History of the UNYT (2)

The History of the University of New York at Tirana The University of New York at Tirana [UNYT] was inaugurated

in September 2002, having re eived a !i ense from the "!banian government [#overnment $e ree Nr% &'(] in "ugust 2(th 200)% *t was founded in order to address to the regiona! needs for an "meri an edu ationa! system and to prepare future !eaders and business e+e utives with a !ibera! arts and business edu ation, a ross, u!tura! perspe tive, and a ompetitive spirit% *ts ob-e tives are to imp!ement f!e+ib!e and innovative pra ti es in tea hing and !earning in response to the g!oba!!y hanging fa e of higher edu ation% .urrent!y at its se ond year of fun tioning, the University of New York at Tirana offers a /a he!or0s degree onferred by the State University of New York 1 2mpire State .o!!ege at Tirana% 3urthermore, as from September 200), the UNYT, in o!!aboration with the *nstitut Universitaire 4urt /5s h in Sion, Swit6er!and and the University of Sunder!and, offers a 7aster0s programme in /usiness "dministration [7/"]% 8ast, but not !east, as from 9une 200) the UNYT has be ome an asso iate partner of the .ambridge University *nternationa! 2+aminations% Situated in the heart of the ity of Tirana, the UNYT aspires to estab!ish itse!f as a dynami , mu!ti u!tura! and !eading entre for higher edu ation in the /a!kans% To support the needs of its students, resear h, and s ho!arship, the university is e+pands its !ibrary resour es, organises s ientifi seminars promoting resear h and s ho!arship, and engages into origina! resear h and promotion of high!y s ho!ar!y works% The UNYT is a fas inating b!end of ha!!enge and vision, in response to the needs of a g!oba! so iety and era% *t is for this reason why the UNYT attra ts students of high abi!ity and emp!oys a ademi staff of distin tion, some re ognised as internationa! !eaders in their fie!ds%

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