V incase of Gaseous Fuels is kJ/m3   . The unit of C.V incase of Solid and Liquid Fuels is kJ/kg The unit of C.What’s calorific value?  The calorific value of a fuel may be defined as the amount of heat generated by burning one kg of fuel completely.

 In short it is a device used to calculate the Calorific Value of Solid . . meaning heat) is a device used for calorimetry.What’s a CALORIMETER?  A calorimeter (from Latin calor. the science of measuring the heat of chemical reactions or physical changes as well as heat capacity. Liquid & Gaseous Fuels.

it will heat up the Stainless Steel Container. as the fuel is burning. The temperature of the water allows for calculating calorie content of the fuel. . Electrical energy is used to ignite the fuel.  The fuel is kept on a crucible supported by ignition rods and fuse wires made up of platinum or nichrome.   Thus the heat is transferred to the water outside the container.Bomb Calorimeter :  A bomb calorimeter is a type of constant-volume calorimeter used in measuring the heat of combustion of a particular reaction.


Oxygen. The dewar (to prevent heat flow from the calorimeter to the surroundings) and ignition circuit connected to the bomb. A stirrer. . A thermometer. c. g. e. b. f. A stainless steel bomb. Basically.Overview :  a. Water. d. a bomb calorimeter consists of a Small cup to contain the sample.


C.V = Higher Calorific Value of the fuel sample in kJ/kg mw =Mass of water filled in calorimeter in kg  me = Water equivalent of apparatus in kg  t1 = Initial temperature of water and apparatus in C  t2 =Final temperature of water and apparatus in C    We know that heat liberated by fuel = mf x H.Calculations:  mf = Mass of fuel sample burnt in the bomb in kg  H.t1)   Since the heat liberated is equal to the heat absorbed … tc = cooling correction .V Heat Absorbed by water and apparatus = (mw + me) cw (t2 .C.

Junkers calorimeter :  Similar Principle to that of the Bomb calorimeter  Junkers Calorimeter used to determine the calorific value of GASEOUS fuels while the Bomb Calorimeter is used to determine the calorific value of SOLID AND LIQUID fuels. .


Working:  Gas of particular amount is supplied through the inlet through the GAS METER     Burnt in the combustion chamber The heat is then transferred to the water tubes called the flue tubes Cold water is supplied through the bottom and Hot water leaves at the top. The difference in temperatures of the water at two ends is used to find the higher calorific value of the gas. Calculations are similar to that of the Bomb calorimeter.  .