MY Autobiography Chapter one the first five years of my life Hello I am Ethan James Stratton.

I am going to tell you about the adventures of my life from started to present. Even If I am only elven right now but I still have some stories that are very interesting and a little funny I was born 17 April 2002 at 10:34am saint Lerado’s Sydney nsw Australia at riches hospital .The doctor that deliver me name was Dr. John. He also deliver my sister Sabrina. When I was born it was by surprise I was one day late. I should have been born on April 16 but it was my doctors 25 adversity whit his wife. When I was born I was fat I weighed 5kg.Now I think about it you miss one day. I was a hunger baby when I got my first toy I rip of its little ribbon and tried to eat it.Thats what happened when I was born Moving to Japna when I was 6 months old I moved to Tokay japan and lived I n a place called rupngde hills. When I was in japan my mum was working but my dad was looking after me and Sabrina .In japan I made two friends called Sydney and bailey. I am still friends whit them now.IN japan the high let was going to the snow fesvelbel where countries come from all over the world and make an ice sculpture of a famous land mark of their choose from their own country. They were all amazing and there were ice slides, ice tunnels and a lot of snow mans I built my first snow man there that was the highlight for me in Japan Going to Singapore When I was in Singapore I stared my perk school and kg and I also learned how to swim in Singapore. I lived in this place called pebble bay for four years. My three favorite foods where in sinpore chkhine rice, roatie and chchaseu .Every weekend me and my family went bowling. that’s why signore was so fun for me.Sometimes we would go watched a basketball game .there was this one game when the Singapore slingers vs. the syundy kings it was the first match I ever watched the Singapore slingers were winging by two points with five seconds to go but the syudeny kings scored a three pointer to win the game only me and my dad were cheering and that was Singapore for me Chapter two: the rest of my life I arrived in Korea five days before my birthday. I started school 1 day before my birthday and that was the best b-day I ever had because my mum brought in dough’s and the doughnuts were amazing. That why it was one of the best b-day I ever had. In Korea I started rugby karee whit this guy named iwan.We only played touch in this club called the Han river pirates .I played whit ten and eight year olds and I was only six years old and so was my friend iwan.I was a winger and we had training every Sunday morning .Only ever had one torment .I got to play two games in the first game I played I scored two try’s one by diving under someone and scored a try .The seconded try I scored was a intersect try I ran 25 meters and scored the second try but we got knockout but we got a Finlay matched. I scored 3 try’s one when I ran down the touch line and sored the teams frit try. the seconded try was when I step 3 people and then scored in the corner the finale tried I scored was when my dad made a break and he got touched

and then I picked up the ball and ran for the corner and sored a try and that was the torment over for the Han river pritaes.2008 15 September I started the first day of real school. I made a good friend called Alex. I and Alex always use to have running races every day. In grade one I leant how to wright and read and we also did a lot of addition. Me and iwan had sleepovers every weekend and iwan turned in to my best friend grade one went very fast for me then the most imported day came according to a first grader the running race to see how is the fastest boy in the grade is.the crowed was shouting my name then the race started Alex took the early for the first 50 meters it was me and Alex all the way the last 30 meters I took the lead and won the race by one second only .The time has come for grade2 .In my grade2 class room I had none of my friends so that was a bad way to started but it went so fast for me all I really remember was watching the super rugby and bouncing on the trampling in the Witter. It snowed so much and it was so cold for one week it was -28 to23- .Then the next week it snowed six inches my dad made a mouton of snow that me and Sabrina could slide down on our slays that was the best for Korea for me . Off to Dubai. In Dubai my dad brought a house in shale street nine gate 2 Arabian ranches and it was a very the first thing I did in Dubai was go to atlantes .When I was there in atlantes no one was there so that was Sabrina and I went one every single ride accepted the leap of fathhati only I went on that ride and it was so scary the first time but the other three times it wasn’t that bad. During the summer of the 2010 I did everything possible in Dubai such as antals, wild woody ,kidzanie, Sega, ifly,magia plant and the sky ride. The highlight of the summer was when my friends iwan came we did this summer camp in anltans and it was awesome we leant how to scuba dive we went to anltls the water park we went snorkeling we got to swim whit sharks while feeding sting rays and we got a privet tour of the lost chamber were they feed the fish and were they get the water from .I know this sounds amazing we even made two new friends . There was this one girl that was mean to everyone calling people fat and a lot of other mean stuff so I Sabrina iwan and iwan sister and our two we were going to threw here off the boat and we did. The guy that was running the camp threw all of us off the boat as well .That was the finny day of that awesome camp one day later iwan left back to Hong Kong then around three weeks later I went back to school on September 5 2010.I made two friends wright away named Nick and Trym they were my two best friends. On the second week of school Nick Trym and I started hanging out by playing soccer making secret handshakes going to each other’s house playing video games jumping on the tramp watching American football supporting the packers talking about rugby it felt too good to be true to have as good as friend’s as nick and trym but it did I was playing in a rugby club called the Dubai exiles my poinnetion was the hooker that is the person at the front of the scram we only did three man scrams I plated in the first. in Febary we had a torment that 15 diffetn countries came to this torment we were in pool b we played 4 other teams I don’t rember the scores of the games but I do know we won them all of the duiba exiles teams 1,2 and 3 made it through to the quter finales we were plaing our third team we won by 20-0 I scored I try in the coner I only ran 15 meters but I stilled scored and it was good engoug for my team .We made it in to the seim finale to play are arcan rivales the abu dabia team .They kicked off to us and icaught the ball and ran a little but I was tackeld it was back and frowed the intery game until own winger broke a tackeld then he got tackeld pop it up to a frowed we wre only five meters out from the

try line after holding us out for two minutes then I picked up the ball and charred over the line to score a try whit two minters left ,The refer said finale play there winger ran down the touchline it was me and our winger our winger slowed him down then I talked him across the torch line to win the game then we went to the finely and we won that game 10- 5 and I got elected clubs best player at the end of the year. Moving to South Africa I moved to South Africa on July 2011 I was very excited because I had never been to Africa before .I was also very sad because I would Miss Dubai so much. We moved in to a place called danifern and I went to the worse school on earth called danifern college the people were so rude and they would only be friends whit if you are south African they hated me because I was from Australia there was only 5 nice people in that school. That was schooled suck I finished grade3 there I only had to do 7 weeks of grade3 When dainfern college finished for summer me and my dad started playing golf every day of the summer .The summer went for six weeks but it was time to go back to school I still had no friends until I met Tom and Greog these guys some time reminded me of nick and trym we did the same things and talked about the same stuff, All of us joined a rugby called inquean we won six games and drew one game and lost one that is my auto biography