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Half persian 4-1 for dummies
Submitted by tipo mastr ( tipomastr at )
HP 4-1 for Dummies (Photos) By TipO MasTr This guide is designed for people that have tried at least twice to get half persian four in one, and are very frusterated with the weave and how to make it. It also is for the blooming mailler that wants to know some cool weaves easily. well, here goes... Step 1: close three rings and open one.

step 2 : put the three closed rings on the open ring, and close the open ring.

step 3: flip the left-most ring over, and put the topmost ring on top of it.

Step 4: put the ring next left on top of the ring that's currently sitting on top of the right-most ring.

Step 5: this has been easy until now, right? well, here's where it gets complicated. open a ring, and lay it next to the weave as shown. see the blue part? well, to refer to that bottom part of the ring, I will say "the blue part".

step 6: put the open ring through the rightmost ring. lay it out with the blue part on the bottom.

step 7: add a closed ring (green) onto the open ring (put it on the blue part) and push it in so it lines up with the ring you connected to in step 5 (red). it should go under it.

26/09/2009 17:03:50

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step 8: now flip the open ring so that the blue part is going to the left, and curving slightly up.

step 9: turn the open ring clockwise, so the blue part passes up through the next left ring (yellow).

step 10: place the next left ring (red) over the blue part, so the blue part passes up through it.

step 11: close the open ring.

You're done! just repeat steps 5-11 to continue! Here's a finished chain, it's obviously very good-looking!

If you understand now (which you probably should, since I went pretty in-depth), CONGRATS!!! good luck (if you don't understand, there's always other tutorials on this site! -- Ed.)

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26/09/2009 17:03:50