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Disclaimer: I do NOT claim ownership to any part of Hasbro's Taboo game. I do NOT claim ownership to any of the characters, movies, products, logos, or other intellectual property of the Walt Disney ompany. I created these cards for my personal entertainment only. !lease do not copy, distribute or sell these cards for any commercial purpose whatsoever" I am not responsible for any legal action against you that results from any trademar# or copyright violations against Hasbro or the Walt Disney ompany" Note: If you do use these cards and blog about them, please link back to this document or my blog post as a courtesy. Thank you!
This file contains 225 Disney themed Taboo cards. !"# cards are classified as $%eginner$ cards &re'uires basic kno(ledge of Disney characters, mo)ies, and attractions*. +5 cards are classified as $,-pert$ cards &you might ha)e to be a ma.or Disney geek to get these!*. INSTRUCTIONS !* /rint pages 2 20 on 12 letter si3ed &".5-!!$* paper. 2* /rint page 24 on the re)erse side of pages 2 20 to make a nice background for your cards! 5* 6ut along the solid lines to make your cards. HOW TO PLAY TH !A" !* In a nutshell, you pick a card, then get your team to guess the underlined (ord on the card by gi)ing them clues 7 but you can8t use any of the $taboo$ (ords printed on the card. The team (ho guesses the most (ords (ins! 9or details, here is a link to playing instructions for Taboo: http:::(((*./D9 2* Instead of regular Taboo cards, use these Disney themed cards to sho( your Disney 2ide and add a touch of pi-ie dust to your game! 5* If you are playing (ith younger children, remo)e the ,-pert cards from the deck. +* ;a)e fun! bonggamom

GLASS SLIPPER 6inderella /rince /rincess <oyal %all 9oot

CINDERELLA =lass slipper midnight stepmother >ice /rincess

FAIRY GODMOTHER 6inderella >agic (and >idnight /umpkin

BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO /umpkin transform magic 9airy =odmother

PUMPKIN orange )egetable ;allo(een carriage >idnight

TINKERBELL fairy pi-ie dust /eter /an /i-ie ;ollo( faith Trust

PIXIE DUST magic fly /eter /an Tinkerbell

NEVER NEVER LAND /eter /an ?endy 9ly 6aptain ;ook

LOST BOYS /eter /an @rphans Ne)er Ne)er Aand

CROCODILE 6aptain ;ook tick tock clock hand /eter /an

DIAMOND MINE 2e)en D(ar)es 2no( ?hite gems .e(els

MAGIC MIRROR 2no( ?hite 9airest in the Aand ,)il Bueen Talking

POISONED APPLE ,)il Bueen 2no( ?hite sleep /rince

SEVEN DWARVES Doc Dopey 2no( ?hite small >en

SNOW WHITE /rince 2e)en D(ar)es /rincess


JACK SPARROW /irates of the 6aribbean Cohnny Depp >atey Do ;o ;o <um DAVY JONES @ctopus /irate heart monster Aocker

Cack 2parro( %lack /earl 2kull Disneyland <ide

BLACK PEARL /irate 2hip boat =host

PIRATE SHIP sail (ater Fhoy

QUEEN OF HEARTS <ed @ff (ith her head 6ards Flice ?onderland

CHESHIRE CAT 2mile =rin Disappear >ad ?onderland RABBIT HOLE ?hite <abbit Flice fall ?onderland

JABBERWOCKY Flice >onster fight ?onderland

CATERPILLAR 2moke 9eet ?ho Fre Dou Flice

MALEFICENT Dragon Bueen curse magic 2leeping %eauty

BRIAR ROSE /rincess 2leeping %eauty si-teen Furora =irl

SPINNING WHEEL sharp die prick finger 2leeping %eauty

TRUE LOVE'S KISS /rince /rincess 9airy Tale ,nding

PRINCE PHILIP Furora 2leeping %eauty princess horse 2a)e

URSULA SEBASTIAN crab Friel music Aittle >ermaid @ctopus monster 2ea ?itch mermaid Aegs

KING TRITON sea Neptune father merman trident Friel

DINGLEHOPPER fork comb 2cuttle Friel

UNDER THE SEA song music 2ebastian 9ish

MRS POTTS teapot magic 6hip %east 6astle

BELLE %eauty %east /rincess >aurice books


LITTLE MERMAID Friel 1nder the sea fish Tail

,nchanted /rincess 6astle >agic Tale

ROSE red flo(er petal %elle %eauty and the %east

POCAHONTAS Cohn 2mith Nati)e (ind run Fmerica

TIANA restaurant cook beignets /rincess and the 9rog /rincess

HERCULES Demigod =od Geus ;ero 2trong

WHITE RABBIT late (aistcoat (atch ?onderland %unny

PRINCESS & THE FROG Tiana Na)een kiss Ne( @rleans mo)ie

MERIDA /rincess red shoot bear %ra)e

BRAVE BOW AND ARROW mo)ie >erida /i-ar 2cottish Aegend >erida shoot target Fim

BEAR black big animal beast %ra)e

MATER to( truck Aightning >cBueen best friend 6ars <ust

LIGHTNING McQUEEN race /iston 6up 6ars Ha 6ho(

COZY CONE MOTEL 2ally orange <adiator 2prings stay 2leep

DOC HUDSON 6hampion /iston cup (inner teacher <acer

TRACTOR TIPPING 6o(s >ater game field

RADIATOR SPRINGS 6ars ;igh(ay <oute 00 to(n Aightning >cBueen

MINNIE MOUSE ears tail girlfriend >ickey red dress

MICKEY MOUSE ?alt Disney >innie character star

DONALD DUCK 'uack sailor grumpy Daisy

DAISY DUCK 'uack feathers tail girlfriend Donald

GOOFY ga(rsh silly >ickey 9riend

PLUTO dog friend ears %ark

CARTOON animation mo)ie film dra(ing 2creen

PIXAR 6=I mo)ies computer animation studio Toy 2tory

WALT DISNEY animator (riter star >ickey 9ounder

HUEY, DEWEY, LOUIE Donald nephe(s boys triplets Three

PHINEAS & FERB in)entions %est Day ,)er Doofenshmirt3 /erry

PERRY THE PLATYPUS spy animal pretend semi a'uatic

DOOFENSHMIRTZ e)il genius /erry in)entions /hineas

HANNAH MONTANA >iley 6yrus singer t) sho( Disguise

MONORAIL Disneyland Disney ?orld ride sub(ay Transportation

FIREWORKS night light boom +th of Culy 2ho( MATTERHORN BOBSLEDS 2(it3erland Dodel Fbominable 2no(man

EVIL STEPMOTHER 6inderella 2no( ?hite 9airy Tale (itch Fpple

PARADE >arch music >ain 2treet +th of Culy band NEMO Dory >arlin 9ish

DORY %lue tang friend forgetful ,llen

CLOWN FISH @range striped anemone Nemo >arlin

SYDNEY HARBOR Fustralia dentist @pera ;ouse Nemo Tank

SEA TURTLE 6rush 2'uirt ocean old

OOZMA KAPPA raternity college >onsters >ike 2ulley

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY M!"# S$%%#& '($)& D#*+ Sc*,# G*-#'

JAMES P. SULLIVAN Sc*,#, /%$# -0+'(#, M!"#

MIKE WAZOWSKI =reen eye funny 2ulley >onsters Inc

JUNGLE CRUISE Fd)entureland ride boat (ater Fnimals

ADVENTURELAND Disneyland tropical Indiana Cones Tiki <oom

ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM Fd)entureland birds sing song 9lo(ers

DOLE PINEAPPLE WHIP food cold ice cream Tiki <oom

DISNEYLAND theme park AF Fnaheim >ickey

DUMBO #%#12*+( #*,' %& c!,c$' B*/&

ALADDIN G#+!# A,*/!*+ P,!+c# A%! J*'-!+# L*-1

MAGIC CARPET fly rug ride Fladdin

GENIE magic blue lamp ?ishes

JASMINE /rincess Fladdin 6arpet 9lo(er

LAMP magic Fladdin genie light rub

JIMINY CRICKET conscience /inocchio small 1mbrella

BLUE FAIRY magic /inocchio real boy

GEPETTO puppet father dad carpenter /inocchio

WHALE >onstro /inocchio =epetto s(allo( 2ea

PINOCCHIO puppet real boy =epetto Donkey

RAPUNZEL to(er hair Tangled /rincess

OLAF 9ro3en ,lsa sno(man summer 6arrot

MR. TOAD car (ild ride dri)e 9rog

TEA PARTY >ad ;atter ?onderland 1nbirthday >arch ;are 6ups

FANTASYLAND Disneyland /rincess 2mall ?orld 6astle

HAUNTED MANSION Disneyland Ne( @rleans 2'uare ride ghosts 2kellington

BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD Disneyland roller coaster 9rontierland mining cart =old <ush


BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Toy 2tory ?oody spaceman infinity %eyond

Disneyland 9antasyland /rincess kings 6inderella

WOODY Toy 2tory Fndy %u33 friend 6o(boy

JESSIE Toy 2tory ?oody %u33 co(girl 6o(boy

TOMORROWLAND Disneyland future rides 2pace >ountain

JEDI 2tar ?ars 9orce Iader 2ky(alker Doda

STAR WARS gala-y mo)ie Cedi Frtoo

DARTH VADER Cedi 9orce Auke father ,)il

YODA green master Cedi 9orce Auke

LIGHTSABER 9orce Cedi (eapon battle 2(ord

SPACE MOUNTAIN Disneyland dark ride roller coaster =ala-y

AUTOPIA Disneyland car ride dri)e Tomorro(land

PIZZA PLANET Toy 2tory Fndy eat food %u33

MAIN STREET USA ?alt Disney Disneyland parade entrance ?alk

A BUG'S LIFE 9lik circus small insect mo)ie

DISNEYLAND HOTEL Fnaheim stay bed >otel

WALT DISNEY WORLD @rlando 9lorida theme park Fnimal Hingdom ,/6@T

ORLANDO 9lorida ?alt Disney ?orld theme park >ickey

MICKEY EARS Disneyland hat theme park (ear head

WORLD OF COLOR Disneyland 6alifornia Fd)enture sho( lights 9ountains

FROZEN Fnna ,lsa Hristoff mo)ie 2no(

SPLASH MOUNTAIN Disneyland (et drop 6ritter 6ountry %rer <abbit

IT'S A SMALL WORLD Disneyland 9antasyland children international countries

ROGER RABBIT Toonto(n 6ar toon spin Cessica <abbit

SIMBA Aion Hing >ufasa 2car pride Nala

HAKUNA MATATA Timon /umba song No (orries

THUMPER %ambi rabbit deer bunny

STITCH Ailo ;a(aii ,l)is alien Naughty

TARZAN Cane .ungle king apes

343 DALMATIANS /ongo /erdita dogs 2pots

TIGGER /ooh Tiger ;undred Fcre ?ood %ounce

DISNEY ON ICE sho( skating gliding >usical

ESMERALDA ;unchback Notre Dame gypsy Dancer

EPCOT ?alt Disney ?orld future Test Track Nations

MUSHU >ulan 6hina =uardian Dragon

WALL5E robot ,)e trash 2pace

ROBIN HOOD >aid >arion foarchery 9riar Tuck

EEYORE /ooh donkey purple Thistles

TRAMP Aady dogs mutt %ark

MARY POPPINS Cane >ichael nanny >agic

FINN McMISSILE 6ars >ater spy >ichael 6aine


CHIP & DALE chipmunks t(ins naughty Donald Duck

Nightmare before 6hristmas

>ickey magic >agician %uckets

skeleton ;allo(een ;aunted >ansion

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL RAINBOW CONNECTION mo)ie Gach ,fron dancing 2harpay >uppets Hermit song %an.o

DUSTY CROPHOPPER /lanes 6rop duster <ace Fround the ?orld

KERMIT >uppets green frog >iss /iggy

GONZO >uppets chicken feathers Hermit

VANELLOPE <alph 2ugar <ush racer 6andy

POPCORN Disneyland food >o)ies 2nack

JACK JACK Incredibles baby superhero 9amily

DASH Incredibles fast speed 2on

FASTPASS park ticket line ?ait

RAINFOREST CAFE Do(nto(n Disney restaurant .ungle ?ildlife

TOWER OF TERROR ride T(ilight Gone ele)ator 9all

MOUSEKETEER >ickey 6lub kids >embers

DISNEY CRUISE ship boat sail ?ater

HUNNY honey pot /ooh 9ood

RAFIKI Aion Hing 2imba baby 6ra3y

GNOMEO & JULIET gnomes garden 2hakespeare Ao)e

HADES ;ercules god under(orld Death

PEGASUS ;ercules horse flying ?ings

HAPPILY EVER AFTER Fnd they li)ed... ending 9airy tales 2tory

CHURROS cinnamon dough fried 2nack

STAR TOURS 2tar ?ars 65/o ride 2imulator


BIG BAD WOLF pigs house huff %lo(

BE OUR GUEST %eauty and the %east Aumiere food Dining

UP do(n balloons 6arl <ussell

MR POTATO HEAD Toy 2tory remo)able parts /layskool

HANDY MANNY Disney Cunior mechanic tools 9i-

GOOD LUCK CHARLIE Disney 6hannel Duncan %ridgit >endler 9amilly

THE RESCUERS mice /enny %ianca %ernard

THE FOX & THE HOUND hunt enemies 9riends 6hase

TURKEY LEG Disneyland food huge 2nack

DOWNTOWN DISNEY shops stores restaurants 2hopping

LE FOU =aston sidekick %eauty and the %east %elle

FRANKENWEENIE 9rankenstein 2parky Iictor Dog

SWORD IN THE STONE 6amelot Frthur >erlin Hing

BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS Fngela Aansbury flying bed ?itch

CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG flying car Dick Ian Dyke >agical

DISNEYNATURE mo)ies (hales lions ?ildlife

KENAI %rother %ear 2itka Hoda ;uman

CHIMNEY SWEEP >erry /oppins %ert soot 6him chimenee

KISS THE GIRL Aittle >ermaid 2ebastian song %oat

PHIL HARRIS %aloo Aittle Cohn Thomas @8>alley 2inger

MEEKO /ocahontas racoon friend ;ungry

COOL RUNNINGS bobsled Camaica @lympics Cohn 6andy

BABES IN TOYLAND Fnnette 9unicello toys ?ooden soldiers %arnaby

OSWALD lucky rabbit ears 6artoon

ZERO dog ghost pet Cack 2kellington

MADAME LEOTA ;aunted >ansion 9ortune teller ;ead 6rystal ball

TWILIGHT BARK !#! Dalmatians chain message Dogs

HAYLEY MILLS /ollyanna /arent Trap That Darn 6at actress

ANNETTE FUNICELLO >ouseketeer 9rankie F)alon /arent Trap

HERBIE Ao)e %ug %eetle Iolks(agen <ace

THE SHAGGY D.A. dog ;uman king apes

KURT RUSSELL =oldie ;a(n De-ter <iley 2trongest >an Fctor

FREAKY FRIDAY Codie 9oster mom daughter 2(itch

FLUBBER green 2lime <obin ?illiams <emake

SONG OF THE SOUTH 1ncle <emus %are Necessities %rer <abbit %rer 9o-

BLUE BAYOU CAFE Ne( @rleans 2'uare /irates of the 6aribbean restaurant 2pecial

MONTE CRISTO count sand(ich %lue %ayou 9ried

D67 fan club Disney ,-clusi)e

,$+DISNEY race fitness marathon <un

ROY DISNEY ?alt %rother partner 6ompany

ADVENTURES BY DISNEY tra)el =lobal family 9un (orld

BLIZZARD BEACH ?alt Disney ?orld (ater s(im park ?a)es

DVC Disney Iacation 6lub timeshare rent Iacation

DUFFY bear >ickey stuffed /lush

MILO Ftlantis Hida e-plorer Aost

64,444 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA 6aptain Nemo Nautilus submarine 2'uid

AULANI ;a(aii @ahu resort tropical Iacation

CAST MEMBER Disneyland ?alt Disney ?orld (ork 2taff

IMAGINEER Disney company employee ,ngineer

GRAND CALIFORNIAN Disneyland hotel lu-ury 9rank Aloyd ?right

CHILI CONE QUESO 6ars Aand snack 6o3y 6one >otel 6heese

GRAND FLORIDIAN Disney ?orld hotel lu-ury ,-pensi)e