THE CENTRE FOR EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW announces its 14th annual competition for

for candidate fro! Ea tern E"ro#e$ %a&'an $ Ca"ca " and Centra& A ia
The scholarships are for the two-year supplementary master's program in EAST EUROPEA STU!"ES of the Uni#ersity of $arsaw% lasting from 1st Octo&er '(14 till )(th *une '(1+, The -entre has alrea.y &een host to o#er '/( stu.ents who were awar.e. their scholarships as part of the Program &etween '((1 an. '(1), The new scholarship hol.ers 0 the winners of this 14th -ompetition 0 will stu.y alongsi.e them an. the Polish stu.ents,
For detai& on c(o&ar (i# condition and re)"ire!ent $ #&ea e ee t ( i *oo'&et or +i it ,,,- t"di"!-",-ed"-#&
EAST EUROPEA SU11ER S-2OO3% a program for young researchers from the former So#iet Union% was initiate. in 1441, The SPE-"A3"SE! EAST EUROPEA STU!"ES PRO5RA11E was solemnly inaugurate. in the presence of the Prime 1inister of Polan. 0 *er6y 7u6e8 in 1449, The Program:s am&ition is to &e the heir of the pre-war tra.itions of Polish East European stu.ies con.ucte. most intensely in ;ilnius an. $arsaw, "t is a full-time% two-year master:s course% with + ma<ors, POST-5RA!UATE EAST EUROPEA STU!"ES ha#e &een a#aila&le since '(((, "n the aca.emic year '((1='(('% the special EAST EUROPEA STU!"ES S-2O3ARS2"P PRO5RA11E &ac8e. &y go#ernment fun.s an. inten.e. for can.i.ates from -entral an. Eastern Europe an. from the former USSR was launche., One of the program:s goals has &een to gi#e a chance of e.ucating young elites coming from the entire region, O#er '/( scholarships ha#e &een grante. so far to stu.ents coming from '/ .ifferent countries >Al&ania% Armenia% A6er&ai<an% 7elarus% 7ulgaria% -roatia% -6ech Repu&lic% 5eorgia% 2ungary% ?a6a8hstan% ?yrgy6stan% 3ithuania% 3at#ia% 1ace.onia% 1ol.o#a% 1ongolia% Romania% Russia% Ser&ia% Slo#a8ia% Slo#enia% Ta<i8istan% Tur8ey% U8raine an. U6&e8istan@, Three-year &achelor:s SPE-"A3"AE! EAST EUROPEA STU!"ES was esta&lishe. in '(1', The aim of East European Stu.ies is to e.ucate a s8ilful group of specialists in East European affairs, The -entre has also co-implemente. other programs% such as the 3A E ?"R?3A ! S-2O3ARS2"P PRO5RA11E >scholarship hol.ers mainly from the fiel. of management an. economics@ an. the S-2O3ARS2"P PRO5RA11E OB T2E 5O;ER 1E T OB T2E REPU73"- OB PO3A ! BOR COU 5 A-A!E1"-"A S >scholarship hol.ers mainly from the fiel. of humanities@, Since 1arch '((4% -entre has also organi6e.% in cooperation with the -ollege of Eastern Europe in $roclaw% the EAST EUROPEA $" TER S-2OO3% inten.e. for stu.ents .oing their last year of humanity stu.ies an. coming from Eastern Europe, "n '((+% our -entre was also entruste. with the tas8 of implementing the ?O STA TC ?A3" O$S?" S-2O3ARS2"P PRO5RA1 inten.e. for stu.ents from 7elarus,

CENTRE FOR EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES U NIVERSITY OF W ARSAW Potoc8ich Palace% ?ra8ows8ie Pr6e.mieDcie str, '+='9% ((-4'E $arsaw Tel, >49@ '' // '' ///F faG >49@ '' // '' '''F e-mailH stu.iumIuw,e.u,plF www,stu.ium,uw,e.u,pl

I- CANDIDATES .- -A !"!ATES may come from any of the countries of Eastern Europe% 7al8ans% -aucasus an. -entral Asia, Bor can.i.ates from Russia 0 country which is not an official &eneficiary of the Polish !e#elopment Assistance Program% stu.ies are paya&le, 2- PREBERE -E will &e gi#en to can.i.ates% who can pro#e their aca.emic achie#ements or organi6ational acti#ity an. whose accomplishments woul. allow them to put a.#ance. stu.y in this speciali6ation to goo. use in their own countries in #arious fiel.s of aca.emic or pu&lic life, II- SCHOLARSHIP CONDITIONS .- T2E PRO5RA1 lasts ' years >4 semesters@% of which the scholarship co#ers 4 months in a year, There is also a possi&ility of prolonging the scholarship for maG, 1 month in the 'n. year of stu.ies for finishing one:s thesis, 2- T2E PRO5RA1 of the stu.ies encompasses East an. -entral European% Russian an. the entire post-communist area:s history an. contemporary affairs, "t focuses on history% ethnicity an. political science% &ut also elements of art history% literature% culture% sociology% geography .emography% law an. economics, The program also also course of at least one language of the region, /- T2E PRO5RA1 has siG &asic ma<orsH a@ Eastern Europe .@ Russia &@ -entral Europe e@ -aucasus c@ the 7al8ans f@ -entral Asia

0- -OURSES $"T2" T2E BRA1E$OR? of the East European Stu.ies Program are taught &y Polish lecturers >the team of the -entre for East European Stu.ies@ an. &y a large group of guest faculty mem&ers% &oth Polish an. foreign% a US professor as part of the Uni#ersity of $arsaw-Bul&right !istinguishe. -hair in the -entre for East European Stu.ies, 5- T2E S-2O3ARS2"P -O;ERSH a@ Bees normally charge. for foreign stu.ents who stu.y at the Uni#ersity of $arsaw >approGimately J )%((( per year@ &@ Scholarship for foreign scholarship hol.ers &eing gra.uates of foreign institutions of higher e.ucation >1)/( P3 per month@, c@ Polish language course >.uring the one or two semesters of stu.ies@, .@ -ourse in one of the region's languages >for four semesters of the program@ e@ Payment for a research tour in Polan. >in the 1st year of stu.ies@, 1- -O !"T"O SH scholarship hol.ers must meet all the program an. scholarship reKuirements an. prepare a final written thesis% to &e su&mitte. in Polish% at the conclusion of the program, 2- "B these con.itions are not satisfie. or if the aca.emic progress .uring the program is insufficient% the scholarship may &e with.rawn,

III- RE3UIRE4ENTS .- -O1P3ETE! 1A stu.ies or eKual to them fi#e-year stu.ies% prefera&ly in the humanitiesF research wor8 or organi6ational an. practical eGperience in the fiel.s of interest of the East European Stu.ies are .esira&le, 2- A5E 3"1"TH )(, /- 5OO! &ac8groun. in the general issues concerning Eastern Europe% -entral Europe% Russia% -entral Asia an. the -aucasus% particularly in the 14th an. '(th century an. contemporary affairs% an. especially the perio.s of 149(s an. after 1441, 0- PASS" 5 5RA!E in the written eGamination on general >su&<ect matter as in point ) a&o#e@ an. in the Kualifying inter#iew, 5- ? O$3E!5E of the Polish% English an. Russian languages at a le#el guaranteeing that the stu.ent is a&le to un.erstan. the lectures an. specialist literature,

IV- DOCU4ENTS .- -OPC of uni#ersity .iploma >see """-1@, 2- T2OROU523C B"33E! " APP3"-AT"O BOR1 of East European Stu.ies Program can.i.ate >a#aila&le atH www,stu.ium,uw,e.u,pl =programy stypen.ialne=stu.ia wscho.nie@, /- -O -"SE >in Polish% up to ' pages maGimum@ letter of moti#ation in application for the Scholarship% outlining the stu.ent:s future plans connecte. with the gra.uation from the East European Stu.ies program at the Uni#ersity of $arsaw, The stu.ent shoul. also in.icate which ma<or he or she inten.s to choose > to the list of ma<ors pro#i.e. in item ""-)@, 0- -URR"-U3U1 ;"TAE >written in English@% sorte. in the re#erse chronological >i,e, the most recent e#ents are liste. first@% 1 photograph, 5- 3"ST of all aca.emic pu&lications 0 for can.i.ates who are alrea.y wor8ing in their fiel.F others shoul. inclu.e a list of their most significant aca.emic written wor8% <o&s% accomplishments or pro<ects, 1- !O-U1E TS% such as certificates% eGamination results% etc,% which certify can.i.ate:s of the Polish language, 2- OT2ER information% .ocuments or .etails that the can.i.ate &elie#es might assist the A.missions -ommittee in appropriate assessment of their applications,

V- APPLICATION .T2E -O1P3ETE SET of .ocuments shoul. &e stypen.ia,stu.iumIuw,e.u,pl &y .5t( 4arc( 25.0 at the latest, su&mitte. &y e-mail

2- 7C .5t( A#ri& 25.0% the special A.missions -ommittee of the East European Stu.ies Program will .eci.e on the results of the 1st stage of the competition an. select applicants for the 'n. an. )r. stagesF &oth groups will &e imme.iately informe. of the results &y e-mail, /- PART"-"PA TS in the 'n. >written eGamination@ an. )r. >Kualifying inter#iew@ phases are to meet any an. all further Kualification reKuirements in the presence of mem&ers of the A.missions -ommittee or its appointe. representati#es &etween . t 4a6 7 .5t( 8"ne 25.0 The Kualifying inter#iews an. eGaminations will ta8e place &oth at Polish .iplomatic posts a&roa. an. in Polan., !etaile. sche.ule will &e announce., 0- T2E B" A3 .ecisions &ase. on the Kualification results will &e ta8en &y the A.missions -ommittee &y .5t( 8"&6 25.0 an. the list of winners of the 14th -ompetition for East European Stu.ies Scholarships will &e announce., All Scholarship hol.ers will &e informe. #ia e-mail an. post, 5- -A !"!ATES with insufficient of Polish language% yet with fa#ora&le scientific eGam results 0 will &e o&ligate. to learn the language on their own as can.i.ates Kualifie. con.itionally, At the &eginning of Se#te!*er 25.0 they will un.ergo a further Polish language eGams process, VI- STUDIES .- T2E -OURSES &egin on 9t( Se#te!*er 25.0 with a.apti#e course for East European Stu.ies of Uni#ersity of $arsaw, 2- BORE"5 S-2O3ARS2"P 2O3!ERS will ha#e the same sche.ule of semester &rea8s% winter an. summer holi.ays as their Polish counterparts, /- S-2O3ARS2"P 2O3!ERS who meet all the program reKuirements% satisfactorily complete all coursewor8% present an. .efen. their theses shall recei#e a .iploma attesting to their successful completion of the speciali6e. two-year% supplementary 1aster's program in the Specialist EAST EUROPEA STU!"ES at the Uni#ersity of $arsaw, 0- T2E !"P3O1A constitutes a legally #ali. certificate of gra.uation from a Polish institution of higher e.ucation% recogni6e. to a.eKuate legal regulations in other mem&er states of the European Union,

P&ea e !a'e t(e #o ter and infor!ation *roc("re a+ai&a*&e to an6one #o i*&6 intere tedT(e !ateria& are a& o a+ai&a*&e on t(e ,e* ite at: ,,,- t"di"!-",-ed"-#&

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