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Michelle Reid Series Passionate Husbands 1. The Sheikh's Chosen Wife (2002) 2. Ethan's Temptress Bride (2002) 3.

The Arabian Love-Child (2002) 4. A Passionate Marriage (2002) Novels A Question of Pride (1988) Eye of Heaven (1988) No Way to Begin (1991) The Dark Side of Desire (1991) Coercion to Love (1992) House of Glass (1993) Lost in Love (1993) Passionate Scandal (1994) Passion Becomes You (1994) Slave to Love (1995) Gold Ring of Betrayal (1996) Marriage on the Rebound (1997) The Marriage Surrender (1998) The Price of a Bride (1998) A Sicilian Marriage (2008) Marchese's Forgotten Bride (2009) After Their Vows (2011) The Kanellis Scandal (2011) The Man Who Risked it All (2011) Omnibus Expecting! (1996) (with Barbara Delinsky, Rita Clay Estrada) Marry Me Again: Lost in Love / Fully Involved (1996) (with Rebecca Winters) Passion (1999) (with Miranda Lee, Susan Napier) Seduction Guaranteed (2000) (with Miranda Lee, Anne Mather) Husbands and Wives (2000) (with Diana Hamilton, Miranda Lee) The Greek Tycoons (2001) (with Helen Bianchin, Lynne Graham) Marriage Mergers (2002) (with Day Leclaire, Susan Napier) Mediterranean Millionaires (2003) (with Lucy Gordon, Lynne Graham) Hot Latin Lovers (2003) (with Sara Craven and Sophie Weston) Mistress to a Millionaire (2004) (with Carole Mortimer) Mediterranean Playboys (2004) (with Anne Mather, Jane Porter) One Christmas Night (2004) (with Jane Porter and Susan Stephens) A Royal Wedding (2005) (with Merline Lovelace) In the Sheikh's Bed (2005) (with Sharon Kendrick and Kate Walker) Price Of A Bride / Mistress Bride (2005) Her Latin Lover's Revenge (2005) (with Lynne Graham, Jane Porter)

Latin Lovers (2006) (with Anne Mather and Kay Thorpe) Desert Princes (2007) (with Lucy Gordon and Alexandra Sellers) The Ramirez Brides Bundle (2007) (with Emma Darcy, Sandra Marton) Hot-Blooded Husbands Bundle (2007) At the Sheikh's Command (2008) (with Carol Grace and Alexandra Sellers) A Passionate Bargain (2008) One-Click Buy: May 2008 Harlequin Presents (2008) (with Lucy Gordon, Kim Lawrence, Jennie Lucas, Jane Porter and Chantelle Shaw) Married to a Mistress / Price of a Bride (2008) (with Lynne Graham) Blogger Bundle Volume II (2009) (with Anne McAllister, Margaret Mayo and Kate Walker) One-Click Buy: March 2010 Harlequin Presents (2010) (with Sara Craven, Lynne Graham, Kelly Hunter, Kim Lawrence, Trish Morey, Sarah Morgan and Heidi Rice) The Italian Boss's Passion (2010) (with Maggie Cox and Cathy Williams) One-Click Buy: August 2010 Harlequin Presents (2010) (with Kate Hewitt, Julia James, Penny Jordan, Lucy Monroe and Susan Stephens) Mediterranean Tycoons (2011) (with Sarah Morgan and Kate Walker) One Night in Milan (2011) (with India Grey, Kate Hewitt) Greek Affairs: To Take a Bride (2012) (with Amy Andrews, Kate Hewitt) Power (2012) (with Abby Green) Hot Nights with a Greek (2012) (with Sarah Morgan and Natalie Rivers) Exotic Affairs (2013) Bridal Bargains (2013) Italian Deception (2013)

Collections One-Click Buy: September 2007 Harlequin Presents (2007) (with Abby Green, Penny Jordan, Kim Lawrence, Carol Marinelli, Carole Mortimer and Chantelle Shaw) Her Passionate Italian (2008) (with Carol Marinelli and Kate Walker) Series contributed to Bedded By Blackmail The Greek's Forced Bride (2008) Wedlocked! The Ultimate Betrayal (1995) The De Santis Marriage (2008) Forbidden! The Morning After (1996) Society Weddings 3. The Mistress Bride (1999)

Passion The Italian's Revenge (2000) The Spanish Husband (2000) Greek Tycoons The Tycoon's Bride (2000) The Markonos Bride (2008) Red-Hot Revenge A Sicilian Seduction (2001) Mediterranean Marriage The Bellini Bride (2001) Amnesia The Unforgettable Husband (2001) Foreign Affairs Greek Grooms (omnibus) (2001) (with Lynne Graham) The Salvatore Marriage (2003) Foreign Affairs (omnibus) (2004) (with Helen Bianchin, Anne Mather) The Passion Bargain (2004) The Purchased Wife (2005) Ramirez Bride 2. The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride (2005) The Ramirez Wedding Deals: Ramirez Bride / Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride / Disobedient Virgin (omnibus) (2009) (with Emma Darcy, Sandra Marton) For Love or Money The Ranieri Bride (2006) Italian Husbands The Italian's Future Bride (2007) Balfour Legacy Mia's Scandal (2010) Balfour Brides 1. Mia and the Powerful Greek (2010)