We are a family of high achievers We reach for the stars.

Last week I proudly drove my posh new car to the garage Resolutely determined to fill up with petrol Whatever the cost. Waving fearlessly as I left the forecourt I achieved a large flatulent bump on the off side rear door. That was the cost. Nevertheless, undaunted, I ventured ne t door to clean the bath. There I was horrified to discover a large black dog !taring at me with glowing eyes like the "ound of the #askervilles. I was aghast. "e was my dog !hut in for personal reasons because he fears to lose his mind When the hunters are around. I had forgotten him. Nonetheless, impervious to danger I am resolutely determined to make lunch Regardless of what ha$ards lie ahead. %ray for me.
&from 'n Ignoble (ollection of Trivia, )ossip and Innuendo by *. +. Ward,