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Overall Policy: It is the policy of the George & Rebecca Barnes Foundation (the Foundation) to maintain a wor ing and!or "olunteer en"ironment free of all forms of unlawful discrimination# In recognition of the importance of good member and employee relations$ all people are e%tended an e&ual opportunity to participate in acti"ities or gain employment# Equal Opportunity: 'he Foundation affords e&ual opportunity to all without regard to race$ color$ se%$ religion$ age$ marital status$ disability$ "eteran status or national origin in the following "olunteer and employment practices( recruitment$ hiring$ placement$ transfer$ promotion$ demotion$ selection for training$ layoff$ termination$ determination of ser"ice$ rate of pay$ benefit plans$ compensation$ and other personnel actions# Di a!ility: 'he Foundation will not discriminate against any member$ "olunteer$ prospecti"e member$ employee or applicant for employment because of disability in regard to any position for which the "olunteer$ employee or applicant for employment is &ualified# Co"plaint Proce#ure: )ny indi"idual$ whether an employee$ member$ "olunteer or applicant for employment$ who belie"es that he or she has been discriminated against unlawfully$ should bring any complaint to the *%ecuti"e Board of the Foundation# +omplaints may be lodged in writing or in person# ,ersons who file complaints will be ad"ised$ as is appropriate$ regarding any in"estigation$ action or resolution of the problem# Con equence : 'he Foundation will not tolerate any form of discrimination and will ta e appropriate disciplinary action$ including possibly termination$ of any person determined to ha"e engaged in unlawful conduct under this ,olicy# No Retaliation: 'he Foundation will not retaliate or discriminate against any member$ "olunteer$ employee or applicant because he or she has opposed any unlawful employment practice or filed a charge of discrimination$ testified$ assisted$ or participated in any manner in an in"estigation$ proceeding$ or hearing related to employment or "olunteer practices#

)dopted )pril -.$ -/..