Lesson Plan Date 13/11/2013 Time Student teacher School Khaseibah Ali Salm Adhen Primary School

8:15-9:00 Grade 1 -3 SST Class Mrs Aaesha Mazrooei Unit : Safe and Protect Information 26 Lesson No of Lesson : uses the pc in safe way unit/page students Context of the lesson The first lesson was about pc around us. Today will complete the unit by lesson )uses the pc in safety way (. Teaching goal

Teach students the safety way for body and Pc also.
Learning objectives : Students will be able to:  Students will recognize ergonomically unsound practice and revise ergonomic practices appropriate to available technology. Assumptions about prior learning  Students will recognize how use pc in safety way. Anticipated problems and possible solutions  Ss may confuse with the a lot of information, so I will focus to give good clear information. Personal focus for this lesson I will give clear rules and clear instruction .Also I will make sure they setting well and listen to me. Target language  Body parts ,  Risk  Safety  Table ,chair  Damage  High degree  Electrical wire Teacher language       Let’s watch video . Show me the excellent seat. Do you know the safe way when use pc? Do you have chair and table to put your computer up? Why we should use desk in work? How many hours spend play I pad ?

Main tasks or activities  Discussion  Power point  video

Resources and teaching aids Computer Data show Power point presentation Power point presentation controller Video Consider where the children are working:  on their desk

Consider these grouping strategies:  Whole class

Time/ stage o 1. Engagement 7mins o o

Teacher activity (T will …) Teacher will discuss with students example about boy who spent a lot of time face electronic. Teacher will give students one mint to think. After discuss I will tell them the title of lesson today.  

Student activity (eg. In groups ss will …) Students will use critical think to solve the problem. Students will tell me what they think.

Tutor Comment

Building knowledge 10mins

Teacher will show video about the safety way for body when use pc in home. Teacher will explain video when they work because there is no sound. Teacher will ask student help to explain with her. After video teacher will start ask them :  Do you have chair and table to put your computer up?  Why we should use desk when work?  How many hours spend play I pad ?  What happen to you if you seat in front of TV every day?    Teacher will explain the correct seat.   Teacher will show the objectives. Teacher will give one question : Why is Ergonomics Important?

Students will watch video on the carpet area. Students will think. Then will give me answer.

This active for visual girls.

Transformation 10 mins

Students will solve the problem by use problem thinking.

Presentation 10 mins

Teacher will put short activity: Teacher will show bad seat for man, students will find the five mistakes men do when seat.

Students will solve activity.


Students will see slide show explain the bad seat how look like.

Students will use knowledge based

6 mins Students will read the advise as reflection for lesson

in old knowledge .