Tamie Mitha, SH Jl. Bendungan Sigura-gura 65 Surakarta 7820 0876987274 January 26, 2013 Mr. Dewa Harsono Manager HR Lawyers Dewa Clubs Jl. RE. Martadinata 23 Bandung 40115 West Java Dear Mr. Dewa, I am writing to apply for employement at Lawyer Dewa Club. I have my focus on criminal law and I view that your firms is the best in criminal defense practises. That is way it is always my passion to be one of your employment. I have my degree in Law at Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta. During the time in my judicial clerk, i have gained valuable experinece in conducting litigation and investigation which makes me have the ability to serve the primary associate on numerous civil matters. Then I can provide good witnessing process and investigating facts. Furthermore, I am highly skilled in drfating legal memoranda, pleadings, appellate briefs and cort documents in well. I do believe in my capability to work well as a lawyer in your Club and offer this letter as a first step in job application process for me to include in you Club too. Please feel free to reach me at phone number above. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your good news. Sincerely yours, Tamie Mitha, SH