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Rolas en El Mañanero.

Rolas en El Mañanero.

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Published by: Brozo Xmiswebs on Jan 27, 2014
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Rolas en El Mañanero, 27 enero. 1. ‘S Wonderful, Shirley Bassey. Cd. Shirley Bassey. 2014. 2. Like Lee, Marquis Hill. Cd.

Sounds of the City. 2012. . Vaya con Dios, !he "rifters Cd. #nder the Board$al%. 1&'4.

4. A Bluish Bag, Shelly Manne ( His Men. Cd. )a** +unn, ,lay Henry Man-ini.s Musi- for the /il0 1+unn2. 1&'7.

3. Piano Concerto no. 2in !inor, o". #$, 4undi 5i, Berliner ,hilhar0oni%er dir. Sei6i 7*a$a. 2007. '. Se%ora Bonita, E0ilio +8l9e*. Cd. E0ilio +8l9e*: El ;ndio +rande, 40 Boleros y Ran-heras. 2004.

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