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Instructions for the installation of HV-CONNEX bushings No.

Page 1/2 Size 5S, 6, 6S

Design variations for the sealing system (illustration shows Size 5S) in the housing flange of the respective switchgear manufacturer's GIS


in the bushing by means of an O-ring sealing system consisting of an O-ring slot in the area of the contact surface and an O-ring seal. The sealing surface of the GIS housing flange or of the transformer must have a max. roughness of 1.6.

Bushing installation instructions 1. Remove the cover of the bushing. 2. Clean all cast resin surfaces of the bushing, including the O-ring slot (depending on design) and the O-ring (depending on design), and the sealing surface of the housing flange of the GIS or transformer, with pure benzine or acetone. Grease the O-ring with a little Vaseline and fit in the O-ring slot. Sealing surface of the GIS housing or of the transformer

3. Lubricate the threads of the stud bolts with a little lubricant (e.g. Molykote or Centoplex 24DL) and screw into the housing flange. 4. Feed the bushing into the housing flange of the GIS or transformer. 5. Align the holes in the bushing flange with the studs and feed the flange over the studs.

Gebrauchsanleitung zum Einbau von HV-CONNEX-Gerteanschlussteile Instructions for the installation of HV-CONNEX bushings No. 6. 7. 8. Seite / Page 2/2 Gre / Size 5S, 6, 6S

Place washers on the stud bolts and tighten the hexagonal nuts evenly so that the flange is pulled against the bushing. Tighten the hexagonal nuts evenly to a torque of 35 Nm. Grease the tapered interior of the cast resin bush with Pfisterer special "FOMBLIN" grease before the CONNEX cable connector or blanking plug is plugged in. Size 5S (up to Umax. = 145 kV)

Size 6 (up to Umax. = 170 kV)

Size 6S (up to Umax. = 245 kV)

In the case of Size 6S, the diameter of the housing flange according to IEC 859 must be reduced by means of an additional flange to 220 mm (565554001) for bushings without voltage taps, or 260 mm (565554002) for bushings with voltage taps.

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