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Peace Corps Moldova Welcome Book | June 2013

Peace Corps Moldova Welcome Book | June 2013

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Moldova Peace Corps mwb
Moldova Peace Corps mwb

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Published by: Accessible Journal Media Peace Corps Docs on Jan 26, 2014
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After pre-service training, you will receive a monthly living allowance in
local currency that will allow you to maintain your health and safety while
living at a standard comparable to your Moldovan counterparts.

Moldova has a cash economy, and Moldovan banks and currency exchange
offices are stringent about the condition of the U.S. banknotes they will
accept due to concerns about counterfeit currency. Make sure that any U.S.



currency you bring is not worn, torn, or written on, and that the bills are

fairly new. A few banks accept traveler‘s checks; others allow cash

withdrawals via credit card or ATM card. There are increasing numbers of
the machines in both Chisinau and regional centers, although Volunteers are
advised to be cautious about which machines they use as ATM crimes are
common. We discourage you from having cash sent to you from home, as
sending money through international mail is risky. Furthermore, having your
Peace Corps allowances substantially subsidized by funds from home runs

counter to Peace Corps‘ philosophy of living at a similar level to those

people with whom you work and serve.

In an emergency, you can have money sent through Western Union or
international bank transfer. Most businesses, including restaurants and

hotels, do not accept traveler‘s checks or credit cards. Those that do most

commonly accept Visa. Some will charge you more for paying with a credit

If possible, we recommend that you keep an U.S. bank account with ATM
capabilities to assist you with accessing occassional or emergency money
from home. It will be the easiest way for Peace Corps to provide you with
your Readjustment Allowance when you complete your Volunteer service,
and is typically easier and quicker than having a check mailed to your U.S.
home of record.

Once again, it is important to recognize that your Moldovan co-workers and
friends will not have large sums of money or credit cards and that
conspicuous displays of wealth on your part could drive a wedge between
you and them. The Peace Corps discourages you from living beyond your
monthly allowance.

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