Praise Is What I Do

Eb Eb/G Ab Bb Cm st 1 :Praise is what I do, when I want to be close to 2nd: Praise is who I am; I will praise him while I Cm 1st:I 2nd:I’ll Bb lift bless Ab my him Ab/F hands at you can Eb praise times

Ab/Bb in all

Ab Ab/Bb (repeat back to beginning) nd (Musical lead in) 2 time ( Ab/F , and I vow to) Cm/Ab Praise Praise Praise Ab/F Praise Ab/F Owe Fm/Ab you you you Eb/G is Eb/G It Bb/G Cm (repeat) Through the Good and the bad, I’ll whether happy or sad, I’ll in all that I go through, because Ab Ab/Bb what I Ab All Eb do Bb/G Eb/C (musical lead in), I Eb you Db/Eb Eb

Ab/Bb to

Gb/Ab Db Db/Bb (Repeat) Praise is what I Do……………..