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Why Santa Claus Really Exists

A Tract Book Essay


Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Some people stop believing in Santa Claus around age 11. I argue that this is a

mistake. I am putting forth the proposition that Santa Claus really exists and is the Spirit

of Christmas.

Now, historically, we know that Saint Nicholas, also know to us as Santa Claus,

actually lived in asia minor and is a canonized saint. Nicholas was known for, among

other things, bringing presents to children on Christmas. Apparently, Saint Nicholas died

at some point, and of course passed over to the other side.

As a Saint, Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus is present to us in our prayers and

thoughts. He is real as much as any other Saint was real. In the magical lore, it is said

that some persons who die, do not shed their Astral Bodies, but instead maintain their

Astral Body after life. It is said that one who has an Astral Body can materialize on

Earth. So, perhaps, the North Pole exists on the Astral Plane, an Santa Claus can come

to us in his Astral Body. It is said that many saints can levitate or teleport or maybe even

multilocate. Perhaps, Santa Claus too, has these gifts so that he actually does bring

Christmas presents to some in a very short period of time on Earth.

Additionally, I would like to argue for the Spiritual presence of Santa Claus at

Christmas. I argue that the Holy Spirit, in the person of Santa Claus give us the

Christmas Spirit. Without this Spirit, I suspect that we would not be giving each other
gifts at Christmas time. The Christmas Spirit is amazing. In spite of the cold weather

that many of us endure at Christmas time, we find the time to put up the Christmas tree

and find presents for our loved ones. In spite of low income for some households, I

suspect that only Satanic parents refuse to give their children Christmas gifts if it is a

Catholic household. Gifts at Christmas remind us of God’s generosity to us. As God

give us gifts, so we too give gifts to each other. And of course, God’s greatest gift to us at

Christmas, is the gift of his Son, the Christ Child. This is the true meaning of Christmas.