Your Personal Development File is intended to:  Provide you with a written record of your academic progress and your

acquisition of skills and experience.  Encourage the habit of self-reflection and self-evaluation , by demonstrating how you can reflect upon your progress in relation to your academic work, your skills development, your outside interests and activities, and any part-time employment you undertake.  Assist you in managing your learning and your personal development. his will include identifying career options.  !ncrease self-confidence in your achievements and skills and thus facilitate more informed decision-making about your future.  "elp you to create and maintain an effective curriculum vitae and provide you with solid and qualitative evidence to support future #ob applications. his will also help to ensure that references written on your behalf are fully informed. Level 1 Core Skills Matrix  his document forms the $file% for your first year and is part of the Learning Strategies assessment.

YOUR P RSO!"L #U#OR  &our Personal utor is your first point of contact for help or guidance you may need, whether this is on academic or personal matters.  &ou should see your Personal utor on a regular basis during each year to discuss your progress and the results of your self-reflections. 'See information on the Personal Tutor System in your Student Handbook(

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