Duke didn't shoot the ball well nor did it have one of its big runs against Florida

State. • Rather, the 18th-ranked Blue Devils gave their all of Fa!e "oa"h a !ilestone win b# aggressivel# "rashing the glass, "onverting on turnovers and "ashing in at the free-throw line. Rodne# ood s"ored 18 $oints to hel$ Duke beat Florida State %8-&' on Saturda#, giving (ike )r*#*ewski his +,,th vi"tor# in his -.th season at the s"hool. /abari 0arker added 1. $oints for the Blue Devils 11'-., &-2 3tlanti" 4oast 4onferen"e5, who shot -1 $er"ent but nearl# doubled the Se!inoles on the glass while s"oring 2+ $oints off both turnovers and offensive rebounds. )r*#*ewski is the all-ti!e leader in "areer vi"tories in !en's Division 6 with +%-. e 7oins S#ra"use's /i! Boehei! as the onl# "oa"hes with at least +,, wins at one $rogra!. ''8hat's a lot of wins,'' )r*#*ewski said. ''6 thank Duke for kee$ing !e. 6've been blessed with being at one of the greatest s"hools in the world. 9reat s"hools don't ne"essaril# alwa#s have great $eo$le in "o!!and. 8his s"hool has. ... :e have a good thing going here and 6've been blessed to be here for over three de"ades and take advantage of that.'' Duke used an 11-, s$urt late in the first half to build a 2,-$oint lead on the Se!inoles 11--', .--5, who didn't get the !argin below double figures again. But Duke's shooting $er"entage and its 18 field goals were both season-lows. 8he Blue Devils had a .%-2. rebounding advantage, in"luding 2%-% on the offensive glass. 8he 2% offensive rebounds were the !ost for the $rogra! sin"e grabbing 28 against ;orth 4arolina 3<8 in De"e!ber 2,,2, a""ording to S838S ==4. 0arker, who had a "areer-high 1& rebounds in :ednesda#'s win against (ia!i, finished with 1. rebounds, while ood had nine. Duke also got a boost fro! reserve big !an (arshall 0lu!lee, who $osted "areer-highs of seven $oints and seven rebounds - with ea"h rebound "o!ing on the offensive glass. ''Rebounding is so!ething we've reall# tried to !ake a fo"al $oint these last few weeks,'' 0lu!lee said. ''3longside our defense, 6 feel like it's so!ething that's starting to show in re"ent ga!es so no !atter who we $la# we're ho$ing to "o!e u$ with the : on the boards and defensive sto$s.''

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