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CORE COMPETENCIES Teaching/training design and delivery Academic research and publishing Writing and editing Organized and energetic campus leadership Skilled supervising and mentoring Advanced skills in digital graphics, presentations, and filmmaking

EDUCATION Stony Brook University Ph.D. in History, 2007. Dissertation: Benevolent Leverage: Substitute Mothers and Autonomy at the New York Foundling Hospital, 1869-1939. Advisor: Dr. Nancy Tomes. Fields of expertise: Reconstruction through the Great Depression; women; families; social welfare; adoption and foster care; ethnic religious communities; immigration/migration. Advanced Graduate Certificate in Womens Studies, 1998. Master of Arts in History, 1996. The Portfolio Center, Atlanta, GA Advanced advertising copywriting courses, 1990. University of MissouriColumbia Bachelor of Journalism, 1989. Summa cum laude, Honors College graduate. FACULTY EMPLOYMENT Assistant Professor of History, Penn State York, 2007-Present Teaching/Advising Developed U.S. history courses featuring active and collaborative learning components. Designed blended delivery models with significant percentage of requirements online. Consistently received student evaluation scores in the 80th and 90th percentiles. Designed student team projects featuring digital video technology and online blogs. Supervised independent research projects and museum internships. Advised students in academic and career planning. Counseled incoming freshmen at orientation. Mentored student clubs and led educational field trips. Research/Publishing/Presentations Published two research articles in academic journals and two academic book reviews. Two additional research articles have been revised and resubmitted for future publication.

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Won four competitive grants to fund research travel. Presented three research papers at U.S. academic conferences and two research papers at international academic conferences. Delivered four colloquium research talks to faculty peers and conducted three workshops on pedagogy. Gave five presentations on historical topics to community organizations. Leadership/Supervisory Responsibilities Evaluated pedagogy of part-time faculty in history, art history, philosophy, and geography. Peer-reviewed research manuscripts for academic publishers and journals. Chaired one search committee for philosophy instructor and served as Diversity Officer on two searches for tenure-track business administration faculty. Chaired Campus Senate committee on Teaching and Learning with Technology. Co-Chaired Committee on Wage Equity for University-wide Commission for Women. Appointed to university-wide Commission on Racial/Ethnic Diversity. Coordinated Womens History Month events on campus. Faculty, Stony Brook University, 1997-2007 Teaching Won awards for excellence in teaching from three departments. Appointed to full-time History Department lecturer in 2007. Served as part-time faculty in History, Womens Studies, Freshman Learning Communities, Honors College, and the School of Professional Development. Developed eleven undergraduate courses, three graduate seminars, and one online graduate course. Research/Presentations Published one reference article in an edited volume. Won two competitive grants to fund research travel. Presented six research papers at U.S. academic conferences and one research paper at an international academic conference. Delivered one colloquium research talk to History Department faculty and conducted a workshop for graduate students on navigating the Ph.D. job market. Leadership/Supervisory Responsibilities Supervised and mentored six graduate teaching assistants. Served on one History Department tenure-track faculty search committee. Served as History Department representative to the Graduate Student Educators Union. PUBLICATIONS Mothers of Necessity: Jewish Women and Foster Care in the Great Depression. Journal of Womens History, revised and resubmitted, 2013. [Research article]

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Rescuing the Jewish Babies of Gotham: Asylum Care, Fostering and Adoption in New York City from the Progressive Era through the Great Depression. Adoption and Culture, accepted, 2013. [Research article] The Baby Trains: Catholic Foster Care and Western Migration, 1873-1929. Journal of Social History. 46 (1) (Fall 2012): 197-218. [Research article] Catholic Charities USA: 100 Years at the Intersection of Charity and Justice. American Catholic Studies. 122 (3) (Fall 2011): 76-77. [Book review] Faith in Fostering: Catholic Adoption and Boarding-Out in Depression-Era New York. American Catholic Studies, 122 (1) (Spring 2011): 1-32. [Research article] Negotiating Relief: The Development of Social Welfare Programs in Depression-Era Michigan. The Michigan Historical Review. 35 (1) (Spring 2009): 135-137. [Book review] Science, Social Work, and Bureaucracy: Cautious Developments in Adoption and Foster Care, 1930s-1970s. In Children and Youth in Adoption, Orphanages, and Foster Care: A Historical Handbook and Guide, edited by Lori Askeland, 31-44. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2006. [Book chapter] PRESENTATIONS Academic Conference Papers Can a Warrior Wear a Tiara?: The Pressures and Possibilities of Disney Princessdom for Mulan and Merida. Panelist, International Association for Media and History, England, 2013. Homeless Jewish Babies in the Age of Immigration: Asylum Care and Adoption in New Yorks Progressive-Era Jewish Community. Panelist, International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Spain, 2012. Special Needs, Certain Advantages: Benefits of Fostering Children with Disabilities, 19001930. Panel organizer and presenter, Society for the History of Childhood and Youth, 2009. Qualified Motherhood: Catholic Foster and Adoptive Parenting during the Great Depression. Panelist, American Catholic Historical Association, 2009. Mothers of Necessity: Jewish Foster Home Campaigns in the Great Depression. Panel organizer and presenter, Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, 2008. New Ph.D.s on the Teaching Job Market: Advice from Both Sides of the Trenches. Panel organizer and chair, American Historical Association, 2008. Are You My Mother? Catholic Boarding Care and the Unadoptable Child. Panelist, Social History Society, England, 2007. Special Deliveries: The New York Foundlings Baby Train Migration Program. Panelist, Nineteenth-Century Studies Association, 2007. Mercenary Mothering: Wet Nurses and Foster Mothers at the New York Foundling Hospital. Panelist, American Culture Association, 2007. Catholic Foster Care: The Substitute Mother and the Un-adoptable Child. Panelist, Hebrew Union College Center for the Study of Ethics and Contemporary Moral Problems, 2007.

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The Cradle and the Tenement Wet Nurse: Feeding Abandoned Waifs at the New York Foundling Asylum. Panelist, New York State History Association, 2007. University Colloquiums and Workshops Martin Luther King., Jr. and Gandhis Philosophies and Strategies of Non-Violence. Invited panelist, Penn State York Diversity Colloquium, 2014. Babies in Cubicles, Animated Women Warriors, and Rainbow Umbrellas: One Historians Works in Progress. Invited lecture, Penn State York Faculty Colloquium, 2013. Document Camera Uses in the Classroom. Teaching demonstration, Penn State York, 2010. Writing Across the Curriculum. Invited faculty workshop on designing and grading effective writing assignments for any discipline, Penn State York, 2010. Industrial-Era Factory Simulation. Invited teaching demonstration on collaborative learning for prospective students with learning disabilities, Penn State York, 2010. Tips for Classroom Use. Invited faculty workshop on detecting and deterring plagiarism, Penn State York, 2009. Designing Digital Video Projects for Students: Best Practices. Invited digital video presentation, Penn State University Media Commons, 2009. Adoption History is Womens History. Invited lecture, Penn State York, 2008. Women, Work, and Dollars: Gender Inequality Among Faculty. Invited lecture, Penn State University Commission for Women, 2008. The Baby Trains and the Origins of Modern Adoption. Invited lecture, Penn State York, 2007. Succeeding in the Ph.D. Job Market. Invited lecture, Stony Brook University History Department, 2007. Community Organizations Ambivalent Sisterhood: Young Womens Choices, 1970s to the New Millennium. Invited lecture, Dover Garden Club, PA. 2011. Womens HistoryThe Disney Way. Invited sermon, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York, 2009. Unmasking the Superhero: The Misunderstood History of Civil Rights Legends. Invited sermon, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York, 2008. The History of Thanksgiving. Invited lecture, Country Meadows Retirement Community, York, PA, 2007. TEACHING AND SUPERVISION OF GRADUATE TEACHING ASSISTANTS Penn State York Undergraduate Courses: U.S. History American Civilization since 1877, lower-division seminar (35 students) and honors seminar (20 students). Disneys America: Race, Class and Gender in Twentieth-Century Animated Films, lowerdivision seminar (30 students). The Sixties: Politics, Social Movements, and Culture, lower-division seminar (25 students).

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Women in Modern History, lower-division seminar (25 students) and upper-division research seminar (7 students). Sex and Gender Roles in the American Family, lower-division seminar (20 students). Undergraduate Internships and Independent Studies Supervised two museum internships at York County Heritage Trust. Designed and supervised three honors research projects and one research assistantship. Stony Brook University Undergraduate Courses: U.S. History Supervised a graduate student teaching assistant in all courses with 60 or more students. All courses featured daily discussion participation, collaborative learning activities, and significant online interaction (course content, exams, discussion boards, and online writing submissions). The Healer and the Witch in History, Upper-division lecture/discussion (80 students). History of Social Welfare in the U.S., Upper-division lecture/discussion (50 students). U.S. Social History 1860-1920, Upper-division lecture/discussion (60 students). Undergraduate Courses: Interdisciplinary Introduction to Womens Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Lower-division seminars (30 students). Science and Religion: Contemporary Issues, Learning Communities freshman seminar for nursing and science students that focused on skills for college success (30 students). Global Inequalities in Healthcare: Experiencing Illness around the World, Secondsemester seminar for Learning Communities students (30 students). Graduate Courses: U.S. History U.S. History I: Pre-European Contact through the Civil War and U.S. History II: Reconstruction through the Present, Seminars for social studies teachers pursuing the Master of Arts in Teaching (25 students). Rise of American Labor, Seminar for graduate students in Human Resource Management (25 students). Online Graduate Courses: Womens Studies Women, Work and Dollars, Online seminar for graduate students in Human Resource Management (20 students). COMPETITIVE GRANTS AND AWARDS Penn State York Advisory Board Research Grant, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2008. Research and Development Award, 2011.

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Harvard University Schlesinger Library Research Grant, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, 2007. Notre Dame University Hibernian Research Grant, Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, 2007. National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute Grant, Bethel University, 2007. Stony Brook University Vivien Hartog Distinguished Graduate Student Award, Womens Studies Department, 2004. Presidents Award for Outstanding Teaching, Graduate School, 2003. Hugh Cleland Award for Innovative Teaching, History Department, 2003, 2001. PUBLIC HISTORY CONSULTING Cradled in Judea: Jewish Orphanages in New York, 1860-1960. American Jewish Historical Society, New York. 2006. Consultant/Writer. Planes, Places, and People. Port Washington Library, New York. 1997. Oral history interviewer. SERVICE TO THE HISTORY PROFESSION, UNIVERSITY, AND COMMUNITY Service to the History Profession Peer reviewer of academic manuscripts, 2009-2011. Reviewed manuscripts for Edwin Mellen Press, American Catholic Studies, and Adoption and Culture journals. Service to University Community and Government Bodies Chair, Penn State York Teaching and Learning with Technology Campus Senate committee, 2013-2014. Chair, Penn State York Campus Senate faculty search committee for tenure-track position in philosophy, 2011. Diversity Officer, Penn State York Campus Senate faculty search committees for tenuretrack positions in business administration, 2009-2010. Co-chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Wage Equity, Penn State Commission for Women, 20092011. Appointed member, Penn State Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity, 2013-2014. Appointed member, Penn State Commission for Women, 2008-2011. Member, Stony Brook University faculty search committee for tenure-track position in history, 2005. Member, Womens Studies Advisory Board, 1999-2000. Representative, Graduate Student Educators' Union, 2004-2005.

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Service to Faculty, Administration, and Department Peer reviewer of Penn State York faculty in history, art history, philosophy, and political geography, 2007-2013. Coordinator, Penn State York faculty writing group, 2008. Coordinator, Penn State York Women's History Month events, 2008, 2013. Coordinator, Penn State York campus womens staff and faculty mentoring and fellowship dinner group, 2009-2012. Coordinator, Penn State York campus recreational tennis league, 2009-Present. Volunteer, Penn State York Pathways to STEM Careers workshops for junior-high girls, 2007-2011. Author and presenter, Stony Brook University history department seminar for graduate students on succeeding in the teaching-job market, 2007. Service to Students Academic advisor for Penn State York liberal arts majors, 2007-Present. Freshman orientation advisor for Penn State York, 2008-2009, 2013.. Community Activism Chair, Anti-racism Committee, Unitarian Universalist Church of York, 2009-2011. Coordinated and facilitated film events, book discussions, and a year-long curriculum on racism awareness, the history of race relations in the U.S., and anti-racist activism. Tutor for inner-city youth, Crispus Attucks Community Center, 2009-2011. PARTICIPATION IN FACULTY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS Student Success and Course Management Increasing Student Motivation. Designing Effective Reading Assignments. Helping Students Improve Reading Skills. Writing Across the Curriculum. Designing Web-Based Projects for Students. Conducting Student-Centered Discussions. Businesses Love It/Students Hate It: Team-Based Learning. Understanding the Need to Cheat. Understanding and Managing Classroom Behaviors. Strategies for Promoting the Success of ESL Students. Generational Differences in the Classroom. Classroom Technologies Prezzi, the iPad, and Clickers. Building Your Faculty Web Page.

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The Uses of Blogs and Twitter in the Classroom. Digital Storytelling. Innovative Tips for Powerpoint Lectures. Designing a Blended Learning Course.

Teaching and Advising Theory Inspired College Teaching and Educational Research. Discussion of Parker Palmers The Courage to Teach. Quality Matters Peer-Review Course Design Training. Helping Students Manage their Academic Careers. The Role of Silence in Student Advising Conversations. Campus Management Cultivating Academic Culture. Faculty Roles in Student Retention. Preparation for Active Shooter Emergency on Campus. ACADEMIC EMPLOYMENT (NON-FACULTY) Departmental Assistant and Graphic Design Specialist, Womens Studies Program, Stony Brook University, 1997-2004 Helped to organize and facilitate academic conferences. Designed programs, awards, and promotional items for department events. PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT (NON-ACADEMIC) Journeyman Graphic Designer and Technical Support Specialist, Westar Corporation, St. Louis, MO, 1993-1995 Wrote and designed newsletter for computer users at Army Aviation Command Post. Provided technical and graphic software support. Won corporate award for customer service. Community Education Director, Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments (ALIVE), Inc., St. Louis, MO, 1990-1993 Supervised volunteer crisis service providers and community speakers. Wrote instructional materials and conducted trainings for agency volunteers. Recruited law enforcement agencies to distribute referrals to victims of violence. Wrote and delivered domestic violence trainings to law enforcement and community groups. Freelance Advertising Copywriter, Columbia and St. Louis, MO, 1987-1990 Wrote and designed magazine and newspaper ads for local businesses.