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School Psychologist Interview Date: Candidate: Interviewers: Introductions Describe DL to candidate and the school psych role Personal

Qualities/Background Information 1) Tell us about yourself. Give a brief overview of your training and professional experiences.

2) What particular strengths (professional or personal) do you possess that will enhance your performance as a school psychologist? Weaknesses? 3) What makes you interested in seeking a school psychologist position within Designs for Learning? 4) Discuss your knowledge of charter schools. 5) What contributions do you expect to make to a charter school in your role as school psych?

6) What are your short and long term career goals? Knowledge/Skills 7) Describe your experience in using assessment procedures for intellectual abilities and for academic achievement. What assessment tools have you been trained to use? What assessment tools do you feel most comfortable using? What assessment tools do you prefer and why? 8) Describe a situation in which you might feel it would be appropriate to use an abbreviated assessment instrument? 9) What kinds of assessment tools do you use to assess student strengths and weaknesses? Are you familiar/comfortable with a cross-battery assessment approach? 10) When you meet with an evaluation team to discuss assessment results, how do you explain the scores and meaning of scores to parents? 11) What is your experience in writing or participating in the writing of evaluation reports as a member of a SPED team? What is your experience with SpedForms or other SPED software?

12) Describe how you work with school IEP teams as a member of the team and as the school psychologist on the team? How will you gain their cooperation? 13) How would you handle a parent request for testing that you believe is unnecessary and/or inappropriate? 14) Describe your approach with a parent who is upset with youand you know you are right.

15) Describe your background experiences in due process paperwork and timelines (requirements, compliance, permissions, etc). 16) What experiences have you had with students from culturally diverse backgrounds? 17) What is you experience in working with families who do not have English as a home language? How do you explain assessment data in a meeting with an interpreter? Do you speak another language?

18) Prior to formal assessments, schools are required to develop formal interventions. What is your experience with pre-referral interventions and Response to Intervention, both academic and behavior? What is your experience with RTI and the intervention process?

19) What intervention techniques or strategies are most effective for students (both academic and behavioral)? 20) How do you view your role as school psychologist in terms of counseling services? What is your experience in leading student groups, such as social skills development, anxiety or anger management?

DL/Work Related Information 21) What is your view on your role as consultant? How would you market your consultative services to teachers, principals, etc.?

22) Will you work well in a business environment that allows you to be independent and work from home as part of your schedule?

23) Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks.

24) How do you stay current in your field?

25) What types of professional development activities would you a) like to pursue; b) like to lead for others?

26) What questions do you have for us?

Conclude with thank yous, follow up contact method

Important Factors to consider: Added Value: What can this person bring to our team that would be an added value for us? How can they round out our service offerings? Can they bring a different perspective/experience to our Coffee Talk discussions? Company Representation: How do we feel about having this person represent our company and our SPED Department? Do they fit with our current team members? Fit with Schools: Does this person have the knowledge and skills necessary to work in our diverse schools? Do they experience with diverse populations? ALCS? Adult learners? Charter schools? Will they be able to handle the complexity of the psych position when navigating different school systems and sped programs? Top Strengths: Top Limitations: