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What is autumn? My most dreaded time of year. The time when the days get shorter, the wind gets colder and, of course, the children begin school. I ha e to say that, from all the seasons, autumn is my least fa ourite. As a child, I can remember I always hated this season. !or me, it meant no more summer acation, no more "laying around in the sun and certainly no more going to the seaside. I hated autumn and all that it re"resented. It#s so sad$ Nature "re"ares for a cold winter and "uts it#s "lants and sometimes animals to slee". The trees lose all their lea es, which are left to dry out and be ste""ed on. %ou can feel the wind crawling, curling around you li&e a sna&e and gras"ing your thoughts, searching for a wea&ness to get in and free'e your soul. ( erywhere you loo&, this cold wind ma&es ictims, forcing us to hide, forcing trees to wa e their branches and causing lea es to brea& loose from these same branches. The wind haunts you down and no matter where you go you can be sure it will follow. Although the s&y seems mostly grey and the bare trees shi er, sha&ing their brownish bar&, an ama'ing multitude of colours dominate autumn. )uby red and golden lea es co er the ground, adding layer u"on layer of multicoloured matter, soon to become the monotonous brown of the earth. *unsets full of romance and melancholy "roduce rainbow clouds. The withered yellow grass lies as a memory of what used to be the green "ar&s and lawns of the summer. Autumn comes to this city li&e a warning, dis"laying for us one last time the colour s"ectrum before the white of winter co ers u" our world. %ou can e en smell it in the air + a combination of the still warm rays of the sun and the icy chill of the autumn wind summari'es all that was and all that is to come. *o what is autumn? Autumn is the moment we ta&e to gather our rays of light and hide from the cold winter yet to come