the dangerous risks in inflating the money supply and stressed the
necessity of confidence in a currency, which was brought about by precious
metal backing and/or convertibility. The economy improved at first, most
notably in agriculture, water irrigation, encouraged silk production, and a vast
improvement in monetary affairs, while he made paper money even more
widespread but backed the money by specie. This led to more active
commerce with the construction of roads, improved canals, and a postal
This, however, got the economy into trouble after some time, due to
excessive spending on public works programs that persisted after Khan’s
reign. His successors fared no better and began engaging in currency
manipulation, higher taxation, and several other economic shenanigans that
were both unpopular and unsuccessful.
Peasant uprisings began to occur after the government tried to exploit them
in various manners, and a series of over 30 very harsh winters caused the
existing economic problems to worsen. The Yuan currency morphed into a fiat

currency due to the vast expenditures on public works programs, and the
Mongols undertook numerous unsuccessful military and naval excursions.
It wasn’t one single event but rather several that caused the dynasty to go
broke. Several incredibly large naval fleets were destroyed by typhoons, and
countless other small events put pressure on the system. Price inflation took
off due to massive printing of inconvertible and unbacked paper money,
causing society at large to accumulate precious metals. Minister Liu Hsuan
was very outspoken in his opposition to the printing of paper money.
The transition from the Yuan dynasty to the Ming dynasty was a result of the
peasant uprisings combined with the harsh winters and other natural
disasters. The Ming dynasty arose from the collapse of the Yuan dynasty
caused by wars among the Mongol imperial heirs. In 1368, Zhu Yuanzhang
became the emperor; he was a Chinese peasant and former monk turned
rebel army leader.
The Ming Dynasty
The Ming dynasty brought back paper money, purportedly because it lacked
the wealth to instill a sound monetary unit. The Ming dynasty managed to
inflate the money supply to such a degree that over a 75-year period (13751450), the purchasing power of the Ta-Ming pao-ch’ao was reduced to
1/1,000 of its original strength by the end of this period, relative to the start.
In 1375, one ounce of silver was worth one string of paper. By 1450, one
ounce of silver was worth 1,000 strings of paper29. The Chinese finally had
enough and before the 16th century, silver was far and away the most
popular medium of exchange. By the end of the Ming dynasty, the people
rejected all attempts by the government to bring back paper money.
Silver Fever in Asia
Lastly, the Manchu dynasty (1645-1911) flourished as it became even more
liberal (in the classical sense) than the West, with much more freedom from
state interference. Silver ingots overwhelmingly dominated exchange in both
domestic and world trade as well as in everyday use in commerce. It could be
stated that China had “silver fever” during this time as well, accounting for a
whopping 25% of world population. It is important to note that during this
experiments with a “pseudo-fiat” monetary system, the Chinese had
eventually realized that such a monetary system would not work and would
inevitably fail. In this sense, economic knowledge has not only been lost, but
has actually regressed!
At this point in history, the Europeans realized the Chinese civilization was
advanced relative to theirs, and had little desire for most European goods;

however, the Europeans desired Chinese products, most notably, silk. Gold
had no real monetary value in China, so a significant amount of trade with
the Chinese was done using silver as the primary monetary unit. Silver
became much more highly valued in the Eastern world (China and Japan) and,
because of the combined populations, had an uncanny ability to absorb the
metal. From the 15th through the 17th centuries, the gold-to-silver ratio in
China averaged 6-6.5:1 and roughly the same in Japan. Starting in the 17th
century, the gold-to-silver ratio began to climb in the Eastern world. By the
mid-17th century, the gold-to-silver ratio had increased to 13-14:1.
It has been said the value of silver in real terms peaked over the period 14501489 as the Hundred Years’ War came to an end. Since silver was in short
supply during this period, the government once again resorted to debasing its
currency. This backfired, driving individuals to hoard silver, naturally
exacerbating the shortage.
The Renaissance and Discovery of the Americas. This period was marked by
several innovations, notably in navigational instruments (compasses, maps,
etc.) and in mining. In 1451, new methods were discovered for the extraction
of silver (increasing the recovery rates) by adding mercury, salt, and copper
sulfate. Furthermore, new hydraulic processes were implemented to “dewater” underground mines.
These two occurrences allowed for increased extraction of silver from both
copper and silver ore. Mining became a more viable industry, which attracted
many financiers to invest in both mining and refining. This increased
investment and superior mining methods soon resolved the silver shortage
This brings us to a major currency crisis in England known as “The Great
Debasement,” as Henry VIII debased the English coinage by first re-smelting
the coins so they contained less and less silver. The market soon realized that
this was a 75% depreciation. Thus, as a consequence, rampant inflation
occurred in short order. The British currency quickly reversed course when
Elizabeth the 1st took the throne and named her financial advisor, Sir Thomas
Gresham. This is where the fairly popular term “Gresham’s Law” originated
among free market economists. It can be explained in different ways, but
broadly speaking, it means “bad money drives out good.” In those days, it
meant that if two currencies are in circulation, the undervalued one will be
hoarded/exported and driven out of circulation while the other will be used in
everyday transactions. Seigniorage, the right to coin money, was considered
a source of income; thus, newly minted coins were overvalued relative to
their weight in silver. Each new minting of a given metal resulted in inflation
or confirmed Gresham’s Law and was driven out of circulation.

We then move to the discovery of “the Americas,” in particular, the West
Indies and the Caribbean, as Christopher Columbus and the conquistadors
were looking for a new route to India. Initially, only gold was shipped backed
to Spain from South America. It wasn’t until more than five decades later that
silver mines were discovered, bringing with them, unprecedented wealth.
The first major discovery was made in modern-day Bolivia, part of Peru at the
time. The Potosi Mines were discovered in 1545, being the first large silver
mines discovered in the “New World.” These mines were in the Andes
Mountains and contained very pure and high-grade silver ore. During the first
20 years of mining at Potosi, 60 tons were produced, followed by an average
annual production of 240 tons per year for the next 115 years. This amounted
to 170,000,000 oz. of silver over the life of the Potosi Mines. All this silver has
now been consumed, as of the 21st century.

Production after 1680 saw a sharp drop off, because once the extremely
highgrade surface veins were fully exploited, grade and prevalence declined
at depth. Silver only occurs near the earths crust, once mining gets
under that there is no more silver to be found, only gold is still
found. Although this knowledge wasn’t known at the time, so it naturally was
surprising to the miners. During the period of mining at Potosi, other smaller
scale deposits were discovered both in Peru and Bolivia. However, the next
big mines would be found in Mexico. The silver mines in Mexico were
discovered and exploited relatively soon after that in Bolivia, and by 1650,
silver production in Mexico exceeded that of Peru and Bolivia combined. Prior
to the significant innovation in silver mining, exploration, extraction,
recoveries, and refining developed during the 20th century, Mexico’s peak
production came in 1780, totaling 22,000,000 oz. Today, Mexico produces
roughly 120,000,000 oz.
This too will see a significant increase a decade from now. This took place
during the reign of Charles V, who, along with his successors, received the

“Royal Fifth,” or 20%, of all the gold and silver extracted. Added to this was
the seigniorage tax for producing money. Naturally, these taxes became too
burdensome and many evaded them by smuggling, shipping, and selling
metal to Asia, among other things.
The “Royal Fifth” was changed to the “Royal Tenth” after the Spanish realized
what was actually happening. Over time and around the world, the price of
silver fell, due to the vast increases in supply from the Americas. This can be
seen through the increase in the gold-to-silver ratio, depicted in the chart
below. For example, in England, wages increased to 4.1 grams from 3.4
grams over the period 1600-1650 from 1550-1599. Each 50-year period, the
same thing happened through 1800. Wages increased to 5.6 grams, 7.0
grams, and then to 8.3 grams by 1800.
GSR Over History
Menes, 3200 B.C. 2.5
Egypt, 2700 B.C. 9
Mesopotamia, 2700 B.C. 6
Egypt, 2000 B.C. 2
Egypt, 1000 B.C. 10
King Croseus, Lydia, 550 B.C. 13.33
Persia under Darius 13
Plato, 445 B.C. 12
Xenophon 11.66
Menander 341 B.C. 10
Greece, 333 B.C. 15
Greece, 300 B.C. 10
Rome, 207 B.C. 14.5
Rome, 189 B.C. 10
Rome, Julius Ceasar 40 B.C. 7.5
Rome, Claudius 12.5
Constantine The Great 10.5
Theodosian Code 14.4
Medieval England 11.1
Medieval Italy, 1275-1300 8
Medieval Italy, 1301-1325 15

Medieval Italy, 1326-1345 9
Spain, 1497, Edict of Medina 10.07
China: 1400-1600 6.7
Japan: 1400-1550 4.8
Japan: 1550-1650 9.6
France: 1500-1650 13.9
Germany, 1500 10.05
1600-1620 12.1
1700-1720 15.1
1800-1840 15.3

As the cycle repeats it always repeats in a similar way. Going from money
over to currency creates a false boom, everything looks rosey then comes the
feeling that something isn't right as the currency supply expands more and
more. Then as the cycle repeats all through history from ancient Egypt
through all the dominant world powers right up to the Anglo-American current
dominant world power today, it always repeats in a similar way going from
currency abuse back to money. It always ends badly as the currency
expansion phase comes to an end and usually involves war, riots, civil
disturbances and very hard times for many. In my opinion this time this part
of the cycle as the cycle repeats it will involve all of these. Here in the early
21st century we are in the end phases of the currency expansion part of the
cycle, next comes loss of confidence in the currency con game then things
end badly as the cycle repeats. Now let us look at some examples of the
cycle repeating in more modern monetary history.

Chapter 2
Monetary History modern times.
Old as Gold and Silvers monetary history is, it is just as relevant in modern
times as ancient times. Gold was and still is mainly being used by kings or
the modern equivalent- Banks nowadays or for very big financial accounting
right from the start of history, silver has far more been used as money
throughout history. Silver being the peoples money. Gold not being used for
day to day purchases, only less frequent larger transactions.
As soon as paper was invented or animal skins the first forms of paper, the
bankers persuaded people to store their so called heavy and so they said
cumbersome silver in the bank and then they would issue more convenient

paper currency as receipts for their real money. They could then have
exchange rates for these different types of currencies be they tally sticks or
shells or animal skins with writing painted on them (the first forms of paper
The problem was the bankers cleverly found out that they could issue more
currency receipts than they held gold and silver. Anyone could write on a
piece of old animal skin this is worth 1 ounce of silver. But no one would
believe it was worth 1 ounce of silver. But the bankers had the power to write
this is worth 1 ounce of silver on as many skins as they could create and
people believed it was, because they thought the bank held 1 ounce of silver
for every "paper" currency "note" they issued. Of course the bankers
deceptively issued far more than they held real money. This is always how the
monetary cycle seems to start. The people would never swap silver for paper
if they did not have confidence in that paper to start with, but over time the
confidence is taken for granted by the next generations just as we are seeing
in the early 21st century. But that confidence is slowly being lost as I am
writing this. The exact same monetary cycle that has repeated for thousands
of years is still repeating in our time.
Then over time people began to suspect the banks were issuing and spending
more currency than they had gold and silver and the people began to lose
confidence in these bits of "paper" and started a rush out of currency and
into real money gold and silver. Then the truth becomes clear that there are
far more of these paper ounces of silver than real ounces. The paper currency
goes to its true value of nothing and real gold and silver become very very
highly valued.
John Law was a great example of confusing people about the difference
between currency and money. This is an important example of society
replacing its money with an ever increasing currency supply that I wish all
crypto currency enthusiasts would look at is the story of John Law. Laws life
is a true roller coaster ride of epic proportions.
From the son of a Scottish goldsmith and banker, John Law was a bright boy
with high mathematical aptitude. He grew up to be quite a gambler and
ladies man.and lost most of his family fortune in the course of his escapades.
At one point he got into a fight over a woman and his opponent challenged
him to a duel.

He cheated and shot his opponent dead, was arrested tried and sentenced to
be hung. Being the knave that he was, Law escaped from prison and now on
the run he bribed and deceived his way South and fled to France.
Meanwhile Louis XIV was running France deeply into debt due to the war
mongering and his lavish lifestyle even more than Law had been living. Law
himself living as a fugitive in Paris became known in the criminal underworld
and a gambling buddy with Duke d'Olans, and it was about this time that Law
had high ambitions and wrote a paper letter to Lois XIV promising a solution
to his mounting debts that were expanding exponentially. In the letter he
suggested an economic solution promoting the benefits of paper currency
and confusing the people about the differences between currency and money
and try getting people to think that currency is just as good and worth the
same as money.
When Louis XIV died his successor, Louis XV was only eleven years old. The
Duke d'Oleans who was Laws buddy was placed as regent (temporary king),
and to his horror he found out that France was so deep in debt that taxes
didn't even cover the interest payments on Frances debt. What happens next
in this situation as this same cycle repeats through history? Law sensed
opportunity he showed up at the royal court with two more suggestions for
his friend and for France. Blaming the problems France faced on insufficient
currency supply and expanding the virtues of paper currency over gold and
silver being used as the medium of exchange.
On May 15th 1716 John Law was given a bank out of thin air and the right to
issue paper currency also out of thin air with the governments backing (fiat)
and once again the monetary cycle repeated here in modern times in Europe
they went from money over to currency just as has always happened in the
monetary cycle, they thought they could get away with it.
To start with as always happens in the monetary cycle the slightly increased
currency supply brought a new vitality to the economy. Law was hailed as a
hero and a financial genius creating all this wealth out of thin air. Really? As a
reward the Duke d'Orleans granted Law the rights to all trade from Frances
Louisiana territory in America, stretching from Canada to the mouth of the
Mississippi river.

At the time it was believed that Louisiana was rich in gold and silver and John
Laws new Mississippi mining company, with exclusive rights to trade from this
territory, became the richest company in France. Law wasted no time
capitulating on the public's confidence in his companies prospects and issued
200,000 company shares. Shortly after that the share price exploded
measured in the rapidly expanding currency supply. Rising by more than 30
times in a matter of months which was soaking up the rapidly expanding
currency supply as fast as the printing presses could print new currency and
issue it.
Just imagine in a few short years Law went from a fugitive on the run for his
life, a gambling addict and penniless murderer to one of the richest most
powerful men in the world at this time.
Again Law was rewarded. This time the Duke bestowed upon him and his
companions a monopoly on the sale of tobacco, the sole right to refine and
coin silver and gold and he made Laws bank the Banque Royal. Law was now
at the helm of Frances central bank. And since everything seemed to be
going so well and the apparent prosperity the expanding currency supply
brought about in this part of the monetary cycle, the Duke asked John Law to
speed up the rate he printed and issued the currency. France was flourishing
as long as confidence held in this rapidly expanding currency supply. Law
telling the Duke that there is no such thing as too much of a good thing
increased the expansion of the currency supply just as the world is doing in
the 21st century its exactly the same monetary cycle repeating. The
government spent foolishly and recklessly while John Law was pacified with
gifts honors and titles.
Yes things were going quite well. So well in fact that the Duke thought that if
this much currency supply expansion brought so much prosperity then twice
as much would be even better. Just a couple of years earlier the government
couldn't even pay the interest on its debt, and now, not only had it paid off its
debts in full but it could also spend as much currency as it wanted all it had
to do was print it.
As a reward for Law's service to France the Duke passed an edict granting the
Mississippi company the exclusive right to trade in the East Indies, China and
the South Seas. Upon hearing the news, Law decided to issue 50,000 new
shares of the Mississippi Company. When he made the new stock offer, more
than 300,000 applications were made for the new shares. Among them were
Dukes, Marquises, Counts, and Duchesses, all wanting to get their shares.
Law's solution to the problem was to issue 300,000 shares instead of the
proposed 50,000 he was originally planning. A 500% increase in the supply of
total number of shares. A good example why you should avoid investing in
shares and stick to real assets that are unlikely to be confiscated again. And

silver would never be as much a target of potential confiscation attempts.
Gold has been confiscated many times through history including John Laws
times and as recent time as my grandparents times in America.
Meanwhile Paris was now booming due to the false boom as I call it part of
the monetary cycle and due to the rampant stock speculation and the
increasing currency supply. All the shops were full, there was an abundance of
new luxury goods and services and the streets were bustling. As Charles
Mackay puts it in his seminal book 'Extraordinary popular delusions and the
madness of crowds' "new houses were built in every direction and an illusory
prosperity shone over the land, and so dazzled the eyes of the nations
involved. (much of the developed world at this time and today in the same
situation the entire world) that none could see the dark cloud on the horizon
announcing the storm that was too rapidly approaching." I think this quote is
so powerful looking at the world in the 21st century. The same cycle is
repeating the currency supplies are expanding at an exponential rate both
fiat and crypto and no one can see the dark clouds on the horizon that are
announcing the perfect economic storm approaching on the entire Earth this
time around.
Soon however as the currency supply expanded exponentially problems
started to crop up as the cycle repeats. Due to the rate of expansion of the
currency supply prices of everything started to skyrocket. Real estate values
and rents for instance increased 20 fold. Just as is happening in the 21st
century due to expanding the currency supplies also.
Law also began to feel the effects of rampant inflation he had created. With
the next stock issue of the Mississippi company Law offended a Prince de
Conti when he refused to issue him shares at a price the royal wanted.
Furious the prince sent three wagons to the bank to cash in on all his paper
currency and Mississippi stock. He was paid in three wagons full of gold and
silver coin. The Duke d'Orleans however was incensed and demanded the
prince return the coin to the bank. Fearing that he would never be able to set
foot in Paris again, the prince returned two of the three wagon loads of gold
and silver.
This was a wakeup call to the public. The 'smart money' began to exit fast.
People started converting their notes to coin. And bought anything of
transportable value. Jewelry, silverware, gemstones and gold and silver coins
were bought and sent abroad or hoarded.
In order to stop the bleeding in Feb 1720 the banks discontinued note
redemption for gold and silver (exactly the same thing happened in 1971) but
this time in 1720 it was declared illegal to use gold and silver coin in
payment. I can see this happening again in our day in the near future. Buying

jewelry, silverware, precious stones and the like was also outlawed. Rewards
were offered of 50% of any gold or silver confiscated by those found in
possession of such goods (payable in currency notes of course). Roadblocks
were set up and carriages were searched. The prisons filled the heads rolled
As always happens in this cycle faith is lost in currency no matter how hard
the governments make it illegal to use gold and silver or try price controls to
stop run away inflation and insist nothing other than fiat currency is used, the
free market always wins in the end.
Finally the financial crisis came to a head in May 27, the banks were closed
and Law was dismissed from the ministry. Banknotes were devalued by 50%
wiping out the zero's printed on the large denominated notes. It did not do
any good. Any poor people who had their life savings in paper lost nearly all
of it as faith was lost no one wanted it for exchange even though the
governments had made it the law to accept it. A little later the black or free
market overwhelmed the manipulated controlled one no matter how hard the
governments tried.
On June 10th Banks reopened and resumed redemption of gold and silver for
the currency. Of course there was a rush to redeem money for the currency
but the amount of currency out there was far too much. When the gold and
silver ran out the people were paid in the next monetary metal copper,
although its not a monetary precious metal. As you can imagine the frenzy to
convert currency into money was so intense that near riot conditions ensued.
Gold and silver (money) had delivered a knock out blow to currency.
By then John Law was then the most reviled man in all of France. In his single
life time the monetary cycle had repeated. He went from being one of the
most wealthy powerful men in the world to the nobody he was before. Law
fled to Venice where he resumed his life as a gambler and womaniser
lamenting " Last year I was the richest individual who ever lived, today I have
nothing not even enough to keep alive" he died broke in Venice in 1729.
This collapse of the Mississippi company and one of the first fiat currency
systems in modern monetary history plunged France and most of the world
into a horrible depression, which lasted for decades. But what astounds me is
that the same cycle is repeating in our day since 1971 people have yet again
been deceived as to what is money and currency and the exact same tricks
John Law employed were the exact same tricks of ancient time deceiving
people with currency in place of money. It always end the same way and the
cycle repeats.
There was a very interesting quote by John Law that is often quoted by
BitCoin and crypto currency enthusiasts today. John Law said "Money is not

the value for which goods are exchanged but the value by which they are
exchanged" He next said "the use of money is to buy goods. Silver, while
money is of no other use."
I would disagree with those who agree with John Law, I would say money has
to have value in and of itself anything else is just currency. I may have agreed
with Law in his time in the 1720's that silver has no other use but today silver
has arguably far more value than the tenth of an ounce (3grams) being
valued at a 12hr days wage. While it may have been true in his day, it is
certainly not true today to say Silver has no other use, as I go into later in this
History has repeated over and over throughout the millenniums. Frequently
over the last few thousand years in different places around the world there
has been this rush out of currency and into money. Then the cycle repeats
and the next generations forget and are fooled into thinking currency is worth
something more than it is.
I believe we are on the verge of this rush out of currency and into money
happening again now but not just in a few places around the world but for the
first time ever the entire world all at the same time.
Fast forward to modern times. For thousands of years now since the first ever
bankers we just talked about, the same cycle has repeated. Bankers try to
confuse people between what is currency and real money. They get the
masses to believe that currency is just as good as real money so they can
create as much currency out of thin air as possible and spend it on what they
like. At some point there is so much currency about that people lose
confidence in it and rush back to gold and silver real money. Then over the
next several generation's this is forgotten and the cycle repeats.
One method that started in ancient Greece (which could be why the Bible
depicts Greece as copper) involved debasing the currency, the old fashioned
way. Henry VIII earned his nickname "Old Copper nose" because he added so
much copper to what were supposed to be silver coins that eventually it
would show through on the nose of his portrait. As the coins were being used
the nose was the first to wear away. Nowadays they debase the currency not
by mixing copper into the silver but by typing zero's onto their bank account
Another famous example is the siege of Valletta by the Turks in 1565. As the
Ottoman embargo dragged on, the supply of gold and silver began to run
short. The cycle repeats as always in much the same way. When governments
run out of money the cycle repeats and they either go over to currency or
debase the money somehow. The Knights of Malta decided to mint coins
using increasing amounts of copper. The motto that they stamped on each

coin as they became less monetary precious metal and more monetary base
metals was to try to keep peoples faith in these coins: Non Aes, sed Fides 'Not the metal but the trust'. Just think about that for a moment. Before 1971
currency notes said on them something to the effect of "I promise to pay the
bearer on demand the monetary precious metal backing this paper" now in
the UK the £20 note says "I promise to pay the bearer on demand £20". But
what is that £20 backed by since 1971? Before 1971 all fiat currencies were
backed by gold through the USD, after 1971 they are all backed by nothing.
Its just like debasing the coins but trying to say its not monetary precious
metal anymore because we have run out of money, but please can you just
view this currency as just as valuable as money so we can have unfair
wealth transferred to us without having to work for it.
This is what it all comes down to in the end, in a nutshell. In the sound money
part of the cycle when money is being used gold and silver, it is fair for
everyone. When the cycle repeats and currency is brought in usually as a
representation of the money, if equal amounts are being used as money
backing them then it is still fair, but when more currency is added to the
supply than money backing the units, then it becomes unfair and an unsound
monetary system. It is a wealth transfer to those expanding the currency
supply. If shells were being used as currency, then anyone able to gather
those shells themselves and spend them is having wealth transferred to
them. The official issuer of the shells to begin with may call this
counterfeiting, but it is only the same as they would be doing. In the end faith
and confidence is lost in the currency and there is a rush to turn currency
back into money as the cycle repeats. Then the next generations forget and
as governments overspend and run out of money they once again repeat the
monetary cycle and try to issue some form of currency. Often by debasing the
money gold and silver, or issuing some currency supposed to be backed by
money gold and silver but then expand the supply. It is happening exactly the
same today in the 21st century. The world was supposed to be using currency
backed by the monetary precious metals after WW2, but the supplies were
expanded of the currency far more than the money backing them. In 1971
people were so used to using the representations of the money, that they did
not notice the cycle repeating now the world is in the currency part of the
same cycle. The supplies are expanding and wealth is being transferred to
those with the power to expand the currency supplies. Next will come
confidence will be shaky in the unbacked currencies and there will be a rush
to turn currency into money as the debasement intensifies.
These bouts of debasement always 100% of the time end in disaster, as faith
is lost in the currency, inflation shoots through the roof and the economy
collapses, after which politicians introduce a new, more credible system
based on monetary PM's, and the cycle repeats. There are little differences

every time it repeats but its the same cycle.
In 1873, the fourth Coinage Act demonetised silver and put America on the
Gold Standard. This had a devastating effect on the majority of Americans.
The money they used on a daily basis, silver, was no longer allowed to be
used to pay off debts and taxes. This, in turn, made the gold necessary to pay
for these debts and taxes worth much more. So the effect of the ‘Crime of
1873’ is that it crippled the economy and sent U.S. into the worst economic
period in the history of the United States. Who benefited from this? The
bankers — it made their gold and loans worth much more. They eventually
foreclosed on thousands of homes and millions of acres of lands.

In the late 1800's China had saved a lot of money in silver, then the West
attacked silver because they did not have any left and China had more than
they had. They changed the rules with the crime of 1873.
Fast forward to the 21st century, these last few years China has been saving
a lot in gold and silver once again, well there isn't that much silver to buy, but
there is lots of gold so they have been buying what they can mostly gold.
Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia” had a fascinating interview with a
Mr Cheng, the World Gold Council’s Managing Director, Far East. He discussed
China’s gold and silver market and what’s driving the country’s demand with
Rishaad Salamat.
"I think that the key of this is investment demand six years ago, you didn't
see any investment demand in China. China opened up the investment
market through banks and now literally any Chinese person can walk into a
bank and buy gold and silver products. And you look at the number of outlets
since 2008 where people can buy investment gold, silver bars, gold and silver
coins - there are a hundred thousand of them in China in just 6 years. If I

make a comparison with America -- Starbucks, McDonald's and Subway
together have only fifty thousand outlets. In China there are now more than a
hundred thousand outlets where you can buy gold. So, the availability of gold
and silver in China, in every city, in just 6 years is growing at an alarming
More than once the Western powers have used silver to bankrupt China. More
than once China has accumulated a lot of money and the Anglo-American
world power convinced the world that silver was not worth as much as it has
been through history, thus devaluing or another way to put it robbing wealth
out of money and into their currency. Could the West try and change the rules
again similar to the crime of 1873? They could try but this time China could
win. Silver is already as low as it can ever get.

So we are almost up to the twentieth century in this brief study of monetary
history. I am writing this updated book exactly 100years after the start of the
federal reserve. It was brought about in 1913 but became firmly established
in 1914 which everyone agrees was the year the world changed as never
before. This was the start of the Lords day the Bible prophesied thousands of
years ago in the prophecy from Daniel.
This 2,500-year-old prophecy recorded by Daniel pointed towards the year
1914. Some Bible Students spent decades before the start of the 20th
century pointing out that the year 1914 would be significant. Many people at
that time were optimistic. As one writer states: “The world of 1914 was full of
hope and promise.” With the outbreak of World War I later that year,
however, Bible prophecy came true. The subsequent famines, earthquakes,
and pestilences as well as the fulfillment of other Bible prophecies proved
conclusively that the prophecies pointing to 1914 came true.
Author G. Edward Griffin wrote a must read book that ranged across 2,000
years of monetary and banking from Diocletian to the Rothschilds to Alan
Greenspan, called The Creature From Jekyll Island.

He agrees that the world changed significantly in the year 1914 and most
people only think of the great war, overlooking the importance of the
monetary cycle repeating and the significance of the start of the federal
reserve in that year. This is what his book is all about.
Griffin cuts through the obscurities about the Fed that are intentionally meant
to mystify and disarm its victims (all of us around the world). Convinced that
the subject of money and banking is too arcane and complicated to
understand, we victims are trapped in a world view that utterly fails to jibe
with reality. The money manipulators, says Griffin, are exploiting our
ignorance for the advancement of their own appalling plans; the urgency of
awakening us to our danger has driven Griffin to write this extraordinary
I say it is not too complicated to understand in fact it is very simple, another
way to say what Griffin says is how I put it - trying to confuse people about
the difference between money and currency. This monetary cycle has
repeated through history and will continue to repeat. Going from money (gold
and silver) over to currency (anything other than gold and silver used as a
medium of exchange) and back again, then repeating. You have to hand it to
the banksters they have confused people and now most people view currency
as money. But this always happens in the false boom part of the monetary
cycle. Next come currency expansion which is what the world is now
experiencing at an exponential rate. Its easy to see the next part of the
monetary cycle coming soon as the worlds currency supply is expanded
exponentially and ending badly then the cycle repeats and gold and silver
revalue as they do an accounting for all the currency since the last
So in 1914 the world changed as the monetary cycle repeats as normal. It

always ends badly and the 20th century was no exception. WW1 was the
bloodiest war the world had ever seen.
In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) declared that Americans could no
longer own physical gold. U.S. citizens were ordered to bring their gold to the
local Federal Reserve branch to receive paper certificates in return. Soon
after the confiscation, FDR devalued the Dollar relative to gold, giving those
private bankers — who now owned a lot of gold — an overnight 69% profit.
For the next 42 years, it was illegal for the average American to own gold.
We are now upto the 1940's. Then after WW2 the first Bretton Woods system
was introduced which meant that the US dollar was fully backed by real
monetary precious metal and all other currencies would be backed by money
as well through the US dollar. So at the Bretton Woods meeting, the world
agreed that all currencies would be backed by monetary precious metal
through the US dollar meaning that the world was not using currency but real
honest money again, or at least representations of it. This is the cycle
repeating as normal. How long could it last this time?
Since the 1948 Bretton Woods conference every currency in the world was
backed by monetary precious metal - tied to the US dollar, which was tied to
gold. Then since 1971 the US dollar cut the cord to gold. Overnight, every
currency in the world went from metal standard to completely unbacked
currency, for the first time ever it is global as the same cycle repeats. On Aug
16th 1971 the day after the Nixon shock any countries who wanted to cash in
their paper currency receipts for money they were supposed to be backed by,
would from now on be settled in only more unbacked paper currency. How
could the world let this happen? Most people had got so used to using these
paper receipts for the money in storage, they did not notice these paper
reciepts for the money were not backed by anything anymore. Several years
before 1971 silver was slowly unobtrusively replaced with a worthless alloy
mostly iron/steel. Most people did not notice as happens every single time
this cycle repeats.
In 1964, with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the repeal of his
Executive Order 11110, the bankers and politicians demonetised silver out of
the USA coins, replacing it with a worthless alloy mostly iron/steel that now
acts as the symbol of the currency.

Which could be why the Bible depicts the Anglo-American world power as the
lower part of the iron legs. The cycle repeated and they replaced the silver
money with iron currency.
Sometime after the Bretton Woods agreement in 1948 where every currency
was promised to be backed by monetary PM's some countries suspected the
Americans of playing the exact same trick as the very first ever bankers we
talked about. The Americans were painting on extra bits of animal skin this is
worth 1 ounce of silver or gold. Far more receipts for money than they held in
their vaults. Only now it was not animal skin it was billions of little green bits
of paper called US Dollars.
No worries under the Bretton Woods agreement each dollar was backed by
real gold and every currency was backed by the dollar. So some countries
asked to be paid in real money instead of these funny green bits of paper.
The Americans did not like it.
Just like when you take your shirt to the cleaners, they give you a receipt for
it. It is a claim on the actual thing. Or when you drive to a valet parking and
the parking attendant gives you a receipt for your car. Imagine you are
playing poker like James Bond in Casino Royale. You put your valet ticket in
the pot. Someone else puts their valet ticket for their Aston Martin. What if
someone had the ticket book the valet attendants use to issue unlimited
tickets for cars that did not exist? And what if all the people playing poker
believed these were as good as the cars they were supposed to be backed
by? Everything would be fine as long as nobody checked to see if there really
were cars there as the receipts claim. But the moment confidence is shaky
and more people go to claim their cars than cars exit then the faith is lost in
the paper receipts.
The USA under Tricky Dicky President Nixon wanted everyone to just trust
them that they would not print more paper than they held peoples gold and
silver. But everyone suspected they were printing far more receipts than they
had real monetary precious metal.
Then France in the late 1960's said what's the difference the dollar is fully
backed by gold isn't it? We would like the actual gold not the funny green bits
of paper receipts that seem to be increasing in quantity very fast.
Under the Bretton Woods agreement the US could not do anything about it.
Vast amounts of gold and silver were drawn out of America. This draining
continued until August 15th 1971.
This was the year that many suspect the USA to have almost run out of gold
and silver. It is now confirmed they have now run out of ALL silver stockpiles,
gold is very plentiful but still they will not let anyone check but they now

all the silver is gone from the once full
silver vaults.

So Nixon came on TV on August 15th 1971 and announced to the world that
the US dollar would "temporarily" no longer be backed by real gold!!!!!! He
ended the Bretton Woods international monetary system, that the world
agreed on after WW2 without any other countries having a say. (I am writing
this book over 40 years after and they are still "temporarily" using fiat
currency. For the price of gold and silver to catch up with all those units of
dollars they created out of thin air, is a moving target. Because they are still
expanding the currency supply.) It's well worth watching this Nixon speech
search youtube Nixon 1971 gold. He never really said how long this
temporary new monetary system would last but, here well over 40 years later
the world is still temporarily using this system.
His exact words on Sunday August 15th 1971 were "temporarily" and
"urgently needed new international monetary system" urgently needed
because they were running out of gold and silver, and they wanted people to
forget about gold and silver are money and believe their animal skins that
were supposed to be backed by monetary precious metal (US Dollars) were
worth something.

The cycle repeated once again. And once again the next generations would
be confused about what is real money and what is currency.
The tell tail signs of a boiler room scam! Three British men were just
sentenced to a total of 43 years in prison. Their crime? A classic boiler-room
scam. Which they used to con British investors out of £80M units of currency.
They spent their ill gotten gains on funding their lifestyle and having a good
time- think boats, planes and endless cars. Eighty million sounds like a lot of
units of currency, but the really horrible thing is they didn't find it that hard to
get hold of.
The boiler-room scam involves high pressure sales tactics and getting peoples

confidence in low value or by the time they buy into worth a lot less shares
and investments.
You may think you would never fall for this kind of thing. But that is exactly
what happened in 1971 and the entire world fell for it. If you have confidence
in the unbacked currency you are using right now then you have fallen for it.
So this new temporary international monetary system was started in 1971. It
fits perfectly the very definition of a huge ponzi scheme. As the US dollar was
no longer backed by gold and every currency in the world was backed by the
US dollar, the entire world was now using currency (just the same as the first
ever bankers making extra animal skins with 1oz bullion painted on them)
and not real money, for the first time ever its now global.
The central bankers all around the world could now add as many units of fiat
(means by government decree, the government's say you have to use it)
currency as they like. Just the same as the first ever banks becoming wealthy
by painting on animal skins and people believing they are worth something,
central banks print trillions of units of fiat currency, and people foolishly
believe they are worth something when the truth is they are worthless, it's
only the foolish belief that they are worth something that gives them worth.
What is even more absurd is now they don't even need to print it they can
just type it into their bank account and spend it however they want. Its digital
units of currency not worth the paper they are not printed on. Expanding the
currency supply of the planet and we work for it like slaves.
The first ever bankers had to get bits of animal skin to create currency, but
today bankers really can create currency out of thin air by typing it into their
bank accounts and making fancy names up for it like QE, or stimulus.
As long as an alcoholic can still manage to buy more booze, every thing's
rosy. Doesn't matter that his marriage is tanking, his job's shaky, his friends
have dropped him, his health is going down, as long as the booze flows, he's
No matter how much drugs (credit) will be added (growth) to a junkie’s habit,
which make him feel better for a little while, his problems will get worse and
his health will deteriorate from more drugs. The only way to get his life on
track is to stop using drugs, take the pain, and truly recover.
We actually work hard for these temporary units of fiat currency and the
banks are laughing as they churn out billions and trillions more units and
spend them all over the world. They know its temporary, but as long as the
booze flows they are okay. The booze has been flowing for decades since Aug
15th 1971.

We are now right up to the very start of the 21st century in this
brief look at monetary history. Gordon Brown’s announcement of
gold “sales” by the Bank of England, intended to drive prices
still lower, this was one such attack in a very long series of
attacks on precious metals prices by the paper money
mob.---“Trading was on a very heavy scale throughout the day,
the weakness in prices marking the climax of more than a
fortnight’s selling by the Chinese operators, who were getting out
of a long position which had its origin earlier in the year.
Recommendations of the Currency Commission, which has been
in session during most of this year, PROVIDES THAT PAPER
SILVER just as soon as confidence in paper money issued
against a gold reserve shall be established.” (All steps taken
against silver money eventually lead to the same actions against
“One essential purpose of the proposed Reserve Bank of India,
to the plan for which the weakness in silver has been partly
ascribed, is discussed in its monthly bulletin by the Midland

This is the same cycle that has repeated in various parts of the world
throughout the millenniums. But this time for the first time ever its the entire
world involved, the population of the planet is now well over 7 Billion and the
amount of gold and especially silver is getting very scarce in relation to world
Every single time this has happened the masses wake up to the fact that
units of currency are becoming worth less and less as the currency supply
expands. When confidence is lost in currency what happens? The same thing
that has always happened for thousands of years, that's what. There is a
mass exodus from currency and into real money gold and silver.
Most recent currency crisis happened in Zimbabwe where you had hundred
trillion dollar notes not worth toilet paper.

My friend came back to London from Africa recently. He had some local
currency with him left over from his trip which he worked out cost him about
£100 to buy it before he went over. He tried to exchange for Pounds sterling
the same place he bought it from in London and they said sorry that is a
closed currency, he said what does that mean? It means they will sell it to
you but will not buy it from you. Even if you bought it from them in the first
The question should be asked what is the difference between one of these
closed currencies and the UK Pound or US dollar? There is no difference they
are all unbacked since 71.
What is the difference between the Zimbabwe Dollar and the US Dollar or
British Pound, Euro, Yuan or Yen etc? No difference only a matter of time. It is
a certainty that all currencies will devalue compared to silver bullion as more
units of currency are added that are chasing a very limited amount of real
silver available for the population to buy. After all if expanding the currency
supplies brought prosperity in modern times then Zimbabwe would be the
richest nation on Earth now. But it seems every other currency is following
the expanding supply path of the Zimbabwe dollar. The Japanese national
debt surged over the 1 quadrillion yen or 1,000 trillion yen in early August
2013. This is the same cycle expanding the currency supply of the world.
Think about that word quadrillion for a moment or two, because
understanding it will help you understand the scale of the debt crisis in the
Our parents thought a million was a very big number. Then a billion became
the big number. Recently, a trillion entered the lexicon as a big number.
A paltry million is the numeral one followed by six zeros. A billion? Nine zeros.
A trillion is a thousand times bigger again at 12 zeros. But the mighty
quadrillion is a one with fifteen zeros after it or 1,000,000,000,000,000 (as
the eye strains).
Compared with Japan, the United States national debt is a mere $17 trillion or
so. But if you convert that number into units of yen fiat currency, it comes to

about 1.6 quadrillion. Yes 1.6 QUADRILLION! The USA is the largest debtor
nation in the history of the world. Japan is the biggest creditor nation in the
world and owns many US companies, US debt etc. If you look at the total
balance sheet, their asset to debt ratio is very good, much better than the
We laugh at children when they talk about bazillions and gazillions but a
quadrillion is no laughing matter. Measuring any currency in quadrillions
brings to mind the many hyperinflations seen in the 20th and 21st centuries.
For example, as I just said the powerful and very wealthy Germany in the
early 1920s and more recently Argentina and the wealthy Zimbabwe, the
breadbasket of Africa in 2008.
So the cycle is repeating just as every other time over the last more than five
millenniums. For my part I would estimate that this temporary international
monetary system that was started in 1971 will soon be coming to an end as
the currency supplies of the world are expanded exponentially. Again this is
purely my speculation but my best guess is that BRICS lead by China/Russia
and possibly others. It is looking like Germany is getting further from the king
of the South- Anglo America and closer to the King of the North in an alliance
could be the king of the North the Bible predicts in Daniel 11 prophecy that
will battle with the king of the South which is the Anglo-American world
The Book of Daniel says these two kings of the north and south were
prophesied 2500 years ago to be in conflict in "the last days" which is the
time we are living in. Their identities have changed over the centuries and at
times one rules supreme while the other becomes inactive. There are periods
of no conflict, but then another battle suddenly erupts. Seeing how history
has shown the first part of the prophecy to be true is faith strengthening that
what has not yet been fulfilled will also come true.
As I said in the introduction to this book - At first you may be surprised by the
amount of history I have laid out. But I assure you there is good reason for it.
For it is only by understanding the past that we can understand the present.
Paying close attention to this prophecy in Daniel give us a clear view of where
we are in the stream of time.
In the 20th century during the two world wars, Germany had been the chief
enemy of the king of the south.-The Anglo-American world power. So
Germany was the king of the north for about the first half of the 20th century.
After 1945 though with the end of WW2 the king of the north stood divided.
West Germany became an ally of the king of the south, and east Germany
aligned itself with another powerful entity - the communist block headed by
the soviet union. So after WW the Block or entity stood up along with east

Germany as the king of the north. They were in strong opposition to the king
of the south Anglo-American alliance. The rivalry between the two kings
became a cold war that lasted from 1948 to 1989. Previously the German
king of the north was the main head with others in an alliance. It seems since
the Berlin wall came down Germany has allied more with the king of the
south and the king of the north has been allying with other nations, namely
the BRICS nations.
Daniel 11:40a says "In the time of the end the king of the south will engage
him in a pushing" Is this happening today? Has Anglo-America pushed Russia
and their allies? Yes indeed as I type this in 2014 there are increasing
sanctions and other measures placed by the king of the south and their allies
on the king of the north.
This has actually been happening since the two world wars. After the first
world war, the punitive peace treaty imposed on the king then king of the
north -Germany- was surely a pushing, an incitement to retaliation. After his
victory in the second world war, the king of the south targeted fearsome
nuclear weapons on his rival and organised against the king of the north a
powerful military alliance - The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). A
British historian said concerning NATO's function "It was the prime instrument
for the containment of the USSR, which was now perceived as the principle
threat. Its mission lasted some 40 years and was successful." As the years of
the cold war went by, the "pushing" by the king of the south that the Bible
prophesied over 2500 years ago, Anglo-America would do to the king of the
north included high tech espionage as well as diplomatic and military
How did the king of the north react? Daniel 11:40 part b prophecies "against
him the king of the north will storm with chariots and with horsemen" v42
and 43 of Daniel 11 says "He [the king of the north] will keep thrusting out his
hand against the lands." One example of this was the notable defeat the king
of south suffered in Vietnam.
Has the king of the north ruled over and thrust out its hand against the
lands? He has indeed had a powerful influence over the way that the king of
the south has used his financial resources. Because of fear of its vival the
king of the south has devoted considerable resources to maintaining a
formidable army, navy and air force. To this extent the king of the north ruled
over or controlled the disposition of the wealth of the king of the south.
But the rivalry that was prophesied between the kings of the north and southwhether by military, economic or other means- is coming to an end.
Revealing details of the conflict yet to come Daniel 11:44 says "There will be
reports that will disturb him[king of the north] out of the sunrising and out of

the north, and he will certainly go forth in a great rage in order to annihilate
and to devote many to destruction."
Who is included in the identity of the king of the north when this exciting
prophecy is to be completely fulfilled? When the king of the north embarks on
his final campaign, fulfillment of prophecy will be clearly discerned by all who
have Bible-based insight.
It could be actual war or currency wars that are heating up as I write this. We
do know China is buying as much gold and silver (well there just isnt that
much silver bullion available, but there is lots of gold) as possible and there is
speculation at this point that they want to back their currency with monetary
precious metals when they have enough. There have been signs like this
appearing all over China. Look at the gold coin and think about the message
behind the words from the bank of China 'the world currency'. The 'o' in word
'world' is always a gold coin with the RMB symbol on it.

Which would bring an end to the international monetary system started in 71.
This would be the monetary cycle repeating as normal. It may well play out
slightly differently its too early to say at this stage when I am writing this,
almost 40yrs after the "temporary new international monetary system" was
started. But one way or another I would say the monetary cycle will repeat
and a new system based on gold/silver will replace the current one, if that's
from China like I suspect or not is uncertain. But the natural monetary cycle
will repeat, gold and silver will revalue to account for all the units of currency
that have been added to the supply. If it is said to be gold that backs the
curreny then it will drag silver up with it.
Chris Duane says the so called gold proponents will be pushed forward as the
good guys (maybe like as if they are on the same side as GATA and all.) The
new Hegelian dialectic with the false choice of going back to a gold standard
BUT that they control. The predetermined solution/outcome that can save us
all is just another gold standard that they want to control. But it will merely
be a pretense of a gold standard but actually a new digital monetary system
they say is based on gold, but they want to hold the gold and you never know
what tricks they will get up to, just history repeating.

As usual Chris is way ahead, when you look at Jim Sinclair Jim Rickards and
all, they always talk about gold but never silver.
The warning from Chris Duane is people like jim sinclair jim rickards do not
want the currency flowing into silver instead of gold. There is plenty of gold to
meet demand as in millions of tons in play around the world. But there is not
enough silver to meet demand if the truth came out that gold is not as rare
as we are led to believe at the same time the truth came out in the public
domain that silver is far more rare than we are led to believe then there
would be a rush to sell some of the huge gold stockpiles and buy silver.
People like Sinclair/Rickards have lots of gold and too much currency to flow
into silver. The pool of silver isn't big enough for the big fish to swim in. They
want the small fish to swim in the big sea of gold (millions of tons) so they
can feed off them with a new gold standard that they can feed off. Gold or
silver standards suck, why not just use the monetary precious metal itself as
money? Not a standard based on the monetary PM's that can be
Why not a silver monetary system where you can digitally buy things with
grams of silver or milligrams of silver on a digital card/password system same
as bitcoin but it is fully backed and redeemable for real silver. See my
silvergram monetary system later in the book which is designed to be a
competitor to everything else out there and let the free market decide. So it
would be possible to pay with either real silver or digitally take possession of
serial numbers of silver grams in a vault. But there must be a way to make
sure that no more digital promises are out there than real bullion backing up
the digital. This is how the monetary cycle always repeats. Anyone with any
sense at all would prefer digital real silver grams than Bitcoin or world of
warcraft unbacked currency units or units of fiat currency?
Silver and copper are also unlike bitcoin in that they are tangible currencies
and have been money for thousands of years so are therefore on the horizon
when the end of the temporary system nears, and are not concentrated in
the hands of Billionaires like Jim Rickards/Sinclair and his criminal banking
associates such as the Rothschild's. They hate silver because they do not
have any and can not get that much without ending the manipulation.
Anyone advocating a gold standard is not a friend of the common man. They
do not want people being interested in silver and copper, they want people to
only think about gold because they have so much of it themselves. And
because it is so plentiful already in the hands of the elite compared to silver.
This is a very a important point to remember. This is the reason I am only
interested in stacking silver and copper the two other monetary metals.
When the dollar collapse starts happening and the end of the temporary

international monetary system approaches the mainstream media will all be
talking about gold because there are millions of tons available and the price
will be going so high it could easily soak up most of the currency without
bringing about the end game.
Silver will be soaring also at this time but I will not sell any silver, I plan to
slow down buying it or stop buying it when it is at new all time real inflation
adjusted highs and switch to stacking copper. I know copper will never be
rare like silver will be but it is still a monetary metal with thousands of years
of history and it can not be printed out of thin air. It is not a monetary
precious metal though, that title only goes to gold and silver. But copper is
the only other monetary metal with thousands of years history as money.
Think about this, roughly the same amount of currency units is flowing into
silver and gold every year. For example in 2013 around $1.1 Billion flowed
into gold eagles and about $1.1 Billion units of fiat flowed into silver eagles.
That means 75+ times the amount of ounces of silver were taken off the
market than gold. Thinking about how there are millions of tons of gold
available before it runs out, and the fact that gold is not really used up like
silver is, you can see the war is easier to win by taking silver off the market. I
can see in the future more units flowing into silver than gold, it just brings the
end nearer every ounce of silver taken off the market.
There is a book called Currency Wars which is going to be seen as the most
influential book this century. No, NOT Jim Rickard’s book purposely called the
same Currency Wars. This Currency War book was written years before by
Song Hongbing in 2007 and has NEVER even been translated into English. Jim
Rickard stole the title of Song's book and he and those he works for put their
own Anglo-American spin on it, leaving out the Rothchilds entirely. We have
read all four books (so far) in the series in Japanese. The Rothchilds are the
key that has been kept secret from the world. If this century is going to be the
“Century of the East”, I believe it will be a direct result of these very powerful

In July 2009, the book was followed by a sequel, Currency Wars 2: World of
Gold Privilege then in May 2011, Currency Wars 3: Financial High Frontier the
fourth book is “The Warring States Period” was released in 2014. And there
are going to be more in the series.
In his books, Song tries to explain history and the development of the world
through the perspective of currencies and money. The premise of his books
are very similar to the monetary history of this book you are reading.
However Song Hongbing goes more into the conspiracy side of things which
while I do tend to believe him but I have no way of knowing the truth so stay
well away from writing about such things in this book. For example Song
Hongbing says that on June 4, 1963, President J.F.Kennedy signed an
executive order, which, as an amendment to Executive Order 10289,
delegated the authority to issue silver certificates (notes convertible to silver
on demand) to the Secretary of the Treasury. Song says the direct
consequence was that the Federal Reserve lost its monopoly to control
money/silver. He is really saying this was the reason for the assassination of
JFK, he says it was all about silver which like gold is at all times money in and
of itself. I know many agree with him, but as I said I have no way of knowing
so can not comment the real reason JFK was taken out.
In his 4th book Song predicts that sometime over the next 10years so before
2024 or 25 at the latest, the monetary cycle will repeat and the world will go
back to using money again instead of currency. But he does say it could be
far sooner.
What I will say there is a concerted effort to keep these books from being
translated into English, but surely they can not stop it happening eventually.
If you can search online and try and read these books in a language you can

understand then I highly recommend it.
I recommend even higher studying what Charles Savoie has written about
monetary history. Song's books verify all the work put together by Charlie
Savoie and together show an accurate representation of monetary history in
modern times.
“Charles Savoie has written the best researched and documented case on
silver and the banking establishment going back into history.” --- David
Morgan in 'Get The Skinny On Silver Investing' - see page 3.
Charlie Savoie has been even more covered up and censored than Song in
fact most of what you find in Precious Metal news and commentary has to do
with "Gold". You very rarely hear silver bullion being talked about as much as
It's just a matter of time before the tipping point occurs when enough people
realize why prices are rising - not what the mainstream press has to 'parrot'
about it.
All things gold will overflow into silver anyway. Until then, silver is still the
most undervalued asset in the history of the world. Still as I write this in 2014
while silver is under $100oz, it is under $16oz today!
Heck, silver was even pushed all the way down to $14.15 for a short time in
2014. I stuck my neck out and said publicly that this is the bottom. Silver will
never ever again be this low priced. I was banging the table telling everyone
that I could please buy some silver here at these levels. I persuaded my Dad
to buy a little more and my sister to buy a little for the first time, just so that
they are now in the game. If it ever gets anywhere close to these levels
again, then I will once again be banging the table please buy a serious
amount real silver, while its so stupidly cheap because of the criminal
manipulation. But I do not think it will ever get as low as $14 or priced in the
UK £8 per ounce ever again. The paper price will get that low and even lower
as it goes to nothing, when the big disconnect between real and virtual silver
happens. But real silver will never ever, ever be under $14oz from now on. I
know I am sticking my neck out here, but this is how confident I am that $14
in 2014 was the lowest silver will ever be from now on and forever. An
important point here though is, if you are reading this while the price of
available real silver is far higher than $14 oz, please do not conclude you
have missed the boat. Most of my silver was bought at higher prices, and in
the long term I say anything under $50 oz you will be happy. Even when silver
$150 oz and climbing higher every week, I will continue to buy in the dips.
There was another book about monetary history called 'when money dies The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse' by ADAM FERGUSSON. But I think the

title is incorrect.
I say Money never dies. Currency always has done and always will. It was not
money that died in any time the cycle repeats, it is always currency.
I seem to be the only one who keeps saying how Nixon's exact words on
Sunday August 15th 1971 were "temporarily" and "urgently needed new
international monetary system" and how the cycle repeated and will continue
to repeat. Well as of 2014 I am not the only one who says it like that. Jim
Rickards new book is called 'The death of money' - The coming collapse of
the international monetary system. I differ from Jim Rickards in that I use
Nixons own words when he said also "Temporarily" which Rickards leaves out,
when quoting Nixons words from 1971. I would say Jim got the title of his
book wrong also because money never ever dies. It should be called the
death of currency. His last book before this one was called the same as Song
Hongbing's book 'currency wars' so Jim Rickards was right about that one.
Money never dies only currency does.
If money were to die then your gold and silver in your pocket are worthless.
That will never happen. All that happens is they go from over valued to
undervalued, then back again and again. They are undervalued right now in
2014 silver is only $16oz and gold around $1200oz. I predict that in the future
they will revert to true value which for silver is 10th oz valued at 12hr days
wage and almost certainly silver will overshoot on the correction this time the
cycle repeats.
So Jim Rickards plagiarized the name of his first book from Song Hongbing's
book currency wars and then also plagiarized the name of his second book
from another book about monetary history called when money dies - The
Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse by ADAM FERGUSSON. But I think the title
is also incorrect.
I say Money never dies. Currency always has done and always
will. It was not money that died in any time the cycle repeats, it is always
If you look at all currencies through history they also always revert to their
true value. Everything other than monetary metals that has ever been used
as a medium of exchange ever, has in the end reverted to its true value. I
predict this will happen with what we are using today as the medium of
exchange. Paper notes will revert to their true value of almost nothing, but
they could be burned or something so they do have some value. As for digital
blips in a bank account, they really are worth nothing when things correct
back to true value.
As to when this will happen the most common question I always get asked.

My answer is consistent through out this book I agree with Song Hongbing's
prediction in his latest book and Charlie Savoie that the cycle will repeat
within the next 10 years. So before 2024-25. But it could most certainly
happen before this. I am looking to see what happens by the year 2020, as
many things are pointing towards this year. The USGS first said at the current
rate of depleting all known silver deposits would be depleted in industrial
quantities (by the ton) by 2020. But they have recently retracted the
I just can't help but notice that the majority the articles, essays, and
interviews easily 'work' when you substitute the word "silver" for "gold".
Most of these writers would probably agree, but gold is a much bigger market
and more people want to read about it than silver at the moment but I think
things will change in the future.
Occasionally -- and this is where I do complain -- these writers really do forget
that silver and gold are not that different...or even worse...when they fail to
compare them as if they were almost the same!
So I tend to (unconsciously) replace the word "Gold" with "Silver" as I go
through any given piece.
Again, I believe the word silver and gold could be interchangeable in almost
every case someone writes about gold you could say silver and it is still true
-- the main differences being price, industrial use, and sovereign ownership...
All of which happen to be very bullish differences in favor of physical
Remember: Silver prices are undervalued, a very large amount of silver
demand comes from industrial users (that effectively sequester it), and no
government or any entity sits on large stockpiles. Yet! But whoever is the first
to attempt this, like the Hunts tried in the 70's could succeed where the
Hunts failed. Nelson Bunker Hunt, died at 88 in 2014. This should bring the
story of silver back into the spotlight, but silver is so important a lot of effort
is made to keep it out of the headlines. I wish more people would look at the
true story what happened in the 70's and the question should be what will
happen next time someone tries to do what the Hunt brothers tried to do with
silver? Next time some one or some group do the same thing they will have
to avoid the same mistake the Hunts made by buying paper promises of
silver, if they buy real silver they will succeed where the Hunts failed.
The "next time" could happen, in a wayvery soon. Although it may not be
someone, it could be everyone. When the masses come rushing in to buy the
last of the silver. It will hapen again in the future too.

But during the six month or so period immediately following QE2 in the end of
2010 going into the spring of 2011, the realization that "quantitative easing"
actually meant money printing began to hit everyone who was paying
attention in a big way. Most educated people knew the history of Weimar and
Zimbabwe, and the smart money decided commodities would be the safest
place to park wealth. Money started flowing not just to silver, but to ALL
commodities, equally ferociously. In the spring of 2011 I was able to find a
website that showed small graphs of ALL the commodities on one page, and
it was so striking that I printed out a copy to carry around with me to show
people. With the exception of two or three aberrations, EVERY commodity had
been increasing at a 45 degree angle for about six months. You could say that
commodities as a whole were forming a bubble, but more accurately the
dollar was dying. This was actually similar to what was happening with
rampant inflation in the late '70s.
TPTB obviously could not allow this to continue, so they engineered a
"takedown" of the commodity investors--the more modern equivalent of the
Hunt brothers. We all know how they changed the rules and manipulated the
silver market first, coincident with the killing of Osama Bin Laden in a very
well-orchestrated series of events. Two or three days after silver got taken
out, every other commodity got hit. There was even a huge NYT editorial that
came out the following weekend, "explaining" how commodities had been
shown to have been "overbought" in the silver market, and other traders
were taking notice and getting out of the other commodities as well. So they
took out silver precisely because it is such a small and easily manipulated
market, and they used that to take down the entire flow of money into
commodities. It was JUST like 1984, where investors were told exactly what to
think and why, and it worked!
The question is, how long can they keep the cons going? At what point does
QE become absurd, and even the children proclaim that the emperor has no
clothes? Or perhaps they are hoping to have total Orwellian control of the
population by the time a majority of the people wake up, so they can't resist
in any meaningful way?
Here's an interview with Doug Casey on "Gold" from way back in September
2009 that I decided to experiment with.
Instead of unconsciously substituting "Silver" for every instance of "Gold", I
literally changed every instance - as you'll see.
And wouldn't you know it?

It made sense for most of the way through, further highlighting the fact that,
except for those reasons mentioned above, there really isn't much difference.
Doug Casey on "Silver" (I have replaced 'gold' with "silver")
(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator)
L: Doug, we've talked about cars, cows, and cash, but the investment world
thinks of you as a "Silver" bug, so let's give that a go; why "Silver"?
Doug: Sure. First of all, it's because "Silver" is actually money. It's an
unfortunate historical anomaly that people think about the paper in their
wallets as money. The dollar is, technically, a currency. A currency is a
government substitute for money. "Silver" is money.
Now, why do I say that?
Historically, many things have been used as currency. Cattle have been used
as money in many societies, including Roman society. That's where we get
the word "pecuniary" from: the Latin word for a single head of cattle is pecus.
Salt has been used as currency, also including in ancient Rome, and that's
where the word "salary" comes from; the Latin for salt was sal (or salis). The
North American Indians used seashells. Cigarettes were used during WWII.
So, currency is simply a medium of exchange and a store of value.
By that definition, almost anything could be used as currency, but obviously,
some things work better than others; it's hard to exchange things people
don't want, and some things don't store value well. So not all forms of
currency are a store of value over long periods of time. Over thousands of
years, the precious metals have emerged as the only form of money,
everything else is just currency.
There are very good reasons for this, and they are not new reasons. Five
reasons are as valid today as they were then. A good form of money must be:
durable, divisible, consistent, convenient, and have value in and of itself. But
mainly it has to hold its value over a long time.
L: Can you elaborate on them?
Doug: Yes, and from them, we can draw inferences that will help us anticipate
the fate of the dollar.
First, let's take durable. That's pretty obvious - you can't have your money
disintegrating in your pockets or bank vaults. That's why we don't use wheat
for money; it can rot, be eaten by insects, and so on. It doesn't last. Salt may
get wet in your wallet so again, not a store of value over time.

Divisible. Again, obvious. It's why we don't use diamonds for money, nor
artwork. You can't split them into pieces without destroying the value of the
Actually, there's a sixth reason...
L: It can't be created out of thin air.
Doug: Right. Not even the kings and emperors who clipped and diluted coins
would have dared imagine that they could get away with trying to use
something essentially worthless as money.
That "Silver" is money is simply the result of the market process, seeking
optimum means of storing value and making exchanges.
After the current system collapses, as every paper money system in the past
has collapsed, some form of money will have to replace it, and it's almost
certainly going to be "Silver".
That's not just for safety, security, and prudence, though those are reasons
enough, but because "Silver" is cash in its most basic form. Better yet, even
though it's quadrupled since its bottom in 2001, it's also still an excellent
speculation. I can see somewhere between three and ten times your
investment in current capital. And there's no limit to the upside in dollars,
depending on how rapidly the government destroys the currency.
To my view, that offers an exceptional combined opportunity; by buying
"Silver", you protect your wealth but also have enormous speculative upside.
L: Plus, as you like to say, "Silver" is the only asset class that is not also
simultaneously someone else's liability.
Doug: Absolutely right. And in a world as financially unstable as today's, you
just don't want to hold on to someone else's liabilities any more than you
have to. Especially if that's a liability of an entity like the U.S. government.
L: Got it. You should own "Silver" because it's money, because of its security,
and because it's an excellent speculation. In our publications, we've been
telling readers that they should have as much as 1/3 of their portfolio in
"Silver", 1/3 in cash, and 1/3 in investments that could do well in times of
crisis, including "Silver" stocks, commodities, certain kinds of real estate, etc.
Do you think those are still the right proportions? That worked out very well
for our readers last year. Those who actually followed our advice would have
had 1/3 in "Silver" and 1/3 in cash, so even if they lost 50% of their remaining
third, they would still have only been down 16.67% by the end of the year.
But that was then, and there were signs of short-term price deflation, and
now things are different. How should we be deployed today?

Doug: That's still a good balance, but if you start really thinking of "Silver" as
cash, and the dollar as a merely temporarily fashionable means of exchange,
you'll find yourself loading your portfolio with much more "Silver" and "Silver"
proxies. That will protect you against the very rapid loss of value the dollar
faces in years to come. Inflation is going to truly get out of control.
L: Good reminder. Well, we've talked a long time again, but briefly, what are
the best ways to own "Silver"?
Doug: I prefer "Silver" coins to bars. They are more recognizable and
convenient. You can walk into a coin shop in many places around the world,
and they will recognize your "Silver" Eagles, Krugerrands, Philharmonics, etc.
Dealers, or the public, may not recognize the hallmark of some bars.
Try this next time you hear or read about gold substitute the word for silver
and you will see what I mean.
---Congressional Digest, November 1931, page 286.
A very important point to understand before we go further down the rabbit
hole is that there are now far more ounces of gold available for investors to
buy than ounces of silver. Mike Maloney who is an excellent monetary
historian and monetary precious metal expert says that from official numbers
if all the available gold bullion in the world were put together it would fit on a
tennis court. It would be about a 20 to 25M cube. This is just the sum of all
the central banks and other known about stockpiles. Many are saying this
cube would be much much bigger, if all the huge stockpiles that have
supposedly been lost were also included. That actually millions of tons of gold
have been mined or panned through history and only a very small amount is
not with us anymore from being lost.

Some people think it would be a much, much larger cube of gold because
gold has been treasured and hidden away through history, there are some
well documented very large gold hoards that have been supposedly lost and
are unaccounted for in the world, but its hard to know for sure, its very
unlikely they were really lost think about it, what really could have happened
to these very large gold stockpiles? As they are passed on through the
millenniums they are fought over and hidden away. The spoils of war, lots of
gold stolen every time, and build up and up. Until they are passed on or
fought over and taken the next time. Then hidden away or if not yet they
were fought over again and again until hidden away and kept secret.
This trend has continued for thousands of years. All the time the secret gold
stockpiles in all four corners of the earth are building up more and more.
Today everyone under reports how much each country holds. Estimations are
Russia, China and India for example each hold 100x more than they say they
do. That is just the government's. There are lots of other entities holding gold
but in secret. They could be sold into the market at any time.
Shipwrecks of course account for lots of gold being lost, or maybe burying in
a grave or burying or hidden and forgotten about could account for lots of
gold being lost. But treasure hunting technology is getting better every year.
By the time you are reading this, this cube of available gold will be much
larger as more gold is mined and recovered from treasure hunting and added
to supply. Because gold is not used up as silver is. Gold lasts forever. Gold
does not tarnish because of how the electrons on the surface are distributed.
They effectively deny other foreign atoms, such as oxygen or sulphur the
chance to bond.
This is not true for silver bullion. Banks have run out of silver stockpiles it has
almost all been used up. Mike says if all the silver bullion left available in the
world were put together it would be about an 18M cube, it would fit on less
than half a tennis court. Some people think it would be a smaller silver cube
because silver is now getting consumed and taken off the available market at
the fastest rate in all of history. This 18M cube of available silver bullion
includes estimations of privately held silver bullion by investors and imagines
that all the ETFs and silver derivatives are telling the truth that they buy and
store in their vaults 1oz of real silver bullion for every 1oz of paper promises
they sell to investors. Many believe they do not store as much silver as they
promise to people on paper, if true it would make that 18M cube of available
silver much smaller as this silver makes up a large amount of the 18M cube.
It has been proven in some cases (Morgan Stanley got fined for this and did
not even deny it, just said everyone is doing it) that they just take your
currency and issue a broken promise bit of paper. They do not go and buy
silver bullion like they promise to. Its free currency for them and they lie and
say they store silver for every promise they sell which creates a phantom

supply of silver which does not exist.
By the time you are reading this depending on how many years after 2007
when I am writing, this official numbers 18M cube of the worlds available
silver supply will be much smaller, as smart investors do not trust paper
promises and sell them to buy physical. Then as more silver is getting used
up and discarded than is from mined and recycled supply. So this is a very
important point to remember, the official numbers 23M+ cube of available
gold is getting bigger every year and the probably less that 18M cube of the
worlds available silver bullion is getting smaller every year. These are the
official sizes of the available silver and gold in the world. As I go into later, I
believe the cube of gold is much larger and the cube of silver is much smaller.

This is true until the price of silver goes up to meet gold and it is then an
economic viable proposition for the difficult and expensive task to go and
locate it and recover it from landfill or where ever it has been discarded. And
how much of this 18M or less silver bullion cube really is available for
investors to buy?
Most silver investors including myself hold it in very strong hands and will not
sell even if the 'paper price' goes up a lot in units of fiat currency, they know
the value is much greater than the paper 'price'. Most silver investors are
very well educated and will not want to sell silver bullion for units of fiat
currency when they know the units will soon be worth less. They know 'price'
means nothing, VALUE is everything. They are storing generational wealth for
the long term outside the banking financial system and many agree to never
sell, only use to borrow funds against after the temporary international
monetary system has ended and been replaced with whatever come next. So
that cube of AVAILABLE silver on Earth may be even smaller. If you do not
count as available to buy what is held by private silver investors in very
strong hands who agree to never sell no matter how many units of dying fiat
currency is added to the exponentially expanding supply and are chasing
after the decreasing cube of available silver bullion. Silver is the peoples
money. This is not as true for gold as it is for silver bullion because gold is
mainly held by central banks and the wealthy who could sell into the market
at any time. Once again the central banks have in recent times now run out
of their once large silver bullion holdings.

Just picture that in your mind a 25+M or likely much larger cube of gold on a
tennis court, and an 18M or likely smaller cube of silver on half of the court
next to it, because its cubed it is around 4x smaller and remember silver is
roughly around half the density of gold. So if the two cubes were the same
size there would be only around half the number of ounces of silver. This
means that in current worldwide available inventories there is a lot less
ounces of silver than gold bullion available for investors to buy. That is if you
believe the official numbers, I personally think there is a lot more than eight
time less silver bullion than gold bullion available for investors to buy. This
ratio is getting larger, soon even by the official numbers there will be ten
times less silver bullion available for investors to buy than gold bullion.
Almost certainly there is more gold bullion in the world that is not commonly
known about because it has been kept secret and now is not known about
that could be sold into the market, so there could be a lot less silver available
than gold but its not certain. There certainly is less chance of any large silver
stockpiles hidden away as is the case with gold bullion stockpiles that could
be sold into the market at any time. All the silver has been used up.
So what if we discovered one day that gold is NOT very scarce? That cube of
available gold is well over 25M some are saying its much larger. And that
cube of available silver bullion is now much smaller than 18M? What then all
you Gold Bugs? Would you stop being a Gold Bug? Would you change your
opinion on the "value" of gold as a monetary metal? Would you PANIC to try
and get out of Gold and into something that truly is scarce?
From many experts research Gold is not scare at all...as in MILLIONS of TONS
are already in play. This is just not true with silver. I have recently been
studying certain passages of the Bible where there were immense golden
images, for example in ancient Babylon there was a solid gold huge statue
that the three faithful Hebrews would not bow down to. Daniel 3 v1 The king
had an image of himself built made of solid gold it was 60 cubits high and 6
cubits wide and a cubit is 51.8cm so it would have been over 30 meters high
and 3 meters wide. We do not know the exact shape or how many tons
exactly but we can estimate.
Gold weighs roughly 19.32 grams per cubic centimeter. So a cubic meter
would weigh 19.3 tonnes. Say it was around 270 cubic mt x 20 about 7000
tonnes. But depending on the shape could have been different. But we are
talking thousands of tons in this image alone. At the time gold and silver were
in circulation plus lots of other gold was used for various things in Babylon.
This was thousands of years ago and just think how much more gold has
been mined or privately panned since these ancient times?

There are many reports about large images and statues of solid gold. Who
knows what happens to all this gold over the millenniums? I do not claim to
know what has happened to it, I just find it hard to believe it has been lost so
why is it not included in the official numbers?
Even entire temples were built of solid gold. One primary example of this was
King Solomon's gold which if you read that account amounted to a very great
deal. Probably more than is held by most central bank reserves known about
today. I know this is the stuff of legend, but the fact is King Solomon really did
have that much gold back then so the question is what has happened to it all
through the millenniums? The book of Job first mentions “gold of Ophir” and
equates it with “pure gold.” (Job 28:15, 16) About 600 years after Job’s day,
King David collected “gold of Ophir” for the construction of God’s temple in
Jerusalem. His son Solomon likewise imported gold from Ophir.—1 Chronicles
29:3, 4; 1 Kings 9:28.
According to the Scriptures, Solomon had a fleet of ships constructed in
Ezion-geber, on the Red Sea, that brought gold from Ophir. (1 Kings 9:26)
Scholars locate Ezion-geber at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba in the general
area of present-day Elat and Aqaba. From there, ships could reach any part of
the Red Sea or more distant trading posts on the African or Indian coasts,
possible locations of Ophir. Others believed, however, that Ophir lay in
Arabia, where ancient gold mines have been found and deposits are still
being exploited even in modern times. These mines have been producing
gold for thousands of years.
As to whether Solomon’s gold mines were merely legendary, as some would
have it, Egyptologist Kenneth A. Kitchen writes: “Ophir itself is no myth. A
Hebrew ostracon [or, earthenware fragment] of perhaps the eighth century
[B.C.E.] is clearly inscribed with the brief note of account: ‘Gold of Ophir for
Beth-Horon—30 shekels.’ Ophir here is a real source of gold, just as with ‘Gold
of `Amau,’ or ‘Gold of Punt’ or ‘Gold of Kush’ in Egyptian texts—gold in each

case, either derived from the land named or from that land’s type or quality.”
Treasure hunters have searched for the fabulous city called Ophir for
thousands of years, hoping to find its legendary mines. The son of a king of
Sheba was said to have "built Ophir with stones of gold, for the stones of the
mountain were pure gold." There have been several other collaborating
reports of a city built from 'stones of gold' but again this is the stuff of legend.
There have been reports of huge wedges of pure gold from Ophir. Some have
said they have been found but the story covered up. I have no way of finding
the truth. Where could all this gold be now? Hoarded, hidden away fought
over and passed on through the millenniums.
Another example is ElDorado the name of a legendary "Lost City of Gold",
also known as Manõa, that fascinated explorers since the days of the Spanish
conquistadors and was supposedly located on Lake Parimein the highlands of
Guyana, South America. I think all those legendary gold hoards have been
cleaned out and kept secret centuries ago. But the point is all this gold is still
available on earth. Even if it has been kept secret for centuries or
millenniums in some cases. All this gold could be sold back into the market at
any time. We are now living at a monumental time in human history and my
feeling is much of this secret gold will start showing up again around the
world. Many analysts are wondering where the gold is coming from to feed
the insatiable demand coming from the East. China and India are demanding
huge amounts of gold every year, where is it coming from? My theory is many
secret gold hoards could feed demand for a long time. It is not gold but silver
that is the achilles heal for the banksters. They have lots of gold but have
now run out of silver.
Alexander the Great's father King Philip II of Macedonia (359-336 B.C.E.) is
reported to have extracted more than 28 tons [25 t] of gold EACH YEAR from
the mines of Pangaeum in Thrace. This is just one mine for example. There
were reportedly many mines producing more than this amount all around the
world right up to our day. Today they have to go a lot deeper to still keep
producing the gold every year. BUT THEY HAVE BEEN ADDING TO THE
When Philip’s son Alexander the Great (336-323 B.C.E.) captured the Persian
city of Susa, he is said to have taken some 1,180 tons of gold from it and
almost 7,000 tons from the whole of Persia. So when compared with the
amount of gold reported to have ever been mined through history something
does not add up. There has been a concerted effort made to make it look like
there is far less gold in the world than there really is. At the same time even
more effort has been made to make it look like there is more available silver
in the world than there actually is. When the truth is gold is now much more
plentiful than we are told and silver is getting very rare compared to what we

are told by official numbers.
Think how much more gold has been mined since these ancient times? There
have been many many many other examples through the last 6000 years of
human history in almost every nation and peoples around the Earth where
there was lots of gold. And remember gold does not get used up as silver
does, gold is hoarded where as silver is many times consumed. There is very
rarely any thing made out of gold that is discarded, but through history some
things made of silver has been when they get too old and tarnished they are
discarded and a new one made consuming more silver. Many times there
have been recorded accounts of silver utensils and such getting too old and
discarded. This is an important point to remember that Gold does not
deteriorate Silver does.
Every single item ever that has been silver plated is silver gone forever. Well
unless silver ever revalues way past its historical normal value of 3 grams
valued at a 12hr days wage. Even then it would still be questionable if it was
cost effective trying to claim back the tiny amount of silver plating over the
object in question. If you had several ton of silver plated objects then you
would only get several grams of silver back and the cost of doing so would be
far more than buying those grams even at the normal historical value of 3
grams valued at a 12hr days wage.
So just think about all the uses of silver like this where such a small amount is
used that its as good as gone forever. Eventually it will be tarnished and
discarded. This is the difference with gold, even gold plated objects will last
so are not discarded. This is why now after 6000 years of human history silver
is now for the first time more precious than more plentiful less useful gold.
So lets review a few key points. Imagine if you were a super-villain who had
taken control of all the world's gold, and had decided to melt it down to make
a cube. How long would the sides be? Hundreds of metres, thousands even?
What do most 'experts' say and why do they all say that?
Warren Buffett, one of the world's richest investers, says the total amount of
gold in the world - the gold above ground, that is - could fit into a cube with
sides of just 20m (67ft).
But is that all there is? And if so, how do we know? Why do the rich who own
lots of gold try and say there is so little of it in the world?
A figure that is widely used by investors comes from Thomson Reuters GFMS,
which produces an annual gold survey. Their latest figure for 2014 for all the
gold in the world is 171,300 tonnes - which is almost exactly the same as the
amount banded about in most peoples claim for this imaginary cube of gold.

A cube made of 171,300 tonnes would be about 20.7m (68ft) on each side. Or
to put it another way, it would reach to 9.8m above ground level if exactly
covering Wimbledon Centre Court.

But not everyone agrees with the GFMS figures. I am one of those who
disagree. I think the truth is closer to gold historian Timothy Green's 2.5M
tons of gold in the world.
Estimates range from 1 million tonnes, to about 16 times the official reported
amount - 2.5 million tonnes.
That bigger figure would make a cube of sides 50m (166ft) long, or a column
of gold towering 143m above Wimbledon centre court. As shown in this
So why are the figures so different?
Part of the reason is that gold has been mined for a very long time - more
than 6,000 years, according to gold historian Timothy Green (google him,
very highly recommended). For the same reason diamonds are kept off the
market to make them appear more rare than they are, gold also has been
kept hidden and secret for thousands of years.
So where did the official numbers of only 180K tons of gold come from? They
came from Harry Oppenheimer from the De Beers diamond cartel. These are
now the numbers used as official and are quoted as if there is no doubt that
the De Beers cartel are telling the truth.
But there are others who think both sets of figures are too low.
"In Tutankhamen's tomb alone they found that his coffin was made from 1.5
tonnes of gold, so imagine the gold that was found in the other tombs that
were ransacked before records were taken of them," says Jan Skoyles of gold
investment firm The Real Asset Company. She says just think how much gold
has been added to the world supply over the next thousands of years?
Skoyles points out that even today China is "not particularly open" about how
much gold it is mining. She does not believe that such a small amount is all

the gold available that the De Beers want the world to believe.

And in some countries, such as Colombia, "there's a lot of illegal mining going
on", she says.
She doesn't have an exact figure to offer, but one organisation that has tried
to do some maths is the Gold Standard Institute. Its experts believe that if we
emptied our bank vaults and jewellery boxes, we'd find no less than 2.5
million tonnes of gold - though they admit that the evidence is somewhat
sparse and the figure is a bit speculative.
So who's right? Well, we don't know.
In the end, all these numbers are made up of estimates added to estimates
added to yet more estimates. Maybe they're all way off.
The good news is that we are not likely to run out of gold any time soon. The
US Geological Survey estimates there are 52M tonnes of minable gold and
only 17B ounces of silver still in the ground and more is likely to be
discovered. Gold is not like silver only in the earths crust, gold is found in
greater quantity the deeper the miners dig.
The bad news is that the way we use gold is starting to change. Up to now it
has never ever gone away. It has always been recycled. Gold lasts forever.
Gold does not tarnish because of how the electrons on the surface are
distributed. They effectively deny other foreign atoms, such as oxygen or
sulphur the chance to bond.
"All the gold that has been mined throughout history is still in existence in the
above-ground stock. That means that if you have a gold watch, some of the
gold in that watch could have been mined by the Romans 2,000 years ago,"
says James Turk. Or even by the Egyptians over 4000 years ago.
The way gold is being used in the technology industry, however, is different.
The British Geological Survey states that about 12% of current world gold
production finds its way to this sector, where it is often used in such small

quantities, in each individual product, that as energy costs go up, it may no
longer be economical to recycle it. This has been true of silver, but still gold is
still only just economically worth retrieving while it is priced 75x more than
silver. But as energy costs go up it is getting questionable if it is economic to
retrieve gold from waste dumps.
If it's questionable if it is economic to retrieve gold, then how economical is it
to try to retrieve silver which is priced 75x less than gold? To retrieve any
metal from waste dumps costs the same per gram. But some like copper is in
greater quantity and easier to retrieve, sometimes even just burning off the
plastic around the copper wires. But silver is always in such tiny amounts in
each application it is very expensive and difficult to try to retrieve it. Even
gold is questionable, then if silver rose in price 75 times it is still questionable
if it is cost effective to retireve silver from waste dumps.
A point about the electron arrangement of Silver, Copper and Gold are in the
same group in the Periodic Table within the Transition Metals Group, but they
all have one electron in their outer shell (like the Alkali Earth Metals e.g.
Sodium). Atomic mass increases from Copper, Silver to Gold. So the question
about the relative values of these very similar metals is a good one. Why is
the GSR 1:75? Should it not be based on supply and demand?
The facts are that gold has had a huge unreported supply for thousands of
years and gold lasts forever and has been building up in supplies for
thousands of years, and it does not corrode. Silver rots away and very little
silver from thousands of years ago is still with us. Hell very little silver from
hundreds of years ago is still with us in available form. All the gold is still
Now lets think more about all the reported and unreported gold though
history, for example - The Gold Rushes of 1849
There were two great gold rushes in the mid 19th century. One in USA and
the other in Australia. Some 80,000 immigrants poured into California during
1849. They came overland on the California Trail and by ship around Cape
Horn or through the Panama shortcut. The majority of them came in one
immense wave during mid summer, as covered wagons reached the end of
the California trail. At the same time, sailing ships were docking in San
Francisco, only to be deserted by sailors as well as passengers. Competition
for the gold grew fierce. New methods were invented to wash more pay dirt in
less time. At the same time, merchants raised the prices of mining tools,
clothing, and food to astronomical levels. A miner had to find an ounce of
gold a day just to break even after taxes. Or sell the gold unreported to save
taxes. Which do you think happened the most?
A similar gold rush happened in Australia around the same time period but

this time a lot more gold was said to have gone unreported than was
Though gold mining continued throughout the 1850s when some $81 million
was reported to be pulled from the Californian ground each year. The
unreported supply of gold is estimated to be much, much greater. After that
decade, the total reported take declined gradually, leveling off to around $45
million per year by 1857. The unreported supply of gold is unknown, but
estimates are far more gold went unreported than what was reported by
honest gold prospectors.
Some unofficial reports estimate Miners extracted more than 750,000 tons of
gold during the California Gold Rush. Others say less but the reported amount
was a fragment of the estimations of the unreported supply.
My question is what has happened to all the gold through history? Gold lasts
forever, if you dug up a 5000 year old gold coin it contains the same amount
of atoms as a recently minted gold piece. Is it possible that a large amount of
it has been lost as we are led to believe? Yes its possible, but unlikely. There
are constantly discoveries of lost treasure so if any hoards have been lost
they are constantly being rediscovered, especially as treasure hunting tech
gets more advanced. Not only gold hoards but still undiscovered natural gold
is still being found with metal detector and gold panning tech improving. In
Jan 2013 another large 5.5KG natural gold nugget was found by a tourist with
a metal detector, shown bellow. Another famous example was the 'hand of
faith' name given to a larger 30KG natural gold nugget found in 1980. These
are examples of a natural gold nugget being reported, how many do you
think have been unreported over the last 6000years?

How much natural gold has been found or panned in the last 6000 years that
has gone unreported that could be sold into the market at any time?
Another monster gold nugget was unearthed in Butte foothills
The repoter, Van Camp did not find the nugget, but within two hours of its

discovery in July 2014 he was holding it in his hand.
The name of the finder is being kept secret, and the location of its discovery
is being kept vague, just that it was found in the foothills in Butte County on
public land in an area that was "worked" during the original Gold Rush.
Van Camp said the finder, who he calls Mr. Smith," would not even tell him
precisely where he found the nugget, which is about the size and shape on a
adult's hand and about an inch thick.
About 12 inches down in the soil, he found the nugget. It was found in the
foothills in Butte County on public land in an area that was "worked" during
the original Gold Rush.
Van Camp says the Butte Nugget is the second largest extant placer gold
nugget in California found in recent times. The biggest nugget is the 100 troy
ounce "Mojave Nugget."
Both of these nuggets amount to little more than pebbles compared to
gigantic 54-pound Dogtown Nugget that was discovered in 1859 on the
slopes of Sawmill Peak.
Van Camp said the Dogtown Nugget isn't on the list of current monsters
because it was melted down and no longer exists in its original form.
He said the July discovery proves that life-changing gold is still out there to be
found and he urged people to continue to hold onto the dream.
"Follow the three Ps: persistence, patience and perseverance. Keep at it. Keep
the dream alive." He could add another "Keep it secret" as most of these
nuggets are unreported.
The Hand of faith nugget was only 12 inches below the surface, resting in a
vertical position.
The nugget was the second largest nugget found in Australia during the 20th
century, though the largest reported found anywhere in the world using a
metal detector so far. There were numerous nuggets found during the
Victorian gold rush era, commencing in the 1850s, that were far larger.
With the advancement of metal detecting technology for the common man
expectations are for more large nuggets like this to be found more frequently.

There have been reports of unreported gold nuggets being much larger sold
under the radar to propel the myth that these large nuggets are more rare
than they are.
Treasure hunting equipment has progressed a great deal in recent times. It is
amazing how advanced things are nowadays which would make treasure
hunters in decades past blue with envy. In the past sometime people have
spent decades searching but with modern equipment they could have found
gold in no time. This is why so much extra gold is being found these days,
both new natural gold as well as previously hidden/lost gold hoards. There are
now millions of tons of gold building up in stockpiles all around the world. This
has to be kept secret to keep the belief that gold is still actually rare. When
the truth is gold is not that rare at all unlike silver bullion.
Odyssey Marine Exploration (OMEX) has recovered another 10,000 ounces of
gold, worth $85 million from a sunken ship off the coast of southern
California. The recovered gold treasure is the latest in a long string of recently
recovered previously lost gold hoards the company officials said. (Notice this
is just what the official line is, ask yourself how much is being found that is
not reported for larger profits?)
It is expected that due to new sonar, metal detecting and recognition
technology there will be recovered more gold from the underneath of the
ocean, officials added. Another example of this is the Israel Antiquities
Authority (IAA) has announced the discovery of a massive hoard of thousands
of gold coins by divers in the ancient harbor in Caesarea. The coins, which are
over 1,000 years old, constitute the largest find of its kind in the country to
date. It is believed the treasure belongs to a shipwreck of an official treasury
boat on its ways to Egypt with collected taxes. The coins are in different
denominations, including a dinar, half dinar, and quarter dinar, and date to
the era of the Fatimid Empire (909 – 1171 AD). There were many silver coins
originally there but not much of them remains. They have corroded to a great
extent. All the gold coins are still in pristine, very good condition.
Expectations are now that more will be found in the area.

How much will be reported is unknown. But what is known is that due to
metal detecting technology having advanced so much, any previously lost
large gold hoards on land or in the sea can be located and retrieved far more
easily going forward. The silver will have leached away, but ALL the gold will
Not only the large treasure hunting companies but also the small treasure
hunters have this new technology available. My father and I have bought a
magnotomiter which is small yellow torpedo like device that is towed behind
a boat whenever you are travelling anywhere. It is basically an underwater
metal detector. All metal detecting equipment is so advanced now, they can
tell precious metal from non precious and depths and even if its under tons of
iron. We have found many wrecks maybe unknown about to others, some
planes, submarines and many different vessels of all kinds. The place where I
was a fisherman for decades was the place where many famous pirates from
history came from.

While we have not yet found any gold, we have found many new wrecks
which make great fishing spots and what a fascinating hobby.
Both professional treasure hunters and private individuals. Some are going
out looking for new undiscovered gold and or previously discovered but lost
gold. There are now many spending a lot of time looking especially now the
price of gold has gone up so much in recent times. The important point is that
getting permits and permission is very difficult. but to just go and look
without telling anybody is far more simple and easy. Then whatever gold is
found has to be kept secret and usually sold quietly in small amounts at a
time. Maybe recast to hide the identity of where it came from. Just think
about this and then ask yourself the question do you really believe the 180K
tons of gold figure that the De Beers family says is the entire amount of gold
supply ever? Yet this De Beers number is what the world gold council uses.
There is a massive conspiracy to cover-up the fact that there is a whole lot
more PHYSICAL GOLD available in the world than the "Powers That Be" want

us to know about. I never want to hear this ridiculous saying ever again...
"All the gold ever mined in the world would fit into two Olympic sized
swimming pools." Bahaha!!
It's not true. Maybe 20 Olympic sized pools! It's a HUGE lie propagated
originally by Harry Oppenheimer (Anglo American Mines & De Beers
Diamonds) to control the price of gold in the 1960's and carried on by the
likes of Jeff Christian (CPM Group) today to save his beloved gold derivative
market. Remember the quote from the film Blood diamond "It's all about
supply and demand, control the supply and you control the price." There is
not the de Beers number 180,000 tons of gold ever mined in the world...there
That doesn't mean that gold is less valuable than the fiat number
$1,100/oz...it's not. It's rigged just like every other commodity. But it does
mean that SILVER is a much better investment when the TRUTH is unveiled.
When the conspiracy of gold/silver market manipulation is stopped SILVER will
be the big winner! Consider this a reminder that many smart investors are
doing - Swap your Gold for Silver...if you haven't already.
I love hearing about treasure hunters of which there are many searching for
shipwrecks or legendary gold hoards. Makes for great reading and dreaming
about. But think how much treasure hunting has happened and is happening
that goes unreported? Some spend their entire lives searching and
researching for some of these hidden or lost gold hoards. The truth is almost
certainly they have not been lost just hidden away and passed down to next
generations. But some have really been lost when previous owners died.
Many times private companies who do find large golden treasure hoards do
not report it. If they did report it then they have to pay tax and share the
profits with the original owners descendants if they can be proven or
governments and all sorts will try and grab a share.
Most times this gold is just sold privately and quietly maybe in small amounts
over long times. Sometimes recast to hide the identity. This is the amazing
thing about gold, even ancient gold that was made into rings or something
upto 6000 years ago could be dig up or recovered from the sea today, then it
could be recast into bullion bars and sold into the market. There would be no
noticeable difference to gold bullion mined this year.
The amount of unreported gold from private individuals or companies is not
possible to know from all around the world through all of history. But I think
its safe to say it is a lot more than the 180K tons we are told is all that has
ever been mined or panned in all of history.
One recent example of a gold hoard being reported was the Saxon hoard, or

sometimes called the Staffordshire hoard. As this one was actually reported
which is unusual these days, the treasure hunter with a metal detector had to
share 50% with the landowner and then myriads of other people and
organisations wanted to grab a slice of the wealth from officials to lawyers
and accountants. You can easily understand why most finds like this are kept
quiet and never reported. It is such a shame because so much can be learnt
from archaeologists studying the hoards. But with gold no matter how old it is
it can be beaten with a hammer into an unrecognisable blocks of gold to be
sold easily no questions asked almost anywhere in the world. Where it is then
usually melted down and cast into bullion form where there is no way of
telling if it was mined in modern times or up thousands of years ago.
Once again, the latest metal detecting technology has progressed to such an
extent in recent times it is getting very easy to search large areas and not
miss any gold. This is true both on land or under water. Both for large
companies and now recently for the common man with a small metal
detector. There are lots of stories of discoveries of massive gold hoards and a
lot more yet to be discovered, especially now the technology makes it so easy
to find gold. There is so much at stake, the very large gold hoards will never
come to light to the public.
This famous Anglo-Saxon hoard was not large enough to hush up. It was
found in staffordshire recently and shows how all the gold was no less than
when it was buried. Gold does not tarnish because of how the electrons on
the surface are distributed. They effectively deny other foreign atoms, such
as oxygen or sulphur the chance to bond. All the silver items have been
affected by a grey, voluminous form of silver corrosion. The amount of silver
is far less than was buried, the corrosion is so bad that the purpose of these
objects still remains a mystery, the function of these silver objects or what
kind of object they were attached to has yet to be worked out. That just
shows the extent of how silver corrodes and gold lasts forever. Probably there
were even more silver objects but nothing left of them remains. ALL the gold
ever from ALL of history remains and is building up around the world with
millions of tons in various forms and even more millions or perhaps billions of
tons yet to be brought out of the earth and sea. Gold lasts forever silver does
not and because of this fact silver is far more rare than gold now in the 21st
century for the first time ever in history. This is a key point-

Silver rots away to nothing, gold lasts forever.
I hear broad sweeping statements like silver can never go extinct, or "the
quantity of silver on earth never changes."
I have a geologist friend and I also have a contact well versed in these things
in a top university in London. I was able to pick his brains at length here is the

Gold lasts forever. Gold does not tarnish because of how the electrons on the
surface are distributed. They effectively deny other foreign atoms, such as
oxygen or sulphur the chance to bond.
Using steel as an example, we all know it corrodes. Does it disappear? No.
The quantity of steel on earth never changes. Each steel atom has other
things bonded to it and then leaches away somehow. Could a 100 year old
pre WW1 iron ship or tank or something ever be restored back to the same as
it was when it was new? No. That would be almost tantamount to alchemy.
Its the same with silver. Yes it is technically true to say the quantity of silver
on earth never changes. But once the silver atoms have bonded with oxygen
and sulphur they get leached away or dissolved away.
Those silver items found in the Saxon hoard which was less than 1000years
old have to all intents and purposes gone forever. Even though you could
technically say the silver is still on earth, it is impossible to retrieve and
Silver is used heavily not just in electronics but in everythig from national
security to national infrastructure. Over time this silver will need to be
replaced as it will decay and become useless for its present usage therefore
ever increasing amounts of silver will need to be discovered and mined. As
other countries become more modern and build up their own infrastructure
the demands on available silver will increase from where they are now.
There is a huge cost to mine silver from the ground which is going up every
year due to declining grades.
As silver gets scarcer due increased demand, prices will have to go up.
Eventually they will reach a price where urban mining (mining silver a second
time from landfill) may become feasible. However, it logically follows that the
urban mining itself will raise the cost of silver further as the silver mined from
landfills is being mined for a second time. Thus, the value of each ounce of
silver mined from a landfill will have to support the burden of costs from
originally mining it out of the ground plus the costs of mining and reclaiming
it from the landfill. A second lot of energy needs to be spent, as it were.
Removing the silver from electrical waste in an environmentally friendly way
is very expensive. If you don't mind poison and damaging the earth it is a lot
easier, but releases lots of toxins into the environment. But still with the
cheapest dangerous toxic way of reclaiming it, costs per ounce is far more
than buying it from the market as the manipulated price. So the clean way is
years away from being cost effective, the price of silver needs to go up 75

times to match the gold price which is only just cost effective to try to
reclaim. The cost of reclaiming any metal from landfill is the same per ounce.
With gold priced 75x more than silver it is only just about cost effective, but
with silver it costs a lot more to retrieve it from waste than it does to just go
and buy it on the open market.
Next, the world's population is growing and more people are alive than ever
before. Silver is money and we know the monetary cycle has repeated all
through history, the world will return to an honest money system soon as the
cycle continues to repeat, thus silver will again be money but on a global
scale. The demand this will place on silver will increase its value even more.
Sure, the amount of silver on the Earth, technically, doesn't change. But
realistically the availability of silver upon the Earth for humans to utilize for
the tens of thousands of already conceived possible uses is quickly
The quantity of silver might not change but the quality of silver that has been
mined and refined does change over time, even as the need for more and
more silver grows. When the quality of silver changes then in effect it is no
different than a change in quantity. What good is a pile of silver that cannot
be used for a purpose that you need silver for? Not much good at all.
So it doesn't much matter if the quantity of silver on earth never changes
because, for many purposes, it has a limited useful lifespan. We might as well
claim that the amount of silver actually does diminish over time. Semantically
it is just as accurate as saying that it doesn't change but degrades until it
becomes useless.
If we were to dig up all of the silver on the planet, how long would it be before
all of the silver would become useless to our needs? It is a finite amount of
time to be sure but so much depends on how it is used. The larger the
surface area compared to the mass the faster it corrodes away. Most uses of
silver are tiny mass with large surface area in comparrison, so will corrode
faster and may make urban mining not worth it. The clock is ticking with
silver as soon as its mined.
In my weekly family Bible studies with our kids my wife and I have recently
been studying again the account of Jesus getting angry with the
moneychagers in the temple almost exactly 2000 years ago.

The question came up what part of the monetary cycle was the world in at
this time in history. I had to look it up and found out that it was the money
part of the cycle. Rome was the dominant world power and they several
times went from currency over to money and back again. So when Jesus
turned the tables over it was money falling to the floor gold and silver that
was being used in this part of the cycle.
The next question I raised was what happened to all this money over the next
2000 years? The answer is of course that all those gold coins at that time are
still around in one form or another. Almost certainly they have been recast
many times over the centuries and are now probably in some form in a large
secret stockpile somewhere in the world.
The silver coins will have rotted away to nothing unless they were very well
preserved. Even if they were preserved the silver would now be brittle and
not be able to be melted down and recast again as the gold can be.

Silver rots away to nothing, gold lasts forever.
Just think about this fact and let it sink in. Many investors wrongly think to
themselves silver rots away so I will invest in gold. When the thinking person
reasons with sound thinking ability about supply and demand over thousands
of years, silver is by far the better investment. Silver underwater or
underground can form silver compounds [like silver sulfide] and "wash away"
or leach away; same thing. The remaining object therefore weighs less. If it
had minimal surface area like a large bar it is still a bar of silver hundreds of
years after, like the many Spanish shipwrecks for example. It will weigh less
and it is now brittle and not much good for anything, depending on how old it
is. If it is silver art or jewelry with a lot of surface area for its' mass a lot more
corrosion or oxidation takes place.
The clock is ticking for silver as soon as it is brought up and refined into fine
silver then exposed to the air. The longer the clock ticks the less available
silver there is. Silver is reducing itself all the time. Gold has no clock. So there
will never be shortages of gold because gold is increasing every year, it is not
used up as silver as. And when you think about the fact that as the mines go

deeper the more gold ore that is being brought up is greater quantity of high
quality gold. As the silver mines get deeper the less quantity of silver in the
ore is coming up as the mines get depleted. This is why the ratio to how
much silver is being produced compared to gold is falling, it has halved from
16:1 to now 8:1 and still falling. Gold mines will never get depleted, they only
get deeper and hotter.
Remember my apple illustration which is on the books cover? If you stab an
apple with a pin just through the skin then that is how much of the earth may
contain silver. If you stab it all the way to the centre then that is how much of
the earth may contain gold. The silver deposits are like a few small upside
down pyramids with most being near the earth crust and easy to mine and
get at. As the mines go deeper they find less quantity of silver. These are tiny
pyramids only in the skin of an apple amount on earth. Gold is like lots of
colossal upright pyramids with the gold seams getting more plentiful as the
mine gets deeper. But there are still gold seams coming right up to the crust.
In fact, says geologist Bernard Wood of Macquarie University in Australia,
there's enough gold in Earth's core alone to coat its surface in 1.5 feet of the
stuff. Can you imagine just how much gold there is as the mines dig deeper
to coat the entire earth in 1.5 feet of the stuff?
Geologist Bernard Wood says "The earth formed from a series of smaller
planetesimals that crashed together over the course of 30 million to 40
million years. Wood deduced how much gold ought to be present in Earth's
crust by comparing the crust's composition to that of meteorites similar to
the planetesimals. He concluded that the crust was depleted of gold,
platinum, and nickel and suggests that all these iron-loving elements were
pulled into Earth's iron-rich core while its surface was still an ocean of molten
magma. Wood has calculated that 1.6 quadrillion tons of gold must lie in
Earth's core alone. This may sound like a lot, but it is really only a tiny
percentage of the rest of the gold which is in higher concentration near the
core and gets less near the earths crust. The core holds six times as much
platinum, Wood notes, "but people get less excited about that than gold."
Wood says the reason silver seems more plentiful through most of history is
because it naturally deposits itself only in the earths crust. Which has been
easier for humans to get at.
But from now on with the advancement of remote controlled mining
equipment which can withstand very high temperatures of the earths core,
they can bring up very high grade gold ore, as they get deeper they will be
bringing up large quantities of almost pure gold veins.

You may hear the mainstream media say the natural ratio as

gold and silver appear in the earths crust is 'in the earths

crust' 16:1, but go under the earths crust and there is no silver
but lots of gold. clear to the core. And it really is quite hard to
picture in your mind just how large the earth actualy is, from the
point of view of stabbing it through the crust to the core, just
like my apply illustration. It is very deceptive when someone
says the natural ratio of gold and silver is 16:1 in the earths
crust. To start with that has now halved, but more importantly
that is just the earths crust. Under the 'skin' of the earth there is
no silver to be found but lots and lots of gold.
So if someone repeats the line that silver always used to be 16
times more than gold and is now just 8 times more than gold

IN THE EARTHS CRUST. You can say yes is true is the earths
crust, but get under that (if you cont the earths crust like the
skin) like the skin in my apple illustration and there is only gold
no silver under the earths crust.
This is why for the first 6000 years of human history more silver has been
mined than gold, around 16 times more silver than gold. Now almost all the
silver has been consumed and the silver mines that have not yet been
depleted are getting near to doing so. The gold mines are finding higher
quantity gold in the ore they bring up as they get deeper.

There is a huge unreported supply of gold, far
more than is being bought. And you have to

remember gold is not used up as silver is. The
world is running out of secure storage space
for all the millions of tons of gold building up
and up for 6000 years.
But the amount of gold ever mined in history is a closely guarded secret. As is
the many huge secret gold hoards built up around the world in almost every
country through history. One such example is in Japan. But this is just one
country that I have studied in depth, almost every country in the world has
had gold hoards hidden away at one time or another.
To us westerners perpetrating the treasure myths of Japan is very hard
because of the language barriers. But if one was to look they may be
surprised? Japan just like any other country has had its fair share of political
upheaval and war during its long history, this usually means gold hoards
being taken and hidden by the victors.
There is said to be legendary treasure that represents the war chest of the
Tokugawa Shoguns. Rulers of Japan for 264 years, until the power or the
emperors was restored In 1868. The treasure was buried in secret locations,
as has been done all around the world for thousands of years. The man who
burled It killed all who knew of the hiding place and left vague directions in
cryptic messages in artefacts that are now in museums around Japan.
As the monetary cycle repeats through history all around the world, monetary
systems go from money over to currency and back again. The time of the the
Tokugawa Shoguns was in the money part of the cycle, all Yen coins were
made of monetary precious metals. Now in the year 2014 a fantastic treasure
hunt for 2,300,000,000 yen in gold, that has been under way for hundreds of
years, is said to be approaching a climax. With modern gold detecting
equipment in the 21st century, there is high hopes that this long lost treasure
will be found in Japan. There are several competing teams that all claim to be
getting closer in the search for the Tokugawa Shoguns long lost gold hoard.
The Tokugawa Shoguns great treasure hoards are not to be confused with the
modern day Yamashita's gold hoards, which according to Wikipedia is much
larger than governments want to be known. The Wiki pages says....
Yamashita's gold, also referred to as the Yamashita treasure, is the name
given to the alleged war loot stolen in Southeast Asia by Japanese forces
during World War II and hidden in caves, tunnels and underground complexes
in the Philippines. It is named for the Japanese general Tomoyuki Yamashita,
nicknamed "The Tiger of Malaya". Though accounts that the treasure remains
hidden in Philippines have lured treasure hunters from around the world for

over fifty years, its existence is dismissed by most experts. The rumored
treasure has been the subject of a complex lawsuit that was filed in a
Hawaiian state court in 1988 involving a Filipino treasure hunter, Rogelio
Roxas, and the former Philippine president, Ferdinand Marcos. President
Marcos did get a great deal of gold from somewhere, in the late 1960's he
claimed himself to have found one of the hundred of tunnels full of Yanashitas
Prominent among those arguing for the existence of Yamashita's gold are
Sterling Seagrave and Peggy Seagrave, who have written two books relating
to the subject: The Yamato Dynasty: the Secret History of Japan's Imperial
Family (2000) and Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's
Gold (2003). The Seagraves contend that looting was organized on a massive
scale, by both yakuza gangsters such as Yoshio Kodama, and the highest
levels of Japanese society, including Emperor Hirohito. The Japanese
government intended that loot from Southeast Asia would finance Japan's war
effort. The Seagraves allege that Hirohito appointed his brother, Prince
Yasuhito Chichibu, to head a secret organization called Kin no yuri ("Golden
Lily"), for this purpose. It is purported that many of those who knew the
locations of the loot were killed during the war, or later tried by the Allies for
war crimes and executed or incarcerated. Yamashita himself was
(controversially) convicted of war crimes and executed by the U.S. Army on
February 23, 1946.
The stolen property reportedly included many different kinds of valuables
looted from banks, depositories, temples, churches, other commercial
premises, mosques, museums and private homes. It takes its name from
General Tomoyuki Yamashita, who assumed command of Japanese forces in
the Philippines in 1944.
According to various accounts, the loot was initially concentrated in
Singapore, and later transported to the Philippines. The Japanese hoped to
ship the treasure from the Philippines to the Japanese Home Islands after the
war ended. As the War in the Pacific progressed, U.S. Navy submarines and
Allied warplanes inflicted increasingly heavy sinkings of Japanese merchant
shipping. Some of the ships carrying the war booty back to Japan were sunk
in combat.
The Seagraves and a few others have claimed that American military
intelligence operatives (Edward Lansdale) located much of the loot; they
colluded with Hirohito and other senior Japanese figures to conceal its
existence, and they used it to finance American covert intelligence operations
around the world during the Cold War. These rumors have inspired many
hopeful treasure hunters, but most experts and Filipino historians say there is
no credible evidence behind these claims.

Many individuals and consortia, both Philippine and foreign, continue to
search for treasure sites. A number of accidental deaths, injuries and financial
losses incurred by treasure hunters have been reported.
At present, the Mines & Geosciences Bureau of the Department of Natural
Resources of the Philippines is the Filipino government agency that grants
treasure permits.
"For the past 60 years many people, both Filipinos and foreigners, have spent
their time, money and energy in search of Yamashita's elusive treasure.”
Professor Ocampo noted “What makes me wonder is that for the past 60
years, despite all the treasure hunters, their maps, oral testimony and
sophisticated metal detectors, nobody has reported finding a thing.” Yet some
gold coins thought to have been from the hoard have been showing up in
gold markets around the world.
Rogelio Roxas lawsuit
In March 1988, a Filipino treasure hunter named Rogelio Roxas filed a lawsuit
in the state of Hawaii against the former president of the Philippines,
Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda Marcos for theft and human rights
abuses. Roxas claimed that in Baguio City in 1961 he met the son of a former
member of the Japanese army who mapped for him the location of the
legendary Yamashita Treasure. Roxas claimed a second man, who served as
Yamashita's interpreter during the Second World War, told him of visiting an
underground chamber there where stores of gold were kept, and who told of
a golden buddha kept at a convent located near the underground chambers.
Roxas claimed that within the next few years he formed a group to search for
the treasure, and obtained a permit for the purpose from a relative of
Ferdinand, Judge Pio Marcos. In 1971, Roxas claimed, he and his group
uncovered an enclosed chamber on state lands near Baguio City where he
found bayonets, samurai swords, radios, and skeletal remains dressed in a
Japanese military uniform. Also found in the chamber, Roxas claimed, were a
3-foot-high (0.91 m) golden-colored Buddha and numerous stacked crates
which filled an area approximately 6 feet x 6 feet x 35 feet. He claimed he
opened just one of the boxes, and found it packed with gold bullion. He said
he took from the chamber the golden Buddha, which he estimated to weigh
1,000 kilograms, and one box with twenty-four gold bars, and hid them in his
home. He claimed he resealed the chamber for safekeeping until he could
arrange the removal of the remaining boxes, which he suspected were also
filled with gold bars. Roxas said he sold seven of the gold bars from the
opened box, and sought potential buyers for the golden Buddha. Two
individuals representing prospective buyers examined and tested the metal in
the Buddha, Roxas said, and reported it was made of solid, 20-carat gold. It
was soon after this, Roxas claimed, that President Ferdinand Marcos learned

of Roxas' discovery and ordered him arrested, beaten, and the Buddha and
remaining gold seized. Roxas alleged that in retaliation to his vocal campaign
to reclaim the Buddha and the remainder of the treasure taken from him,
Ferdinand continued to have Roxas threatened, beaten and eventually
incarcerated for over a year.
Following his release, Roxas put his claims against Marcos on hold until
Ferdinand lost the presidency in 1986. But in 1988, Roxas and the Golden
Budha Corporation, which now held the ownership rights to the treasure
Roxas claims was stolen from him, filed suit against Ferdinand and wife
Imelda in a Hawaiian state court seeking damages for the theft and the
surrounding human rights abuses committed against Roxas. Roxas died on
the eve of trial, the official line death was natural causes, yeah right! If you
believe he died of natural causes the day before the trial then there is a
bridge I would like to sell you. But prior to his death he gave the deposition
testimony that would be later used in evidence. In 1996, the Roxas estate
and the Golden Budha Corporation received what was then largest judgment
ever awarded in history, $22 billion which with interest increased to $40.5
billion. In 1998, The Hawaii Supreme Court held that there was sufficient
evidence to support the jury's finding that Roxas found the treasure and that
Marcos converted it. However, the court reversed the damage award, holding
that the $22 billion award of damages for the chamber full of gold was too
speculative, as there was no evidence of quantity or quality, and ordered a
new hearing on the value of the golden Buddha and 17 bars of gold only.
After several more years of legal proceedings, the Golden Budha Corporation
obtained a final judgment against Imelda Marcos to the extent of her interest
in the Marcos estate in the principal amount of $13,275,848.37 and Roxas’
estate obtained a $6 million judgment on the claim for human right abuse.
This lawsuit ultimately concluded that Roxas found a treasure, and although
the Hawaiian state court was not required to determine whether this
particular treasure was the legendary Yamashita’s gold, the testimony relied
upon by the court in reaching its conclusion pointed in that direction. Roxas
was allegedly following a map from the son of a Japanese soldier; Roxas
allegedly relied on tips provided from Yamashita’s interpreter; and Roxas
allegedly found samurai swords and the skeletons of dead Japanese soldiers
in the treasure chamber. All this led the United States Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeal to summarize the allegations leading to Roxas’ final judgment as
follows: "That part of the Yamashita Treasure was found by Roxas and stolen
from Roxas by Marcos' men."
There are lots of other reports of treasure hunters finding part of the gold
hoard hidden in islands in the pacific, or maybe it was the White dragon gold
hoard from the Chinease. There are many stories of someone finding a lost
gold hoard or a natural gold nugget but not reporting it and selling it on the

black market. This has actually happened all around the world for thousands
of years. How much gold has been unreported over the millenniums? I would
guess a great deal, how much silver has been privately got out of the ground
and gone unreported? I would guess very little if any, as I will show next I
think no silver nuggets have been privately found because it never occurs in
its natural state. All through history there have been real gold rushes where
private individual prospectors have rushed to dig up or pan for gold. This has
never happened with silver. Why?
Why can this NEVER happen with silver? Because Silver is never found in its
natural state like gold is. Many times large natural gold nuggets of several
kilo's are found and go unreported, but silver is never found in its natural
state, it has to be refined from other products. It is impossible to find a
natural silver nugget like you can with gold. All through history how much
gold has been panned privately and has gone unreported? No one on Earth
can answer that, only guess and how can this guess work be included in the
official numbers of how much gold is available in the world? But I can answer
the question how much natural silver has been panned or found privately
though history? Zero! Silver can never be found in its natural state, it always
has to be refined which is an arduous difficult process. This is why the Bible
talks about in Proverbs 2:4 searching for the truth, and uses the illustration if
you search for it as to hidden treasure as for SILVER (not gold) because silver
takes more effort to refine, unlike gold which can be found in its natural state.
Silver mining is unique and harder than gold mining. A lot of attention is
given to gold and gold is not simple but silver is more complex. To mine for
gold these days, you have to go really deep to find the higher ore grades.
There is no silver down there at those depths only lots of gold, buts just
because silver is only found near to the earths crust it is still more complex
than gold mining. Basically the process of mining and refining silver is getting
harder because the ore grades are getting lower the deeper the mine gets.
With gold the opposite is true, the lower ore grades are near the surface and
they get higher quality the deeper the mine digs.
More likely than lots of gold has been lost is that it has been hidden away and
this is why some claim there could be millions of tons of gold in play in the
world. This would make the cube of gold much much bigger than the 22M25M cube of gold that some claim.

The difference is that gold does not rust or corrode in any way. Silver does. It
takes a long time, but silver first tarnishes then goes brittle then starts to
degrade and it gets eaten away. If you discovered an ancient gold and silver
hoard thousands of years old the gold would be no less amount of gold atoms
than it was originally but the silver unless it was well preserved would be
less. Well the silver atoms have turned into something else, or the silver can
combine with other elements, but silver atoms do not change into another
element. But what happens is that there is now less avaiable silver. The very
old silver even if well preserved would be brittle and not good for much else
than put on display in a museum. It could not be restored to pass for modern
bullion but the gold could easily be melted down and be sold into the market.
As soon as silver is brought up and refined the clock is ticking. It is reducing
in quantity.
Silver that has turned into a silver oxide, sulfide, etc., and has "leeched away'
into solution is obviously gone. An oxidized or corroded bar can be refined to .
999 silver if its not too old. But there comes a point when it has gone too far.
This is why Gold does not form any chemical compounds because it does not
react with anything? Silver forms compounds more readily, this would explain
why Silver is not as 'permanent' as Gold?
Considering its increasing rarity in 21st Century,should Silver now be viewed
as the new Gold? Sterling silver [92.5% silver; balanced mostly with 7.5%
copper] corrodes easier that pure silver. Most objects made for thousands of
years are made out of 925 silver which is stronger and not as soft as pure
99.9% silver. Since well over half of silver consumption is for industrial use,
and gold has few industrial uses [why use gold when one can substitute silver
for that same industrial application], it would take so few holders of big
money buying to make silver "the new gold" in difficulty to obtain.
Silver tarnishing takes place through a variety of mechanisms. In general, this
firstly leads to a disfiguring layer on the surface of the silver that is visually
unacceptable. However, other corrosion processes are also taking place that
do take a long time. According to one metallurgist expert in silver "Silver in

any form does get eaten away but it takes a long time depending on if any
preservative measures were used." Even if the best efforts to preserve the
silver nothing can stop the amount of above ground silver diminishing over
time. While the amount of available gold is increasing over the millenniums.
This due to the laws of physics and the physical properties of the two metals.
Gold does not corrode it lasts forever, silver does corrode and gets eaten
away over time. Even if it was well preserved as the Ancient Egyptians were
masters at, it would not be added to the available silver supply it would be
stored in a museum. The same with old shipwrecks full of gold and silver that
are recovered. The silver will not go into the worlds available stockpiles it will
end up in a museum or be bought by specialist collectors. It appears the
amount of reported shipwreck salvage operations are going up, most of which
is Gold. This is due to advances in technology for searching the seabed.
Couldn't these accumulated hauls from shipwrecks have an impact on the
eventual price of Gold? But not silver because ancient silver can not be used
in industry or added to worldwide bullion stockpiles, it is only any good for
display in a museum. The value in todays valuations of silver is many times
more for old recovered silver compared to newly mined silver which is today
valued at just $16oz. Old gold found is different, it is at the moment valued
around 75 times higher than silver per ounce and is often melted down and
added to the worlds available supply. This is a big difference between the two
monetary precious metals you can't just melt down ancient silver and sell it
into the market for current prices but this is what happens with gold and that
needs to be considered before one decides which to invest in for the long
This is why large secret stockpiles of gold are held by the likes of the
Freemasons, the Vatican and Skulls and Bones secret societies. They all hold
large secret gold stockpiles that have been passed on through the
millenniums because the gold does not corrode like silver stockpiles would. I
know there are hollywood films like 'national treasure 1+2' that are typical
hollywood nonsense but there is much evidence that these secret societies
do actually hold large secret gold stockpiles just as the film shows. They have
run out of silver bullion but hold very large quantities of gold. Remember as
many experts claim millions of tons of gold are in play around the world, far
more than those who hold a lot of gold want people to think. Ofcourse they
want you to think its more rare than it is.
There have been some good books written and some Documentaries about
the Templars Lost Treasures and other secret gold hoards. Who knows how
much of it is true, I have no way of knowing. But the more you research these
huge hoards of treasure the more you realise just how much gold there has
been building up around the world in different secret gold stockpiles. Myths
and legends abound, as would happen if some of these huge gold stockpiles

have been covered up and tried to be kept secret.
Could such legendary riches still be kept secret in many large secret
stockpiles around the world. I believe yes, but obviously can't prove it. What I
can prove is that if there are fabled secret hoards of treasure building up in
many secret locations around the world, is that ALL the gold is still with us
even from 4, 5 or 6000 years ago.
Any silver will have long rotted away unless it was very well preserved like
wrapped in vinegar as the ancient Egyptians were masters at. Even the silver
that was well treated to be preserved will now be dull and brittle and unable
to be restored back to new silver that was refined this millenium.
But all the gold and precious stones are still in available stockpiles, even if
they have been kept secret. As time goes on silver becomes more rare
because it is self liquidating as it were over thousands of years. This is why
after thousands of years of human history, today in the 21st century AD,

SILVER is now more rare and precious than gold in
available stockpiles on earth. I know this is at first hard to
understand, but once you understand the fact that gold lasts forever and has
been building up for thousands of years, and silver does not. The only silver
available today is essentially the newly mined silver that feeds demand hand
to mouth. There are no silver items left in pristine condition from thousands
of years ago, that was stored along with the gold in these huge secret
stockpiles. Only the gold and precious stones are left.There may be small
amounts of silver still there if they were well preserved, but archeologists find
it hard to even know what the silver objects were, there is so little silver left
and it is in such poor condidtion. They can tell there probably was lots of
silver stored originally along with the gold and precious stones, but over time
it rots away to nothing. What little remains can never again be restored to
look like silver mined and refined in this millennium or even this century.

You can see this if you view any ancient silver in any museum around the
world. The ancient silver that was preserved is now dull and brittle. The gold
is identical to modern gold mined this year if you hold it alongside.
One recent example was the Saxon hoard, or sometimes called the
Staffordshire hoard. It was found in staffordshire recently and shows how all
the gold was no less than when it was buried. Gold does not tarnish because
of how the electrons on the surface are distributed. They effectively deny
other foreign atoms, such as oxygen or sulphur the chance to bond. All the
silver items have been affected by a grey, voluminous form of silver
corrosion. The amount of silver is far less than was buried, the corrosion is so
bad that the purpose of some of these objects still remains a mystery, the
function of these silver objects or what kind of object they were attached to
has yet to be worked out. That just shows the extent of how silver corrodes
and gold lasts forever.
Probably there were even more silver objects but nothing left of them
remains. ALL the gold ever from ALL of history remains and is building up
around the world with millions of tons in various forms and even more
millions or perhaps billions of tons yet to be brought out of the earth and sea.
Gold lasts forever silver does not and because of this fact silver is far more
rare than gold now in the 21st century for the first time ever in history. This is
a key point-

Silver rots away to nothing, gold lasts
Just because banks have run out of most of their silver stockpiles does not
mean it is any less considered monetary metal than gold is. Central banks
still have lots of gold left. As silver is now more rare in above ground
stockpiles it is going to take a long time for the central banks to build back up
their silver bullion stockpiles to what they were just a few decades ago. Some
say it can not be done such is the shortages of silver and demand so high
both from investment and industrial.

That does not mean that gold is not valuable in relation to paper and
electronic fiat assets which are in trillions of trillions of units of digital
currency like dollars but the "scarcity argument" for your gold investment
does not hold water. Gold is not as rare as the world has been led to believe.
There was a show on the discovery channel called gold rush. It showed small
companies prospecting for gold. They do not refine only looking for natural
gold nuggets. So any silver will not be pulled out as the cost to do this will be
more than the current manipulated price they could sell it for. They just pull
out natural gold the rest gets thrown away. Remember silver is never found in
its natural state unlike gold nuggets.
The show also shows how little gold is reported. These were just a few small
companies in 2013, consider that there are many more small and large
companies looking for gold for thousands of years all over the world. How
much has been reported and had to pay tax on, or how much has been
unreported and sold into the market for higher profits for those who did the
all work.
That 25+ something meter cube of gold that the public is supposed to
believe is the entire amount of available gold in the world is a lie. They can
not try and say there is less than this because this only really covers what is
reported that is held by all the central banks and other similar institutions. It
does not include all the gold jewelry or gold artifacts. For example how many
gold wedding rings alone (not to mention other gold jewelry) are there being
worn by humans on Earth right now? Then consider how many wedding and
other gold rings have there ever been made in all of history? What has
happened to all this gold over the millenniums? Does it just disappear off the
face of the Earth? Remember gold lasts forever. All this gold is not included in
the supposedly only just over 25M cube of available gold.
Or I should put it like this -I do not understand how those who hold lots of
gold were able to mislead the rest of the wolrd to think gold is so much more
rare than it is. But you can easily understand why they want their gold to
seem more rare, its just hard to understand how they were able to pull off
such a mass misconception. The world is awash with gold!!! It is an abundant
metal. OK not like steel or lead but there is still a lot of gold. Did you know
for over 1000 years silver was valued by kings etc at higher values than gold?
When did it switch? Why? I have my theories as you will too if you study the
subject enough.
In South America and South Africa the theft of ore from gold mines especially
gold not much silver because of the higher value density of gold is a
legendary enterprise. It is estimated measured in today's dollars thieves have

been stealing about billion dollars a year worth of ore or maybe ten times as
much every single year for millenniums. This has almost certainly gone on for
thousands of years all around the world.
For a long time now gold mine theft has been a staple topic in South Africa
and South America, and many people think the police have always had a part
in it. At least in modern times. In ancient times the military and governments
have always had a hand in stealing gold from mines.
The question that can not ever be answered is how much gold over the
millenniums from all around the world has been mined or panned and
unreported? I would estimate the answer to how much unreported gold alone
would be a lot more than the 180 K tons we are led to believe is the total
humans have ever mined LOL, Where is most of this gold now? Could it be
sold into the market at any time?
Driven by the high value density of gold and the desperation of the poor,
despite the risks illegal miners often overrun abandoned gold mines and
vacant parts of working mines even officially shutting down working mines
turning them into unreported but still active mines. There has been a flow of
unreported illicit gold for thousands of years. For South America/Africa and
many places around the world the problem is not only a modern day
occurrence, reports from ancient times have suggested theft from gold mines
for thousands of years.
One expert said this has been going on for millenniums robbing the mines
from within. This expert concluded that syndicates of thieves, miners and
smugglers are backed from very high up levels including the governments
themselves. Obscuring the official gold mining numbers and unofficial black
market unreported numbers.
It is well known in the mining industry "we have to admit that the people who
should be fighting the illegal mining are in fact participating in it." With this
assertion, the expert voiced a common belief that corruption infects the
governments at the highest levels. The police are helping to rob the mines
and behind the police the forces that controlled them. There is a Nexus of the
rich and powerful from all over the world for thousands of years of politicians
and of organised criminals jointly preying on mines all around the world. The
stolen gold for thousands of years has passed through hands of organised
crime syndicates where the gold has been laundered through sham
companies and either hoarded or sometimes sold into the legitimate bullion
trade. All the unreported gold that has been hoarded for millenniums could
be sold into the market at any time.
Illegal mining in Colombia's southwest has been hurting indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities. They
have been threatened and pushed out by criminal gangs that profit from gold. These communities say the

government does not protect them from gangs. Some say the government is benefiting from all this
unreported gold. Experts say in many south American countries illegal unreported gold mining has now
overtaken drug trafficking. The small amount reported from legal mines that investors finance is actually
funding the unreported mines that the criminals and governments profit from unreportedly.
I strongly advise do not invest in mining companies instead invest in the monetary precious metal itself.
But not gold because there is so much of it available now after thousands of years of unreported gold
building up all around the world. I am part of an elite information sharing group and every week a file or
Jpeg lands in my inbox detailing the progress of a multi-million once per year gold mine from all over the
world. Trying to get investors to throw currency at these mining efforts when the investors will be actually
financing the illegal unreported gold and the reported part goes towards paying the bills and lining the
pockets of the syndicates who sell the unreported gold. The investors of the gold mines are the last to get
paid, if at all. Mining shares have been and I think will continue to be one of the worst investments that
could ever be made. You are not getting a share of the true profits only the reported profits. Also with silver
why would you invest in something that you know is in decline? It is a fact that known reserves of silver are
almost depleted. Better to invest in the physical metal that is now getting so rare. But not gold as there is
no end in sight for known gold reserves.
Where does real free market price discovery come from? When I was a lobster fisherman we
used to sell every Monday the weeks catch to a shellfish dealer. If the price he offered was too
low fishermen would say no thanks and try and find someone else to sell to. If you couldn't
find a buyer at the price that you thought was worth all the work, then of course you wouldn't
keep catching lobsters. Then supply would come down and the price should go up as long as
demand is still there.
This is exactly what happened to me and my father. The price of lobsters was going down
every year, this was mainly due to farmed lobsters flooding the supply. It has got to the point
where the price is so low it is not worth all the work being a lobster fisherman.
With silver, there can't be farmed silver flooding the supply can there? Actually there is. Its
called paper promises of silver. There are now estimated to be 400oz of paper promises for
every one real ounce in existence in available silver supplies.
So the price of silver has been immensely suppressed. When this happened to lobsters, all the
lobster fishermen stopped supplying to the market, we went on to something else. Farmed
lobsters supply can feed demand, even if not as good as our wild caught lobsters. But paper
silver can not build circuit boards or kill bacteria.
So will the silver 'fishermen' or silver miners still supply silver to the market at this depressed
price? Well shutting down a mine is a very costly endeavour. The miners seem to continue
producing silver at a loss, then selling it at the suppressed paper prices. But now some miners
are holding back what they produce, just like the lobster fishermen, they say no thank you we
do not want to sell for such a low price.
The price discovery should be set by those wanting to sell silver. This could be miners or
someone who has some silver they are willing to sell. But at the moment it is being set by the
big banks who are creating unlimited paper promises of silver they do not have. If someone
wants or needs to buy some silver, then they find the ones selling the silver are asking too
much, then they should look for somewhere cheaper. If there is nowhere cheaper then they
either go without or pay the cheapest they can find it for sale. If one seller of silver is much
cheaper than everyone else then surely he would sell all his silver in no time. But why would
he sell it so cheap?
Manipulations always end, and when they do the free market price usually overshoots on the

First Majestic holding back silver?
So in 2014 this silver miner is holding back their silver until higher prices. But
as the CEO of first majestic says in an interview there is a limit, they have

800 staff to pay and if higher prices do not come then they will have to sell all
that silver for fiat which would push the price even lower. Why not just use
that silver as money and avoid fiat altogether, this was the suggestion from
billionaire silver expert Eric Sprott.
I thought Eric Sprott's suggestion was best years ago when he tried to get
silver miners to pay shareholders in silver as money instead of fiat currency.
I have never invested in mining shares and feel I never would, but if first
majestic or Fresnillo paid dividends in physical silver I would invest in them.
But I think the silver manipulation is too important to let this happen.
There have been so many of these fear and hope loop stories over the years.
Just like all the times the regulators are really going to start doing there job
this time. And they never do.
Then Hugo was going to bring Mexico on to a silver standard, now we are told
miners are going to get together to form their own cartel to break the
Its all to keep you in the fear then hope loop. But I personally believe the
silver manipulation goes to the highest levels and they have unlimited funds
to stop these things happening. As the saying goes its easier for them to take
silver than lead. But after 1971 the 'silver' is unlimited units of fiat currency
created out of thin air. If these miners do start forming a cartel and they cant
be bribed then there may be some suspicious deaths until the manipulators
get what they want. Silver really is too important.
I can see the silver manipulation going until manufacturers just cant get the
silver they need and paper promises cant make the products that they need
silver for.
But gold is a different story, there can never be a gold shortage because its
not really used up as silver is. The official line is there is a declining gold yield
from Africa and any other "free world" location. One reason is stockholders
who demand statistics on money spent and practical yield. At the very top in
each country the corruption goes to the highest levels when it comes to gold.
This has always been the case for thousands of years.
The official numbers show less yield so less profits to pay for all the expenses
and less to go to shareholders who buy mining shares. When in truth some
whistleblowers say the real numbers including illegal and unreported gold
mining activity from these mines shows actually increasing gold yield but the
profits never get reported or go to the mining shareholders.
As with most things in the bullion world you can not believe the official

numbers. You can not believe the world gold council who say there are
declining yields every year. Geologists know that as these mines dig deeper
the ore grades of gold increase in most cases. We do know it takes an evergreater amount of energy to mine as one goes deeper. And a greater toll on
the environment.
Now the search has moved to the deep ocean, where trillions more tons of
gold lay in sulfide deposits at volcanic vents. This may prove more difficult to
steal gold from but I wouldn't put it past these crime syndicates. The
Japanese were first in discovering vast amounts of rare Earths in the seabed
and now the Chinese are following suit and developing with Japanese experts
a deep submergence submersible to explore deep sea gold deposits in the
Pacific and the Indian oceans.
There is no new use for this gold (unlike silver) driving this search for new
gold deposits just the old: the indistinguishable conviction that for some inexplainable reason gold is worth so much more than silver.
What I am saying here is not a shock to anyone in the mining industry. They
all know about the unreported gold market. This expert who chooses to
remain anonymous for obvious reasons said "one could reach two conclusions
about at least some of the police in countries mining gold: either that they
knew how much gold was in this unreported gold market because they are
helping steal it, or they do not know how much gold is going unreported EVEN
THOUGH they are helping steal it." I tick the second postulate.
China is the largest producer of gold in the world. This just covers the
reported amount of gold mined. Think how much gold is unreported? The
truth is nobody knows, except it is a lot every year for thousands of years.
The same as nobody knows how much gold is left to yet be mined. Silver is
still the Achilles Heel, this has to be kept secret and keep the lie going that
gold is rare.
World has almost unlimited amount of gold clear to core, but silver is almost
China is mining a huge amount!
In a report from the Wall Street Journal this year, we are told that we're only
two decades away from exhausting the world's gold supply if mining
continues apace." Wall Street Journal nonsense. Absolute lies from wall street
as usual.
It is not a lie that its less than two decades for silver but no end in sight for
gold. Plus there are millions of tons of gold in stockpiles around the world, it
doesnt get used up like silver does. Pretty much every use for gold is

recovered unlike silver.
So even if the mines did run out of gold in two decades (not true) why would
that matter? Gold is not used up or needed for anything, and if it was then
there are all the huge stockpiles that could feed demand. But the only
demand for gold is for its looks. So it would not really matter if the gold
objects are just plated in gold and could be something else on the inside.
Silver is NEEDED as the 21st century technology progres demands more and
more silver. Silver is irreplaceable for the latest new technology.
There is no scrapping the bottom of the barrel with gold mines. The deeper
you dig the more gold you find.
With silver they really are scrapping the bottom of the silver mines but there
is no more silver deeper like there is gold. Silver is only deposited near the
earths crust and most of it has been depleted already.
So by way of review, why do I talk so much about how there is far more gold
in the world than is reported? Because if the amount of gold available is only
what is reported then it is very rare, not as rare as silver is in available
stockpiles mind you. But the truth is gold is not that rare at all there is far
more gold available than is reported and far less silver bullion available than
is reported. There has been millions of tons of gold mined throughout history,
and even more unreported found or panned as well as what has been mined.
Has any of this been lost or destroyed? As I said before shipwrecks or maybe
burying in a grave or burying or hidden and forgotten about could account for
some of this gold being lost. But treasure hunting technology is getting better
every year. By the time you are reading this, this cube of available gold will
be much larger as more gold is mined and recovered from treasure hunting
and added to supply. Because gold is not used up as silver is. Gold lasts
forever. This is not true for silver bullion. Banks have run out of silver
stockpiles it has all been used up. There are no wealthy powerful entities
stockpiling silver bullion like there are many doing with very large secret
hidden gold stockpiles.
Gold and silver's alure are timeless and we continue to treat them with an
almost religious reverence. They are still and always will be the global symbol
of wealth and success. Elegant, sun tanned women now shun the yellow gold
colour in favour of so called white gold jewelry. We still exchange wedding
rings when getting married but yellow gold is out of fashion. It is the colour of
silver that people want, but now platinum as well as silver is the metal of
choice. If someone has any kind of skin condition then silver is the metal that
will not cause irritation.
Our faith in gold and silver the two monetary precious metals does not go
away, because the monetary cycle is natural and these two monetary metals

are incorruptible. whatever part of the monetary cycle they are in. the only
difference between the monetary metals apart from the colour, well the main
difference is that gold lasts forever and silver rots away. So where is all the
gold and silver of the pharaohs? Very little of the silver remains with us, and
what little was well preserved is now dull and brittle. It can not be found in
modern silver objects. What about the gold from several thousand years ago?
It was simply melted down again and again and transformed from one form to
another. Building up in quantity more and more. Gold lasts forever. Silver
does not. The wedding ring on your finger could contain a tiny amount of, or
could even be made mostly from the very same gold that adorned the mighty
pharaohs from many millenniums ago. There is no chance that any silver you
buy today for $16oz was ever adorned on someone from many millenniums
ago, but gold could well have been. Any gold you buy today for 75x more
currency than you pay for silver could have been from Yamashita's massive
gold hoard. Or there is just a chance, that in it there is a little piece of the
gold riches of El Dorado. I do not believe in a city of gold that still has not
been found. But I could believe that Eldorado was real and now all that gold is
in hidden secret vaults. Gold has been building up for thousands of years,
silver has not been.
I agree totally with the many experts who are now saying that, "It is silver
that could break the camels back because it is now more rare, not millions of
tons of available gold..." Which is why I have been buying almost entirely
silver. However, it may be beneficial to own small quantities of other precious
metals as well as the non precious monetary metal copper. There may be
certain situations where another metal may help to make the sale. My point
in speaking about gold is that I firmly believe that some form of so called
silver shortages are coming to America and the West soon, due to massive
Chinese buying, and that will be what sparks an economic event that will
drive the dollar value down and precious metals values up. It may not be, and
likely will not be, a dollar crash immediately, but it will be a bad day
nonetheless that will attract global attention. As far as the final crash, I am
sure silver will play a big role in that; gold may preserve a person's wealth
but silver is where generational wealth will be created. But I believe there will
be ups and downs before the crash, mostly down, and gold will have a role to
play along with silver.
As I write this the silver to gold price ratio is way higher than the long term
historical norm of 16:1 today it is around 75:1. Around seventy five ounces of
silver are priced the same as just one ounce of gold in temporary units of fiat
currency. When coming out of the ground there is now only about 8 ounces of
silver for every 1 ounce of gold. It has halved from the 16:1 ounces mined
through history because silver is getting depleted. But when you consider
that about half of those 8 ounces are used up and consumed never to be

retrieved until the price goes up to match gold. So on that basis the price
ratio should be 4:1. But when you consider the usefulness of silver as well as
being money, then consider the rarity in worldwide available stockpiles
compared to the millions of tons of available gold the case can be made the
silver price should be more than gold.
I hear many say yes 75 ounces of silver are a better buy for your fiat currency
than the same 1 ounce of gold you could buy for the same price. Its pretty
obvious that silver will outperform gold in the years ahead as the silver to
gold price ratio corrects back to the natural ratio they are coming out of the
ground now 8:1. It is likely to over shoot on the correction considering the
fundamentals, even 1:1 or silver could be priced more than gold. Some say
they would then swap their silver for even more gold. I say why would you
want to do that if there are already millions of tons of gold and its not really
used for anything apart from money and adornments?
As Franklin Sounders says "If I had a chart 45 feet long on which every foot
represented 100 years of human history, the gold/silver ratio would remain
under 16:1 for all but the last 15 inches. In fact, 16:1 are the highest spikes
on the chart apart from the last 15 inches and for the first 40 feet the ratio
oscillated under 12:1, and spent most of its time between 8:1 and 12:1. So
the majority of the time over the 45 feet it was around 8:1 which is the
natural ratio they are coming out of the ground today."
Over 97% of that 45 feet chart the ratio has been average under 16 ounces
of silver valued for one ounce of gold which was the natural ratio that silver
has been mined for every one ounce of gold. That ratio has now halved, only
8 ounces are now mined for every one ounce of gold.
Imagine that 45 foot chart on a wall. Most of the time 8:1 with a few spikes up
to 16:1, averaging about 12:1 for all but the last few inches. Then right at the
end few inches it shoots up to 75:1. And that only covers the last 4500 years
back to the great flood of Noahs time. Almost certainly gold and silver were
being used as money for more than a 1000 years before that and I would
guess the ratio was similar the long term norm about 8:1.
Why has the price ratio gone so high for the first time ever in history when
the natural ratio has halved? The answer is of course manipulation.
I remember David Morgan asking the question if all the gold in the world went
extinct next year how would the world change? Not that much would change
at all. What about if all the silver were to be extinct next year, how would the
world change? No more advanced electronics. No more modern travel so
supply chains would cease. No more advanced computers, or smart phones.

All countries weapon systems would go back in time. The lights would go out
in all the cities around the world. We would be back in the dark ages.
So if or when the silver to gold price ratio is met or silver exceeds golds price,
I will not be trading my very scarce and needed silver for plentiful and
common not as useful gold! I say Notice Gold And Buy Silver!
Bix Weir is one such expert who believes there are millions of tons of gold in
play. He has a great deal of experience in the gold and silver world.
One of Bix Weir's more shocking revelations was his comment about "massive
amounts of hidden gold." This has thrown longtime gold bugs into self
defence mode claiming that there has only been the often quoted 180,000
tons of gold that has ever been mined in the world so how could there be
massive amounts of gold we don't know about?
Bix has also shown (thanks to Jeffrey Christian who is the banksters
spokesman always bearish and always wrong trying to turn people away from
silver bullion and on to gold) that the official 180,000 tons number actually
came from "Bad Guy" bankster Harry Oppenheimer from the De Beers family.
If you try and tell me that the De Beers family do not fix the price of
diamonds then there is a bridge I would like to sell you.
"Christian tries to back up his arguments by showing us how his historical
numbers are derived. This is the first time I've heard him tell the world where
his historical gold numbers come from and I find it fascinating that the origins
come from the 1960's estimates commissioned by Harry Oppenheimer.
Oppenheimer was a key henchman for the Banking Cabal controlling the Gold
and Diamond trades coming out of Africa. If there's anyone who would have a
vested interest in claiming that there was very little gold or diamonds
available in the world it would have been Harry Oppenheimer!" Sounds like
Baghdad Bob to me.

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf's nickname, "Baghdad Bob," now denotes

someone who confidently declares what everyone else can see is false-someone so wrong, it's so funny to hear "No Manipulation in metals" Jeff
Christian still tries to make out. Bix Weir's analysis shows that the official
numbers are just another one of the bankster's cons and the actual numbers
are many times higher. Potentially over 1M tons of gold has been mined and
even MORE lay waiting in hidden gold mines in the Grand Canyon and in the
Chocolate Mountains of California. Oh, Harry...DID YOU LIE ABOUT GOLD
Here's where Jeffery (who is the strangest freak you will ever meet, nobody
including himself ever understands what he says) comes up with the "official
numbers" (Which he has been the unofficial custodian of for decades).
"Where does this data come from? It is a rich tradition. In the 1960s Harry
Oppenheimer pulled together a team of economists and statisticians to
develop estimates of how much gold had been mined through history and its
rough disposition. The postwar Bretton Woods dollar-gold international
currency regime was shaken to pieces and clearly was going to fail. He
wanted to know if Anglo American Gold could do for gold what DeBeers did
for diamonds: Serve as the buyer or seller of last resort, and thereby stabilize
(if not control) the price of gold. The answer to that question was how much
gold was out there in the world, and who held it. If there was a lot of gold in
bullion form, readily available to the market, and it was widely dispersed
among people and governments, then the gold market could not be managed
as the diamond market was."
"The team he created developed estimates of gold supply and demand. (They
actually were employed by Charter Consolidated, one of the Oppenheimer
family companies.) The reports they produced initially were for internal
corporate use, but later were sold and distributed through the South African
Chamber of Mines. In time Anglo American decided to stop financing this
research program, and the team was disbanded. The task of annually
updating the Charter Consolidated annual gold reports was scooped up by
the rival mining house Consolidated Gold Fields, which did an exemplary job
until it was disbanded itself after Hanson plc acquired the company in 1989.
The research team was shared in parts by Consgold and J. Aron, which in the
late 1960s also was establishing a commodities research department (the
precursor to CPM Group)." "Since the late 1960s the J. Aron Research
Department and, after we left J. Aron/Goldman Sachs en masse in 1986, the
CPM Group research team has diligently updated this data series each year."
Again, if you believe that Harry Oppenheimer is the "be all, end all" of honest
reporting then I have some lovely swampland in Scotland that I'd like to sell
And it's not even the operatives of the Banking Cabal that buys into the

180,000 ton official gold number. Even the really smart people in the GATA
camp seem to believe in the official stats. So many people have such a love
for gold that they do not want to see the truth that it is not that rare as we
have been led to believe by so many governments who do hold lots of secret
gold stockpiles.
I do not know for a fact that the stories that gold is rare are gov't
disinformation, but I do know that they are rubbish. Gold is not as rare as we
are told. Because gold is so precious and valuable to gov'ts as money, we do
not have a very accurate account of how much has been officially mined, let
alone unofficially. There are some old books about the history of gold which
relate to these stats. I've not seen anything recently, but a book by Pierre
Vilar called "A History of Gold and Money 1450-1920" has some interesting
info. Jastram's "The Golden Constant" as I recall also has some info. There are
other books going back to the 19th century, as most work on the
aboveground gold stock was done during the classical gold standard. There
are many other accounts and records of unofficial gold but there is no way on
earth of knowing how much gold has been mined or panned over the last
6000 years.

My answer to those who do believe the official numbers from Harry
Oppenheimer1) There's not much debate on the "is gold precious" issue. Gold is very
precious and will remain so for eternity from all I've studied. My point that
there is massively more tons of gold than what's reported in the mainstream
does not take away from the fact that gold is precious. Yes, it's not as scarce
as the mainstream reports but it all depends on what you are comparing that
scarcity to. As a monetary metal you'd compare it to other monetary
instruments such as paper and electronic currencies, bonds, derivatives, etc.
Gold is VERY scarce when you are comparing it to today's phoney monetary
2) Yes, governments and those who control this electronic monetary system

understand exactly what gold represents and will do everything in their
power to combat it. It is not only the "canary in the coal mine" but it is also
the destroyer of the false monetary systems. The moment gold trades
"freely" is the moment the un-backed fiat system ends. Ron Paul knows this
and it's why he wants to introduce gold and silver coin as competing
3) Wilcock and Fulford are not as far off base as you may think. Their only real
problem is that they are being fed information and did not discover any of it
on their own. They are being used to an extent to spread both reality and
disinformation and often times it is difficult to distinguish between the two.
4) I think the people at GATA are very smart and doing an excellent job with
the information they are given but by shutting out the conspiracy side they
are missing the bigger picture. This is true with most of the "respectable"
gold analysts (I love how GATA is now considered mainstream:-) Yamashita's
gold is real and you should read the book "Gold Warriors" by Peggy and
Sterling Seagrave if you really want to understand it. There's tons of evidence
(including official government documents and testimony) and anyone who
has studied it has come away with the same conclusion. Yamishita's gold is
real. I don't know how much analysis GATA has put into it but it's hard to
imagine that they have studied it if they came away saying it's a
disinformation hoax. Most of those in the GATA camp have not spent any time
in the true gold conspiracy realm which is understandable since it's hard
enough to get the mainstream GATA message across. As a gold analyst it's
great for your credibility to "poo-poo" the gold conspiracy theories but are
people looking for credibility or the truth?
5) When it comes to the official data on gold GATA can't be more wrong about
the reporting of it. The 180,000 ton number is a construct of those that
control the price of gold. It's a con. Before the 1960's there were very few
records of how much gold had ever been mined but today's "official figures"
are a direct result of what Harry Oppenheimer of Anglo American put forth in
the 1960's. Oppenheimer was part of the gold cabal and knew of much of the
secret gold. He also had a vested interest in under-reporting the amount of
gold available as he controlled most of the gold coming out of South Africa.
This "official number' has been added on to since the 60's by the World Gold
Council, J. Aron and CPM (Jeffrey Christian) to come up with the 180,000 ton
number they use today.
In the end YOU should do your own research into the amount of gold there is
in the world. Come to your own conclusions about the official number. Like
me you will come away with a better understanding of how much is out there
and how much of the gold world is a lie.

Many other experts know about these secret gold mines and why they have
been kept secret to perpetuate the myth that gold is rare.
In the late 1800's an explorer in the Grand Canyon came across the largest
gold deposit ever discovered in the history of the world. It was located in the
side of a shear cliff within one of the canyon walls. In addition there were vast
amounts of gold flakes in the river banks and silt mounds surrounding the
seam. This bounty of gold was so vast that it defied logic. Unfortunately for
the explorer, it was very hard to access at that time making the recovery of
the gold on a large scale practically impossible. It was also surrounded by
sacred lands of the American Indians who defended this sacred canyon with
their lives.
Word got out about this discovery and mining plans were being drawn up,
financed by wealthy and powerful people out of Chicago. By the early 1900's
railroad tracks were laid, bridges and roads were built as vast construction
was underway with large mining equipment being set up to process and
excavate the gold.
On June 19, 1912 this amazing gold find was announced to the world in an
article in the New York Times.

After word got out, the ramifications of this gigantic treasure began to sink in.
The rich and powerful had come to the conclusion that this amount of gold
MINED. They were right, which is why it was from then on kept secret along
with other similar very large gold deposits discovered around the world. This
has never happened with silver, only large deposits of gold have been kept
secret to perpetuate the myth that gold is rarer than it actually is.
One geologist says he would be surprised if this was the only place on earth
like this. There are certain to be others. But chocolate mountain and the

grand canyon are two examples of very large gold deposits discoveries being
leaked to the general public then covered up. There are lots of other rumors
of even larger discoveries in south America and Africa, also in Russia and
China. There was also said to be a similarly large discovery in Australia but
for the same reasons was covered up and has remained secret until this day.
Imagine you held a lot of gold as the elite of this world indeed do. You knew
that there were millions of tons of gold already in the worlds available supply
and there are many more millions of tons discovered but left alone and kept
secret in closely guarded national parks all around the world. Would you not
want to propel the propaganda that there are only 180 thousand tons of gold
ever mined, this would certainly be the same game De Beers are playing with
Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts absolutely. It also seems holding
lots of gold in secret hidden stockpiles is a guaranteed way to be corrupted. If
the truth came out how gold is not nearly as rare as we have been told then
those who hold the large secret hidden gold hoards would lose much of their
wealth and power.
But remember there are no secret stashes of silver, it has all been used up.
The myth about silver is that it is less rare than it actually is. There was said
to be a lot of silver used in the Y12 facility in the Manhattan Project. Today all
that silver has been melted down and sold into the market to keep the price
suppression of silver going for the past decades. There are now no secret
hidden large stockpiles of silver bullion left, like there are many of gold.
So when the world heard about the vast gold find in the Grand Canyon those
who ran the world at the time were frightened. The rumors were that
hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of tons of gold may come into
circulation from this excavation. The rich and powerful were afraid that if the
world became awash in GOLD then the value of their fortunes would be
slashed dramatically...along with their power. And they were right. But they
also knew that it would massively disrupt the social order for the common
man as centuries of commerce using gold had divided the wealth fairly well
amongst all classes of people even if the rich had the most. There was a
certain structure and harmony in the monetary system that was working for
the most part.
So scenarios were put before the leaders of the United States in which the
banks showed how an influx of this quantity of currency could destroy the
country by disrupting the social order that was accepted and ran smoothly.
Although the rich had the most to lose, everyone would be drastically
Ultimately, the banker's theories were accepted and the mining project was

halted immediately. The sacred ground where this fortune lies was then
sequestered by the United States. It was put into a cordoned off area of the
Grand Canyon and is heavily guarded by the US Military to the present day.
This treasure has been lying in wait for over 100 years. Every crooked US
President since its discovery has tried to open this area up to extract the gold
but those in Congress sworn to protect this treasure have held them off and
still do to this day.
Update 2014 Navajo Nation to receive $554 million under settlement with
The Obama administration has agreed to pay the Navajo Nation $554 million
to settle a lawsuit accusing the federal government of mismanaging funds
and resources at the 14-million-acre Navajo reservation in Arizona, Utah, and
New Mexico. The settlement -- the largest ever for a single Native American
tribe -- will end disputes dating as far back as five decades. Attorney General
Eric Holder said the deal shows the government's "firm commitment to
strengthening our partnerships with tribal nations." [The Washington Post]
Now THIS is very interesting. I wonder how much this has to do with the
Grand Canyon Gold that sits and waits for after the crash?
It's been my long held belief that the US has been offering concessions to the
Native American Indians in order to keep this gold under the control of the US
Government. Thus the very lucrative Indian Casino Grants. Could this be the
final payoff to the original owners of the MASSIVE Gold Deposit in the Grand
Canyon? Could be.
Take home point - Get out of Gold and into Silver Now!
So the big difference between gold and silver is that gold does not corrode at
all and silver does. Silver tarnishes then goes brittle and degrades. So which
do you think is more valuable? The lay person would immediately answer
gold which does sound logical. But the thinking person would conclude as
gold lasts forever ALL gold is still around and is now very plentiful. Silver has
been getting more rare though all of history. Silver is more special. Especially
when you consider silver gets used up and is far more useful than gold.
My kids go to music classes and we have a pure silver flute. There is no
better material for such uses certain instruments are perfect for using up
silver. Numbers 10:2 in the Bible says how 3500 years ago God commanded
Moses to make two silver trumpets to summon the people. “Make two
trumpets for yourself; make them of hammered silver, and use them to
summon the assembly." Any instrument made of silver will tarnish and there
are all kinds of products sold in music shops for 'polishing' silver. One of the
old experienced music teachers said once 'Don't polish it every week, you are

taking a bit more silver off every time."

This got me thinking about every object made of silver whatever it is through
all of history. If they are polished regularly they are reducing the amount of
available silver in the world by tiny unrecoverable amounts. Then when it
gets too old it gets discarded. This does not happen with gold. Gold does not
need polishing it does not tarnish and gold hardly ever if at all gets discarded
in a non recoverable way as silver has been for thousands of years. Just think
how many silver cutlery sets and cups and dishes and other objects have
been made out of silver through the last 6000 years? Where are they now?
Discarded and unrecoverable for the most part. I hear of many getting
discarded because they got too tarnished. Recent ones maybe still around
but will never ever again be in bullion form. Some may be in museums but
again never again will be in bullion form.
When silver tarnishes, it combines with sulfur and forms silver sulfide. Silver
sulfide is black. When a thin coating of silver sulfide forms on the surface of
silver, it darkens the silver. If its thin the silver can be returned to its former
luster by removing the silver sulfide coating from the surface. If it has been
over long periods of time and not preserved the tarnish eats away at the
silver until it becomes brittle and there comes a point where it has gone too
far to restore back to silver. This never happens to gold.
There are two ways to remove the coating of silver sulfide. One way is to
remove the silver sulfide from the surface by polishing. The other is to
reverse the chemical reaction and turn silver sulfide back into silver. In the
first method, some silver is removed in the process of polishing. In the
second, the silver remains in place. Polishes that contain an abrasive shine
the silver by rubbing off the silver sulfide and some of the silver along with it.
Another kind of tarnish remover dissolves the silver sulfide in a liquid. These
polishes are used by dipping the silver into the liquid, or by rubbing the liquid
on with a cloth and washing it off. These polishes also remove some of the
Gold is different. Gold does not tarnish. Gold objects often get sold into the
market for 'scrap' value. They then get melted down and cast into bullion
form there is no knowing regarding all the gold bars in the world maybe the
gold was mined recently or came from one or several ancient objects. There

is no way telling.
This is why gold is very plentiful now after thousands of years and silver far
less so.
Silver tarnishing takes place through a variety of mechanisms. In general, this
leads to a disfiguring layer on the surface of the silver that is visually
unacceptable. However, other corrosion processes are also taking place. If we
want to preserve our silver for as long as possible we must concern ourselves
with both the visible tarnishing and the less visible corrosion problems. To
preserve our silver objects to the best standard, we must reduce both these
forms of corrosion.
The main product of silver tarnishing is silver sulphide. The reaction
mechanisms are:
8Ag + 4HS- <---> 4Ag2S + 2H2 + 4e02 + 2H2O + 4e- <---> 4OHThe first reaction is believed to occur in a thin film of water on the silver
surface. In dry air, tarnishing does not take place. In the second reaction,
oxygen acts as a cathodic species and consumes electrons as indicated in the
equation. Higher concentrations of hydrogen sulphide increase tarnishing.
Although the rate of tarnishing gradually declines (but does not ever stop)
with increased tarnish layer thickness. Eventually the tarnish renders the
silver beyond redemption, this can take as little as decades or as long as
centuries depending on how well preserved the silver has been.
Unlacquered silver objects have been known to tarnish in less than three
months. They can become beyond redemption in a matter of decades. If
silver is centuries old unless it has been very well preserved it can not be
restored back to silver again. There are however ancient Egyptian silver
artifacts thousands of years old that have been very well preserved so it is
possible to preserve silver, but this well preserved ancient silver is brittle and
can not be melted down and made back into bullion form as is still possible
with ancient gold. This is why now after 6000 years of human history silver
bullion is now more rare than the millions of tons of gold available. As time
goes on, the amount of available silver in the world is decreasing and the
amount of available gold is increasing and never decreases.
Prevention of chemical tarnishing is achieved by using barriers such as
lacquers to prevent the reactive chemical species contacting the silver. In the
V&A museum in London, silver objects are routinely lacquered with a
cellulose nitrate-based lacquer after cleaning. Corrosion inhibitors can be
included in the lacquer to combine with the silver surface, forming a thin

coating. Applications of inhibitors alone gives poor results owing to the
difficulty of producing an even application and the physical weakness of the
Depending on the degree of corrosion, silver objects at the V&A are cleaned
using a combination of inhibitors which slows down the corrosion. But the
rate of decline of the amount of available silver in the world can not be
stopped only slowed down.
At some point, when silver and gold are released from the paper price
suppression con, Bix Weir says he expects what silver remains available on
earth to surpass gold in "price per ounce" or if there is no more units fiat
currency that people still have confidence in then in "purchasing power per

Silver is much more valuable, scarce and
necessary for modern society than gold. I know it's hard to believe
ounce"! Yes!

it now but the silver/gold ratio has been rigged for so long that NOBODY
not 75-1 as I type this in 2014. The true fair market value of silver should be
more than gold.
There are many who say silver could never be valued higher than gold.
Please allow me to offer an alternative scenario, which I believe that you will
really enjoy!
When projecting future silver & gold prices, everyone tends to look at two
primary factors: 1. historical norms for the silver/gold price ratio, which is
around the same as - 2. The naturally occurring underground ratio of silver to
gold being mined {historically 16-1 or now it has halved at just 8-1 being
mined, depending on whom you ask}.
I wish to offer another, more practical perspective.
Before the US stopped minting silver coins, the worldwide supply of aboveground silver was approximately nine (9) billion ounces, thanks primarily to
the Comstock Lode.
Since that time, silver has been consumed at a phenomenal rate (as I have
covered exhaustively in this book) until today it is said roughly one (1) billion
ounces remain above ground in available stockpiles. In contrast, virtually all
gold ever mined still exists (some say approximately 180K metric tons, other
say it is in the millions of metric tons).
So, let's do the math taking the official numbers as true: equals 6.1 billion
ounces. That means that with only 1 billion oz of silver left available, going by
the official numbers gold is about six times more available than silver, or in
other words "SILVER IS SIX TIMES MORE RARE THAN GOLD" when you are

talking about physical, hold-it-in-your-hand form - which is really how
anything is valued by a marketplace or individual...especially in a crisis.
Everyone knows that, in a financial meltdown of any type, demand will
skyrocket for precious metals as a temporary store of wealth. Prices are
expected to skyrocket as the flight to safe haven investment vehicles
MY PREDICTION is that, for a brief period Silver prices could possibly elevate
until they are ON-PAR with or exceed Gold. Deep pocket drug companies and
manufacturers of all sizes will maintain a constant demand for physical silver
in order to keep their businesses operating...at a time when the supply has
dried up due to the flight to safety by both institutional investors AND private
Of course, that would only be for a short time because now the value of silver
would mean it is cost effective to go urban mining for it from landfill. But it is
only possible to reclaim recently discarded silver.
The trouble is with this claim that urban mining will solve all our silver
shortage issues, is that when the silver gets too old it can not be reclaimed.
Remember the clock is ticking as soon as silver is mined and refined. If the
surface area is large compared with the mass, then the corrosion has a larger
effect at a faster rate.
So all the circuit boards and micro chips on landfill that contain silver are
slowly degrading. Indeed all silver used industrially is slowly degrading. Yes
recently discarded electrical silver waste can be recycled but after a certain
amount of time its too late. Its has gone too far.
The smaller the mass of silver the faster is gets eaten away. Most industrial
uses of silver use microscopic quantities in each application. These will
corrode at a much faster rate than larger mass amounts of silver.
An old silver coin or bar takes a lot longer to reduce its mass than tiny
amounts of silver used in industry. Most silver objects made are made out of
92.5% or sterling silver. This corrodes even faster than 999 fine silver due to
the 7.5% copper.
So in the future demand could still be more than available supply as more
investors chase the available silver and compete with industrial users for any
available silver they can go on a waiting list to get. Where will the silver come
from to meet demand.
I know that we are all tired of the gold/silver manipulation con but it is in the
process of ending. It's been a very long, drawn out process but each day we
get closer and closer to a free market in gold and silver....

This is what Bix Weir and others have found out about the truth about gold
and silver available supplies in the world.
Fair Warning! What follows may scare the Dickens out of you gold bugs but
will make silver bugs fall over themselves to swap the last of their gold for
The mainstream gold world wants you to believe that in the entire history of
gold mining there has been just over 180,000 tons of gold mined from the
ground. On top of that, with all our latest seismic and exploration technology,
we have only found about 100,000 tons of underground gold reserves that
could be economically mined in the future. That is what "they" want you to
believe but...
Don't get me wrong...I'm a gigantic gold buff but we need to understand the
truth to ever reach a point where gold can take it's rightful place in our
corrupt monetary system. For the last 100 years a global effort has been
orchestrated to obfuscate, distort, manipulate and confuse the majority of the
world's population as to the supply, demand and value proposition presented
by gold. The Powers-That-Be within the USA and other Western Super Powers
have been the main deceivers although they have been directed by the
European Money Changers.
It is time to remove the veil behind the golden mysteries of the world so "We
The People" can decide for ourselves how we wish to value gold in a market
without veils.
There are two widely accepted gold statisticians that are followed religiously
by the gold mining companies, central banks, governments and investment
Above Ground Gold: GFMS, Ltd. is the above ground gold market
prognosticator and claims that the total amount of gold ever mined in the
world is 180,000 (6.1B oz). Historically, this measure rises only as gold is
pulled from the ground as reported by global gold mining companies around
the world. Any "mystery gold" that suddenly appears on the market in ETF's,
on the LBMA, in the COMEX warehouses or in Government coffers is assumed
to come from the unreported gold held by private individuals so that their
historical figures never have to change. Adrian Douglas wrote an excellent
analysis of what a sham organisation GFMS is and can be found on the Gata
website. Adrian Douglas was part of GATA and was in the prime of his life he
can be seen speaking at the CFTC silver hearing where the chairman tries to

stop him speaking saying "no, I said NO!" but he manages to get a few words
in, then shortly afterwords he is dead. This was the CFTC silver hearing where
the whistle blower Andrew Maguire was not allowed to speak but had a hit
and run attempt on his life. Maguire and his wife were injured in a hit-and-run
accident in London a day after he was identified as the whistle blower and
source of the allegations of silver manipulation. The attacker was involved in
a long police chase involving helicopters around London. The mysterious
attacker was eventually apprehended then even more mysteriously released
and the entire incident covered up.
Below Ground Gold: The USGS tallies all the identified and unidentified
underground gold reserves reported by governments and mining companies
around the world. This figure totals 100,000 tons (3.2B oz) and at the current
extraction rate all the remaining gold reserves will be depleted within 40
years. Silver 17yrs depending on who you ask. Many have challenged these
numbers saying gold can not run out because the deeper you go there is
always more gold, this is not true about silver.
My illustration I often use is to hold an apple in your hand and imagine it is
the Earth. If you take a needle and stab it right to the center that is how
much of the Earth may contain gold. If you stab it just through the skin not
even a millimeter then that is how much of the Earth may contain silver. Yes
silver is only near the Earths crust, which is why for thousands of years there
has been more silver mined than gold because up until now it has been
easier to locate. But after 5000+ years of mining most of that in recent times,
all the easy to get to silver has been depleted.

when you may hear the mainstream media say the natural

ratio of gold and silver as they appear in the earths crust is in

the earths crust at any rate 15:1, but go under the earths crust
(about 2000 feet) and there is no silver but lots of gold. clear to
the core.
There is very little 3rd party confirmation and clearly little investigation as to
whether or not the historical numbers are correct. These USGS figures
measure "publicly announced" gold deposits and never delve into hidden gold
deposits that are scattered throughout the world…especially within the
United States!

There are many secret above ground hoards of gold that the US and the
banking establishments do not want the world to know about...and for good
reason. Nobody should underestimate the importance of gold in the
economic, political and global balance of power.
The September 11 Commission Report gives an excellent insiders view of
what goes on in the gold conspiracy world. Pay special attention to Chapters
7 & 8 starting on page 151 for the Gold transactions related to September
11th. /September-11-Commission-Report-Revised-December-2008
Once you understand the role that gold plays in international espionage it
won't take much of a leap to believe that powerful people around the world
want to keep the truth about gold a secret.

Probably the most famous secret gold stash is the "Nazi Gold" that was
confiscated from Hitler after WW2. Hitler plundered many European nations
of their gold as well as countless individuals. Nobody knows the actual figures
but estimates are in the 20,000-50,000 ton range much of which has been
used secretly by the military industrial complex and banking cabal to fund
their dirty operations. Information and theories on what happened to the Nazi
Gold can be found all over the Internet...some sites present clearly fanciful
theories but others are loaded with facts, figures and motives that are very
believable. But whatever happened to all that gold it is not included in the
official numbers.
They are some of the greatest treasures the world has ever known, from
priceless artworks to fabulous hoards of diamonds and vast secret reserves of

And they have all been missing since the chaotic dying days of the Second
World War.
The Nazis plundered loot from across Europe, and, as they faced defeat in
1945, frantically hid it from the advancing Allied forces.
Some were stashed away while other pieces were smuggled out of Berlin by
high-ranking Hitler henchmen to fund their own escapes and new lives.
But as leading Nazis were killed or captured, the secret locations of much of
the loot were lost forever.
This month in the spring of 2014 it was revealed that a collection of 1,500
paintings worth £850million had been found festering in a squalid apartment
in Munich. Art found these days can be revealed but gold is always kept
Along with Hitler’s own gold and diamond collection and the entire gold
reserves of the Reichsbank, believed to amount to over 100,000 tons of gold
bullion, these are just some of the most valuable Nazi treasures said to be
still missing.
The Amber Room
Before being stolen by the SS the Amber Room was one of Russia’s most famous heirlooms, a stunning
chamber at the Tsarskoye Selo palace near St Petersburg that was covered in amber panels backed with
gold and mirrors.
When the Germans invaded, the curators tried to hide the panels behind mundane wallpaper.
The disguise failed and in October 1941 German soldiers dismantled the Amber Room and shipped the
panels to Konigsberg Castle in East Prussia, where they went on display.
What happened to them next remains shrouded in mystery. The German official in charge of the panels
claimed they were placed in crates and stored in a castle that burned down during an air raid. Even if that
were true the gold would have survived.
But some experts believe the regime tried to ship the Amber Room out of the country, only for the ship
carrying it to sink at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.
Others claim it was found by the advancing Red Army and hacked up and sold as souvenirs.
Most treasure hunters believe the panels, which are worth more than £150 billion, were buried 6,000 feet
underground in old woodland mines near Zwickau in East Germany.
Eyewitnesses claimed SS commandos sealed off the wood and dumped a secret cargo there early in 1945.
Despite countless fortune hunters flocking there, the mine entrances have never been found. There was
outrage last month when they started digging in a cemetery where 42 Holocaust victims are buried.

Wherever all this gold is, if it has been found or not, it is still in the world. I
suspect it has mostly been found already and hidden away in secret. But any
that has not yet been recovered will almost certainly be discovered soon as
gold detecting technology is now so advanced. When any new gold is
discovered it is almost always kept secret. They do not mind announcing
artwork or other finds, but large gold hoard are always kept top secret to
propel the lie that there is not that much gold around.
Musical treasure map... The key to finding Hitler’s personal stash of gold and

diamonds may lie in a secret musical code.
The theory was suggested by Dutch writer Karl Hammer Kaatee after he
came across a copy of the “March Impromptu” which had been scribbled on
by Adolf Hitler’s aide Martin Bormann.
He believes the notes contain a secret code that leads to where a huge Nazi
fortune was buried, including Hitler’s personal gold and diamond hoard.
The hoard was hidden to fund a terrorist group called Werewolf who would
continue to take the fight to the Allies after the Nazis lost the Second World
Kaatee was unable to crack the code, but posted the notes online.
Dutch musician Leon Giesen believes he has deciphered the clues and
followed them to Mittenwald in southern Germany, where he has begun
digging “exploratory holes”.

Hidden by poison gas
Historians are using RAF surveillance photos taken by Mosquito fighter
bombers as they flew over Germany during the Second World War to hunt for
a bunker containing £500 billion of Nazi gold.
Lorry loads of gold were shipped out of Berlin in 1945 as the Red Army
advanced and treasure hunters believe it was buried by Nazi labor battalions
in the Leinawald forest near Leipzig in eastern Germany.
The German government began digging for the lost gold in 1961, but had to
stop when poison gases from old mines began seeping to the surface.

Treasure hunters are now targeting the area again and believe that one RAF
reconnaissance photo shows sand workings that resemble the outline of a
human skull and could point the way to the bunker.
Gold detecting technology has taken huge leaps and bounds in the 21st
century. The really advanced metal detectors are prohibitively expensive,
they are capable of detecting gold a long way down under earth or water.
Even affordable metal detectors for the public are very advanced of late.
They can detect gold under lots of other metal and distinguish what metal is
there and roughly how much of it is there.
Lake Toplitz treasure
Few stories of missing Nazi loot have tantalised treasure hunters like the tales
of billions of pounds worth of gold dumped in the Austrian lakes.
During the final months of the war the SS dragged a stash of metal crates to
the shores of Lake Toplitz, in the Salzkammergut region of Austria and
dumped them into the icy waters.
In 1959 the German magazine Stern sent a team of divers to the lake to
investigate the stories.
The official story is they found no gold, but they did find crates of counterfeit
British pounds, secret documents and a printing press.
Undeterred, treasure hunters continue to seek some more fortune that may
have been missed beneath the surface of the lakes.
However it is no easy task. The lake is a mile long, 300 feet deep and full of
submerged logs that make it a potential death trap. There many other lakes
said to have huge gold hoards hidden away under the lake bed.
Another £500bn lake of gold
Reports have surfaced that another Nazi fortune may lie buried beneath the
bed of Lake Stolpsee, a 988-acre stretch of water north of Berlin.
Nazi leader Hermann Goering reportedly ordered the gold to be dumped into
the lake as the Red Army made its final push in 1945.
One eyewitness reported seeing 30 concentration camp prisoners unloading
heavy crates from lorries before ferrying them out to the middle of the lake
and throwing them overboard.
The men then rowed back to shore, where they were lined up and shot.
In 1981 combat divers from East Germany’s secret police failed to find the
sunken treasure when they searched the lake.
But in February this year Israeli investigator Yaron Svoray embarked on a
mission to find the other £500 billion fortune using the latest sonar and radar
equipment with the hope of earning justice for the Jewish victims the treasure

was taken from.
Another golden stash of even greater volume is Yamashita's Gold that was
plundered by the Japanese for centuries from conquered Asian countries.
The Black Eagle Trust fund from the caves full of gold. Also known as Black
Lily trust. Search online "Operation Golden Lily" and the Secret Legacy of the
Black Eagle Trust.
Numerous sources have documented that at the end of WWII, the treasury of
the Japanese Empire was discovered in the Philippines by a staff member of
General Charles Willoughby, [Edward Lansdale], who was General
MacArthur’s chief of Intelligence. Then known as the Golden Lily Treasure, this
mass of wealth had been accumulated by the Japanese through over 1000
years of pillaging by its army in Southeast Asia and China. It was deposited in
the Philippines due to the U.S. submarine blockade of Japan. Reports vary,
but documents in the public domain suggest the recovered treasure was in
excess of 280,000 metric tonnes of gold, not including jewels and diamonds.
After the War [Lansdale] tortured Major Kojima Kashii – General Yamashita
Tomoyuki’s driver – until he revealed and created a map of the gold sites.
Lansdale briefed Assistant Secretary of War John J. McCloy about the findings,
and a U.S. Cabinet level decision was made to confiscate the gold and coverup its discovery. The gold would be added to the Black Eagle Trust fund. It
was McCloy, along with Secretary of the Navy Robert B. Anderson and
Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson who created the Black Eagle Trust.
John McCloy, who had shared a box at the 1936 Olympics with Adolph Hitler,
went on to become President of the old World Bank. Robert Anderson would
go on to operate the Commercial Exchange Bank in the British West Indies,
be convicted of running illegal banking operations and tax evasion, and be
sentenced to prison. A fourth member of that group – William ‘Wild Bill’
Donovan – would go on to found the CIA and distribute the gold to key banks
represented by his staffers.
The trust they created takes its name from the Nazi Black Eagle stamped on
the gold bars of the Third Reich. Gold bullion confiscated from the Reich and
not returned to its rightful owners and their heirs was the original source of
funding for this trust. Over the years, the significance of the Nazi gold would
pale in comparison to the confiscated Japanese treasure.
The men responsible for initiating and executing the confiscation of Nazi and
Japanese treasury gold represented the most senior Intelligence officers in
the U.S. and Britain at the end of World War II, and the Cabinet of the
President of the United States. The financial institutions represented by these
individuals would become the major financial banks in the world, along with
the Swiss-German banks they hid their gold in. The Yamashita gold would
become the cornerstone of the Black Eagle Fund, from which many covert
operations of the U.S. intelligence would be funded.
Lansdale’s operation in the Philippines gave birth to most of the common
features of modern covert operations for U.S. Intelligence: bribery, theft,

torture, and false flag operations. It would be Lansdale who would initiate a
bond between the US intelligence organizations and Israeli intelligence.
Where did this more than a quarter of a million tons of gold come from
originally? Some say that Genghis Kahn was actually a disgraced Japanese
Samurai who escaped for his life to Mongolia as a young man. The Chinese
also claim he was actually from there and so do the Korean's but whatever
the case, wherever he came from during his bloody conquests he and his
successors amassed a lot of gold. Most of these large stashes of gold ended
up in Japanese rulers hands over the centuries. In order to hide the gold from
the US in modern times it was hidden in caves in the Philippines but some say
as I just said the US found the gold and it has hidden most of it the rest has
been used to fund covert operations ever since. This secret gold stash is
claimed to be in the 100,000-300,000+ ton range but again nobody really
knows. The Sterling and Peggy Seagrave book Gold Warriors gives a detailed
account of this gigantic treasure. They also have mountains of documentation
backing up their claims of the existence of this secret gold stash and the
ramifications are stunning. As I said a good overview is gold warriors by
Sterling & Peggy Seagrave. They quote much of the documentation.

Imagine the implications if this secret gold stash was ever to be made
"officially" public. The price of gold would likely crash (although only briefly)
and then, once the world understood the reasoning behind hiding this
treasure, every country and investor in the world would try to get their hands
on some gold. In the aftermath of the market chaos the world would want
answers as to where the gold was sold, who got the money, who covered it
up, who has it now, who does the gold legally belong to and why is gold so
important. All are very, very good questions but the answers would implicate
some of the most powerful people in the world. The covert use of Yamashita's
gold has changed the world in the last 70 years and when disclosed to the

public it will change it again.
Jim Willie of the Golden Jackass says he has some contacts one called the
voice who has information about this. He says that all the engineers and
those involved with digging the tunnels and vaults hiding this huge gold
stockpile were all killed. He says almost everyone who knew anything about it
were killed.
There was another large stockpile built up through Asia called the 'White
Dragon' gold hoard. Some say its from Yamashita's hoard or its the same
hoard or it was separated. I do not know if it's from the same hoard or
different ones, I dont think many people alive today know the truth about
such secrets. These stockpiles were fought over and passed around to
different powers fighting each other over thousands of years. Every time a
dominant power defeated the last holder of the White Dragon gold hoard it
got larger and was passed on to next generations along with other plundered
gold. As usually happens with gold hoards eventually they get so large that
they are hidden away very secret and now there is very little information
about where it is or what happened to it. Until this happens the hoards are
continually fought over. Who knows what has happened to these large gold
stockpiles? Not me, I do not claim to know where they are. But wherever they
are or whatever happened to them, they have not got destroyed or
disappeared off the earth. Maybe they have been lost but I think this option is
unlikely. And even if that is the case it could be recovered at any time.

Whoever finds it or is holding it will not have any power from it unless they
slowly sell it. Remember there are no large secret silver stockpiles anymore.
They have all be used up, but gold stockpiles have been getting larger and
larger for thousands of years.
There is no doubt about the large gold hoard being hidden by the Japanese in

WW2 when it became clear they were losing the war. The only doubts
regarding it all is how much and where is it all now. Is it the white dragon
hoard from China or the imperial gold from Japan or both together?
I have some contacts who know more about it. There have been caves found
in some islands 1000miles south of Japan with skeletons wearing Japanese
war uniforms. Read the Wiki about that treasure hunter who found that gold
Buddha and all the crates of gold but had it all taken from him. The court
case in Hawaii looked into it all very closely in the 1980's.
Is there another 1000 tonnes of gold worth $Billion's stashed in a mountain
cave on a pristine tropical island? Colin Taimbari reports from Port Moresby
for ENE news network.
For decades, tales of a multi-million dollar stash of gold bullion left behind by
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Japanese
Navy, have been handed down from generation to generation.
That the existence of the legendary gold of Admiral Yamamoto, who led the
bombing of Pearl Harbour, has never been proved has not deterred a
succession of treasure hunters.
Yamashita's Gold hoard is not to be confused with the smaller Yamamoto's
Gold treasure that many treasure hunters have been looking for. Now it has
been over 70 years, since 1945 the search is still being carried out. Most
agree all the gold has now been found but it does not stop many hopeful
treasure hunters every year still looking. Yamamoto was just one ship that
contained part of the imperial gold hoard that was supposed to have
separated from the rest of the fleet. To show how much gold Japan had
amassed over the millenniums there were several ships and submarines
needed to transport all of Yamashita's plan to hide it all from the Americans in
some remote islands 1000 miles South of Japan when it was looking like they
would likely lose the war.
The Sen Toku I-400-class (伊四百型潜水艦 I-yonhyaku-gata Sensuikan) Imperial
Japanese Navy submarines were the largest submarines of World War II and
remained the largest ever built until the construction of nuclear ballistic
missile submarines in the 1960s. They were submarine aircraft carriers able to
carry three Aichi M6A Seiran aircraft underwater to their destinations. They
were designed to surface, launch their planes, then quickly dive again before
they were discovered. They also carried torpedoes and other weapon systems for
close-range combat.These were massive submersible boats and were perfect for
transporting the Japanese imperial gold hoard to safety before the Americans

There were originally 20 of these massive Sen Toku I-400-class subs
commissioned to be built but officially only 9 were built. In their books
Sterling and Peggy Seagrave insinuate that more of these huge secret subs were
built than originally thought. Some were thought to be used to transport and
hide much of this secret gold hoard. Some other reports have indicated that
some of these huge secret submarines did indeed transport some of the imperial
gold to unknown locations to hide it before Japan was invaded.If they sank or
were hidden is one of the great mysteries of the end of WW2. But whatever
happened all that gold could be recovered and sold into the market at any
The amount of gold out there is incomprehensible. Sterling and Peggy
Seagrave show a surprising amount of evidence that there were at least 12
caves in the philippines 12 major ones that were known about and can not be
denied. This is documented and is out in the open, it is in the public domain.
Then there were the ship and subs that sank or were sunk on purpose full of
the great Japanese gold hoard. This gold went somewhere, and it was held on
to. It is still being kept secret.
That the existence of the legendary gold of Admiral Yamamoto's ship, who
was said to brake away from the fleet and then from that convoy carrying
part of the imperial gold, has never been proved. This has not deterred a
succession of treasure hunters for over 60 years now since 1945.
Since the 1970s most of the seekers have been drawn to Wewak, East Sepik,
where heavy battles between the Japanese and Allied forces took place. So
the story went most of the fleet carrying the gold and the supporting imperial
navy made it to hide the gold but some ships did not. Some stories say the
captains chose to go off on their own some say other reasons they never
made it with the rest of the Yamasita's fleet to hide the gold hoard to the
secret islands.
In the early '90s, a then prominent politician and businessman hired a team
of experts from around the world to sniff out some of the bullion, reportedly
hidden in the seas of Wewak - but officially came up empty-handed. Yet some
reports say Japanese marked bullion from this hoard was turning up soon

after in some world gold markets.
In the late-'90s another team of well funded American's arrived in Morobe
province under the pretext of building a multimillion-kina ecotourism
After five years, when nothing got off the ground, stories started spreading
that they were actually a gold salvage team searching the northern coast of
Recently in Parliament, Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare confirmed that the
Government was considering an application from another American salvage
team to recover gold bullion in East Sepik.
This year the hunt for Yamamoto's fabled gold burst onto the national agenda
again, but this time in New Ireland province - a pristine tropical island whose
capital, Kavieng, was a Japanese POW camp during the war.
Maybe Yamamoto did break away from the fleet for whatever unknown
reason he departed with his ship full of gold to try to hide it elsewhere.
Whatever happened towards the end of the second world war, I personally do
not think there is any of that gold hoard still lost or unaccounted for. If there
is, I would guess it will not be long before someone finds it but will not report

For more than 60 years governments and well funded treasure seekers have
scoured all the islands thought to contain some of this secret hidden gold. But
I do not claim to know the truth very few alive today know the truth about all
this gold. This is partly why the official number of 180K tons of gold is all
there is, is such a small number. Whoever did find any of it either kept it
secret or the people who took it from them kept it secret.
According to some of the stories, the U.S. found much of the gold shortly
after the war, and used it to fund many covert operations during the cold war.
If this were the case, China would never have had access to it.

I have no idea what the truth is, but it does seem possible if not probable that
the Japanese had amassed a huge amount of gold during their imperialistic
phase. What would have happened to it? If corrupt politicians (I know, that
was redundant) got their hands on this gold, would they print an article in the
NYTimes about it? Or would they keep the whole thing to themselves?
One person who did make a statement about it was Imelda Marcos. She
claimed in a 1992 newspaper article, that her late husband's fortune
originally came from Yamashita's gold hoard.
Like I said, I don't know what the truth is, but I'm open to multiple theories,
"conspiracy" or not. I have proven to myself at least that so many "official"
stories are complete lies, so that any given "official" story is just another form
of a conspiracy tale, to be taken with a grain (mountain?) of salt.
As Chris Duane said Listen to all, follow none, I leave myself open to multiple
possibilities, look at what makes logical sense to me, don't rule anything out
just because it sounds far fetched. I say listen to all follow one, God.
World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes claimed a bank in Hawaii has
approximately 180,000 tons of gold bullion in storage, equal to nearly 68
years of world mine output. This is the reported number of all the gold ever
been mined in all history BAHAHA but everyone who studies this soon
discovers that the official numbers are bogus. The hoard in Hawaii is said to
represent several centuries of ancient Chinese, Russian and Indian family
wealth accumulation.
Karen Hudes in my opinion is a disinfo artist. The indication given by her on
her departure from the old world bank last year indicates deception at best,
dishonesty at worst. The only two countries now to not have joined the new
Chinese world bank the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) are
America and North Korea. A significant claim is made by Hudes. She does
openly claim that entire vaults of gold will reappear, easily true out of the
millions of tons available. She then says a new US currency is to come backed
by monetary PM's once again. Thus the USD will remain the worlds reserve
currency. It is an outrageous contradictory statement intended as propaganda
disinformation in my view. Yes there are millions of tons of gold available but
hardly any silver bullion left available.
As I said the Golden Jackass Jim Willie has three sources including the Voice
that confirm Karen Hudes is either nuts or intentionally spreading
disinformation. You do have to be careful listening to these doom propaganda
proponents, they have been predicting doom is about 6 months away for
many years. They will still be saying "doom is always six months away" in
years to come.

The Voice is part of a very large global implementation team, thus more
specific on the coming new Monetary PM-backed currency but he cant say
when. He refers to large teams for implementation, and large teams of
cleanup crews. My understanding is that it will be backed by the monetary
precious metals (Gold,Silver) and the other monetary (non precious) metal
Copper. When the new tri-metallic backed currency arrives, it will put the
corrupted acidic unbacked USDollar out to pasture, essentially giving it a
death notice.
The Voice also confirms the White Dragon gold hoard is over 100 thousand
tons of gold bars and other gold objects. They are an extension of a large
group of ancient Asian warlord families wealth accumulation over a few
Their gold hoard is enough to fill five football fields of palettes at chest high.
It is called the White Dragon gold hoard which is said to be larger than the
Yamashita Gold hoard. Some say the Yamashita hoard is the larger being well
over 100K tons of gold bars and coins. There is no way of knowing which is
larger these hoards have been shrouded in secrecy for thousands of years as
they have been fought over and passed on through generations of war
mongering royalty and emperors. Each time the gold hoards got larger.
The Yamashita Gold hoard as well as the White Dragon gold (they may have
been together or separated) were eventually stolen and fought over again
and again over many centuries over a few millenniums from Asian warlords in
frequent raids, regional domination, even streaks of genocide. The gold
hoards were hidden in Asia and then the Yamashita Gold hoard hidden in the
Philippines during World War II. A rough number on the volume for WD gold is
20 times Fort Knox. The Yamashita Gold hoard is said to be even larger but
just think about the implications of the true amount of gold being known
about? How much would gold be considered to be worth if the truth came out
there is over a million tons available in the world?
Another large gold hoard is the rumoured Chinese Imperial Gold that
Benjamin Fulford has claimed to have knowledge of. This treasure is so vast
that Fulford's contacts has put the total of above ground physical gold in the
world closer to 1,000,000 tons instead of the official number of 180,000 tons.
The basic fact is that Eastern countries have coveted gold for centuries and it
makes sense that most of the gold ever mined in the world is located
somewhere in Asia. Even today, India imports around 33% of all the gold
mined in the world and have been the largest gold importer for years. Some
estimate the amount of gold privately held by the over 1 billion people in
India is more than most central bank reserves. All this gold is not included in
the official numbers.

There are so many books on other large gold stockpiles that were supposedly
lost and speculation on what happened to them is also the stuff of legend.
One modern day example what happened to the Russian gold reserves in
1919 it is a huge subject. It is not the purpose of this book to go into
everyone of these examples but just to say there are many similar to this

"A train carrying the gold reserve of the Russian Empire went on a journey
across the country in the early 20th century -- but it never reached its
destination. The gold mysteriously disappeared. The legends surrounding this
story are alive to this day. According to the scientists, part of the gold reserve
is thought to have sunk in Lake Baikal. Some claim it lies in Siberian
monasteries. Others -- that it is hidden away in caves in the country's Far
East, or even in what is now the Czech Republic. What happened to the bulk
of the Russian Empire's gold reserve which went missing in 1919 is one of the
most intriguing myths of Russian history." Where ever this gold is now it could
be sold into the market at any time. Some say there is over 25K tons of gold
at the Kremlin in Moscow. If this includes Russias lost gold reserves from 100
years ago is unknown.
Maybe the largest unknown store of physical gold in the world is the Vatican
Gold. For nearly two thousand years the church has been hoarding gold
gained from wars and conquests in the name of God. Throughout the ages
people have been shoveling vast amounts of gold into the collection trays
every Sunday. The Vatican gold hoard is a closely guarded secret but I believe
that it may be the largest collection in history if you take into account all the
gold used in the artwork, crosses, trinkets, coins and cups owned by the
church. The Vatican is all about privacy, secrecy and power and I guarantee
you they know there is far more gold than is reported. There have been many
books exposing the corruption and bloodshed involved with keeping this


The Vatican is just one example of false religion hoarding gold. Nearly every
other large denomination of false religion all around the world the Bible refers
to symbolically as Babylon the Great also has large secret gold stockpiles.
False religion has always been a way to get gold out of the hands of the
people and into the hands of its religious leaders. False religious lies like the
immortality of soul and eternal torment in hellfire have been used to get gold
out of the hands of the people. Then it has been hidden away and kept
Not to mention all the images and idols made to worship false Gods over the
millenniums all around the world, that have in the past been considered
sacred and also hidden away and kept secret.
The Rothchild family are said to have huge bunkers full of gold in secret
locations dotted around England. Of course there is no way for people like us
to ever know the truth about families like them and the Rockerfellers in the
USA who are also said to have large secret hidden bunkers full of gold. They
want to keep it secret to make the other gold in the world seem more
These are just some of the above ground Secret Gold Stashes that may be
out there. When you add it all up and do some "conspiratorial guess work"
many come up with a vast store of gold in the neighbourhood millions of tons,
Bix says around 1-2.5Million tons of above ground gold or more than 10x the
gold supply "accepted" in the mainstream gold markets. But its all guess
work and there is no way to know the truth.
Of course this may be very far off...both to the upside or the downside. The

point is that the "Accepted" above ground gold numbers are completely
dismissing the vast hoards of secret gold that are both rumoured to be
circulating and/or are very well documented as fact.
Dispute it all you want…the truth is that YOU DON'T KNOW EITHER! But gold
has been treasured through history and silver has been used up and
discarded in favour of gold.
Update 2014. Neil Keenan's team Video Opening Secret Gold Stashes!
I have long talked about the massive amount of gold that is above ground.
After reading "Gold Warriors" by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave and going
through the thousands of support documents I have come to the conclusion
that the 180,000 tons of available gold promoted by the likes of Jeffrey
Christian of CPM Group and the World Gold Council are total and complete
There are MILLIONS of tons of gold above ground!!
Another treasure hunter who actually has found some of the secret islands
and found some of the secret bunkers was Neil Keenan and his team. They
actually found one secure box left over from WW2. They even released a
video opening it and it was full of gold bars thought to be from one of the
dragon hoards that were hidden when it looked like Japan would lose the war.
Is This Video Evidence that the Gold Conspiracies are True? Search online for
Neil Keenan Update - Making History - New Beginnings.

And search online for - Neil Keenan's team Video Opening Secret Gold
Stashes - Global Accounts. Obviously there is still an extraordinary amount of
work ahead for Neil and the team, and soon the forthcoming ventures into
the bunkers will yield video footage for all to see.
Not only has he and his team finally succeeded in opening the doors, the
world can now see what is behind them. Here is history in the making.
Naysayers, hateful betrayers, malevolent detractors, disinfo agents,
sycophants, would-be assassins and Cabal criminals: Rue This Day!
These videos seems to support all the rumors of Secret Gold Stashes that
were being saved for "The Transition". Million of tons of gold may soon be

available for use as money by the people of the world.
For years I have heard about the battles to liberate much of the gold that is
hidden away in Asia and earmarked for humanity when our controllers are
Of course...the answer is to SWAP your Gold for Silver!!
All that Asian gold does exist, but skulls and bones and high up Masons secret
societies have even more gold in secret hoards.
The Vatican has even more gold that is not included in official numbers.
I am not saying I know how much gold is total in the world but all I know is
there are not huge secret stockpiles of silver bullion being held by the elite.
If everyone who decided to invest in gold for the correct reasons, just delved
a little deeper into those reasons they would see that it is silver not gold that
is the far better monetary precious metal to stack. If we all agreed to sell our
gold and buy 75x more silver we could bring the end a little sooner. I think
this will happen eventually, but you will get less silver for each

ounce of gold the longer you leave it.
Moving on to gold that is under our feet...
Here's where it gets a little tricky. The largest gold mine in the world is
reported to be the Grasberg Mine in Indonesia with estimated reserves of
1,250 tons of gold (40M oz). According to USGS the total economically
mineable gold reserves in the world is only 100,000 tons. And of that the USA
only holds about 5,500 tons...or do they?
USA Natural Reserves Policy
Since the early 1900's the United States of America has had a hidden agenda
when it comes to scarce natural resources and that has been to "use the rest
of the world's natural resources first"! The United States has found vast
reserves of almost all highly desirable natural resources including oil, gold,
silver, copper, etc. What the USA doesn't do is exploit their own resources.
They cleverly disguise these national treasures in Wildlife Preserves,
Ecologically Sensitive Areas, National Parks, Offshore No-Drill Zones and
Military Bases.
Nowhere is it more obvious than in the US consumption of foreign oil. Their oil
policy (divide, conquer and steal oil) has been the focus of the world's hatred
of the United States for decades. They go to war under false pretences in

order to gain access to oil reserves but the US actually holds some of the
largest oil reserves ever found!
Basically, they knew that one day the fiat money system would end in
massive fraud and failure causing the end of all trade with the lying, cheating
deceitful country that debouched the currency. Why not use everybody else's
natural resources first and hide your own for the future when the world no
longer accepts paper money for hard commodities? Although it may have
seemed like a very ingenious plan, history will likely show that the "blowback" created from it's implementation has caused more harm than good.
So these are just two of the more well known about monster gold deposits
hidden by the US Government for that rainy day when the world no longer
accepted their paper money.
Back in 1994 California Senator Dianne Feinstein orchestrated a very
controversial take over of one of the largest gold deposits in the world in the
Chocolate Mountains of California.
Karen-lee Bixman exposes this takeover in her article "The Great Gold Heist".
Donald Fife, spokesman for the National Association of Mining Districts, said
of the heist "The 103rd Congress managed to accommodate more than a
gang of train robbers could achieve in a lifetime when they approved the
Desert Wilderness Protection Act." Fife was commenting on recent
information that indicates tens of billions of dollars in gold deposits and huge
real estate swindles may be the motivating factors behind the act."
"Unbeknownst to the public, inside the range is the world's richest gold rift
zone. Geologists estimate that the gold contained in this zone is worth
between $40 to $100 billion measured in todays units of fiat currency. These
are surface gold deposits which are more profitable to mine than the one-mile
plus deep gold deposits in South Africa."

"The Mesquite gold mine is one of the top ten mines in the United States and
has some of the most profitable gold deposits of any mine in the world. To the
north is the Chocolate Mountain gunnery range. The Mesquite open pit gold
mine literally stops at the fence that borders the gunnery range."
"Engineers allege that in 1981 and 1982, Consolidated Goldfields, which

owned the mine at the time, illegally drilled into the gunnery range area to
determine the composition of the ore body. The samples proved to be of high
quality. According to these same engineers, beginning in the mid-1980s,
military helicopters brought high ranking military officers, Congressmen and
Senators to the area to examine these large gold deposits. Congressman
Bruce Vento (D-Minn.) was one of several congressmen and senators who
participated in these highly secretive trips."
According to Wikipedia: The mountain range is home to the Chocolate
Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range, an aerial and gunnery practice area used by
the Navy and Marines. A large part of the Chocolate Mountains lie within the
gunnery range, and are off-limits to the public. Indeed, areas near the
mountains can be dangerous--in one instance, two jet pilots practising
dropping empty bombs overshot the gunnery range and bombed a public
campground north of the mountains, injuring one man.
Clearly, there is something very valuable to protect in those mountains!
And this brings me to the last and probably the most amazing story of hidden
gold (if true).
The Grand Canyon National Park...King Solomon's Mines or El Dorado?
In the late 1800's and early 1900's crazy rumours started floating around the
Southwest United States about Egyptian cities being found at the northern
end of the Grand Canyon. The story went that while travelling down the
Colorado River an explorer discovered a secret cave that was filled with
Egyptian artifacts, texts and ruins. In 1909, an article was written about the
find in the Arizona Gazette.
Continuing down this path there is a very interesting book called "Lost Cities
of North and Central America" by David Hatcher Childress that discusses this
lost city. Listen to this YouTube interview with him as he discusses a very
interesting theory that the Grand Canyon may be the site of some of the
famed Mines recorded through history. The interview can be heard on
Following this train of thought there was an article in the New York Times
written on June 19, 1912...just a year before the Federal Reserve Act was
established. It was talking about telling of vast riches hidden in the Grand

Ok. It sounds unbelievably fanciful...but might it be true? Could the Grand
Canyon hold the motherload of all gold deposits and the Powers-That-Be have
been hiding this secret all these years. Is this the missing piece of the
gigantic gold manipulation puzzle? Let's dig deeper.
The Road to Roota Theory postulates that there is a group of people in the
United States as well as around the world that are working to remove and
destroy the financial banking powers that have secretly controlled all aspects
of our lives for hundreds of years. The original idea of this group sprang from
the mind of Alan Greenspan and involved rigging markets with computer
programs that he had invented in the 1960's.
In Bix Weir's Original Road to Roota Article (very highly recommended you
read the road to Roota theory) there was one part of a story that he found the
very cryptic Federal Reserve Board COMIC on their educational website called
"Wishes and Rainbows" as well as the teachers guide called "The Road to
Roota". Both of these were originally issued back in 1981 when Reagan's Gold
Commission was meeting to find a way to a gold standard. This comic had not
been seen since...until it was re-posted and updated on the Federal Reserve
website on January 1, 2007 in the electronic version. Please have a good look
at these publications and think for yourself what the messages are from the
people who designed them. Bix was never able to fully decipher one part of
it. It had to do with Roota the main character (Root-A the first computer
program to manipulate silver and gold) finding the coloured flowers in some
mysterious caves. Now it seems clear the main character, Roota is

Roota's Grandma (who represents ex Fed Chairman Arthur Burns who was
Alan Greenspan's mentor) says to Roota "Some people say you can get there
through the caves near Cobblestone Canyon". Could "Cobblestone Canyon"
be referring to this Colorado Canyon where they supposedly found "vast
riches of gold" the year before the Federal Reserve was established?
In the Fed Comic "Wishes and Rainbows" Roota went looking for "coloured
flowers" in a place called "Cobblestone Canyon" where she found vast riches.
So much so that she was able to supply all the people of Pebbleton with
"many coloured flowers each" (ounces of gold).
Originally, there was not enough for one flower each but over time Roota
found many openings which supplied many coloured flowers to the Pebble
People. The population of the United States is around 300M people so a find
with "many coloured flowers" may well reach the Billions of ounces that the
1909 article talks about.
Understanding the insanity in the markets these days takes a little effort on
the part of the analyst. We must go back to the 1960's! The original computer
manipulation programs written by Greenspan and John Kemeny to rig the
markets. It was all planned and executed by Stephen Devaux and friends. It is
not that hard to understand and until people FINALLY get what's gone on in
the past...they will continued to be dismayed by the market action today.
Still not convinced...how about this frame of the Fed Boston comic "Wishes
and Rainbows" where Roota (Alan Greenspan) tells his Grandmother
(Greenspan's mentor Fed Chairman Arthur Burns) that he's not afraid of the
"Big People" (Banksters) and he will bring the colors ( commodity

backed currencies) back...
Greenspan says he often plays in those caves (gold kept secret). Also, could
these mines be behind the also very cryptic gold illustrations in the Fed
Boston release "Banking Basics"?
It looks here like the girl is cashing in about 20 oz of gold for a small stack of
bills. Can you see the gold price chart on the back wall of the bank teller?! If
Bix is correct 20 ounce x 300M citizens = 6B ounces that may be available if

his Road to Roota theories are correct.

For the non-believers...Here's what the Fed Boston said about this moment in
time when the truth about the vast amounts of gold kept secret almost came
out to the public many years ago in their original Road to Roota Teachers
"The fact that Pebbleton will never be the same following the appearance of
the colored flowers seems clear."
"On the basis of what we know about economics and the way societies tend
to react to the scarcity of important resources, is it possible to predict what
changes are likely to occur?"
"The mayor of Pebbleton announces that, since the colored flowers are so
rare and valuable, they are going to be used as money, with petals for
change. Is this a good idea?"
"Has this analysis of the social and economic implications of Wishes and
Rainbows overstretched the metaphor? For anyone who may think so, we call
attention to the market for tulips in seventeenth-century Holland."
This is not made up this really is from the Federal Reserve
themselves. Think for yourself about how this relates to all the
millions of tons of gold that has been kept secret for so long.
I would love to ask Alan Greenspan about why the federal reserve released
these cryptical comics to the public. There is clearly a lot more to these
comics than what I read to my children. My kids love these comics and the
teachers guide. They are really good at teaching kids about monetary
systems, but obviously have a much deeper meaning. So if I had the chance
to ask him here would be my questions for Alan Greenspan.
#1) Throughout the 60's and 70's you were the most ardent advocate of

returning to a gold standard but flipped that position when you became the
Fed Chairman in 1987. You then began claiming that humans could control an
unbacked monetary system if we controlled the system AS IF we were using
the strict principles of a gold and silver backed system. Instead of running
this new international monetary system from 1971 AS IF we were using the
strict principles of a gold and silver backed system, during your 20 year term
at the Fed you went on to abuse and inflate the monetary system beyond any
previous Fed Chairman, promoted and defended unregulated derivative
growth and supported the repeal of the banking provisions in the Glass
Steagall Act all of which were cited as the causes of the 2008 financial crisis
and the current need for perpetual Quantitative Easing. Now in your post-Fed
writings you have flipped once again to tout the virtues of gold and silver. My
question is...
Did you do it all on purpose to destroy the unbacked fiat system and return
the United States to a true Gold Standard?
#2) Along with your childhood friend John Kemeny, you were one of the very
first computer programmers back in the 1960's and 1970's creating the very
first electronic assets the world had ever known and even blaming yourself
for the Y2K problem. My question is...
As head of the Council of Economic Advisors for Nixon in the 1970's did you
use your computer programming skills to implement market rigging programs
in order to help control gold prices after the US went off the Gold Standard in
#3) Central bankers continually claim that they do not intervene in the gold
market but on July 24, 1998, before the House Banking Committee you made
the following statement: "Central banks stand ready to lease gold in
increasing quantities should the price rise." My question is...
Is this not an admission that Central Banks not only intervene in the Gold
market but collude and conspire with each other in doing so?
#4) Although we have heard rumors of the subject matter for your Columbia
Graduate School Thesis and Reuters published some of its contents - you
have never released it to the public. My question is…
Will you ever release a full copy of your graduate thesis and, if not, will you
confirm or deny that it was entitled "The Road to Roota"? :)
Still not convinced about the Grand Canyon Gold?
Many people who follow the Gold Conspiracy angle will know that the Bush
family is heavily involved in gold manipulation. Bush Sr. was even involved
with the largest gold hedging/black gold laundering operation in the world...

Barrick Mining. Would it surprise you to find out that Bush Jr. tried to secretly
get into the Grand Canyon to mine some of that vast resource that the USA
has hidden away for years?
Ok. You can go around and around on this topic but if you are a major truth
seeker like Bix Weir there are just too many connections. For those of you
who can't make the leap that there are ancient Egyptian treasures taken and
stored and kept secret and a great deal of gold hidden and also kept secret in
the Grand Canyon can I ask you to at least read Bix Weir's free road to roota
theory? But don't make your mind up before you have at least done the
In January of 2007 the Federal Reserve Bank released these comics "Wishes
and Rainbows" and "The Road to Roota: A Teachers Guide" which shed a
bright light on the overall plan being implemented by the United States as
related to RETURNING to a Gold and Silver Standard.
The following is the Road to Roota thesis...
"The Road to Roota Theory postulates that there is a group of people in the
United States as well as around the world that are working to remove and
destroy the financial banking powers that have secretly controlled all aspects
of our lives for hundreds of years. The original idea of this group sprang from
the mind of Alan Greenspan and involved rigging markets with computer
programs that he had invented in the 1960's."
Since then the events that have transpired in the global economy and the
"credit crisis" have all confirmed the original idea of this thesis...that there is
a group of people that were secretly rigging the gold markets for decades.
This process was taken over by the Banking Cabal but now the original
system riggers are dedicated to destroying the banking cabal, destroying the
fiat monetary system and installing the old US Constitutional Gold Standard.
They are doing it according to the ORIGINAL PLAN of Alan Greenspan
implementing a version of Bertil Naslund's economic theory "On the Road to
the Golden Age". I think Bix is brilliant, but I do not agree with everything
with everything in his theory. Please read his theory and decide for yourself. I
personally think it is more simple than all that, very simple in fact. The same
monetary cycle is repeating. Going from currency over to money is what
happened after WW2 at Bretton Woods. Then in 1971 the world went from
money back to currency. My prediction is sometime the next decade from
now, the worlds monetary systems will go from currency back to money again
as the same cycle repeats. I think Alan Greenspan agrees with me. He is now
saying similar things to this, if you read between the lines what he is saying

Alan Greenspan Recently Warns: There Will Be a "Significant Market
Event... Something Big Is Going To Happen" He is probably the most
guilty man on Earth for this Significant Market Event he is talking about.
Nothing can change the fact that he is the most guilty party for what is going
to happen next as the same monetary cycle repeats. He may be trying to
excuse himself, or even make amends for what he has done, but its far too
late. Nothing can prevent the cycle repeating next time around.
I wish someone could ask Greenspan what he would say to these accusations.
"Mr Greenspan can I please ask you, Throughout the first part of your life in
the 60's and 70's you were the most avid gold bug on the planet but in the
1980's you sold out to the banking cabal and became gold's biggest
enemy...Now you seem to have flip flopped again and are saying gold is
actually money after all. Do you now admit you were lying about gold for the
last few decades?"
If he answered truthfully and honestly I think he would have to say.. "There
was a plan, it was based off two Nobel Prize winning economic theories
developed in the 1960's called "The Golden Rule" theory and "On The Road to
The Golden Age" theory which basically said that this same monetary cycle
going from money over to currency and back again has repeated through
history and will continue to repeat. The best way to benefit from the cycle
repeating and to return to 'Money' was to squeeze out all the benefits of a
'currency' system while people still accepted it.
The way I got involved was that I devised a way to control the prices of
commodities by using computer trading programs that I wrote in the 1960's.
Yes, I was the biggest computer geek in the world before computers were
available. That was my plan. Use my computer programs to rig the markets
far longer than anyone thought possible controlling the prices of almost
everything to disguise the fact that we were running the printing presses at
full speed the whole time. Not even printing the currency but we wanted
people to have faith in our virtual units created by typing numbers into our
computers. That was our plan in the 1960's and it worked because in 1971
we told Nixon what to say as we got the entire world to go over from money
to unbacked currency. Then there was nothing stopping us expanding the
supply by just typing it it, like there was before 1971.
My childhood friend John Kemeny, the inventor of the computer language
BASIC, helped me write the early programs. My mentor and friend, the ex Fed
Chairman Arthur Burns, saw the potential of my plan and helped get me get
appointed as the head of the Council of Economic Advisers for President Ford.
We knew the cycle would repeat as normal, just like the last time when the
famous quote was uttered "Let me issue and control a nation's currency and I

care not who writes its laws." - Mayer Amschel Rothschild.
So what happens next? The cycle repeats thats what, the signs are clear we
are near the end of the currency part of the cycle as supplies get expanded
exponentially. The derivative bubble has blown and the losses are floating
around in the back rooms and attics hidden by shady accounting. What will
transpire is the same thing that has happened to over 2,000 unbacked fiat
currencies in our past...they will implode. The same cycle repeats and money
replaces currency, REAL gold and silver are the first and last money every
single time the cycle repeats. This does not only include paper currency but
means checking, savings, shares, 401k's, IRA's, Gov't Bonds, money market
funds, stocks, bonds, pensions...EVERYTHING MADE OF DEBT BASED PAPER
OR EVEN ELECTRONIC BLIPS! It will all go to nothing, this is the same cycle
repeating when currency goes to nothing. It will be a big surprise to most of
the population on earth, just the same as every other time this same
monetary cycle repeats over and over through all known history. It will not
come as a shock to those who read and understand this book.
So those who hold millions of tons of gold want it to be money again. Because
gold is under reported by maybe 90+% but its impossible to say for sure. Not
counting gold that cannot be recovered with current technology. Some
reports say the oceans of the world have gold dust in them evenly
distributed. Only a few flakes every cubic km of water but adds to over a
billion tons. Gold is found as far down as man has dug while silver stops at
about 2000 feet. Silver is not found any deeper than this, and most silver
reserves have already been depleted. It is expected the amount of gold
above ground will double again by 2020 as the mines get even
deeper and find great ore grade of gold. Not true for silver, all above
ground stockpiles have been depleted it is already a hand to mouth supply
demand situation, with waiting lists. As the silver mines get deeper the ore
grade declines. If it wasn't for governments fixing the price of gold and
buying mega tons of gold for sovereign wealth funds gold would tumble
because it is so plentiful. Individuals rarely buy that much gold. Silver is the
peoples choice. Dealers say they sell one gold oz coin for every 100 silver oz
coins. I believe China has many many times the amount of gold than what
they report. For 2000 years on the "Spice trade routes" spice went to Europe
and gold went to China. Where is all of that gold? China has NEVER done
much exporting of gold in those 2000 years. Count up the trade and you can
get good estimates from history books shows FAR more gold in China than
what they report. Some believe China is preparing a day when they will
destroy the US economically but will also destroy the US in reality, without
firing a single shot. They will throw trillions of dollars on the market then
show the amount of gold they really have and declare their currency is now

100% backed by gold. That will cause the dollar to become worthless within
minutes. China will become a new super power with Russia as an ally and
allied with other BRICS nations, maybe the king of the North the Bible
prophesies say will battle with the king of the South (Anglo-America). The
prophecy in Daniel about the king of the north and the king of the south
relates to what is happening in the world right now!
Dr. Jim Willie says in an Important Update: "THE ELITE FORCES OF BOTH
France is looking likely to also break away from the king of the south which is
Anglo-America. Germany is certainly breaking away and making moves to
align themselves with the king of the North alliance that Daniel 11 prophesied
which I think looks to be led by China and Russia. But I could be wrong we will
have to wait and see.
It has been well established that the King of the south represents the AngloAmerican dominant world power for about the last century. As for the identity
of the King of the North I would say its looking more likely France and others
are joining Germany in leaving the King of the South and everything is
pointing towards Germany getting further from the king of the South AngloAmerica and closer to the King of the North China and Russia in an alliance
with other BRICS sided nations.
Will Japan stay with the King of the South? How will the rest of the world pick
It is all about power and monetary precious metals. Believe it or
not...as per Ted Butler, JP Morgan is now LONG Gold derivatives on the
COMEX! Crazy I know but it just shows that gold is LESS important to the
banking cabal than silver! Otherwise it would be the opposite. JP Morgan or
whoever is now holding the silver short hot potato (someone has to hold a
massive naked short silver position to keep the price down) is likely using the
gold holdings to try and hedge their future silver losses. Good luck with that
Blythe Masters or whoever takes over after you have been fed to the dogs!
With the Silver-Gold Ratio over 75-1 currently I'm going to yell this one more
Let's say some not-so-fictional bank (it sounds like "JP Shmorgan"!) is clued in
that the official surreptitious rigging of the silver price is about to officially
end. Since they were the main trading arm for the US Treasury doing the
rigging they are given time to "adjust their book" and try to get out of the
short before the game ends.

A few of the maneuvers they would make are simple things...like selling their
commodities business and firing all the employees. Since nobody will touch
their short position in gold and silver they are forced to split it off from the
sales package.
Mission accomplished...
JP Morgan sells commodity arm to Mercuria for $800 million
(Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase & Co raised $800 million from the sale of its
physical commodities unit to trader Mercuria, about a quarter of the initial
valuation as the transaction excluded some oil and metal stockpiles and other
assets, sources close to the deal said.
Announced last March, the deal was originally valued at $3.5 billion, but the
price turned out to be lower because Mercuria bought less of the metals and
oil in JPMorgan's inventories, the sources said.
Ok. Now what. Since they can't get totally out of their unimaginably huge
concentrated naked short silver position the next best thing is to figure out a
way to both cover their paper position while ending up going long...very long
on the physical market. Maybe smash the silver price way down even
That would mean standing for delivery in silver from various places such as
the COMEX, the LBMA, the SLV warehouse and, of course, buying physical
Silver bullion before the end of the manipulation.
All of which SOMEONE is doing as we speak.
Just look at the "Open Interest" in COMEX silver at highest ever recorded.
But there still lies in the back rooms of JP Schmorgan that dastardly silver
short that has been passed on for decades. Here's the list of past holders:
Drexall Burnham 70's to 1980 - AIG 1980 to 2004 - Bear Stearns 2004 to 2008
- JP Morgan 2008 til ???
So the mother of all hot potato short derivative positions seems to be a
"Company Killer" as ever predecessor has been killed off or ransacked to
sever the silver position from them. Who in their right mind would take this
position on? JPM was actually forced to in 2008 by the US Fed and US
Treasury and were even given a $29B non-recourse loan from the Fed.
For those of you who forgot what happened here a wiki recap...

Fed bailout and sale to JPMorgan Chase
On March 14, 2008, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York agreed to provide
a $25 billion loan to Bear Stearns collateralized by free and clear assets from
Bear Stearns in order to provide Bear Stearns the liquidity for up to 28 days
that the market was refusing to provide. Apparently the Federal Reserve Bank
of New York had a change of heart and told Bear Stearns that the 28 day loan
was unavailable to them. The deal was then changed to where the NY FED
would create a company to buy $30 billion worth of Bear Stearns assets. Two
days later, on March 16, 2008, Bear Stearns signed a merger agreement with
JP Morgan Chase in a stock swap worth $2 a share or less than 7 percent of
Bear Stearns' market value just two days before. This sale price represented
a staggering loss as its stock had traded at $172 a share as late as January
2007, and $93 a share as late as February 2008. The new company is funded
by loans of $29 billion from the New York FRB, and $1 billion from JP Morgan
Chase (the junior loan), with no further recourse to JP Morgan Chase. This
non-recourse loan means that the loan is collateralized by mortgage debt and
that the government can not seize JP Morgan Chase's assets if the mortgage
debt collateral becomes insufficient to repay the loan. Chairman of the Fed,
Ben Bernanke, defended the bailout by stating that a Bear Stearns'
bankruptcy would have affected the real economy and could have caused a
"chaotic unwinding" of investments across the US markets.-END
So JPM knows this silver short is toxic and is preparing accordingly. As such
they know that the toxic position must be destroyed if it can't be pawned off
on the greater fool. As I have said many times Its all about silver!
YES! This is ALL about gold and silver derivative rigging and that will
come out in the not too distant future.
Remember this little newsflash back in January 2014?
Metals Currency Rigging Worse Than The LIBOR scandal, Bafin Says.
"Germany's top financial regulator said possible manipulation of
currency rates and prices for precious metals is worse than the
Libor-rigging scandal, which has already led to fines of about $60
So here we go...
Financial Times: Banks plan to write off derivatives when a counterparty fails
NEW YORK -- The world's biggest banks have agreed to tear up the rulebook
on derivatives to make it easier to resolve a future failing institution like
Lehman Brothers.

People familiar with the matter said 18 bank "dealers," ranging from Credit
Suisse to Goldman Sachs, have agreed to give up the right to pull the plug on
derivatives contracts with a crisis-stricken institution.
Several months of complex talks involved regulators and asset managers but
were led by dealers under the umbrella of the International Swaps and
Derivatives Association.
US regulators, who have previously condemned the industry's crisis planning
as inadequate, had demanded banks come up with a plan to stop their
counterparties terminating derivatives contracts in the event of a crisis. The
banks portrayed the success of the talks as a rare positive example of
industry collaboration.
ISDA is due to announce the agreement to change its "protocols," which
govern the $700 trillion market, in the next few days. They will take effect
from January 1, 2015.
According to a report from the US Government Accountability Office, 80 per
cent of Lehman's derivatives counterparties closed out their deals with the
bank within five weeks of its bankruptcy filing. - END
So now you have it. The End Game according to the Banksters...just forget
about the derivatives if things go bad. Hang on to all those REAL assets you
have secured and ride out the chaos.
Oh what a plan....
But the best laid plans always seem to backfire on the Banksters.
Oh, I have said many times that I think the hedge fund Blackrock may be
taking on the silver short from JPM...so did you catch the line about
One of the most important is that large institutional investors such as
BlackRock would not be covered by the changes, particularly if they are
cross-border counterparties.
That criminal Blackrock Gang better watch their backs on this one.
JPM has been known to fry bigger fish than them!!
If you had told me that Gold would be in a 13 year Bull Market and STILL
99.9% of the investing public has no clue I'd have said you were crazy!
But it's a fact...Nobody has any clue about anything gold (or silver) related
any more. Everything is so distorted and manipulated that nobody does any
of their own research. They listen to the likes of GFMS, Jon Nadler and Jeff

Christian for their facts. These are the people pushing false info into the world
for selfish motives. It's a sick world we live in. Announcements last year that
600 tons of German gold was being repatriated over several years was
"nothing burger".
If it was announced that they were moving 60,000 tons that would be more of
a news story. That may even be what is actually happening. Of course,
NOBODY would believe it...unless you knew that there is MASSIVE AMOUNTS
of physical gold in the world.
One of the funniest examples of how distorted the COMEX and LBMA gold
data is comes from the German Gold Repatriation Program. In 2013 Germany
announced they will bring home 674 tons of their 2,192 tons that are "stored"
abroad and since then there has been nothing but delays and problems.
Today the Germans announced that they had "stepped up" their gold
repatriation program in 2014 transferring 120 tons back to Germany.
Hmmm. Nothing to see here people...just keep walking.
Of course, for those who remember, after the Germans announced their
repatriation plan in January of 2013 they only brought home 37 tons all year
of which only 5 tons came from the NY Federal Reserve. It had the Gold Bugs
screaming that this situation was proof positive that the Fed had sold,
swapped or rehypothicated all the German gold and the world was running
out of available gold........So the announcement today that Germany is
picking up the pace in gold repatriation fits nicely into their plan as there is
some serious catching up to do in order to meet their 2020 time frames to
repatriate all their gold.
Wait a minute...THIS IS ALL JUST SMOKE AND MIRRORS and it should even be
obvious to those who believe what the Mainstream Financial Media feeds
them. All designed to confuse and obfuscate.
You see - the 674 tons of gold that Germany is trying to bring home is just a
pimple on the mountain of gold there is in the world!! There are MILLIONS of
TONS of gold in the above ground and MILLIONS MORE in the ground that are
being hidden! The US alone holds two of the largest gold deposits ever found!
They are still buried in the Grand Canyon and at a military base in Chocolate
Mountain, California. Both sites are heavily guarded by the US Armed Forces.
There are two very secretive gold mines in China that are even deeper than
the 4 KM deep mines in Africa that we are told are the worlds deepest gold
mines. Remember gold is more plentiful as the mines get deeper, and it is
thought as they get anywhere near the earth's core gold will be very very
plentiful if they can make the technology to bring it up to the earth's crust.
There are also many more above ground gold hoards from The White Dragon
Gold hoard to Yamashita's gold to Nazi Gold to the "Collateral Accounts" Gold

(as of yet unverified).
Now ask yourself this very important question...what would happen to the
price of gold if all the hidden gold in the world were revealed? I mean
over 10x the official number of 180k tons. Yes, gold is more important and
valuable than fiat currency but it may not be that great investment you
thought would save you if they all of a sudden come clean about the TRUE
Silver is the opposite story. There is MASSIVELY LESS than what they are
telling you. If these revelations hit at the same time (as I believe they will)
then you will instantly see the gold/silver ratio be shattered. I have long said
that I believe gold and silver will trade at a 1-1 ratio, or silver should now be
valued higher than gold...and it can happen at any moment.

Gold Is NOT Scarce After All...but Silver IS! The people who own lots
of gold want you to think it is more scarse than it is.
Ask a gold bug for their opinion on why gold is so valuable and the number
one argument will come out quickly...because GOLD IS SCARCE! That's why
it's so much better than un-backed paper and electronic fiat currency.
Scarcity is the main reason why gold has been used as money throughout the
centuries. And it was true thousands of years ago but there have been
hundreds of thousands even millions of tons of gold mined since then, some
officially and some unofficially. Sure there are other reasons such as it's easily
divisible, it's beautiful, it's non-corrosive and it has a long history as a
monetary metal, but in the end it comes down to SCARCITY.
Think about the 'advantage' that gold is non corrosive. Is that an advantage
after thousands of years of gold mining? Gold lasts forever, silver does not.
Because of this fact after thousands of years of gold supplies building up and
up and silver getting used up and tarnishing and getting discarded.


never ever gets discarded without being
recovered , never ever. Silver gets discarded every new
generation of computers and cell phones. Silver gets discarded every day,
gold never does.
So as I said before what if we discovered one day that gold is NOT very
scarce? That there are some very large secret gold hoards been hidden away
but getting larger for thousands of years. Whoever holds the gold makes the
rules but the secret must remain a secret. What if the secret got out that
there are millions of tons of gold in many different secret storage facilities
around the world.

What then all you Gold Bugs? Would you stop being a Gold Bug? Would you
change your opinion on the "value" of gold as a monetary metal? Would you
PANIC to try and get out of Gold and into something that truly is scarce? Like
75x more ounces of silver for every 1oz of gold.
This can be a scary subject for a Gold Bug as it shatters their long held belief
that Gold has value due to it's scarcity.
I have long been of the opinion that Gold is a good investment but Silver was
The one thing I didn't dwell upon in the past was whether or not Gold REALLY
was scarce or was it all just another con by the Banking Cabal.
Over the last few years I've come to conclude that Gold is not scarce at all. It
was a Con. Not to say that Gold is worth less than the $1,100 per ounce it
trades for in these manipulated markets but that has more to do with the
Quadrillions of non-backed fiat monetary instruments floating around and
NOT that gold is scarce.
For you conspiracy nuts, like me, David Wilcock took some time to dig into
the backrooms of our manipulated monetary history and has put together a
very good synopsis about many of the things we have discussed in this book.
Many well respected analysts agree with him and you can read his work if you
google him.
I have no idea if it is all correct but I believe a lot of it is. This is what goes on
behind the scenes of our financial system. You won't read it in the papers or
watch it unfold on TV but if you spend the time to research it you will find that
there is more FACT than fiction here.
So his sources are saying that there is over 2M tons of Gold above ground or
over 12X more gold than the "official number" of 180k tons. (The origin of this
number came from Harry Oppenheimer's analysts at GFMS in the 1960's. If
you believe that the rigger of the De Beers Diamond markets was upfront
when it came to the gold supply you are delusional!) Diamonds and gold are
made to look a lot more rare than they are to keep the value higher than it
would be if the truth were known.

...and that's just the ABOVE GROUND SECRET GOLD!
What about all that Gold BELOW GROUND hidden in the US (and around the
world) like at Chocolate Mountain, California and the "Mother Of All Loads"
hidden inside a military base in the Grand Canyon?! I say yes, and it is all part
of the plan.
My position is that the final take down of the system continues to progress
forward. Each issue builds upon the last and will all culminate in an instant.
Yes, the "we all fall down" scenario is becoming more and more likely. All the
people out there trying to put patches on the issues will ultimately fail...as
they were destined to fail all along.
It could happen at any moment, at any time and there will likely be very little
notice given.
Be ready for it. I have always said about preparing...
Is NESARA the Solution?
So the world is now talking about debt forgiveness and debt jubilees. We
knew there would come a day when these subject will hit the mainstream and
it has now started with Greece. Again, Greece is just the beginning as there is
not solution. The European Banksters want to keep their system of perpetual
debt and slavery and Greece is DONE with it.
Here's Martin Armstrong's take on debt forgiveness each time the monetary
cycle repeats.
Debt Crisis -- Is Forgiveness Possible?
ANSWER: Actually, Julius Caesar faced this very problem. He seems to have
been the only politician in history who solved the crisis in a reasonable
fashion that did not destroy the economy. Unfortunately, it cost him his life..
The bankers were the Senators who murdered him for his solution was
straight forward. Whatever people had paid in interest had to be attributed to
principle. In that way, he unwound the debt crisis. The people rejoiced and
the bankers murdered Caesar in the Senate and tried to pretend that they
were defending the Republic. Curiously enough, they all had to flee Rome. So
obviously, when they did was not for the benefit of the people -- but
With the extent of the debt crisis supporting all pensions, we cannot simply
forgive it without creating massive civil unrest. I will deal with this question in
the upcoming session of the SOLUTION. There just has to be another way.

What Armstrong is describing sounds very much like the NESARA ACT that I
have talked about many times before. I will say it flat out, Most debt in the
world will be defaulted on one way or another. Is that not very unfair for those
who work hard to pay off their mortgages and other debts. Yes it is very
unfair and unjust.
Now lets try to predict the future a bit here. We know that the global
monetary system is just about in full "meltdown mode" as evidenced in
Europe as well as in the United States Government (federal, state, local, etc)
so what will happen when the Global Monetary System fails? There are
already many plans ready to go including plans for The Amero, the Iraqi Dinar
Revaluation, The IMF Gold Backed Currency, The NESARA Act, The White
Dragons LIFE Plan (Long Term Investments for Everyone) and on and on. Even
the Road to Roota by the Boston Fed analysis theorizes that new gold backed
money is reallocated in the US according to Social Security balances! Search
for wishes and rainbows and Bix Weirs works to see for yourself.
Of course there is a FATAL flaw with every one of these plans. Even the Road
to Roota Theory...
This is the trick. There can be no way to reallocate all the money in the world
if someone has to decide who gets what. You will always have the "have's"
and "have not's" and EVERYONE can't be satisfied. The BIG issue will be that
all FAITH will be lost after the crash. There will be too much ANGER. At this
point in time nobody knows how to judge the loss of faith and degree of
anger in order to devise a new system for our future so there can be no preplanning. All of the above plans to "fix" the monetary system will likely fail.
It was written, prophetically, in the pages of the Fed Boston's "Road to Roota:
A Teachers Guide to Wishes and Rainbows". Page 6:
Will the Pebblepeople accept Roota's distribution system? What might happen
if they don't?
The Greenspan plan was to allocate the new, gold backed money according
to Social Security balances which is truly ingenious. It may even work in the
US...but that doesn't solve everybody's problem. In the Road to Roota Theory
all international trade stops rather abruptly with the crash and the US has to
"Go It Alone". Maybe that's for the best. We'll know soon enough!
So where we stand now is that we have massive amounts of gold that stand
ready to be implemented to restart the monetary system. On the other hand
there is hardly ANY silver in the world and I do foresee a time when an ounce

of silver trades dramatically higher than an ounce of gold due to the REAL
SCARCITY numbers.
Silver is a non-renewable natural resource that is "hated" by well over 99% of
the worlds' savers/investors. Because of it's essential-to-life industrial &
health applications the price would skyrocket if [when] investors take a liking
to it. That is why it is so essential to manipulate the price down for as long as
they can. Suppressing silver's price is essential to the philosophy of kicking
the can down the road that virtually every government is engaged in.
So go make your final trades and swap all your gold for silver.
That way you won't have to sweat it when all the Golden Secrets are
revealed! Do not invest in gold while the silver to gold ratio is now over 75:1!
When you could invest in 75+ more ounces of silver for the same amount of
fiat. Gold, like Silver, will find its rightful place in a freely traded market. It
should take less than a few $Billion units of currency for physical Silver
purchases to buy up all of the available Silver bullion, and that would only
mean switching out of about 100 tons of Gold on a physical basis. 100 tons
would not significantly damage the price of gold. Now $5B removed from
GLD/SLV, Gold/Silver Pooled Accounts, Gold/Silver mining stocks, etc. would
be much better for the price of Gold and should not cause any permanent
damage to the gold investment community. As a matter of fact, can you think
of anything more positive for the price of gold and gold investments than the
destruction of the Banking Cabal?!
So what should be the true price of Silver today?
I don't know but I do know that the price quoted on the COMEX and LBM are
not even close to silver's "Fair Market Value". It makes more sense to me to
estimate the true price of Silver in relation to another "Monetary Commodity"
such as Gold since gold is currently "perceived" as the best monetary metal.
* Based on my mainstream estimates of total below ground Silver (17Boz
currently depleting 1Boz per yr so 17yrs left) and Gold (8Boz so we are told)
the Silver/Gold Ratio should be 2.1-1. With Gold trading at $1,200/oz Silver
should be trading at $6570/oz or is 29X UNDERVALUED!
* Based on estimates of total above ground Silver (5Boz but probably less)
and Gold (5Boz certainly a lot more) the Silver/Gold Ratio should be 1-1. With
Gold trading at $1,200/oz Silver should be trading at $1,200/oz or is 75X
* Based on estimates of total monetary bullion above ground Silver (1Boz)
and Gold (3Boz) the Silver/Gold Ratio should be 1-3. With Gold trading at
$1,200/oz Silver should be trading at $3,600/oz or is 177X UNDERVALUED!

Of course all this is predicated on the assumption that gold is fairly valued at
$1,200oz today which almost everyone agrees is a joke. Since the USA holds
a little over 8,100 tons of gold in reserve (supposedly) it is logical to assume
that Gold will back the US dollar when the fiat money system fails (not hard
to imagine the failure of the US dollar). With the US M2 money supply
currently estimated to be in the $10.7 Trillion dollar range, the price of a
redeemable gold backed US dollar would be around $40,000/oz IF the US
stopped printing dollars today.
The $40,000/oz Monetary Gold price would put the value of monetary above
ground Silver bullion, as analyzed in the last bullet point above, at....
.... $120,000 per oz of SILVER!
Crazy, I know, but it really doesn't end there!
Based on the FACT that Silver is being consumed 120% faster than it is
currently being mined/produced and the Gold above ground supplies are
growing at 2% per annum the Silver/Gold Ratio Formula should be [(Above
Ground Silver)(80%) to (Above Ground Gold)(102%)]. With Gold trading at a
massively manipulated low price of $1,200oz, Silver should be approaching
Wow....chilling conclusions...have you traded your Gold for Silver yet?
You have to remember there is said to be around 17 years left of silver left to
be mined. This number is probably way way off. Some say (Bix Weir in his
private members only) its only about a decade left at current rate of
depletion. However long is left the fact is as we get nearer to that time,the
mines are chasing an ever lower ore grade. The cost of depleting the last of
the silver is going up. The cost of energy is going up and the amount of ore
they need to move and refine is going up per gram of silver they can refine
So there is not going to be a huge high point in silver that we must look to
get out at the top. This may happen with gold as the realisation that there are
millions of tons of gold available and no end in sight how much is coming out
of the mines. If silver is being used as a monetary system the value will keep
going up every year that passes.
New discoveries are being made all the time about its ability to combat
infection, odour, fungi, bacteria – the undead, even – (joke) so it’s finding
more and more applications in medicine, biotech and clothing. The world
needs more silver every year and there is only 17 years known supply left.
The manipulation will end long before that time comes when the last of the
industrial quantity (by the ton) silver is used up. They cant just dig deeper to

get more silver like they can with gold.
There are now mines in Africa and South america where they are going down
a couple of miles deep. The deeper they mine the higher ore grade of gold.
There have been reported to be some pure gold nuggets as large as cars
found when you get a few miles down.
Mathew Hart has written a very revealing book simply called 'Gold' he has
previously exposed the Diamond cartel with his book simply called 'Diamond'.
He shows how diamonds are not nearly as rare as we have been led to
And now he has just released this book called 'Gold' which is the same story. I
am amazed the Rothchilds et all have not taken him out and covered up his
books by now. The picture on the front of his book has a golden earth to show
how much of the earth contains gold. Similar to the picture I have on the front
of my book a silver apple.

Remember my apple illustration. If you stab an apple with a pin just through
the skin then that is how much of the earth may contain silver. If you stab it
all the way to the centre then that is how much of the earth may contain
gold. The silver deposits are like an upside down pyramid with most being
near the earth crust and easy to mine and get at. As the mines go deeper
they find less quantity of silver. Gold is like an upright pyramid with the gold
seams getting more plentiful as the mine gets deeper. This is why for the first
6000 years of human history more silver has been mined than gold, around
16 times more silver than gold. Now almost all the silver has been consumed
and the silver mines that have not yet been depleted are getting near to
doing so. The gold mines are finding higher quantity gold in the ore they
bring up as they get deeper. But the amount of gold ever mined in history is a
closely guarded secret.

In his latest book Matthew Hart actually says that these deep mines are able
to bring up very high ore grades some even 100%, huge pure gold nuggets.
Ofcourse its not easy to work at those temperatures.
We do not know how deep the Chinese mines are, they are very secretive
about their gold mines inside China itself. As Matthew Hart suggests in his
book called 'Gold' the Chinese are buying gold mines around the world so are
very familiar with deep mining operations. They know that when you get
down a few miles the ore grade is very high. He also suggests if they can find
a way of going even deeper the ore grade will be even higher and some very
large seams of 100% pure gold are running down deep into the earth.
He also tells how important this secret must be kept, how the myth that gold
is rare must be maintained. Matthew Hart also reveals the truth about illegal
mining activities going up to the highest levels of government.
Bix Weir has been saying this for years. His public info about how there are
millions of tons of gold available if you search for his golden secrets article.
I am fascinated by these ultra deep mines. I have read and researched few
accounts how they have found more and more gold the deeper they dig.
It takes two hours in a lift to get down about halfway. Then you either have to
wear a spacesuit type of thing to cope with the heat, or they have an ice
making machine which they keep sending down huge blocks of ice and
powerful fans to lower the temperature enough for humans to survive.
Matthew Hart reveals how in Africa they have a selection process where they
test workers to see who can cope working in such harsh conditions a few
miles underground. Many collapse working in so deep into the earth.
If machines could do all the work required I don't see why they can not go
even deeper where Matthew Hart says there have been found very large
seams of 100% natural gold running like rivers almost certainly right to the
centre of the earth where they would be moulton.
The simple truth is silver is only found near the earth crust and gets lower ore
grade as they mine deeper. Gold is lower ore grade near the earths crust and
get more plentiful as they mine deeper.
I guess it depends on who you believe. I personally find it hard to believe the
world gold council that only 170K tons of gold have ever been mined. In the
same way I find it hard to believe that gold global average annual yield
continues to decline every year. Even the official numbers released from the
world gold council do not include the gold mines inside China because they
do not tell the world gold council how much gold they are mining.

So we do not have the numbers from China. Athough China is said to be the
largest gold producer. Matthew Hart believes that there are even deeper gold
mines in China than in Africa. There are said to be at least two gold mines in
China that are now over 4KM deep. We have no idea how much gold is
coming out of these very deep gold mines either officially or unofficially.
Same with platinum and gold mines in south Africa, the problem is, it is
extraordinarily costly and difficult to mine when your literally miles
underground.... in south Africa they have to constantly pump refrigerated air
down there just to keep the men from dying... the ore grades are probably
very good, but I dont foresee humans can opperate much further down even
with space suits. It has to be all machines if they go even deeper. Not so far
away, the technology is available now and will get better in coming years.
The humans operating them can be stationed a few KM's down as they are at
present. High temp protected robots if you like, could bring up high ore grade
gold ore from several miles deep into the earth. As they get deeper there are
some gold nuggets coming out the size of small cars. Read Bix Weir's
golden secrets article, but be warned it will shake any gold bugs foundations
who always argued that gold is valuable because it is rare.
Silver on the other hand is actually more rare than gold now for the first time
in recorded history.
There was a BBC documentary called Treasure Hunters that showed the
reporter going down a 2 mile deep gold mine in Africa. One line blew me
away. She clearly says "over £1 million of gold comes from this mine every
single day"
So one single gold mine was said to be producing £1 million Pound sterling
worth of gold every single day. And this is not even a very deep mine yet, the
deeper ones will produce more gold as they get deeper. The numbers do not
add up, then the world gold council say there has only been 170 or 180K tons
of gold ever produced. Something does not add up.
But even if the truth came out that gold grades increased and silver grades
decreased as they went lower, it still takes a great deal of energy to extract
that gold. Gold in small or even large veins deep in the earth are very labor
and energy intensive to extract. Also much slower and costly compared to
open-pit mines. This is why upto now for the last 6000 years more silver has
been mined than gold. But now all the easy to get to silver mas been mined
and as mines get deeper the gold is becoming while not easier to get to, it is
still becoming more abundant.
But don't think that gold is worth less than $1,300/oz because of all this gold.
In the same breath there is even MORE fiat dollars out there...HUNDREDS OF

QUADRILLIANS OF UNITS!!! So careful not to get too bearish on the price of
millions of tons of gold. It is rigged and controlled just as much as silver.
So in conclusion.... it takes a lot of energy to extract gold. Now that energy is
peaking in production, gold production will still increase but at much higher
costs. Matthew Hart may have 30 years of experience in geology, however
that doesn't make his theory correct. I know of several oil geologists and
engineers who are very smart with a lot of years of experience, who don't
believe in PEAK OIL. Again it all depends on who you believe.
The way gold is falsely valued so much more than silver is similar to how
diamonds are also falsely valued so much higher than silver at the moment.
When silver should be more valuable than both gold and diamonds.
Diamonds which like gold also last forever and the amount in the world is
increasing every year. When the amount of silver available is going down
every year. Where people have been led to believe they are scarce when the
truth is there are beaches in Africa and other places where you can walk
along and pick them up in numbers like they they are gravel. More are
washed up every year. You would be arrested if you did try and gather them
though. They are closely guarded and the truth about how plentiful and
common these diamonds are would 'hurt' the wealth of some powerful
entities. Matthew Hart wrote a very revealing book showing that diamonds
are not nearly as rare as we are left to believe. the same as his book about
gold showed the truth about gold.
The main stream who say that there were only 180K tons of gold ever mined,
also say for the same false scarcity reasons there are not that many
diamonds out there compared to reality. The widely watched polish prices
index keeps edging up even higher more and more despite being way
overvalued compared with real actual supply demand fundamentals.
The same misinformation main stream says the supply demand situation
shows supply getting less when this is also a lie. In the 90's there was
admitted to be very large stockpiles at De Bears, the worlds top diamond
group. Now the official numbers show it has all gone somewhere? Where did
this large stockpile go? If indeed it did go anywhere at all or was it just the
numbers that went down when the stockpile is going up.
They say there have not been any major discoveries of diamonds in the last
40 years and the major diamond mines have only 20 years worth of
diamonds left to extract. That 20yrs number is still more than the 17yrs for
silver but can that 20years number be believed? Well a huge discovery of
diamonds in Russia in the 70's proves both of these lies -that there were no
major new discoveries and in 20 years diamonds will be depleted- to be false.

There are several decades worth of diamonds left that are known about in
one site alone not to mention other sites which are still kept secret to keep
prices higher. Not to mention other yet to be discovered sites, because
diamonds are not like silver which is only near the Earths crust.
As for demand, of course the currency supply of the world is expanding
exponentially and the concerted effort to propel the lie that diamonds are
rare is designed to keep prices high and soak up a lot of this currency.
Headlines aimed at the rich often encouraging rich investors to make their
currency flow into diamonds for the long term. All the reasons why someone
would consider investing in either gold or diamonds apply much more to
silver for the same reasons on steroids.
As the film 'Blood diamond' with Leonardo DiCaprio brings out the truth about
these diamond's these days that are not that rare at all. In the film it shows
secret vaults in London full of countless crates full of diamonds and it is a
myth that these are rare which pushes their perceived value higher than they
should be. If all these huge crates full were released onto the market at the
same time each tiny diamond would be worth a lot less than currently

The film shows what some have said is the case in Africa. In one scene taken
from an eye witness account there are dog food tin cans full of rough
diamonds and the uneducated local warlord wants to buy weapons with these
tin cans full of rough stones. He says "we have so many we don't know what
to do with them all." In the film Dicaprio's character says he will bring him as
well as weapons a TV so he can watch baywatch for some more dog food tin
cans full of these rough stones. The funny thing this is probably the true
value of these diamonds but through very clever marketing and a concerted
effort to make people think they are rare the world has been led to believe

that a diamond ring is worth 3 months wages.
To quote from later in the film, Dicaprio's character lays it all out. "Supply and
Demand" he says "You control the supply, and you keep the demand
high" Then he says "There are underground vaults in London where they put
all the stones they buy up to keep off the market, so they can keep the price
high. If someone wants to flood the market with a billion kilos of rough
diamonds then a company like Van De Keep (fictional replacement for De
Beers) can't let that happen because they say that they are rare. They cant
afford to let that happen. Especially when the're telling some poor soul that
he is supposed to shell out three months salary for an engagement ring."
I find it very interesting that the value of diamonds for an engagement ring is
supposed to be measured in time and wages not units of fiat currency. If a
man truly values his bride to be then he is supposed to spend 3 months
wages on the diamond and gold engagement ring. This has been perpetrated
all around the world I hear it in the far East and in the West. Everywhere I
have travelled.
It is very clever to use emotional blackmail to keep the perceived value of
diamonds and gold so high. At such an emotional time in ones life. While I
agree that we should measure the value of things in time and wages not units
of unbacked currency, I hate the way the banksters and the cartels
manipulate things. But we should actually value silver not in units of
unbacked fiat currency but the long term normal value a tenth of an ounce
about 3.1grams for a 12hour single days wage.
Silver should be measured in wages for time just like the cartel want
diamonds to be measured. I have been a victim myself. I have spent far more
than this measured in times and wages on my wifes engagement ring. But
this was before I became educated in these things. Then I had her
engagement ring redesigned. My wife lost her wedding ring so I bought
another one. Soon after the health spa where she lost it phones up saying
they found the original. So now she has two wedding rings with special
inscription inside.
I also bought an eternity ring and infinity ring for her. But from now on
platinum and silver, two precious metals that are both more rare than gold.
Going back to the film Blood Diamond again, because I think this is such an
important point to dwell on. To quote from the film, Dicaprio's character lays
it all out. "Supply and Demand" he says "You control the supply, and you keep
the demand high" Then he says "There are underground vaults where they
put all the stones they buy up to keep off the market, so they can keep the
price high. If someone wants to flood the market with a billion dollars worth of

rough diamonds then a company like Van De Keep (fictional replacement for
De Beers) can't let that happen because they say that they are rare. They
cant afford to let that happen. Especially when the're telling some poor soul
that he is supposed to shell out three months salary for an engagement ring."
This line about dumping large amounts into the market which will suppress
the price is so interesting in the context of silver. There are not any large
stockpiles of silver left in the world that can be dumped into the market to
lower the price, but why let facts like that get in your way? It does not stop
them dumping very large amounts of paper promises for future delivery to
suppress the price. These are broken promises because there is more paper
dumped into the market in a short space of time than there is silver
stockpiles available in the world.
So gold and diamonds are the polar opposite to silver in this way. There are
very large stockpiles of both gold and diamonds that have to be kept secret
and under control to keep the price high. While they have run out of silver
stockpiles but to keep the price low they need to make a phantom supply to
keep dumping into the market to keep the price suppressed.
I say again, you can not fight the free market forever. Although markets can
stay irrational for far longer than you expect. When the correction comes it
will overshoot depending on how far and how long it has been out of whack
Those in charge of some of the diamond mines have so many stones every
year. Diamonds in such high quantity, so many they do not know what to do
with them all. They have to be hidden away in secret just like the huge secret
gold hoards. The cartel must propel the myth that they are rare, just the
same as the myth that gold is rare. When diamonds and gold are not nearly
as rare as we are led to believe but silver is far more rare than we are led to
The unreported diamond supply is as big if not larger than the unreported
gold supply. I hate hearing official numbers like... this many billions of dollars
worth of diamonds or gold are produced every year in this or that country. You
know its all lies, far more are produced than the official numbers. And who is
to say what they are worth? Thats right the diamond/gold cartel. They choose
how much to report is being added to the supply every year. Then they also
choose how much they are 'worth' its all manipulated. Call me cynical if you
want. I am just interested in the truth. And the truth nobody knows the truth
anymore. The unreported supply of both gold and diamonds is too large and
has been for a long, long time.
Today as I write this in 2014 the reported supply of gold is said to be 6 tons
per day is being mined. This does not include what Russia and China are

mining every day. Experts say it is much greater than this. More like at least
20 tons per day is being mined around the world and that does not include
Russia and China the king of the North from Daniel chap 11. If you include
what the king of the north is mining and all the unreported supply it is
probably over 40 or 50 tons of gold being mined every single day. This may
have been the case for thousands of years. Obviously it fluctuates somewhat
but gold mining as had to go progressively deeper as the shallow gold has
already been mined. Gold does get more plentiful as the gold mine digs
deeper but its is harder and a lot more expensive to bring it up. Some gold
mines are now over 2 miles deep, there are said to be 2 mines in China and 1
in Russia that are even deeper. But these are unreported gold mines.
Remember gold is not consumed, all these tons of gold are building up for
thousands of years, and gold lasts forever. With silver, industry uses up about
half of the silver mined every year. And silver does not last forever it corrodes
away so all the gold being stored up for thousands of years is still with us but
very little silver from thousands of years ago is still with us.
There is no unreported supply of silver. The price has been pushed so low
now and you have to bribe so many people its just not worth it. There is huge
unreported supply of gold and has been for thousands of years.
One insider of the blackmarket mining industry said "You have to understand
how many people need to be bought off to get your hands on this unreported
supply of gold. From Police chiefs to heads of state and everyone in between
wants a cut."
Mark Twain once wrote “A gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar
on top.” Do not invest in mining shares, far safer to invest in honest metal
that has already been mined.
The price of gold and platinum are now so much higher above silver
compared to the historical 12 - 16:1 ratio. There is apparently a lot of gold
and platinum unreported. But the cheap silver price means there is no point
syphoning off any of the mine supply because there is not enough room in
the profit to bribe everyone necessary.
The banksters/cartels have an interest in propping up the perceived value of
both gold and diamonds. They hold large secret supplies of both. They have
run out of silver supplies so have no interest in making it seem rare. In fact
they have an interest in keeping the price of silver very low so that not too
much investment demand flows into silver and away from gold and
There is no unreported supply of silver becasue it never occers in its natural
state. You can not get some small time company or individual going out and

mining for or panning for silver. But this has been the case for gold and
diamonds for thousands of years and the unreported supply has been
building up and up. There is every effort made to make it look like the supply
of silver is larger than it is, the silver producing mining companies want
investors to think they are doing well and often over report the silver to drum
up investment.
De Beers who dominated the market in African diamond for 100 years their
philosophy was simple..... Control Diamond Supply and you control prices. We
have this idea the diamonds are rare but they're not! Silver is rare but we
have the idea that there are still huge stockpiles sitting in bank vaults all
around the world.

The fact is this supply has now all been used

up. Those vaults that were full of silver bullion even up to 1950's have now
all been depleted. The vaults that used to be filled with silver bullion all
around the world have been depleted of silver bullion and filled with even
more gold. Up to the 1980's these vaults were looking more and more full of
gold and less silver bullion left. Now decades later the last of the silver has
been sold into the market to feed the huge demand for silver. The vaults once
full of silver bullion are now full of even more gold bullion which is
overflowing and not needed for anything it just has to be stored. With all the
gold building up around the world new vaults are contantly being built to hold
all the overflowing gold stockpiles.
Are there many more Secret Gold Vaults in New York? Ronan Manly thinks so.
He has started a great series of articles delving into the secret gold vault
under Manhattan. Its very good work with pictures and everything. You can
find the info by searching online- the Keys to the Gold Vaults at the New York
Fed - Part 1 and more to follow.

If you believe in the fundamentals and rationality then stack 75x more
ounces of silver for your same currency units.
I hate hearing the gold vaults are empty, WHY? How can they be empty gold
never gets used up. It just gets moved around. If one gold vault is getting
empty it means another is getting even more full. New vaults need to be built
every year. The fundamentals concern themselves with total stockpiles, it

doesnt matter so much where they are or how much gets moved around.
Every year stockpiles of gold are overflowing, while silver stockpiles
are getting depleted.
But look at the central bank vaults that used to be full of silver since the
1950's, the silver vaults are now empty and are filling up with even more
gold. This silver has not been moved to another vault, it has been used up
and discarded in tiny hard to recover amounts.
Gold is less rare and less useful than silver.
It has also been announced that the Chinese have planned another new gold
vault which will be equipped to officially store about 2,900 additional tons of
gold. But the size of a few thousand tons of gold would fit in a relatively small
vault. The sizes of these new vaults in China would indicate much more gold
being stored than officially announced. And these will be located across from
Hong Kong in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. I believe that brings the total
number of new large gold vaults of late in China alone to nine. This is
necessary because they are such a big player in the physical market and
their presence in the gold market will only increase over time.
Even more large vaults are being built to store all this gold that is building up.
A gold vault that can store 20,000 metric tons, double China’s (official)
projected consumption this year, opened in Shanghai this month as owner
Malca-Amit Global Ltd. seeks to benefit from rising demand in Asia’s largest
The facility is the biggest for the Hong Kong-based company, and it can also
store diamonds, jewelry and art, Joshua Rotbart, precious metals general
manager, said in an interview. The site could hold gold bullion worth about
$825 billion at today’s price, Bloomberg calculations show.
What created the value in diamonds is withholding the supply making sure
that the supplies are regulated. The same can be said of gold. But there are
huge vaults around the world full of very large stockpiles of both diamonds
and gold. With silver the opposite has happened. There is no point trying to
make it look like silver is rare in available stockpiles because this is now the
truth, so they make it look like there is a huge plentiful supply, they say there
is a 5 trillion dollar silver market, but all this silver is paper promises, a
phantom supply.
It is De Beers is the source of where the official numbers of how much gold
and diamonds have ever been mined come from. The world gold council
publish these numbers like they are true. It is not hard to see they want both
diamonds and gold to look more rare than it is. While silver is made not to
look rare when it is now for the first time in world history.

I hear some trying to turn people away from silver and suggesting investing
in diamonds or gold when silver is far more rare in wealth terms than
diamonds. Just because as they say diamonds are so small for their value you
can hide them easily to pass through boarders. That is only because they are
highly overvalued and silver is very highly undervalued. You could hide a
couple of grams of silver just as easily as the same size diamond, who says
what will be the value of both in decades to come.
The huffingtonpost first broke this story that has been kept secret since the
A massive field of diamonds with trillions of trillions of carats of quality
diamonds has been discovered underneath a meteorite crater in Russia,
scientists have announced.
The dense stones can be used for jewelry, but will be most invaluable for
industries including manufacturing and mining. The diamonds were first
discovered in the Soviet 1970s, but its existence was not disclosed until now.
The Russian Academy of Sciences now says that trillions of carats of
diamonds are now known to be there - and are "twice as hard" as normal

Nikolai Pokhilenko, head of the Geological and Mineralogical Institute in
Novosibirsk, said the reserve could spark a "revolution" in diamond
Russian news agency RIA Novosti said that scientists are now calling for the
diamonds to be mined, in co-operation with the state-owned Alrosa diamond
mining company, which is itself the largest in the world.
However others have questioned the profitability of mining the material,

since most diamonds used in industry are manufactured artificially.
Yes it just shows diamonds are not rare just as gold is not that rare but silver
is getting very rare in comparison.
I am interested in this line "However others have questioned the profitability
of mining the material, since most diamonds used in industry are
manufactured artificially"
Well if its questionable if its economic to mine diamonds what about mining
and refining silver which is incredibly undervalued? It is said to be profitable (I
don't think it is at these low prices, but as always there is more to the story)
And it is more labor intensive mining and refining silver than mining these
diamonds which are so incredibly overvalued. The ironic thing is diamonds
are used when mining and refining silver, ha. Just think about these facts!
So we are told that mining diamonds is economically questionable even at
the high prices they are said to be worth, at the same time we are told that
gold is also under cost of mining it, which I do believe is true at time of
writing. But silver which is priced over sixty times cheaper than gold and
even more absurdly cheaper than diamonds is said to be at or around mining
costs at todays spot price of $16oz in 2014? So if gold is under the cost of
mining it at well over $1000oz how much under the cost of mining is silver at
$16oz? Is it really so much cheaper to mine silver than gold? No! The energy
and labor required are very similar. In fact silver never occurs in its natural
state but always needs refining. Gold is able to be mined in its natural state
which is a lot less energy and labor intensive.
LOL, who sold you that lie, that silver is cheaper to mine than gold or
diamonds? Gold and silver ore are many times processed together, from the
exact same ore, at the exact same time, using the exact same
process(dissolve&re solidify). They are then extracted at the exact same time
and they come out together. If you believe what the mainstream are saying,
then you are saying that silver costs only $16oz to get out of the ground in
ore and then the long hard process of refining and casting it as pure silver.
Someone has been feeding us a big fat lie.
It is such an important point to remember so it worth repeating, to remember
gold is many times found in its naturals state. You just have to bring it up and
clean it off. This is never true with silver. Silver is never found in its natural
state, it always has to be refined and processed from other products. Even a
pure silver mine which there are hardly any left they have nearly all been
depleted has to get its silver as a by-product from other substances. Even
though it was silver they were mainly after to start with.
My question is why is it debatable if its economically worth mining those

diamonds in Russia? When you look at the price given to diamonds at the
moment then look at the price of gold and it is said that at this time in 2014
the spot price of gold is under mining costs!!!!!!!!!! Well what about silver
which is over 75 times cheaper than gold measured in the spot price given to
it by the manipulators, and the official line is silver is only just under mining
costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something does not add up?
There is a big difference between diamonds and silver which is also needed
for industry, diamonds can be manufactured artificially but silver can not be.
It is not possible to artificially manufacture the element 47 on the periodic
table which is silver.
I remember reading alchemy is actually possible with gold. I do not know
much about it because it seems the truth has been covered up and it is now
hard to find information about it. But those who hold lots of gold will be very
upset to hear it seems it is possible and has been done successfully but only
with GOLD. You need a little gold and a little lead or other similar metal and
apparently they turned the little lead into a very close synthetic gold like
substance. But the amount of such energy needed is massive.
They can not do it with silver which is what is needed going forward. What
good would it do the world even if they could make artificial gold? The world
is awash with gold now the mining projects are getting so deep. Gold is not
needed for anything like silver is. Gold just looks nice, but it is not as good as
silver for many of the applications silver is used for.
The nearest that can be manufactured is an artificial substance called
graphene which is almost as good as silver for industrial uses. But graphene
only works alongside real silver and graphene costs around $10,000 per
ounce to make and its not quite as good as silver on is own which is around
$16 per ounce as I type this.
Yes, graphene is more conductive than copper but not better than silver. Oh
graphene is the most conductive material ever created by man. It is the most
conductive material ever created....by man. Silver has a Higher Creator than
man. Guess which one most manufacturers will be sticking with for reliability?
It looks very interesting and as suggested you can see the advantages for it
in touchscreen technology. There must be other ways in which it serves as a
flexible conductor, not just employed in electronics. But most times according
to one expert it needs to have silver alongside it. If only silver was used it
would be just as good and a great deal cheaper to make.
There is even a new method of growing graphene on a silver substrate that
could create opportunities for ultra-fast electronics and advanced optics,
researchers in Illinois say.

"Silver is a widely used material to enhance optical properties,"
Northwestern's Mark Hersam, a co-author of the study, said. "More recently,
graphene has emerged as a promising platform for optical technologies.
The researchers say they've developed a method for creating graphene on
silver using an ultra-high vacuum technique.
"With our recent development of a method for growing graphene on silver,
we can now exploit the best attributes of both graphene and silver at the
same time," Hersam said.

The key point is: Graphene costs over $10,000 per ounce to
make. Silver is now under $16 and still superior in almost
every way. If you were a mass manufacturer which would you
Gary Yanits has been a Graphene expert for years now. He is in touch with some of the best electrical
engineers industry insiders who all know the truth about graphene. The truth is if you spend that much
currency then there are lots of amazing substances that can be made. I dont know why such a fuss is
made about graphene there are many other synthetic materials that can be made incredible if you really
spend a hell of a lot.
Graphene is far more expensive than diamonds per gram. This is true for both natural found diamonds or
artificially made synthetic diamonds. They say some of these expensive new synthetic materials like
graphene are better than diamonds for some uses, but who wants to spend that extra currency on
graphene at $10,000 per ounce when much cheaper alternatives are available like cheap artificial
So is it a fair comparison to think of silver in the same camp as graphene or even diamonds? Well not
really because graphene and diamonds have not got thousands of years history being used as money.
Silver does. The most ironic thing is that diamonds (and maybe soon graphene) which are not rare but for
some reason are valued very very highly are actually used to mine and refine silver which is now
extremely rare in available stockpiles.
But the price of silver is artificially set so low you would think it is as plentiful as one of the new super
materials that are renewable so unlimited like graphene or some of these other renewable synthetic super
materials that are being developed. Or you would think with the price of silver under $16oz here in 2014
that silver must be so plentiful like these trillions of carats of diamonds, which can even be manufactured
artificially when silver can not be. Alchemy has been the holy grail for thousands of years, but science is no
closer to making silver artificially like they can do with diamonds so if they could ever make gold and silver
the way they can make diamonds then they could fall in value.
Just look at diamonds they can be made fairly cheaply and easily but the value of other diamonds did not
fall that much if at all. So even if they could make gold and silver artificially it would not kill the value of
real gold and silver.
Diamonds are not an element itself, but the result of carbon, heat and pressure. Yes, science can take an
element and introduce it to extreme forces to create a diamond. I haven't seen science create any new
element. Only our creator can do that. The best science can do is to identify and name something they
have not seen before.
Available stockpiles of silver on the other hand are now extremely rare and scarce compared to the
population of the world and in relation to paper and electronic fiat assets which are in trillions of trillions
measured in units of digital currency like dollars. And the supply of these currency units is expanding
exponentially along with world population while the last of the available silver stockpiles is dwindling.

I had a prominent Canadian in the PM community tell me--“I find diamonds frightening.”
A huge diamond “overhang” exists; meaning, the diamonds produced for the last several millenniums are
all out there, and if people become desperate, they could dump diamonds en masse for food, causing the
most severe glut ever seen in any commodity. Exceptional stones might not be affected, but we will see
copper remonetized before using nonfungible gems as currency. Precious Stones are not fungible, no two
grams are worth exactly the same, as is the case with gold, silver and copper bullion.
Some in my information sharing group shared some absolutely astonishing developments in the war on
gold. William Kaye, who 25 years ago worked for Goldman Sachs said
Kaye: “Wholesale demand for gold has been very strong. We have also seen central bank demand for
gold very strong at these levels as well. Where it is all coming from is a mystery"
“What I don’t know at this point is how much gold the central planners have access to in order to continue
to try to hold prices at depressed levels. The other question is, ‘Why would central banks in the West
knowingly and intentionally allow this massive migration of physical gold from West to East at such
depressed levels?’
I offered an opinion to the group that they have millions of tons available and the thousands of tons being
bought by the East every year is still nothing compared to the millions of tons they secretly hold.
The general reply was along the lines of, "The answer to that is a real mystery, but the demand for gold
continues." My own feeling is the equilibrium price for gold measured in current units of fiat is probably
ten times where it is currently trading, and possibly even higher. All other forms of portable wealth that I
can identify, none of which have thousands of years of history as money like gold and silver, have already
reached or are now approaching all-time highs.
If you look at diamonds, including artificial diamonds -- all-time records. Even though there can be an
infinite supply. Look at the art market, including art that’s really not that special, that’s also hitting all-time
highs at the auctions. I enjoy wines, but what I don’t like is having to pay twice what I had to pay two
years ago for fine wines. (Now I make my own wine) That’s what has been happening. Every two or three
years the fine wines of France and Italy are doubling.
It’s the same story with rare maps/stamps everything. Similar to what happens every time the monetary
cycle repeats just before currency becomes worth-less and less. To me this is all very fascinating because
every other identifiable form of portable wealth has done extremely well this year, with most hitting alltime highs. And yet gold and silver are languishing well below the highs that were reached in 2011. It’s
really nonsensical except for the fact that the manipulation footprints are clearly present.
There was an interesting article that recently appeared in the Financial Times over here in London. It was
headlined: “Food price swings get bigger this year.” As this headline suggests, the article discussed the
“price volatility” of commodities, but a careful reading of the article shows that these “food price swings”
are only swinging one way -- up....
I guess the mainstream media still believes the central planners, who insist that inflation is tame and that
we should be worried about deflation, not inflation. So rather than mention higher prices, the FT article
instead speaks about higher “volatility” and rising “market expectations” as a way of sidestepping the fact
that commodities are becoming more expensive.
Here is another direct quote as an example showing how this mainstream media player is misdirecting
attention away from the underlying important point that commodity prices are rising: “Market
expectations for price changes in arabica coffee …have surged 112 percent since the start of the year.”
The article says nothing about how coffee prices have actually been rising -- it only mentions expectations
as if the rise will happen at some undetermined time in the future.
The reasons given for this volatility and change in market expectations are numerous, with each
commodity having at least one reason. These excuses for higher prices included a drought in Brazil, a
harsh U.S. winter, changing weather patterns, more extreme weather, an animal virus, and even the crisis

in the Ukraine. But nowhere did the article mention the most important cause of rising commodity prices,
which of course is related to the central banks and what they are doing to destroy the purchasing power of
national currencies.
To focus on this point, I decided to look at commodity prices over the long term. So I went to the World
Bank website, which has the price of various commodities going back for decades.
For example, they report the price of 62 commodities listed monthly from January 1980, which pretty much
marked the peak of the 1970s inflationary spiral. In other words, commodity prices back then were pretty
much at a high point, which was acknowledged by the FT article. But just as is supposedly occurring
today, the high prices back then were caused by “extreme weather events in the 1970s.” In fact, the word
“inflation” was not used once in the article.
Anyway, the results of my little investigation are remarkable. Only three of the 62 commodities are lower
in price than they were back at that inflationary peak, but only slightly so. (One was more extreme and
absurd it was less than half the price it was over 35 years ago in 1978. Just think about compared with all
other commodities!!!!!!Guess which one?) Even when including these three with lower prices, the average
price of these 62 commodities as of April 2014 is 197 percent higher than January 1980.
The median increase was 187 percent, which makes it clear that commodity prices have risen across the
board. Given this fact, rising commodity prices cannot be blamed only on bad weather. Instead bad
monetary policies are the real cause of the long-term rise in commodity prices.
The dollar and other currencies are losing purchasing power, but because it happens over time, people
lose sight of just how bad the currency debasement really is. Another reason for the widespread
misunderstanding about what really is happening, as this article shows, is that reporting by the
mainstream media focuses people’s attention on the wrong thing -- bad weather, instead of the real cause
for rising prices, central planners and bad policies.
Here is another example of this misreporting phenomenon. Bloomberg reported that Dean Foods Co., “the
largest U.S. dairy processor, cut its full-year earnings forecast after higher raw-milk costs squeezed
margins and winter weather disrupted deliveries to schools.”
Nowhere is it mentioned that the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve are eroding the purchasing
power of the dollar year after year with far worse impact than any fleeting bad weather. They blame the
weather, not the Federal Reserve monetary policies debasing the purchasing power of the dollar.
This quote is an eye-opener. Not raising prices to offset higher costs shows that companies are reluctant
to raise prices. The reason of course is that the U.S. economy is in dire straits, with strapped consumers
already finding it difficult to make ends meet. So companies are faced with the situation that demand for
their products will fall if they raise prices. Anyway the point is as currency supplies are expanded this is
inflation, the result of inflation is prives want to go higher. For instance, since 1980, oil has gone from $35
a barrel to more than $110 a barrel. Most commodities have experienced similar inflation as the currency
supplies of the world have been inflated similar percentages or a lot more in some cases.
There is one other point I would like to make about my review of commodity prices on the World Bank site.
They actually include one other commodity with prices from January 1980 to the present -- silver. The eyeopening point is that silver is less than 50 percent of its price 35 years
How is it possible that silver can be so historically cheap given its use in so many new applications and the
continuing drawdown of its above-ground stock? We all of course know the answer to that question
because silver is part of the central planners’ scheme to keep the price of the precious metals as low as
they can. Yet gold is 192 percent of its price at the end of January 1980. So why hasn’t the silver price
risen at the same rate?
Some people will answer that question in a variety of ways, but to me there is only one answer. The price
of silver is much easier to control than the price of gold because silver is a much smaller market, so paper
derivatives can have a much bigger impact on silver. After all, one wealthy individual controlled the whole
silver market by himself for a while leading to its price spike in 1980. So imagine what a group of
governments and their bullion bank agents can do with their combined resources if they are intent on

manipulating silver. Why is silver not one of the most valuable substances on earth right now?
The most valuable substances on earth tend to be expensive because of their viewed rarity or because of
the difficulty in producing them. However, some materials have an inflated value because of the criminal
risk involved in buying and selling these items. As soon as something becomes illegal the value goes up
around the same amount as the risk in holding them. Gold has been made illegal to hold many times
though history, those who held some in secret found the value to go very high but so did the risk in trying
to sell or spend it. For this reason, many silver stackers are wishing for a time when silver may be
confiscated or become a controlled substance due to the demand being greater than supply. If it becomes
illegal to hold silver, or the law says you have to hand silver over to the government, then silver's value
will go up to very high levels and a black market will develop.
Over time, the worth of expensive substances regularly changes as the availability of rare materials
increases, or the desire for them decreases. This works the other way around as well. Elements like silver
and helium are relatively inexpensive at present time, but as the world’s supply eventually dwindles as it’s
predicted to, these two elements may experience a surge in market value. These two elements are said to
be the first two on the periodic table to become extinct in industrial quantities. Helium can not be held in
bullion form, but silver can be. This is key. As I write this here in 2014 silver is not even in the top 1000
most expensive substances, I am buying silver now in 2014 under $16oz even as low as $14.15oz. For
easy numbers just keep in mind $0.50 per gram which is actually over $17oz. But just keep 50c per gram
in mind, (even though at the moment silver is even less than this) half of one USdollar per gram of silver
as you compare to other substances on earth. Gold which is now for the first time in history far less rare
than silver is almost $40 per gram, but gold is only number 15 on the list.
Currently, the list of the most expensive materials on earth are dominated by so called rare earth elements
such as platinum, precious gems like diamonds (which are not as rare as we are told), illicit drugs and
advanced materials that are dangerous and hard to produce. All of these substances share a common
thread of being high in demand and low in supply – except for those outliers which have been declared
illegal in most countries on the planet. Here is a list of the 15 most expensive substances in the year 2014.
My prediction is that silver will be in the top 15 when the manipulation ends in about the next decade. If
there are confiscations and it is made a controlled substance when the shortages of silver become severe,
then it could be in the top ten or even the top five on the black market, around the year 2024/25.
15. Gold – $40 per gram. Why gold is still valued so much higher (more than 75x) than silver is a mystery.
There are now millions of tons of gold building up around the world and it is not really needed for anything.
Every year gold become more abundant while silver less so. The world does not need gold for anything and
every year the worldwide stockpiles grow even larger. As gold mines dig deeper the quantity being brought
up increases. While the last of the silver stockpiles that have not yet been used up slowly get depleted, the
world absolutely NEEDS silver to maintain our modern way of life. Silver deposits get more rare as mines
dig deeper, to the point where no silver remains under a few thousand feet.
14. Rhodium – $48 per gram. Nearly 60% of all rhodium is found in South Africa and Russia. A silver-white
material that’s a member of the platinum group of metals, this element is less dense and more resistant to
heat than platinum while featuring excellent durability, conductivity and reflectance. But no where near as
good as silver in any of these properties.
As a result, this element, sometimes referred to as “white gold” in wedding rings, can be found in other
jewelry, aircraft engines, search lights and processes that manufacture acids and organics. Part of the
reason rhodium has a high price is due to interruptions in Russian supplies during the late 90s. But there is
no end in sight for Rhodium deposits as it is also found in greater quantity the deeper the mine digs as in
the case with gold mining operations.
13. Platinum – $50 per gram. Platinum is another attractive silver-white metal that has many uses due to
its flexibility. Similar to rhodium and gold, platinum is used in jewelry, engines, chemical reactions, wiring,
dentistry and electrodes.
Platinum resists oxidizing in air and doesn’t melt in hydrochloric or nitric acid. This element was
rediscovered in 1735 after being used as far back as 1200 B.C in Egyptian jewelry. Known deposits are far
less than gold but as miners dig deeper more platinum can be found, unlike silver which becomes more
rare as mines dig deeper.

12. Methamphetamine – $100 per gram. As the illegal substance that helped drive the plot of Breaking
Bad, methamphetamines are some of the most addictive substances in the world, resulting in serious
health problems for hundreds of thousands of people in North America.
The drug’s ability to rapidly release dopamine in the brain causes side effects such as violent behaviour,
psychosis, paranoia, anxiety, sleep deprivation and intense mood swings. Sadly, extreme addiction can
also result in “meth face” and death. The high value comes from the illegal aspect as it can be made
relatively cheaply and easily in high quantities.
11. Rhino Horn – $110 per gram. A cure to cancer and hangovers are just a couple of the largely
unfounded claims of the benefits of this material. It’s powdered rhino horn is considered a valuable
resource in some countries in Asia.
Traditional Chinese medicine also makes use of the powder, although having an intact rhino horn is
considered a great way to display conspicuous wealth, considering the relative cost of the product. There
can be an infinite supply though for as long as Rhino's are not extinct.
10. Heroin – $130 per gram. Currently, almost 80% of all opium that’s used in heroin is sourced in
Afghanistan. The Taliban wanted to clean up the country and get farmers growing food crops instead. They
Americans soon invaded and got opium farming back up to even greater quantity than pre Taliban days.
Heroin travels directly to the brain, transforms into morphine and seeks opioid receptors responsible for
breathing and other automatic cognitive processes necessary for life. Due to its euphoria-inducing
qualities, heroin is one of the most addictive and destructive drugs in the world. The high value comes
from the illegal aspect and has nothing to do with rarity as opium poppies are very commonly grown in the
wild all around the world.
9. Cocaine – $215 per gram. Another incredibly addictive and expensive stimulant is cocaine, which is
derived mostly in South America from the coca leaf. Part of the value of pure cocaine is the ability to make
incredible amounts of profit by cutting it with cheaper substances or freebasing the raw material, turning it
into crack cocaine. Due to the short length of the effects of cocaine, addicted users often binge in order to
avoid experiencing the negative side effects. Again the high value comes from the illegal aspect and has
nothing to do with rarity, as coca leaf can be grown in great quantity all around the world.
8. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide – $3,000 per gram. More commonly known as acid or LSD, lysergic acid
diethylamide was discovered by Albert Hoffman in Switzerland in 1938 while attempting to create a
substance useful as a psychological remedy. Instead, counter culture gurus such as Timothy Leary
suggested that people try it as a method to expand consciousness, resulting in the drug becoming wildly
popular in the 1960s. LSD creates powerful hallucinations and can result in a dangerous trip that results in
psychological problems as well as serious physical injuries. The high value is purely a result of the illegal
highly controlled laws and nothing to do with rarity as it can be made relatively cheaply in large quantities.
7. Plutonium – $4,000 per gram. Plutonium is derived from uranium that has been used in nuclear
reactions. This element rarely comes into existence through natural processes. Nuclear power plants often
use the plutonium from uranium reactions to continue the nuclear process, resulting in more than one-third
of nuclear fission energy. With the worlds hatred for and turning away from nuclear power there is said to
be an oversupply of plutonium with no other use and very harmful effects from this radioactive substance.
6 Painite – $9,000 per gram. First discovered in Burma during the 1950s, painite is a rare mineral that
features a pinkish, reddish or brown hue. Once known as the rarest mineral in the world, very few
specimens of painite exist. Recent discoveries in the Mogok area of Myanmar, however, promise to result
in an eventual reduction in its scarcity. The high value comes purely from the rarity even though there is no
real use for it.
5. Taaffeite Stone – $20,000 per gram. Taaffeite stone is another incredibly rare gemstone only recently
identified by collectors. The attractive colors of this rare material range from red to purple, although there
are less than ten red taaffeite stones known to exist. The amount of taaffeite discovered would fill the
volume of approximately half a cup. Again the value comes purely from the rarity.
4. Tritium – $30,000 per gram. Tritium forms naturally when deuterium or nitrogen atoms are bombarded
with cosmic radiation, resulting in a hydrogen nucleus with two additional neutrons. As a radioactive form

of hydrogen, tritium produces a glow that’s useful for self-lit exit signs, gun sights and other illuminated
products such as watches. Tritium is like graphene which is not rare but it is very costly to produce.
3. Diamond – $55,000 per gram. Long-prized for their beauty and value, diamonds are the most expensive
gemstone despite the fact that they’re not the rarest on earth. Diamonds form deep under the earth’s
crust through intense pressure and heat, which transform carbon molecules into the hardest gem on earth.
Some diamonds have been dated as far back as 3.2 billion years.
The high value of diamonds is, of course, a contentious issue as the resource has been known to be
exploited. The mineral is commonly found in certain war-torn areas of Africa, where ‘blood diamonds’ can
be used as bartering material for illegal weaponry. There are trillions of carrots of diamonds around the
world but most kept off the market to propel the myth that they are more rare than they actually are.
Artificial diamonds can also be made relatively easily in large quantities.
2. Californium – $27 million per gram. Discovered in California in 1950, Californium is a rare earth metal
that doesn’t occur naturally on the planet. Highly radioactive, one microgram of Californium releases up to
170 million neutron particles every minute, making it extremely toxic to most organic life. Uses of this
element include detection of gold, platinum and moisture gauges for oil wells.
1. Antimatter – $6.25 trillion per gram. By far the most expensive substance on earth is antimatter, which
requires some of the most advanced technology available, such as CERN, in order to create small amounts
that are enough for physicists to study. Many people were introduced to the idea of antimatter through
science fiction due to its incredibly destructive properties when mixed with regular matter.
Regardless of the ongoing manipulation of the silver price, one obvious fact stands out from my
comparison of commodity prices -- silver is very, very cheap. Silver is by far the cheapest of the ALL
commodities I compared. That makes silver a tremendously undervalued asset and therefore one of the
best buys on the planet today. Why is silver not considered one of the most expensive
The difference is they have plenty of gold to sell into the market to keep prices suppressed but they have
now run out of silver stockpiles.
We are seeing backwardation in the gold and silver markets once again, and this seems to be the case now
on a daily basis. We have GOFO rates (google it if you're not familiar) which had been mildly positive, but
now, particularly in the near-term, they have also crept back into being negative.
The bottom line here is all of this suggests that the silver market will go significantly higher from here, and
quite possibly the world will realise that gold is not nearly as rare or useful as silver is.
You have to remember what I repeat so much that silver has more than 10,000 industrial uses… far more
than oil. More patents are filed on it than any other metal. Actually more than every other metal combined!
Just think about that. And industry eats up more than 69 tonnes of silver every single day.

It is one of the most in-demand materials on the planet. Just like oil – it makes
the world go round. And my research suggests silver could be facing an
industrial shortage. Not in 100 years, not in 50 years – but possibly within the
next decade. As things stand demand for silver is rising, supply is falling and
inventories are being eaten up at a rapid pace. Yet the price has to be pushed
down to keep confidence in the temporary system from 71. This is why Mike
Maloney says buying siler at these manipulated prices could be the greatest
opportunity of all time.
It will almost certainly be longer than 17 years until all silver deposits are
depleted to the extent that it becomes extinct in industrial quantities which
means by the ton. There will always be small amounts of silver yet to be
mined but what’s important here – and what cannot be ignored – is the trend.

We appear to be headed in one direction. Industries reliant on silver are
eating supplies at a ravenous pace. It seems inevitable that a supply crunch
will happen.
When a situation like this occurs, commodities can skyrocket in price.
It's a fundamental law of economics that when there's a threatened shortage
of something that is in high demand… or even the suggestion of a
shortage… its price can increase tremendously. The threat of a commodity
running out can drive it through the roof when it becomes publicly known.
While the fact of silver’s coming supply shortage is at the moment only being
discussed in specialist circles.
It’s an idea still new to a lot of people… but to some of the world’s most
successful investors, it’s not extraordinary at all. In fact, they are already
invested in it.
For example, precious metals expert Theodore Butler has a long held position
in silver – biding his time for an all-out ‘silver panic’ once the shortage
becomes big news. He thought it would have happened already and is now
expecting it very soon.
I too believe silver’s time has come, it will be this decade the silver bomb will
go off.
I won't beat around the bush here – right up front, I think a silver investment
today can make you very wealthy over the next 5-10 years. Potentially a
great deal of wealth over the next decade to 2024-25.
A critical shortage in a high-in-demand commodity is quite rare. Industries
like to use materials they can easily – and fairly cheaply – get their hands on.
That makes sense. And that’s why, when the mere threat of one occurs, the
effect on the price can be very dramatic.
For example…In 2003 the price of rhodium – which is an essential component
of diesel engines – was around $475 an ounce. Then something happened.
Demand for rhodium from the auto-industry skyrocketed … and the industry
scrambled for as much as they could get their hands on - fearing a shortage.
In June 2008 the price reached a high of $9,745 an ounce – a gain of 1,951%
from 2003.
Then there’s the Palladium shortage of 2000…The price of this precious metal
shot up from $114 to over $1,000 in 5 years – a climb of over 777% – when
Russian stockpiles fell short. Again – the mere threat of a shortage triggered a
wild grab for the material.

You probably never heard of these two shortages or the money they made
those who had spotted them and invested in these rare commodities. These
kinds of industrial events are not common knowledge. They only interest
specialists. I’m just showing you the principle – and the effect it can have.
Silver's time will come and it will blow every other mania in history out of the
Why is silver so different? Well it has never happened that any commodities
are actually threatened with the possibility of complete and total industrial
consumption... or ‘extinction’. Meaning there is no more to extract from the
earth and none available anywhere.
This has only come close to almost happen a handful of times in history. But
then more natural deposits have always been found. For instance, in 2008 a
report by Armin Reller, a scientist at the University of Augsburg in Germany,
stated that we are running out of Indium…
Indium is used in everything from solar panels to every single TV and
computer LCD screen… and fear over the scarcity of this element caused the
price to increase over 1,500% from 2003-2006. Those are shockingly high
price rises… and silver is far more widely used than many of the industrial
materials I mentioned above.
No-one can calculate what the mad scramble for silver is going to do to its
value. Any estimates, at this point, are just wild guesses. I don’t see any
value in that.
What I am interested in is the simple likelihood of silver’s industrial
“disappearance” – and what could happen when that idea becomes
mainstream. Then what will happen after that. Even if the value goes back to
normal 3 grams worth 12hr days wage, there will still be shortages of supply
compared to demand.
In a moment, I’ll show you why there could be a serious silver shortage. It’s a
rare set of conditions- all coming together at once…. three main powerful
forces that I see driving the silver value past the value of gold, platinum or
any other element on the periodic table.
Quite frankly, from what I now know, I believe we are looking at one of the
most valuable opportunities in the world over the next ten years.
Nations around the world, powerful investors and multinational companies
are beginning to worry about this problem and should be starting to hoard
silver in huge quantities. But they are not yet.
Industries that rely on silver don’t care if a shortage is 5 years in the future or
10. They have to plan for it. But they are not yet.

They will have no choice. If they want to keep producing the phones,
computers and TVs that make they rely on selling – they need the silver.
There are no alternatives to industrial silver, as things stand it is an industrial
That’s why, when the idea of silver’s serious industrial shortage really takes
grip… we could see some very powerful industries – computing, telecom, the
military, even BigPharma – fighting for every last available scrap, before it’s
all gone.
Can you imagine what that will do to its price? The first big reason silver will
rocket in price…
Irresistible Force #1:
We’re running out of silver
It’s a simple equation:
When demand for something skyrockets UP… and supply is going DOWN… its
price will rise.
But right now demand for silver is rocketing while available supply is rapidly
diminishing. Only the price manipulation is holding down the price.
Let’s look at both sides of the equation.
First, let’s look at the demand for industrial silver – that’s the stuff used in
anything from smartphones, hospital bed sheets, batteries, laptops, TVs, car
parts… you name it.
The fabrication (industrial) demand for silver has been on a pretty aggressive
climb for almost 20 years now – currently approaching a 20-year high. There
is no reason this will not continue up at this rate.
Why is demand spiking? It’s simple: there are more and more USES for the
Because of its unique properties to conduct heat and electricity, it’s being
used in ever more intricate technologies like solar panels, smartphones and
computer servers.
Between 1999 and 2011, the uses of silver have more than doubled.
That’s important to remember – unlike gold, silver is being used up.
What about monetary silver? By that I mean the kind investors buy – coins,
bars, that sort of thing for barter and use for buying things directly with in the

That’s also on the rise. In fact, according to a report issued by the World
Silver Survey, in 2013 the demand for physical silver rose by 13% to an ALL
In a recent phone call, Adrian Ash - head of research at BullionVault - told me
that silver is in even higher demand than gold at the moment… and that May
2014 saw the strongest month of buying for nearly two years.
Things are picking up pace. That’s the word from an ‘insider’ who works in
the precious metals markets every day – silver investment is red hot at the
And that view is backed up by the fact that the US Mint actually ran out of
silver bullion coins and had to suspend sales again in December 2012 and
January 2013. This is becoming more frequent as they struggle to source the
available silver.
That’s crucial. When looking for the true bull market in precious metals, you
need not look any further than the overwhelming evidence that is provided
by the physical monetary market.
And in 2013 the Royal Canadian Mint reported its highest ever sales. That’s
higher than when the gold and silver bull markets were at their peak. In fact,
sales of its renowned Silver Maple Leaf are at a 25 year high. This is my
favorite silver bullion to stack as it is 9999 fine which means 10% more pure
silver than other silver bullion like US eagles. Maple leafs are used for making
ionic silver water and even as I have done used a quarter of a silver maple
leaf to make a false tooth which is constantly killing bacteria in my mouth.
Is this the start of a real silver rush? The years ahead will give us an answer.
One thing we can be certain of is the rare situation silver is in right now.
On the one hand, you have demand for silver at a multi decade high. And on
the other, you have falling supply. In fact, even according to one of the most
bearish sources when it comes to silver supplies – The CPM Silver Yearbook –
silver supply is at its lowest point in years. The CPM group is headed by Jeff
Christian who is the banksters mouthpiece and is always trying to turn people
away from silver and is always bearish. So Jeff Christian is on the other side of
the silver bulls camp, he makes a case that silver is not manipulated and that
there is plenty of silver available. He says all investment silver is surplus
therefore if there is a shortage and the price starts to rise then investment
silver will save the day. I would say only the weak hands will sell, most silver
investors hold it in very strong hands for the long term and will not sell for
dying fiat currency. Also if you count the around 50% of mined silver supply

as 'surplus' then 99% of all gold is also surplus. As only 1% of gold goes to
industry and it is all reclaimed. Around 50% of mined supply of silver goes to
industry (less than 5% is reclaimed) and 50% goes to investment. Actually
more than 50% of mined supply is supposed to go to investment, but is that
not possible? The answer is, its paper promises for future delivery. Where will
this silver come from?
I disagee with Jeff and I think if silver demand continues to grow like this,
while world silver inventory continues to fall – then we're heading towards an
inevitable outcome: Silver known reserves will run out within 17 to 20
years. As in all of the shortage panics I have shown you with other
commodities like rhodium and Indium, these events are spotted way in
advance by industries reliant upon the material. I believe this is a glaring
opportunity for those who know about it before the masses. To put it simply:
The amount of silver mined each year is fast reaching the point where it is
less than the amount used. Unlike gold, there are not huge stockpiles of silver
in vaults around the world. Industrial users could soon begin to feel the pinch
of longer delivery times. When this happens, panic could set in and I believe
silver prices will skyrocket.
Soaring prices will mean the end of cheap silver. That is why it is so critical to
act now before this happens.
When you consider what’s happening, you have every right to wonder: why
hasn't the price of silver ALREADY rocketed? Well, these things do not run like
clockwork. Right now I believe we’re in the lag period between market
fundamentals shouting out that this is a massively undervalued asset… and
the wider market waking up to that fact.
But this ‘blindspot’ simply cannot last. Soon enough I believe we are going to
see investors flocking to silver in unprecedented numbers. And that’s why I
believe you need to invest now. You need to be ‘in it to win it’, if you like. I'm
backing silver over the next 10 years – but there’s no telling WHEN it could
actually ignite. Don’t try to time it – just put yourself in a position and wait.
The price has been manipulated down and dropped to around $16 an ounce.
That scares some people off. They simply see a falling asset. But most people
have no idea that silver could be on the verge of a genuine supply crisis.
Forget the ‘baggage’ and simply look at the situation NOW. If you think like us
in our info sharing group, then you don't care whether the market slides a
little, or even a lot. In fact, you welcome it because that's when the biggest
steals are found. You could like us wait for the big dips to buy or just buy
every month because in the long run over the next decade it will not make
much difference.

Our info sharing group exists for one reason: To study the financial, political
and economic world, understand the deep changes that are going to affect
private investors, and share our insight with each other.
That's why I love $16oz silver right now. It is “The most undervalued
asset on earth.”
Legendary precious metals expert Ted Butler shares my view. He is known as
Uncle Ted in the silver community. He calls silver “the most undervalued
asset on earth.” Here’s his professional opinion:
“I own silver because of the coming silver shortage… I feel it will perform
better than any other investment I am aware of. Including gold. Quite simply,
I believe that silver will make more wealth, by far, than any other investment,
almost regardless of further circumstances.”
What is an asset bubble? An asset bubble occurs when a large number of
buyers, normally not usually prone to speculate in an asset, bid the price of
that asset much higher than underlying valuations would support, most often
fueled by leverage or borrowed money. Typically, towards the terminal phase
of the bubble the most compelling reason for continuing to buy the asset is
due to the rising price itself, as all caution is thrown to the wind amid the
collective belief that prices can only move higher still. Then, when the last
possible speculator has purchased the asset, the inevitable occurs and the
price of the asset collapses as previous buyers turn into sellers and attempt
to get out. Since the formation of the bubble and its inevitable collapse are
driven by the collective emotions of greed and fear, it is generally impossible
to predict how long an asset bubble will persist and how high the price can
climb, as well as the timing and extent of the subsequent collapse.
How do asset bubbles develop? Most often, an asset bubble develops when
an undervalued asset which has a compelling investment story and there
exists an overall financial environment of sufficient buying power, catches the
collective interest of the crowd. For example, by the mid-2000’s and after
years of steady appreciation, residential real estate developed into an asset
bubble amid the self-fulfilling cycle of continued gains and the availability of
easy credit.
As far as great stories go, silver has the best potential story to develop into a
bubble. First, there is little argument that it is among the most, if not the
most undervalued asset of all by objective relative historical price
comparison. In addition, it is at or below its primary cost of production, as
evidenced in recent quarterly earnings reports. Remember, most bubbles
start out with an asset that is undervalued – on this score silver more than
qualifies as being undervalued.

Aside from extreme undervaluation, the silver story is multi-faceted. Silver is
both an industrial metal and a primary investment asset, the net effect being
that very little newly-produced silver is available for investment, perhaps only
10% of the one billion oz produced yearly (mine plus recycling), or 100 million
oz annually. In dollar terms, at current prices that comes to less than $2
billion per year. There are two ways to look at that; the observation that there
are countless individuals and investment funds capable of ponying up that
entire amount on their own and the fact that $2 billion amounts to less than
30 cents on a per capita basis for the world’s 7 billion inhabitants. Simply put,
there is no other asset class which would require less buying to develop into a
bubble than silver.
Apart from newly-produced silver available for investment, the amount of
previously produced metal available for investment, or world inventories, is
also shockingly low. As a result of a 65 year deficit consumption pattern that
ended in 2005, world silver inventories have been depleted by 90% from the
levels existing at the start of World War II. Today, only a little over one billion
oz of metal in accepted bullion industrial form exists with perhaps another
billion oz existing in coins and bars. In dollar terms, that comes to $20 to $40
billion, where most other asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate and even
gold) are measured in the many trillions of dollars. And please, never confuse
what exists with what’s available for purchase – only the owners of the small
amount of silver that exists will determine at what price it is available.
The conclusion is simple – the asset requiring the least amount of buying to
create a bubble is, automatically, the best candidate for developing into the
biggest bubble. The fuel for any bubble is total (world) buying power versus
the actual amount of an asset available for purchase. Previous, as well as
prospective, bubbles in stocks, bonds and real estate grew to many trillions of
dollars of total valuation. At $200 an ounce, all the silver in the world (bullion
plus coins) would “only” amount to $400 billion, not even a rounding error to
the total valuation of stocks, bonds, real estate and, even, gold. In other
words, due to silver’s current undervaluation and its shockingly small amount
in existence, it has more room to the upside than any other asset class.
But I’m not done. Silver’s unique dual role as a vital industrial material and
primary investment asset creates a setup for something happening that has
never occurred in any previous bubble. As and when sufficient physical
investment buying develops in silver to drive prices significantly higher, the
industrial consumers of silver, in everything from electrical and solar
applications to medical and chemical applications, will likely be subject to
delays in the customary delivery timelines of the metal. As is almost always
the case, whenever industrial consumers of a commodity are deprived of
timely deliveries, they resort to stockpiling that commodity as a remedy,
further exacerbating delivery delays to other users.

Thus, the stage is set for something the world has never experienced
previously – an asset bubble accompanied with an industrial shortage. The
two greatest upward price forces known to man, an asset bubble and a
genuine commodity shortage, appear set to combine in silver. Either one,
alone, would have a profound impact on the price, but the combination
seems both inevitable and almost impossible to contemplate in terms of how
high the price of silver could be driven. And it’s hard to see how intense
investment buying wouldn’t trip off industrial user attempted inventory
stockpiling or vice versa; it doesn’t matter which comes first.
Tying everything together, there is one and only one explanation for why
silver is so undervalued and the asset bubble/industrial shortage hasn’t
occurred yet – the ongoing price manipulation on the COMEX. Massive
amounts of paper contracts traded between two groups of large speculators
(technical funds and commercials), measuring in the hundreds of millions of
ounces and completely unrelated to the supply/demand fundamentals have
set the price of silver. This COMEX price control is both the curse and the
promise in that it not only explains the undervaluation, it will explain why it
seems inevitable for an asset bubble/user shortage to develop.
Think of it this way – the asset with the greatest potential for becoming the
biggest bubble ever had better have the greatest story ever as well. And that
is what the COMEX silver manipulation is – the key ingredient in the greatest
investment potential score ever. If silver wasn’t manipulated how good would
the story be? Absent manipulation, I wouldn’t buy or hold silver because that
would mean that free market forces were setting the price all along. In other
words, if silver wasn’t manipulated there would be scant reason to buy it in
my eyes. If I wasn’t convinced silver was manipulated, I can’t see how I would
have ever written this or anything about it in the past or could have become
interested in it in the first place.
As painful as recent prices have been to existing holders because of the
manipulation, without it there would be little chance for a price explosion at
some point. The easiest major potential change in the silver price equation is
for the manipulation to end, one way or another. And if history and logic win
out, the silver manipulation must end, not the least because of the coming
clash between paper and physical silver. Some call it the disconnect between
paper derivatives contract on the COMEX and actual physical silver, but in
reality the story is that COMEX futures contracts are very much connected to
each other via the delivery mechanism.
The connection between paper and physical has been forged because the
main COMEX futures speculators are only interested in trading paper futures
contracts and not in trading physical metal. Technical funds have no desire to
buy and sell real metal for full cash payment when they can deal in paper

contracts for only 10% cash down because they are trading, not investing.
The problem is that the trading between the technical funds and the
commercials has become so large that it dwarfs real world silver
supply/demand fundamentals and ends up setting the price of silver in
violation of commodity law. I know that this perversion of the price-discovery
process has existed for a long time, but it would be wrong to confuse
longevity with permanence.
The fact is that while the COMEX paper market dominance has lorded over
the real supply and demand fundamentals, the stage has been set for a
physical asset bubble/industrial user panic event. I’ve become convinced that
any prospective bubble in silver won’t be driven by the aggressive buying of
COMEX futures contracts, but only by physical buying. For one thing, the
crooked CME and CFTC would never allow any group of traders to drive silver
prices sharply higher by buying unlimited amounts of COMEX futures
contracts. If the technical funds do buy big amounts of COMEX silver futures
contracts, you can almost be certain that the CME and CFTC knew that those
funds would be soon forced to sell on lower prices.
As a result, any bubble in silver must and will develop from physical
investment buying. Surely, any industrial user inventory buying panic must
involve immediate physical delivery and not a paper futures contract in a
time of delivery delays and uncertainty. In fact, it is hard to imagine, as a
silver bubble begins to develop, a greater urgency for holding only physical
metal to intensify, due to a growing recognition that the COMEX manipulation
was responsible for the former low price.
Since I am speaking in terms of a potential historic asset bubble in silver, I
am implying that the price of silver will far exceed its true value at some
point. While I respect anyone’s reasons for buying and holding silver, my
mission has always been to help end the manipulation and be done with
silver after that was accomplished and reflected in the price.
The thing to remember is, any industrial commodity is capable of going into a
shortage. All it takes is for industrial demand to exceed total production or
come close to it. And that’s happening with silver right now.
Today you have a huge opportunity from this unique situation.
Such shortages seem rare, but then again just about every industrially
consumed metal or other commodity has faced threat of a shortage at some
point over time.
Copper (1970s), nickel (1940s), lead (2013), a whole host of grains and
foodstuffs and energy products have experienced shortages of varying
degree. But as prices rise the supply does with it. This cant happen if it is

near to depletion from the earths natural reserves. This is why silver is
different, it is the first natural element that will be depleted from natural
deposits on the earths crust.
Faced with delivery delays that will shut down assembly lines, the industrial
users will do what has always been done throughout history – they will try to
buy even more silver to build their own inventories and eliminate future
delivery delays.
This is just normal human collective behaviour – just like panic buying of
bread, rice and petrol when a hurricane warning is issued. Instead this time,
the panic will be about buying silver.
Imagine what this situation would do to the price.
Frankly, I can’t see how a silver shortage won’t occur at some point; so the
real question is WHEN will it happen?
Obviously, that’s impossible to predict.
My advice: Don’t try to time it at all. Put yourself in a position where the
timing doesn't matter; only the shortage itself.
Looking at the above, I think you should already be seriously considering a
regular investment in silver. Many decide to put 10% of their monthly income
into silver bullion. If this shortage becomes a mainstream idea – it will catch
I am going to show you two more compelling forces as we go. But if you are
already convinced – as I am - that this is a rare opportunity to profit, then go
and order some silver right then read on and save up for your next order.
I want to show you what happened in 2011… when we got a taste of what to
expect should silver’s ‘extinction’ becomes mainstream news…
What silver panic looks like:
In 2011, we had a pre-cursor to the coming silver shortage… a glimpse at
what could be about to happen…
Back then, rumours abounded that there was an imminent shortage in
industrial silver.
“Silver panic” spread through the markets like wildfire.
All of a sudden, industries that relied on silver were in a sweat… and powerful
investors with a nose for profit could see the opportunity.
The effect on the price of silver was simply astonishing: I was buying in 2007

and 2008 for £5 per ounce and by 2011 silver had got as high as $50oz the
same as it did in the 1970's. But the end of the 1970's bull run was $50oz
back then and the dollar along with all unbacked fiat currencies has lost a lot
of value by having their supplies expanded exponentially.
When this sort of panic hits the market it can quickly spiral out of control…
it’s a mania…
The people who NEED silver – industry buyers – HAVE to get their hands on it,
no matter how much it costs…
And investors who WANT to be in start buying, jumping into a fast-rising
Look at the chart again – that’s what happens when a mania like this sets in.
The first part shows the run up to 2011 then the first bear trap where we are
today in 2014 is just before the big rise which is yet to come.
At the time of the 2011 run up to $50oz, commodity specialist Adam Sarhan
"What we're seeing is a very strong and sustained bid for silver, an
overwhelming desire for people to be involved in the silver trade. That
strength begets more strength. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy as more
and more people get involved.”
As investors see people piling in to a commodity, they want a piece of it too.
They rush to the nearest dealer and beat down the door.
It’s a virtuous circle – if you’re already invested then you want to take more of
the market to help your earlier investment. This happens with silver but not
other investments where as the price goes up supply goes up too. The supply
of silver can not go up significantly at a sustained rate if its close to depletion
no matter how high the price goes.
Because as more people want it – as more people buy it – mania sets in, and
the price can go ballistic. But where will the silver come from to meet the
exorbitant demand? There is none left and most silver investors do not want
to sell for unbacked fiat currency as they know the truth about it becoming
worth less, this is why they regularly take silver off the market in the first
place. That makes right now a great buying opportunity of the last of the
available silver ahead of what I see as an inevitable supply crunch.
I believe silver panic could be about to hit the markets once again – and
make some investors very happy. This time no matter how many paper
promises are dumped into the market it will not take the price down as faith
will be lost in paper or digital promises. Only real silver will be sort after but

in very short supply.
I have researched this story extensively over the past few years and am now
banging the table to research yourself and start buying a little silver bullion
every month with about 10% of your income before silver’s big moment.
But first, let’s look at precisely WHY silver’s shortage – and subsequent price
boom - in my mind, is practically inevitable.
You’ve seen industrial demand is up and the effect it can have on the price…
now let’s look at the NATIONS buying as much silver as they can:
Irresistible Force #2:
China and India’s insatiable lust for silver
Has the silver shortage already started?
Last year, something very interesting happened in China that gives us a
Apple had to delay the launch of its new iMac laptop due to a shortage of
industrial silver:
“Apple is unable to produce and deliver their new iMac devices because of a
shortage in silver, will not only affect the stock price of the world's largest
tech company, but possibly lead to a silver crisis, similar to the airline
industry when oil prices climbed to $145 a barrel, that will force a price war
between investors and commercial producers over acquisition of the precious
metal.” - Examiner.com
Okay, we haven’t seen that kind of price explosion in silver… at least not yet.
But we are seeing huge quantities of silver being bought in a frenzy by China
and India. China already buys around 70% of the world’s available industrial
Now consider this:
India are planning to buy 22% of ALL industrial silver produced this year…
AND 44% of all investment silver.
In other words – they’re buying as much as they can get their hands on!
Why? Because the Indian government has imposed a hefty new 10% tax on
gold investing.
So, while the price is low, Indian investors are flooding in – selling their gold
and buying silver:

“They are taking advantage of a pricing anomaly to buy silver at very low
prices. Once this anomaly corrects, as anomalies always do in the end, then
they have every chance of making a fortune on their silver bullion.” - Arabian
This is fantastic news for anyone with a stake in silver. Not only is it running
out… but the available silver supply is being tightened further by rich, ‘metal
mad’ investors in emerging markets.
Resource specialist Peter Krauth believes right now is “the greatest silver
buying opportunity in history,” because of this emerging market story…
“The biggest boon to silver's industrial use will come from emerging markets.
As living standards improve in those economies, electronics, construction
equipment, water purification and sewage treatment systems, which all
require silver, will become increasingly needed, affordable, and sought after.”
Suddenly the idea of an industrial shortage of silver doesn't sound so
outrageous, does it?
As I’m sure you agree, over the next decade it will climb in value, I think to
meet or exceed gold which is far less rare than silver and not as useful.
But this silver play is different. I don’t think of this as ‘a brave call’ at all. As
you’ve seen, I believe two powerful forces stack this in our favour. In my
mind, a silver boom – maybe not this year, or next few years, but sometime
next decade – is extremely likely.
I might be proved wrong, but I really don’t think so. Of course, I can’t predict
when this will ignite. Like anyone else, I could bandy about a specific date –
but what would be the point? I just say before 2025, but it could be much
Of those of us who are awake to money and currency and the monetary cycle
through history going from money over to currency then back again, we all
know the temporary system from 1971 will come to a end soon. We just do
not know exactly when. I think we are all on a scale from left to right, some
who think the collapse will be soon next few years even this year are on the
left. I am on the far right because I think they can postpone and have all
kinds of tricks of deception up their sleeves. It will probably be somewhere in
For my part my best guess is within the next decade or so. So about 10 years
from now around 2024/2025. I know I am on the extreme right of that scale
and it could be far sooner. But my gut tells me there are all sorts of things we
may be shocked by. Like just how stupid the population really is and how easy
they are to distract and mind control. It is all a con game, if the masses are

easily scammed and conned then the temporary system can be extended.
As Jim Willie says there may be this shi$e dollar to replace the current one to
keep the rigged con game going a little longer. Or as Jim Rickards says
something along the lines of the SDR or who knows what other unbacked
currency to keep the cycle of the world using currency longer before it
repeats and the world eventually goes back to money. All through this they
may be able to keep the cap on silver and no matter how how much chaos is
all around the average Joe sixpack watching sport and entertainment will not
be aware of whats is going on.
So I may be wrong but I am mentally prepared for these low silver prices for
another decade and plan to keep stacking with about 10% of my income right
until the last ounce of silver is fought over by those on the waiting lists.
I have been consistent in this book as to saying when the cycle will repeat
this time around. At the moment we are in the part of the cycle where
currency is being used. It is very simple in my mind when the cycle will
repeat and we go back to money. There are two things that will bring it about.
1. A real shortage of silver, then both industrial users and investors rush to
stockpile but the silver is just not available to meet demand.
2. Faith is lost in currency and there is a rush out of currency into real things
like silver but again the silver is just not going to be there to meet demand.
Whichever happens first, the one will bring about the other, because when
faith is lost in currency there will be a rush to silver making the shortage even
worse. Conversely when a manufacturer finds they can't get the silver they
need and news spreads there will be a rush to stockpile silver and it will start
to revalue which will bring an end to the manipulation and with it an end to
the currencies of the world, because you need to keep monetary PM’s down
to prolong the life of fiat currency. As mined supply can not keep up with
industrial and investor demand and all the worlds stockpiles have already
been depleted. It could start anywhere in the world and the rush to turn
currency into silver and gold bullion - real money begins. Just like as David
Morgan says it will be like a flock of birds all changing direction all at the
same time. Those too late will not be able to change their currency for money
no matter how much currency they offer. In the past when this has happened
people end up burning their worthless paper currency if they were too late
changing it for real money.
My guess/opinion is these manipulators will never let the price of silver climb
significantly again...until their ability to do so is no longer possible. And that
could be when gold's price leads it out of slavery [drags it along].

I first wrote this book just before I got married in 2007. I revised it and
updated it 7 years later just before my 7th wedding anniversary. In the
traditional wedding anniversary gift list year 7 is copper and year 8 is bronze.
So as well as buying silver items for each other every year, in year 7 and 8 I
gave my wife some copper and bronze bullion. It will be interesting to see the
purchasing power of silver in another 7 years time. I would estimate by the
year 2021 I will have slowed down or stopped buying silver because the crazy
low prices are in the rear view mirror. But this does not mean the cycle will
have repeated yet. I will then however be very happy to slow down or stop
buying silver and start spending some of my silver, a little at a time. I say
spending rather than selling because silver is at all times money in and of
itself. The ultimate exit strategy is to not 'sell' your silver for unbacked units
of currency but instead use your silver as money. Then there is no way for
you to be taxed on your profits. There may be imposed a 90% tax on profits
from monetary precious metals. Negotiate with sellers of things you want to
buy how many grams of silver would they accept for the products or services.
My guess is by 2024/5 at the latest silver will have revalued to 3 grams worth
a 12hr days wage. But it could be as early as 2021 which would be 7 years
after my revised edition came out.
I simply think it’s important to invest now – while you can still get it cheaply.
Forget about trying to ‘time it’ and just make sure you’re IN. Because, by this
time next year or even next month – buying into this could be much more
expensive. But even then it will still be a safe investment as long as it is real
silver you are buying.
I think you can see what an opportunity this is. As an investor - how can it get
any better?
Silver could be facing a big supply crunch and available stockpiles are being
hoovered up by metal-crazy emerging market buyers.
We saw the silver price move from £5 in 2008 to almost $50 in 2011. From
where it sits today, we believe silver will break its record high.
I've shared the geological, historical, political and economic trends that I
believe makes this outcome extremely likely with you today. I have shown
you two powerful reasons why we believe the silver value will correct back to
true value.
Silver could be facing the most serious shortage in its long history – the first
of its kind. Because this event is unprecedented, expect the impact to be
Not only that – we are seeing some countries like India and China tighten the
supply even further by hoarding hundreds of tonnes of silver.

Considering these two factors, I think you should already be thinking very
seriously about having some real money ie silver in your possession.
But I’d like to remove any further doubts you might have.
Because there’s another compelling force I’d like to share with you now that I
hope will turn your confidence of a coming silver boom into a feeling of
Irresistible Force #3:
Solar power eats silver by the tonne
You have seen that industrial demand is currently at a multi decade high…
But there’s one booming sector in particular that could rapidly speed-up the
exhaustion of silver’s remaining supply:
You see, solar power is the fastest growing industry in America. It’s currently
worth around $13bn - growing 41% in 2013.
The cost of solar panels is going down, while the number of solar panels
installed is rapidly going up.
Why is this good news?
It’s simple: solar panels contain a lot of silver. That means as the industry
rapidly grows – so does the need for more and more silver. As this energy
sector continues to boom – and there’s every indication it will – the demand
for silver could explode.
And it’s not just solar power either… uses for silver are growing all the time.
As highlighted in the Silver Industrial Conference (November 2013) new
research is spurring the use of silver in industries such as aerospace,
communications, water treatment systems and a rising number of medical
Once again, the situation here is very simple. It’s not theoretical – these are
out-in-the-open facts.
We know the amount of available silver is limited. Everything I’ve shown you
suggests it is fast running out. With the growing solar industry already eating
silver by the tonne – and the industrial uses of silver continually expanding –
this adds another tightening of available supply.
That means you are reading this at the perfect time – before a lot of people
realise what could be about to happen.

That said, you may need to hurry if you want to capitalise fully. My research
tells me we are already starting to see some serious silver buying from the
investment crowd. But this is being kept quiet for obvious reasons.
I recently spoke to a precious metals dealer in the heart of London, here’s
what he had to say:
“For the most part it [the price of silver] can be very static, it doesn't move
too much, and it will go gradually in one direction. But when it does move, it
can really go. And people seem to be betting that at some point it's going to
explode beyond all recognition." - Michael Burrow, Bullion Executive, ATS
The rise of solar energy and silver’s ever-growing industrial uses convinces us
in my info sharing group that silver is one of the most undervalued assets on
the planet right now… one that could see an explosion in price.
You might see some volatile prices in the years ahead. But in the next 5-10
years, I expect the price to, potentially, a record high measured in currency
then currency goes to its true value of nothing SILVER will return to its true
value of around 3 grams valued at a 12hr days wage. It will probably
overshoot on the correction.
Some have said the world can not go back to silver as money because there
is just not enough of it left available. Nonsense! It just has to go up in value
to the correct amount. If one milligramme (1000mg=1g there are 1000
milligrammes in 1 gram, the prefix Milli means 1/1000 of a gram, or .001
grams) of silver was worth the same as a diamond the same weight. Or the
perceived value these days put on average on regular diamonds the same
sort of size as a tiny nugget of silver, then every central bank could hold a
few kilos of silver bullion which would cover all their reserves. It would then
be economically viable to try to locate and retrieve silver from where ever it
has been discarded for so long. Maybe then there could be tiny strips of real
silver on many of the worlds currency notes (like the GBP or the euro notes
have aluminium strips) could back the value of that note. This would be the
same cycle repeating for the last 6000 years. Going from currency back to
money. Then these notes could be money in and of themselves well just the
real silver that is on them that would hold the value to back the number of
units that is printed on the note.
You may have heard that paper currency notes harbor trace amounts of
drugs. But those paper promises in your wallet are hiding far more than
cocaine and the flu. They're teeming with life.
Each dollar bill or pound sterling note carries about 3,000 types of bacteria on
its surface, scientists have found. Most are relatively harmless. But cash also

has DNA from drug-resistant microbes. And your wad of dough may even
have a smudge of anthrax and diphtheria. In other words, your wallet is a
portable petri dish. What if you thought of every currency note as the floor of
a busy public toilet that is never cleaned? Well in terms of germs this is not
far from the truth. Currency notes are never cleaned. Bacteria from both
urine and excrement have been found on currency notes from all around the
world. And currency may be one way antibiotic-resistant genes move around
cities, countries and even internationally says biologist Jane Carlton, who’s
leading the Dirty Money Project at the New York University. The project offers
an in-depth look at the living organisms shacking up on our cash. One goal of
the work is to provide information that could help health workers catch
disease outbreaks in New York City before they spread very far. “We're not
trying to be fear mongers, or suggest that everyone goes out and microwave
their money,” Carlton says. “But I must admit that some of the $1 bills in New
York City are really nasty.” So far, Carlton and her colleagues have sequenced
all the DNA found on about 40 dollar bills from a Manhattan bank. Their
findings aren't published yet. But she gave a sneak peek of what they've
found so far. The most common microbes on the bills, by far, are ones that
cause acne. The runners-up were a bunch of skin bacteria that aren’t
pathogenic: They simply like to hang out on people’s bodies. Some of these
critters may even affect the skin with very harmful microbes, Carlton says.
Other money dwellers included mouth microbes — because people lick their
fingers when they count bills, Carlton says — and bacteria that thrive in the
vagina and anus. “People probably aren't washing their hands after the
bathroom,” she says. What about the traces of anthrax DNA? Not a cause for
alarm, Carlton says. “Anthrax is a very common bacteria in soil,” she says.
“People who work with soil, like farmers, are often exposed to it. It’s only
when anthrax is weaponized and sent through the mail that it causes those
issues.” The DNA survey also detected genes that make bacteria impervious
to penicillin and methicillin. The latter make MRSA bacteria such dangerous
pathogens. “Now we know that viable bacteria are on money and could serve
as a mode of transmission for antibiotic-resistant genes,” Carlton says.
“Money is a frequent route of contact between people in New York City.” At
this point, though, scientists don't know how important money is for
transmitting pathogens and fueling disease outbreaks. Would changing the
material for dollar bills are made from help to keep them cleaner? Yes if we
go back to silver as money again, just as has been used for thousands of
years and will be again in the future. Some countries, such as Canada, have
started printing money on flexible sheets of polymer film, a fancy plastic. One
study found less bacteria, in general, grew on these plastic bills than cottonbased ones, like the dollar and euro notes. But another study reported that
microbes survive longer on polymer-based bills, so not as many but they last
longer and spread further, The Wall Street Journal reported last week. The
other suggestion proposed was to have strips of silver running through the

notes which would also help with anti counterfeiting. Silver is the most anti
microbial and silver has the most effective antibacterial action and lack of
silver toxicity to humans. Until silver is once again used as the main medium
of exchange again as the monetary cycle repeats, the best advice is - Wash
your hands after handling cash. My proposed SilverGram competing monetary system talked about elsewhere
in the book could be the perfect solution to stopping the creation and spread
of these superbugs from the currency. Each note could contain 5, 10, 20 or
larger 50 milligrams of physical silver. There could even be larger 100 and
200 milligram silver notes. This would work alongside the digital 'SilverGram'
system which works just like the unbacked crypto currency systems but this
one would be backed by real grams of monetary precious metal.
One country could back their currency with silver and that could be the new
reserve currency of the world. But some have said things like- "silver can not
go back to being used as money all around the world because it has too
many practical uses these days (and this seems to be increasing each year)."
This is more reason to use silver than gold as gold is not as useful as silver.
The value of silver is integral, based on supply and demand. Gold has huge
supplis as in millions of tons and very little demand for anything useful. I
expect all nations to continue to keep a "gentlemen's agreement" not to use
silver for money and thus keep the demand (and thus price) down.
It matters not what gentlemen's agreement countries may have to 'not to use
silver as money!' The freemarket chooses and nobody on earth can fight the
freemarket forever.
For example there will come a time when those of us who bought silver
before the manipulation ends can offer grams of silver as payment for the
goods we want. When the buyer and seller negotiate together this is the
freemarket. If governments make it illegal then it goes underground and the
difficulty goes up but so does the purchasing power.
Global supply shortages in silver have been present for several decades. But,
the real black swan play today is the potential for a new and sudden
remonitising of silver. Any country could do it but most likely at the moment
is looking like Mexico. The Mexican monetary revolution, one that could send
silver soaring in the hundreds of dollars per ounce. The leader of the Silver
Standard movement in Mexico is a multi-billionaire named Hugo Salinas Price.
At this very moment, according to Salinas Price, most all of Mexico's
Congressman favor monetizing silver. Of course, just as with the U.S, the trick
will be how to get around the few politicians and party leaders who've been
bought off or intimidated by the central bank. Because as soon as Mexico's
silver hoarding makes news, as soon as the world understands this is serious,

the price of silver blasts off. Silver's moment is almost here. Because as Hugo
Salinas Price knows, his backers only need to convince a few more people to
go along. The rest are already on board.
Take just three or four men out of the "anti"-group, according to Salinas Price,
and "We would practically get a unanimous yes vote, practically unanimous in
both houses." The shock waves would spiral outward from Mexico like a
cannonball hitting a swimming pool. And the US would be first to feel it.
That's why you need to take seriously headlines that scream, "Mexico May
Monetize Silver This decade."
Hugo Salinas-Price who is the multi-billionaire who along with Eric Sprott are
the only two Billionaires that I am aware of who are on our side when it
comes to silver. There certainly are others who want to remain out of the
public light.
Surely either of them could individually do a modern day Hunt brothers, or
together and with other rich partners.
So why does Hugo keep fighting for years to get Mexico back on a silver
standard? Why does he not just take a very large position of silver himself
causing a shortage which would surely end the manipulation? The answer is I
suspect any very wealthy individual who, with a few others, put in orders for
a MASSIVE amount of physical silver as the Hunts did in the 1970's would
become a target of the alliance of metal manipulators that prop up the ersatz
fiat currency schemes. But as time goes on the evil manipulators are losing
power and there are more brave billioniares every year. Especially from the
Hugo has talked about going back to silver backed currency for years and is
like Ron Paul for Mexicans. Maybe its just another "come on" to work inside
the system and beg at the feet of power. You do not need an official
movement to get on your own silver standard. The free market always wins in
the end. But Hugo can help the free market along.
Silver Money: You GO..HUGO!!! Silver coins that are valued by the weight of
silver they contain, not by what governments say they are worth. A silver
coin's value is in and of itself or its weight of silver, not fiat by government
decree, or what someone else says it is worth.

A long time supporter of silver and GATA Hugo Salinas Price just released the
A Silver Coin that is Money To Calm the National Tantrum in Mexico
Hugo Salinas Price
When a baby is having a tantrum because he's tired or sleepy, the best thing
to get baby to forget what bothers him is by distracting him with anything
you may have at hand: a pair of glasses, a rattle, or a bunch of keys.
The Mexican people are tired and angry, and they are having a great tantrum.
It is impossible to correct or eliminate in short order the causes of their anger.
What we need is to distract the angry population with some good news that
will catch the popular attention and imagination.
For nine years I attempted to convince the Federal Congress of Mexico to
approve legislation that would monetize the "Libertad" silver ounce, which is
minted by the Mexican Mint; the coin would then have value for a given
number of Mexican pesos, by means of a quote on the part of our Central
Bank. The quote would be a floating quote, somewhat higher than the value
of the silver ounce on the international markets, and would increase with
increases in the value of silver on the markets, but never fall (in Mexican
pesos value) if the price of silver should fall.
My efforts did not meet with success, but the project gathered quite a bit of
support in the Congress, both on the part of Federal Congressmen as well as
on the part of Federal Senators. An insignificant dispute between the PRI and
the Leftist PRD caused the PRD to withdraw its support, which the PRI
required to pass the legislation.
Mexico needs some good news! Mexico is a marvelous country! We have
many, many problems, but our Homeland is wonderful and generous.
Mr. President of Mexico, Gentlemen Senators and Congressmen:
The government of Mexico has stepped on the toes of every possible sector
of the country with the avalanche of fiscal reforms recently enacted, all of
which strengthen the State.
Now that the population is well and fully peed-off, it's the Federal
Government's turn to do something for the benefit of the general population.
Think about it, Mr. President, Gentlemen Senators and Congressmen: it is
necessary to pacify the outrage felt by the people.
Give Mexicans a silver coin which has been turned into money!

Grant Mexico - grant Mexicans - that great gift, which will not cost the
government one cent, but which will actually bring in more taxes to the
Federal till; because the price of silver will rise with the news that Mexico
monetizes a silver coin; the sales of the mining industry will rise; the income
of the mining industry will rise and so will the taxes paid by that industry.
Our Government would do very well to give us this good news, which will
instantly echo with praise and admiration from all corners of the world:
Hugo will go down as a Mexican National Hero when silver becomes money
once again and I support him 100% in his efforts to free his nation. Just think
about what the price suppression scam has done to the wealth of Mexico!
Mexico is by FAR the largest silver producing nation in the world at 170M oz
per year.
Just think about what would happen if Hugo convinced the people to stand up
for themselves and STOP GIVING AWAY THEIR SILVER!!!
First: not another physical ounce would come out of Mexico to give to the
market riggers.
Second: The price of silver would skyrocket into the $Thousands making
Mexico the RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD with even more wealth "in the
ground" for future generations.
Third: There would be a REVERSE IMMIGRATION of illegals from the US back
into Mexico to share in the wealth and prosperity with will lead to a massive
amount of domestic jobs as Mexico rebuilds their country.
Forth: The crime rate will drop dramatically as the wealth of the nation will be
in SILVER and not in the DRUG TRADE which will quickly be stamped out by a
well funded military and police force.
So BRAVO HUGO and KEEP UP THE FIGHT. But can you really see these
happening? Not anytime soon in my view.
Peso to be backed by Silver, Ruble and Yuan to be backed by Gold and others
in the alliance from the King of the North in opposition to the king of the
south, which is Anglo-America while the Dollar remains backed by blood,
threats and deception. The Anglo-American dominant world power just
spreads debt and death to keep its dominance, but its time is short. Mexico
as an economic powerhouse? Wow! I suppose, stranger things have come to
pass. It is still hard to wrap my mind around such an idea though. Hugo is one

of the largest silver bulls around along with another billionaire Eric Sprott.
Anytime they or other wealthy groups could try to buy a large position of
physical silver like the Hunts tried in the 70's, and cause the long awaited
silver shortage which would end the manipulation and with it end the
temporary international monetary system from 1971.
Big changes coming our way for sure, exciting times ahead!
We all know for certain the current international currency system from 1971
is coming to an end very soon. We do not know what comes next, but
whatever it is, people all around the world will be questioning what is money?
This is the same cycle that has repeated all through history, and every single
time the free market chooses gold and silver as the money of first and last
What is different this time around is that silver (in available supplies) is now
far more rare than the millions of tons of gold in available supply that has
been building up around the world.
The next currency could even start off truly 100% backed (just like the
beginnings of the dollar). They can always slowly remove the backing over
the following 100 years as generations forget the past and get ready to run
another lap.
Yes this is the same monetary cycle that has repeated through all recorded
history. If it continues to repeat I can see another tri-metallic backed
monetary system. If gold is used again as money then soon after silver and
then copper will follow.

The argument that compared to world
population now, there is not enough
available silver left to be used as a
monetary system is just as stupid as
saying there is not enough bitcoin's to be
used as a monetary system.
The bitcoin supply is capped at 21million
bitcoins. Well say there was about
21million Kilos of silver left in the
available supply. Then each kilo could be

split up into grams and milligrams or
even Micrograms 0.01mg of silver just
like bitcoins are divided up.

How can you value 21 million bitcoins? They are not backed by anything,
there is no measuring stick. They could be backed by turnips or anything, just
have something there so that you have something to go on. Anything apart
from the monetary precious metals will have a hard job gaining peoples
confidence. Now, how can you value 21 million Kilos of silver or gold? Well
you need to look at the supply demand fundamentals? How much many kilos
of silver or gold are left in the worlds available supply?
Interestingly 21 Million Kilos of silver is about 675 Million troy ounces. Which
some estimate to be about the real number of available ounces left on earth.
There are millions of tons of gold building up and up around the world, the
supply is going up every year. This number of around 21 million kilos of silver
is going down every year as more silver is demanded than is supplied. But
unlike bitcoins the amount of available silver can be flexible as the value goes
up more silver can be reclaimed from landfill.
One of the most bullish arguments bitcoin proponents make is the limited
supply, and the more people start using it the higher the value of each unit.
This is more true for silver.
So the quadrillion pound elephant of silver’s return as a monetary currency is
now lurking patiently in the room as all the talk is at the moment only of gold
repeating the cycle and going back to being used as money once again.
The troubling inflationary scenario as the currency supply (or numbers
supply, how many numbers are there? infinite!) is expanded exponentially all
circles back to the wisdom of focusing on acquiring unencumbered physical
assets as an alternative to debt based paper currencies, stocks and bonds. I
sold all my paper and counterparty risk wealth and bought silver and preps.

Lots of people are just investing in paper and think its as good as gold and
silver. At the same time many doomsday prepers store toilet paper for a time
when just in time inventory stops working and the shops shelves are all
empty. I would rather spend those currency units on more food than storing
toilet paper because you can use newspaper or any paper maybe even those
broken promises of investments that will go to their true intrinsic value in the
future. Everything will go back to its true intrinsic value in the end. What is
the value of paper? Well there will be uses for paper as people found in
Zimbabwe when their paper markets went to their intrinsic value, there were
$100trillion notes and trillion dollar stock and bonds and other investments
being used as toilet paper. From experience I can say I prefer softer
As well as the paper markets there is no doubt that the food supply and
medical system have been corrupted by corporate greed and cannot be
trusted to have your best interest in mind.
This book is more focused on what strategies you can use now to beat them
at their own game during the next few years transition as the temporary
system ends and protect as much of your savings as possible from their
grabby tax hands. After you reduce your financial footprint you should have
additional options.
Silver’s Future
I find the more you learn about silver the more you learn about the entire
economic picture going on in the world now and all through history. The more
you learn the more you realise the current global financial crisis is really all
about silver.
Of course, such a scenario might sound rather odd in the present market
environment, especially given that the price of gold has just been crushed
back under $1,200 per ounce, and with the price of silver still well below
1980's $50 and even under $16oz.
Given the remarkably high ratio of the price of gold to silver, silver could
certainly go up to meet gold based on simple fundamentals. This is not only
probable in monetary terms, but it is also likely due to its rarity and numerous
applications as a relatively cheap industrial metal.
The coming surge in silver’s price could indeed trump silver’s current use in
industry as the precious metal returns to true monetary status yet again.
Perhaps not as actual currency, because it will probably be too valuable and
scarce to actually use in day-to-day trade as every other time this cycle has
repeated, but instead as a benchmark to judge the value of any issued

Silver’s Return as a Tier One Asset?
If — or more likely when — physical investment grade silver becomes a tier
one asset, it could then be used as a way of backing bank loans or even as
the monetary base securing financial transactions and stabilising the value of
paper currencies.
Furthermore, the slow supply return in physical silver given cost of mining,
means that the need will arise for establishing a more robust method for the
recycling of scrap silver.
Canadian Mint Re-monetising Silver?
The Canadian Mint recently responded to the continued surging demand for
silver coins by announcing a new $100 silver coin containing only 1 ounce of
actual silver.

This displays that the Mint thinks an especially hefty premium relative to the
paper silver price is warranted for its new coins. It is perhaps even more
interesting that this product managed to get through its marketing
Ultimately, this apparently high pricing may be more symbolic instead of
directly related to the price of the silver metal contained in the coin, but it
does present evidence that the message about the real value of silver is
getting through to at least some monetary authorities.
How will the next wave of silver coin buyers view this unusual development?
If they bother to do the math, it can only bring confusion given where the
paper silver market is currently trading.
UK Mint also..."Who Says Silver Isn't Money?"
One of the most obvious signs that there are serious preparations going on

behind the scenes as it relates to the end of the unbacked fiat monetary
system and a return to a gold and silver coin based system is in the minting
of official government "commemorative" coins.
Yes, they are fun collectors items and a great gift on the holidays so many
government mints continue to produce them. But have you look closely at
them? Let's look at the latest release from the UK Mint...
UK 2014 £100 Big Ben Silver Coin for £100

Big Ben, London's iconic clock tower which stands at the north end of the
Palace of Westminster, is featured on the Royal Mint's first ever £100 silver
coin that sells at face value. The new £100 for £100 coin is expected to
attract traditional collectors and stir interest from those who have never
collected coins.
But here's my question...
Seriously, if the governments are so hell bent on maintaining the strength of
their fiat system and continually tell us that gold and silver are NOT MONEY
then WHY are they putting any monetary value at all on these coins? Just look
at these others...
The US Silver Eagle = One US Dollar, The Canadian Silver Maple = Five
Canadian Dollars, Australian Lunar Coin = Ten Australian Dollars, and The
Silver Philharmonic is the first bullion coin denominated in Euros €1.5. There
are many other countries producing legal tender silver coins with values
dinominated in the units of currency.
When you start thinking about all these different coins from around the world
with different numbers and currency markings, you really do scratch your
head trying to understand how the value is worked out. To assign values
based on the weight or intrinsic value of each coin is what has happened
through history. So why today do you get some 1 troy ounce coins with $100

or £100 marked on them and then others, the exact same weight of silver
with $1 or $5 marked on them. They all contain 1 troy ounce of silver. Yes
since 1971 this temporary international monetary system has confused and
messed everything up. One troy ounce of silver is worth the same no matter
what numbers are stamped on it. If it is twice the weight it should be twice
the value and so on. The value is the weight of silver, this is the measuring
stick. Forget pounds or peso's these come from the weight of silver not the
other way around.

They used to be the same thing, a pound of silver used to be used as money
but now the pound in weight stays the same but the currency called the
pound is becoming worth less and less as they expand the supply. T he

name for the currency Lira comes from the Latin word Libra
which is the same as pound, it comes from a pound of silver
also. Which is why we write pounds in weight as lb's which
comes from Libra.
In Spanish speaking countries the word meaning weight is Peso.
Originally the silver coins used in Spanish territories were called
peso de plater. Now these Spanish words meaning weight of
silver used to describe the currencies in many countries of Latin
America including Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. But since the
change in 1971 the value of these currencies has nothing to do
with weight of monetary precious metal.
The value is the weight of silver, this is the measuring
stick. Forget pounds or peso's these come from the
weight of silver, not the other way around.
It makes you scratch your head...unless you know what they know.

And they KNOW that this game will not go on forever. One day all these
electronic and paper monetary substitutes will implode and destroy
everything in their wake. Everything but the TRUE monetary instruments
from the past - gold and silver coins.
For now though, why spend 100 units of currency on just one ounce of silver,
when you could get 10 ounces for the same units of currency. They may have
different numbers on them but why would anybody buy this Big Ben coin for
£100 when I just bought 10 silver maple leaf's for around £10 each. The
maple leaf is my first choice because it looks great and very hard to
counterfeit, but mainly because it is 10x more purity being 9999 fine silver.
The other important thing to consider is this... Whenever this cycle has
repeated throughout history there has always been plenty of silver bullion
available compared with the population of the Earth wanting to buy it. Now
there is a huge population of the planet well over 7 billion at the time of
writing and in a few years getting on for 10 billion involved in the global
financial crisis and only enough silver bullion to fit on half a tennis court to go
around everyone on Earth.
I believe this cycle will happen again very soon, and even though these
numbers of available gold and silver bullion can not be known exactly for
sure, we do know there is a lot more gold bullion in the world but this time
there is very, very little real silver available in the world compared to gold
bullion and compared to world population. Someone worked out that there is
only available around a 17th of an ounce of silver left each for everyone on
Earth. So if you have more you are depriving someone else. Through most of
history a 10th of an ounce of silver is worth 12 hours hard labor, or a full days
wage. Now there is not enough left for everyone to have even that much
each. So silver has to go up in value a long long way to revalue according to
the rarity in comparison to world population. It can happen anywhere in the
world to start with and then spread around the planet as everyone wants to
change their worthless currency for silver bullion.
Keeping things in perspective is a good idea. Silver is like gold, money in and
of itself at all times. If the masses are fooled into thinking that paper
rectangles or digits on the online bank account are just as good as money,
then it is only history repeating itself. Just like in times past when the people
were fooled into thinking currency like animal skins or shells or sticks are
worth the same as monetary precious metals.
Just because the masses are fooled about what is currency and what is
money, does not mean silver is not money any more.
The central banks know the truth that just as every other time in history
creating more currency will do more harm long term but for now it kicks the

can down the road. Make the problems worse for someone else to deal with in
the future. So for now they just want the easy option. This has happened in
much the same way in all the examples looked at in this book. It will end in
just the same was as the other examples, a rush out of currency and into gold
and silver money.
Yes there will be more and more currency abuse all around the world. There
will come a time when no matter how much currency they create and add to
the supply it will not make much difference because people have lost
confidence in it. But today people are so brainwashed and distracted from the
truth about what money is, that day could be some way off.
The analogy given by David Morgan another real money expert is like a flock
of birds all flying in the same direction and suddenly all at the same time
changing direction. That's how fast the world can lose confidence in currency
and the rush begins.
At times like these gold and silver are not only the safest place to store your
wealth but also the place with the most potential gains.
So the most important point to remember up to this point in this book is this
change in 1971 is just the same natural monetary cycle repeating as it has
done through the millenniums. This is why I have laid out so much history, its
the same pattern repeating today. It's natural nothing can stop it.
Every time this cycle repeats going from money over to currency, the
currency supply is abused and expanded as much as possible until the cycle
repeats again. Just before the cycle repeats those abusing the currency do
everything in their power to prolong the currency part of the cycle.
If the recovery was real then interest rates would have gone up by now. We
keep on being told recovery, recovery when there is no recovery. Things are
far worse than the problems in 2008 that were just papered over.
If you have an old wall with damp coming through (the new international
currency system in 1971) it needs ripping off and replastering. But dodgy
cowboy builders think it would be easier and cheaper to just stick thick lining
paper over it for now and paint it. As long as they get paid and their cheque
clears before it starts peeling off and damp comes through again they will be
long gone with a changed phone number.
In the case of the bankers they are papering over the global financial crisis
since 2008 with currency abuse and manipulations and weapons of mass
financial destruction. But they can't just change their number and disappear
like a cowboy builder so some are getting a fall guy to take the blame others
are faking their own death or genuine suicide.

Ignore the short term noise, every time you hear on the news green shoots of
recovery, they want you to believe the system is fine and there is no chance
the temporary international monetary system will come to an end. Just keep
in mind the big picture the natural battle between money and currency that
always ends the same way, a knock out blow to currency from money.
Here's the Big Picture of what's going on. The world is slowly repudiating all
fiat and other unbacked currencies as the system that spawned them in 1971
fails. The worst is not behind us, it is yet to come. By the time this
repudiation ends, the dollar and all the other scrofulous currencies will be
only a dim and bitter memory, and a new monetary system will be
established around silver and gold (or a tri-metalic system with copper) as
the natural monetary cycle repeats as normal. But that's years away from the
time of writing this, and before then must come all the hardship, heartbreak,
and catastrophe. It will take utter disaster to cement the repudiation, and no
doubt some violence, most likely by governments against their citizens as the
dying class seeks to hold on to power.
But it will end, and those who have capital -- gold and silver and copper -- will
be positioned very well, and then the cycle will repeat as normal.

As I type this Jack Lew and friends are really doing a job on the price of paper
silver lately jamming it below $16/oz again. Will it ever stop? Someday,
yes...but I have long warned that "they" can place the price of COMEX Silver
at $0/oz or $1M/oz with a click of a mouse.
100% controlled - 100% of the time. At the moment, but its temporary, until
the manipulation ends.
I expected huge Silver price volatility then coming to an end by the years in
the end of this decade. Maybe they can keep the manipulation going after the
year 2020 and into the next decade, but I am certain the temporary
international monetary system that was brought in on August 15th 1971 will
not last much longer than this. Remember you need to keep the manipulation
going to prolong the life of the temporary new international system from 71.

There were many lawsuits and investigations into gold and silver market
rigging over the years but when it came to it, were dropped. Someone at the
highest levels stepped in. Remember what everyone was saying?
"The banksters will never get busted."
"It's naive to think the regulators will ever stop these criminals."
and my favorite...
"STOP SELLING HOPE-IUM!" The fraud will go on forever. The manipulation of
silver will not end in our lifetimes.
Let me tell you - I took my share of bashing back then but I always
maintained that there will come a time when the manipulation will end. If
from a shortage of silver, or from the end of the temporary international
monetary system from 1971. Whichever happens first, the one will bring
about the other. That time will come, in our lifetimes. My prediction is it will
come within the next decade. before the year 2025 the temporary system
from 1971 will end. Hence the cryptic number of pages in this book being
exactly 2571.
Basically, I said just wait for it. It will come. There are now renewed
investigation movement and everytime the end of the system from 71 draws
ever closer. There have been investigations before, always someone from the
top puts a stop to it. There will be many more in the coming years because it
is so obvious the criminals are manipulation silver to an extend far bigger
than anything else in history.
The latest probe of Top International Banks Face US Probe for Alleged Precious
Metals Market Fix.
The US Department of Justice is in the early stages of an investigation into at least 10
international banks—including JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Barclays—over
alleged manipulation of the precious metals market.
"HSBC also included in its annual report, that the antitrust division of the Justice
Department asked the bank to submit documents related to an investigation into the
price setting of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
The report added that the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
subpoenaed HSBC Bank USA for information on its precious metals trading. The bank
said it was cooperating with American officials.
According to reports, the other banks involved in the investigation include Bank of
Nova Scotia, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Societe Generale,
Standard Bank and UBS.

Will this be the long awaited regulators actually starting to regulate? Will they

actually start doing their job. I dont think so. I think the regulators are the
very same criminals they say they are regulating. It just will not happen like
that. I predict either a shortage of silver which will end the temporary system
from 71, or faith is lost in the temporary system which will cause a shortage
of silver. The one will bring about the other. Nothing can stop the silver
bullet freight train.

According to Goldman Sachs, the world has about 20 years’
worth each of known minable reserves of gold, diamonds and
zinc. Platinum, copper, and nickel reserves only have about 40
years or less left. So they say.
“The combination of very low concentrations of metals in the
Earth’s crust, and very few high-quality deposits, means some
things are truly scarce,” Eugene King, European metals and
mining analyst at Goldman Sachs, wrote in a recent research
note. I say, Yes it may be true that gold has a lower
concentration in the earths crust. But get under that as most
big gold mines are now and there is much higher
concentrations of gold and NO SILVER. The gold concentrations
get higher as they get deeper. There are at least two gold
mines in China over 4 miles deep. The miners have an
operating base two miles down then the rest is all done with
remote machines that can cope with the high temperatures.
China is very secretive about its deep mining operations in
China itself, but also what it is doing in other countries like
Africa. There are other gold mines in Africa a couple of miles
down already, we are told these are the deepest in the world
because the ones inside China are highly secretive. Over the
next few years the gold mines in Africa will catch up with and
get as deep as the mines in China, which will be even deeper
by then. The gold ore grades increase as they get deeper.
There is no shortage of gold, gold is in greater abundance
every year.
My next comment is why did they leave out SILVER, which
really does have less than 17 years minable deposits left?
Silver is only found in the earths crust, get under that and
there is no more silver to be found, period. They are scraping

the bottom of the barrel already. Next I say the rest of what
they say is hogwash. Disinfo to try and distract from the truth.
Remember gold is found in greater quantity the deeper the
mines get. The amount of gold is increasing every year. Silver
is in lesser quantity the deeper the mines dig, silver is
becoming more rare every year that passes and is only
available in the earths crust. Get under the earths crust
(2000ft) and there is no more silver only lots and lots of gold.
Most mines producing silver both primary and by-product, are
getting very near the bottom.
Next Goldman Sachs talks about Peak Gold. BAHAHAHA! This
should tell you all you need to know about them. How can you
have peak gold when its not really used up for anything and its
getting greater quantity as mining goes on deeper.
Lets say for a moment that gold is like silver, deposits stop at
around 2000 feet then there is no more gold. Why would that
matter? There are millions of tons of gold sitting in vaults all
around the world not doing anything. Just building up and up.
Even if it was close to being depleted as silver actually is, even
if there was no more gold there to be mined, how could there
be peak gold when supplies are not going down?
Imagine that oil never got consumed, and it lasted forever just
like gold. Would there ever be peak oil if it was just building up
and up in secret vaults all around the world? Even if natural
deposits of gold or oil ran out, why would it matter if there are
millions of tons sitting in vaults not really useful for anything.
But silver and oil are used up and consumed. Gold is 99.9%
retrieved and lasts forever. Gold is becoming more abundant
every year and silver is becoming more scarse every year that
Peak Silver was reached and passed years ago, but you will
never hear them talk about this because they haven't got
much silver left, nobody has much silver left, all the vaults that
were full of silver bullion as recently as the 1950's have all
been depleted and are now full of even more gold bullion.
Every country who used to hold large silver stockpiles has now
almost run out, they only have lots and lots of gold which is

what they want people to think is valuable.
Remember Goldman Sachs knew that nobody believes them
anymore so they wanted to set up an 'independent' analyst Jeff
Christian that could say whatever they told him to say without
it sounding like it was Goldman Sachs saying it.
My predictions for the next several years...... Silver should be in the
mainstream front page news by the end of this next decade (2014-2024) as
silver prices have gone hyper-volatile both up and down(note: be prepared to
ride out ANYTHING the manipulators may try with their computer rigging).
Once the markets finally implode before or soon after years 2024/25 watch
for the CFTC or similar to FINALLY announce charges against JP Morgan and
partners in the manipulation for silver market manipulation. This can not be
avoided because it is so obvious. Not just the latest investigation which keeps
being white-washed by someone very high up, but NEW CHARGES with plenty
of evidence and confessions to back up the charges. If not right during the
crash then right after the crash. This is the plan all along. At some point
(likely before 2025) we will see a "Force Majeure" in COMEX Silver as the CME
decides to halt trading until everything "settles down". Yeah right, settle
down will not happen the world will be chaotic as currency implodes
everywhere. The CME will not restart silver trading as events in the real
physical market eclipse the issues with paper silver manipulation. This is my
prediction and the reason why the cryptic number of pages in this book 2571,
to show that my prediction here in 2014 is that the year 25 will see the
monetary cycle repeating and replace the temporary system from 71.
In essence, there may come a scenario when the system breaks down and
you will not be able to find ANY price quote for silver on ANY market. "They"
may just force the price down and down and down with the computer
programs until the system shuts down. After that silver may never trade on a
traditional exchange again. If someone wants to buy real silver coins or bars
the free market will set the price. Those of us with real silver bullion can then
offer to use it as money again around the normal historical value of 3 grams
(tenth of a oz) valued at a 12hr one days wage. So no matter what chaos is in
the currency markets if there is something you want to buy for example in my
case a live aboard sailboat capable of sailing around the world - I can email
all the yacht brokerages and private sellers of boats I like, to negotiate how
many grams of silver would they sell it for. Or indeed tons of copper, I mean
just think what the world will be like when currency crisis and chaos mean
people do not know what is money anymore, how will trade work? It's just the
same cycle repeating that's all, the world always and I mean always goes
back to monetary metals when the cycle repeats.
This is not to say that you should be selling or spending your physical silver

when the cycle repeats. On the contrary, you should be buying if you have
currency left that anyone will accept (most likely crypto because nobody will
accept fiat when the cycle repeats) If you are still working and earning
something (unlikely) how will you be paid? Whatever is being used if its
unbacked currency then immediately change it for monetary metal. Even if
its very expensive and you can only buy a gram or two with all your unbacked
currency. Do not spend your monetary metal too soon always spend
unbacked currency first and keep holding monetary metal if you are already
"all in" (like I am). Physical Silver will reemerge from the ashes of the financial
meltdown and be one of the only "financial assets" left standing along with
Physical Gold and Copper bullion and for a short time possibly well I say likely
some of the Crypto currencies like Bitcoin that don't rely on the banking
system staying solvent. I would always spend unbacked currency before real
money, but its unlikely you will be paid in money if you provide a service you
may have to accept unbacked currency like crypto but then change it for
monetary metal ASAP.
By the time the cycle repeats Bitcoin and other crypto will be the talk of the
town, all over the world. Those who laughed it off will be yelling "Bubble,
Bubble, Bubble" and those who got in early will be getting very rich
(temporarily)...and very knowledgeable about further steps to preserve their
new found wealth in PHYSICAL silver. My guess is that Bitcoin or similar will
be being used around the world as faith is lost in fiat when the cycle repeats.
It will continue to grow throughout the end of this millennium until the
unbacked fiat system implodes. Then it's anybody's guess.
The world will have begun to understand that a NEW form of money has
sprung out of this Global Monetary Chaos. Yes, it should be SILVER trading like
Bitcoin isn't...much. :-)
So this Brave New World we are about to enter into is gonna be really
different. How different is something that nobody can predict...although I
have tried. The only thing that is certain is that unbacked currency like fiat or
crypto can and will go to nothing and monetary metals can not go to nothing,
and this is part of the reason when the same monetary cycle repeats over the
millenniums the world always turns back to monetary metals. Now we are
told unbacked crypto will do fine, but the people shout in unison NO THEY

Everytime the cycle repeats, something else is brought in as a medium of
exchange and people are told this currency or Credits will do fine! No, they
won't! I loved that line out of Star Wars episode 1. Watto: How are you going
to pay for all this?
Qui-Gon Jinn: I have twenty thousand Republic dataries.
Watto: Republic credits? Republic credits are no good out here. I need
something more real.
Qui-Gon Jinn: I don't have anything else...
[waves hand]
Qui-Gon Jinn: But credits will do fine.
Watto: No, they won't-a.
[Qui-Gon waves his hand more firmly]
Qui-Gon Jinn: Credits will do fine.
Watto: No, they won't-a. What? You think you're some kind of Jedi, waving
your hand around like that? I'm a Toydarian. Mind tricks don't work on me.
Only money. No money, no parts, no deal!
This monetary cycle going from money - gold and silver over to currency
which is anything else that has been used as a medium of exchange,
(Republican credits?) then back again as the cycle repeats. This is a natural
cycle it is normal. It happens no matter what efforts are made to prevent it
repeating by those who want to keep confidence in their currencies.
Confidence in unbacked currencies is a con game. Con games like the
"temporary new international monetary system" (Nixons own exact words)
started in 71 always come to an end. I know I am being repetitive but no one
else as far as I know talks about this the same way.

I really do seem to be the only one who keeps saying how Nixon's exact
words on Sunday August 15th 1971 were "temporarily" and "urgently needed
new international monetary system" urgently needed because they were
running out of gold and silver, and they wanted people to forget about gold
and silver are money and believe their animal skins (US Dollars) were worth
something. Well as of 2014 I am not the only one who says it like that. Jim
Rickards new book is called The death of money - The coming collapse of the
international monetary system. I use Nixons own words when he said also
"Temporarily" which Rickards leaves out, when quoting Nixons words from
1971. I would say Jim got the title of his book wrong because money never
ever dies. It should be called the death of currency. His last book before this
one was called the exact same as Song Hongbing's book- currency wars, so
Jim was right about that one. Money never dies only currency does.
He says at the end of the book in the afterword "The collapse of the dollar
and the collapse of the new international monetary system from 1971 are
one and the same."
There are milions of tons of gold building up getting larger every year, yet
there is no silver left at all that has not been leased out or has someone
else's claims on it. There are millions of tons of gold available in the world but
it is kept secret. The only recovery going on in the world is the trend for
countries to try to recover their gold that is stored outside their nations, but
they are being told like Germany you will have to wait 7 yrs for even a portion
of it. It just postpones the problem but in 7yrs time Germany will have even
less chance of getting back all the gold it is owed. Gold just gets moved
around, but stockpiles are building up and up around the world. The same
thing happened with the B.O.E when calls to audit the gold vaults in England
to see how much was left unencumbered. The Anglo-American dominant
world power both Britain and America are in the same boat. They even in an
absurd case of propaganda got the Queen to tour the gold vaults and put it
all over the press.

What is not known is how much of that gold has been leased out or has
several claims on the same bar. The other interesting thing is that it is only
gold left, out of the enormousness worldwide silver bullion stockpile the world
has built up and central banks have held up to recent times not one of the
silver stockpiles remains in central bank vaults. It has all been consumed only
the gold bullion is left in the vaults. All the central banks silver bullion
stockpiles have been depleted. This is a very important point to remember
the banks for the first time ever in history have now run out of silver bullion
reserves! Only the gold reserves remain in the vaults. They could not do a
similar propaganda exercises touring the Queen round lots of silver bullion in
a vault because there are no large stockpiles like that left, they have all been
used up.
I'm going to say it flat out...SELL ALL YOUR GOLD INVESTMENTS NOW AND
BUY PHYSICAL SILVER! This is not a joke and don't get me wrong, I am the
biggest "gold bug" you've ever meet, but it is time we ended their evil game.
The Cabal has shown their Achilles Heel over the past few years and it is not
gold but the depletion of physical Silver available for delivery that will
ultimately lead to their demise.
tons of gold building up in storage.
It's your LAST CHANCE to save your financial future. Get out of gold and get
physical silver in your pocket. Convert all your "virtual assets" into physical
silver and don't forget to SWAP all you physical Gold for physical Silver as
there are massive...I MEAN MASSIVE amounts of physical gold about to come
into the market. Today you can swap one gold coin for about 75 silver
coins...75 SILVER COINS the same weight!
I believe the temporary international monetary system that replaced money
with currency on August 15th 71 system is over it just hasn't ended yet. I

may sound repetitive with this but I am the only one saying this in this way
and I feel its one of the most important points in the book. This is the very
reason why its essential to learn about living in a simple balanced self reliant
To conclude this chapter about monetary history in modern times I would like
to take a quick review of silvers modern monetary history. On November 13,
2013, a prominent voice in the gold arena, Nick Barisheff of Toronto based
Bullion Management Group, let the world precious metals community down
by remarking--- “I know many in the bullion community feel there is a vast
conspiracy amongst elites to control the world through bringing about a
financial collapse and, eventually, a one-world currency and central bank.
Others, like Dr. Paul, feel it is more a matter of incompetence. I tend to agree
with this second view.” I haven’t noticed Ron Paul disavowing conclusions
that metals suppression stems from a conspiracy. But, who has time to read
almost everything? I reserve judgment till I know more about RP. Is it credible
to hold that the monetary trend in the United States, England and Europe, in
modern times using for example a typical starting date the “Crime of ’1873,”
in which Congress wrecked most of the purchasing power of silver, and
proceeding forward in many other adverse events including the Panic of
1893; the Panic of 1907; the National Monetary Commission of 1908; the
Federal Reserve Act of 1913; England causing the Great Depression by
dumping Indian silver on world markets starting in 1928; President Hoover
refusing to call a world silver conference unless England took the lead, Britain
exiting the gold standard in September 1931 (cheered by J.P. Morgan Jr.);
Franklin Roosevelt seizing gold from Americans in 1933 and seizing silver in
1934; the World Economic Conference of 1933 in London allowing England to
continue dumping tens of millions of silver ounces out of British India for
another 4 years; the Silver Purchase Act of 1934, which with its good effects,
also had the intended terrible effect of derailing China off its centuries old
silver standard; Limitation Order L-208 in 1942, which ordered shutdown of
USA gold mines for 33 months; Bretton Woods conference in 1944 completely
ignoring silver; silver leasing being pioneered during World War II; the Silver
Users Association being formed in 1947, the entity to which the megabankers
have dumped silver down into as a black hole, at throwaway rates; the
decades long imposition of fixed Federal price capping on domestic silver,
finally reasserting itself as $1.61 per ounce silver during the Nixon years, a
substantial price trim-back from the Treasury silver “auctions” that ended in
late 1970 to the silver users; Treasury sales of silver to industrial users
ramping up during the Truman and Eisenhower administrations;
New York bankers, silver users, Congress and Federal officials achieving an
end to 90% silver coins in 1965; the COMEX smash of the Hunts in 1980; the
ultra-secretive silver leasing activities of the 1980’s and beyond---all that---

and very, very much more---has happened due to incompetence? A Federal
court in Manhattan blocks silver; the CFTC blocks silver; the NYMEX institutes
multiple margin increases as silver was FALLING in spring 2011; the number
of members of both houses of Congress who we might not get denial
responses is so few that we can count them on the fingers of one hand;
various (allegedly neutral) CFTC commissioners over the last 15 years are on
public record speaking at a Silver Users Association meeting, one CFTC chief
even stating TWICE he “looks forward to working with you” (the silver users),
and this is only incompetence, not any conscious plan to injure the free
market? All that and much more---is due to incompetence? HUH? Only a
bunch of mental midgets could always turn in an incompetent performance.
This is hardly the situation in metals. Evil geniuses they are! And only a
bunch of mental midgets, (or intimidated sources) can go about wearing this
sandwich board advertisement “there is no conspiracy in metals” written
large on both sides. When does the predicament become sufficiently dire as
to finally necessitate honesty?
It takes large scale PLANNING and COORDINATION on the part of MANY
PERSONS and ENTITIES to maintain the silver suppression, and in several
countries! They are very competent, and it is all PLANNED, same as in gold.

Chapter 3
Because the worlds whitest metal is where all the action is not the yellow
At first people who learn the truth about currency and money want to turn
their units of currency into gold bullion. When actually it is silver bullion that
is the Achilles heel to the bankers because they have lots of gold but hardly
any silver bullion left.

It does take a bit of study to understand why silver is the stake in the heart of
the financial vampires who caused the global financial crisis, and silver
bullion taken out of the banking system is the silver bullet to the banking

Werewolves who are prolonging the G.F.C by keeping the paper house of
cards propped up.
We are on the brink of an absolute change in the economy of the entire
world, and we are on the brink of the demise of the current dominant world
power the Anglo-American duel world power. For some it is on the brink of
unfolding disaster, as none of the old ways will function and those caught in
their mechanisms become the final victims. For others who read and
understand books like this one, and more than just reading and understand
but actually taking action and taking delivery of silver bullion out of the
banking system, it is the brink of unmatched opportunity as we come face to
face with the alignment of the forces of the economy and history that we
have looked at in this book.
This moment will likely never happen again to this extent, and is going to be
history repeating as happened with ever other example we looked at where
going off money and over to currency and then expanding the supply
exponentially always ends badly.
The world is consuming the 47th element Silver, like never before in all of
history. Of all the silver ever mined which is around 50 billion ounces, only
about 1 billion ounces or 2% of it remains above ground that is located and
quantifiable, with the rest having been consumed. Compare that to gold
which has been kept and not been consumed like silver has, estimations are
that of all the gold ever mined 98% of it has not been consumed. The 2% of
gold that has been consumed or lost and not yet recovered is economically
recoverable if it can be located, unlike the 98% of silver that has been
consumed and the arduous task of locating it and recovering it only becomes
cost effective when the price of silver reaches the price of gold. Which it has
to and will at some point.
Most of the silver mined annually (greater than 50%) is consumed by
industry. This includes electronics, gadgets, batteries, windows, pesticides
plus 10,000 other uses et cetera. In all of which cases which silver is used up,
in tiny amounts spread out over billions of products ever year. After use the
silver gets thrown away. Once it has gone into these products it is not
economically recoverable after the product ends up on landfill or in other
piles of rubbish or in the sea until the price reaches the same price as gold.
Which it has to and will at some point in the not too distant future.
The trouble is with this claim that urban mining will solve all our silver
shortage issues, is that when the silver gets too old it can not be reclaimed.
Remember the clock is ticking as soon as silver is mined and refined. If the
surface area is large compared with the mass, then the corrosion has larger
effect at a faster rate.

So all the circuit boards and micro chips on landfill that contain silver are
slowly degrading. Yes recently discarded electrical silver waste can be
recycled but after a certain amount of time its too late. Its has gone too far.
It costs around the same price in energy and labor to retrieve any precious
metal from landfill. Just the same as it's the exact same process to mine gold
and silver from the earth the first time. Sometimes you get gold and silver in
the same ore, the costs are exactly the same then. Looking at the prices of
each of the four precious metals per ounce at the time of writing. Gold is
$1100 Platinum is $1200, Palladium is $800, Silver is $16, not $1600 but
silver really is priced as just $16 per ounce!! Why such a difference from
the other three PM's? You can see which is worth retrieving from waste
and which is not. It is a lot of work and energy to retrieve an ounce of silver
from waste, it costs a great deal more than $16. You could just go and buy an
ounce from the market at the manipulated down $16 per ounce.

There are four precious metals but only two of them are monetary precious
metals. The difference between gold and silver through history has fluctuated
a little but been close to about 16 ounces of silver mined for every one ounce
of gold. So the free market discovery found the price of silver to be this
natural ratio, around 16 ounces bought the same amount as one ounce of
gold. Today because silver is getting depleted coming out of the ground there
is now less than 10 ounces mined for every one ounce of gold. Yet the price
ratio is over 75 oz silver priced the same as 1 oz gold!!! When I first started
buying silver it was 90:1 ratio but is falling fast. This ratio of how much silver
is being mined for gold ounces mined is also falling soon it will be eight ounce
mined for every one ounce of gold, and this is going to fall even more in
years to come which is incredible when you consider that gold is also getting
depleted and they are having to go deeper to find more gold. Some mines in
Africa the miners are working so deep they have to wear space suits because
of the heat. If they go deeper they will find more gold but it will cost a lot to
mine it. Silver is different, silver naturally deposits itself near the Earth's
crust. You can’t just go deeper to find more silver. This is why the ratio to how
much silver is mined for gold is falling and will continue to fall as the last of
the silver is depleted.

It is quite straightforward to predict which metals will be in good supply in
years to come and which will be in short supply. Fortunately metals in good
supply include gold, aluminium, iron, silicone and titanium along with others.
There is no end in sight for these metals. But some metals the end of known
reserves is in sight.
Metals easily predicted to be on endangered lists include some that not many
have even heard of like indium and some of the rare Earths. There is one
metal that everyone has heard of more endangered than any other and is
said to be the first element that humans will deplete and will become extinct
in industrial quantities (by the ton) that is of course silver.
Silver is inherently scarce; estimations place its economically viable proven
reserves at around 15 to 17 years supply at current consumption rates. Even
the most optimistic estimates assuming many large new discoveries predict
only 20years left before silver is depleted of economically viable deposits
from the Earths crust. Then that will be it, no more mined supply to feed
demand! Even if there are new large undiscovered deposits of silver found
that are easy to get at (unlikely because the price is so low nobody is looking
for new deposits) you have to consider that demand is increasing. Mined
supply of silver is also increasing a few percent every year. They are
depleting the last of the silver reserves at a faster rate. That 20 years
estimate until mined supply becomes very scarce could be a lot sooner. Of
course it will never dry up completely there will always be small amounts
coming in from mines previously thought to be depleted. But remember at
the moment there is a just in time inventory 50% of mined supply to meet
industrial demand and 50% to meet investor demand. They are both
increasing year after year. There are no real large stockpiles left to speak of
anywhere on Earth unlike gold. The only reason there has not been severe
shortages of silver so far is because so much investment demand is flowing
into paper promises for future delivery. If investors stop buying paper
promises and want real silver then its game over for the manipulation. Where
will this silver come from?
According to the Silver Institute, Which is just one source and some are not
sure if they can be trusted. For 2012 There was 787 million oz mined, 253
million oz scrap, net government sales of 7.4million oz.(not sure what that
means because all government stockpiles were depleted years ago, they
have none left to sell into the market, and they have not yet started buying
back to rebuild their once large stockpiles) for a total of 1.0483 billion oz
Industrial demand was about 568.6 million oz. Investment demand was 92.7
million oz for bullion and 185.6 million oz for jewelry for a total of 278.3
million oz.

2 line items at bottom are producer de-hedging at 41.5 million oz and implied
net investment at 160 million oz. I’m not sure what these mean but its
something to do with paper promises and derivatives of real silver.
So it looks like for 2012 roughly 50% went to industrial demand, roughly 25%
went to investment (if you include jewelry as Indians do who are buying silver
in record numbers instead of gold), and roughly 25% went to other 2 line
Can these numbers be trusted? As we said that investment demand seems a
bit low, Eagles alone make up 40% of that, then what about all the money
flowing into ETFs and paper silver? There is a lot more than 100million ounces
being bought by investors but they are not buying real silver they are buying
broken paper promises. If that was not flowing into paper promises of future
delivery and into real silver then it would be game over for the manipulation.
So it seems to be a hand to mouth just in time inventory supply demand
The big question should be what if any of these rise where will the silver
come from to meet demand? All world wide stockpiles have been depleted
from demand being more than supply for decades.
I believe the Silver Institute is honest and ethical. BUT they can only report
what their members tell them. The membership list is not long. It is on line.
Mostly LARGE users of silver. Do any skew their data for their own purposes
to try to suppress the price of silver? It has now been proven in court by GATA
that the COMEX and the FED and and many others!!! "skew" (lie) to suppress
the price of silver.
Numbers from the SI is a start. I personally believe some silver is double
counted thus there is perhaps even less silver than "experts" say. On the
other hand there is FAR more gold in the world than "experts" will admit.
China under reports by hundreds of percent.
As long as the ENTIRE silver world is under $30 billion dollars (all known silver
times $16/oz. Silver prices WILL be manipulated and have nothing to do with
supply and demand. So predicting silver is impossible. It will only be when the
supply of silver drops to where industry experiences long-term SERIOUS
shortages. That day is coming. 98% of all silver on and in earth has been
used by industry. It is gone forever! Industry must have silver! Computers
cannot be made with SLV Wall Street paper silver!

Some claim that is not to worry, ALL silver is still on earth, it can be recycled
from where it has been dumped right? Wrong. But first of all, actually it is not
factually true to say that all silver on earth is still with us. For the last several
decades since the 1950's (Yes there were space projects in the 50's) humans
have been sending rockets of all kinds into space. There is estimated to be
thousands of tons of space junk either in orbit or left the earth never to
return. Every satellite or space probe ever launched contains silver which is
essential in the engineering and electronics. Space debris, also known as
orbital debris, space junk, and space waste, is the collection of defunct
objects in space. This includes spent rocket stages, old satellites, and probes.
It is not realistic that this silver can ever be reclaimed. Secondly, silver
corrodes and gets leached away. The larger the surface area compared with
the mass, the faster the rate of rotting away. For example a large bar of
silver may last thousands of years, only the outside has leached away. But a
microchip or other electronic uses, have large surface area compared with
the mass, they are very thin. They do not last long before corrosion eats
away at them. So it is not true to say all the silver can be reclaimed
when the price gets high enough.
Much turmoil is behind us and more is ahead. HUGE powerful entities want silver to
be under its 1970's high of $50 an ounce. BUT true supply and demand WILL arrive
and end the manipulation forever. When? I believe this decade. In the next 10yrs or
so. What year? No one knows as no one knows the exact amount of silver mined, in
storage and used by industry. BUT we are near the end of silver as an abundant
metal. Governments except China have sold all their silver. When true shortages
arrive draconian governments will outlaw private ownership of silver. So hide your
silver well! That is the best advice I can give. Can it drop to $15 or even $10? Yes, the
huge Wall Street banks can set the price to anywhere they wish as long as they can
flood the market with paper silver. That is ALMOST over. If I pay $16 an ounce I am
not worried. In my life time silver will be many times $16 even if it does drop for a
few years. Any commodity that the world must have but is running out of is as close
to a sure bet as anything in existence.
Most applications of silver require only a very small amount per unit of production.
The downside (or upside for silver investors) is that societal stocks of silver are highly
dispersed, making recovery from reuse very difficult and expensive for only tiny
amounts of silver.
Why recycle when the silver price is so low in the $16's per ounce. Even as long as

silver remains under $100oz why try and recycle when you can buy mined silver for
under $100oz? But - What will happen when the last of the silver is mined?
Humanity will gradually reduce its dependence on mining in the wild and turn to
urban mining from landfill and from the sea. The cost of retrieving any metal from
landfill is about the same. Looking at the prices of silver in the $16's and gold around
$1100 per ounce its obvious which has to go up the most as the crisis of depletion
The trouble is with this claim that urban mining will solve all our silver shortage
issues, is that when the silver gets too old it can not be reclaimed. Remember the
clock is ticking as soon as silver is mined and refined. If the surface area is large
compared with the mass, then the corrosion has a larger effect at a faster rate.
So all the circuit boards and micro chips on landfill that contain silver are slowly
degrading. Yes recently discarded electrical silver waste can be recycled but after a
certain amount of time its too late. Its has gone too far.
As I say many times in interviews imagine the Earth is an apple you hold in your
hand. If you take a small threading needle and stab the apple all the way to the
centre, that is how much of the Earth may contain gold. If you only stab it a few
microns of a millimetre that shows how much of the Earth may contain silver. Silver is
unlike gold because it is only near the Earth's crust and most of the silver has already
been mined. You could say most of the silver has been - the term unmined. Unminned
means it has been mined and used up then discarded. It means this 98% of the silver
ever mined in history has been consumed and is now spread out on tiny quantities in
waste or in the sea scattered around the Earth. Which is why I use the silver apple as
the image for this book. Just think about this apple and a needle when you decide
which is the better investment gold or silver.

Of all elements on the periodic table, element 47- silver is unique and
therefore special in several ways. It is the most electrically conductive and
thermally conductive element known to man. It also is the most reflective
element known to man which is why the best solar panels can not be made
without silver and it also has special antibacterial properties that are
increasingly being made use of medically and other ways. For example in

clothing silver can be used to wick away sweat and kill bacteria and
bandages impregnated with silver have special healing properties. It is by far
the best way of purifying water. I could go on to talk about many of the
10,000 and growing uses of silver.
Like how computers need more silver as they become more powerful and
computers made with no silver would perform like a ZX81 from the 1980's.
The latest computers need silver for optimum performance. Energy is wealth
and silver stores energy because it is needed far more than other elements
and silver is also money in and of itself.
One engineer who worked for the atomic energy commission for several
decades by the name of Gary Yantis (google him) said "We (the atomic
energy industry) found silver is regarded as a mystical even magical element
with its unique properties that are irreplaceable. Nothing else comes close
silver has no replacement for these uses. There have been artificial
substitutes like Graphene, but it only works with real silver and currently
costs over $10,000 per ounce to make Graphene, when silver can be bought
for $16oz. Even if there were substitutes why use them when silver is still
only $16oz? So silver is used up more and more there are no substitutes even
when the price goes up to its historic norm. "

Gary Yantis who wrote the Foreword to this book says... " Silver

regarded as a mystical even magical element with its unique
properties that are irreplaceable. My comment about silver is as I
wrote it. I consider it a long-term store of wealth with the closest other
tangible "item" or "substance" I can think of is farmland since land holds its
value over generations. BUT I am NOT talking about storing of wealth to
lengths of many generations. I am talking about storing of wealth for, say, a
few generations, say to the time of your grandchildren. IF you are
"fortunate"? enough to be in the generation when planet earth truly runs out

of silver in quantities used by manufacturers such as Intel, Apple, etc. you
COULD see what physical silver you have increase in value to heights of
I probably track and delve into records of physical silver both above ground
and still in the ground as much as anyone does. I once assumed geologists or
such organizations as the Silver Institute www.silverinstitute.org was
responsible for keeping track of how much silver remains on or in our planet.
If not, perhaps some of the larger silver miners do or, if not, perhaps the
major users of industrial silver. Much to my dismay it seems NO ONE spends
much time or effort keeping track of how much silver (or most any other
commodity that comes out of the ground) be it gold, copper, lead or any
metal found on the periodic chart.
government -- who is charged with the responsibility of counting ALL of the
available silver on the planet. To my dismay , it appears no such entity be it
a person, government or organization exists! I "fell into" the study of metals
(and then focused mostly on silver) due to my work.
My interest in silver? Surrounded by (to me) "brain dead" 30 year tenure
government engineers I was the one they gave the "duct tape and bailing
wire - how the heck do you do this??" tasks to. The AEC decided to study the
effect on metals hitting concrete at 8,000 MPH (nukes are supposed to
explode high above but what if the altimeter malfunctions and the ICBM
reaches the ground where the nuke would explode? I designed a 40 foot tall
concrete building 500 feet underneath Kansas City that had 12 foot rebar
reinforced walls and in this room constructed what has to be the world's
largest sling shot ever made. The rubber band took a crane to lift it. It was
three wide and a foot thick. Using a screw winch it would slowly wind up
hauling a hunk of the metal to be tested to the top of the room. When I
pushed the release button earthquake monitors all over theworld noticed it.
THAT trip up took an entire week it went so slow! That was sooooo much
fun! And they actually paid me to do this stuff! Everything from plain
metals like copper, gold, silver, etc. got tested. We'd also slam entire
guidance systems to see what remained. Answer: a molten blob of fused
Silver was the "mystery metal" to me. When I tested silver people from the
Pentagon would show up. Why? The (guessed at) amounts of all metals in
the world was printed and available to the public - except silver. Silver was
beyond Top Secret. Why? Well, with my Q Level clearance I was grudgingly
told. It was BECAUSE the government KNEW silver would always be a MUST
HAVE metal in certain military items and they knew there was not much silver
still available on planet earth! At the time they estimated only 10% remained

available of the silver that was present in, say, the year 4000BC when human
history began. About 98% of gold was left available and the 2% that was lost
is economically recoverable if it can be located. By the year 1990 in spite of
intense mining of both gold and silver it was down to 5% of the silver left
available and 99% of the gold because so much previously lost gold had been
recovered. Now its down to less than 2% of the silver left available and a lot
more previously lost gold has been recovered in such a short space of time
the world has used up so much silver. The world is not using up any gold at
all, stockpiles are just building up. In 1990 four times more physical silver
existed available above ground than did physical gold. Today, just two and a
half decades later it is just the opposite. There is more than four times more
gold available for investors to buy than there is real silver for investors to buy.
How could there be such a change in such a short space of time? Well firstly
gold mining is going deeper and the deeper they mine the more gold they
find. So gold mining numbers are increasing of late both official and unofficial.
Then consider the rate at which silver is getting consumed in our lifetimes.
There has been far more consumed than is mined so there has been a draw
down of worldwide stockpiles to meet demand. Many ask though, how is it
that the deeper mines get the more gold they find and the less silver is
found? Good question.
Silver on the chemistry class periodic chart is one of the "eight light metals".
Gold is one of the "eight heavy metals. That means silver naturally pushes
itself toward the surface as the earth moves while gold drops. There is
virtually no silver found below 200 feet except that held there by some heavy
rock above it (like a slab of granite). I do a LOT of research on what remains.
I talk to miners, I have been in silver mines. Did you know mining for silver is
almost NEVER done? NOT profitable at this manipulated low price. Silver is
sometimes found along side lead or copper or some other metal being mined.
As of last year the typical copper mine (where most silver is found) is
reporting finding, on average less than one ounce of silver for every ton of
copper mined! As late as 1990 it was 40 ounces of silver and the silver was
high quality. Silver being brought up today is almost all very poor quality and
it requires ten ounces to refine down to one ounce of .99% quality silver.
MOST silver mines are now depleted of high quality ore grades, only the poor
grade ore is left at the bottom as they scrape the bottom of the barrel (the
last of the earths silver deposits).
While the world is discovering the "world is literally awash with gold" there is
no scraping the bottom of the barrel it is almost infinite to all intents and
purposes (even though China has secretly hoarded much of the reported
above ground mined gold) it is also known the supply of production quantity
silver has dropped to (my guess) below two percent of what existed in 4000
BC. But no one will or wants to say it. Out of sight out of mind. I think they

call it "whistling past the grave yard". I parallel silver to a water well. You
look down the well and see water. Everything is OK. At least with a water
well you can drop down a long rope with an anchor to see how much water
remains. What would you do if the rope showed not 50 more feet of water
but instead one foot? Panic? Probably.
The world, on purpose, double and triple counts silver. More "paper silver" is
bought and sold on Wall Street EVERY DAY than even the highest estimate of
what remains of physical silver. That is patently illegal! It is a poorly kept
secret that since 2012 the COMEX "settles" demands for physical silver by
giving the person/company/etc. CASH plus a bonus IF THEY PROMISE IN
WRITING TO NOT DISCLOSE "I was paid in cash - the COMEX did not give me
physical silver". It's just like the world knows Ft. Knox is EMPTY! The entire
"precious metals Ponzi scheme" is a giant "The King Has No Clothes" nursery
story. TPTB want to keep the price low as long as possible so they can settle
in small amounts of cash as the COMEX is doing now!
I saw Merit gold is declaring a form of bankruptcy. I'd say this is a pretty good
indication of what's going to happen in the future.
I'd kind of like to compare them to Bear Stearns. The worst fail first then the
better dealers, and wholesalers no longer deliver when places like the comex
force settlements in cash.
In the very least I think it shows the importance of not being a day late when
buying your real assets.
Exactly when is physical silver going to run out? I probably know as much as
anyone as I total up figures from hundreds of sources. Basically what
remains IS NOT VERY MUCH! EXACTLY what day? Get EVERYONE to fess up
and NO lying --THEN I will know!
Will it end with a whimper or a bang? A bang of course. One day the lines at
Intel and Apple will be humming along with new bars of silver going into the
hopper to be melted down then the guy who loads the hopper will reach for
the next bar - uh, no bar. They'll call suppliers -- no one will have any silver.
Total panic. The government will go into overdrive blaming the evil silver
hoarders (like you and me). They will rush through laws making felons of all
of us! They will show up with guns to TAKE your silver. Well, it will hopefully
be like FDR and gold in 1932 where the only gold he got was taken from bank
safety deposit boxes. Not a single person turned in one ounce of gold. And
no one went to jail! THIS time it will be violent. Everyone should have their
silver buried where it would take God 30 minutes to find it. THEN cooler
heads will take over. There is so little silver in the hands of investors that the
entire amount would only keep industry supplied with silver for an extra ten
months. The largest user by far of silver continues to be industry and

virtually none that they use is recoverable. They DESTROY it!
When I first worked for the AEC they told me "the world has enough silver to
last until about 2125. They did not anticipate solid state electronics,
computers and the tens of thousands of other uses silver is now being used
in. You find silver sprayed on band-aids and even on athletic clothing to wick
away sweat from the body. Silver is now used in more applications than any
other metal combined - not quantity in each application but in tiny
unrecoverable amounts in each application. Usage continues to increase by
30% a year.
The "brick wall" could be tomorrow or it could be a few or even five years
from now. Perhaps some country is hoarding tons of silver like most countries
are doing with gold but there is no sign of it so far. That China has probably
five to ten ten times the amount of gold they publicly report is well known.
They are about to sink the dollar with it and throw the United States into the
same category as Zimbabwe! Having physical silver is not going to be the
problem. Holding onto it and keeping yourself alive is going to be the
Personally, farm land is too expensive plus too easy for a government to just
take. To me that leaves silver.
This is not personal opinion these are facts, it took all of this to explain the
FACTS of silver.
The price will go up when the evil TPTB receive a few days notice that the last
production bar of silver just went into the hopper at Intel/Sony etc. Until that
time the largest most important secret in all of history is the silver story.
They'll close all their short positions and buy all of the long options they can
get their hands on. They ALWAYS win. Sometimes there is no justice - ever.
Jamie Dimon, Rothschild, George Soros, Buffett etc. will make MORE wealth at
that time (which is why they have been told not to stockpile silver yet, or
they will have the same treatment as the Hunt brothers got in the 70's) while
John Q Public is always late to the party. Unless you were one of the very
small percentage of the worlds population who took possession of real
physical silver bullion before the manipulation ended." From Gary Yantis.

Silver will out perform gold in the years to come. There are
millions of tons of gold in play and its not used up as silver is.
I have beaten to death the natural ratio between gold and silver

as it comes out of the earth is 1:8 today (half what it used to
as silver is getting depleted) and it is currently trading at a 1:75
Think about that! 75 ounces of silver are priced the same as 1
oz of gold. Yet the rate they are being mined at has halved
from the long term 16:1 to now under 8:1 and still falling. But it
depends who you ask. I think the answer is nobody knows. Its
so complicated, I mean do you count the reported gold coming
out of the mines or do you include all the illegal mining. Some
say almost as much unreported gold is produced every year
than is reported. But that is the point, it is unreported so no
way of knowing the amounts of gold being added to worldwide
There are now several reports from around the world saying
there is about the same amount of gold as silver being mined
every year. If you include all the unreported gold mined every
year from China, Africa and South America alone it come out to
around 1 billion ounces of gold per year being added to the
worlds millions of tons of gold stockpiles building up around the
world. There are reported to be about 1 billion ounces of silver

mined every year, but there is very little incentive to lie about
the amount of silver mined because the price is still so low.
In China it is a different story to Africa and the Americas. The
Chinese government themselves are underreporting how much
gold they are mining every year, as well as how much gold they
are importing every year.
There is so much incentive with gold to lie about how much is
being mined every year. So much profit to not have to pay tax
on or to line the pockets of the corrupt before only the reported
amounts get tax and duties paid on. The land owners get a
percentage of only the reported amount of gold, then the
shareholders and those who invested in the mining companies
they only get paid on the reported amount of gold being mined
every year. The corruption runs deep down the mine as well as
high up to the highest levels of governments.
Then with silver I hear they are mining lots of other ore at a
loss producing huge stockpiles of base metals just to get a little
silver as a by-product. There was a chart showing the amount of
silver mined vs the quantity of ore processed, charted over the
last decade and a half? It was fascinating in that the amount of

processed ore DOUBLED over the last 13 years (if my memory
is correct), to produce about the same quantity of silver, due to
decreasing ore quality. This could explain why costs are MUCH
greater now than a decade ago. But that chart and info seems
to have been covered up and denied since it came out.
It makes sense as silver gets less as they go deeper while gold
gets more abundant as they get deeper down the mine.
Who knows, the real numbers how much the ratio is gold to
silver mined. One quite reliable source said the long term
average was about 16:1 and now its ABOUT half that, but
nobody can say for sure including all the mines and unreported
panning for gold all over the earth.
A more important question we should be trying to get to the
AVAILABLE ON EARTH?We also know implicitly that silver has
been trashed for decades as a cheap industrial metal and that
the uses are exploding. Given the industrial uses of silver
needed for the next generation of solutions coupled with its
investment and monetary demand and the even larger paper
fraud in the silver market, silver should out perform gold on a

relative basis.
Here's a smattering of uses, many of which are still in their infancy:
Solid-state lighting (SSL), which uses semiconductors to produce light
with either light-emitting diodes (LED) or organic light-emitting diodes
(OLED), rather than the more traditional electrical filaments. OLED screens
will be used a lot in the future in small screen devices as well as large screen
TV’s. SSL is used in traffic lights and some car headlamps. The use of flexible
OLED and other new tech need silver and predictions are these will be
produced in colossal numbers in the near future.
Radio frequency identification (RFID) uses printed silver ink made from
silver nitrate. RFID chips have become so ubiquitous, it's hard to find any new
product that doesn't have at least one – even if that's only in the security tag
affixed to the package. This is means that almost every product you buy
these days is consuming the last of the silver available.

Super capacitors and superconductors, auto- catalysts and new types
of more effective batteries.
Silver is being used more and more in fabric and textile and especially
athletic clothing. There are new odour resistant underwear and outerwear
that are using silver. It kills bacteria better than anything. There have been
many other silver threaded clothing types they wick away sweat and kill
odours and are very good for sports clothing and any outdoor garments. Most
exciting of all is the new developments in temperature controlled clothing.
There are very latest technology clothing that are threaded with lots of silver
that you can actually adjust the temperature. So say you want to dress light
but stay warm in the winter you can turn it up to warm up. Then later if you
are playing sports and are getting hot you can turn it down to cool your body.
All the time it will be wicking away sweat that cause odours and its hygienic

and heathly for your skin. This is only possible with silver because it is as well
as the most antibacterial element it is the most thermally conductive element
on the period table. This is where we are heading with futuristic clothing, and
it will use up a lot of the last of the silver.

Want to keep warm? Wear SILVER: Cotton coated with microscopic metal wires traps
80% of body heat - and can even be used like an electric blanket. Prototype cotton
fabric is coated in silver nanowires to trap body heat. It's as effective as a thick
fleece, trapping 80% of heat. Material uses silver because it reflects infrared
radiation back to the body. A very small electric charge can be applied from a single
rechargeable battery so it works like an electric blanket
Experts from Stanford University say the cloth's breathable, lightweight and of
course antibacterial.
It was developed to save energy produced by central heating.
Wearing clothes made from cloth covered with tiny silver wires will reduce your
heating bills in the future.
This is because scientists have found that a new material made of cotton coated in
silver nanowires, effectively traps heat inside a person’s clothing, to keep the
wearer cosy.
They say it is also breathable and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear.
These images show the wires under the microscope at different magnifications,
which because they are closely packed together, form a conductive network.
Scientists from Stanford University in California developed the prototype material
using silver because it reflects infrared radiation back towards the body, Popular
Science reported.
In order to make the metallic material comfortable to wear, they dipped cotton into
a solution of silver nanowires that can sit on top of everyday clothing, according to
the study published in Nano Letters.

They created a fabric that’s able to trap 80 per cent of body heat, because the tiny
silver wires reflect infrared radiation back towards the body (shown in a diagram on
the left). A piece of the new cloth was cut out in an 'S' shape and placed in the palm
(top right). Using heat-sensitive camera, the researchers showed it is able to block
all human-radiated IR, keeping the heat inside so that the S-shape looks blue
(bottom right)
Tiny antibacterial particles from silver are woven into the fabric of many clothes to
kill bacteria that makes them smell.
The silver will kill bacteria by touching it, and also produces soluble ions that
reduce the pong.
Studies concluded that some of the particles come out in the wash, this silver will
be very hard if impossible to reclaim from recycling.
It is nothing to worry about as silver nanoparticles don't harm humans or the
Research published in 2012 warned that bacteria may become resistant to silver if
used in lots of everyday situations, which could have important implications,
because the metal is used as an anti-bacterial in healthcare. Others have said this is
unfounded as there has been no record ever of any bacteria becoming resistant to
Silver is also very very rare now, the report said and it's estimated that global
resources could run out in as little as 17 to 20 years.
It is as efficient as a bulky fleece when worn like a normal piece of clothing,
emitting infrared radiation emitted by a wearer, back to their body.
But the clothes could be charged by a small battery which could be recharged,
plugged into a computer, for example, to keep wearers even warmer.
The idea is that a small amount of electricity could effectively turn a jacket into an
electric blanket.
Extra heat can be generated by harnessing the movement of electricity across the
And because the cloth is thin and breathable, it could one day replace bulky
outdoor ski coats, or the best thermal garments for keeping warm.
The researchers say that the clothes could also be worn indoors to negate the need
for heating.
While it’s easy to imagine that cloth made from silver may be expensive, the
researchers claim the total cost of silver needed to make a complete body suit
would only cost $1 (66p). Even if silver went up ten times in price only another $9
would need to be added to the final cost of the product.
The researchers claim that wearing such clothes could save a person $200 a year in
heating costs, or save enough energy to power 1,000 light bulbs for 10 hours.
The cloth is not yet on sale and requires more testing, but the scientists are already
working on another coating to keep clothes and their wearers cool in hot
Climachill is the latest fabric technology out of Adidas Climachill is available in training, tennis
and outdoor apparel. Adidas plans a variety of Climachill garments and footwear. The yarn

used in Climachill gets its cooling properties from the integrated silver in the fabric which also
serves to wick away sweat and odors.
Adidas claims that Climachill fabric is able to deliver an instant cooling effect with its mix of
silver-blended yarn and 3D silver cooling spheres. The 3D spheres are mapped to correspond
with the body's hot zones, keeping those areas cooler. Meanwhile, the use of the silver
"SubZero" flat yarn delivers a claimed 36 percent increase in cooling capacity over Adidas'
older Climacool fabric which used less silver.

In order to find the "ultimate Climachill fabric," Adidas tested fabric blends in its "Clima"
chamber, cranking the heat up to 122ºF (50ºC). It then zeroed in on what was most effective.
Adidas isn't the only big player in the market using cooler fabrics. Two years ago, Columbia
introduced its Omni-Freeze Zero technology, a fabric design that also uses circular coolers.
Columbia's polymer rings are designed to interact with the wearer's natural perspiration to
deliver a long-lasting cooling effect.
Adidas launched Climachill earlier this year across a broad range that includes training, tennis
and outdoor wear. It is available in men's, women's and children's garments.
I was able to experience a second generation cool garment in Tokyo where climate change is
making very hot and humid summers. I tried out this cool (literally) sports top and it felt great.
If you are outside walking or cycling in the heat of the day you can turn the temp of your body
right down then this will be a Godsend. I can imagine people wanting them even at very high
prices, which they will be because they require lots of silver to make. The next generations of
temperature controlled clothing will be far more advanced than what I tried out in Tokyo.
There is even in the works clothing that charges devices simply by moving! The
flexible fabric was coated in silver, along with a silicon-based organic material
(polydimethylsiloxane) and zinc oxide nanorod arrays. As the pieces of fabric
moved against one another, they generated and stored energy. Along with its use
for device-charging clothing, the technology could also find use in applications
such as biomedical devices and touch-sensitive robotic skin. The research was
conducted by scientists from Sungkyunkwan University in Korea, and the
University of Wollongong in Australia. Could there possibly be advanced silver
temperature controlled clothing that self recharges the powerpack as you move?
If the silver doesnt run out before they finish it.

· Medical applications like antiseptic coverings for surgery, traumatic wounds, antibacterial bandages and
fabrics, dental amalgam, and silver salts that help prevent infections in newborns. It's also used as a cure
for dermatological problems and certain types of cancer. I asked my dentist if I could have silver used for
any work for the health benefits. She said well its very expensive, I said no its not. It’s only $16 per ounce
and she said about a 10th of an ounce would be needed for all my fillings etc. So only about $2 for the
grams I needed with a little premium for the raw material and its very easy to work with compared to other
products used. I paid the $2 for the silver and brought it to my dentist and now have silver in my mouth for
the anti-bacterial properties and in a real emergency could be taken out and used as money. So many
health problems are related to mercury containing amalgamations in our jaws. Why do they not use silver?
I do not know but I can guess. I have asked many dentists and the truth is the top private dentists do now
use silver instead of gold. Gold is not nearly as good at killing harmful bacteria. If you use pure silver it
does wear away because its too soft. But 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper is very hard wearing and does not
tarnish if you are cleaning your teeth regularly. This silver in your mouth is constantly killing bacteria for
very healthy dental hygiene. When I am old enough for false teeth I think silver ones would be great! A full
set would have to stop plaque dead in its tracks. Some doctors have said once they get all the non silver
dental work out of the mouths of their patients and replaced them with silver and nothing else, then so
many health problems go away including cancer in some cases.
· Water purification systems, washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigeration. NASA used silver to
sterilise recycled water aboard the space shuttle. There is even a book that is actually a water filter holder
with the pages coated with silver to make an easily transported water filter for those who do not have safe
drinking water. We each keep one of these silver coated books in our go bags. Very useful bit of kit. Ioniser
And Silver Nano Filters And Purifiers? In the air there are positive and negative ions that affect our
breathing and they are especially dangerous, to asthmatic people or those who have respiratory issues.
These positive ions make breathing a lot more difficult because it reduces our capability of taking in
oxygen. In humid air the negative ions are depleted, which have the effect of relieving allergies from hay
fever, bronchial asthma, and other respiratory problems. The positive ions cling to the water particles,
which affect the asthmatic person’s breathing. The more water particles in the air, the less oxygen
particles are able to fill the air so ionic dehumidifiers will balance that out by taking away the humid air
that restores the negative ions that makes the air clearer for us all. In dehumidifiers silver ionic
membranes are used in fuel cell technology and for water improvement. A specialized type of silver
membrane can be used as an "ionic pump" to move humidity into or out of a sealed enclosure. The solid
polymer electrolyte (SPE) membrane is a low power, steady state dehumidifier for enclosed areas where
maintenance is difficult. The process also requires very little electrical energy to operate, using no

moving parts, making the ionic membranes silent in operation and very reliable over long periods
of time. A small photovoltaic panel with accompanying battery is all that is needed for running
24/7. Enough power can be generated in the day light to charge the battery for continued running
through the night. Even in the driest areas of the world suffering drought have higher moister
content in the air in the early hours before dawn all through the year. The best filters have silver
ions on it. The Nano Silver attached on the filter releases the Silver ions repeatedly to eliminate
bacteria's effectively. The Silver ion filter kills bacteria in the air and controls the growth of
microbes, such as bacteria, virus, fungi, and spores, by destroying their inner configuration and
absorbing the cells elements. The silver membrane needs to be replaced every year to continue
killing bacteria to create clean air and provide clean pure water every single day. As air quality
and water shortages loom on the horizon in the not too distant future, these silver consuming air
conditioners and dehumidifiers will be in very high demand in every country throughout the earth.
Instead of running water pipes and water treatment centers, these machines in every home, every
room even is what is needed as the population of the world continues to expand. All this shows
the demand for real silver compared to dwindling supply.
· Food packaging and preservation. Manufacturers of commercial ice machines are using silver-embedded
hoses, clamps, pipe fittings, and other places where gunk can build up and harbour bacteria. Meat
processors use silver-embedded tables, grinders, tools, and hooks. Silver is used to keep fruit, vegetables,
and cut flowers fresh while in transit. We also suggest and ourselves have been collecting silver jugs and
bowls and cups. Either from online or anywhere that may have pure silver for sale. I love to look in second
hand shops especially around Jewish areas in London. I have my magnets and silver testing kits and ask to
have a look at anything that may be silver. We try and use all silver for any bowls, pots and pans or serving

trays. We drink out of silver cups and use silver spoons and cutlery, and silver chopsticks just like Japanese
and Korean Emperors for the health benefits. Any leftover food is kept in our fridge in silver containers
which does prolong the life and keep everything more fresh. I am even looking into getting a silver lined
fridge freezer for the ecological as well as antibacterial benefits. Silver is also the most heat conductive
element known to man. It is the most electrically conductive and thermally conductive element known to
man, so once you have brought the temperature to where you want it, it will take less energy to keep it
there. Along with good insulation of course. So silver lined fridge freezers filled with silver containers could
be the most Eco friendly cheapest lowest power consuming on the market. But there are none on the
market so its something I am looking into. In times past they used pure solid silver in England and they
said food kept warmer for longer in silver serving trays. Also drink that you drop ice in to keep cool, the ice
took longer to melt away. Once it has conducted the temperature it keeps it at that temp for longer. It is
said that silver cooking pots need less energy to cook the food, this is something that can save currency
and will be very useful considering the energy deficit the world is facing going forward. Captain Cook was
said to be the most successful explorer ever because of using all silver cups and silverware. Even goes
back to ancient Egypt, Joseph in the Bible was said to have a silver cup he drank out of, this was about
4000 years ago. Nowadays there seems to be a lot of electroplated silver utensils but not many solid silver.
I personally would prefer solid silver especially while it is so cheap.
· Public hygiene, such as antimicrobial protection of telephone receivers, door handles, bed rails, toilet
seats, counter tops, children's toys, socks, underwear, bed linen, towels, toothbrushes etc. The most
advanced scientific laboratories in the world need silver for the latest breakthroughs in tech and research.
We have silver toothbrushes that have replaceable brush heads. Also our family first aid kits have as much
silver bandages and plasters as we can get.

Zapping cancer cells with silver
The silver nanoparticles can be binded to to an antibody that naturally seeks
out cancer cells called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). So this silver, by
hitching a ride on this antibody, are carried to the caner cells. It has to be
silver, as it is by far the best conductor of heat known to mankind. Then near
infrared light on the area, heating and killing the cancer cells. Its basically like
putting cancer cells in hot water and boiling it to death."the more heat the
metal nanospheres generate the better" says Jin Zhang, one of the
researchers. It has to be silver the best heat conductor in the world.
This is not science fiction, this is as near to a cure for cancer as humans have
ever got so far. By getting the silver to hitch a ride on something that is
attracted to the cancer cells, then heating them up with infrared, cancer cells
can be destroyed. This is true, now it has been proven. This just shows how
vital silver is now and is going to be in the near and far as the eye can see

Silver nanoparticles can even be used to melt away fat. There's silver in that
thar belly – or at least there might soon be, if a new form of silver liposuction
gets more popular. Old forms of Liposuction may have been a popular method
of instant body fat reduction, but it certainly isn't perfect. Patients can
experience bruising, there can be lumps that have to be addressed with a
second procedure, plus things other than fat cells – such as connective tissue
and nerves – can inadvertently also get removed. Two researchers, however,
are developing what could be a better form of liposuction, that involves first
using injected silver microparticles to melt the fat. The technique was
conceived by University of California, San Diego nanomedicine expert Adah
Almutairi, and her brother Khalid who is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
They were inspired by earlier research just talked about in which injected
silver nanoparticles were drawn specifically to cancer cells, then heated up
using near-infrared light to effectively "cook" those cells while leaving others
unharmed. This is one of the cancer treatments that some say has been
suppressed in favour of the harmful radiation treatment. This is not a
conspiracy theory said Adah Almutairi, it is a conspiracy fact. Why radiation
therapy is still being perpetrated is a crime, when proven studies have shown
the technique of using silver works. Silver nanoparticles were drawn
specifically to cancer cells, then heated up using near-infrared light to
effectively "cook" those cells while leaving others unharmed. Silver is the
most thermally conductive material known to mankind.

The Almutairis believe that something similar could be done to fat cells. In
their process, silver nanoparticles would first be injected into fat deposits in a
patient's body. Those areas would then be subjected to near-infrared light,
causing the particles to heat up. Because of fat's relatively low melting
temperature, the fat in the deposits would liquify before any harm could
occur to other cells. A liposuction needle could then be inserted and used to
simply suck out the melted fat and the nanoparticles. In traditional
liposuction, the needle is scraped back and forth through solid fat, breaking it
up while also vacuuming it out. Animal trials are now underway, with the
possibility of human trials later this year. The technology is being developed
by startup firm eLux Medical, and is called NanoLipo. An article on the

research was recently published in Chemical & Engineering News.
Interestingly most nanotechnology involves silver particles. There is some
gold nanotechnology but when silver works far better than gold one can see
why it would be used [75xcheaper; even if silver is less abundant than gold].
Gold nanoparticles are also used but not as good thermal conductivity for
absorbing the infrared. Gold is also not as good as silver in every other way
like the antimicrobial and all the other properties that silver is the best at.
Some nanotechnology needs silver because it is the most reflective element
known to mankind. And as I said even if gold was as good as silver which its
not, why would you use something 75x more expensive, even if gold is now
far more abundant than silver. Georgia Institute of Technology [Ga. Tech] is
making good progress with silver nano technology in fighting cancer. As most
know it is one of the world's top science, technology, and engineering
universities. They do not have a medical school. But they are doing
nanotechnology medical research. That tells you how big nanotechnology is.
Pun intended!
· Other wide-ranging consumer products used every day: makeup,
antibacterial soaps and kitchenware, hand and air sanitisers, and facial
creams and masks. My wife is a beautician and knows how the products that
contain real silver are far better than those without. In Japan silver
impregnated face masks are worn and discarded very regularly. I wish the
rest of the world would wear silver impregnated masks more when someone
is not well it’s very polite to stop the spread of the common cold and other
viruses. And every silver impregnated face mask that is discarded brings the
silver shortage closer.
These are just a few of the tens of thousands of uses. Who knows as
technology progresses what other uses for this almost magical element will
be discovered. There are hundreds of new uses for silver being discovered
every year.
Before digital photography, silver was used a lot in the old photography
methods, but it was cheap and easy to recycle and was nearly all got back to
use again. Now the world has gone over to digital photography and arguably
uses even more silver than the old way when you take into consideration ALL
the digi cameras, smartphones, computers, screens, keyboards and printers
ALL use up a lot of silver in tiny amounts per device that is difficult and costly
to recycle. These devices get discarded and unlike the old way which recycled
the silver cheaply with the new digital way the silver is gone until the price
gets high enough to make locating and retrieving the silver cost effective.

Silver really is a mystical material that is constantly having new discoveries
that show how amazing it is. What if there was a way to cool your house or
car better and far cheaper (well free, it requires no electricity) than AC?
So much for old-fashioned air conditioning: What if you could harness the
universe to cool your building or vehicle?
Some Stanford University engineers may have figured out how to do just that.
According to a paper in the scientific journal Nature, a team led by Stanford
electrical engineer Shanhui Fan has come up with a material that can radiate
heat away from buildings and send it directly into space.
The wafer-thin material -- just 1.8 microns thick, about 50 times thinner than
a piece of paper -- is made up of layers of silicon dioxide and hafnium oxide
on top of a layer of silver. It both acts as a mirror, reflecting sunlight back into
space, (this is why it has to be silver) and channels invisible, heat-bearing
infrared rays away from the source and into the universe (again it needs to
be silver for its mystical properties).
"Think about it like having a window into space," Fan told the Stanford Report.
The material channels heat into space, cooling buildings.
The Stanford team calls it "photonic radiative cooling," and if the material is
applied to surfaces such as rooftops, it could help lower the need for air
conditioning. In tests, the material was capable of cooling a surface by 5
degrees Celsius (about 9 degrees Fahrenheit).
"This team has shown how to passively cool structures by simply radiating
heat into the cold darkness of space," Nobel Prize-winning physicist Burton
Richter, a Stanford professor emeritus, told the Stanford Report.
What makes it intriguing, team member Aaswath Raman told CNN, was the
material's ability to radiate heat in daylight.
"What's special is not that it radiates to space -- most materials exposed to
the sky already do that, and can thus do this kind of cooling at night already,"

he wrote in an e-mail. "It's enabling this effect during the day that's hard, and
that's because when you're exposed to the sky during the day the sun will
heat you up. So what's new is the combination of being extremely reflective
(due to the pure silver the most reflective element known to mankind,
meaning you absorb almost no sunlight) and radiating to space at the same
time. This allows you to get the same cooling effect (to below air
temperature) during the day, that you can normally only get at night."
The scientists note that air conditioning currently accounts for about 25% of
energy usage in buildings. More in certain parts of the world. Moreover, in
rural and undeveloped areas, the material could provide a cooling technology
that doesn't require electricity.
"Across the developing world, photonic radiative cooling makes off-grid
cooling a possibility in rural regions, in addition to meeting skyrocketing
demand for air conditioning in urban areas," Raman told the Stanford Report.
After all, the universe is vast and very, very cold: about 3 degrees above
absolute zero, to be precise. Radiating our heat directly into space could help
solve a number of problems on Earth, Fan told the Stanford Report.
"Every object that produces heat has to dump that heat into a heat sink," he
said. "What we've done is to create a way that should allow us to use the
coldness of the universe as a heat sink during the day."

Very cool,(bad pun, I know) but seriously it seems lots of these new uses for
silver have something in common. They all help with producing cleaner
renewable energy or to save energy, again very good for the earth.
There are many similar silver using projects in the works for the exact
opposite purpose, to warm up buildings. There are many new technologies in
the works using silver that can heat water from the sun and use it to heat

buildings in a very efficient way. I know, I know this idea has been around for
ages, having a solar thermal heating system on the roof to heat the building.
But there is new technology in the works that is light years ahead of any
system of late. It's efficiency is amazing, it uses silver to heat up buildings in
cold areas and colder times of the year.
There is talk now of the same systems being implemented together that can
be switched over with the changing seasons. So that in wintertime the silver
systems can provide efficient heat, and the same systems can incorperate
another silver technology beside it. It can be switched over to keep the
building cool in the summertime. Silver really is the future.
These ideas need silver, for the reflective and heat/electrical conductivity of
the silver. The good news is silver is only $16oz so very cheap for all these
new industrial uses.
Visiting Tokyo in the summertime makes me think about all the parts of the
world that need AC to keep cool. This technology can cool buildings without
needing electricity this is an amazing change to a world that is in a power
deficit. Japan is just one country that would benefit every summertime. They
are asking everyone not to use AC so much to lower the demand on the
power grid, they even have a new cool biz approach asking people to wear
cooler clothing in offices so that they won't need AC so much. Then there is a
super cool biz idea, that promotes almost beach wear in the workplace so
that less AC will be needed. The benefit of this in Japan is because of the
previously falling birth rate, with less clothes being worn due to the power
deficit, more women are getting pregnant. HAHAHA! But seriously this new
silver cooling technology is a real game changer, as long as silver does not
run out before mass implementation.
This technology, when it comes to market, will be great for off grid, remote,
or other areas far from reliable power. Being able to cool in the heat of the
noon sun without power has tremendous potential for most everyone.
Just one other example out of tens of thousands to show that as technology
progresses more silver is used up in tiny unrecoverable uses. In 2012, Dr.
Yong Zhu and a team at North Carolina State University created highly
conductive and elastic conductors made from silver nanowires. At the time,
Dr. Zhu said the conductors could be used to create stretchable electronics
with applications in wearable, multifunctional sensors. Two years later, the NC
State researchers have developed just such a sensor.
By sandwiching an insulating material between two of the silver nanowirebased conductors, the researchers were able to create a device with
capacitance, or the ability to store an electrical charge. When the stretchable
conductors are pushed, pulled or touched, the capacitance is changed.

Measuring this change is what provides the device's sensing capabilities.
"The technology is based on either physical deformation or 'fringing' electric
field changes," says Shanshan Yao, a Ph.D. student at NC State and lead
author of a paper on the work. "The latter is very similar to the mechanism
used in smartphone touch screens, but the sensors we've developed are
stretchable and can be mounted on a variety of curvilinear surfaces such as
human skin."

The researchers say the sensors have a wide variety of potential applications,
ranging from biomedical, military and athletics, to prosthetics, robotics and
flexible touch displays. They have used the sensors to monitor thumb
movement and have also demonstrated the monitoring of knee movements
while a test subject is running, jumping and walking.
"The deformation involved in these movements is large, and would break a
lot of other sensor devices," says Dr. Zhu. "But our sensors can be stretched
to 150 percent or more of their original length without losing functionality, so
they can handle it."
The team has also used the technology to map pressure distribution by
developing an array of sensors. With a response time of just 40 milliseconds,
the sensors also allow strain and pressure to be monitored in real time. This
could be particularly important for applications in robotics and prosthetics.
"These sensors could be used to help develop prosthetics that respond to a
user’s movement and provide feedback when in use," says Dr. Zhu. "They
could also be used to create robotics that can ‘feel’ their environment, or the
sensors could be incorporated into clothing to track motion or monitor an
individual’s physical health."
The team's paper, "Wearable Multifunctional Sensors Using Printed
Stretchable Conductors Made of Silver Nanowires," is published online in the
journal Nanoscale. I could go on and on about latest uses found for this
amazing magical element. Indeed there are more new patents filed every
year for new uses of silver than ALL OTHER ELEMENTS COMBINED.
David Morgan has said that if you want to buy the best technology stock for
the future, then just buy a bar of silver. One of the main points of this book is
that silver is for health, wealth and technology. For every use for silver that

diminishes over time 10 other uses pop up and are noticed by somebody.
Remember this as we talk about...... Supply and demand.
During a major crisis either man made like civil war or terrorist attack, or
natural disasters most times the shelves are cleared of essential items in
local shops. Food and fuel are all sold out because it is not certain when or if
resupply will come. The natural laws of supply and demand come in to play in
these situations. If someone wants to offer food or fuel for sale when
everywhere else has sold out the free market bids up the value of these
After one certain natural disaster recently after writing this there were food
and fuel shortages. Some who managed to buy fuel before the stations all ran
out were selling it for exorbitant prices. But people were paying it because
the laws of supply and demand and the free market work things out. It was
either buy what they needed for these high prices or do without, because
supply was limited compared with demand which was very high.
So when silver and later copper shortages do occur the paper price may well
be put down by the criminal manipulators, but that will not do any good for
an investor who wants to take possession of real silver bullion, or indeed for a
consumer of silver like Sony for example, that needs it to keep in business.
Paper promises or future contracts can not be used in industry only the real
metal will do. So I predict a time when paper or spot prices will be going down
as everyone with any sense wants to sell paper derivatives of silver and get
on waiting lists for real bullion. The price for real silver will be very high and if
you want it soon and not risk going on the end of a long waiting list where
you may not get any, then you may have to pay a very large premium to get
your real silver now ahead of someone else. This is just the free market laws
of supply and demand working out the free market value.
Another example of the natural laws of supply and demand is when a new
Sony games console is released. I am writing this at the end of 2013 when
the latest Playstation 4 has just been released. For a short time demand is
very high and supply is very limited. I could see this coming and got on a
waiting list early, someone else not on a waiting list but who really wants a
PS4 now and not prepared to wait could pay me a large premium for me to
sell him mine. Which is exactly what happened before xmas 2013.

I have done this on every Sony games console since I was a boy. In 1994
when was a young school boy I had not yet learned about supply and demand
fundamentals but my older brother taught me about the laws of supply and
demand. We both managed to buy an imported Japanese Playstaion in 1994
which was well before they were released in the rest of the world. Demand
was high in Japan but was crazy in the rest of the world as they were only
available in Japan. Once ours arrived from Japan we advertised them as in the
UK as available now, you do not have to risk importing one yourself (which is
not easy) and these we have are for sale at very very high prices because
they have already arrived in the UK. Lots of interest even at these crazy high
prices and we sold to the highest bidders. The year after, in 1995 they were
officially available in the UK and prices came down a long way. This is natural
supply and demand forces in operation.
Then in 1999 we did the same thing, the PS2 was released in Japan way
ahead of the rest of the world. I got mine sent over soon after Jap release
which was not easy you need good contacts in Japan and advertised it as in
the UK now because most people do not know anything about importing
something from Japan. Again I sold it at such a high price its almost
unbelievable because sure enough some time later it was released in the UK
and the rest of the world and the price came down. Thats supply and demand
Then in 2005 the PS3 was released in Japan. This time demand really was
crazy in the run up to the launch. I flew over there myself to stay with my
Japanese girlfriend at the time (who is now my wife) my flight back was
booked for a few hours after the official release of the PS3. My girlfriend had
got on the waiting list over a year before hand so we were very near the top,
but this still did not guarantee we would get one. Demand was so high at this
time compared with very limited supply. There were thousands who wanted
one for every one available and only about 20K consoles for all of Japan. The
free market works itself out and the price is evident after the free market
forces of supply and demand set the price.
I actually lined up outside the biggest electronic store with all the Japanese
gamers 2 days before the official release. My girlfriend and her sister kept

coming to see me and keep my place in the line while I went for breaks and
they brought me food and drink. At night time a group of young bikers were
hanging out with us all, it was kind of like a street party. Great memories. I
managed to get a PS3 and right away flew very soon after from Tokyo to
I am pretty sure unless someone else did what I did on the same flight as me,
mine was the first PS3 to enter the UK. I advertised it as such weeks before
hand. Already had several buyers lined up. So how is that for supply demand
fundamentals. Only one in the UK the day after launch in Tokyo. There were
two serious buyers I showed each of them the same day it working for just a
few mins and then I asked them to show me the cash to show they were
serious. Then one offered me even higher price than I advertised while the
other was trying to knock me down a little. So I sold to the highest bidder that
same day that I arrived back in London.
The purpose of this story is to think about the laws of supply and demand and
how the law relates to silver going forward.
Yes there may be lots of silver on Earth but when demand is high all that
matters is how much is AVAILABLE. If demand exceeds supply how long will
it take to get more silver available and where will it come from if known silver
reserves are almost all depleted?
As I write this I have just bought a PS4 from John Lewis in London on the
release date Nov 2013. That's what got me thinking about the laws of supply
and demand. The unusual thing is this time around is that Sony for the first
time released it outside Japan before its own country gets it. So this PS4 that I
have been playing on (just to see if it works OK:) I will be selling to Japan from
London. How ironic is that. Demand is high in Japan and supply severely
limited until its released over there next year. I have a buyer already and he
has agreed to pay with bitcoins to save currency exchange/transaction fee's.
One has to wonder in 2020 when the next generation gaming consoles are
due, will the silver shortage affect things yet? I expect not, because even if
silver went to £1000 per ounce it will not affect the price of the finished
console that much, each console may have only a tenth of an ounce in each
of them. So just to raise the price of Playstation5 by $100 or so will not affect
that generation that much. But then the next, next generation by
Playstation6 maybe later part of the 2020's I would imagine will be affected
by shortages and high prices of silver. The inescapable fact is that these
latest technologies like Project Morpheus and other VR tech like Project
HoloLens can not be made so advanced without silver. Just as supply
and demand fundamentals can not be escaped by those who attempt to
manipulate markets, silver's irreplaceable in modern life is an equally

inescapable fact. The new technology that is in such high demand is not
possible without silver.

Silver is a finite resource on planet earth. It seems the appetite for the latest
tech is infinite but silver is irreplaceable. It is not the situation like in my
favorite space trading game called Elite, where you can explore the universe
and mine metal from rocky asteroids. I remember playing the very original
with my older brother on a ZX81, when I was very young. The new version
over 30 years later is called elite dangerous and it is by far the best space
trading adventure game. You can play with a VR headset which is an example
of the latest tech which requires silver to be so advanced.
Playing the game and mining gold and silver in space really makes you think
about the mining industry on earth and about the supply demand
fundamentals of gold and silver. But the in games monetary system is just
called credits, it is unbacked so can be expanded exponentially, they should
just use grams of the monetary precious metals you are mining.
So in the game you can mine asteroids for gold, silver and other minerals.
This is a very interesting idea, but until that time comes silver is going to be
in short supply. The technology to get into space does require huge amounts
of silver to start with, there is just not enough left available on planet earth to
launch a project to actually bring back minerals like silver from space in
quantity. The last projects into space have used up a huge amount of silver,
like the Rosetta space probe we are told successfully deployed its robotic
lander Philae on the Comet 67P. This is the first time a spacecraft has ever
landed on the surface of a comet, or the incident was an elaborate hoax,
which would not surprise me. But there is not enough silver left on earth to
make the technology to launch large spacecraft with mining equipment, like
in science fiction. Can you really see a project anytime soon to mine silver
from outer space being successful? I just can't see it.
Elite dangerous looks like an amazing space pirate trading game, though the
early version only just released as I write. What was the most interesting was

the in game gold to silver ratio. Silver is normally around 4k profit per tonne,
Gold 8k. So a future prediction of 1:2 GSR! In 2014 it is 1:75! In years to come
I predict silver will be worth more than gold, as the world realises that gold is
not really useful and there are millions of tons building up around the world.
Available silver on planet earth is going to be in very short supply in the near
future. To go and mine silver from outer space will require lots of silver in the
latest technology, and there is not that much left available on earth any
more. The space programs will be competing with the military and consumer
industries over the last of the available silver on earth.
So next time someone says "yeah yeah all known silver deposits on earth will
run out in 17-20 years, but by then the technology will be able to go and
mine asteroids from outerspace!" Well first of all does anyone really believe
that kind of advancement in just a few decades? I do not. Secondly even if
NASA or whoever could develop that kind of ship, it would require a great
deal of silver and by then not that much silver at all will be available on earth.
This kind of tech would need silver to be so advanced. Even if somehow
enough silver was available for that advanced technology, it would be
debatable if the amount of silver that could be brought back, would be more
than the amount consumed by the project to start with. So a large risk that
the last of the silver available would be blasted off from earth with the high
probability that it would never return. Space projects are very risky. That may
have been the last chance if no more silver is available in quantity on earth.
Would they be able to have further space missions with the latest technology
that can only be made with silver? Without silver technology is back in the
1980's using copper, with computers the same power as a ZX81.
Actually it is not factually true to say that all silver on earth is still with us. For
the last several decades since the 1950's (Yes there were space projects in
the 50's) humans have been sending rockets of all kinds into space. There is
estimated to be thousands of tons of space junk either in orbit or left the
earth never to return. Every satellite or space probe ever launched contains
silver which is essential in the engineering and electronics. Space debris, also
known as orbital debris, space junk, and space waste, is the collection of
defunct objects in space. This includes spent rocket stages, old satellites, and
probes. It is not realistic that this silver can ever be reclaimed.

Alchemy has been the holy grail for time immemorial. Graphene and other
new materials look promising but cost in excess of $10,000 per ounce to
make while silver is priced under $16oz. There may be other materials with
properties similar to silver. But unlike diamonds there will never be an
artificial silver product that can be made cheaply. Silver will run out if demand
continues to exceed supply. Silver is in finite quantity on earth
and most of the easy to get to silver has already been consumed and can not
be retrieved.
Update 2014.
It's 10:30am on a cold Wednesday morning. A small crowd gathers outside an
unassuming grey shop in the middle of Bethnal Green Road, London. Four
multi-coloured neon symbols suddenly come into view -- it's 1994 all over
again and I'm suddenly feeling nostalgic.
It's been hard to miss, but it's been two decades since the original PlayStation
went on sale. To celebrate, Sony's returned to its retro roots, and the gaming
public are loving it. It started with the unveiling of the 20th Anniversary
Limited Edition PS4, which sold out in minutes, moving on to a retro-inspired
theme for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS2 and PS1 and PSP then Vita
owners. To mark the console's UK launch, it's opened this new pop-up
PlayStation store in Central London. They did not tell anyone where it would
be only somewhere in London. A few of us were on the lookout for days
before hand.
Sony decided it didn't want to open online sales for the limited edition
PlayStation 4. Instead, it put 94 consoles aside and invited Londoners to find
and camp outside the PlayStation '94 Store for a chance to grab a slice of
Sony nostalgia for just £19.94. To keep a retro feel, gamers were asked to
bring at least one piece of PlayStation memorabilia with them -- be it a PSone
controller, old Metal Gear Solid poster or a game -- and utter the secret
passphrase which I had to work out myself and lots of people were asking
me, I did not know if I was correct. I wore an old MGS Tshirt, sad I know, but
very exciting and enjoyable at the same time.
Unless you lived in London you won't get to experience the nineties
throwback experience that Sony has cooked up. Fortunately, I was able to
find out where it was and in my long tradition of lining up for Sony's latest
creations, I managed to be one of the lucky few to visit the store on day one
to see what all the fuss was all about, and indulge in some celebrity spotting
When you walk inside the PlayStation '94 Store, it's like stepping back into

your local video shop from back when you were a kid. Old posters adorn the
walls (did you spot the creepy PlayStation 2 girl?), while life-sized gaming
figurines and console demo units line the walkways. There are hundreds of
PlayStation games in their old wrappers in bargain baskets and on numerous
shelves. Cabinets show off games memorabilia, old consoles and accessories,
all of which can't help but display their age. It reminded me of my many trips
to Akiba in Tokyo, and all the lining up to try and get a console while demand
is so much higher than supply. I love to sell it, then wiat for supply to increase
so price comes down and buy a cheap unit much later. Only with silver when
the price goes up, supply can not go up if it has almost runout.
PlayStation 94 Shop.

When Sony teased its pop-up shop late last night, gamers immediately
started lining up outside. The first person to locate the store was David
Stockley, an iOS developer for Bloomberg, who waited nearly 16 hours to get
the VIP treatment when Sony opened the doors at 11am. TV presenter
Jonathan Ross also popped in to see what was going on. I had been lining up
since the night before but some were there a lot longer than me. I was
worried they would sell out before those of us this far down the line could get
this console for £19.94.
By the time I got to the front the last few were left, Sony had already sold all
of the 94 limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles, which they were selling for
only £19.94 but they said they had 50 more which they were selling for the
normal price. I was one who couldn't get the £19.94 deal but were lucky
enough to get to the front of the line before they ran out to bag one of 50 full
price units. If you live outside of the capital and could line up all night but you
really want to snag yourself one of these very limited edition PS4's, there's
still a way to get your hands on one of these silver beasts. Yep, you guessed
it, try to buy off one of us who were lining up up all night outside the mystery
shop. They were going for $20,000 on ebay the next day. I haven't sold mine
yet, as I have done the same thing with limited edition PS1,2 and 3. I am
keeping them as a long term investment. I hope by the time PS5 is released
that Sony will also make some special limited edition that I will try and get

hold of. If it is another pop up shop in London again, maybe around the year
2020 or something, I will put forth great effort to get one. This is the purpose
of my tale. To think about supply and demand. If demand is far greater than
supply, the freemarket raises the price. Demand for silver is still outpacing
mined supply, but the freemarket has not yet overwhelmed the manipulation.
By the time PS5 or PS6 comes along if there are shortages of silver, then it
does not matter what price the manipulators say silver should be, the
freemarket will bid up the price of real silver and paper promises will go to
their true value of zero. The latest tech can not be so advanced without

Sony knows from experience that demand far outstrips supply for their new
products. They sometimes have rewarded those like me who lined up waiting
for days to get one with free large screen TV's and other Sony products.
This new 20th year playstation had such a high demand compared to so little
supply, they came up with an interesting idea this time. They ran a
competition releasing cryptic clues and the first to get through would win the
chance to buy one of these limited edition machines. The problem was you
had to refresh the page on the hour the clue was released and then the first
100 to get it right could get one. I knew traffic would be crazy to that
webpage and a normal internet connection would take a long time to refresh
the page. So I thought it through, and if I wanted another to sell then I would
need a very fast internet connection. So I cycled down to the big Apple shop
in London. I explained to a member of staff what I had in mind and she told
me the best computer to use with the fastest connection. Sure enough as
soon as the clue was released I refreshed the page and it didn't take too long.
The clue was Clue: "naked hat ran" to seek his fortune. I could see straight
away it was an anagram of one of my favorite characters Nathan Drake the
adventurer. I clicked on it very quickly and was in the first 100 which secured
my second limited edition PS4 which I later sold for an amount I was
extremely happy with. It really makes me think about when the time comes
for PS5 or PS6, will silver still be so cheap and if so will there be shortages?
These powerful computers can not be so advanced without silver.
It may be true that there will always be a little more silver to be discovered
somewhere on earth. But micrograms when you get under 2000tf. However,
that is much different than making claims that silver will defy the laws of

physics. Silver only occurs near the earth crust, it is not like gold that can be
found as deep as humans have looked.
Just as the fuel shortages talked about earlier. The only fuel available may be
offered at 10x the official price, buyers can either choose to buy it or need it,
or go without. What is the price of fuel at that time? It is the freemarket price
agreed on between buyers and sellers based on supply and demand. It
doesnt matter what the official price is supposed to be.
Silver supply is what is available at any one time in physical form. Demand is
how many people want to buy it. Or need it in physical form and not a paper
Yes there may be lots of silver on Earth but just as I found out with
Sony Playsations, when demand is high all that matters is how much
is AVAILABLE. If demand exceeds supply how long will it take to get
more silver available and where will it come from if known silver
reserves are almost all depleted?
NOT every commodity contributes both to the gaiety of existence and lifesaving technology. Silver is such a commodity and is getting very rare indeed.
There are other commodities also getting to be as rare as silver. Among the
elements due to run out from natural known reserves first of which is said to
be silver in 17yrs then copper in about 30 years or so then soon after copper
- Helium is said to be to next to get depleted from the Earth. Helium does not
just fill balloons and render voices squeaky. In gaseous form the inert, lighterthan-air gas is used in a range of applications from welding and fibre-optic
technology to deep-sea diving. Super-cold liquid helium is essential to making
and running the superconducting magnets for MRI scanners and to
manufacturing electronic devices from TVs to phones. The world stands on
the edge of a “helium cliff” precisely because just like silver this element has
always proved so useful. As you can see it shares many similarities to silver
in that it is extremely useful and is fast running out.

Such was the supposed strategic value of helium, a by-product of natural gas,
that a reserve was created in 1925 to supply the gas to inflate airships. So
jealously did America guard its helium that other countries had to fill
dirigibles with flammable hydrogen—the Hindenburgwas one of dozens that
went up in flames as a result.
Once airships had drifted out of fashion, helium remained crucial to the space
race and nuclear-weapons development. Nonetheless overall demand
tapered. By the mid-1990s the cost of running the Federal Helium Reserve,
which bought all the helium that gas firms could produce, was too steep to
justify a buffer that was not needed. Lawmakers decided to close it and sell
most of the accumulated helium to pay off debts of $1.4 billion.
A sudden shortfall would be painful. Helium demand has grown by around 5%
a year since 2000 with the advent of new applications, such as MRI scanners.
Prices have doubled over the past five years. America’s conventional
gasfields, the source of most helium, are depleting and ways to plug the gap
left by the rundown of the reserve have proved difficult to develop. New
plants in America and Australia are producing the gas but mishaps and
technical difficulties at other new refineries in Qatar and Algeria have
crimped supplies.
Relief for the helium market seems destined to come from Russia, long a
minor producer. The country has the wherewithal to create a reserve of its
own. Gazprom appears to be gearing up to become a big supplier by 2018,
just as America’s reserve is set to run dry (if it secures the cash to continue
past October). Not everyone will be pleased that an arm of the Russian state
may in future hold sway over their medical treatment and their children’s
All matter can exist in three forms: solid, liquid, or gas. Matter can change
states through heating or cooling. So if you get Helium the correct
temperature it could be solid and you could have coins and bars. If this was
easily possible I would also invest in Helium for some of the same reasons I
invest in silver because it is needed and running out and the price has to go
up. But if the extreme cooling systems broke then all your wealth would
evaporate into thin air! Just as all unbacked currencies have done though
history. The only ones that have not yet evaporated into thin air yet are the
current unbacked currencies still being used like fiat and crypto. But the
supplies of both of them are being expanded exponentially. Fiat supplies are
being expanded by debts expanding and adding units to the supply. Crypto
unbacked currencies supplies are expanding by new competing unbacked
crypto systems being made in a couple of days and added to the supply to
compete with Bitcoin and the others.

So I think helium is a good analogy to think about unbacked currencies, either
fiat or crypto. At any time they could evaporate into the thin air from which
they came.
Of course Helium can not be used as money regarding pressure/temp/volume
issues it is too energy difficult to do those things practically, but still an
interesting comparison to silver. If you could buy helium coins and bars at
reasonable temperature/pressure I would, but as its not possible I buy silver
for the same reasons.
So why/how do we value gold? Why has gold along with silver been the
primary form of money for most of human history?
Mankind's attitude to gold is bizarre. Chemically, it is uninteresting - it barely
reacts with any other element. If all the gold were to disappear tomorrow the
world would not change much if at all. If all the silver were to disappear we
would be back in the stone age, lights and electricity would be gone as we
know it. This is a good mental exercise to see how vital silver is and how gold
is not important compared to silver.
Also, regarding gold in general in my opinion and I have written it MANY times
"silver is currently used in over 10,000 and growing separate applications of
which perhaps half of which the world would be negatively affected should
production quantity silver finally run out. These more than 10,000
applications consume the silver in tiny amounts per application and the silver
used up is then not able to be located or reclaimed until the price goes up to
match gold. I believe the "run out of silver in industrial quantities" day is
At the same time gold is priced at 75 to 80 times the price of silver but
essentially has NO production or industrial usage where it is not reclaimed.
The few that exist can either be done away with so not essential for modern
life or another metal used in the place of gold. IMO - the world is awash with
gold. Gold on the "periodic table" is one of the eight "heavy metals (such as
lead). This means gold tends to be found in greater quantities the deeper the
mining operations bring up the ore. Silver is one of the eight light metals
which means silver naturally pushes toward the surface as the mantle of the
earth SLOWLY shifts. The highest quantity silver ore is found near the surface
and the deeper the silver mine gets the less silver contained in the ore. Gold
is the opposite the deeper they get the more gold is found. This is why over
the last 6000 years of human history of mining operations more silver has
been mined about 12 to 16 times more than gold. But now the mines are
scraping the bottom of the barrel of the silver mines and the amount of gold
being brought up is increasing every year as the mines go deeper.

"Deep under the earth. Great seams of gold running like
rivers through stone. The rivers start thin and get wider and
deeper the deeper they dig. With silver the widest part of the
rivers are nearer the surface and as they get deeper the
narrower the seams of silver become. Until there is none to
be found, only gold which becomes more abundant the
deeper they mine.
Deep down they dig out the ore. Bring it to the surface, ever
they delve deeper down into the dark earth rich in gold, rare
in silver." Dr Author.
It used to be 16 ounces of silver mined for every one ounce of gold. Mainly
this was because silver is found in higher quantities near the earths crust and
less as the mine gets deeper. Gold is found in less quantities near the surface
and more as the mine gets deeper. So now the ratio has fallen to half the
historical norm and continues to fall. Today around 8 ounces of silver are
mined for every one ounce of gold. As the silver mines scrape the bottom of
the barrel and the gold mines dig deeper the ratio will get nearer to 1:1
ounces of gold and silver are mined then gold will be coming out in greater
quantity than silver every year. They will never scrape the bottom of the
barrel with gold, they could mine right to the centre of the earth if they can
find a way to cope with the heat.
So why is gold currently priced 75+ times silver per ounce? Out of all the
elements - Why not osmium or chromium, or as we just looked at helium, say
- or maybe seaborgium?
I'm not the first to ask the question, but I like to think I'm asking it in one of
the most compelling locations possible - the extraordinary exhibition of preColumbian gold artefacts at the British Museum!
I talk about the British museum a lot because with my family we spend a lot
of time there and I give talks and take groups around on Bible tours so I have
researched a lot. I spend a lot of time in the British museum and meet some
very interesting people there.
That's where I meet Andrea Sella, a professor of chemistry at University
College London, beside an exquisite breastplate of pure beaten gold.
He pulls out a copy of the periodic table. My wife bought me a special mug
with all the elements on so its something I am very familiar with, everytime
we have a brew.

Talking about why only gold and silver have had more than 5000 years of
monetary history- Copper is the only other monetary metal with such a long
history but as we agreed has a few thousand less years history as money and
its not a monetary precious metal. Still copper is a monetary metal if not a
monetary precious metal like gold and silver. "Some elements are pretty easy
to dismiss," he tells me, gesturing to the right-hand side of the table.
"Here you've got the noble gases and the halogens. A gas is never going to
be much good as a currency. It isn't really going to be practical to carry
around little pressurized temperature controlled phials of gas is it?
The two liquid elements (at everyday temperature and pressure) - mercury
and bromine - would be impractical too. Both are also poisonous - not a good
quality in something you plan to use as money. Similarly, we can cross out
arsenic and several others." And then there's the fact that they are colorless.
How on earth would you know what it is?"
Sella now turns his attention to the left-hand side of the table.
"We can rule out most of the elements here as well," he says confidently.
"The alkaline metals and earths are just too reactive. Many people will
remember from school dropping sodium or potassium into a dish of water. It
fizzes around and goes pop - an explosive currency just isn't a good idea."
Lithium atomic number 3 making it nature’s lightest metal, but it is also one
of the most chemically reactive, which makes it a key ingredient in powering
and building the latest technology. It would be no good for money because it
also cant be exposed to the air or moisture.
A similar argument applies to another whole class of elements, the
radioactive ones: you don't want your cash to give you cancer.
Out go thorium, uranium and plutonium, along with a whole bestiary of

synthetically-created elements - rutherfordium, seaborgium, ununpentium,
einsteinium - which only ever exist momentarily as part of a lab experiment,
before radioactively decomposing.
Then there's the group called "rare earths", all of which are actually less rare
than copper most less rare than gold. Yes gold is more plentiful than the so
called 'rare' Earth metals.
Unfortunately, they are chemically hard to distinguish from each other, so
you would never know what you had in your pocket.
This leaves us with the middle area of the periodic table, the "transition" and
"post-transition" metals.
But examine them in detail and you realise almost all have serious
drawbacks.This group of 49 elements includes some familiar base metal
names - iron, aluminium and lead.
We've got some very tough and durable elements on the left-hand side titanium and zirconium, for example.
The problem is they are very hard to smelt. You need to get your furnace up
into the region of 1,000C before you can begin to extract these metals from
their ores. That kind of specialist equipment wasn't easily available to ancient
man. Although the Bible book of Genesis does talk about refining copper and
iron around five and a half thousand years ago.
Aluminium is also hard to extract, and it's just too flimsy for coinage. Even
though the 1 Yen coin and others around the world are made of aluminium
they feel so valueless. It is far too plentiful to hold any real value. Most of the
others in the group aren't stable - they corrode if exposed to water or oxidise
in the air far too fast.
Take iron. In theory it looks quite a good prospect for currency. It is attractive
and polishes up to a lovely sheen. The problem is its not rare enough and also
rust: unless you keep it completely dry it is liable to corrode away in a
relatively short time. Unlike gold, silver and copper coins which last
thousands of years, although the silver and copper does get eaten away over
long periods of time unlike the gold. Nickel is highly resistant to corrosion or
rusting. However, when exposed to excessive humidity, nickel does corrode.
So iron and nickel are the two most suited and most used metals for coins
after the tri metallic monetary metals gold, silver and copper. But both iron
and nickel do have corrosion problems more than the three monetary metals
and most of all they are not rare enough. They can not hold value in and of
themselves like the three main monetary metals. Same for tin, it is far too
plentiful and easy to mine from the earth. If tin was highly valued as money

there would be many more tin mines opened up around the world and then
oversupply would be a problem. This can not happen with the age old tri
metalic standard.

A tri metallic standard is usually what the free market chooses
when the same monetary cycle repeats, I predict it will repeat in
a similar way in the 21st century. Its organic, nobody decides to
go back to the monetary metals on their own, the free market
makes it happen on its own as people ask what is money? The
market chooses what is the best form of money, as people
accept certain metals over others. The market finds correct
values based on supply and demand, the market always
chooses the monetary metals, nobody is smarter than the
market. But this time there may be digital backed crypto
currencies that work along side physical metal for medium of
exchange. The digital element has to be fully backed and
redeemable for the metal which could also be handed over
physically in the same transactions. Why has the free market
always chosen the tri metallic standard time and again as the
monetary cycle repeats?
Remember the official definitions of money and currency? To be money it has
to hold its value over thousands of years. Well iron coins do not last that long,
they corrode far too fast to hold their value over long periods of time.
Governments love this, it hides inflation. This is why so much of the coinage
in the world today is made of iron. The steel coins from our great, great
grandparents time are too old and worn out looking to still be in circulation.

The copper coins take longer to corrode than the steel. So governments hate
the three monetary metals because they hold their value.
Silver does corrode away like iron, but not in a few generations, it takes
thousands of years. Silver coins will hold their value if they are well
preserved. Even if the silver can not be restored back to original it still holds
its value, unlike iron coins.
"A self-debasing currency is clearly seen in silver which makes it more rare
over thousands of years, but gold lasts forever," says Sella.
We can rule out lead and other base metals on the same basis. They are
liable to corrosion a lot faster than silver. Societies have made base metals
into coins but the currencies did not last lifetimes, literally.
Cupronickel or Nickel-brass and some other Bi-metallic mixes have been
used, but they are just not clear enough for people to work out their integral
value. This is why the free market always chooses the tri metallic standard
when the cycle repeats. Its easy to understand the values of the three
monetary metals and they are easily distinguished from each other. Gold,
silver and copper coins are perfect for monetary systems they have stood the
test of time. Yes there are other alloys that will not corrode and will last long
times well as long as silver and copper, but they are just not rare enough.
Iron and steel coins of any kind can not hold their value in and of themselves
the way silver coins can. All around the world now there are steel and nickel
coins with different values stamped on them. The weight of the coin has
nothing to do with the value of the coin. For example there are 500Yen coins
made of steel and other Bi-metallic mixes in Japan. Many other steel coins of
different wieghts, nothing to do with the number stamped on them. It should
be if the coin is twice the weight it is worth twice the value. At the same time
there are 10Yen coins made of monetary metal copper. So intrinsically a bag
of 50x 10 Yen coins is worth far more than one single steel 500Yen coin. My
prediction is that the 10Yen copper coins will have greater purchasing power
than the steel 500Yen coins, sometime in the future. But at the moment the
material of the coin or the weight of the coins around the world has nothing
to do with their value that is stamped on them.
If coins were made of monetary metals like in the UK copper coins used to be
made, then the weight reflects the value. A pre 1992 1p coin is 3.5grams of
copper and a 2p coin exactly 2x the value and the weight at 7grams of
copper. This is easy to understand and fair. Why on earth would a 500 yen
coin be so much higher value than a 10 yen coin when it is not that much
larger? This is not easy to understand or easy to understand which metal it is
made out of. Once you understand each metal you easily see that the 10yen
copper coin is actually worth more integrally than the 500yen steel coin.

The same with silver through history the weight of monetary metal coins
determines the value. Around 3grams of silver was always valued at 12 hr
hard labor. About 6gram coin worth twice the value and so on. As can be seen
at the bottom of this helpful chart below. One 10th oz (3.1gram) coin is one
days wage, about 6.2grams is 2 days wage. Its easy to work out the large
silver coins around 12.4grams of silver are worth 4 days wage or worth the
same as 4 smaller 3.1gram coins. This is called intrinsic value. Easy to
understand for the masses. This is why the monetary metals hold their value
over long periods of time even thousands of years, this is the definition on
This is not the case with steel or nickel. The value on the coins has nothing to
do with the weight or the intrinsic value, which means they are currency not

Looking carefully at this chart it is easy to assign values based on the weight
or intrinsic value of each coin through history. For example...
gerah 20 of these equal one shekel, 10 of these equal one beckah, bekah 2 of
these equal one shekel, pim 1 of these equals 2/3 of a shekel, shekel 50 of
these equal one Mina, Mina 60 of these equal one talent.
So, what's left? After dismissing all these other non monetary elements from
the official definitions of money? Which metals are left that are best suited for
use as money?
These are known as the noble metals, "noble" because they stand apart,
barely reacting with the other elements. Of the 118 elements we are now
down to just nine contenders: platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium
and ruthenium, along with the old familiars, gold, silver and copper.
They are also all pretty rare, another important criterion for a currency.
Even if iron didn't rust, it wouldn't make a good basis for money because as
with other base metals there's just too much of it around. You would end up
having to carry some very big bags of coins about.

With all the noble metals except silver and gold, you have the opposite
problem. They are so rare that you would have to cast some very tiny coins,
which you might easily lose. Silver is of late entering this super rare category
but gold is like copper still very plentiful with millions of tons available in
global stockpiles.
They are also very hard to extract. The melting point of platinum is 1,768C.
Platinum does not have thousands of years history as money. And the same
problem as with palladium they both look like and are easily mistaken for
So that leaves just the three monetary elements - silver, gold and copper.
Holding these three monetary metals in your hand you see why they have
always been what the market chooses as money when the cycle repeats.
They are easily distinguishable and everyone can understand their intrinsic
value ratio's. If the coin of each of the three monetary metals is twice the size
and weight, then it is worth twice the value. Then all that is left is to work out
the different value ratio's based on supply and demand. Useuall through
history one ounce of gold has been worth between 8 and 16 ounces of silver,
depending on supply and demand. Copper has fluctuated a lot more
sometimes around 60 ounces valued as one silver ounce or as much as many
hundreds of ounces of copper valued the same as one silver ounce. But these
exchange rates have been more consitant though history moving less than
the foriegn exchange rate the world uses of fiat currencies today. Just look
how much changes there are between the US dollar and the Japanese yen
over the last few years. Or the Euro and the Russian Ruble. What is needed is
fixed rates based on true supply and demand, for example the natural ratio
they are coming out of the gorund at. Today eight ounces of silver are being
mined for every one ounce of gold.
Both silver and gold are scarce but gold has been treasured and is now very
plentiful, silver has been consumed and is soon to be near impossibly rare.
Both also have a relatively low melting point, and are therefore easy to turn
into coins, ingots or jewelry. Still needing specialist equipment though, unlike
the low melting point metals like tin and lead.
Silver tarnishes - it reacts with minute amounts of sulphur in the air. That's
why after 6000 years of human history we are now at a point where silver is
much more rare than gold which lasts forever and there are millions of tons
mounting up stored and not useful for anything. Silver does not last like gold
does, so over long time periods becomes more rare as gold becomes more
It turns out then, that the reason gold has been thought to be precious is
precisely that it is so chemically uninteresting. It is not useful for anything

apart from looking nice over long periods of time so good for jewelry which
then changed hands for means of exchanges so coins and bars were made
out of it.
Gold's relative inertness means you can create an elaborate golden jaguar
and be confident that 1,000 years later it can be found in a museum display
case in central London, still in pristine condition. It really does last forever
which some think gives it extra value, when the opposite is in fact true. Silver
does not last like gold so over time becomes more rare when gold over time
becomes more plentiful. Just think about that.
So what does this process of elemental elimination tell us about what makes
a good money? First of all most importantly it has to be useful and rare and
have intrinsic value on top of all the other requirements for being used as a
medium of exchange.
As we've seen, it also needs to be stable, portable and non-toxic. And it
needs to be rare - you might be surprised just how much gold there is in the
world as in millions of tons. Silver is now much more rare than gold in
available stockpiles.
But scarcity and stability aren't the whole story. Gold is not very useful for
anything other than it does not corrode and it looks nice. Why is gold
currently said to be worth more than 75 times more than silver? What is gold
really worth when the manipulation ends? What is gold good for? What is
silver good for? What is silver really worth?

Silver is essential for modern life, so it has on top of everything else which
makes it perfect for money it has tremendous integral value in its usefulness
and its essential qualities for modern life. Its value does not have to be based
on faith and confidence its value is based on usefulness and availability or
another way to say is supply and demand of the actual metal not paper
promises of future delivery.
As we have said of all elements on the periodic table, element 47- silver is
unique and therefore special in several ways. It is the most electrically
conductive and thermally conductive element known to man. It also is the
most reflective element known to man which is why the best solar panels can

not be made without silver and it also has special antibacterial properties
that are increasingly being made use of medically and other ways.
How has this single element got so many special properties that stand it head
and shoulders above the rest?
Silver's mysterious even magical properties have been a mystery until very
recently, says Andrea Sella. This has been found out by the atomic energy
commission as Gary Yantis previously found out in his decades of working
with silver. As he says a lot of silver is needed in the nuclear industry and a
great deal was used up in the manhatton project.
The secret lies in its atomic structure. "Quantum mechanics alone doesn't
explain it," he says.
"When you get to silver you find the atom is so heavy and the electrons move
so fast that you now have to include Einstein's theory of relativity into the
"It is only when you fold together quantum mechanics with relativity that
suddenly you understand it."
Unlike other metals, which in their pure form reflect light straight back, silver
molecules "slosh around a little," Sella says, with the result that silver
"absorbs a bit of the blue spectrum light, giving the light that is reflected
back its distinctive properties". Which is why silver is by far the best reflector
of light as well as being the most conductive element of light on the periodic
New properties and qualities and uses of silver are being discovered at such a
rate that more patents are filed for new uses of silver than every other metal
combined. Just think about those last few words and let them sink in. Now
that is a commodity that's value is in and of itself not relying on faith or
confidence in it.
If you’re a true silver buff like me, you likely know all about the metal’s long
history as a component of health-related applications, going right back to
ancient Egypt.
Many ancient civilisations reportedly used silver because they recognised a
connection between the metal and their health.
Likewise, if you’ve been watching the silver market for the past few years,
you’re likely aware that, moving forward, new solar power initiatives are
consuming the last of the available silver.

What you may not know about is silver’s up-and-coming use as an ingredient
in memory storage devices.
Silver for data storage as the Silver Institute explains in its August 2013
newsletter, Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM or RRAM) operates like
a tiny battery cell and “store[s] data through changes in the electrical
resistance of the cell.” Put simply, the “presence or absence of an electrical
charge can be used to store bits of information.”
There are different types of ReRAM, not all of which use silver, but those that
do, according to industry officials, “show excellent promise” and have a
number of advantages over flash memory, which is used, among other
things, in tablets and smartphones.
For one thing, ReRAM does not use much power — “in the nanowatt range
compared to hundreds of milliwatts for flash drives,” according to the Silver
Institute. That means that it could allow a smartphone to operate for a week
or two without being recharged. Further, ReRAM has the ability to “handle
millions of rewrites compared to flash drives that fail after about 10,000
rewrites” and information can be written to it more speedily.

Imagine a high end high memory smartsphone that could operate for 2 weeks
on one charge? Unsurprisingly, the Silver Institute notes, ReRAM is ultimately
expected to replace flash memory, which “will reach its evolutionary peak in
the next few years, when flash chip lithographies get too small to be
reliable,” as per PandoDaily’s Fritz Nelson.
The question, of course, is which company will be the first to develop
commercially viable ReRAM technology.
Writing for DailyTech last month, Jason Mick explains that while HP
(NYSE:HPQ) appeared to jump to the front of the race back in 2008, the
company has since indicated that it will not have “something technologically
viable” until the end of 2014. The Silver Institute identifies Toshiba
(TSE:6502), Panasonic (TSE:6752), Sony Technology (NASDAQ:SNT) and
Samsung Electronics (LSE:BC94) as other companies currently working on
ReRAM versions. Notice they are all from the East.
How soon?

Consumers often have to wait a long time for new technology to become
widely available, but Sony’s assertion about their company’s technology
means that may not be the case for ReRAM.
Joel Hruska of ExtremeTech posits that widescale adoption will occur by 2017
to 2018, barring “a problem or another technology … suddenly having a
breakthrough moment.” Similarly, Mick speculates in his article that samples
may be available next year, with a commercial launch sometime between
2014 and 2015. While he’s not concerned about another company stealing
the spotlight, he does point out that ReRam's real opportunity to prove itself
will be when other versions of ReRAM do start popping up.
While as yet there has been no word on how the new technology will impact
demand for the white metal, as more companies become involved in the
space, that will undoubtedly become more clear.
So the take home point I am trying to make is Resistive Random Access
Memory, an up-and-coming memory storage medium, is set to replace flash
memory, and it's another example of how silver is a miracle, mystery metal.
This example of RRAM is just one example when you consider that there are
more patents filed for new uses of silver than every other metal combined.
Yes you read that correct it is not a typo, more than every other metal
We're also coming just that much closer to electronic devices such as TV
screens that can be rolled up in a tube, or phones that can be folded up and
stuffed in a pocket. Scientists at the University of Houston have created a
silver nanomesh material that is conductive, transparent and flexible – a
combination that they claim has never before been achieved.
The material, a mesh of interconnected silver nanowires, is embedded on a
transparent elastomer and could act as a conductor. Nanomeshes of silver
and copper wires have been made previously, although the copper oxidized
much more easily than the silver, causing a significant drop in their
In stretch tests of the new material, even when subjected to a strain of 160
percent, its electrical resistance rose only slightly. After the strain was
removed, the resistance returned to normal.
The silver nanomesh was created by physicist Zhifeng Ren, working with
research associates Chuanfei Guo and Tianyi Sun, and two colleagues at
Harvard University. A paper on the research was recently published in the
journal Nature Communications.

With a well established ability to kill off bacteria, silver has come to play a
significant role in the development of antimicrobial materials. Indeed, we see
it used in keyboards, built into water filtration systems and deployed in
washing machines as a means of fending off germs. The latest effort to
harness the bacteria-fighting qualities of silver comes from researchers at
Australia's RMIT University working with scientists from the CSIRO, who have
developed an antibacterial fabric capable of killing off E. coli and other
infectious bacteria within 10 minutes of contact.
The team developed the antibacterial fabric by embedding sets of nanowires
loaded with silver-TCNQ into a cotton textile. After being coated in a silver
solution, the nanoarrays began to slowly release silver-ions that killed off
bacteria as they came into contact.
"The fabric can be built into most materials, such as cotton or nylon," said
Vipul Bansal, Associate Professor at RMIT's School of Applied Sciences and
leader of the research team. "And from there it is a simple step. We took a Tshirt and dipped it into the silver solution under some controlled conditions to
enable the nanowires. It then killed off the bacteria within 10 minutes of
being exposed to the organisms."
Further to the fast-acting nature of the fabric, Bansal also emphasized its
longevity as a potential advantage over other antibacterial fabrics.
"Our approach involves the nanowires dissolving slowly, which will work to
extend the life of the material," says Bansal. "In our studies, we observed
that after dipping the fabric in the solution, the silver ions responsible for
killing off the bacteria were still being released after five days."
But the take home point this is using up the last of the silver in minute
unrecoverable quantities spread out through millions of applications which
adds up to lots of silver being consumed.
Bansal says these materials hold great potential for curtailing hospitalacquired infections through applications such as antibacterial bed linen and
surgical aprons, and could also be used to produce antibacterial "dressings
and Band-Aids that could kill bacteria in the wound, resulting in faster
healing." The researchers will now turn their attention to establishing the
safety of the material in hospital environments.
"We've established the nanowires are toxic to the bacteria," says Bansal. "Our

next phase is to test its toxicity against human cells."
The team's research was published the journal Advanced Functional
Silver impregnated worktops in the kitchen. Talk is of mass implementation
around the world. While silver is still so cheap why not cover every surface
in food preparation or anything medical.
Also atm machines now are starting to use silver because so many people
are touching them, the silver can slow and prevent viruses and contagious
infections spreading.
These are the type of uses for the last of the silver while its so cheap. Even
when the manipulation is over, these uses can still be implemented
because so little silver is used in each application.

Silver is becoming increasingly important to industry. And yet, as we've been
discussing, the truth about silver's dwindling supply in relation to
skyrocketing demand has been largely overlooked by the investment
community at large.
As we have looked at silver's role in producing many important raw material's
used in consumer goods ranging from plastics to pharmaceuticals. Further, I
want to examine yet another illustration of the unique properties that make
silver so essential to industry.
Silver's fluidity and strength make it ideal for brazing alloys and solder. These
products can be made from other metals too, but silver solders are the
strongest and have the broadest range applications. While the manipulation
pushed silver prices so low why not use it up in industry in vast quantities?
Silver solder and brazing alloys can be produced from nearly any type of
silver, from bars to silver scrap - including coin bags. In fact, silver 925 coins
are particularly desirable for this purpose because of their already copper
The largest consumers of brazing alloys and solder are the heating and
cooling, plumbing, automotive and tool industries, with China leading the way
in volume. Worldwide, industrial fabrication in these and other sectors is
expected to grow ontop another estimated 37 percent between 2015 and
2020. It would follow that, barring any major change in price or availability,
the use of silver solder and brazing alloys would increase at the same level.
While silver is an essential element of high quality brazing alloys and solders,
it is also a desirable one for countless other uses especially for food-grade
applications. It's easy to say that a silver shortage or increase in price would
have a major impact on this market. After all, silver solder is just one of an

increasingly large number of products made from this precious (and limited)
metal. It is almost impossible to retrieve much of this silver after the products
have been discarded.
The unique and varied properties of silver make it ideal for an incredibly wide
range of industrial applications. Like the widespread use and desirability of
silver in brazing alloys and solder. Next, take a look at the role of silver in
wood preservatives.
Until 2003, a chemical called chromated copper arsenate (CCA) was the
predominant material used to treat lumber for use in decks, play sets, and
other outdoor structures. But because of toxicity concerns (arsenic and
chromium are its two main components), CCA can no longer be used for most
types of residential projects.
Silver is a great substitute for CCA for several reasons. It guards against
decay and mold, and protects wood against termite damage - the primary
functions of any preservative product.
It's perfect especially since its price is much lower (due to the manipulation)
than other non-arsenic-containing products. For this reason, the use of silver
in wood preservatives, although another good illustration of the properties
that make silver so attractive to industry, along with silver's use in electronics
and the manufacture of plastics.
The use of silver in preservative products is expected to increase a huge
amount in the coming years from less than 2 million ounces (Moz) in 2010 to
over 30 Moz annually by 2018.
The silver used in wood preservative products begins as very pure silver in
either bar or grain form which is then converted to silver nitrate. This silver
nitrate can be used to make several kinds of silver-containing salts. Since
most of the companies that manufacture wood preservatives can't produce
these salts on their own, making silver cost-effective would mean developing
this capability.
Would the wood preservatives industry suffer in the event of a silver
shortage, then silvers price correcting when the manipulation ends?
Probably not much. Even if the price of silver went to several thousands units
of currency per ounce it would not raise the cost of each tin of wood paint
that much. Available replacements would soon be less expensive when the
silver price corrects to fair value even though other options are possibly less
effective. I think silver even at several thousands units of currency per ounce
would still be used in tiny amounts in these applications. Still, we can't
discount the current and future uses of silver as an antimicrobial agent in its

eventual (major) price increase.
Another brilliant use for silver that is increasing is as antifouling for boats.
We used to always use copper coat antifouling below the water line, but
silvercoat is now far better. While the criminal manipulators keep the price so
low every boat in the world large and small should be using silvercoat not the
inferior coppercoat to stop things fouling the underside of their vessel. There
are many products now using silver which is far better than copper for
keeping the hull of any vessel free of things sticking to it and creating drag.
Silvercoat anti fouling paint was specially formulated by a scientist from a
local university with the care for environment in mind to cater for better
protection against a broad spectrum of marine bio-fouling. Test result from
static and on-service crafts in tropical climate proves its capability in
preventing attachments of fouling organisms for up to 10-15 period. Copper
coat is said to need replacing after about half this time.

I have been asking many fishermen and yachtsmen alike which they prefer
coppercoat or silvercoat. They all know silvercoat lasts longer and is far
superior. One yachtsman started off using coppercoat because it was a little
cheaper but the first year he noticed long weeds still sticking to his hull. After
a few year of removing all the growth he noticed barnacles and heavy weed
building up under the waterline. This really slows the boat down and needs a
lot of extra fuel.
After a few years he stripped off all the copper and invested in silver bullet
silvercoat antifouling. That was over ten years ago and every winter he takes
his boat out of the water there is never any growth whatsoever. It really does
have to be real silver. Even if the manipulation ended tomorrow the price of
each tin of silver paint would not have to go up so much that it is
unaffordable. There only need to be about 1 gram of silver in each large paint

tin. The price of silver today as I type this is 25p per gram. If the manipulation
ends and silver goes up 10x to fair market value then that gram would be
£2.50, so only £2.25 needs to be added on to the cost of each tin to absorb
the silver price increase. Do you think boat owners around the world will say
I'm not paying an extra £2.25? No, they know it has to be real silver to last a
long time which actually works out cheaper and less work in the long run.
So we have been looking at a few of the manufacturing sectors that take
advantage of silver's high conductivity (electronics, solar energy, and many
more). Next we looked at how silver can hold the best sheen of any material
then silver's use as a catalyst in the production of crucial raw materials. Then,
we turned to silver's use as an antimicrobial agent even in wood
Now, let's take a look at some other ways in which silver's antimicrobial
properties make it a such a valuable resource.
Because silver is so effective at guarding against molds, yeasts and bacteria,
it is ideal for a variety of antibacterial uses. Silver is used widely in bandages,
wound dressings, antiseptic powders and creams and a number of other
medical products.
Silver-imbedded wound dressings can speed up healing and keep burn
victims more comfortable and reduce the frequency with which dressings
need to be changed. Silver catheters reduce the frequency of urinary tract
infections by as much as 300 percent. And unlike chemical biocides, silver is
also effective against MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant "superbug." For this
reason, hospitals are beginning to employ silver-containing equipment
ranging from surgical tools and needles to door handles and even files.
Everything that is touched should have some silver to kill these superbugs.
Silver really COULD be the new weapon against superbugs: Adding it to
antibiotics boosts the effectiveness by 1,000 times. Silver could be used to
help fight antibiotic resistance. It can make bugs which are antibiotic resistant
treatable Silver works by making bacteria more ‘leaky’, allowing antibiotics to
get inside them and kill them. Britain’s top doctor says the rise of drugresistant superbugs could trigger an ‘apocalyptic scenario’ Silver could be a
precious weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Scientists have
shown that giving tiny amounts of silver at the same time as antibiotics
makes the drugs up to a thousand times more effective. The finding comes in
the wake of warnings by Britain’s top doctor that the rise of drug-resistant
superbugs could trigger an ‘apocalyptic scenario’ in which even routine
operations such as hip surgery become deadly because we have run out of
antibiotics. Giving tiny amounts of silver at the same time as antibiotics
makes the drugs up to a thousand times more effective. Professor Dame Sally

Davies said that unless urgent action is taken, the ‘ticking timebomb’ of
growing antibiotic resistance could leave millions vulnerable to untreatable
bugs within a generation.
U.S. researcher Dr Jim Collins said: ‘The number of antibiotic resistant strains
in our hospitals and communities is growing and is growing dramatically and
has been for some time. ‘And this development is accompanied by a drop in
new antibiotics being developed and approved. ‘We are taking a different
approach. Instead of trying to develop a completely new antibiotic, we are
trying to enhance the ones we already have.’ In experiments on mice, the
Boston University researchers found that giving silver with antibiotics made
them between ten and a thousand times better at fighting infections.
In some cases, bugs classed as antibiotic resistant became treatable. Britain's
top doctor warned the rise of drug-resistant superbugs could trigger an
'apocalyptic scenario' in which routine operations become deadly. Britain's
top doctor warned the rise of drug-resistant superbugs could trigger an
'apocalyptic scenario' in which routine operations become deadly. The
experiments suggest it will be safe to use it in very small amounts with
existing antibiotics.
The drugs could be laced with silver or covered in a fine coating of the
precious metal and used to tackle dangerous stomach bugs, urinary tract
infections or hard-to-treat films of bacteria that coat catheters. The research,
detailed in the journal Science Translational Medicine, also worked out how
silver helps kill bugs. The metal makes bacteria more ‘leaky’, allowing
antibiotics to get inside them and kill them. Plus, it boosts production of
dangerous oxygen molecules that aid and abet the death. In medical
products, silver can be used in many forms including silver sulfadiazine, silver
chloride, silver sulfate and nanocrystalline silver. Silver-containing medical
products do cost more to make, but their superior effectiveness reduces
spending in other areas, namely aftercare. At the moment before the
manipulation ends including silver in these products is very cheap and easy,
the only problem is having to go on a waiting list to chase after the artificially
suppressed priced cheap as chips silver as soon as its mined.

For medical applications, the amount of silver used in each product is
relatively small, and total consumption in 2010 was only .5 million ounces
(Moz). Nevertheless, as we're seeing with nearly all of silver's industrial
applications, consumption is expected to increase. By 2020, annual
consumption of silver for medical uses is expected to reach 30 Moz. Just look
at that growth expectation in our day for the consumption of silver because
its so miraculous and because of the manipulation its so artificially cheap.

Silver is the super-drug of the future.
The EPA and other agencies have been reluctant but forced to Admit Silver
Kills MRSA and Other Deadly Pathogens – In another stunning development,
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was forced to admit that a liquid
silver solution when used as a surface disinfectant had the ability to kill
multiple strains of MRSA plus additional deadly pathogens such as Avian
Influenza A (Bird Flu), Human Corona virus (SARS), Feline Calicivirus
(Norovirus), Rotavirus, Campylobacter jjejuni and Acinetobacter baumannii.
Their product, which underwent extensive clinical testing, is now used as a
firstline disinfectant on cruise liners, in order to prevent serious outbreaks of
infection among the passengers and crews.
What’s more, after viewing the clinical study results which were apparently
submitted by the manufacturer, the EPA allowed the makers of a silver
solution to use a two-minute kill claim for MRSA, and a three-minute kill claim
for Human Coronavirus and Rotavirus on their label.
This means the EPA recognizes the fact that the electrically generated liquid
colloidal silver substance was clinically proven to kill these deadly pathogens
within just two to three minutes of contact!
MRSA v/s “Killer Silver Pajamas”?
Hospitals in Britain have been testing pajamas and bed linen made of a
special fabric that is impregnated with silver, as a means of stopping the

spread of MRSA dead in its tracks. Over the course of the next year, the
specially created fabrics are being used at the Lister Hospital in the city of
Stevenage, in Hertfordshire, England. Says Dr. Peter Wilson, a consulting
“A successful trial would transform the way we tackle certain infections,
particularly MRSA…Silver is known to be a very efficient agent against
infection and also very safe. These trials will mean we can prove its
The BBC News recently reported that hospital workers in Britain and Austria
are hoping that a special dressing impregnated with silver will prove to be the
best weapon yet in the fight against MRSA.
That’s because, for more than a year Professor Robert Strohal, associate
professor of dermatology at the Federal Academic Hospital in Feldkirch,
studied the effectiveness of a silver-impregnated dressing, called Acticoat,
which works by releasing silver ions into MRSA infected wounds for up to
seven days, ridding the patient of the infection.
Professor Strohal found that as soon as he covered the infected wound with
the silver-laced dressing, they became 95% non-infectious, meaning the
infectious microbes were unable to spread to other hospital patients, doctors
or nurses.
He was later quoted by BBC News as saying:
“I was shocked by the results. I never expected them to be that effective…
The dressing does not allow the infection to escape, which means any nurses
and doctors that come into contact with the patient do not then get the bug
and pass it on to other patients…This could have a dramatic effect if it is
adopted as standard practice in countries like the UK and US where MRSA is a
real problem.”
Colloidal Silver, MRSA, Football Fields and You!
Now that football players are coming down with deadly MRSA infections from
contaminated Astroturf, how will they protect themselves from this deadly
pathogen? The answer is simple: Colloidal silver is the solution for protecting
the football players, and it is the solution for protecting you and your family
from MRSA, too!
The Toledo Blade reports that a prominent sports charity has given a grant to
the University of Toledo to study "how long a certain nasty bacterium might
live in artificial turf systems." They are, of course, speaking of MRSA, the
deadly, drug-resistant pathogen now spreading throughout society, even to
the point of contaminating our food supply.

MRSA can live on just about any contact surface – including Astroturf – which
is why it spreads so easily from person to person as each comes into contact
with the same contaminated surface. Several years ago, some football games
actually had to be cancelled until the Astroturf on MRSA-contaminated
football fields could be disinfected –
-- this after several football players in other parts of the world became
infected, and had to be hospitalized.
Several football players have even died from this insidious infection (which
now kills more people annually than AIDS), including a college football
players and high school football players. So, it is a very real and very serious
Indeed, wherever people congregate, MRSA can spread from person to
person as they touch contaminated contact surfaces such as shopping carts,
movie theater seats, church pews, gym equipment, public toilet seats,
subway trains, hotel rooms, classroom seats, you name it, are all potential
MRSA vectors.
Misguided Study? But to my mind, the sports grant to study how long MRSA
can live on Astro Turf is misguided.
The solution is NOT to study how long this "nasty bacterium" can live on
contact surfaces, but instead –
-- to study what can be used to disinfect those contact surfaces quickly,
easily, safely, and most importantly, without using harmful chemicals or
potentially toxic materials.
And the answer to the dilemma, of course, is to use safe, natural COLLOIDAL
SILVER. Hospitals are now Testing a “Silver Bullet Machine!” Colloidal silver
has been demonstrated in clinical studies to literally decimate the MRSA
And since colloidal silver is so easy to aerosolize and spray, it would be the
perfect, non-toxic, all-natural answer to the problem of MRSA-contaminated
contact surfaces.
Companies are already producing textiles impregnated with silver
nanoparticles, which can be used to create virtually MRSA-free contact
surfaces in hospitals, doctor’s offices, laboratories, homes, office buildings
and other public places.
What’s more, hospitals in Britain are testing a machine that sprays an aerosol
silver mist throughout high-traffic areas of the hospital in order to stop the
spread of MRSA.

According to the popular British newspaper, The Sun, this machine sprays a
special aerosol silver mist that lightly coats contact surfaces throughout the
hospital, and thereby prevents MRSA from spreading.
The newspaper reveals: “Experts have long known silver is deadly to the
superbug and is highly toxic to some other bacteria as well. It is already used
in plasters and hospital dressings.
But now medics from Leicester University have created a generator that
divides pieces of silver into billions of tiny particles. It then suspends them in
liquid glycerol to be put into aerosols.
The particles are small enough to pass inside bacteria but do not kill human
cells. The machine’s inventor, Professor Chris Binns, said medical trials will
start within the year. He also believes the silver ‘bullets’ produced by his
machine could be used to fight HIV.” Could the same idea be used on football
fields before big games or before practices?
Of course it could! Indeed, before the manipulation ends colloidal silver can
be made inexpensively – for just a few pennies per gallon and large
commercial-sized pump sprayers similar to the type used to spray
insecticides could easily be utilized to spray the football fields before and
after games. This would end the problem with MRSA-contaminated Astroturf
once and for all. You Don’t Need an expensive Machine to Protect Yourself
From MRSA!
As mentioned earlier, MRSA is very serious, and it is easily spread throughout
any area where the general public comes into contact with touch surfaces.
But thankfully, you don’t need an expensive machine in order to spray
colloidal silver onto such contact surfaces. In fact, you can accomplish the
same great results achieved with that overpriced hospital machine, but using
a tiny pump spray bottle costing a pound or less and filled with a few pennies
worth of colloidal silver, instead.
A tiny pump spray bottle full of colloidal silver can easily be carried in a
woman’s purse, or even a man’s pants pocket. Or it can be kept in a car glove
box or other convenient place.
And it can easily and discreetly be used to spray a fine aerosol mist of silver
onto any touch surface before you come into contact with it, such as
shopping cart handles, door knobs, bathroom faucets in public places, public
toilets, exercise equipment at your local gym, subway train seats, and much
more. Prevention is better than cure.
Two Quick Lessons…
So two quick lessons to be learned here:

First, don’t succumb to the growing MRSA hysteria. The MRSA contamination
problem is truly very easily solved…
…All you need is a high-quality colloidal silver generator that will allow you to
make all of the colloidal silver you could ever need, quickly and easily, in the
comfort and privacy of your own home, for just a few pennies per quart batch
and a simple pump spray bottle for aerosolizing and spraying colloidal silver
onto public contact surfaces whenever needed. It’s truly that simple.
Which brings me to the second lesson:
Don't let the propensity for overly-expensive solutions like the hospital’s
$250,000 colloidal silver machine described above drive you away from using
colloidal silver.
Indeed, the old adage “keep it simple, stupid” works great in this case.
Something as simple as being able to make your own colloidal silver and
using a tiny pump spray bottle filled with colloidal silver can provide you and
your family with all of the protection you need in public places.
The Undisputed King of Natural Infection-Fighting Substances is SILVER!
There are so many additional infection-fighting uses you'll discover for
colloidal silver, it will boggle your mind to learn of them all.
When 82-year old David Sharman contracted an extremely tough superbug
infection directly after a hospital surgery, he knew his chances for living were
So he went home and began using a concoction from a local health food store
called colloidal silver on his surgical wounds each day. He later told the
Evening Telegraph:
“I was determined to help myself and began using colloidal silver directly on
my wound daily….Getting MRSA or another superbug doesn’t have to mean
the end of the road. I could feel myself slowly getting better, and the day I
got the all-clear was an extremely happy day for my whole family.”
MRSA Now Kills More People Than AIDS. You’ve probably read the news
reports that deaths from MRSA infections are now outpacing deaths from the
AIDS virus, here in the U.S. and throughout the world.
That’s why doctors are so frightened. They know that MRSA infections – which
were once confined to people with fresh surgical wounds under long-term
hospital care – are now moving rapidly into the general population. And,
anyone who comes into contact with groups of people on a regular basis –
such as in supermarkets, churches, hospital rooms, business offices, gyms, or

other places where people congregate – are susceptible.
Fortunately, four brand new clinical studies prove beyond any shadow of a
doubt that natural silver – particularly colloidal silver – destroys the MRSA
pathogen quickly and effectively, unlike any other infection-fighting
substance known to man.

Colloidal Silver is the most potent disinfectant and antiseptic,
and on-contact killer of viruses, bacteria, fungi and all kinds of
germs. How to make COLLOIDAL SILVER (Easy way )
So colloidal Silver is the best disinfectant and antiseptic, it kills all known
viruses, bacteria, fungi and all kinds of germs and molds. My guess is, if you
want to make it, you probably already know what is does, and how it has
been used for the last 6,000 years (well silver has been). Since these days
you can make colloidal silver yourself and you need no prescription, you will
not see it advertised on TV -- ever! It can not be patented so you will not get
doctors telling you about it.
Items you need: 2ft. common electric wire usually copper (any laying around
in the house) 4x small alligator clamps ( couple of units of fiat for 4 of them
at the hardware store) A bit of electric tape. 3x rechargeable 9V batteries
( about 10 units of fiat) and a charger (another 10 or so units) Distilled water.
2x 9999 silver coins (I use silver maple leafs) or 1 ft silver wire, 999.99 pure.
depending on gauge, a thin one will do fine. A glass (for the electrolysis) no
plastic or metal containers. Instructions about this are available in many
many youtube videos from around the world. You can find several such videos
in a few seconds searching youtube
You don't need a box for the apparatus or soldering anything. Just twist the
wires and cover with electric tape. Just connect everything together and your
batteries in series to get 27 Volt.
If using 2 maple leaf coins as I do make sure you clean them very well before
each use. I use wooden chopsticks resting across on top of the glass with the
croc clips clipped around them and hanging off them clipped onto each silver
coin. You want as much of the coin under water as possible without the clips
touching the water. Look at these pictures and imagine a maple leaf on each
silver wire. When you are done, clean the oxidized coins or wire whichever
you use with a rough cloth, and store all the pieces in a zip-lock bag until next
time. Store colloidal silver in glass, away from light. This colloidal Silver kit
goes everywhere with us, with Activated Charcoal incase of poisoning and
also Activated Chlorine Dioxide. Well worth keeping in your go bags. As talked
about elsewhere in this book we have fold out solar panels for charging the
batteries. So wherever we may end up we have a way to make CS from what

we have in our go bags.

Pure water 0.0% PPM will only get rid of the minerals you do not want, it will not get
rid of the minerals you want in your body. Its anti everything that is not good for you,
it gets rid of everything you don't want. If ever I was diagnosed with cancer I would
immediately go onto pure distilled colloidal silver water. Only eating raw fresh organic
preferably home grown plants. If you only drink distilled pure water then you do flush
out all the inorganic minerals in your body, they will be replaced with plants even
grown in good soil, so you have to keep drinking ONLY pure water. The very best diet
in my opinion, if you had cancer would be purely raw fruit and veg grown in good
quality soil. Not too much, only a little every day. Including freshly picked wild plants
like dandelion and nettles. Then drinking only pure water, 0.0 PPM on a TDS meter,
then ionic silver nano particles added. This is so cheap simple and easy to live like
this, all you need is self control and this anagram

inhumanrue. So the effects of

a silver shortage on the medical field would be devastating. Certainly the
coming silver shortage will have a large impact on reducing the average life
expectancy and world population. And keep in mind that this industry is just one of a
great many that benefit from the unique and powerful properties of silver. Silver's use
in medical products might not in and of itself be the tipping point for silver's price
explosion, but when considered alongside the thousands of other ways in which silver
is important to industry....
I think you know exactly what I'm getting at. Just think when you have to have
medical treatment some time in the future, would you mind if the hospital did not use
silver products? We always spray everything around us with silver whenever we go
anywhere near the hospital. Everytime my wife has another baby we spray all around
everywhere lots of silver. As I write this we are expecting another baby in a few
months so have got my silver spray at the ready. Every check up or appointment
anywhere, we spray silver where ever we go as should all patients.
Another way to show just how much of a magical, mystery element that silver is- Did
you know that silver can be used to manipulate the weather? This is actually nothing
new and has been done for decades, but recent developments have mastered the art
of using silver to manipulate the weather.
In the lead-up to the 2008 Summer Olympics, the People's Republic of China

garnered a lot of praise for their efforts.
Chinese officials faced many worries heading into the summer games, only they took
their micro planning to unheard of levels. See, the Aug. 8 opening ceremony
happened to fall during a traditionally wet season for Beijing. To avoid any crimp in
their plans, they decided to use a lot of silver in their weather control efforts.
That may sound extreme, but Chinese authorities didn't become such meteorological
control freaks overnight. Chinese research into weather control dates back to 1958.
Forty years later, the government-run Weather Modification Program launches
thousands of specially designed rockets and artillery shells into the sky every year in
an attempt to manipulate weather conditions.

These heavy-duty weapons launch pellets containing silver iodide into clouds.
Silver iodide is thought to concentrate moisture and cause rain, a process
known as cloud seeding. China has invested heavily in this technology, using
more than 12,000 anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers in addition to about
30 planes.
With a population of more than 1.3 billion, China requires vast amounts of
water. The government practices cloud seeding to try to produce rain for
farmers, stave off drought, clear away air pollution and smog, fill water basins
and, of course, produce a picture-perfect opening Olympic ceremony.
The Chinese authorities were successful in keeping their atmospheric
conditions just as they wanted them for the games, now the Japanese are
planning similar silver weather manipulation to make conditions just as they
want them for the 2020 Tokyo games.
The Japanese always do everything to extremes. War brings out the best
and the worst in people. The best and worst of the Japanese people
is truly something to behold, and feared. It will be interesting to see the
2020 Tokyo games and the weather control systems of the silver shortage
doesnt affect things too much by then.
It has also been used to coax rain out of the clouds. The Russians also and
others including N,Korea also use silver to manipulate the weather in the
same way on special occasions when they have a special parade or other
such event they use silver to make sure the skies are always clear on that
special day. They can also fire missiles and other methods which does use up
a lot of silver. This does sound expensive but due to the silver price
suppression it is not as expensive as it sounds. A lot of silver is used up every
year in this way of weather manipulation and it is almost impossible to get
this silver back which ends up dispersed in tiny quantities.

Another method producing the opposite effect of clearing the skies is that of
cloud seeding which has proven effective in the Snowy Mountains of Australia
and the Sierra Nevada in the United States. By increasing winter snowpack in
agricultural regions that experience droughts in the summer, it is possible to
feed rivers for a longer period of time than if no cloud seeding was done.
Check out this fascinating look at weather modification using silver as a
nucleation agent for rainfall on google.
There are reports saying the USA are using weather control systems since
Fukushima and have been trying to hold radiation away from the US, this is
what is causing the drought in California and the East cost for so long. It cant
be held off indefinitely, the reports advise move East now. The prevailing
wind is taking radiation away from Japan and over the pacific then onto
America. Every single day Fukushima is spewing out very harmful radiation,
the nuclear industry are trying a huge cover up with media blackouts. If the
truth came out then we the people would want to shut down every nuclear
power plant in the world and go over to clean renewable energy.
We know these weather control systems need to use lots of silver, with more
radiation spewing out every day and the prevailing winds pushing it over the
Pacific and eventually all over America. Will they run out of silver and not be
able to hold it back any longer? Is there any way to protect against this
radiation the nuclear industry is poisoning the world with?
What is Colloidal Silver?
Two thousand, three hundred years ago, Alexander The Great was surveying
his battlefield and drinking water from silver urns. He knew little about
bacteria, but he knew that silver containers have a seemingly miraculous way
of keeping water fresh. Silver has been used for thousands of years in
different forms for its health benefits. Throughout the middle ages, the
wealthy gave their children silver spoons to suck upon to stave off illnesses.
People have known about the benefits of silver for so long that it is
incorporated into legends. Silver is the recommended agent for killing

vampires, werewolves, and various forms of the so-called undead. According
to ancient legend, a silver dagger was all that a knight needed to vanquish
It was a very Common Practice to place Silver Dollars into the water barrels
and milk containers. People have been doing this for centuries. My grand
parents learned it from their parents an so on. Back in the early 1800's when
the plagues were running rampant thru the USA. The Silversmiths seemed to
be immune. The Silversmiths were using Electrolysis "Current applied to
water" to perform functions while making silver products. The water then
became what we call today "Colloidal Silver". The Silversmiths would have
cuts all over their hands from working with the sharp metal. People would
notice that their hands would heal very quickly and there was very little
scaring. The Doctors at that time used the as they called it "Silver Water" to
put on wounds and found that it helped healing and left very little scaring.
The wealthy people in Europe back 600 years ago didn't make the Flatware
and Cooking Bowls out of Silver because it looked nice. They knew (back
then) that the Silver products used in cooking and eating would not allow
bacteria to form on them. This knowledge has been around a long time.
Even back then with rudimentary equipment for producing "Silver Water" the
product worked great. Now we have newer technology and understand the
process better, but the results are still basically the same. IT WORKS! Silver is
now embedded in plastic milk and other disposable bottles. The milk lasts a
few days longer, improving profits and lower losses for the milk industry.
The new history of silver is a falsified history. Silver was once used
extensively by all health care practitioners as an antibiotic, anti-viral, and as
an anti-microbial. Nothing worked better then, and nothing does now. The
F.D.A. began its crusade against silver products to demonise silver in the
1930′s, because silver (as a natural substance) cannot be patented; but the
organization’s antibiotic and vaccine industry partners were able to patent
their wares. Silver is the devils metal, it is so powerful and wants to keep its
power a secret.
Under the Food and Drug Administration’s original name, the Bureau of
Chemistry, its real mission was to legally protect the chemical industry by
declaring toxic chemicals to be “generally recognized as safe”, and to
eliminate the chemical industry’s competition through regulations. This
history has likewise been obscured greatly in most modern historical texts,
but the truth can be found in materials from its early period.
Silver medicine has been erased from the textbooks, and it is seldom given
mention in medical literature. The official Pharmacopeia (physician’s desk
reference book) listed dozens of medicinal silver compounds prior to the mid-

1930′s; but thereafter, all mention of silver disappeared. Newer books report
that it never really happened. Before the history was rewritten, silver was like
the nuclear weapon of medicine. No human pathogen of any kind survived it.
This was the gospel of medicine. Pure colloidal silver is still the most
comprehensive and potent antibiotic and anti-viral known, which is actually
safe for human consumption, and it is absolutely safe for everyone in every
condition. It is natural, has no side effects, and it was killing the worst viral
diseases in the 1930′s, long before it became impossible to kill viruses with
Over the past two centuries, silver has been used by both allopathic and
alternative medicine. In addition to being used for routine ailments, silver has
been used effectively against some of the most notoriously hard to kill
illnesses, including tuberculosis and syphilis. It has been used as an antibacterial agent that was added to bandages and disinfectant sprays. It has
been embedded into clothing to prevent bacteria from producing foul odors
from sweat, and it has been merged into cloth that is used in burn centers.
Attempts are still being made to lace hospital counter tops with silver, to
prevent the growth of bacteria. Silver-lined containers are actively being used
to disinfect water in third world countries.

Silver is remarkable because it is an extremely powerful natural anti-bacterial
and anti-viral agent, yet it does not impair overall health like synthetic
antibiotics do. It kills viruses, fungi, and parasites in cases where the
parasites live in a symbiotic relationship with a bacterial agent. This is
surprisingly common, especially in the case of blood-borne parasites, such as
those of U.S. bio-weapons like Lyme disease. Because of the way that silver
kills with an electrical charge, no pathogen can be found or engineered to be
immune to it. No life can develop an immunity to electrically charged silver.

Black Walnut is also good for killing parasites. You can expell parasites, yeast,
fungus and support the thyroid with Black Walnut (natural source of iodine).
Black walnut creates an acidic environment in the intestinal tract to kill the
alkaline-loving yeast and parasites. Use black walnut with garlic for extra
power to kill parasites. I do not think it's helpful to look at CS as the only
Silver Bullet (no pun intended). It should be used as a major arsenal for sure.
Also activated charcoal good for parasite removal. CS is one of the best
things to have in you arsenal on your road to overall good health and well

Colloidal Silver is an Antibacterial, Antifungal,
Antiviral and Antiparasitic Miracle.
Since the late nineteenth century, colloidal silver has been the safest and
most effective way to medicate with silver. Colloidal silver is manufactured by
electrically combining silver with pure water. The colloidal manufacturing
process uses no chemicals. While silver is now labeled as an alternative
medicine, it was once used widely in hospitals as the premiere antiseptic and
antibiotic. It is still used in hospital burn centers for its incredible ability to
heal burns more rapidly than steroids. We were astounded when witnessing it
eliminate a sunburn in the span of just an hour, and a burnt tongue within
Removing silver from the market was one of the first actions of the Food and
Drug Administration when it changed its name in the 1930′s. It has gradually
changed its name from the Bureau of Chemistry, to the more publicly
palatable, Food and Drug Administration. In 1999, after a re-emergence of
silver, the F.D.A. completely banned it in any form from being sold in over-thecounter health products, despite the fact that silver has safely been used as a
medicine for millennia.
The devastation of the polio epidemic was largely caused by how the Food
and Drug Administration suppressed silver to promote its new antibiotics and
vaccine industries. By removing silver from the lists of approved medicines, it
effectively removed the only treatment that reliably kills polio, which in-turn
unleashed the full epidemic of polio. The F.D.A. later claimed a victory over
polio in boasting that the new generation of vaccines had saved us. The
agency cunningly waited until the epidemic was in its natural decline to
release the vaccine, in order to ensure that people saw a connection between
the vaccine’s release date and the disappearance of the disease. The public,
and quite a few doctors, were distracted away from the fact that silver
medications were a safe treatment, which effectively kills polio quickly, as
well as virtually every other virus known. Prior to this entire smoke-andmirrors routine, silver was recognized for doing what the establishment now

claims is impossible. Had silver medicine not been stripped from the market,
the polio epidemic would have never occurred. Today’s huge vaccine and
antibiotics markets would have never come into being. Silver had to go. Just
to stack the dishonest vaccine marketing even more, the F.D.A. and the
American Medical Association began promoting tonsillectomies for all children
at the same time, while knowing that the tonsils are the only organ in the
human body that produces polio antibodies.
The Food and Drug Administration now admits that antibiotic drugs are
useless for most of the conditions that they have been prescribed during the
last seven decades. The common cold, flu, and the most common type of
pneumonia are all now believed to be caused by viruses for which antibiotics
are useless against. However, silver is effective against viruses, so untold
people have died as a result of silver being replaced with antibiotics.
Another suppression campaign against silver began around the time of the
Second World War, when germ warfare agents were being increasingly
studied as the new generation of warfare. Silver has the ability to neutralize
every bio-weapon that has ever been created, because of how it attacks
pathogens electrically. This is one of the primary reasons why it has been
suppressed and maligned so aggressively. There are groups within the U.S.
Government who do not want anyone to be resistant to U.S. Military bioweapons, so silver medications have been repressed throughout the world for
the sake of a covert military weapons program that is forbidden by
international laws. If silver medicine was still being distributed officially as the
top tier of medicine, then the bio-weapons program would be rendered
impotent, because victims could simply use colloidal silver to recover from
any germ warfare agent.
How Silver Medicine is Believed to Work
There are theories about how silver works. The leading one is that silver kills
bacteria and viruses electrically, which would make it impossible for
pathogens to become resistant to it. Indeed, it is true that there is no
evidence of pathogens developing any resistance to colloidal silver. This
hypothesis is impossible to prove (or disprove), because we cannot examine
a single colloidal particle and its relation to a bacterium, or view the
mechanism through which silver kills the latter. We can merely put colloidal
silver and bacteria together, and see that all of the bacteria dies rapidly.
It is believed that each particle retains an electrical (ionic) charge, and that
each particle of the same metal stores a charge of the same polarity. The
charges ensure equal distribution of the particles throughout the solution.
The theory is similar to that of magnetism, wherein the same poles of
magnets are repelled by each other, and attracted only to their opposites.

There is evidence that silver interferes with copper and iron in the body, by
binding with both electrically to chemically form new metallic compounds.
People who are using a large amount of colloidal silver regularly may begin to
crave foods that are rich in iron, such as broccoli. It is wise to satisfy these
cravings, since they are caused by a deficiency of an important nutrient.
Copper can be safely supplemented through the use of chlorophyll, but
virtually every other oral source of copper supplementation is dangerous,
because it is so trivially easy to overdose with it and cause liver damage. Due
to colloidal silver’s ability to neutralize iron, men over the age of 30 will
benefit from occasional colloidal silver supplementation. Iron accumulation in
the bodies of men is believed to be one of the key reasons why women live
longer than men do, and excessive iron is a major contributor to heart
disease in men.
The Different Silver Products
There are many different types of silver solutions, including silver nitrates,
ionic silvers, colloidal silvers, silver chlorides, and silver proteins. The only
completely safe medicinal silver product, and the kind that most officially
recommend, is colloidal silver.
Colloids are the smallest biological form of any matter. They are small
enough to pass through membranes and therefore they skip past the
digestive process and are easily absorbed by the body.
There are many benefits of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver supports the
natural defence system of the body and is powerfully alkaline. It is created
when an electromagnetic process pulls tiny particles of silver from a larger
sample of pure silver into (usually distilled) water. The minute electric
charge on each atom holds these silver particles in suspension. This is
essential to the effectiveness of the silver as it allows the particles to move
more easily throughout the body.
Some say silver in medical uses really is the silver bullet and the best cure
known to man for all illnesses. There is a great deal of evidence using silver is
very effective for treating the worst ailments facing mankind like cancer and
aids. If you research though you will find that AIDS and cancer research
charities are hand in glove with the big pharma super powers and they do not
want the truth getting out about silver. Big pharma makes a lot of units of
currency, but it doesn't make a lot of sense. They want attention away from
silver and carry on using other treatments that use no silver and are not as
good. The truth is slowly getting out no matter how much they try to cover it
Another benefit is that colloidal silver has been recognised as a powerful,
natural antibiotic. Far less harmful than other synthetic antibiotics the

Doctors push on people. The big pharma companies do not want the truth
about colloidal silver getting out and affecting their profits. But the truth is
getting out more and more. Research has shown that it works by acting as a
catalyst, disabling the enzyme that single-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses
require for the metabolism of oxygen. This then suffocates the invading cell
whilst doing no harm to any human enzymes, resulting in the removal of
disease-causing organisms from the body.
It also works through the negative charge on the silver clusters binding up
with the positive charge on the germ/bacteria. This causes an interruption of
the germs biological function which means that it is then unable to
reproduce. I make the ionic silver with a unit I purchased. But there are lots of
new ways to make colloidal silver and I want to try all of them.
What I understand and believe is that bacteria, virus's, fungus, etc. cannot
grow in the presence of silver. This is my firm belief after everything I have
researched and read on the subject. Ionic silver is not harmful to humans. It is
natures antibiotic/cleanser. TPTB have hidden this from humanity because
there is no profit if we stay healthy and out of the medical/pharma system.
When you know this to be true the picture is so clear. We have the power to
heal ourselves.
I keep small bottles of this stuff all over. Spray, sublingual, via nebulizer, etc. I
make it and pour it into different bottles.
Benefits of Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver has been reputed by various studies to be able to kill over 650
micro-organisms. There are more micro organisms that silver will kill but not
yet been proven. Silver is the most antibacterial anti fungal and antimicrobial
element known to man.
It has been reported to be effective in fighting against: acne, AIDS, allergies,
arthritis, athletes foot, boils, burns, cancer, candida, cystitis, diabetes,
eczema, hay fever, indigestion, parasitic infections, psoriasis, ringworm,
warts and yeast infections. To name only a few of tens of thousands of
ailments that silver can cure.
It can be used either orally or topically. When taken orally you can either
place droplets directly under the tongue or it can be put into water and
drunk. Silver is often used topically by spraying onto cuts, burns, skin
infections or acne.
We have friends in the natural remedy world who swear by the effectiveness
of silver in treatment of sickness and illness which are caused by some kind
of bacteria or other micro-organism that can be cured with silver.

We have ourselves seen the effectiveness in our family of using silver instead
of harmful drugs pushed on the public by the big pharma super powers.
As more silver is used up for medical uses like this it usually ends up in the
sea and will cost a great deal to locate and retrieve.
Adding silver to antibiotics makes them 10 to 1,000 times more effective at
fighting infections, research suggests.
Silver has been used as an antimicrobial for centuries, but little has been
known about how it works.

There is some new research suggesting adding it to existing antibiotics could
counteract the rise of drug-resistant microbes.
Experiments in mice showed the metal disrupts the biological processes of
bacteria, making them more permeable to antibiotics, a US team reports.
Bacteria are adapting and finding ways to survive the effects of antibiotics.
According to England’s chief medical officer, Prof Dame Sally Davies,
antibiotics are losing their effectiveness at a rate that is both alarming and
irreversible. Super bugs highly resistant to anitbiotics are the real fear going
forward but Silver acts against Gram-negative bacteria – one of the two main
types of bacteria – which are particularly difficult pathogens to treat.
The research was led by Jose Ruben Morones-Ramirez of the Howard Hughes
Medical Institute at Boston University.
He told the journal Science Translational Medicine: ”This work shows that

silver can be used to enhance the action of existing antibiotics against Gramnegative bacteria, thus strengthening the antibiotic arsenal for fighting
bacterial infections even new strains of super bugs.”
I truly believe Colloidal silver is a miracle given to humanity by the earth. It
really is that good. I prescribe colloidal silver to many of my patients it is safe
and effective.
I make and use my own. I have never had a health issue but I use it to keep
my immune system strong. When my children are coming down with a cold I
use it with them a few times a day. I have used it for topical cuts and bruises
to prevent infection, from soaking the wound in it as well as taken orally and
sublingually. I have used it as a nebulizer for respiratory congestion with
great success.
I carry some with me in my bag everyday. It has been used for thousands of
years but in the last century it has been suppressed as well as many other
natural cures. I want to have a antibacterial available if sanitary conditions
break down and it may save lives. MRSA cannot survive in the presence of
colloidal silver. This is true for the many new superbugs that are getting
stronger than the strongest synthetic antibiotics. Silver is the very best
antibiotic we have.
I've been making my own Colloidal Silver for many years. I totally believe in
it's healing properties.
Studies have focused on testing silver being added to antibiotic injections and
tablets for use in patients. The good news is the costs are very low while the
price of silver remains so low per troy ounce.
It is alarming that silver is being used up faster than it is being mined. As
already said it is believed that as much as 98% of the Earth's above ground
supply of silver has already been consumed. Just think about these facts
check them for yourself and let them sink in. Then consider this.
At the time of writing just over 50% of mined supply of silver is consumed by
the over 10,000 consumption uses of silver every year. It is increasing as the
Earth's population is going up and as peak silver has been reached and
passed, the amount of mined production has passed its peak and will decline
from now on as all the easy to get to silver has already been mined and
consumed. It is expected that consumption will continue to increase to
possibly be 85% of mined supply in another decade. And the silver needed
can not come from anywhere else because it has all been used up, all the
worlds stock piles of silver have been depleted it is now a hand to mouth
supply/demand situation as soon as its mined it is chased after by industry
and investors alike. I am buying a little every month and I have to go on a

waiting list and have to wait longer and longer for my silver.
So at the start of this decade just over 50% of mined supply is consumed by
industry and the other just less than 50% is chased after by investors. As we
enter the next decade starting 2020 assuming mined supply stays the same
every year or even goes up as the silver price goes up, (and depletes the last
of the silver even faster) if around 85% is consumed then only 15% will be
left to meet investor demand because almost all the worlds above ground
silver stockpiles have already been depleted. So investor demand has to go
down when in fact it is increasing as much as if not more than industrial
demand. When currency fails which historically it has 100% chance of failure
people always rush to gold and silver, silver particularly is the money of first
and last resort when currencies die.
Something has got to give. Where will this extra silver come from? Why has
the price already not gone up to meet the price of gold? The answer is
I'd like to address the four main questions I get asked:
QUESTION #1: Are the Silver markets rigged?
ANSWER: YES. The silver markets are rigged. Every day. Every trade. Every
option. Every derivative. The silver markets have been rigged since the early
1970's when currencies were no longer backed by monetary precious metals
and when Alan Greenspan introduced computer market trading systems to
the world.
Since that time there has not been a day when the silver markets have been
"freely traded". Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, knows the true "Fair Market
Value" of silver!
But like all price suppression schemes, the silver manipulation must come to
an end and we are on the brink of that moment. The only remaining question
should be "What is the true value of silver?" But instead I get asked these
next questions.
QUESTION #2: How is it done?
ANSWER: The silver market rigging is accomplished by running computer
market trading programs to "steer" the price of silver up and down flushing
out weak hands on the price slams and covering short positions that were
previously put in place to cap the rising price. These silver "trades" have little
to do with physical silver but everything to do with paper derivatives of silver.
Not even paper anymore, it’s just digitally made up numbers supposed to be
representing real silver, trading with other digital numbers far in excess of
real silver available on Earth. There is no floor or limit to where "the

controllers" can place the price of silver. Ted Butler figures that the '5
through 8' (5 banks using another 3)now hold their biggest short position in
Comex history---and that the short position in silver is now being spread
around to more traders to alleviate the grotesque short position that
JPMorgan used to hold to keep the silver price suppressed.
QUESTION #3: Why are they doing it?
ANSWER: To save the unbacked fiat monetary system. Unless you control the
prices of the two monetary precious metals, an unbacked paper or electronic
monetary system will fail in rapid fashion. As such, when the US took the
world off monetary PM’s in the early 1970's, Alan Greenspan wrote and
implemented the original computer market rigging models to PROLONG the
acceptance of unbacked fiat currency. The ultimate conclusion of this
experiment was to print (or type in their account balances) as much
unbacked currency as possible for as long as possible to reap all the rewards
before returning to the discipline of monetary PM’s. As has been done with all
seven dominant world powers of Bible prophecy.
Many people have asked me why can't we just have a normal market for
physical gold and silver to trade thus not having to "set" the price but rather
prices would be discovered transaction to transaction...BAHAHAHA! not in this
lifetime! :)
Something I have stated for over a decade is the following:

can't run an unbacked fiat monetary system without
controlling the prices of both gold and silver ."
This is such a fact and stories that the Silver Fix is going to be "fixed" such
that it will be open, fair and transparent are ridiculous.
QUESTION #4: When will it end this time around?
ANSWER: There's the $64 Quadrillion question, which actually has a very
reasonable answer...Just as every other time this has happened, when faith is
lost in the rapidly expanding currency supply. Just as has happened 100% of
the time when this has been tried, going off monetary PM's and using
currency, then expanding the supply exponentially. But this time around it's
different because a physical shortage of real money silver bullion could bring
it sooner.

Whichever happens first, the one will bring about the other, because when
faith is lost in currency there will be a rush to silver making the shortage even
worse. Conversely when a manufacturer finds they can't get the silver they
need and news spreads there will be a rush to stockpile silver and it will start
to revalue which will bring an end to the manipulation and with it an end to
the currencies of the world, because you need to keep monetary PM’s down
to prolong the life of fiat currency. As mined supply can not keep up with
industrial and investor demand and all the worlds stockpiles have already
been depleted. It could start anywhere in the world and the rush to turn
currency into silver and gold bullion - real money begins. Just like as David
Morgan says it will be like a flock of birds all changing direction all at the
same time. Those too late will not be able to change their currency for money
no matter how much currency they offer. In the past when this has happened
people end up burning their worthless paper currency if they were too late
changing it for real money.
My guess/opinion is these manipulators will never let the price of silver climb
significantly again...until their ability to do so is no longer possible. And that
could be when gold's price leads it out of slavery [drags it along].
Those are the answers to those 4 very big questions. As for what will happen
to the price of silver during the transition to a gold and silver backed
monetary system...IT CAN GO ANYWHERE! But in the end it will be FEAR of
losing all your virtual wealth that will drive the price of silver to the moon.
So during these times of turmoil in silver it is best to NOT LOOK AT
By now, most investors have heard of monetary precious metals price
manipulation. As the issue creeps into the mainstream, more and more
investors will come to understand it — along with its vast implications.
I've covered the mechanisms used to manipulate the metals extensively, but
it is important to point out the differences between gold and silver in terms of

how they are manipulated. This is because it provides excellent insight into
the relative character of each metal's unique supply and demand profile.
The Mechanisms of Gold Manipulation
Paper shorting via COMEX is perhaps the most egregious and most visible. Its
signature can be tracked via reports issued by the exchanges. While the CME
recently disclaimed the accuracy of the data, the blatancy of this interference
has gone on so long that the existence of the numbers that prove
intervention have very little impact on speculators.
Gold leasing has been the time-tested way that bullion banks are given cheap
exposure to gold that they can borrow to sell into the market. This method
comes with defacto sanctioning by the Exchange Stabilization Fund.
Direct Central Banks selling had been a common practice until it stopped,
with the bigger story of the developing world monetary authorities publicly
accumulating gold.
London price fixing (yes it is a fix) may be the oldest and most opaque of all
the intervention methodology. It has now re-entered the mainstream
vernacular on the heels of the German quest to repatriate its physical gold
holdings. A German high official has said the Monetary PM manipulation is
worse than the LIBOR scam. Recently, Deutche Bank removed itself from the
"fixing process," which also re-enters the collective awareness via the now
generally accepted absurdity around the London Interbank Offered Rate
(LIBOR). Essentially, a room full of representatives from the largest financial
institutions making a collective decision on the price of assets that form the
base of money flow and value is astounding...
India, Pakistan via Trade Balance
In response to supposed trade imbalances, India's central bank has tried
unsuccessfully to prevent the import of gold. This attempt is in response to
surging demand followed by lower prices. The effect of course, has been to
embolden an already robust underground trade mechanism. And now
Pakistan has weighed in because of the gold diverted through its borders.
Interest Rates Indirectly
Gibson's Paradox, written by Lawrence Summers, describes the relationship
between gold and interest rates. This fuels the central banking quest to lower
rates such that the real rate of interest becomes negative, thereby
encouraging new loan formation. The problem is that a negative rate of
return "naturally" puts upward price pressure on gold and, thus, necessitates
forming a policy around keeping gold prices in control as central banks
pursue this ill-fated policy.

Next, Gibson’s Paradox offers a gold price forecast for the next 12 months
(White, 2011). The rule states that for every percentage point the real
interest rate (-3%) is below 2%, gold will increase in value by 8%. As
calculated in the last paragraph, the real interest rate is assumed to be -3%.
Since -3% is 5% below the 2% threshold, 5 percentage points times 8%
provides the gold forecast for the next 12 months: 5 x 8% = 40% . The
current gold price is near $1,700 - leading to a gold price forecast of: $1,700
x 1.40 = $2,380. Anecdotally, $2,380 coincides with the 1980 inflation
adjusted, peak gold price.
Manipulation of Inflation Data is now almost as obvious as the Monetary PM
manipulation. It should be painfully obvious that the officially reported
inflation rate has become a complex abstraction with very little resemblance
to reality. Mainly, it governs the amount of government payout in terms of
Social Security payments. But also, behaviorally, it quells the emotional effect
of rising prices
One of These Things is Not Like the Other
With silver, things are much more blunt and a reflection of the precariousness
of the situation. Or more likely it is desperation, given that silver prices are
the likely lynch pin waiting for the inevitable accident to happen. Silver is a
coiled spring and if it begins its return to fair value, it will go further and
faster and take gold along with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The manipulators forget that the price they are pushing down is actually
related to something real -- to real bullion supply and real fundamentals. So
they build up these massive naked short, undeliverable positions. They pay
no heed to the huge flows of bullion headed East into unleveraged markets.
In a stunning admission at the 2013 The Silver Summit in Spokane,
Washington, CPM Group's President Jeffrey Christian, a long time opponent of
silver market rigging claims, admitted that the price of silver was being
illegally set on the COMEX trading floor. This admission came during his
attempt to prove that there was no silver market manipulation taking place.
Jeff is perhaps the only person left on earth who tries to claim silver is not
manipulated, but at the same time admitted to it.

Christian's assertion was that the wild swings in the price of silver were not
being caused by rogue market riggers but by multiple computer algorithms
and High Frequency Trading programs firing at the same time in the COMEX

silver exchange based on the same program triggers. Christian claims that
the simultaneous nature of these trades spring from all trading houses using
the same algorithms they learned in the same colleges. Duh, that is what
everyone has been saying for years, yes that is the manipulation that
everyone wants to end because its illegal.
Unfortunately for Christian and the CME, what he describes is an artificial
price setting mechanism for silver in an exchange that is specifically
regulated such that it does not "set" silver prices but rather is a "price
discovery" exchange. What Christian describes is indeed ILLEGAL and the
CME Group who owns the COMEX should immediately shut down all HFT's and
computer trading programs stopping this continued distortion of silver prices.
Jeffrey Christian Publicly Endorses Market Rigging Criminality...and
Accidentally Exposes the CONSPIRACY at Barclays!
Then I was SHOCKED! Flabbergasted! Beside myself to hear that Jeff Christian
has publicly endorsed the criminality rampant behavior in the gold and silver
Actually, it's nothing new :-)
The current smash in gold and silver prices is a GIFT to you from the
manipulators. They are desperately trying to get out of their metal derivative
contracts before the whole system falls apart. The criminal banking
conspirator Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group just released a statement
embracing the Barclays admission of guilt in rigging the gold price.
Why in the world would Jeffrey Christian think its no big deal? Why in the
world would Jeffrey Christian go on to try and castigate (for the millionth
time) the reputations of Ted Butler and Bix Weir instead of admitting that the
Gold and Silver "London Fix" was market rigging.
That's simple...
The walls of the banking cabal are coming down and Jeff Christian helped
construct those walls.
So Bravo Jeff...keep waving the rally flag for the criminals as your structured
silver derivatives contracts implode due to the end of the Silver Fix! The cat is
WAS!! It's all a con. The LBMA is an "Association" and not a free market
The legal concept is fairly simple, the trading of futures and options should

not be the overriding price influence in setting the price of any commodity as
it does not reflect the true supply/demand dynamics of the underlying
commodity being traded.
But that is indeed the situation now. It matters not how much silver is
available and how much is being demanded. That has nothing to do with
price in these manipulated markets. Supply and demand fundamentals of
silver have nothing to do with the price of silver at the moment. Even if there
is no available silver to meet demand and the waiting lists are getting very
long for any silver as soon as its mined. Even then they can't buy all the tons
that they want they can only have a little. Some just cant buy any silver at
these low prices because there is none available. They have to just get on a
waiting list and wait for new silver to be mined. Still the manipulators could
push the price lower. Think about that and about Jeff Christians admission.
You see, there is really no hidden conspiracy of price rigging in the gold and
silver markets...
THEY DO IT IN PLAIN VIEW OF EVERYONE!! A conspiracy by definition is a
secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. The silver price
suppression is unlawful and harmful buts it's just not so secret. Everyone
knows and can see they do it. However there has been numerous official
silver manipulation investigations over decades but even after whistleblowers
did the regulators jobs for them in a short time they still concluded that silver
is not manipulated and the free market forces of supply and demand of the
actual metal are what sets the price. Yeah right!!!
The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) published their
position on the changing of the "SILVER-FIX" with the new "LONDON SILVER
PRICE" and the ramifications are earth shattering for silver derivative holders.
When I first saw this announcement I had thought to myself, "It's about time
the ISDA came out with a ruling to replace the 'SILVER-FIX' with something
identical to use in the outstanding silver derivative contracts." After all,
according to Bloomberg there are nearly $5T in silver derivatives traded
every year!
Basically, the ISDA acknowledges the change in the form of an Amendment
but then goes on to clearly state that the implementation of this contractual
change it 100% OPTIONAL for all parties involved!!
"ISDA, in consultation with market participants, is issuing this statement in

addition to the Amendment Agreement as a means of assisting market
participants in treating Affected Transactions. Parties are not obligated to
enter into the Amendment Agreement and may choose to negotiate
alternative means of treating Affected Transactions."
Not only that but they clearly state that the "SILVER-FIX" and the "LONDON
SILVER PRICE" are NOT interchangeable.
"The Amendment Agreement seeks to replace references to "SILVER-FIX" with
a reference to a new Commodity Reference Price, which may include a
reference to the new London Silver Price. Parties electing to amend the
Affected Transactions through the Amendment Agreement may do so with
effect from 15 August 2014."
At issue is billions of dollars worth of silver derivative contracts that mature
after August 14, 2014 that have incorporated both the term "SILVER-FIX" as
well as reference the ISDA and LBMA as governing bodies related to the
setting price defined as the "SILVER-FIX".
So let me set the stage for you...
For decades the Large Bullion Banks have been suppressing the price of silver
by selling silver derivatives contracts in massive quantities ($5T/year) in the
Over the Counter (OTC) Market in London. Many of these silver derivative
contracts are set to mature after August 14, 2014. Most of these contracts
clearly references both the "SILVER-FIX" as the settlement price and the LBMA
and ISDA as the governing bodies.
ALL of the above has just been thrown into LEGAL CHAOS as none of the
silver derivative contracts are legally binding after August 14th UNLESS both
parties agree to the new terms set forth from the ISDA...which have clearly
stated that the new terms are OPTIONAL!!!
If you were a BIG LOSER on your silver derivative book because you wrote
massive naked short sale contracts to keep the price down..
We are at the End Game for silver manipulation and the Silver Bullion Banks
have been given a HUGE back door in which to sneak away. I say LET THEM
It's important to understand that the chaos may not be reflected in the price
of silver as both the COMEX and the Old/New silver Fix are rigged. 100% of
the time - every moment.
Trillions of Dollars worth of Silver Derivative will go bad. There's no way

around it and there's no intended fix of the problem. The legal term in a
majority of those contracts that are giving everyone the problem is the silver
pricing benchmark term..."Silver Fix". It was used in every single silver
derivative contract written out of the LBMA. That's over 100B ounces of silver
derivatives per year...if you believe the numbers.
As of August 15th 2014 there is no "Silver Fix" - No such benchmark - No
replacement - No settlement substitute.
Will it finally hit the price of silver? Who knows. That price is rigged by the
paper/electronic market. "They" are trying to implement something new to
take it's place called the "London Silver Price" but that doesn't help the
outstanding contracts.
It just provides "them" with another con to attempt to continue the rigging.
Thomson Reuters GFMS, told Money Morning in an email that the initial
members are largely from the banking sector, but there are hopes that "that
may expand into industry as time goes on."
Bahaha!!! It's only Banksters bidding against Banksters again on a phantom
electronic market!!!
But it shouldn't matter to us because we are watching what happens to the
silver derivative contracts that are still outstanding and are supposed to
settle at the "Silver Fix"...which doesn't exist anymore.
Truthfully, I don't know what the Bad Guys have up their sleeves. I don't even
think they know. But one thing is for certain...you have to stand out of the
way of the speeding Silver Bullet!
Silver in your own hand on the sidelines.
Jeffrey Christian is said to be the leading authority on commodity derivatives
with experience in advising the largest players in the paper/electronic silver
space such as the IMF, World Gold Council, Central Banks, Bullion Banks and
Global Mining Companies. Before CPM Group spun off from Goldman Sachs in
the 1980's, Christian worked with Robert Rubin who advocated and
developed Gold Leasing Programs for Central Banks and National

Treasuries(although Germany is still trying to unwind their leased gold). In the
1990's Christian advised companies on how to properly hedge their gold
production(although massive Billion dollar write downs were taken as the
price of gold rose in the 2000's). Christian is currently leading the charge to
restart miner hedging programs as he advocates hedging once again to offset
the price volatility on the COMEX...
WAIT! This silver price volatility is caused, according to Christian, by multiple
computer algorithms and High Frequency Trading programs firing at the same
time and is NOT a freely traded price of silver!
Any hedging on false COMEX price discovery is an accident waiting to
It is imperative that the CFTC the so called regulators investigate and
regulate and do their job and stop such illegal price influencing actions on the
COMEX as it is destroying the true price discovery mechanism for silver.
Companies and individuals are making bad decisions based on faulty price
data originating out of the COMEX.
Silver investors should demand an explanation from the CFTC and the CME as
to Jeffrey Christian's claim that price fluctuations in silver are being initiated
and caused by computer driven trading that artificially influences the "Fair
Market Value" of silver.
I want to thank Jeffrey Christian for bringing this to the attention of all who attended
the Silver Summit as it explains WHY the price of silver is so volatile in an underlying
industry that should, by all accounts present at the Summit, be stable and
predictable. The prices of all commodities are set on the COMEX futures and options
markets...FULL STOP! Everyone agree's Commodity Markets are Rigged on the
comex! They know that the price of all commodities is DETERMINED by the COMEX
futures and options which is 100% illegal under commodity law. But no market is
more rigged than silver, because silver and gold are the most important. Watch on
youtube the exchange between Jeff Christian and Gary Gensler from the CFTC
hearings on silver manipulation in 2010.

Laughable explanation of why there is a gigantic short! And then Christian goes all
out to stick his foot in his mouth that there's 100x derivatives written against the
physical metal available. What an idiot!
In actuality, that number is closer to 500x if you include the daily trading volumes on
all exchanges.
Our fearless leader when it comes to COMEX data, Ted Butler, commented on where
we stand at the COMEX and the latest silver smack downs...
"Given that silver is the most manipulated commodity in the world and in history, I
fully expect that it can fall further both absolutely and relative to gold in the short
term due to the only negative price factor in play, namely, positioning on the COMEX.
However, the reciprocal readjustment to decades of price manipulation does not
appear to be that far away and, in the long term, silver still looks like a lock for long
term outperformance, both on its own and relative to gold." From Uncle Ted Butler.

The most accurate estimate of above ground available investment-grade
silver currently available in all forms is approximately 1 billion ounces. At $16
per ounce current spot price in 2014 when I am writing this, the
comprehensive price for all available silver would be around 16 billion USD. If
any more than this moved into real silver then its game over for the criminals
who Jeff Christian works for.
Keep in mind that $16 price is determined by paper trades, not physical
trades. So the $16 point is no more legit than the $5 trillion point.
A Bloomberg article in 2014 said that About $5 trillion of silver and $17
trillion of gold circulated globally last year, according to Jeff Christian at the
CPM Group This supposedly means that the entire globally available silver
traded hands 238 times. But since it is reasonable to assume that most
physical silver in the world either never moved, or changed hands once as it
was sold from the mint to a stacker, that "the silver market" is really just a
small amount of paper being moved back and forth, literally trillions of times,
in order to artificially set a price.
The point of me highlighting this bloomberg article is to prove that the whole
"silver market" and its associated price discovery mechanism is nothing but a
paper joke. Implying that when the joke is up, a different mechanism will
produce radically different results.
The fundamentals for silver are very simple. It is being depleted from the
earths crust at a rate of 1 billion ounces every year and there are about 17
billion ounces left in known reserves.
Of that 1 billion ounces every year about half is used up in the over 10,000
uses and the other half a billion ounces every year is demanded by
investment demand, well here is where things get interesting. A lot more
than that half a billion ounces is demanded and all the silver stockpiles have
been depleted. So where is all this extra silver coming from to meet
investment demand?
A lot more than half a billion ounces is demanded from investment. At even

$20oz silver price that is just $10 billion investment silver available. But $5
trillion is the investment demand every year - EH!? How is this possible when
all the silver stockpiles around the world have been depleted? There is only
half a billion ounces $10 billion of silver available to meet investment
demand every year but there is $5Trillion worth of investment demand every
year. How is this possible? Answer - $5 Trillion of broken paper promises to
deliver in the future are given in place of the not available real silver
There’s a lot of shortsighted and incorrect silver analysis out there, so its
imperative that you consider the information available yourself and use
sound reasoning with a historical context to find who has the ring of truth to
what they are saying. I have done this extensively and think the CPM Group
headed by Jeff Christian is for some reason trying to distort the truth and turn
people away from investing in silver. He just announced the release of the
CPM group 2014 Silver Yearbook. In their statement they implied that “Net
Global Silver Investment” declined in 2013, while fabrication demand
This sounds like a bearish statement for silver investors, but the reality is…
silver investment demand actually INCREASED IN 2013, it did not decline.
Could he really openly lie like that? If he is distorting the truth so much the
question should be asked why is he always trying to do this with silver? What
is so dangerous about silver, is it really that important? Yes it is actually.
CPM Group: "Silver Investment Falls But Fabrication Demand Rises In 2013"
Jeff Christian.
That was the title of Kitco’s article on the release of CPM Group’s 2014 Silver
Yearbook. I will clearly say that is a great big fat lie, along with most other
things they say about silver investing.
Let me start off by saying, OFFICIAL COIN SALES are apart of what they term,
“Fabrication Demand.”
CPM Group themselves have to admit that “Official Coin” sales were a record
136 million ounces in 2013. Up from 90 million in 2012. These are facts, yet
Jeff states going from 90 million ounces the year before up to 136 million the
following year is falling demand?????
How in the HELL, did investment demand FALL in 2013, if official coin sales
increased 30-40 million oz??
It’s easy… you label the supposed surplus as NET SILVER INVESTMENT
DEMAND… and poof.. you can show a decline. Let me explain, I am gonna let
you all in on a dirty little secret.

Official Coin Sales are now counted as FABRICATION DEMAND… not
investment…LOL. That’s right. When GFMS and CPM Group calculate their
“Implied Investment Demand” they do not count official coins such as Silver
Eagles, Maples, Philharmonics, Pandas and etc as investment demand.
So all you silver investors out there who believe you are INVESTING in Silver
Eagles, Maples etc you’re not… you’re just a “Fabrication Investor.” I am only
making a funny here. Truth be told, I must be a fabrication investor as well.
Ha you have to hand it them, its brilliant! Bullion coin sales is now not
investment demand at all but considered fabrication demand. So that Jeff
Christian can say investment demand is down, because all the coins sales
have been taken out of investment demand.
Yes yes Jeff, investment demand for silver is going down. I must be a
fabrication investor.
Jeff has lost any credibility he had left.
Okay… here is the kicker. The more official coin sales, the higher the
fabrication demand. Thus, the higher the fabrication demand, the lower the
supposed “Net Investment Demand.” You all didn't realize by purchasing
more Silver Eagles & Maples in 2013, that you were actually guilty of making
a decline in net investment demand. According to Jeff Christian the more
silver bullion coins the public demands the less demand for silver bullion
there is????????
To get this “Net Investment Demand”, they add up all supply (mine & recycle)
and minus all Fabrication demand (including official coins). CPM Group stated
that net silver investment fell 42% from 180 million oz in 2012 to 105.3
million oz in 2013. WHAT??????????????
Furthermore, GFMS states (from their 2013 Nov. Silver Update) that total
Silver ETF’s increased 25 million ounce to 655 million oz as of Q3 2013. So
what I want to know.. how did net silver investment demand decline in 2013 if
the world purchased 35-40 million oz more of official coins than in 2012, while
total global Silver ETF’s increased?
It didn't… it’s accounting SMOKE & MIRRORS.
Which means, Kitco’s title is actually an outright lie. If we add wholesale
silver bar investment including smaller coins and bars, I would guarantee you
all that “REAL SILVER INVESTMENT DEMAND” increased substantially in 2013
compared to 2012. I would wager silver demand will keep going up at this
rate. And Jeff Christian and others like him will continue to shout "nothing to

see here!"
Mr. Perez-Santalla did state in his article that GFMS will change their term,
“Implied Net Investment” to surplus. Even though they are going to use the
term “Surplus”, they will still count official coin sales as “Fabrication demand”
when they calculate this figure.
Also, the surplus does not figure in any silver investment that flows into
ETF’s, wholesale bars or standard bullion.
Furthermore, before the monetary cycle repeated last time around when the
world was on a Gold & Silver monetary system, there wasn't any silly
SURPLUS or IMPLIED NET INVESTMENT. For some strange reason, 40+ years
of fiat monetary amnesia destroyed the ability for the public and analysts to
understand the value of REAL MONEY.
Lastly.. CPM Group also stated this on Cash Costs for silver:
Meanwhile, CPM Group calculated that the cash cost of primary silver
production fell for the first time since 2002. The production-weighted average
silver cash cost was listed at 9.68 an ounce in 2013, down 3.3% from $10.01
in 2012.
I can write a long chapter just on the worthless metric called CASH COST
ACCOUNTING. In a nutshell, cash costs do not determine the PROFITABILITY
of a company. All it does is show how much a silver producer can lower its
cash costs while stating REAL LOSES (at current prices).
Every mining company’s financial report always has a footnote below where
the company calculates cash cost stating:
… Cash Costs are not GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principle.
Subtracting by-product metals’ revenue might show a low cash cost, but I
guarantee you, it has nothing to do with the profitability of the company.
Cash Costs are used to mislead the investing public as to the REAL COSTS of
mining silver.
Hecla stated a cash cost of around $7 for 2013, while recording a net loss for
the year. And this was at a realized price in the $23-24 area. What would
their losses be at $7??
BAHAHA Do you really think silver can be mined at $7.50 per ounce? Then
why does not gold have an all in cash cost of $7.50 per ounce to mine it? Its
the exact same process to mine gold and silver. But you can get more gold as
deep as you dig, silver is only near the surface. Sometimes you get gold and
silver in the same ore, the costs are exactly the same then.

Folks, Peak Oil, the falling EROI and declining Net Oil Exports will wreak havoc
on the highly leveraged Fiat Monetary System. Analysts who gauge the value
of gold and silver by a Fiat Monetary System have no idea of their true value
of the precious metals when the systems comes down.
When the world realizes it has invested most of its hard-earned fiat currency
into Paper Assets that will have no future, Silver Surpluses and Implied Net
Investment will be a good joke to tell your grand kids.
So Is There Really Silver Price Manipulation? Jeff Christian is adamant there is
none and its a freely traded market.
Let's start with a question. What should the silver market look like? In the
broad scope of markets the silver market is relatively tiny. In my opinion it
should be a sleepy "quaint" little market. Supply is fairly stable varying about
5% annually. There are never any huge silver discovery announcements
anymore. Silver is mostly mined as a byproduct of mining for other metals.
There's only a handful of dedicated silver mining companies. Industrial
demand is fairly constant over the years growing by a predictable consistent
amount. Investment demand is also growing but 'official' numbers aren't that
You'd think that in a market like this the miners and silver buyers could easily
come together and transact business discovering the "Fair Market Value" of
The Silver market should be a "QUAINT LITTLE MARKET".
But the reality is much different…
1) Massive Volatility -- The silver market is characterized by largest upward
moves over time with huge and sudden downward slams. There are massive
volumes traded back and forth. Fortunes are made and lost. There's blood in
the streets after each market slam. In 2008 the price dropped from $21 to
below $9 in a matter of months. On May 1, 2011 silver was violently slammed
down from $50 to $35 in a matter days. Then even further down to $26 in a
short time after. Then eventually all the way down to under $16. It even got
to $14oz, it was called a "Drive By Shooting" by many in the silver investment
community. There is an insane amount of volatility. The Silver market is no
place for you to invest if you have a weak stomach. Was there similar huge
changes in the supply and demand of the actual metal? Not at all, only the
price was moving so much.
2) Off hours trading - Most of the downward volatility begins in the off hours
of trading before or after the large markets are open. The May 1st "Drive-ByShooting" started in the middle of the night on a Sunday and dropped 10%

instantly…who trades like that? If you had a huge long position in silver that
you wanted to unload would you do it in the after hours market to maximize
your price? There was no news to spook the market. This was a blatant
manipulation and was obvious to all of us.
3) COMEX Short Concentration -- Ted Butler has been exposing the Short
concentration issue for 30 years and we all know of his work. The kicker for
me was that in November 2009 (2) traders or less (likely 1) held 68% of the
Commercial Net Short. 68% of a naked short was held by one trader! The
CFTC has just passed the Position Limits rule and hopefully this will put an
end to the excessive short concentration in the future but we'll see, that one
trader seems to be spreading the naked short hot potato around.
4) Multiple Ownership Claims -- Who owns the physical silver these days?
With so many silver derivatives there are many options for bullion banks and
others to work a Fractional Reserve metal storage system. Silver certificates,
swaps, leases pooled accounts, options, ETF shorting and on and on. In 2007
Morgan Stanley was sued for charging storage fees on silver certificates
although they didn't hold the physical silver in inventory. It was settled out of
court but their defense was that the practice of selling silver certificates and
not holding the physical metal was "Industry Standard Practice". What about
the silver iShares ETF? How many claims of ownership are on that silver? It's
unknown but we do know that there are 20M shares short at the moment.
There are currently investors in SLV who bought 20M shares expecting the
ETF to deposit 20M ounces in inventory but that metal was shorted instead of
placed in inventory.
5) Exchange Margin Requirements -- The latest silver slam was assisted by
huge margin requirement increases by the CME to squeeze the weak handed
shorts. This was a blatant manipulative move by the CME and it added
significantly to the downward plunge in the price of silver…which is illegal by
the way. Craig Donahue, the CEO of the CME, had to come on TV to try and
justify their actions. He said "Margin requirements are really intended to
make sure that we have the ability to PROTECT all participants in the clearing
house because WE ARE THE GUARANTOR to every buyer and seller." So
margins were increased to PROTECT market participants. At $50/oz who
needed protection? Clearly the longs didn't need protection. It was the shorts
that were being protected from default because they sold silver derivatives
on metal they didn't have. Get out of the COMEX. If you play in their market
you play by their rules! They can change the rules mid game just like they did
the Hunt brothers in the 1970's.
6) Three CFTC Silver Investigations -- The three silver investigations were a
joke. The first two were announced and closed at the same time with no
finding of manipulation. The third dragged on for years only to be dropped

days before the 5 years statute of limitations expired. The greatest delayed
con jobs the markets have seen for a long time...bravo CFTC!
The CFTC's main reasons for dropping the first two investigations were that
the price was going up so there can't be downward manipulation and the
London Bullion Market Association was a "physical market" and is in line with
the COMEX. Give me a break. The LBMA is supposed to settle 50B ounce of
supposedly physical silver this year! There's nothing physical about that
And how about that 3rd investigation? The price of silver has gone down and
now the "London Fix" has been exposed as a fraud and was replaced on
August 14th 2014 so both the support conclusions the CFTC used to drop the
first two silver investigations will be gone. Hmmm...do I hear a 4th
investigation starting?! Maybe a 5th or 6th investigation before the fraud
7) Whistle Blowers -- Ok. A few years back we thought we had finally arrived
at that SILVER BULLET to put an end to the manipulation once and for all. We
have a whistle blower. Andrew Maguire. I'll say it again Andrew Maguire. It's
strange but I keep thinking of that movie Jerry Maguire when I hear his name?
I think if comes from a drinking game in college where we had to drink every
time we heard his name in the movie…which is a lot. Now every time I hear
Jeffrey Christian saying there's no silver market manipulation I hear in my
head…Andrew Maguire, Andrew Maguire. Yes, the Andrew Maguire revelations
at the CFTC meeting in March of 2010 was the smoking gun to END the silver
manipulation debate. He told the CFTC who was doing it, why they were
doing it, how they were doing it, when they were going to do it next and it
happened just like he said. Case closed.
But there was another very important whistleblower inside of the CFTC itself.
CFTC Enforcement Judge George Painter said in his retirement letter…"There
are two administrative law judges at the CFTC, myself and the Honorable
Judge Bruce Levine. On Judge Levine's first week on the job, nearly twenty
years ago, he came into my office and stated that he had promised Wendy
Gramm, then Chairwoman of the Commission, that we would never rule in a
complainant's favor. A review of his rulings will confirm that he has fulfilled
his vow." Think about what he just said! Well what is the point of having
regulators at all?
8) YES there is Manipulation - As we all expected. The game is rigged. From
the regulators to the bullion banks to the exchanges to our elected officials
our "Quaint Little Silver Market" is 100% rigged.
So now that we know the silver market is rigged the next logical question is…

"How Do They Do It"?
The tools of manipulation are:




By utilizing Computers and Derivatives there is no limit to the amount of
manipulation and price suppression that is possible in the silver markets.
In the early 1960's John Kemeny, a childhood friend of Alan Greenspan,
invented the first sharable computer language called "BASIC".
In the 1970's Alan Greenspan used this programming language to
develop the first financial computer programs (and rigging programs) as head
of the Council of Economic Advisers.
By the late 1970's most large brokerage houses had computer trading
Over the years brokerage houses, investment banks and hedge funds
hired math wizards known as "quants" to develop computer rigging programs
and High Frequency Trading platforms.
Today over 90% of all trades in every market around the world are
computer program generated.
Due to the massive daily volumes I estimate that more 99.99999999%
of all trades in the silver market are generated by computer programs.
KEY: Silver traded on the COMEX and LME are not related to the physical
silver market but rather are Silver Derivatives traded back and forth by
computer programs to artificially set the price of silver.
Silver Derivatives
*Definition - A derivative instrument is a contract between two parties that
specifies conditions under which payments, or payoffs, are to be made
between the parties. It's like a side bet. Futures, options, swaps, leases etc
are all derivative contracts.
The concept behind derivatives is to allow a company to hedge their risk. For
example to hedge a credit risk of a bank loan a lender can purchase a Credit
Default Swap contract that will payout if the borrower defaults. Hedging risk
is a good thing right? Not always. In reality the risk of default does not go
away but rather is transferred to another party and a new risk is created in
the form of a counter party risk of the CDS issuer defaulting. The issuer of

that CDS can hedge their new risk by purchasing a CDS from another issuer
and so on. Although the initial concept of a derivative is to hedge INDIVIDUAL
risk, the more and more derivatives that are created off the first transaction
greatly increases the TOTAL risk there is in the overall market.
In the last 20 years derivative contracts have ballooned into the hundreds of
trillions of dollars on a notional value basis. In 2008 the inherent danger in
this growth in overall risk became painfully apparent with the global crash of
the financial markets.
Warren Buffet was correct in identifying derivatives as "WEAPONS OF MASS
If there was any one person to blame for the 2008 financial crisis it was a
woman named Blythe Masters out of the JP Morgan "Financial Products
Division" in London. She was the creator and promoter of the Credit Default
Swap market and built it up over 15 years into a monstrous 50 Trillion dollar
market by 2008 when it all fell apart. The destruction this amount of "risk
hedging" ended up costing the world was almost incalculable. Today, even
after all the losses and bankruptcies, the Credit Default Swap market stands
at over 30 trillion dollars and still growing. What can be done about this
problem? Nothing! Maybe slow down the sinking ship with bilge pumps
(kicking the can) but from now on whatever happens the temporary system
will flounder.
So what ever happened to this woman who destroyed the world's financial
markets with derivatives…
Blythe went from running the gigantic CDS derivative market to
running the gigantic commodity derivative market for JPM.
Based on the COMEX daily silver volume averages over 120B ounces of
silver derivatives were traded in 2011. 120B ounces! Stunning number
considering there's a total of just over 700M ounces mined every year. AND
THIS IS JUST ONE EXCHANGE! COMEX open interest means nothing. The price
of silver is determined on a trade by trade basis. The amount of daily volume
on the COMEX is staggering.
The LBM will settle over 50B ounces of (supposedly physical) silver this
year. These are net ounces counted at the end of each day. During the day
many multiples of this amount trade hands. I'm conservative and I'll say 5x
the amount or another 250B ounces of silver derivatives.
Including all markets and unreported OTC derivatives I estimate that
the total worldwide silver derivative contracts traded in 2011 amounted to
500B ounces. YES 500 Billion not 500 million ounces every year!

Let's say that 500M oz of the 700M oz mined every year have silver
derivatives attached to them for some reason. That equates to silver
derivatives totaling 1,000x the underlying commodity. There is no legitimate
market function of silver derivative trades for the 1,000x derivative leverage.
In the March 2010 CFTC hearings commissioner Gensler asked Jeffery
Christian a very important question at the very end of that hearing. That
question was "What are the bullion banks hedging on the other side?" His
answer was "a tremendous amount of things" and it clearly didn't satisfy
Chairman Gensler.
The truth is that the price discovery mechanism for silver has been
destroyed by a mountain of silver derivatives. Remember that "Quaint Little
Silver Market" we talked about earlier? It means absolutely NOTHING when it
comes to discovering the true Fair Market Value of silver as long as the silver
market riggers are allowed pile on 500 billion ounces of silver derivatives
every year.
Just like the Credit Default Swap bubble that burst and almost destroyed the
global financial system in 2008 the silver derivative bubble is an accident
waiting to happen. Well it has already happened and from this moment on
nothing can prevent the ship sinking (end of the manipulation). One of the
main themes of this book is that silver is the heart of the financial world but
also the heart of the industrial world. Its all about silver. The silver
manipulation can not end without also bringing about the end of the
temporary international monetary system from August 15th 1971. And there
is no way of preventing the end of the silver manipulation as demand goes up
and supply dries up.
I want to encourage all to research the facts about silver, do not take my
word for it. It's easy to see the very compelling reasons why you should
invest in as much silver as possible while the manipulation is keeping prices
so low. I have long studied the silver markets and been an active day trader
of monetary PM's for several years now.
I'm tired of "pussy footing" around with people talking about the silver
drivers. I'm tired of listening to silver analyst talking about fundamentals,
supply, demand, technical analysis, China, India, industrial demand,
monetary significance, blah, blah, blah! I am even tired of everything I'VE
WRITTEN about buying physical silver, I could make this chapter longer than
the entire book, it was but I had to edit it down.
Sure - they all sound like very sound reasons to buy silver and they are but
I'm just tired of it all because I KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT SILVER.
Here are the only five points you need to fully understand about silver:

1) The price of silver is 100% RIGGED by computer programs everyday and
every trade.
2) The computer market rigging operations began in the early 1970's based
on computer programs written by Alan Greenspan and Stephen Devaux and
were taken over by the Banking Cabal in the 1980's and run by them right up
to today.
3) These rigging programs have been implemented through the NY Fed, in
the basement "Operations Centre" of the US Treasury and through the Federal
Reserve's Prime Dealer banks such as JP Morgan.
4) These market riggers can place the price of paper silver at $0/oz or
$1M/oz with the stroke of a key on a computer keyboard so NOBODY knows
the real "Fair Market Value" of silver. Although if they are not careful with how
much they manipulate they could lose control in an instant. This will happen
eventually but at the moment it is a managed retreat.
5) Although the leaders and regulators have been complicit to these
operations for the past 40 years, the physical shortage of real silver will soon
overwhelm the manipulated paper market.
That's all you need to know except this:
6) If you wish to survive the coming chaos associated with the end of silver
market manipulation...YOU MUST OWN PHYSICAL SILVER and IT MUST BE
have been given an incredible gift, you have the opportunity to buy real
physical silver bullion for the manipulated down paper price. This opportunity
will not last much longer.
All other paper silver investments like ETF's or vault receipts of silver will be
washed away with the collapse of the global fiat monetary system. It has to
be your possession not in someone else's vault.
20 Important Facts about silver.
1. The word silver comes from the Anglo-Saxon word seolfor. There is no word
that rhymes with the English word silver.
2. Silver is exceptionally shiny! It is the most reflective element, which makes
it useful in mirrors, telescopes, microscopes and solar cells. Polished silver
reflects 95% of the visible light spectrum. The most efficient best performing
photovoltaic panels, telescopes, microscopes and other technology like lasers
using reflection can not be made without real silver.
3. Silver has been known since ancient times. It was one of the first five

metals to be discovered. Mankind learned to separate silver from ore before
3000 BC. Silver objects have been found dating back around 4000 BC. It is
believed the element was discovered around 4000 BC and was almost
certainly being used as a monetary system back then.
4. Silver can never be found in its native state. In other words, nuggets or
crystals of pure silver do not exist in nature. Unlike gold which can be found
in its pure state. Silver also occurs as a natural alloy with gold that is called
electrum. Silver commonly occurs in copper, lead, and zinc ores. But never in
its pure state.
5. Silver metal is not toxic to humans. In fact, it can be consumed in minute
quantities for health benefits. Silver is germicidal, meaning it kills bacteria
and other lower organisms.
6. Silver is the best electric conductor of the elements. It is used as the
standard by which other conductors are measured. On a scale of 0 to 100,
silver ranks 100 in terms of electrical conductivity. Copper ranks 90 and gold
ranks 76.
7. Only gold is as ductile as silver. An ounce of silver can be drawn into a wire
8,000 feet long. Just think of that! 1 ounce of silver or gold could be drawn
into a wire 8,000 feet long!
8. The most commonly encountered form of silver is sterling silver. Sterling
silver consists of 92.5% silver, with the balance consists of other metals,
usually copper. This is much stronger but tarnishes faster.
9. The chemical symbol for silver, Ag, comes from the Latin word for silver,
argentum, which in turn derives from the Sanskit word argunas, which means
10. A single grain of silver (~65 mg) can be pressed into a sheet 150 times
thinner than the average sheet of paper.
11. Silver is the best thermal conductor of any metal. Any use requiring the
best thermal conductivity use up silver. The lines you see in the rear window
of a car consist of silver, used to defrost ice in the winter.
12. The words for 'silver' and 'money' are the same in hundreds of languages
or more counting ancient unused languages.
13. Silver only occurs near the earths crust, unlike gold which can be found
as deep as humans have looked. Gold gets more abundant the deeper the ore
is mined while silver is more abundant near the surface and gets less
abundant the deeper the ore.

14. Coins minted in the United States prior to 1965 consists of about 90%
silver. Kennedy half dollars minted in the United States between 1965 to 1969
contained 40% silver.
15. Silver has been used for cloud seeding, to cause clouds to produce rain
and try to control weather.
16. The price of silver presently in 2014 is over 75 times less than that of
gold. For the same units of currency you could buy either 1 ounce of gold or
more than 75 ounces of silver. In ancient Egypt and Medieval European
countries, silver was valued more highly than gold.
17. Silver's atomic number is 47, with an atomic weight of 107.8682. Silver is
a very ductile, malleable, monovalent coinage metal, with a brilliant white
metallic luster that can take a high degree of polish.
18. Silver is relatively stable in oxygen and water, but it tarnishes in air
because of a reaction with sulfur compounds to form a black sulfide layer. As
soon as silver is refined from the ore it was in, the clock is ticking and it is
reducing itself. Silver is now far more rare than gold which lasts forever and is
building up and overflowing in worldwide stockpiles. Only silver corrodes.
Gold does not. The thinking man will conclude that all the gold through
history is building up and never goes away and silver is constantly rotting
away and reducing itself. There are millions of tons of gold building up around
the world now. Over the long term (thousands of years) gold should be worth
less and silver should be worth more.
19. The primary source of silver today is the New World. Mexico is the leading
producer, followed by Peru. The United States, Canada, Russia, and Australia
also produce silver. Around two-thirds of the silver obtained today is a byproduct of copper, lead, and zinc mining. Nearly all the primary silver mines
have now been depleted.
20. As of 2014 all known mineable reserves around the world are estimated
to add up to 17Billion ounces left to be mined. The current rate of depletion is
about 1Billion ounces per year. Silver is said to be the first natural element to
be depleted in around 17 to 20+ years depending on any new discoveries.
Followed by copper in about 30 years then helium soon after at current
depletion rates.
The reason why gold is valuable is because it's so high priced and the reason
why it's so high priced is because people value it as high priced. Thats it, no
other reason. Its the same with diamonds, its all about mind control of the
masses. So I'm going to try to examine this further because this is the circular
reasoning that we see this is the information that we get from central bankers
and the only 170-180K tons of gold ever been mined from the De-Beers

So the reason why gold is priced so high is because its price so high that's the
essence of the argument and you have to understand the way the minds of
central bankers work to understand this argument. It is that because gold is
priced so high that virtually all the gold that has ever been mined is hoarded
there's such a large above ground supply that supply shock can't affect the
price that much but the only reason why there's such a high supply in the
world is because its valued so high. A supply shock can't happen so they say
because there is already such a high supply stock. So again its a circular
So the supply shock can't affect the price that much but the only reason why
there's such a high above-ground forwarded supply is because the price is so
high so this is simply circular reasoning this is the loop that central bankers
want you to get into because they don't want you to think about why that's
not the case with silver because we know for centuries well for millenniums
that silver was the equivalent of gold as far as being money but for some
reason now they want to convince us that silver is different. But it's not
different. It's just how badly they want to convince you that silver is not as
valuable as gold.
Let us look at the data available and let us start with where we get this data
because here's the silver Institute and I've already commented many many
times in this book about the S.I. but very interesting if you look at the S.I.
data each year. Look who the silver Institute works with, who is it? Thomson
Reuters yes that's right the same people who were involved in the silver fix
the exact same people who are giving you the data of what the price of silver
should be are the people who were also telling you the data of how much
silver is mined every year and how many net government sales there are
every year how much is used for bullion in bars and coins and how much is
used for other things. Interestingly we can see in their data from 2012 to
2013 we get a jump from $139 million to $245 million as a hundred million
ounce jump as people like Jason Hammel who pointed out before traditionally
these numbers were all the same total supply total demand they were the
exact same number but now we have this interesting new surplus deficit now
I've already covered how they have changed these reports so keep that in
mind remember the same people who are telling what the price should be are
the same ones telling us what the supply demand numbers are supposed to
be. It is all about mind control of what the value of gold and silver should be,
this by definition is manipulation. Manipulations always end at some point
and the free market always, always corrects manipulations in the end.
Thinking about all we are told about peak oil, I'm not convinced yet that oil is
a non-renewable resource but we know for a fact that gold and silver are non-

renewable resources the only difference there is between gold and silver is
that gold is always recycled and the reason why it's always recycled is
because its price is so high. So now have a think about this a little bit. Silver
is hardly ever recycled anymore and the reason is because the price is so low.
It costs more to get silver back from most places it is consumed than it does
to just go out and buy more silver from the market.
Silver used to be used a lot in photography but that was years ago before
digital photography. Back then the price of silver inflation adjusted (the cost
of energy to mine the available silver) was a lot higher and it was nearly all
reclaimed from the photography industry. Now arguably more silver than ever
before is consumed in photography when you take into account all the digital
cameras on a cell phones and tablets then think about all the printers that
need silver. This silver is never recycled because it costs a great deal more
these days to get it back than it would to just go and buy newly mined silver
for the low market price.
I know I am being repetitive because it is such an important point. Why
people prefer gold over silver is because people prefer gold over silver
because that's it in essence that is what their argument is. Their argument is
that the reason why the price of gold is so high is because the stocks above
ground are so high and therefore the amount that is mined doesn't impact it
each year because there are already huge amounts building up all around the
world. And the reason that that's the case is because the price of gold is so
high so the reason that gold is so high is because gold is so high so what I'm
proposing is that this is just a bunch of mind control and that what people
should be more interested in investing in is something that's more valuable
and that would obviously be silver as Eric Sprott points out all the time.
The reason the price of gold is so high is because the price of gold is so high.
And the reason the price of silver is so low is because the price of silver is so
The purpose of this part of the book, the end of this chapter on why silver is
more important than gold is because there are now millions of tons of gold
building up around the world. Yet silver is now in very short supply compared
with gold. So to pursue an analysis of the coming silver bull market,
specifically to get a feel for how long it is likely to take to get there as well as
how mining entities will respond to a sustained increase in the price of silver,
say back to the $30 to $50 from the current $16 range then much higher per
We have all heard the projections for the coming silver prices, $50, $100,
$200, or higher. Some claim that silver will reach parity with gold then be
valued higher than gold. This will obviously happen in the future as silver

dries up and gold becomes more plentiful. I have been buying silver in small
amounts for over 10 years and am still stacking. My hope is the manipulation
will not end for another 10 years until 2024 or 2025,but I expect to be
disappointed on this. There is a chance however that I will not be
disappointed and the manipulation will endure for another decade then I will
be very happy to keep stacking small amounts of silver with about 10% of my
I have read most of everything I can get my hands on regarding silver for the
last 20 years, when my father got me interested in monetary precious metals.
The bullish case for silver was well made with Jim Blanchard and Franklin
Sanders' "Silver Bonanza" in the mid 1990's, and the case for silver has only
grown much stronger since then. This piece of my book is treating the coming
silver bull as inevitable, whether next year, five or ten years from now.
Now, that being said, let us take a look at what is likely to happen once this
silver bull is underway. Not as far as price projections for silver, but more so,
for the length of time it will take for the bull market in silver to play out.
1.Silver demand is currently at a higher level than silver supply from
mining or scrap sources and has been for the last few decades at least.
Several official silver organizations have put this needed amount (deficit) at
over 100 million ounces per year.
2.This excess demand or "silver deficit" is being met by already existing
above ground inventories that are rapidly being expended. "Yesterday's
3.This above ground silver supply used to meet the ongoing deficit is
largely being uneconomically dumped onto the market, meaning it is either
changing hands or being expended for less than the average cost of silver
4.At some point this current above-ground silver supply will be inadequate
and silver will then be set free as a function of today's (tomorrow's)
supply/demand fundamentals.
A large part of the future silver equation becomes "How much underground
silver remains?" Are we running out of silver?
There has been a recent survey put out through the U.S. Geological Survey,
"Mineral Commodity Summaries 2014". Let us look at their numbers and try
to determine exactly what they do mean and even more importantly, what

they do not mean. They talk about known reserves of silver amounting to 17
Billion ounces yet to be mined. At 1 Billion ounce per year this sounds clear
cut in 17 years the last of the silver will be mined and that will be that, right?
I am on record as saying there will always be a little more silver to be mined,
it will never happen that the last silver will be taken from the surface of the
The important point to note is - How much silver is economically mineable? I
would answer at the current $16oz silver price, a lot less than that 17Billion
ounces known reserves left to mine.
Also there will always be new discoveries. But the key point here is all the
easy to get to silver has already been discovered and depleted. There will be
more discoveries but I suspect the price needs to go up a great deal to make
them economically retrievable. The cost of energy is what sets the cost of
mining silver per ounce, I am certain that the cost of energy will go up in the
future this is certain to increase the price of mining the last of the silver.
With gold there is no end in sight of minable deposits because deeper ore
contains more gold but less silver.
We must continually remember that the listed reserves and resources are
projected at near current silver market prices. If a company is drilling and not
finding economic silver (at current $16oz for example), do they continue
looking to prove up a resource anyway? Absolutely not! They shut the
operation down and move on to something that may prove profitable. $16oz
silver and $100oz are two entirely different beings. No one has been looking
for silver that would be economical at $100oz. Why would they?
I will briefly mention another category of silver, that being aboveground silver
that is not officially recognized or known, and will state 2 indisputable facts
for this recorded account about silver in 2014:
1.Nobody knows the current aboveground silver supply!
2.Nobody knows the current underground silver supply!
We have already talked about the underground unknowns and will actually
get into that in more detail. As far as above-ground supply it is all estimates,
murky at best, rumors abound, and there is much international and historical
intrigue on this issue: "Black Silver" if you will, silver outside the official
numbers. Just like all the unofficial secret hidden gold stockpiles. This is
another issue entirely, but it cannot be totally overlooked.
Are there masses of silver available to come out of the Philippines or

Indonesia? Do the Vatican etc hold large secret silver stockpiles along with
their secret gold hoards? It is possible, but it is also unlikely for numerous
reasons. The price of silver has been suppressed for a long time now. Those
keeping the price of silver down do hold lots of gold but do you not think if
they still had lots of silver stockpiles left then they would have an interest in
keeping the value high? Let us discount this category for now and focus on
the more identifiable silver factors. (If there is much "unknown" above-ground
silver, it is still of a limited amount and it is uneconomical, to say the least, to
keep it all this time.)
Before going on, I must remind the gentle reader, once again, that I am a
mega silver bull in spite of anything you have read so far. Silver will blow up
on the manipulators, sooner or later, likely sooner.
Mining and commodities are nothing if not cyclical. Low prices for a
commodity such as silver brings decreased exploration and production, which
brings forth a reduction in silver supply. This, inevitably, brings higher prices
and a subsequent increase in exploration, mining, and production. The higher
prices cause hoarding and overproduction as humans extrapolate the current
trend far into the future.
Does this happen overnight? Nope, it typically takes five to fifteen years,
depending on size to bring a silver mine from discovery to production. The
difference is with silver to other commodities is that we are nearing the end
of mineable deposits and a dramatic price rise will not slow down silvers
demand from industry that much. As discussed elsewhere in this book silvers
price is inelastic. Such tiny amounts are needed in each product that even
well over $100 silver will not affect the price that much, If a tenth of an ounce
is in each new smart device then the price of each product only needs to be
increased by $10 to account for the price rise of silver. They will not sell less
of the product for such a small $10 prices rise. Demand for silver is "inelastic"
in its industrial applications
In layman's terms... Inelastic demand for a product or service is when
demand does not vary with increases or decreases in price.
Although industrial demand consumes over 800M oz of silver per year, a
significant rise in price would not greatly affect the consumption rate because
silver is used in very small amounts for most silver applications. Electronics,
medical and power industries all use small amounts of silver per application
such that as a % of production costs the silver portion is fairly small.
For example, there may be 1/100th of an oz of silver in some electrical device
that you replace often, so if the price of silver goes up 10x the incremental

cost for apple will go from 1.6 cents to 16 cents per phone. With iPhones
costing over $300 each the justification to use a different metal with worse
conductivity is not there.
Let us now analyze the two different categories of silver mining; primary
silver mining and secondary silver mining. Primary silver mining means
simply that the major economical mineral in the mining operation is Silver.
These mines are absolutely scarce and hard to find, especially now in 2014
they have mostly been depleted. Silver more commonly occurs in
combination with gold, lead, zinc, copper, or other minerals. Silver has been
found mostly near the surface and most of the easy pickings and massive
deposits, have already been discovered and depleted. Silver can and will be
found a little deeper, in some circumstances but very rare, as future silver
economics allow. The ore grade of silver gets less the deeper they dig, while
the ore grade of gold get much higher the deeper they dig.
The main category of silver production is secondary silver production. This
currently accounts for 2/3 of today's mining production. A common metal
sometimes found with silver is gold. The fundamental behind each of these
metals is bullish in the extreme. A run in price in either or both metal will
bring an increase in production of both metals. Lots of silver will come out of
these types of mines when reality returns to these markets. In all fairness,
silver produced as a by product from gold mines are much rarer than other
types of mines such as lead/zinc/silver or copper/gold/silver mines. The
reasons are obvious, gold from deep mines do not produce any silver,
because silver is only found near the earths crust.
An interesting part of this equation relates to the secondary silver producers
in a mine such as a copper or nickel mine that, incidentally, produces silver
credits. Some have suggested that in the next silver bull run secondary silver
mines will ramp up production to get increased silver and subsequently kill
the price of the base metals associated with the silver in the process. This
would, in the end, decrease silver production because the base metal
production and its economic benefits would be gone. Some say this already
seems to be happening, base metal stockpiles are like gold overflowing. They
increase mining of these metals to get the last of the silver that is so sort
after. This is not in the miners interests but governments and the big banks
who have an interest in keeping the silver manipulation going have power
over the mining opperations.
But if 70% of your end profit comes from copper and only 3% from silver, you
may slightly alter production or mineral extraction to get more silver, but you
would never produce so much copper that you would kill your primary

market. Miners might increase silver production to the point that copper
would be hit for a few pennies {because the Cu would also be over
produced}, but never for a twenty-cent blow to the market. Better to shut it
down and wait for the particular metal cycle to turn. A tenfold increase in the
price of silver would not be sufficient for some of these mines to alter their
production formulas. Mining management, mining efficiency, nothing more,
nothing less.
In summary of secondary mining, it is a mixed bag as far as future silver
mining production increases are concerned. Some mines will not be able to
ramp up production a whole lot to get silver, but many of the secondary
producers will have an absolute picnic at $100oz. Both primary and
secondary silver miners will show free market (finally) dynamics in action. Not
overnight, but merely the typical time to explore and produce.
{I would like to present a couple of items of interest now in regards to
ongoing silver mining. Most silver deposits are epithermal in nature and will
be found between 1,000 and 2,000 ft. depth. Between sea level and 3,000
meters in altitude the vast majority of ground has already been explored, at
least to some degree, for silver. Silver Standard Resources has been seeking
for 10 years for economical or near economical silver resources and have
only been able to prove up 400 Million ounces {give them a $100oz silver and
this number would receive a multiplying factor}. Reserves are calculated with
the CURRENT price of silver. A 2 oz per ton silver deposit can currently be
mined via open pit. A 5 oz/ton is necessary to have a successful underground
mine. At over a $100oz, which is around a 10 fold increase from today's price,
these numbers would translate to .2 ounce/ton for open pit and .5 ounce/ton
for an underground mine.
Let's look at another common silver misconception before wrapping up this
subject: what is the magnitude of the coming short squeeze in silver? The
indefatigable Ted Butler has estimated and outlined as much as 3 Billion
ounces of silver shorts. I greatly admire his work and have absolutely no
reason to doubt his figures. These shorts are from our own COMEX, European
silver banking agreements, as well as Central Bank leasing "games". Are we
going to someday have a massive 3 Billion ounce short covering rally? There
may, indeed, be 3 Billion ounces in above ground existence, but overall
AVAILABILITY is the key factor here. The silver is widely dispersed across the
globe and frequently in such a form, such as jewelry or religious artifacts, that
it will likely never see the market again. How much remains in the hands of
Govt/Banking officials that wish to suppress this monetary precious metal,
that's the key question?

In posts at a premier gold and silver website named EagleRanch Mr. Butler
has acknowledged and confirmed that he seriously doubts these shorts can
be covered with physical silver. How will they be ëworked out' if that is indeed
the case? It will look in many ways like business as usual for our economic
authorities: paper settlements, defaults, taxpayer bailouts, rule changes, as
well as Central Banks doing what they do best, simply managing their {our}
assets until they are totally gone from the balance sheets. Then we get to
hear those infamous words, "OOPS, SORRY!!".
Where will this leave us in relationship to the massive mountain of
accumulated silver shorts? They will likely be written off with all the book
squaring tools just mentioned, and the silver market will then trade according
to its underlying supply/demand fundamentals. A massive bull market will still
unfold regardless of these shorts not having to be physically covered. This is
exactly why it is so essential to parse the future mining factors to get a read
on what is heading our way. Short squeeze?
YES! A short squeeze of 3 Billion ounces or even 1 Billion ounces?
Let's fast forward some 10 years from now, say around 2024 or 2025. time
for a mega-bull silver market. The subsequent silver bull market will not be
put out by existing known mining supply and techniques! They can not mine
silver that is not there anymore.
There will then not exist sufficient below ground supply to be brought into
play. Will technology likely catch up and find/process silver economically from
landfill and waste dumps at that time? It will be a challenge, no it will be a
very costly almost impossible task?
There are just a few more issues to look into before closing this chapter 3. Let
us look at categories of future silver supply that will ration down the future
price of silver. Scrap and recycling are currently a very significant part of
silver; in fact now larger than primary silver mining from what I have been
told. Recycling is presently what can be called a "cottage industry" in
comparison to what it will be at $100oz silver. All that future ramped up silver
mining product to make great profits at $100oz will also be largely recycled
as recycling will then be exponentially more profitable.
Dis-investment is another issue. But the last bull run in the 1970's saw most
of the family silver sold into the market, ending in 1980 when 500 ounces of
silver could buy an average house. The price remained very high for years
compared with property or shares or other things you measured silver against
certainly when you look at the ratio's of these same things today in 2014. But
for one year especially from Jan 1979 to Jan 1980 the price of silver was

significantly high compared to other things measured against silver, this saw
a great deal of silver sold into the market. There were reports of lines of
people all around the world lining up to sell silver bullion and any objects
made of silver. This continued for years but that one year saw huge amounts
of silver sold into the market and melted down into bullion form. Some have
doubted that much at all if any family silver remains in the world that was not
sold at this time.
Most of the family silver around the world has now been sold. Literally it
really has mostly all gone. Most times that saying is used figuratively but
especially in the 70s the family silver was literally mostly sold around $40 or
$50 per oz. Most family silver was sold into the market in the late 1970's and
has now been consumed. As the GFC worsens there is hardly any silver left
and as the common man wakes up to currency abuse, the general public will
once again become net buyers of silver but there is not much left available as
all the stockpiles have ALL been used up. The family silver that the saying
originated from is just not there anymore.
I was very young at this time so do not remember the 70's bull market in
silver. My father remembers it well and taught me how 500 ounces of silver
was valued the same as average house prices and he says this ratio will
return one day. At the time I started writing this book the ratio in the UK here
is 40,000oz silver to an average house price. I am certain I will see this ratio
of the 70's will happen again in my lifetime. I am of the generation who will
see it twice in our lifetimes, this ratio of only hundreds of ounces of silver
valued the same as average houses. I am consistent through this book that I
say it will be before the year 2025, but could be far sooner. I predict once
again as in the 70's less than 1000 ounces of silver will be able to buy an
average house in most developed lands like the UK for example. It could well
be less than 500oz of silver valued the same as it costs to buy an average
house in London before the year 2025. I stand by my prediction.
How can I be so confident that this ratio from the 1970's will happen again?
That was well over three and a half decades ago. Has that much silver been
bought back by the public since then? The answer is very very little. Hardly
any silver has been bought as investments since all this silver was sold into
the market. If you look at how much currency has flowed into gold in the last
few decades. Then look at how much currency has flowed into other
investments, you see hardly any has gone into silver in comparison.
How much investment silver is out there in the world in the hands of the
public? I would guess very little. Most experts agree with me. If you look at
every country in the world and take a poll as to how many people are holding
silver bullion I would guess it would be something in the region of 0.0001% or
around 1 in a 10000. It could be less than that. Maybe it is less than one in a

hundred thousand or even - and this is no joke it could be one in a million
people on earth have any investment silver bullion.
There just is not that much out there, most of it was sold into the market in
the high prices of the 1970's when 500 ounces could buy an average house.
Not much has been bought by the public since then.
So there is not much to be sold back into the silver market. And there is a lot
of pent up investment demand to come into the severely limited silver bullion
supply when faith is lost in the temporary international monetary system
from 1971.
If you take that same poll and find out how many people hold gold bullion you
will find a lot more. Some parts of the world like India and China and many
others, in fact almost every corner of the earth, there is actually a very high
percentage of people who would answer yes they do hold some gold bullion.
Well let me correct myself. I would guess that many who do hold gold bullion
would not tell anyone, that is the beauty of monetary precious metals like
gold and silver. they are private. So even if they answered no in the poll,
there are many who had their grandparents or someone hand them down
some gold bullion.
SUMMARY So we can say that most privately owned silver was sold off 35
years ago when 500 ounces were valued the same as an average house. Not
much has been bought for investment since then. When the price next goes
to 500 ounces or less valued the same as an average house will we again see
so much silver come out of the woodwork to be sold into the market? My
guess is hardly any because it has mostly got sold last time in the 1970's.
What little silver there is in the available supply will be very highly valued
The key to the precious metals markets right now is silver not gold. The
market in physical gold may seem, for the time being, to be in balance, but
this is not the case in the silver market which seems to be broken.
By that I mean that the trading in the paper market for silver doesn’t reflect
the fundamentals at all. This is reflected, among other things, in very
significant premiums in Shanghai and other places. So this is not a
sustainable situation and it has to be addressed in some way.
The ratio of silver compared to everything else will compress. It’s out of line.
There has been a lot of discussion about the size of the shorts on the Comex
that have kept a lid on the price of silver. Like gold, the paper dog wags the
physical tail. It’s the same story we’ve talked about with respect to gold, but
it’s far more acute as it relates to silver.

JP Morgan, in particular, appears to have an enormous market-cornering short
position in silver. I guess they can get away with it because silver is so
cheap. It doesn’t take a lot of capital to take a very large position, short or
long, in something that trades at about $20 an ounce. But at some point we
expect a moonshot in both metals as the price suppression scheme
ultimately begins to lose its grip. So people who are positioned in silver will
do very well. But hardly any of the worlds population are buying silver while it
is so cheap.

Chapter 4.
The silver lining.
"Of all the contrivances of mankind for cheating the laboring classes, none
has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper currency."
Daniel Webster.

Silver is money, paper is not, paper like many things is currency. What is the
difference between a monopoly games currency note and a fiat currency
note? Currencies always go to their true value which is their intrinsic value.
What is the intrinsic value of a currency note or piece of paper promising
silver like a silver ETF? It does not matter how big a number is printed on it, a
bit of paper is hardly worth anything intrinsically. Maybe it could be used to
write a list or as fuel for a fire. If you find an old discarded newspaper, how
many paper rectangles could you cut it into the same size as a $100 bill?
Intrinsically are your paper rectangles worth less than the same amount of
$100 bills?

Unbacked paper promises like currency notes will go to their true value when
the manipulation ends. Silver will go to its true value when the manipulation
ends, silver has over 10,000 uses, there are more patents filed every year for
using silver than for all other metals combined, as well as silver being the
money of first and last resort when currencies die. All currencies have a 100%
historical record of collapsing the only two currencies that have never gone to
nothing are both currencies and money - gold and silver.
The reason you want silver is that today nobody is using silver as money in
the form of a circulating currency. There is no nation on earth that is officially
issuing silver currency that people use to buy things on a daily basis.
Although silver is increasingly being used by private traders in some parts of
the world, but it is at the moment still on a very small scale.
Therefore, monetary demand for silver as a currency is zero. This form of
demand cannot get any worse than it already is. This form of potential
demand, monetary demand, is huge. This dynamic can only change in one
direction, up. This is an extremely important consideration. Pause and think
about that for a moment.
Increasing monetary demand for silver means that silver prices will move in
one primary direction, which is up. Fluctuations, yes, but up, overall.
Monetary demand will be the biggest driver of silver prices that there can be,
and it scares the people who have the right to create currency. This is why
you often will hear disparaging comments about monetary demand for silver,

such as, "silver is in a surplus" meaning something like Oh investors are
buying the difference that industry is not. Or they will write, "speculators
must continue to buy silver to keep prices propped up", as if the paltry $2
billion per year of investor demand for silver is somehow too much. With gold
it has to be about 95% of mined supply going to investment demand only
around 5% goes towards uses but silver has most of mined supply (greater
than 50%) being chased after by consumption users less than 50% is all
that's left for investment demand but much of the investment demand is still
flowing into broken paper promises of silver like ETF's.
As I see it, we will see hundreds of billions of dollars of investor demand by
the time a mere 1% of people wake up to the inflation that exists, and they
see their currency units are becoming worthless and begin buying silver, at
what I will believe will be the beginning of this unstoppable bull market of all
bull markets in silver.
In other words, since you can't spend silver today, since there is no monetary
demand (as a means of exchange) at all, then this means that the value of
silver is about as cheap as it can get, making silver the perfect undervalued,
and overlooked, and unloved and misunderstood investment opportunity.
The additional upside for silver is that industrial demand is huge. Over half of
all newly mined silver, or perhaps even more, is consumed by industrial
demand. Investment demand thankfully for the manipulators remains just
lower than 50% of mined supply. This means that the world's remaining pile
of available silver just continues to get smaller and smaller, and silver
becomes more and more rare with every passing day.
The moment industrial demand and investment demand are greater than
mined supply its game over for the paper manipulation, because there are no
stockpiles left on Earth to meet that demand. It has all been depleted. It is a
hand to mouth just in time inventory supply demand situation. Or not even
just in time, many times both investors and industrial users have to go on
waiting lists for silver, waiting for it to be mined because there is no available
silver left anywhere else.
That's the perfect set up for massively increasing values for silver. I write
"values" and not "prices" because many people get confused thinking that a
high price for silver might be meaningless if there is also a high price for
things you need like food and fuel.
Silver is a tiny market today. Potential monetary demand is lurking and is
huge and massive.
Monetary demand will not pour into food or fuel like it will pour into silver,
because silver is money, and food and fuel are not and cannot be money.

These are two main forces that will impact silver unlike anything humanity
has ever seen before in human history.
Never before in human history has the entire world stopped using silver as
money, everywhere, in every nation, all at once, as has happened over the
last 150 years, starting with Germany and ending with the United States in
1964, the last year a government issued silver money for everyday use. Since
1964, it's now been 49 years with no silver currency anywhere in the world.
This 49 years is nothing compared with 6000 years of monetary history.
During this time, the other main factor for silver has begun, and there is no
historical record of something like this ever happening before in any other era
in human history. In 1945, at the end of World War II, the age of electronics
began. People began buying dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers,
electric can openers, and all sorts of electric gadgets. This increased the
industrial use of silver by a factor of ten times greater than just before World
War II, to about 6 tenths of an ounce of silver per person in industrialized
nations. This industrial demand has continued to this day, at about the same
rate or increasing just as population increases, because even as
manufacturers figure out ways to save silver, other manufacturers start using
more silver. But as long as the manipulation keeps silvers price so low there is
no incentive to use less silver when it is the best for the application.
The point is that monetary demand for silver has never hit the silver market
at a time when all the world's silver has been consumed by industry. When
investment demand really does hit, the results for the value of silver will be
spectacular and astounding. I don't really think I can write about what it
might be like, because it might take more creative capacity than I can
conceive of.
Think about these facts, and this point. It means that there are no historians
who can point to any historic examples of what the future for silver will be
like. There are no monetary experts, no investors, no newsletter writers, no
creative writers, who can tell you what it will really be like in the silver market
in the future when values for ultra scarce silver are recognized by the
masses. There are no experts of any kind anywhere in the world who can
know how spectacular and amazing the future high values of silver will reach.
So, when the inevitable happens, that silver's value becomes well known,
then spending silver is not going to be one of the biggest problems. It might
not be "spendable" in anything larger than gram, in the common sense
anyway, as silver might become far too valuable.
In June 2012 a splendid new gallery devoted to the history of money was
opened at the British Museum in London. There was a huge glass table in the
great hall with almost every known form of currency on display. Alongside the

expected but still fascinating collection of gold and silver coins were all kinds
of exotic objects that have been used as currency.
I had the privilege of conducting Bible tours around the museum with some
large groups of people. I quoted Genesis the first ever known financial
transactions when silver was the medium of exchange, then how other things
were also mediums of exchange and this was the monetary cycle starting to
repeat. From Ancient Egypt around 4000years ago, all manner of shells, even
seeds were on display. Of course salt and tobacco were often used in the
currency part of the monetary cycle.
There were tree bark examples of pre paper - paper money as used in Asian
lands when the gold and silver ran out but the ruling parties wanted to carry
on spending funds they couldn't afford.
Of particular interest to me was one form of currency that was new to me
until seeing it at the display. Currency from a small pacific island called Yap.
Its currency system consisted of 'Fei' which were stone wheels varying in size
and shape. Coins if you like. But these 'Fie' coins were not money by
definition they were currency because they would not hold their value over
long periods of time like thousands of years. Their value would always go to
their intrinsic true value which for common rock or stone is usually next to
nothing. This can be said of pretty much every single currency on display on
this table. The only exceptions on the display at the British museum were the
monetary metal coins, because they held their value in and of themselves.
They could never go down in value to next to nothing. If they did then
someone could buy all of the available supply with very little wealth and
cause a shortage. The reason this could never happen with salt or tobacco is
because they are not rare as monetary precious metals are, if there was a
shortage and someone wanted it, they could almost certainly go out and get
some themselves. As Gandhi did in India by going and producing his own salt
even though it was against the law to do so at the time. This can't happen
with the monetary metals. Their value is inherent, in the labor and energy in
producing them.
The value of monetary precious metal coins is not dependant on what anyone
else says they should be worth, even if the coin has a number of units
stamped on it. The true value is of the weight and usefulness based on supply
and demand of the metal itself. The value of the coins on display at the
monetary history glass table in the grand hall showed so many different
numbers and units suggesting all kinds of values by fixed edicts at the time
they were minted.
This is such an important point that clearly shows the difference between
money and currency. Either paper, wood or stone currency or indeed

monetary precious metal through history have all had different marking on
them to suggest a given value at the the time. The value of the coins, (or
currency items) were then fixed by edicts published by the sovereign on
whose political authority they were minted or made. This system had a great
unfair advantage for the sovereign. Simply by reducing the tariffed, nominal
value written on the coin or tally stick or whatever you could effectively make
a wealth transfer away from those holding these forms of currency towards
you if you had the power to expand the supply.
Naturally this was unpopular for those working hard and being paid and
maybe saving in this form of medium of exchange. If they were living during
the currency part of the monetary cycle there is nothing they can do as they
see wealth transferred away from them. Well most people did not see it until
it was too late, as is happening today in the 21st century. Fortunately for
them if they are in the money part of the cycle they have a natural defence.
Coins minted from silver for example, have an intrinsic value regardless of
the tariff assigned to them. The price at which their metal content could be
sold on the open market to smiths or jewellers, or indeed to competing mints.
Coins minted out of monetary precious metal contained as it were, portable
collateral for the sovereigns promise to pay. This is a sound honest money
system. It requires no confidence in the sovereign, no third party needs to be
trusted, the trust is in the purity and weight of the monetary precious metal.
This means there is a lower limit to the tariffed value which the issuing
sovereign can assign his coinage. If a coin was marked down too far, the
collateral would be worth more than the credit the coin represented, and the
holders could sell it to a smith for its inherent value. This discipline on the
gold and silver standard is why it is a sound honest monetary system.
But greed of ruling men who want to keep spending more than they can
afford means that the monetary cycle naturally repeats as they go from
money over to currency of some form so that they can keep living beyond
their means. Sometimes as the cycle repeated, the ruling party reduces the
silver content of the coins by debasing them with copper. In this case anyone
who held onto their old higher silver content coins found their purchasing
power a great deal more than the lower silver content new coins. Good
money drives out bad money. Or depending on which way you look a it,
Gresham's law is an economic principle that states: "When a government
overvalues one type of money and undervalues another, the undervalued
money will leave the country or disappear from circulation into hoards, while
the overvalued money will flood into circulation." It is commonly stated as:
"Bad money drives out good money".
But most times the monetary cycle repeats it happens so slowly and
seretipously that the poor old common people do not notice it or are too

uneducated to understand what is going on. This has happened all through
history and indeed it is the case today in the 21st century. Most of the
population of the world at this time do not understand what happened in
1971 because it was done by acting or doing something clandestinely or
stealthy and they are now confused about the difference between currency
and money.
At all times, the sovereign's monetary policy should consist of trying to
discover new sources of monetary precious metal to augment the supply of
coined money. This is an arduous task. Far easier to repeat the cycle and get
people to use currency of which they can expand the supply at will. Until the
supply is expanded so much that the people start to lose confidence in it. I
believe this is the part of the cycle the world is very near to today in 2014 as
I write this. Then the cycle repeats and monetary precious metal becomes the
money the free market chooses until the cycle repeats the next time.
What if the sovereign in question has no more monetary metals to mine and
refine into coins? 'It was this consideration' wrote Nicolas Oresme, 'that lef
Theodoric, king of Italy, to order the gold and silver deposited according to
pagan custom in the tombs, to be removed and minted into coinage. He said
"It would have been a crime to leave hidden among the dead and useless,
what would keep the living alive." Once all this gold and silver was gone and
the rulers still wanted to live beyond their means they started to debase the
coinage and issue currency supposed to be backed by monetary precious
metal. And the cycle repeated as normal.
Also of note is how interesting it is where most of the currencies of modern
times got their names from. See if you can notice a common theme, what do
all these currency name origins have in common? I would like to show you my
research of where many currencies got their names from.
First of all the dollar $ is the name of the unit of currency used in the USA,
Canada, Australia and others, formerly Zimbabwe as well but that one has
already collapsed. The dollar gets its name from a small silver coin minted
during the middle ages in a small Vally or "thal" the silver coins were simply
called "thalers" and eventually came to be called Dollars in English language.
In the British museum there are many different thalers on display.
The dollar symbol $ is said to have originated from silver. There are a number
of other theories about the origin of the symbol, some with a measure of
academic acceptance.
A common theory holds that it derives from the Spanish coat of arms
engraved on the colonial silver coins, the reals, (among them the Spanish

dollar) that were in circulation in Spain's colonies in America and Asia. Reals
and Spanish dollars were also legal tender in the English colonies in North
America, which later became part of the United States and Canada.
The Pound £ used in the UK, modern day Egypt and Lebanon (and Syria which
at the time of writing has a hyperinflation and are banning the use of the US
dollar)amongst many other countries which call their currency pounds which
refers to the weight of silver. Originally one Roman pound was 12 ounces of
silver. The UK currency called the pound sterling refers to a pound of sterling
I remember when I was a boy asking my father what is the difference
because I was confused about a pound in weight and a pound in currency. He
said they used to be the same thing, a pound of silver used to be used as
money but now the pound in weight stays the same but the currency is
becoming worth less as they expand the supply. When I was a little older he
explained more in depth which started me on my journey to become a
monetary historian.
The Thai Baht, like the pound, originated from a traditional unit of mass. Its
currency value was originally expressed as that of silver of corresponding
weight (now defined as fifteen grams of silver), and was in use probably as
early as the Sukhothai period in the form of bullet coins known in Thai as phot
duang (Thai: พดดดวง).

These were pieces of solid silver cast to

various weights corresponding to a traditional system of units
related by simple fractions and multiples, one of which is the

The name for the currency in Turkey and Italy before the Euro
is Lira which comes from the Latin word Libra which is the
same as pound, it comes from a pound of silver also. Which is
why we write pounds in weight as lb's which comes from Libra.
In Spanish speaking countries the word meaning weight is Peso.
Originally the silver coins used in Spanish territories were called
peso de plater. Now these Spanish words meaning weight of
silver used to describe the currencies in many countries of Latin
America including Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. Argentina the
country gets its name from Argent the name derives from Latin
argentum, which derives from the Greek 'Αργυρος, translated as
The German Mark and Finish Markka derived their names from the small
marks that were cut into silver coins to indicate their monetary precious
metal content.
The real in Brazil, the riyal in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the rial in Iran are
all derived from the Latin word regal(is), referring to the royal origin of the
early silver coins.
The dinar used in Iraq and Kuwait among other countries derives its names
from the denarious a Roman silver coin.
Did you know in India, Pakistan and other countries neighbouring the
subcontinent, the currency is called the rupee. In Indonesia it is called the
rupiah. The names come from the sanskrit word Rupya. All meaning "coined
The Krona or similar word like Krone is the currency of Sweden and others
before some went over to the Euro - Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia and
Czech Republic the Yugoslav krone, a currency of the former Kingdom of
Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes Slovak koruna, the pre-Euro currency of Slovakia

ALL come from the word crown that royalty wear, always made out of gold
and especially silver monetary precious metals. In many countries like the UK
we used to have the silver coins the Crown or half Crown that was made of
monetary PM mainly silver. I am a collector of old silver crowns and half
crowns. I have many with Queen Victoria on, these silver coins were used in
every day transactions as money.
The Greek Drachma from meaning 'handful' came from a handfull of silver.
The Islamic Dirham is a specific weight of pure silver equivalent to a tenth of
a troy ounce or about 3 grams, this has been the average 12hr days wage
through most of history and is the true value of silver even today if the
manipulation ended now.
In Mongolia the currency is Mongo which is silver, the möngö coins were
abandoned and larger tögrög values introduced. The tögrög was introduced
on December 9, 1925 at a value equal to one Soviet ruble, where one ruble or
tögrög was equal to 18 grams (0.58 ozt) of silver.
The silver Shekel was a measurement of weight as well as a measurement of
money for thousands of years. It was used to measure weight just as grams
are used today. A bowl for example in Bible times was recorded to weigh a
certain number of shekels just as today we may weigh it in grams or
kilograms. Then to pay for things the unit of measure was also shekels of
silver so today I am proposing going back to grams of silver as money
systems. When someone asks how much does it cost, the answer should be
in weight. This many grams of silver, just like shekels for thousands of years.
Today there could be digital silvergrams exactly the same as the blockchain
used with unbacked crypto, but this time alongside physical grams of silver.
The 100% backed silvergram international monetary system would be far
superior to unbacked crypto like bitcoin. Someone could choose to pay
physical grams of silver in coin or bar form, or digital which would be fully
backed and redeemable for real real silver.
Here is an important one to remember - the Russian Ruble means silver bar,
from the verb 'Rubit'- to cut up so the silver is divisible.
The Sol in Peru comes from solidus silver coins. I could go on with my
research but the point is made.
Lastly but certainly not least in importance, maybe most important nowadays
the Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan are both derived from an ancient Chinese
word Yiam, meaning "Round Silver" or "small round silver coin". The one Yen
coin today is a small silver coloured coin. But made of aluminium.
Also the @ sign has origins from the 16th century to describe the arrival in
Spain of three ships bearing silver from Latin America.

The Euro has a name nothing whatsoever to do with with monetary precious
metals, why? Because the Euro is the first ever mass implementation purely
fiat currency from the start. All the currencies the Euro took over from had a
history of being backed by monetary precious metals. They hoped nobody
would notice the slight of hand trick in 1971 that all the currencies of the
world became unbacked by monetary precious metals. But the euro is the
only purely fiat currency that was never backed by monetary PM's. This
shows how dulled and uneducated the masses are in Europe. Through most
of history it has been very difficult for a government to get people to have
faith in any unbacked currency from the start. Usually the monetary
preciousmetals are used to start with as the cycle repeats, then as the people
get used to using representations of the money in the form of currency, then
slowly increase the currency supply and take away the money backing the
currency. This is the same monetary cycle repeating over and over again.
On the territory of several Russian principalities the currency Altyn has been
circulating from the 15th century until 1991. The silver Altyn coin was used
during the times of Peter the Great. Some lower value Altyn coins were made
of copper but as with most monetary systems mainly silver was money
throughout the centuries.
Altyn (Russian алтыы н, also алтыы нник) is a historical Russian currency
(symbol: Altyn.png). The name is Tatar altı, (алты) meaning "six", since it
was worth 6 of 1/2 dengas (six halves, Russ. шесть полушек), equivalent to
three kopek silver.
Altyn coins were minted from 1654 under Alexis I, under Peter I as silver
coins. Production of three kopek coins was discontinued in 1991.
Now the return of the Altyn brings to light once again how silver is more a
monetary metal than gold or copper.It is easy to see a pattern here, I could go on but the point is very well made.
Indeed, silver's monetary role has been so universally recognised throughout
history that the very word for silver is money in many languages. In Italian,
Spanish and French the words for 'money' and 'silver' can be interchanged
and 100's of other languages. In Hebrew, what the first part of the Bible was
written in the word kesaph means both silver and money. So when you read
the Bible in an other language like English every time you read the word
money it originally said silver. For example the Bible says “money/silver
(interchangeable) is for a protection.”

The well known saying 'time is money' has been around in various forms in
very ancient texts. In most languages they are saying time is silver, or silver
is time. In English language we should say 'time is silver' because silver is
money, everything else is just currency.
If by definition then, gold and silver are true wealth, and they have been for
the last 5000+ years. If then you accumulate more ounces any given year
than you had the year before then you are by definition more wealthy
regardless of the temporary paper price. But that's not how people think,
they think I bought at this paper price and its now at this lower paper price so
I am less wealthy. Paper price is temporary. When the new temporary
monetary system was brought about in 1971, we were told openly it was to
be temporary. Paper price means nothing. Paper price is temporary. Value of
silver is all that matters. Remember price means nothing value is everything.
There can be an infinite amount of paper ounces added to the supply and
sold at any time, (sometimes in a short amount of time more paper ounces
are created out of thin air and added to the paper supply then sold than all
known ounces of silver available on Earth) this is a scam, it is fraudulent
broken promises to deliver silver that does not exist with the only purpose to
suppress the price, it has nothing to do with the free market real value of real
silver. The volume of the paper silver contracts needed to be created out of
thin air and sold into the market needs to be larger and larger to keep the
price suppressed it is now so glaringly obvious that the market is fake. The
spot price has nothing to do with silver it is purely from derivatives.
What better way of keeping the price of something from rising than by
soaking up most of the currency that wants to buy silver, then not going out
and buying silver with it. Just issue a bit of paper like an ETF, its free currency
for them, this is exactly what banks such as JPMorgan and others are doing.
Its really just taking paper and giving out a different bit of paper it has
nothing at all to do with real physical silver bullion.
So the supply of paper ounces of silver is increasing exponentially while the
supply of real silver is decreasing. What an amazing gift that you can still buy
real silver bullion for the suppressed paper silver price. Do not buy paper
silver it will go to its true value of nothing, but buy real silver before it
revalues to its true historical value of a 10th of an ounce worth 12hrs hard
skilled labor. It will almost certainly overshoot on the correction when the
manipulation ends.
Count in ounces of real silver not units of dying paper currency. When real
silver revalues up to its true value, all the paper promises will also revalue to
their true value of - nothing. As a goal I try to have more ounces of real
physical silver in my possession off the market every year than the year
before. It makes sense to buy on the big dips. But in years to come it will not

make that much difference and many smart folks today just buy a little every
month or so whatever the paper price is doing. This is one of the safest ever
long term investments because once you have taken possession it is outside
the banking system and there is no counter party risk. This is far safer than
any paper related insurance or retirement fund which has so much counter
party risk and will devalue and go to nothing as the temporary system comes
to an end.
As always, buy physical and hold it in your own possession....all the rest will
get washed away in the crash.
Funny things start to happen when economies are rigged. People get
desperate, and in their desperation they break the law. Crime and drugs go
hand in hand with a lack of jobs, poverty, and corruption.
As the scale of the manipulation gets worse, more and more people find
themselves in desperate situations. Over in India, we can see how smuggling
and law breaking work their ways up the income brackets.
Just one of many examples in early March, Indian revenue intelligence
officials boarded two Jet Airways flights.
In the bathrooms, incredibly valuable contraband goods were stashed by
unknown smugglers. The 14 kilos weren't of heroin or cocaine, like we might
expect in such a situation.
It was contraband gold and silver bullion, worth more than $650,000 in India.
The smuggled bullion stashes discovered on the Jet Airways flights were only
two of many found in the last several months.
This isn't the only route smugglers take. Gold is also smuggled in the form of
granules mixed with other metals, seed-shaped chips hidden in dates, belt
buckles, and fake painted objects like batteries.
"This is unprecedented and unbelievable. A new industry has emerged in
India — it is a very dangerous situation," says Konal Doshi, a top official at the
Gems and Jewelry Export Promotion Council, a Mumbai-based offshoot of the
Indian Commerce Ministry.
According to his figures, smuggling rose by almost 300% between March
2013 and April 2014, making gold and silver bullion the most smuggled
contraband in the nation even more than drugs.
An estimated 700 kilograms of gold and silver bullion works its way into India
every day. Over the course of the year, it would add up to 255.5 tonnes of
bullion worth $11.5 billion. Only about 1% is seized.

Quite frankly, I can't blame people for breaking the law by purchasing illegally
imported bullion. The Indian rupee has seen staggering double-digit inflation
as the economy has sputtered. What is the answer to the question 'where
does money come from?' The answer is obvious and has remained constant
for thousands of years: Gold and Silver miners create money by digging it
ounce by ounce from the Earth. Banks create only fiat and debt instruments,
they have NEVER EVER created money.
People reacted as they should. They tried to trade the increasingly worthless
fiat currency for anything that could maintain value. Money is the obvious
thing to buy with your worth less and less currency.
Backlash from the Indian government in its attempt to contain the capital
flight was draconian:
Gold and silver import duties were steadily hiked from 2% to 10% and 15%
for jewelry.
Coins and medallions were outlawed and domestic buyers could only
purchase gold and silver with cash.
As people purchased more palladium and platinum, 10% duties were slapped
on them as well.
And yet the underlying problems of rigged economies, corruption, and capital
flight were not addressed in any meaningful way. The people bore the brunt
of the burden for entrenched government officials and the moneyed elite.
Indian bullion premiums have soared to up to 50% over London prices,
assuming legal gold is available at all. No wonder people turned to
smugglers, who chased the best profits away from cocaine and heroin to
In what is a sign of the times, the government offers informants up to 50,000
rupees per kilogram of bullion seized. Cocaine and heroin informers only get
up to 40,000 rupees and 20,000 rupees respectively, by comparison.
This is all because of a rigged economic policy designed to prohibit people
from keeping what is theirs by right.
Secret Gold
In a move to expand import capacity, Chinese officials have announced that
gold imports will be allowed to flow directly through the capital of Beijing.
This is in addition to imports through Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.
However, the new move could threaten business in the latter.

The reason is simple. China doesn't want people to know how much gold it is
buying as it moves reserves away from other currencies and expands the
international presence of the yuan.
While information on imports through Shenzen and Shanghai is scarce and
unreported by the Chinese government, Hong Kong discloses how much it
buys and sells.
China imported nearly 1,160 tonnes of gold from Hong Kong last year.
Analysts from Global Trade Information Services suggest that China imported
at least another 194 tonnes last year from other sources.
All of this is on top of the reported 428 tonnes of local production which is
well known to be underreported by many times. The World Gold Council has
said Chinese demand in 2013 was 1,066 tonnes, raising the question of
where the other 716 tonnes went. Of course all these numbers are bogus
there is far more gold than is reported.
Back to India rumors are starting to swirl regarding an end to the ultimately
futile Indian gold restrictions. India's newly elected Prime Minister Narendra
Modi is widely regarded as a pro-business pragmatist when it comes to
economic affairs.
Considering how clear it is that Indian citizens will buy gold regardless of
punitive measures and restrictions, there is no point driving it underground as
has been proven through history to never work.
As for China, we can expect more of the same. Government officials are
continuing to maneuver the yuan into an international role, further weakening
the euro and U.S. dollar.
With $3.4 trillion banked in foreign currencies that are on shaky grounds, gold
purchases will only accelerate for years to come, even if they aren't easily
There is a will, and it will find a way. Gold and silver will continue to flow from
the West to the East, and there is nothing that will stop it.
Another advantage to taking possession of real silver compared to a paper
promise, is that it is private and portable.
ie There are many examples of people transporting their wealth in silver and
all the advantages this brings, one example is Herman Francis Mark.
Herman Francis Mark was born on May 3, 1895, in Vienna, Austria, the son of
Herman Carl Mark, a Jewish surgeon. After helping Jewish colleagues leave
Austria, Mark was arrested on March 12, 1938, the day after the German

annexation (Anschluss), and imprisoned and interrogated by the Gestapo in
Vienna. In April, disguised as Alpine tourists, Mark, his wife, two young sons,
and his Jewish niece tried to flee to neutral Switzerland,
How would they get their wealth through the tight boarder controls at the
time? A very cleaver idea to make coat hangers out of silver and another
white precious metal platinum and hang all their suits and clothes in their
They were very thoroughly checked at gun point and found to not be trying to
smuggle anything out worth confiscating. They were successful and were
able to start a new life with all their wealth they had held on to.

I talked earlier in the book about blood diamond and why I don't like
diamonds. And that they are not as rare as some would have you believe in
fact they are very common and there has been a concerted effort to propel
the belief that diamonds are rare which is why they are considered so much
more valuable than say silver at the moment. But diamonds are easy to
smuggle through boarders because they are so small and easy to hide.
Everyone knows about blood diamonds but what about blood money? The
truth is that only gold and silver are money in and of themselves by the true
definition of money being a long term store of value. Everything else used as
a means of exchange is just currency.
The British SAS and other special forces around the world carry what is know
as blood money in the form of monetary precious metals. It can literally be a
monetary bribe, usually in the form of gold and silver something high value
for low weight/mass. Thus in the gulf wars and others SAS troops were issued
with 20 Bitish sovereigns each of monetary precious metal. These were used
in the famous Bravo Two Zero mission to bribe a Taxi driver to smuggle some
SAS through security checkpoints.
Each member of the family having some monetary PM's to use as blood
money could be very useful to get out of a sticky situation. You could do as
the SAS do and hide them along with maps and other things inside special
belts. This is not only a way of taking it with you but useful as a protection.
We make our own para cord belts with secret compartment, hidden compass,

blood chit, blood money silver bullion. For emergencies. It can be unraveled
to use as cordage for shelter or other emergencies.
On our website you can buy 550lbs para cord weaved belt with secret
compartments for carrying money and other small items like a compass blood
money or blood chit.

A Blood chit is a notice that is carried by the military, usually special forces,
that displays messages aimed at the civilians that ask them to help them in
case they are in need. It says 'If you will assist me you will be rewarded' in
many different languages. This could save your life if you are found
somewhere hostile and someone finds it and takes you to your nearest
Blood money has often been hidden inside belts. The belts we sell have a few
silver tenth ounce or 3 gram (12hr days wage) coins hidden inside for

My kids started making Loom bands which were a craze in
London while they were young. They loved it so much. But there
was no way to sell them because everyone was making them.
So I suggested if we make something we could sell online that
was useful to people it would be just as much fun and
profitable. So we now make survival bracelets and belts, even
straps for bags that could be unwound and provide very useful

for many situations. We also include small survival items for
starting fires etc and some 3gram 10th ounce blood money
coins worth one 12hr days wage. Also a blood chit as above
which is a great protection when travelling internationally.
Asset protection comes in all shapes and sizes.
Some investors bury silver coins in coffee cans in the backyard. Others open
bank accounts in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands.
And others … they strap €44,900 ($62,000) to their private parts and try to
sneak it across the Germany/Luxembourg border.
An elderly man and his wife were caught near Trier, Germany as they
attempted to sneak more than €250,000 ($345,500) into Luxembourg without
declaring the money. The wife had approximately €8,000 ($11,000) secured
beneath her clothing. Customs officers discovered four bundles of €50,000
($69,100) with the couple, while another €44,900 was hidden inside the
man’s underwear. The couple is now faced with some hefty fines.
This is not what this Simple balanced self reliance book has in mind when it
comes to protecting your hard assets from government wealth confiscation.
While the couple gets points for creativity and guts, there are many safer
better options. This couple would have been far better off buying silver
spoons and coathangers and lots of other things made out of silver.
I could see gold/silver being used as money in an “underground” economy,
for those who don’t want all their transactions tracked via digital money.
The film with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman called far and away. In the film
she transported all her wealth to America in silver spoons. This has been
done many times through history as said like silver coathangers saves tax
and exchange rates/fees.

Silver bullets are the perfect shape for smuggling in a certain part of the
human body.
They are even casting bullion ingots into bullet or similar shapes for
smuggling into India. This is a trend that is likely to continue as governments
try to curb demand for bullion.
This is why I suggest having some silver bullet shaped ingots in your savings.
I recommend nice smooth shaped, not too pointy LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To show how undervalued silver is today, you can buy specially made silver
coat hangers from my website at a little over the cost of the paper price of
silver. Just as were used in the war to smuggle wealth through boarders. The

use of silver while its so historically cheap is brilliant for the antibacterial
properties, keep all your shirts and garments fresh and actually kills the
bacteria that produce odours. This can save money and time on cleaning so
often and will make your clothes last longer. But also a great way to smuggle
real silver through security checkpoints just like Herman Francis Mark.
We provide a service where we can make anything out of silver, for instance
silver pacifiers for baby's. Our children had silver pacifiers or dummies as
they are called in the UK, and they hardly ever got ill. I put this down to the
silver, other kids around us often got colds or a cough when the silver
protected our kids. Pure 999 silver is a little soft, 925 is too hard and strong
for kids to be chewing on, but 999 pure is great for when babies are teathing.
We have made silver babies rings and rattles that our kids were constantly
munching on. Now they have no allergies or health problems at all. It could
be chance but I think it was the silver along with a healthy diet and lifestyle.
It’s a well known historical saying born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
Notice it does not say gold spoon, gold does not have the same benefits for
health that silver has. The super rich could afford to have gold utensils but
choose silver because it’s far better to protect themselves and their children.

On a side note the early pioneers of the U.S. "Old West" would put a silver dollar into a
bucket of fresh milk and keep it from spoiling without refrigeration for two to three days.
They also used true silverware and silver dishes which aided their health. Also, for many
centuries the Royal Families of the world have been called "Blue Bloods" because of the
high silver content in their blood. They stored their food in silver dishes, ate from silver
plates and cups, and used true silverware. They had no modern medicine and medical
doctors but remained healthy. The "commoners" could not afford silver utensils and were
usually sick.
Princes and the super rich who ate with silver spoons, knives and forks were said to
not get the plague and other illnesses, so much.

In ancient Egypt there were many artifacts of real silver eating and cooking utensils
that can be seen in the British museum. (There was one Pharaoh called Psusennes
the Ist. He was from the 21st dynasty of ancient Egypt and was known as the silver
Pharaoh. His sarcophagus is made of pure silver and is in my opinion more beautiful
than Tutankhamens. He also ruled from Tanis (the place where Indiana Jones digs for
the ark of the covenant in the film, pretty cool huh) and had his coffin made from
pure silver rather than gold because in ancient Egypt silver was much more rare than
gold. There is a cool documentary detailing his life. I thought it was very interesting
that a Pharaoh of Egypt has his sarcophagus made of pure sliver. The pics of it are
beautiful and if you ask me much more intriguing than Tutankhamnes. It was
extremely well preserved as the ancient Egyptians were masters at, but still it has
become brittle and dull and is leaching away over time. There were silver bugs back
then too and ancient versions of the Hunt brothers!)
Remember Joseph who was sold for 20 pieces of silver and then became the 2nd
most powerful man in all Egypt? He had silver eating and drinking utensils. He hid his
silver cup in his brothers bags of grain that they bought with silver money to test his
brothers. Throughout history only the wealthy could eat using silver and drink using
silver, think of the historical significance today of a working class family like mine
easily being able to afford all this silver so cheaply?
In the East there is a long history of the wealthy using 100% silver chopsticks to kill
bacteria. Emperors apparently used to always use 100% silver chopsticks which so
they say would even protect from poison if they were tried to be assassinated.
My family have and use everyday 100% pure silver cutlery and silver chopsticks and
drink out of silver cups just like Joseph did 4000 years ago. As I write elsewhere my
kids were literally fed as the old saying goes with 100% silver spoons (which are very
very cheap now because of the silver suppression) And our kids hardly ever get ill,
and never got any allergies or hay fever or anything like that. We put this down to the
silver utensils. If you research there are experts who claim real silver eating and
cooking utensils can clear up eczema and skin conditions and asthma and all sorts of
ailments. I cant recommend enough right now today go and buy silver eating and
cooking utensils for the health benefits for you and your family. I sell everything on
my website and can send to anywhere in the world, but it does not matter where you
get it from just make sure they are 100% real silver.
A real silver spoon is the best ever gift for a new born baby, with a card explaining
the health advantages to using it, this is what we always do when any friends are
expecting. Even get the pregnant mother using silverware to protect herself and her
For thousands of years, individuals have used silver at the table, on the battlefield,
and in healthcare. The metal has been relied upon to prevent and treat infections, to
treat wounds, to prevent food spoilage, and to prevent water contamination. Since
long ago, the metal has been quite rightly credited as having antimicrobial,
antibacterial, and antiseptic properties.
Many readers reading this have probably received a silver treatment at least once, as
silver nitrate is commonly placed in the eyes of newborns to prevent infections that

could cause blindness. Silver has also been widely used in dentistry to fabricate
fillings. Next time you visit the dentist ask about having silver put into your mouth for
the antibacterial health benefits and is said to help prevent bad breath. Silver really
should be in everyones mouth for the health benefits. Even if you have no fillings the
first one you need make sure its silver for the antibacterial properties.

Silver dentistry
In dentistry, amalgam is an alloy of mercury with various metals used for dental
fillings. It commonly consists of mercury (50%), silver (~22-32% ), tin (~14%),
copper(~8%), and other trace metals. Dental amalgams were first documented in a
Tang Dynasty medical text written by Su Kung in 659, and appeared in Germany in
1528. In the 1800s, amalgam became the dental restorative material of choice due to
its low cost, ease of application, strength, and durability.
Recently however, its popularity has diminished somewhat. Concern for
environmental pollution but more importantly health have all contributed. In
particular, concerns about the toxicity of mercury have made its use increasingly
There is no doubt mercury is toxic and very harmful. If you still have any mercury in
your mouth from years ago the advice is to get it replaced with 925 silver (7%
copper) rather than other cheaper substances. Dentists will try and talk you out of
having silver in your mouth not because of the cost after all it is very very cheap. The
reason is because it is harder to get hold of and even tiny amounts for dentistry are
not as easy to get hold of as gold is for dentistry.
There are now ways using 3D printing technology to make dental filling and bridges
etc, especially false teeth and dentures out of 925 silver. 3D printing doesn't have to
be used a skilled dentist has many different techniques for working with and using
silver for dentistry. Or for simple fillings there are very good 925 silver substances
well designed for the job.
Next time you go to the dentist ask about having everything in your mouth that is not
your natural teeth replaced with silver. It seems the general replies are usually to talk
the patient out of it, in favour of more abundant other less antibacterial substances. If
the dentist tells you silver is too expensive then quickly correct them, no it is very

cheap. $20 per ounce say about a tenth of an ounce is needed you are only talking
about $2 for cost of the silver.
Some dentists try and talk you into using gold because it is so plentiful and there is
much gold dentistry available due to gold being so abundant. They will tell you gold
does not tarnish but silver does. You can reply that with regular brushing and good
dental hygiene silver tarnish is not a problem. It is only if you never clean your teeth
that silver tarnish can be a problem. The main point is gold is not as antibacterial,
antifungal and antimicrobial as silver is. All these qualities make silver ideal for use in
dentistry for helping the patient with bad breath and good dental health as well as all
round health and well being.
The other reasons given for not using 925 silver are ease of application, strength, and
durability. The durability and strength reasons are rubbish 925 silver is far better than
gold is these areas. The ease of application reasons for pushing people away from
silver and onto gold is just the dentist being lazy IMO. Gold used in dentistry is easy
to get hold of and the training is more widespread. When it comes to 925 silver most
dentists have never been trained and there is less information available.
I would rather silver than gold or anything else for the antibacterial and health
benefits. Each to his own. I am so happy I got all my fillings and even a bridge
replaced with 925 silver. I learnt so much going through the process. All dentists
seem to push gold, I am still trying to find out why? It was actually an uphill battle to
find a dentists who would use silver not gold. She could not answer the question why
all dentists are trained with gold but not silver.
The more I looked into this and the more dentists I speak to they always push gold.
They say gold does not tarnish, but this is not relevant, its just more profit in gold.
There is no problems getting hold of lots of gold, but silver requires you go on a
waiting list while you all wait for new silver to be mined. Gold is not antibacterial, and
as long as you clean your silver teeth regularly then tarnish isn't a problem with
One dentists said to me there is no way to use silver sorry, but you can have gold for
hundreds of units of currency. So I asked her if I supply the silver could you fit it for
me. I made my own false tooth out of a maple leaf with a hacksaw in a vice and a
lump hammer. I asked my dentist to fit it for me, I made it a little too tight and she
shaved a lot off it, then fixed it in place with wires for me. I was thinking about
changing my nickname to silvertooth.
Colloidal silver is extremely effective against periodontal disease (i.e., gum disease).
In fact, there is even a patent for the use of a new type of silver-based product that
apparently destroys bacterial plaque on teeth and bacterial pockets under the gum
line. The more silver in your mouth the better. Here’s a quote directly from the
Periodontal disease can be treated by the administration of metal ions, preferably
silver ions, to the site where the microorganisms that cause this disease reside.
Administration can be to periodontal pockets or adjacent to exposed tooth roots or
alveolar bone during periodontal surgical procedures.

The metal ions can be administered in polymeric microparticles, deformable films or
microparticles embedded within deformable films. The metal ions are particularly
microbiocidal to the bacterial pathogens that are the causative agents of periodontal

Silver is much more than just a form of wealth; it's a precious industrial
commodity. For decades, the relatively low price of silver and its unique and
powerful properties have made it ideal for a myriad of industrial applications.
Silver is a critical catalyst in the production of everything from
pharmaceuticals to antifreeze. And its high conductivity makes it perfect for
Silver is increasingly being used in water purification systems because silver
ions prevent bacterial and algae growth. Water purification utilizing silver can
be done using silver-impregnated ceramic filters, silver deposited on
activated carbon, silver nitrate, silver chloride or tetrasilver tetroxide. Silver is
also a catalyst in the production of hydrogen peroxide, which can also be
used to purify water.
Silver-containing purification systems can be used in pools and spas, building
water supply systems and personal water purification devices (such as those
used for camping or travel). In buildings, silver destroys bacteria in pipes and
tanks. Silver ion filters prevent bacteria and algae from building up in
swimming pools. In portable devices, it works hand-in-hand with an activated
charcoal filter, preventing bacteria and fungi from blocking water flow
through the filter.
Silver ion water purification systems are used primarily for those applications
wherein using chlorine isn't practical or desirable.
The water purification industry certainly isn't the largest consumer of silver right now, only about 2 million ounces (Moz) per year are used for this
purpose. And since large-scale water purification plants largely utilize
chlorine instead, growth in the next few years isn't expected to be staggering
by any means. But consumption for water purification is expected to increase
by as much as 100 percent by 2015.
Silver is obviously not the only material that can be used for water filtration
(although it is one of the most effective), so a shortage or significant price
increase would probably lead manufacturers toward less expensive
alternatives. But, before the manipulation ends as I said about the medical
industry's relatively modest consumption, when you consider consumption
for water purification in the context of silver's many, many other applications,
it all adds up to serious industrial demand.
There is seemingly no end to the ways in which this rare and versatile metal

affects our daily lives. And yet so few seem to understand its true value...

Today, the uses of silver for its healing and preventative properties are
Colloidal Silver: Cure-all or Hoax?
First introduced in 1914, when its ability to treat tumors was touted in a
paper written by Dr. G.L. Rohdenburg, colloidal silver has remained a top
treatment of almost every ailment ever since.
While some look to colloidal silver as a cure-all, believing that its benefits
include the ability to “soothe burns, repair skin and tissue damage, and to
treat scars,” its natural health supporters point out that such results have
been reported in numerous reputable medical journals. Big pharma has gone
to extraordinary lengths to try to stop people using natural silver in place of
their synthetic processed products.
As Natural health news notes, colloidal silver’s popularity as an antibiotic
peaked in the 1920s and 1930s, soon after its discovery. After that time,
synthetic antibiotics overshadowed the material.
However, not everyone decided to move on. Fans of colloidal silver reportedly
believe that “just because we have, as a society, access to processed
medicine from big pharma that doesn’t mean that natural colloidal silver no
longer retains its benefits.” It was those die-hard colloidal silver proponents
who helped spur renewed interest in the material in the 1990s.
Currently, colloidal silver is fairly popular among practitioners of alternative
medicine. It can be purchased online, in holistic health shops and can even
be made with at-home generators like my family does. I have been making
my own for years now.
Purported benefits
In addition to the purported benefits mentioned above, people also use

colloidal silver to treat rashes, sties and acne. Another key benefit, Natural
Health states, is that it can help “improve their immune system’s ability to
fight against colds and flu viruses.”
On a different note, Dr. Jeffrey Lewis of Silver-Coin-Investor.com said in an
article published last year that colloidal silver is used “as a broad spectrum
treatment for infections with bacteria, viruses and fungi in both humans and
animals.” And he notes that a recent scientific study led by Boston
University’s James Collins has “confirmed this usage by showing how silver
ions disrupt and ultimately kill bacteria by increasing the permeability of their
cellular membranes.”
The big pharma mouthpiece always suggests that those thinking of using the
material tell their health care provider to “ensure coordinated and safe care.”
The organization also encourages users to never use colloidal silver to “as a
replacement for conventional medical care or as a reason to postpone seeing
a health care provider about a medical problem.”
Natural health always states that big pharma do not want natural
competition, especially if its far better than their products.
For example, it was only in 2007 that the US Food and Drug Administration
finally approved the marketing of silver-coated breathing tubes. Prior to this
approval, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, every
year, 15 percent of patients on ventilators contracted ventilator-associated
pneumonia. For tens of thousands of people these infections proved fatal.
Including silver in the fabrication of these endotracheal breathing tubes
reduces this risk and has likely saved many lives. Efforts to try and stop silver
being used have not gone away though.
Silver is also used in much the same way for catheters and other medical
implantation devices. The metal is used to coat surgical instruments and
emergency ward equipment to prevent and reduce the transmission of
Wound creams, gels, and powders are made with silver, and the metal is
fabricated into wound dressings because it is considered toxic to germs and
can prevent the invasion and livelihood of bacteria and yeast. Silver has also
been found to reduce the adhesion of dressings to wounds and thus improves
the comfort of burn victims.
A recent edition of Silver News spotlights the Trinity Bed Protection System.
The covering system is supposed to provide an effective and impermeable
barrier between patients and the surfaces they lie on, such as mattresses and
stretchers. A notable benefit of this bedding is that it is supposed to retain its
antimicrobial properties even after high numbers of repeated washings.

Karuma, which makes a tablet for children called the PlayBase Plus, is said to
be embedding extra silver into the device’s touchscreens. This Silver Seal
technology is used to help reduce the bacteria on the screen’s surface, thus
providing protection for little ones. Other tablets and smartphones are said to
follow suit and add extra silver to protect the users. Note this is extra silver
for the anti bacterial properties, when all these devices have to also contain
silver for the electrical/technical properties.
Many people also believe that consuming dietary supplements containing
silver can effectively treat and prevent certain conditions, including infections
and viruses. Though these supplements may be available, the medical
community has not been eager to rally around this type of treatment, but the
impending shortages of this magical metal could be the real reason.
A few years ago, the FDA said silver has no known physiological functions or
benefits when taken orally. Why does the FDA want to ban or at least reduce
the use of colloidal silver as an antibiotic? Is ita) It turns people blue
b) It isn't as safe as prescription antibiotics
c) It isn't proven to kill harmful bacteria while not affecting the human body
e) They are afraid it would become too popular
ANSWER: e) They are afraid it would become too popular and silver is too
important, silver is the very beating heart of the financial world and even
more important in the industrial, military and medical worlds. It is all about
The banking cabal has been battling silver for hundreds of years. Silver is the
people's money and represents the best alternative to their fiat monetary
system every time this same cycle repeats. Silver can also save lives and that
is also something that the cabal do not want to see... they want to see less
people to use up scarce resources.
Colloidal silver has been used as an antibiotic for hundreds of years. Before
refrigeration was around people would put a silver dollar in their milk bottle
so it would stay fresh and last longer. The term "Born with a silver spoon in
his mouth" actually refers to the belief that children that were fed with silver
spoons were less susceptible to viruses because of silver's antibiotic
If you go out and buy some colloidal silver DON'T buy those little bottles for
$10-$50 a pop. Do yourself a favor and purchase a colloidal silver generator
and you can make gallons of the stuff for pennies per gallon. Email me for the

best deal. simplebalancedselfreliance@yahoo.com
The FDA agency further warned (lied) that consuming silver could have
adverse effects. These include argyria, which is the permanent and
irreversible discolouration of the skin. There was even an elaborate set up of
a man in America who was said to have turned his skin silver colour from
taking too much silver in his supplements. Those who tried to dissuade the
talking of these supplements by setting up this elaborate bogus story found
the hoax backfired on them. He was on talk shows and in the news telling
people not to take silver supplements and he looked like a mutant out of an
Xmen film or something. Then he mysteriously died late in 2013.

I have to say that some have tried to convince me that it was not a hoax by
those trying to turn people away from taking silver products and he really did
turn his skin silver by taking too many silver supplements. I am sitting on the
fence but my instinct tells me not to believe it was genuine but I could be
wrong. There are many others in the alternative health products world who
have been taking lots of silver health products for decades and while they do
look like they have a healthy tan, never has any other examples of silver skin
been recorded. Yes it is not a lie however that consuming the metal is said to
have the potential to increase the body’s production of melanin, causing the
skin to not turn silver as they originally lied but instead to get darker
especially when exposed to sunlight. Which is why the tanning products
industry have jumped on the silver bandwaggon and provide ionic silver
products that can help someone obtain a healthy natural looking tan with less
exposure to sunlight. A small exposure to sunlight on a regular basis is very
healthy, some say 'there is no such thing as a healthy tan' but now this is not

true. With ionic silver taken regularly and a small exposure to sunlight a
healthy tan is possible. My family avoid harmful suntan lotion which causes
skin cancer. We were not designed to put this harmful chemicals on our skin
which does get ito the body through the skin. We were not designed to put
sunblock on so we can stay in the sun longer. The best advice is to get the
right amount of exposure to sunlight on a regular basis and coverup or get
out of the sun well before you burn. This is healthy and if you take silver
regulalry you can have a healthy tan. It is not true to say there is no such
thing as a healthy tan, because there is. If you take ionic silver regularly and
spend a healthy amount of time in the sun but never so much that you burn
then you will have a healthy tan.
The FDA also said silver can interfere with the body’s absorption of drugs
such as quinolone antibiotics and tetracycline antibiotics. This has also turned
out to be a lie which has backfired on them, as research has proved that
adding silver to antibiotics has made them ten times more effective and
could be the way forward to treating superbugs that were previously immune
to the strongest silver-less antibiotics.
One couple who have been enjoying the benefits of colloidal silver for a long
time said "I have been taking Colloidal Silver for over 20 years. I make my
own at home and it very easy to do. I take two tablespoons every day. I make
it 25-PPM. I also use "DMSO", once per week. My wife and I have NOT had a
COLD or the FLU in the 20 years we've been on this regiment and did not turn
Blue. It was a lie that you could turn your skin silver by taking colloidal silver.
We have NEVER had Flu Shots or any other poison by needle that is the new
rage. We also have a juicer and juice every other day. We are well into our
60's and are very healthy. We have not gained weight in this past 20 years
either. We exercise 3 times per week to keep these older body's movin' and
eat a healthy mostly plant diet. A good steak once in a while is alright with
This Xman lookalike Paul Karason who's skin was supposedly turned silver
was hailed as a Medical Mystery, doctors have said that taking excess silver
can increase melanin and make you look more tanned but this is a real
medical mystery how the increase production of melanin in Paul Karason
made his skin silver. With the taking of silver it increases production of
melanin, the skin color darkens, but never turns silver.
Karason said before he died "he hadn't even realized his skin had turned a
shade of silver until an old friend came to visit."

Think about that, could it really just turn silver so suddenly? He was married
for decades, until he died would his wife not notice? Its up to the reader to
believe what they like but I can honestly say that my family and many friends
I know have been taking silver supplements for decades. Including
proffesional natural health experts. None of us have ever turned our skin
silver. We do have healthy looking tanned skin but if that is from the silver or
the sun or a bit of both is unknown.
In fact there has never been any other cases of someone taking silver
supplements reporting turning their skin silver.
So it is not a lie that consuming the metal silver is said to have the potential
to increase the body’s production of melanin, causing the skin to not turn
silver as they originally lied but instead to get darker looking like a healthy
tan, especially when exposed to sunlight.
The truly ironic thing about consuming the metal silver is when increasing the
body's production of melanin previously silver or grey coloured hair turns
back to its natural colour.
So the big pharma made this elaborate hoax to dissuade people taking
natural silver which is competing with their harmful drug products. They said
it could turn your skin silver which was a lie, when the ironic truth is it turns
your previous silver hair back to its original colour before you stated going
grey. Increasing the body's production of melanin is a positive side effect of
consuming the metal silver. Not a negative side effect as big pharma would
have you believe.
I can testify to the benefits of colloidal silver water. Silver is the most anti
bacterial substance known to mankind and it is natural. It is a crime the way
big pharma dissuade people from using it so they can push their harmful
synthetic substances on the masses. There is so much information about
silver being used in this way, here are some highlights:
It's nature's anti-biotic having anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral

It's a backup immune system, attacking pathogens in a different way than the
body's immune system
It's made using .9999 pure silver and distilled/deionized pure water
It's pure ionic, containing over 1000 TRILLION silver ions per teaspoon
It's good for internal and external use, and for pets and plants
It's non-perishable because silver ions are a preservative of the water they
reside in and the silver ions permanently stay in suspension because they
constantly repel each other
It's non-toxic as the ions are eliminated within two hours of ingesting
It can be used by the teaspoon, in a eyedropper, in a nebulizer, or a spray
It is said to defeat HIV and H1N1, which are viruses
It can be used to disinfect countertops and wounds/burns
I am trying to find out if Colloidal Silver can kill larger parasites and their
eggs? I am reading conflicting info, there seems to be a difference of opinion.
There is no doubt CS kills smaller parasites but the larger ones is debatable.
Some are sure CS can kill micro parasites and the larger ones, and some
authoritative sources say not the larger worms and things. Parasites are
different to bacteria and fungus, which CS is very antibacterial and
One experienced CS maker and user told me that you would just have very
healthy large parasites with no bacteria in them LOL. But another said that is
rubbish and CS kills all parasites inside a body.
I wish there was a clear truthful study done. But big pharma would want to
stop it.
From what I can understand so far it might depend on the size of the
parasites. For example Bankers and Politicians are the largest parasites who
suck wealth out of the economy without producing anything real. CS would
just make these parasites more healthy and will live longer. LOL. But seriously
micro parasites and their eggs should be killed by high quality CS, just the
same as CS is antifungal.
We just had some friends come back from missionary work in Africa. They
said all fruit and veg bought at the market should be soaked in bleach to kill

parasites. Also they were told not to dry their clothes outside because of
parasites infesting them. Well all silver embedded fabric would be very
effective for this problem.
All fruit and veg bought in the supermarket in the west has probably been
treated with a bleach substance like chlorine. This is why it is important to
wash everything before eating it.
But high quality colloidal silver would be far far superior to bleach for soaking
wild edible plants like fruit and veg.
Dr Bergman was talking about how all these bleach products are so harmful
for the body and your immune system. His theory why so many healthy
workers treating ebola patients are all catching ebola themselves is because
of the excess chlorine being used everywhere. It is breaking down their
immune systems.
A friend of mine who came back from missionary work said, "When I lived in
the 'third world', we were supposed to wash all of our vegetables in a mild
bleach or hydrogen peroxide solution. Also ran all the water, after boiling it,
through a ceramic filter. The filter would be covered with brown slime after
one run through. The parasites are still in the vegetables - especially the ones
with a high water content. Walnut hull oil is an effective parasite treatment.
There is a proprietor in the UK who is highly recommended for cleanses,
detoxes, and parasite cleanses through herbs.I learn a lot from them. I've
used their herbs before and was very happy with their service.
I never got parasites but had friends who did. What they went through to get
rid of them was not pleasant. Basicly radiation treatment. When one is living
in an ex-pat community (living in hostile territory at times), one discusses
subjects usually left untouched.
When I'd fly to Miami via Haiti (I tried to fly nonstop but not always possible)
from the D.R., they'd come on the plane and fumigate it, with all the
passengers on board. I don't know if they do that now but I have NO idea
what sorts of toxins we were exposed to or why they were fumigating us.
They'd come on board with white hazmat suits and gas masks. Makes you
feel really well cared for, sitting there in your seat with no protection. And
they were mainly fumigating their own residents coming back from cutting
cane in the D.R.." I also learned how powerful bleach was when I lived abroad.
I can't pour one cup of bleach in a washer load to save my life now. I only use
a couple tablespoons in laundry that needs to be sanitized.
I also know how much bleach and alcohol products hospitals in the west and
all over the world use. My wife just had a baby and was in hospital for about a
week. I was amazed how much of these toxic harmful antibacterial chemicals

are used everywhere. They are sprayed into the air every min or so in every
room and corridor in the hospital. Then a recorded message comes on
everytime you go into another ward when it senses someone which
commands you to use the antibacterial hand wash before coming in. While I
can see why they do this, my problem is not using natural antibiotic like
colloidal silver which does not break down your immune system. High quality
CS should be sprayed in every hospital instead of non natural antibacterial
products. There should be hand dispensers of high quality colloidal silver gel
instead of the immune system destroying synthetic antibacterial gel.

They cant say it is too expensive,
with the silver manipulation pushing
silver down as low as $16oz, colloidal
silver is now cheaper per LTR than
most of these bleach or alcohol
This reminds me of how clean, safe and renewable solar power generation is
now cheaper to produce power per GW than harmful nuclear power
generation. This is due to the silver manipulation, clean renewable solar is
now cheaper per GW than harmful unclean unsafe nuclear power generation.
Why not use silver for power generation and use silver in hospitals to stop the
creation of superbugs and stop breaking down peoples immune systems.
Food should be soaked in colloidal silver not harmful bleach products to kill
parasites. And all cloth products used for clothing or bedding or covering
furniture, it should all be embedded with silver to kill bacteria and parasites.
When taking our Colloidal Silver orally, swish it all around the mouth before
swallowing! That way you can benefit for better oral hygiene plus you mix the
silver ions with saliva which protects them from stomach acid.
It's a win-win! It's funny and sad when someone uneducated about colloidal
silver blows it off as quackery because with every new week I receive another
and another story of success and excitement about it! I just want to take that
person who thinks CS is just another health fad, and find a way to get them to
try it next time they have an infection or ailment!
All the research for or against CS can't speak like one's own success using it!
But that's the frustration with culture....it take away our open minded free

thinking and tells us what to believe and to reject anything that doesn't follow
the program. So the attitude of meds and surgery being healthcare keeps
people closed to NUTRITION. CS is just nutrition. Taking something in that is
good for you.
We are silver deficient in our diets. Because of this, pathogens gets a chance
to have a greater presence and THEN when taking CS it feels like CS is
I thought the silver water was my product. But straight CS water is proving
not to be the main product. I had read that spraying CS to kill bad odors
worked so I tried it and it did! So then I wondered how to make the CS smell
good and ended up adding essential oils. (It has worked so well in our
aromatherapy we do with our WVO lamps.) Well that made it work even
better and that looks like the foundation of my business. I made the lavender
version and every single person that tries it wants it! No exceptions. The ions
don't react with the plastic, in fact, plastic is actually preferred because the
crystalline structure of glass can cause the ion to crystallize themselves.
So I'm seeing that making CS based products that have mainstream daily
uses is the model for me. I've got 6 ladies that are buying wholesale from me
so already I'm helping to create jobs. That feels good! :-). I just sent a box
of bottles to a crew uniform store that has stores in a dozen major airports
and I have no doubt they will sell my product and that will officially launch my
business, giving me the volume to say I'm here for the long haul.
Ever since I stumbled onto the combination of lavender and CS, the
synchronicities in my life have exploded. All I have to do is keep planting
seeds and be absolutely open to life. My products are serving a valuable
human need (cleanliness, disinfection, aromatherapy) and my price points
are intended to make it affordable for the average person to keep using it.
With that price point I don't have to convince anyone of anything! They try
the product and love it, hear the price and love it....done deal. I don't have to
make up a sales pitch why they should be ripped off. The product speaks for
On a £10 for a 4oz bottle my cost is 80 pence figuring for the bottle, fine mist
sprayer, lavender oil and miscellaneous stuff like the label and whatever else.
So my profit margins are easily 90% even allowing for extra expenses. And
the product could sell for more but I want high volume for mainstream appeal
not a boutique product for the wealthy. Get as much silver out there being
used as possible.
I'm also working on a breath spray using peppermint or spearmint oil, CS and
stevia. It's potent! It literally makes it feel like the teeth were brushed after

a minute or so. Not exactly like brushed teeth but a level of cleanliness and
freshness that feels like the teeth were brushed recently.
I'm working on women's and men's deodorant spray and a unisex spray. Even
a bug spray while silver is still so cheap. I also have a antibiotic gel version of
the lavender spray ready to go. I'm just waiting for my new packaging.
I just got the idea to offer a custom labeling service for company promotions
and fundraisers. This lavender spray is perfect for that because lavender is
crack cocaine for middle age or older women as well as rose scent, and
because the profit margins are so high that even if you cut your retail price in
half you're still making excellent money on volume. Younger women like
amber, bergamot, pomegranate and other more modern scents. Also for
healing Aloe and for cleaning tee tree but actually ionic silver is the best for
healing and cleaning. But there are so many other possibilities.
Teachers love this spray