Move to Amend Resolution

RESOLVED, the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, OH stands with the ove to !mend cam"ai#n and communities across the countr$ to defend democrac$ from the corru"tin# effects of undue cor"orate "ower b$ amendin# the United States Constitution to establish that% &' Onl$ human bein#s, not cor"orations, are endowed with constitutional ri#hts, and (' one$ is not s"eech, and therefore re#ulatin# "olitical contributions and s"endin# is not e)uivalent to limitin# "olitical s"eech' *E +, FUR,HER RESOLVED, that the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, Ohio hereb$ -oins with other or#ani.ations statewide to instruct our state and federal re"resentatives to enact resolutions and le#islation to advance this effort, "rovided that the Church not devote more than /0 of its staff time and resources to this effort' Resolution !""roved% Februar$ &1, (2&3 otion% Second% Vote%

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