Chapter 1

Areneta vs. Dinglasan Emergency Powers Manila Prince Hotel vs. GSIS Supremacy of the Constitution – Filipino First Policy – National Patrimony – Qualified Filipinos Datu vs. Senate Synchronization of elections United States vs Juan Pons Political Law – Journal – Conclusiveness of the Journals Arroyo vs. De Venecia Conclusiveness of legislative journals CASCO Philippines vs. Gimenez Conclusiveness of the Enrolled Bill - Urea formaldehyde (not “urea” and, “formaldehyde”) Philippine Judges Association “Equal Protection” – Franking Privilege of the Judiciary Garcia vs. Mata One-bill, one subject - reserve officer on active duty who was reversed to inactive status Alvarez vs. Guingona Municipal Corporation - Whether or not RA 7720 is invalid for not being originally from the HOR Bengzon vs. Drilon Veto Power of the President Philippine Constitution Association vs Gimenez Salaries of the Members of Congress – Other Emolument - retirement gratuity and commutation of vacation and sick leave to Senators and Representatives

YES. returns and qualifications of members of the National Assembly Tatad vs Secretary of Energy One Title One Subject Rule – Oil Deregulation Law – Statute invalidated because of a breach of a constitutional mandate Francisco vs. Comelec Does Section 40(b) of the Local Government Code of 1991 apply retroactively to those removed from office before it took effect on January 1. Angara vs. Macaraig Veto Power – Inappropriate Provision in an Appropriation Bill Pelaez vs.O. CA Whether or not the Court of Appeals has jurisdiction over the case . Auditor General Sufficient Standard Test and Completeness Test Grego vs.Tio vs. Videogram Regulatory Board One-bill. 1992? – No First Lepanto Ceramics vs. House of Representatives Impeachment – Judicial Question (Procedural) . 226 insofar as the manner and method of enforcing the right to appeal from decisions of the BOI are concerned. Electoral Commission The Electoral Commission is the sole judge of all contests relating to the election. one subject Neptali Gonzales vs. Circular 1-91 effectively repealed or superseded Article 82 of E.

Mariano OCT – Stare Decisis Tan Chong vs Sec of Labor Accord vs. Ting Molina Case – Stare Decisis Abad vs NLRC Stare decisis – project employees/non-project employees – reinstatement . Zamora GAA of 2000 unconstitutional – unprogrammed funds violate the constitutional mandate which states that funds shall be automatically released to local government units Ting vs. Trinidad Chinese Book keeping Act Endencia vs David The collection of income taxes in judicial officers is considered as against the constitution Magtajas Vs Pryce Properties Ordinances should not contravene a statute – gambling Chapter 3 People vs.Chapter 2 Yu Cong Eng Vs. Gsell Referring to the statute from which the local statute was based – Employer’s Liability Act Tuason vs. Abilong Consulting the original language format of the statute – destierro Tamayo vs.

Pepsi Stare Decisis Adasa vs. since the precedent case involved the negligence of the ship company and not the determination of civil damages .Villanueva. temporary. Jr. Abalos Estafa – Petition for Review before the DOJ – the use of the word “may” is erroneous – petition should have been dismissed since the accused has already been arraigned Sandoval Shipyard vs.NO De Mesa vs. Pinuila Double jeopardy – law of the case Chua v.Villanueva vs.grave misconduct . and casual enployees Negros Navigation vs. Pepito Is the pronouncement in the Manila Golf case an obiter dictum? no employer-employee relationship GSIS vs. CA Falsification of public document . CA W/N the court erroneously applied stare decisis. Buenviaje Carreon Stare decisis . Civil Service Commission Necessary Implication – co-terminous employees may be classified into the same class of regular. is not an offended party in Criminal Cases is not an obiter dictum People vs.

Yulo Justice of the peace 65 y/o –Regalado not embraced under the new law Intent of the law US vs Toribio Carabao Slaughter . CA In pari delicto – stipulations were aimed to circumvent the law Comendador vs. NLRC Plain-meaning rule National Federation of Labor vs. De Villa Cessante ratione legis. CA Anti-wiretapping act – when the law does not distinguish. COMELEC Elections at large vs election by district Tala Realty vs. the courts should not distinguish Regalado vs. cessat et ipsa lex Lopez and Sons vs Court of Tax Appeals Clerical Error – Commisioner of Customs instead of Collector of Customs People vs Yu Hai Construction to avoid absurdity Ramirez vs. NLRC Plain-meaning rule – termination of employees not voluntary De Guia vs.Chapter 4 Globe-Mackay vs.

” . Laguesma Confidential employees = managerial employees – necessary implication Chavez vs. Retroactive effect R. Sales. Cipriano R.Espiritu vs.A. health centers.The term “open space” is defined in P. playgrounds. JBC JBC 8 members instead of 7 – congress to be defined in its general terms LIWAG vs Happy Glen Loop Homeowners Ejusdem generis . recreational uses. Distinguish Buenaseda vs. year from March 31. 1970 Chapter 5 Amatan vs Aruejo Construction in favor of right and justice – homicide changed to attempted homicide Salvacion v. roads. schools. it must be held to mean what it plainly says. 1216 as “an area reserved exclusively for parks. Prohibits Increase in Rental Price .D. places of worship. 6126 is not applicable at the case at bar. barangay centers and other similar facilities and amenities. Jr. No.A. Central Bank To avoid injustice Garvida vs. Flavier Noscitur a sociis – ombudsman – suspension CIT vs Ople Ejusdem generis – field personnel – service incentive leave Sugbuanon Rural Bank v. As the language of the law is clear and unambiguous.

parent.VAT . . Court of Appeals Last antecedent – certified true copies Delfino vs. Bautista Ejusdem generis – field personnel – service incentive leave Parayno vs. Sario v.People vs. Court of Appeals San Pablo Manufacturing Corp. Jovellanos Ejusdem generis Benguet State University vs. St. stepparent or collateral relative within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity. Autobus vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius .miller’s tax Cadayona vs.ascendant. James Hospital Casus Omissus – Malinias. Commission on Audit ejusdem generis Oil and Natural Gas Commission vs. guardian. Salvador Construction in favor of right and justice Iloilo vs Smart Communications in lieu of all taxes” clause exempts them from local franchise and business taxes. vs. Delantar Noscitur a sociis . COMELEC Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius Bersabal vs.” It should be noted that the words with which “guardian” is associated in the provision all denote a legal relationship.