PUBLIC NOTICE It is hereby informed to the public at large that some persons have fraudulently been representing our

client !" #igash $eneral Trade as suppliers!buyers and trying to avail credit line using bogus documents% &e 'ould li(e to intimate public that 'e do not have any standing contract or association 'ith )oremost erchandise Pvt Ltd or "atish *rishna Pu+ari or any of their associates% Our ban(ers have cancelled the LC No ,-./ILC0/,,0vide mail dated -%/%1,0/ 'hich has been issued and restricted to Ban( of India alad &est Branch2 umbai% The original copy of LC No ,-./ILC0/,,0 has not been for'arded and #I$3"4 $ENE53L T536E 3N6 "E5#ICE" P#T LT6 and its group or associates shall not be responsible for any loss suffered by anyone dealing 'ith such persons shall be doing so at their o'n ris(%