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Holka’s mantra: have skates, will travel
By Mick Hatten


Danica’s not here First Place: St. Cloud Times, to please Dave Schwarz This portfolio really shone with a little Bubba
All Dailies

A lot of from guys — a few the bit of everything. The photos of them actually named Bubba, but mostly good boys who should be police officer’s memorial ol’ really helped named Bubba — are squirming. And they’ll it stand out above the rest. Identifying probably keep right on MEN’S BASKETBALL squirming through the PREP GYMNASTICS: STATE TOURNAMENT race three days from the key players in those photos made it now. Season is Weather permitting, the Daytona 500 will be reader friendly. Female boxers get in the ring havemore a held on Sunday. It’s the over for Super Bowl of NASCAR, SPORTS 1B 3A od LOCAL the year’s biggest race in the world’s most popular injured racing circuit. Times, Second Place: St. Cloudauto And the guy who’s this year’s No. 1 qualifiRothstein er, the guy who’s starting Kimm Anderson in the pole position, isn’t a guy. For the very first time. stood out Another portfolio that really Danica Patrick, unonto St. Cloud State mistakably female, on g that we can hold thinbe re anywill s ‘Is the above the rest. The fireworks image without its leading scorer Sunday became the first ask ourselve “Today, we need to Top-ranked ” for the rest of the men’s woman to win the pole at f?’ this time of grie to help us through basketball season. Daytona — or in any DAY, FEB. 11, 2013 , GET NEWS UPDATES AT SCTIMES.COM and photo of the dog were excellent, Senior forward Theo NASCAR race, for that Melrose aims Rothstein matter. l a n o i t a N e h t t a y a d n o M l i g i v t h g i l e l d n a c a g n i r u d r e k c e D m o T f o y r o m e m n i s e l d n a c o w t sdloout h kceztirK giarC reciffO dnomhciR-gnirpS dloC found It’s a development and I liked the spot news that asmakes well. for 2nd straight early the Bubbas MOC.SEMITDUOLCTS@ZRAWHCSD ,ZRAWHCS EVAD YB OTOHP SEMIT .C.D ,notgnihsaW ni lairomeM sreciffO tnemecrofnE waL Wednesday of the world squirm, on championship morning so many levels. And that he had they’re likely to continue torn the squirming for a long of FargoThird Place: The Forum ACL in his time to come. right knee. We’re not going to The Melrose gymnastics He also has offer a detailed analysis Moorhead, David Samson team will enter Friday’s a partial of Patrick’s Daytona 500 state gymnastics meet as tear of the chances in this space, the top-ranked team in Class meniscus and the MCL in because frankly we’re The cover photo on this portfolio of the A for the second season in a the knee. not qualified to give one. READ WHO WORE, row. Rothstein, a St. MiI don’t pretend to know a flyover made it a winner in my book. What’s different this year gradulot about NASCAR. WON WHAT LIFE 8A llerkciD einahpetS yB saw ligiv thgileldnac dnuF la niaga derettuchael-Albertville saw emiss sarh pe hT as the Dutchmen go for their ate, will the rest of They go fast, they D N I F O T E R O M second straight state title is the Friturn left. They go fast, moc.semitduolcts@llerkcids -htag ,ylimaf s’rekceD moT -kceD yb em it year, sihstarting t ,yadwith noM What a unique way to capture a hard their frame of mind. day’s game at Minnesotathey turn left. That’s just SCSU vs. Wis soR reh towill ms ’rea E Nkey ILFrid N O year DN A ED ISNI fo sdnasuoht htiw ereht dere -ed ehs sa alleCrookston. “Last we knew we consin He face the first lap, with hunhoc were ay the| sct topime dog and we 6to 9-month rehab. dreds of virtually identie r a e r e h T “ — NOTGNIHSAW s r e c i f f o d n a s r o v i v r u s r e h t o e e s o t e k i l s a w t i t a h w d e b i r c s s.c event. om | Sai sreciff o owt woh tuo ba daeR » were expected to win,” Mel- nt Cloud Sports gallery The 6-foot-6 Rothstein cal laps to follow.
See HOLKA, Page 4D

Laura Holka got a chance to see her son, Joey, play in a college hockey game for the first time earlier this season. St. Cloud State was playing North Dakota and there were thousands of people in the stands. “You can see it on TV, but once you get here, you realize how far you’ve come,” Joey said. “As stressful as things are, it’s kind of nice to sit back and look at that and how far you’ve come.” Laura, a local TV producer, was visiting from her home in Phoenix where Joey grew up. Holka, a sophomore forward, scored the biggest goal of his college career on Feb. 9 in a win over top-ranked Minnesota.

The Huskies, ranked Nos. 7/8 in the latest national polls and leading the WCHA standings, go back on the road this weekend. St. Cloud State has a series at Colorado College with games starting at 8:37 p.m. Friday and 8:07 p.m. Saturday in Colorado Springs. Holka’s hockey career has helped him criss-cross North America since he was a youth player. There was not a ton of hockey players in Arizona when Holka, 22, was growing up and it was tough to explain. “They didn’t understand where I was going off to every weekend or really understood the type of commitment it was from an early age to try to make things work,” Holka said.

St. Cloud State sophomore forward Joey Holka goes down near the net during a game against the University of Nebraska-Omaha at the National Hockey and Event Center in St. Cloud. TIMES PHOTO BY DAVE SCHWARZ,



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Doing their best for a title


By Andy Rennecke


By Tyler Buckentine

Theo Rothstein

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IN e ht like, fo t‘We’re ser eh t rof ennalp SUBSCRIBE dna redloH cirE lareneG ACTIVA out and do our best each day “We were it -oP dnomhciR-gnirpS dloC fo People who say they TE hoping E-NEWSPA ws Obitua .A6 egaP hapno keew Ne and whatever happens, wouldn’t be a full tear ofPERtsHEL don’t FEA like and don’t unries al P rekceD moT reciffO ecil -e rceS yt iruceSp S orts dnal emoH TURED: aren’t Opinion the ACL, but that’s what it derstand NASCAR Watchdog pens.’ No one stresses over Entertainment s a f f a t s s e m i T h t i w p u p e e K » Cha t e d o t s d r o w o n e r a e r e h T .rebmevoN s a d n A . o n a t i l o p a N t e n a J y r a t Sub Life mit it.” ended Rothmuch different from the Recipes Pre Woup odsbeing,” /W ate p Foo rs tba A first they people who Vid egarevoThe c erClass ahs o t team eunimeet tnoc yeht ll eDea eos don’t like and aessaid. eh“At t e birc sBusin oess t ylisae emac sdrow ynaM ht lCh ,k sun d o t teO defHo nrut thgiliwt tileldnac fo stein icke Tas starts at11a.m. and the Class thought I had an MCL, don’t get baseball, or meTix ry on Wednesday. Cemete s Nichola St. hgin ya dno M seccomafd, Tom Decker, :flate s mih reciffo eht ebircsed ,aroruA ni sreciffo fo snoitca eht not2A gnteams ihsaW morfat so ohp dna compete 6t p.m. and meniscus soccer, or any other Fin— d wht funeral of her husban at you ACL ed to her after the an American flag are kin Friday at the University of plete tears, just endsport where there apfor ONLI ... inDecker u holds eh t ,srapresent e t loo e h t g,|but n eit r d ih c .nos ,rehtor b, r ehE, ta f NE ,dnpersonn abel sattend uh -soB ;.nnoC ,nwotweN ;.oloC -Alicia INSID E .rettiwT no MOR m SEARCH Minnesota Sports Pavilion ed up being thech@stclou ACL that pears to be a lot of pointpach kallenspa law enforcement Advice By Kevin Allens » More than 2,300 y cold day, a strong Page 4A. bitterl the Tom On more . s m r o f f e i r g eofh t ye vnfor oOfficer co t Decker. sdr o w tlive uon B s r e h t o d n a , s a x e T , t s e W ; n o t can services actions Minnesota. was fully torn.” less noodling around — oediv in other emergency. wind whipped a convoy dn a yrellag otoAMY hp aBOWEN eeS » members say his forcement and nation lights flash» Decker’s family broththe 5A.Crossword cars, The — around squad nel from hopes compassion. Page OLLEGEVILLE t than 1,000 As they s is person The Class A and Class 2A through others’ Rothstein to l, play of Decker’s funeral of suppor which is pretty much all silent. officer wall more and sirens police a deep ofd videos and e h t t a w o r c e h t g n o m A a r o f — d n i h e b t f e l h t a e d s . d e z i n g o c e r e r e w , formed ing erhood TIMES WRITER photos, They Abbey Travelih » See more line.” the funera park at St. John’s attended ta .C.D meets ni stn eve ht morf called “the thin blue as thousands individual start ate the overseas next season. of them. Cold queued to burial at www.s all of and sday, burial On Wedne 4A procession and Police Officer with See DECKE mixed -nE w aL a no ita N -Richm la u nna htme 52 I -ne naR, Page ,tn emtraped a ,yBooks limaf ond of blue same times Saturday. “My doctor told shades But the bigger picture WWW.SCTIMES.COM/LIFE SUNDAY, AUG. 4, l2013 ns, blacks Spring .moc.semitcs.www browns and maroo of law en- Tom Decker. Melrose lost its top peruniforms could be completely is this: In the biggest of the reds and A6 egaP ,REKCED eeS -ithe ro m eM srec iffO t nem ecrof .ecracs neeb evah — etats erit former from last season’s healthy in six months. I race of the year, a womchampionship team, Hailey want to take the shot of an has vaulted to the March of 8, 201 Brinkman, to graduation. playing overseas,” Rothforefront what 3 has honor Tom.” Jim nity outpouring ADV Richmond Mayor imERTISEM Brinkman won three events stein said. always been a man’s ns of ENT commu esch also was and heartfelt emotio d look to pay Hemm by the amount of mon people is – uneven bars, floor exera senior, this sport. Bubba’s sport. d so many Cold Spring, Rich “As y,” he presse tribute to Tomm support. ice I wanted d serv Rec cise and balance beam – to right where this And a lot of those Bubom mend said. “Everybody showe k on Decker’s life, Mayor can 0 bac nity Spring Cold that the commu the profor claim the Class A all-around team to be this year. bas are none too happy Tweet lined up er when they Schmitz said the more 0 ll into the village of h Cold Doug t from law enforce- come togeth something Decker is carried By Stephanie Dickre cession throug ond. sday. to when 0 Pare The casket of Tom championship. “It sucks Isuppor won’t be nity need WANT about it. ceremonies Wedne s,” he sdickrell@stcloudtim Spring and Richm Cold ment and the commu St. Nicholas for funeral like this happen and sive. He was Richmond impres was the As “Hailey was totally the said. atchil able to help them out, but I “Goldurn wimmin. It — ees by the View Thumb the fuCOLD SPRING TO GO? a Spring city employ l and especially moved cemeAround noon, as s family mourns funera r the Collethe in in Decke from leader and she held the team Mady Brinkman dismounts BUY PHO continued know these guys cantedo ain’t raht. This ain’t their and tended . ceremony wor with taps, neral , cars could be seen TOthe uneven bars as teammates Abby bused to the church husband, son, father comple were tery, a Spring geville ly sion brother, the Cold Hinnenkamp (left) and Lydia Butkowski wait their turn while practicing together,” Masog said. “Today was certain day flag and a rifle salute. it.” place.” niCelebrate lining the proces law commu r ond many toge sombe so Richm and the c are and “There ser- histori route, though Spring Wednesday Melrose High School. TIMES PHOTO BY DAVE SCHWARZ, But really, why is vehicles ties mourn a public for the city,” Cold r Paul things that just stick out,” enforcement Hands deppin s eh -42 s ’ainavlat ys nneP ts apAcross a great on a Administrato vant. said. “It was s- City See 3 of 17 DSCHWARZ@STCLOUDTIMES.COM See MELROSE, Page 4D ROTHSTEIN, 2D that? Why can’t NAShonor “Hopefully, he Page 5A great Hundreds on Wedne l Hetlan a Page d said. honor to see, See REFLECT, funera the World’s proj day attended the Abbey none of us see this again.” for the Decker family, to . k c e n s t i v i l e d e h t a h t , t i m i l k e e w the CAR be a woman’s at St. John’s “It was great to see nds 10-year anniChurch while thousa duri Mommy wars exist. place? e m a c s l i a t e d y l s i r g e h T y r u j e h T l l i t s e r e w o h w s e i b a b d e r e ” PAGE t attendees pare so-called “fiscal cliff. When it comes to even MIAC MEN’S BASKETBALL: AUGSBURG 74, ST. versary. JOHN’S A 67 Once you bring chills PAGE 6A. ns. wind r America READ Bitte Native 1B. RAPID a ey owt naht erom home tuo your ro precious gnirepmihw ,gnCommunity ivom nruter lliw sports, what s isr a wombeUp Next 3B of St. Nicholas hours - clas Deaths Page ” Local High Weather n By Kirsti Maroh the funeral proces N “Buddy Bowen fore DOW Bertram an’s “place”?-agitsevni na gnirud oga » G DIES ACTIN CATE d.raM new kmarohn@stcloud arrive ela D eri a l cy ilc ymi rg ADVO sih ta srosSr., s60, ic s 99, dn a eh ta ht dna ,gnihCelebration taerb ot 12 yaM sion Avon child, you start to see law yB 39 -n get to Then came the Anne Nolan There’s no reason “Junie B. Jones” actors TOWN» Lucille D. Gilson, Area DFL activist officers, in Picnic will be LUXEMBURG PAGE 1B. mot Rapids the great divide be first-graders again ion. Sauk. s has died at age 53. tiny town enforc Low gly sserement Pd etendles aico ssA gurd or noitpircserp fo n oit ci 53,r,St. raeh ”d eppiamong ns“ stnatsissa sih -ive why Danica Patrick, Cloud SHIP — In the GREAT Theatre product farm two seemin » Anne C. Nolan, near the dairy r grew parallel lines of police 5-8 p.m. Aug.13 63, State Partly cloudy rece s mothers. In one camp, » Richard J. Reisinge any other woman, can’t 25 where Tom Decke masse and emergency vehicle Life of y formerl in, s’llensoG By taFrank gn ikciff art sa ,day 2 7 on ,lSTOR le n soG t im rof eK .rD no ecned ,s enips ’snrobwe n ehtheldPark. Champl into St. CAST up, they came en at Wilson that streamed e. Y home FORE Han Rajkowski Auggies off the sixth“Unfortunately, they 45 the court be just as good of a NASCloud goodby you have the stay-atSt. 8A final almost MIAC MEN’S st, a THEIR for say as to foreca $1.1 a ” Valley, 95, Complete Minnesota projects of the Patri- Nichol s, from all over » Mathilda “Tillie n Hannah Reiter catches snowflakes on her tongue while playing snow Sunday High Members discussio officials but minute ntary, The event is seeded Johnnies 74-67 at a did.” the high seed with the conA — A I H P L E D A L I H P dthe e hs irev op minear na Technical ni cin i l c CAR driver in as Jimmie f o y t l i u g d n u o f o s l a s a w r e h t e h w deficit, . t i o t d e r r e f e r e h Docume flags g billion Acro Cloquet home moms. In the and as far War of TOURNAMENT your online ot Guard bearin of the d Minnesota explore U.S.-Dakota Subscribers: Activate warn of the impact at onlookers bundle nces of School in St. Cloud. TIMES PHOTOS BY DAVE SCHWARZ, DSCHWARZ@STCLOUDTIMES.COM as Florida and rambunctious Si Melby The Johnnies finished ference’s automatic bid to Johnson, or Brad Kesenow for full access 1862 through experie free the bitter chill t m/activate other .............. agains timaccount reK .rD n o1D itrand ob a aiaway hSee pFUNERA ledL,a liWor hP -ledalihP tseMINNEAPOLIS W fo noit ces corner, h gu als n am Comics... yr atnu lovn llenso G Wednesday ”Results ?nayou muhave h uoy er A “ and open 1Bi Sports..... main 2A Page 5A Lottery................. — The St. Hall. their season 12-14 overall. -the Division III playoffs Stocks.................. lowski, or Jeff Gordon, began lining the .............. 4C No. 3 Augsburg 74, No. 6 St. John’s 67 7A hamlet Movies....... Up Next to the public. It 7A Television............ Clou 3A road through the the working moms. Inside 7A Crossword.......... Nation&World.. ........7A es h 4 Carleton 48, No. 5 Bethel 43 rotuces 7B John’s basketball The pair combined for The Auggies (20-6) now e on the line. or even ... gasp ... Dale Horoscop l l e n s o G y t l i u g d n u o f s a w r o t c od .a ihteam p s o d r e v o g u r d e t n i r e t t e g d l u o h s nNo. o r e m a C d E o r p .............. ............. Opinion. Advice.... 6A .............. 3C 7A Life......... will include Public Notices.... Semifinals Friday Bridge.................. St. C And for some rea.............. 1B Local....... came into Wednesday seven of Augsburg’s nine advance to meet No. 2 ..............2A “They showed why Earnhardt Jr. Business. No. at o No. St. g Thomas, 7:30 M -ir ohtua ai navly snnfirst-round eP ahare oh w tneit apSt. a fo htaed eerged-tsrif fo yadno taed eseed ht Concordia (18-7) at d -r a4 Carleton g nis l1c nir ud de lrans food, music non son, society pits mothnight’s MIAC 3-pointers as h a team. they so tough,” said Patrick said herself p.m., at St. Paul No. 3 Augsburg at No. 2 Concordia, 7:30 and games. “I u thought we did a 7:30 p.m. Friday in assistant coach Pat after last weekend’s cele m tcudnoc otplayoff deliaf game dah ers sagainst eit noitr oba n a e nogrednu -xe ecaf dluoc dna redru .ytla nMoorep .John’s ta sat Moorhead lleother nsoG sa stnem g against p.m.,each Augsburg determined not really good job defending head. McKenzie, who coached qualifying that driving Information: Championship Sunday 10 y based on stereotypes. ll90 a percent fo snoit celet psn i enitAuggies uor -a e ht team ni de raelc saw eH fo shtaed eht ni noituce ilc 4 re mro F t es nef dseed, eh t ta y(Kornbaum) l mlac -yolpme cinNo. Semifinal winners, ate high 2 p.m. to 6-foot-9 seed Carleton, the Wednesday in NASCAR is www.hands actually,” ope If you stay at home, Dan Kornbaum said St. John’s junior Seth which defeated No. 5 seed while head coach Jim about the car i r o h t u a o h w s e i b a b e e r h t rand of 10 scinilc center noitro ba s tyou i foare submissive , y b a b h t r u o f a f o h t a e d l l e n s o G t a h t d e i f i t s e t s e e nemow es e h t d e m o T “ . e l b acrossthe this to beat them again. rest of the Augsburg pe- Marx, who led his team Bethel 48-43 Wednesday, Smith remained in Florida percent about the driver. ENT el ya s his sADV rwife oERT tuISEM c es orp ohw dereviled erew yas seit -el li demrwill ofreface p yltop-seed enituorSt. tcaring ht destined ni s evinkhandled kcits d n ap upoints, men ande are But even if that’s so, And despite a teamrimeter shooters with 20 including for Adriwhy can’t Danica or best the job. (19-1) in other enne, who has been in the to become a helicopter A7 e gaP ,YT LIU20 Gpoints eeS — including rofe br ep mih w tfos a tuo htiw dellik neht dna evila mret -eta l the la g e ”?seibab fo six sk3-pointers. cab snoitroba Thomas some other woman be a pair of key dunks late — If you Seidlitz, a junior, fin“He was our key to the semifinal matchup Fri- hospital with a case of MORE SPOR parent. work, TS GALLERY pneumonia. the 10 percent? he really didn’t. your children ished will with 19 points, and game going in. We wanted day. GALLERIES View All This time Andy Seid- Schmidt, a senior, added to make those other guys The championship become See DELAND, Page 3D See SJU, Page 3D litz, Tyler Schmidt and the delinquents. 18 as the third-seeded beat us. game is set for 2 p.m. Sun-


SCSU vs. Wis

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Season over: St. John’s falls to Augsburg
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Police department warned motorists to stay off roads
By Ben Katzner

A weekend storm system dumped record amounts of snow on the St. Cloud area Sunday, Davto e Schwarz, dsc causing a commotion for the few who choose hwa

We can’t win. Can’t we see that it is not an either or? We need to support and respect each other. My two best friends are both mothers I respect.

Giving women a han
Vikings fall to Bears

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Hands Across the World teaches mothers about health care

SCSU vs. Win ona State football

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Le Sueur Co. Fair opens Thursday
The Le Sueur County Fair starts this Thursday at the fairgrounds in Le Center, and runs through Sunday. 4-H members will once again have the chance for to show the hard work they have put in caring other different animals and compete against each for fair ribbons and prizes. loIn addition to the many opportunities to see the cal kids and animals strut their stuff, this year public fair offers a couple of new attractions for the will to enjoy. One of the biggest exhibits at the fair be a brand new Native American exhibit located fairgrounds the to adjacent eld fi baseball on the and featuring live re-enactments. Also new to the fair this year, which should prove to be both educational and fun, are robotic roam puppets. The remote-controlled puppets will those the fairgrounds and even communicate with in attendance. of One event that attracts all different kinds Talperformers, talents and acts is the Amateur ent Contest, which will take place in the pavilion as 30 many as With night. ursday Th at 7 p.m. on be a different acts, the talent show promises to good time for both the performers and audience

Collins, Earl Rientz, Teresa Colin Rochester. Pictured from left: Matt Grafski, and Pastor tabs to the Ronald McDonald House Struckman, Dayton Ely, Father George Kans for Kids delivers 1.1 million pop Assistant Tanya Trelstad, Deputy Dave lins, Ronald McDonald House Administrative for Kids) David Aaker. (Photo Courtesy of Kans

establish the township officers conjunction with in now enshrined at theprogram in Pelican, is the National Wrestling year, general election November, evenHall of Fame in Stillwate TIP? Voters in NEWSdate. those townships can Fox, who died in 2007, r Oklahoma. ONLINE cast ballots at the was named to the COMING UP Pelican school precinct, Minnesota State Wrestlin or sports desk at 507newsroom CALL US the 7 Contact from a.m. to 8 p.m. 1986. He taught junior g Hall of Fame in Check out videos, photo galleries sports you 357-2233 if you know of any news or Le Sueur County Commissioners tory from the mid-195 high math and hisMain: 507-357-2233 Area townships with vote in the online poll. and be interested in reading would 0’s think our readers decide on silage controversy involved in the wrestling to 1994, and was school News: 507-931-8572 Or find us on voting program from The following township about. 1959 to his retireme nt Sports: 507-931-8572 precincts will Facebook & Twitter be open, from 7 a.m. Dean’s sons, Scott in 1994. to 8 p.m., for both the school ballot the Pelican school and Brian, presented question and with the national Hall // CLASSIFIEDS 3B 5B election 1B-2B of township officers. Fame momentos, 5A // SPORTS of COMMUNITY CALENDAR // for display with the 5A RECORDS // 4A Candor, Dora, school’s array of LOCAL NEWS 2A 3A, 6A 8A // OPINION athletic trophies, photos INDEX Grove, Friberg, Elizabeth, Erhard’s and memorabilia. All Norwegian Grove Lida, Maplewood, but it was Mike, who Fox sons wrestled, Cormorant, Lake , Scambler, Star Lake, the program’s most was perhaps one of Eunice, Parke, Tansem This group is positione notable alumni. Mike, d under the who went on to wrestle Fox helped found In townships where Pelican wrestling shadow of the late Dean Fox, whose at University of Minnesota-Morris, Pelican Rapids wrestling in 1959. portrait is behind the jurisdictional only part falls into them. alumni attended the Pelican ceremonwas unable to attend From left, Steve boundaries of the the Feb. 1 meet, Klovstad Pelican y. , school system, township to Bill honor Osborne, assistan Mike Nettestad. Fox. Another alumni went t coach Jon McGrego voters Klovstad, Osborne BOND VOTE Continued r, Brian Fox, Scott Morris, current Coach on to wrestle in and Fox on page 5 Nettesta and Harold Holt–wh wrestling teams d were on the 1970-71 returned to his old in team, which school to lead the o them was the 13-0 the history of the school–compiling proteam of 1966-67 a record of 12-2. was one of the top two
DEAN FOX Continued

members, The fair will also feature performances from local band Led Penny on Friday night and Hillbilly Island DJ on Saturday night. “[Matt] couldn’t turn his head to see (Dustin), StruckFor a full schedule of events and more informabut he would say, ‘I smell a lineman,’” said tion about the fair, visit www.lesueurcountyfair. man of the visits. org. It was 2011 when Struckman and Grafsky went tabs for to the Ronald McDonald House with pop with the first time. They brought 5,000 tabs, along a while some books and some toys. They stayed for for to read to the kids and it was almost too much the two of them to handle. By JAMES STITT “It was very difficult for me, it was emotionally THANK YOU that I draining,” said Struckman. “I told Fr. George February 6, Grafsky George Rev. The 2013 — up ” pulled don’t think I can do this again. A group of Le Sueur County residents FOR with kids who had tumors, these Rochester in meet to House hard was “It McDonald Ronald the to them. in cancer, and had pins sticking out of their knees,” said CHOOSING buckets full of pop tabs, about 1.1 million of A senior at Le Center High School, Matt was a was a rewarding “You would have thought we brought them the middle of basketball season when he became ill Grafsky. “It was very hard, but it ” smile. to greeting the of chance a them Collins bronchitis. gave Teresa and We said time. THE brand new car,” with an upper respiratory infection The visit took its toll on Struckman, and he vowed visits, blood was drawn on Feb. 19, they received. doctor four er Aft ColPELICAN That that he would not return because he couldn’t help but The group, which goes by Kans for Kids — 2009, and Matt was referred to a hematologist By JAMES STITT Collins; along with Earl Rientz; same evening Matt was admitted into Methodist wonder what would happen to the sick kids. her son, Matt lins and Volum e 119 m No. 6 RAPI DS Later in the year, Struckman was approached His blood work was showing Dayton Ely; Fr. George Grafsky, of St. Anne’s Catholic Hospital in Rochester. Otter Tail County St. Paul seeing the value of Ronald r may Church in Le Sueur; Pastor David Aaker, of levels and it was determined that Matt had by Rientz and Ely, who, County auditor/treasure The Le SueurPRES it helped Matt County abnormal S Single McDonald House firsthand and how Copy Lutheran Church in Le Center; and Le Sueur Lymphoblastic Leukemia. to give back on the $1 soon become an appointed, tabs to Pre-B Acute the wanted gave — months Collins, nine Struckman Theresa about Dave and spent Deputy ’s Collins Sheriff Matt and Teresa rather than elected position. not the Ronald McDonald House, and were greeted Ronald McDonald House, a home for Collinses behalf. the at Sueur living Le 6 Aug. the During about to Soon they were placing three trailers throughout just with with smiles. A few were so excited seriously ill children. The house allows families Commissioners , Inoff drop County could residents where dance. to undergoing County is started Le Sueur the delivery that they their while their child terim Auditor/Treasurer Pam tabs stay together e group pulled the tabs But the group was not only there to donate at nearby hospitals. The home is also a empty aluminum cans. Th Simonette said she supports the a day treatment their from the cans and crushed the cans manually, which — they stayed to read, create projects, and give place where families and children can share change. similar was a slow process. Behind the scenes the group of joy to ill children. experiences with others going through a ee and Simonette would like the works tirelessly, Ely gets in early to make coff “To see something like this, it warms the hearts situation. position to be appointed rather Boettcher Joe Herbert — ‘the fastest gun in the tabs, and son Dustin was on the football team pull The of all … it is very uplifting,” said Maggie Schoepski, Struckman’s Pelican than elected because someone Rapids speed. Mccans with great High Matt west’ the School — crushes competit community development director at the Ronald ive with Matt, and would visit him. Sometimes who is unqualified may be has again qualified dance squad Dustin, see to move couldn’t House. Donald sick that he a trip to the Minnesota State for on 5A elected. few would be so COLLECTION See High School Kans for Kids, which has grown over the last League dance tournam he was there. knew he but “If [the auditor/treasurer] fell ill. The squad, under ent. years, was put into motion when Matt Collins coaches is appointed, the county board Tami Seifert and Emily Dillon, qualified for the state can put it out for appointment tournament after an impressi ve showing at to someone who is qualified,” the Section meet Feb. 2 in Hawley. said Simonette. Simonette By Louis Hoglund Many of the department •For on the Hawley Sueur County are Details onheads in Leprocedur for Section more the voting meet, turn to page e forrather making $10.37 a month. Of that, $6 deducted March 12 Pelican the jobs to their 1 appointed Rapids By JAMES STITT in the B section. school bond referendum are beginnin arms, uniform and equipment. spots that e few Thto than elected. g be firmed up. When Schleis finished his time in the Army, •On the back of remain as elected positions, inthe B secBut the election to work on the farm. As land was tion, look for a tribute home is posing went he and has some that sheriff County county unusuthe al logistical cluding There is farmland in Le Sueur parcels sold Valkyries dance team, to the challeng es, accordin and cheap back then, there were various requireOtter Tail County to have g a attorney, county Auditor been in the Schleis family for close to 150 years, and Schleis sold list of congratulations and Wayne Stein. as The auditor’s office for candidates, from com- and bought throughout the years, where Pelican Rapids ments the story of its purchase starts with a family array of details last was working on annot. an 80-acre parcel for a team of oxen. area businesses. week, preparindoes the auditor/treasurer g for ballots and absentee ing to America, and a son that risked everything Pettis “Back then they would sell off chunks of land ballots very important to go toposi“It is a press. to provide for them. great-grandson to for almost nothing,” said Schleis’ county with no preVoters will be in the tion erent diff In the mid 1800s, the Schlies family traveled asked many how whether amazing “It’s Schleis. A. or not toAdministrator Darrell support $18 million life. John requisites,” said County America from Czechoslovakia in search of a new additions to the high in renovations and people owned the land.” school building on With no money to his name, Albert Schleis happened the ballot. The Pettis. The Schleis family was not unaffected by hardPelican an opwould like to run for county district’swho For someone geography Schleis’ of upon a man from Jordan, and found himself three includes and struck all or parts of 18 need to be a police officer, and and ship though. A plague ships, and two municip sheriff, they would townand later died. portunity to earn for his family. The year was 1864, alities. The to run for county attorney Jordan children and his wife were stricken district also extends would like someone if to whittle the country was divided by war. The man from a few township neighboring The land the Schleis family owned began to in a lawyer. But if someone be need to s Becker they wouldand By had Louis into drafted into the military to fight in the Civil been Hoglund Clay Townships. down to about 240 acres, and Schleis moved like to run for the position that handles He paid Schleis $300 to take his spot, and Schleis the city of Montgomery. He managed 160 acres of Voting will bewould The coach whoWar. onmoney there are no requirethe same A. Schleis county, helped for the day of farmland that John the his father to buy a farm. township to Pelican as the money thatbuild Rapids wrestling gave annual meetings died in 1916, while his son John F. Schleis The 80 acre piece program, starting and genelections. five through down run. Howeve to passed father took the $300 and it until he ments way been back in 1959, was While has r, Schleises’ owns six townships within other 80 acres. honored Feb. 1 at Century Pelican the the gathering of matmen a in modern day Le Sueur managed the acres of land erations of Schleises, and has earned officer school district, do not hold town 640and bought young old. the final year of the war in EASURER on 5A The late Dean Fox, Center Leader) elections in the AUDITOR/TR spent spring. Schleis a guy County, See FARM on 2A Farm honor. (James Stitt/Le The who had townships of Dunn, See even seen a wrestling never Pelican, Minnesota of Regiment Oscar, and match A Fourth of thehe Trondhjem elect before Company helped

Area charity organization benefits Ronald McDonald House in honor of local man


‘It was hard to meet these kids who had tumors, cancer, and had pins sticking out of their knees. It was very hard, but it was a rewarding time. We gave them a chance to smile.’

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Pelican Rapids Press Great front page design. The feature stories really stick out from the rest of the page. Using the shadowed boxes to separate stories is genius! It gives a completely different look to the page and really set this paper apart from the traditional lines or borders. Great use of pictures and color throughout. The headers help the paper be clear and concise for the readers. Good font choice, easy to read and follow the pages. Second Place: Melrose Beacon There is a nice use of pictures throughout the pages. Great use of color. Font choice is consistent. The sports preview is a great addition and a good read for community members. Front page design as far as placement, font choices and picture choices set a clear picture as to what story is the feature for the week. Third Place: Farmington/Rosemount Independent Town Pages Great top and side of the page preview on the front. Nice use of color and interesting front pages. The format is clear, clean and easy to read. The community calendar is a great weekly addition. The pullout car and graduation sections were nice reads for the community and was easy to read with interesting fonts colors and type. Overall the pages are clear and easy to read. The subheads are a great addition to the pages. Great job!

Valkyries bound for another



County mulls turning auditor/ treasurer into appointed position

state appearance

Family farm dates back to Civil War era

Election details taking shape for Pelican school bond vote

Pelican wrestling pioneer Dea

n Fox honored at meet

Pelican-Lizzie area cafe serves as local forum for ramb ‘Roundtable’ discussionling and downhome cook s– ing
By Louis Hoglund

Ten years in the Corn

on page 5

“These are the guys . Nettestad was The only team that captain of the 1970-71 that use to beat topped to his hometown, squad. and has been head me up,” laughed Harold Holt, a Pelican alumni coach since 1982. who returned


here’s a million stories out at the Cornfiel Occasionally, the d. tales might even be For example, the Cornfiel true. d mashed potatoes are homemade. and gravy True. Like the story about the Cornfield Cafe delicious caramel serving the most rolls in the galaxy. True, according to No Facebook posts on That the pecan cream the internet. cheese pie is the best of humankind. in the history brag, just And there’s the one fact. soup– that the house about the Cornfield’s cheeseburger heartache and just specialty cures cancer, headache, about anything that ails you. far as anybody ’s been able to prove. That the little eatery in the pleasant Karen Bunko Dunvilla, south of wski and Jason Pelican Lake, has little berg of anniversary million eggs from served more than Bunkowski one 2003-2013. are mother-son this month as owners of True. Cornfield’s team bough the Cornfieldcelebrating their 10th administrator and originally hired t the cafe from Cafe in Dunvi Bunkowski, can verify numbers man, Jason Robin and Carla lla. The Jason starte Karen 17 years ago. Johnson, who d as a dishw Over the past decade,that one. everything asher, worke which else–includi is the span of time and his mom Karen d as a line cook finishing up ng Jason and just about his business keeping the books. About more than 75,000 have owned and operated the place, restaurant and degre the pots of coffee have e at NDSU he has contin been poured. , the family time he was True. Just ask Jason. ued with the bought the family busine Roughly 50,000 of ss. those coffee pots were the Weekday Morning probably guzzled Roundta by ble gang. True...with some exaggera solutions, admits Butenho tion. Issues, topics and ff– except maybe tion problem in Dunn problems– national, Roundtable has debated state, local– the Township...or a few a beaver over-populaScambler Townshi pot-holed roads over p. Dave Butenhoff. This them all, according to Roundta Weekday in ble kingpin World hunger was crucial issues of the Weekday Roundtable group has solved one of the topics the addressed. They conclude day... Weekday Roundta many False. but act locally. Consequ d the best strategy was to think ble has globally, ently, they’ve been taking action on hunger
CORNFIELD Continue d on page 5


The Pelican Rapids Area Jaycees annual ice fishing tournament on Lake Lida is Feb. 9. The event is promote ented fishing outing, d as a family-oriand 500 to 1,000 ice anglers–of all ages– the north end of Lida. join the fun on Along with the event are raffle drawings for cash; prizes sions and, of course, for kids; concesthe weigh-in for the top catch. Last year, a 13 pound northern •With charter in topped the list, and late 1962, Pelican nice, 7 and 5 Rapids Area pound walleyes Jaycees mark 50th were also among birthday this year. the bigger fish caught. See editorial Biggest walleye, on page 4. northern, panfish and bass will earn honors, with prizes going to the top five in This year the event each category. Saturday, Feb. 9, fromwill be held 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Contestants should Public Access at theenter from the north end of Lake Lida. The raffle ticket also serves as entry fee for the fishing derby. Cash prizes totalling will be given to five more than $1,000 raffle There will be addition winners. al door prizes for random ticket holders and bait and food will be available for purchase on the ice.

Prizes, drawings plentiful at Jaycees’ Lake Lida fishing derby February 9

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Shakopee Valley News Really nice effort on additional lane graphic. I like the nice, clean type and modular design philosophy–and your sports pages are exactly what I like to see!

• Pelican Townshi p •Scambler Townshi Notice p Notice • Pelican Valley Health • Pelican Valley Health Center Notice • Erhards Grove Notice Center Minutes

Public Notices in this issue

 Page 2

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
Second Place: Hastings Star Gazette Simple is good, and you play up some really nice photos. I like the topof-the-page teasers, too. The “So Long, Big Blue” packages were really, really good — again, way to take advantage of some stellar photography. Good use of typefaces. Third Place: Litchfield Independent Review Nice, clean designs throughout, and good use of photos. I liked the election results box. I recommend trying the “Down the Side” feature on the right side of the page once in a while for variety’s sake.

Weeklies over 5,000
Tractor Pete
One man and an old-timey tractor bring fun to the streets of Southwest

A walkabout history

of Lake Street
The Museum in the Streets brings Lake Street’s past to light // B11

October 15–28, 2012 Vol. 23, No. 21

Southwest Minneapo lis’ Community Newspape r

to the polls
Fighting the marriag e amendment Page A11 A look at the School Board race Page A12 A guide to Election Day resources Page A13 A rundown of legislati ve races Page A14 Details on the voter ID amendment Page A15

Get up to speed on local races and ballot measures before you head

Sudden, senseless

Bryn Mawr in mourning
rampage leaves six dead
thinking I saw him in here,” he said, referring to 36-year-old Andrew Engeldinger, the man Minneapolis Police say shot and killed five people before taking his own life. The sudden, senseles s outbreak of violence may haunt some in normall y quiet Bryn Mawr for a while. But the urge to heal was just as strong. Accent Signage employe es vowed to return to work, even as flowers, candles and SEE BRYN MAWR // A19

First Place: Southwest Journal, Minneapolis Design and typography were excellent through this newspaper, not only Page 1. Typography restrained but effective with a nice mix of font families. Love the use of gradient impact headlines as art elements. Nice use of space; not afraid to leave some space instead of cramming everything together because “space is limited,” a modern cry of some designers. Quality over quantity was evident and well worth it. Graphics and illustrations are excellent. Overall, obviously, my first choice. Second Place: The Journal, Minneapolis Perhaps I should have chosen another company for the second-place winner, but again, this one almost made first, and I did not want to exclude it because it is the same media company. Again, great illustrations and graphics, typography, easy to navigate, love the judicious use of white space. Modern but not overly so. Good variety of font but complementary and used well. Third Place: Agri News, Rochester Good choice of typography/font families; consistently used. Presentation is great with lots of information readily and easily available. Really impressed with graphics. Overall impression is light and inviting; excellent use of space. Overall this is an excellently-designed print product. Easy to navigate and inviting to the reader.

Like many who live or work in the neighborhood, Bryn Mawr Pizza and Deli employe e Phil Guillen paid close attention to the information trickling out after the deadly Sept. 27 workplace shootin g at nearby Accent Signage Systems . he watched the reports As on TV, Guillen got a feeling he couldn’t shake. “The more I keep seeing that shooter’s face on the news, the more I keep

Lyndale businesses

Relief on Lyndale
look to bounce back after bridge reope
nearly nine months and Campo’s ready to see busines s back at South Lyndale Liquors . “The bridge opening — it couldn’t happen sooner.” Campo said. “I’m just so

The Lyndale Avenue Bridge is scheduled to reopen Oct. 15.


Dan Campo is excited. The Lyndale Avenue Bridge over Minnehaha Creek is about to reopen after being closed for

looking forward to it.” Campo, along with other local business owners, took a hit when constru ction began on the bridge last winter and on SEE LYNDALE // A17

Dailies under 10,000
Isaac remnants promise holiday weekend drought relief for some states A8
50 cents

Whitehall Lincoln

47 6

Caledonia P-E-M
1, 2012

19 0

G-E-T Arcadia

23 20



First Place: Winona Daily News Well thought out layouts, interesting centerpieces and packaging. Solid typography. This paper shows it’s possible to do excellent design no matter what size the paper. Second Place: Faribault Daily News Really puts a focus on dominant images and creative centerpieces. Third Place: Owatonna People’s Press Clean layouts with centerpieces that jump off the page.


Winona Dem. chairman: Protect U.S., re-elect Obama
By MIKE TIGHE | Lee Newspape rs must President Barack Obama America be re-elected to protect County on all levels, says Winona Harris. Bill Democratic Chairman presiThat’s the message the National /WINONA DAILY NEWS the to PHOTOS BY ANDREW LINK dent will deliver in struck and killed by a Convent ion Democra tic after witnessing a man being BELOW: runs Winona sits outside her car Winona. Charlotte, N.C., which , said ABOVE: Emily Tofstad of Street railroad crossing in said 61-year-old morning near the Louisa Tuesday through Thursday but by a westbound train. Police BNSF freight train Friday to the man who was killed tend s responder y Harris, who is not a delegate Emergenc scene. the conaard of Winona died at the discussed his hopes for Mark Rodney Henningsg . vention during an interview need to “He’s going to say we the win election to INSIDE protect health care, ■ A look at what to protect local Republican Medicare and DFL chapters and to proare doing to get the tect ready for Nov. 6. m i d d l e Region, A3 class from m o r e ent, squeezing from the governm said. Harris ,” Congress the put in a “We have to win to decent budget,” he said. the con“The real purpose of campaign vention is to fire up the Daily News staff rs,” he and get out the voluntee that seeing and already said. “We’re A man was struck mornhappen.” killed by a train Friday ts La Crosse County Democra ing in Winona. conventhe to old who are delegates Police said 61-yearts. gaard Hennings tion echoed Harris’s sentimen a, Rodney Mark by a Vicki Burke of Onalask of Winona was struck La Crosse about chairwo man of the westbound freight train Party, said Street Louisa near County Democra tic 10:10 a.m. ts will she and other Democra on the city’s East End. forward been focus on “policies going Henningsgaard had

Project to restore islands finished
By RYAN HENRY | Lee Newspaper


— BROWNSVILLE, Minn. ation and The habitat rehabilit in the enhancement project Pool 8 is Mississippi River’s three complete after nearly mil$500 and decades of work lion in funding. The project area cov- “This is our 4,000 ers acres in the lifeblood. This b a c k wa te rs river ships of south more Brownsv ille d n a agricultural Stoddard, and products and Wis., includes 22 than goods islands, three breakwa ters any place else and an offthe world, shore rock in mound. and for this C r e w s river to be restored many of the functional, it n a t u r a l to be islands that also has either had sustainable.” or eroded disappe ared Walz, Tim Rep. past over the D-Minn. 40 years. “I can’t tell you how proud I am to said Rep. see this work done,” D-Minn., Walz, Tim project a proponent of the grateful, in Washington. “I feel children, as a father of young people that there are enough put their here who are willing to a project time and energy into this that is going to ensure hisbeautiful piece of American generatory is there for future

Page 3 

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Typography & Design
Dailies 10,000 and over
’s se that ‘A hou tertain’ meant to en
odel, VARIETY tor House rem ’ returns to Hec ‘House Hunters

The Forum



de ry of Roe v. Wa 40th anniversa

First Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead The Forum isn’t afraid to experiment and its readers are rewarded for it. Design is bold and connects with solid typography and big art. The Forum doesn’t just present and grade the news, it tries to engage its readers. Second Place: St. Cloud Times Clean, crisp and inviting pages that are easy to digest. Typography is solid overall. Consistency is a strength. Third Place: Duluth News Tribune Clean, crisp pages with good use of art.

Fargo any ows looks like glass block wind building with he light tan Fargo. in downtown of people other building s a small crowd esday, it draw ng bright green But every Wedn others weari with mixed nce. ng signs, inter the front entra praying or holdi women into Dakota’s only ly usher young rmed at North vests who quiet ions are perfo Women’s the day abort ty, the Red River Wednesday is abortion facili 1st Ave. N. Clinic at 512 and medical cal surgi The clinic offers than 1,200 Robin terminates more abortions and Huebner PAGE 4A a year. Reports pregnancies s outside the Wallis / The Forum eding LE SUEUR proce NEWS-HE File photo by Dave RALD quiet Watching the Fargo Le Sueur fromy,the an uneventful Wednesda October 24, the city has protester is carried think EWS may officers on 2012 ERALD An anti-abortion omer to Fargo tion by Fargo police OUR VIEW clinic, a newc © Le Sueur News-Herald Women’s Health Organiza 2012 d to abortion. . Volume 132, No. 42 Aug. 15, 1991. history relate v. Wade, er from the truth Roe furth of be y n’t could GENERAL INFORMAT 40th anniversar ION But that MORE INSIDE events since the ay marks the Forum looks The Tuesd The Le Sueur News-Herald on ion, n of abort is an natioawarding Publicly As the � See a timeline Fargo abortion clinic, independent newspaper yourself g that legalized gle. first published in similar-siz me court rulin elected officials opening of the rs in e the strug each Wednesday and is Serving as an elected ofpay Supre playe increase U.S. a division of the a at the public’s the key cities and In Le Sueur, sitting receive. PAGE Huckle Media, LLC. According to a ficial takes our area onA9 the abortion, clinic protester A8 expense has clinic a lot of work. It’s council got s toin be awk- League of Minnesota The Le Sueur News-Herald PAGE � At odds over back on the requires more is Cities not uncommon for study find common ground, deep ward. a member of the Minnesota and escort council survey of 13 similar-size citthan in n’s many other communiafter Roe v. Wade, B7 Page A8 d Fargo Wome Newspaper Association. ION:though members opene And � Forty years PAGE ABORT to spend a couple of ies, the average annual River n’s Clinic; 20-plus both tedcity ties. The l divide is its legacy, offers more has protes nationa Red salary Wome services who of hours Le Sueur city councilors said for wner a Christ week of — USPS ISSN 307-180 — e taking s part-o t care Lamb of y, a longtim than many exponentially is $4,406 member of Bovard, curren mayors Kirkeb larger,E Jane Published by Huckle Media ONLIN city business. they left: felt no Wishnatsky, per year Wome Clinic; Kathy protests over discomfor rted n’s From LLC Fargo Martin of t dursuppo and increasing $3,537 1981; gallery who in ) River for councilors the volume of M a photo By RICH HANSON ization inforSee ing anOrgan Inof addition t director of Red . r mayor Oct. 8 Fargo (1978 at INFORUM.CO to the-1994 Health discussion on regular mation council members Postmaster: Send address r, curren Currently, the past 30 years forme Guest columnist Le ren, Sueur’s i Kromenake may- meetings, there are Lindg ; Tamm potential changes to: Le Sueur News-Herald ; Jon salary clinics increases forFargo agendas to know — and answer need or is , paid $3,600 annually. and ter from West 101 Bridge St., Ste. B, Le for. councilprotes packets to study in prepSueur, MN members, pro-life the group’s Councilors receive $2,640 56058. Periodicals Postage If — and when — the Have you ever wondered Paid at Le per aration for discussion WHO. inability Fargo to muster so Sueur, Minnesota 56058. much as year. The last pay increase and why the windshield of your car d photos and submitte for voting, committee meetings council again takes up the staff on a motion Forum the issue seems to Le Sueur council is so much question of its members’ salmembers and prove constituen otherwise. CONTACT US t engagement. aries we hope bigger than was approved in 1999. they consider Phone: 507-665-3332 Whether they’re at church, the We believe the indecision the rearview not just the time and energy Under Oberle’s plan, the Classifieds: 507-665-3332 checkout line at the grocery was a missed opportunity. mirror? Fax: 507-665-3334 mayor would have made they’re expending on resiLease For store or E-mail address: The proposed increases, in- $4,300 When you the dog for a dents’ behalf, AY’S NEW in 2013 and to $5,000 walk, l taking DE TOD but the value INSI of preda cluded in a memo from outgo- in stop to think council m members are on their service. rs and sexua Address: 101 Bridge Street, 2014. Councilorabuse – s’ salaries Suite B, about it, it’s divisi call. es ing mayor Bob Oberle,Blogg Andons the deep accus * advent Le Sueur, MN 56058 er of tors, elecwere awould An increase such � have gener back per month $2,640 very simple. Office Hours: going tronic modest and well within reamail the an of risen from some made elected Oberle suggested, as what chairm per year shapedhas tribal to $3,200 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. have in – There t, 2013 we believe, and are Hanson smen tions officials more son given the annual salaries how harasthe available than isn’t just reasonable Monday through Friday to $3,700 corruption, tive of why and tion following more oppornarra , it’s past year. ever. protec having due. incompetence, much the child tunities in front of us that need r. failed and ADVERTISING system has has hand in 1983 murde our undivided attention. ess Phone: 507-665-3332 whether progr Haga fixing it. The rearview mirror, on the By Chuck Service Display and Classified been made in ad perhaps Forum News other hand, shows us where ONLINE deadline: Reflecting and ons, EN, N.D. – The Murder of • 3 p.m. Friday. FORT TOTT we’ve been. By looking in the g those divisi “Restless Spirit: . #13166 Lake Indian fannin ervation blogger � www.walkingsky Eddie Peltier”: As the Spirit rearview mirror, we see what Subscription Rates: grapples an off-res log.html. , OnStar and Sirius/ we com/restless/rsb 2 years of maintenance dealer for details. Reservation A7 $1.25 per single copy; $70.20 at Signing, includes have passed. program. See better safe0 miles, $1,000 Due for VATION: Page quality for GM retention *24 month/20,00 RESER with how to 52 weeks delivered. not included, must from en and license Even though XM radio. Tax we need to take -7100 • 800-450-8600 guard its childr S, FARGO • 701-356 a look in our The Le Sueur News-Herald AVE. rearview .. G, H retains mirror South I-29 & 32nd 3202 36th Street the publication rights to Classifieds .......... periodically, it is all contents ilybuickg critical ...... E6 therfam for produced or supplied by L GRADE” Crossword .......... C1-10 PROFESSIONA the Le us to focus on looking to the “GMC: WE ARE Center Leader. Use of said OF , materials Metro/State ........ A2-10 THE NEW CLASS future. without the written consent SPORTS: UND WORLD CLASS. ........ of the Nation/World � ey Le Center Leader is prohibited. One such windshield I C3, C7-9 R001854261 Minnesota hock Obituaries ...... Contents copyrighted: C4-6 all rights looked through recently was in � reserved. Opinion.................. E7-8 skate to 4-4 tie ar in the video, Shift Happens, .......... Travel .......... Details, D8 The Le Sueur News-Herald final WCHA regul $2.50 price) Version 6. It can be found on makes Mostly cloudy ted retail every effort to ensure accuracy (Sugges ing. in The Forum on meet YouTube. It’s a unique perspecseas display and classified advertising, Copyright 2013 tive but will not be liable for D1 of the changes happening in errors PAGE beyond the cost of actual our complex world. space involved. The publisher reserves From an education perspecthe right to reject or cancel any tive, we need to prepare our advertisement at any time. students for jobs that have not been created, to use technology PUBLISHER AND EDITOR Stephanie Hill that has not been invented and 507-665-3332 to solve problems that aren’t yet m keeping us awake at nights. This is significant evidence REGIONAL MANAGING of why we need to continue to EDITOR employ 21st Century learning Suzanne Rook 507-665-3332 skills that emphasize inquirysrook@lesueurnews-herald. based learning and problem com solving. SPORTS EDITOR A study from the United Pat Beck States Department of Labor 507-665-3332 pbeck@lesueurnews-herald. estimates today’s learners will com have 10 –14 different jobs by the CUSTOMER SERVICE time they are 38 years old. This Leeann Ziegler LETTERS TO THE EDITOR is much different from the aver507-665-3332 Kristi Steckma n Strom small businessman I appreci- of our school age 50-year-old who is expected lziegler@lesueurnews-herald .com district. Not only sive record for City Council Ward 2 ate Mike’s support for small to have seven or eight different of helping in our has Lisa been a local business business. Mike understands LETTERS TO THE EDITOR community. But even more jobs in their career. Now look that owner, but she has dedicated Letter to the Editor: The Le Sueur News-Herald Minnesota’s important, he will do his best at a person currently facing welcomes letters to the to I am fortunate to call Kristi regulations business taxes and incredible amounts of time to editor. represent the people. It seems retirement age. That individual make it difficult to Letters must be 400 words volunteering and supporting Strom my neighbor and my of start and expand businesses that’s what it should be about. less and include the author’s started a career in their early in name. friend. She is an intelligent, The writer’s address and Minnesota. Mike’s number one local organizations and special Vote for Todd Redmann. to mid-twenties and has likely telephone causes. caring woman who has grown number must also be provided issue is reforming Minnesota’s Marilyn Erickson remained in that same position. for verification purposes, up in Ottawa Township and Lisa is running for a spot but that has business environment to make Le Sueur A big reason for this coninformation will not be on lived in Le Sueur for almost the published. school board because 40 it easier for small business They must be express an stant change in jobs is due to opinion years and proud to be a fifth the or gratitude on a topic growth and expansion. If busi- she likes where the district is of local continual creation of new types Todd Redmann for currently headed, and wants generation Steckman from Le interest. nesses grow and expand new to of jobs. Did you know the top Letters must be exclusive Sueur. to the jobs would be created, the more put more energy into ensuring Le Sueur County ten jobs in 2010 did not exist News-Herald. that our educational initiatives She has a great passion for in jobs Anonymous letters will there are, Commis 2004? the higher not be sioner wages are excelling. She understand the outdoors and the beauty published. will be. Mike knows helping s A big reason for the rapid that it Writers are limited to one holds. a focus She To on the editor: will represent new technology, letter small business, means helping changes is the rate at which our every 30 days. the City Council ward 2 with When we think about Main Street in Le Sueur County, the STEM Program, and the E-mail letters to: srook@ world communicates. We all District Improvement Plan is integrity and fairness and will, and that is good for all of us. of community service, one of the know how much we use the mail high priority. But perhaps most names that come to work with others for the betterthem to 101 Bridge Street, Inmind is Mike was born and raised Suite B, ternet. Did you know the United Le Sueur, MN 56058 or importantly, she grasps the ment of Le Sueur and will listen on a Todd Redmann. fax them to farm in Northfield. Mike States ranks 28th in Internet 507-665-3332. importance of open commuto the concerns of everyone In the last 10+ years we have knows farmers and farming. in usage? As nication between our students, seen first-hand her ward. the dedication a farmer I appreciate that Mike Facebook, as of December parents, staff, school board I feel it is time for a strong and service that Todd brings will be a strong supporter of to 2011, had over 800 million agdedicated woman to represent riculture in the state legislature. and the two communities. Lisa our communities. Todd inspires registered users. If Facebook wants to be a voice that helps our ward! others to get involved too. He I also appreciate Mike Dudis were a country, it would be the this communication stream I am proud to say that Kristi ley’s service a driving force for the youth in to his country for third most populated country flow to its fullest potential. has my vote for city council the Le Sueur-Henderson school and 26 years as an FBI Agent. I hope Today’s results: in the world, behind only China hopefully your votes as well. Please take some time in the district with his involvemen you will join me in voting for t and India. coming weeks to understand A special “thank you” to Was the council right with Youth Opportunities (YO), Mike Dudley for State Senate The average Faccebook user your options as a voter, and the Le Sueur News-Herald for Healthy Communities, and not to give itself raises November 6. is connected to 80 community please exercise your right to the informative Election Guide Community Education. Whenin 2013? Tyler J. Sunderman pages and has 130 friends. vote. supplement in your last paper. ever there is something going Le Sueur It Did you know, there are over is a great tool for we voters. Danielle Buesgens • Yes, we need to keep on in our communities, it is not 12 billion searches preformed Henderson Nancy Halverson Mount unusual to see Todd right in costs down. the Vote for Lisa Steinborn on Google every month? Here’s Le Sueur middle of the activity, whether 71% something to consider: who for LS-H School Board Vote Redmann for it be Lions Club, United Way, • No, the increase would answered all those questions School functions/committees, Supporting Mike County commissioner or Dear Editor, before Google? have had little impact on one of the many other orAt the height of the election Dudley for State Information is now shared at the budget. ganizations that serve to make In just a short time we will season, with a presidential an astounding rate. It took radio 9% Senate cast our votes for county com- our community a better place. choice looming in America, 38 years and television 13 years I missioner. There are 4 Thankfulne things • No, if we value its work, that you ss is in would like to ask that Le Sueur Letter to the Editor: to reach a market audience of need to know about Todd: pay should be in line with and Henderson voters also give order that two good candidates I am supporting Mike 50 million people. Google+ can are willing to take this job. 1. He is dedicated. similar-size cities. Dudley of New Prague for State focus to our local elections. now reach a 50-million market 2. He So is what a collaborator is the primary rea. 20% Senate in Senate District 20. It’s an exciting time for our audience in one year. 3. He is not afraid of hard school district in the sense that son that directs our choice and • No opinion. Mike believes government What does this all mean? It our vote. Both candidates have work. has to learn to live within its we have five candidates vying 0% means shift happens — whether excellent scores. But these lists 4. He is a problem solver. means and that means stopping for a position on the School we want it to or not. More imTotal voters: 35 just tell us about the person,… We are proud to support the growth of government. Board. That’s five individuportantly, we need to continuhim in his continued communot let us know the person. Mike believes that we cannot als who are very interested in ously look out the windshield nity service In recent weeks and months and hope that you afford a government that tries devoting their personal time toward the future as we prepare to will join us in voting for Todd to be everything to everyone. ensure the growth and prosper- Todd Redmann has focused his Next Question: our youth of today for the future Redmann for Le Sueur County campaign on getting to know Government must concentrate ity of our school district, and of tomorrow. Commissioner on November the people he will represent. Decades from now, how on priorities like education, He I welcome your comments in- the absolute best learning envi- has walked miles and 6th. We know that he will do you think cyclist knocked frastructure and a safety net ronment for our children. or questions. You can contact for bring the same commitment on many doors to learn about Lance Armstrong will be the elderly and truly vulnerable. As you cast your vote, me at how citizens feel regarding the at the county level as we have or remembered? Instead of growing governmen please consider candidate Lisa 665-4600. t observed locally. issues. He has taken time to Mike believes in growing the Steinborn. Lisa is the mother talk Votes can be cast at with them, and to understand Robert and Michelle www.lesueurnews-herald private sector not governmen of a second grader at Park Rich Hanson is t. Steiger their views. Poll results do not represent Elementary, and thus has a I am involved in operating a dent of Le Sueur-Henderson scientific survey. Le Sueur Like other public service an elevator in Cleveland. As shared interest in the success Schools. Contact him at a persons, Todd has an extenFor more letters, see page 5A or call 665-4600.

Editorial Page as a Whole T
early 1980s, ic opened in the go abortion clin d often, but access remains Since the first Far e clashe hav it t ins aga those for and


Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: Le Sueur News-Herald Three well-written local editorials, varied local content, and a clean, understated design mark the News-Herald’s first-place Editorial Page entry. Editorials dealt with issues that hit home to readers: better roads and bridges, expansion of pre-school education, and the unusual, but wellsupported, position of endorsing pay raises for city council members. Columns by local leaders are a plus, and the long list of staff contact information and policies are icing on the cake. Keep up the good work. Second Place: Kenyon Leader The column written by Terri Washburn, publisher and editor, sets the tone for a strong second-place finish by the Leader. She addresses issues, suggests solutions, and challenges her community to improve itself. Letters to the editor and guest columns bring in more local viewpoints. The page’s clean design is shared with the first-place winner, apparently a sister publication. Third Place: Minneota Mascot If editorial pages are a newspaper’s soul, the Minneota Mascot is a merry old soul, indeed. “Ole Pappy’s Philosopy,” a column by publisher Byron Higgin, sets the tone for an Opinion page where four-fifths of the smiling staff have their pictures regularly printed. The “commentary and cooking” column is different, but it works. The page makes good use of photos.



Le Sueur council members’ rais es past due Looking out the windshield
A ghost at Sp irit Lake



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A4 | March 21, 2013

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In the midst of the Jordan Hubmen basketb all harborin g a little team’s 10 -game distaste in our winning streak, when the soon-to- mouths. Then for all the sufferin be Minneso ta g and persever ance, River Confere we’ll come back nce even stronger most valuable player is scoring . Because you never at will, it seems so clear that the good want to end any season with a loss. times will never For the moment end. , the 2010 state We could ride this tourney appeara nce stands alone wave forever! Shots fall. Potent as a recent boys basketb all proble. Our coaches offenses crum- gram aberrati on, out-thin with our hopes k the pinned other bench. Inferior on a trend that opponents might still experience the chill of a blowout. be yet to come. Tight games go Predict what our way. And you will for the the No. 1 seed in the section tourna- Hubmen. ment arrives The thing is, as so casual ly, even much as society expected ly. measure s success by the last game We knew it was that is played, a it’s Hubmen basketb big deal when board that matters not the scorea l l topped t he — it’s what you conference. put into it. But look into it A ll of a team’s a little bit more, and statisticians worthwh ile. Fans’ hard work is quickly discover support means that the 2012-201 3 Hubmen quietly everythi ng to a player. Awards and positioned themselv accolade s won’t be taken away, es among the greatest Jordan nor basketba ll squads will all of the things a team learns in history. from the thrill of victory and the This year’s team agony of defeat. amassed the third-mo st wins Although it would in school history, be nice, Joren route to a conferen dan isn’t needy for ce championship for the first that purely depends a reputati on time since 2000. on results — Matt Urbanek another string of America n Legion was an obvious choice for conferen baseball regional GAY MARRIAGE ce coach of the championships, year — Jordan’s transfor m our first boys basket- a pair of dominant basketba healthca re system ll and ball coach of the volleyba ll players in Minnesota and year since Greg How are you a la the Dietel create a healthca Dietel in 2008-200 and Chambe rs re global microwa going to escape the bureauc racy 9. girls, continu that puts our ve oven you’re ed It’s been even state rently governm ent between curlonger since Jor- dominance on the mat, or football, living in? dan’s boys produce running, tennis your doctor and you. d a conference or The city of Jordan, MVP. that have recently golf program s its council and It ’s expecte d gained notoriety t hat 1. 3 mi l lion their tenants the cell phone This year’s team . Why seek recognit providi ndividu a ls and produce d the ion beyond sma l l busi ness ers cannot continue to subject conference MVP, Jordan? We’re I agree with Mr. employe every doing this for us. Jake Andersen, living es (about one-qua thing to higher Ondich’s letter not to mention This is what rter of all levels and higher to the editor from a full complem the March 7 Jordan Minnesotans) will purchas of man-made microwa ent Jordan coming sports is about: of stellar players e Independ insurance ve-rasurrounding him. diation pollution ent, seeking together to put through evand naively think So as the playoffs erything they’ve on the gay marriag a compromise starting this this Internet portal public got into a child’s started, we game health will never October. had our hearts be effected. my concern goes e bill. However, that means so The health insuran set Take a drive little in the beyond partisan tournament again. on the state grand scheme up the hill to ce exchange politics. legislation is a the of things. bad deal for Minne- water tower and take a look Let’s make it two As adults, we Since this bill at the plethora of high times in the last might work hard essentia lly seeks sotans. First of all, health insuranc three years, we to redefine marriag costs will go e ers and inch-thivoltage transfor mcollectively hoped. at our jobs or being the best up. Several reports e, I would ask parent. ck electric cables It appeared that As kids, we play our legislato rs running up the the team hadn’t a kids’ game and to conside r these show that insurance will cost yet reached its sides of the water question s before more tower. – and this is unaccep peak or full poten- imagine ourselve s “like Mike.” debating the bill: tial, that we could , table. Sports, 1. Did you or do THURSDAY AUGUST 8, 2013 as they teach us Secondly, it isn’t climb ever highIt’s all for you, you want to take life lescertain you’ll be er. It’s easy to dream CENTRE HERALD perfect receptio sons, are especial your marriage SAUK able n. to keep your doctor ly vows before God? I can stand in big when our team deserves nothing ors. And our boys worthy endeavmy because living room 2. If yes, do you not and turn basketba ll team but the best. proved acknowledge God all health plans will be There was a tidal-wa allowed to compass 360 degrees and at every as the creator and ve rush of saries themselves worthy advertherefore definer participate – and compete 6 point rememb er PAGE a hard-fou of marriage? (Matthew for your of all — a force in the ght victory well the faces business – in the the friends and conference. earned 19:4-6) exchange. a g a i n st P r ov neighbor s who Succeed or fail, 3. If yes, do we idenc e Ac ademy, Lastly, an alarmin have died from it’s the striving as a state actually and then the cancer in the g amount of want to challeng loss that capsized that matters. It’s the pride past few years. e and even reject personal information will in our the season. The God and his be shared with the governm Hubmen lost the school and each individu al wisdom Are they by the side ent and IRS. passing who second game of contributed to legislation contrary the Minnesotans the team that makes massive amounts effects of these to his desired h av e t h e b e midable foe Mayer playoffs to for- a difference explanation of s t electrom agnetic of microwave or healthca re in the in our Luthera n. Like marriage? nation. the abrupt Amelia field (EMF) radiastudents , teacherschildren , fans, Lake end of Can we really expect We deser ve a Jim Almiech, a roller coaster, tion pollution in Lynx and bythe , parents The re a l i nsu ra nc God to bless in Minnesota! the city of Jordan? town. great season America if we Everyon e needs market that doesn’t e “best kept secret” halted. Thanks to your found the decide to alter just I a dream. scenic course most In cost people one of more 71. The school board, Minneso ta, only keep his most importa Hwy. Let’s on it alive. Back they wi l l blast and gives participa four two miles south nt ideas? to work, boys boys — Course Black, blue, basketba Golf microw ave -WiFi nts choices ll teams next year fantastic scenery. There is a better with real competit just the a year and end is and hills perfec- soon. way to pursue to coming ion, instead of the throughout the schools — marsh season with mowed Mathias with a win. We’ll the goals this greens a pracBaden, editor of tice which is banned bill seeks — expand- Democrats’ plan to limit dwell on true and red tees. Fantastic the last gold play it youthe Jordan you options for schools white, If in Europea n ing game Independ rough. civil consume the for a is in union ent, short rs. diamond wrote this rights. . But t he good while, editorial golf course. tion. This golf course a and people of . I fear this bill, It should help families Jordan expertly manicured in effect, declares keep their schools whose children attend these to God we feel won’t believe the beauty for birdies. doctor, protect patient he must rethink will go along with privacy, and his is governe ideas. No one wants May all your putts be this just to get along, won’t d in a way that that. they? protects and empowers In addition , please Calvin Schultz those particip keep in mind ating that the to make their own 1,400-plu s city choices. Jordan of Jordan, Michelle Benson microwave-transmitting SmartM HEALTH INSUR ANCE ters (each with e1/2 mile transmi West, Ariz. Editor’s note: MichelleHam Lake ting radius) tby Pam Walker, Sun City found in every the good Benson is a nd an assistant Republic home enough, we reflect upon we love. bu si ne ss i n Jord “Sometimes, not often a n do not Minnesota Senate. an leader in the conserve always center around those one drop of water, me. And things. And our thoughts nor can anyone justify who mean so much to their cost. and I count the And I think about the people MICROWAVE RADIA And consider this: made me so very happy Has your day TION for so many years have say thank you and just how much I love of reckoni ng arrived? Maybe it’s time to say goodbye times I have forgotten to the Carpenters and is a perfect transito your highMinneso ta’s Obamac tech cell phone them.” This is a song from are and reinvent your health insurance exchang land line. and turn tion for the rest of this note. e set to start with our house, take three steps higher costs and Finally, please Walk in the back door of are literally covered with pictures, little keep in mind this In addition to Gov. choice. is not to take a of Dayton’s budleft. The walls of this room shot at a new busidocumenting the activities get plan to grow ness in Jordan, government with for this, but an expose on awards, citations and certificates added sales, busines Isn’t it ironic the hidden danger range from 60 years of service that there is to public health my mom and dad. They for that, 30 years for the other, and this and income taxes, s-to-bus iness ing to be a go- cumulat from grand opening ive exposur e Democr ats are 50 years of volunteering the Legion to the Lions; from the high (April 7) to the ever working to impleme at the new clinic in Jordan that’s increasi ng sources of man-ma healthca re insuran nt a state-ru n positioned just trying to relist goes on and on. From exhausted de microwa am I just ves. FILE PHOTO / REPRINTS Jordan to bus driving. boysathletics by implem enting ce “exchan ge” power microwa beneath a very high AT PHOTOS.JORDANNEWS school basketball coach Matt ve-transmitting Obamac are in .COM Hubmen to their Richard Thom noon at Minnesota. This (city sign of has member it all. stop Jordan) first conferenbeingUrbanek guided the at water tower. will fundamentally the parked my dad ce title since 2000. WiechWow!

Hubmen basketball team should be proud of historic season



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at editor@jordanne or (952) 345-6571

First Place: Jordan Independent Great variety, accessibility; outstanding cartoonist. Love the subject labels on letters; though design isn’t being judged, it does enhance content by making the page more reader-friendly. Second Place: Jackson County Pilot Strong, lively local content. Third Place: Blooming Prairie Times Very conversational, friendly, accessible.



Will God bless America if we alter one of his most important ideas?

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Best kept secret



Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Sauk Centre Herald Clean. Easy to read. Interesting information. Second Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune Pleasing to the eye.. followed clearly .. Third Place: Pine Journal, Cloquet Cannot beat color on the Editorial page. Enjoyed very much. Clean, easy to follow.

Super human beings

Health insurance exchange increases costs and eliminates choice s Will cell phone tower s, WiFi cause radiation pollution in Jordan?

an tournament honorabl e mention everyone My dad was the man thatbe done and it would be done right the to do whatever needed to asked. first time with no questions at home–one of the many unrecogchip cookMy mom was always refer When she baked chocolate news on your website search and find every Obituaries nized blessings at the time. would be full. The cookies would be the and personnel living name throughout in free?” said the earnest Births and ence to that overseas. It can ies the entire kitchen table like the trays of cookies all frugal man. table kitchen the on lined up neatly cost over $200 neighborhood and deaths are those the decades. is a beautiful of us, the entire I gasped for air, grabbed Newspaper rates: Archiving game to start, the bakery window. All waiting for practice or the One-year send the Hermomentous ocAlong Publisher: Laurie and nearly passed to subscriptions, $34 Hartmann (952) 345-6878; in Scottwould be my heart count the high school athletes kitchen and some farwant to part of the Internet. cookie the ald to Editor: Mathias Baden and Carver lhartmann@ Counties, $45 frightening were (952) 345-6571; But casions that people as they with the Historical Society’s Those of baking globe. out. the Guest hours would sweep through theTupperware editor@jord Staff of outside Herand columns Writer: of Scott corners bowl. and David off about letters to the ediSchueller learn Carver able and country editor: old (952) 345-6570; commentar an Letters to the editor Sports Counties. subscripwas always (USPS 276-940) dschueller@ Editor: to words ies stating share diminished to a medium of seconds Subscriptio collection you are also reaction Todd Abeln (952) a web only and guest yet her ns are to have we sell on issues want 345-6587; tabeln@swp Wefacing especially welcome positions issues Advertising Sales: non-refundable. the local community $25. buthappen. Holly Saar (952) 345-6386; are would be gone in a matter for tor. waste them.” to research recent back be- are by the The to the Herald Circulation website newspaper reserves reviewed tion our prior hsaar@swp oneditor About us: The Jordan are going to eat them fine but don’t E: Ruby Winings to have put items a never the right these to edit letters for length, publication.of the Herald through our Independent, founded “if you While we (952) 345-6682; circulation@ Smugmug clarity. We will not angel in residence.” If Imarketpla a division of Red ce (Classified) Advertisin online, print letters of a grammar in 1884, theis“guardian both breaking are galWing published by Southwest will deliver it as is sort of they libelous Publishing mom cause or fewer My nature. Letters should and www.imark Company. wordstake the Herald newsg: (952) 345-3003; self-serve Newspaper Association hers it butNewspapers, all of in length. We edition, SmugMug photo makes arenot Exceptions are be 250 an active only we want Our photograp at she member may submit no more news at the editor’s discretion. the offi meal, Composition: Lorris enough of the maacial of the Minnesota and something needs 717. newspaper for the t, she will take friend and put hs atthan one letter Thornton Writers and videos. appointmen we did City an to of per month, of photograp Jordan to an article in Ad Design: and School District unless it is in response leries the Renee Fette for free. Giving hundreds for people. If a friend needs a ride goes as anarchive well. Published weekly for will Deadline the Thursday They People ask me if the Inon Thursdays; periodicals publication date. Letters letters is 3 p.m. Monday them to make sure everything before is jor storiesnews online while community events. sheDeadlines stay withpostage POSTMASTER: Send the Advertisin and to must contain theg afternoon, them daytime phone end paidcompanion the an for at put change their Jordan, the all will address number of MN. away address notice needs aIndependen and - ternet of the author, as well News: 3 p.m. Monday; MN 55379. to Jordan unique visi e-mails). We prefer s is now be uploading as a signature 20,000 think ticipated. If a friend 5 p.m. Friday With subscriber letters t, P.O. Box 8, Shakopee, . that are print for events calendar on print newspaper. I don’t Advertising saukherald charging e-mailed to editor@jord (except Editorials : 4 p.m. Friday hs to page Location: The Jordan red that appear on this million photograp ready to play cards. bright a a always over and and model. it and Imarketplac Independen page . in tors represent the institutional voice wear leotards newspaper. e (Classifi t is located a good information call (952) to enjoy not eds): 3business it will but it will change the Any questions at 109do and dad p.m. Tuesday for paid Rice not for everyone St. S., Jordan, MN they are super human website is or comments of a comTuesday My mom for Thrift ads 492-2224; the ads; noon a year, send faxes to (952) heroes, shouldour 55352. For general to tell views be directed to the however, changing that. For breaking People So we’re editor. give us more ways Legal newscan and notices: Since and news updates, 4 p.m. Thursday, one launched a a gallery format. cape–they are not super 492-2231. advertise. go toto or follow us on Twitter place www.jordan to call them life-long residents been telling for We’ve just week before publication order prints of these picandgood Facebook. Find sportsfree, blessed to the more story we’ve beings. Sauk Centre is lucky www.jordan is scores online the website their actions, but I am truly and love. new that will also at Leave news tips at on the digital file. Smug- coreboard. site, 146 years. collect the benefits of all we sell(952) 345-6571. of what makes tures or the © 2013 Southwest Newspaper advertising and collect all of their wisdom s (www.swnewspapers.c Holding a newspaper in n call them mom and dad and Dutch Wiener. Happy Anniversary take advantage what makes mug also has a collection of informatio om) hands offers a more acprints and the more special the web work and My mom and dad are Vic will enlarged canvas to order. and features we can put on the your years! way of displaying print work. The new site mom and dad–65 cessible people for notices t A4 | March 21, 2013 novelties . site. The governmen be simpler with only breaknews, photos and advertising Video

pile numb car (obviously in the ers to 20 people 10 all there were as many as 16 you Generation X’ers, this Chevy was before seatbelt laws). For Dart! My dad was a bus driver long about the size of a Dodge 6 nge vehicle became one of his 22-5 was before driving the big yellow/ora his bus driving duties, he fulla responsibilities. Along with , did wrecker calls, had … the 2 many a fireman, drove the ambulance night job (7 p.m.-2 a.m.) table full-time a and (8-5) job dinner time day still managed to be at the doing well. list is endless and yet he 3 his family was intact and counted on 2010 every night to make sure knew could be
Game winning streak Season record appearance Teams in Jordan’s history to win 23 games Last state Minnesota River Conferen ce teams in the same section as Jordan, after next year’s move to Section 2 All-conference players, plus

in the Weisses, to us and everyone Sometimes Hubm manns ento baske and away we would go. tball Chevy by the long into that little

I remember to the for lunch. From the Kanes every day to pick us up between, we would


Your vote counts! I heard the word to access continuing our when (And there’s still You will soon be able to at my online timedesk  Yes, to click yourconversati popular Streeter on the news do something! 28.6 years or choice.) frightening percent most comBlog, search through 146  Seasonall from their A recent jordanne Sports  No way! desk. y Sauk CenLeave us alone! 71.4 from the front poll coming pho- 7,542 issues of the tablets or showed your answers puter, percent sports  Rarely to this popular from 1867 to tolong-time subscriber I about poll es. videos and tre Herald through the Sauk gun control tos, One of  Never, measures smartphon their subscripweek’s polls: where should I look? cancelling proposed was paris this at the State Capitol: sports day online This breaking How often do you The JI online Historical Society, in a tion. poll is an unscientifi see bald eagles in good Should the Minnesot such Centre ticularly stories c survey pay to the Jordan area? the two run by your Legislatu should a I between on re act local “Whyguns? newspape to control collaborati students, r.tVote, see, a thetournamen Cen- for  All and discuss results of Jordan’s the time subscribe to the Sauk us. For a small fee, you’ll by David Simpkins of most popular recent games. all business people into the polls at Publisher jordanpoll tre Herald when you put for and be / able to put a name military s. Births and -

and passour guns name alone I was quietly working

The new SaukHerald.c
unCommon Ground



which will be useful on smartSports be phones. We’ll Herald Archives



Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Chaska Herald Perspectives was a clear winner, with a strong local editorial voice, good diversity of opinion, and a clean page design. Second Place: Savage Pacer Good use of Community Voices as well as the editorial voice of the newspaper, presented in a well-organized fashion. Third Place: Red Wing Republican Eagle Editorials don’t have to be long-winded “think pieces.” I love the Republican Eagle’s use of editorial nuggets (my word) as part of a stronglylocal page.


those outdoor Staff or ease softly when ................... to step g more of the trail connecti ................... often, Schmiesing Diane ................... clean-up projects possible. ons — a possible Editor ................................... Bookkeepin . Raking up Dave Simpkins ................... if needed. ............. straight line from Zollman the Managing They ................... ...................................... Marketing Heather last of ................... last fall’s ................... the Sauk eral Manager Centre of In the 1970s, Chaska lost most Bryan Zollman ................... leaves, clearing Prairie/ g .............Gen use Traeger....... appropr Chanhassen bluffs Eden Missy ................... its elm trees to out iate the gutters, ................... .............................. Bookkeepin g to ................... washing window Mark Klaphake .....Sales Manager disease . With Borgerding ceremon ................... Bookkeepin As ley of Carver/Chaska.the river val- 40 years of Melaniey, part of his s and ................... and doors. Eagle Scout ...................................... Manager ................... growth, Jeff Weyer ................... project, ...Marketing incinera Emily Goellner ............................... Business Designer Joseph The city could continue replacement bouleva many of the te all Pfau is................... ................... ................... building storage There aphic Joyce Frericks is one Manager/Gr rd trees were other thing its plan to Hunstiger ................... st, Circulation Kayla the ..... Production boxes worn-ou direct bikers to ..Receptioni that for U.S. ................... t ................... ................... should flags before they Pat Turner the levee trail using beginni ng to MN be checked re-creat e that ............... Graphic Designer Drayna Jyeton each spring. ................... flags ................Sign Design wonare destroye Stoughton Avenue/ they ................... derfulCentre, ................... -Sauk have If Graphic Designer Pitschka Ave. you d. “cathed Tara ................... One Lewis fly ........... will an ral” Inserter Beech Thomas...... Sinclair America be effect found in located ........... Logan since Street on n flag at your Graphic Designer collected ...................................... at the east side522 VFW Post ................... Thooft ................... Amandahome 1791 in Chaska, and ................... of town, or at Athletic historic downtowns. or Imdieketheir business,................... Mike 56378 now is the........... ................... last Writer a second will be located Park on the west retirement Sims........... time ............. The Sue to city check ................... should side Joseph if it is worn ................... 352-6577 of town. identify “legacy (320) ................... ceremony. And trees” that and needs Phone: Chaska City Hall lobby. in the while abandon Harry Hanson replacement. are obituaries and reports of are old or significa ing the Third Pfau Deadlines is 5 p.m. Monday. Exceptions for advertisements in the Street have (320) 352-5647 If you have route would no Fax: news in the Herald mosta a chance of surviva nt and The deadline He wrote the The most common The deadline for longer show off Tuesday. accompa l. A tree have a deadline of 10 a.m. Thursday. worn-ou basis. City signs are which address: Square Park, it is noon, that article events, t flag on Internet a a cash-only weekend Classy Canarynying flag needs replacem that Advertising and the to educate needsof we have no doubt that’s stood for a century to be retired, public on EWS an on Tuesday, and in the Shopper and Classy Canary advertising ent are fraying or more AILY is noon the bikers will venture advertising at Heraldyou should be accorded may ESABI and only publication last drop Classified proper means the edges newspaper, it off either this to bind and must be signed with first and the respect. of flag fading authority Letters (USPS Letters retiremen from n Post 1791, 620 Chaska from either into downtow are welcomed. articles reserve t advertiser’s order.Creek VFW Our ad takers have noexposur T HERALD he c ou nci of the CENTRE and thanks acceptance SAUK e to the editor and other opinion final the old be short and to the point. We THE h a s de cide d t shall constitute sunlight Home should Letters rail line Thursdays You Depot, . Flags can also by StarlPubmayto number. Letters or the levee. Home phone address and phone to advertisemen explore possibl become stained Depot for hours in which Marketing Manager name and includethem e neighbo rhood 482-220) is published on Sauk Centre, in Ave.,ents the letters. Mike ed, or flag assessm Elsewhere lengthy may Rates ripped or torn. or discolor to edit $39.00. Bee, right be Subscription the to delivere Counties, lications, 522 Sinclair Lewis Hanson treat Sauk at Morrison When d infected ash Douglas, Pope & family, Boy please call 352-6577. this happens error, larifications s postage paid 448-4126 TREEPO COLYPSE of the four at (952) Scout trees. Corrections/C Todd, to report a factual . In accuracy. If Troop like , out the flag needs (either or Canary) addition you would Minn. 56378. Shopper 174, ? Second-clas Chaska there is The for ER: Send address Stearns, VFW Post 1791, a drop-off $51.00. Herald strives with advertising to be replaced $46.00; new The other controve advertising with And box with Minn. POSTMAST a Minnesota, in while Chaska $49.00; on Centre,rsy ff the one, 522 o clear-cu lobby City and Minnesota, HERALD, Hall, and of the Chaska City a very small nuke thrown tting all the $49.00; Out ofthe worn flag should to CENTRE downtown street boulevard trees THE SAUK to related counties listed above Hall, we need be retired. changes their support. “No his family for located at 1“Maybe reconstr may be the Centre, Minn. 56378 City Hall Plaza uction Eagle is ever Sauk up’’ easiest Ave., is a summer 2012 Sinclair Lewis things and shake in cheapes to earned It downtown Chaska. is not appropriate t route, it’s not the redux – the loss Oct. 9, aloneDepartme nt, Foggy Bottom — it’s always for a wornof route. If a only State boulevard trees. a group the out American flag eff , on nuking ort!” slight change You can call he notes. Robertson —Pat to be disposed in street them for the hours No doubt about design or constru of in the trash, they are open at it, downto wn ction method s or to 2003 (952) 448-9200. streets need reconstr might save trees a private fireplace be burned in These flags are involved in swimmin — even a few — uction. They or barbecue. the symbol evolved from dirt it should be explored g (2013 Chaska American flags of our country, captain, winner road to asphalt, . should be retired and a symbol of of the “Heart of with little or no However, resident respectfully, by our commitment foundation. There’s the Hawk” award) s need to unan appropriate to that no storm sewer. and concert, pep derstand the city, group or agency As such, they deserve country. And most of the and jazz band. which is charged and He is a member existing water honorable appropriate manner. in an retirement and of and sanitary sewer with maintai ning basic services the St. Hubert’s youth honorable ceremon lines are decades , group and The Chaska Post at that retireme y old. It’s a big mess. is stuck between a tree and a has been a retreat 1791 Veterans nt. hard leader with that place. of Foreign Wars, Joseph T. Pfau is group. His parents also known as a are Tim Pfau and the VFW, retires Troop 174 in Chaska. Boy Scout with Debbie Wyatt-Pf American flags au, of He is a senior at Chaska High his younger brother Chaska, and School, where he Sam is a Chaska is High sophomore.

A newspaper headline taxes week declaring that “property made for incould drop” in Minnesota the figure teresting reading. Although for next year– mentioned – $121 million initial reaction was only an estimate, my down, because was, “Yes, they should go other taxes are going up.” taxes are set Keep in mind property EDITORIAL Contributions welcom ts, such as counties, by local governmen e to editor@chaskahe districts and, (952) 345-657 cities and townships, school 4 watershed or other local units such as of those govby Paul Anderson hospital districts. Members State Representative individual situ4-H showings, beer garerning boards study their level of funding I skipped out on oke, rides, demo derby, tracNotes from ations and determine the entity for the it this year for no den, orders of little more freely. first the of l necessary to operate their displays and food, I One pull, Capito tor the set their levy, And they always other reason than pretty darn coming year. Then they the following business every time I attend with smiles busy would say we are return always to was is I in Fair right and the taxes are collected residents’ real fair to have the the Stearns County with something lucky curds. on their faces and year based on the value of get a tray full of cheese are anticipation of each taxing enour backyard. else. if property that lies within mainly in the form of Local Government I know cheese curds I told my daughter that On Suntheir next ride, or tity. Money from the state, used by cities and counties to help balthe worst thing you can fair was here every weekas my 4-year-old Aid (LGA), has long been relying entirely on local property taxes. about day I worked our the she would probably get and for somebody whose always says, “That ance their budgets without times in recent years, eat Sauk Centre Her- end, least, we l is already high, state facing financially difficult gone With With the I wanna by Bryan Zollman ald booth located sick of it. At the very push-ba ck units of government has the cholestero from neighbo by local not the wisest was fun! received rs, LGA the ofstepping probably by be broke! it’s city is amount would Funded the Other year. In again!” next away changing in the commerbe from will hey, the fair only do it a neighbo however, That, Which is why once a year rhood down. trail, as outlined and at the state level, this state choice. But The fair, ultibuilding tax increase Words year, cial a billion some in $2 once the $40 ssed always by downtow recently-pa comes around perfect. It’s n master plan. for cities in Minnesota and mately, is for kids. was able to talk to is by $80 million The trail state right? was increase forward to, and will to be worked aid also due for some of this into the are newspaper thing to look But there is also reTownships construc counties. for tion of the city’s deterior million starting in 2014. But there is more to plenty to offer for adults. It’s readers about our its qual- serves as a great way to make at- annually, ing receive $10 million downtow as they mpleted legisn will than just the money streets. with and how to improve as a family, and as a Also passed in the recently-co from paying cheese curds Underst not all. a great time to catch up andably, night I was about memories y. But that’s neighbors wantfor cities and counties taste. There is something friends and neighbors in the ity. Sunday communit ed a sidewalk an exemption way the was my from made fried but front figures me lative session in to deep of their faired-out, house According the smell of purchases. instead ofsales What always brings on most tax to those lo- about beer garden or in the grand- to the tractor pull to watch the asphalt the state a wide trail. and smells Some result in a savings that brings back memargued that tit derby. that should Revenue, didn’t p and back is the sounds Departmen of a bill giving cities cheese going to the Ramsey stand during the demo mesh with the County Fair. historic nature ely $172 million. I carried the 4-H likes of John Loxtercam both ories of of the neighbor cal units of approximat perform in of the Stearns of the derby Back I am sure visiting hood. I was surprised they received (Althoug break, but h it could engines brings Toby Danielson that tax County Fair as a kid. also and counties beand argued - and dairy barns also many their events. The work and ef- The loud the calling of the that the sales tax exemption. a cow increase in LGA path, brick re- then I wasn’t so much chas for walkway the large is vehicles, or expanded, and the property boardwa as I do back memories were also lk might be that goes into the events credits the only Homestead will also in- ing down cheese curds Bingo numbers, the begging logical who grew up on a fort inspiring, alternat directly from the state ive that receive to taxpayers was chasing fairgoers reflect 1800s workers truly instead 4-H that but in midway funds Chaska) now, the of involved . The original trail the farm or were PHOTO BY By this time the food lower concept zigzags in MARK wins a prize!”…. This result crease. W. OLSON down the coolest rides and should through The city pieces together downtow when they were younger. to vendors were cleaning their “every try of Chaska those what the and puttingnall is giving So, certainly local to determine of course the cheese gives bikers officials prettiest girls. it’s up to abando ned Union Pacifi a good again,at year I made my way over But, look and the rides were and It all brings back the taxes. c line property ourstate Many have actually downtow Munching on cheese another funding. n resident arena and watched equipment look as a downto increased ialthe as the car- curds. and do with business trail. will to balance their theyrhoods. wn curds, my wife and three kids the horse neighbo ride their being broke down memories of almost 30 in recent years in order However or programs , it’s also fair some young ladies old-fash- nival workers were getting vivid handle this. the ride cut employees they a bit complic how from around see to running walked ated to I ago to be interesting follow, goingespecial so it’s must be paid and ly ride beautiful horses like also fun ready to visit their next city. years with my other 12-yearbudgets, if the Sostate city begins the spending city needs to dig that increases in making as the kids jumped from to ride in mind comprokeep this up Also ioned cowgirls. It is mises to the of farm and other portion start My daughter told me she old buddies, taking a break labor trail’s aestheti from on theand scratch. ride, their turn to make to stop by the food booths and to c design. Unfortu sales tax extension tier income every for. The fourth Instead nately A new trees we first , the City Council July 1. are effect COMMWhen in theone be- wished the fair was here ENTAR way. and then to suck on a of the fair memories. l repairs went into has Y directed commercia Even see what unique treats are staff to look giving if a Minnesota guess that tells me now tree is left, there’s atinto effect this year, the recently eat our cheese goes l storage a good moved to town we weren’t ing offered and to say hi to the weekend. I abandon bracket chance taxed on commercia doing a sno-cone and it might is Union Pacific new tax a board And later because fair pretthe our fair nation. perish the rail the that in of the because line of damage tax rates that runs big fans highest curds as we watched is much discussion parallel to roots locals who are working although there to County April, or a change job (pardon the pun). ty girls walk on by. Road effect next into 61 surface elevation several inour children were so young. most of to go setway is the In past years Bingo “fair” through downtow into effect. In addition, and water itngoes the Bingo, KaradrainChaska. registrathey are older and booths. age. rentals it will be repealed before from automobile are been a must, but Between car Othersto susceptible to Min-But now ranging roam about a has always We’ve BY JOSEPH T. PFAU nesota’s tax increases, some internet other argued and Writer spreadi before that keeping reception, ng emerald ash we can let them ...........................................Design the railtion, digital downloads to satellite borer epidemic. line from As the seasons corridor Randy Olson............................. intact lead us to spring, effect. makes .............................................Sign on a yearly into sense —sales, be going Sections However the city will basis, in part, we begin plannin Irene Henry ................... because ............................ Special of the needs g ...... Publisher

confusing Taxes can be this past


ing news, obituaries, births, We’re learning more on how breaking sports news, blogs, busi- and more each day classifieds, legals and a the to incorporate video into the ness directory, while all sub- reporting of local news. Enand news will be carried a hancements in equipment edit E-edition. based scription software allow us to film, the E-edition video clips from post and E-edi an We’ve offered a real asset s for field, which will be news. tion to all our subscriber in reporting breaking a couple years now, where usera gets subscriber each

told me, or legal notices we publish a As one grandmother in the Herald will also have “I can’t clip my laptop to my special place on the website. refrigerator when my grandwww.chaskahera We place all our classithe news.” | Chaska Herald children are fieds on the website, giving The challenge we’re added is how our print classifieds today with working between reach. Our business directory on to balance the news from the Shopper is also added print and web. our website, but we’ve maps to the local businesses

Taking it to the street

Fun at the Fair

Worn flags deserve honorable retirement
Eagle project


A4 | SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2013





That’s a bit harsh ...

Dailies under 10,000
First Place: Mesabi Daily News, Virginia This was the clear winner. It’s a solidly-local, nicely-designed section with a bit of an attitude. This judge was fascinated by the readernominated “onions and orchids.” Having Doonesbury on the page gets a thumbs up. The quote at the top of the page is playful, though it’s unclear the criteria for what’s used and why. Strong local editorials and a good stable of letters to the editor. I also like the way the quick poll is presented and how the paper presents readers with thoughtful questions with a strong news hook.

the forest, and we will just have to origina l intent get used to it. If truly nothing — taxing the can Last week be done to save rich. rate income he spoke to the our tax of 9.8 percent Minneso experts were consulte trees, which Chamber makes of Commerce luncheo ta us the 12th highest d and options . Tax Freedom LOCAL AUTHO R conside red before n in Day for us St. Paul. In his was the 8th longest this conclusion comments to the was reached ? 650 ending on in 2012, members, the His I’ve asked the April governor stated climbing. 23. So much are city he was still staff and council that numbers for the white smoke! student thethe top going this question and kids get to tax wouldn’t Pep Band are they have yet to all of earnthese ers. “We need you, Jazz The Band, governo also said, provide an the revenue You .concerts, Iron Counanswer, are them. I don’t ing no to and r “Just saygiving the Marching than they are how else to get ity you know Onions: To Mountain other to tax increase listen opportun to just great followin it. proper I s on believe is the not a budget the master plan. you g it. Hope made see eyes to it You I believe your PHOTO plan to BY MARK W. and Prebeg. I shall like the use Joe its notOpen is right, I believe inis fun watch. cilor OLSON responsible.” Well guys are amazing. To protest Iron The downto it is continua fair,” he (Submitt ed by Band the impending l said. of this forum to higher Mountain wn Chaska urban a wonderfu saying loss have about the you “yes” of bouleva pubnoises to spending rationslly forestn the slopes next winter. needs butsame rd trees in downto inspectio These quotes are administ increase fees the licly and persona value and at- .) illustrative as wn Chaska, neighbo al building lly tention placed on Betsy h is? His proposal is for a 7 thank Erickson to how the governo residenti percent increase teacher rs are beginni raise sky it as is given Shannon Olthem r and his music in spending to $37.9 ng other to decorate them to our to Mayor Skenzich party billion. anyway think. Clearly historic assets. Onions: To Gilbert voted yes with son for her thought Let’s not forget they are ribbons. The city leaderof them . no friend of new Minneso the cost of s ship needs and Skalko to forceful ly demonst markets Kutsi, rs “free ” and “supply high. Orchids: A big bouquet ta Health Exchang the in a recent issue of and Councilo rate econom that Council STREET RECON how side” the federal side preservi City e and Minneso ics. taxpayer ng our urban forest mayor and Rather s tell the STRUC TION ta Monthly of spending includin they insist on fellas, on to the Virginia a key is Come “class of compon g M aga zi ne’s warfare three to endear Obamacare. the forefront ent of the downtow ” in in the “ L a st n $50,000 members for being on project cost them their supporters. orderto not an aftertho you Any objectiv e Word.” (Find a relocation ught. just His 53 ce  2 of view percent in link Highway of been Neighbors please months you have “supply at tax side” econom increase, (7.85 the proposed askaher stand up percent to 9.85 open! wide let cent)bar our per- private sector ics wi l l show t hat city crowd. leadersh ip know and on the corner top earners is estimate the project. Keep your eyes .) investm satisfy that ent is encourthe to raise Utilidowntow Shannon d aged by lower Public n Clerk forest is as vital an City addition H e r wor d s a Gilbert : To tax rates. Historic al $1.1 billion in Onions: To Virginia to the fabOrchids re I’ve lived in ric ofn revenue. Howeve our Olson ally beautif this has resulted community trying Quentin downtow n Chaska ul and poiion Chairma good thatryou thatare in more revenue it’s a Mackley, yellow else for more than Commiss ribbon on your ties Gary to remains assumes all the government. eight affected years. The wide trees. How is that possible gnant. For more beautifu boulevards and of Gilbert A mistake in our you say? for always being in a rush City l words, Bloomqu with thetepid economy arching ist please read “Welcom Ludwig back Businesses and ? will back trees were a on meetings even Von Gohren significant factor people are and e to my Planet good and commissi The willing governo in choosing to adjourn is harmony “Children of God put their money r was surpris to raise Chaska my family here. once ingly investinto Go Bowling,” by to work Shannon hostile want to continue. there They are We, like to the chamber workers. g in econom ic manypresent people ce – a homework when others attendees. He in the commun expansi on for assignment POLITICSIf you’re with the of criticize which create more they ity were shocked do its business. as d them go all post-Chaska and for not come to public at the supporting his jobs. the devastation to Let allowed You High again might original grads and say, “investment our urban forest plan to increase at overtime startis on sale” when typing students. to leave, then go, and ing last summer a variety you unlimited rush of sales in tosuch please and have taxes. Conduct lower the rate make a Mr. West, Mr. Johnson room for the doing with wasn’t ing and downtown street his Funny expand “conclav and myself the are eternall s’ expense. the rest to continue project. e,” he chose Minneso own base, you create more leave the taxpayer y grateful for all tax revenue. In every other ta as The Democr years. the wonbest two place past derful talented area, the jobs. to grow forthe Chaska is ats categorically their a business and focused on preserv students we had reject privileg up to Moun- like that :raise this. a family the Mountain ofnot ing the historic City — We were back e to serve. the To but only in the nalook and feel of the Onions: Orchids tion Gov. Dayton has By the close of the downtown area. athere world! I also thank my weekend holigot been the source we I’m told folks the session (May SoEaster why, city staff and bad high of some excellen Iron for the was 20), we will tain Don’t afeel little Iron. white smoke coming also. council teacher, Miss Wiem. school typing t teachable see how far Minneso public library now from his Democra moments podium! is our urban forest We member theyear. s, atthis I broke my arm stopped City of Gilbert ta in gymnas day. not getting ts were willing tics, worked after Hate Skalko in the this same attention to push their Nowmurals. Now for those that he has heard agenda. They will school and check out the historic Dandy. to effort? pesky facts. AcWhat have critical deci- to catch up, and ended up with froma are The attitude you’ve variety a cording murals the of sions a D. of taxpayers, includin to make between some the Tax Foundat Also, Shannon’s “Free” portray you, but To theto ed is that nothing that to tell g the fiscal now and the dad, ion, for 2014 Onions: busines sThe commun 2013, Minneso Mouncan be done to save midterm election livered our son James. Doc Olson deity and his own at ta’s lly accurate. business s. recycling We party, he is back cs I am tax not historica will personally be grateful to watching. on track electroni climate rank is 45th with our plant load-out the Olson family his advertisstate income and others. After Fest. tain Iron Mine washing lines on the with tax They truly are “The ranked at 44. Our Earth Salt of the Earth.” rail corpoJoe Polunc pocket never had two “Free” electronics recy-

man o Moun a n on On ons o V g n a s PUC cha s ea men o moose DNR o s a c G be e ec ed o  o e ho e who he ped e y e O h d o yea o Ben Se v Her words are
beautiful, poignant

Tie a yellow ribbon round the downtown tree

Governor no friend of free market

Great North- ing list of what is south side. Only one, the were no cling with a There Newspaper rates: I was charged $15 ern Virginia-Buhl line. accepted, Guest city One-year former columns were subscriptions, and letters There a T.V. to the woods to the east of the $30 voluntary to recycle commenta ries stating positions editor: Letters to the editor and guest which inis Chaska plantCarver, people on issues facing the local community especially directing hall. Always the power andmain welcome but are reviewed $34 even signs in Carver shop are by the editor The The newspaper reserves and Scott Counties, recycling drop $45 to the “Free” the right to edit letters prior to publication. now the Senior Center. outside clarity. We will not print letters for length, grammar of Carver and Scott the Wacootah and of a libelous 500 or fewer words building is missing from Counties. off area! Deadline in length. Exceptions nature. Letters should be ns are never a was Subscriptio About us: The Chaska There are at the editor’s non-refund for MDN letters able. the shopincomplex. To for discretion. is noon Mine founded Onions: a division of Red Wing Herald, 1862, is published side of Mounpublication date. Letters on the Monday before the Thursday by Southwest Newspape east Publishing Company. the must contain the address Bailey shop on Beetle Newspaper Association the We are barber rs, keeping number an of and daytime phone the active author, member and now as Sarge well as a signature of the does is Minnesota Carver County, Laketown the official newspaper the library letters paper. All (except where for the are e-mailed Avenue tain Township, Chaska, City of Carver, comic in thethat to editor@chaskaherald.c on e-mails). We prefer Dahlgren Township, City of side. appear on this page The om. Editorials that verbally and west Published weekly and San the represent lly Francisco on Only the institutional voice Township. emotiona on Thursdays; periodicals y, Any questions physicall of the newspaper. Send change of address stands. or comments should postage paid at website Society l Chaska, be directed to the notice to the Chaska MN. POSTMASTER: a Historica Bailey! editor. Deadlines Herald, P.O. Box 8, abuse Beetle Location: The Chaska Minnesot evShakopee, MN 55379. Herald offi News: Noon pictures showing people who make and at ces are located To the Monday; address is P.O. Box has maps Onions: 123 Second St. W. 113, Chaska, for events Advertising: 4 p.m. 4 p.m. Thursday to know Isn’t in Chaska. want MN 55318. calendar would send faxes to (952) Main Street. Friday For general anyone information call (952) The mailing U-turns on Gilbert’s 448-3146. erything Imarketpla ly ce (Classifieds): 3 p.m. 445-3333; Apparent Tuesday for paid ads; noon Tuesday for about old Mountain Iron. Thrift that Illegal? Maybe Legal notices: 4 p.m. ads truckcountry and Thursday, one week before publication someone was in a big hurry. Onions: State snow made. of be can s Forecast rotten ones. some correction morning we loads of and no plow Orchids: Last Sunday for more than a week — Mesabi paper a.m. and had lots of snow at our trucks out until after 11 it hard to had hapbox on Asula Road making to get my that was after accidents on Sunday. went comes out drive up to it. When I where the pened. County get paid double time. paper I could see the tracks walked Hope they don’t and have to get delivery person stopped the box. What’s wrong here? People clean the in can you before killed over and put my paper Thanks. or hurt That is customer service. Road.) highways. ula the April 7 (Submitted by Makis/As Orchids: To MDN for Center thletes student-a 27 “the Orchids: To the Courage about another won- story and and Giants Ridge. It was son. I want at Mesabi Range Community my l College who were recently derful year of skiing for the coordinator, Technica academic recognition.” But to thank Sheila who is who where awarded one of Shelly, Katie, and Marie year, and my also onions for naming only story turned skiing/helping Tyler this both with those 27 students. The and out college helped the who about Sue more sister photos. I am out to be To Mr. Kevin skiing and some amazing are willthe coaches. Orchids: His that so thankful for people yks, our great music director.



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Meritt Henry Chaska

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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Editorial Page as a Whole
Second Place: Faribault Daily News Nicely-designed section. I like the inclusion of contact information for elected officials. I also like that Doonesbury is on the page. The opinion poll results are a good way to spur letters to the editor when done properly. Third Place: The Bemidji Pioneer Good local editorials. Glad to see Doonesbury on the page. A solid effort.




The Free Press / Wednesday, July

10, 2013

Editorials are the institutional voice of The Free Press and independent of the newsroom reporting staff

and Gov. We’re glad, in a way, the Republican legislators Minnespar, over Mark Dayton continue to discuss, even the GOP for a special sota’s tax policies, but a recent call by session goes too far. tax. Republicans At issue is the new warehouse-storage Shoes was planraised the issue recently saying Red Wing suggesting it ning to hold off on a $20 million expansion, take effect until to was due to the tax, which is not scheduled 2014. of revenue commissioner his that responded Dayton and explained that Myron Franz has spoken to Red Wing taxed, but storage of storage of its own goods would not be be. would goods company’s another the moment. That seemed to satisfy Red Wing for into the tax bill The warehouse tax was arguably inserted session, in part to at the waning moments of the Legislative fill at $95 million gap in the state budget. a great deal of Why it matters: It appears there was not Democrats have Issues with the discussion and even some new warehouse criticized it. But Dayton said Republicans did not tax can be tax or suggest a discussed next offer an alternative to the a special session year before the budget fix so their call for that the argued also tax goes into was premature. He tax does not take effect until April 2014 effect and the Legislature will have plenty of that starts in February. time to fix or change it in the session in this case, but we The governor has the right response a different plan or an encourage the GOP to come up with through the approalternative to be debated and discussed priate committees. to be revisited. But it The warehouse tax may indeed need be done in the regular will serve the taxpayers best if it can meeting in a special session and not to spend more money be positive results. session where there may or may not


Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: The Free Press, Mankato Good local content, local commentary, also with its connection to national issues. Loved the open records challenge. Allows good variety of reader opinions.
Sports facilities not a top youth need

General Reporting

times. Our thriving? The answer Young People four dation had funded the Youth families was selected each Using taxpayer dollars to to that question is a resound- community Voice Initiative through the time, not because build a regional multi-use no. In February I Mankato YWCA. One of the ing — we are the literal “best.” sports complex or not to unveiled a report on the wellaccomplishments Rather, because we have use such dollars? We being of children and youth of Youth Voice was five the fulfill to strived clearly seem to be Mankato. conducting a series of in Mankato/North promises to ALL children heading in the “to report used small group meetings One part of the build” direction. and youth in our community secondary data sources with youth to ask How much of the — caring adults, safe places, to examine the economic, them directly what money will come educational, social-emotional, a healthy start and healthy comour make would from public dollars is and health indicators of chil- development, effective educamunity a great place yet to be determined. tion, and opportunities to dren and youth well-being. Nancy to live. The quest, initiated by help others. In some areas the trends The ideas of the the ice hockey commu- Fitzsimons others cause We, as a community, will youth who participated are positive, in My view nity, has been broadother secnot fulfill the five promises in Youth Voice sessions for concern. The ened to garner support the report presents to all of our kids if we let a of tion dialogue for basis the formed from other sports-minded the results of interviews with market study from an outside at the Feb. 11 Community leadin sectors by pursuing a multimany group determine what 66 area adults, Summit on Youth — a comuse sports facility. Other positions, from family will “help our kids.” In the ership over of conversation munity efforts to gain support are to and youth-serving, business, absence of Youth Voice, we and youth on the frame the need as a benefit to 300 adults K-12 education, higher educa- as a community need to find well-being of youth and how our youth. This is not really tion, health care, faith, media, a way for adults to listen to a our community an editorial about an ice rink. to improve the government broad spectrum of youth with for all youth. At the Summit, arts, and Rather, about investing city sectors. an open-mind, to ask tough meeting on and county dollars towards a and follow-up and adults One predominant theme questions whose answers youth 11, March market study, and ultimately expressed by a majority of we might not want to hear, identified five high need a sports facility, in the name people interviewed was that and to truly collaborate with areas: 1) a teen center, 2) of “helping our kids.” the “poor economy appeared youth in order to determine transportation, public better say, to more some Analysis has I do not doubt that to have taken a significant The Star Tribune what will make Mankato/ 3) increased mentorship including a few things will benefit. But, is youth, kids children, many on toll we North Mankato a great place The Minnesotans opportunities, 4) jobs and Republicans are seizing upon a multi-use sports facility and their families and is greater 5) and for all kids to live, learn, admire aren’t “soak the rich” to fault DFLers. Last week training, job have exactly what our kids to the greater work, play, worship, and people. Neither do they want GOP state Sen. David Osmek involvement of youth in com- contributing the ‘haves’ been clamoring for? Are the taxes to pile on the poor. grow. decision-making and divide between noted that in every income needs of children, youth and munity and the ‘haves not’ in our The Report on the WellThey like their state and local level, taxpayers will see an leadership. their families, particularly It is impossible tax burden equitably shared Being of Children and Youth The conversations started community.” in burden (in other disadvantaged, most last increase the those over that imagine by to income need to continue. as a percentage of in Mankato/North Mankato, words, in taxes paid both so minimal that our counties with youth several years county human commua as we the rich, the poor and folks in directly and indirectly via Fulfilling the Five Promises: Otherwise, fund can afford to partially and public health between. nity may end up investing in services Caring Adults, Safe Places, prices for goods and studies? signifihigher market encountered not have fairness tax that That kind of initiatives for our kids Healthy Start and Healthy Let’s examine the first services.) cant challenges in responding Development, Effective was an elusive goal while a we as adults want, with the But for most Minnesotans, question posed — is this to the increased needs, let firm “no new taxes” clamp best of intentions, but not Education, and Opportuniwhat our kids want? I have that increase will be tiny, alone engaged in anything was in place at the State necessarily what our kids ties to Help Others can be no idea if part of the market the report says. By 2015, remotely close to youth and Capitol. It led to higher local want or need. accessed by going to: http:// study entails talking with a state-plus-local tax burdens family outreach and primary property taxes, plus higher The second question a percentage of incomes broad spectrum of children as prevention. license funding tuition, public college posed asks whether youth-voice. and youth from our commuare due to increase by 0.13 The Mankato/ North for a sports study and regulatory fees, and other market a There Nancy Fitzsimons is a not. housefor suspect I less nity, but percent or Mankato community fixed charges that fall disprocomplex, in particular with professor of Social Work at of have been recent efforts to holds with incomes between recipient the been has nonrich. the on counties, portionately funds from the talk to kids about just such Alliance’s Minnesota State University $35,601 and $202,407 — and a priority. Are all of America’s Promise be DFL Gov. Mark Dayton should 1/2 1 past income the and lives in North Mankato. that For of for a thing. in the middle youth and their 100 Best Communities and the DFL-controlled years, the Otto Bremer Foun- our children, range, by much less. change to out set Legislature More noticeable will be the that regressive trend this 1.4 percent increase projected year. Their effort’s results for people with incomes in are in from the nonpartisan excess of $510,000. That’s scorekeepers at the state Dean uncomfortably big step to partment of Revenue. Their in one year. take while that shows analysis and will continue This newspaper would those who speak against gay marriage Minnesota’s overall state and — (Websters New World to speak for marriage alone Being “religious” or “relihave preferred a mix of tax marriage. local tax scheme remains Dictionary of the American between a male and female. gion” is not confined alone increases that included a Religiously, I have as somewhat regressive, a Language). I will continue religiously tax on clothing, thereby to belonging to a Christian to speak out significant move was made in sales When one writes “But you much right the Biblical words the increase more church or group that follows against gay marriage because to follow the right direction. By the nu- spreading allowing for a new don’t have the right to imof God my savior who loved and person the principles set up in the a as believe, I what of merical score economists use, widely pose your narrow, intolerant me and died on the cross for income tax rate lower Bible. It can and is applied who religiously speaks for Minnesota tax burdens have top religious dogmas on people all of my wrongs and sins. than the uncompetitively to “any system of beliefs, continue my right been reset to their 2000 and different from you.” (June 7, it. I will Victor Roth 9.85 percent that now practices, ethical values etc. scripture holy that believe to 2004 levels, undoing a decade high it is an ethical Mankato applies to the state’s highest resembling, suggestive of, or Free Press), of drift away from fairness. speaks against same sex value that is as religious as incomes. likened to such as system” The new Tax Incidence

Second Place: Brainerd Dispatch Local content, local issues. All politics are local. Good job connecting local with national issues, especially the class disparities. Good spread of local opinions. Third Place: Duluth News Tribune Batman, Robin and the same sex marriage issue–that was some editorial page! Good use of local opinions, columns and cartoons overall. Plenty of room for local opinions.

Minnesota taxes barely more equitable


Religious views as right as gay marriage suppor



Weeklies up to 1,500

June 6, 2013

Carver County

Vol. 124, No. 17

and Serving Watertown, Mayer since 1887 surrounding communities

News Feed

Trail Opening

a general The project also included which inremodel of the library space, area inside cludes a reading or sitting chilwindow, an expanded of the Carv- the front The Watertown branch in the back featuring a winonce again dren’s area er County Library is open discovered during the renovation dow remodlong this week after a month add more process, and pull-out media shelving to eling project designed west wall. ly in terms of along the contributed County resources — particular Carver users. project and the city of technology — for local the city $140,000 to the Funded by Carver County, number Watertown provided another $50,000. the of Watertown and a sizeable$220,000 However, the original scope of in the of private contributions, called for nearly $250,000 to the number of project was pared down which of public use s, project roughly tripled to pa- renovation the Standing beside the Watertown Library’s new bank to the library public use computers available tion $220,000, still $30,000 higher than speaks to a group of donors “collabora ons. computers, Nick Dimassis trons, added several last week at the and county’s contributi The grand opening and a donor sneak peek event for multiple users city designed ceremony remodeling project during stations” cutting ribbon and included Library/Page 6 library. (Staff photo by Matt Bunke) at one computer station, for the extension of the stations. Trail Dakota Rail Regional two new self checkout BY MATT BUNKE CARVER COUNTY NEWS
from Mayer west to the Carver County Line was held Saturday, June 1, at the new New Germany trailhead. Community, Pg. 2

s after remode Watertown Library reopen

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First Place: Carver County News, Watertown This paper maintains a consistent level of solid reporting while covering a variety of topics from police, chamber of commerce, city, library and the area. When it gets a big story such as a convicted killer with guns, the paper staff puts forth the effort to report the story fully. It truly serves its communities well. Second Place: Spring Grove Herald The Spring Grove Herald offers its readers a good mix of well-reported stories. The paper does not shy away from hard news and provides a good mix of community news event coverage. Third Place: Pine River Journal Another strong entry in this category. The Pine River Journal provides a good blend of solid stories. It is another dependable newspaper for its community.

Council chooses bridge with roundabout, no median

Mayer 5K Mayer

The inaugural Moves For Moxie 5K run/ walk was held Saturday, June 1, starting and ending at the Mayer Community Center and utilizing the Dakota Rail Trail. The male and female winners each won a $50 prize. Community, Pg. 20

 Page 6
Staying Alive of this
As of the start week, the Watertownyer baseball team

LHS graduation

complications, Absent any unforeseen d in Watertown the new bridge constructe a turn lane in the next summer will feature ut at the intersecmiddle and a roundabo and Lewis Avtion of Territorial Street enue. made that The Watertown City Councilits May 28 during long-awaited decision clarity to a rivmeeting, giving significant lingered for sever crossing issue that has what the bridge eral years. Decisions on like and how look should n and intersectio some of the fithey should function were answered after the nal questions left to be discussing several city council first began if, when and where years the questions of be built in Watera second bridge should town. — after several Even after the council — ultimately deyears of conversations a second crossing, cided not to construct of the existing options for reconstruction as contentious as bridge became nearly week, the counLast debate. original the those discussions cil finally put many of the city termed a to rest by selecting what from among option hybrid” out addiIn 2. June “roundab es. for the class of 2013 on Sunday, n Holly Johnson four primary alternativ held its commencement service Valedictoria a roundabout Mayer Lutheran High School by the school band and choir, Marie Landskroener also The option was termed and contaff recognitions and selections

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
tax season. Tax Guide, INSERTED Fiscal cliff changed this year’s

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: St. Peter Herald Hands down, first place in this category. Great writing and kudos to the staff! Second Place: Pine County Courier, Sandstone Second and third place was so close it could have been a tie. However there are no ties in this contest and a second place winner had to be decided. I had made a decision, but was unsure. I turned to a staff person to look over these two entries as well, and she chose in the order I did, but it was very close. Writing just barely edged out Pelican Rapids Press! Great job! Third Place: Pelican Rapids Press What can I say? I wish I could have placed a tie for second! This publication and Pine County were very close in this competition. Third place does not quite do this staff justice. Great job everyone!

2013 Thursday, January 24,

St. Peter Herald

$1.25 Newsstand

Final Winterfest schedule released

is just around the St. Peter’s annual Winterfest organizations are corner, and local businesses and with more than gearing up to provide local residents events, fundraisers a full week’s worth of community and promotions. Here’s the official Winterfest schedule.

Friday, Jan. 25

Third Winterfest Firkin: Patrick’s on Time: 6 p.m. Address: 125 S. Third St. years old to parMore information: Must be 21 ticipate. Jim Jam: Embassy Bar Time: 9 p.m. Address: 325 S. Minnesota Ave. rock. More information: Live classic

Saturday, Jan. 26
River’s Edge Hospital will

than sion, the fact that there are less or the River’s Edge Hospital Commis the state in Minnesota is a reminder that 45 independent hospitals left g the Minnesota Hospital Associaof healthcare is changing. Accordin Since 2005, more than a dozen in Minnesota. tion, there are 147 hospitals networks, and have joined larger health care previously unaffiliated hospitals That may not be since 1987 at least 24 have closed.
By JESSICA BIES • jbies@stpet

struggle to stay of city-owned hospitals that River’s Edge among number

stay independent as its

commission searches for

a new CEO and tries to

remain financially viable.

(Herald file photo)

trover Commemoratingtocon area Re
mber 5, 2012

ty Before St. Peter Communi Edge, it Hospital became River’s Health, was managed by Allina out of a $5 but when Allina backed build a new million promise to help decided Peter St. hospital building, ator to cut ties, said City Administr Todd Prafke. the it was working. Colleen Spike managed consolidation said. “They decided serving the community. The to But in a health care market where forever. It’s about hospital for Allina, but decided nancial woes, hospitals true really is a means to an end.” seems to be the answer to fi hospital the city’s offer and become up take commission remained like River’s Edge have And while Spike said the hospital the hospital’s new CEO. health care push it to the independent. won’t let the changing state of The tornado of 1998 spurred the pros and “For any organization the decito decide merger without carefully considering a election an hold that. to just city a of have done sion to merge — or in the case the debt cons, other Minnesota hospitals whether or not to assume small hospital it is a “take over”–it rather than there to build a new hospital is a very serious decision and which one, old the to make repairs should be very compelling reasons in New Prague was give had become seriously outdated. The Queen of Peace hospital as to why you would want to voters decided to turn over hos- Spike More than 80 percent of doing well when administrators up the local ownership of your Health System in 2011. voted yes. the reigns to the Mayo Clinic pital,” said hospital CEO Colleen and a black bothave In 2004, the new St. Peter But despite having some cash reserves care convinced Spike. “Questions like, do you In the to health Community Hospital opened. tom line, looming changes in access to capital and are you able changed it was time to sell. safe, high-quality orgafall of 2008, the hospital the hospital’s leadership that manage Peace EastaRidge of Queen Hospital & Edge loses threatening uncertainty its name to River’s One of the changes nization? The currentseason opener to of the Act requirement that to run Cretin; enoughry is not Woodbu Clinic to reflect the growth was a new Affordable HealthcareDonatio in health care also n illustrate entss Woodbu reimbursem be falls ry’scare campus. The River’s health forces hospitals accepting Medicare record systems. to a merger. There will always Page nt 1B deep historica l roots Clinic opened as a departme to own expensive electronic medical on Medicare uncertainty. After 40 years in health Prafke Edge unpenalties 2009. Starting in 2015, there will be care you learn that change and of the 8A hospital April to adapt Page ” River’s ents for practices that have failed certainty are part of the norm. In the summer of 2010, e said, while the reimbursem River’s Edge, will opened But, City Administrator Todd Prafk management and many small hospitals, including Edge Clinic in Le Center retain systems or find room and their CEO upgrade new a hospital’s either hire the to to be forced decision further expanding be the answer for now, in the budgets purchase them. of the city-owned hospital may services. all that changes. there may soon come a time when due diligence in See HEALTHY on 7A “The commission did have very or sell,” Prafke t deciding whether to stay independen


Rocky start for Raptors

Case study: Queen of Peace

Desktop history

Medallion Hunt Time: 12:01 a.m. at www.stpeterMore information: Check clues or Center Freeze Your Buns Run: Community Time: 10:05 a.m. Address: 600 S. Fifth St. at 9:00-9:50 a.m. More information: Registration Souper Bowl: Community Center Time: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Address: 600 S. Fifth St. ceramMore information: Choose a hand-thrown fill it with delicious ic bowl, which is yours to keep, and a beverage and bread, homemade soup served with may bid on a variety dessert. Along with lunch, you benefit the Clay proceeds All items. auction silent of Peter. Cost is $12 Center at the Arts Center of Saint ($8 for children under 8). Stones Throw Jewelry Cleaning & Hot Chocolate: Gallery Time: 12-5:30 p.m Ave. Minnesota N. Address: 420 hot chocoMore information: Stop by for delicious warm up, While you late, stirred with a candy cane. jewelry and prongs Patty will check and clean your at no charge. Pond Youth Fishing Contest: Hallet’s Time: 1-2:30 p.m. Address: 505 W. St. Julien St. the St. Peter Fire More information: Sponsored by Department. Invitational: Patrick’s North American Canned Beer on Third Time: 2 p.m-close St. ird Th S. Address: 125 years old to parMore information: Must be 21

Woodbury Bulletin sy
Wedn esday, Septe

ticipate. t: Patrick’s on Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournamen Third Time: 7 p.m. Address: 125 S. Third St. years old to parMore information: Must be 21 ticipate. on Third Hairy Legs Contest: Patrick’s Time: 7 p.m. Address: 125 S. Third St.

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Woodbury Bulletin Call this the A.J. Liebling Award. (“I can write better than those who write faster than I do and faster than those who write better than I do.”) Thoroughness of coverage looks to be very high. Taking coverage, writing, pics, layout, etc. All together, this paper is probably state of the art. Second Place: Herald Journal, Howard Lake This paper probably had the most extensive local coverage of all submissions. Third Place: Cottonwood County Citizen, Windom This little paper deserves credit for hanging in there fighting the good fight. (Loved the pics of the kids and their pigs.)

See FEST on 8A

Society Henderso white a man, gion’s n was not armed only the year that veteran Gustavus of the identified as Henderso Blue Earth County Historical Dakota in when 1862 was not department; and Natalie BY RIHAM police n, rushed con-him, hanging of 38 the shot FESHIRcommemor public ating the from Maryear the but theywas the the the tin, rfeshir@woodburyb until March, founded who’s been Abrabelieved he and toward the Adolphus with Woodbu Mankato by room of President orderand was as he ap- for two . War of 1862 officers. The said. “So I came ry Bureau of Criminal troversial Dakota-U.Sproached years. place,” Baer with a guest during the took them and did war Baer. said not Lincoln, Apprehe foldiscussed her exhibit panel nsion, course on ham The its aftermath. An officer-in low police comman which is invesdoing a started Baer) ofincident examining Student Victoria Clark idea volved shooting with thepolice up when tigating the (Courtesy of Elizabeth accordGustavus ds, that at the Red Roof Inn shooting, said the 8A 2012 Building Bridges Conference. realize were called to the ing to people the Public Safety 1862 war. Few ” early WoodFriday, Depart- bury motel officers ORATING on the same the told BCA COMMEM Aug. 31, left an unarmed founded See ment. was Gustaat about by 1:10 He later died. Adolphus College was co-taught a.m. believed Henders agents they man The course Friday place. dead and a Maplewo after took on The Washing 1862 was of Minnesota Bureau armed War ton County and Dakota man in year theod of dispatchers not complying with custody following received an open police a four-hour Criminal Apprehension, which comman 911 ds. They shot him. call, Vague said. standoff. is leading the officer-in NEWS TIP? No volved weapon was found “The dispatcher Police officers were shooting investiga ONLINE on Henderdesk at 507was sports able or tion, not hurt to son. also said hear obvious COMING UP Contact the newsroom in the incident that police arrested a galleries US old It sounded signs of struggle. they called 25-yearany news or sports you CALL “The officers, Check out videos, photo a hostage situation 931-4520 if you know of against subsequently, like there was menspeak out and includ- Maplewood man for alleged Gustavus studentsdid be interested in reading shoot the person 20 tion and vote in the online poll. ed “a lot of criminal of a weapon,” he sexual misconduct,Main: 507-931-45 think our readers would and that Ohle said. activity,” robbery and President Jack person was given Or find us on According to college Woodbury Public medical atabout. the BCA an- tention Safety Direc- kidnapping in connection with nouncement: and transferred to Facebook & Twitter the incident. ReSTAFF PHOTO BY MIKE The officers encount LONGAECKER The Bureau of Crimina S 4B-7B ered a 8B // CLASSIFIED

tor Lee Vague said. But Gustavus ViolenBy Baer said J-Term. t episod JESSICA Elizabeth Three e BIES studies Woodbury police The state Departm and African sought to create diacourse The ent of ficers man nnial was ofwho pointed a and bring jbies@stpeterherald.comPublic Safety announc were placed recent sesquicente includes on adminis- them. the college’s topics gun at officered late trative logue about sensitive They stepped students teach Friday that the Ramsey leave followin opportunity to back, forgotlargely g the shouted about a County Gusta- the perfect details by shooting comman Medical exhibit created . They are: Anthony to light involved shooti ds and Examiner’smore A traveling called area’s history. about Minnesota Of- for back-up ng, iden- the to Office stead, who’s been . southern has returned ten conflict across now the man killed as with four years ago the devus Adolphus studentstified about 19-yearand the re“Probably The people officers partmen hostage the Dakota atHenders the heard old Mark E. t to 11 a gunshot between situati years; fact that the onis being showcased Stacey area and on of to thought the in the room St.give Krech, I began which included and then a five-year Paul. settlers,

returns d U.S.-Dakota exhibit WarIn of Traveling Ro n site of
Professor of English


Serving Woodbury

and Afton, Minnesota

Baer vus Professor of English Elizabeth Nicollet and Executive Director of the Leonard County Historical Society Ben 2012 and was offered during the college’s

fatal shooting




[|xbI GDJy0 030sz\


l Apprehension1B-3B, See SHOOTING Page was on scene at the LISTINGS 5A // SPORTS 14A 5A Red Rood // CHURCH Inn Friday after a OPINION 4A // RECORDS deadly shooting. LOCAL NEWS 2A-3A //

Mike Moore said. The decision was made from Mandarin Chinese to switch to Spanish based on a lack of qualified teachers. Last year's teachers told the district in June that they had taken jobs out of the state. The district worked for months to find Liberty Ridge Elementa “highly qualified” ry will be teachers to saying “zài jiàn” to no avail, according Mandarin Chi- principa to nese and “hola” to ls Libery Ridge Spanish. Mike Moore, Newpor Principal District 833 made t Principal a decision last Aaron Krueger and Dave month to switch language Bernhard from Mandarin Chinese offering son, assistant superintendent for to Spanish elementa at Liberty Ridge and ry education. Newport Ele“We exhausted any mentary. candidate we could find,” Bernhard “I believe we’re going son said. a high quality language to provide “With that in mind, we had to keep experience in the forefront for the kids no matter that the purpose what the lanof guage is,” Liberty Ridge Principal

Liberty Ridge now offering Spanish

Bienvenido Español

facial features, skin, ability to feed normally, growth and out Noonan Syndrom development. e, a disease that causes abnormal Family and friends development in many of Amanda and Corey Krejce are parts of the body, holding a benefit or any other common Sat- conditions. urday, Sept. 8, to help them with medical expenses and lost The family had to $ wait wages that have another 12 ac- weeks to get crued since Wyatt BY RIHAM FESHIR the diagnosis that has been in and Wyatt out has CFC. of the hospital since he was born in mid-January. “He’s 7 months, but developmentally Every day, Amanda he’s at about six weeks,” “It’s really tough because Krejce thinks Amanda Krejce he’s a really said. about what her son’s calm, content baby,” “He doesn’t hold future will hold. Amanda Krejce his head up; he Will he be able to sit by his first birth- said. “I don’t know if that’s his person- doesn’t really do a whole lot.” day? What will the Only 200 to 300 seizures do to his ality, the condition with seizures cases of CFC have or all been reported cognitive developm the different medicat worldwide, accordin ent? Will he be able ion.” g to to smile or reach the CFC Internati for toys onal nonprofit organused to at four months? again like he ization. Wyatt Krejce, a 7-month “There isn’t a whole When Amanda Krejce -old Woodwas pregnant, literature about r lot of medical bury boy, is suffering CFC because it’s so from a rare genetic she said she knew right al Excellence winne Gener rare,” away somethin condition called g Amanda Krejcecom was wrong.aper Association cardiofaciocutane eader. said. “We have to deal ous al Newsp insonl (CFC) syndrome with Nation hutch each symptom as that affects the heart, But it wasn’t until today s it presents reader Wyatt .” was 12,000 3 months than old More that genetic testing was done to rule See

sed with cardiofaciocutane ous syndrome

Hoisting high-fives ‘Wish for Wyatt’ aim for Day 1 of schoo s to l boy cope with rare gen help Woodbury etic condition Wyatt Krejce diagno
Amanda Krejce holds her 7-month-old son Wyatt as
STAFF PHOTO BY RIHAM FESHIR she talks about cardiof aciocutaneous syndrom e.



Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Hutchinson Leader Good balance of community interest news with excellent news judgment, good ledes, eye-appealing layout, all-around good newspaper. Second Place: Chaska Herald A very close second. Good mix of local news and features. Good writing gave it an edge over other publications including sister papers. Third Place: Star News, Elk River Hard-hitting news made this a winner. Good to see softer news makes the front too. Overall, news is presented in an organized fashion.


to Strong finish son regular sea helped
ardt Mike Marqu Huskies the Hutchinson r season finish their regula the St. Cloud by defeating Snappers 7-4.

Rare condition

STAFF PHOTO BY AMBER Schools opened around KISPERT Minnesota Tuesday ing at Middleton , Sept. 4, includElemen trict 833 schools begin tary in Woodbury. This year Disunder the leaders Superintendent Keith hip of new Jacobus. HUTCHINSON OLS PUBLIC SCHO

nEws / (651) 319-4270 ESDAY, JULY 24, WEDN index classifiEds / (888) 425-2220 subscriptions / (800) 284-3402 bullEtin board....... fax / (651) 702-0977 11-12A pEoplE................... advErtising / (651) 319-4270 wEb / woodbur classifiEds........................ ..........10A 6B faith ................ ............9-10A lEgals................................ E-mail / editor@woodbury 9B businEss ................ lifE ................................ ............7A .....8A sports................... opinion............................. .............1B 6A obits...................... ............7A

to reach us



ic souls with mus Touching their
find us on:


on the web lletin

Board hopes to avoid messy message
BY JORGE SOSA sosa@hutchinson

make State law changes vote November’s tax in a challenge to expla
for es to ask voters tax As it prepar t through local continued suppor ber, the District Novem its dollars this is trying to keep 423 School Board message simple. : School one problem There’s just simple. this finance is never Legislature The Minnesota the school fundy simplif to year tried but has increase aid, ing formula and d the waters even temporarily muddie further. the long-discussed For instance, set to r-pupil levy — lated. 10-year, $680-pe — is being recalcu disexpire in 2014 expiring, the weren’t levy the If thanks $720 per pupil trict would get e in state aid. to an increas mean we’re getting “That doesn’t ntendent Superi said ” more money, board’s Heiden, at the g. The Daron Vander quarterly meetin is Monday night ng how each student state is changi funding. “weighted” for Schools nson Public Also, Hutchi from the $212 per pupil e. will receive equity revenu n locatio state in but that more state aid, Again, that’s much more into te doesn’t transla . for the district g total revenue off your existin “The $212 comes ty,” said Ehlers authori operating levy Zesbaugh. advisor Jodie Inc. financial Tax levy to A3 ®





1960s folk r of the iconic Yarrow, a membeselected as this year’s Living Above — Peter l. Yarrow and Mary, was trio Peter, Paul ong Music Festiva for more than mer at RiverS ay and played Legend perfor an mance was at 5 p.m. Saturd took the stage the highlights of his perfor him on stage to to join n an hour. Among the audience of the childre children in .” While most invitation to scampered off Magic Dragon hone, a couple sing “Puff, the al activist, into the microp longtime politic Jail for A wanted to sing ht. to the limelig “Have You Been stage to avoid care and Occupy the protest song health sang sal Yarrow univer Miles,” talked about hits as “500 Justice?” and performed such ” For more also He Twice. Think Wall Street. er” and “Don’t “If I Had a Hamm , see pages A4 and A5. RiverSong photos oard of fiery washb ated a night Peyton culmin instrument aflame. Left — Breezy ly setting the playing by literal

ms Five days of Psal
the Bible book ing more about Interested in learn er degree-level class will be mast n of Psalms? The ch in Hutchinso Lutheran Chur taught at Faith
N BY KAY JOHNSO johnson@hutchins


es Hutch woman Service trip leav ies, memories stor with cherished
among Margie Meier was uch a group of Lifeto helped employees who the build a school in blic Dominican Repu
BY BARBARA Leader intern YOUNG

landed on the Hutchinson has for future pastors map as a place to learn. ay church leaders

independent, Theology, an ical project Lutheran theolog Brookings, S.D., in headquartered titled a five-day class will conduct Old Testament: “Topics in the Lutheran Church Psalms” at Faith in Hutchinson. es

Page 7 
seven worked for Margie Meier school g to build a a days, helpin

south of It was on this bridge es hanged Glencoe that vigilant y murdered allegedl two men who Sheriff Joseph McLeod County A new movie tells Rogers in 1896. 1

nd worth a thousa f a picture is is photo album words, then a stories. th a thousand

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

General Reporting
Community activist organizes event to raise suicide



a busiOWATONNA — He never intended to start us do that?’” want ness. At first, he was reluctant. No, he flat out didn’t in OwaBut the success of last year’s Color Dash here asking Ha- to do it. tonna brought people knocking on his door hometown mid Torabpour if he could replicate in their See COLORFUL on 2A what he did here.

“This wasn’t supposed to be a business,” Torabpour upcoming said during a recent conversation about the came to run Color Dash in Owatonna. “Other people you help (in last year’s event), and they said, ‘Wow! Can

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Dailies under 10,000

75 cents Newsstand


May 15, 2013

Lawmakers talk gas tax, road work

First Place: Owatonna People’s Press Great job. Consistently top-notch writing that goes well beyond “the council met” and “the fair opened.” The writers looked beyond the obvious for background stories–and were given the space to write them. So much local coverage. Second Place: Faribault Daily News A good mix of hard news and feature writing, very well done. Interesting look at how a drug bust came about, and very nice coverage of the possible cuts to middle school sports–something I’m sure the community cares deeply about. Third Place: Albert Lea Tribune Good local coverage with well-written stories on both government and local residents. Very nice enterprise story on where donated clothing goes.

Local pilot thrills audiences nationwide with aerial displays

plane OWATONNA — The engine of the aerobatic the air started with a roar and its propeller ripped through Owatonna as the plane made the trek down and around the for its Degner Regional Airport runway Tuesday morning

destination. The sound of the engine hummed. of runway After making its final turn to the last stretch Guard between the plane and the sky ahead, Air National power as Lt. Colonel John Klatt gave it more gas and more air — locking it thrust gracefully off the ground and into the in its wheels as it gained altitude. what was And as the aircraft climbed, anticipation of to come did as well.


cruises Colonel John Klatt, an airshow performer, PICTURED: Air National Guard Lt. the Owaand Medford Tuesday morning at across the sky above rural Owatonna (Al Strain/ is training for his airshow season. tonna Degner Regional Airport. Klatt People’s Press)

OWATONNA — On Wednesday morning, Sen. Vicki Jensen will meet with four other state senators and five Minnesota House representatives to discuss ways to pay for needed road and bridge projects around Minnesota — and a gas tax is sure to come up. In recent weeks, both the Minnesota House and Senate passed transportation bills. Jensen said the House bill is a “keep the lights on” bill that, for the most part, pays the bills, but does not fund trans- JENSEN portation projects. The Senate bill was amended late last week to include, among other things, an increase in the state’s gas tax. The bill asks for a 2.5 cents per gallon increase in the fuel tax on Oct. 1, 2013, with another increase on Oct. 1, 2015, of 2.5 cents per gallon for a total increase of 5 cents per gallon after Oct. 1, 2015. The hike in the gas tax and an extra half-cent sales tax in the Twin Cities area enacted over the same time span would create about $1 billion over four years — money that supporters say is needed to handle a backlog of road and bridge work around the state and to expand transit options. “Transportation in this state is in trouble,” Jensen said. “It’s in the constitution that we have to take care of our roads, and I’m going to keep fighting for it.” In the Minnesota House, the term “corridors of commerce” was created to make sure Greater Minnesota areas are considered when transportation funds are available. Jensen said “corridors of commerce” was developed to help fund projects like the proposed Highway 14 expansion. She said that although Highway 14 is not named specifically, the project was set up to help roads that, for example, start out as a four-lane road, turn into a two-lane road and then revert back to four lanes — like Highway 14.



District AD shares facility concerns with board

OWATONNA — The Owatonna athletic department is fully aware of two facts: One, its facilities need improving, and, two, with the district’s budget concerns, right now, the money is not available. On Monday night, Owatonna activities director Ryan Swanson, head varsity football coach Jeff Williams and head varsity boys basketball coach Josh Williams shared the school’s long list of recent successes, which include winning five of seven Big Nine
Vol. 99, No. 116 ©2013

Conference titles last fall and an 80 percent participation rate, and reminded Owatonna interim superintendent Peter Grant and the Owatonna school board of a need for more state-of-art facilities and equipment. Swanson told the school board that district’s athletic facilities are starting to fall behind, not only to metro schools, but also to the other Big Nine schools. He also thanked the board for Owatonna High School’s recently installed track and tennis courts. “The new track looks fabulous. It’s great for our kids. It’s safer,” Swanson said. “It’s something that we needed to do. When you

put a product out there with pride, equipment and facilities are something that you really need to have.” The district’s activities budget is 1.7 percent of its total budget. During the 2011-2012 school year, $802,004 was spent on athletics and activities. Last year, the number increased to $875,071. Jeff Williams agreed with Swanson that Owatonna is not where it needs to be when it comes to equipment, facilities, uniforms or the size of coaching staffs. He asked that discus-

Dailies 10,000 and over
wants to continue to upgrade The Owatonna activities department installed this year. (Kyle Stevens/ facilities. A new track, above, was People’s Press)


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What happens to all yard signs now, and the political can they be recycled? A2


Demolition of a building on Sixth Street Southwes t is expected to further the developm ent of the UMR campus. A2


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Phillip Henoch, Rochester Margaret Herzog , Hopkins Bernetta Kahabka , Rochester Elizabeth Lee, Bellingham , Wash. Glen McCormick, Rochester Willis Olson, Rochester DuWayne Olstad , Miltona Dennis Richardson , Rochester

“Sweetie,” the woman replied, “I’ve just spent 10 days of a compact rental car quality time in with this man. I know what I’m requesting .” Joke on A2


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DAY 2000 Dodge Dakota: 4x4, 5 sp., 80K miles, like new. E SECTION


Rochester, Minnesot a Volume 87, Number 270 50 pages


BY HEATHER J. CARLSON going on for decades and roadway south decades,” Quam of Claremont DODGE CENTER said. stretch of U.S. 14, and acquiring property — It This week’s crash didn’t take long doing it in . killed for state Rep. segments. DFL Scott D. Hodgma Triple fatal accident Gov. Mark Duane Quam’s n, of West phone to start Dayton announc Keeping up the pressur Concord, and Zack ringing after news ed expansion . Reich, 43, e of the two-lane of Zap, N.D., and P Tuesday night of broke stretch of U.S. Les Abraham, presiden his 10-yeara 57 14 between North t of old son, Vander the U.S. 14 Highway a two-lane stretch crash on Mankato N Dodge P . Reich, who of and Nicollet will Partnerwas returning home Center ship, west of Dodge CenterU.S. 14 begin said Claremont the coalition of after or 2018. In the meantimin 2017 undergoing brain local governments, killed three people. that 14 surgery at businesses state plans to crackdow e, the Mayo and Clinic. organizations plans “Within 24 hours Reich’s n on dangerous driver of the to 56 injured in the crash. wife was keep up the accident, I behavior pressure to get the and widen a median to project done. This latest tragedy was getting Rick Dahl/rdahl@postb create is renewmore of a buffer ing calls to get the calls,” said between the “I’ve lost a number Tinucci said the road uptwo lanes. of dear governor grade the Byron Refriends on Highway done. Between 2002 supports upgradin 14 due to and fatalities MnDOT District g the entire 2011, there were publican. ,” he said. corridor. eight fataliwoman Kristine 6 spokesties on the 16-mile frustrating it just “It is just Hernand For de“This is somethin stretch of keeps dragsaid given the project’s ez two-lane road between ging on without cades, local high talked about since g he has any cost, the departm Center and Owatonn Dodge ments from anybody commitofficials have ent is lookas a U.S. senator, he served willing ing at breaking and the frusing to the Minneso a, accord- to step forward argued the the trating slowness and just say ta Departinto small pieces projects , in achievment of Transpo ‘Hey let’s get it stretch of to get it ing the goal of expandin done.” rtation. started. She said highway is g all Supporters say In fact, the Owatonn MnDOT of Highway the has done an Environ 14 to four lanes a City dangerous is getting the project first step Council presiden mental underscored the t said he Quam Impact Statemen in the need to find and needs vividly rememb transportation t. A road more resources ers department’s for highway to be upgraded from a stint in the returning safety audit is under way and improve 20-year plan. Then to four lanes. ments across MinneArmy in comes the expected to be done But efforts to get 1968 and reading in June. sota,” she said. funding have bigger challenge — getting a failed repeatedly headline that the newspaper the funding. MnDOT Quam blames the . highway Blames for delay has slow upgrade between estimated the project’s “I am just thorough progress Mankato on decision ly cost in and Rocheste disappointed and 2013 dollars at $140 Abraham said he past 10 to 15 years s over the r was going to disgusted, million to to get done. especially since fered to make the has of$160 million because state transportation allocate this has been case it would project to the governorfor the require construc The state has slowly to light-rail projects funding ting a new but been and the hasn’t had working to upgrade the entire spokesw any luck. Dayton’s metro highways. OPINIONS A8, A9 oman Katharin | MUTUAL FUNDS e See U.S. 14, page A2 C2 | PUZZLES C10 | MOVIE LISTING CONNECT WITH S A3 | WEEK IN US REVIEW C10 On Facebook and Twitter TALK TO AN EDITOR | 507-285-7700 TALK TO CUSTOM ER SERVICE | 507-285-767 6
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Deadly crash renews calls to

BY JEFF HANSEL Regenerative medicine seems like a far-fetched dream, of technology and even in today’s age discovery . Yet helping the body heal from within and regain function, using own cells, is inching its ever closer to mainstream medicine . People involved in economic development, research , medicine and biotechnology want to transform Rochester into regenerative-med the nation’s first icine cluster. Researchers want the ability to guide to give physicians heals organs the the body so that it way it heals a cut a finger. on At Mayo Clinic in tists have already Rochester, scienbegun to succeed. Mayo CEO Dr. John 2010 deemed regenera Noseworthy in tive medicine a strategic priority for health and research the nationwide institution. Mayo scientists and Belgian colleagues demonst rated “rationally ‘guided’ that year that cells can effective human adult stem Mary Maas, a developm ent technologist at ly Medicine, works in regenerate damagedheal, repair and the Human Cellular one of six clean rooms Michele Jokinen/news@postbulle heart tissue,” according to Mayo’s at the lab earlier this Therapy Laboratory in Mayo Clinic’s announcement. Center for Regenera year. Adult stem cells tive regenerative mediare taken from a person’s own body cine is progress whether maybe , ones that have ing there is a regenera potential to be triggered the rapidly option for you, we , especially in tive the body to to develop heal itself from have a dedicate into desired tissue. Rochester. d regenerative-med within,” the video proclaim icine clinic, and s. “Imagine if you Some types of regenera “We are able to that clinic is, to become the our tive medianswer — cures cine have been safely educate our patients unique in the healthknowledge, very become what’s common .” time — bone marrow used for a long through a new We are not actually care profession. childhood leukemia transplants for Health reporter Jeff service that we regenerative-med aware of another , for example. Hansel writes the Pulse have, icine clinic in the Health column every which is called on Research might United States or the seem abroad.” Twitter @JeffHansel. Monday. Follow him on ing too long to outside to be takRegenerative MediMayo used a video observers this year to openwho want cures cine Clinic,” said ly ask its staff to sooner rather than Terzic imagine that insulin later. Those cures Mayo heart specialfor diabetes, oxygen will not magicall Page A3: The ‘next generation’ tanks, daily pills blossom overnigh y ist Dr. Andre Terzic. and of dialysis treatment t. But the field of will no longer be “So you come to Mayo, and you Page A4: City could become needed because of the clinic’s are questioning hub work. “At Mayo Clinic, Page A5: Regeneratio we’re teaching n raises hope

Mayo Clinic is at the forefront of regenerative medicine

Dream inches toward reality

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First Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester A great amount of local news, but not overdone. Often, newspapers think that providing “local” news means three 45-inch stories. Not here. Nice mix. “What the Nation/World is Talking About” is a nice feature that packages a good mix of national and international news with a locator map that’s probably not essential in most cases, but serves as an anchor. “Heard on the Street” has some good quick hits in it and doesn’t purport to be more than what it is. “The Answer Man” looks like it’s well-edited and thoughtful–you probably have enough material there to fill a page a day. Thanks for putting the resources into that. Thank you for the theater preview, but more importantly, for having the guts to still do reviews of local theater. Hopefully, they’re honest and not just full of plaudits. Stage & Screen has a good selection, presented well, as is the Youth News, which might be a canned page, but I like how it’s broken up and easy to digest for young people. Generally, ledes and headlines are good. Ledes are short and newsy. Good work Second Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead Good integration of photos on the front page. Nice job of localizing the 9-11 story and referring to the national “no politics at ground zero” story inside. The “Digest and Obits” page is awfully gray, but I applaud your effort to put news in the newspaper, something many newspapers have forgotten these days. Overall, the sports pages have great features with wonderful photographs. I love the female hockey players/top scorers photo as a feature. Variety is packed with news–nice. “Top picks” is easy to see and digest when I’m coming home and wondering where I want to go. Congratulations.

fix U.S. 14

 Page 8

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
Third Place: The Free Press, Mankato This was a very close call, but The Free Press won out. You were No. 3 statewide. I really liked the Cafe Giveaway story, and the Page One use of the lawyer with 30 cases involving the Stryker Rejuvenate hip replacement recall was great localization. I like the Entertainment section– thanks for telling me what the section is, and not using some obscure name–and the story on the Dead artist was good. The “97 miles for $97 million” was well put together. The graduation photo with the young women sitting on the floor was very nice. Good work. “How They Voted,” I’ve seen in several newspapers, but yours is the most thorough. It explains each vote and gives a good idea of what your congressmen and senators did the previous week. Nice feature. Also very good is the crime map. You should keep track of all the crime and do a map of aggregated crime every month or quarter, if you don’t already. Great feature that you should update and give readers a good look at where crime occurs regularly. The “personal trainer” looks like a regular feature that could be very helpful to readers. The sports pages are very full, very well packaged, very informative. Keep up the good work.

Sports Reporting
Weeklies up to 1,500
Page 6 Viking Pride

On The Bench
By Byron Higgin

He asked, “How fair pete more for a state is that. I’d like to comtitle more than once 10 years.” in

as Marshall. “We’ve beaten them once out of 10 years. I’m proud of my program but that’s the best we can do.”

digs with 18 and blocks with four. Hennen had 16 digs to add to her 14 kills. By Byron Higgin But all those statistics Mascot Sports Editor paled under the Larson microscope. She set up 42 balls There has been a that were long-stan ding rivalry beShelby Corbin may converted to points tween Windom and (set asMinneota, which “Megan Larson is have said it best. sists); had 13 digs; was tempered a bit when the a great setter. the served Eagles attacks we have 9-10 more went to Class 2A. and "quarterbacked" the better chance But Thursday night we have,” said Corbin. over Minneota's oldestthe win fires of rivalry once the two teams stoked the She hit on something again — and what rival. there. occurred was something Windom "She's just a tremendo After all, Minneota Coach Ron Wendorff us player, no doubt didn't expect. hitters, all of which has some outstanding about it," need someone to Coach Wendorff Minneota attacked, ball to them — and get the said about attacked, attacked that Larson. handed Windom — Windom Coach Ron someone is Larson. and a 3-0 defeat 25-17; Wendorff says the setter is “the big 25-18 and 25-21 and ran the But it was Corbin thing.” He added, Viking “What we have trouble with the breakout game. who had "Nine (Taylor Reiss) record to 25-3. is getting the ball and 4 (Molly Hennen) to our hitters.” were hard and true Her hits are outstanding. We and she were commenting He called Larson added we'd on how seven like “A to know how many digs. and said, “She keeps tremendous athlete,” errors they because as hard as Corbin was quick to the hitters in the tem all the time.” they hit, they certainlymade, say, "It's sysa lot more fun (hitting) mis-hit very often," The long-time opponent said Coach Wendorff don't from the outside. Molly's . of Minneota has But his respect for been led by Wendorff, (Hennen) the taught me a lot." the fact he saw somethin hitters was tendered by the Minneota squad and his words about g even greater. were nice to hear. Corbin added, "It "I was really impressed “When we have took trouble with the pass, with their setter (Metle time, but it all worked a litgan Larson). When don’t put enough we attack on the ball,” we served hard and dorff went on to say. Wenof assists, she still She and Hennen have out." got a lot found spent a way to get them (the But then, he added, extra time getting hitters) the ball," Coach “Not many people Corbin to have the kind of the point of increasing With Larson running Wendorff said. attackers Minneota her the efhas.” He said Minneota, show, Reiss had 18 fectiveness at the kills, Hennen 14 and net. "Molly a newcomer to the attack. We struggle “Has a nice balanced definitely helps," parade, Shelby Corbin hitting Corbin said that hard,” Coach with teams that attack us batted in 10 kills. Wendorff added. again. She also Prellwitz added five Hanna said Larson He said Windom more. also had trouble has stayed after practice While Reiss was ing to the quickness “adjusta little off on her ” of them to help give Corbin with missing four of 20, serving, Through the years, the Vikings. she led the team in extra chances to hit the kills and Section 3A, the two when Windom was in ball. "She's (Corbin) the section title and teams kind of rotated Shelby Corbin, who one who Eagles all the way once Wendorff took his stays after practice ing technique, blockedshowed an advance in hitting and to the and works blockHe called the rivalry state championship. Cheering the Vikings a ball as Coach Steph Hennen watched. hard," said Coach Steph Henwe’ll be back in Class “fun” and say, maybe nen. sa Buysse and Faith on were (left to right) Karissa Bot, A next year. While AnaliLaleman. Staff Photo has not been determine that "Shelby's being by Byron Higgin. d, Wendorff felt it productive was possible. and will help Taylor and Molly, He’s not a fan of too!" said Assistant a school the size dom being in the of WinCoach Jacksame section ie Noyes.

Kind words from opposing coach

Attack! Attack! A ttack
Wednesday, October
•Led by a setter that the opposing coach, impresses hitters went on the Minneota’s turned back arch-riv attack and al Windom.


24, 2012

First Place: Minneota Mascot Very good all-around coverage including sports features, weekly column, even action photos of little league ballplayers. Obvious that staff attends events and reports what they witness. Second Place: The Exponent, East Grand Forks Very good summary of local sports. Weekly sports feature focusing on more than game stats would be nice to see as well. Third Place: West Concord News/Enterprise Good work by a one-man staff. Nice blend of coverage and liked the feature on standout wrestler.

Megan Larson behind Windom player and Hanna Prellwitz blocked the Eagles.


l-record 67 point Huskies open playoffs with schoo
football team got in tion 3AA opener Tuesday night Jackson, the Huskies were tough to stop. The second-seeded Huskies trailed 7-0, but came back to score a schoolrecord 67 points in a 67-13 win over

After leading the leyball team to three Saint Benedict volHuskies score 32 in first quarter Ryan Brighton capped a 63-yard career passing records sophomore setter Tayamore wins last week, Menke breaks three JCC his first career touchdown Kockelman has been Menke now holds JCC career marks drive with named MIAC Setter/Lib Jackson County Central senior Tanner led the Huskies to a 67-13 win over run and Vancura added the two-point ero of the Week anUSDAhe nounced today (Oct. for three major passing categories after Choice Boneless conversion to put the Huskies up 22) by the league office. Beef Arm Roast 3,335 for his career. Menke Windom Tuesday night. 24-13 with 4:27 left in the opening The Blazers’ pacesetter giving him In the game, Menke threw for 115 yards, 99 — a quarter. all season long, of 3,321 Kockelman continued $2 on Honeysu /lbhis final pass of the game Schmit then blocked an Eapassed Jon Hummel’s career mark Matt ckle Turkey her stellar season, averaging 43 assists 45-yard touchdown to Kyle Luhmann. Eagles gives him 201 for his Breast now gle punt, setting up the Huskies with career, Oven theChoice Prepare USDA Menke’s five completions against field position d and a chance to good Boneless including 51 to cap per match last week, or Beef Sirloin Tip Steak mark, with his TD the week as the BlazHickory to build four more than Hummel had. on their lead. pass Smoked touchdown ers beat Gustavus. the career Menke already owned JCC capitalized as Moore ran in 69 In running the Blazer is second with 30. th Hummel Vancura /lb offense, Kockelma Luhmann being the 37 of his career.$3the 99 two yards out and season, putting him third behind from n set the hitters to Menke has 16 touchdown passes on /lb the two-point conversion attack percentage, .253 2000 for the most in a single scored USDA Choice 18 in Boneless in the opening including better than Jack Zelinko’s 23 in 1999 and Brad Bosacker’s sixth with 76 completions. for a 32-13 lead late and Beef(1,557) kills per set. Sirloin Tip 15 Roast season. Menke is third in yards in a season quarter. touchdown has 97), oneWhole (Copley Boneless Nathan Pavek ran 49 She opened the week Zach Copley still remains seven catches thought our offensive line marks. “IHomemade $3 for yards as Lakeview /lb for career receiving Harmening Pork Loin Marinated down. Staff Photo and it begins and ends great ’s Spencer Larsen (18) and 159 yards (1,862) behind Travis season. played ers swept St. Scholastic with 41 as the BlazBoneless Pork Sirloin Roast coach Tom by Byron Higgin. this season are the third most in a99 tried catches touchdown to head a seven bring JCC 3-0, Copley’s and followed it with that,” him $1 catches /lb up with 39 in their leaderboard, with his 45 career 99 “It was a great job by said. Luhmann is climbing the receiving $1 fifth consecutive sweep, Luhmann’s Schuller /lb touchdowns tied for fourth. beating Carleton Farmland Boneless seventh, 856 yards fourth and eight fifth most in a single season running backs, but they had gapJCC. at our 3-0. Then in closing Tuesday night the the Pork could Vikings sputtered be- ing holes most of the time. A lot of 653 receiving yards this season are Roast week, she hit 50 for the on the season andSirloin USDA Choice first offensive series, on their ended the fifth time this Darick Vancura has 912 yards rushing was five or six yards before it Bongards rushing times 69 senior Senior Vancura has 12 son, posting her American Cheese job by the backs, Grant /lb Hennen Husky to run for 1,000 yards in a season. 17 career$1 was called back — scored a touchdown that intercepte come Great the sixth second best mark seamost contact. touchdown his Beef season) and in a Stew then called on Pavek of the d a touchdowns year with 51. Taylor Pickthorn See FB on B3 Meat this fall (eighth most Farmland Boneless $699/ 3 lbs the team jump-star by Dan Condon to get Photo pass and ted. him in a tie for sixth in school history. Pork Sirloin Chops Kockelman currently 43puts yards against Windom.ranruns for a He took leads the MIAC 99 72 slices records for the Huskies, throws a pass a six-yard touchdow passing career assists per set with holds three in major Menke, who now Tanner $199/lb then came back with pass from Austin Buysse, HI faked n. Minneota-Lincoln 11.17, /lb is the only player the a nine-yard pass to better than 11, and the first touchdow Farmland Boneless Pork one score got up from kick, Alec Engler Butterball Country n of the game. digits. She has been of just two in double his holding posiCountry Style Ribs Deli Chicken Breast But what he likes even better in confertion and threw the the ence games, where most ball to Isaac is running back kicks. “It’s fun,” said her 11.53 also leads $179/lb Josephson $399/lb Pavek, who turned league. In the latest the series into a touchdow the next the first and it was 21-0 when national rankings, quarter Kockn elman’s assist per when ended. he caught another Buysse pass and rambled set mark ranked sixth The onslaught contined the NCAA, just a 39 yards JCC in to paydirt. into sweeps NRHEG to half assist-per-set In the first game of behind the year against Wabasso, the second quarter when anthe national leader. Pavek didn’t play on a roll other enter postseason much offense. to The coaching Beck Lincoln HI junior, Jordan will have staff and Jayni brought “Annika Kockelmawithout him along took a 13-yard pass Page 7 bring min- — then unvieled JCC boys to be n/ times down about aslowly from himtheir for two 125 St. Olaf Ave. N. Buysse touchdown never passes against Dawsonto have a shot, but you ute by DAN CONDON and scored; 1,000-plus Boyd. their top two runners Find us runner Jeff Gladis Canby, MN • 507-223know at section time,” JCC head Sports Editor ripped off 5292 on Facebo coach Kerri Kocak said. “They are a 48-yard touchdow Prices good from Monday, ok n and Joof being top-25 runcapable both country cross Oct. Trips to the state

Kockelman gets conference top honor

Since then he’s used his speed to out-run ponents. He feels op- sephson Saturday’s Section When the season 5A semi- Pedersen scored on a three-yard run. Two Niels final against started Nathan Pavek kicks were blocked he had a lot to learn. knew knowing a Wabasso will find the Jackrabbits by Lakeview’s lot more about the Spencer Larsen and But learn he did. The Vikings than they Jordan Larsen. did the first time. junior from Ivanhoe Freshman kicker 2012 Wabasso beat Red came SECTION B • OCTOBER 25, Diego Meza-Palmer be- tral 38-28 to one of the Vikings advance to the 3 p.m. Rock Cen- over and socked four took and has slowly become best defensive players the Vikings straight through the game against rights. Saturday at K. P. Kompelie upBy halftime it was his blazing runbacks a weapon on offense with n field. “I feel like they’ll be and powerful runs. Everyone got a chance40-0. ready for Tuesday night he us,” Pavek said. to play in the But he’s personally scored three touchdow half, Pavek scored come a long ways two on passes of nine from 13 yards out second ns, then and said, since Hennen broke and 39 “I yards feel my and offense will go better the on a 14-yard run off an 11-yard run and Cole as Minneota-Lincoln third and hopefully defense will to end the for the Vikings. Lakeview, 54-0 in be better than last scoring the first round of the HI beat time.” GRIDIRON NOTES: Defensively, Lakeview playoffs. “In order to keep get a first down until Defensive didn’t going through the late in the third quarter we’ve got to keep playoffs, fun,” and ly the cornerback says, “Defense four in the game. and got just Minneota-Lincoln is winning,” said Pavek, he’s shown HI had that enthusiasm with total offense to 81 hadn’t played football who defensive games of for winless Lakeview. 417-yards solid for several years. all year. •Gladis got another carried the ball three times Vancura Coaches knew his 100-plus game seventh-seeded Windom. Pavek rushed four rival the next on ground with 11 carries on the covered 46 yards for 124 and times for 72 yards, four more than dominates help them, so he was electrifying speed could four JCC yards. 67 points is The caught •Quarterba which ended with a 19-yard passes for 60 yards talked into playing 2002 ck Windom in Austindrive, a 63-27 win over Buysse was Vancura and ran backin football. return by Vancura. Today Pavek is happy run 15 67-13 Tuesday yards with touchdown of 22 for Windom one the Huskies punt three touchdown 132for for 30 yards. more than the 61 six and He also had two tackles and two-point the caught Isaac conversion thefor added s “I’ve been learning about his decision. Josephson five to open East passes defense. Not a bad put up against on Sibley 27 yards the plays and getting lead. and Beck three for an 8-7 yards. night for a kid who there,” Pavek said in 1998. 32the playoffs in played varsityby DAN CONDON hadn’t After the Eagles fumbled about his increased •Andrew Behnke football Sports Editor Taya Kockelman before. offense. time on led kickoff, Menke completed a the team Tanner with nine Doug VanKeulen tackles Eagles score first yards and for 22 had a Luhmann to Kyle good pass night game’s the and with fumbled a BEFORE four fumble recovery. The Huskies Central tackles his second for ran the Jackson Once THE first County On then one Vancura quarter Windom soon and tackle he combined and with Josephson burst which rolling in the Sec- opening kickoff

Playoffs: 54-point
By Byron Higgin Mascot Sports Editor

Windom Coach Ron


barrage sinks La

"We're going to need that," added Noyes. The assistant coach said, "It was nice to see us step it up a little." Minneota will get long rest. They receiveda weekthe No. 1 seed in the upcoming 3A North Tourname Section nt and will await the outcome from Tuesday night's opening round. Minneota will play Lakeview or Kerkhove either n-Murdock-Sunburg at 6 p.m. October 26 at SMSU Friday, in Marshall.


Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Jackson County Pilot Good use of photography. Nice balance of game stories with other columns and features. I really enjoyed the Sports of the Past feature. Second Place: Delano Herald Journal The feature on the Australian basketball player really stands out, particularly the graphics around the headline and the photo of Kennedy holding the globe. Seems like a nice mixture of coverage, with some solid columns included as well.


for a “tackle one a 15-yard score, this loss”. drove inside the JCC 15. Faced with was for followed by a two-point run by a fourth down, the Eagles completed Paden Moore for a 16-7 lead. pass and then scored on third-down Windom answered with a touchfor a 7-0 lead — their first lead of the down pass on the first play of its next entire season. drive to trim the JCC lead to 16-13, JCC answered quickly as Darick but from there it was all JCC.


Huskies compete in section cross country meet today

Huskies end regular season with sixth


straight win

meet will be on the line today (Thursday) as the Jackson County Central Huskies compete in the Section 3A meet in Adrian. The boys will take the course first, running a 5,000-meter race at 4 p.m. The girls will then run a 4,000-meter race at 4:45.

ners.” Boyum made her varsity debut at the Southwest Conference meet last week and Kocak hopes that experience will help her today. “We’d like to see Molly go out a little more aggressively now that she has a feel for the 4,000-meter race,” to Kocak said. “I’m expecting her in the top half of runners.” place state to New rules for advancing Regardless of how the trio does In the past, the top two teams at the section meet, Kocak likes the and top 10 individuals (whether way the future looks with the three as they were on a state-qualifying building blocks for the girls program. team or not) at the section meet “This is the beginning of buildqualified for state. ing a competitive girls’ team for the This year, the top two teams coming years,” she said. “With Jadin still qualify for state, but the indi- back healthy next year and the other vidual qualifying is a bit different. junior high girls that have run this The top eight individual finishyear, as well as hopefully a few new ers not on a state-qualifying team faces, the future looks bright for JCC will advance to state, meaning girls’ cross country.” there could be a few more runners moving on to state. Nasby, Snyder at FFA, won’t run The JCC boys team will be withIllness keeps Bezdicek from out its top two runners as both Peter at returning to state Nasby and Jordan Snyder will be Last season, Jadin Bezdicek the National FFA Convention. finished the section meet in That means the Huskies will field fourth place with a time of 15:15 a team of Jack Ringkob, Jordan to become the first JCC girl to Cushman, Jordan Ringgenberg, make it to state since 2003. Matt Ringkob, Andrew Torgerson, Bezdicek won’t have a chance Brenner Scheepstra and Gabe Baker, to return to state this fall as an with Jeremiah Manwarren as an alillness has brought her season ternate. The top five runners for the to an end. Huskies will have their score count Running for the Huskies at toward team standings. the section meet will be Annika “Obviously our goals for the team Lilleberg, Jayni Anderson and have to change as we are missing our Molly Boyum, all who will be top two runners,” Kocak said. “I still competing in the section race for think we can beat a few teams and we the first time. want everyone to go out and compete For Lilleberg and Anderson, at the best level they can.” earning a trip to state would reThe Huskies ran on the same quire posting their fastest times course Oct. 9 and Kocak hopes the season of the season. Lilleberg’s runners use that experience to their best is 16:38 and Anderson’s fast- advantage. est time is 16:57. Last year, the “Hopefully they can improve their 10th-place finisher at the section times from when we ran the course a meet ran the race in 15:21 and the couple weeks ago,” she said. 12th finisher ran in 15:44.

The regular season ended with a string of wins for the Jackson County Central volleyball team, with the Huskies’ sweep of New RichlandHartland-Ellendale- Geneva last week, the sixth straight victory for

Open M-F 8 a.m. -

22 - Saturday, Oct. 27 5:30 p.m. & Sat. 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

JCC. The win gave the Huskies a 21-5 record for the regular season, which ended with JCC winning 12 of its last 13 matches. The Huskies topped the Panthers by scores of 25-17, 25-19 and 25-16. The first game saw two ties early, but the Huskies trailed 12-7 after a a 6-2 run by the Panthers. After JCC time-out, The Huskies went on of a 7-0 run to take their first lead the night. The rally started with kills by Kaylee Burmeister, Lydia Brandt, Sydto nee Donnelli and Sydnee Nyborg pull JCC within a point and Brandt Photo by Dan Condon tied the game and gave the Huskies match After kills. back-to-back with celebrate a point in an action-packed the lead Michelle VanEpps and Sydney Nyborg another JCC point, the Panthers fi- Kaylee Burmeister (from left), lendale-Geneva last Thursday in Jackson. nally ended the rally, but the Huskies against New Richland-Hartland-El to never relinquished the lead thanks balls did we keep alive? Wow.” IN THE HUDDLE WITH a pair of kills and ace serve down the VanEpps said the back row players “IT’S AMAZING TO SEE WHEN YOU’RE stretch by Jasmine Erickson. ABOUT THINGS TO DO AND have a chance to get to more balls THE GIRLS AND YOU’RE TALKING “I saw a lot of balanced offense because of the improved blocking ON THE OTHER TEAM the block when tonight,” JCC head coach Teresa but THEY ARE EXCITED ABOUT SOMEBODY row, front the of EXCITED THAT THEY GET VanEpps said. “Michelle (VanEpps) isn’t there, the other Huskies have THAT POUNDS THE BALL. THEY’RE moved the ball around nicely tonight. THEM; EITHER WAY been making the play. TO DIG THEM OR THEY GET TO BLOCK Sydney Nyborg came in and we’ve “Our blocking, we’re continuing STOP THEM.” THEY’RE EXCITED THAT WE GET TO been telling her to be an offensive to get the block touches,” she said. force and she came out and did that “We’re striving on if the block doesn’t Teresa VanEpps the first two games.” touch the ball, defensively, we need The Huskies came out on fire in to touch the ball. I saw a lot of that the second game, turning a 2-2 tie helped the Huskies take a 17-13 lead got with a kill. tonight.” Nasby made a great dig on a into an 8-3 lead thanks to kills by and a pair of Erickson kills put JCC Despite the solid defense, the Husup a kill by third game beDonnelli and Erickson. A tip by up 19-15. A block by VanEpps and hard-hit ball in to set point of the kies trailed 9-5 in the with Michelle VanEpps for a point and ace serve kill by Burmeister gave JCC a 23- Burmeister for the first fore going on a 6-0 run had an by Erickson put JCC up 11-7, but 16 advantage and a diving save by third game. tonight,” VanEpps serving. VanEpps on B2 one defense to game scrappy the had “We closed the Panthers See VB Kathryn Nasby helped the Huskies Coach VanEpps said. “How many point with JCC up 12-11. get game-point, which Burmeister Kills by Burmeister and Brandt

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Huskies hot as section playoffs begin

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Sports Reporting
Northfield News

Raiders runners read y

for sections, 2B

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Pigskin Picks, 8A


Wednesday, October 24, 2012 Chaska 34, Northfi eld 27


Third Place: Jordan Independent Nice clean layout. Good writing and photography, particularly the basketball shot on A12 of the January edition. The Almanac is a really nice resource for fans of those teams. I like the fact that it’s called “Scoreboard” rather than “Sports” because it sets it apart from other newspapers.



Oles feature socce r players from six different countries

International influence

2AAAA playoffs wrong side of a near comeback, cause they ending their season with just never, never quit. ” swallow. a 34-27 That was on full display loss to No. 4-seeded Chaska Their faces said it all. Tues“That’s the whole season,” first round of the Section in the day after Northfield responded to Streaming tears showed senior Max Weaver 2AAAA a 28-13 first said. “We half deficit that saw more than the scoreboar much tournament. worked hard and never their defense give up d possigave up; “Every game these guys four rush- it’s fun to bly could after yet another have play win or lose with ing touchdow ns, including a tionally draining, closely emo- continued to play hard. We didn’t 21 seconds. The Raiders’ two in team like that.” Alex Loftness (left) ed affair of the type that contest- quit, we battled back and gave defense and Eric Shepley After trading touchdow put forth an exception linger has made ourselves a after Northfield’s ns in al eff chance to be in it,” loss to Chaska. (Jordan on the field Tuesday up the majority of Northfield’s coach Bubba Northfield cut it to 28-20 ort and the first 17:30 Chaska’s dynamic News) Osterman/Northfi eld games. Again the Sullivan said. “I told and 34- run game threw No. 5-seeded the guys, a pair of knockregardless of the record, 27, but the final comeback strike out punches Raiders found themselve never came and the players s on the they’re winners thanks to senior in my book be- left were with one last tough defeat to MENS SOCCER See FOOTBALL on 2B


Raiders fall short again st

Heartbreaking end to a hea

Chaska in first roun d of

rtbreaking season

Weeklies 2,501-5,000

Plethora of strong performanc es


lead Gators to 2nd place

finish at true team state

Thursday, March 28, 2013

“It’s phenomenal,” freshman Brenden Johnson of Switzerland said. “We share this common bond. Even though we’re not from the same country, we’re all Northfield coaches international.” and swimmers cheer Saturday during While some MIAC the 100-yard breaststr oke. (Jordan Osterma like Macalester College, schools n/Northfield News) which has three international players on its men’s team this fall, have a habit of filling its locker made room with multiple nations, this fall’s By JORDAN OSTERM “The communication the most for St. Olaf ’s is AN to be huge,” senior Brooke going squad unjosterman@northfi der 24-year coach Kurt Gnerer said. “Our overall togethern Anderson. “They all come from ess and collective playing different anilla Ice might have provided is going to backgrounds,” he said. the matter, too. If we bring “St. Olaf best hint of the afternoon has a lot of internatio those into Saturday nal travel, the games we’ll go far. at the Class A true team ” so hopefully kids are swim meet. getting that Coach Tim Torstenso As “Ice Ice Baby” cranked sometime in their time n said over here, but this the speakers, Northfiel team, more than others to have that infused into d he our team has coached in the past, Baker and senior Claire sophomore Grete gives us a little broader relies Walters perspeceach other, which means on dance in the seconds leading broke into a Sophie Bernstor tive that there’s more f catches a breath up to their race. going on in vocal and pumping each being Saturday in the 100-yard They looked every bit at Osterman/Northfi the world outside of other up ease eld News) freestyle. (Jordan Northfield matters more than ever. cert environment of the in the rock-conand the United States. University of Min” basnesota Aquatic Center, boys “When said. “Second in the team state they’re playing and and the whole Gators attendance for the 2013 Paid feeding off each other, team put on a huge performa sounds pretty good; I’m [state meet]? That “Being able to From all over see Bailey and more than very pleased.” 62,809. [eight was place] ent anything else that’s with a second-place finish. nce of their own Lexie tournam Sophomore Bailey DuPay [Kiefers] do ketball their last dives, it’s great where they Broad is probably the stole the show for find their success,” he everyone to see what for Northfield, winning “We maybe need to have right said. word to describe the everyone the range of at [the] conference [meet], that music going meet record 416.85 points diving event with a team,” senior Emily Anderson does for the Northfi eld has gone representation; St. Olaf through ” coach Deb Seitz and helping Northsaid. “All these has playan up-and-d own regular field to its 1,888 team ers from Switzerland, total. seaAllie Clark Norway son, complete with two See SWIMMING on (senior Preben Bay), separate heads for 3B four-game winning Venezustreaks, ela (freshman Claudio the final Barboza), also a stretch of five losses but Swaziland (sophomore Grete in six turn SaturPhumelegames. During its last la Sukati), France (Le Baker six games day in the Cam) and the Raiders are 3-3, the United States (19 (bottom) including 100-yard a players). win over Academy of Holy and the “That has definitely back(12-12) and a hard-foug Angels 400-yard us,” Barboza said. “We helped ht loss to stroke. have a lot a strong Chaska (19-8) freestyle of depth in our roster, team. (Jordan especially that carries over into the How relay team because we have people Osterman/ postseafrom difson will go a long way react Satferent backgrounds and Northfield in figuring different Northfield’s success or urday to countries. We have diff News) failure, but erent charGnerer said at this point a second acteristics that coach the can utilize lar season doesn’t factor reguplace in the game.” in much. finish. “Once we hit Sections (Jordan new slate,” she said. “Th it’s a See DIVERSITY on e conferOsterman/ 2B ence season actually matters, but Northfield now we have a different mindset. News)

But if you ask freshman Le Cam about the accents Ben year’s St. Olaf men’s soccerof this team, one thing is the most important. “I have the sexiest accent. ” That award comes with far more candidat es for the thanks to the Oles’ sudden title of international players. influx With different countries represent six this year’s squad, St. Olaf ed on most of any Minnesot has the a Intercollegiate Athletic Conferen ce soccer team.

No one can say for sure whose the worst is; they all have a distinct sound to them.

Group has had its ups and downs this year

Teamwork key for Raiders as playoffs loom



Northfield girls collect 11 top-five finishes

People in the business world treasure it. Marriage s oft pend on it. And Northfi en deeld’s ability to move deep into the 1AAA tournament may Section very well hinge completely on it: communication. Facing the prospect ing No. 12-seeded Austin of fac(1-18) Wednesd ay, and No. 4-seeded Rochester John Marshall Friday with a win, the (20-7) Raiders (14-11) are at a point in season where they know their what’s most important. “Talking is going to be a big thing,” senior Zandra Malecha said.


Attendance Total

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Jacob Wright will train Laura Bowman Minnetonka High’s All- hard in the her State forward finished all-time senior year as the off-season in Skipper
Includes 5.0 V-8,

of the



Royal marksman aim

s high

First Place: Northfield News Very nice sections. Good range of topics from preps to clubs to community sports. Excellent reporting, writing throughout, including use of feature ledes and stories. Nice use of photos, good layouts draw even more attention to the stories. Second Place: Anoka County Union A wide range of topics covered, from prep to community sports to outdoors, ensures that there’s something for everyone in these sections. Quality of writing is good with feature ledes and interesting columns. Third Place: Pine Journal, Cloquet A real good feel for feature writing, using second-day ledes and featurizing game stories. Pretty good variety in topics, although primarily high school. Good use of photos to bring attention to youth sports.

Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Minnetonka / Deephaven / Hopkins Sun-Sailor Space was limited in this section. Writers maximized their impact with concise, readable stories. Ledes were engaging, taking the reader into the story. Second Place: Bloomington Sun Current Good writing marked this section as well. Reporting was more about the people involved rather than just a regurgitation of figures. It presented the human side of sports. Third Place: Morrison County Record, Little Falls Writers used intriguing ledes. After reading the first couple words, you wanted to learn more about the subject at hand.

e, Trailer Tow, 18”wh leading scorer BUY FOR $26,5 more. *All factory rebates N eels, 90* SHERMA and incentives JOHN girls hockey history. BowBY to dealer - includes trade-in assistance and PERS FMCC participatio “Northfield’s only n. locally man finished with 103 goals SUN SAILOR NEWSPA new car dealershipowned LEASE FOR $229 . ” and 91 assists for 194 points. /MO* When Hopkins High fell See All of ckson basFredri boys T. short of a state Our Vehicles berth ent Fredrick tournam ketball Senior Taylor at the first High’s marked it nka , recently Minneto is son for time since 2008 that the Athena Award winner 507-645-4478 of Royals weren’t playing the 10 TO CHOOSE 2013. She earned a total FROM! 1201 South Hwy. 3, vol- last week of March. Northfield eight varsity letters in and For junior guard Jacob leyball and basketball both in captain Wright, it was a disapas served pointment. Wright played sports. on a state championship in Hopkins Skaters team as a freshman Last year returned Four Hopkins High girls 2011. state and contributed hockey players have made to nce to the Royals’ third-place the All-Lake Confere are finish. team for 2012-13. They In the Class 4A, Section defenseman sophomore ore 6 finals this winter, the Grace Bizal, sophom ju- Royals dropped a 55-53 forward Corbin Boyd, to Edina. nior forward Nina Rodgers decision all the credit to “Give Erin er goaltend junior and “I Edina,” said Wright. O’Neil. thought we played harder than Edina, and we played Sydney Rossman playoff a left-handed finish in a 63-58 with heart. After the final ll team drives to the hoop for and Will Beeninga. (Sun Sailor staff Minnetonka High’s girls buzzer, I had no regrets.” Hopkins High boys basketba her guard Jacob Wright of the Carlson, Drake Mjaanes (33) hockey goalie finished Hopkins finished the Junior over Wayzata. Trojan defenders are, from left, Bradley best prep career with the overall, which victory in season 22-7 Sherman) “It’s a John said. by he photo team a fun,” for is winning percentage s a was pretty good Chambers and forward great feeling when a coach the season school history. She had has learned came divar- that entered height and ple were saying I was just he Amir Coffey and Stephon wants you to come to his 55-10-2 record in three rectly from his high school Sharp. short on both an outside shooter,” said coach, Kenny Novak Jr. school.” sity seasons and a career experience. me Wright has played with Wright. “That fueled Wright comes from an saves total of 1,239, which “It is a huge blessing to “I am definitely happy to work on other aspects two Hopkins Mr. Basket- athletic family. His dad history. Novak,” school in played coach is second - play for with the way we Minnesota winbasketball of my game like penetrat “He has a ball of - Joe Brian played this year,” said Wright. ing and finishing at the said Wright. com- ners during his career Jimmy Schuldt way of building relation Coleman in 2011 and Si- and his mom Becky “We improved a ton.” rim.” peted in track and field. ships with each and every yani Chambers in 2012. Minnetonka High’s seGames against Edina To hone his skills, critique nce “My dad has always nior All-Lake Confere turned out to be the Roy- Wright played with the player. He will Jones is the frontFives over Tyus ment to come nines commit has never a They but it will hockey defenseman als’ Achilles Heel. next year, but made for No. 5 Michig Pulley Panthers you, runner with me,” Howard an gym e .” comes the twice to collegiat negative into go as play Hornets to ed across committ lost to the to fend off chalthe Barn @farib have will and aultsports during the AAU season holds off No. 9 such said Wright. “He loves the Looking to the 2013-14 hockey at St. Cloud State during the regular season and also has trained at 43 Gophers. lenges 2B from players the @josh He helped ty. berho season, Wright is confi- as Rashad Vaughn of game.” w title Universi and also absorbed that Hoops Academy. When Wright has time dent the Royals will return Cooper, Reid Travis of Skippers win the Lake two-point loss in the playhe “I eat, breathe and sleep to sit back and reflect, the state tournament. with an 8-0-0 record. offs. Faribau all,” said Wright. to DeLaSalle and possibly said he is happy to be part lt what basketb Daily on s’ News build Hopkin will “We I Wright was Hopkins star “There’s nowhere else season,” he Wright. The seaa successful program in this this of did ed Charlie Wittmer scorer we in mention leading be than Friday, to January 18, 2013 on Hopkins. points want to be other “The state champi- deserves group, g 18 ETBA er son, averagin GIRLS said. based goaltend BASK the , a that Wittmer LL the gym.” Bethl ehem Academy “We are carrying on is our goal. To get in His ability to • tes ore and ju64,onship Belle Plaine for the Robins PI adapted per game. One of his teamma 37 to get a his sophom ances. Only tradition,” he said. “Not his hit three-point shots was is there, we will have floor hockey team, led nior perform last two t’s with Howard Pulley little bit better every day.” seniors are eligible for the winning state the By state champi- noted on every opponen JOSH the W to BERHO club me and my Tyus Jones, the high school gradudrive will will Royals years win The over jberhow@faribault. over report. win Belle Plaine. scouting a 5-0 erican from Apple onship withcom this Mr. Basketball Award. 3.7 teammates this summer. All-Am just a credit to her. Mathews ’ 13 steals I’m not sure have to respect ate five players from “You playif there’s loves United in the finals.tied a season and grabbed five rebound- Jamal DaWright, who has a Dakota suchValley. a thing as Wright high school caJessie Mathew s followe a quiet triple-double, the highbecause of his and team s for BA, and 14, Hana Palmer 9, Elizabeth year’shad has start- When my Wright he d her gives but she’s just because Hana Palmer of Dakota United’s saidHolz Jones her 23 in her last 33-point All 29 so solid 6, Lauren with nine MathewsGPA, , 10-steal points and in so many I don’t want to m, 6, Taryn Ashley 5, double-double Hedstro fiveNick areas. Eric ” rebounds Jenna Brown 3, options reer ends, vis, said Edina head Thing on two range,” saved by Witwhere . Nine e Cardina Megan Hoisington games and 30 Tuesday consider different players scored ls (12-3, knows with a were 29 shots ed to guard 3, Shelby in 4-2 Gopher) more balanced point Meyer 3. ReMartin bounds (32): J. Mathews for encore her last three. Pat the Johnson were strong Cardinals. , Melvin Ivy have any regrets.” on Thursday. to from the 10, Schwab Several coach She’s Dorsey. “We wants opening tip 5, Palmer 5, Holz 3, Ashley tmer. “I think their goalie for 3, college. how Wright and and . L. Mathews 2, Hoisington “It held was had from a Stribling 35-15 a fi ve very away games Mathews picked halft Phillip balanced 2, that ime Ramontica conand of 10 lead over the Ti-shot. for them,” effort toLangfeldt 1,colleges try to take up a triple-do the game Jessie Filzen 1.have night,” Filzen said. “It won gers (6-10). u- or more sists (17): J.League Asset up for his outside Wright, ble — John Sherman at toteam steals this Mathews 5, L. Mathews 14 points, 10 rebound was a good Contact addition In coach 3, Ashley 3, trainUnited Hoisington him.” s win. and on ” 13 season. him. “Our defense Dakota Mathews 4, Meyer 1, said tacted steals Nichole Van Horn While year — and wasoff-seas very tough,” Filwas just five assists Steals (23): J. Mathews 13, returnees for next ley has worked hard key Medford BA hosts zen said. “We controlle shy g1. process john.sherman@e Mathews 2, Ash“She’sWright d Wright, of a quadrup recruitin going to do 2, Brown 2, Hoisington “The L. Brett Sadek. (5-10, 2-4) Kamali has benefite le-double d the boards. whateveskill 2, Filzen 1, Schwab r she set. 7:15 When ing p.m.include 1. Turnovers: 21. Team on Friday. guard at a diverse Bethlehem Academ as she led the can toto can control help all build the team,” basketb fouls: 12. FG 25-56. the said BA coach can we boards y girls of the 2-10. FT 11-15. we 3FG most push team to a 64-37 nonconf basketball Tammy Filzen. the ball and get easy last season, peoBA GAME “I never “After
Offer ends 9/29/2012. Lease requires $2,500 down plus tax lic., 10,500 miles per Sec. dep. waived. year. 24 month term ends 9/29/2012.

Decor Packag

SSM girls pick up

first win, 2B


Jessie Mathews steals


the show with triple-dou ble over Tigers

Dailies under 10,000
First Place: Faribault Daily News Page one designs were good. Liked the wire news across the bottom, the graphics on page two were nice, and plenty of local copy.

erence road she’s at at the end of

 Page 10

n and one wrestlin ing bug. That’s the black- partment, Bengtso on. The message on the nev- Novak have maintained a thing you can count 84 board was erased and That strong friendship. Novak, who turned the er discussed again. “I can’t say enough All-Star Series March 27, is still on won in to championship was good things about Paul,” bench as an assistant wress one-clas of Rosters are set for the the days the top Basketball his son, Hopkins boys tling, and it was a dogfight said Novak. “He’s Minnesota a man basketball coach Kenny just to get out of Region 6. of the line, as fine Coaches’ Association boys to n as you’ll ever meet. Talk Novak Jr. And Bengtso All-Star Series. Bengtson marched into fall wrestlers he coached, can’t wait for another There will be four teams Tanglen’s office with the they’ll tell you the can get out on Supt. and he head g four when The followin By BRENDAN the series. in the s the trophy BURNETT-KUR the field with the Hopkin Monday. He set the state same thing.” are Mark Torgercoaches IE bburnett-kurie@fa Bengtson and Novak High sophomore football trophy on Tanglen’s desk for the Gold of Morris m son both wanted the best athteam. Dave Montbriand of and said, “I delivered, now letes for their programs, With finals team, completed earlier When he came to Hoppay.” e-Broot en-Elro sa in the day, the Bethlehe Belgrad the it’s time for you to m Acadbut they always worked kins High in 1960 as emy boys basketbal the Maroon team, Bo for l team “What do you want?” assessing Kenny Novak, Sr. in to celebrate with a road decided together wrestling coach, Bengt- Tanglen asked. Park Center for winof Powell over was in Triton. whether and athlete basketson, who will turn 80 Green team and Pat “The same money as And nobody the basketball tury in high school partied December, made a bold Novak,” said Bengtson, more suited for of Waconia for the Paul Bengtson than Kyle Filzen. Hayesharder ball.” promise to the man who referring to Kenny Novak or wrestling. Filzen scored 30 Novak wasn’t very tall, Blue pointsteam. ever stepped coach Supt. L.H. “No him, stead of watching a halft and in- eaders will be s shoothired Doubleh ime lead Sr., who came to Hopkin into the kind of talent but he parlayed his . p.m. a fine all 8:45 wither Tanglen into and away 7 basketb at hustle t the and played s ing as assistan Cardinals (8-5, we had in the Hopkin “I told him if we didn’t St. Cloud April 5, at St. Cloud Friday, coach in the fall of 1955 ,” said college career at 3-2 Gopher ) win the championship and assumed head-coach- wrestling program Hallenbeck Hall and Shortly after he State’s State. pulled just he talent away “The years, n. St. g Bengtso within three and 4 p.m. Saturday, in at the2:15 second ing duties the followin kept coming, and some graduated, he became Bengtsaid me,” Colfire ter half could of a 78-58 6, at Macales April Cloud State’s head coach and season. nonconference Paul. of the best ones were kids son. “I was confident in St. lege Tanglen was ready, and playing at the age of 23. victory. Filzen The 78 probably a little bit naive.” sharp-witted in his own who started out metro area playIt took an attractive ofpoints Many a basketball.” season high and the most were One of the custodians, won berths in the Hopkins to woo have from ers fer BA in has right. boys wind the got of scored in 120 games, since “Most Steve Howerton, from St. beating “If Gary Hoehn had basket- Novak away JWP 80-30 on Jan. 6, series. the 2009. Maetall the school loved of the promise, and as Reggie Lynch, Edina’s After losing doublegone out for basketb “Some Cloud State. Butsie digit 1962-63 season was wind- instead of wrestling, we ball,” said Novak. going zold, a coach who won two halftime leads against 6-foot-1 center, is on the Blooming 1 the with Prairie and USC in their state of them weren’t and I state titles for Hopkins in ing down, he wrote on Gold last two team along ’ would have won two BY JOHN SHERMAN games, the Ca a guard s nearaid to play a lot for us, ackboard in the coaches

Filzen scores 30 as Cards get back to winning


Hopkins’ Lions in Win
know where We were able to do that.” the night, and it’s Taylor Schwab scored 15 points
STATISTICS BA 35 29 BP 64 15 Scoring: Taylor Schwab 22 37 15, Jessie Mathews


Reach Sports Reporter Josh Berhow at 333-3119, or follow him on @joshberhow

G • Albert Lea 43,


deFaribault 21 nship. the Hopkins athletic g champio

Bengtson, Novak will never lose love for coaching
The Falcons used Albert Lea to

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
Second Place: The Bemidji Pioneer Plenty of local copy and game coverage. Would love to see a big feature.

18, 2013 The Forum

Friday, January

Jaguars hop on the

Fargo is real name is Paul But everyone calls Casey Bradley . nickname bestowe him Gus – a d upon him by his three older brothers growing in the small southea up stern Minnesota Zumbrota. town of “He was such a go-getter, he had gusto, so his brother so much s called him Gus,” said Gloria Bradley, the four boys and two mother of name just stuck.” girls. “The For good reason. Displaying a smile that no one forgets and oozing with energy that won’t quit, Gus Bradley has worked his way up the football ladder – from a player and coach at North Dakota State to an coach with Tampa assistant Bay and Seattle and now KEVIN head the National Footbal coach in SCHNEPF Wednesday night, l League. Bradley got a phone Gloria The Forum call from her son: “Mom, � I’m going to be the head coach for the Jackson ville Jaguars.” The official announ cement was made Thursday mornin Bradley will be g. And today, the 46-year-old introduced at a news conference. This was, as they say, meant to be. After probably all, the family of Gloria Bradley Roy and were Gus’ brother Scott pretty athletic. was a backup lineback at Iowa State, playing er Minnesota Vikings behind eventual player Matt Blair. played football Pat at Concordia in the early 1970s. Kelly was a quarter back who led Montana State to a nationa l champi Sister Lynn is married onship in 1984. to Gene Stritesk Ogilvie, Minn., y, an football coach who be inducted into will soon the of Fame. And sister, Minnesota Coaches Hall Jody Boraas, has Sam, who played a son, football at NDSU. Gloria recently discovered what when his sixth-gr Gus wrote ade teacher asked to jot down what students they wanted to be grew up. “I want to be in the NFL,” when they wrote. Gus

Third Place: Albert Lea Tribune The outdoors column should be a big hit in Minnesota. Enjoyed features. Good effort.

Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead Section fronts are best in class–give big play to the unique local story of the day with eye-catching design. Section offers a comprehensive regional sports report that crosses state lines. Second Place: The Free Press, Mankato Section pays attention to enterprise and offers a good mix of locallyproduced prep and college content along with wire pros. Design is clean, conventional. Liked niche local outdoors and syndicated NASCAR coverage. Third Place: St. Cloud Times Section also does enterprise writing, particularly liked “Life after the Metrodome” piece. Gives big play to some events that often are confined to back pages.


Those who know ex-Bison assista nt are excited that coach has reache d long-term NFL goa l

Paul Casey “Gus” Bradley was hired as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday. Bradley was a player (picture above) and defensiv d e coordinator (at left) at North Dakota State. He was also defensiv coordinator for the e Seattle Seahawks (at top).

Photos by The Forum, NDSU athletics and the Associated Press


Former Gophers
By Brad E. Schloss man GRAND FORKS – When the University of North Dakota and the University of Minnesota play hockey, anythin in men’s g can happen. It’s a lesson some of John Marks’ teammates
Forum News Service

End to rivalry sa
final game before mas in a tournamChristent in Bloomington, Minn. UND players schedul ed flights after the game to return home for break. found out the hard way in “The game 1968. ended up going The teams played five overtimes and in the most of the guys missed


ta � When: 7 p.m. today and 5 p.m. Saturday � TV: Fox-SN � Radio: 970-AM

No. 6 North Dakota at No. 1 Minneso

, UND standouts

hope games betw

d for ex-players
een two teams aren ’t gone for long
secutive years, the teams will not play in the regular season during each of the next two years. “It’s very disappo inting,” said Jay Panzer, who for UND from 1995 played to 1999.

Fargo Force players Gavin Bayreuther, left, and Kenny Gillespie were traded to the Force in December.
David Samson The Forum

their flights,” Marks said. tion. The rivalry has produced At the end of this many improba ble, bizarre, the season, Minnesota Gopher intense and s will thrilling move moments over to the Big Ten. the years. will UND But this weeken move to the Nationa d is the last Collegia l chance for them te Hockey Conferto do so as ence. members of the And there are Western future no Collegiate Hockey matchups schedul Associaed. After playing for 65 con-

Use of Photography as a Whole
Force have shine

Embracing a new
By Chris Murph y


UND: Page D4

d with additions

Fargo enny Gillespie received a text message a little over a month ago his Omaha assistan from to come to the rink t coach his microeconomic before s Gillespie figured class. out pretty quickly what was coming. “Came in the office, sat


Two weeks earlier, defenseman Gavin Bayreuther found in Cedar Rapids, himself Iowa, trying to figure out where down and my coach Fargo was after he said, ‘This is not going traded to the Force.was to be Just talk,’” said Gillespi a good like Gillespie, Bayreut forward with the e, now a had that first feeling her Fargo expendability that of Force. “I had four days to athlete feels when an ship to Fargo. I told my traded for the first they are coach I was just going to go time. home. I didn’t want to come.”
� When: 7:35 p.m. 7:05 p.m. Saturday today and � Radio: 101.9-FM

Tri-City at Force

of two players in



FORCE: Page D4

Aug. 1, 2013
Vol. 78 • No. 52



Hackensack wom an elected state Legion presid ent Page 3

Pages 6-7 Page 5

Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: Pine River Journal This publication absolutely jumped out as the winner in this category. The front page photo that ledes into the masthead really brought me into the paper each issue. It also had nice sports photography, and the photos were sized well. Second Place: Carver County News, Watertown The front page with the fireworks photo really stood out. What a unique way to use a fireworks photo. Also, the sports photos were very nice, and I really liked the double truck of festival photos. It really showcased some nice photography. Third Place: Minneota Mascot The photos running along the rail were a nice teaser into the paper. The candid use of photography really brought readers into the story.

Staff Writer


Kennel has histo ry of

Charges filed against kennel owner issues, com


Warehouse Block Party a huge success

April decided to help continue 28, Bill Kennedy infancy, part of it personally,” he said. “In its everyone who came the Hackensack Children’s Fishing up with the idea had Contest by becomin g the came. set it all up that June, and no one coordinator of the event created and coordina that his father co- time.” School was still in session at the ted for the last years. 17 From there, the program This year, the contest schedule was changed to fit with the school’s schedule memory of Bob Kennedyis dedicated to the and the schedules of the Having retired from . “This year, we limitedvolunteers. the military as senior chief petty the contest to only officer for helicoptea 10 weeks to give the voluntee squadrons in Colorado r rs a break as , Bob Kennedy and we reorganize,” Kennedy his family moved said. Kennedy started to Walker and started volunteering with working for the father 10 years Hackensack America ago as new technolohis Legion Post 202, n allowed gy where he was a member. him to expand There, the idea of the at the contest, like what could be done Hackensack Children selling personalized Fishing Contest on ’s T-shirts Birch Lake originate and buttons to help out of the think tank fund the free of Robert Kennedy d event. From initially being the other Legion patrons. and the event expanded with a fishing contest, “My dad was asking other events like minnow races and himself how he a casting contest could create somethin free hot with the area to do,” said g for the families in attend. dogs and soda for all those who Bill Prizes are given to wondering what activity Kennedy. “He was ent children of differage groups for catching could the children do to have some fun the most fish, the largest fish or during the summer. the smallest fish. ” Bill, who was 21 “This contest gives and attending Bemidji kids a time to learn State University to how to fish with earn his compute PHOTO BY DALLAS their parents’ help,” Bill Kennedy, coordinator of r sci- Kennedy ence degree at the STEFFEN the Hackensack time, was unsure whether Fishing Contest said. “Sometimes Children's , stands where I see parents had stood his father, Bob See KENNEDY, for a photo, by Kennedy, Page 12A the public dock on July 16. of Birch

Kennedy follows in father’s footsteps to head Hackensa the activity would ck Children’s Fish be successful. After his father, ing Contest “I didn’t think it would Bob Kennedy, passed away at age 62 on be a success, but I wasn’t
Staff Intern

Like father, like son

The Cass County In an April 8, 2004, BY TRAVIS Attorney’s Office waste, and were not able to be opened on Monday, July 29, said coccidia infectionrebuttal, Rowell Staff Writer GRIMLER filed a nine-count for inspection or cleaning. s are not proof criminal complain of mistreatment as Rowell, 60, was charged t against Deborah Ron Derksen, former they occur in comseven mis- pletely Beatrice Rowell of Pine River sanitary conditions Pine River for vio- demeanor and two petty misdeme City Council member, as well. anor said she lations of Minneso passed away at was U.S. Departm She his home July ta animal cruelty counts: animal neglect, deprivation 29 from ent of laws. of Agriculture (USDA) necessary shelter, cer. His former fellow terminal canimproper enclosur certified for sales e, The complaint follows failure to provide council memdogs with adequate of her animals and had her kennel bers remember him tion into the condition an investiga- ventilation, imprope as someone who inspected only a week stood s r at dog for what he believed before Rowell’s house, failthe kennel on County Road 1 East, which ure to provide dogs with adequate investigation and passed. Pine 2004 “He was always pretty in. resulted in the July River shade, City feisty. lack Council of He shade for dogs kept 16 seizure of 133 always had his own minutes from April outdogs, 29 of them opinion, which I 13, doors, deprivation puppies. appreciated very of necessary water, 2004, said all kennel deficiencies seizure, officers observed During the and failure to much,” had been taken care of provide dogs with what a coun- quate and the matter was River Mayor Jim Sabas. said Pine ade- put to rest. ty attorney’s office “He was water. definitely not a yes described as “neglect news release person on the Charges of providin USDA records of g improper dog noncompliance council. He fought for appropriate shelter, , deprivation of houses and lack are what discarde he d of shade for dogs kept after three years unless believed in. He always improper encloRon Derksen sures, inadequate ventilatio outdoors are petty there is an investiga had a good laugh from time to dog houses, inadequa n, improper have a maximum misdemeanors and record of investiga tion. There is no time. He penalty of $300 tion by the USDA honest guy. He was truthful just seemed to be an all-around deprivation of adequate te shade and each. All other in what he did. He anything he didn’t charges are misde- in 2004. and necessary never said water.” mean.” meanors and each USDA inspection “Ronnie Derksen was has a maximum The release said past noncompliance records showed wasn’t a person who told dogs were over- penalty of 90 days in jail and/or it like it was. He notices following afraid to say what crowded, housed a inspections and in enclosures that $1,000 fine. repeat notices about well, you were entitled he thought and if you didn’t agree, didn’t meet state standard to violations, including These recent allegatio your own opinion. His s, and didn’t allegatio shelters not meet- was strong and he wasn’t ns resemble ing have access to clean one to accept charity work ethic impervious surface ns from 2004. A was one of a kind water. or March requirem help. He 25, that can’t be ents and I was honored “It’s been an ongoing 2004, Pine River Journal cleaned, outdoor facilities friend,” said Pine to consider him a investiga- an story detailed that River City tion,” said Cass County investigation into didn’t include clean, Derksen was a member Clerk Wanda Mongan. the conditions Sheriff Tom dry bedding Burch. “It wasn’t of the council from like we were getting Country Pride Kennels, owned at material or sufficient insulatio 2006 to n in low March 31, 2013. He was originally a complaint every by temperatures, elected to fill day. We got com- Rowell, which said the kennels and shelters that did left by outgoing council had plaints in the past, not member Rob Jesse, a vacancy but we knew we had insufficient lighting, empty or unsani- sufficiently provide protectio elected alongside and was n reto deal with it somehow Tamara Hansen in from tary wind and rain. from his position 2008. He resigned . The more were water receptacles, kennels that following a complaints we got, Since Nov. 6, 2011, too small, and overall the more that Rowell had not to spend time with his family. diagnosis of terminal cancer enabled us to get a housing for the animals. inadequate received an official search During his time with violation warning. The criminal complain warrant.” the council he served Tanya Espanosa, public Accusations then the sewer included a comt said some as a liaison to of the shelters were ist with the USDA, affairs special- mission district board, and then served on found to be from plaint submitted to the Heartlan the airport comuntil said his this resignati 91 to 97 degrees, was d because she had made and one of the dog Animal Rescue Team (HART) “He was a good personon from the council. changes accordthat ing to the water dishes had alleged that a puppy to have on there, because a dead mouse in results of USDA purchased from he told it. inspec- the commission what the city required The complaint said tions. of them and what the that shelters were the kennel had coccidia, a potential city was going to do not sufficiently raised ly with the airport from Espanosa explaine he wasn’t above the ground fatal parasite that comes from fecal time contaminated ground. warnings are issued d that official brought just a yes person for them, time. And when licensees back news that he He always stood up for what See KENNEL, Page right,” Sabas said. he knew was 12A “He helped the respect.” city a lot in that

Pine River City officials pliance following inspection mourn Derk to prevent accumul ation of water and sen


Save with a subscriptio

Page 11 

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Use of Photography as a Whole
Wednesday, April 24, 2013

www.annandaleadvoca LAKES NEW Vol. 125, No. 17

Weeklies 1,501-2,500





New principal for new school
By Tom Westman Staff Writer

First Place: Annandale Advocate Quality and variety mark the use of photography in the Advocate. Front page headlines and photos are well displayed as pairs to tell stories. Excellent use of photography in the total package. Second Place: Tracy Headlight-Herald Strong photos are hard to beat as critical elements of newspapering–the Headlight Herald certainly has them. Let’s start bylining photographers. Third Place: Houston County News, La Crescent The Houston County News is just a delightful newspaper to sit down and read from front to back. Photos are obviously important elements of the paper and catch a reader’s eyes at the turn of each page.

This year’s Annandale Area Business Expo was one of the busiest in recent memory. Organizers were happy with the results. See page 5A.

INSIDE Successful business expo

Don Figge was a car salesman and twice former mayor of Annanda le. He also experienced difficult times. After he died month, friends recalled last the fun-loving Annanda le promoter. See page 7A.

South Haven’s new city hall was a long time coming, but it’s been a welcome addition to Main Street. See the story on page 7A.

City’s hall is open, ready

■ The Annandale Ambassador Commi ttee will host a wine tasting event at 7 p.m. Friday, April 26, in the Municipal Park Pavilion. ■ The Buffalo Hospital Foundation’s third annual Spring Tonic will be held at 6 p.m. Saturday, April 27, at Classic Hall. ■ More community items are on page 3A.


Calendar, Weather . . . . . . .3A Opinion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4A News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5A Business of the Week . . . .6A Sports & Recreation . . . . . .8A Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . 1B After Hours . . . . . . . . . . . .3B Obituaries . . . . . . . . . . . . .4B Community . . . . . . . . .4B, 5B Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . .6B Records . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7B Marketplace . . . . . . . . . . .8B

Index $1.50

Allyson Kuehn has been selected as Annandale’s new elementary principal. Kuehn and Ryan Weinandt were the finalists for the position. two Kuehn and Weinand interviewed Wednesd t were ay Five individuals with April 17. The two night, close Photo courtesy of Annanda finalists le Jody Zylstra the Boston Marathon ties narrowly escaped were interviewed injury when two by Marcia marathon and was on Monday, April 15. Jody (Barrett) Froehling, the Zylstra, center, had bombs exploded at at elementa were directly across the Mile 26 marker when the bombs nearly completed speech-language patholog ry the exploded near the the street from the Lundberg, Jody (Barrett) ist; finish second blast. From Michael Zuehlke, left are Alison (Zylstra)line. Her fans Zylstra, Joe Zylstra fifth-grad and Ben Menk. Menk, Laura teacher; and the members e of the Annandale School Board. Following the interview s, Allyson Kuehn the committee came to a consensus and offered Kuehn the torate Program position, which she at accepted. lege in St. Paul. Bethel Col“We are very excited for The Annanda Ms. Kuehn to join our team. Board was expectedle School She brings many valuable to approve By Paul Downer at- the employment contract tributes with her Zylstra. “The sound Managing Editor including was , Kuehn at the Monday, for but not limited to, ing. Everyone stopped,so pierc- The lines must have April a broad 22, meeting. The been that but it messed up range of experience wasn’t mass chaos at When two bombs that the in educa- for the 2013-’14 contract is number first because going exploded we didn’t tion along with managem near the finish line school year elsewhere,” said Barrett. was know what it was. of the Boston didn’t ent and calls for a Marathon on Monday, skills needed for the know what to do. We Confusion salary of huge task $102,300. April 15, people Then several Annandale of the transition started running, and Back on the course, residents were barricade to a new the just a Kuehn tenth close enough to feel grew school,” said school s opened up and police of a mile from the up and atsecond exploshake, see the smoke the ground came streaming through.” sion, Zylstra immediat chairperson Jeanette board tended school in Breckenridge and aid the ely Rigerwalked and wounded. was Scramble very active in to the curb and asked Borer. ics, band and various athletRemarkably, four to use a phone to call a spectator Back in Minnesot “We had two strong school a, Zylstra’s the rest of her Annandale ties who people with mother Judy dates, but Allyson stood candi- organizations. were standing Barrett was tracking group. It didn’t work. near the finish line to her daughter’s Kuehn received “I still didn’t run the strongest leader. out as from the nandale runner Jody cheer on An- race on the progress during the scene because She has graduate degree her underthe experience and I knew my family not harmed by the Zylstra were reached the last Internet. Zylstra was down confidence education with in elementary second blast, five kilometers of there somewhere, and to support the elementar a minor which detonated directly y staff cial education from in speacross the the race slightly behind her usual that was probably the most horrific as we enter the new the Unistreet. Those four Annandale versity of were Zylstra’s pace, but when she should have feeling, not knowing exactly North Dakota, Elementary. I know husband Joe, her sister-in-la where been crossing the finish her line, her they were and if they in the path of centered frame of mind child- Grand Forks. She received her son Menk and husband w Ali- progress stopped. destruction,” she said. an excellent fit for will be graduate degree from Minfriend Laura Lundberg Ben, and waiting for Zylstra’s Barrett kept our dis- nesota State Universit Walking wounded, . finishing time trict,” Zuehlke said. the lucky On the course, Zylstra y, Moorto head and a sheappear, but it never did. Then ones from among nearly 200 peoin pack of other runners Educational “Our district is very got a call from a co-worker ple injured, began to fortu- Leadership. . file proaching the 26-milewere apnate to have an education “She came “I saw people with past. al An educator when the first explosion marker said, ‘Did you on the phone and blown their jeans leader such as Allyson hear Kuehn “My initial thought occurred. pened in Boston?’ what just hap- were off and leg injuries, but they For 21 years Kuehn to lead our transition was that it still able to walk,” I said no. She was into was some type of celebrator said there was a bomb Zylstra new elementary school. the employed by the Crooksto said. “The y canthat devastatio went non or firework. Then n, is very passionate about She School District, where she n I thought, off at the finish line. I couldn’t be- saw it on people’s faces.” you just was that would be really lieve what I was taining our excellent main- a special education teacher, strange Police began herding copoint in the race,” Zylstra at this was waiting for hearing because I student ordinator the runperformance and her to cross the fin- ners and spectators , and director of spesaid by phone from Boston will be a cial out of the area, ish line,” Barrett services. great resource for “Then I saw the puff last week. put into words said. “I can’t even but Zylstra was unfamiliar with the staff of smoke, but what it was like.” Kuehn has been employed city and unsure of where sure a positive workingto enat the same time none to A envigo. frantic period by of Meeker and Wright “I remember ronment that will ensued in running. We kept running us quit which family Special bring members tried to and I didn’t have wanting to cry toward the best in our kids,” out Education Cooperative the smoke and sound. the energy, but I contact any members since of the group must have had this school board member said 2006. MAWSECO serves register with anyone.” It just didn’t they knew were the Jon special education in Boston, but the on my face because look of terror Scheer. About 10 seconds needs later, how- sudden overload of phone calls in ple came up and multiple peoAnnandale, Dassel-C for the ever, the second explosion The position of elementar asked what and out of Boston clogged okato, y Delano, Howard the sys- could do,” she said. “Many they 26.1-mile marker stopped at the tem. principal became open Lake-Wathe runfor the verly-Win offered me their phones, people 2013 Litchfield ners in their tracks. 2013-’14 school “We couldn’t get July 25, sted, and none year when Maple , of through. them worked.” “I saw and heard that Tracy Reimer resigned Lake and Rockford one, and Someone kept answering the we felt the ground February. Reimer will in late school districts. shake,” said phone, but they were in Florida. assume Boston the position of assistant Turn to page 10A tor for the Educatio direcPrincipal nal DocTurn to page 2A

Group unhurt near finish

Surviving Boston

H A ST IN G S Will ‘ice-out’ hit rec ord? May ice is
ByINGS Paul Downer « HAST Managing Editor

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Hastings Star Gazette Enjoyed bridge photos, well-covered story. Stories were well-planned. Nice fireworks photo (best photo of ALL entries). Like to see a paper that’s not afraid to run photos BIG, but if photos aren’t sharp, don’t run them big. Second Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune Good photos, good photographer(s)! Great sports photos. Nice weekly photo stories. All areas are well-represented by photos, including food page. Good photo ethics. Third Place: Pine Journal, Cloquet Need more photos in front sections. Nice photos played well. Good action sports photos. Good photo story on sugar-making.

very rare

gaze www.hastingsstar



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ek 1B ins this we ‘Annie’ beg production Theater plans big
Photo by Tom Westman Representing Annanda le at the 2013 State ment were, from Speech Tournaleft, and Christina Huling. Thomas Huling, coach Jennifer Kulm

Black Dirt

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Volume 125, Number 17 2 Sections, 18 Pages Inserts Inside ■ Cabela’s ■ Sears
There are more than 60 advertisements in this newspaper encouraging you to shop your local community.

Annandale Advocate

Finals elude brother, sister
By Tom Westman Staff Writer “One thing you can say for sure about speech competitions is that they are unpredictable. Thomas not getting into the finals was extremely surprising,” said speech coach Jennifer Kulm. Thomas and Christina had the support of eight low speech team membersfelall through the competit ion. Turn to page 2B


Annandale students Christina and Thomas Huling both pulled off champion ship performances in the Section 5A Speech Tournament, short of placing in but fell the Minnesota State Speech Tourname nt Saturday, April 20, at High School. After three Blaine inary rounds, Thomas prelimsister Christina qualified nor his for the final round.


At this time last spring most area lakes had already been free of ice for over a month. This season’s persistent winter has kept the lakes locked in a solid state well past their thaw dates, and though typical tors can contribut many face quickly lake ice melts, to how Photo by Paul Downer there is at The extended least a possibility winter this year has that kept ice cover on will linger on to the some ice well past the typical ice-out area lakes dates in end of the and boats remain month. high and dry, while early to mid-April. Docks ice where from 14 to If that happens, it would 24 inches of ice on fishermen reported anybe a most lakes last week. rarity. Al Ostlund has ice-out dates on Lake records of had Sylvia been datusing ATVs on the ing back to 1940, and lake in recent days. in those 73 years has only twice “The difficulty is getting gered into May. The the ice linout onto the ice, because them coldest year was 1950 when close to shore,” he said. it thaws ice-out was ■ Pleasant Lake: recorded on May 6, to have a spot where “You have and the secApril 24, 1996 ond-latest year was you can run 1965 with an them out. A lot of ■ Lake Sylvia: ice-out of May 1. where they put boards years I see Does this season have May 6, 1950 out to the ice and it’s from shore a chance to challenge those records? pretty thick ■ Clearwater Lake: there. It depends what shore “It’s plenty thick you’re on. Some shores April 24, 1996 on Sylvia right now,” said Ostlund last sheltered and you can are pretty Wednesday, April 17. out. Others are a little walk right “When is it *Data for Lake Sylvia going to warm up? That’s open.” goes back to 1940. Pleasant Lake Tom Bacon, president a tough data reaches call. If we get some back to 1996, and Clearwater Lake Property of the Clearwater starts to stay warm sun and it OwnLake data goes back ers Association, said overnight, or to 1983. there was still if we get a lot of rain, about 14 inches of ice covering a big difference. If I that makes tween the 20th the surface of that had to guess, and the 30th.” lake as of the and this is more Ostlund estimated of a wish, I middle of last week. there was would say it would go out be- still 18-24 inches of ice on the lake, and reported that fishermen Ice-out Turn to page 9A

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August 7,


• Editor by Chad Richardson crichardson@hastingsstarg hopes Public Schools volHutchinson dedicated team of a safe students to assemble help keep school unteers to a smiling face to and present front door. the to grow its visitors at is working and, The district and greeter program of Teaching volunteer to Director “The goal is according every Deb Marcotte, Learning greeter in sesvolunteer in to have a school is every day building, whole day.” greeters sion for the currently three very they are “There are school and believe at the high Marcotte said. “I commupart-time,” step that up as a that we can for nity.” who works of the Corey Roskamp, been one SOSA Christ, has greeters since BY JORGE Youth for STAFF PHOTO volunteer years high school’s start about five that proIt’s a job the program’s mornings right direction. ago. them in the works Monday in He mostly is flexible and points to Roskamp. the district added. “Let’s according High School his own and said Pride,” he Hutchinson him to choose “It’s Tiger we support them.” for the students, allowing visitors to kids Lottie high welcomes and safety and security show the information, call school and schedule. a security component,”in Roskamp who’s For more Vorlicek at 320-5873 p.m. and the middle “There is the community greeter Corey pro7 a.m. to Tina want to know and service to hours. Volunteer Kottke or school from volunteers either of this volunteer he said. “They customer .us or during school signs can “The purpose excellent customer 2860, or email on all prospective vides good the building gets a badge and Volunteers hour or able is to provide within our .us. for an Just to be offer training. Every visitor pool gram to every guest going on. Daron themselves find their service something’s a smile and acknowledge schedule week or join an on-call be in.” to said Supintendent helps visitors as a refermust schools,” more per Roskamp to give them a map “and to contribute All volunteers a parent volungreeters get VanderHeiden,welcoming environnot be familiar with of substitutes. them is important.” way and and You need believes successful they’re not the warm Hutchinson Public good people Roskamp 18 or older. to apply. ence in case floor plan. will have enough about ment within welcoming. of a student hopes to have teer greeters the school’s Roskamp enjoy elefriendly and in volunteering The district West and Park p.m. Schools.” What does skills, be 4 cover webhis time? he 8 a.m. to Anyone interested greeters to the district’s disvolunteering a couple things,” give schools from online at The mentary “I think it’s for me to can apply check I can an easy way site: said. “It’s school district. And you a background perform trict will back to the students. Sometimes for just know be there and you see a student

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Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Hutchinson Leader Great use of color and dominant photos. I could tell the paper was designed with the photos in mind and they played a starring role. Second Place: Forest Lake Times Photo packages were very concise. Designers took great care in photo placement. Third Place: Prior Lake American Great use of the best photos.





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• Editor by Chad Richardson crichardson@hastingssta

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to your focus need streamline they nate and them everything of St. really give Glenn Klaphake that at the University to be successful.” master’s athletic administration. Director, likes to emphasize Academy in Klaphake Academy is a public Thomas in educational New Century doctorate St. Mary’s UniDAVIS om New Century He has a from pubschool, a school. to davis@hutchinsonleader.c Acade- administration free public Minneapolis. “We are a option,” he said. “There versity in has put that education for New Century (charter on an upward school adminKlaphake Test scores lic education out there to career in have been New perception schools with use in a long to his stint at Rockford, is still a my students at least two years. to the opportunity are private case. We are Prior for of certain Princeton wants ly give students istration. trajectory director at their mastery by they years schools)That’s not the Glenn Klaphake that trend. his first year demonstrate out of them when he was activities and supported Director worked eight posi- tuition. upon their plans to use test New years and and build 423 as a credit for subjects, open to everyone efforts and for the culture at held various for eight continue (pronunced claw-pawWe see District to who princican and get where he feel they base, and move on Klaphake tax dollars. ours.” to get a feel Jason Vold, at Milaca, So don’t expect middle school of over from take Academy. for at least He acknowlknowledge great ally Century tions, including dean and elementary key) takes after four years to princourses. in operations school require a school more optional major shifts pal, high left in June and high a path will years from principal. in his 18 What’s ahead worked with the a lot of time edges such a while. assistant over as middle He comes had to plan. he learned said. spending is that parents to “I will be goals,” he One thing public education His predecessor where he detailed action to be motivated cipal at Crookston. staff and about our easily state “If they we curHigh School and activities “I want students finding out want, what are in traditional usually happen in school’s board, changes when Rockford explained. they principal we to what the not showing years. they know, learn,” Klaphake a constant “What do change doesn’t make necessary been assistant of things and looking scores were years the past two Change is of the need on advance can test out rently doing, or quickly. assessment improvement a few director for a new challenge,” setmore time be.” to see today because requireless emphasis can spend “I see it as last month as he skill future may director would like education the needed was a little said and said, can The new Academy’s job-shadowto meet ever-shifting ago. There Klaphake new position. “I’ve teaching, Klaphake and on page 5C “on the his by creative and even New Century Continued ments. Change, on project-based tled into quickly, almost on core curriculumboth intrigued continued to eventualing efforts happen more charter schools. greater effort always been options, and a charter more options, He also wants are expanded. run,” at public charter schoos offering students educational that.” and in extracurriculars. he those near “That is why they can shift,” continue academically school offers on a dairy farm — wants to a lot to up Klaphake He grew graduated from Melrose good at that you want to offer and earned a said. “Today, really have to coordiFreeport Klaphake You health students. High School. degree in a of science State, and bachelor at St. Cloud education

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AN BY DOUG HANNEM hanneman@hutc

~åÇ= íÜÉó= ÉåÇÉÇ Äó= íÜÉ= åÉÅâI= ÉíÜÉêK ìé=Ñ~ääáåÖ=Ççïå=íçÖ É=ÖêçìåÇ BY JORGE SOSA m ãçåíÜ ãÉ=áë ÑáÅÉ=Ñç qÜÉó=ÑçìÖÜí=çå=íÜ sosa@hu =EPMF=Ç~óë=ÄÉÑçêÉ ÑçêÉ íáçå=Ñçê=íÜáêíó ë=íÜÉ=ë~äÉ=çÑ=Üáë=Üç Ç=Ñçê óÉ~êë=É~ÅÜK áçÇ=çÑ=íáãÉ=ÄÉ ìëí Ñçê=~=ëÜçêí=éÉê áå= Üáë= êÉëáÖå~J íÜÉ=ÖÉåÉê~ä=ÉäÉÅíáçåI=~åÇ=ã ÜÉÇìäÉ • Staff writer ëççå=~ÉÇK=qÜ Board, ~í=áë=ëÅ School fÑ= a~å= íìêåë= =ÑáäÉ êÉ=ÅáíÉÇ=ÑçääçïJ íÜÉ=ÑáÖÜí=ï~ë=ÄêçâÉå=ìéK Éå Ñáå~äáò by Jane Lightbourn The District 423 ë=áë=ÄÉÅçãJ y qïç=ãÉå=ïÉ åÖ=íç= ëí~íÉ ç=çíÜÉê=~ÑÑáÇ~îáí=çå çå=çÑ íÉê=gìäó=OVI=E~ áÇ=íÜÉ=íïç=ã meeting Monda åÅäìëá ÉÉâK=^ÅÅçêÇá ëëÉë=ë~ =íÜÉ=Åç Üççä Ü~îÉ=å åÉñí=ï jlightbourn@hastingsstarg ~í=íÜÉ=ë~ãÉ brief special =ãÉãJ íáçå=~Ñ táíåÉ in a Vision _ç~êÇ áåÖ=~=ÑáÖÜí=~í êÉ=äáâÉäóF=íÜÉå=íÜÉ=pÅ åÉ Ñçê=~åó=çíÜÉê=çÑÑáÅÉ=~ä= ÉäÉÅíáçåK to award ë=é~ê~ÇÉK =ÄÉÑçêÉ=íÜÉ= ÑáÖÜíI voted ÅÜççä= ä~ïI=~Ñ ng, íÉê=~=p bus- íI áåÖ=ãç morni ÇáëíêáÅ åí= ëçãÉç _ç~êÇ íÜÉ=its íÜÉ=oáîÉêíçïå=a~ó ÜáåÖ=íÜÉ ïÉêÉ=~êÖìáåÖ ÉêÉåí çê= ÖÉåÉê River ÅÜççä= Ñêçã= Elk ~Ç=ÇáÑÑ ë= of n É=ï~íÅ ãçîÉ _ç~êÇ= ïáää= ~ééçá tÜÉå=íÜÉ=p ë=çÑ éêáã~êó= ÅäçëÉë= ~í= R ëJ ÄÉê=ortatio Äìí=íÜÉ=ïáíåÉëëÉë=Ü qÜÉ=ãÉå=ïÉê M=Ç~óë=íç=êÉëáÖåK Ñçê=íÜÉ=êÉã~áåáåÖ=íïç=óÉ~ê ëK qÜÉ= ÑáäáåÖ= éÉêáçÇ= = ~êÉ= Ü~åJ éÉåë=åÉñí=qìÉ Transp t. åÇ=o~ãëÉó áí= Å~ãÉ= íç= ïÜç É=Ü~ë=P ÉêáçÇ=ç contrac =NMíÜ=~ ïÜÉå= ÜÉLëÜ ÜÉ ÑáäáåÖ=é ë= proing `çääáå n ÄÉ É=åÉ~ê cáäáåÖë åÅÉÇ= ëíçêáÉ ë~áÇ= ortatio NPK= é~ê~Ç ~ååçì íÜÉêÉ= ïáää= transp medêÉáä= íáÅìÑÑëK Üáë= éçëáíá çåIÒ= ~ééäáÅ~íáçå éKãK= ^ìÖK= ÇáëíêáÅí= çÑÑáÅÉë= äçJ g ^ÑíÉê= Ç~óI= gìäó= PMI= J Longti shuttin ëáíáçå ëí~êíÉÇ=íÜÉ=Ñáë Co. is =Üáë=éç ëíêÉÉíëK íÜÉ= Bus ëáíáçåë=íÜ~í=áåvider áÖåáåÖ ï~ë= Å~ääÉÇ ïçìäÇ=ÄÉ=~å= Linder =ÄÉ=êÉë íÜÉ= éçäáÅÉ= êÉJ äÉX=~ ÇäÉÇ= áå= íÜêÉÉ=çéÉå=éç Öë= jáÇÇä É Rick Linder ^å= ~ãÄìä~åÅÉ= = ãçîÉ qÜÉêÉ= ^ÅÅçêÇáåÖ= íç= = _ê~åÇçå íÜÉ owner å=ÑáäÉ= ÑçêK ïçìäÇ íÜÉ= Ñ~ãáäó =Ñçê=áåíÉêÉëíÉÇ=éÉçé Å~íÉÇ = íÜÉ= e~ëíáå doors, with ëÉ= çÑ= y’s its ÄÉÅ~ì Ç= íÜÉ= ãÉå= çå= íÉêÉëíÉÇ=éÉçéäÉ=Å~ çåë= ~êÉ the compan êáåíÉåÇÉåí éÉêáçÇ áííÉÉ= ïçìäÇ= ãÉÉí= ~åÇ pÅÜççäK selling éçêíI= OMJóÉ~êJçäÇ ~éJ ~åÇ= íêÉ~íÉ ëI=pìéÉ éçëáíá g and ~ëíáåÖ retirin = çÑ= e~ëíáåÖë= =ïáíÜ Ñêçã=e åíJ Åçãã qÜçëÉ= çéÉå= ëÅÉåÉK g~ãÉë= _äÉóäÉ `~íÉêI= ^åÖáÉassets. `çääáåë= ë~áÇ= ~å= ~ééçá íë=êÉÅçããÉåÇ~íáçå our êÉ=ÅáíÉÇ=Ñçê=ÇáëJ ~êJçäÇ= d~êó qáã= ÜÉäÇ= Äó= a~å= at expanding~íçêóI ã~âÉ=á _çíÜ=ãÉå=ïÉ ë~=jçÉëK “We éêç~ÅÜÉÇ= RMJóÉ ~ëíáåÖë=~åÇ are looking FILE PHOTO ÉóäÉ=ï~ë=~äJ ïçìäÇ = ÄÉ= ã~åÇ åáë=~åÇ=qÉêÉ tions with ãÉåí= HANNEMAN jÅdáå çêÇÉêäó=ÅçåÇìÅíK=_äëëáåÖ= ÇêìÖ STAFF s we are in negotia vehicles qÜçã~ë=oÉìíÉê=çÑ=e PHOTOS BY DOUG íçJÄÉ= ÑçìêíÜ and School Åê~é fleet Ö= Public ëççåJ í~äâáå éçëëÉ qÜÉ= se their Hutchinson ëç= ÅáíÉÇ= Ñçê= truck that ed ë~áÇI= ^êÉ= óçì= Linder to purcha current The äá~K in a black pickup Education approv ting on their ct é~ê~éÜÉêå~ l Board of ng of two men ~Äçìí=ãÉ\Ò and negotia ÉÇ=_äÉóäÉ a two-year contra Vision’s genera avoid the taunti Avenue and Hassan Street. ê=íÜÉå=Öê~ÄÄ awarding of n of Elk oÉìíÉappear ed to want to buildi ng,” said “We want to of Washington Transportatio
Burr. manager, Tom and smooth tran- to Vision y. e River Monda make it a positiv staff will and sition.” Luhring said, wheels, bricks at the In addition to in tor Donna a small office hopes to invest operate from on Glen mortar, Vision Centra l Office capital as well. human ’s of distric t’s Linder an offer to any Street North. cost for “We have made for Linder two-ye ar total worked ’s who , Vision tely, those drivers was $2.49 million for us and, fortuna . regular service to come work proposals offered Burr said. three of will,” y r trips will Pub- the lowest the vast majorit Hutchi nson for extracurricula distance of In addition to school Cost ing on the Vision serves rand vary depend lic School s, s rate for extracu River, Buffalo the trip. Vision’ be $35 per hour, districts in Elk trips will the trip re- ricular Big Lake. minimum if of District 423’s $105 a ment For with s A require one-way. als was that vendor than 75 miles y, ur is less quest for propos miles one-wa within a half-ho more than 75 with have a facility Until trips per mile 9-4500 will be $2 . . 651-31 of Hutchinson. the ............. response area . . . charge own. office . . . . . . . . no its 9-4503 shes Editor hourly.fee. son, establi . . . . . . . . . 651-31 Richard Vision Chad t Finance Direc............. or 651-437-6153in Hutch, Distric urn, Staff Writer . . . 651-319-4501

ç=óÉ~ê çÑ=íÜÉ=êÉëáÖå íÜÉêÉ=ïáää Ñçê=íïç ~ë=Ñáêëí=ÉäÉÅíÉÇ=áå=OMMTI =ÑáääÉÇ=Äó=~éJ This fall’s election Ü~ë=íï dêÉáä=ï `çääáåë=åçíÉÇ=íÜ~í= =íÜáë=ÅçãJ íÉêãI=ïáää=äáâÉäó=ÄÉ ~ä=ÇÉíÉêãáJ Ç=áå=OMNNK äÉÅíáçå ÉåíK=qÜÉ=Ñáå ÄÉ=~=ÖÉåÉê~ä=É ~êÇ ~åÇ=êÉJÉäÉÅíÉ Ñçê= íÜÉ= íÜêÉÉ çéíáçå= ï~ë= ÉñJ áåÖ=kçîÉãÄÉê=Ñçê=íÜêÉÉ=Äç will be for three éçáåíã ^= Å~åÇáÇ~íÉ= ëí=ÄÉ=~å=ÉäáJ å~íáçå= çÑ= íÜÉ= =ä~ëí =qÜÉ=íÉêãë Éë=ãì =íç=ÄÉ=~ééêçîÉÇ=~íÜççä ãÉãÄÉê=éçëáíáçåëK =jÅdáååáë ÉäÉÅíÉÇ=çÑÑáÅ ãìëí= ÄÉ= ON= óÉ~êë seats as outgoing éÉÅíÉÇ ê=e~ëíáåÖë=pÅ çÑ=a~å=`~íÉêI=^åÖáÉ = íÜáë ÖáÄäÉ= îçíÉêI= êÉ=çå=~ëëìãáåÖ=çÑJ åáÖÜíÛë=êÉÖìä~ ÉñéáêÉ jçÉë= ÉêÉë~= çÑ=~ÖÉ=çê=ãç =ãÉÉíáåÖK áÇÉåí ÉÇ=Ñêçã ~åÇ=q ÜÉ= ÑáäáåÖ= éÉêáçÇ= áë= gìäó ìëí=Ü~îÉ=ÄÉÉå=~=êÉë member Greil has _ç~êÇ ÑáÅÉI=ã óÉ~êK=q dêÉáä=Ü~ë=åçí=êÉëáÖå Ñ=çÑJ í= Ñêçã ëÅÜçç ä= ÇáëíêáÅ ë=ÉäÉÅJ =Äìí=áåÇáÅ~íÉÇ=ä~ëí PM=íç=^ìÖK=NPK=qÜÉ=íÉêãë=ç É=Ñçìê çÑ= íÜÉ= É=ëÉÉâ Çç= ëç= ~ë not resigned yet Üáë=éçëáíáçåI ê=íÜÉëÉ=éçëáíáçåë=~ê ïÜáÅÜ=íÜÉ=Å~åÇáÇ~í = íÜ~í= ÜÉ= ïáää=

hires Elk River bus provider

êÇ=~ééêçî~ä Ñçêã~ä=pÅÜççä=_ç~ íÉêã= çê= äçåÖ ~ÑíÉêï~êÇëK ïÜÉíÜÉê= ëÜçêíJ Ç~íÉ Éåí=ïçìäÇ=ÄÉ a~å= dêÉáäI= ïÜç íÉêã=EÇÉéÉåÇáåÖ=çå=íÜÉ= qÜÉ=~ééçáåíã K=PNI=OMNRK çéÉå= ëÉ~í= çÑ= å=Üáë ~íáçåFK =óÉ~êë=Ô=íç=aÉÅ ë=êÉã~áåáåÖ=ç


pretty young green dress at woman in the and Washington the corner of y afternoon? Hassan on Sunda

hy were those two guys in the black pickup hollering at that ........... Jane Lightbo ............. 9-4511 . editor@hastingssta or 651-437-6153 Styx, Staff Writer . . . . . . . . 651-31 News . . . . . . . . sstarg ............. 5-2220 Katrina . . . ads@hasting Advertising Rep . . . . 651-319-4512 or 888-42 Advertising . . . Peggy Tupper, ............. eds@rivertow ising Rep . . . . . . . . . . . classifi or 800-284-3402 Prange, Advert Classifieds . . . 7-5911 Kathy . . . . subscriptions . . . . . . . . . 651-43 Subscriptions ............. ............. Faxes . . . . . . . .



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ass of h the hourgl quickly throug Developl Education today’s Genera BY TERRY DAVIS program. nt ment testing davis@hutchinson 1, 2014, a differe of Come Jan. delive ry graduny takes over Because it a high school aren’t compa you If buzzsystem. whooshing sound GED testing rds, ate, that faint flowing the te tougher standa in could be sand plans to institu put ing in your ear seekers have any work GED away. That wiped be will before then for any will lose credit means they haven’t finished if they tests already of five entire battery completed the

Minnesota Garlic The eighth annual celebrates all y Festival on Saturda things garlic. B1

dents help Hutchinson resi build school Guatemalans to
BY TERRY DAVIS davis@hutchinson


National Sunny, says the Weather Service

73 53

Adult tests. , Hutchinson For that reason program housed Education, a

TO REACH US 5000 PHONE: 320-5876104 FAX: 320-587Y NS ABOUT DELIVER

ist has spent Dennis Bergqu g decades buildin amore than two across intern relatio nships e the ries to improv tional bounda or in third-world lives of people . developing nations efforts were Most of those resiHutchi nson the to related herd nce as a dairy dent’s experie instruc tor before management Ridgewater College

alan student m made with a Guatem ater dairy progra of his Ridgew ago. a dozen years ist and his Since then, Bergqu dozen , have made a wife, Vonnie can Centra l Ameri trips to the improve the lives help to y countr the villagers near of poor, rural back . Dennis was city of Tepcan 20for a week, July in Guatemala they’ve helped 27, as the village tion of a junior celebrated comple ction project, high school constru a. of Telesecundari te Institu the and many Bergq uists


Your guide to the rides at the Free Fair / 2A


Local Libertarian candi announces bid for 24B / 2A

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest Dailies under 10,000 date
First Place: Owatonna People’s Press* Second Place: Winona Daily News* Third Place: Austin Daily Herald*

75 cents Newsstand

August 15, 2013

Officials investigate pair of fires

Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: Brainerd Dispatch The graphical use of the photography tells me the designers care about the look of the paper and utilize what photos they have exceptionally. The photos are well composed, sharp and clear. Second Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead Lots of dominant photos make for a striking presentation. Technically great photo work. Would have liked to have seen page A3 get a little more love. Third Place: St. Cloud Times A close one. Really liked how A3 was used. Lots of skilled photography.

Health Care

Headline Writing N B
OK’ d for GullView Lod ge

OWATONNA — Local authorities are continuing to investigate a suspicious fire that caused smoke damage to a vacant building on West Vine Street in Owatonna last week. The building, the historic Arnold last House, a former hotel, was set on fire acFriday for the second time in a week, cording to investigators. On the night of Aug. 5, the Owatonna Fire Police Department and Owatonna from Department removed a burning pile buildthe the building and had to ventilate Warriors eliminate was d at State ing. A scant five days later, another fire the set, causing more smoke damage to building. Both fires were determined to be intentionally set. OPD Capt. Eric Rethemeier said the police have an active investigation there though re, fi the to going on related Retare no leads in the case at this time. the hemeier encouraged any members of public who may have information about the fires to contact law enforcement. The property is owned by Equity Bank, s Recorder’ according to the Steele County www.brainerddispatc based in Minnetonka, is bank e Th ce. Offi SERVING THE BRAINERD MesLAKES AREA AND CENTRAL but also has a branch in Claremont. MINNESOTA SINCE 1881 sages left with bank representatives seeking Thursday, March returned not were res 21, fi the 2013 on comment • 75¢ on Wednesday. performed At 36, Smith would estimate he has Bruce Thomas, a fire commander with I knew what was nerve-racking to get inside because said about 6,000 shows in 13 countries. OFD who was on scene Friday night, By ASHLEY STEWART career, going to happen to me.” “It’s been a very challenging and exciting the building sustained moderate smoke But he kept climbing into the cannon. to the but I’ve done a lot of things,” he said. the damage, but the structural integrity of father called him affair. Smith’s family a old, are years 19 At cannonballs human Owatonna Fire Smith said “The Bullet” still intact. building was Brainerd OWATONNA — If you told David Warrior business. eight cannons that my father designed is difficult to it have 35-foot said a “We into Johnson said, Mike climbing that for Chief dad crazy my basketball coach Scott Smith Jr. he was “There was a message from “Six of them are still capable of than 100 feet in damage to the building because assess the if you would I’d and built,” he said. cannon and shooting himself more tour.” Stanfield ‘Son, I kind of hurt my back, and Tony inside. operating and five of them are on of the conditionhugs the air, he’d probably agree with you. at the end like you in Wisconsin the day after tomorrow and the show aspect of being a Sauer after the Warriors enjoys he said Smith sit I times trade?’” “I don’t know how many me and start learning the TE on 5A cannonball. think that’s a you can fill in for lose INVESTIGA the quarterfin See al a car for $300, jumped in it human of different of that barrel and look at that net and “We bring a lot of smiles to a lot is what I do.” Smith said. “I bought game in the Minnesot long ways away,” Smith said. “But this the Steele and drove to Madison, Wis., from North Carolina, a at Pa- people,” he said. Boys’ Basketball TourAnd it’s what he will do this year will climb first shot, which was 65 feet long. Tour At the Steele County Free Fair, Smith isn’t new to the and did my County Free Fair 12 times, but he over the Yo Yo nament Wednesd thetic as can be, but it was a start.” ay at inside the 35-foot cannon and shoot and 150 area. it was then he became addicted to the ground said the off Smith feet 70 Midway, the with Target Center. ride in the For years, Smith’s father thrilled fairgoers pursuit of the family tradition. He performed challenge and the first six months feet across the fairgrounds. ” Smith said. “And I’m his cannonball performances and Smith See story Page 1B logged more than 100 shots in the “It takes under 5 seconds, set up here. a few times in place of his father. name in the of his career. really pleased with how we have things lot. “This is my first time here with my shooting over a major And Smith continues to travel — a of two It’s a good viewing spot. We’re ” book,” Smith Jr. said. “I don’t stop. I’ve performed in an average full speed. he was shows in ride that’s operating in done I’ve and physia The first time he shot out of a cannon, Steve January, both is since Kohls shot week • steve.kohls@ cities a Smith said preparing for the 17 years old. Jersey, everywhere in between, and said. “It was California, New cal and mental thing. “It was actually pretty terrifying,” he ” he said. “I’ve also done shows in BD Photo Gallery & Video brainerdd STEWART e first time I was Czech Republic, in a week and we’re just full-time ASHLEY By m really scary to get in there again. Th See TRADITION on 3A thing different countries pretty confident — the young bullet-proof This is what I do.” was a lot more on the road. and all that — but the second time OWATONNA — The first day of school is a few weeks away, and the Steele N sure JACKSO WITH JEFFREY County Clothesline wants to make BEHIND THE SCENES area children start it off right. “We want children to be off to a great wear start and have the opportunity to off,” show to Cass County proud are they something the said Mary Fink, executive director of Steele County Clothesline. And Steele County residents have the opportunity to make that happen. day I had planned to go on the the was By JEFFREY JACKSON From 3 to 7 p.m. on Aug. 20, at the rides, and I didn’t want to be thinking in I was jjackson@owa Veterans of Foreign Wars Post about my tooth at the same time screaming like tonna, the Clothesline will be collecting NISSWA — Cass it, I should’ve had that hanging upside down and County Plannin No doubt about “new or nearly new” clothes for children girl. g Comm a little BAXTER — Ground ission Mondaycanal. its upside root approved development work to begin from kindergarten to 12th grade for And believe me, I was hanging the 60,000 square plans for partnership in to my early morning con converting But feet of clinic,” and the going “Outfitting the Future” back-toformer first-ever and I was screaming like a little girl. venture between the Cuyuna additional buildings Quarte potential I down rdeck propert ly two on Wednesday, Region , according to the school that y into a had drive. dentist appointment al new 68-suit Medical Center, I say I should’ve why is sented plans clothing Which e GullView Lodge. to prethe said city. to create an The me to cancel had decided that unless the dentist outpati approved the grading Baxter City Council Tuesday “We want really good clothes for kids ent clinic with root canal. If it didn’t force permit, utilities and postpone Allina would I Health emergency, have ter an When managem would stormwa was I it and from — to get a better quality developers are choose ent for the project, to Minnea altogether, at least ridesto polis Heart Institut ready Why? the contingent on a deweek.tion, By MONICA LUNDQU begin next until construc to e in Baxter, may veloper’s agreement. to school in,” Fink said. Novocain go the root canal and to gas theyhad children IST for laughing will enough need Cass County start in April. thea Steele CorrespoI Phase one is expected out atfor be apply ndent would to county land use Because 2 to have children get new clothes that make Super Shot “Our a 22,000-s by the me giggling and relatively pain-free permit, foot building dropped quareobtain didn’t keep and I and the southerly landscap week, we How soon work rey Jackson reacts to being Jeff plan ap- the whole adventure. County Free Fair this parking area. on Wednesprogresse proval and obtain of ethroughout them feel good and comfortable, and County Free Fair In s By of the Steele is, naturally, partially RENEE either a county by any sort a letter to the RICHARDSON ride on the Midway the week spoiled or the kids that get their clothes from Timothy Agency want upon the weather dependent Stewart/Peo Press) Ramerth, professio city,want ple’sardson@ waste water plan, Minnesota Pollution Control and (Ashley nal engineer dependin upon on 8A day. when dental, procedure. water involved See DIZZY winter will with Widseth Smith here to feel that way, too.” the volume of m County Planner Paul g recede. Wednesday Nolting, stated more importantly,Fairbank phone interview Even patient medical clinic The outthe of the Steele s said in a teleWednesd Ferris wheel on the Midway plans are preliminary at this is expected toward to the The planning commiss ay. ride headed year’s open before Yoyo the in See DRIVE on 3A overend flies early Press) point with slight

Spor ts

1 B

father’s footsteps at Free Human cannonball follows in



Big House Blues
Getting dizzy is all in a day’s work Steele County Free Fair the s at an Pl CRMC
, Minneapolis Heart Institute plan to BREAK GR OUND in April

Clothesline plans drive for students

Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: Kenyon Leader Good use of headlines in the newspaper of choice. Wise decision on the entry. Many of the headlines drew me to at least peruse the story. Can’t hit a winner on every one, but enough to make this publication the first place winner by far. Second Place: Spring Grove Herald Nice paper overall, and good use of headlines with some stories. Nice job at covering the basics of this category in your paper. Third Place: West Concord News/Enterprise This publication had headlines which measured up to this category and stood as a strong third above the rest of the entries.

7 IDFDCy0 01 kzU [|xb0 I Kenyon LeadeBarlancing
It took more than three tiring hours, 70 lingering rounds and a second dictionary with harder words before Forestv Wednesday iew Middle School (FMS) eighthAdam Kleist claime grader d the title at the Lakes Bee at Tornstrom Auditorium Torn in Brainerd. The Lakes Bee, sponsore d by the (NJPA), is a regional National Joint Powers bee Crow Wing, Morrison where students in grades four throughAlliance , Wadena eight in , Todd and chance to advance to the 2013 Scripps Cass counties compete for a 30 in Washington, National Spelling D.C. Bee May 28See 2013 Friday, April 19,SPELLING, Page 7A

modifica ple’s proposed winter. ion approval being the human cannonball, Jr., mit, with the was for David Smith fair’s run. (Ashley Peterson/Peo for the building location tions still Prelimin a two-year the AT TOP: potential ary site PICTURED daily during perplans for the clinic, an extension if needed, rimeter. Smith performs twice and pesaid. It is a water-ori for Isle Drive in Baxter planned on Wednesday afternoon. Fairbanks Fair ented County Free across from the Walmart off commerc Full architectural ial use classification percenter, were revealed plans are expected and to be at Tuesday’s Baxter Su- pleted for the city’s planning UPcomCOMING Council meeting. City See GULLVIEW and zoning meeting ONLINE on April 9. , Page 7A will “The project E-MAIL will US CALL US The preliminary plans OHS grad earns Fullbright Scholarship, WEATHER the ultimate build-oube completed in phases, with Vol. 99, No. 189 ©2013 show the initial Czech t consistin Republic to teach English. g of approximately head to 22,000circulation@ow 444-2361 Delivery 77 • 55 CLINIC, Page 7A us on Or findSee Newsroom 444-2379 www.thekenyonl

BD Photo Gallery &
brainerd dispatch





Adam Kleist, who eventually won The Lakes Bee Wednesd his hands up in surprise ay, throws when he correctly in one of the late, spells the word “crambo” late, and waits for her turn. late rounds, while Maison Jobe (back) head with Kleist for Jobe took second place after going watches head-to50 rounds.
Kelly Humphrey • kelly.humphrey@brai

safety and funding
kenyonleader twashburn@the



www.brainerddispatch. com

Dispatch for iPad!

tion Overpass ques and 52 raised at Hwy. ting Co. 9 public mee

*Please 060pzY an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry. [|xbI GDJy0note,
Odd kid from Pelican High, circa 1950’s,

combined with land High-speed traffic parvisibility make this contours that distort dangerous than most. more ticular intersection signs that indicate a safe MnDOT installed trial ic arrows, but it is not a crossing with electron long-term fix. A semi truck es: exampl THA two r NKtoYOU the people Conside Octobe serious injury onto sits on Co. 9, waiting on r 17,goods 2012 bearings inflicted limbs, knocking people off loaded with off of traffic and continue with FOR nearby, ...”tearing cross all four lanes too large to fi t safely in the streets stained is their feet and leaving broken glass.” to Goodhue. The rig must wait to cross with driver CHO an blood and strewn OSIN the median, so the g traffic G killed, includi ng there is no oncomin Three people were 180 people were inbusy Hwy. 52 until und lanes as well as the than 8-year-old boy. More critical. Most of them were the two southbo THE from A car makes the same jured, at least 17 were family of the runners. two northbound lanes. the median, then rolland into PELI g the ’ spectators, friends crossing, passing CAN on is held on Patriots tion of traversin The Boston Marath the shots forward in anticipa ing morates Volume 118 No. 42 comme Day, a holiday which Lexington that began the are RAPI second set of lanes. 52 and DS Co. 9, these and Otter Tail County Obama fired at Concord For drivers on Hwy. us scenarios, accordion. President Barack American Revolut an act of terrorism, but the some of the most dangero PRES BURN Works Director S gs Public Single By TERRI WASH leader one Copy ing called the bombin n. It could have been $1 to Goodhue County lane crossing is the kenyon . That last twashburn@the tional source is still unknow Isaacson interna Greg an results or ic group said, and it often person, a domest never imagined most dangerous, he crashes -what they call ation. aty (Berquam) Vrieze d trip to the gle organiz t terroris ticipate in deadly right-an that her long-an to run in the the a “T-bone.” ective Lorenson stood in city of Boston, Mass., On the scene perspKenyon-Wanamingo Marathon would Chief Deputy Lyle before the meeting, of prestigious Boston the memory of of A 2000 graduate basement of the church , County Commisd with comes from a family forever become entwine High School, Vriezesister Jennifer Berquam, conversing with Isaacson el and Wanamingo ng was Rechtzig a national tragedy. runners, includi sioner Chair Dan City Council. is thankful that she . on the Wanamingo Vrieze, 31, said she crossed the finish line or Jennifer Berquam people are from serves trip Holden Council who in the City farms made , who when Tyler, Katy (Berquam) Vrieze to run in Monday’s Their father, Dick Berquam one of the people One important issue is the blind spot week detonated. Her husband median before the bombs trip to watch her run, was Highland Park last (Submitted photo) on Township. windcrossing through the for the Boston Maraththe frame between the after the Boston Marathon. who had made the Vrieze qualified Since created by the metal er side door. Lorenson family waiting area story g. On Cities Marathon. the also safely in the on were still emergin story at the 2011 Twin October and the sign-up shield and the passeng hing vehicle on the other spectators, about the explosi in Press approac an race. But for many ending. g, an Associated in 6-liter marathon is run explained that an in that blind spot if the ber, she had to wait Tuesday mornin did not have a happy es were “...put for Boston is in Septem highway can remain forward. The result? By Louis Hoglund reported that the explosiv, hidden in black duffel moving is on 5A crossing vehicle ts’ Day ing danger in before kitchen pressure cookers See MARATHON a crowd Fateful Patrio line They were packed does not see the approach of nish fi about ground. driver the e the 50 Th Misfortune befelled on near at d the left Oct. explode 12 event, was 573 and ball bags and angle. OktoberTwo fest bombs Great Pumpkin Weigh-O e metal shards, nails mately 10 secand is hit at a right pounds– tions upstairs, Will beating his 2011 ile race, approxi with shrapnel.” Th ff founder of the 26.2-m winner, Dave Gottenborg During the presenta the 84 crashes at press time, details Atin which apart. came last about at 520 The largest of his week. onds and 100 yards Stein presented facts 2000 to 2011. Stein is Gottenborg, who pounds. several large (Berspecimens was broken graduate Katy Oktoberfest contest established the the intersection from n-Wanamingo ed near By Louis Hoglund shovel, as it was being by a tractor tarily withdrew the in 2010, volunof the race. Kenyo on 3A two bombs explod loaded for See MEETING the last 800 yards about five minutes before the weigh-in. entry– but submitte broken push on during Time to renew the on photo) in 3:58:59, d one Marath itted race of his With his largest entry the Cable Boston (Subm smaller TV franchis tors. 2013 pumpkins for Pelican Rapids has rs in the g pink) finished Runne the contest. ied 170, mostly specta because of the mishap, disqualif pack wearin arrived, but before e in thepounds– It weighed ing more than (leading 501 ing the line– the Pelican signearning and wound winner–for the second the quam) Vrieze him Rapids City second three people place. Council has a few killing year in a finish line, row–was Elizabeth-area questions and concerns the Narrowl y The taking grower . city received notice third Rick Swenson. His Phil Stotesbery’s 498 place was in Septemb of over 150 teams entry, weighed from Loretel Cablevis consist er pounder. ion NWBA that the franchis in Golden Valagreeme Center e play (Junior, PUMPKIN Continued divisions of nt was due. at Courage on page 5 s and air bas- and five of wheelch Donkers” banner. game might eWhat Championship, Women’ typically have DIII, le will Luck Abby fantastic gal, and this ley. Th been a routine matter diverse popula& Women). for atabled out of state. Louisvil allowswas te-Men “She is a to the lNovemb Collegia Jr. Rolling of them game of spring. In 2009, er 13 counlishment,” ketball cil particip ants . with physica Abby plays on the the last of meeting a wonderful accomp BURN air basketb all be prep team, the is instructor Miriam Dotson. tion Mayor cord injury, Ben Woessne another way (spinal ng ties By TERRI WASH leader Gophers wheelch e Center in she said, her 7-13 r called Findi said disabili l for more Abby cussion prior da, etc.), disassists were nationa kenyon to bifi born with spina approvin was l palsy, spina twashburn@the team through Courag four teams “Rolling Rowdies” g the agreeme Dawn Berquam, who proud of the cerebra Abby, 16, nt. Councilm are amfor has air that an is CS als Steve she wheelch Valley. Foster a said ns. individu g uses suggeste She includin that Greg Larson, itive bifida. d air l Wheel- champio in the Kenyon-Wana- at school, lishments as well. a balmy 82 Golden she attorney, Compet citywheelch The weather was Wednes- competing in the Nationation Namobility, but says review Talking ay franthe chise .agreeme day-to-d ns last girl’s accomp basketball is con- bulatory governed embers le on sports nt. is Councilm in the U.S. Basketball Associa 18-21, mingo High School commo AbWheelchair degrees in Louisvil to be involved with askedall wanted also that s and her chair Loretel April shone in hair Basbe the premier basketbNationa represen l Wheelc tatives appear day when Abby Donker for a trip tional Championships, the the council before week, the anticipation ements dis- sidered by most to by e toassociat discuss team is seeded 9th. adaptive and Paration; an an announc ERS on 12A the matter. Associa mother Gail left Kenyon “ I’m really not happy Sep- by’s eyes. In race 2013. Abby’s ogy sports among says Brandon Mc- ketball The the See DONK from hbred all. Technol runs her, with thoroug Basketb of season behind USA sports, service.. Their case to the land .We member of could do better . But this had created lympic Abby said she play coordinator zens,” tember-April, and horses and fine bourbon said Woessner at the for our citiDirector Paul Clauson Beain, sports program le, KY is also the has played in about five weekend TIP? Oct. 9 Pelican a huge colorful “Good Rapids City Council NEWS weekend, Louisvil meeting. almost all and posted -3148 or the ll — wheelchair Limited offerings tournaments this season, Mecca for basketba newsroom at 507-333 know of any thecable ONLINE on the Contact television if you system s at 507-333-3129 basketball, that is. photo gallerie were among thedesk concerns sports COMING UP . think our readers would be “ I’d like to have Check out videos, Loretel or sports calendar.our hereyou CALL US news to discuss Oktoberf history from, well, concerns about and community . estschool pumpkin Old in reading future ed weigh-in there. on plans us left, with the 2012 interest -6161 and improvements,” said folks who were founder Dave Gottenbo Or find Main: 507-789 year–Eli contest those old -3148 zabeth-area growerwinner–for the second consecu rg, Facebook & Twitter The new franchise Woessner. 9A-11A News: 507-333 tive Rick Swenson. FIEDS agreement includes -3129 7A-8A // CLASSI several changes that // SPORTS Sports: 507-333 D 4A have come about since the 12A // MOLAN // OBITUARIES previous agreement was signed It required at least *More Oktobe nearly 30 years ago, wrote five people to maneuve // RECORDS 12A rfest photos scale for the Oktoberf Joel Smith to the city. page inN CALENDAR 12Aon feature 4A // this est pumpkin weigh-of r the immense pumpkins on Smith is video operatio week’s Press, page to the NEWS 2A // OPINIO f Oct. 12. 8. Arvig Communication ns coordinator for INDEX LOCAL Also, more Oktobe s, which rfest photos is the managing partner for Loretel purchasing at the pelicanrapidsp for viewing and Cablevision. There have been several websit e ownership changes of the cable three decades, noted TV company over the changes in managem Woessner. These that a meeting with ent are another reason be appropriate, he Loretel officials would added. The franchise renewal November 13 Pelican was tabled to the city council meeting .


K-W graduate finished Boston Marathon shortly ons before explosi


Pumpkin weigh-off foun der Gottenborg’s pote ntial by tractor shovel duri ng pre-contest loading winner broken mishap Swenson wins for second year, with 573 pounder

It coulda’ been a cham

The problem

ns winter storm conditio g Freezing rain and crowd from attendin did not keep a packed ent of Transportation the Minnesota DepartmChurch last Thursday. open meeting at Urland MnDOT’s plans for know e People wanted to tion where Goodhu the dangerous intersecHighway 52. County Road 9 crosses Conflict IntersecThe proposed Reduced to the table was brought tation, or “J-turn” layout skepticism, but transpor received with much research to back their provide did cials offi tion down to In the end it came safety recommendation. to increase public still the question of how in the short term while at the intersection plans for an overpass. moving forward with





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Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Pelican Rapids Press Nice mix of bold, catchy headlines and drop heads. Modern ‘dust bowl’ sure conjures up an appropriate image. Second Place: Farmington/Rosemount Independent Town Pages Nice, clean pages with informative heads. Good mix of light and dark type, sizes could be larger. Third Place: Jackson County Pilot Catchy, bold headlines complement layouts.



Ask for meeting with Loretel officials

Council stalls TV franchise renewal,

ts: Donkers Rolling with the sho

elchair basketball cha playing in national whe


Page 13 

Five orders

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Headline Writing


les Obstac took part in
Area kids the first obstacle course designed for them. Page 1C

Racing get
Local youth first taste of racing with go-carts. Page 1B

Informing Becker County for over 100


Mostly sunny

Becker County’s #1 News Website
Chance of showers

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune The Tribune looks like a newspaper its readers can rely on. The headlines are well written, use of typography is effective in telling readers which stories are most important, and the red tag lines provide important information that makes the nut of each story clear and immediately accessible to readers who like to “scan” the paper first. In short, these headlines are informative and make the paper easy to read. And isn’t that the point? Very well done! Second Place: Northfield News This community newspaper places a clear emphasis on enterprise reporting. The headlines–through creative use of typography, screens, reverses and color–truly “sell” the importance of the stories as well as their general interest. Regular news stories are topped with headlines that clearly convey each story’s lede. Well done! Third Place: Shakopee Valley News The News understands when to be creative to sell the story (“The finish line for Raceway Park?”) and when to play it straight (“Vote counting delay reviewed by county).


Partly cloudy


Chance of showers


Chance of showers


Low:63 High:84

Low:66 High:85



Low:68 High:84


VOLUME 106, NO. 27 • Wednesda

y, July 3, 2013 • detroit lakes,


neWsstand $1.50 • 3 sections BIGGER AND BETTER

Fireworks show to be 30% larger


Patriotism, barbeques and fireworks — that’s what one can expect to find in Detroit Lakes on the Fourth of July. This year, organizers have high hopes for the fireworks. In fact Mark Fritz, co-organizer of the event along with Mike Hutchinson, said he feels that “it’ll be a much better show than last year — a lot more fireworks in the air.” Carrie Johnston, president of the Chamber of Commerce, agrees. “It should be a bigger and better show,” she said. Premier Pyrotechnics will do this year’s fireworks. “They’ve been doing our fire works for quite a few years. They have a great reputation in DL,” Johnston said. “The community’s had a really good working relationship with them, and continues to work with them,” she added. PIPPI MAYFIELD/TRIBUNE According to Fritz, the show last 15 years with concordia college. will be 30 percent larger than MULTIPLE dinosaur digs over the ROBB LARSON HAS BEEN ON are one display this month at the last year. Not only will there AMATEUR PALEONTOLOGIST this tyrannosaurus rex jaw bone), others courtesy of the college (like be more fireworks shot off, but some of the bones he has found, and this year thousands of people detroit lakes library. are expected to gather around the lakes and watch. about guesstimate “We 10,000 people come and watch the fireworks,” Johnston said.

Digging for dinosaurs


FIREWORKS to page 11A 

The theme for this summer’s reading program at the Detroit Lakes Library is “Dig into Reading,” and what better subject to dig into than dinosaurs? And who better to help on that dig than Robb Larson, Detroit Lakes, an amateur paleontologist who has been working with Concordia College for 15 years, going on multiple digs and unearthly pieces of histo-

ry. this really VARIETY “Kids A9 do like exhibit,” Dotz Johnson said. Johnson coordinates the children’s activities at the Detroit Lakes Library. The exhibit is being offered at the library courtesy of Larson and Concordia College. He will be speaking to kids at the library on Thursday, July 11, and the exhibits will be on display for all of July as well.

Keeping the mind young

“As a kid, I had my toy dinosaurs,” Larson said, but like many children, he lost interest in them. Not that paleontology wasn’t of any interest, but it’s hard to stay passionate about something that basically isn’t taught in Minnesota. Then 15 years ago, while working on a stained glass project, his wife set a brochure down in front of him regarding a class being offered through Concordia College. “It’s important to keep your mind active,” he said. So he decided to take the five-week class and ended up

Debbie Richards Griffith was just 11 years old when her mothwith strict regulations. er took her to see “The Little On the digs, the scientists Match Girl” at the Minneapolis and students have been able Children’s Theatre. from bones many to unearth Though she was impressed various dinosaurs, including with the production, it was not different. s and was allosaurus, tyrannosauru enough for her to just watch the In Lemmon, the area hopress triceratops. said. .com $1.50 FRIDA action unfold on stage. very dense with bones, causing Y you AUGU “To find bones, first He took the initial class ST 9 to be IN the show,” “I wanted 2013 those on the excavation to find have to have sediment that is with the intention of going on Griffith recalls. many bones. material,” he baring dinosaur a dinosaur dig. He went several So a year later, 12-year-old Larson has also participated said. days to Lemmon, S.D., on his she became a summer intern in digs near Shell, Wyo., and Minnesota and most of first dig. at the Minneapolis Children’s near Jordan, Mont. Some of the and South Dakota “I fell in love with the whole North land Theatre, and that led to her digs have been on private Dakota don’t have that materiprocess,” he said. involvement in a variety of and some on Bureau of Land Since then, he has stayed on roles, from playing the title Management land. The BLM BONES to page 12A  at Concordia, and helps put torole of “Rumpelstiltskin” at the digs have been by permit only, gether digs for the college. Callaway Elementary School, to Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker,” and Dorothy in “The GOT HIM INTERESTED By Jessic a Sly during her years of Oz,” Wizard HIGH SCHOOL PLAYS, MUSICAL jsly@ec hopress. com High School. Lakes at Detroit There he stands. That, in turn, led Griffith to a structed of Fiberg At 28-feet-tall and conlas, the Viking statue to page 11A  known as Big Ole DIRECTOR all the way to Quisisana has been keepin performances in the past, east, rical eye g on an Maine. LARSON Alexan Lovell, LIBBY in BY dria Resort where he starred in several at north Broadw from his vantage point “It’s the first time I’ve really ay for leading roles. He has now beBut he hasn’t been nearly 50 years. been away from home,” Dutton Over and over again, without hardship. gun establishing his name in By day, like many college said of being out of driving — he’s been  the Norby's of natural disaste target Summer broader theatrical circuits. rs and often cellphone — range for students working summer jobs, Son of Wade and Holly In 1996, 70-mile and vandals alike. Clearance Sale On -per-hour straigh such an extended period. Bryce Dutton washes dishes. winds created t-line page 3A Dutton, the 2011 Laker gradNow!: unique a is Resort a Quisisana But by night, the Detroit Lakes forced structure. sway in his steel-enuate recently completed his page 5A He was stored summer destination. Situated native takes the stage, per L&M annex of the in theFleet: sophomore year at University Runest on Lake Kezar, complete with forming in professional caliber Alexandria for repairs one Museu m in4th of July of Wisconsin — Stevens Point  Area gourmet scenery, pro a . mountain in shows. was DUTTON in the Bachelor of Performing unately, as Fireworks: page 4B a diverse offering BRYCE Unfort he lay in suppos Dutton is no stranger to thein the rain' 'singin' This summer, dining and of safety, duction program. the Arts roof familof the annex collaps ed ater. His name is likely 2010. in leg breakin school ed, during high g his his pursuit of this career path to page 12A  and inner welding DUTTON iar to those who have attended further . The Runestone has taken him even high school musical and theatOle, has a regular Museum, which owns weather damage, job of keeping up with as well as with vandals who strike often. , Ole is vandalized about every year year and a half, accord or a volunteer membe ing to Carol Meyer, r of the Runest Museum Board one of Directors. “We find it really disgusting when is vandalism becaus there munity asset,” Meyere he’s such a comJust two years after said. making a home Alexandria in 1965, Ole was dressed in giant Santa suit in a for tion when someon a Christmas celebrae set him on fire. A WITNESS staying with the college over the years. “Obviously I was a much older than average student, but I became a colleague,” Larson


unearth a bone they discovered in CONCORDIA COLLEGE work to STUDENTS AND STAFF FROM Wyoming.

TLHD ends with romantic comedy

CHRISTOPHER DAMLO, LEFT, and debbie Griffith, both dl grads, are bringing 'oklahoma' to the stage with the Gooseberry Park Players.

It’s fair time! EXTRA B1


Bringing 'Oklahoma' to F-M stage


Digging into history

Each dig is different. Though they follow the same process, the conditions and the finds are



Big Ole continues to endu natural forces and vand re alism

Standing tall

Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Echo Press, Alexandria In addition to some great turns of phrases, these headlines were strong throughout the paper. Even simple stories had creative heads that made for a more enjoyable reading experience. Second Place: Winona Post Bright, sharp headlines that grab a reader’s attention. News and features both have interesting approaches that make you want to read the story. Third Place: Savage Pacer Some nice, clever headlines!

t this summer DL grad performs at Maine resor

Dyrstad recalls were challenging that things early involvement during his with the association. “Right after I joined, we were told that there was not enough he Douglas County operat Agri- fair,” ing cash for the coming cultural Associ he recalled. ation is celebrating 125 Each of the years of seven board service to the commu membe nity $2,000 rs were asked to sign for this year. liability so the Its main purpos could get a $14,000 association loan. the annual Dou- e is to put on “I never told my wife I signed glas County Fair, it until it was and it’s the dedi“I used to be out paid up,” he said cated board memthere from 7:30 with a chuckle. bers who work in “But to we got it not only ensure the morning until paid. Tara Bitzan | Echo Press I wouldn’t that the fair goes 10 at night every have done George Dyrstad has been on the fair board since 1965. it if I on, but also that it didn’t day of the fair.” continues to grow have faith.” and maintain its Dyrstad status as one reGeorge Dyrstad of LONG-TIM calls there were the most succes E MEMBER OF THE DOUGLAS s- COUNTY AGRICULT 13,000 ful county fairs URAL ASSOCIATION about in people in attenMinnesota. dance at the fair George Dyrstad in 1965. was asked to join of Alexandria boasted Recent fairs have attenda the board nce of nearly in 1965, when he was The 2013 Douglas County the manager 50,000. of Lake Region Co-op. Thursday, August 15 Fair runs “We’ve definitely through Because grown!” he he liked the 4-H said. But things Sunday, August 18. haven’t always 75 cents the youth involve program and been easy. Newsst For more and informati d, he decided it on, see would be a worthw visit www.mndouglasc B1 and He recalled the hile way towww.o early years spend his spare watonn when time. weren’t enough adLittle did he know, he’d still be equate buildings and the water serving on the board 48 years 2013 STEEL later. E COUNTY FREE FAIR A12 FAIR Board

Dyrstad has garnered 48 years of memories as fair board member
By Tara Bitzan

M AKE M EMORIES at the fair


BIG OLE A5 Vandals spray painted leg last week


Your guide to the rides at the Free Fair / 2A



“Vandalism is sense less serves no purpose.” and

Carol Meyer


Local Libertarian candid ate announces bid for 24B / 2A




Dailies under 10,000
August 15, 2013
The Big Ole statue that Street in Alexandria stands near north Broadway was the target of vandals week. last
Crystal Dey | Echo Press


adults don’t either. Parents see all the upbeat, posi- far and anticipates more than tive back-to -school 40 by ads in circulars the time Project Community Conand on TV and wonder nect opens its doors , “How am I at the RCC. going to pay for In 2012, 686 backpa By AL STRAIN that? How am cks were given going to make sure I out to local astrain@o childre my kids have a n forwatonna. By Crystal Dey fair start?” the 2013com 2014 school year. Project Community Known for distribu Connect can full ting backpa help answer those NNA cks — Local authorities of school supplieOWATO Back-to -school season questions. s to kids are continuin ininvestigat is an excitOn Thursd ele- e a suspiciou mentary, g to ing and sometimes s terrifying time United Way ay, August 22, the Project middle fiand re thathigh causedschool, for kids. Community of Douglas and damage to a vacant Connectsmoke Pope lot of free Counties Comm has building a on West They start school service Vine unity s to offer beyond Street in Owatonna Impact Coaliwith new class- tion will be hosting last a week. mates, shop for Project Commu- back-to -school boost. Students picked out the new nity “it” Echo brand Press file photo of clothes Connect at the “The CommunityThe building, backpacks last year and shoes, the historic Arnold as part of Project Commun Runestone tion Connect. Impact Coalistrives to make ity themselves throug and express Community Center (RCC) House, a former hotel, this event from 11 ter and was set on fire last betbackpacks, notebo h what style a.m. until 2 p.m. better each Fridayyear. for the We second oks, pens and time in a week, acTabitha Kremm are very excited to cording pencils they choose in, Comm be partne to investigat ring with ors. some kids don’t have to use. But Impact/Building Connections unity Fantastic Sams this Onyear the night a choice. Some dinator with coor- help with to of offer Aug. 5, the Owatonna United haircuts in the Police form ent Departm event has 20 exhibit Way, said the of gift and Owatonna Fire ors reserved so Departm PROJE ent removed CT A12 a burning pile from Business . . . . . . . . .A7 Variety . . . . . . . . . . Classifieds . . . . . . . .A9 Obituaries . . . . . . . .C4 For the Record . . . .A6 Sports . . . . . . . . . . .A2 Opinion . . . . . . . . . .C1 .A4 The officia l newsp Extra: Fair Time . . . .B1 aper of Dougl as Count y • Alexa ndria, MN 320.7 63.31 33 • News tips

Project Community Connect links people with human services

United Way gives

Officials inv families back-to-sch estigate ool boost pair of fires
puts up street sign in his honor

First Place: Owatonna People’s Press Headlines range from fun to functional–and all seem to get the correct message across. Top to bottom, your headline writers make this paper easy to read. I especially liked the three heads above the fold on the Feb. 23 edition.

 Page 14

RT nerve-racking to get inside going to happen to me. because I knew what was At 36, Smith would estimate ” he has performed OWATONNA — If you But he kept climbing about 6,000 shows in told David “The Bullet” into 13 countries. Smith Jr. he was crazy At 19 years old, Smith’s the cannon. “It’s been a very challeng for climbing into a 35-foot father called him to the cannon and shooting business. but I’ve done a lot of things,ing and exciting career, himself more than 100 ” feet in the air, he’d probably “There was a message Smith said human cannonbhe said. agree with “I don’t know how many you. ‘Son, I kind of hurt my from my dad that said, “We have eight cannons alls are a family affair. back, and if you would times I sit at the end that my father designed of that barrel and look at that net and think that’s like you in Wisconsin the day after tomorro I’d and built,” he said. “Six of them are long ways away,” Smith still capable of w and operating and a you can fill in for me said. and five of them are And it’s what he will “But this is what I do.” Smith said. “I bought start learning the trade?’” Smith said he enjoys the on tour.” do this year at the Steele a car for $300, jumped show aspect of being County Free Fair 12 and drove to Madison in it human cannonb a times, but he isn’t new , Wis., from North Carolina all. to the and did my first area. , “We bring shot, which was 65 feet long. Pa- people,” he a lot of smiles to a lot of different For years, Smith’s fathe thetic as can be, but it said

FAMIL Y TRan AD ITION indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry. *Please note, asterisk
Human cannonball foll


ows in father’s foo tsteps at Free Fair

building. A scant five days later, another fire was set, causing more smoke damage to the building. Both fires were determin tionally set. OPD Capt. ed to be intenEric Rethemeier said the police have an active investigation 320.8 going on15.08 related to 34 the fire, are no leads in the case though there at hemeier encouraged any this time. Retmembers public who may have informat of the ion about the fires to contact law enforcement. The property is owned by Equity Bank, according to the Steele County Recorder’s Office. The bank is based in but also has a branch in Minnetonka, Claremont. Messages left with bank represent atives seeking comment on the fires were not returned on Wednesday. Bruce Thomas, a fire comman der with OFD who was on scene Friday night, said the building sustained moderate smoke damage, but the structura l integrity of the building was still intact. Owatonna Fire Chief Mike Johnson said it assess the damage to the is difficult to building because of the condition inside.

Communi the building ty lunch to and be had served to ventilate the

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
Second Place: Marshall Independent I like the different head styles. Each seems to capture the mood of the story, and all do a nice job of communicating the essence of the stories. Well done. Third Place: Faribault Daily News Good, solid headlines in both news and sports. I like that you take some time with your main centerpiece headlines. They are the most important in the paper, and it’s clear you know that.

I help, you help Time Trader might have an elf for you » F1


Nuts about nuthatches The Nature Nut gives us his take » D6

Trisha Yearwood ’s holiday feast » Insid e NOV EMB ER 10-1 1, 2012 High school football Lourdes, Grand Meadow are going to the Dome » D1
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Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester Descriptive headlines that draw readers into the stories. Second Place: St. Cloud Times Heads described the articles well and the heads were also pleasing to look at with the varied size and fonts throughout the paper. Third Place: The Free Press, Mankato Sports heads especially stand out.



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Advertising Excellence
What happens to all yard signs now, and the political can they be recycled? A2


Demolition of a building on Sixth Street Southwes t is expected to further the developm ent of the UMR campus. A2


Page B2


Phillip Henoch, Rochester Margaret Herzog , Hopkins Bernetta Kahabka , Rochester Elizabeth Lee, Bellingham , Wash. Glen McCormick, Rochester Willis Olson, Rochester DuWayne Olstad , Miltona Dennis Richardson , Rochester

BY HEATHER J. CARLSON going on for decades and roadway south decades,” Quam of Claremont DODGE CENTER said. stretch of U.S. 14, and acquiring property — It This week’s crash didn’t take long doing it in . killed for state Rep. segments. DFL Scott D. Hodgma Triple fatal accident Gov. Mark Duane Quam’s n, of West phone to start Dayton announc Keeping up the pressur Concord, and Zack ringing after news ed expansion . Reich, 43, e of the two-lane of Zap, N.D., and P Tuesday night of broke stretch of U.S. Les Abraham, presiden his 10-yeara 57 14 between North t of old son, Vander the U.S. 14 Highway a two-lane stretch crash on Mankato N Dodge P . Reich, who of and Nicollet will Partnerwas returning home Center ship, said the coalition west of Dodge CenterU.S. 14 begin Claremont after or 2018. In the meantimin 2017 of undergoing brain local governments, killed three people. that 14 e, the surgery at Mayo Clinic. Reich’s and organizations businesses state plans to crackdown on “Within 24 hours plans to dangerous driver of the 56 injured in the crash. wife was keep up the accident, I behavior pressure to get the and widen a median Two $10 gift cards project done. This latest tragedy was getting Rick Dahl/rdahl@postb to create is renewmore of a buffer ing calls to get the calls,” said between “I’ve for $10 lost the Tinucci a number road two lanes. said the governor grade done. Between upthe Byron Refriends on Highway of dear supports upgradin 2002 and DETAILS ON A2 MnDOT District g the entire 2011, there were publican. fatalities,” he said. 14 due to corridor. eight fataliwoman Kristine 6 spokesties on the 16-mile frustrating it just “It is just For deHernand “This is somethin stretch of keeps dragsaid given the project’s ez two-lane road between ging on without cades, local high talked about since g he has any cost, the departm Center and Owatonn Dodge ments from anybody commitofficials have ent is lookas a U.S. senator, he served willing ing at breaking and the frusing to the Minneso a, accord- to step forward argued the the trating slowness and just say ta Departinto small pieces projects , in achievCLASSIFIED AD ment of Transpo ‘Hey let’s get it stretch of to get it ing the goal of expandin OF THE DAY done.” rtation. started. She said highway is g all Supporters say In fact, the Owatonn MnDOT of Highway 14 to the has done an Environm a City four lanes 2000 dangerous is getting the project first step Council presiden underscored the ental t said he Quam Impact Statemen in the need to find and needs Dodge vividly remembe transportation t. A road more resources www.ppindepe department’s rs returning safety audit for highway to be upgraded is under from aVOL. 20-year plan. Then Dakota: 32 stint110, NO. in the to four lanes. Army comes the expected to be done way and improvements across Minnein But efforts 1968 and reading 4x4, 5 sp., SEPTEMBER in June. 2012 sota,” she said. to 13, get funding have bigger challenge — getting a THURSDAY, failed repeatedly headline that the newspaper the funding. MnDOT 80K miles, Quam blames the . highway Blames has for slow delay upgrade estimated the project’s “I am just thorough between Mankato progress on decision like new. ly cost in and Rocheste disappointed and CLASSIFIEDS IN 2013 dollars at $140 Abraham said he past 10 to 15 years s over the r was going to disgusted, has E SECTION million ofto to allocate get especially since fered to make the $160 million because done. state transportation this has been case it would project to the governorfor the require construc The state has slowly to light-rail projects funding ting a new but been INDEX YOUR MONEY and the hasn’t had working to upgrade the entire spokesw any luck. Dayton’s metro highways. C1 | OPINIONS oman Katharin A8, A9 | MUTUA Rochester, Minnesot e L FUNDS C2 | PUZZLE See U.S. 14, page A2 a Volume 87, Number 270 S C10 | MOVIE LISTINGS A3 | WEEK CONNECT WITH 50 pages US efforts.” IN REVIEW C10 species preventative On Facebook and Twitter Minnesota Department of Natthat while these TALK added Olson TO AN biologists EDITOR | 507-285-7700 ural Resources (DNR) initial surveys are promising, it will TALK TO CUSTOM and divers searched lake bottoms ER SERVICE | 507-285-7676 take a number of years before the last week immediately surroundDNR can conclude whether these © 2012 Post-Bulletin ing areas where zebra mussels were Co., LLC treatments were effective in preAll rights reserved. discovered last fall on boat lifts on venting zebra mussels from estabLake Irene in Douglas County and lishing a population. Rose Lake in Otter Tail County. The DNR reminds people to The divers did not discover zebra water-related equipment all inspect continue will mussels, but searches when it is taken out of the water, later this fall when docks and boat zebra mussuspected report to and shores the lifts are pulled from sel or faucet snail discoveries to the along these lakes. DNR area office. “This is a good sign, but these Moving docks and boat lifts are only preliminary inspections from one lake to another is a that will help us determine the potential pathway for the spread of overall outcome of our efforts,” said aquatic invasive species. Boat lifts Nathan Olson, DNR invasive speand docks are of particular concies specialist in Fergus Falls. “We cern because they sit in the water fall, this do to have more field work for extended periods, giving adult sampling the waters for veligers mussels and snails a greater zebra lifts boat and and inspecting docks The pizzeria opened in the “Old opportunity to attach themselves. Townhall Pizzeria officially located at 105 as folks remove them from these A new law, which became effec- opened for business Monday, City Hall” building Avenue, and will be waters.” tive on July 1, requires boat lifts, September 10th under the own- North Otter Last fall, DNR biologists invesMonday-Saturday from docks and swim rafts removed ership of Paul and Kristie Kies of open daily tigated two separate cases where 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. from any waterbody to be out of Parkers Prairie. localized zebra mussel populations a Degree in Hotel water for 21 days before being has the who In Paul, lifts. boat on were discovered placed into another water body. & Restaurant Management from one case, mussels were attached to lifts that have zebra the University of Wisconsin, Stout, and Docks boat Both lift. rocks near the boat mussels or faucet snails attached has a number of years experience lifts had been moved from infested may legally be placed on shore and as manager in the pizza and fullwaters to these lakes earlier in 2011. placed back into the same water service restaurant business. Due to the early detection of body without removing the musAs of right now, the menu conzebra mussels in these locations, sels or snails. sists of pizza, which is served on the DNR immediately treated both Boats and other water related their in-house, handmade “New areas with copper sulfate, a comequipment with zebra mussels, York Style” crust. Coming soon, mon chemical used to treat snails faucet snails or other prohibited their menu will also include pasta The itch. that cause swimmers animal species attached may not be with homemade sauces and more! treatments were conducted by a off of shoreline proptransported contracpesticide licensed aquatic erty unless it is done by a permitted tor. The searches conducted last lake service provider or as allowed week were part of a follow-up plan by a DNR authorization form. The to evaluate the effectiveness of the of $12,197.27, with 80% returned authorization form allows a boat those minutes, Council Member early detection and rapid response to the City and 20% to employees. sidered at the special meeting. or property shoreline owner to The proposed 2013 budget for Linda Nokes made a motion to apconducted by the DNR. A motion was made by Koehn, secThe first item, decertification of transport the boat or water-relatprove decertification, seconded by the City of Parkers Prairie was pre“We hope that early detection onded by Council Member Greg TIF District 2-2, was tabled at the ed equipment to a location to be Mesker. Motion carried. sented Tuesday evening, Septemand immediate treatment of these Larson to distribute the refund as August meeting so council mindecontaminated. ” infestation, an Also considered was distribuber 4th in a special session of the areas has curbed carried. from August 21, 2000 could More information about aquatic insurance refund presented. Motion Council. After an hour of dis- utes said Olson. “This is by no means a After reviewing tion of a health species and the authori- City reviewed. be invasive was speincrease invasive levy aquatic 2.98% cussion, a solution to the zation form are available on DNR approved, adding $14,267.57 to the cies battle. We need continued diliat: website year. invasive coming the aquatic in City’s budget gence in practicing Final approval will be made at the At December. in regular meeting (at the Local, County and State Levels) that time, the Council will accept but levy, proposed the or decrease FOLDEN TOWNSHIP no increase can be made. CITY OF MILTONA The 2.98% levy increase offsets Town Supervisor Seat A Mayor an increase in budget expenditures Gary R. Waskosky for anticipated projects, repairs Blaine Elbert Town Treasurer purchases, most in Lake and equipment of the Woods Count Council Member – Elect 2 the streets, fire and police departy, Minnesota Dona Currie Rick Alton ments within the next five years. PRAIRIE ISD #547 PARKERS assessan meeting, the to Prior Alan Bettermann School Board Member – Elect 3 ment of each department’s equipSmith M. Kirk MemCouncil by made ment was Glenn Cornish ber Brian Koehn. He calculated CITY OF PARKERS PRAIRIE Meagan Moen anticipated replacement or repair Mayor costs, and amortized them over a Mary Peterson Zuehlke H. presented Donald Koehn span. four year Jeffrey Samuelson that information to the other counCouncil Member – Elect 2 OTTER TAIL COUNTY cil members, but cautioned he was Karen Marotto 4 (East) unsure his assessment included all Soil and Water Supervisor, District Kelly Mesker the equipment for each departTerry Greenwaldt ment, and that some costs are still Thomas D. Myers 5 (East) Soil and Water Supervisor, District unknown. The biggest project in CITY OF URBANK the near future is the reconstrucSteven G. Inwards MnDOT. by 29 Highway tion of Mayor DOUGLAS COUNTY Based on the information he did Vernon Klimek 4 adding District suggested Koehn Supervisor, receive, Soil and Water Council Member – Elect 2 After more to the streets and fire capital seemed a tooSchneider Jon what estimatoriginally was than funds ter, begins teachin short summ Linda Jesnowski District 5 Supervisor, er g in an elSoil and Water vacati ed, so saving balances will not be Doris Knutson on, ementary become a teacher. He is school will be Kevin Koep capacity The faculty at Parkers Prai- possibly depleted. back in sesDouglas Rutten also considering going to semias well as taking this fall, sion on Tuesday, The changes in city administrarie High School has selected its CITY OF VINING District 3 on the dunary school to become a pastor. Septem Commissioner, SepCounty for positions month full-time the ber two of from students Despite advert tion, ties of 3, at Lake of the Mayor Jared Sowers, a Junior at ising the Junior for some Representing Woods ele- coach. varsity volleyball tember. Bev Bales to one full-time and one part-time time PPHS, Spanish teache a is the son of Russ and mentary James Wallevand Springer and for for r, the is Riley and high school High position, also adds a cushion to the Lake of the Woods Jerry L. Rapp Nancy Sowers. Jared’s favorite s. School Board has Other new elemen High, Jared Sowers. Senior budget. This change should deTuesday morni Council Member receive are any Math course and classes d by no grader, MINNESOTA ng, expenses tary OF ninth applica STATE Springer, all administration the job. As a result, Riley crease nts for teachers this year mohigh Jon Stueve school and Mary Theatre Arts. His proudest around 8 ts, son of Glenn include studen is the $16,544. 30 studen Senator, District take ITV Spanis ts will LeeAnne Crane ment was going to State Speech gradesState favorite class is 7-12, Council Member, Special Election h this His No other changes were recomSpringer. will meet and Nicole year. Republican The studen in the Klaues 9th grade. Jared’s hobbies are in ts Bill Ingebrigtsen, will be superv band and his proudest moment auditorium mended. termeier. ised by Sally Bohn at 8:15 Speech competition, basketball, Mrs. Martin Democratic-Farme Marily the Charlie a.m., r-Labor Dan Skogen, bumping up her was winning The Council agreed with Koehn’s n Mai, Knowledge Deb Ander where they position to Glenn Whiting Riley likes track, band, choir, Grade. will receive suggested changes and the 2.98% District a full in- 8B paraprofessioson, long-time A 60” flat screenAward in Sixth time State Representative, Bowl and Chess. His advice to one. playunanistructi park the approved at was time ons increase spend to levy television has City Clerk nal at the for the Republican remain- school other students is, “Do your best with purbeen chased by the school Mary Franson, ing catch and basketball der of the mously, with the motion made and , has taken on the do and stay foday Carol Green-Kiemle for His class. . This meeting r-Labor advice to other at whatever you seconded by Council Member KelBob Cunniff, Democratic-Farme Board memberhis friends.the the fuof Elementary Secret job will be followe hard and cused.” Jared’s plans for Doug is to, “work City Treasurer Nosan d by grade ly Mesker and Mayor Don Zuehlke . stated retired French students thatture Activities Directo ary a are to finish high school and meetings where ”. In the future, Riteache push yourself respectively. Diane Lineburg r would r Brian students Novak then go to college. and ted interes in comin university Two other items were also conley plans to go to a be will “Sweetie,” the woman replied, “I’ve just spent 10 days of a compact rental car quality time in with this man. I know what I’m requesting .” Joke on A2


Deadly crash renews calls to
Parkers Prairie

BY JEFF HANSEL Regenerative medicine seems like a far-fetched dream, of technology and even in today’s age discovery . Yet helping the body heal from within and regain function, using own cells, is inching its ever closer to mainstream medicine . People involved in economic development, research , medicine and biotechnology want to transform Rochester into regenerative-med the nation’s first icine cluster. Researchers want the ability to guide to give physicians heals organs the the body so that it way it heals a cut a finger. on At Mayo Clinic in tists have already Rochester, scienbegun to succeed. Mayo CEO Dr. John 2010 deemed regenera Noseworthy in tive medicine a strategic priority for health and research the nationwide institution. Mayo scientists and Belgian colleagues demonst rated “rationally ‘guided’ that year that cells can effective human adult stem Mary Maas, a developm ent technologist at ly Medicine, works in regenerate damagedheal, repair and the Human Cellular one of six clean rooms Michele Jokinen/news@postbulle heart tissue,” according to Mayo’s at the lab earlier this Therapy Laboratory in Mayo Clinic’s announcement. Center for Regenera year. Adult stem cells tive regenerative mediperson’s own body are taken from a cine is progress whether maybe , ones that have ing there is a regenera potential to be triggered the rapidly option for you, we , especially in tive the body to to develop heal itself from have a dedicate into desired tissue. Rochester. d regenerative-med within,” the video proclaim icine clinic, and Some types of regenera “We are able to that clinic is, to become the answers. “Imagine if you our tive medicine have been safely — cures become educate our patients unique in the healthknowledge, very what’s used common.” for a long time — bone marrow through a new We are not actually care profession. childhood leukemia transplants for Health reporter Jeff service that we regenerative-med aware of another , for example. Hansel writes the Pulse have, icine clinic in the Health column every which is called on Research might United States or the seem abroad.” Twitter @JeffHansel. Monday. Follow him on ing too long to outside to be takRegenerative MediMayo used a video observers this year to openwho want cures cine Clinic,” said ly ask its staff to sooner rather than Terzic imagine that insulin later. Those cures Mayo heart specialfor diabetes, oxygen will not magicall Page A3: The ‘next generation’ tanks, daily pills blossom overnigh y ist Dr. Andre Terzic. and dialysis will of treatment t. But the field of “So you come no longer be needed to Mayo, and you Page A4: because City could of the clinic’s work. become hub are questioning “At Mayo Clinic, Page A5: Regeneratio we’re teaching n raises hope

Mayo Clinic is at the forefront of regenerative medicine

Dream inches toward reality

Coupon Queen colum n

in coupons in toda y’s P-B
» F2
Seven sections | $1.75


More than

fix U.S. 14


Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: The Parkers Prairie Independent, LLC Good use of placement of the ads. Strong ad design. Second Place: West Concord News/Enterprise Strong ad placements and good use of layout and type in the ads. Third Place: Tri-County News, Kimball Overall good ads and placements.



Searches for zebra mussels in Lake Irene and Rose Lake; no mussels found to date

Townhall Pizzeria opens

Our 97th Year Issue 28

No foreign language teache r yet Students of the Month PPHS


Light Region
$ 00

Northern Special City Council Meeting: The 2013 1Budge
2012 State General Election Candida tes
Continuing publication of the Baudette Region (est. 1903) & the Williams Northern Light (est. 1916)

Wed nesd ay, Augu st 28, 2013


Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Northern Light Region, Baudette* Second Place: Frazee Vergas Forum* Third Place: Annandale Advocate*


A Heat Wave

School bells will ring September 3

g back to teach at Lake of the Woods. Other board membe rs felt changing Subscribe to The Independent to French at this back time by the year and save $24.00 would leaven Subscriptio those students with one over the newsstand price. year of Spanish Call 218-338-2741 today! under their belts in the lurch. Information tant to accomodate They felt it was imporready started with the students who had alSpanish. “It’s just an option ,” said Nosan. “But, far as I’m concer as ned, we’re wastin and money with g time the ITV classes .” “I agree that ITV is not anywhere having a teache near r in member Tim Lyon the classroom,” Board see at the end of said. “I think we should the year if there cline in Spanish and then discus is a des an alternative.”

Local – $28.00 / year Minnesota – $31.00 / year Out of State – $35.00 / year Online – $28.00 / year

Contact Us E-mail: Ph. 218-338-2741 • FAX 218-338-2745 PO Box 42, Parkers Prairie, MN 56361

rs to the StuMilling/Light Barley any Corn Oats Wheat addent ditional questio Grain Counc 16.24 6.10 4.10 3.10 / 2.70 il, as well as con7.08 – EB they Central Ag, ns may 5.50 16.39 3.50 / –tinuin 7.25 have. Electio PP g his– other duties. Pro-Ag, Markets ns for8.55 class ofLake of the Woods High School has implem ented internet-based access dent information. to stuWhat’s new at Lake of the use of a compu With the ter, parents Woods School? and guardians Several new faces may access will their child’s greet the studen ts this year, grades, lunch attendance, and a few familia account and r faces will more. In additio be taking on n, parents additional and studen ts will be given roles. a password at the New in the high beginning for the 2013-14 school school of the year that will allow year is viewing of individ Rob Perala, a former ual student Lake grades of the Woods gradua in each te, who in which a studen course returns to his t is enalma mater rolled. to teach Physic al For more inform Physics, Chemi Science, ation on stry and these service junior high Scienc s or athletic or e. other schedules Another Lake and calenof the dars go to www.l Woods alum, Courtn ey Bit- akeoftheficers and studen t will also be held council at that time.
(Call before delivering to Pro-Ag)

receive their schedu les and get answe MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

will be assuming the role of Adviso r to Soy Rye

please see SCHO OL BOARD/ continued on page 9A

Doris Knuts

CPR training prove s valuable in Lake of the Woo ds County Quick action saves thr ee liv

Some of the warm photo by Sarah est temperature Knutson the Lake of the Woods High Schoo s of the summer greeted ners as they traine l Cross Count ry team runapproached 100° d on Tuesday afternoon. The heat index as these runne rs hit the pavem ent.

Page 15 

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Advertising Excellence
Faribault County
Vol. 144 • No. 20

A day for remembering
Page 2

Register For the week of May 20, 2013

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
Blue Earth, Minnesota • $1.00

Bucs play in close games
Page 13

Choir sings Rock & Roll
Page 23

n Deere dealers Big changes for Joh new Kibble Equipment company
Detke-Morbac now part of
Y CHUCK HUNT _________ B ___________ Register Editor

brand new location in Blue Earth – is still to come. On April 23, Detke-Mor‘Skip’ All that has changed is bac owner Gene the business the name. Nothing else. At Schimek sold to Steve Kibble, owner of least for now. anBut, that is a big change Mankato Implement, Deere dealerthat came about from the re- other John ship. cent sale of Detke-Morbac, And, that sale was not the John Deere dealership the only big deal happening in Blue Earth. John as far as area the big, in At least one other and the major change – a move to a Deere businesses

Kibble family are concerned. Twelve southern Minnesota John Deere dealerships merged into one large operation on May 1, under the corporate name Kibble Equipment. Here is how that came about. With the purchase of the facility, Earth Blue Mankato Implement now

N.D. Eye,” Steve Kibble Brandt of Fargo, owned seven dealerships – Sleepy Now the three men are located in Mankato, Min- explains. in the new comButch Kibble owned the partners Kibble nesota Lake, Kiester, New in Montevideo, pany known as Ulm, Nicollet, Albert Lea as dealership as well as those in Redwood Equipment. in Blue Earth well as Blue Earth. store “The Bird Island and “At the same time that I Falls, is named simply Kibble Earth,” was buying the operation in Wabasso. e The two Kibble cousins Equipment-Blu “We will Blue Earth, my cousin, says. Kibble Steve in the same partner Butch Kibble, was buying both had be putting up a new operations – Ace the John Deere business in their sign on the building as soon as we

John Deere,
page 9

First Place: Faribault County Register, Blue Earth Great use of color and of contrast with black and white. The creativity shows. Second Place: Litchfield Independent Review Well organized. Clean design. Great placement of color and photos. Third Place: Kanabec County Times, Mora Two out of three issues’ cover pages were very impressive. Great placement of photos and text throughout.

“I have signed an agreement with the city for three lots in the new industrial park.”

— Steve Kibble

Miltona woman dies in rollover near Staples

e Estates apartm Lincoln ents in Alexandria. Central School Dirt was flying when United South and the Rebel Klimek is being Board members, student speakers Part of the bog wranglin Douglas County held in to dig into the mascot used their golden shovels Kody Klimek $1 million bond. Jail on a to attach it to a boat. g efforts last weekend on Lake Osakis included the A group of about a dozen for the new $28 million school at site He anchorin g into Contribute CHARGED 15. the bog. Eric May d conviction for three faces boaters helped corral Neubart on Wednesday, g ceremony groundbreakin and move the bog about one mile h climbed onto the bog murder charge felony photos, on June 1. To see more s: count of second om degree intentional one go to cu.faribaultcountyregister.c der, which carries murof 40 years impris a maximum sentence Staff photo by Paula Gibbins onmen t, one count of second degree uninte a maximum senten ntional murder with onment and one ce of 40 years impriscount of murde A r in the third degree, which 2013 COLOR DASH • OWATONN year imprisonmen has a maximum 25t sentence. New details about the in the criminal compla case are included On Saturday, June int: 1 at approximatel 1:11 p.m. Alexan y “It was pinned dria police officer in emergency medic s and morning [May 25], the bay Saturday huge bog smooshed up agains and as we just finpatched to Lincol al services were disBy Amy Chaff t your dock, boat lift and n Estates, 1705 ins ished putting our dock and lifts achaffins@theosakisreviewto shorel enue East, in Torabpour lake, ” be a business, anothe response to a 6th AvNeubarth said, initiall ine? “This wasn’t supposed .com r resident a few in the reported stabbing. When By JEFFREY JACKSON upcoming down the remov conversation about officers arrive recent a ed [the bog] from cabins the Todd County Sheriffy, he contacted during During said Memo d scene, Altstadt rial Day Owatonna. his to run his neighb cameor’s “Other “The [Todd County ’s Office. was found lying at the large, wayward docks, which were and Dash in weekend, a people Color grass. in the ] sheriff [water bog starthelp ing morph you Can to ‘Wow! get patrol] said, edand theya damaged by the into giant event), floatin (in last year’s a busig headac wind push- [May came by in a boat on Sunda to start he for lakeshore ing [the bog] OWATONNA — He never intended y 26] owners in Schult and agains that?’” said us do t them,” he there is nothing z’s Bay, along explain didn’t want can do.” they flat outed. ness. CHARGED A5 No, he northwest the he was reluctant. At first,Osakis side of Lake here in OwaThen, he said, “It of last year’s Color Dash Victim success Todd County Sheriff thehad But two daughter Jason Neuba floated right over it. visiting . s to do Ha- rth Pete Mikkelson was door asking to us and said the sheriff his ents’ tonna brought people knocking on his d itself against lakepla ce on Osakis that par- shore and wedge hometown the offer service ’s office couldn’t directly their 2A and lift.” on dock weekend mid Torabpour if he could replicate in when a 30 to 40 foot See COLORFULour s on the bog remov The wide and 70 to huge bog likely broke Dick 80 yard long bog photo al. what he did here. president loose from Lake Nelson,Submitted – a soft, spongy, float- shore during the spring Association, said, of the Osakis ing landmass – drifted “We never Prints over like an un- levels and windy weathe ’s high water Purchase have invited houseguest. r. So, who do you View Galleries • Upload Pictures Register: call when you have BOG A5 Subscribe to the cu.faribaultcounty a It dislodged

In a summary, the collective board states, “He ranked the highest on strateEvan gic planning after initiating Superintendent the planGough meets expectations. n i n g Almost one year after his process start in the Blue Earth Area through School District, the School the South Board evaluated the superCentral intendent in 10 areas. Service five, to one of On a scale Coopera“does lnot being with one By Crysta Dey tive. He and five cdey@echopre meet expectations” has also the Evan being “outstanding,” An Alexandria been vigiGough gave Gough man Board was charge School murder in Dougla d in with lant of 3.43, s Countyrating Distric in Alexandria onan overall tmeets Court working above Tuesda just which is y. on his personal goals.” Kody Lee Klimek expectations. , 25,in of When it comes to what area was Alexan strongest Hisdria fatally stabbed needs improvement, the updating and Phillip instituting Joel Altstadt on strategic board writes, “Enhancing Saturd comprehensive ay, June 1. Altstad t, where he was 28,planning, of Alexan dria BEA review, page 9 of 4. died on a score thegiven lawn outsid
Y PAULA GIBBINS _________ B ___________ Register Staff Writer

New details emerge about stabb ing

with three counts murder

BEA board gives Klime k chw arg Gough ed of revie

Skip Schimek, left, and Steve Kibble have recently completed a deal where Detke-Morbac has become part of Kibble Equipment.
Staff photo by Chuck Hunt



Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Echo Press, Alexandria No fear to use color throughout all sections; feature tributes in each issue, and overall design makes you keep turning pages, then want to go back again. Flat out impressive in every aspect. Edged out number two finisher, but top two were miles ahead of the rest of the field. Second Place: Morrison County Record, Little Falls Ability to switch between broadsheet and tabloid is unique. Nice layout and ad placement, loved the double truck shopping spree promo. Very nice, just edged out by tough competition. Separation from the rest of the field, however, was huge! Third Place: Hutchinson Leader Sig ad “film” format in sports section was unique. Lots of nice ads well placed on some pages.

to trim $1.3 million USC has | board member
Stevermer new
www.e chopres
Y PAULA GIBBINS _________ money. B ___________ With the base bids that Register Staff Writer were accepted at previous board was Budgets can be difficult meetings, the by $755,446. to juggle, especially when over budget were considerthe end total is $28 million. They also an alternate When doling out that kind ing adding at a cost of of cash, the hope is for an classroom leaving them amazing product that $622,692, over budget. everyone can enjoy. And $1,378,138 The goal of the meeting that is just the intention of toward elimithe United South Central was to work $1.3 million to School Board when mak- nating that project to be ing decisions about the allow the on budget. new school building, set to completed Project manager Justin be student-ready in the fall Kraus-Anwith Webster of 2014. ComAfter the groundbreak- derson Construction the value of ing ceremony on Wednes- pany estimated that could be day, May 15, the School changes presented those Board met to discuss and made and approve some changes to trims, page 9 USC save to the project in order

Dale Stevermer takes the oath of office as the new USC School Board member.






Staff photo by Paula Gibbins

Giving a mighty Rebel yell

Community activist organizes event to raise suicide
Goal is to stop damage


507-526-7 “If this was floating around at night, it could be hit by a boater.” Jeff Johanson

324 or 1-888-877-0643

a neighbor ’s dock

Amanda Cowan of Miltona was two people who died one of in a rollover off Highway 210 near Staple s in Todd County Tuesday mornin g. Cowan, 23, and Daniel Waldron, 33, of cents Newsstand Fridley both died 75 to the State the crash, according They were not wearin seat belts. g A total of six people in the van at about were traveling west 4:45 a.m. when the roadway, hit an approa it left ch launched into the trees, according and State Patrol. to the Two people suffere d serious injurie Renae Rautio, 28, s— year-old daugh of Menahga, and her 8ter, Katie Rautio . They
ROLLOVER A5 Ten crash deaths since Friday

By Al Edenloff

Dailies under 10,000


May 15, 2013

TUE SDAY , JULY 23, 2013

Two attempted burg laries Holmes City residence reported at days apart


The huge bog is approxim landfall, the bog dislodge ately 30 feet wide by 70 yards long and By DEREK SULLIVAN it drifted ashore in Schultz’s d the Neubarth family’s dock. Bay on Lake Osakis sometim Contribute dsullivan@owato d e around May 25. Before it made OWATONNA — On Wednesday morning, Sen. Vicki Jensen will meet with four other state senators and five Minnesota Douglas County House representatives to discuss ways to projects ter around the deputies set a perime- proper ty missing frompay for needed road and bridge city his reside area with a K-9 unit. and searched the was transp — and a gas tax is sure nce. He Minnesota around orted by ambul The suspect was located. ance not jury to his for the inup. to come arm to s recent Schultz’s second County both pital, where he wasDougla Hosweeks, In treated on Monday, June 911 call was received and release and Dougla House d. the Minnesota ported that once 3 at 8:29 p.m. He re- bersen s County Sheriff By Crystal Dey TroytransportaWoladvises people who again he found the Senate passed dence at 6118 County Road known male believe they said the 4 Southwest suspect inside un- may have arrived at the tion bills. Jensen in Holmes City scene residence. Anothe open when he of a The Douglas County a “keep the r altercation occurrhis in to call law enforcement isbreakbill arrived in which House and wait for Sheriff ’s Office home. ed deputi Schultz received ceived two 911 calls on” bill that, for the When Schultz entere lights a cut to his ing. es to clear the home from theConne before ct with entersame resd his home, he re- arm. us atly ence in Holmes PostB ported most part, pays the bills, ll etin.c saw au City reporting an Schult white om z male told “We want people in his early 20s law mpted burglary; not fund trans- JENSEN but does to avoid once on Saturday at- who was approximately 6 feet his car and retrievenforcement he ran to tion and a confro nta- The ain on Monday. and pounds with tall and 175 don’t ed a pellet want projects. anyone gun, which Wolber portation he pointed at his a shaved to get hurt,” The first call was sen said. “Just callSenate residence until deputi eyes who was wearin head and dark arrived amended was Four bill received onWedne se us, that’s ctions | 75¢ es we’re here at the scene. Saturdsday what g large 75°gs. ne 1 at 6:56 p.m. | 59° ay, earrin for.” Schultz said he foughtdiamond late last week to include, among other things, A second search The Holme ted he had found Aaron Schultz re- suspect and with the state’s gas tax. the door to his resian increase the suspect fled with the the K-9 unit was conduc assistance from rently under s City inciden ts areincurthe resi- pect dence. investi ted and the susfor a 2.5 cents per gallon The bill was not found. information is urgedgation. Anyon easks with 6 a.m. Noon fuel tax on Oct. 1, 2013, with in the Schultz did not increase t the glas County Sheriff to contac 6 Doup.m. report 55° any personal ’s Office on Oct. 1, 2015, of 2.5 cents 72° increase at (320) another day to appoint four 74° 8151. 762appointed Rybak; members, tremendous opportun Full forecast B6 per gallon for a total increase of 5 cents per James Mobil and are strongly committ ity and Campbell, retired group gallon after Oct. 1, 2015. The hike in the gas Goldman its success,” Dayton ed to executive vice presiden Business . . . . . . . .A12 said in a t of Sachs. statement. Variety Wells tax and an extra half-cent sales tax in the . . Fargo . . . . .& . .Co. and Obituarie Classifieds . . . . . . . “Bill ron native; Tina. .A8 a ByCampbe s . . . . .ll.and .B6 Twin Cities area enacted over the same time . .A6 For the Smith Sports . George Smith, Record . . . Flint . . . . . . . . . .B1 Dayton’s were appointed chief of.A2 Opinion to six-year about $1 billion over four staff; and . create . . . would . . span . . . brings .A4 Susan Rani, presiden The offici al news terms on the board. Extra: Just Fish a. . . Rani paper wealth of .B4 BY Rani Engineering. t of HEATHER J.of and Rybak were years — money that supporters say is needed Doug las Coun CARLSON appointed experityClinic to four-year terms. • Alexa Mayo to handle a backlog of road and bridge work appointendria The MN 320.7 d Bill ,governor to the George, former 63.31 33 ence ’s appointe Minneapolis Mayor chairman • News the state and to expand transit opDMCC, need to be confirme es still and CEO of Medtron havtips 320.8around Rybak and the former R.T. 15.08 34 ing led one chairMinnesota Senate. d by the member of the Mayo ic and tions. man of Medtron LOCAL STORIES The chair Clinic ic will of the most George of the board must Board of Trustees Rybak among those serving be in this state is in trou“Transportation be one of . Rani respected on the Dayton’s appointe “Knowin board of Destinat es. ion Medical portance g the great imBy ASHLEY STEWART Center global medical compani ble,” Jensen said. “It’s in the constitution that The eight-member and lasting signifiCorp. es board in the world,” Mayo will help cance of this initiative we have to take care of our roads, and I’m Gov. Mark Dayton , I have million determine how $585 and President and CEO Clinic selected well-resp Mayo Clinic unveiled in public dollars going to keep fighting for it.” ected, effecare Noseworthy said John their used to support tive leaders with picksof plane in a stateaerobatic this the morning Mayo Clinic’s ment. ADVE proven reto serve RTISERS— The engine OWATONNA In the Minnesota House, the term “cor“Bill’s experien planned $6 billion, cords of success; on the board charged ce and the air can 20-year people who through ripped expertise with propeller its was created to make and expansio will roar a commerce” with overseei be see the big picture a critical started n in Rochester. ridors of ng the largest ecoand asset to the work Owatonna then actualize around the nomic anddevelopm Mayo’s appointe of helping it. The men as the plane made the trek down ent project sure Greater Minnesota areas are conside, George, shape the DMC is a professor of in state vision for its and women I have asked morning history Tuesday . managebuilding the exciting and Degner Regional Airport runway ered when transportation funds are availtake on this importan to ment practice at Dayton, who had future TALKERS Harvard t work until toof Rochester and are as excited as Business School Mayo destination. able. Jensen said “corridors of commerce” I am by this and serves Clinic in Minneso SPEAKING OUT | on the boards of ta.” hummed. fund projects like the engine the help of to The sound Exxon e candiTh developed was dates for the Ward See DMC BOARD, page Campbell 5 seat on theits final turn to the last stretch of runway A2 Smith 14 expansion. She said making Rochester City Council er talked Aft proposed Highway about the sky ahead, Air National Guard finances, the Mayo and plane the Civic between that although Highway 14 is not named speCenter and other topics Monday and more power as at a forum. John Klatt A3 gave it more gas Lt. Colonel cifically, the project was set up to help roads HAVE A SEAT off the ground and into the air — locking example, start out as a four-lane for thrust it that, | The gracefully new Mower County grandstan d is almostas it gained altitude. an airshow performer, cruises wheels its road, turn into a two-lane road and then complete and in National Guard Lt. Colonel John Klatt, will be ready for the the OwaMower County Fair. the aircraft climbed, anticipation of what was PICTURED: Air And revert back to four lanes — like Highway 14. and Medford Tuesday morning at B1 as across the sky above rural Owatonna season. (Al Strain/ to come did as well. Airport. Klatt is training for his airshow

Lawmakers talk gas tax, road work

Repeat offender?

First Place: Owatonna People’s Press A nice variety of well-designed ads. Many had savings that will get readers attention and those savings were easy to find. Nice layout of paper. Classifieds were easy to read and you could tell an artist put some time into them. Second Place: Sentinel, Fairmont A very close second. A good variety some very well designed ads. Third Place: Marshall Independent Nice selection of ads with some well-designed ads.

Protect your picn ic More bears on the baskets prowl » B1


Olmsted County board left to vote on its appoi pilot thrills ntees INS IDE Local

Dayton, Mayo name DMC picks

audien 40 +ces nationwide with aerial displays 30+

Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester Impressive number of well designed, large, local ads. A wide variety of advertisers. Color ads really stand out. My eyes were drawn to many of the ads due to good headlines and page design.

How many U.S. doctors are male and how many are female? A2 A


tonna Degner Regional People’s Press)


 Page 16
Jeanne Bergan, Wabasha Vieno Culp, Rochester Susan Daniels, Rochester Merle D Dagmar Anderson, Decorah, Iowa Mina Benson, Zumbrota Vol. 99, No. 116 ©2013

put a product out there with pride, equipment Conference titles last fall and an 80 percent and facilities are something that you really BY BRETT BOESE participation rate, and reminded Owatonna need to have.” interim superintendent Peter Grant and the The district’s activities budget is 1.7 perST. CHARLES — Owatonna school board of a need for more ling wore a shirt Jesse Allyn Halcent of its total budget. During the 2011-2012 that when his first child said “lucky” state-of-art facilities and equipment. was born six year, $802,004 was spent on athletics years ago. It was Swanson told the school board that dis- school pulled out again need improving, and, two, four years later and activities. Last year, the number increased its facilities Australia was befall to starting are when his second given its name facilities athletic s boy was born. before it was concerns, right now, the trict’ s budget even district’ the discovere d by only to metro schools, but also to the to $875,071. Europeans. Rumors not hind, When the 31-year-o that Swanson with of agreed Terra is not available. AustraJeff Williams money lis (“land to the man returned home ld St. Charles Nine schools. He also thanked the south”) persisted for Wednesday it needs to be when it where centuries until the night, Owatonna activities other Big not is after a nine-day Monday On Owatonna recently s Dutch School’ stint confirmed its existence in 1616. Hospital Burn Centerat the Regions varsity football board for Owatonna High comes to equipment, facilities, uniforms or the director Ryan Swanson, head to continue to upgrade in wants St. Paul, Attorney Jeffboys department it didn’t take track and tennis courts. activities installed him long to again varsity Anderso holds a 1977 photo size of coaching staffs. He asked that discus- The Owatonna year. (Kyle Stevens/ coach Jeff Williams and head don son. Hokanson, along n“Th the appropr installed this offabulous. a group It’s great above, track looks iatewas e new attire. Jerry facilities. A new track, Scouts attending shared the with the Boy Scouts of America, of Boy in a lawsuit Philmont Scout camp Olson / Many are amazed basketball coach Josh Williams “It’s filed on behalf Gameha ” Swanson said. It’s safer, that Halling is kids. with 3A People’s ven Council Inc. and FACILITIES for ourof two former which Hokan- Press)still alive after having assistant successes, Rochester Scouts. See St. Pius X Catholic on Richard Taylor school’s long list of recent OBITUARIES Stippel in the backgrou you When Hokanso 7.2 kilovolts Church, are named needed to do. n is shown in the photogra of electricity — something that we nd. 60 times more ph held by Anderso include winning five of seven Big Nine powerful than sticking Page B2 n’s
Rochester DEREK Byhas good SULLIVAN mobility, a new study economic shows. A6 dsullivan@owaton


District AD shares facility concerns with board
OWATONNA — The Owatonna athletic

Man feels ‘lucky’ after power line incident


FACTOdepartment is fully aware of two facts: One, ID with

Newsroom 444-2379 Lawsuit first since statut Classifi e eds 444-2399

Former Scouts sue tro op leader




abusing me and other young

“If you’re working Or find us on power line, near a you need 10 feet away because to stay at least Facebook & Twitter

“The gentleman is lucky ,” said Justin Foss, calendars funds, awareness for cancer. raise to spokesman for Alliant Energy .

a fork in an electrical outlet UP COMING — course through his body .

Ellendale woman prepares to start selling

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
Second Place: St. Cloud Times Very impressive local ads. Total number of local advertisers was only reason they took second. Thought ads were well designed. Third Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead Well-designed local ads.

Classified Ad Section
Valkyries bound for another state appearance
Volume 119 No. 6

February 6, 2013



Weeklies up to 2,500
First Place: Pelican Rapids Press This design really caught my eye. Effective use of color; great self-promotion. Second Place: Annandale Advocate Easy ad placement instructions; nice design; easy to follow. Third Place: Grant County Herald, Elbow Lake Consistent, easy to follow ad placement and order info.

Single Copy $1

Otter Tail County

The Pelican Rapids High School competitive dance squad has again qualified for a trip to the Minnesota State High School League dance tournament. The squad, under coaches Tami Seifert and Emily Dillon, qualified for the state tournament after an impressive showing at the Section meet Feb. 2 in Hawley. •For more on the Hawley Section meet, turn to page 1 in the B section. •On the back of the B section, look for a tribute to the Valkyries dance team, and a list of congratulations from Pelican Rapids area businesses.

Election details taking shape for Pelican school bond vote
By Louis Hoglund

Details on the voting procedure for the March 12 Pelican Rapids school bond referendum are beginning to be firmed up. But the election is posing some unusuto al logistical challenges, according Otter Tail County Auditor Wayne Stein. an The auditor’s office was working on for array of details last week, preparing to ballots and absentee ballots to go

meet Pelican wrestling pioneer Dean Fox honored at Place Your Ad No
By Louis Hoglund


send communication resume to: r/cashier. Some heavy and has been packages, skills. to his hometown, evenings and 5 computer/word newmar@steinb Continued on page weekends. Great processing Cooks DEAN FOX getawa skills, previous Starting Salary: $7.50/hour. ys www.mndestinat Or Jon Steinbri customer service at Dishwashers $9.41/hour with ng experience, Steinbring Motorco high school multi-tasking Stop in for an and attention ach D diploma Michael applica detail. to P .O. Box 160 It is the respon B's This $12.54/hour with ; is 320-846-0046 tion. now accepting applicat not sibility of the Garfield, MN 56332 minimum of warehouse/drive is a advertiser Child Develop r positions. Must ions for PT related ment Associate position. classified adto check your be able to work nights on the first day Stop in for applicat of publication. Are you a depend Full time apartme Apply within & weekends. ion able at D Michae To apply, please nt manager. 1210 Broadway St. at: & cheerful person Immediate opening B's at the Viking l submit If you find an error, application and ? Jill's Gas & Grocery in AlexanAlexandria, MN 56308 dria. Respon Alexandria, MN. Plaza Mall in , 1109 3rd : leasing Central MN resume to West us at 320-763 please call Ave. is looking Area Jaycees Rapids and mainten Communities Pelican The for 1 or 2 people ance, Ask for Mike or Jesse day to day option, Inc., 411 correction can-3133 so a Acto join our team. erations of market be made. on Lake Industrial Park We are a To ensure greater Boulevard, Elbow (320) 762-2697 locally owned ice fishing rate tournament annual tals. Email small Lake, MN resume/inquirie renrequest that ads accuracy, we 56531. would like to visit business & s to Applications jamesc 9. rties be typed or arr@ca is Feb. may be Lida obtained by calling rrprope printed neatly. about working with you We are looking our office with us. 218/685-4486, Echo Press shall for direct care Stop in for an is promoted as a family-orievent The staff to work extension 100 at not be 507-532 application. WE'RE GROWI liable for failure online at www.wc -2291 in Starbuck, MN or NG! with adults who and 500 to 1,000 Apouting, fishing advertisement, to publish an plications accepte ented have development except for the d through al Lunch Servers on refund of any amount close of busines disabilit We need on call sub(s). ies. Bartenders & Wait Staff s September ice anglers–of all ages– join the fun prepaid for the publicat 2013. Mon-Fri 3, Our hours are ion of that ad7:45 am - 3:00 pm. Bartenders vertisem the north end of Lida. Now hiring part applicants must All Evening & Weeken Liability for errors ent. time meet reds quirements of ing and wait staff. bartendPart-time After shall be limitAlong with the event are raffle drawed to either republis the MnDHS Mainly School criminal backgro nights and weeken Please apply at Childcare hing und study. Angelina's ds. ings for cash; prizes for kids; concesExperience vertisement in the adRestaurant & Bar, Zion LutheraWorker preferred a n School Alexandria. Full time Yard/De subsequent issue Apply within Working with but training is provided course, the weigh-in for and, of or email: at Osakis VFW livery elementary age sions or . Person crediting the cost children helping both in Alexand or call 320-85 angelinasmn@ of ria one 9-2117 and gmail.c with Glenwoo insertion occupie homework, recess, Call for more catch. om top the d. Duties include d by the information or load/unloading error, at the option An education snack, crafts, etc. you have question if Caregiver needed 13 or childcare backof the forklift year, a operation, delivery Last trucks, s, Pope ground is preferre County DT&H Publisher. for 5 elderly of materials, residents in 320-239-4276 d but not reability to lift 80 •With charter in adult foster quired. northern lbs. Applicants must pound Must have a home. Nursing care HELP WANTED clean driving record. working with love ferred, but not assistant prechildren, possess Hoglund list, and late 1962, Pelican Apply in the By Louis topped leaders person hip skills, at 1405 N EDUCATION cation can be required. AppliNokomis NE tive role models. and be posipicked up at inand Rapids Area 5 ria Alexand 1203 Steger nice, 7 RD NW, AlexanApplications dria. Jaycees mark 50th walleyes Help Wanted 300 Lake St, available pound : Heavy Alexandria Operators. Experie Equipm ent Hiring Teachers & Aides 763-4842 among birthday this year. Chair rental nce were also BUSINESS required. Truck Drivers. available in busy, Apply in person CDL here’s a million stories out at the Cornfield. Alexandria salon. & drug ing required fish testSee editorial bigger Stepping Stones the Reasonable . Call OPPORTUNITIES , the tales might even be true. 320-763-5410 rent! Call for or apply at Mark Development Occasionally 320-760-4594.more information Lee Excavaton page 4. ing, 50th caught. HELP WANT Edgewood and gravy 1405 potatoes Avenue East Broadway St. ED No Management office. EO/AAE Group hiring For example, the Cornfield mashed Alexandria, MN Biggest walleye, Part-Time DieCONSTRUCTION tary/Cook 320-763-4927 Position are homemade. panfish Charge Nurse - LPN/RN and temporary part Email: kaylee@ Local lawn northern, care compan PM shift.(2:45pm-11 tenance person time mainsteppingstonesfo True. y looking for depend earn honors, with prizes will :15pm) bassmeticulo and to join the able, serving the most caring staff in Cafe Eight shifts Cornfield individual w/previo us company in each category. Like the story about theGrowing looking for all five top Vista Alexandriaour Edgewood us the to lawn going Masonry & Concrete experien care community. ce preferred. the galaxy. positions For consideration, RN Weekend Manage have valid driver's Must delicious caramel rolls in Foundatio event will be held ns to flatwork. Travel. please subThis year the mit a current on the internet. Substitute Teachers required. Every other weeken r time hours. Must license. Fullposts rooms with a letter of resume, along True, according to Facebook be availabl provided. Company & per diem in the history Feb. 9, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays thru (9:00am-5:30pm d. Saturday, interest to: best transport is the the fall. Positione Parkers Prairie pie from ) Michelle Bode, ation available immedi provided s High That the pecan cream cheese via School (grades shop. ately. michelle.bodeemail Walki 320-808-9798 GEMSTONE MASONR ng Route: Certified Nursing Assistan @ Parkers Prairie 7-12) and edgewoodvista of humankind. Elementary • PM Shift t Contestants should enter from the .com or OPERATING CO INC.Y School (grades • Lowry • Osakis just fact. pick up applica (2:45pm-11:15p tion at Now hiring Public Access at the north end of Lake seeking substitu K-6) are brag, 218-334-3274 1902 7th Avenue general laborers te teachers cheeseburger • 5:30pm-8:30pm m) 8 shifts. brick and block • Glenw Cornfield’s East the in , all gmocinc@ about areas one ood Alexand the for for layers and conevery the coming And there’s ria or fax to other weeken crete finishersLida. school year. Pay • Starbuck • (320) 759-21 . Call Bitzan-O is $90.00 • 3:15pm-11:00pd. specialty cures cancer, headache, 20 ren Masonry at Brando the house halso serves as entry soup– that n per day. ticket m Preferen for raffle 320-760 six The ce for -5900 shifts. anything that ails you. early applican heartache and just about ts. Those interested Karen Bunkowski and Jason Bunkowski are 10th their celebrating Help fee for the fishing derby. HELP been able us make Edgewo 320-762-8385 should call EDto prove. od the Lisa Nori at 218-338-6 ‘go Cafe far as anybody’s WANT Houseke to' compan The eping/La in Dunvilla. 225 7th Ave. owners of the Cornfield as this month anniversary prizes totalling more than $1,000 y that 011, Cash Want to work E, Alexandria DININ Day shift. Five undry Ass't the high standar is setting in a Ext. 154 pleasant G/BA in the eatery R little berg of days. dswho Johnson, Carlace, That the little Seven Robin and from of cafe the shifts. mother-son team bought excellen home-likwill be given to five raffle winners. hour e setting? by striving to served more than one provide senior door prizes originally hired Karen 17 years ago. Dunvilla, south of Pelican Lake, has additional be will care There Prairie Community Service than anyone. The Runestone Area Jason started as a dishwasher, HELP WANT just about Activity Assistan cook and as a line better worked has several direct-c s holders and bait and million ticket Educatio t EDeggs from 2003-2013. 20 hours per two Jason District are posiis accepting applicatio n else–including tions available for random week books. About the time he was the keeping administrator and numbers man, pay in the Alexanns for the following everything AGRIBUSINE True. period. dria area. will be available for purchase on positions to work Energetic, fun food SSCornfield’s that one. with interdisciplinary thefe- • the family& bought up his business degree at NDSU, finishing responsible Pay based on male teams in the Bunkowski, can verify Personal Care experien ice. ce Alexandria or Alexandr the ******** with the family • Variety of work Attendant A'viands of time Jason business. for young continued has position restaurant the span , a is ia area and he which progres SILAGE & Over Above adult woman environpast decade, sive food the SUGAR and services schools. ments s are per two Alexandria. near BEET place, TRUCK DRIVER week the manage Duties: pay operated and ment period and include • Meals provided compan persona have owned cares, social - Starting y is seeking mom Karen getic September and his outings & house-l every other weeken an ener• Benefit package keeping. Non-sm poured. 1.0 FTE Speech Language been d. depend Herman, MN & 5th. Morris/ have coffee s of and able pots Food 75,000 • Casual dress Service Wahpet thanon, submit to drug oker, willing to Pathology Assistant more Director ND code area. $25/hou Applications /.4 FTE and physi• Fun team atmosp Cook at the Otter and a PT r forJust cal. Experience test accepted Speech Language Pathologi the ask Jason. over-populaTail County here right person True. Not a beaver through Necessary. maybe • Consistent Jail located in st guzzled by Butenhoff– except Flexible schedules Call Greg, 320-808 ! Schedule, Fergus pots were Wednesday, solutions, admits coffee Falls,probably those MN. over in • Training program hours/w 50,000 of roads 5-10+ 9/04/13 Applica -9155. Roughly pot-holed nts must pass .4 FTE Developmental a few eekly. $12.25/H crimina r a gang. l background tion problem in Dunn Township...orFor Info: bzbzfam Roundtable Physical Ed./Health Adaptive check the Weekday Morning to be conside For applica or ily@ Apply on-line: • Pelican Township Notice Teacher red. 320-808-1145 . Industrial Scambler Township. bulk information, tions/more has exaggeration (DAPE) cooking experien someferred. /echopress Roundtable Notice call True...with www.go Mary Township ce preod-sam. •Scambler @ of the topics the Weekday the Weekday (320)763-6528 onecom World hunger was Breaking news, events or visit and problems– national, state, local– think globally, Please submitkingpin to Issues, topics was www.sf & Valley Health Center Notice strategy best Pelican Fat a • Good the more, right in letter Daddy's Samarita of concluded Roundtable & The Broadw hunger your news feed. debated n Society To apply according to resume and transcrip interest, addressed. TheyHoffman all, them for the ay on has Director Ballroom Food Service action taking Roundtable t(s) along Event many , they’ve been • Pelican Valley Health Center Minutes Center position EOE/AA Consequently group has with solved 104 Sixth application materials but act locally. , please Roundtable is now hiring Street, Box 337 Weekday www.av visit Dave Butenhoff. This Hoffman, Minnesot Servers, Host/Hos (obtained by calling • Erhards Grove Notice rs. a 56339 tess, on page 5 Security/ day... Phone: (320) 986-2048 Continued Greeters, CORNFIELD 320-763-5559) to To apply crucial issues of the Line PT Care Cooks & online for the the Ballroom Wait Staff. Runestone Area Cook for 8 residents Provider position, Education Experience welcom please in assisted living False. visit District, 700 Northside ssion4f e, but not 3PM-11PM necessary. Must oodser vice. Dr. NE, com or call be available Alexandria, MN PT Supper Cook nights and weeken 56308. service (Hiring 1-855-4-Food7:30AM-1PM & 3:30PMds. Application deadline Code 101). apply in person Please 7:30PM Exp not necessa at: EE/AA/M/F/D/V open until filled. – 115 30th Ave E, ry - will train. Background check Alexandria, MN is required. Call 320-766-3062 Now hiring experien EEO & Drug Free HELP WANTED HELP WANTED PT BARTENDER ced workplace. WAITRESS & HELP WANTED FARM FARM Apply within FARM Eagles Club 519 Nokomis, Gymnastic Assistan Alexandria t Coach or Spotter position open Potato Truck Drivers Secondary School at LPGE starting Needed starting 2013/14 season. Assistant Girls September in the in Track position Brooten s open starting & Glenwood areas. the 2014 season. Positions Tractor 218-371-6019 open until filled. semi truck driving driving, Send HELP WANTED , maintenance, lagoon applications to rswanson@lpg agitation, and much AGRIBUSINE echopr more.

The coach who helped build the Pelican Rapids wrestling program, starting way a back in 1959, was honored Feb. 1 at gathering of matmen young and old. .com The late Dean Fox, a guy who had never he .com even seen a wrestling match before is helped establish the program in Pelican, Wrestling now enshrined at the National Hall of Fame in Stillwater Oklahoma. to the Fox, who died in 2007, was named in Minnesota State Wrestling Hall of Fame taught junior high math and his1986. HeLooking Candor, Dora, Elizabeth, Erhard’s and was for a job has never to 1994, the mid-1950’s been easier! tory from openings Grove, Friberg, Lida, Maplewood, & post your program fromSearch job resume for maximum Lake, in the wrestling involved sure. Find the apartment expoNorwegian Grove , Scambler, Star Go to EchoPre 1994. of your dreams! Go Tansem and click on JobsHQ. to and click 1959 to his retirement Cormorant, Lake Eunice, Parke, Find your dream home! on ApartmentsHQ. Go to Dean’s sons, Scott and Brian, presentedof Need a new ride? No and click on HomesH problem. Search hundred Hall Q. where only listings from local dealers s of part falls into the Pelican school with the national In townships & classifieds. Go with the of the for display ANNOUNCE l boundaries to and Fame momentos, jurisdictiona the click MENT S HELP on photos CarsHQ trophies, voters WANT . township ED school’s array of athletic Pelican school system, behind them. HELP WANTED late Dean Fox, whose portrait is CHILDCARE under the shadow of the and memorabilia. All Fox sons wrestled, BOND VOTE Continued on page 5 HELP WANTED This group is positioned DINING/BAR in 1959. who was perhaps one of PUBL Mike, IC NOTIC but it was Fox helped found Pelican wrestling GENERAL to honor Fox. HELP WANTED E Mike, HELP WANTED alumni attended the Feb. 1 meet, Teacher's Aide Fox, Scott Fox and Rapids wrestling the program’s most notable alumni. Pelican position Raapers Eatery assistant coach Jon McGregor, BrianGENERAL of Osborne, & Ale is now hiring FT & Bill GENERAL left, Steve Klovstad, From who went on to wrestle at UniversityHead Start Center PT Line Cooks in Brandon Wait Staff. Experien & Acting to attend unable was Classe was one of the top two orris, Mike Nettestad. ferred which ONAL s in ce pre- on theFT/SEAS team, Minnesota-M Park Qualifications: RV 1970-71 DETAILE but were Growing RV R will train. Come Rapids Nettestad topped Interest and and Custome team that Osborne experience Dealers the fun join r Service Starting ceremony. hip The atmosphere at of 12-2. Associate Garfield Monday, Septem in only in Klovstad, the Pelican iling a record working with is Raapers, The UPS Store seeking young of the school–comp 9. Taught by Food Preparer / Cashier the history at 506 Bdwy, in apply in children wrestling self- squad. motivated and wrestle on to ber Ability toteams 1970-71 Red Compas Must be able went Alexandria alumni captain of the cise patience . exerwas reliable Another Theatre s to work days, Detailer RV Company. Online and underst returned evening who to work Holt, 13-0 team of 1966-67. Nettestad October alumni s was the ing when working andFresh Corner a Pelican Holt–who them FT through at current info and Harold RedCom Coach occasional passThe up,” laughed with children, Saturdays. . Harold Morris, ability to follow Plaza Mall is in the Viking or call (612) 760-042 the Interested Requirements are the guys that use to beat me since candida “These oral include tes instruct 0. to lead andpro1982. please food prepare looking for a ions good coach lifting Servers head returned to his old school
0590 0600 0020 0680 0680


Townships. as Voting will be on the same day township annual meetings and elections. However, six townships within the Pelican school district, do not hold town The Call: (320) 763.31 officer elections in the spring. 33 • Email: linead and Oscar, Pelican, Dunn, of townships Fax: (320) 763.32 58 • Online: echop elect township officers in Trondhjem conjunction with the November, evenin ECHO PRESS FRIDAY year, general election date. Voters I AUGUS can cast ballots at the townships T 30 I 2013 those B5 to Pelican school precinct, from 7 a.m. 8 p.m. with townships Area .com voting school .com The following township precincts will both for be open, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., the school ballot question and election of township officers.

press. to Voters will be asked whether or not and support $18 million in renovations on additions to the high school building the ballot. The Pelican district’s geography includes all or parts of 18 towndisships, and two municipalities. The in trict also extends to a few townships Clay and Becker neighboring

Weeklies over 2,500
First Place: Echo Press, Alexandria Strong, clean layout Second Place: Morrison County Record, Little Falls Really like the layout of each categories, good use of layout and type. Third Place: Mille Lacs Messenger, Isle Strong design, really like how the categories are listed on the side bar.


Pelican-Lizzie area cafe serves as local forum for rambling ‘Roundtable’ discussions– and downhome cooking

Ten years in the Cornfield

Prizes, drawings plentiful at Jaycees’ Lake Lida fishing derby February 9


All Dailies
First Place: Brainerd Dispatch * Second Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead* Third Place: Duluth News Tribune*


Carriers Needed

Food Service Director & PT Cook




Public Notices in this issue





n 320-760-0848

Miltona Meats torial position has a night janiopen. 5 hrs/night. Some M-F apprx. lifting required. Miltona Meats 218-943-2681


West-Con, a progressive, innovati Coop is looking ve for positive applicanself-motivated, t for fall hire.


*Drug testing required

TRUCK DRIVERS • Must have Class • Must have good A CDL, prefer Tanker driving record • Ability to read & current • Responsible & fill out trip reports, sales health card tickets & for delivery, distribut agronomy & grain ion, safety, & maps products. reporting, of • Work efficient ly and effective • Must have Class ly • Must have good A CDL, prefer Tanker driving record • Ability to read & current • Responsible & fill out trip reports, sales health card tickets & for delivery, distribut agronomy & grain ion, safety, & maps products. reporting, of • Work efficient ly and effective ly
• Work safe, efficient ly & effective • Must have good verbal commu ly • Prefer current nication skills, DL & good driving • Prefer knowled record, ge in grain • Duties include: customer service, work on feet more than 8 hrs/day, problem solving, ability to ability to lift up to 75lbs, All applicants must pass a drug/alc ohol test, drivers be able to must have updated health card. Part time positio ns leading to full possibly time. Send applicat Western Consol ion/resume to: idated Cooper ative Attn: Kerry 520 Co Rd. 9 Bonk PO Holloway, MN Box 78, 56249 or email kbonk@ west-c Applications availabl e at www.west-con .com


West-Con, a progressive, innovati Coop is looking ve for self-mo positive applican tivated, ts. ALL LOCATIONS Competitive wages Will help the right and incentives. individuals attain applicator license and training. Responsibilitie • Responsible s: for custom applicat pesticide ion of fertilizer , herbicide, & • Ability to trouble shoot and maintain • Ability to read equipment & fill out trip reports • Work efficient & maps ly and effective ly Basic Qualific ations: • Prefer pesticid e applicators License • Must have good driving record • Prefer current • Ability to pass Class A or B CDL & health card drug & alcohol testing Send applicat Western Consol ion/resume to: idated Cooper ative Attn: Kerry 520 Co Rd. 9 Bonk PO Holloway, MN Box 78, 56249 or email kbonk@ west-c Applications availabl e at www.west-con .com




*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
an Equal Opportunity Employer. Western Consolida ted Cooperative is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Western Consolida







or apply online

at: www.dhfieldser

Manure pumping operations. Full-time and season al positions availab le.


ted Cooperative is

Page 17 

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

All Weeklies
First Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune Nice looking site that’s updated frequently. Good job. Second Place: Litchfield Independent Review* Third Place: Morris Sun Tribune*


os! Send an original line. Include your s wants your phot Snap .com. Use “Snaps” in the subject drop off a photo to snaps@hutchinsonleader

digital image from your

All Dailies 11B
First Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead Clean and well organized. Easy to navigate. Good headlines and effective summaries. Very locally focused and up to date. Strong video element and timeliness of news sets this one apart.

camera description. Or number and a brief photo the same name, address and phone Suite 100, Hutchinson with 170 Shady Ridge Road NW, at the Hutchinson Leader, information. at 320-234-4166 for more information. Call Kay Johnson


THESE CONJOINED CUCUMBERS, grown by Otto Levno, seem to promote togetherness.

Second Place: Duluth News Tribune Very similar to Fargo since they are apparently in the same group. Clean. Organized. Love to see videos featured. Third Place: St. Cloud Times This website’s strength is a ton of local content.
PHOTO while fishJON KUTTNER’S PRIZE KutA 9 1/2-LB. WALLEYE WAS his papa, Dick Kuttner. Andrew ing at Lake of the Woods with fish for the photographer. 3/4-inch 28 the holds tner SUBMITTED BY DICK KUTTNER, HUTCHINSON PHOTOS OFF A HEFTY SALMON. LIAM NELSON SHOWS the “Lori's Pride” charter He caught his limit while on recently. in Port Washington, Wisc. SUBMITTED BY KURT NELSON, HUTCHINSON PHOTO SUBMITTED BY

THE COWS AT BUTCH AND grandson Corbin.


get the attention of Greg



Curry and


Advertising Campaign
the most incredible display of night, a perfect run and a day, Aug. 22. “It was a perfect community run on Wednes and cheered us on!” S joined the “Be 1 of 100” again to all who ran, walked MORE THAN 130 RUNNER urt, organizer of the run. “Thanks Vaillanco Marc said ity,” power of commun

A 4-LEAF CLOVER if YOU’RE LOOKING OVER Flessland. you study this photo by Carol


All Individuals
First Place: Hutchinson Leader, Paul Becker Crow River Press Great example of what an advertising campaign should be. Nice clean layout with a clever benefit headline. Good use of specific pet matching the headline. Well done. Second Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Stacey Gravelle Maid Rite Campaign Unique concept. There is no doubt these ads would stand out regardless of the page layout. Nice to see a series carried out throughout the campaign.
Spend $50 or more & have a chance to win back $50 in gift cards!

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ready to help with your

here We’re right business printing.

ess cards, From brochures to busin catalogs to calendars, publications to price lists, details, from creative We can help with all the ry and mail services. ideas right through binde

4449 hinson • 320-587114 Main Street Hutc from Dairy Queen) (across the street
No False Ads, No Empty


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Your MN 55350 • PO Box 99 • Hutchinson, 170 Shady Ridge Road • www. 320.587.2062 • sales@

source for print, mailing and creativ

e services

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6 oz. roll-your-own bag purchase*

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Not valid *Valid ONLY @ S4L. one coupon with other offers. Limit 9-30-12 per person. Expires

with purchase of 2 candles*


Third Place: Albert Lea Tribune, Kristin Overland Orthodontic Health Center FREE E FRE Excellent concept and strategy for an advertising campaign. Nice layout that can be continued as long as they have customers to offer testimonial. 40% OFF 50% Off
See store for details.

6 winners per month!

cigars with purchase of 3 premium our OVERSTOCKED humidor* from valid *Valid ONLY @ S4L. Not
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Any Top-O-Matic Roll Your Own Cigarette Machine*

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75 upgrade in Moorhead area worMoorhead area US 10/US 75 Improvements Grant: $3,404,000 Total project cost: $4,958,500 Year of construction: 2015

ded 10 ll ecoand

p y of of a my ent ,” oner


the he mplethis will s,

aping ghth t. The

“There are far more thy projects than there is money to go around,” Zelle said. “To achieve the future transportation vision and to maintain and operate the current system, Minnesotans must spend more today than we have in the past.” In addition to the 10 projects selected for CIMS grants, two other Twin Cities area projects that million in other federal, to the CIMS proapplied state and local funding for a gram received grants total construction program through the joint MnDOT of almost $100 million. and DEED Transportation program the for Funding Economic Development procame from a one-time gram. Projects could apply appropriation from the trunk to both programs, but were highway account. only eligible to receive MnDOT received 45 funding from one. applications requesting more More information about fundin than $100 million the selected projects and the on based was ing. Scoring CIMS program is available analysis of social, environon MnDOT’s website at mental and economic fits of each project.

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
Vergas Insurance Agency, LLP
Located in the Vergas State Bank Main Street, Vergas

Institutional Advertisement
Agents: Sherri Hanson, Garrett Dahlgren, Lee Dahlgren, Greg Dahlgren, seated

Weeklies up to 2,500
First Place: Pelican Rapids Press, Jeff Meyer The Spirit Prevails Perfect presentation of how banks want to be viewed–as a part of the community itself as opposed to the money lenders earning interest off of it. Artwork and layout put this one over the top. Excellent work. Second Place: The Kerkhoven Banner, Ted Almen You’re #1 to us Ad placement helped make huge impact of support for the local team. Nice for editorial and advertising to work together. Trophy dominated the ad though, I would have liked to see a team shot, or family hugs after the game–that would have made it a cut out keeper for every kid and relative.

ssibilt ice,

s. DOT and able

t onlement ocial, c fea-

in the a state up ments fety,

on, onomic ll as Tourism ontrol

will help nal $65


r, DDS



Monday, Februa

ry 25, 2013 FCR Area Medic al Guide Page 35

ndal Top general swept up in Petraeus sca
y, November 14, 2012 Duluth News Tribune | Wednesda
McClatchy Newspapers

Page A3

Third Place: Grant County Herald, Elbow Lake, Nikki Eystad Certified Pre-owned Cats Cute twist on the classic used car advertisement that brings a smile while tugging at the heart. (And this is coming from a dog lover.)

inwe have no additional Allen’s connection to formation to provide.” the scandal became known The contents of those on Tuesday after Defense revealed, an- e-mails were not Secretary Leon Panetta although a Pentagon offinounced while flying to cial briefed on them said the asked he’d Asia that they contained possibly Pentagon inspector genWASHINGTON — flirtatious language, such its eral’s office to investigate Congress returned from terms as “sweetheart,” to also the e-mails between the election break Tuesday which he noted could four-star Marine general grapple with the shocking have been a sign of a casual CIA . ofand Kelley resignation of former manner of address. The in Kelley had been an hon- ficial requested anonymity Director David Petraeus orary ambassador to the a sex scandal that widened because he was not authorin U.S. Central Command to possibly taint the Marine ized to discuss the matter Tampa, where Allen served publicly general who commands . beas second in command U.S.-led forces in A second Pentagon 2011 promoJune his . fore in requested Afghanistan official, who top U.S. commander the war in same Marine Gen. John Allen, the The unexpected turn of conference at tion to oversee Col. anonymity for the during a March 26 news that Afghanistan. Army Lt. to events prompted President Afghanistan, listens reason, told reporters . The sex scandal that led his T.J. Taylor, a CENTCOM Obama to put on hold the Pentagon in Washington the e-mails weren’t “secuGen. downfall widened Tuesday spokesman, said that KelThey’re not, nomination of Marine CIA Director David Petraeus’ in Afghanistan is under ley had no official position rity related. information John Allen to be the top I don’t know, with word the top U.S. commander comEuof alleged “inappropriate at the command. NATO commander in about acquisition or coninvestigation for thousands in the case. “She is a volunteer and They’re not hate rope, pending the outcome ” with another woman involved tracting. eman munications not n a private citizen, of a Pentagon investigatio or threatening.” 2012 file / Associated Press ployee,” he said. “Because into “inappropriate” The FBI investigation of this, and because there contract security guards e-mails that U.S. defense n, that uncovered Petraeus’ t sent ally occurred,” Sen. is an ongoing investigatio and a State Departmen officials said Allen had Richard Durbin of Illinois, staffer. The committee to a central figure in the the Senate’s No. 2 Demochasn’t decided when he scandal, which was ignited to rat, told McClatchy Newswould be called, she told by Petraeus’ admission papers. Newspapers. McClatchy an extramarital affair. Senate Armed Services “Of course I’m disThe White House said Carl “It’s Committee Chairman mayed,” Feinstein said. that Obama retained his the Levin, D-Mich., who agreed a difficult situation. We’re faith in Allen, who is in delay .” to Obama’s request to plan trying to be responsible midst of developing a Allen’s nomination hearCarney said that it was for the gradual withdrawal for deing, which had been set al “up to Congress to make of U.S.-led internation , also said he was by Thursday cisions about who is called forces from Afghanistan by the surprised of “kind .” to testify the end of 2014. of e-mails, but Feinstein and other “The president remains number ... investigation until the lawmakers have expressed focused on fully supporting to concludes, I don’t want concern that they weren’t our extraordinary troops it.” inprejudge in informed about the FBI and coalition partners The committee, however, vestigation that uncovered Afghanistan who General bias will proceed with the conPetraeus’ affair with his Allen continues to lead over firmation hearing of Maographer, Paula Broadwell, he has done so ably for rine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford late this summer until after a year,” White House Press as . said, to take over from Allen it became public Friday Secretary Jay Carney commander in The CIA released a adding that the president has Afghanistan. The handover Petraeus resignation stateand doing he’s “believes is not expected before ment to the agency’s work done an excellent job.” storied, March. howthe which in lawmakers, force Some genIn a related developat retired four-star Army ever, expressed dismay able ment, Senate Intelligence eral admitted to commitreports that Allen was n Committee Chairwoma . ting adultery to exchange more than Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., “Whatever the affair’s 20,000 documents and to said that she intended national e-mails with Tampa, Fla., back into effect had on , even as summon Petraeus security is worth knowing socialite Jill Kelley war the spotlight to answer 11 about,” said Sen. Lindsey he oversaw the longest Sept. the about did questions . Graham, R-S.C. “Why in the nation’s history on the U.S. consulate begin the FBI investigate to “It’s hard to imagine you attack eastern Libyan city an in the or with? And did this have can manage an agency in of Benghazi. It resulted effect on national securun a theater of war while R001824832 the deaths of the U.S. amsending or getting so many CIA rity?” actu- bassador to Libya, two e-mails, if that’s what

affair with Broadwell began when Kelley sought help from an FBI agent deafter receiving what she and scribed as anonymous threatening e-mails warning her to stay away from

Weeklies over 2,500
First Place: Faribault County Register, Blue Earth, Kristin Woodwick* Temperance Lake Ridge Second Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Mary Brenk & Carol Hennen* Fireside Third Place: Hutchinson Leader, Colleen Piechowski* Hutchinson Health

Petraeus. The probe led to Broadis an well as the sender. She Army reservist, a West Point graduate and researcher who met Petraeus when he made an appear- . ance at Harvard University For his part, Allen has maintained that he had done nothing inappropriate, the Pentagon officials

said. The extent of the friendships maintained with Kelley by Allen and Petraeus was highlighted by the generals’ intervenbattion in a child custody tle involving Kelley’s twin sister, Natalie Khawam.

All Dailies
First Place: Duluth News Tribune, Kim Quinones Canadian National Institutional Ad Excellent use of photo and headline to get across their message. Impossible not to notice. Immediately know and understand the message. Second Place: Marshall Independent, Derek Jensen Every Drop Counts - MMU Love the headline and use of the graphic. Strong message. Only change would be to lead with the headline/art at the top.

s We deliver the good

tion Supply chain innova

Third Place: Marshall Independent, Joyce Larsen Marshall Municipal Utilities - Rebates Very eye catching and delivers the message.

*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
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Prairie es six League” includ region, the schools from s on and concentrate ers for building numb l teams. future high schoo n field Left, the Pelica at one bustled with actions earliof the home event er this fall.

seventh grade kids come into of the game program is that understanding with a much betterDoug Bruggeman, who has of football,” said ucing Pelican kids to fullall league is active in introd hool youth footb years. “ In flag been gridsix-sc many new, learn for to all The 3-6 kids equipment footb to simulate blocking and Fergus but not only a way for grade the “fun” in fundahard ayers down to league,” ng in junior football it is also keeps kids are now arrivi iron basics–it mpete in their of what these tackling. The winning or understanding r mentals. worry about ,” said Brian high with a better . With these skills in junio r football, “We don’t score year of tackle moved at a highe e, skills are all about don’t even keep will compete ully hopef the program and Rapids, losing–we of the organizers of the leagu ss.” high they tly. an ience more succe ootball in Pelic 7th grade Korf, one ped up its first season recen early, level and exper it has really been fun,” said ved which wrap oug became the get parents invol l years,” e organizers. As a parent, “ to leagu is the goal of schoo “The one ers for the high Prairie Youth Shari VerDorn, the kids grow, and to promote n, whereto d initiate a patter d travel and build numb “ It’s great to see nt... We’ve had so much of the Lakes woul veme ed teams that in the ensu- said Korf, ue. ort. The parental invol ay volunteer suppl event for Football Leag remains an excellent gatew s Falls program a socia community and Flag football s also become league safely introSaturday game season–when into the game, but the new als of blocking and fall 2012 the the parents.” l districts duces kids to the fundament by smaller schoo tackling. tackle football s, includbenefit of the “ The biggest each of those town e” games a about three “hom of people into mes bring a lot esses,” said d for local busin rs play in Lake’s 3-6 grade as many as 40 mple, it means and spending eling to Pelican e day here. the new league n-win between businesses have se becau , esses to the program ous in donating as the “unoffiDorn, who acts program. “We an for the Pelic support we’ve reciate all the VerDorn, also businesses,” said
nd By Louis Hoglu

Self-Promotion or House Ad
Weeklies up to 2,500
First Place: Pelican Rapids Press, Jeff Meyer Haven’t Read the Press Lately? What an eye catching ad! Good use of artwork and color. I like the visual of the many options. This was clearly the winner in this category. Second Place: Jackson County Pilot, Marie Zimmerman The Definition of Excellence Very creative way to showcase award winners. Good use of white space and the definition use is unique. Very nice job. Third Place: Jackson County Pilot, Justin R. Lessman Did You Miss Out? This ad is an attention grabber. Message is short and to the point. Nice use of art and white space.

Fun...and fundame

ntals...are key ingr

edients of new you

th league

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

of the ggest benefit m is football progra enth s come into sev er bett h muc a with game the of ing tand of football.” eman, coach

Doug Brugg schools Pelican Rapids

as the Jaycees, organizations such rtment and the to Rapids Fire Depa have donated on Memorial Fund 0, ootball program. was nearly $9,00 outfit t-year budget about $150 to and orn. It costs jerseys, helmets er with pants, , those are “onepads. Fortunately e, as most of the ts, to a large degreple years. rat can be used multi , with a $75 regist es also contribute noted VerDorn. this or each player, break-even level e at about a good share of the upa “we id Korf. With taken care of, now cost ent uipm the program going families be able to keep fees from the tely. And the ts p it continue.” teer Pelican paren all y footb current. many as 20 volun school varsit help as o t, as well as high the towns–wh from each of in s, said Korf. 60 kids thanUBL IC more for AFET Y ing ’re shoot Korf. n next year,” said forming a solid, susthat, ls like h numbers like all program, schoo le youth footb Rothsay will be in the an Rapids and come. for decades to



Thursday, Dec. 20,

2012 – Edina Sun-Curr



Thefts from vehicle s can impact residents either directl Although theft from y or indirectly . vehicles occurs round, several yearthefts underground garage from vehicles in s have occurred recent weeks. in The Edina Department offered Police tips to avoid occurring, and a theft the frustration, monetary loss and inconv enience of being ized: victim• Park only in bright, busy lots ramps. Good lightin and g and the presen other people will also reduce vulner ce of ty to other types abiliof crime. • Never leave anythi ng visible on the seats or floor of the gets include gym vehicle. Common tarbags, briefcases, book

Prevent theft by takin g items out of vehicles



bags, purses and anything electro nic. • Before you get lock into your trunk to your destination, anything that must stay in the car. • Roll windows up completely , lock the car and take the keys with you. using the locks Simply will deter casual looking for an easy thieves opportunity . • Report all suspici ous activity by ing 911. Give a thorough descrip callanyone you see tion of prowling around or peering into vehicle s. • At home, keep garage doors and locked. Be sure the service closed sturdy and has door is a good deadbolt. motion sensor Install lights in front and back yards. • If you leave your vehicle in the driveway , remove the garage door opener and any other valuab les – CDs, cassett es, spare change, glasses – and then lock the doors.

2013 ATS

Need your Cadillac

/mth* *36 months, 30,000 mile lease, 10% down or trade equity no first payment, plus tax, title and license. ($3684), no security deposit, Offer ends 1/2/13.



Weeklies over 2,500
First Place: Edina Sun Current, Krista Ramberg & Krista Jech Fish Wrap - Broadsheet Conversion Epitome of self-promotion! Clever imagery, wonderful use of color and great editorial all “Wrapped” into one ad. Great job. Second Place: Echo Press, Alexandria, Jody Hanson & Karla Mikkelson Self-promo series: Meet the Editorial Staff A window into your newspaper designed with class. Popping the employee with color and clip pathing draws attention. Well done. Third Place: Hutchinson Leader, Tammy Fleck & Marne Long Crazy Days sale The playful and bright colors of this ad draw you right in. The “out of the box” pencil edges are a treat touch.

A 36-year-old Bloom ington man was arrested for possess ion of drug paraph erPAGE 8B

Deadly bomb strikes civilian area in east Libya

Amir Hossain Mazum civil said Mohammed of fire service and der, deputy director defense. seamstress who surReshma Begum, a 17 days on cookies for rubble the vived under she was rescued last (AP) — and bottled water before TRIPOLI, Libya s at a hospital Monday exploded week, told reporter d to be rescued. A deadly car bomb l in a that she never expectein a garment factory Monday near a hospitacivilwith “I will not work busy area packed Libyan again,” she vowed. eight other ians in the eastern Plaza owner and destroying Rana zi, The Bengha ownof city garment factory a1,127. officials ent also agreed to people, including part of the facility, d in the investig Bangladesh’s governmform unions withers, have been detaine to owner said. ing say the building allow garment workersfactory owners. That and tion. Authorities Officials gave conflict structure illegally out permission from it announced a plan with death added floors to the to install heavy equipcasualty figures, a day after came 10 s . to decision three factorie industry the d allowed m wage in the tolls ranging from th of g was not designe to raise the minimu eight-story Rana Plaza ment that the buildin in the chaotic afterma The collapse of the focused worldwide to support. t fac24 the attack. about 5,000 garmen It is factory building April Banhas was the in esh ns operawhich (After zi, Banglad you’ve read it of us conditio of rescue Bengha garment workers. course!) marking the end attention on hazardo revolutories and 3.6 million r of clothes in the puts a red flag, g collapsed on industry, where workers birthplace of the gladesh’s garment that ends up on store A Bangladeshi rescue worker desh garment-factory buildin ouster of ggest exporte after Bangla tion that led to the Gadhafi, Nearly three weeks of the the third-bi sew low-cost clothing including the U.S. tions at the site where a China and Italy. ar desh, Monday. site after the at Bangla Moamm y world, billion globe, Monda dictator near Dhaka, ns in the $20 shelves around the of assasthe dead ended April 24 in Savar, Working conditio of government corthe search for has suffered a series attacks, t industry.(AP) and Western Europe. months after a fire at the building collapsed, are grim, a result other Sun of the global garmen s and t Curren sination and industry will continue to The the industry r in the history tragedy came one ofYOU bring , desperation for jobs, for garment you thein Bangladesh killed worst disaste g the Sept. 11 asR COM ruption Rights Consortium, includin will MUNITY NEWS our newsp atic agreement. another garment factory same great local content, but to sign last the Worker diplombe aper nce. Minimum wages ies agreed increas LEADER tions pushing for the saults on the U.S. in the world ing to . a more standa a fresh Rana indiffere organiza Two other compan with the new 112 workers Ambassalook. Not the look killed search for bodies at For workers are among the lowest andthat rdbigsize format feel makes clothes under laofand mission which the Meanwhile, theonly retailing giant H&M, Bangla. front andSwedish 21” year: PVH, of tall, three Izod inside we and will off Monday evening the at 3,000 takas ($38) a month. pages ts from be freshen Hilfiger called . garmen Tommy was of dor Chris Stevens ing er esh’s Cabinet apPlaza Klein, in up the gest purchas the rubble pile Tchibo. Among On Monday, Banglad restrictions on Primark and Tesco; Calvin other Americans. and German retailer rt Stores, which more than 19 days, had been the scene of British companies ent lifting bels, Afdesh; Inditex, s amendm North an Spain’ Savar and of proved Wal-Ma nds; The oil-rich suburb families and most industries, govern- a division of the big holdouts are C&A of the Netherla clothing Dhaka largely efforts, anguished forming unions in Bhuichain, said they would is the second-largest producer of rescue rican nation is still , many Zara Hossain frantic the raf flesh. g of Moshar owner H&M, and the Gap. the overwhelming smell of decayinnight. ment spokesman requires them to conduct dominated by militias law required works in Bangladesh behind sign a contract that who said. The old 2006 exactly what is needed was found on Sunday inspections of factorie find us on including fighters “This agreement is to the epidemic of The last body will be handed over to po- yan obtain permission before they could independent safety repairs. forces durto of an end battled Gadhafi’s “Now the site no more ers and cover the costs for them to pay up to to finally bring war, and s that have taken so on. There will be unionize. ing the 2011 civil The pact also calls fire and building disaster t industry in Ban- lice for protecti the fire service or army,” blamed on the effort and to stop garmen many attacks are of activities from $500,000 a year toward factory that refuses many lives in the is rampant executive director them as infighting business with any gladesh,” Scott Nova, . doing control for ments. in the battle analysts to make safety improve But witnesses and on said Monday’s explosi it struck ry to terror orstood out because crowded to provides weapon a with tera strong challenge during the day in s at risk. ganizat ions is siding but ity and pose artillery systems, aerial campaign. Israel ror,” Landau said. area, putting civiliansignifithey missiles and far refrained from any possible on Friday, “The bombing is missiles to Syria and has so that advanced Russian Speaking in Warsaw r Sergey first that supply- Moscow the ad- also fears hands — President aircraft cant in that it is the asked Russia to stop Assad’s providing Damascus with MOSCOW (AP) s could fall into the Foreign Ministe have weapon Russian c Israeli in Frederi with Bashar was comah, a key Syrian ally targets civilians,” S-300. Vladimir Putin’s talks in Netan- ing Syrian President Lavrov said that Russiaair defense ie Enhas a of Hezboll Lebanon. hanging” vanced Benjam weapon “game-c r of ul such Ministe with powerf delivery Wehrey of the Carneg ring the The Prime neighbo tional Tuesday will regime Minist er pleting to Syria under earlier kilometers (125 dowment for Interna s yahu in Russia on in Syria, the weapons. Israeli Touris m range of up to 200 system Syria, on track in to email. ty an war Russia capabili accused s, but avoided speciPeace said in Despite the civil focus on the situation de- miles) and the multiple targets Uzi Landau going the signed contract the S-300 batteries growing con“The bombing is e on has rejected Western y of destab ilizing and strike Kremlin said, amid whether may soon pro- Russia sales, arguing down neously with lethal effi- Monda East by selling weapons fying to put renewe d pressur cerns that Moscow an advanced mands to halt such simulta Middle are among them. Minled who internae quantum a embatt with violated “Anyon . mean us regime an already It would vide Damasc that they haven’t arms de- ciency. to reign in capabil- to Assad’s . istry of Interior law. The Russian Syria’s air defense anti-aircraft weapon brigades,” defense leap in Russia is tional have included air the revolutionary to Israeli officials say g S-300 anti- liveries he added, referrin on the verge of selling militias. esh (AP) — Several SAVAR, Banglad retailers embraced of the biggest Western them to pay for require a plan that would in Bangladesh as the factory improvements victims of the worst for three-week search ended disaster in history ng ry t-indust garmen death toll at a staggeri Monday with the


WE’R ll put at 1,127 toG EarM ; de IN ends G at BhIG chAK Se ER FISH WRAP!

nalia at Minne sota Avenue after a traffic Drive and France stop. A vehicle window at 7250 York Avenue was reported broken . Sports equipm ent totalin $530 reported stolen PEOPLE'SgPRESS OWATO at NNA 4101 Parklawn Ave. was


ced? Our propositio Call and make an n is Simple. appoin your vehicle is being tment and we’ll provide you a Cadilla serviced by our Cadilla c to c Certified Master drive while 14, 2013 Technicians. Tuesday, May 6825 York Avenu e South in Edina Across from South (952) 920-4300 dale (888) 213-0649







to discuss Syrian con Putin and Netanyahu

meeting flict during Moscow

Dailies under 10,000
SOmething old! Something new!! something borrowed! Something Blue! What’s a so. MInn Gal to do?

First Place: Owatonna People’s Press, Nicole Gilmore SCENE The ads works with the retro graphics, colors and short to the point editorial. Second Place: Albert Lea Tribune, Stacey Bahr Check me out Great imagery with good use of spot color. Third Place: Faribault Daily News, Thom Aakre Is there something you think we can do better? Tell us on Facebook! Layout is nice with specific purpose. Good job.

TH MAY 17 !


*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest Dailies 10,000 and over
Area News

Tractors driving Use of Color in Advertising on highw


urant A&W Resta Food
All American 23, Paynesville Jct. Hwys. 55 &


@ Open Wed.-Mon • Eden Valley Closed Tuesdays! - Beer - Food Liquor - Wine

Dino’s Eden Lakeside Club 4 p.m.


Manannah n Hilltop Taver
Open Tues.-Sun.

Paynesville Subway

Specials All Week! , Eat-in or Take-out

23 W, Paynesvill 620 State Hwy.


Tuck’s Cafe

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Valley Inn

Daily Noon Specials e Ave., Paynesvill

7 days a week! Kitchen open Specials Daily & Evening Valley Main St., Eden

Wishin’ Well l Cafe & Flora Paynesville
Washburne Ave.,

to the moon in the Schmitt, a geolog lunar module. ist, collected rock samples while on the lunar Today, Schmitt perfor surface. ms aerospace and earth scienc e consulting. He also presents scienti to professional societi fic papers es such as the Geological Societ y of America. He speaks locally to many groups in and around Albuq uerque Schmitt sees forme , N.M. r astronaut Eugene Cernan, of Houston, periodically. Cernan, 79, works parttime in public relations. Their fellow Apollo 17 crew member Ronald Evans died in 1990. The West Battle mer resident forme Lake sumrly United States senato served as a r from New Mexico. His wife, Teresa, is a professional writer and also with pre-school admin volunteers istrators. Schmitt received a bachelor of science degree in geology from the California Institu te of Technology in 1957. He spent a geology at the Unive year studying rsity of Oslo in Norway. The New Mexic o resident received a Ph.D. in Former astronaut Harvard University geology from Bev Olson of Parkers Harris Prairie in 1964, based of her Viking Cafe while visiting on “Jack” Schmitt, who owns a cabin on flower gardens, as has some Easter lilies that are bloom his geological field studie at West Battle Lake, people in Fergus Falls. was spied by The Indepe ing in s in this past week. took time for breakf – Photo by Tom Hintgen, Norway. In 1970 ndent’s photographer one ast at the – Photo by Jakki Wehking OTC Correspondent he became the – By Tom Hintge first of the scienti st-astronauts to County Corresponde n, Otter Tail in New Mexico and be assigned to space nt the family has Schmi flight. mainta Former astronaut tt. ined the lake cabin When he return s to the West Harrison years. over the “Jack” Schmitt, who The Apollo 17 missio Battle Lake area, Schmitt walked on the n, which performs moon in 1972, period took He’s now 78 and in prior years was place close to 41 years ago, roof work and other tasks at the ically comes has from New Mexico graciously spoken the family lake cabin. to spend time at to students States final mission of the United He’s his cabin at West and service group ponent of lake preser a big prolunar landing progra Battle Lake. Each s in Battle Lake vation who m. It visit to Otter Tail and in other area was Count communities. the the sixth landing of humans on appreciates conser vation efforts Summer 2013 is no y is special. Schmitt is proud of moon. at nearby Glendalough State exception. Park, plishments of Vining the accomSchmitt’s late father The three-memb er crew incu- northeast of Battle Lake. native and ded grew up curren in southern Minne Schmitt, Eugen t astronaut Karen sota and purchased property Command Modu e Cernan and “For many years I’ve Nyberg. le at West Battle Lake. The future astron the beauty of Otter appreciated Evans. While Evans Pilot Ronald Tail County, moon orbited the aut grew up with its abundance of in the command modul lakes,” said Schmi e, tt and Cernan descended Question: Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of large Ask A other mobile farmin tractors and being driven on g equipment Trooper N AT U R A L S E highways and TTING other Trp. Jesse Grabow, well-traveled roads, and I’m Minnesota State curious is this legal? The Department Is farming of Patrol equipment license sources (DNR) invites Natural Red for road travel in the same way a men who have compl women and passen ger car or eted Minnetruck is? Answe sota’s new virtua l online firearms farmin r: Good topic and questions. As far as tractors and safety certification g equipment being other mobile range and field legal. driven on the highw day to attend Deer Traffic Day on Sunday, and registr laws DO still apply (stop signs, ays and other roads it is Aug. 11. right of way, etc.) ation are not necess License arily needed on But overall Deer Day is a great complement good remin common sense and safety will alwaysthis type of equipment. to the new online der for everyone to be required. This adult hunter edupay is a attenti on and to drive the cation course and speed limit. virtual field day. It is the time of Deer Day provides year where hands riences with a variety -on expe- signage restricting or detour road construction mandates temporary ing of firearms Scott Thom and basics of how pson to define what traffic. I contacted MNDOT Engine to hunt deer. it all means. er ROAD The event, hosted by the DNR’s tells you CLOSED TO THRU TRAFFIC or Becoming An Outdo LOCAL TRAFFIC that you NEED to take a different route ONLY program, will be from ors Family the barrier if you have and should only cross no other 9:30 a.m. un- the restric 2013 8, 3:30 til ted area. For examp option to reach your destination within Wednesday, May near p.m. on the Wilkens Farm friend or relativ le, if the driveway to your home, works Mora in Kanabec e’s home can only ite, County. you are LOCA a be Youth, ages 10 and s L TRAFFIC and NOT accessed on the restricted roadw older, ay Paynesville Pres THRU TRAFFIC. comed to attend accom are wel- is outside the restricted If your destin area, you must take panied by a THRU. guardian. another route and ation not go ROAD “The deer huntin g clinic is an if you try CLOSED means just that; you canno excelle s nt oppor t enter or cross the you may not get throug Pontoon tunity for individ barrie h, you may damag r; u- and/or be subject als who chose the e road work, get stuck to a citation. MND with OT explained that in partnership and field day option virtual range typically put up a ROAD it would not CLOSED if access on-one time with to have one- vehicles generally have to was needed. Even emergency re-route around a instructors to MND handle firearms, closed road. target shoot and weight OT DETOUR routes use paved roads, which can and gain insights into deer biology they of the detoured traffic while not handle the violating load restric focus on the shorte and hunting.” said st and most direct tions, and Linda Bylander, know route. For those thinki coordinator of the better than MND available... OT keep in mind DNR’s Becom- odds ng they Entry level jobs 9 to $16.42 an hour that are great you will ing An Outdoors arrive at a dead end, if you stray from the detour Woman program. lost, from $11.3 and travel furthe “Though open to Earn anywhere ted in working r. When drivers go get stuck on gravel roads, get all ages 10 and State individuals interes off detours MND Patrol begin getting older, this huntin tly looking for g setting. acturin OT We are curren g clinic compl and the manuf / places a using drivew aints about the unusu premium on assisti in an agricultural ays to turn around are seeking career al traffic, vehicles ng wome ny growth, we are and n people compa These and ed TRAF shifts. requesting directi families in a suppo Due to continu of positions & ons. rtive and friend- advan FIC CONTROL CHANGE AHEA uals for a variety ty & competitive benefits, as ce of to a chang ly environment.” D warnings minded individ ns offering stabili programs or were removed or e in traffic control devices. For instan are placed in Register for the long-term positio for advancement into trainee stop signs are added ce, if stoplights deer , delete emailing Linda Byland clinic by These signs are important well as opportunity leade positions. rship P H OT Oiate to heed, as you do d, or set up differently. er at linda. intersection n. G consid eratio RA PH not want to go throug assuming the traffic Y© us. ction1for 1 7 immed N O R T H OT T E h an Conne contro to Work l is these the same – a habitu R AV E N U E 75 intersections or Registration is limited 59.96 Please call The 320.2 RKE -PA RS PRAIRIE, al response . Lunch 33 MN 56361 St. Cloud Office 2 1 8 It is a violation and road changes could be tragic. will be served. 3 3 8 -40.66 2741 o Plump - -320.2 directions. Fines can a citation can be written if you violate On-site at Gold’n w w w. p p i n d e p e n r 2 1 8 - 6 3 9 - 9 7 9 8 The virtual online be over $100. If winter these CT-0000151968-01 ppinews@m firearms to access a winter e. c o m and you cross a barrie lawful course takes about storm 9! closed OAT nine r or gate 195 roadw hours to if you need to ay you will be in for -690-B complete and is Since ION M AT or be rescue R888 F1O a fine and a bill IN -217 interactive with RE -796 FO ds R M O 320 W MNDOT seriously d - up to $10,000. our Business” NO narration, quizze L Bus s Car C A Llity ce, It’s ines consid s and final exam. trust 98 8 9.97 “Cus 63 8 . Servi 1tomer that they have done ers what signs to put up and where Information about 741 OR 2 Spicer, MN 5628 8.2 Visit us for qua the course and interes 218.33 - you can their homework that •PO Box 235• other safety classes and it is in the driver t to regard posted 179 Access Drive that will leave signs. is available on ’s best If you the DNR website and Stationery www.littlecrows at www.mndnr. Minne have any questions concerning traffic gov/safety. sota send your related laws or issues in Patrol at 1000 Highw questions to Trp. Jesse Grabow – Minnesota State ay 10 West, Detroi es. can ciat t follow Lakes, him asso MN s on Twitter @MSP 56501-2205. (You PIO_NW or reach on your busines him at, ! jesse.g rabow@ UND TIME K TURN-ARO

Schmitt always en jo spent in Otter Tai ys time l County

The Parkers Prairie Indepe Thursday, August 8, 2013ndent, LLC

First Place: Brainerd Dispatch, Lisa Henry Careful it will have you hooked I love this ad. Great use of artwork, lots of white space, good message and great color. Good job!

Easter Lilies bloom ing Free Press, Mankato, Jim Santori Second Place: The in Parkers Prairie


She Is Are You? A dominant graphic is the key to a successful ad and this one achieves that goal. Great teaser ad, it makes you want more info. Third Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Mindy Wirtzfeld She Says Good use of graphics and color. Very effective ad.

Senior Portraits
Prices starting at

Online learners offered field experience at deer clinic

ays; Closed roads

Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: The Parkers Prairie Independent, LLC, Jakki Wehking Senior Portraits The senior photos really pop off the ad with the use of white space. Also the burgundy really catches one’s eye and is an unexpected color for newsprint. I like the muted color of the camera in the background as well. Very nice job and the ad looks very professional, as a professional photographer would want. Second Place: The Parkers Prairie Independent, LLC, Jennifer Marquardt We love our loyal readers! This is a good example of “less is more.” Just because you have a full color ad doesn’t mean you have to use it on every inch and this is the prime reason why. Use of white space and pops of red are what draws my eye to this ad.


Check with

Parkers Prairie Indep endent

Ponto Palm Beach

us for grea

t deals on



e Ave. 211 Washburn 320-243-3772 92 Fax: 320-243-44




bing Since 1961 ss Plum For CustomVo m• ossplumbing D es ww ned .co Banners, Signs and Posters...

gin pp in o hp op “Sh“S
Join the

t ight OuS Ladies N d see us Place: ond”top in anThird eP today! The Parkers Prairie Independent, LLC, Jakki Wehking Th n gto in pN pig t ut O u ho t t O “S u gh t O Ni Fall Festival Subscription Special h es ig h di La surs N 9 ie ydTh ds e Pond” ie a a d M on y LaL ing a ” pp d ho n “S ” o d P n Th o e P Thoughtful use of color, highlighting the important parts of the ad–the Th ne Th no ay May 9 og
Parkers Prairie
117 N Otter Ave • Parkers Prairie, MN 56361 • 218.338.2741

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fall special heading and deal. And good use of orange. I like the discreet fall leaves in the background as well.

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: The Paynesville Press, Brian Dingmann Ladies Night Out Ladies Night Out exhibits a nice blend of bright colors, but not too busy or distracting, considering the shopping bag theme. An attractive ad.


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110 320.354.8

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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Use of Color in Advertising









Lake Christina in the

(OHF) that annuall for projects that y provides $100 million “protect, restore , and enhance wetlands, other habitats” prairies, forests, and “Lessard-Sams in Minnesota. The Outdoo cil” (LSOHC) recomm r Heritage CounEditor’s note: The ends provided by Ducks following story was funding from the OHF to the projects for state LegisUnlimi lature, and is compris ted. Douglas County ed of six legislators nesota’s “waterf is in the heart of Min- and six citizens. owl State Senator Bill ducks and geese flyway” for the many Ingebrigtsen from Ducks Unlimited’s Alexandri Minnesota spring that migrate through Alexandria is one of 12 LSOHC a Area Chapter Chair and fall each year. members. ager Jon Schneide Ingebrigtsen also Bill Januszewski (left) Our many lakes, serves as chair r (right) presented and Conservation Programs especially our shallow Senate Environ lakes, attract waterfo ment and Naturaof the (center) of Brandon for their cooperati a “Beyond the Call” award to landowne Manwl and other birds sources Committee rs Craig and Julie Haseman l on and assistance in especially diving the Jennie Lake enhancem that appropriates Re- mans donated land to the Minnesot a DNR necessary to the ily lower water ent project. The Hasesively on aquatic ducks that rely exclu- funds recommended by the install levels in the shallow foods to survive. LSOHC. “Working with DU lake to enhance its aquatican electric pump station used to temporar these same shallow In turn, and being part of ecology. tract duck hunters lakes traditionally at- funding projects like Jennie to the area too. A Lake play of antique duck dis- Lake Christina has been very rewardi and ng,” Minnesota Lakes hunting boats at the said Ingebrigtsen. “These project Maritim help s will e bring Museum Alexandria speaks back to that long, rich in hunting for West the traditional fall duck tory. hisCentral Minnesota. very fortunate to Unfortunately, many be part of that.” I feel shallow lakes have become turbid due “Just as prairie to years of high water and abundance of is essential to maintfire carp, bullheads, invasive fish such as aining High numbers of and fathead minnows. a healthy prairie fish in shallow lakes ecosy wetlands can signific and antly degrad so are periodic drougstem, aquatic ecology of these basins e the periodic fish winterk without in prairie wetlan hts them of little value ill events, and render ds to ducks – and duck and shallow lakes. hunters. ” Such was the case with two lakes Douglas County in Jon Schneid south of Brando– 316-acre Jennie Lake, MANAGER OF DUCKS er Green emergent vegetatio UNLIMITED n in Jennie Lake CONSERVATION PROGRAM Christina, north n and 4,000-acre Lake sponded to the partial reof Evansville. For S draw-down this year. turies, both Jennie cenChristina-Ina-Anka Lake In 2009, DU receive Association board members plans to keep the lake low again next The DNR been important duck and Christina have year d a $2.9 million OHF John Lindquist and Brad courage more aquatic Gruss received an Outdoor plant growth for wildlifeto enin poor shape the lakes, but have been appropriation for eight shallow tat. The shallow lake habilake en- Leaders Award from Outdoor News. is needed remedia last few decades and hancement projects across refuge and water levels managed as a waterfowl tion. the state and itage investe ets... d most bouqu Jennie Lake is an will be restored in 2014. maid of Conser vation 64 those grant Detroit Lakes brides • and s. funds importa Trust, improve bridal 844-36 ement into • nt local waand ment Chippe terfowl refuge Custom of Lake Christin ion arrang wa River Frazee Street Watershed Project the mit conditions finally allowed East and t. a and 310 ony and nie recept JenLake.within ceremat hunting hunters’ request (closed to For each your budge . DU DNR also secured custom DNR to run lake, ), and Christin to work a small grant from all three pumps. Since then, pumpin recomm a is ended temporaryDU biologists the North Americ consul portant duck staging al an im-tants lowered the g has an Wetlands Conser water level tion lake Person used by many draw-downs for 1-2 years local and metro Act of $75,000 for va- more than lake nearly two feet, with no to three feet of water two-thirds of the hunters in fall (eastern vasive fish and rejuvenate winterkill in- $75,000 applied from the project to match in the remaining aquatic plants contribu most of the lake is closed to the OHF, and DNR ized boat use to limit motor- and invertebrates. In other ted $50,000. Remain continue through basin. Pumping will words, biolo- were ing expenses ing fall with a goal of good years, Christin bird disturbance). In gists recommended a drough paid by partners, lowerthe lake t a to has with three help ducks. held the the ect exceeding to four feet before Who would have as many total proj- forms 100,000 canvasback $250,000. ice in November to ducks and more as “Just as prairie fire thought? 1 million water birds induce a natural “It’s great to see than fish is essentia winterk such ill event l to main- ect locally an awesome projtaining a healthy Wildlife biologis at one time in fall. prairie ecosyst will remain open in February. The lake that will benefit ts with Minnesota the ducks we partment of Natura De- are periodic droughts in prairie em, so see in the Alexand for hunting and Ducks Unlimit l Resources (DNR) and shallow lakes,” said Jon wetlands Januszewski, DU’sria area,” stated Bill fall, howeve this Alexandria chapter Schneider, chair. r, acdo, but lacked theed (DU) knew what to manager of conservation cess may be chalprograms for financial resourc Then, with the The Lake Christin es. DU in Minnesota. “Stable, high water lenging due to low passage a project els lev- story, but on cause wetlands of the Clean is a similar water Water, Land, and a much to stagnat levels. voters in Novem Legacy Amendment by greatly reduce their product e, and numbers of carp, larger scale. Massive Ducks Unlimbigmou ber 2008, that problem ducks and other ivity for bullhea was solved. wildlife.” d, and minnows th buffalo, black ited recently recshifted the In 2009 and 2010, The annual into what scientis The Legacy Amend DU biologis ts call the “turbid lake ognized Craig and Alexandria “Chain Minnesota “Outdo ment created the gineers worked with Minnes ts and en- state.” water Julie Haseman ota DNR and or Heritage Fund” local conservation of Lakes” Ducks Dams stall permanent clubs to design and in- lakes afterconstructed on downstream with a DU “BeUnlimited electric pump stations yond the Call” the 1930s drought the outlets of both elevated and Award fundraising event Lake Christina on stabilized water levels in Christin Jennie Lake. Pumpin and feet, enough a by two extra for their will be held at the to g prevent was effort delayed in terkill 2011 due to heavy natural Broadway events from occurri fish win- help implem to Ducks Unlimited is the but the Minnesota summer rain events, quently ent ng. ConseBallroom on Friday, , nonprofit organization world’s largest advantage of a dryDNR was able to take undesir populations of carp and other the Jennie Lake dedicated to able invasive September 14 at project. conserving North America’s and hot summe winter, early spring, The Past fish toxican fish exploded. continually 5 p.m. 2012 is the Christina-Ina t treatme disappearing waterfow pumps and maker this year to run the cessful in switching the nts were suc- Anka Lake Assosignificant progres 75th anniversary Established in 1937, l habitats. lower lake s to clear water both lakes. back to a ciation DU is celebrating state, but only of Ducks Unlimited. its 75th anniversary was The small pump this year, with special installed on Jennie and the lake returned to the temporarily, recently recogTickets can be Lake has been running events, projects and turbid state nized promotions across steadily since late when rough fish populations explode purchased through for their last fall, and DNR the continent. Ducks the lake again. d in in the projectrole Unlimited has the DU website about 30 percent has lowered the lake to by conserved more than “Clearly, fish are of its former depth. 12 driving the aquatic Outdoor News goal is to lower water The ecology of Lake thanks to contributions million acres with levels in the lake minnesota/events, much as possible as a more sustain Christina, and we needed nual their first ana million supporters from more than to freeze out all remain across the continent able Outdoo means or ing by calling r of managing Leader fish so aquatic - them to improv . Guided by science and invertebrates and e and maintain s Award Rick Thiery at plants can flourish quality,” said Schneid program efficiency, DU dedicated to water present next year when water ed works toward the returns. (320) 808-1663. at To remedy, DU er. vision of wetlands sufficient Game Fair in and DNR partner Private landow to fill the s with the kies with waterfowl ed today, tomorrow Haseman provide ners Craig and Julie ation to Christina-Ina-Anka Lake Associ- Anoka. and forever. For more install a $2 million d land on the outlet While pumping information, DNR for the project pumpin to continu tem g sys- flocking es, birds are consisting visit , and several local sportsmen clubs pumps capable of three large electric season and the fall waterfowl hunting helped of moving 72 cubic is upon us. The for the work includin DU and DNR pay per second early resident feet Canada g Viking Sportsm of water. Dam restrict Evansville Area Sportsm en, ions on 1, Youth goose season opened September en, Pioneer Her- downstream lakes and heavy spring Waterfowl Day is delayed pumping September 8, until July 18 whenrains and the regular duck and per- opens Septem goose season ber 22.

Two area lakes lower ed to improve habitat for waterfowl and hunte rs

SIMPLY UL Pumpin IF T g for Udu ck s BEA
northwest corner of Douglas County is being lowered by the Departme nt of Natural Resource s. This is a panorami

Your perfect WEDDING 2013


Second Place: Grant County Herald, Elbow Lake, Anne O’ Flynn Grant County Fair A very close second. The wood grain background is effective; lots of color, but blends well with the theme, not overbearing; the colors highlight, and do not distract.
side of the lake.

c photo from the north

c roses, let our orchids to classi From exotic complement you. floral creations inspire and

ral Central Flo

Third Place: Askov American, Lynn Vongroven Finlayson Municipal Liquor Valentine’s Day ad For a small ad, the colors make it pop. Not your run-of-the-mill red Valentine’s Day ad. The pink and aquamarine is a great match, and I particularly liked the use of black as an accent, kind of like “spot black.”

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Mary Brenk & Luanna Lake* Central Floral Second Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Liz Warling & Rachel Poser* 9-11 Third Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Carol Hennen & Nick Omberg* Silver Leaf



Cancer Awareness

Al lp roc Am eed sb eri ene can fit t Ca he nc e r So ci e t y!

Hurry! is e Deadlin ! Sept. 14

Bra Contest
a bra, decorate it any way you like (G-rated!), and enter it into our contest for a chance to win great prizes!

c l a s s i c Meaningful

Animal Prine t FUNNY
BOLD fun Bright Colors



Join the fight against breast cancer! Find

Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Echo Press, Alexandria, Echo Press Design Staff Bra Contest A very clean, neat, easy to read ad with good use of color. Sometimes we tend to over use color and this ad used the color properly. Second Place: Morrison County Record, Little Falls, Faye Santala Holiday Jewelry Sale The color was used to highlight the product, the headline and the logo. A nice clean, easy to read, effective ad. Third Place: Hutchinson Leader, Paul Becker Liquor Hutch Eye-catching ad where the color highlighted to product being promoted.

Polka Dots
inspirationa l

Sassy Floral

Judged Oct. 4 @ Women’s Showca se! Businesses, teams & individuals: Drop be received by Septem off ber 14, 2012. Enter entries at the Echo Press office, 225 7th as many as you like, just $10 each. Please Avenue East in Alexandria. Entries must call 320-763-3133 with questions.

Deadline: Sept. 14

MODERN Uplifting unique


ck Ba By lar !! pu nd Po ma De


*Limited Number Available

Dailies under 10,000
First Place: Marshall Independent, Joyce Larsen Cooking & Decorating Show Sharp and clean. Nicely done. Second Place: Marshall Independent, Beathny Bakker Feat at the Feaigrounds Great use of color, screens and imagery. Third Place: Marshall Independent, Tara Brandl Don’t Take Chances Loved the black and white against the hot pink. Nicely done.

Featuring new recipes, holiday decorating tips and ideas!
Thursday, November 8, 2012
Marshall Middle School
401 South Saratoga, Marshall, MN

Free gift bag for each attendee Prizes given away Supper available on site

 Page 22

Booths featuring local businesses, 5-7 p.m. Show starts at 7 p.m.

Recipes presented by… ty Clinic ~ Dr. Gildner, Avera Marshall Speciali ~ Katie Wilhelmi, Dietician, HyVee ~ Heidi Aufenthie, Director of Wee Care Preschool Decorating presented by… ~ A&W Furniture and Accents
Available at County Fair, HyVee and Tickets ~ $15 includes $5 food voucher the Marshall Independent

Pg 12

--photo by Naomi pick-off last week at Hector. Nathan Torkelson beat the the Baker throw back to rst base during game FRoNT pAgE pHoToS Kerkhoven-Hector legion baseball By KElly HuMpHREy

Lakers come back, hold on, defeat Regal

Best Advertisement
Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: The Kerkhoven Banner, Ted Almen Happy Fourth of July A great idea! Good photo-shopping ice cream and fireworks; great color; love the dog–oooh! aaah! Second Place: Minneota Mascot, Rachel Benson Fall garage sales Another great idea for a community event; very bright colors; nice design; makes you feel like you want to go bargain hunting! Third Place: Clara City Herald, Staff Welcome Back from MACCRAY Teachers Another outstanding idea; almost makes you WANT to go back to school! Great layout.

Chad Searcy grounded out to by James Cortez shortstop, plating Cortez with fourth run of the The Norway Lake-Sun- the Lakers’ The rally, and inning, burg Lakers fell behind early inning. end with the Lakers in their County Line League would 4-3. amateur baseball game against ahead For the first time, the 5K The game remained a oneat Eagles Kaleidoscope Fun the visiting Regal affair through the middle Run was in conjunction with Willie Reigstad Park in Sun- run both starting with innings, the Walk for burg last Sunday, but came settling down and Hope in memory of John back, and then held on, for a pitchers Sullivan. not allowing any runs. The key 5-4 victory. nally pushed another The Lakers gave up two Lakers Even before this past weekthe of across in their half game when he amassed runs in the rst inning when run Sullivan was end’s inning. Justin Johnson a devoted 2010 support yards, er 200 than Regal banged out three singles seventh and hit by a pitch with one out leading force inmore Joel Bauman was grad hing off Laker starting pitcher Chris was stole second base. Cortez KMS establis and the up MN Adult gave also Braaten. Braaten leading the Midwest Premiere laced a double to left cenand Teen Challeng (MPFL) in League a leadoff homerun to begin the then Football e campus in the eld, scoring Johnson and second inning, giving the visi- ter rushing with 725 yards). In 88 the Lakers a 5-3 lead. Brainerd lakes averaged Bauman area. tors a quick 3-0 lead. But that giving attempts, pitch to in come had Jonah would be all Regal could mus8.2 yards per carry and scored the seventh inning, relievtouchdowns. ter against the Laker ace, as in Braaten, and hopefully four Presented by Braaten held the Eagles score- ing “Joel has been such a posiJoel Bauman looked for the door on the Eauence on the team. His less over the next four innings. shutting Regal was able to score an opening against the tive in Facing this early decit, the gles. experience having been on run in the eighth inning Granite City Renegades. Lakers rebounded with a four- onecut the Laker lead to 5-4, a winning team at KMS has “The best I've run outburst in the bottom of to that would be it, as Jonah helped him to be an encourag“A blast!” but lead a team take seen!” ever –SW News the third inning to ing voice to his fellow – the last three innings, they would not relinquish. Jes- pitched mates through the tough lossonly that one run, sie Engler led off the inning surrendering es earlier in the season,” said preserving the win for the by reaching base on an error. and nine. co-owner of the West Central “Will shock you out Jonah Johnson followed with a local Broncos, Ben Dols, another !” Seven different Lakers colof the doldrums graduate. KMS double that put runners on sec2010 –Chanhassen Villager while a hit on the day, ond and third. Justin Johnson lected Dols and business partner defense committed only the of owners are Peppin walked to load the bases and the error. Braaten picked up Steve “Happy and highly James Cortez drove in Engler one win, only walking one team and aim for them to be entertaining!” – Cherry & Spoon with a single to right eld. the a community-based organizain his six innings, and With the bases still loaded, batter earned a save from his tion that will give young men Jonah single colAaron Zimmer drilled a structure and unity after Bible innings of work on the A dazzling retelling of the beloved through the ineld, scoring Jo- three lege to help to guide them in and old. nah easily. Justin got caught in mound. story that sings out to young a good direction. In the Brona rundown between third base cos’ inaugural season they are Final Score: and home plate on the play 3-4, having just recently beat Regal….210 000 010- 4 R, 10 H, 3 E and, as he was trying to score, the Granite City Renegades 952-934-1525 Lakers…004 000 10x- 5 R, 8 H, 1 E the throw home hit him in the June 22nd, who are the top 15 800-362-35 ecting  de Division. helmet, Western the of the back Fellow 2010 graduate, seed in Norway Lake-Sunburg Hitting: of The Broncos made the playaway, allowing him to score. Jonah Johnson: 1 for 4, 2b, run, sb Ben Dols is a co-owner Bron- offs last Saturday by defeating Cortez and Zimmer moved up C H A N H A S S E N D T. C O M Justin Johnson: 1 for 2, 2 runs, bb,, the West Central to third base and second base the Twin City Rhinos. cos. (Continued on page 11) on the play. After a strikeout,

of smiling faces tell the story. Enjoy the pictures and plan to join in the fun next year!

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: Brainerd Dispatch, Lisa Henry Kaleidoscope 5K Fun Run The background colors are fantastic for the event being advertised. Balloon art ties in perfectly. Gives you the feel of being there! Second Place: St. Cloud Times, Shawna Hanson Callan’s Furniture Perfect use of color and white space. The stars bring it all together. Nice job! Third Place: Duluth News Tribune, Jon Godfrey “Find Our Work” house advertisement Great use of artwork/color for the message being delivered.
1st Annual Kal eidoscope

y, July 3, 2013 The Kerkhoven Banner • Wednesda
Totals 17 0 2 0 the top half of the fth. Engler and Torkelson both drew two out walks, Engler would score on a Hector error on a Cameron Hjelle groundball. Hector answered with a run of their own, making the score 5-2 after ve innings. Brendan Hjelle drew a one out walk in the sixth and stole second base. He would come around to score on another Hector error. Hector would again score a single run in the sixth inning but that is as close as they would get. Both squads went down quietly in the seventh inning giving K-Town the 6-3 victory. Bowman went the distance scattering 10 hits and also striking out 10. Kerkhoven 300 111 0 Hector 100 011 0 R H E 6 3 2 3 10 5

Tough week for Kerkhoven Legion
by Justin Johnson The Kerkhoven Legion baseball team just nished up its toughest week of the summer. When all was said and done Kerkhoven nished the week with one win and four losses. It was a rough start to the week falling to Eden Valley by a score of 17-0. Three Kerkhoven errors and 14 walks played a critical part in the loss. Kyle Baker and Fred Manseld each singled in the third inning, but K-Town was unable to come up with a big hit to score them. Eden Valley’s offense was relentless all night scoring in every inning at the plate. R H E Eden Valley 214 734 xx 17 12 0 Kerkhoven 000 000 xx 0 2 3 Hitting: Jordan Engler rf Kyle Baker c Brendan Hjelle cf Rylan Hatlestad p Austen Bowman ss Aaren Glesne 1b Mitch Tollefson lf Cameron Hjelle ph Nate Torkelson 3b Brett Peterson ph Fred Manseld 2b ab r h rbi 2 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 ip-h-r-er-bb-so Pitching: Rylan Hatlestad 3-6-7-6-5-4 Brendan Hjelle .2-3-7-4-4-1 Fred Manseld .1-3-3-3-4-0 Austen Bowman 1-0-0-0-1-2


Kerkhoven traveled to Hector on Thursday night and came home victorious despite collecting just three hits, thanks to a strong start on the mound from Austen Bowman. When all was said and done Kerkhoven came home with a 6-3 victory. Kyle Baker led off the game with a single to left eld and proceeded to steal second base. He would come around to score when Rylan Hatlestad reached on an error. Bowman followed that up with a walk. Hatlestad and Bowman perfected a double steal to put runners on second and third and came around to score on a single by Jordan Engler. Hector would get one run back in the bottom half of the inning to make the score 3-1. Nate Torkelson reached base to lead off the fourth inning and would eventually come around to score on a single by Baker. Kerkhoven pushed another run across in

ab r h rbi Hitting: 4 1 2 1 Kyle Baker c 3 1 0 0 Brendan Hjelle cf 3 1 0 0 Rylan Hatlestad 1b 3 1 0 0 Austen Bowman p 4 0 0 0 Mitch Tollefson lf 3 1 1 2 Jordan Engler rf 2 1 0 0 Nate Torkelson 3b Jorge Munoz-Pederson dh 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 Cam Hjelle ph 3 0 0 0 Fred Manseld ss
(Continued on page 11)

5K Fun Run an d Walk for Hop e

Bauman leading MPFL in yards rushing

Playing thru Sept 21!

oooh... ahhh...


Thursday, February 14, 2013, Page B8


Always 8 flavors unless we run out of some!


Renville County Register


eaking the Bold Girls Basketball all-time scoring record

Carly Sigurdson for br


Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Renville County Register, Olivia, Adam Hoogenakker & Heidi Mages Congratulations to Carly Sigurdson This is a great idea in building community support for youth athletics and also seems to have generated a lot of ad support. The color use is clean and attractive. Good job! Second Place: Pelican Rapids Press, Jeff Meyer IRA’s can increase.... Love the pix and the benefit headline. The picture is clear and the color use is attractive. Nice looking ad.

Photo Courtesy of Frozen

Thank you to our adver tisers for making this page possible.

This achievment made possi ble with the help and hardwork of teammates and coach es.

in time Photography

Haney Truck Stop

Page 23 

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Best Advertisement
Window Treatment
Third Place: Grant County Herald, Elbow Lake, Nikki Eystad Certified Pre-Owned Cats Won’t take away points for having an effective ad because of the use of the cat pix . . . everyone loves cute cats! The headline really was humorous and attracted interest. The color pics of the cats were clean and got my interest.

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
Air Freshener Desklight
with Flowers...Alive possibilities.
Bring some home today!
Central Floral
Delivery Available

First Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Mary Brenk & Luanna Lake Central Floral The typography is fresh and fits the message. The layout is clean, easy to read and has plenty of white space that adds an elegant touch. The logo is plainly visible as is the contact info. Great use of color. Clearly the best ad in the bunch. First place!!! Second Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Staff Mother’s Day Pages The Mother’s Day promotion was well sold. The ads work well together as a shared page. The use of color works with the overall theme very nicely. Third Place: Sauk Centre Herald, Tara Pitschka Joseph’s Black Hawk Concert The use of background art and color raise this advertisement above the others. The oval highlight in the background works nicely to draw the eye to the message and the logo and photograph are well placed. Nice overall design. Great concert ad!

310 East Frazee


, MN Street • Detroit Lakes


S IN CE 19 10

| Hutchinson Leader


E 13’

July 14, 2013 | A9

o days of incred ible grassroots music in Hutch eaturing blues, inson folk, bluegras s, Americana, roots, jazz and more!

advance tickets thro ugh July 18 online or at Clay Coyote Hutchinson Area Gallery, Chamber of Com merce & Tourism, Hutchinson Center for the Arts and Cas h Wise
Molly Maher & Her Disbelieve rs, 6 to 7:30 p.m. Friday, River View Stage “If it’s possible for a band to own a town, Molly Maher and her band of Disbeliever then as close as it gets s are to holding the keys. Molly is considered by some the reigning queen Twin Cities scene of — she’s an incomparab the singer and songwriter le with compelling depth soul …” — Real-Phonic and Records Back by popular demand: Matt Ray & Those Damn Horses, Friday, River View 8 to 9:15 p.m., Stage & 2:15 to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Front Porch Stage “Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses is a ‘string band’ that specializes in high-energy modernized versions , of Americana and Roots old songs taken from music along with dose of original music.” a healthy — Javier & The Innocent Sons, 7 to 8:15 p.m., Friday, Front Porch Stage “In a time when blues is defined by a boring tendency for slick or overzealous distortion, Matos isn’t afraid to keep it real and make it bleed.” — Ian Power, Minnesota Daily

Cory Chisel and The Wanderin g Sons, 9 to 11 p.m., Friday, Front Porch Stage Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons are an Americana, folk rock Appleton, Wis. Chisel band that started in was named Artist Year at the 2010 of the Wisconsin Area Music Industry awards. The group’s song “Born Again” named the Record was of the Year

Peter Mayer 3:15 to 4:15 p.m., Saturday, River View Stage “Mayer’s songs reveal him to be a student the world, learning from the things around of and this has meant he needs an ergonomichim, which he describes faith as ‘a adaptable to knowledge faith structure that’s — Benjamin C. Squires, as we acquire it.’” Music Spectrum

Caroline Smith 4 to Front Porch Stage 5:15 p.m., Saturday, “Caroline Smith is a singer/songwriter poised for something great. Her talents are undeniable as are those of her , musical cohorts, the Good Night Sleeps.” — Performer Magazine


Back by popular demand: The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, 9:30 to 11 p.m., Saturday, Front Porch Stage “With his wife, Breezy, serving as a one-woman amen corner, and distant cousin Aaron laying down the Persinger floppy-boot-stomp drums behind Peyton’s spiky, waspish National steel slide guitar on tracks like “Something for Nothing”, the result is a peculiarly infectious blues crusade, touching on themes of money, morality and social responsibili ty.” – The Independen t (UK)

de possible in part by the Southwest Minnesota Arts & Humanities Council and cultural heritage (SMAHC) through fund with money an appropriation from the vote of the by the Minnesota people of Minneso State Legislature ta on November from the State’s arts 4, 2008.

mericInn l B&B Sports l Citizens Insurance Auctioneers & Appra l Clay Coyote Galle ry & Potter y l Josh isers l Family Rexall Campbell and Ryan Drug l Jeff & Kris Orthodontics, PLLC Haag l Hutchinson Ritchie, DDS l l Joanie’s Catering Family Dentistry l l Minnesota Webs Redline Manufactur Hutchinson Manu ite Co. l Outdoor ing l Southwest Initiati facturing l Motion l Piehl, Hanso ve Foundation l Tetra n, Beckman, P.A. Pak CPS l Westlund l Associates l Zellas

w w w.r iv er so


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Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Hutchinson Leader, Paul Becker RiverSong Lots of hard work went into this ad. Great modular layout and use of typography, logos, and display type. Good use of color. Made me want to go to the fest. Second Place: Hutchinson Leader, Paul Becker Clay Coyote Pretty ad. Graphic at top set tone. Good type and pix. Use of color was attractive, especially in the highlights in top graphic. Third Place: Echo Press, Alexandria, Shelly Beaulieu & Deb Zens Pete’s County Market Good use of prominent graphic. Was bold ad in its taking on the competition. Message was clear and immediate. Made me want a good burger!

Jack Klatt & The Cat Swingers, noon 1 p.m. Saturday, River View Stage to “Klatt melds burlesque, blues and gypsy a way that inspires jazz in good vibes no matter being sung about.” what’s — Minnesota Public Radio

Sophia Shorai Trio, 1:30 to 2:45 p.m., Saturday, River View Stage “There’s a halo around her voice. She’s one the most naturally of gifted singers I’ve ever — Dan Eikmeier, artist & media relations, heard.” Jazz Club Dakota

Living Legend Performer: Peter Yarrow, 5 to 6:15 p.m. Saturday, River View Stage “When people sing together, community created. Together is we rejoice, we celebrate, we mourn and we comfort each other. Through music, we reach each other’s hearts and souls. Music allows us to find a connection. ” — Peter Yarrow

Bethany Larson & The 1:45 p.m., Saturday, Bee’s Knees, 12:45 to Front Porch Stage “… Her music takes on a more vivacious persona, adding in electric guitar flourishes and slide guitar wails something approaching to achieve alt-country. Fans of Lucinda Williams, Patsy Cline, and locals Roma di Luna will all find something to enjoy in Larson’s developing, slightly folk-rock songs.” — Andrea Swensson, Citypages edgy

Hymn for Her, 5:45 to 7 p.m., MINN • NOV. 5, 2012 ARSHALL,Saturday, Front Porch -M DENT Stage GUIDE • INDEPEN “ … At the crux of their are Wayne Waxing’s stripped-down sound thunderous drums Lucy Tight’s shredding, and cranked-to-10 licks Lowebow cigar-box on a guitar played with a slide, referencing such old-school sources as bluesman Elmore James and latter-day proponents with Jack White.” starting — Randy Lewis for Pop & Hiss, the Los Angeles Times music blog

“From Canada, April Verch specializes hybrid heritage of in the her native Ottawa Valley, spectacularly in its extravagant step-dancin most style, which — alongside g her skills on fiddle and vocals — proved a major hit with Shetland audiences.” — Gig review: Shetland Folk Festival, m

April Verch Band, 7:30 to 9 p.m., Saturday, Front Porch Stage

Voted No. 1 Kids and Family Music Album 2012 by kids music reviewers, bloggers, in programmers, and radio industry professiona ls.

Grammy Award-w inning Okee Dokee Brothers, 1 to 1:45 p.m., 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. Saturday, Children’s Tent

Magic Mama, 2:15 to 3 p.m., Saturday, Children’s Tent “Feel-good beats that get you back in tune with Mother Nature.” — Duluth Reader

ng fe st iv al .o rg

Dailies under 10,000
, Marshall • 537-4090 1203 E. College Drive m, Sun 1pm-5pm
Mon-Fri 10am -8pm, Sat 10am-5:30p

First Place: Marshall Independent, Joyce Larsen Your Guest May Not Leave - Slumberland Furniture Clever tag line. The image is eye-catching.

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
Second Place: Faribault Daily News, Kate Townsend-Noet Richie Eye Clinic Beautiful color scheme. Eye-catching on the page. Third Place: Marshall Independent, Joyce Larsen Tis the Season to Entertain! - County Fair Images really make you want to get some of their food. Information is clear.

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First Place: St. Cloud Times, Dawn Scott-Yackley MCI - Multiple Concepts Interiors Strong layout.
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Second Place: St. Cloud Times, JoAnne Tennison Gartner’s Hallmark Enjoy the clean and simple layout. Good typography as well. Third Place: St. Cloud Times, Anita Chisholm Luther Honda Great layout and type. Overall clean design.

Innovative Online Advertising
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First Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Stacey Gravelle & Jake Pfeifer* Wings Flight Training Second Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Kristie Fritz & Jake Pfeifer* Top Dog Attachments - CJ Inc. Third Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Nick Omberg & Jake Pfeifer* TS Recreational

All Dailies
First Place: St. Cloud Times, Brandon Quesnel St. Benedicts - St. Johns Very nicely done. Second Place: Duluth News Tribune, Mike Mazzio, Jon Godfrey & Dennis Comfort Rose Man Roadblock online campaign I loved the falling roses! Third Place: St. Cloud Times, Dawn Scott-Yackley Westside Liquor Very clean and appealing.

*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Human Interest Story
Weeklies up to 1,500
Our Co Honoring the Heroes of

PROFILES mmunity Inserted
Le Center $1.25 Newsstand

14, Wednesday, August


Le Sueur Co. Fair opens Thursday

First Place: Le Center Leader, James Stitt Collection to honor Le Center man has become a labor of love It was a tough call between first and second place in this category. Both made me reach for the tissues. This story was well rounded with a nice flow throughout. Adding in the stories of the volunteers working with the kids really made it shine. Second Place: The Kerkhoven Banner, Ted Almen All I want for Christmas... Child’s disease puts basketball, life into perspective Another great story. What a unique way to lead off such a heart-warming tale. The writer brings the reader into this story and makes them part of this family. Third Place: Tri-County News, Kimball, Michael D. Nistler Eden Valley’s Ron Hoxmeier was bodyguard for Cash This story grabs you in from the lede and never lets go. I read every line and enjoyed reading about someone with a very interesting life. The nice use of quotes and anecdotes made this story a top three finisher.

South Haven’s new city hall was a long time coming, but it’s been a welcome addition to Main Street. See the story on page 7A.

City’s hall is open, ready

Fair starts this Thursday The Le Sueur County Center, and runs through at the fairgrounds in Le Sunday. again have the chance 4-H members will once for they have put in caring to show the hard work other compete against each different animals and for fair ribbons and prizes.opportunities to see loIn addition to the many stuff, this year the their cal kids and animals strutattractions for the public fair offers a couple of new exhibits at the fair will to enjoy. One of the biggest American exhibit located ds be a brand new Native adjacent to the fairgroun on the baseball field ents. and featuring live re-enactm year, which should this Also new to the fair al and fun, are robotic prove to be both education roam ontrolled puppets will puppets. The remote-c communicate with those even and ds the fairgroun Rientz, Teresa ColMatt Collins, Earl in attendance. Pastor r. Pictured from left: all different kinds of George Grafski, and ld House in Rocheste One event that attracts is the Amateur TalDayton Ely, Father to the Ronald McDona Dave Struckman, acts 1.1 million pop tabs Trelstad, Deputy performers, talents and Kans for Kids delivers trative Assistant Tanya take place in the pavilion ld House Adminis ent Contest, which will as 30 lins, Ronald McDona for Kids) night. With as many Courtesy of Kans at 7 p.m. on Thursday show promises to be a David Aaker. (Photo talent the acts, different performers and audience good time for both the members, performances from The fair will also feature night and Hillbilly on Friday local band Led Penny night. Island DJ on Saturday to see (Dustin), and more informacouldn’t turn his head For a full schedule of events a lineman,’” said Struckwww.lesueurcountyfair. kids but“[Matt] he would say, ‘I smell tion about the fair, visit ‘It was hard to meet these the visits. org. , and manItof n and Grafsky went was 2011 when Struckma with pop tabs for who had tumors, cancer d House their to the Ronald McDonal tabs, along with 5,000 had pins sticking out of brought ey Th first time. while but it the toys. They stayed for a some books and some was almost too much for knees. It was very hard, and it gave to read to the kids handle. was a rewarding time. We the two of them to me, it was emotionally ’ “It was very difficult for told Fr. George that I them a chance to smile. By JAMES STITT n. “I draining,” said Struckma ” again. Grafsky this do George can I Rev. The — don’t think kids who had tumors, residents pulled up “It was hard to meet these of their knees,” said A group of Le Sueur County in Rochester with d House in cancer, and had pins sticking out was a rewarding to the Ronald McDonal High School, Matt was hard, but it about 1.1 million of them.a A senior at Le Center he became ill Grafsky. “It was very buckets full of pop tabs, we brought them the middle of basketball season when bronchitis. time. We gave them a chance to smile.” and “You would have thought Struckman, and he vowed Collins of the greeting with an upper respiratory infection The visit took its toll on but drawn on Feb. 19, brand new car,” said Teresa because he couldn’t help return doctor visits, blood was not four er at would By JAMES STITT Aft Th he gist that to a hematolo they received. happen to the sick kids. by Kans for Kids — Coland Matt was referred into Methodist wonder what would Struckman was approached The group, which goes along with Earl Rientz; 2009, evening Matt was admitted Later in the year, of Ronald lins and her son, Matt Collins; of St. Anne’s Catholic same in Rochester. His blood work was showing auditor/treasurer may who, seeing the value Grafsky, Hospital The Le Sueur County d, ed that Matt had by Rientz and Ely, rsthand and how it helped Matt Dayton Ely; Fr. George levels and it was determin . David Aaker, of St. Paul soon become an appointe McDonald House fi on the back Leukemia give Church in Le Sueur; Pastor and Le Sueur County abnormal to lastic wanted Center; Pre-B Acute Lymphob rather than elected position. nine months and Theresa Collins, Lutheran Church in Le Sueur Teresa Collins spent about a home for Collinses behalf. n — gave the tabs to and Matt Struckma During the Aug. 6 Le Dave ut Deputy d House, not Sheriff ’s Inthree trailers througho House, and were greeted living at the Ronald McDonal Soon they were placing County Commissioners,Pam drop off allows families to could the Ronald McDonald house about e Th r residents excited so where children. Treasure A few were ng Le Sueur County seriously ill terim Auditor/ the tabs just with with smiles. their child is undergoi the cans. The group pulled started to dance. stay together their while Simonette said she supports . The home is also a empty aluminum crushed the cans manually, which the delivery that they only there to donate tabs treatment at nearby hospitals change. can share their from the cans and Behind the scenes the group But the group was not the Wednes families and children projects, and give a day day, to read, create Simonette would like 24, 2013 Vol. 125, No. place where with others going through a similar was a slow process.gets in early to make coffee and Boettcher — they stayed April Ely ces 17 to be appointed rather tirelessly, experien position the works in children. ill gun to joy of someone www.annandaleadvocat Joe Herbert — ‘the fastest this, it warms the hearts situation. tabs, and than elected because “To see something like i, speed. T was on the football team pull be H great E Schoepsk Dustin may with H son ied cans Maggie n’s E the A said ” R unqualif ing, Struckma T OF — crushes who is TSometim H E es of all … it is very uplift McLMatt visit him. A Kwest’ $ ES NEWS 1 ent director at the Ronald with Matt, and would Dustin, elected. 5A see P to on A P move E community developm CTION ] R couldn’t See COLLE would be so sick that he “If [the auditor/treasurer Donald House. board the last few but he knew he was there. over county the grown d, has is appointe Kans for Kids, which ill. ent when Matt Collins fell can put it out for appointm ,” years, was put into motion to someone who is qualified te said Simonette. ent Simonet Many of the departm are heads in Le Sueur County jobs rather their to for d deducted appointe Of that, $6 spots that By Tom Westman making $10.37 a month. than elected. The few t. equipmen in, and Staff Writer arms, uniform By JAMES STITT remain as elected positions and his time in the Army, When Schleis finished was cluding the county sheriff Allyson Kuehn has on the farm. As land been serequirelected as Annandal he went home to work sold ▲ county attorney, have e’s new eleSueur County that has cheap back then, there were various parcels sold where as mentary principal. There is farmland in Le Kuehn and ments for candidates, Don Figge was a to 150 years, and ut the years, and Schleis Ryan Weinandt were does not. Pettis car salesSchleis family for close and bought througho the in the the auditor/treasurer man and been finalists for the position. two twice former purchase starts with a family coma team of oxen. t posiof its an 80-acre parcel for mayor of Annandal “It is a very importan the story Kuehn and Weinandt sell off chunks of land e. He and a son that risked everything would they no prewere then also experienc “Back America, interviewed Wednesda todifficult ing ed tion in the county with Administrator Darrell great-grandson times. After he died for them. Five individuals with close nothing,” said Schleis’ April 17. The two y night, ” said County for almost s, erent Photo courtesy of diff provide to Annandal last to requisite many finalists traveled how e Jody the ties Zylstra Boston family month, friends recalled narrowly Marathon on Monday, Schlies “It’s amazing were interviewed escaped injury when Schleis. A.15. mid 1800s, the by Marcia April In the the two bombs exploded life. John marathon Pettis. Jody (Barrett) a new fun-loving Annandal ofat search Froehling, the was like to run for county at the Mile 26 vakia inand the land.” Zylstra, center, had e proowned elementar marker from Czechoslo people were nearly completed when the bombs not by hardmoter. See page directlySchleis For someone who would a police officer, and America happened across speech-language pathologi y unaffected the exploded the street from theSchleis family 7A. near the finish line. name, Albert st; The second blast.was would need to be , Jody (Barrett)an they , Schleis’ Her fans Michael Zuehlke, of opWith no money to his Lundberg From sheriff three left Zylstra, and are himself Alison struck fifth-grad Joe Zylstra and and found (Zylstra) A plague to run for county attorney Ben Menk. teacher; and the members e upon a man from Jordan, The year was 1864, and ship though. if someone would like lawyer. But if someone and later died. Menk, Laura NSIDE of a family. his wife were stricken the Annandale School portunity to earn for his war. The man from Jordan children and they would need to be position that handles Board. owned began to whittle Following the interviews by The land the Schleis familyand Schleis moved into like to run for the Successful , Allysonwould the country was divided Civil the in the ght fi Kuehn committe to acres, there are no requiree came to a conof been drafted into the militaryhis spot, and Schleis down to about 240 A. Schleis sensus and offered the money for the county, that John He managed 160 acres business had Kuehn the torate Program take of farmland expo the city of Montgomery. run. ColThe 80 acre piece position, which at Bethel He paid Schleis $300 to buy a farm. five genWar. ments to she accepted. down through while his son John F. Schleis lege in St. This year’s Annanfather to Paul. “We are very excited owns has been passed it until he died in 1916, gave that money to his on 5A has earned the Century The Annandale , and dale Area Business took the $300 and managed the other 80 acres. Ms. Kuehn to join our for School R/TREASURER erations of Schleises Expo AUDITO Seeto While Schleises’ father team. Board was expected Center Leader) Stitt/Le She was one of the busiest brings many modern day Le Sueur approve inPaul land honor. (James of valuable By Farm acres the 2A atin 640 Downer employme on in bought nt contract for tributes with her of the war Zylstra. “The sound was See FARM recent memory. Organfinal year Managing including, Kuehn at the the Editor Monday, April but not limited to, taing. Everyone stopped,so pierc- The lines must have been County, Schleis spent izers were happy with a broad 22, meeting. The Regiment of Minneso wasn’t but it messed up that Fourthtwo range of experience contract is mass chaos at that the number was Company A of the When bombs exploded in educa- for the 2013-’14 the results. See page NEWS TIP? we didn’t know whatfirst because going elsewhere,” said tion along with managem near the finish line school year 5A. Barrett. of the Boston didn’t it was. 507ent and calls for a at Marathon on Monday, skills needed for the know what to do. We Confusion salary of m or sports desk ONLINE huge task $102,300. April 15, people Then Contact the newsroo sports you

Area charity organization benefits Ronald McDonald House in honor of local man



County mulls turning auditor/ treasurer into appointed position

to Civil War era Family farm dates back

New principal for new school

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Annandale Advocate, Paul Downer* Surviving Boston - Group unhurt near finish Second Place: Norwood Young America Times, Adam Gruenewald* Students create anti-bullying video Third Place: Lake County News-Chronicle, Two Harbors, LaReesa Sandretsky* Remembering the Fitzgerald


Group unhurt near finish

Surviving Boston

■ The Buffalo Hospital Foundation’s third annual Spring Tonic will be held at 6 p.m. Saturday, April 27, at Classic Hall. ■ More community items are on page 3A.

■ The Annandale Ambassador Commit tee will host a wine tasting event at 7 p.m. Friday, April 26, in the Municipal Park Pavilion.


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several Annandale or of the transition started running, galleries COMING residents were barricades and the UP Back on the course, just a tenth you know of any news a new videos, phototo Kuehn 357-2233 close enough to feel CALL grew up if Check out school,” US opened up and police of a mile from the and at- would be interested in reading said school second explopoll. board tended Commissioners shake, see the smoke the ground came streaming through.” in the online our readers sion, Zylstra in Breckenrid chairperso think Le Sueur County and vote n Jeanette Riger- and school immediate ge and aid the 2233 rsy ly walked wounded. was very active in Scrambl to the controve Main: 507-357Borer. Or find us on e curb and asked athletabout. decide on silage a spectator ics, band and Remarkably, four 8572 Back various school in Minnesota, Zylstra’s to use a phone to call the rest “WeFacebook & Twitter had two strong News: with507-931of her Annandale ties who people mother Judy dates, but Allyson stood candi- organizations. 8572 were standing Barrett was tracking group. It didn’t work. 5B Sports: 507-931near the finish line to out as her daughter’s progress Kuehn received her 1B-2B // CLASSIFIEDS 3B “I still the cheer didn’t strongest on Anrun during the // SPORTSunderleader. She nandale runner Jody AR 5A degree race on the has graduate scene because I knew from the NITY CALEND the experience // COMMU my family and not harmed by the Zylstra were reached the last Internet. Zylstra was down S 5A confidence education with in elementary second blast, 4A //e, RECORD five kilometers of there somewher to support the elementar a minor // OPINION which detonated directly and 6A 8A y staff cial education from in spethat was slightly probably the most horrific behind2A across the the race NEWS as we enter the new her 3A, the UniLOCAL usual street. Those four Annandale versity of INDEX pace, but when she should have feeling, not knowing exactly were Zylstra’s North Dakota, Elementary. I know husband Joe, her sister-in-la where been crossing the finish her line, her they were and if they in the path of centered frame of mind child- Grand Forks. She received her son Menk and husband w Ali- progress stopped. destruction will graduate be Ben, ,” Barrett she said. and waiting degree from Minan excellent fit for friend Laura Lundberg. for Zylstra’s finishing kept our dis- nesota State University Walking wounded, time trict,” Zuehlke said. the lucky On the course, Zylstra , Moorto head and a sheappear, but it never did. Then ones from among nearly 200 peoin pack of other runners Educational “Our district is very got a call from a co-worker. ple injured, began to fortu- Leadership. file proaching the 26-milewere apnate to have an education “She came “I saw people with past. al An educator when the first explosion marker said, ‘Did you on the phone and blown their jeans leader such as Allyson hear “My initial thought occurred. pened in Boston?’ what just hap- were off and leg injuries, but they For 21 years Kuehn to lead our transition Kuehn was that it still able to walk,” I said no. She was into was some type of celebratory said Zylstra new elementary school. the employed by the Crookston can- off there was a bomb that went said. “The devastation, you non or firework. Then She School District, at the finish line. I couldn’t just is very saw passionate I thought, where it on people’s faces.” she was about bethat would be really lieve what I was taining our excellent main- a special education teacher, strange Police began herding copoint in the race,” Zylstra at this was waiting for hearing because I student ordinator, the runperformance and her to cross the fin- ners and spectators and director of spesaid by phone from Boston will be a cial out of the area, ish line,” Barrett services. great resource for “Then I saw the puff last week. put into words said. “I can’t even but Zylstra was unfamiliar with the staff of smoke, but what it was like.” Kuehn has been employed city and unsure of where sure a positive workingto enat the same time none to go. A frantic period envi- by Meeker of us quit “I remember wanting ronment that will ensued in running. We kept running which family members bring out Education and Wright Special to cry and toward I the best in our kids,” didn’t have the energy, tried to Cooperative since the smoke and sound. contact any members but I of the group must have had this school board member said 2006. MAWSECO serves register with anyone.” It just didn’t they knew were the Jon special education in Boston, but the on my face because look of terror Scheer. About 10 seconds needs for the later, how- sudden overload of phone calls in ple came up and multiple peoAnnandale, Dassel-Co ever, the second explosion The position of elementar asked what and out of Boston clogged kato, y Delano, Howard the sys- could do,” she said. “Many they 26.1-mile marker stopped at the tem. principal became open Lake-Wathe runfor the verly-Win offered me their phones, people ners in their tracks. 2013-’14 school sted, “We couldn’t get and none Litchfield year through. of them worked.” “I saw and heard Someone kept answering Tracy Reimer resigned when Maple Lake and Rockford, the we felt the groundthat one, and phone, but February. Reimer will in late school districts. they were in Florida. shake,” said assume Boston the position of assistant Turn to page 10A tor for the Education direcPrincipal al DocTurn to page 2A

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r Family and friends remembe h deat Becky Kasper after tragic

Northfield News A CIT Y MOURNS
By Paul Downer Managing Editor
Photo by Tom Westman Representing Annandal e at the 2013 State ment were, from Speech Tournaleft, and Christina Huling. Thomas Huling, coach Jennifer Kulm

very rare

MES E GA Will ‘ice-ou THrec LE t’Thit ord ?N May ice is GI LY BE FINAL

Sports / Page 1B

By Tom Westman “One thing you Staff Writer can say for sure about speech competitions is Annandale students Chris- dictable. that they are unpretina and Thomas Huling Thomas not getting both into pulled off champion the finals was extremely ship performances in the Section 5A surprising,” said speech coach Speech Tournament, Jennifer Kulm. short of placing in but fell Thomas and Christina the Minnesota State Speech Tourname had the support of eight nt Saturday, April 20, low speech team membersfelat all High School. After three Blaine through the competition. inary rounds, Thomas prelimsister Christina qualified nor his for the Speech final round. Turn to page 2B

Finals elude brother, sister




person.” when ven in his deepest sorrow, Kasper rememb ers Dan Kasper couldn’t help his daughter went out for track, a but smile and chuckle basketball and other activities in little on Thursday when Northfield, but said Rebecca was who his of the NHS he started talking about happiest as a member said he He daughter was in life. ld cheerleading squad. allowed his The father of the 19-year-o wife always the Tempe, and his woman found dead in ex-boy- two daughters to make their own to Ariz., apartment of her want choices about what they wanted friend on Tuesday doesn’t as a do and cheerleading really stuck. Kasper cheerto remember Rebecca “The first year as a everywants but at murder victim, she looked the ground daughter leader, doing a cheer,” he said. body to remember his was. when lot a she girl she was, she for the special person kids “Being the quiet “She was one of those unside See KASPER on 7A who was on the quiet said til she opened up,” Kasper

you got from Arizona. “But once help to know her, you couldn’t an amazing but like her. She was

At this time last spring most area lakes had already been free of ice for over a month. This season’s persistent winter has kept the lakes locked in a solid state well past their thaw dates, and though typical tors can contribute many facquickly lake ice melts, to how Photo by Paul Downer there is at The extended least a possibility winter this year has that kept ice cover on will linger on to the some ice well past the typical ice-out area lakes dates in end of the and boats remain month. high and dry, while early to mid-April. Docks ice where from 14 to If that happens, it would 24 inches of ice on fishermen reported anybe a most lakes last week. rarity. Al Ostlund has ice-out dates on Lake records of had Sylvia been datusing ATVs on the ing back to 1940, and lake in recent days. in those 73 years has only twice the “The ice lindifficulty is getting gered into May. The out onto the ice, because them coldest year was 1950 when close to shore,” he said. it thaws ice-out was ■ Pleasant Lake: recorded on May 6, to have a spot where “You have and the secApril 24, 1996 ond-latest year was you can run 1965 with an them out. A lot of ■ Lake Sylvia: ice-out of May 1. where they put boards years I see from Does this season have May shore 6, 1950 out to the ice and it’s a chance to challenge those records? pretty thick ■ Clearwater Lake: there. It depends what shore “It’s plenty thick you’re on. Some shores April 24, 1996 on Sylvia right now,” said Ostlund last sheltered and you can are pretty Wednesday, April 17. out. Others are a little walk right “When is it *Data for Lake Sylvia going to warm up? That’s open.” goes back to 1940. Pleasant Lake Tom Bacon, president a tough data reaches call. If we get some back to 1996, and Clearwater Lake Property of the Clearwater starts to stay warm sun and it OwnLake data goes back ers Association, said overnight, or to 1983. there was still if we get a lot of rain, about 14 inches of By KAITLYN WALSH ice covering a big difference. If I that makes tween the 20th the surface of that had to guess, and the 30th.” lake as of and this is more the kwalsh@ Ostlund estimated of there was middle of last week. would say it would a wish, I still 18-24 inches of ice on the go out beongolake, and reported that Panelists kicked off an disfishermen Ice-out ent Turn to page 9A ing economic developm ting

Weeklies 2,501-5,000

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Panel kicks off development discussion in Northfield



s share In wake of tragedies, local rong message of #NorthfieldSt

Caitlin Kelly

David Rodgers

Becky Kasper

Page 26 eting to put down roots Cannon Valley Friends Me
“There’s some hope that there will be some
om kwalsh@northfieldnews.c

BORG past week. RodgBy REBECCA RODEN Late on April 19, David the Chiprrodenborg@fariba ers reportedly fell into re near from somewhe recent pewa River the University of In the wake of the the the middle of n struck have that n-Eau Claire pedestria tragedies ity, many Wisconsi Northfie ld commun Twitter bridge. Recovery efforts continue, at to young people turned Rodgers, a sophomore by typing though to to show their support words: UW-Equ Claire, is presumed two simple yet powerful drowned. have 23, #NorthfieldStrong. Then, on Tuesday, April e, After losing one classmatin the body of Rebecca Kasper was accident Caitlin Kelly, in a car the class of January, members of See STRONG on 3A losses this 2011 suffered two more

drivers. n,” “It can’t be just a discussiohis said in Mayor Dana Graham has to be closing comments. “It how we want to position ourselves to act in the future. We live in this great city and I encoura ge everyone to speak of Northfield in Graham a positive way, and it because word does spread does mean a lot.” by the The panel—sponsored ent AuthorEconomic Developm for Crephoto, 2010 ity at the Weitz Center ABOVE: In this developa ativity—addressed what Rebecca Kasper was eld a potential ers are looking for in barriers member of the Northfi ding perceived cheerlea or real School High site, the Northfield photo) squad. (News file to growth attached to project can and how Northfield and LEFT: Becky Kasper its community goals. brag cheerAnnie Clack were “Have your existing base n, eld High Anderso leaders at Northfi about you,” said Eric friends ent at developm of School. The best president vice (Subto know were “inseparable.” Ryan Companies. “Get with mitted photo) those folks and be friendly re.” wildfi them. That spreads like y Anderson said that familiarit rooted with businesses already their in Northfield and fostering city-wide expansion are key to the speed growth. Land price and process cy of the consisten and are sigage on Facebook to establish a business joy to the people she A heartfelt mess developers her best brought nificant factors that Becky strived to do was around. an it was Becky Kasper was consider, Anderson added. kills in everything, whether work. I will miss all the laughs will student. or But amazing friend and “Time and uncertainty ” school, cheerleading and smiles we shared. on others ent side, s She always had a smile was She didn’t care what deals on the developm never forget the memorie what
her face no matter always going on. You could or just to go to her for advice laughing have a good time and to hang out with. and would thought about her, always include everyone about in things. She cared and always those around her p we we made or the friendshi had. Class of 2011 — Ashley Malecha,

cussion Thursday, highligh the chalNorthfield’s assets and attract and lenges it faces to keep growth developers, among other

First Place: Northfield News, Jerry Smith A City Mourns A compelling story written with attention to both details and sensitivity. Second Place: South Washington County Bulletin, Cottage Grove, Emily Buss The last men raise a glass The writer walks a good balance between knowing when to tell the story and knowing when to let others progress the action. Third Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Paula Quam All Smiles...On the Inside Well-detailed story that draws the reader in and is able to wade through a lot of unfamiliar medical information with ease.

See PANEL on 3A

The Cannon Valley Friends

of the 1980s. Sunday meetings at homes integrity. will worship take place n spaces Ideally, the project downtow summer, and rented are hosted break ground late this and and other meetings and said Linne Jensen, a realtor nights at St. Olaf College ber.

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest Weeklies over 5,000

have a safe and
contact us: 507.452

workers did not make A 2011 state review contact with children mandated timely December of that year with a plea for ty Child Protectiv of Winona Coun- experienced serious reported to have more resource Winona on the e Services revealed s for a department abuse or neglect in statistics that some that paper about front page of the news- plan aims 33.3 percent of cases had experienced staffing the death of a child?" to address and correct reviewed by the cuts, attrition found alarming: child local advocates state. he problems identifie and other changes. the risk and safety Committee member asked the board. d in the 2011 child were adequately assessed Members of the Matt Vetter said the On Tuesday, Winona protection review. and Winona County mandate managed The meeting will County Com- be in only 37.5 percent response time for workers d 24-hour missioners will held on Tuesday, of cases studied; Human Services Advisory Commit learn more about to make con- county May 28 at 7 p.m. - tact with an allegedly tee approached the a at the county "Performance Improve County Board in office building on abused child can ment Street. Main mean life or death. "Do you want to see Plan" approved by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The


. County to evaluate child

inserts: full:

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.1262 fax: 507.454 .6409


w i n o n a ’s t w ice-weekl

email: winpost@winonap

P .O. Box 27, 64 E.

y newspape r

2nd St., Winona,

MN 55987

since 1971

sunda y, may 26, 2013

. kmart . Ashley Furniture

volum e 42, no. 42

Godfather's Pizza

protection fix

see PROTECTION page 9a

First Place: Winona Post, Chris Rogers Below the surface Descriptive, well-written tale of cavers who risk their lives for their hobby and learn about the environment in the process. The author makes you feel as if you are there in the cave with them, vicariously experiencing the fear, discomfort and exhilaration of exploring caves. Adding information on how caves are born and speaking with an ecologist rounds out this award-winning piece. Second Place: Richfield Sun Current, Andrew Wig The tear collector A profile about an author can easily be written in a mediocre style. That is not the case with this profile of a man, who some may not like, but whose life choices about what to write are riveting and complex. Seeking several editors as sources, who give both positive and negative comments about the story’s subject added an important element. Too often profiles do not develop the main character in this way. Plus this story is extremely well-written and flows well. Third Place: Wayzata / Orono / Plymouth / Long Lake Sun Sailor, Brian Rosemeyer The couple the ‘In the Way Guy’ got in the way of Great slice-of-life piece showing how the Internet shapes stories in ways they could not have been shaped decades ago.


Cavers explore miles underground

the surface



County approves first bluff variance

The first Winona County variance — for a structure to be built on a bluff slope — since the new zoning ordinance was adopted was approved earlier this month. The Board ments granted a permit of Adjustfor a utility shed at the toe of a bluff in Hillsdale Township. Scott and Lori Palbicki built their home in Hillsdale Townshi and shortly thereafte p in 2002, r excavated

Scott Palbicki told the board that he planned to build a 14-foot by 24-foot shed on skids at the site, which would be moveable in the event he needed to clean up any soil or ed from the hillside. rock that erodHe also agreed

much of the site where the utility shed will be placed. The 10-acre parcel includes slopes between 40 and 70 percent.


page 9a

Strange formations glitter in the lights of subterranean explore rs. Bravely or foolishl y, cavers explore miles of twisting passag eways beneath Southeastern Minnesota, at times narrowly escaping death.


Submitted photos

Hundreds of feet undergr ound a bizarre world exists, a world where streams disappear into cracks in the ground, translucent fins of rock drape twisting passageways, and lumines cent spires of rock have slowly grown for thousan ds of years. There are scores of miles of undergr ound passages in the fractured bedrock of the Driftless Region of Minneso ta, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Mystery Cave, Minnesota's longest, stretches for 13 miles. Explorers have navigate d 17 miles of passages in Cold Water Cave, which begins northeast of Decorah , Iowa, and reaches across the Minnesota border. At least five caves lie beneath the hills and fields of Fillmore County alone. see CAVES page 5a


Will Twitter replac e town hall transpare ncy?

by CHRIS ROGERS cut the wife's hand and sliced the side A stranger snuck into a Pickwick of the husband's head and neck. The couple's home while couple hit and kicked they and shoved the ing and cut the 57-year- were sleep- man. The knife, apparently a cheap old husband from ear to neck with a eight-inch kitchen knife, snapped at the handle chef's knife in a fight and was left on that ensued after the bed when the the couple woke up. stranger fled. Shortly before 3:30 The husband chased a.m. on Friday, the man from May 24, the 56-yearthe house, but was bleeding profusely sleeping when she old wife was and had to be taken felt something by ambulance to touch her head. Thinking the Winona Health emergency room, it was one where of her cats, she tried he received It was then that her to bat it away. tors reported that stitches. Investigahusband woke up the man was still and realized there bleeding at 8 a.m. was on Friday mornstanding in their dark a strange man ing but that medical staff were able been watching them room who had to stabilize the injury and he was before reaching reout and touching the wife's head. A leased by noon. struggle ensued in which the stranger

Home intruder att ack sleeping Pickwick s couple

see ATTACK page 5a

Bills in the Minneso ta House and Senate that would create to the Open Meeting an exception media were delayed Law for social in the Minnesota Senate and House of Representative earlier this month. The Open Meeting Law prevents a quorum (a majority) of officials on any government body from meeting or communicating by any means without public notice and public access to the meeting.

A bill authored by Duane Rochester) and co-autho Quam (RDraskowski (R-Wino red by Steve na-WabashaGoodhue) would have created an exception for social media conversations. The Open Meeting Law is aimed at keeping governm ent decision making in the public eye and out of secretive back rooms or chat rooms. The House and Senate bills, proposed by


page 5a

to use the new system and allow staff members to be program. Addition trained for the ally, in response to concerns from the city of Goodview that its squad car laptops are too old to run the compute well as the fact that r software, as On Tuesday, Winona St. Charles PoCounty lead- lice squad cars currently ers will consider laptops at all, County do not have a enforcement reporting$381,000 law Administrator system that Duane Hebert will pitch would serve the an idea to the Winona County County Board to provide Sheriff's Departm a loan proent, District Court, gram for cities to borrow money from and all city law enforcem ent agencies the county to purchase new in the county. squad car laptops. Under the plan, the The new reporting county would pay for the system, system has been and city police departments would only have to agree by SARAH SQUIRE S

Winona County may lend money to cities for police laptops

County may overha police reporting sysul tem

Love Stor y
got to what we’ve Let’s hang on we’ve got a lot Don’t let go, girl; between us what we got Got a lot of love on, hang on to … Hang on, hang doo, dooh doo Dooh doo, dooh that clason YouTube, In the video postedFour Seasons plays by The to the sic 1965 song giggles and sways while a woman the lyrics are significantly gh sing along. music. Althou woman doesn’t impaired poignant, the has tia e demen She can’t, becaus on, and the her speech. Elaine Morris d The woman is camera is husbanyed video the journe guy behind decade, they . For almost a Terry es posed by h the obstacl r until together throug al dementia disorde frontotempor year. March of this Elaine died in . story This is their

the winona post...

see REPORTING page 5a


Photo by Monica Veraguth, fineartb High spring water conditions on the Mississippi River disturbances. Due have left heron nests to the risk of nest vulnerable to human abandonment due to human contact National Wildlife and , the Upper Mississ The area, near the ippi River Fish Refuge has closed Highway 43 bridge, the Mertes Slough is home to over 800 until July 12. nesting season. Accordi great blue heron and great • A7 ng to the U.S. Fish 13, 2013 egrets and Wildlife Service during the day, July • Satur , the colony produced an estimat Daily Globe young heron Maps showing the ed 600 and egrets during closed areas will last year's be posted at the Mertes nesting season. the refuge office. Slough Boat Landing For more informa and are available tion, call the Winona at District Office at 507-45 to be your community 4-7351 . newspaper


Dailies under 10,000
First Place: Daily Globe, Worthington, Beth Rickers Love story: One couple’s journey through the travails of dementia Excellent article from beginning to end. You almost feel as if you know the couple after the article is finished. Second Place: Mesabi Daily News, Virginia, Angie Riebe Special Heart, Toddler, family cope with rare defect Very descriptive writing. Third Place: Mesabi Daily News, Virginia, Angie Riebe Still Making Memories, Partnership now includes caregiving for Alzheimer’s Lede pulls reader into the story and you can’t wait to read the rest.

*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
Page 27 

s and flowers, candle , One day new-age music. to sit on the she was able minutes couch for 20 of her It’s different than of the and watch one all TV programs, e Alzheimer’s — favorit different, dementias are “The Andy Griffith she next effects on the t the and differen have Show,” tend to brain — but peopler.” went into a coma. this of After a week “ lump them togethe uisha little One of the disting struggle, I got , s of ted Terry ing characteristic (mad),” recoun kids had al dementia frontotempor adding that the the person’s at that is its effect on left the house Accordnever skills. would ge “I langua point. ation from religious ing to inform call myself a — “Fronfaith Clinic, the Mayo man of intense faithtia is an totemporal demen a I’ve always been that I for umbrella term uncomchallenged, not — but of diverse group don’t have faith t prayers rs that primamon disorde my few earnes front and always been rily affect the have almost of the there I am, temporal lobes answered. So generasking areas the knees, — brain on my this with perally associated God, ‘Why does lanand continor to , behavi sonality struggle have s people guage. … Some ue?’ and 10 minute girl al Boy meets ts at Worwith frontotempor later, she died.” the met as studen o drang had just Terry and Elaine After initiati dementia underg their College. Terry s that s in thington Junior from the U.S. Air Force. matic change calling tree procesupon, become and decided ality been been discharged there from her hometown person had opriate, d his wife’s Elaine had come socially inappr Terry change nally hair, her d emotio m. the or out of Windo impulsive clothes, combe her friends pointed others One of Terry’s almost waist-long hair different, while use and put pennies over close the to pretty girl with playing in the college lose the ability eyes to help them ge.” was hospice while a band understand langua and called the to conyou,’” Commons. worker who had also She kind of likes He goaddeath. home friend “‘See that girl?’ the his ng firm Stayi about how l home, her Terry recounted Terry called the funera to her. “So I asked From the onset, care the director to to ed him into talking SUBMITTED PHOTO but asked was determined ng the s of Elaine to dance.” home, no hold off on removi favorite picture rapher for Elaine at l portrait taken One of Terry’s . the dementia photog body n in a forma , and matter what a Daily Globe son are show zed on the was taken by “The kids arrived Terry Morri brought. rally they organi ouse. e’s death. her, alone Elaine and of the during a peace s before Elain some time with I have an County Courth “We tried a few see just a few week they each had —a where didn’t steps of the Noblesthat hippie vibe,” said is but delight this and to of early meds, Elaine found and together, years, and . “We’re going “We had kind said. “So things in which to which she could dance, together for two ,” Terry related wine, and sit any effect,” he ny lived radio ‘You’ve epipha with “We Hot . the of hell said, on tiny Terry a dad song a bottle to cure it, we just said the pregnant. My the kitchen sink, we did for get three chairs, It’s not going then she got soap suds from and that’s what scoot across the no medication. — talk, d.’” bouit would and big he marrie this there ation, got to get There was Wheels car that many such moments . g dad’s proclam 1971 and anyway , and with seven hours. one flower at and in these phases Finally heedin as well as about countertop — , and Jada took about it were married “There are all on YouTube videos, quet of flowers ed them over her mom’s you have to think Terry and Elaine n: Lee Morrison, who now were captured nal outbursts. each new phase, I went through denial. I a time and arrang ’s face just infrequent emotio er posed Walker, it. had three childre on Elaine the for e of had I that, one Morris prepar a while. and ; Jada . As she did chief caregiv she got a little Morrison, to accept it for lives in Staples , partic- body Being his wife’s of the softened, and for Terry was not going Colo.; and Ryan changed — it ting situations through the denial Westminster, from home. some interes just to work my way ventured far ed in unorthodox smile.” first, Elaine would and Sioux Falls, S.D. also took an went — on ularly when they were both employ changes. … At to work, as ’s funeral The Morrisons everywhere I Terry and Elaine their careers . I would be gone then the wan“… I took her with the approach to Elaine watch TV s, beginning , but do, doing things — including human service the McMillan Street group watch TV trips to Colora arrangements Elaine would s of detailed. on with the cre.” house parent grandkids,” Terry driving, being handsdering started On one memodisabled in 1976. said home for the process. 2½ hours of team,” who a Terry After as , “ mation one day rable “I’m the l director) told a rest stop, “We always worked we always shared the a “(The funera we’d pull into for got a call from this you can put goal . “Even at home, helping want, the s Terry been you set I’d ‘If and me, local eye doctor’ crematorivirtually woman with Elaine into the “I thought, her to stay home office, saying which batha everything, but um,’” Terry said. Elaine was I’ve done her in — the and not go into t room do I take ‘What the heck? … So I fing. there, brough women’s? If I treatment settin men’s or the everything else.’ I there by an the women’s, easy ished putting her into this took her into unknown She made it as would really clean and e figured the women a man thing. It was like woman becaus as could be.” envisioned it upset about just I bit a bill get a white. one she had but I figured … There was being in there, from the doctor Morrison the grave. to push, and I men’s, the Terry in her if I took last button in her hand. probably the guys would , ‘Whatevpushed it.” “She was our service, say l or memorial look over and first angel,” peek in Instead of a funera d a celebration of life d planne er.’ I would always weren’t a bunch of ons chilTerry credite her Morris there the ng readings by and make sure the urinals. … It’s funny the stranger. aughter for Elaine, includi g at hildren. Grandd the vioguys standin to doing.” “You think of on you get used dren and grandc services Amazing Grace” served the things that “ angels with work in the human Emma played of the following, they Terry’s own wings and a of cope with some care. lin. For the lunch ’s casserole — one field helped him halo, but this aspects of Elaine tuna and noodle dishes to cook. e more hands-on insurance salesman, it ’s woman saw Elaine’s favorit s since Elaine g “If I’d been an more difficult,” been four month to deal with the been Elaine standin now It’s have , continues probably would be patient and on the corner death, and Terry began with her diagnosis. I also tend to out in he said. “But that and Elaine had isn’t there a way of tuning thing to grief process her to people, ‘Elaine I realized calm and have this paper in “I used to say ons. But it’s one r to deal died, she situati ul after bill. stressf later, hand, this ound, and anothe anymore,’ but “What was do have that backgr part of it.” ” he reflected. Elaine would , not the nal I was wrong, person SUBMITTED PHOTO emotio pure the real with ge that, had this there, that’s the Parts of her personality iled this colla thing with intellectual stuff. the raw, real person was ny Mejia comp but aide Britta The decline papers, and to eat less and had changed, for all of us, son. Home care made it easy , Elaine began . So I asked (the Elaine Morri Eventually realize it still there. She losing weight found this bill. on the that. I didn’t of photos of dramatically somehow she less and was and I regret saying n, who encour a few to put the woman what haplater.” ted a dietitia gh we each had receptionist) Terry consul whatever she wasn’t true until she explained housework, althou let Elaine eat phone, and after she would take Elaine r of of fast food, if aged them to diet directo Editor Beth Rickers if preferences.” the steady e a asked Daily Globe Features d, pened, I , Elaine becam wanted — even Eventually at 376-7327. for the disable . d in a specan be reached ie ary group home home.” involve ood necess smooth was been d Ridgew expert has an the children While her husban 23 years Terry “I’d say I’m now “I’d make , Jada and her and for the past Dawn, which said. with her work project r/CEO of New nt maker,” Terry d individu- cial ed to Worthington and lived administrato kinds of differe return Terry with services for disable them with all also provides year, providing would drink ated Worthingfor coping parents for a they coordin things, and she she’d eat well, Dinner for als. Together, a sounding board ined hirThanksgiving extra help and those. Some days and looked determ ton’s Community issues. They I went be the best with Elaine’s some not. … emporal disworker would 22 years. ing a home care Initially deeper into frontot , they hired two affects it out course of action. group of candidates, order and found reflex. She large s first ing The onset your swallow people from a one of the ’s speech pattern — looked like apparent that Changes in Elainewas amiss. really got thin but it became t with Elaine. ing see of people a great rappor signaled someth it was about 10 years (ago) , working the photos you I workers had was our backup Auschwitz, and “I would guess itself known,” “Brittany Mejia we asked if she’d take who were in a began making and is more than that the disease “although it was probably realized this one day a week, became our angel barely drink ted, related. “She … When the Terry estima phase. She would over,” Terry ted in doing ing before that. interes was happen very already fell in something juice.” No. 2. She was with medical , we realized … Brittany just to be odd. speech started After consulting decided it her things with Elaine. driving got to asked I her day then Terry One were going wrong, and professionals, love with Elaine. could discuss something. hospice. about when they we Jada has a story r, and Elaine just let go of was time to pursue want to window come over so not g by the front . somewhere togethe down to get something.” “Brittany did Elaine was standin the driveway bent hospice,” Terry car pulling into big smile on the wheel and hear the word diagnosed with and saw her worked really and had a , Elaine was Initially neurologist recalled. “She She turned around ran to the door. That out of that disease, but Avera almost Alzheimer’s after watching hard to get her the kids and her face and changed that d ion I needed.” of Dr. Carol Miles phase. I emaile opinion, your was all the validat good days and bad days, that Terry shot my footage some video told them, ‘In While there were home was much easier ors. and encouraged — at Elaine’s behavi mom is dying’ they needed to whole video caring for Elaine been as her dementia looked at the have to do that? “She sat and them to do what eatthan it could take the time a person stops do. … When restart it,” how many doctors ways,” progressed. g, you figure wanted me to easy in so many set the ing and drinkin weeks, four buying the — and then she “She made it who d. “Miles wasn’t Elaine and d. “I’m the one they’ve got three they came, SUBMITTED PHOTO Terry recalle took not go into Terry reflecte So anymore. She at home and weeks at most. Alzheimer’s easy as the hall.” for her to stay as son was taken it goal week, they down that and made up . She and during diagnosis of Elaine Morri d organize in walked her a treatment setting narrowed the help her die.” This photo she helpe The neurologist from g a helped me and further testbed be.” keepin the lities, and could g a peace rally n. possibi Son Ryan moved living area, durin a daily routine down to three emporal s in Worthingto ors Maintaining it was frontot es and behavi s to the main the late 1960 activiti upstair of l with ing determined with the space daily journa ers cope and they filled , just so and her caregiv dementia. helped Elaine would find and it was dead-on bit rare process. Terry “I looked it up, little the dementia said. “… It’s a accurate,” Terry more than men. women a little and may strike

rney through One couple’s jou mentia the travails of de
for over 40 years

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Human Interest Story
Dailies 10,000 and over



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28 pages

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Volume 126, No. 329

March 2, 2013

Celebrating our

www.m ankato freepre




Strangers between them
tery disease Couple copes with mys

125th Year

The Free Press

Lawmaker embraces gas tax increase
Legislation could include local option sales tax
By Mark Fischenich

First Place: The Free Press, Mankato, Robb Murray In sickness and in health Deeply reported. Unsentimental. Reporter cleanly told the story without me seeing the writer. I felt like I was talking to the couple and knew them by the end. Choked me up, which isn’t easy. Well reported and written. Good choice of story to tell. Getting them to open up and honestly telling of husband’s challenges put this one at the top. Second Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Tracy Briggs The beauty of life Well told, well sourced, made me feel I knew Toot and moved me. Very tight decision between this and the first-place winner. Third Place: St. Cloud Times, Dave Unze Put to the test Good narrative arc. I knew the conclusion, yet you still had me excited for the peak moment. Vivid. Played out like a movie.

Photos by Pat Christman

Above: When Judy Roe first experienced symptoms of Lewy body dementia, doctors diagnosed her with Parkinson’s disease. On the way home from getting that diagnosis, she said to I her husband, “I hope die soon.”

legislative MANKATO — A tation leader on transpor issues told Mankato-area civic leaders he plans to push a 5-cent increase in Right: Jim Roe and Minnesota’s wife Judy, married gasoline tax since 1965, have been with much of dealing with the most the revenue Rep. Frank challenging chapter of directed to during their marriage upgrades of Hornstein is “corridors of chairman of the the last few years. commerce” Lewy body dementia is Minn. House ading such as second-le the Transportation Highway 14. Finance cause of dementia. Rep. Frank Committee. Hornstein, chairman of rtation the House Transpo said his Finance Committee, likely to legislation also is sales include a local option boards county tax that generate could authorize to ce experien for roads s, additional funding for a few moment happening or transit. the loss as if it were In Sickness s and medr “I think the governo nursing home resident for the first time. th see peacocks Heal in of compassion, Judy such a bill,” stroke sign and a By Robb Murray In ical staff, she can would the floor. was coming — Gov. Mark and turkeys roaming rmurray@mankatofreepr Hornstein said of to the — who knew this husband’s she sees Part 1 of 2 Sometimes the things her fleeDayton. “But it’s upit first.” decided to help her as a free laugh at to send t’d be really easy to scare her enough Legislature to pass transition from living than tahome. And wife to a man Judy Roe. The county transpor rare, it’s far less known ing from her own way she spirit with a doting of himself. they es the only er’s. In some ways tax wouldn’t sales must take care Alzheim sometim tion who a who when is 69-yearwoman in others, voters After all, this is a walking Through that journey, his wife knows it’s OK to return in black are the same. But require approval of just a os us man dressed Roe has watched once saw a rhinocer they’re not. via a referendum — street. mysterio a is charac- old Jim r before his eyes. He’s Lewy body dementi down her North Mankato beckons her inside. might even majority of the county disappea by things, a little people patience in, other lost Judy sees her, who Hornste could, among with If she A woman board, said es those laughed But there’s terized, t. plants and in upon hours living in the house laugh along with you.the demise hallucinations. Sometim such as with her, spent hours for her, Minneapolis Democrasome funny, cried funny about And there may be her ceiling fan. hallucinations are taking care of her, United between nothing walking and body, and counties a She sees people livingwater the thought of a rhinoupper of a woman’s mind watch his extra incentive for pass prayed for her. As and in to he’s spent a the couch cushions floor. down James Drive a husband who must his eyes. along Highway 14 “corriMethodist pastor, times at the the because tax flooding the kitchen fine, and the wife disappear before a mind North Mankato. Other such as the lifetime being the man the revenue heartbreaking, One minute she’s Judy, 70, suffers from dors of commerce” a comS, Page A4 a party in never heard they’re death of her on Please see STRANGER next minute she seesdoes her best thief you’ve probably body time she relived the made her, would be awarded local her living room and got plenty to of before called Lewy mother in a way that petitive basis — with to be not exactly to make sure they’ve nothing but dementia. While it’s matching dollars likely home. of fleeing from her own eat. In a room full a factor in which projects

of cinations dominates lives Dementia marked by hallu

Jim and Judy Roe


schools ice in Jordan move into To keep students safe, pol munity
While protecting pupils, officers still go out into com
lookMinneapolis, officials after The Associated Press ing at school security Hook the massacre at Sandy smallin JORDAN — One dis- Elementary School the town Minnesota school Connecticut decidedsatellite up set trict is taking a unique would police stuapproach to keeping are offices in public schools. some dents safe: The police Officers will conduct from the moving in. of their daily work In Jordan, south of meet — any would-be taking schools, including paperattackers. calls and filling out Jordan schools haven’t out problem work, while still going had an attack or a to the plan into the community emerwith violence. But to chief patrol or respond proposed by the police is the us gencies. The hope their received unanimo with from the City armed officers, parking approval and the school squad cars in school — or Council ge lots, will discoura

enough to send her she sees scare her when a mysterious it’s OK to return is Sometimes the things only way she knows . And sometimes the beckons her inside man dressed in black

Please see GAS TAX, Page


to have time.” U.S. board, and it seems and Schools across the at securithe backing of parents have been looking Sandy attack at school administrators. every- ty after the “Sandy Hook had wise, Hook Elementary in that left thing in place securityNewtown, Conn., workers what and six they really did. But a children 20 they didn’t have was at the dead. The National Rifle for puttrained, armed officer Association called guards in front door,” said Jordan Principal ting armed Elementary School will A5 Please see JORDAN, Page Stacy DeCorsey. “We of the have that the majority


It’s a peach

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ta Mankato, Minneso

Some clouds, some sun. High 26. Low 17.

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*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Social Issues Story
Weeklies up to 1,500
3 Aug. 1, 201 52
Vol. 78 • No.



Pages 6-7
Staff Writer


an elected Hackensack wom ent state Legion presid

ENSACK JENKINS & HACK RIVER, BACKUS, Party NEWS OF PINE Warehouse Block FEATURING THE a huge success Colonel Cobber's 5 Page Western Adventure

Page 3 nel owner d against ken following inspection Charges fileof issues, compliance 2004, rebuttal, Rowell

officials Pine River City mourn Derksen

First Place: Pine River Journal, Travis Grimler Charges filed against kennel owner Very thorough reporting with good historical context. Good use of source quotes. Second Place: Star Herald, Dodge Center/Hayfield, Tara Lindquist HIV care challenges area family, agency A heartbreaking story with great quotes from parents and grandparents. Since you obviously couldn’t get courts/agency to talk about the case, the story could have used some contextual quotes from a social service agency or some notes about how often this type of thing happens. Haunting story. Third Place: West Concord News/Enterprise, Rick Bussler Seatbelts Save Lives An eye-opening story that clearly addresses a social problem– “invincible” young people opting out of seat belts.

ry Kennel has histo
Staff Writer

Pine River In an April 8, Ron Derksen, former at ation of water and said coccidia infections are not proof member, passed away to prevent accumul they occur in com- City Council 29 from terminal canable to be opened of mistreatment as waste, and were not She his home July . conditions as well. council memfor inspection or cleaning seven mis- pletely sanitary ent of cer. His former fellow someone who Attorney’s Office as was U.S. Departm sales Rowell, 60, was charged The Cass County anor said she for bers remember him filed a nine-count (USDA) certified believed in. r and two petty misdeme on Monday, July 29, on of Agriculture Deborah demeano her kennel stood for what he pretty feisty. He had deprivati against and t neglect, animals counts: animal criminal complain e, of her “He was always before the 2004 which I Pine River for vioimproper enclosur inspected only a week had his own opinion, necessary shelter, Beatrice Rowell of ta animal cruelty dogs with adequate investigation and passed. Pine River always ted very much,” said Pine failure to provide lations of Minneso failwas from April 13, apprecia n, improper dog house, Jim Sabas. “He Council minutes laws. an investiga- ventilatio deficiencies had River Mayor with adequate City on the The complaint follows at Rowell’s ure to provide dogs dogs kept out- 2004, said all kennel the matter was definitely not a yes person s Ron Derksen for of and for what he tion into the condition 1 East, which shade, lack of shade necessary water, been taken care council. He fought Road had a good on of kennel on County liance believed in. He always He just seemed to be an all-around 133 doors, deprivati ade- put to rest. of with noncomp seizure dogs of 16 to time. said USDA records and failure to provide resulted in the July years unless laugh from time what he did. He never puppies. During the discarded after three There is no honest guy. He was truthful in water. are quate dogs, 29 of them dog r couna what tion. g imprope He Charges of providin for dogs kept there is an investiga by the USDA anything he didn’t mean.” seizure, officers observed who told it like it was. news release tion person shade a of office was investiga ’s lack of and Derksen attorney ty “Ronnie and if you didn’t agree, deprivation of houses are petty misdemeanors and record say what he thought outdoors described as “neglect, His work ethic of $300 in 2004. inspection records showed wasn’t afraid to improper encloto your own opinion. He a maximum penalty misdeUSDA appropriate shelter, following well, you were entitled one to accept charity or help. are n, improper have he wasn’t him a All other charges maximum past noncompliance notices and each. sures, inadequate ventilatio consider strong about and to was honored te shade has a repeat notices of a kind and I was dog houses, inadequa and necessary meanors and each in jail and/or a inspections and shelters not meet- was one Clerk Wanda Mongan.2006 to City days adequate including 90 of s, River of on Pine violation said penalty deprivati requirements friend,” of the council from vacancy impervious surface $1,000 fine. water.” to fill a Derksen was a member ns resemble ing outdoor facilities dogs were overoriginally elected These recent allegatio The release said that can’t be cleaned, and was re31, 2013. He was in enclosures that 2004. A March 25, that didn’t include clean, dry bedding March outgoing council member Rob Jesse, He resigned allegations from crowded, housed low by in 2008. n didn’t left detailed in and s, story Hansen sufficient insulatio 2004, Pine River Journal didn’t meet state standard s at material or did not elected alongside Tamara g a diagnosis of terminal cancer water. tion into the condition by temperatures, and shelters that from followin have access to clean n from his position investiga- an investiga his family. tly provide protectio Pride Kennels, owned “It’s been an ongoing as a liaison to to spend time with Sheriff Tom Country which said the kennels had sufficien the council he served airport comwind and rain. Rowell, tion,” said Cass County the During his time with Rowell had not like we were getting insufficient lighting, empty or unsaniand then served on Since Nov. 6, 2011, Burch. “It wasn’t warning. the sewer district board, on from the council. es, kennels that day. We got coman official violation speciala complaint every we knew we had tary water receptacl mission until his resignati to have on there, because he told inadequate received but person small, and overall Espanosa, public affairs good too a what the Tanya was were plaints in the past, was “He more . The said this required of them and for the animals. time. And ist with the USDA, changes accord- the commission what the city to deal with it somehow the more that housing airport from time to always included a commade the got, then had with we ons she do ts to Accusati complain Heartland because USDA inspec- city was going a yes person for them, either. He search warrant.” was submitted to the to the results of enabled us to get a he wasn’t just up for what he knew that t said some plaint (HART) that ing news that he stood in The criminal complain to be from Animal Rescue Team tions. d that official brought back said. “He helped the city a lot purchased from found Espanosa explaine Sabas of the shelters were one of the dog alleged that a puppy , a potentially right,” licensees when and coccidia warnings are issued 91 to 97 degrees, it. the kennel had respect.” 12A comes from fecal a dead mouse in See KENNEL, Page fatal parasite that water dishes had that shelters were The complaint said above the ground contaminated ground. raised not sufficiently

Fishing Contest son Like father, like r’s footsteps to head Hackensack Children’s in fathe be successful. Kennedy follows but the activity would would be a success,
Staff Intern

And, with a little the crop out of themore than half of field as of midweek, average bushel-per -acre yields in the mid-50s have local farmers grinning from ear to ear. “The term everyone is using around here is ‘pleasantl y surprised,’” said Aric Gordon, FCA Coop grain manager. “I think it’s very safe to say yields across are better than anyone the board expected.” The same holds true for corn, about half of which was out of the field when the Yield reports A3 bean harNitrogen tips A4 vest fired Farmers fed B6 up in earnest last week. “We’re seeing corn yields coming in that 180- to 200-bushel s-per-acre range, averaging closer to 200 than 180. We’re seeing bean yields in that 50 to 55 range, some Those are phenomen pushing 60. al yields considering the lack of had,” said Frank moisture we’ve Hlavka, certified crop adviser with Jackson Crop Services. “We can’t figure out where those yields came from.” Couple strong yields with high prices and Jackson County’s 2012 harvest looks to be a winner, said See BEANS on A3

“I didn’t think it ly,” he said. “In its the wasn’t part of it personal Bob Kennedy, passed I who came up with After his father, Huskie one infancy, everyone Kennedy sixth Billat that June, and no home meet on April s28, the ack idea had set it all up away at age 62 The Jackson the Hackens County in session at Central boys’ cross continue country Ducks Unlimited School was still team finished sixth g the decided to helplast in its home came. banquet a success by becomin meet week Contest and came A new in fifth in a meet waslocation proved to be a good Children’s Fishing time.” Story, B1 that his father co- Tuesday. Ducks Unlimited program schedule event the the of there, tor banquet took place thing as the annual From 17 coordina the fairgrounds last in the cattle barn ted for the last the school’s schedule week. at created and coordina changed to fit with rs. Story, B3 voluntee the of s schedule years. is dedicated to the and the year, we limited the contest to only This year, the contest . “This as break a rs the voluntee memory of Bob Kennedy the military as a 10 weeks to give said. r we reorganize,” Kennedy Having retired from his officer for helicopte volunteering with Kennedy started senior chief petty technology Kennedy and new Bob , as ago Colorado in years squadrons father 10 what could be done to Walker and started n allowed him to expand his family moved selling personalized Hackensack America THURSD TH working for the at the contest, like to help fund the free HURSDAY, AY, SEPTEMBER where he was a member. 27, 2012 ’s T-shirts and buttons Legion Post 202, Hackensack Children d being a fishing contest, like There, the idea of the event. From initially Birch Lake originate with other events Fishing Contest on Robert Kennedy and the event expanded casting contest with of a out of the think tank minnow races and for all those who soda the other Legion patrons. himself how he free hot dogs and of differare given to children with a subscription! Prizes BY DALLAS STEFFEN Save “My dad was asking in PHOTO fish, attend. most families g for the catching the ack Children's 122ND YEAR/ISSUE 39 could create somethin Kennedy. “He was ent age groups for smallest fish. tor of the Hackens Bob Kennedy, Bill Photos by Ryan Brinks fish or the Bill Kennedy, coordina his father, the area to do,” said the children the largest Lake, kids a time to learn Fishing Contest, stands where Left: Jenna Stade dock of Birch g what activity could summer.” “This contest gives by JUSTIN wonderin adds locally-grown R. LESSMAN parents’ help,” had stood for a photo, by the public during the to fish with their cucumbers to her Publisher do to have some fun es I see parents on July 16. and attending Bemidji how school lunch tray Bill, who was 21 on r sci- Kennedy said. “Sometim A weekend frost has Wednesday of last Page 12A really ty to earn his compute heated Universi up the Jackson State See KENNEDY, Below: Quesadilla week. County soybean s time, was unsure whether harvest. were one entrée option ence degree at the

Beans going ‘full-throttle’

for the day, alongside McRib sandwiche s and salad with a breadstick .

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Jackson County Pilot, Ryan Brinks Fruit basket upset The usual angle on this transition in school lunches is something about “more nutritious” lunches. This gets a variety of perspectives on this change and offers good, solid reporting. Second Place: Farmington/Rosemount Independent Town Pages, Nathan Hansen Parents fight for peace of mind Very strong start to this article, with a clear focus initially on the issue itself. Third Place: St. Peter Herald, Jessica Bies A happy union The couple here are good subjects for an exploration of this issue. Timely, too.

Inside . . . HARVEST

Preliminary levy is down 4.49% for 2013
by RYAN BRINKS News Editor

JCC gives taxpayers a decrease

Right: Premade salad everyday option; baskets are an this day students received grilled chicken and any other fresh vegetables off. Below: Jessica they chose to top it Jandera (from left), Hannah Guggisber g and Sarah Peetz were among the students last week to boycott school lunch changes by instead bringing Below right: Jenna in bowls of cereal. McRib sandwich Hartzler preps her with before finding a place barbecue sauce to sit down and eat. Condiments are included average daily calorie in the limit.

Fruit basket upse
by RYAN BRINKS News Editor A rumbling of discontent has been heard recently from the Jackson County Central High School commons from some students’ during lunch time — stomachs, specifically Lunchtime throughou . undergone a significant t the district has overhaul this year,



and last week a few students illustrated pockets of dissatisfied the tension surroundin the changes. g While the amount fruits and vegetables and variety of fresh the school kitchen, is now plentiful within that surplus has with the loss of breads come primarily what studentsand grains, which is are mourning. See LUNCH on A3


Next year, taxpayers ute less to the Jackson will contribCounty Central School District than they did this year, thanks to a budget that doesn’t include any major project School board members spending. approved a preliminar on Monday crease of 4.49 percent y tax rate deable in 2013, which for taxes paytotals $167,000 See BOARD on A3


Youth cheerleade rs Photo by Dan Condon Cailyn Kolander, Kayleigh Nosbusch (from left), Grace Schoenroc Kylee Wenzel and k, Alaina Lilleberg, Sadie Voss wave and For more photos from the homecomi Natalie Schelhame ng parade see B7. smile as they ride in a float during r, Destiny Timmer, the For all photos by staff photographers, Jackson County Central homecomi Carson Schneekloth, Photo by Ryan Brinks Paving the circle ng parade last Friday. go to m. Asphalt was laid down tion work. For more last week on Circle Drive after Record months of reconstruc photos, see A8 or A2 Community visit News A6 Football Contest A3, A8 m. Public Notice/ B5 Opinion Education A4 Classifieds B6 Faith/News A7 A publication of Homecoming A5 Sports B7 $1.25 Phone: 507-847-3 B1–B4 County 771 Email: info@livew B8 Fax: 507-847-5

Miles of smiles



ireprinting Web: .com m

Page 29 

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Social Issues Story
Reporting the news of the Mille Lacs area since 1913

Mille Lacs

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
Speechers star at sections, rock the ROC. Out & About, page 5

Bound for state!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Comment period open on Band request
by Brett Larson Messenger Staff Writer Individuals and organizat ions wishing to comment in favor of or opposition to a Mille Band request for concurren Lacs t federal law enforcem ent jurisdiction have until May 3 to do The Band submitte so. d the request Feb. 22 under al Law and Order Act the Tribof The federal register, 2010. where comments can be posted, provides the following information on the Tribal Law and Order Act: “The Tribal Law and Order Act (TLOA) was enacted on July 29, 2010, as Title II lic Law 111-211. The of Pubpurpose of the TLOA is to help the Government and tribal Federal ments better address governthe public-safety challeng unique confront tribal commun es that ities.


First Place: Mille Lacs Messenger, Isle, Diane Gibas Persistent poverty plagues area Thorough story on deep topic. Second Place: The Tower Timberjay, Tower/Soudan, Marshall Helmberger Suit claims promotion denied Detailed reporting. Third Place: Kanabec County Times, Mora, Kirsten Faurie Following God’s word costs church Wins third place for even trying to cover a local religious story.

by Diane Gibas Onamia are eligible for free These families Messenger Staff Writer and reduced lunch. understand the health problems. situation. Next The breakfast and There are 1,023 zip lunch the host family time it may be Students miss school codes in served at that needs help. variety the state of Minneso for a school may be the “There are bridges of reasons including those, the Onamia ta. Of only meals some of the kids to under- taking get area zip during the day, and on days standing poverty,” Varner said. lings, care of younger sibcode, 56359, is ranked the Simon said. “There is a network 28th when there is no school, poorest. of people these who help each Nutrition needs become kids may go hungry. other out.” Of residents who a problem live for kids. “Student It is fortunate for the in Families Onamia’s zip code, s family come 24.5 per- ence issuesin poverty experi- that needs help, cent have incomes but upsetting Simon to school hungry,” with attendance, said. “Some students for the children to poverty level, and 13.9 below nutrition and achievement, lose their will sneak and foods in their pockhave an income below percent the school would like to help home. ets to take home. 50 per- with these While many of the They are cent of the poverty problems they face. poorest embarras level. rural zip codes sed to ask for more “Kids living in poverty Of the 40 zip codes strug- vation lands, include reser- food. Families do with gle more,” not have Varner said he healthy poverty rates over 25 percent, are doing Varner said. “We doesn’t think foods at home, the native Amer23 are in rural commun everything in our dents do not eat stuican population in ities power to educate (see sidebar). Fourteen Many Onamia is all students. of those The school’s achievem ” struggling as they were in the students already have health include reservation problems such as obesity, lands. ent past. “Some will tests show the struggle always strug- blood This ranking affects high kids are pressure, diabetes etc.” and the health system,schools having. In the high school, gle,” Varner said. “But I see Poverty also affects and it kids have made American Indian families creates a number of the adequate year- the over issues in ly progress, past five years improvin graduation rate. “Students the area around Onamia. but the elementary g have a difficult themselves. I see still lags in test scores. MAP COURTESY There are two schools families for the future time planning Dark green areas OF MINNPOST come back to the area The elementary has 56359 zip code: the in the with col- day by day,” and tend to live percent poverty. are zip codes with higher than more lege degrees Onamia kids in 25 Simon said. to lending busines (Blue shows locations of School District and poverty. work for Families in the payday ses the Nay Ah poverty for which the map — the topic of the MinnPo Shing schools on tend to move more, casino or the government.” st story Health care was created.) the Mille Varner Mary Simon, said, and that creates Lacs Reservation. principal of Mille a Nay Ah Shing Rural zipcodes with loss of stability. If Upper School, Chief Lacs Health System Onamia superintendent highes one family t poverty Inc. Margie (100 percent), Varner said 72 percent John gets evicted from their home, said poverty affects students in Unzen financial officer John rs, rates Inlet Publishe waush (53.8), Mizpah Angleof (69.4), ECM Redby (56), Naytahof stu- they may sees how poverty in ways ranging from A Division (50.7), Ponemah dents who attend move the Squaw (50.1), Flom (50), in with anothlower area affects Lake (39), Keewatin school in er family the health system. (36), Silver Bay (33.4), Morton (32.4), on a temporary basis. attendance and graduation (33.9), Red Lake Warroad (32), rates to higher incidence (27.7), Brookston news@millelacsmessen (26.9), Mahnome Canton (30.6), Cass Lake of Poverty to n (26.2), Onamia Effie (25.7),
Volume 101 Number 16

Persistent poverty

Birds (and two-leg mid-March, which ged mammals too) shivere PHOTO BY STAN d through snow felt more like TEKIELA and wind over spring ever and mid-February. the weekend of its effect on the Don’t worry, though, April 13 and 14. birds, like this temperatures dark-eyed junco Mid-April felt more may crack 50 photographed by April 22. For like by Stan Tekiela, see page 1 of Out more on the worst & About.

Worst. Spring. Ever.

plagues area

Band request to 9

Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Burnsville/Eagan Sun Thisweek, John Gessner Clardy and family broke race barrier Great lede. Very interesting history, and it’s good to highlight people who have made a significant difference in the community. Second Place: East Side Review, St. Paul, Patrick Larkin Hmong talk about an elephant in the room Article covers a novel topic, and managed to delve deep into the issue without boring me. Third Place: Grand Rapids Herald Review, Nathan Bergstedt A ‘last straw’ retirement Well-written and interesting topic. Handled a contentious issue respectfully, but without sidestepping the controversy. Visit our websit .Sun e Thisfellow



NEWS 2014 city levies

Rod builder has a flair for the artistic Out & About, page 1 tax

barrier e Witch y ily broke rac woman Clardy and fam
t 16, 2013 Augus would I


3 rnsville | Eagan Bu | Number 25 What

e 34 kind of | aVolum brothe r be if I didn’t do my job with the fearle ssness tenacity that he does and his? Counter
point on mental health and medication See page 5

mony (25).

Marble (25.3), Bejou (25.8), (25.3), Waubun (25.2), Har-

lle Eagan and Burnsvitax are looking at city 2.7 levy increases of percent and 5.7 percent, respectively, for 2014. 3A Page

ia Matriarch Virgin Clardy of Burnsville dies at age 95
by John Gessne



James and Virginia dream Clardy found their acres 2.5 home in 1956, on Drive at 1116 Circle High TownOPINION in rural Burnsville A second ship. immefollowed Trouble opinion had diately. The Clardys blocked Sometimes students ” their driveway need a “second opinion ly with dirt and repeated true their neighto discover ties, debris. They heard their talents and capabili bors threaten to burn there columnist Joe Nathan house. One night Cathy writes. said were guns, Page 4A one of Clardy Patterson, . the couple’s six children Despite the indignibeing ties that came with AfricanBurnsville’s first THISWEEKEND James American family, regretnever and Virginia

Local Aug. news, 9 in St. Paul 3 Opinion nt funeral and Editorial, dco-foun 4-5 were part of a movemeof included fellow Looking back, nation Meth6 Holly United and friends throughout the For the Record,lle, ba- ers of Grace 7 which Burnsvi knock Faithin ‘em integrationists, and Values, 8 in- odist Church we dead if10 Education 1962. 12 in page events, sically said that rhoods, which opened was just so lively,” tegrated neighbo “She See Out that & About n forsaid. Patterso people will then learn high school Clardy sports and nt importa we’re all the same. even more news. they “But outdoor Mother was a “And although better than that, moved here for anybody whose life only part gift to schools, that was moved she walked into. It didn’t what your station of the reason they believed matter matter here, because they n in life was. It didn’t Mothwas. age they had a civic obligatio your move- what r to be part of that that it er engaged you whereve ment. They thought this a you were.” Mae was a step to make Born Virginia 16, 1917, she more perfect union.” the Price on Dec. Virginia lived in er, was raised in Kansas City, she graduated house until last Novemb to Scott- Mo., where school with when she went high be with from was elected sdale, Ariz., to July honors and queen. ming Cathy. Virginia died age 95. homeco d 20 in Scottsdale at a state She became a registere worked She was a nurse, American resident nurse in 1940 and pioneering Africanactivist and a health official, a political with a program fighting Virginia Clardy, a traveler also a nurse, a political diseases of Burnsville, was Vikings fan. (Submitted photo) activist, a world six col- communicable ta to Arkansas, her die-hard Minneso and a mother of took the reason es, some with that n belief was that and racial lege graduat Patterso Clardy 18A e degrees. it, d Y, ted advance for prejudic See CLARD ’s just a lack of said. Mourners at Virginia up animus was said. “They she “My parents grew central exposure,” in an era where the


Beethoven with a twist

An offbeat take on ” is Beethoven’s “Fidelio Art coming to Caponi Park in Eagan. Page 27A


BSU wins at NSIC

their On Sports, Page 7

way World Series


g TAKE tion and, perhaps via a cell phone TOPPING 952-846-2033 , the multiple a discussion. Nelson beginning of times during 1 TOPPING PIZZA ng the standoff had been Display Advertisi least one instance, police . In at diagnosed with post-traumatic were able 2011 to listen 952-846stress disorder. as Nelson’s mental state ng deteriorated. “I don’t know what Classified Advertisi Each we could have He told done differently,” 2000 Bahr that if anyone Each 952-846Bemidji Police Cannot be combined approached Additional toppings extra. Chief Mike Mastin 12/01/13 the home he would 2070 Cannot be combined extra. 952-846with other offers. Expires said a little Delivery toppings kill Additional himself. As he became 12/01/13 more than a month with other offers. Expires more diffiafter Nelson’s cult to understa death. “Through nd, Nelson spoke our training we his final words. SAVAGE/ have to establish BURNSVILLE/ PRIOR LAKE contact somehow SAVAGE/ BURNSVILLE/ APPLE VALLEY “I love you. Goodbye . We can’t just leave BURNSVILLE/ (952) 894-2202 LAKE PRIOR 953-4548 (952) .” 4831 W. Hwy 13 him there.” APPLE VALLEY (952) 894-2202 13610 Co. Rd. 11 Beltrami County “Old Fashioned APPLE VALLEY (952) 953-4548 4831 W. Hwy 13 Veterans Serv13610 Co. Rd. 11 ice Coordinator AN ARGUMENT Scotty Allison wonQuality… Great 4831 W. Hwy 13 “I actually didn’t dered if having a take it as seriveteran available ously as Pizza” 13610 Co. Rd. 11 I should have,” Bahr Tasting to talk with Nelson on the night of said nearly three months his death would after Nelson’s have been an death. “We had gotten asset to police, and into an a life-saver for argument, but I Nelson. figured that he would go stay with “I think the law enforcement and come back the his grandma guys are very compete next day. He nt for what had gone into they’re doing. But I do believe that he kept some the bedroom, where it’s not the same of his guns, and for somebody I heard the action who, let’s say, is of his rifle.” experiencing Bahr went to be PTSD,” Allison said. with her sister. “So, I would The two had been think if he’s just together earlier a danger to himBrieanne Bahr NELSON, Page sits on the steps 9 on the events at 417 Central of Feb. 9. Ave. SE with her golden Labrado r, Jade, and reflects

be so Westernized,” Eastview High said. was company Jewell said she a predecessor grad served as fascifranchise have held the amazed by Japan’sAmeriThe high school since January 2000. nation and love for renewat company is seeking can actors. diplom law Tofederal by Her first stop was her al, which to enter and by Jessica Harper obligates the city ion. kyo where Jewell of with THISWEEK feed a SUN met jglawe@bemidjipio To receive a three-year negotiat fellow diplomats COUNTY TRIBUNE corDAKOTA the re- Photo Gessner by MontEagan by John breaking news stories, The next step in e Draper top officials at various om/ on at the SUN THISWEEK mdraper 17, one follow us at twitter.c At age@bemidj ipioneer.c TRIBUNE view is a public hearing porate sponsors and DAKOTA COUNTY to be held at teen has already gotten aom y. SunThisweek. service Embass cable U.S. to be a20 City Council of what it’s like to It doesn’t take much Meeting U.S. Ambass cable the Aug. begins at 6:30 taste diplomat in a foramong Discuss stories with elicit opinions about a U.S. meeting. It dor John Roos was lle. of us at service in Burnsvi survey p.m. at City Hall, 100 Civ- eign land. Jewell’s favorite aspects Parkway. An online city SunThisweek Eastview High School the trip. spent respons- ic Center folks don’t have to A single shot. in March drew grad Emily Jewell Some “He’s totally down to Emily Jewell 592 people — a much love for their capa- three weeks in Japan last It was the only sound from es self, and really wanted you would g that came try to accordin d the of earthdown his knowledge,” of the U.S. ing.” one from 417 Central part number, suggeste , as was get who healthy month provider some Ave. pass Jewell, interven nt ble ats a consulta night of Feb. 9, after SE on the Buske, tion survey and a series High School Diplomor- 20 American students se- she said. to Sue from somebod hours-long y needs online it to drew X cable standoff. And other an INDE a off nonprof that studied on a , was who knows him. the trip, working program Then it than his own of focus groups aims to lected forlanguage for four thoughts, it was in Burnsville. Somebod where they visited the last thing Ryan assessment y who ganization that e . . . . . 4A 67 people. Kyoto is Japanes e showed George Nelson heard Opinion . . . . . . . subJapanes and on survey similar . Upon The to him, expose U.S. and A third or more of a years at Eastview on July ancient temples, stayed cable bullet pierced throughbefore the ements . . . . . 7A vet.” to one another’s Announc rated Comcast Japan mixed feelings about his chest, to Kobe where they killing the 34-year-o t, with scribers or “very poor” students with the goal of arriving in Police . 17A triedComcas ld U.S. was pleasantly for provider culture host families. “poor” Navy . . . . . . . . . . . Sports veteran. at rates hours to coax ional un- 20, Jewell to discover a with is negotiat- as felt city cable she internat the Nelson said areas: Nelwhich creating d Jewell surprise The shot came from Notices . . 19A-21A son out of the 15-year cable in three of get- derstanding. hisPublic commonalities own gun ing a newhome, (75.9 percent), ease and Nelson himself been number of U.S. and Ja. . . 23A-25A where he had 19A barri- nt. customer-service the trig- s . . “I had never caded himself with franchise agreeme ger. It marked the pulled Classified See DIPLOMAT, between the part ting a multiple end of a life that weapons The assessment is t’s rep on the phone (36.1 abroad before,” Jewell pan. saw the birth of . He was upset excittwo review of Comcas in an argument with of a following end of a relations children, the said. “That was very his fiance, hip 1 the city will use CABLE, 18A Brieanne Bahr. See JUMBO the end of a neighborwith a fiance, News service She spoke with hood disrup& BAKE LARGE Nelson ions. Comcast and PIZZA negotiat

Three months after his death Nelson’s suicide resonates , Ryan with loved ones, law enforcement, veterans officials

‘It wasn’t Ryan anym ore’

The Burnsville Cobras the baseball team won l Central Plains Regiona earlier this week. Page 17A

and graor’s “persistence ciousness.” ies “Very few compan it, and could afford to do step up,” they really did Bill Council Member r “What a by John Gessne Coughlin said. that will SUN THISWEEK wonderful name TRIBUNE DAKOTA COUNTY attached to the BPAC.” be and agreeThe tentative Naming rights — goes name the revenue that proved ment calls for Ames’ and event with them — have for the to grace the arts a center, which includes an elusive catch Performing 1,014-seat main theater, a Burnsville meeting the city black box theater, Arts Center, which gallery. art an 2009. and in spaces opened reat officials City But a deal is finally about storied a ped g tight-lip hand, involvin a rich main kind of monwhat es on the 2100 local company with involved. at Cliff Hill Townhom in- philanthropic history. ey might be for evidence Tuesdayrning shooting killed one man and will be The city and Burns- Terms of the deal Burnsville police searched Street, where an early-mo Conthe city solidified this fall, block of East 117th by Rick Orndorf) ville-based Ames hope to said. jured another. (Photo struction Inc. g broa formal An old marketin soon announce of Ames Friends chure from agreement granting ing the city occurred in the Burnsville Perform the shooting had lle police, the naming rights, . found they Center may or may and another injured May 9, 2013 d Burnsvi announced Monday s Arts One man is dead shooting Tuesday Burnsville, contacte The nonCity Council member not offer a clue. rning Bochniak said. after an early-mo said. the news at profit, which has raised found one man dead Burnsville police the other injured, celebrated ds sesthe thousan in Burnsville, police work on of s a.m. 2 Tuesday and hundred center It occurred at around Street, police in the vehicle Police withheld the in- their deflecting credit to 117th of dollars for the equipsion, Bochniak said. Kautz. 2100 block of East said. in cash, labor and identity. Mayor Elizabeth k Sgt. Rory Bochnia d the dead man as jured man’s no suspects,” Bochniak said She personally cultivated ment, was at one time ped“We have ls inforrights Police identifie ah Ahmed Mahu- Tuesday morning. Anyone with Christi the deal with principa dling full naming e 23-year-old Abdifat wned com- Today’s foreca Detectiv call family-o to the of asked st mation is mod. the two men drove Carpenter at 952-895-4592. See AMES, 19A pany, colleagues said.Mary A woman with erica at Cliff and Council Member them to the SuperAm seeking help. — John Gessner Slater roads in Eagan, ed, and when Eagan police respond

go to Naming rights ction Ames Constru the maySherry credited
Terms of Performing Arts Center deal await

oting sho l rsda Thu y Police probe fata

Dailies under 10,000
First Place: The Bemidji Pioneer, Justin Glawe It wasn’t Ryan anymore Nicely done piece with lots of sourcing. A very sad but easy read. Just enough time had passed that people could talk, but still remembered facts very important to the story. Second Place: The Bemidji Pioneer, Justin Glawe You need to believe them Nicely done. I liked the way you keep tying back into the hallwall and the center. Lots of facts–makes me feel better educated on the topic. Third Place: Owatonna People’s Press, Al Strain How much for rent? Interesting pocketbook story and likely not too obvious on the surface. Good enterprise.


Public hearing on Burnsville service is Storycable by Aug. Justin 20 Glawe

Comcast gets mixed reviews

es an trip High 59ºgiv Low 33º Three-week Jap of dip Weather,lom Page 3 acy te would Eagan teen tas “I didn’t think it she


(952) 953-4548

(952) 894-2202


99 750 $10
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for living-wage jobs MPR News 91.3 FM all other concerns far outweighs in BEMIDJI — Rural including educatio the state, Minnesotans n and health care. are less optimist Among those who ic about the econagree that the omy than people post-recession economy in is still a metropolitan area, the Twin Cities big problem in greater Minneso according to a study released Wednesd ta is Mark Bublitz, director of crisis ay by the Blandin Foundat services at Norther ion. The Blandin Foundat Health Center in n Pines Mental Brainerd, Minn., ion’s Rural Pulse survey found a town of about that while 13,600 that saw the about 40 percent highest unemployment in of respondents in the state the Twin Cities thought at the height of the recession. there aren’t enough local “I think there are job opportunities, 56 percent that are exceptio a lot of people of rural Minnally BY DON DAVIS nesotans thought Bublitz said. “Those stressed,” so. Minnesota would Forum News Service people that “Recovery hasn’t have weathered state to allow gay be the 12th made it to all the state $1.3 million the storm finanpeople,” said Kathleen marriage, after cially and kind of ST. PAUL — Most Delaware approve insurance benefits in health employment-wise Annette, president of the debate about d it this week. are feeling a little today’s historic Grand RapidsEach state has reported allowed if the law that would be less Minneso based foundation. passes. than they were before. pressure an ecovote to allow same-se ta House nomic gain after “And Pocketbook argumen But there’s those in rural commun there are approving gay a lot ts of play folks centers on religious x marriage a that marriage. back-burner role haven’t weathities that have less optimism to issues of the ered that, that are issues, but money and moral . And those are heart in the Minneso In New York City still living check also slips into primaril alone, to ta check.” y gay those a $259 marthe discussion. that are making million influx was riage debate, where less than $35,000 felt in the first both sides Most survey participa a year, and A UCLA Williams year of same-se use religious and nts gave they’re older than x marriag Institute morale arguhigh marks to their analysis claims the age of 35.” Mayor Michael Bloombe e, ments to make their that allowing gay The Blandin Foundat Nearly four in five quality of life. case. rg said. couples to marry “Marriage equality The House takes ion, Minneso a funtans would provide a der of Minnesota Public believe up the issue $42 million economi our city more open, has made today, and if it passes, radio, con- vibrant their community is a ducted telephon inclusive and the Senate place to live first three years, c boost in the free, and it has e interviews with expects a Monday with $27 million more than 1,000 also vote. 70 percent of rural and work, and in the first year residents of rural ate jobs and supporthelped to cre“This is one of those alone. Minnesota between expect their lives Minnesotans our econosocietyThe report indicates my,” Bloomberg March changing will 7-15. breakthrough Between March said in a statethe next five years. improve in of the 10,000 Minneso nearly half ment. 19 and April 1, it moments,” said conducted interview ta gay couDemocratic Gov. Wayne Kangas ples would marry s Mark Dayton, a While the state’s of Hibbing is in the first dents of the seven-co with 549 resi- among more strong gay marthree years after than a could feel a boost, economy riage supporter. allowed. Cities metro area. unty Twin state survey respondents third of rural estimate gay spouses officials who are conIts latest survey cerned about the would cost – availabil first time includes which for the HOUSE, Page 9 tural and arts opportun ity of culthe $1.00 ities. The metro area — shows Twin Cities that demand 117 Years Number Good Morning, 46 STUDY, Page 11 www.bemidjipio Mary Ringhand, Copyright 2013 Ponemah Informing the Bemidji 218-333-9200 CLASSIFIEDS ..........10-11 Thank you for subscribing area and North Central OPINION ................. news@bemidjipio COMICS ................. .........4 .........5 SPORTS DEAR ABBY ................. Minnesota since ......................7-8 1896 ...2 STOCKS OBITUARI ................. Minnesotans for and against same-se representatives DON DAVIS | FORUM x marriage stand NEWS SERVICE debate whether to amend the state side-by-side on May 19, 2011, Constitution to ban gay marriag while state e.

Rural Minnesotans less optimistic about jobs, economy


Gay marriage talk inc ludes money as historic vo te nears

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watch for spec i



2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest Dailies 10,000 and over
e that’s ‘A housto entertain’ meant

VARIETY r House remodel, returns to Hecto ‘House Hunters’

The Forum
O F O O R H E A D FA R G O - M



of Roe v. Wade 40th anniversary

LE STRUGG R A E -Y 31 early 1980s, A n clinic opened in the rtio abo o remains Farg ss acce first Since the often, but
it those for and against have clashed


Fargo like any windows looks g with glass block he light tan buildin in downtown Fargo. people other building small crowd of sday, it draws a bright green But every Wedne others wearing with ixed signs, interm ce. praying or holding into the front entran usher young women Dakota’s only vests who quietly performed at North day abortions are Women’s Wednesday is the , the Red River abortion facility Ave. N. Clinic at 512 1st l and medical surgica offers The clinic 1,200 Robin ates more than Huebner abortions and termin Reports pregnancies a year. the proceedings outside Watching the quiet an uneventful think the city has er to Fargo may newcom a clinic, to abortion. history related truth. the Wade, ’t be further from rsary of Roe v. But that couldn the 40th annive Tuesday marks n, The Forum looks As the nation on legalized abortio e court ruling that in the struggle. the U.S. Suprem the key players in our area and back on the clinics

/ The Forum File photo by Dave Wallis

is carried from the Fargo An anti-abortion protester by Fargo police officers on Women’s Health Organization Aug. 15, 1991.



Fargo Women’s Women’s Clinic; opened has protested both ner of Red River who Bovard, current part-ow tsky, member of Lambs of Christ Kirkeby, a longtime From left: Jane in 1981; Martin Wishna of Red River Women’s Clinic; Kathy ed 994) who support Health Organization aker, current director n, former mayor of Fargo (1978-1 clinics; Tammi Kromen Jon Lindgre from West Fargo; pro-life protester Fargo WHO.
submitted photos Forum staff and

of events since the � See a timeline Fargo abortion clinic, opening of the first PAGE A9 clinic protester � At odds over abortion, ground, PAGE A8 and escort find common Roe v. Wade, deep � Forty years after legacy, PAGE B7 its national divide is


over of Fargo protests See a photo gallery INFORUM.COM at the past 30 years



A ghost at Spiri
� Blogger accuses tribal chairman of ent, corruption, harassm incompetence, having. hand in 1983 murder
predaabusers and sexual s – tors, deep division generasome going back the tions – have shaped how and narrative of why protection much the child and system has failed s has whether progres it. By Chuck Haga been made in fixing Forum News Service perhaps and ng Reflecti N.D. – divisions, FORT TOTTEN, Indian fanning those blogger As the Spirit Lake grapples an off-reservation Reservation safewith how to better from RESERVATION: Page A7 guard its children

t Lake

The Murder of � “Restless Spirit: ingsky. Eddie Peltier”: www.walk html. com/restless/rsblog.

2013 Buick $

Lease For
per month


First Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Robin Heubner A 31-year struggle Included the history, timeline, and in-depth interviews with both sides. A lot has been written about the topic, so for this to stand out shows it was just a stunning piece of work, truly. Knocked it out of the park. Second Place: Duluth News Tribune, Jana Hollingsworth 49 STUDENTS IN A CLASS and Special education costs squeeze all classrooms Terrific reporting of too many kids, not enough money and teachers struggling to get it done. It got down to the floor level where the kids who don’t have desks sit. And then the question raised of do we educate the special ed kids at the expense of the regular ed kids? A debate that has raged since the Education for All Handicapped Children Act . . . Great work in pointing out the people directly affected. Third Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Patrick Springer The history of the Klan in the Red River Valley It connected the local history with national history, compelling reporting of a family that found a secret and decided to share it . . . how horrifically casual the Klan’s racism was, how acceptable . . . it’s good to remind readers of what used to be and how far society has come. The research done on the local history and people connected to the Klan really rounded it out well. Again, well-told, terrific reporting.

Sports Story
SPORTS: UND, Minnesota hockey skate to 4-4 tie in r final WCHA regula season meeting. PAGE D1

Today’s weather

price) (Suggested retail The Forum Copyright 2013


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#13166 OnStar and Sirius/ includes 2 years of maintenance, dealer for details. See $1,000 Due at Signing, for GM retention program. *24 month/20,000 miles, not included, must quality XM radio. Tax and license 800-450-8600

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Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: Lake Region Life, Waterville, Jay Schneider Elysian man finished Boston Marathon before bomb Excellent local feature involving a national tragedy. Writer did a good job reporting the emotions runner had of finishing the marathon, then bombing. Second Place: Minneota Mascot, Byron Higgin Fathers gave daughters a love for golf Perfect example of a reporter who sought a story within a story during state golf tournament. Well written, effective quotes and great fatherdaughter angle. Third Place: Spring Grove Herald, Craig Moorhead Ice angling on the ‘Mighty Miss’ Very nice feature of high interest to Minnesota readers. Reporter did his homework by obtaining comment from several sources.

McIntyre withdraws from city council race

Lake Region LIFE
Thursday, April 18, 2013 Volume 137
by Jay Schneider LIFE/Enterprise Editor

Roy McIntyre withdrew from the Watervil Elysian resident le Josh Council race Tuesday City Henning was euphoric after morning, April 16, stating finishing the his Boston decision was made for “per- Marathon Monday aftersonal reasons.” noon. Because McIntyre This was his with6th drew from the race after the marathon completed, but official withdraw al date first in Boston, which is con(March 14), his name will sidered the “Super Bowl” of remain on the May marathons. 7th tion ballot. Absentee elecBut his euphoria ballots soon have already been turned to a somber sent. “I would appreciat when he heard the feeling news of people who would e the the two bombs have exploded voted for me to vote for near the finish line of the another candidate,” 26.2 mile race. McIntyre stated. “It was pretty Now, Dave Cummisk went from joy and ey, celebraJennifer Grobe, tion to becoming pretty and Jim Fallon are vying for one seat somber,” Henning said on the Watervil le City Tuesday during a phone Council. interview. “You think about Cummiskey is currently everyone who was hurt and filling the seat, which happy you are vacated in Decembe was you are hoping alive. And you get back r 2012 by Rachel Androli, home safely.” who moved outside the More than 175 city limpeople its. were injured and three Cummiskey was selected from the two bombs. died by the city council Henning finished the to race vacated seat until fill the in just under three hours and the May 7th election. 40 minutes.

$1.25 Elysian man comple tes Monday’s Boston Marathon before deadly bom bing occurs

Issue No. 16

16 Pages

they were OK. The were shut down for phones for precautionary awhile reasons and they were not able to leave their hotel room. They dropped a note on Facebook to tell everyone they were fine. “We figured it was probably safer staying right here (in the hotel),” Henning said, so they decided not to venture out that evening. “I didn’t feel like going out because of what happened. There was no need to go out.” Tuesday morning Josh and Brittany were hoping to go into the city before heading back to Minneso ta Wednesday afternoon. Things were starting to get back to normal Tuesday morning. He said many of the Monday evening restrictions had been lifted and most areas were except for the areas open, the bombs exploded where .

Waterville Chamber of Commerce made changes to Bullhead some last year and will again Days offer a Food Court Area furnished with benches and picnic tables that feature an Entertainment Stage. June 7-9 celebration. for the This year the committe plans to have umbrella e s on several of the tables to offer shade.

Waterville Bullhead Days Committee looking for volunteers The

Free entertainment be provided Friday will and Saturday evening as well as Saturday afternoon. Entertainment will The public is invited also be provided before to attend an open house at the Watervil the lion walleye fry and le Area Kids Bingo followin Lions of 2 million northern the Minnesota Departm Fisheries office fry for stocking pike in lakes locally and Grand Parade on g the Resource ent of Natural throughSunday out the state. s (DNR) on afternoon. from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 20, “We anticipate northern The committe is working pike hatching “This is a busy time be in full operation of year for us and on setting up the schedule by the open house to by Jay Schneider a the public can and LIFE/En to good opportunity for the public learn how and include different to learn first- pike terprise Editor types of hand about some of in southern Minneso why we stock the entertainment, ta,” Mackenthun dueling explained Scott Mackent things we do,” said. pianos and other hun, assistant area Approximately a musical fisheries supervisor. “A month after the first Fisheries staff will acts. be on hand giving rolled in the history of De 300 game ever unaware of the northern lot of people are demonstrations Joy Lanes local and answering question has a new all-time The Bullhead gram that is unique pike stocking pro- There is no high series bowled. bowling alley now s. cost to attend. The Committee is lookingDays Minneso to south-central Greg Thomson, who Fisheries office ta and this is a chance has individuals or groups for see for them to Road, is located at 50317 Fish Hatchery nearly 40 years, rolled gamesbeen bowling in Waterville for it in person.” who just west of the city would be interested of 278, 265 and 240 for of Waterville on Mackenthun said in playRidge Road/Le a new the goal of the office ing music during is coming from Sueur County Road 14. If lanes high series total of 783. Bullhead to improve fishing on the east, take Paquin Days on the Entertain 78 lakes and 107 Jay Harriman set Street west ment rivers and streams across Blue the preStage. Earth, Dodge, ing through the city of Waterville. If com- vious record in 2005 Faribault, Freeborn when he from the west, use , Le Sueur, Mower, They only have Le Sueur County rolled games of 289, 247 Rice, Steele and and time slots available a few gathering Waseca counties. They do this by Road 14 or get off on Le Sueur County 245 for a total series so please Road 6 from Minnesota of 781. information, improvin contact them soon. State Last g and pro- for tecting habitat, conducti the DNR sign and Highway 60. Look rolled month Don Simes, Jr. ng research and The committee ponds lined by cedar the lanes’ first ever stocking fish. is trees. 300 looking for voluntee also game. The Fisheries team rs For to more information rears, harvests and help with the Commun Ironically, Thomson on the Waterville Area ity distributes walleye, channel catfish, and Fisheries Hymn Sing on Simes have bowled Office, muskellunge Sunday. and northern pike Pastor Cindy Kennedy from the hatchery visit for years, including together erville/i ndex.html or call Tuesday, will and rearing ponds located not be able to help the office during April 9 when Thomson with that area. Each year, the team in the Waterville business hours regular rolled at 507-362-4223. this year. produces 45 milthe historic series. There is also a need “I just got for people to help with Thomson said with lucky,” button a sales, can koozie “I’ll never do it again smile. sales and so it is someone to help a nice accomplishment.” put up posters in area towns. This was only the second 700 series Thomson If you are intereste d has please contact Del rolled in his long-tim Point at e bowl507-456-0122 or ing career. 362-4433

dog sniffing bags before the start of the race and officers througho seeing Finishing ut the route, even on top of build- marathon was a huge ings. After completing the race Elysian accomplishment he headed past “There are hundreds the finish Maratho resident Josh Henning finished Submitted Photos of Runners need to line, the thousands of people n Monday before approximately qualify the tragic bombing Boston out and for the 2 which killed blocks. He got a about,” Boston occurred three Henning and injured nearly , bottle of his wife said. and Henning Marathon, 200. Henning and “There are water, a warming Brittany (pictured did so in so many people blanket bombs October of 2011 and some food before from their hotel afterabove with Josh) heard the along the course. while runYou could- ning lookthe race. the time needed at ing for his bag n’t have picked anyone with his see what was happening was out Twin Cities Marathon the belongings. an unbelievable who looked suspiciou (from the hotel room).” . s.” ing,” Henning said. feelPlans were to run By this time, approxiHenning's heart goes Shortly thereafte in “Then last r they all of a out year’s Boston mately 30 minutes heard a second boom sudden you come to those who were Marathon in passed. and back and see He and his wife, and killed in this injured April of 2012, but a medical that.” Brittany, they decided to turn on the senseless issue sidetrack Henning said there headed back to their television. ed his runwere act. He also feels bad hotel, located two blocks “What in the world?” thousands and thousands of those who were unable for ning. from the to people along the race Henning finish line. Henning said. route, finish the race. Many run- carpenter , who works as a “I didn’t but the As he sat down know what to do numbers really grew ners were still on the and had been a or what to the final to take off his shoes in and were unable to course junior high basketball coach mile. his hotel think (after seeing the complete for three He said the spectato room, Henning, his their run due to the years from wife and destruction rs bomb- been training at WEM, had the were between friends heard a loud bombs).” in January of 5 to 10 deep ing. boom. 2012 and wasn’t the final mile which “We didn’t think “It was one of They sat in amazeme feeling was the those well. nt area where thing of it at the any- late Monday the bombs things where you were afternoon, exploded He said he was Henning said. “It time,” thinking about ecstatic to finish . getting how exhilaand sounded ready some weird “This is absolutely like a cannon going rating it was to a first to have a good time, then all running, side effects after off. Patriot’s Day in Boston It is race only to have finish the class event,” Henning said. of a sudden you are watch- somethin thinking it was that feel- “There and I don’t know the g he ate or drank. sounds of ing relegated to concern for teers are so many volun- ing TV and ask, ‘What do He changed his diet the city so we didn’t and there is plenty we do next?’” fellow runners and but of know specta- security. that didn’t work, so what to think. We They were certainHenning said he Henning couldn’t tors. and his went to the ly prepared.” wife got many calls doctor. “When I was finishing and corit He noted seeing a police respondence from friends and families making sure Bomb cont. on Page 6

Public invited to Wat DNR Fisheries Ope erville Area n House April 20

Thomson sets new Waterville bowling record Tuesday

Page 31 

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Sports Story
Weeklies 1,501-2,500
ENTERPRISE DISPATC H, Monday, Oct. 8, 2012, Page 1B

Sports Enterprise Dispatch

A THIS WEEK AT GLANCE 9 Tuesday, October at DC; 7 Volleyball: Delano p.m. 11 Thursday, October le at Volleyball: Annanda DC; 7 p.m. at WCC Cross Country: DC State Invite (Lake Rebecca Park, Delano); 4 p.m. DC at g: Swimmin Girls Delano; 6 Watertown-Mayer/ p.m. Friday, October 12 on at DC; Football: Hutchins 7 p.m.

Cokato Kings flag football tournament
By Aaron Schultz Sports Editor baseball The Cokato Kings its ag team will be hostingSaturday, nt football tourname MemoOct. 20 at Veteran’s Park) in Lake rial Park (Brooks Cokato. more infor or To register Bill Aho at formation, contact (320) 434-5114.


Open gym in DC Sunday nights

By Matt Kane Sports Editor ding traCOKATO — A long-stan to an end when the dition will come on the Dasselnal whistle blows football season this Cokato Chargers’ fall. to come to an “All good things have Aho, a forSteve end sometime,” said mer Chargers player. knowing it’s “It will be a shock a receiver on the over,” said Seth Aho,

is the final in This football season at DC was in a Chargers uniform her seasons where an Aho brot
Photo from DCHS Yearbook 1992

Steve Aho

nd B aof brothersa run of 24
Seth Aho roster. current Chargers’ talked about The tradition being started with by the two Ahos and will Steve back in 1989 fall. end with Seth this brothThe two Ahos are 10 other ers, and they have d, the brothers. Combine Cokato 12 Aho boys from a streak have put together where an Aho of 24-straight seasons football at Dasselhas played varsity

Photo by Matt Kane

Cokato High School. have been a big “The boys footpart of DC Chargers ball,” said Steve, referring to he and his brothers. the is Steve, who at 38 18, the oldest, and Seth, bookthe youngest, represent ends of that streak. with it being “It’s kind of crazy “People rememthat long,” said Seth. while ago, but they ber Ahos from a
Todd Doug Josh

my brother.” don’t realize it was coinciding with In all 24 seasons, the eld, was on an Aho in uniform and Karen Aho, the presence of Tom the grandstands in the boys’ parents, games. the of at most about her famKaren always jokes football team. ily having its own team, a coach, “We had a football ers,” Karen said. and three cheerlead
AHO, page 4B

First Place: Enterprise Dispatch, Cokato, Matt Kane Band of Brothers What a great story. First, good job of finding the story and second, good job or writing it. This is a unique situation but it makes for a not only a great sports story, but a great community story. Second Place: Melrose Beacon, Herman Lensing Rademacher committed to coaching Varsity coaches get all the glory but this is a very good personality feature on a coach that touches the lives of every kid in sports in his community. Overall, a solid story that goes beyond general sports beat reporting. Third Place: ECM Post Review, Cambridge, Jon Tatting Hunter Miska hockey Local-athlete-does-good always makes for a story. This was well written and a showcase of local talent on the ice and in print.

Seth Brian

2002-2004 2000-2001 2001-2003



Youth The Dassel-Cokato will be on Basketball Associati basketfor hosting open gym 4-12. ball players in grades weekend It started this past Februand will run through at the gym ary, with the east from 6 to high school open nights (with 7:30 p.m. Sunday with the exception of Sundays or after a school holiday before the weekend).

James Steve
1989-1991 1991-1993




i DC football alumn night is Friday Chargers

The Dassel-Cokato celebrate football team will football DC over 40 years of an alumni Friday, Oct. 12 with night. will All DC football alumni n to the receive free admissio will be game, as the Chargers Conferhosting Wright Countyat 7 p.m. on ence rival Hutchins on atAll alumni planning asked are tending the game Dahlin to RSVP to Stephanie at (320) ce in the activities of or at steph286-4100 ext. 1811, anie.dahlin@dc.k1

Photo by Matt Kane

Tom senior, is the last Chargers. All 12 of Ahos (far right), a current Carl, Bill, Nate, Joel, the Dassel-Cokato A roster of re in 1989, and Seth school football for second from left) James, the streak as a sophomo were (starting with boys have played high are kneeling in front. and Karen (far left) began Steve and Seth A long line of Aho varsity team. Tom cutive seasons. Steve will end. In between has spanned 24-conse at the end of this season, the streak are the years they played with the Chargers’ down of the Aho boys Seth plays his final and Brian. Above each Ben, Todd, Doug, Josh

and Karen’s boys were

Chargers, and their

run with the school one to play. When

the had his Boston Red squad 19y fit. page 2B last drink. Marathon. SPORTS SHORTS, Watt weighed close 25, 27-25, 25-20, 25-19 to 250 on July “(My kids) were 24 at St. Michaelvery happy STAFF PHOTO BY Litchfield’s James Albertville LYLE DIEKMANN Watt finished 12th Watt to A8 ® High School. Watercade 4-mile overall in the run around Lake “My family wanted Ripley on July to go 13. to the match, but I was not sure if I was going to play a lot,” Koch said. “I wasn’t expecting it, but I was really happy about it. It definitely was an experien ce that I BY LYLE DIEKMAN N will never forget.” sports@independentre want to be playing your In addition to the best Saturday 12 kills, ball.” against Luxembu Koch added eight rg. digs and T he double - eli Kimball took a 4-3 Eden Valley and mi nation four blocks despite lead in the tournam Watkins bottom going ent continues Sunday earned No. 1 seeds of up against blockers in the Cen- Brooks the seventh inning on and will Maria conclude Aug. 11 tral Valley League Marquardt’s two-run Fruechte of Caledoni in First round (at Cold playoffs home Cold Spring. a and to qualify for the run. Anna Pioske of Spring) Region 11C Waconia. The top three teams The Hawks used Tournament. from the Fruechte and Pioske three in- region Kimball vs. Milroy, field will will hits qualify Eden and for one 7:30 p.m. Valley punched the Class play college ball Kimball error C State Tournam at Iowa its to score two Friday ticket to regions ent. runs in the top State University with a 13-4 win of and the “This year we the ninth inning over Luxemburg Luxemburg vs. Watkins, have five University of North to regain the teams on July 24. Dakota, lead. from the Central Dan Hansen led 11 a.m. Saturday respectively. Valthe Hawks ley League Cam Knudsen on the hill and at and three from pitched the Corn “You can’t be intimida the Cold Spring Rockies the plate. first 6 2/3 innings, Belt,” Geisling ted vs. Bird He pitched 5 2/3 by other people,” er said. allowing “You Island, 1:30 p.m. Saturday innings, five hits Koch can still get to walking one and and four earned said. “Even though state if striking out He runs. you lose Eden Valley vs. Raymond it was walked one and the first game, six for the win. competitive, it was , struck but out there is definitel 4 p.m. Saturday one eight. Hansen belted y some good the most fun matches of a two-run competition. I’ve Sargent, who went home run and played in. I know 3-for-5 at fun tournam It’s going to be a drove in two the other the plate, got the 0-0-0-1-2. Kimball: more runs with ent.” not available. girls would say final seven Results a double. the same July outs 24 for the win. Hayden Willner thing.” Eden Valley 13, Luxemburg REGAL OUSTS ATWATE finished 4 “Kimbal 4-for-5, while Dan R Eden Valley ....... 040 Koch returned home Sargent add- Geisling l has a great team,” Luxemburg 200 223 — 13 18 2 A rare two -game losing with ed three hits for ....... 010 003 000 er said. “To come the Lindi Fogelber —472 the Hawks, with streak resulted up HITTING — Eden Valley: g MVP a win like we did, Hayden who had 18 hits in an early Award, which is overall. I think 2B; Dan Sargent 3-for-6, 2B; DanWillner 4-for-5, playoff exit given in it will propel us for the Atwater 2-forEden Valley locked memory of Lindi into regions.” 4, 4 RBI, 2-run HR, 2B; Joe Thiel Hansen 2-for-5; Jake Chuckers. up the Fogelberg Anderson 2-for-5; Eden Valley will No. 1 seed in the Heath Kramer 2-for-5; of Cook High School. play Ray- Peters 2-for-5, 2 2B. Gary CVL South mond Losses to New London-S Luxemburg: not available. playoffs with a 5-4 in first-rou nd action PITCHING (ip-h-r-er-bb-k picFogelberg played victory Sat- 4 p.m. at (W) ) — Eden Valley: Hansen er and Regal kept in the urday at Kimball. Saturday in Cold 5 2/3-7-4-2-1-6, Cam Atwater STAFF PHOTO BY from 2004 all-star game Knudsen 2 1/3-0- the Region Spring. 0-0-0-4, Sargent LYLE DIEKMANN before 15C Tournament. Watkins defeated 1-0-0-0-0-1. Luxemburg: “It means a lot Dan Sargent had being killed in a the Cold not available. to us,” said Spring The Chuckers (15-8) three hits Eden car crash Springers 15-3 in Results Saturday and pitched the Valley manager collectfollowing her freshmen seven Eden ed just two hits final 2 1/3 Birdie innings year Valley 5, Kimball 4 Geislinge in Saturday’s Saturday to clinch innings for the at College of St. the Eden Valley ....... 210 000 3-0 loss to NL-S at win during playing r. “We’ve really been No. 1 Scholastica seed in the CVL Kingery Field 002 — 5 13 1 Saturday’s 5-4 good baseball the in Duluth. North Kimball ............. 011 000 200 — in Atwater. playoff win last playoffs. 451 few weeks of the HITTING — Eden Valley: over Kimball. Koch leaves for season and Kevin Soine took Sioux Hayden Willner 2-for-4; Dan Sargent 3-for-5; Watkins will debut into playoffs. That’s a no-hitter Jeff Haag 2-for-4; Gary Falls, S.D. in less in the Re- Peters 2-for-4. Kimball: when you gion into the bottom than two not available. 11C Tournament of the ninth weeks to begin training at 11 a.m. PITCHING (ip-h-r-er-bb-k) — Eden Valley: Cam Knudsen 6 2/3-5-4-4-1with the Augustan 8, Sargent (W) 2 1/3a College Baseball to A8 volleyball team. ® Koch, who finished second on the career kill list at LHS, will travel with the team to compete in the Spring Hill Suites Invitational Sept. 6-7 in Anchorage, Alaska. “It definitely makes my mind at ease for the preseason because I can keep up with some really good athletes,” Koch said. “Hopefully I can carry BY LYLE DIEKMAN over the way I played N in sports@independentre the all-star game into the preseason and show what I The bats were quiet, can do.” the pitching was suspect and the defense didn’t matter. SLINDEN EARNS ACADEMIC HONOR Add it all up and the result was another early Atwater- Cosmos-G playoff exit rove for the Litchfield City High School Blues. graduate Clear Lake outscored Liberty Slinden qualified Litchfield 27-0 in two games, for the U.S. Track sweeping & Field the best-of-th ree and Cross Country series in the Coaches Sauk Valley League Association All-Acad playoffs. emic Litchfield – the No. team. 2 seed in the tournament Slinden – a junior – was attempton the Clear Lake’s Scott ing to qualify for the University of Louisvill Peterson slides region the Blues’ e into home while tournament for women’s track and 11-0 playoff loss Litchfield catcher the first time STAFF PHOTO BY Saturday at Optimis field LYLE DIEKMANN Derek Koll fields since 2005. team – sports a t Park. the throw to the 3.44 gradeplate during shutout as The Blues finished point average and the season Litchfield Clear Lake defeated is Smith, who pitched 9-15 overall. 11-0 Saturday at majoring in biology. two seaOp- sons at the Kyle Systma had timist Park. University “The way it ended, two hits Slinden helped the it almost Mexico, and Spengler of New and drove in five runs Smith struck out got embarrassing,” women’s team qualify for Clear are two of Lake, nine and did the said Litch- not which pounded out top pitchers Litchfield walk a batter in field outfield Matt for the USTFCC 15 hits faced against four the game, this Spreiter. “Get- which CA Allseason. Blues pitchers. ting beat by a team was shortened to Academic Team seven inwe should be nings for the Spreiter had the Spengler pitched able to compete because of the 10-run lone hit for ninth-straight year at St. John’s the with hopefully rule. Universi Blues, who went with a Jake Samuelson will make us want 1-2 against 3.05 cumulative drove in four nesota ty and was the Min- Clear Lake First round (July to come back runs GPA. 20-21) during the regular Intercollegiate Athletic and hit a 3-run home strong and get back In May, Slinden placed at them. season. (4) St. Joseph sweeps 23rd in the Lakers’ eight-run run Conference Pitcher of “It wasn’t a bad (5) in the women’s shot the Year season over- inning. sixth this spring. Sauk Rapids Jimmy’s “They were hitting put with all,” Spreiter added. (2-0) a personal-best mark every“We got the thing hard. There’s of 49“He threw in the Second round (Saturday Clear Lake eliminat No. 2 seed, which not much feet, 8-1/4-inches 80s and , ed we during the you can do about the he moved haven’t Blues with Sunday, Tuesday) it around the strike done in a while, that,” a 16-0 win Sunday NCAA Division I but it was a Clear said. “It comes down Spreiter Preliminary in zone,” said really disappoi Lake. Litchfiel Best-of-t to us d’s not hree Derek nting end to a series hitting. If we allow Koll. “This time Ryan Spengler twirled pretty good season.” them to score Diekmann to A8 St. Joseph vs. (1) Sartell a one- usually wins of year pitching four or five runs, ® hit shutout, striking we games Mike Smith pitched can for you and pete comMuskies (series tied, out 12 bat- they a two-hit ters in with that but not 1-1) had some guys seven innings. if we only throwing (3) Clear Lake sweeps pretty well.” (2) Litchfield (2-0) Blues to A8 ®

Oct. 4) (Associated Press, Prairie; • Class 6A – 1. Eden Edina; 4. 2. Wayzata; 3. 6. Maple By Aaron Schultz Stillwater; 5. Osseo; View; 8. Sports Editor good Grove; 7. Mounds Overall, it was a pretty okato Prior Lake; Lakeville North; 9. week for the Dassel-C l team. 10. Hopkins. TotinoChargers volleybal tourna• Class 5A – 1. DC hosted its own 4-0 to Lake Park; Spring the 2. for on Grace; consolati 29, and went Farmington; at ment Sept. athlete, it was little 3. Owatonna; 4. ; 6. of,” said three sport“It’s just Chargers who now lookedand claim the championship. Academy Thomas ck never re5. St. senior Reid Nelson. r John By Andy Tupa The Chargers were their starting quarterba ndent Moorhead; 7. Rocheste back laying in ally challenged in the tournaValley; 9. Correspo IELD – High unbelievable.” play starting running oppoMarshall; 8. Apple Mankato LITCHF The game changing quar- the middle of the eld. sweeping all four 10. usually respond ment, in two games. St. Paul Central; school football games two big came early in the fourth The Dragons would one or led 21-16. defensive- nents up for DC was a very West. e; 2. come down to Next the ter as the Chargers quarterback by forcing a fumble and scorteam • Class 4A – 1. DeLaSall on; plays that ultimately decide down Wildcats Dragon A6 | August The 1, 2013 ly, then driving good Waconia Hutchins ce any game. dropped back and South St. Paul; 3. 24-21 lead. Lakes; outcome of Wright County Conferen re- ing to take a is a long Zach Kinny the Char- in 4. Becker; 5. Detroit Silver Normally, that play forced looked to connect with his A personal foul on action Tuesday. n or a turnover 6. Marshall; 7. Glencoethe last unbeaten ceiver on a quick slant. Zach gers would set up the Dragons Waconia, 9. Kasson- touchdow www.ind Rocori; the 8. ependen surprise Lake; defense. and currently Both Charger safeties, et | Litchfield Independ nicely for a low-risk in the WCC,treview.n Delano; 10. by the changent Review Mantorville; 10. Rarely does a game incom- Martin and Aaron Haataja, onside kick that they convert- state’s seventh ranked team Photo by Matt Kane . and come on an DC in four Minneapolis Washburn up the play perfectly Rochester ing play ed. in Class 3A, beat Anne Raisanen goes DC down. But, read Junior IN SPORTS • Class 3A – 1. drive gave Duane Dollerschell, THIS DAY d. scoring HISTORY plete pass on third for the Blue converge Another 3. Dan attempt loss McGraw, blockDean a Duerr, hit did Terry and games. own for Tom Bell, Ken Felling, their Lourdes; 2. Perham;Lutheran; during the Chargers 31-21 Urdahl, Unfortunately, their receiv- them their nal touchdown Chargers held The Chargers Ron The Holmgren volleybal Fril team. top hitters but unable and Bill Hannan were to 31-21. Earth; 4. St. Croix Peter; 7. to the Litcheld Dragons were Litchfi the season, good eld during the Midget not come on the Dragon stretched the lead a very with Waconia,for St. are having League was normal. each other. season. 5. Morris Area; 6. 17-6 overall. United; day, nothing strangest sport- er, but instead on FOOTBALL, page 3B but are currently te, – and July 3B 31, page the incomple 1963 LL, Annandale; 8. Tri-City fell was “It VOLLEYBA The pass Watertownbeen a part 9. Lake City; 10. ing event I’ve ever Mayer. Caledonia; • Class 2A – 1. low River; 2. Moose Lake/Wil Lake; 5. 3. BOLD; 4. Maple Luverne; 7. were still Barnesville; 6. pounds and was “Some of our times -Altura; like to feeling the to Hawley; 8. Lewiston see me quit drinking By Matt Kane affects of his lifestyle off from what I would back Waterville,” Watt when his said. the girls bounced 9. Chatfield; 10. Sports Editor kids – Dylan and “That’s the thing Lyle — The see, but . Sophie – asked with disappointing perforan alcoholic. You MINNEAPOLIS Elysian-Morristown if he would compete en; g and from a don’t realize ein the Wa- how • Class 1A – 1. Mahnom Dassel-Cokato swimminrecon- mance (Sept. 27 at Mound-W much it affects the tercade 4-mile run. St. Mary’s; above little people a Eye third, took team place Sleepy around you. Thank to 2. diving BY LYLE ; “I told them I used 4. DIEKMAN N 29 when stonka) God I had SPORTS EDITOR to run some friends sports@independentre 3. Bethlehem Academy naissance trip Sept. cross country and of some good schools.” who helped me y 5. didn’t track Universit ler the in high out.” Dawson-Boyd; it headed to school,” Watt said. Elisa Burgstah a /Lincoln Center, the “So in the Beltrami; 6. Minneota to mind coming from Watt spent the Minnesota Aquatic summer of 2011 oly traded James Watt winter and I went out and Prairie/H meet, for the seem school. She dominated booze for started spring months HI; 7. Lester running home of the state to run around the al. smaller preparin g for 9. Canby; shoes. ke by posting lake. his first maratho and Gold Invitation breaststro Trinity; 8. Adrian; That change Maroon 100 That started it.” the n. ler the runts The Chargers were as they the time of 1:10.76. Burgstah 10. Springfield. kept Watt - in lifestyle has On May 12, 2012, Watt placed 55th two Watt comClinton-G – a 46-year old from in the men’s peted • 9-man – 1. of the Bronze Division, s from touched the wall almost edivision with a time in the Lake Wobegon Litchfie 3.from Creek; ld – ver of 29 min- Trail spendin g utes, B; 1. Hills-Beatoo swam against swimmer and seconds before Mound-W Marathon in St. 41 seconds in his Stephentime on the couch 4. much schools Joseph. Brianna A Class first Grove; Family’s larger oly He Spring placed 54th out two Watercade run, and rekindle e-G-G; of 289 runand he hasn’t schools. De- stonka/H got there in second d his passion for ners with a time Argyle; 5. Goodridg seven Class 2A stopped running running. of 3 hours, 31 Nicollet; 8. since. nt disadvan- LaVelle minutes and 28 6. Win-E-Mac; 7.“That spite the enrollme What started out ss;a pretty seconds. was n/Norcro represented place. in the as short easy training Wheaton -Herman “My goal was four tage, the Chargers Burgstahler’s time decision, runs evolved into Of the 21 players ” Watt /said. “The in the team hours,” 10. Edgerton the seconda Watt said. “I toAda-Borup; con- five-day-a-week 9. well, nishing third breaststroke was sequences of drinking shocked compete in the 26th program. points. . caught DC history. Her forThe last five miles myself. standings with 274 “I love training, up to me. Con- fastest in annual Minneso Ellsworth are the ” Watt said. tough , Victoria Torta High volleyball poll Running helped me “I think Fellow Wright County ones. That’s when with overcoming e- mer teammate the record of I know every dog H.S. School Volleyba you that. ll Coaches member, Mound-W in figure out what has held ference Litchfiel “Besides the physical d, certainly around Association All-Star the runner’s won the manen (AP, Oct. 2) aspect Lake Ripley. wall is, and it hurts.” stonka/Holy Family, Lakev- 1:07.40 since 2010. – 1. Lakeville of losing Volleyball Match, I’ve been bit a few ke, • Class 3A 60 pounds and points. breaststro 410.5 the Litchfield with feelBlaine; in 3. Watt complet ed meet times, but nothing Also ing great High School graduate mentally the 2012 , KaNorth; 2. Wayzata; second with too serious. Twin Hopkins; , it gave me It’s always the ille South nished 5. g Cities Marathon Burgstahler’s teammate somethin Bailey Koch’s star 4. Eden Prairie; little ones that to do,” ; 8.Watt added. get you.” shined and posted a personal in 3:32 Schultz 408. 7. Waconia Photo by Aaron brightest. page 3B if I have a bad day, meet,” -best time 6. Eagan; “Now ka; GIRLS SWIMMING, I go for of 3:25:52 at this “Overall, it was good said. The By November, Watt 9. Minneton a run. spring’s Everything goes Koch slammed a Chanhassen; night in Litchfield. Youngs Lake was put- Wobegon eld Friday away, ting on the matchLitchfi DC coach Nathan Trail and I feel better.” Maratho high 12 kills in a miles and shedding 10. Chaska. for the Chargers against n. on the season. ; a tackle to 2-4 losing record makes Marshall His 1. pounds time overall – Martin was 2A their Zach in Just 52 bunches. effort as the Blue DC’s seconds over two years ago, • Class from 31-21, dropping the qualifyin all-stars Watt fell to the Dragons That’s was far from physicall Chargers g standard for also when he defeated the

H.S. football poll

to Chargers unable ay its own tournament slay Dragons Frid 31-21
short at Litchfield, DC football comes up falling

s DC volleyball team win


Litchfield man battles addiction, finds fitness

Revitalized through run ning

m DC girls swim tea U the finishes second at

Weeklies 2,501-5,000

Koch claims MVP award at all-star match

Clippers, Hawks rea ch Region 11C Tou rnament Eden Valley
, Watkins play Satur day in Cold Spring Region 11C Tournament

First Place: Litchfield Independent Review, Lyle Diekmann Revitalized through running The story would be good, even without the battles with alcoholism, but that aspect put it over the top for me. Solid lede and good transitions throughout the story. I found the story very easy to read and myself rooting for Mr. Watt by the end of it. Second Place: Mille Lacs Messenger, Isle, Rob Passons The Axe looks back Mr. Hennig’s personality really shows through with the choice of quotes. The lines “Larry has an impressive list of accomplishments to his name. The fact that he’s still alive arguably makes the top 10” are probably the two best sentences that I read in this category. Third Place: Waseca County News, Miles Trump Like it’s his own Mr. Larson’s passion for the field is conveyed well throughout the story. Good use of supplementary information with his thoughts on the 1990 team. I loved the ending of the story and Mr. Larson’s quote about moving rather than watching someone else work on his field.

Litchfield ends season with 9-15 record

Blues battered by Clear Lake

Sauk Valley League Playoffs

 Page 32

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest Weeklies over 5,000

PART 1 Alexandria hockey player’s that cut short her playing love for the game and the injury career


INSIDE: AYBC teams are state runner









Editor’s note: This is “There were days part one of a two-pa when rt se- I though ries on how two concus- going t that’s how I was sions suffered to feel for the rest in of have altered the hockey my life,” she said. “But life ferson High School of Jef- now I know that I can feel Kalley Kragenbringjunior better, and other kids should be able to know that too. It will eventua By Eric Morke lly n get better. It’s so hard going through it, worth sticking it but it’s Almost 14 months out.” There was a time passed and Alexan have when Kalley Kragenbring dria’s getting better for Kragen can fi- bring wasn’t nally live her life comple again. less it meant gettingte unNot the way it once back Not as the hockey was. on the ice. She joined star hockey as a 3rd-gra that some people der her as before two knew and by the time she sions altered herconcus- reached high school she life in was drawing ways that she never after every hockey sticks thought possibl one of her sige. the past month, But for natures. KragenKragenbring, now bring has woken up in the years 17 morning without old and a junior the at ical and emotio physnal exhaustion that drained her KRAGENBRI *Center for Disease Control for the better NG D2 part of a and Prevention Kragenbring begs year. to get Alexandria’s Kalley Kragenbr back on the ice after ing carried the puck hit Lakes will be the last up the ice during one she ever plays in Eric Morken | Echo after she suffered her the Section 6A championship game in Press 2012. That game against second of two concussio Detroit ns in a span of a little less than a month.


cut short

First Place: Echo Press, Alexandria, Eric Morken Kalley’s Challenge: Concussions cut short career Interesting feature, very readable. A good cautionary tale about the dangers of concussions for athletes, parents. All parents who have kids who play sports should read this. Second Place: Wayzata / Orono / Plymouth / Long Lake Sun Sailor, John Sherman One chance, one shot, one goal A well-crafted story about every bench warmer’s dream–last game, senior season, score your first goal. A good way to tell a game story. Several sources, very readable. Third Place: Eden Prairie News, Dan Huss Parental discretion required A neat little story. There’s quite a bit of information packed into this short feature. Sheds light on a sportsmanship problem in youth soccer and what’s being done about it. Several sources. Writing is entertaining as well as informative.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury change the way the brain (TBI) that can normally works. Every year, at least 1.7 million TBIs occur either injury or along with other as an isolated injuries. Overall, the activities associated with the greatest number of TBI-related emergenc playground activities y visits included bicycling, football, , basketball and soccer. Headache and dizziness symptoms immediately are the most commonly reported following concussions for athletes. The severity of a TBI range all be treated seriously from “mild” to “severe” and should . TBIs can cause a wide functional short or long-term range of changes affecting thinking, sensation, language or emotions.


SCOOP Cardinal wrestlers are good sports


60 Sure
as part of his trainworks with weightsn Fitness Center. Dick Ames, 72, the Gillett-Recreatio ing regimen at

Indoor meet at Bemidji Tuesda y, you might think that the Osakis the last exchange,” said head track teams would coach Lee VanNyh be intimidated. uis. You’d be wrong. That first place finish was one of The girls’ 4x200 six top-10 finishes relay of Abby Stroup, Taylor Kraem streak girls at the for the SilverBy Eric Morke Szech and Becka er, Hannah Osakis had two indoor meet, as n in the 4x800 relay Sadlemyer alone cruised By Lori Mork time of to a first place finish with a tney as Becka Sadlemyer, Brit1:53.94, Sadlemyer, Szech 0.12 second than Alexandria’s Ted and International Falls, s faster Makayla Hoglin finished Deitz picking and fifth in right up 11:04.80 Minnew With 26 teams and more than spring. where they left off last Lauren and Stroup, Alli Scherr, Nathan Snider are aska’s 1,000 athletes from Savage two of au Sportsmanship award and Kraemer the 89 players “Becka ran a great placed 10th in 11:28.56 North Dakota and all divisions in who will anchor in the compete in the goes to dance team peting at the Paul Minnesota com- 4x200, chasing down “All of our girls ran . 40th anBunyan Classic that nual Minnesota had a 15-meter two teams in the 4x800, which decent splits The Cardinal dance High lead on us on School All-Star indoor track with isn’t easy on an team was named 21 teams in one the game on June 29. football heat,” said the coach. cipient of the Class reThe all-star Szech added a outstanding team AA game, fifth in the 400sportswhich meter manship award. is put on by the dash and a sixth The in the triple Minnesota jump, with Emily award was voted Eckel on by placing Football ninth in the high the Minnesota Associa jump, one of four Coaches AsOsakis competitors tion of Dance Team in the jump. sociation, will “Hannah had a Coaches. ing points in all good day, scorbe played at four events she competed in,” said Husky Stawas [also] encour VanNyhuis. “It dium at St. SPORTS four high jumper aging to have Cloud State s make height, SCHEDULE even though U n i v e r s i t y Deitz one of our top subject to change jumpers (Kayla with the kickSorenson) didn’t compete becaus off set for 1 p.m. e of an ankle sprain.” THURSDAY, APRIL Both Deitz (OL) and ADAPTED BOWLIN 4 The boys weren’t Snider (LB) will G play on Alexandria vs. Tartan, the top-10, but had able to reach the North roster,B1 3 p.m. some excellent Page which is BASEBALL performances. comprised Brandon-Evansville at of players from 2012 Eagle Valley, “There were 26 , November 22, schools Thursday rescheduled to April that play at 12 and well over 1,000 teams there, to 6A level. The the 1A West Central Area at athletes comWheaton, 4:30 p.m. game is peting,” said designed to the Silverstreak GIRLS’ GOLF showcase coach. “So, even Osakis at Rockford, 4:15 some of the top some quality perp.m. formances didn’t SOFTBALL from the 2012 highseniors guarantee scoring team points.” school Eagle Valley at Osakis, footbal postponed idjipione l season from Brandon-Evansville at www.bem Hunter Johnson Morris, reschedacross the state. uled to April 29 top-10, finishing just missed the Players and coaches represe 11th Barnesville at Ashby, jump with a distanc in the long ppd, 79 schools and 34 nting New York Mills at Parkers tbd and Mitch Sunder e of 18’0.75” conferPrairie, 4:30 ences will particip and Garret p.m. Scherr finished 14th and 21st in this year’s game. ate in Upsala at West Central the shot put. Area, 5 p.m. BOYS’ TENNIS “Hunter had a good Alexandria vs. Monticello early season at Fitness Evojump,” said VanNyh lution in Sartell, 6:30 p.m. uis, “and Mitchell and Garret did well in the shot, and are coming FRIDAY, APRIL 5 BASEBALL son with good strengt into the seah.” Sauk Centre at Osakis, Sprinter Brian postponed Hunter Johnson, shown 14th in the 60-mete Thorstad was More with File photo | Echo Press the Paul Bunyan Classic here during last year’s Osakis Lions Invitation r dash in 7.70. Morken: Indoor track and field meet last Tuesday in al, finished 11th at A serious Bemidji. The Cardinal wrestlin g team was named the cipient of the Centra reLakes Conference l manship award. sportsThis is the second that the team has time received this honor. award is voted on The teams in the CLC. by

The Osakis boys’ and girls’ track teams faced stiff competitio n at Bemidji Indoor

Strong showing for St


Deitz, Snider in All-Star grid game


Dailies under 10,000
First Place: The Bemidji Pioneer, Jack Hittinger Sure Shot If you’re going to do a feature like this, go big. Nobody who picked up the paper this day failed to see this story, and it was well done. Second Place: Faribault Daily News, Joshua Berhow The Viking Game Neat story. Who knew this sport existed? Third Place: The Bemidji Pioneer, Jack Hittinger Managing time and talent Well done.




sports blog. Check it out at

0 Phoenix 7, Nashville 4 Los Angeles 4, St. Louis 2 Columbus at Edmonton (n) Colorado at Vancouver (n) Detroit at San Jose (n)

when he was growthe game began Ames’ passion for all because it was . He liked basketb ing up in Wadena ick Ames do by himself. just something he could has a sweet the dirt court and own a ball, take it to up four kids on her so “You can go grab shot, hits “My mom was bringing lly secure, n said. he financia downtow play,” very from and we weren’t after my dad died, out of trouble. with regularity, and go out The it was a way to stay with a plywood board and I’d knows the game. “We had a dirt court on the board and play all night.” Bemidji State men’s lett he where likely there, put a flashligh ed from high school, Air Force, basketball team After he graduat he went into the wouldn’t mind having tered in the sport, became a “gym rat,” playing down him on the floor find. where he said he under a whoever he could three points with pickup games against I could there,” he ball minute left. “I played all the guys I’ve fun, playing against were “He’s the best shooter said. “That was of the country. ThereI Bemidji State areas said other seen,” from ever players there and Crockrell – a a lot of college ball guard Dermaine own his in own.” my in think I held pretty good shooter s. He the chance to play Still, he never got servright. “He’s ridiculou he obvihe got out of the day and coach college. By the time comes in every with children. A shoot the can married he was he shows State ice, ta ously (now Minneso but he at Moorhead State ball really well.” to get him to play, known to Moorhead) tried Ames has been rs in a row didn’t have the time. , ‘If you want me on make 83 3-pointe workouts coaches “I told the during his morning to pay for my Gillett the team you’ll havepretty much ended at Bemidji State’s ess Center. babysitter.’ So that Recreation-Fitn really shoot it.” “Oh yeah, he can four years with a He graduated in said Beavers foring and landthat thing, too,” 3s in degree in account making like 100 Minneso . “I heard of him ed a job with the ward Mason Walters He just stokes it out there. Never Department of Revta ng. a row or somethi . enue in Bemidji college basany to misses.” asset He never left. Maybe be a great be if the 72-yeargot Yes, Ames would it was because he only question would y left. The team. and ketball eligibilit to know anybody has any college and head old Bemidji man basketball team dy in the area BSU the everybo for from MinUnfortunately play, Ames graduated basketball scene, whercoach Mike Boschee ad in 1970. He may be well games www.m ankato freepre pickup ing State Moorhe an basketball, but nesota ever he could find nity to play college the gym, if past his opportu of any comers out open gym. he can likely shoot me play,” on. a problem letting The Free Press, now they dare take him do my routine,” Ames said of “Nobody ever had Section over there, that’s school D, March 29, 2013 nt “I just come in and sessions at the rec center. baseme he said. “The lab the in gym a he had his morning shooting for quite workouts solo – Bensen Hall, they do his shooting an office on campus lunch. Ames prefers to over there. I had during go play ball s just gets more done. a while, so I could played any pickup ball I way,” he says. “There’ I col“I just prefer it that standing around when you’re “Over the years coming up to the and do my too much talking could, and that entailed these college kids. just come in and I So people. against Newsday shooting with fun, playlege and playing early 30s that was r, including thing.” When I was in my competition.” Syracuse led Indiana occasional onlooke like forward WASHINGTON — “Buzz’s code is ‘Ring in the second He still gets the team, ing against college he says he game of the East regional BSU basketball that anymore – the bell doday,”’ week, coach Buzz Only last every of doesn’t members of the He some doubleJamil But Williams said it. said Wilson handle header, and Wichita State his his Marquette after he he could scored 16aren’t Maxie Rosenbloom. his shots, that led LaSalle doesn’t think sure. so team “We at the half of the late center taking all players points. not that good at shootingwas just just BSU define game in the “He’s in the rec when asked toughne the current said of ss oom as being West regional. Rosenbl said with a smile ‘Hey, Maxie, just proves how much . That just butter,” every possessi “He’s there 3s,” Rosenbloom follow-through, on.” things can always tease me, change “He has a weird him, in a week about Ames. “He’ll I think.” always tell Ames’ shot. Vander this things, Blue, a few more 3s.’ And I mewho had year, when everythi time of 14 could teach he points not my strong I’ll bet I can make college but ’s the in ng another in Shooting against the Dick. night. It officially gamesstrong game ininto thispickup Playing to haveNCAA Tournament gets progres‘You probably can, was a 10-point NCAA run, said, morphed 30s“There’s game, but it had a is such a great guy sively tougher. he was in his just somethin point.’ But Dick 20-point feel kids when says, he g about this he Now, the whole way. group games. What everyone saw of their guys, 3-pointers around.” going to it’s so relentles Thursday and goes to all the for consecutive game s.” By doing everythi night was that it is a home miss The world record Book of World ng rightdoesn’t Marquette that keeping and Marquet to the Guinness te stifled Miami point is getting Miami from doing road there yet. he can. progressively tougher. made, according – not quite guard muchgames knowledge. Shane te his of anything that made Ames’ best is 83 ncy. Larkin, apprecia son of consiste squeaked dedis hisHaving Records, is 209. The players out a couple of of the it the class Baseballe,” ll said of Ames’ ble about Ames Hall of Famer Crockre wins last Atlantic Coast Conferen at least Barry week makes awesom he he’s But what’s remarka workout on “It’s and their until s Arizona’s Mark Lyons Larkin, The Associated Press toughne mental game, ce, making every Marquette advanced tumbles finish his whole ss, the team used “He comes to the doesn’t He of Ohio to the Elite ication. State’s Hurrican half of their game Thursday in front It’s nice to talk to both us. e team Eight for the first support look as if it tips row. Deshaun Thomas during and mental toughne said. “My there to in Los Angeles. he physical 20 in a first yet,” aon no-hitter Ohio State won this semester the him forhad ss to reign of Williams time in the always pitched ask grind down against 66. … it. and wipe out No. , who runs a pre“I haven’t failed73-70. a couple 67s, him about the game, tells me to go out there 2 season boot I’ve also had 71, “They Miami, 71-61, on just had a game . He always there.” record is 83. But fromseed shooting plan, have.” Thursday say, gives camp that, his players fan to and fly. He’s 143 times and go a good executed them an edge. let itthey out of one hunthat BemidI’ve been over 40 in and game made 3s game plan of first track to a ‘T’,” Larkin play their said. Ames also keeps The Beavers 02. ston. Expect so far is 100-for-1 Minnesota-Crook he dred; his record He says ji Dec. 1 against about 10 years ago,” in green and white. “And we’re not talking was just a few weeks ago.” Ames to be there a 22-9, conference champi“That – tough said with a laugh. NBA last year’s season ent year – will be onship, NCAA Tournam are on the right track. DEDICATED FAN Milwaukee 113, L.A. Lakers Beavers – or even a go 103 to beat. But the isn’t a Bemidji native he said. “I didn’t Indiana 103, Dallas 78 Although Ames missed a BSU was a dream year,” I went to every hasn’t “That he – e but Bemidji State graduat Sacramento at Phoenix to all the road games, BSU head coach (n) said when he home game in years. I still home game. (Former coach Mike Boschee to a tremendous job. New BSU head Ames’ dedication Matt Bowen) did NHL him. was impressed by of he es here memori arrived have good the program. (Boschee, new BSU basketball fan,” N.Y. Islanders 4, the game and to “But I think Mike going really passionate he’s of a type and think I the guy, guy. good Philadelphia 3, SO “He’s a great area. And he’s head coach) is a what that is. He loves the Bemidji well. He’s a good Boschee said. “He wouldn’t even know Florida 5, Buffalo 4, SO to carry on the tradition about hockey, he coach.” guy, you ask him well. person and a good Toronto 6, Carolina 3 the program, and he knows it knows basketball that. He cares about to have fans like Pittsburgh 4, Winnipeg “We’re thankful have that.” 0 kids. It’s nice to Ottawa 3, N.Y. Rangers cares about our of Dick Ames

Johan Santana likely to miss season — D2

say their newspaper is the primary source of information about the local community
his shooting Ames jots down a daily drill. statistics after

” Dick Ames says. and do my routine, “I just come in consecutive 3-point baskets. His record is 83

Septuagenarian sharpshooter shows his skills at BSU
Source: Newton Research

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ger Story by Jack Hittin er Photos by Monte Drap

Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: The Free Press, Mankato, Shane Frederick Maverick players regard new coach as font of wisdom Best-written story of the group. Gives the reader an inside look at how a coach turned around a program in only a year. Second Place: Duluth News Tribune, Louis George III DISAPPEARING ACT A thorough depiction of a uniquely local issue, well supported by data and facts. Interesting angle for an investigative story. Third Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester, Donny Henn Ice was this Mr. Holland’s opus Readers in Rochester must have been happy to see this story in their morning paper. A great feature about a unique local character who must have been known to many.


East boys, girls track teams win meets — D3

Marquette puts Miami aw



com to watch a video

Maverick players cam

e to regard new coa

ch as a


ioneer. Go to www.bemidjip

FORT MYERS, FLA. Clay Buchholz pitched— onehit ball for four scoreless innings, and the Boston Sox beat the Minneso Red Twins 6-1 Thursda ta y night in the first of three straight games between the end spring training. teams to Buchholz walked one and struck out six. Twins right-hander Kevin Correia went five innings, giving up one run on hits and a walk with five one strikeout for the Twins. The Red Sox scored their lone run off Correia first inning, when in the Jacoby Ellsbury led off with ble, moved to third a douon Daniel Nava’s groundo and scored on Dustin ut Pedroia’s groundo ut.

Red Sox, Buchholz beat Twins 6-1

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota Vikings The ting a makeover. are getThe team announc Thursday that it will ed on its new uniforms at unveil party on April 25. the draft The Vikings have been working with Nike on a redesign to their purple

Vikings to unveil new uniforms

State men’s hockey coach Mike Hastings has been span, he took a 12-win on the job for almost team and turned it into 50 weeks. In that a for the first time in a decade. The Mavericks 24-win club that will play in the NCAA tourname will play Miami at 4 Regional in Toledo, Ohio. nt p.m. Saturday in the Midwest


Photos by Pat Christman


By Shane Frederick

Mike Hastings has team

innesota State had


But hints? Signs? You don’t get second points for those. time in the program Division I era on Saturday ’s First-year coach Mike Hastings in

in NCAA tourney for first

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time in decade

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Playground plans unveiled

Council approve Owasso rebuild
by Ryan Howard Reporter
SHOREVIEW — The Shoreview City Council approved at its March 3 meeting the plans and specifications for the reconstruction and shift of Owasso Street near County Road E. The reconstruction project and associated public improvement, expected to cost slightly more than $3 million, is being done in conjunction with the construction on the street of Lakeview Terrace, a high-end, six-story apartment building. reconstruction The will stretch from Owasso Street’s intersection with Victoria Street to approximately 800 feet east. The road will be relocated north a few hundred feet from its current location until it aligns with nearby County Road E. County Road E currently intersects with Victoria Street slightly to the north of the Victoria/ Owasso intersection, resulting in a morass of traffic signals and odd angles that is further complicated by a railroad crossing. “It’s probably the most intersecunorthodox tion in Ramsey County, period,” City Engineer Mark Maloney said at the meeting. is complexity That one of the primary reasons for the project’s expense. To shift the road north requires numerous right-of-way agreements, new traffic signals, railroad crossing reconstruction, the relocation of Xcel utilities, fencing near Island Lake Elementary (a walking trail will be built near the school) and other adjustments.

The public got its first chance to see the plans for the proposed inclusive playground at Turtle Lake Elementary. For more on the playground, which will allow easy access to children with disabilities, see page 6.

First Place: Shoreview Press, Ryan Howard With Yuck Duck, family creates invention that really ‘suckceeds’ Great lede, great focus on a quirky biz. Fun to read about. Second Place: Spring Grove Herald, Craig Moorhead Private disasters unfolding Nice writing, thorough coverage. Third Place: West Concord News/Enterprise, Alan Van Ormer Claremont Ethanol Understanding of shareholder relationships and behind the scenes corporate chess moves.

Press Publications 4779 Bloom Avenue White Bear Lake, MN 55110



Mobile site goes live

View Mounds The School District has made its information more available to district parents with the release of its new mobile website. See page 2 for more.

Chess clubs perform

Lake Turtle The and Elementary Middle Chippewa School chess club teams did well at Chess School the Association Statewide Level Grade Tournament in St. Paul. For team and individual results, see page 2.

– Photo by Ryan Howard

Duck, a hoping the public will love the Yuck John and Nicole Grottodden are perfecting. attachment that John spent years

wet mess-cleaning vacuum

Fitness for free

Fiscal cliff changed this year’s tax season. Tax Gui de,
Week of March 6 - 12, 2013 Weather tidbit: Last week’s snow, March 4-5 of 8.7”, brought our season total to 50.6” as compared to 44.8” at MSP airport. Temperature-wise we’re running below average in temperature this month by 2.5.° Year Ago This Week Record of all records of March heat! Every day over 60º with five of the seven over 70º. Topped off with a record 80º on March 17. .78” rain on March 19. Weekly Averages Week of March 6 - 12, 2013 High Low % Sun PCP 23˚ 55% 0.38" 41˚ (More weather on sports page)

Come to the Shoreview Center Community from March 18-23 to try out fitness classes for free. From Yoga to Zumba, there is something for every fitness level and interest. (www. shoreviewcomm

With Yuck Duck, family creates invention that really ‘suckceeds’
by Ryan Howard Reporter
like few the Yuck Duck’s invention began SHOREVIEW — The story of amount of vomit. home. others do: with a truly shocking Grottodden family’s Shoreview It was Thanksgiving 2007 in the Bennett and and their children, Raymond, John and Nicole Grottodden family when with John’s sisters and their Keegan, were sharing a meal “I don’t feel good” and lurched muttered, He woozy. feeling Bennett began it was too late. toward the bathroom door, but the situation with recalling John, laughed “He was just like a foot away,” just kept after the passage of time. “If he amusement that can only come

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: St. Peter Herald, Jessica Bies Healthy despite competition Very well written story, nicely organized, good presentation. This piece had all of the elements in place. Dealt directly with the community in one of most impacting businesses–health care. Second Place: Annandale Advocate, Paul Downer Business park prospect out I liked this story because not the traditional business coming to town, closing or retiring–but “We didn’t get it.” The story delved into the city’s determination not to quit looking to attract business into the community. Nicely done! Third Place: Melrose Beacon, Carol Moorman Prime Property I would place this story more into a business feature than a true business story, but both have their place in newspaper. It tells the story of a community visionary who brought businesses into the community through his foresight and hard work. Newspapers and reporters are the recorders of history today, and this community can be proud of this piece of work!


Weather Tidbits

– Photo by Ryan Howard

Thursday, Januar by 24, 2013 Brought to youy

St. Peter Herald
Yuck Duck/see page 3 Owasso/see page 5

The Yuck Duck uses extra space in its attachment to store messy spills, keeping any fluid from going into the vacuum cleaner.

moving!” was sudamount of the Grottodden’s floor He didn’t, and an intimidating John’s sisters from the house. fixdenly out of commission, driving for probably two hours,” said Nicole, “We took turns cleaning that up towels John. “Then you flushed the paper ing a lovingly accusatory eye on down the toilet and the toilet clogged.”

effects Former home-schoolers see education’s
by Ryan Howard Reporter
in the Minnesota Youth Symphonies and the philharmonic orchestra at

Sports ............................8 Classifieds ..............10-12

NORTH METRO AREA Bethel. homewas Burand – Tony Burand Jr. was throughout his home-schooled, but he schooled entire K-12 education. His sure wasn’t isolated. Kim was the priLike many home-school mother educator for him students in the greater mary his brother Jonas unmetro area, the Shoreview and he when high school, Go Online 21-year-old had a wealth til taking some classof opportunity to connect began through a local with other home-school es cooperative. Those families to share learn- school he said, were ing and camaraderie. classes, of his mom’s deout borne cred17 down Now pulling Contact Us to make sure he was its as a senior at Bethel sire in subjects Advertising/News University, Burand said well-educated wasn’t as versed in, ........... 651-407-1200 one of his formative home- she chemistry. school experiences was like “She wanted someone his time in the Shoreview who knew the subject betHome School Band. Circulation that ensem- ter than her to teach offers band The 651-407-1234 ........... I could ask the quesbles and music lessons for so I needed to,” said home-school students with tions Classifieds a variety of experience, Burand. during his first ........... 651-407-1250 It was from beginners to class (and latdents ready to play at the chemistry a college physduring high school level. For clar- er class he took as part inetist Burand, the band ics PostMinnesota’s was his gateway to high- of Enrollment er musical aspirations, Secondaryprogram) that including an orchestra Options

Look Inside

www.stpeterherald .com

fundraise and promotions. School Band while he rs the Shoreview Home Tony Burand played clarinet in Here’s the offi for the philharmonic cial Winterfes him that prepared t schedule. was in high school, an experience orchestra at Bethel University.
Burand found his muse. At Bethel, he’s majoring in physics and chemistry and plans on attending grad school in the fall, with the ultimate goal of working on research and Latawiec (LAT-adevelopment for a medical Katelyn met has in comhas company. Winterfest Firkin: wick) Patrick’s that on Th it’s mon, ird each one “I really enjoyed Time: 6 that p.m. interest- had a unique educational and found it so Address: 125 S. Th experience. ird St. ing,” he said. thing ion: Must one informat If there’s More be 21 years old 7 page to participate. Home school/see home-schooler every

St. Peter’s annual Winterfe corner, and local businesse st is just around the gearing up to provide local s and organizations are residents with photo a full week’s worth of commun – Submitted more than ity events,

Final Winterfest schedule released

$1.25 Newsstand

Friday, Jan. 25

River’s Edge Hospita

l will stay indepen

Executive Director of County Historical Society the Nicollet the east in the coming years. But Gustavus Professo Ben Leonard r of English and “We want to be in a location and African studies Elizabeth lobby, church was.offThe ered during include y the a large2012 Baer said Township that impacts the communit J-Term. ately offices college’s in Laketown college’s recent sesquice and classrooms for A traveling exhibit created BY TODDthe MOEN Anwas approxim by Gusta- the perfect opportun is located for the next 100 years,” land ntennial The course sought . vus Adolphus students education this ity tomiles WACONIA PATRIOT of Waconia to create teach students has returned southeast diaderson said. “We believe excited about to more about the area’s1.5 logue are very the area and is being “We that. sensitive County ofabout history. topics side showcased at the and north believe the bring is a great location to do to we along ’s that ty to light “Probabl Communi Blue Earth County Historic thisa direction detailsn ity y about about Although most of Oakwood intersectio four Oakwood largely forgotyears near 10 ago now the al Society Road or We will have the opportun has presented to ten I began Lord Waconia conflict in the its worship until March, commem Church to giveserlive held Oakacross has people.” thought southern Minneso Klein Road. and the 10 orating the con- 1862 fact CR of to or minister to a lot of that ta Pastor Steve members said Senior between to purus,” has was at troversial Dakota-U.S. vices in notWacofrom the north, south the auditorium Dakota only the wood people and the has the option the that also At this time, the church War 1862 Gustavus Oakwood Com- come the city, Anderson said of relaunch year and Adolphu gion’s Anderson since its the prowhite examining its aftermath. niaof s was ve acres l fi High School settlers, founded the thean additiona whichChurch, includedwho added that west of officials believe they’ve not created a design of year years, chase the the public short fewtook said the munity Few people realize in 2000. In a war place, hanging ” Baer said. property within of church 38 Dakota adjacent been working on church ideal location to con- posed facility. Anderson“a lot “So I came hasin that Gustavu could be of the s up with the Oakwood an Adolphus College was however, to hold idea of doing years.Mankato by order of Presiden next ity for the past two found their building, especially officials still have a three founded the same course t Abravery own on ham Lincoln, itswar. this opportun the in to con1862 year the Dakota War struct holding services ” said Baer. Officials are planning is exof 1862 years. “It’s been quite a three Waconia took or that place. g 300 seat will Th considerin e course was building. facility that a Gustavery grateful co-taugh struct to anSee Oakwood / Page 6 t by ser- process but we’re Student See pected to continue to expand Church officials recently for worship COMMEMORA we found.” Victoria Clark discussed her exhibit TING has pur- to 500 people the land on 8A for 2012 Building panel with nounced that Oakwood The building would also


• 8 S. Elm, The Waconia Patriot Traveling U.S.-D 52 • No. Vol. 115 akota War exhibit returns to area vus Professor of English Elizabeth Baer land and

Commemorating contro versy
nship Oakwood purchases tow

to $150 value. Per gallon. 1 per visit with Up Medallio n Hunt coupon. Max 20 gallons. with any other valid Not Time: 12:01 a.m. 3-26-13. Exp. 12-1-12. 3-26-13. offers. Exp. 12-1-12. More information: Check clues Exxon Shoreview at www.stpe Shoreview Exxon Shoreview Exxon chamber. tercom or www.stpe 3854 Lexington Ave. Ave. terherald 3854 Lexington 3854 Lexington Ave. .com 651-483-1219 Freeze Your 651-483-1219 Buns Run: Community 651-483-1219 Center • 651-483-1219 Time: 10:05 a.m. 3854 Lexington Ave. (corner of 694 & Lexington) Address: 600 S. Fifth St. More information: Registrati on at 9:00-9:50 a.m. By JESSICA BIES Souper Bowl: Commun • jbies@stpeterheral ity Center or the River’s Edge Hospit Time: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. al Commission, the fact Address: 600 S. Fifth St. 45 independent hospit that there are less than More information: Choose als left in Minnesota is BACKGROUND a hand-thrown cerama reminder that the state of healthcare is changi ic bowl, which is yours to keep, and fill it with delicious Before St. Peter Commu homemade soup served tion, there are 147 hospit ng. According the Minnesota Hospital Associ with Hospital became River’s nity als in Minnesota. Since a- was dessert. Along with lunch, bread, a beverage and Edge, it previously unaffiliated 2005, more than a dozen managed by Allina of silent auction items. you may bid on a variety Health, hospitals have joined All but when Allina backed larger health care netwo Center at the Arts Center proceeds benefit the Clay since 1987 at least 24 out of a $5 of Saint Peter. Cost is $12 rks, and million promise to have closed. ($8 for help children build under 8). a new But in a health care market hospital building, Jewelry Cleaning & Hot where consolidation St. Peter decided seems to be the answer Chocolate: Stones Throw said. “They decided to cut ties, said City to Gallery Administrator like River’s Edge have financial woes, hospitals true forever. It’s it was working. That may not be Todd Prafke. remained about serving the commun Time: 12-5:30 p.m independent. ity. The hospital really is a means Colleen Spike manage Address: 420 N. Minneso to an end.” d the “For any organization ta Ave. And while Spike said hospital for Allina, More information: Stop but decided to sion to merge — or in the deciwon’t let the changing the hospital commission by for delicious the case of a take late, state up stirred the city’s offer and become with a candy cane. While hot chocosmall hospital it is a “take a merger without carefully of health care push it to you warm up, the hospital’s new Patty will check and clean considering the pros is a very serious decision over”–it CEO. cons, other Minnesota your jewelry and prongs and there at no charge. hospitals have done just and The tornado of 1998 should be very compelli that. spurred the ng reasons Youth city to hold an election Fishing Contest: Hallet’s as to why you would to decide Pond want to give Time: 1-2:30 p.m. whether or not to up the local ownership assume the debt of your hos- Spike Address: 505 W. St. Julien to build a new hospita pital,” said hospital CEO Th e Queen St. l rather of Peace than hospital in New Prague More information: Sponsore make repairs to the Spike. “Questions like, Colleen doing well when administ was d by the St. Peter Fire old one, which do Department. had become seriousl access to capital and are you have the reigns to the Mayo rators decided to turn over y outdated. you Clinic Health System North American Canned More than 80 percent in 2011. manage a safe, high-qua able to But despite having some Beer Invitational: Patrick’s of voters lity orgacash on Third voted yes. nization? The current tom line, looming changes reserves and a black botuncertainty in health care convince Time: 2 p.m-close in health care is not enough In 2004, the new St. the hospital’s leadershi p that it was time to sell. d Peter to run Address: 125 S. Third St. to a merger. There will Commu One Roof of nity the the on Hospita changes threatening Queen A Night l opened. In the always be More information: Must of Peace uncertainty. After 40 years Clearwate fall of 2008, the hospita r teachers was a new Affordable Healthca be 21 years old to participate. l changed care you learn that changein health forces hospitals accepting re Act requirement that its name to River’s reward students’ effort. Edge Hospital & Medicare Rock, Paper, Scissors Page certainty are part of the and un- Prafke to own12B Tournament: Patrick’s Clinic to reflect the expensive electronic medicalreimbursements norm. growth of the Third on record systems. Starting in 2015, But, City Administrator ” health care campus coniapat there will be Todd Prafke said, while online at www.wa penalties on Medicare . The River’s Time: 7 p.m. Find decision to hire a new reimburs the us ements for practices Edge Clinic opened CEO Address: 125 S. Third St. as a department of the city-owned hospital and retain management and many small hospitals that have failed to adapt of the hospital April , including River’s Edge, More information: Must 2009. there may soon come a may be the answer for now, be forced to either upgrade will be 21 years old to parIn the summer of time when all that changes. ticipate. 2010, in the budgets purchase their systems or find room “The commission did Edge Clinic in Le Center River’s them. Hairy Legs Contest: Patrick’s opened deciding whether to stay have very due diligence in on Third further expanding independent or sell,” Prafk Time: 7 p.m. the hospital’s e services. See HEALTHY on Address: 125 S. Third St. 7A

Case study: Queen of Peace

y viable. (Herald fi River’s Edge among le photo) Wash only number of city-own Express ed hospitalsday! that struggle to stay $3.99 every

VIEW SHORE dent as its

commission searche ASHES AT ANTASTIC ANTASTIC s for a new CEO and tries to remain financiall

Address: 325 S. Minneso 99 More ta Ave. ASH! $ informati on: Live classic rock. tire TRY OUR SOFT TOUCH TUNNEL CAR W 1 FREE PRICES! Oil Change Saturd F W sale F ay, Jan. 26 OFF GAS
Most cars up to 5 qts. Haz mat and eviro fees extra. Not valid with any other 3-26-13. offers. Exp. 12-1-12.


Jim Jam: Embassy Bar Time: 9 p.m.

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See FEST on 8A

Copyright 2013 For the Community With the Community, In the Community, 55387 • 952-442-4414

Waconia, MN

for future church site

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Waconia Patriot, Todd Moen Dueber’s bids farewell A good lede and good writing set this story apart. It provides an interesting look at a small family business and the factors that affect it today. Second Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Nate Bowe Patients love new ‘coordinated care’ The reporter did a good job of explaining how complex changes are being handled by one health care provider–and how they affect its “customers.”

[|xbI GDJy0 030sz\

chased a 12.5 acre parcel

rewell er ’s bids fa Dueber location, by this summ close, including Waconia
Main: 507-931-4520

of land vices.

Bridges Conference.

a guest during the (Courtesy of Elizabet h Baer)


Dueber’s stores to

Gustavus students speak out against college President Jack Ohle


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Or find us on Facebook & Twitter INDEX TODD MOEN BY LOCAL NEWS 2A-3A // OPINION 4A BY MELISSA MAROHL // RECORDS 5A WACONIA PATRIOT // CHURCH LISTING WACONIA PATRIOT S 5A // SPORTS 1B-3B, 8B // CLASSIF DueIEDS 4B-7B “If you can’t find it at of The Carver County Boardand ber’s, you don’t need it.” WacoCommissioners discussed It’s a slogan that most invasive an adopted its 2013 aquatic nia citizens know by heart, Feb. 26 merspecies program at its ode to the popular general been regular session. chandise retailer that has Walsh almost Parks Director Marty a downtown fixture for multipresented the Board with lake seven decades. things ple options for the upcoming Unfortunately, some choosing Chuck season, with the Board don’t last forever and CEO of Option B. Dueber, president and reThis option includes inspection the family-owned business,nine hta, all services at Lake Minnewas cently confirmed that Waconia, Lake Bavaria, Lake Dueber’s locations — Waconia, within the as well as other lakes Winsted, Glencoe, Gaylord, DisCarver County WatershedCreek Fairfax, Springfield, Madelia, a are clostrict and the Minnehah St. James and Tracy — Watershed District. ing. inspecthey While exact hours and “If all goes as planned, decided this tion dates have yet to be fundwill all be closed sometime who on while the county waits summer,” said Chuck, program contining approvals, the 2013 noted that the closing is serWacoaims to provide inspection such gent on selling either the use photo by Todd Moen) NYA vices at times of higher in downtown Waconia. (Patriot nia store building or the weekends. Fresh67 years, Dueber’s is closing as early mornings and warehouse office facility. has After serving local shoppers for began Last year, Lake Bavaria a legend water Community Church store are certainly Creating program t with with a roving inspection categories, dent variety origin of Dueber’s is a purchase agreemen The orientated said. service Friends nearly Lethat was bolstered by the sewing no- limited,” Chuck Dueber’s to acquire its t traced back to its founder, inin such as fabric and “Small towns throughou carried of Lake Bavaria, allowing by 18,000 square foot building Dueber, who graduated tions, that Dueber’s week a are wonderful plac- Roy spections seven days a not carried Minnesot the University of MinWaconia. the fundchal- which are normally indepen- es to raise a family, but custom- from mid season. This year, “You must realize the The in 1939 with a B.A. in every day current by big box stores. need sever- ers generally continue to de- nesota ing isn’t available for Administration. Aflenge of retail in the will said. dent retailers would offerings mand big box retail, and they Business inspections, but the program of ise marketplace,” Chuck graduation, LeRoy Dueber 40 ter to merchand 30 niche al drive as times to such noted are willing focus on those days and “With big box retailers a position with the W.T. to be able to compete,” if necessary for the selec- took Company, a chain of heavier traffic. Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Chuck, who said they saw the miles Grant county goods they want.” extremeFor Lake Waconia, the wall a decade tion of and internet retail, it is some 800 stores, and ascended approach, with a writing on the The closing of Dueber’s hopes to use a daily encouraging ly difficult to come up the managerial ranks. te levels doubt it ago and began of the family is disappointing not just for to provided the appropria profit at year end. No “As a result of this experiby the Waconia but also has younger members in of funding are approved he became interested is a miracle that Dueber’s the to not depend on retail for their downtown ence, shoppers of s Resourcgeneration for the his own,” Department of Natural been able to remain open unique opening a store of vocation. who enjoyed the store’s of future es. said. last five years.” the ambiance Chuck Chuck said funding difremains variety, charming “Until we have actual Chuck said it has been service. cult to the big stores like Dueber’s and top-rate customer sources secured, it’s diffi See Dueber’s / Page 2 ficult to compete with bleak. that program will what just indepensay the box retailers. of “The days that wever, there are certain e,” Walsh said, but added

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County announces AIS plan

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Rescued horse shines
Maria Schaal will show mare at Trainer’s Challenge to Forest Lake.

Home run for FLAFA
Local softball squads excel in summer season.

Third Place: Woodbury Bulletin, Amber Kispert-Smith Woodbury couple’s grape escape: backyard vineyard Well written look at how a new business begins.

Forest Lake Times

Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Forest Lake Times, Clint Riese Housing market heats up The presentation, including graphics, head and art helped carve a path for the reader to navigate through important information. Second Place: North News, Minneapolis, Margo Ashmore Where do you want to eat out tonight? I really enjoyed reading this piece, a close second. Third Place: The Citizen, Hugo, Deb Barnes Metro-area businesses - Feeling the tax pinch Good read, explains the important but complicated issues of tax impact.

Housing market heats up
New home construction in FL returns to pre-recession levels
Clint Riese News Editor New home construction in Forest Lake is nowhere near its heyday of the early 2000s. Total permit valuation, including remodels, neared $91 million in 2003. The next year, 260 new home permits rolled through the city’s building inspection office. Compared to the paltry numbers starting in 2008, however, Forest Lake could be called a boomtown these days. House frames are rising in developments that stalled years ago, while developers are readying lots for construction as fast as they can in newer residential areas. Whether it’s a sign of a city poised to capitalize as the region Housing see page 10

Thursday, August 15, 2013



Vol. 111 No. 14

Permits for new residences in Forest Lake
*=Year to date

Council approves drug ordinance, charter school permit
Long journeys end well for FLPD, North Lakes Academy
Clint Riese News Editor Two separate, significant agenda items won approval from the Forest Lake City Council Monday night, ending drawn-out processes. North Lakes Academy will have an addition built at its high school campus, while a drug paraphernalia ordinance proposed by the Police Department will be enacted. of Appeals. Under Forest Lake city code, it will remain a petty misdemeanor to possess items with the intent to use them as drug paraphernalia. Now, it will be a misdemeanor to sell items that one should reasonably know will be used as drug paraphernalia.


28 24



Construction dominates the landscape of a block of homes going up in Forest Lake’s Headwaters Development.

Photo by Clint Riese

The granting of a conditional use permit to North Lakes Academy ends the charter school’s search of several years for a place Drug ordinance expand and build a to The latter matter was gymnasium. tabled in May due to the The right place ended concern of some council up being the current site members with the pro- of the upper campus that posed ordinance’s likely houses students in grades impact on Dazy Maze, nine through 12. a Lake Street business A dozen or so school 1970s-themed employees or parents whose product line included cheered at City Hall as the glass pipes and other council gave its blessing items targeted in the ordi- via a 5-0 vote. nance. Building owner McThe business has since Cullough Companies closed, and the ordinance will provide NLA an passed unanimously. 8,800-square-foot gymnaThe ordinance was sium. The facility may be modeled exactly after one in Moorhead that recently Council see page 2 held up in the U.S. Court

School permit

puts fuzz in focus
ity Joseph OLeary explores masculin men through portraits of bearded
for ect in February 2012, inspired the Ariana Babcock portraiture by a realization of Times Intern prominence of beards on significant Most photographers enjoy cap- historical figures. OLeary points out turing beautiful scenery, unique Abraham Lincoln, Socrates objects and foreign places, and Jesus, to name a few. OLeary “Today, the perception is but when Joseph D.R. picks up a camera, he looks that beards are relegated to for bearded men. men who are on the fringes The 44-year-old has photo… artists, musicians, men graphed 135 men with beards who want to rebel against and mustaches to create a the norm,” he said. “In a way, coffee-table book. He hopes I want to dispel the percepOLeary to show that masculinity is a tion that beards are for the personal style choice and a fringes of society and really to granted freedom. (show they) are just another way The Columbus man grew up in express yourself.” Minto moved and Wis., Bay, Green OLeary fell in love with art around the age of 5, when his neapolis in 1989. He earned a degree mother took classes. in graphic design from was 11, he got he When the Minneapolis Cola “There’s his first camera and belege of Art and Design story to them gan to explore photogin 1992. by making elabograduation After and I want the raphyChristmas cards rate he opened his own photographs to in a dark room he and graphic design studio, Veto Design, and cretell that story,” his father built in their basement. ated artist catalogs – Joseph OLeary OLeary When and books. In 2005, he steered from his day-toturned a hobby farm Beards stu“Of a in Columbus into work and started the de- day dio, where, in addition to graphic and Men” project, he wasn’t sure sign, he explores art and self-portrait photography. OLeary see page 2 OLeary launched the book proj-

Columbus artist’s book

Dailies under 10,000
First Place: Albert Lea Tribune, Sarah Stultz The rising costs of small business I really liked the way this story was presented. It helped put into perspective for consumers the types of costs businesses face and then talked about how owners/managers tried to keep prices down. A good consumer piece. Well reported and researched. A clear winner. Second Place: Owatonna People’s Press, Ashley Stewart Big evening, big business A fairly simple idea broken down into understandable components. I think anyone who has a kid in high school looked at this with great interest. Third Place: Austin Daily Herald, Trey Mewes Stretching Austin’s dollar This is one of those stories every newspaper can do. It is based on easilyfound public records to help measure the health of the business climate. The writer did a good job drawing in the yoga business as a parallel to growth in the city.





Photos submitted



in Octohad a sitting with Joseph OLeary as he Andrew Joyer, of Lino Lakes, garden tools to show his personality, ber. Joyer said he chose a few about his connection with the land. is a farmer and feels passionate

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Though fuel prices down at various timesgo up and out the year, they werethroughpercent higher in Albert5.4 CONTACT US January Lea in Advertising .............763-233-0713 of 2013 compar Steve Rajtar, 763-691-6022 ... ed to Manager Jeff Andres, General January of 2012. 763-233-0711

Ç 5.4 percent

Lori Syverson, Advertising .......... Clint Riese, Editor .........................763-233-0714 Holly Oberholtzer, Mary Bailey, Community .............763-233-0708 Customer Service Rep....................763-233-0712 Kat Ladwig, Sports ........................763-233-0710 Cliff Buchan, Editorial Staff ........ 763-233-0709

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This was the estima crease of Albert Lea ted incity taxes alone from 2012 to does not include 2013. This other local taxes or state or federal business taxes.

Ç 4.5 percent


The estimated increas e in water rates from 2012 to 2013 is in addition to an 2 percent increas estimated e fees in Albert Lea. in sewer

Ç 10 percent


Food prices as a consumers went whole for up percentage, accord by this Consumer Price ing to the Index.

Ç 1.8 percent


Business owners in
By Sarah Stultz

paying its drivers reimbursement. more for a about a 4 percent increase in the cost of advertising. He said the compa average losses, the Environmenanticipating increas ny is also tal Protection Agency is starting to adversmarketplace es in energy ely affect of a costs and taxes. are also driving costs regulations those,” he said. up for certiWhen the costs of fications, training “Everything is increas “It’s fair to say that running and testing. ing,” he over time, their business increas said. “We’re just those who “It is always a challenge riding the waves to deal at contro have done a good job everything they can e, they do as they come.” with rising costs,” lling those to Field protec said. “In t that. order to be succes The same is true their control experiethings within nce better Us co-owner Kathy for Frames-R- sell our goods at sful, we must “The most import pricing .” a Sabinish. maintaining your ant thing is satisfy the custom profit and still She said she has Small businesses produc seen er. If are t,” increas we satisfy ing uncert Analso faces derson said. “Never in her company’s ainties over taxes and water the customer and fail to get the , ever sacrifice your produc profit, we would after seeing a budget state taxes, t. That’s first and and sewer bills, but the largest soon be out of foremost.” increase she’s seen business. If we get Gov. Mark Dayton proposal by in January. the costs of insura have been in Jake’s Pizza, which fail to satisfy the the profit but Beth Kadoun, directo r of tax business for 50 years, has been in her business and nce — both for would soon be customers, we out of customers.” and fiscal policy for the Minne for her and her increases in the last has seen husband’s health sota Chamber of insura year Comm in the erce, said costs of food, fuel Uncertainties She said at the beginn nce. many of Dayton’s proposals will ing of the name a few. But and taxes, to year she switched Mike Petersen, part unfairly affect small through hard owner of businesses work and cutting ance plan with a to an insurSecurity Insurance and put them at costs where higher deducta competitive they can — and ible through a local said small busine in Albert Lea, disadvantage at . sses are facprovider so reducing their owntimes even they could get a lower ing many uncert “The proposal that the ainties when it margins — premium. goverthe owners said they comes to insurance “That was the biggest nor put out made are able to costs, particthe business monthly move past the challen expense for us,” ularly related to health insurance community concerned,” Kadou their business more ge and run cut the premiu she noted. “We under President n m in half.” Barack Obama’s said. “It’s basically up efficiently. Affordable Care State Farm Insura She said Dayton’s Act. to us to keep nce Agent sales tax running a tight ship,” Nancy VanderWaerd “I’ve been in the business since reform would cause hidden costs t said her “It’s a lot of jugglin he said. business has seen 1991, and I’ve never for businesses, and g sometimes.” the cost of phones increases in close to this much seen even business services business-to, uncert advert — ainty, ising, A larger problem wages for employ and almost anxiety that small busine or services ees and taxes. , because sses In the last year alone, of the changes taking She has three employ hire out for — would have to Anees. end up bederson estimated Petersen said. “There place,” Home Solutions ing taxed. Midwest cheese, meats andthe costs of President Steve Field ray of information ’s a huge arHis plan also said his company’s pizza grains for the company, which everyone is saving out there that top individual increases the have increased has income between 4 and 25 ees, has seen increas 15 employpeople are paying a lot versus which would in turn tax rate, percen more.” es in fuel, t also affect throughout the year. material costs, health In the last year, health small businesses that pay taxes insurance insur“Food is the primar and advertising. ance costs have increas through the individ y driver for ual income ed on avus here,” he said. erage about 8 1/2 Fuel costs are hitting percent, which tax, such as sole proprietors. the busiCheese is the compa ness twice, with he said is not a surpris Kadoun said studies increases both e considhave expensive item that ny’s most at the pump and ering the correla shown high margin goes on the ting increase in in al income tax pizza, and rising costs. The compa shipping medical costs, he rates negatively impact grain prices in ny owns eight said. migraturn affect meat trucks and 14 trailers Property and liabilit tion into the state prices. , and he and y insurmake it But those aren’t said ance harder to attract carriers have passed for small busine talent. along increases they are the only price fuel surcharges about beginning to “firm sses are seeing. 7 percent If gasoline prices higher. many of the carrierup,” though Making up for the difference rise and get close continue to ing their underw s are increasField said he is seeing Despite the uncert to riting standards. ainties, local an about lon, Anderson said $4 a gal8 percent increas business owners These types of the e insura said they are comnce rates pany might have costs, an 18 percen in material largely depend on finding ways to reduce to consider costs so the cost of health t increase in ness is and their what the busi- their businesses claims insurance and can survive. “For those who have history. Anderson said Jake’s above Pizza tries to handle its cost 4P. 7 Jake’s Pizza owners Bill Anderson and Johnson know the Jim value good product.

Albert Lea share their

concerns about com

This estimated increas e in group health insura cally correlates withnce typiincreased costs of medical care. A PUBLICATION

Ç 8.5 percent


mon expenses goin

g up


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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Business Story
Dailies 10,000 and over
I help, you help Time Trader might have an elf for you » F1


Nuts about nuthatches The Nature Nut gives us his take » D6

Trisha Yearwood’s holiday feast » Inside

NOVEMB ER 10-11, 2012 High school football Lourdes, Grand Meadow are going to the Dome » D1

More than


First Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester, Jeff Hansel Dream inches toward reality Really outstanding look at regenerative medicine and its impact on the Rochester economy. Great coverage of a complex subject that has a big impact on human life and a local community. Second Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Dave Olson Teamster plotted bogus benefit for fake baby Big business story! This is more like the drama you would expect to find in Chicago, not Fargo. Excellent coverage. Third Place: Duluth News Tribune, Peter Passi Cirrus ‘saves’ are increasing Fascinating story about a local company that is in the business of saving lives in an unusual way. I was compelled to keep reading. Photos and graphs added to the impact.

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Dream inches toward reality
Mayo Clinic is at the forefront of regenerative medicine
BY JEFF HANSEL a Regenerative medicine seems like age far-fetched dream, even in today’s . of technology and discovery Yet helping the body heal from its within and regain function, using to own cells, is inching ever closer mainstream medicine. People involved in economic development, research, medicine and biotechnology want to transfirst form Rochester into the nation’s regenerative-medicine cluster. Researchers want to give physicians that it the ability to guide the body so cut on heals organs the way it heals a


Full forecast B6



90+ 45+ 45+


What happens to all the political yard signs now, and can they be recycled? A2


Demolition of a building on Sixth Street Southwest is expected to further the development of the UMR campus. A2

Page B2
Phillip Henoch, Rochester Margaret Herzog, Hopkins Bernetta Kahabka, Rochester Elizabeth Lee, Bellingham, Wash. Glen McCormick, Rochester Willis Olson, Rochester DuWayne Olstad, Miltona Dennis Richardson, Rochester

a finger. At Mayo Clinic in Rochester, scientists have already begun to succeed. in Mayo CEO Dr. John Noseworthy a 2010 deemed regenerative medicine strategic priority for the nationwide health and research institution. Mayo scientists and Belgian colthat leagues demonstrated that year stem “rationally ‘guided’ human adult and cells can effectively heal, repair acregenerate damaged heart tissue,” cording to Mayo’s announcement. a Adult stem cells are taken from , ones that have the person’s own body potential to be triggered to develop into desired tissue. Some types of regenerative medilong a cine have been safely used for for time — bone marrow transplants childhood leukemia, for example. Research might seem to be taking too long to outside observers than who want cures sooner rather later. Those cures will not magically of eld fi the But overnight. blossom

at the Human Cellular Therapy Laboratory Mary Maas, a development technologist at the lab earlier this year. rooms Medicine, works in one of six clean
regenerative medicine is progressing , especially in rapidly Rochester. “We are able to educate our patients through a new service that we have, which is called the Regenerative MediTerzic cine Clinic,” said Mayo heart specialist Dr. Andre Terzic. “So you come to Mayo, and you are questioning

in Mayo Clinic’s Center for Regenerative

Michele Jokinen/

the body to heal itself from within,” whether maybe there is a regenerative the video proclaims. “Imagine if you option for you, we have a dedicated become the answer — cures become regenerative-medicine clinic, and what’s common.” very that clinic is, to our knowledge, Pulse on unique in the health care profession. Health reporter Jeff Hansel writes the him on Health column every Monday. Follow We are not actually aware of another the Twitter @JeffHansel. regenerative-medicine clinic in abroad.” or States United openMayo used a video this year to insulin that Page A3: The ‘next generation’ of treatment ly ask its staff to imagine pills for diabetes, oxygen tanks, daily Page A4: City could become hub needed and dialysis will no longer be Page A5: Regeneration raises hope because of the clinic’s work. “At Mayo Clinic, we’re teaching

Arts and Entertainment Story
“Sweetie,” the woman replied, “I’ve just spent 10 days of quality time in a compact rental car with this man. I know what I’m requesting.” Joke on A2 BY HEATHER J. CARLSON

Deadly crash renews calls to fix U.S. 14
stretch of U.S. 14, doing it in roadway south of Claremont going on for decades and segments. DFL Gov. Mark . and acquiring property decades,” Quam said. Dayton announced expansion of the two-lane stretch of U.S. This week’s crash killed Keeping up the pressure DODGE CENTER — It 14 between North Mankato Scott D. Hodgman, of West didn’t take long for state Rep. . Reich, 43, Les Abraham, president of and Nicollet will begin in 2017 Concord, and Zack P Duane Quam’s phone to start the U.S. 14 Highway Partneror 2018. In the meantime, the of Zap, N.D., and his 10-yearof coalition the who ringing after news broke said . Reich, ship, state plans to crackdown on old son, Vander P Tuesday night of a crash on local governments, businesses dangerous driver behavior was returning home after 14 U.S. of to plans stretch a two-lane and organizations and widen a median to create undergoing brain surgery at to get the west of Dodge Center that more of a buffer between the Clinic. Reich’s wife was keep up the pressure Mayo killed three people. project done. two lanes. injured in the crash. “Within 24 hours of the “I’ve lost a number of dear MnDOT District 6 spokesThis latest tragedy is renewaccident, I friends on Highway 14 due to woman Kristine Hernandez ing calls to get the road uphe said. “It is just was getting said given the project’s high grade done. Between 2002 and fatalities,” calls,” said frustrating it just keeps dragcost, the department is look2011, there were eight fatalicommitany the Byron Rewithout on of ging stretch ing at breaking the projects ties on the 16-mile publican. ments from anybody willing into small pieces to get it two-lane road between Dodge , say just and forward For destep started. She said MnDOT Center and Owatonna, accord- to cades, local ‘Hey let’s get it done.” has done an Environmental ing to the Minnesota Departofficials have In fact, the Owatonna City Impact Statement. A road ment of Transportation. argued the president said he safety audit is under way and Supporters say the first step Council stretch of vividly remembers returning expected to be done in June. is getting the project in the highway is from a stint in the Army in department’s transportation Quam dangerous 1968 and reading a newspaper Blames for delay 20-year plan. Then comes the and needs that the highway headline getting — bigger challenge Abraham said he has ofto be upgraded to four lanes. upgrade between Mankato MnDOT has fered to make the case for the was going to But efforts to get funding have the funding. Rochester and in cost estimated the project’s . project to the governor but failed repeatedly get done. 2013 dollars at $140 million to hasn’t had any luck. Dayton’s “I am just thoroughly The state has slowly been $160 million because it would spokeswoman Katharine disappointed and disgusted, working to upgrade the entire constructing a new especially since this has been require
Triple fatal accident
Dodge Center






Rick Dahl/

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CLASSIFIED AD OF THE DAY 2000 Dodge Dakota: 4x4, 5 sp., 80K miles, like new. CLASSIFIEDS IN E SECTION

Tinucci said the governor supports upgrading the entire corridor. “This is something he has talked about since he served as a U.S. senator, and the frustrating slowness in achieving the goal of expanding all of Highway 14 to four lanes underscored the need to find more resources for highway improvements across Minnesota,” she said. Quam blames the slow progress on decisions over the past 10 to 15 years to allocate state transportation funding to light-rail projects and the metro highways. See U.S. 14, page A2


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Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: Clara City Herald, Laura Prosser Coerced into it and now a voluntary pleasure The writer picks a person involved in the play to showcase instead of simply writing a story advance. Not only does this advance the upcoming play and provide readers an idea of what to do in the are, but it also introduces us to a Clara City neighbor. Second Place: Clara City Herald, Laura Prosser Van Dyken finding more about himself through his acting The writer definitely understands that the point to small town newspapers and feature stories is to introduce us to people in the community as a vehicle to make a story advancing a local play interesting and engaging to readers. Third Place: Spring Grove Herald, Marlene Deschler Comedy performance shows audience the action on stage and backstage This writer is very thorough in her discussion of the play giving readers plenty of information to understand and to be enticed into attending the local performance. Clean writing, very consistent.

Ziegler CAT has an immediate opening for a Resident Ag Field Technician in the Willmar Service area. This position includes a company service truck and a $5,000 signing bonus . Ziegler offers the best pay in the industry, excellent benefits, extensive training. and Ap

Resident Ag Field Servi ce


of to everyone. their heritage, Gert It’s important for By Laura Kay Prosser Kluver, people Some people grow member of the organiz to come up in ation their heritage because “it’s the area they spend said. the rest too,” said. Children who Fokken of their lives in. Still others The building on come will move to the farm receive an area for site is the original homestead welcom a gift and people are then move again a time, and again that housed the first e to tour the restored and again. Bob Brix in the area. Church church home. case. He moved to is an odd was held the area The in the home until it could be hosts historical site also that he now plans to spend other organizations organized and member the and rest of his life in, Clara City. s could events during build the Bunde Christia the year. Some For 50 odd years he's n Re- of those include lived formed Church. “It’s a gift to the the Girl Scout and worked in Clara City. For campout, the Boy “It’s part of the commu 30 years he owned nity, it’s a welcom commuScout flag the ing place,” where nity burning ceremon pharLorraine Fokken, y, an annual macy in town and for the next member of said. it all started,” Kluver picnic and 20 or 30 years he planned other events. The the Friesen Historic on al Society site also has a llama staying “It’s finally presenta said. named asking despite many people the community. It’s ble to Woody who people can him how long he'd The Friesen Historic come stay. interest- visit in the summer. ciety was founded al So- ing for people to know their in July heritage "One word, A lot of volunte 1999 when the organiz ,” Fokken said. er hours asked. "Why why?" Brix ation have been put into would I move The Friesen Historic purchased the site restoring when I've al So- the historic north of ciety is been here for al Bunde and began 57 site and the Fri- years. hosting the event restoring it. that people of the area so esen Historical Society would have a I have friends here, I The mission of the church and I've bought can like to invite organiza- come and learn about the tion is to restore the original tage heri- to come learn the community cemetery plots." and start of homestead that founded about their In the Christmas on this area. The tage and visit the farm heri- stay, other words he's here to the farm is open living in his beautifu site for a nice afternoon. l home on Division Street with his dog Jenny and visiting his wife every day By Laura Kay Prosser across the street at the Care Center. Seven years ago Loren Fok"Twenty years ago ken was, accordin maybe g I should have moved," suckered into doing to him, loves and helps where Brix a play said. he can. (Above) Brix and his with The RCW Area "You develop a fondnes Friends But he never really s companion Jenny, constant of the Arts by a friend. and loyalty to the who commudesire. He came here had the Since usually a lap dog but is not nity," Brix said. "And then, while he may looking decided for a drug store to claim he's the to pose for the camera buy in order people develop a loyalty still getting suckere to get out of the metropo regardd in, there to less. (Below) Brix you." is no hiding the passion litan prepares area. His reasonin he has cranberries for his g: Brix came as a perfect for acting. Thanksgiv"In two blocks here ing meal that he is I can go stranger, but retired as a "If people took the hosting for 60 mph. Where in courage member of the commu true his family. Minneapoto do it they'd see lis nity. can I do that?" Brix how fun it He's even stood as joked. is," Fokken said. commandA friend of his in Starbuc er of the American Legion k notified him that there Fokken is currently in his time. performa drug store availabl was ing in the play 'A 1940s "My duty as a citizen Radio town and the town e in the is to Christmas Carol' continue doing what as William had everything he itself St. Claire and Scrooge for the kids coming I can wanted; a . St. up now," church, a school and Claire is a visiting Brix said. it was actor from small. Broadway, a guest Every year Brix tradition on the ra"I'd rather be a big dio show that helps ally helps with two to main small pond than in fish in a things in the commu the Christmas Carol. put on a big one," nity, the Brix said. annual school fundrais "All the characters ers and He was told over I've the town's turkey dinner. have been me, Scrooge been again that he'd makeand over Despite being retired, me, bahumbug," Fokken that’s money here and then his his said. days are still chock All the Christmas full. out just like every move plays that "My other time is occupie newthe RCW Area Friends comer that moved 10:45 a.m. Other days by what I'm doing," d fully to work in he will Arts put on are musical of the Clara City. "which is nothing." Brix said, go at 4:30 p.m. and stay until s. This one is no different. supper. "I watched as these At children grew up and people's the 6 a.m. he rises to walk "I don't sing. I have "When she sees me dog and to go downto coming out while I stayed," moved down the hall her part that gets away the one wn to Margaret's Cafe face Brix said for coffee proudly. up like a Christmas lights singing," Fokken said with not with the guys to shoot tree," Brix proudly. said. the As a city boy he According to Fokken breeze. He goes to roles with little knowled came here The people who were picked more p.m. He cooks his bed at 8:30 ge or less by friends own rural life, having little of the center just wait to work at the getting together to who showed up meals at the beginni big watch and and wanted somethi do edge of medicine for knowlsee it happen. ng." what part. Twelve week and eats the ng of the leftover characters or how much rural animals "We'll kiss and she'll The play focuses on were needed and life truly is not hungry for anythin s, say, the imtwelve peo- portanc different. 'well that's a good g less than he was use to e of family and one' or ple showed up for when Fok'more'," Brix said. "I soon learned quickly the audi- ken's characte he had tion. an entire family to r is key. As a how to satisfy the Despite that being man who is in denial needs of the feed. At 3 p.m. he checks the "I was a shoe-in, commu about length the the nity," Brix said. of their convers " Fokken death of computer for his email, said. his son, St. Claire tion, Brix is unmove aAnd for 30 years he "and has to see to d what was in face his I've the truth and finally Fokken has to been the go to guy for jobs not only understa Facebook," Brix said. doing on dedication or his love for his memorize his lines, nd the meaning medicine for the town and Carolyn. of but Not only cook savvy until his role calls for him part of Christmas. he retired. Though "You go through computer savvy, despitebut to talk in "I have to be a boistero may be even more now he old English. find that old friendslife and his age he also checks a part of us, arrogant poop head his assets the community than best friends," Brix are the "I have to say ‘Thou who online. said he has was and this to have a soft as the local pharma his wife is his best and though that,’ but heart," Fokken He irons his clothes cist. As friend. my a member of the EDA Brix has watched doesn't want to wrap mind said. Wednesdays he attendsand on as the and a around song leader at the people and the busines While arrogant and it," Fokken said. with his wife, Carolyn mass Clara City ses of poop radio.' Care Center he still Clara City change. in the head, one wouldn All the players are morning. "You have the people sees his 't necessarwatched his family He has of the old customers, not the play. Fokken is locals of ily call Fokken, boisterous "We just enjoy the grow and and play who are different people town but also in just around from of us together," Brix closeness change with the addition of the Care City, as is Gina Hagen. Clara soft hearted is right up his on the radio. You have Center. said. alJenny to show towards the end. ley. After all, His wife suffers from "It's been fun to that," Fokken said. made friends and even He's "You don't accomp watch it all happene his life on stage dementia so convers lish unfold. In the beginni retired d because a friend Many people over ation and all while living on the years much in life unless you give any activities are hard, Division man, were we bad," ng, oh needed a favor and suckere Street. yet d have told Fokken that he to others and work with othBrix will pull up a said. "Then we startedFokken him in. doesn't need to act, "How long do I plan workto her wheelchair chair next he is al- ers," Brix said. "I've had grown men on ing together and and just sits living here? My Brix doesn't just sit come ready the character of the role getting into up to there and watches and me with character and all our tv with her. go but my body mind may own per- eyes because tears in their he's taken on. However, this count his money though. He will "She wouldn't know sonalities come out." has made many good stay," Brix laughed always of my past per- time it's different. It's not there," Brix said, if I'm . investa chalformances. To become "but I According to Fokken, Clara City was lucky that, to lenge to be not just William ments over the years. He would." to not become so much have this kind, big only is it all local of that char- St. Claire but also Scrooge invests in the community he Most days he goes players but acter, , swim to a smaller city fish that is pretty cool," local people come Care Center in the to the pond and Fok- two characters all in one role out morning at stay. it because they know to see ken said. within one play. However, it's not sonalities, the people the per"I hope we can pull the emobehind it off," tion that Fokken the characters. has trouble Fokken said. with. It is the memori "That’s the way it Accordi ng to Fokken dezation ken said. "Just a is," Fok- of lines that he finds more dif- spite being a local bunch of ficult as he gets older, despite and having his scout leader own 'dramatic much of his lines scripted on a life' he's gotten to learn his clipboard prop in his character, to be hands. that person "The remembering of my that his character is. lines is driving me "If I get crazy. It's my part right, the always hard to come message of the play will come books," Fokken said. off the through ," Fokken said. lay in bed and say "But I No pressure my lines though. perfectly and then See Loren Fokken I come back and Gina to them later and I've just lost Hagen on stage. A 1940s Rait." dio Christmas Carol starts It's difficult as a play to be Thursday, Nov. 29, and runs radio station persona lities. Not until Sunday, Dec. 2. only do they have to act for the theatre audienc e, but they have to act for the 'radio audience' which means Celebrating Earth Month they have at Windy Hill Auto Parts to explain what is starting immediately! happening as it is happening machinery, scrap iron, We are buying junk cars, farm 'live on the aluminum cans, copper, and batteries. Call brass for special prices 800-3 98-05

Historical Society will host a Christm as on the Farm event for the community from 12 p.m. to on Dec. 8 at the historic3 p.m. al site north of Bunde. Everyon e is welcome to this free event for a Christmas celebrat ion on the farm where coffee, hot cider, cookies and other treats will be served.

Friesen Historical community to Ch Society welcomes ristmas on the far By Josie Oliver m area and to inform The Friesen people

Rochester, Minnesota Volume 87, Number 270 50 pages

© 2012 Post-Bulletin Co., LLC All rights reserved.


The New Girl in To

HERALD - Novemb

er 28, 2012- 3


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now a voluntary plea


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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

STATE G BACK TO ARE GOINand qualified HUSKIESCounty gymnastics teams both Central wrestling the fourth
team, it’s The Jackson t Saturday. For the wrestling for the state tournamen straight state title. means a chance for a fourth straight trip to state and straight season. to state for the second The gymnasts are returning Stories, B1

Weeklies 1,501-2,500


ce Free tax preparation servi merges and moves to WCA
Free help for all ages under income limits
by RYAN BRINKS News Editor The Jackson County Library is no longer a destination for local senior citizens looking for help with preparing their income taxes, but that volunteer service lives on across at Western the river and up the hill returns,” Michelle Community Action. the free prepares Iowa Rather than discontinue merged Jensen said. have Tueshelp, AARP volunteers WCA also serves taxpayers Slayclinic with their tax preparation expanding days in Windom and Fridays in encouraged WCA’s free service, thus ton. Appointments are 658-2448, though both programs. more by calling (800) The combined clinic boasts up at walk-ins are also welcome. help inhours every Thursday, opening Income limits for the free and mix1 p.m. and closing at 8 p.m., time. that es age groups throughout — Carol Three AARP volunteers and Deb Jensen, Barbara Pingeon merger to tax What: Free low-income Maxson — came with the of volunpreparation help a growing WCA contingent is up from teers. This year’s 16 total When: Thursdays through year, which four or five preparers last April 11, 1 to 8 p.m. was double the year prior. year, and Where: Western Community “We kind of grow every to grow Action office, Jackson base we need our volunteer Jenwith us,” said WCA’s Michelle they’ve thankful very individuals sen. “… We’re clude $35,000 for single with discreagreed to help us out.” not only and $50,000 for families, The combined clinic of tion based on the size of the family. to simple serves low-income taxpayers The help is also limited from all all ages, it attracts them in Iowa returns — a regular tax return with Income Tax locations. For taxpayers Lake and W-2s, 1099s, Earned for excommunities like Spirit free tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, ent income, Estherville, this is the closest ample; not self-employm preparation site. Jackson the about See SERVICE on A3 “What’s unique WCA that site is it’s the only site with



If you go . . .

Jackson resident suffers heart attack after trip aboard beleaguered Carnival Triumph cruise liner
by MARIE ZIMMERMAN Staff Writer reDon and Marilyn Dahlin’s south cent tropical getaway went in every sense of the word. The rural Jackson couple nowreceived tickets for the infamous Carnival Triumph from cruise as a Christmas gift Feb. sail set they When family. Galves7, a four-day trip from Mexico, ton, Texas, to Cozumel, endurturned into a weeklong in ance challenge, culminating Marilyn. a mild heart attack for Feeling fine when she disem11 barked the Triumph about Faribault County night, sympp.m. last Thursday Register day. next the until hit toms didn’t with The Dahlins were staying their daughter and son-in-law, at the Sonja and Ken Wilson, The Wilsons’ home in Houston. daughWilsons and their three cruise, ters had also been on the running and everyone was out walked errands when Marilyn into the kitchen and suddenly “didn’t feel right.” much beating heart her With local too fast, doctors at the emergency clinic immediately and gave her blood thinners she sent her to a hospital. There, See DAHLIN on A3

The Flame Theatre PREVIEW STORY THIS WEEK’S Wells has joined the in bandwagon and switched their equipment to all-digita by MARIE ZIMMERMAN and they already see l Staff Writer the major differences. cousins: Jeff Teskey, manager Meet the Verdeen birthday of Gaynelle is facing her 50th Flame Theatre, has as with panic. been not so much with grace cosmetololearning the ins and Peaches, the morturarial her dead outs of of going digital, and gist, keeps seeing visions And Jimthinks husband around the house. he’s finally up to speed. impress the mie Wyvette is trying to success of “We can set up the first lady of Texas with the plus-sized sysher new business serving tem for the whole Throw in the weekend ladies — Wide Bride. Aubrey of shows,” he says. womanizing, elderly Uncle plus The equipment has and conniving cousin LaMerle, and Texans, a host of supporting made it possible to does. prowhatever can go wrong, these gram everything from Staff photos by Lacey This is no ordinary family;Exes,” Theater manage Sawatzky aur Jeff Teskey sits the characters from “Rex’s tomatically cueing are in the auditorium of Flame Theatre Art Guilds’ the the Jackson County , above. Top right, lights in the auditoriu opening new equipment. he fires up the dinner theater production March m to Right, through lining up previews he programs March 1 and running up, all from one before in Jackson. computer. To see the movie line 3 at Good Shepherd Hall we’re all the movie. Photo by Ryan Brinks Photo by Marie Zimmerman more photos, go “It’s kind of the family to cu.faribaultcou Laura Svoboda, Cissa “Once it’s program (from left), Cathy Connors, med, A3 Local talent Scott Place Grote rehearse for the upcoming dinner theater See DINNER THEATER on He it basically runs itself,” visit admits visit last that the theof dentist kind to see during an educational brushing Tusa, Paul Jones and Lori A different “In 1959 preschoolers ater will not Exes.” or 1960, Teskey says. for Head Start’s x-ray dental the demonstrated good miss performance of “Rex’s the holds out a film the tools of his trade, withburned Marcy Chapman theater the children reels now who familiarized down,” The new digital system $1.25 they have lled gift bag. week by Dr. Paul Roggow,that A publication of toothbrush-fi Teskey home with a says. “When they sent them upgrade has some technica technique and d. l specs reopened it was renamed Before, the movies but Teskey breaks HOW TO REACH US B5 .” it down County A6 The new would name, to simpler terms for Community come Record B6 Flame Education Email: info@livewire to the theater A2Theatre movie- on five Phone: 507-847-3771 Notice/ a Public makes B7 goers. Web: lot more Senior Scene ’S or sixNews reels of film. A3 WHAT A7–A8 eds Fax: 507-847-5822 senseClassifi A4 knowing The theater would some Salute to FFA C1–C4 Opinion “The sound clarity of the B1–B4 have to A5 Sports and 100-yea r history involves piece E:the filmFaith/News brightness and crispnes INSID together to a fire. the color is unbeliev s of make one big reel. eable,” Years ago, films were Then, they would he adds. play projected using two it all weekend and But, the quality of arc on lights to illuminate Tuesday they would picture and ease of the the film have proand project it onto to take it all apart graming wasn’t the the and put reason screen. it back on separate for the upgrade. reels to “Fires started all the ship back. The film industry cused on concessions, will time in old theaters, “Now, the new equipeventually stop making ing to host other activitie ” ticket sales and keeping Teskey adds. “Project s ment in the auditoriu ment is like a compute the and shows at film reels complet ionauditorium in prime m the Flame r ely. ists were condi- Theatre which Teskey hopes with required a light bulb,” Teskey Many small-town to stay as they continue tion. to find next to the projecto jokes. movie theaters have improve, starting with to more use for as well. r And perhaps moviefound through the whole SatThey hope to test Which is essential the cost to upgrade urday afternoo movie goers have noticed the ly too because of that.” the new for children n matinees waters with live music what it is. The movies pensive and have been exupgrades and the cleanli. and Now most theaters shows on stage. arrive in a small case now forced to shut their “The kid-friendly ness of the theater. doors. won’t even need a projec“I’m not The city of Wells caught which opens to reveal a movies will be free Last year there were and are the acoustic sure how well tionist – which might computer hard drive. a wind of the eventual a good way to offer s are but I make total of 21,000 upactiviit seem like people that think it would be a Then, the drive is grade a few years ties for family to get really trans- ment has the new equip- attended a movie at the back out made a job obsohas been putting moneyand fered on to the projecto the house on weekend of good way to open the theFlame. The last two lete but Teskey disagree weekserver and the movie r’s away in a fund so winter,” Teskey says. s this ater on non-show days,” he s. ends is brought Flame in 1,298 peo“This job may not adds. programmed Theatre could continue The children’s matinees ple. So, Teskey is op- puter screen. on a comneeded but now we be happy to began So, for most, celebrateration. can Dec. 2 and will say numbers are up. have more hands helping The theater has come “The theater is a munictinue through Christm con- ing a 100-year birthday Now, they can focus in different areas at as. If would involve long way since it was a on ipal, owned by the they are well-received, the cake. But, continuing to bring city, so theater,” he says. in instead, Flame Theatre opened it was nice we were movie fans by offeringlocal they may continue doing able to when 100 years ago They rearranged the cided to become the deafford it,” Teskey it was known as the the children showing most says. s descriptions a bit and job weekend showings for up-to-da State Theater. te 100-year-old throughout the year. only $3 a ticket. more energy is being now they could be, with Flame Theatre also fotheir But, they are also has looknew digital equipme a stage with sound nt. equip-

by Congress payer Relief Act enacted fiscal on Jan. 2 following last-minute accommocliff negotiations. System forms dations for those remaining by the first are expected to be ready date will by RYAN BRINKS week of March. A specific of those News Editor be announced later. Most complex tax more in this group file to Revenue and typically file closer Last week the Internal can returns extension. an taxpayers obtain or announced the deadline Service be BY LACEY ______ SAWATZKY two major tax forms cov- A full list of the forms that will is filing ______ start ______ of March __ and depreering education credits for almost accepted the first week Register Staff Writer on clearing the way ciation, April 15 their tax available Taxpayers will have until state tax all taxpayers to start filing both their federal and returns for 2012. tax to file Department The IRS is now processing De- returns. The Minnesota taxpayers 4562, contain small-to that of Revenue encourages returns wn the-Form and Amortization, and to electronically file (e-file) their preciation ater celebrate s Credits. These return; it has proven to be faster, Form 8863, Education its 100th the largest groups of more accurate and more secure. birthaffected day with anforms weren’t able to file While both e-filed and paper filed who expensiv taxpayers e up30 opening of the tax returns are subject to review for grade as its following gift. the Jan. taxpayers who e-file typi2013 tax season. IRS accuracy, their refunds an average A gift that cost continues on preparing cally receive Work about $60,000. systems to accept the remaining tax See IRS on A3 Taxforms affected by the American

IRS tax systems now ready for
This year is the last year for paper check refunds

most returns

Page 2

Flame Theatre celeb

rates 100 years, goes


Mark Goede was getting Carnival to leave for the Triumph cruise, wrapping up last-minute when checks around his farm, feet 15 he slipped and fell about to the from his grain bin ladder legs. his ground, breaking both I was “It happened so quick, said. “I just on the ground,” Goede — broken was leg one knew the it snap.” just the pain and I heard alone, A bachelor who lives house to Goede crawled to the and call retrieve his cell phone injured 911. While he waited, his legs began to ache. it “At first, if I didn’t move, “By the didn’t hurt,” Goede said. starttime they got there, it was ” ing to hurt pretty good. Doctors at the Jackson hospital shatdetermined his left leg was fracture tered. His right leg had a and a break. to a Goede was transferred litS.D., hospital in Sioux Falls, on his erally missing the boat vacation. cruise When he found out the Decemb ersupposed 3, 2012to take turned he was the into what some have called him “cruise from hell,” it struck as funny. “Well, at first I kind of laughed was the when I found out that on. It’s one I was supposed to be said. ” he just kind of been a joke, on his Goede has had surgery of a Submitted photo consisted right leg, which leg is aboard the Carnival plate and screws, and the leg Dahlin had a rough vacation and national media left Don (left) and Marilyn in a cast. Surgery on his were not as bad as local and crew members Triumph but said conditions See GOEDE on A3 was always food and water, made them seem. There make everyone comfortable. to did the best they could

Missing the boat a blessing in disguise? ready

First Place: Jackson County Pilot, Marie Zimmerman Come prepared to laugh A good opening, readable throughout, and writer has good voice and pace. Good use of local names and actionable info. Second Place: The Paynesville Press, Michael Jacobson Fictionalized serial killer comes to Paynesville Writer does a good job getting out of the way and letting a person with local ties tell their interesting story about how her hometown inspired her latest book. Third Place: Melrose Beacon, Carol Moorman Music Eric Good subject, good lede, fitting feature on someone who was a local institution.


gh’ ‘Come prepared to lau

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Faribault County Register, Blue Earth, Lacey Sawatzky Flame Theatre celebrates 100 years, goes digital It would have been easy to put a standard lede on this and call it good. However, the writer chose to play off the theater’s birthday and playing the upgrade to it as a gift. A nice little tactic that pulled this entry over the others in the class. A nice piece of writing. Second Place: Faribault County Register, Blue Earth, Chuck Hunt How to create an ogre in three ‘easy’ steps Writer did a good job of taking readers through the steps of making the “Shrek” masks and tying it into the importance of the success of the production. A good read. Third Place: Faribault County Register, Blue Earth, Chuck Hunt With a little help from her friends - Former Winnebago resident bringing Merrill Osmond to Blue Earth Good job of advancing a performance in town by a more famous act than normally passes through. Writer did a good job of explaining how the performer chose the venue and made the pending performance more personal to the potential audience.

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*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Arts and Entertainment Story
Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: St. Croix Valley Lowdown, Michelle Miron Call of the wild lures Stillwater photographers Bruce Leventhal is a nature photographer, and loves his craft. This love of photography–and adventure–comes through in this fine feature. Second Place: Richfield Sun Current, Andrew Wig Chicago: The glitz. The glamour. The depravity. Very well done feature of high school production of “Chicago” and the way the director is approaching the piece. I like that you interviewed the students performing in the production. Third Place: St. Croix Valley Lowdown, Michelle Miron Sail on Sampson Good story on regular-guy musician who performs on cruise ships.

All Dailies

Sunday, February 24, 2013 The Forum



llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll




First Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, John Lamb Natural surroundings This was a nice, readable piece about an artist and his house. The story moves along at a nice pace. Second Place: Hibbing Daily Tribune, Kelly Grinsteinner McCartney jams on fiddle made by Matty A good local piece about an instrument builder who hit the big time. Third Place: Duluth News Tribune, Christa Lawler What about Bob? An enjoyable piece to read.

Natural surrounding s
Charles Beck’s residence is nestled in the woods in Fergus Falls.

Charles Beck’s art

, home reflect Ott

er Tail environm


Like his assessm spans a gully from old Beck is modest ent of his art, the 90-yearsupported by old the road to the house is utility poles. The lives with his wife about the house where he outside on a patio brick of 64 years, Joyce. and inside by the “It was a family were salvaged from fireplace an old Fergus Falls knew better,” he project. I did it before I hospital. says. “I wouldn ’t do it again.” Beck’s father was a cabinetmaker Maybe he didn’t additio and, in n to helping know better about building a house, fashioned the dark with the structure, but he knew what wood wanted and he cupboa he rds in the kitchen and dining did room. budget of a sign so on the blue-collar “You never know painter. how much wood Sitting at the dining house until you room table his father, see it in one pile,” is in a a carpenter, made recalling the buildin he says, explains the story for the house, Beck He points to two g process. behind various The exposed ceiling feature textured surface coffee tables with round, beams were fashion s. s in the living room, from trees blown ed explaining how down in Itasca one is covered in State Park. The rough interio into a binder, the rocks set r wall paneling other in shells he from old railroa is reused found. d fences. A car bridge that BECK: Page E3

harles Beck’s home doesn’t just house his art, it frames become one of it, inspires it, and his finest pieces. has The view of his property on the outskirts of Fergus features of some Falls has all the of his best woodcu great t prints: rolling and a strong wooden hills, thick cluster structure. s of trees Beck’s woodcuts are abstract interpr etations for the blocks of wood Otter Tail County he hunches over area. And like the and carves into, walls raised by the house was built putting his own with his own hands, solid 6-foot frame After 50 years, the into it. rambler, like its creator and his reflects the surrou art, still stands, ndings but also notable for how becomes part of it it. A


By John Lamb

Artist Charles Beck relaxes in the gallery at his home in Fergus Falls. Beck grew Photos by David up in Fergus Falls Samson / The Forum and used to ski down | jlamb@forumco the same hill where | Fergus he now lives. Falls, Minn.

home all its own

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Beck pages throug h a book of his at his home. Though print work in the gallery 90, he still spends at his craft, produc about four hours a day ing about five new woodcut prints a year.

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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Local Breaking News Coverage
North Star News
• Volume 108, Number 46• • • Thursday, October 4, 2012
on Sunday evening Road southwest of Karlstad Figher A “bomber” crosses the Ridge control. get a 500 acres wildfire under as firefighters attempted to

Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: North Star News, Karlstad, Dan Nordine Fire prompts evacuations at Karlstad The basic hard info was in there and that counts.
• 75 Cents •

the Continuing publication as successor to Karlstad Advocate, Lake Bronson Budget, Lancaster Herald, Record River New and Kennedy Star
• Karlstad, Minnesota 56732 •

Second Place: Carver County News, Watertown, Matt Bunke Convicted Watertown Township Killer Back In Jail on Gun Charges Strong report; a close second.
along with a number of surrounding departments fighters and equipment from Dan Nordine photo the fire. DNR Forestry crews battled

kend Dry conditions “explode” over the wee
Just about anyone who has lived in the wooded area of northern Minnesota is aware that dry conditions bring the threat of fire. Even in normal contusions, the northwest corner of the state seems to get its share of grass fires each fall. But this year it is different. This year it is extremely dry, with little significant rainfall all summer to help curb the danger of a fire breaking out. You know it is going to happen. You know, that unless the region gets more rain than it can handle, a fire is bound to break out. It’s like waiting for the other shoe

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Lake County News-Chronicle, Two Harbors, Tammy Francois Engineer: Cell phones not a factor in ore train crash When a weekly breaks a story and gets picked up by a daily, that is no small feat. Couple that with an investigation and good writing and reporting, and hometown newspapers don’t get much better than this. Fantastic overall job! Second Place: Walker Pilot-Independent, Gail DeBoer & Dean Morrill Incident at WHA School This story judged edged out the third place finisher for the second place. Although I am not a personal fan of multiple sidebars (it seems that your state is), this one carried different and interesting facets to the story Fantastic coverage of an issue hitting many smaller communities–school violence. Third Place: Delano Herald Journal, Ryan Gueningsman Suspects charged following two area break-ins Christmas Eve I really, really wanted to award a tie for third place. I very much wanted to. I narrowed the field down to two choices and my final decision took a few minutes, but I final chose the entertainment value as the winning factor. Although the two totally different stories, both were placeworthy in their own way. “Suspects charged” intrigued me because everyone loves a good crime story, and this story was investigated thoroughly and kept my attention. “Old Man Winter Blows” wasn’t the most exciting story in the world, but the way that the reporter chose her words with the mastery of an artist is truly appreciated. Very good reporting vs. very good writing. In thinking back over these two stories, the strange set of events surrounding the Christmas crime spree was kind of fun to read as well, which was the factor in this decision. Two very close entries here.

“This was a low blow in the would also reduce the Senate and was not percent- reasona discussed age of a legislative ble. with us,” said Rep. member’s Jason includes Two Harbor “This is a way to keep district in the taconit Metsa, DFL-Virginia s. A bill sitting on Gov. e assis. Rep. Mary off the IRRRB board,” politics Mark tance area to just one-thi The IRRRB provisi Dayton’s desk that she said. who represe Murphy, DFL, on would “All we’re saying is nts Two Harbor In the Legislature’s rd. wasn’t completely unfami change the configu if redisration liar sent the Iron Range you repre- under redistricting, has her s tricting following in the House. Carly the Iron Range Resour of in the 2010 Melin, islature, then you have the Leg- trict diluted by townships discensus, the number DFL-Hibbing, introdu Rehabilitation Board ces and and a seat on communities of seats ced — a the a IRRRB from the Iron Range outside of the bill earlier this month . This is a fair way body that oversees similar $30 taconite assistance area, creased. As a result, degeared toward growin million to the Senate version that like Range also Hermantown and legislators found themse changed the makeu State Rep. Carly Melin, nesses in northeastern g busip of the Proctor—meaning with expanded district lves board. Hibbing, is the author DFLnesota — has drawn Mins that of one of she the ire of stretch two bills that would doesn’t have the Currently, the IRRR beyond the Iron Range, some Lake County change the one-thi official thereby diluting the makeup of the IRRRB is made up of legislat Board rd requirewho say it would weaken s populareducing the ment to sit on the tion within the IRRRB representation from citizen members. Theors and area’s influence on Two Har’s area. legislathe board. bors. Board under new The new Board would tor members must The bill, which is expecte represent d legislation. sist of five House membecondistricts in which at to be signed by Dayton and three senators who rs Two of their constituents least half Harbor week, was originally this to do s it.” repreMayor Randy But not everyone agrees taconite assistance live in the sent the Range. Three posimeasure approved by a tax with configuration Bolen said that area, the the Min- zone covered the proposed makeup tions, one each appoin could have longnesota House of by the board, districting, both the . Until re- term negative effects for the governor, House ted by Representatives. It the state repre- city. He Two sentative and senator said the bill’s speedy and Senate majority speaker then passed the Sen- Bolen Harbors Mayor Randy leader, passage — which legislat says the bills to reduce representing Two Harbor would be eliminated. ate, where the ors the size of the IRRRB on the board. The new s were said was necessary because The Senate version were IRRRB reconfiguraof a legislapassed hastily and need to quickly fix adds one more seat , however, tion, either Melin’s version did the tion was tacked on, — a Sengive him time to commenot or tax law to mesh with state the Senate’s, coupled ate-appointed seat. nt. forcing its return to federal The tricting means only with redis- requirements — and a lack pointed senator would apthe House. one lawnot be House maker representing committee hearing of required to have any Some Iron Range represe Two s conpreven Harbor ted ntahim stituen s would from which ints inside the taconit tives and Republicans have a board e as- seat—DFL Senator chance to comment getting a sistance area. cludes Lake County on the to the Senate’s hasty objected Tom . IRRRB changes. addition, whose district include Bakk, Melin said her bill, Both the Senate bill but not enough to slow s all of “We were preparing the bill Lake County. made it through one which Melin’s would elimina and down, and it passed to go down and 109-19. DFL Rep. Dave Dill committee but hadn’tHouse seats held by citizen te three of Crane have time testify but we didn’t reached s. The bills the House Lake would remain to do that,” Bolen floor yet, is more on the said. Board, but his district no longer


Two Harbors would los

of Two Harbors, on a single In an exclusive intervie The crash 57 human error. has left Murph 218-436-21 call: track. w with the y and the • news A stories News-Chronicle on conductor of his train norstar@w ound train m • e-mail:southb “Too many acciden had 116 loaded cars Wednesday, Dan with ongoing page1publ ts have demonand did not have Murphy, engineer of medical issues. strated that after-arrival the northbound track authorities that segment of authority to operate on tor’s back was Murphy said his conductrain, conceded that are unsafe operating track. Nevertheless, broken in two places. he had used his practic The es on nonwhen Murphy rounde phone on the day of three men on the southb signaled track,” NTSB the d the corner near ound train were Chairman Debomilepo accident, but that the Sept. 30, 2010, injured st 13.5, and rah the southbound train treated, the southbound A.P. Hersman said at was gineer sustain the release of enheading his way. He minute and in no way call was less than a the report ing serious injury. said he took immeFeb. 12. “These track interfered with his duties. authori- diate decisive action to stop As far as what did cause ties are flawed because his train the Murphy’s account of less human perform they rely on flaw- applied all the braking power the and Murphy said the NTSB report crash, ance. This is why we had. train cited the call’s details is consismany factors, so no single cause is rereiterate — again — tent with NTSB finding “I came around that sponsible. However, our corhe s, recomm agreed with endation that the ner doing 39 mph and which show him having Hersman to say fatigue Federal Railroad Admin made a single 33-seco is- when the impact occurred can be an issue for crews tration prohibit the I was doing 29. I manage call, at 3:29 p.m., 36 nd use of because of the length d after-arrival track warran of minutes before the crash. ts to decelerate 10 mph betheir shifts. for train movements fore we hit,” he said. The NTSB report also in “Fatigue could very “The non-sig naled territor train states that the southwas in emergency y not well have played a part equipped with a positiv within seconds of the bound crew made calls this. The crew was at in train control system e the I saw the other train. time and texts. .” end It of a 12 Hersm hour shift. an also cited the was my action that Still, Murphy contend The time of the acciden very train crews. possibly saved lives.” t cell phone use was not s, was 16:05 — 4:05 a “In this investigation, likely factor. In the seconds before a.m. — and they we also saw two recurrin were impact, Murphy said “There’s no cell phone done at 4:30. They’d issues that affect human g weighed his options he service 5 to 6 miles been on duty for 11 . He before performance: fatigue hours said the crash site and it he knew he’d be killed and and 35 minutes. And cell-phone distraction. if he stayed doesn’t resume for 25 Dan Murphy, then you’ve got to figure have repeatedly seen We he conside in his chair, so miles beyond the site,” the CN northbound red jumping they were up at 1;30 he deadliness of fatigue from the train. He reasaid. “If I had been train engineer and (a.m.) to get to work on distraction in investig soned that the leap, on phone at the time of the time.” folthe tions across all modes alowed by a tumble down crash, there would have of Records show Murph transportation. Operat NTBS Chairman the steep embankment, been dead people.” y filed a Deborah A. P. Hersm heavy machinery — ing Instead, Murphy said, an Canadilawsuit against trains, would likely have resulted planes, ships and more it was his swift an National but he — require in action that may have his death. Instead, he said s alertness and full attentio declined to discuss it. prevented a far he opted to railroad n. lie down on an outside The worse outcome — contrar ’s spokesman, crew coordination and It also requires y the imprescommunication.” brace his feet against walkway and sion the NTSB report said he wasn’t aware Patrick Waldron, The day of the collisio the gives. of cab any of the suits train, CN is reviewi and said n, Murphy, his where they acted as crew, and a train of ng NTSB’ shock absorbers 118 empty iron ore upon impact. will be preparing an s findings and “appropriate response” in the near future. room for

WWW.TWOHARBORSMN.C The plans have been drawn up for OM Working from a relatively light the project and have been approved agenda, Karlstad’s City Council took by state environmental agencies. She a look at a request to blacktop the said they are now waiting for the Deparking area at the Kittson Memorial and Industry to Labor of partment meetIt won’t be long before Karlstad’s Clinic at the regular scheduled sign off on the project before they main thoroughfares will get a good ing last Monday night. can dig. Dufault said they could have “sprucing up”, according to City City crew chief Sid Germundson put a rush on the approval for an adClerk Sue Dufault. told the council the smooth surface fee, but they did not see the ditional beremoval snow Dufault told the Karlstad City would facilitate need to go that route, so they are simCouncil on Monday night that she cause currently the snowblower is ply waiting at this point. had placed an advertisement in the picking up and throwing rocks from Once the approval is received, it North Star News and sent letters to the gravel surface. will be an added convenience to long businesses seeking sponsors local The city had passed on the request term campers at Moose Park who for new banners to decorate the at the last meeting and again decided will be able to hook up to sewer, streets of Karlstad, and the response to put the project aside for the time eliminating the need to use the dump has been terrific, being. Councilman George Hultgren station regularly. She said there are a number of reminded the council that the city has at looking The city also discussed businesses that have come forward a water main project planned and space and TAMMY FRANÇO IS will be a lot of blacktop patch- rental rates for city office more unito purchase a banner, but there have there tfrançois@lcnewschr to get them “I took my job seriously,” he also been a number of individuals that will need to be done with attempting ing adjust tosaid emphatica form. lly.They would also like who want to purchase them as well. that project. If the city could do the The enginee to have all of the leases leases the The r of onelot two trains at that of two Those who sponsor will get their collided about a quarparking ore time, trains it could that crashed head-on due on the same date. come ter-mil over saving e cost south good just a name or a dedication placed on the of Highland Siding, amount to outside of Two a special Harbors in 2010 an The council also noted project. area termed alone is taking Tri-County last banner for a cost of $125 per banner. at it as a stand “dark doing issue Festivities territor at with 15, October the signals where no Reigning over the Homecoming National Transportation to be held on y” meeting Madison asked City Clerk also guide trains, The banners will grace the poles Two empty The council Safety Levi Undeberg and Queen King train sending Board opening of (left) cars purpose were rethe five port on the acciden lay for week p.m., worker atop 6 Amb. line Kelli of s in Septemand the locomo status of a sewer to the hospital. The and the t, disputi tivePrincess Sue Dufault Devon Binstock of the northbound Prince ber 2010 ng for the Thompon See Banner Page 4 that cell fire pumper near said the phone use by the Two Harbors. Photo CN train after the crash bids for a new NTSB Dan Nordine photo system lacks Moose Park campthe was train in project source redund crews - NTSB report. ancy and relies too a releDepartment. cars were headed north, vant factor. heavilyFire on crews, leaving ground. just outside

Engineer: Cel phones not l a factor in o train crash re


News Chronicle
smoke Kelly walk through the thick Nick Poole and his mother lives around Kelly’s residence. Kelly as they check out the area just south of the Kittson - Marshall on the Oscar Hageland farm Lori Bothum photo County line on Pembina Trail.

Battle of the Band s Friday night!

to fall. The shoe fell over the weekend, this fire quite dense and nearly obscured with two major grass fires. The first The smoke was made its was along the Pembina Trail south truck as it Lori Bothum photo was in Richardville Township, right pumper of Karlstad on Sunday afternoon. on the international border, and covering about 980 acres in all, most of those acres in Manitoba. Sunday afternoon the call came for a fire just south of Karlstad. This (nursing home). one covering about 500 acres, acEarly Tuesday afternoon, care Center cording to DNR reports, and crews evacuPembina Trail The home was being from DNR, Karlstad, Lake Bronson, the fire along ated as the North Star News Newfolden, Stephen, Lancaster, jumped the highway, and fuKennedy, and the U. S. Forest Serv- eled by a south wind with goes to press. FEBRU ARY winds 22 pushed the fire As ice were on the scene by late afterof 50

Fire threatens Karlstad


noon. Karlstad Fire Chief Jeremy Folland said although they did manage to protect the homes along Pembina

See Fire Page 3

gusts estimated in excess 2013 the sunny sky gave way miles per hour took aim closer, eerie yellow-green haze straight through the swamp $ to an the strong smell of burning and headed north toward Karl- and See Threat Page 4 HealthKarlstad the and stad


Council sidelines clinic at leases blacktop, looks SERVING LAKE COUNT Y SINCE

1890 ●

Put your name on a city TWO SECTIONS • 12 PAGES “Banner”
Photo by Andrew Krueger


“If I had been on the phone at the time of the crash, there would have been dead people.”

“We have repeatedly seen the deadliness of fatigue and distraction in investigations across all modes of transportation.”

e seat in new make

up of IRRRB


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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Local Breaking News Coverage
Weeklies 2,501-5,000
East Ridge loses season opener to Cretin; Woodbury also falls

Rocky start for Raptors

Woodbury Bulletin
Page 1B Page 8A

Donation illustrates Woodbury’s deep historical roots

Desktop history

Wednesda y, Septembe r 5, 2012

Serving Woodbury and Afton, Minnesota

Red Roof Inn site of fatal shooting
Violent episode includes officerinvolved shooting, hostage situation
who pointed a gun at Three Woodbury police of- man tor Lee Vague said. They stepped back, were placed on adminis- them. The state Department of ficers commands and called trative leave following the shouted Public Safety announced late back-up. shooting. They are: Anthony Of- for Friday that the Ramsey County The officers heard a gunshot stead, who’s been with the deMedical Examiner’s Office idenroom and then a man, the in Stacey partment 11 years; tified the man killed as 19-yearas Henderson, rushed a five-year veteran of the identified Krech, St. of Henderson E. One Mark old man and an old-timey the room and toward the tractordepartment; and Natalie Mar- from was not armed bring Henderson fun Paul. The Bureau of Criminal to the streets of Southwes who’s been with Woodbury officers. when police shot him, but they ttin, Apprehension, which is investwo years. believed he was as he ap- for BY RIHAM FESHIR the shooting, said the The incident started when tigating proached them and did not foltold BCA agents they were called to the Wood- officers police accordcommands, low police Henderson was armed bury motel at about 1:10 a.m. believed An officer-involved shooting ing to the Public Safety Departnot complying with police Friday after Washington County and shot him. No at the Red Roof Inn early Friday, ment. He later died. received an open commands. They The Minnesota Bureau of dispatchers Aug. 31, left an unarmed man weapon was found on Hendersaid. man in 15–28, October Apprehension, which 911 call, Vague Criminal dead and a Maplewood 2012 was able to son. dispatcher “The officer-involved the Vol. 23, No. is leading “The officers, subsequently, custody following a four-hour 21 signs of struggle. southwestjourna investigation, also said hear obvious shooting shoot the person and that standoff. It sounded like there was men- did Police officers were not hurt police arrested a 25-year-old person was given medical atalleged tion of a weapon,” he said. to Retransferred and in the incident that they called Maplewood man for tention According to the BCA anand a hostage situation and includ- sexual misconduct, robbery with nouncement: ed “a lot of criminal activity,” kidnapping in connection The officers encountered a See SHOOTING Page 14A Woodbury Public Safety Direc- the incident.




First Place: Woodbury Bulletin, Riham Feshir & Mike Longaecker Red Roof Inn site of fatal shooting Excellent job of putting all the pieces together of hostage situation at hotel and fatal shooting by police of one of the victims. Follow up stories of 911 transcript (not released to public yet), interview with mother of son shot by police and community reaction about troubled hotel made powerful reading.
The Museum in the Streets brings Lake Street’s past to light // B11

Tractor Pete

A walkabout history

of Lake Street

Southwest Minneapol is’ Community Newspape r STAFF PHOTO BY MIKE LONGAECKER

was on scene The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension deadly shooting. at the Red Rood Inn Friday after a

Amanda Krejce holds her 7-month-old

‘Wish for Wyatt’ aims to help Woodbury boy cope with rare genetic condition
Wyatt Krejce diagnosed with cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome

to the polls

Get up to speed on local races and ballot measures before you head

Bienvenido Español
Liberty Ridge now offering Spanish

Mike Moore said. The decision was made to switch from Mandarin Chinese to Spanish based on a lack of qualified teachers. Last year's teachers told the district in June that they had taken jobs BY AMBER KISPERT-SMITH out of the state. The district worked for months to find “highly qualified” teachers to no avail, according to Liberty Ridge Elementary will be principals Libery Ridge Principal saying “zài jiàn” to Mandarin ChiMike Moore, Newport Principal nese and “hola” to Spanish. Aaron Krueger and Dave BernhardDistrict 833 made a decision last son, assistant superintendent for month to switch language offering elementary education. from Mandarin Chinese to Spanish “We exhausted any candidate at Liberty Ridge and Newport Elewe could find,” Bernhardson said. mentary. “With that in mind, we had to keep “I believe we’re going to provide in the forefront that the purpose of a high quality language experience lanfor the kids no matter what the Page 14A guage is,” Liberty Ridge Principal See SPANISH

aneous syndrome. son Wyatt as she talks about cardiofaciocut

Hoisting high-fives for Day 1 of school

disease that nor- out Noonan Syndrome, a facial features, skin, ability to feed causes abnormal development in many mally, growth and development. parts of the body, or any other common Family and friends of Amanda and Fighting the marriage Sat- conditions. amendment Page Corey Krejce are holding a benefit 12 A11 The family had to wait another A look at the School urday, Sept. 8, to help them with medical that Wyatt Board race Page A12 ac- weeks to get the diagnosis expenses and lost wages that have A guide to Election CFC. has out Day resources Page crued since Wyatt has been in and A13 “He’s 7 months, but developmentally in of the hospital since he was born A rundown of legislativ BY RIHAM FESHIR he’s at about six weeks,” Amanda Krejce e races Page A14 mid-January. he Details on the voter said. “He doesn’t hold his head up; really a he’s because tough “It’s really ID amendment Page doesn’t really do a whole lot.” A15 content baby,” Amanda Krejce Every day, Amanda Krejce thinks calm, Only 200 to 300 cases of CFC have said. “I don’t know if that’s his personto about what her son’s future will hold. been reported worldwide, according the condition with seizures or all Will he be able to sit by his first birth- ality, the CFC International nonprofit organhis the different medication.” day? What will the seizures do to ization. STAFF PHOTO BY AMBER KISPERT able cognitive development? Will he be “There isn’t a whole lot of medical he rare,” Tuesday, Sept. 4, includMinnesota around to smile or reach for toys again like literature about CFC because it’s so Schools opened This year DisWhen Amanda Krejce was pregnant, Amanda Krejce said. “We have to deal used to at four months? ing at Middleton Elementary in Woodbury. something of new Wyatt Krejce, a 7-month-old Wood- she said she knew right away with each symptom as it presents.” trict 833 schools begin under the leadership bury boy, is suffering from a rare genetic was wrong. eous Superintendent Keith Jacobus. But it wasn’t until Wyatt was 3 months condition called cardiofaciocutan was done to rule See WYATT Page 3A (CFC) syndrome that affects the heart, old that genetic testing

Second Place: Waseca County News, Miles Trump, Jordan Osterman, Marianne Carlson & Suzanne Rook Death of Brady Hruska Community tragedy of teen drowning well told. Staff sought several sources including interview with hunters who rescued four other teens. Third Place: Park Rapids Enterprise, Anna Erickson, Jean Ruzicka & Sarah Smith Green Valley Fire Intense reporting of major fire and its impact on community. We’re sure everyone was talking about the big fire and the local paper had it all, the damage, heroes, victims, photos and up-to-date postings on the website.

Sudden, senseless

Bryn Mawr in mourning
BY DYLAN THOMAS classifiEds / (888) 425-2220

Rare condition

Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Southwest Journal, Minneapolis, Dylan Thomas Coverage of Accent Signage shooting Great second day lede that brings the reader into the story and wanting more. The author used storytelling skills to offer details on the shooter’s life as well as the business owner’s life, without placing any unnecessary blame. Second Place: Southwest Journal, Minneapolis, Dylan Thomas Leadership change at Washburn Getting information about a principal “relocation” or “firing” is tricky and the story could easily become convoluted. The author of this story, however, was able to convey in a clear manner what was going on at the school, why some would like the former principal and why others wouldn’t. The sidebar with the former principal’s statement was a nice touch. Third Place: Lakeville Thisweek, Laura Adelmann Parked rail cars attract youth Who would have thought that parked rail cars could become a controversy? The author told all sides–especially interesting were the comments about the potential injuries that could occur with children playing there, as well as the impact on property values.

ge leaves nEws / (651) 319-4270


to reach us


on the web

thinking I saw him advErtising in here,” he Like many who live said, referring to or work in 36-year-old the neighborhood, E-mail / editor@woodbur Andrew Engeldin Bryn Mawr ger, the man Pizza and Deli employe Minneapolis Police e Phil say shot Guillen paid close and killed five people attention before to the information taking his own life. trickling out after the deadly The sudden, senseles Sept. 27 s workplace shooting outbreak of violence at nearby may Accent Signage Systems haunt some in normally . quiet he watched the reports As Bryn Mawr for a on while. But the TV, Guillen got a urge to heal was feeling he just as strong. couldn’t shake. Accent Signage employe es “The more I keep vowed to return to seeing work, that shooter’s face even as flowers, candles on the and news, the more I keep SEE BRYN MAWR // A19

subscriptions / (800) 284-3402 six dead fax / (651) 702-0977 / (651) 319-4270 wEb / woodburybulleti

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Lyndale businesses

Relief on Lyndale
look to bounce back after bridge reope
nearly nine months and Campo’s ready to see business back at South Lyndale Liquors. “The bridge opening — it couldn’t happen sooner.” Campo said. “I’m just so

The Lyndale Avenue Bridge is scheduled to reopen Oct. 15.


Dan Campo is excited. The Lyndale Avenue Bridge over Minnehaha Creek is about to reopen after being closed for

looking forward to it.” Campo, along with other local business owners, took a hit when construc tion began on the bridge last winter and on SEE LYNDALE // A17

 Page 40

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest All Dailies

Decker killed in shooting

Area mourns death o Cold Spring officer f

By Kevin Allensp ach


By Kirsti Marohn

Family: Victim died doing his dream job

SPRING Spring-Richmond — Cold Police Officer Tom Decker got the parade every law enforcement membe their family fears. r and It started in the early hours of Friday morning, when a caravan of patrol cars escorted his body from the parking lot of a Main Street bar where he’d been shot twice and killed while Tom Decker responding to a report of a man late Thursda suicidal y. Decker’s body was taken to the Ramsey Medical Examin County fice for a prelimi er’s ofnary topsy that confirm audied of multiple ed he Stearns County Sheriff Office divers on Friday gunshot was killed. wounds. The trip prepare to go into TIMES PHOTO BY JASON WACHTER, the Sauk River near JWACHTER@STCLOUD full circle early came the scene where TIMES.COM Friday home. Cold Spring-Richmond evening when Police Officer Tom a similar mond Cold Spring-Rich- been set. Decker cavalcade of vehicles Jones Police Chief Phil officials And the tight-kn with lights flashing said Decker’s body it Cen- ambush are calling an was married and sitral Minnesota commu and had four chief shooting. would rens sounding niyoung children of accompa- hours be guarded 24 ty will have Decker, 31, who from a Richmo the Cold Springnied Decker’s body a day until his to come to been had nd Police Departfuback neral, which grips with the with the Cold Spring- previous marriage. loss of a has not yet “hometo ment. “It’s a privileg e for wn kid” in what Richmond Police Depart- the“We lost an officer and me to talk about Officer commu ment since March 2006, zen,” said nity lost a citiPhil Jones, See

First Place: St. Cloud Times, Staff Decker Shooting Tremendously comprehensive report–both online throughout the day but also in print. It seethes with a community’s grief. I particularly liked the lede and how it focused on the fallen officer and less so the crime. Second Place: St. Cloud Times, Frank Rajkowski 489 W’s, 1 Retirement To do breaking news right today, you can’t wait for the morning paper, and the St. Cloud Times knows that. In print, nice design, good writing, comprehensive approach. Loved the headline, too. But online is where it really shines: breaking tweets, Storify, Facebook, live chat. They started ahead and stayed ahead. Terrific work. Third Place: Duluth News Tribune, Jana Hollingsworth No one told us, Little League parents say Great piece: Solutions based. Points out the problem of not enough reporting, captures anger in the community, explores in sidebar treatment how to seek help, shows Salvation Army’s track record.

» Cold Spring commun ity members react to another tragedy. Page 4A. » Memorial funds established in Tom Decker's memory. Page 5A. » See videos,more photos from the investigation and Friday’s news conferen ce at » Follow updates on this story at www.sctimes. com, www.facebook . com/stcloudtimes on Twitter @sctimeand s

Investigative Reporting


Decker, 31, was ing that dream fulfillwhen he was slain Thursda y, leaving behind a wife, four children and a grieving police department he’d worked for where Shelly Schmitt (left to right), more Rosella Decker Eddie Decker, and than six years. John and talk at the Decker home near Cold Spring. TIMES PHOTO BY “He really liked JASON WACHTER, being JWACHTER@STCLOUD a cop. That was TIMES.COM his life,” baling said his oldest hay, then playing brother, football Eddie. “He really when the chores from Rocori High School enin 2000, Tom told were done. joyed it.” his ily that he wanted famTom loved to fish Tom Decker grew and police officer. He to be a up collect fishing on a 70-cow dairy farm had dreams lures, and a law enforce earned south of Cold Spring, ment deof being a gree the profess at Alexand second-younges t of eight when ional fisherman nical College ria Techchildren. His he parents, family was young, his work as a and went to police officer John and Rosella said. , recentfor the When he was about city ly retired but still 4 Mille Lacs of Isle in the two-story live in or 5, a police officer County. He later worked for farmhouse with white helped Tom after he the citgot ies of Watkins just one lost at bathroom Crossro and Kimthey all The inciden ads mall. ball. shared. t left Former Isle Police ing impression a lastThe close-knit on him, worked togethe family his family said. He liked Chief Gary Lambert, r on the to watch who hired Decker, called dairy farm, cop shows inmilking stead cows, picking rocks of comedies on TV. him “a class act.” and After he graduat ed See DREAM
DOW ▲ 3.76 to 13,025.58

SPRING Decker is being — Tom remembered as a loving and big-hearted father cop whose dream job be a police officerwas to in his hometown.


By Amy Bowen

St. Joe officer killed on

Klinefelter kin recalls his death


duty in 1996

In one second, Wendy Klinefelter Tragiai was transported to the night almost1 years ago. 7 The painful minutes ter her first husband , hours and days afdeath flooded back Brian Klinefelter’s instantly when learned a police she officer had been shot and killed Thursday night A St. Joseph police in Cold Spring. officer, Klinefe died while on duty Jan. 29, 1996. He lter Brian was Klinefelter
See RECALLS, Page 5A

JOB, Page 5A


Customers ask for narrowed, slimmer Christmas trees. PAGE 1C.

NASDAQ ▼ 1.79

to 3,010.24 S&P 500 ▲ .23 to

Showers Low Complete forecast, 6A
Subscribers: Activate your online account now for full access at activate

help former employe es of the Georgia Pacific hardboar d plant that closed this year. PAGE 2A.

1,416.25 OIL ▲ $.84 to $88.91

murder. Police say Larson is responsible for the shooting death of Cold SpringRichmond Spring man has Police Offibeen arrested in connect cer Tom ion with the shooting of a Decker. police ficer Thursday night. ofDecker Ryan Michael was Ryan Michael killed 34, is in Stearns Larson, Larson near WinJail and faces County ner’s Bar at possible 200 charges of secondMain St. in Cold degree Spring as he and his partkpetrie@stcloudtimes .com

By Kari Petrie

Larson called ‘normal person’

Man faces murder ch arge
— A Cold

ner were conduct ing a welfare check at11p.m one of the apartme . at nts above the bar. Officials said Decker was ambushed. Within an hour, Larson was arrested. He lived above the bar. Cold Spring-Richmo nd Police Chief Phil said during a news Jones conference that his departm ent hadn’t had much
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GOLD ▲ $1 to $1,726




Duluth receives $285,000 to

» Ansel J. “Jerry” Sogge, 89, A judge has thrown page 1 Sauk Centre From out pornography charges child » Bryce D. Strickland brought against a , 35, Minnesota Little Falls State-Mankato college foot» James P. Storkamp, 64, crowd the ball coach. PAGE about 10 p.m.,Little By1B. Falls

s Page 3B » Michael J. DeBerna rdi, 58, Breezy Point » Joanne B. Houle, 85, Little Falls




THE HOLIDAY SAL him to his parents’ house. ered E CALLA From N’S there, Bailey was taken

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Split seconds

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Methadone: ’60s treatm comes with deadly risks toent day

Duluth News Tribu$n 97 e
“Bailey almost died and nobody cares. They’re just mad at him because it got to be such a big deal and the authorities got involved.”

my mom, but I don’t know why. I couldn’t talk.” Ally’s mother was concerned, and she asked Ally F U R N where she was. “My friend I care Tof the were taking U drunk R E www.callan little bit of alcohol,” Spencer my phone and told didn’t sometime they grabbed Iler furnit sure making and Mike recalled. “After that Megan ones else between 10:30 and 11 p.m. came up and told us basically do anything totally stupid or her I was somewhere want the “There was a lot of people,” the same thing.” hurt themselves. I only saw because he didn’t three guys who were party busted,” Ally said. “I got Charles said. Ally recalls a slightly differ- two or my One recent graduate who ent version, but the message ridiculous — running around my phone back and told asked not to be identified said, concerning drunk driving was with their shirts off and acting mom where I was.” Ally’s parents immediately “It seemed like there was a lot clear. “Megan told us at the dumb.” where Witnesses report multiple drove to the property of alcohol for people who did- beginning of the party that on the n’t have access to alcohol. there were off-duty cops in the coolers, and individual bottles they found Ally still trail. There was a lot of different garage with her parents, but being passed around. Ally’s parents knew that “People were getting pretty kinds, too — not like kids everyone was fine with it as Spencer, were just grabbing a bottle long as nobody drinks and drunk,” Ally said. “I was pret- Ally had arrived with to leave from their parents.” ty gone. I chugged whatever and they didn’t want drives,” Ally said. of a bottle of vodka him behind. Ally’s father Beer was the main beverage One of the girls in atten- was left to find early on. A few boys drove dance heard both versions. and people were like, ‘Oh my headed down the trail the way their trucks to the river’s edge “They said they didn’t want God, that was a lot!’ I would- Spencer. Part of boy and parked in the grass. Coun- anybody to leave for safety n’t have done it if I wasn’t down, he met another the toward the Spencer rememfrom leading don’t drunk. I try music thumped reasons,” she said. When already house. He had been passed out speakers of one of the trucks. asked who “they” were, she ber much after that.” he “I threw up a couple of in his father’s Jeep, which Girls and boys sat in the back replied, “The homeowners, had driven to the party site. of the trucks drinking beer, or Jan or whatever ... They didn’t times,” Spencer said. Ally’s parents got Spencer He wasn’t alone. Three witstood around the fire. “Most say it to us in person or anyand of the kids were drinking, but thing, but that kind of was nesses stated they saw one into their own vehicle Late not all of them,” Ally said. what everybody was saying. It boy throw up more than six took him home as well. they “Some of the kids didn’t nor- was kind of circling the party. times. “He would puke and the next morning vehimally hang out with Megan It was one of the most impor- then come back and tell us he returned to retrieve their Russ Jude and her friends, and some of tant things going on — the puked,” one of the witnesses cles. Ally’s dad saw car to the the people were wondering whole do-not-drive thing.” said. “He didn’t care. He kept walking from his us about it. Some peo- house. Jude didn’t acknowlwhat they was doing there, but Spencer and Ally first spot- telling it was kind of a come-all ted Bailey Hamilton around ple were telling him he should edge him. really Spencer didn’t immediately party.” kind of hang- stop drinking, but not was “He p.m. 11 feel real“I Bailey. “It was a graduation party,” ing around on the outskirts of seriously. He didn’t care. hear about said. said a 16-year-old girl who the fire ring,” Ally said. “I did- After every time he puked he ly bad for him,” Spencer he “Bailey’s a great kid and asked not to be identified. n’t really see him that much.” just kept going and going.” I think Another witness agreed just wants to fit in, and “Everybody was invited.” “Bailey had a really big botthat According to one party tle of vodka that was mostly with the description. “He that’s what he was doing fit in.” goer, sometime prior to 11 full when I saw him the first threw up and then he went to night — just trying to got, things as it left bad like boys off As older the showing p.m., one of time,” Spencer said. “When I his friends Spencer knew it could have the party and returned with a saw him an hour or two later, was a good thing.” just Charles Skogman saw the been a lot worse. “I’m cooler full of alcohol. it was almost gone. I was prethe said. drove,” nobody nobody glad that, than thing. Other same ty surprised.” stupid Sometime between 12:30 “I know we were being admitted to knowing where One girl said, “I saw Bailey but we the alcohol came from. “I a few times stumbling around and 1 a.m., Charles and Mike and irresponsible, don’t think the Judes supplied with a bottle in his hand. I was Iler found Bailey with a near- weren’t totally irresponsible. of lookit,” Ally said. “There was a like, ‘oh geeze.’” ly empty vodka bottle. “He Everybody was kind just other, stumbling,” Charles ing out for each bunch of different stuff, like By midnight the party was was just making sure that nobody fruity alcohol and wine cool- going full swing. “Most of the said. The pair helped Bailey up drove into a tree or something. ers or something. I was get- kids who were drinking were They managed to get I mean, drinking is stupid, but ting pretty tipsy by then.” handling it,” an 18-year-old the trail. is Spencer said he had no girl who wished to remain Bailey to their car before he driving while you’re drunk intention of drinking when he anonymous said. “Other kids lost consciousess. They deliv- a whole lot more stupid.” he Charles Skogman said arrived, but by the end of the knew some people drove party he was passed out in the away from the party after back of his Jeep. “People were and alcohol, drinking. just handing me Since the incident, Bailey it was like, if you don’t drink has taken a lot of heat for this, you’re not cool,” Spencer telling his story. Twitter feeds said. have been alive with accusaWhile drinking was promottions and taunts from classed, driving intoxicated was who were there, and friends mates Megan’s of “One not. Ally Mrozik even those who weren’t. came over to us and told us Many of those posts have not to drive even if we had a been removed, but parents and duluthnewstribune. the Messenger have screen com More than 140,00 shots of some of the posts. 0 readers every Sunda y “Bailey almost died and $2 nobody cares,” Ally said. “They’re just mad at him Milaca because it got to be such a big deal and the authorities got involved.” “It’s sad, it really is,” Spencer said. “He’s not popular, and not everybody likes him, but he’s a great kid. I heard he was really close to being dead, and I’m really glad he’s OK. Nobody expected anybody to get alcohol poiForeston soning or end up hospitalized.”

around the fire had grown to 25 kids or more, and the more prevalent.

The party continued in their People were just handing me absence. Around 2 a.m. Ally was alcohol, and it was like, if you helped up the trail by a friend. cool. not R FLOO couldn’t walk,” Ally said.“I SAMPLE“I don’t drink this, you’re SALE



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First Place: Mille Lacs Messenger, Isle, Rob Passons Nobody saw it coming Extensive interviewing reveals anatomy of a teen drinking party that has ramifications for county government. Second Place: The Tower Timberjay, Tower/Soudan, Marshall Helmberger Suit claims promotion denied Good job, shows initiative. Like the fact the newspaper did its own independent analysis. Third Place: Winona Post, Chris Rogers WP bridge investigation letter, “Letters: Mn/DOT, SHPO split on bridge design,” and “How other cities avoided box girder bridges” Thorough coverage of what apparently is a matter of considerable importance locally, although an outsider like myself might question why it is considered important.

to the hospital.


NorthShore Inline Marathon champs win by slim margins


PETER PASSI lives. Hamilton ppassi@ drive from Milaca, where Bailey The Jude residence is a short 2013 Faced with LACS MESSENGER / JUNE 12, MILLE the harsh term source of funding reality that Duluth’s longfor street improve may be gone forever, ments city leaders are a cure. And their medicine could be searching for dents to swallow tough for resi. Possible remedie street assessments, s include higher taxes, steeper cuts in city services ambitious effort to improve and maintaior a lessroadways. n city Even if these unpleas ant solutions can avoided in the long run, funding interru be promise to slow ptions badly needed street in the short run. improvements Mayor Don Ness said the challenging and the slate of situatio n unattra underscore the importactive options facing Duluth the city’s prior funding nce of fighting to restore source through the courts. CASINO CASHOUT The predicament stems from the city’s ued inability to collect continFond-Du-Luth Casino, a share of revenue from the as it had in the past.

Duluth seeks new plan to pay for street work

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First Place: Duluth News Tribune, Brandon Stahl Methadone: A Costly Fix Far and away the best–the perfect mix of document digging and interviews with folks who know what they’re talking about. Best of all, it prompted change, which is what the best journalism should do.


cost, a News Tribune investigation has found. ethadone, a drug available since Since 2001 in Minnes the 1960s and deemed ota, 392 people by the Nahave died of methad tional Institute of one-involved overHealth and the doses. From ■ News Tribune Centers for Disease 2006 to 2010, the findings number ■ Why is methado Control as “the deaths almost equals of ne considthose most effective treatme ered the best treatmen who died from firearm nt for t for opiate addiction,” opiate addiction? In the Northland, s. is in essence a risk-ver least 38 users have at sus■ How the News died Tribune reward system. from methadone conducted the investiga overdoses Proponents say tion into since 2001. it’s better methadone to have addicts of At least 11 of the drugs Pages A6-7 Northas heroin and Oxycon such land’s reported methad tin hooked and func- deaths since 2001 tioning on methad are of people with one one — itself a strong, the Fond Du Lac ties risky narcotic — Band of Lake Superio to than to be breakin to get a fix. g laws Chippewa near Cloquet r Go to duluthnewstribun , which helps explain why Carlton But in Minnesota, to County has the highest and the Northla view a map charting particular, that treatme nd in per-capita methadone death rate in nt comes at a steep methadone deaths in Minneso




Joe Kall of Duluth holds ment for opiate addictio a picture of his son, Terence Kall, and some of the liquid methado n. Terence Kall died Bob King / rking@duluthnew on April 18, 2010, at age 42 from a methado ne Terence used as part of his ne overdose.

Associated Press

Cirrus crash in Missouri kills 5
and News Tribune staff

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A costly fix

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between 2000 and 2010.


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SPRINGFIELD, plane crashed early Mo. — A Cirrus SR-22 private Saturday in southw souri, killing the estern Mispilot, his three children businesswoman and a , authorities said. Missouri State Highwa y Patrol spokesm Jason Pace said an the single-engine plane went down about 12:30 a.m. northw killing all five people est of the town of Willard, on board. The plane to have been headed toward the Springf appeared when it crashed ield airport about . “The plane totally five miles away disintegrated after crash,” said Pace, the who had been to the burned, just into pieces. It was a very site. “It horrific site.” tragic and Troopers were securin g the scene for investigators from the Nationa and waiting l Transportation Safety Board and the tion to arrive. Cirrus Federal Aviation AdministraVice President Bill King the News Tribune told the company also patched a team to had disthe crash “We’ve got an acciden site. t team that’s down working with the there NTSB,” he said, adding: “Our greatest concern is for the family .”

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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Investigative Reporting
Second Place: St. Cloud Times, Nate Gotlieb Grandstand to double as shelter I loved the understated tone of this piece. The writer, wisely, let the facts speak for themselves: Using disaster funding for a baseball facility is plain weird. Third Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Mike Nowatzki Who’s picking you up? It’s good to see stories like this before something goes sideways. Very thorough–if there was a stone left unturned, hard to imagine what it might be.

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4 - Oct. 3, 2012
By Tom Haag Five years ago, ethanol including all of the proteins, is used to was the darling of the media. It was make high-quality a livestock feed. energy independence movement toward Furthermore, the corn and security, a tribute to American ingenuity plates and on our grillsthat goes on our and innovation, and a renewable fuel that’s not used to make is sweet corn — developed in fertile farmlands across the another fact: Farmers ethanol. Here’s United States. Ethanol embodied times as much corn today grow five the true American as they did in the spir- 1930s — it. Fast-forward to on 20 percent 2012, and somehow , ethanol opponents that ethanol opponent less land — a fact have managed to villainize it, painting And even in the midsts seem to ignore. it as of a devastating nearly all that is wrong being the root of drought, our yield in our country. averages are still better Ethanol has been blamed than they were just 20 years for the worst drought in 50 years, According to the Renewabago. for the skyrocketing le Fuels costs of our grocery Association, the U.S. bills, and for creating used 13.9 billion a continuous cycle gallons of ethanol of subsidies. It’s conlast year, displacing venient to point an the equivalent of 485 angry million barrels of and ethanol producers finger at farmers imported oil and , when saving one the country $49.7 is unencumbered by facts. billion. And if none What ethanol been causing? other trouble has gets you thinking of this information The a little fall of Wall more positively Street? The housing about ethanol, how crisis? Facebook’s about the fact that IPO disaster? You in the Midwest, ethanol have to ask yourself reduced gas prices there is something if by an average of $1.69 else at the root of per gallon? all this ethanol blame Instead of working game. so hard to vilify I can’t help but wonder ethanol, can we at least what went so wrong so fast. Things done some good things agree that it’s started off so well for our country? with the introducti would be difficult on to deny that ethanol It giving us a choice of ethanol, finally has started a biofuels movemen at the gas station. t in the United Ethanol kicked off States by forcing us a conversation about all to look at sustainrenewable fuels, teaching ability. us that we can be less dependent Why is it that we don’t on foreign fossil fuels. want to talk We found a renewable about a single one of the real success air cleaner. We started fuel that made the stories in today’s economy, saving money not to at mention the pump. And, we the biofuels revolution sparked an economic ? Much of the resurgence in many media, environm of ties, pumping money our rural communi- politicians are entalists, academia and debating ethanol from desperately needed into towns that so an entirely one-sided it perspective, ignoring billion to the national and adding $42.4 facts and statistics GDP. The list goes that on and on. But frankly, Consumers are hearing are inconvenient. I wonder if people a distorted debate are ignoring the successes based on ideology, not science and reality. Don’t get me wrong. . The pounding of anti-ethanol messages fect, but it’s a healthy Ethanol is not per- into everyday life has start in the right direction — and certainly their backs on ethanol consumers turning better than petroleum. Ethanol When profiling federal larger picture of the and not seeing the is an emerging techjudge Donovan success and imporFrank prior to the nology, and every tance of the biofuel presentation of his year, it gets better, movement. award on Kingsland cleaner and more efficient. Energy is a big tent. have the same hopes ’s Wall of Honor We aren’t askWe know there are recognizes and dreams that we ing anyone to turn new developments distinguished graduates that do,” Judge Frank was a blind eye to ethanol’s to quoted as saying in shortcomings, but will include ethanol. come. Some of those local school system, our reporter of the a judicial profile. we are asking for a But for that to hapcould have focused on all bal- pen, we must anced approach to That same profile the the story. commit noted that as a prosand awards the Spring accomplishments At the root of the issue facts when it comes to focusing on the ecutor, state court Valley is to native has the judge and federal telling perceptio attained. Instead, she that there is not enough n judge, Tom Haag is a Minnesot the story. he strived to make highlighted slices corn for both food the justice system a corn farmer life from his childhood of uses and ethanol productio from Eden Valley, fair for all individuals , ranging Minn. n. coming Let’s from By David Phillips start before the helping his father with some facts. Nearly Corn Growers AssociatioThe Minnesota court. In particular in the main street appli, though, he has always n is a memberance store, working our field corn supply three-quarters of President Bill Clinton ship-based organizat had a concern on area still for farms, goes and confirmed by ion dedicated to people with disabilitie into food riding on a milk route and and feed. Remembe Congress. identifying and promoting which he would like s, spending time with r, to see added to the opportunities developmentally disabled a entire kernel of corn you don’t use the for Minnesota’s corn Still, he says he learned traditional notions when making friend of the growers, while of diversity. He said a lot from family. ethanol, just the starch. people like milk hauler informing the non-farm Lyle Clark, farmer believes that people with disabilities he ing public about removed, the remaining After the starch is The U.S. district judge, Clayton Frank and the importance of are the “forgotten appliance servicema part of the kernel, minority.” agriculture. who has had many stories written Russell Hancock. n Many people can about years, voiced his approval him over the “I didn’t realize I was these days by people easily be forgotten of our newspabeing given in per profile — even guidance all those takes time to remembe power, but Frank singling out that he years,” he said about r all was glad we had the people his in time his daily life. Even in growing up in rural personal interactio the southeastern instead of the list of ns Minnesota. has attained, he has lofty position he achievements that been reported to have would have cluttered None of those people taken special efforts up the profile — who helped to help people such during a brief exchange shape him had fancy as those who clean initials behind their the federal courthous the induction ceremony Friday following names, but they did and is admired by . understand good valpeople from all walks e That is more of a reflection ues and a good work ethic, something that of life. on his character than anything Bluff Country Newspap Friday, as he about our newspa- he said provided him a good foundatio er Group has specific requireme per. n. It local residents, spoke before a crowd of wasn’t until he left • A letter will only nts for election letters. the he be area stressed published that he learned that he in Our usual guideline After all, not many one of our newspape not everyone shared s for letters still people who have rs. that same work ethic. couldn’t have gotten to where he apply: Full name, “no form letter” rule We are taking the distinguished themselve is now Although without address and phone his the s average foundatio in in their profesits strictest sense academic record ns he received in the num- for political ber are required for sion would take time local schools and communi letters so verification; only one to point out that they may have led some people to figure letter will be published ties. he and ask that it go in don’t send a letter in were a C+ student in high wouldn’t go far, he “I haven’t forgotten all our newspapers. school, somedid my roots and every 30 days; form from a person thing Frank noted from his family, certain get encouragement where I come • No letters from during letters sent out in from,” he said. mass are not accepted; speech Friday evening. his acceptance published unless it candidates will be local pastor to pursue teachers and a He wasn’t familiar is his with the award in the next available letters will appear of Spring Valley High The 1969 graduate charge in a previous to rebut a specific “People didn’t give dreams. before he received edition depending School isn’t letter published. up on me,” he it, but he mused that space limitations of on ashamed said. of • The his figures he average academic last election our newspapers; and part of the responsib record preference is given or the fact that he ility of earnin the Oct. 22 week’s letters will appear That compassion is ing it is that he “set was to editions, unless ingrained in him an ing about local issues. local residents writ- space is needed teachers because all a challenge to his today. He said he adding perhaps that example,” then those things are who for a learned on the streets should be the expectahe is and what make In addition, there week of Oct. 29, the rebuttal letter. The of tions of all of us. him what he is today. Spring Valley and on the farms in last week before the political letters during are limitations for the area Of course, he did improve election, will be the how to treat people That’s a good point. the time for our voters’ — on those After all, just as grades when he furthered • There is a 250-word election time. guides in each of our judge people by their that you shouldn’t Frank didn’t realize his education, newspapers. social he backgrou was not edit to fit our guideline limit. We will getting being nd, whether or not they given undergraduate and Letters may be sent law degrees have a 4.0 grade point guidance all these years, likely the to or dropped off with magna the limit will be discarded s so letters over at any of our average or if they people cum laude who guided him never newspaper offices look different. . realized that they or eexpertise in law was honors. And his • The deadline for mailed to Perhaps the person noticed just eight election letters is who taught him the were providing a solid foundation for noon Thursday for years after he began opinion@bluffcoun greatest lesson is Dutch, him. The young people letters his A form his father’s who may find pers in the Bluff Country in all newspawas appointed in 1985 legal career, he is also on-line at our cousin, who had a to the state district Newspaper developmental disabili- themselves in your presence today Web site, www.bluf Group., ty. He was included f- court bench and served as may not look or act like to submit letters. chief judge of as they are destined for Minnesota’s Sixth the family, attending another member of greatness, but Judicial District on there is no better example church with the oththe Iron Range from 1991 ers and you helping can give out to 1996. Then he them than at the store his father was sworn in as a owned. their hopes and dreams. by supporting U.S. district judge in Some day, they 1998 after being recomme “I may didn’t end realize it up thanking you in nded by a very public was really a message at the time, but this way. saying that they

Focus on facts when telling ethanol story


Spring Valley Tribune

Judge gets solid foundation in small towns , area farms
Publisher’s notebook

First Place: Spring Valley Tribune, David Phillips Publisher’s Notebook A column that stands out from the rest. Nicely written. The columnist makes a point of writing about news that occurred in the community, elevating the discussion and sometimes giving readers a peek at the story behind the story. Excellent, thoughtful, well done. Second Place: Minneota Mascot, Byron Higgin Twas the night Mascot style; A love package from mom; Ole Pappy’s wife Very nicely done. Thoughtful, touching columns. I feel like I got a some meaningful insight into this columnist’s life. Third Place: West Concord News/Enterprise, Rick Bussler Hot Pursuit Column Well written. Nice selection of topics.

Policy on polit ical letters to the ed ito



Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Houston County News, La Crescent, Ryan Stotts Liked the council’s gentle reminder and the story about the special ed teacher. Hold their feet to the fire. Love the Francis Bacon quote and the call to action or should I say call to question. Second Place: Pelican Rapids Press, Louis Hoglund From My View Point Liked the “Welcome to America” column. Good name dropping in the turtle column. Interesting take on the missionaries.

The Spring Valley Tribune (SECD 512-380) at 112 N. Broadwa is published every y, Spring Valley, Wednesday MN. Periodicals Valley, MN. POSTM postage paid at ASTER: Send address By Don McNay Spring Tribune, Box 112, changes to Spring My daughter, Angela of hangers-on who Spring Valley, MN Valley Luhys, now has a tell the wealthy person 55975. first rate fiancé, but what they want to Yearly subscription a strong sense of independe when hear rates: $28 per year she developed a concept she was dating money and reflected and hope to have counties and Howard balanced life, no material nce. She has a in Fillmore, Mower glory. & Olmsted (MN) County (IA); $34 the “trailer park test.” that she called stand out needs or wants The posse is also the be least two people Alaska, and foreign. per year elsewher reason that an esti- and no desire to show would e except Hawaii mouth When a man tried of off. clean Amated 90 and I told or not percent of lottery winners why to impress her both that she would never my mind, the rule, her with Editor & publishe violating material you very in and thestart, thank give up possessions, she always majority of her r.......................... independe a fine of professional athletes because there nce for the rule imagined .............. them to take remove whether News editor .............. are were ............................ going broke simply she would within money. The money any amount of If you’re still five likeis years of earning their issues). ............................ ..David Phillips him would make her less if hea much. only lived rule Advertising manager ............................ A instead in a trailer ? money. happy, not more. setting down of.............. altogether park Sonya Meyerhofer then there’s the water the trouble .............. of a nice And bothering house. not .............. Reporters .............. The they’re it If person es, enforced. She ........................An would rather live in if it’s who getsnames procedur and .............. .............. a large sum of reading rules drea your a trailer park each Thursday Ifrule she decided that she moneyof state .............. s to matter Receptionist-book you should do a “reverse someone .... Gretchen Mensink Hindt to have with are exception le would still is to she loves than There one Published keeper .............. reasonab trailer This like the park Lovejoy guy seems record. test” the the if .............. he for on into with lived in a trailer Advertising sales their potential posse. someone who brought a mansion address importo ....................Janis name and when an park,’re going .............. he Ask themrule, Enterprises Inc. stayed. angst, this with me ............................ by Lee selves whether If she unhapMiller , so stay assume piness Ryan decided that his money Advertising makeup and complicat important the “friends” or new recording ..........Lonny Berge, and they are along ion. record, comes played .............. issue “romantic Jerry into how she viewed tant ............................ Rollie Angela is hoping USPS 252-700 interest” would still adhere to them. Circulation .............. Stotts Not If him, he went. Shari Markowski, , here. that saying at all? the “trailer park be in their you’re .............. life if they lived in procedure what bad system. of this must be addressed Garry Post test” becomes ............................ itareally reminded Text typesetters........... I’m s postage paid a standard a trailer park. guest ..........................D It’s with-standard Periodical itnational Angela, who wants on how going to Probably not. .............. it’s are they peopledoing ebby Groth simrelate to those who ...........................J (and then of course deserves) full t seemingly Distribution .............. member of the so, somewha columnist and total have more n? at La Crescent, Someapeople credit for coining last when income ............................ attributio the it eanne Lamp, Jean Meyer proper or possessio at the have a healthy to outip phrase .............. ns than be speak relationsh to “trailer ..Chuck Kuhl, Nancy ple fact of life because with money. is invited park added to they do. Minnesota test,” works that’s have public It won’t They view it as a tool even Member of ---------solve Klenke all the world’s problems Do they at the But, with me rather McNay La Crescent key is to prominute. the--vide for Group, where ---------but the “trailer appears , themselveThe council. saying the we s deal and you’re park send change really their with it test” what families Spring Valley , and is a pretty injuredthe record Postmaste and place live a comfortab people, exception good r, and usually lottery winners to start. City Council has forgotten le life. invited, Minnesota and others, they’re Chamber of who come into sudden to: shouldn’t ested, as Will Rogers They are not interaddress anyway? and Comm of Don McNay doesn’t, erce money. recently used mayor. it. to say, “in by the -------------------it’s We realized that the so, no. noted the spending think anniversa often. I don’t money they erratic ---------all that ry of when he entered 30th 401 N. 3rd St., “trailer ------explain. Newspaper park test” is impress at Let me he’s don’t have in to and, not International Society just happen While because the finana dating tool; it is meeting cial services was people should they don’t know.” They industry. of 14 meeting, fire station, Monday’s a way to meaHe has masters’ sure more or less Weekly Newspaper was how people At the Jan. it’s La Crosse, WI 54601 Recently, so,an degrees Assoc doing interact by own rules, from Vanderbi accomplished profession count, iation withmy Monday’s meeting, it money. also, are their anyone Editors long these lt University and with woman told the again say to al mayor the trimwhich really isn’t that American of tree me and she had wanted to typical College and standards enforcement of own was inducted in marry You frequently time Councilor rich their a the lines man at one the second the Eastern Kentucky see profession the council reviewed along www.s g point ago,vtribun in her may be other al profansomethin life. University Hall of athletes There and ming. lottery used My winners practices. counhas response Distingui • 507-34 develop a group called shed Alumni in was John Graf 6-7365 your name why? the state its document on city after 1998. He “the ly selfposse.” In Elvis’s has Hardie - Publisher She“Please of the of, complete four major has a high income can read Chris s. times items were It’s floor case, professional designatio on the it was called , ity Mafia. so weand made the the Memphis cil rules and procedure address ns and and herself. not like Ryan is a lifetime ; it’s Henry - Editor The possethe council money She put herself through governed of agenda’s been published member of the Million Dollar record.” a more chamber when is a group years This was for the benefit the doing of school Round Table. it into is looking over menial jobs and someone of and I’d welcome everyone, not the least punif I’ve forgot- is in session. But that hasn’t been has

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Ryan’s thoughts

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The kiss sparks a response Guest editorial note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry. *Please
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extensive list 608-791-8411 their shoulders and Now, we all have the happening lately. which its newly elected ten some of them. don’t even ? ishing them if they Ivy Endris capacity (and maybe members. Why is that important follow their own guideWhat’s more question- the occasion, and certainly Advertising representative is taking One of the things how those to use Because whoever out able, perhaps, is lines. ivy.endris@lacrosse onto the predilection) specifically pointed at the meeting (it is And what, by the way, ago items were allowed were profanity, but why on notes those seven months be the deputy clerk, the agenda at all. Why penalty for violating one in that used to the no members is that 608-791-8317 Earth council replace that were was why “Sir, but they didn’t add they added, and I’m unclear the rules? Ryan Stotts for chamber saying, are not allowed to motioned official position, and they I’m not sure. items to a meeting’s agen- approval, and why was that you’re an elected good, exactly who is doing the is Contributing writer the Now, wait a minute, should da once it’s been pub- motion seconded? Each of representing in Clay Schuldt in recording now) with of there anything unethical honest folk who put you lished. It has to do not. Contributing writer really be taking note course all merit-worthy of this Of as them, this? of well as any proper is saying. easily that seat, giving the public like sort of what a citizen on discussion, could Does it make them look two fine city, and that here. notice as to what’s going their Shouldn’t they? have waited another no place they won’t enforce time as language has in the chambers. There’s more than a fair own rules? Well, yes it to weeks until such immediately tell If I take the trouble properly You will stop chance, if you don’t were they does. or face censure.” mention this, it’s because noticed. them, they won’t know I guess, since we’re all the A couple of months ago, this is, by my count, at this point Why isn’t anyone say- I heard a casual suggestion who you are. human, that too since important time this third This is very for best to simply ing, “Stop it” when that councilors dress up than one it’s maybe review of rules and proce- happens? nice because on more r we forget things, so the meetings — a tie, this year, more say dures that Councilo And while we’re asking , let this serve as get a little occasion Bernie Buehler has chosen questions, just exactly how shirt, you know, for when than one resident has gentlemen up was Write us at Houston feelings of being a reminder. one. going to more cleaned to ignore it. First, it in much longer is this A gentle to do the city’s expressed the council (at 3rd models of senior living is and if they arrive County News, 401 N. ignored by it go on? And if it business. to ion other communities, then St., La Crosse, WI, 54601. the there’s no repercuss y was the condition of Email to ryan.henr Keep your letter short, to 300 words or less. be Longer letters will are shortened. All letters subject to editing, without notice to the author. You must sign your letter, something and include a full address There’s symbol of love, a proven y that and phone number in case Women can hold the historical record of the about familiarit hate. men. breeds as we need to contact you. same jobs ability of love to conquer something Include a headline for There’s Blacks can sip from the all knowable odds and yet by Brian Voerding that as will about familiarity your letter, or we same drinking fountains somehow always surprise. breeds discomfort. one. Houston write the whites. Everyone knows that something ing eternity in hell for There’s But only a fool would photo. It has hung in dorm County News will select Editor’s note: The Hou- stories the paper has pubthat y prowill about familiarit climb a mountain to letters to print and ston County News pub- lished on gay marriage. rooms and living rooms claim the age of universal from San Francisco to New brings comfort. refuse or edit letters that lished a front-page photo Fine. Nothing new. of begun. Thankfully, it usually are libelous or in poor nearly 70 years. of a couple — albeit not me were equality has for York order. surprised that in What do. always comes We have work to one kissing — at the same the number of responses taste. It’s been replicated across as Last week’s photo General Mills, a home- history, across culture, in courthouse in Wabasha We charge for letters of from thoughtful people a compathat the familiarity the one referred to below. who downright didn’t like grown Minnesot ad last novels and movies and showed to stay. Here to thanks or appreciation. an in Christmas is here Unlike the Winona looking at the photo. ny, released a girl wor- soap operas, itself. Daily News, we received Couldn’t believe we print- month featuring father’s ads for jewelry and luxury prove her It bred some hate and nt no negative feedback from ed the thing, let alone so ried about t. cars. In family engageme heart enough to dump and wedding photos, the quite a bit of discomfor its publication. large. Not a lot of comfort. keepCheerios on his lap while It bothered them. Quite he napped. Good for a tattered and yellow is along for Not yet. Our goal is fair and accuThey say a photo bit. Enough to talk about laugh and a reminder to hit sakes we pass the only a all know gay and We words. a as reporting with a worth a thousand that her generations it, which is saying quite couples. The prob- rate keepsakes we lesbian This one spawned thou- bit for a collection of the gym — except strong, local opinion page. don’t definitive us and of was white lem is most sands more. you have a complaint, carry with us as proof s with stiff mother

Letters to the editor:

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Letter to Editor___________ They are going to learn yet!
From Irene Nathe Melrose that will hurt every I read about the school budget cuts Years ago, on Channel student at Sauk Centre Public Schools. budget woes with the the 2 (about 10 years ago) the topic was schools in the Cities. said, “We have Let’s say Hennepin County. One person about our out What schools. these all for one superintendent per school?” And state schools, who have one superintendent yet!” the answer was “They are going to learn Sauk Centre, Long My question is, why can’t Melrose, have one superintenPrairie, Albany, Paynesville and Osakis teachers. super our dent? We could save




Third Place: Star-Gazette, Moose Lake, Colette Stadin Good story about Gracie’s first day of school. It painted a picture. Overall interesting family columns.

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Sauk Centre Herald, Bryan Zollman Mark this one down as a first for me. I actually had tears in my eyes while judging a newspaper contest. The columns about St. Paul Joe were beautifully written. I love how you told the story and also provided important information for the reader to consider. Congratulations on a job well done! Second Place: Mille Lacs Messenger, Isle, Brett Larson Engaging and thought-provoking topics and writing. The column on the county’s underage drinking problem stood out. You drove your point home, and you did so in a classy and courageous way. Fine work! Third Place: Litchfield Independent Review, Andrew Broman Your writing is strong and your topics interesting. Good job!

budget bill will The very large Health and Human Services week. And, despite the fact be on the House floor for debate this for around $2.5 billion in that Democratic leadership is calling a spending target with a new taxes for the upcoming biennium, putting the HHS budget tocut was given to those in charge of level for those who deal gether. Of special concern is the funding care. with our older residents and long-termearlier in the session that A bipartisan bill was introduced state funding for nursing called for a five-percent increase in Waiver, which helps seniors homes and a program called Elderly this five-percent increase stay in their own homes. The cost forgranted, a big number, but is estimated to be around $56 million, in the overall scope of state spending and the looming $2 billion-plus tax increase, certainly a number we should be able to come up with. it was an old A group called the Republican showed me his swollen leg and said weeks ago and Rural Caucus met last week with war injury. I was heading to lunch a couple and some driving while representatives from long-term He went on to tell me he served in Vietnam, couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I did and , who knows, a bullet pencare, and they told us that the threeshowed me a scar on his forearm where I pondered cheeseburgers, chicken wraps wounds on his percent increase proposed in the etrated his skin. He said he had other maybe a salad. limping current HHS bill isn’t as good as it body. As I was driving I noticed an older gentleman to take him. caught At that point, I knew exactly where sounds. That’s because the money Street near Centre Auto. What really Main along can help and Twins jacket by Paul Anderson “Get in,” I said. “I know of a place that proposed for wage increases for my eye was his sparkling new Minnesota jeans and what looked State Representative you out.” nursing home workers will be transTwins hat. He was also wearing blue went. And off to Eagle’s Healing Nest we ferred from other areas of nursing to be hiking boots. some Notes from dirty road by the On our short trip to the Nest we talked He was pulling a duffel bag along theoff on one end. home funding, so the net result is an Zollman more. He told me he has short-term memory loss and strap, which looked to have been broken and that also by Bryan actual cut in overall spending. They the Capitol Cities. He told was living out of a hotel in the Twin social security He wasn’t somebody I recognized,wanderers shufIn Other said they would receive more fundget me he earned a monthly stipend from caught my interest. It’s not often we ing under current legislation and new funding proposal. didn’t have any Words but it was obvious this guy was out and other government benefits, but would be better off if left out of the in outstate Minnesota, are fling down Main Street, savings and was living off a credit card.cheeseburger of place, and hate to say it, out of sorts. Nursing homes, especially those my His limp and into rates along. dive him limped let I he so as reimbursement Their hungry closely was him I eyed He said he I went in easily. Had he having a difficult time financially. to the Nest. He waited outside while flat the past four years, body language suggested he wasn’t getting along too obvious he was basket as we pulled upMelony Butler. She was in an important meetfrom the state have mostly been held tattered clothes, it would have been have not had pay increases and talked to director I had found a so most workers in these facilities the state is going to raise been wearing threw me off. everything when I told her I thought until he could homeless. But the new Twins apparel the man probably was ing, but dropped to stay in that time. It’s frustrating that when to do, they couldn’t I ventured into Dairy Queen thinking at Subway. I ordered a homeless vet who desperately needed a place taxes like the current majority is planning back on his feet. long-term care folks better. walking from the hotel to get a sandwich come up with a plan that treated our wage is increased, nurs- cheeseburger basket and made my way back to work. On my way get She met with Joe and verified his military service and invited aimlessly across Main While talking to Joe, he It was pointed out that if the minimum their pay scales. back I saw him again and he was wandering he him inside for a warm cup of hot chocolate. adjusting time problem hospital. VA difficult the a “whatever was have go to thinking will driving, ing homes that the last place he wanted adjustments in what they Street near Subway. I kept day ahead of me. Plus, who told Melony just want to drug me up,” he said. “I won’t go back The money is simply not there to make “They’ll has is his problem and I have a busy bag.” pay their workers. funding bill was knows what is in that duffel Marathon bombing, so there.” not a pleasurable one. It’s been a long time since an agricultural But that’s what Of course, this was before the Boston It was evident his VA experience was support. as they are now, but basket and hot cocoa I told passed in the House without bi-partisan environment and ag bill duffel bags and backpacks weren’t as suspicious As Joe finished up the cheeseburger When I turned around, I are capable heading back to work. and age, you just never know what people was day I happened last week when the omnibus that today’s in Melony contained The fee increases there, crying. was debated and eventually passed. those dealing with major of. office when I decided saw Joe standingyou a hug?” he asked. I got about a block away from the Herald “Can I give in the bill are concerning, especially who irrigate, but every to turn back. Something about the man’s gait told me he needed help. We hugged, and he said, “thank you.” in desperate need of help, water users. We are not talking just those ground water for its mudone if I couldn’t get the lost soul off At that moment I realized that Joe was town and city in Minnesota that uses year’s drought, there has I figured I wouldn’t get much If there are homemany veterans throughout our country. the nicipal water supply. Because of last on potentially dwindling my mind. loitering outside. I told my- as are so the streets of Sauk Centre, what about I eased up to Subway where he was guy who was less veterans wandering been a major focus in our committee Dallas, Seattle... state’s aquifers. I thought it self that if he went inside, then he was just some hungry areas like Minneapolis, Philadelphia, groundwater levels in some of our in, and instead wandered metropolitan thank you,” I said. “Thank you for serving.” went never Thursday, he last But debated sandwich. a being get was Joe, to “No, going saying thank was interesting that as the bill in the form of heavy, wet around the parking lot. He then hugged Melony, sobbing uncontrollably, April 18, a major precipitation event, and over again. Capitol and across much of So I pulled in next to him. him if everything was okay. you over walked out the door I couldn’t help but become oversnow, was taking place outside the I rolled down my window and asked and didn’t respond so I As I Minnesota. presence my of to scared if it has a chance He seemed a little whelmed with emotion. served and almost died in The moisture is wonderful, especially He said he was. Why was this man, somebody who Our cold temps will help in asked him if he was a Twins fan. I and others take for he needed help with anysoak into the ground and not run off. We got to talking and I asked him if for a bowling tournament, Vietnam to help protect the very freedoms that but at some point we like me? Alexandria that regard by slowing down the snowmelt, He granted, saying thank you to somebody occur. There are still a thing. He told me he was up in like Joe should not be card trouble and was out of money. need it to warm up so spring can actually This is not how it should be. Veterans fish. Even saw a cartoon but had run into some credit Inn where he was unable to pay for a of the world seemTrucker’s few venturing out on area lakes to ice along the streets of America, the weight a couple of weeks with an was coming from go through. I asked him if he limping their shoulders. Yet, if it is happening here, it is happening depicting the fishing opener in just meal because his credit card wouldn’t if he needed a few bucks and ingly on angler making use of an ice auger! had any cash and he said no. I asked him everywhere. Joe’s Twins jacket and When I got back to my car I noticedof me knew he wouldn’t he said he did. So I gave him some money. give me his coat. I rereturning it to him. But part But he wouldn’t take it unless he could but he kept insisting, hand- thought about be a constant reminder to me peatedly told him I didn’t want his coat, take it back. Besides, keeping it would tell be a great conversation starter. I could would it And Joe. ing it to me through my window. about another said, as he pulled jacket. “I have all kinds of stuff in here,” he my friends I took a homeless man’s Joe from St. Paul, the And then I will tell them the story about coat out of his duffel bag and put it on.and he said St. Paul – which into Sauk Centre broken veteran who limped his way I asked him where he was from was Joe and he said he was 65-year-old found peace, healing, and a path back home. happens to be where I grew up. His name afford a cab ride. one day and articles trying to get back to the cities, but couldn’t 2Ceditor and other opinion Letters to the and he pulled up his pants and limping was he why and him first asked a I must be signed with

HHS bill falls short for nursing homes

I took a homeless man’s jacket

Letters to the editor welcome

are welcome. Letters include an address and phone number. last name and STAFF (under 300 words) and to the VOICE Letters should be short 5 p.m. They can point and be submitted by Monday at mailed to Sauk be emailed to, Sauk Centre, Centre Herald, 522 Sinclair Lewis Ave., MN 56378 or dropped off at the office.

Infantry Division couple honeymooned attend Grand Rapids at reunions held all homes where we wives have invited me into their in Bob’s father’s resort Writer They are stories over the U.S. sit around the kitchen ....................... left town, operatin ............................. like that Olson.................... share a plate of cookies Randy of Hans Knopp who table g Indian Joe’s for and then never Design the ......Sign toughest braved ying of World ............................. several with tea. I feel like and Staff They are stories years. Henry ............................. Irene girl again listening War II Sections like that ..... Publisher that young Special the - 168 times infamous and ............................. ............................. .................. of Jim and Alice intently to Grandpa - over ............................. I met with horrendous Hump Diane Schmiesing Hoolihan them in their Editor . Mountai with a notebook Bookkeeping Managing - this time Dave Simpkins ...................... of the Himalay ......................... sunny apartme and Sauk Centre ............................. from ............................. Rapids a Zollman Bryan Zollman an Burma to China. nt in Heather ns, few weeks before Grand Manager Back at my desk, pen in hand. ......................Gene .................................. Bookkeeping Now Dunn Memorial Dayral ............................. a resident ............................. I take those pages Klaphake our interview Darla of Grand Rapids, 2004. ing Manager ....Sales After scribbles, sort through , he showed upon pages ofMark ............................. German Hans..................Market ............................. me his Army ............................. was born in y and moved to the Jeff Weyer Missy Traeger................. neatly them and string dressManager pressed Business jacket, ................Marketing tences that tell the ..................... U.S. at the age and preserve them into sen............................. enlisting ............................. Frericks ............................. d. Vos Joyce I of Liz in still heroic 5. the Army, he told smile on his face Production Manager/Graphic After stories of our commun ..Marketing er the veterans. These are when he told me remembDesigner me ............................. he was often followed Hunstiger ity’sPat Turner Kayla by the FBI ............................. the stories Designer it Graphic 85. ........................ t, Circulation Centre, who checked his t him, -Sauk I MN ...........Receptionis They are at age sively, Lewis .....................................................still ............................. 522 Sinclair Drayna backgrou the Ave. Jyeton stories that should enjoy most to write. Tara Pitschka annoyin nd exten- Design Jim ..............Sign g his mother .................... Graphic Designer was ............................. one of a dozen men, ............................. and scaring his Thooft Amanda Logan Thomas................. recruits. 56378 ries I wish I would have written never go untold - stoDesigner Graphic the .......... Inserter fellow .......... largest Itasca County at ............................. group .......................................................... from They are Sue Sims..................... the time, to be drafted ............ Mike Imdieke 352-6577 Writer stories like that of about Grandpa. “People Phone: (320) don’t realize ............................. IIHanson on June for World War ............................. Robert Dean and 4, 1941. wife Carnie, chuckled Hans. “They the Gestapo we have here,” his Harry of Grand Rapids. 352-5647 Fax: (320) Minnesota would The 21-year-old from northern I remember sitting and reports of made Deadlines obituaries their livingroom, are sure soon lead an entire Exceptions I had Monday. And a clean a clean in the Herald is 5 p.m. she more frail than news in address: slate.”for advertisements in the some of the worst for mostslate Internet company into The deadline is exactly The deadline in handma Tuesday. he but 10 a.m.Hans Advertising warfare of the ofwhat wrapped all hisevents, a deadline de on a cash-only basis. quilts she was still are Europea which has had life. He weekend Canary advertising as Captain is have it is noon, Thursday. one ofinonly and Classy www.saukheral n Theater, Classy Canary and advertising as beautifu James And there was the Shopper Classified of an few to S.newspaper, Tuesday, and Hoolihanand oneven l as ever. only publication make Hump is noon Herald no mistakin it over the alive this of Compan to bind (USPS Our no authority HERALD g the love once, none-the-less y E, 341st takers have Infantry 86th CENTRE each other. SAUK The Divisionof they hadad THE Letters advertiser’s be signed with first and last 14 months he was opinion of the must for 168 times the Letters two acceptance United order. Pubfinal had survived by Star in articles are welcomed. “June 4, the shall constitute Thursdays on stationed advertisement is published to the editor and other 1941, in Grand Rapids, States Army. the attack Harbor. Letters 482-220) with the U.S. be short and to the point. We reserve the She, the on Pearl Transpo should Centre, Army daughte Sauk rt Comman phone number. Letters Ave., Minn., as best as can recall was a address and Air r of Sinclair Lewis name and include Spanish d in Burma from 1943 lications, who 522 Rates immigra beautiful grew inI Subscription  up Sauk ying Elsewhere nts at on spring paid letters. $39.00. the the to lengthy postage 1944, Counties, edit C-46 beaches to day. right all Morrison Second-class twin engine plane The trees leafed Pope of Honolulu Stearns, Todd, Douglas, Minn. out & in56378. in their the Navy’s four ions dubbed the out of thewere cof a soldier wrote advertising Send address. He, n. Canary) submarine eet Corrections/Clarificat Shopper or as error, please call 352-6577. ying (either greenery were the Minn. POSTMASTER: report a factual with Jim, sharing Centre, who was owers,” classes Minnesota, $51.00. taking 522 strives for accuracy. If you would like to excerpts Herald in Honolulu advertising The HERALD, with radio $46.00; Wild, $49.00; from SAUK CENTRE uncharte of Minnesota, . THE OutWar a life titled, $49.00; changes chronicle he d “Jim’s counties listed above It to was Ave., Days.” “Nowhere Minn. 56378 heart of the, the Himalayas were at the Centre, Sauk 6, 1941, Sinclair LewisDec. and he preciated than in is had returned to his northern Minneso spring more apmalayan Mountai From 16-18,000 feet high, the Hibunk winter over ta, with the long ns stirred up nasty at last.” and the other transpor weather for Hans t pilots. One of the most

and take a look? We have a brand, first question asked From Alice Karakas, Sauk Centre recently I watched Jeopardy and the My grandfather America, the backbone of the na- But, “Who was the first Nobel Prize winner for literature who was a veteran of lieutenant navigato World War II. A Sauk Centre is part of rural was, after big part of rural America, but more than wrote Main Street?” Not one contestant knew the answer. In the a night is agriculture and ship was bombed r with the U.S. Navy, Grandpation onathe town areas. with ’s and suburban puts you on the off the island of Guadalc a bunch urban no idea lives in of buddies with population that U. S. he would Pacic Theater. When world, one strives to sell the thing that half of the anal in the in business be Although the only one have he was them Midwest I was a young the alivedisappeared and business that people want when onknow, a place among his way small hetowns 600 girl I remember his in the wouldin Over you to eventual puts for awake the nextfarming map, Star Silver to continues ly earning a tales bravery, of being under as big corporate day. The terrifyup residency. and take d Jim describe attack at sea. ing and perhaps visit surprise andfor the past three decades come felt to as the feelings that he left would history. intoawake he on I-94, U.S. fade We are basic will slowly him in training I offer a few. the early many, Grandpa died when be small towns . may more assets grow, hours Our “As the keep of Dec. 7, bus moved south do we I was in middle “How isleft County. Three assets community thousan Stearns small school. After his every airport in United ds the onlyout-of-to The question to of of Hwy wn States the Mississip 71 and have over the bridge death, the tales came service hopefully andwomen pi River and a few men hereand stay to locate here. families want so from Grandma. Not may killed vital that stay we do business and miles How and vibrant shook a alive?” for over Pokegam the bridge further out an entire only were the tales life? If we don’t needed townworld. of the minds of the small our from a different perspect meeting a kind a Lake, to enjoy have a lets attack reality Let’s lasted less than two more will move here The and come of terrible nalitytogether, ive but also a there are set in.” of our community, hours, listen to ideas, bring different place - the the job market then yet left increase Robert and It was Friday and bring in new businesses, homefront. The phootherand businesses thecitizens survivor means 13th of April, 1945, that s tos that sparked with less horrifyin our city a place to schools make public our g and nightma his company come together to when Grandm and truly less children attending res that would last Jim thoughts encounte showed happy couples a’s memories red days offer. their and, our children to attend our less for nightma Meeting a and worse for to a place some, business, lifetimes enrollment, less money gathered around place toedo re. live, resistanc near . in our Priorei, Germany, a nightclub table “It what is happening of will was asurvey scribed theand day that a close - all smiling, the Jim deto raise a family. We need to take a place live school gruesom e scenes men in their dress uniforms my mind,” the north in corner of on forever war, and make things empty face” sits with Robert German building a “happy a Panzerfa on“A put to told come soldier , the women with me. Winters Pharmacy has ust city. The time came Herald out sleek curls and fur Carnie rememb Review of a house sits empty, Centre Jobbad enough, seek red into it and to want on the south have after ered climbing theIt building just dark back is possible, of a 6x6 we and the insurance wireless up a and Sun - happen. There is another coats and blouses. truck loadedto pany pole is soon to close our community an in her neighbor (U.S.) men. and Gerard’s making photo of the young F Comvacant, journey with the anything enjoy I will hood not say their home - again, the answers where she could family outside bing building is now closed both are the see Osakis sight in the more willing Lodge bombs am and Grandpa I about to work at it, are smell of that and and work. strike. From her busi- outstanding Lake to live is in his dress uniform, setsperch, she on the said the children are scene. sheWalleye yelled down reports After just about is the next six hours, I knewplace babies. and where to her quite well what General up for sale. We have to ask when neighandbors. Throughout my years you? meant when he said, Sherman working here at The two to close? met four years after paper, I’ve interview ness going the newsAs often as they ‘War is hell.’” people to come the fateful to entice it How was love our community could, Alice and attack at market do we veterans and their ed several WWII veterans. The rst sight. and Jim would 86th The

How does Sauk Centre stay alive? The stories of ou r veterans
the newspaper.

________ ________ | www.g editorReview Letter toAthe column is one person’s

| Sunday, Novem

ber 11, 2012 perspective on any given issue, publishe A column does not d as necessarily reect the views of the a regular feature in newspaper. “The Home of Sinclair Lewis.”

Britta Arendt

Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Grand Rapids Herald Review, Britta Arendt* The stories of our veterans; (The world is alive; A reminder to take notice/Someday Skipper, you find your real SuperStar.) Second Place: St. Croix Valley Lowdown, Michelle Miron* Don’t let your kids be the jerks; How to lose friends and negatively influence people; Just plain stupid? Not likely. Third Place: Forest Lake Times, Kat Ladwig* Kat’s Tales


ploring in places that were Civil War battleelds. His Are hogs alive and father and friends stories of ancestor told Well, not hogs but well on Mars? sions in the 1970s s If you like to hunt, hoagys? Tantaliz war rst hand. In who experienced the returned the rst pictures of the Martian ing pictures. These this of course, is preparin the next step, images from Mars surface reveal for families he dons special program what some have orbit showed clear freezer, or the table. g game for the describe shares artifacts and period clothing and tubes of up to a quarter d as giant water, though the evidence of owing stories that help the same old venison Are you tired of plain what surface of Mars is exmile in diameter recipes? Try a new stew or roast duck to ght andcaused the war, tactics used and ginow bone dry. ant worm-like creature cookbook! Here are details of few of the many a So is NASA hiding s, Thursday, Nov. 15, a soldier’s life. cookbooks we have nicknam ed at hoagys, game cooking and on something or playing At 7 p.m., the series 6:00 p.m. sausage making: niscent of the giant remiMaking Sense Venison mind games to insure of the Civil War, worms in the movie spice continues with Part “Venison” by Rebecca future funding? Are 5: War & Freedom Dune. NASA agrees the . John Hayes will -From Field To Table” Gray, “Venison- contribu ‘tubes’ ancient corridors the te a southern pictures are real by John Weiss, “Butchering Deer: and or just an odd geologic war and its outcome perspective on the The altered, but dismiss uns and add insight Complete Manual feature? The pictures the Of notion that they about earlier America Dressing, Skinning Field are coming back from n life forms or tubes. of history that inuenced the ing, and Butcheri , Ag(To current and most recent ng see the pictures google slavery and servitud At Home” by John Deer Mars lander, Curiosit e. By Terry Mejdrich ‘Tubes on Mars’.) Recommended reading and “Making The Weiss, show a very barren y, Freelance writer & Most The ‘tubes’ appear Part 5 of the “America is Of Your Deer” by desert-like landscapand ’s former science teacher Dennis to be translucent War” anthology. e. No Walrod. and giant worms go thunder (copies stretch over hundred available at the Library) Game ing by, and altogeth s of miles of the Martian er, “Dressing & Cooking for the average person, surface. They sometimes merge Give to the Max it all looks pretty Wild Game” by Teresa together and ocDay boring. 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Livingston, by Max” day, a day to investigate the “Game On The Grill: The science ction of giving for all of layering of soil, frozen The Art Of Barbecu Minnesota. C. Clark, called the author, Arthur ing, Grilling, and carbon dioxide snow, water, and solid Smoking Wild Game” ‘tubes’ the most The Library Foundat or to Olympus exciting nd on Mars, Mons, by far the ion provides “Wild Game Cuisine” by Eileen Clarke, and lobbied for largest and highest extras that make further by George Politis, known mountain our library great. investigation “Bears In My anywhere in the St. Cloud Times Projects that the editor An Exclusiv Kitchen: Contact sports ing up close inspectio of them includsoLibrary Foundat lar system. But INSIDE e Collection Of Black n by a robotic 2D there is a good reason ion supports include: PAGE mission. Some scientist Dave DeLand, 255-8771, Bear Recipes” by for choosing the Scoreboard Saturday Story times, Carol 3D Suddendorf, and ‘boring’ sites, which s have added playaway audioboo Bowling their support as or ddeland@stcloudtim “Home Book of landing a multimil ks, special program is Smoke-C well, but NASA has 5D such as Rapids Reads, ooking lion-doll WBB ar invests SCSU Meat, so far declined, stating SCORES Fish AND ment in one piece. GET LIVE & Game” by Jack Sleight 10D the ‘tubes’ are portion of the Riverfro the educational The rougher terComics and Text Raymon nothing more than TEAM rain, though maybe dNAME STATS Hull. Making Sausage regular patterns (educational displays nt Energy Center more interesting, sand dunes. of 2012 makes landing a (e.g., Twins) or PLAYER , alternative en“Mastering OM/SPORTS | THURSDAY, NOV. 22, distinct challeng ergy solar and AT WWW.SCTIMES.C the 44636. NASA’s COLLEGE wind SCORES ofto Mauer) e. AND JoeCraft Landing Making (e.g. PREP power), claim LIVE NAME Sauon sage” that and Early a mostly open plane by Warren R. Literacy compute tures are sand dunes these strange fea- a much higher has r stations. Sausage Making: Anderson, “Home is their default percentage of success This is an easy way How-To Techniqu position. In other then does landing For Making and words and ignorlibrary! Your generousto support your on a rock pile. Enjoying 100 Sau- es ing the wild speculat Having given NASA sages At Home” Susan FOOTBALL SJUthe world to patrons support means the benet is their most logical ion, sand dunes of the doubt on the of all ages and & Charles G. Reavis. Mahnke Peery interests who use ‘wild conspiracy Given the growing explanation. “The Complete theories’, their explanat the Idiot’s Guide to Sausage spaces and compute library’s meeting ion for the theories, many are number of ‘far out’ ‘tubes’, that they rs, attend program Jeff King, and “Making Making” by are and children’s activitie s new mission with now advocating a comes up lame. Somesand dunes, s, get help ndsage: 30 Savory Links Great Saua robotic rover like ing informat of the features Curiosity, the mobile ion, and simply enjoy from Around the run parallel with World Plus Dozens science laboraa quiet place theone apparen have won three teams tory presently explorin t prevailNo ing ridiculous. winds, “It’s Dishes” by Chris of Delicious Sausage org, search to read. Log on to GiveMN. which indicate g a massive MIAC titles, has Kobler. straight Martian crater. for Grand Rapids like sand dunes, but have a career some are will We also have a variety Library. obviously not. Also Thank you! record against GaA ‘conspiracy theory’ we a 3-2 the of cookbooks features When again. that appear with cookies, cakes to reside presently put forth is that NASA gliardi and pies if you want in and the Johnnies canyons in 1989, we mostly here started and would to get started on DAVE be sheltered Upcoming Holiday taking over as the holiday baking. exactly what these really does know we since from the wind. Then a doormat. Closure were DELAND And each Internet Resourc features are and We will be closing individu coach not ready to announc is got head ‘dune’ es and al up to be EDITOR is at St. Thomas early on WednesSPORTS respectable, a quarter has an e that informamile long. If they day, Nov 21, and St. Thomas won tion 2008. entire in to were pretty closed formed section the be to world. According got on Thursday, by on cooking a variety then we the Martian Nov. 22 for Thanksg to this of theory, these structur last the had of it allwind, have been having Gagliardi tothree meetings. Not through But eons game at www. good. Rajkowski iving. We will ago when be Frank open By on Friday the Martian wild-gam “I’ve truly enjoyed is going constructed es are ancient and atmosph any morecorridors was the Saturday, around John’s deer, quail, elk, pheasan e including that, St.ere was much Nov. 23 by an and 24, with a regular Steve frajkowski@stcloudtim intelligent more getting the chance to Glenn and likely used extinct getting t, rabbit and Today’s to take story time Martian atmosph dense. more! benchmark. MartianJohnson on some Saturday, Nov 24, race of beCaruso ere is against him,” ings. Another only compete about at 10:30. to. we have that 1% now theory put forth for game. Just search also has recipes of that “And Steve Johnson on When earth. A gale For informat for whatever you Johnnies Caruso ion force said. “That’s been wind is ‘saving’ the informat is that about longtimeNASA just have I The on these Mars winning, want to cook! Bethel been at events would over and took firstupcoming events feel like ion so breeze real blessing. The word 489 victothey cangeville. to he a a us, and at the for what coach — whose that get federal a Library, respect not have more Royals were visit funding just look sufcient in 1989, you the the thrown Grand for at create gets another in colRapids library, legend to most so force mission “When there for ries gigantic to dodunes. to Civil War up close Mars.body call are program. 7640, 326-the this theory of work, was able In line struggling it’s or visit whole the Library’s web and personal So theHis won all around quite a bit. But football history — is his the recent announcwith teams ‘tubes’ John Hayes grew steadily lege long. site at and ‘worms’ things www.gra And as unbelievable,” e- said the ndrapids it’s when people feed ment up is thing he in one that the Monday  everystate water re when announced of s. of Virginia, trapping human curiosity, carved riverbed over the years sea- those games improved who at s24 Email Marcia have , hunting and exand look Johnson, are back and say that nally veri spending another Anderson after been shooting ed and it retiring at manderso else was said body reason to continue the ci.grandplanet. now Mars. n@ that followed, counting explorin rapids.mnhe This sons on a ishead guyg really did some true; however as .us. We all can find somenot That’s maybe them. , NASA for And just what has all con- intended was John Gagliardi and 64 seasons among first NASA known this ever ranks thing to be thankful for since earlier easy.”. he and his coach at the collegiate it that when John’s mis3D St. coaches Page of ference one GAGLIARDI, See today, every single whose Email the past 60 of which Caruso, Terry Mejdrich Glenn players measured them- level, at mejdrichto@ to longevity. us. No exceptions. on the sidelines in Colle- comes against. selves And that includes the SCSU HOCKEY 86-year-old who finally got around to retiring this week after working for 70 years. “A couple of years ago, I wrote down all the things I should be grateful for,” John Gagliardi said on Monday, hours before his retirement press conference. “It was right around Thanksgiving. “I had a lot to be grateful for.” So does everybody else who watched St. John’s football during Gagliardi’s incredible 60 seasons in Collegeville. By Mick Hatten Most of us didn’t watch all of them. It takes a special kind of There was a point last longevity to do any job season when David Morfor six decades, and ley experienced relief. It that’s just one of the Gagliardi had nothing to do with many things ending a streak of poor has to be thankful for. of play, his team reaching Meanwhile, those one of its goals or scoring us who observed even a his first collegiate goal. segment of that career It happened before can be thankful for some Christmas when Morley of the same things — was told he was going to really, for all sorts of apply for a medical redthings that Gagliardi shirt because of lingering brought to St. John’s and concussion symptoms. Central Minnesota: the all He was relieved because » Thanks for the strugobvious stuff: 4 national gle to get championships, 27 MIAC as better titles, 489 collegiate as quick coaching wins. Those possible victories ultimately enwas over. abled Gagliardi to coach “It was until age 86, and consealmost a litquently made a lot of at easier tle posthings these other that point David sible. it because of Morley » Thanks for some was a directhe not-so-obvious stuff: tion; the timeline has treating everyone with moved and my focus is to dignity and respect, not be ready for next year,” like another piece of Morley said. “You’re just meat on the football watching the time tick team. Universally, Gaaway. I learned to not set gliardi’s thousands of TIMES PHOTO BY KIMM ANDERSON, deadlines. all-area volleyball Player of the Year. ex-players will say the Sauk Centre’s Macy Weller (9) is the “You hear Sidney same thing, whether they KANDERSON@STCLOUDTIMES.COM Crosby say that he has no were stars or the last guy deadline and no timetable on the bench. ALL-AREA for his return (from his » Thanks for putting VOLLEYBALL TEAM concussion). I don’t doubt Central Minnesota on the the Cobbers. that that’s true. You start for Sr., ball (5-7, college football map. Sartell Haider, Ashton By Tom Elliott setting deadlines and its Sister Savana, who is an exSports Illustrated and all OH) demoralizing.” cellent middle-distance runner sorts of other major Jena Klaphake, Sauk Centre There has been clarity, media outlets fell in love a at North Dakota, is a math ma(5-5, Sr., S) SAUK CENTRE — If there’s a return to the ice and jor. with Collegeville and the Kyle Loesch, St. Cloud Tech similarity in the Weller family some success in the early And Macy? “It’s on my list,” program and the head (5-7, Jr., S/H) besides all the kids being excelgoing of this season for the Sauk Centre senior said. coach, to an extent far Samantha Schlangen, Albany lent athletes, it’s an affinity for Morley. A forward from When it comes to Macy Welbeyond any other NCAA S) Sr., (5-7, math. Richmond Hills, Ontario, the numbers add up. The Division III football proBriana Schmiesing, Melrose Macy Weller’s older brother ler, middle hitter has been he has five assists, is a senior gram. workMH) State Jr., (5-11, Colorado at Grant is plus-3 and is the top St. named the St. Cloud Times’ vol» Thanks for packing Cassie Shaver, Albany (5-5, Sr., ing on his doctorate in statistics. Cloud State player in faleyball player of the year for the the stands at Clemens L) That was after a fine football caceoff win percentage. second straight season. Stadium, a.k.a. the NatuMacy Weller, Sauk Centre (5-11, reer at Concordia-Moorhead. Morley and the 12thWeller heads a seven-person ral Bowl, one of the most Sr., MH) Brother Zach is also at Colorado ranked Huskies (4-2 gorgeous places imaginaState working on a master’s in See WELLER, Page 5D ble to watch a college statistics after also playing footSee HUSKIES, Page 2D football game on a spec-

Note: The Library on Monday, Novemb will be closed er 12 for Veteran’s day.

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The tubes and worms on Mars
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First Place: St. Cloud Times, Dave DeLand Sometimes emotional, sometimes personal, sometimes purely informational. Always interesting and compelling. Very engaging writing with exceptional blend of descriptive, narrative or expository styles–suited to the need of the moment. Diverse topics as well. Clearly the top of the field. Second Place: Winona Daily News, Jerome Christenson Very thoughtful, engaging columns. Dramatic writing style that captures the reader’s attention and maintains interest, regardless of the topic. Able to be emotional without being maudlin. A very appealing entry. Third Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester, John Weiss Back Roads columns - Beauty lives in the shadow of horror; Fans go wild at Grandma’s Stadium; Detour brings back memories Very compelling personal style. Good use of description and, when appropriate, narration. The column has a warm, personal feel, intellectual and emotional depth and simple human interest. Page 43 

Coaching legend’s retirement will leave void in league next fall


MIAC coaches reflect on Gagliardi

Thanks for the memories

It adds up: Weller is area’s best


Forward faced long road back
Morley sat out last season due to concussion

‘Streeters star part of talented family

tacular autumn afternoon. » Thanks for 409: St. John’s 29, Bethel 26 on Nov. 8, 2003, one of the most riveting football ames anyone could ask


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Proud to serve the commun ities of Kerkhoven, Murdock , Sunburg and Pennock • Established in 1896

September 13, 2012


mmers edged by Ponies 14Al
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a free A free press is the light that shines on


2013 Wednesday • May 8,


Volume 113, Issue 42

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First Place: The Kerkhoven Banner, Ted Almen Train-semi accident opens anhydrous ammonia tank Great use of photos showing different aspects of scene and surroundings. Second Place: The Parkers Prairie Independent, LLC, Jakki Wehking Fire claims Arvidson barn, sheep Great eye! Third Place: The Parkers Prairie Independent, LLC, Scott Marquardt Train Derailment makes national news Good use of scene.

nearly upset rival in first

cy personnel scores of emergen water was of Tuesday morning sent A train-truck collision 12 just west of Murdock. A steady stream the plume s ammonia rig to stabilize into action along Highway d tank of this anhydrou aimed at the puncture

Artists in the piers that lead to the Mississippi River. The move as it moves out onto the Hastings is pictured here the barges. air onto d e bridge was loade
Catching up with the times

= çìí= ïáíÜ çàÉÅí= ã~åJ =íÉääáåÖ=jáåJ áç= íÜ~í= íÜÉ ÅäçëÉ=Ççïå Ç~ó=áåëíÉ~Ç Ç~óFI=~ë=Ü~Ç ~íÉ=jçåÇ~óI å= ÅÜ~åÖÉÇ

ãÉåíë= Ü~îÉ ÑáÅá~äë= Ü~îÉ = éä~ååÉÇ= áå Index ïÉÉâÉåÇK Calendar, Weather . . .

which atwas of water on the leak, hydrous fumes as the door with tracted and stabilized vapors by Ted Almen jammed by the impact emanating from the punctured the semi. The engines, pulling Later, a water cannon Sirens screamed and emer- a long train of over 100 tanker tanker. in place to cover the vehicles of every kind cars loaded with crude oil, had was set gency www.a of a scene tank in a spray of water. connand hundred aleadv several converged on the ocate. stopped com point of impact. HE Numerous agencies are A accident Tuesday beenfrom EART OF the in the clean-up. sent feet Tsemi-train H E TheAincident the windows ordinating with the hazardmorning. $ KES Jumping 1 lead person E W Sfrom present PAPE ve people to area hospitals, R a own of an engine would materials team on scene one of which was later to the drop of perhaps 10 to 15 feet ous emergency personnel that by a Lifelink helicopter his onto the railroad bed of rough told the way the tanker was due to St. Cloud Hospital where rock, but exiting the sitting on its side, it would be granite critical listed a life or condition was ming af- cab may have been difcult and time-consu but stable by late Tuesday anhydrous the death decision. to try off-load ternoon. The three train crew mem- product without righting the at and released The initial call came in get the accident call bers were treated Hospital in tanker. The idea was to patch anhydrous leak and experts ex- the around 8:30 a.m. A 9-1-1 Swift at Rice Memorial person at the hole rst, then get the tank Hazardous materials hoping to stop scene cleaned. had been made to the re- Willmar. One other upright so drains on the plained how they were County Sheriff’s Ofce a the scene was also taken by back could be utilized. porting a collision betweenFe ambulance to Swift County- bottom of Tuesday evening As Santa was Northern he where Burlington from Benson Hospital there was still a leak amtrain engine and an anhydrous anhydrous treated and released.By Tom Westma thentanker and program ammonia semi-truck owned for 4 and 5-year-olds, northwest The West Central EnvironStaff Writer of monia was drifting Chemical Asby Jensen Transport, Inc. is full Services Residents 12. with mental 90 students enhapfrom Morris across Highway Mankato. The accident of the sessment Team The the of mile radius ▲ Bright a two rolled. Beginni Annand to try alewithin the scene to ngs, prepened on the north side Indus- was called to School scene were school forasked Board 3-year-olds, has 52 heardThere reports accident tank. approach to the Koch from the leaking The fall sports season the secure a students away. located stay three enrolled. school has imminent tries nitrogen plant be no principalsThe is under invesarrived. Annandale and accident U.S. appeared tocommu “We surfilled theeducatio athletes during registranity mile west of Murdock on the truck of danger to anyone in n as to Removal took to the field last tion last as a tigation. the enrollm however spring Highway 12. of the and have area, ent and clean-up number trailer, with several scrimm week s and for to the Swift rounding the added ElemenAccording KMS year, to-Thursd Tuesday expected was a the precaution the coming on Monday ay accident and the first regular ages, was , scene p.m. County Sheriff’s Ofce, and tary schoolAug. at Murdock class the in evening season the afternoon. We into 19, at school the Annand continue tennis meets were ale well train was travelling east tanto the high currentl y have only A two-unit north, evacuated Middle School. eight spots where on Tuesday. held. See the Fall also the truck was travelling awaited left in engines building in Kerkhoven this program Principa Sports dem of BNSF the Kuehn l Allyson ,” Wilke staff spent just leaving the Koch terminal Preview and page of of said. Tuesday on the sidam- students and Annand much 8A. was tary district Elemen loaded with anhydrousdriver school day. The ale until being in Kerkhoven Cardina ported the ing rel Kids that student that 786 Club is full monia. Apparently the by evening accident the informed to s the are see dispatched in not the afternoonstrain currentl was safe of the semi did y enrolled building elementary the disabled for half-day and placed site to tow prescho would and in classes. ol inspection . arten oncoming train and continued to be occupied and kinderg There yard for are into 132a rail usual children the accident and a across the railroad crossing. be open kinderg for classes . 12 hours arten asstudent immediately after of about 8:30 p.m., “We s, At five to re-route vehicles The engine hit the rear end with trafc, U.S. rst y morning. “We still that a full-day callhave Wednesda Normally owing detour was set up 9-1-1 sections few with ate 99 after scene. Murdock and Decommunic stu- the the truck, pushing it horizon- will continue the openings the accident, in the dents to Highway 12 between motorists almost around the accident a.m. each and two half-day Sher- announced tally to the tracks and punctursec- Wilke said. Swift County its way east day,” on “We Graff were closed tions heavy with the train continued withother also still have 33 students county ing a small hole in the and . ce  Of Kerkhoven iff’s opening Murdock, The wastewater through s and afterschool care Grade statement a has gauge steel anhydrous tank. read 1 132 student s, onfor get ofcials,” to Willmar. children in grades six Tues- and commission began late 22 The driver was able to the emailed parentswith tosections K-5. g to this incistudentsRespondin of Back to per classroom. Grade out of the twisted cab Deschool day looking at the 2014 day afternoon. dent were the Murdock, immedi-2 has semi and was taken to DeGraff 148 students 12 was Fire BackKerkhoven Highway to School Registra , six sections with budget, and an increas Graff and where an ambulance picked 24-25 between tion Day e students Murdock ts, Kerkhoven went very Amto the ately closed per classroom. Departmen well, in rates will be needed as emergency him up and transported Hos- and DeGraff Re- acGrade 3 has cording Murdock to bulance, nson 128 the First atstudents three school to County-Be how , five principa nSwift pondered next year. See page 5A. County-Be sections driver crews sponders, Swift ls. The event Minnesota per classThe25-26 pital. From there the to St. tack the leak.with was held paramedic a e, Ambulanc room. Tuesday son tion , Aug. 4 has 129 6, from was taken by helicopter driver Department Grade of Transporta Swift 7 a.m. County, stuKandiyohi from to 6:30 p.m. Departmen five sections g an extended t, Cloud. The name of the his in- was dents, at anticipatin with Annand 25-26 ale County per of HighSheriff’s classroo t, School. and the exact nature of press closure the highway, m. Grade and Departmen was a time Police It 5 hasBenson for between 117 up parents State juries were unknown at is an so set a detour student Highway K-12 s, four studentsPasections Minnesota of to reto route time, however anhydrous with 29-30 Emerand DeGraff ceive Murdock students. of the trol, Swift County the informa tion, purchas The Wright County the scene extreme inhalation hazard. around ale items and the West e trafc Annand and complet Manager gency Middle e all necesMembers of the Murdock Board is hoping to bring Serental principal Tim Prom School sary forms Environm to accident. for the pro- Central 2013-14 training reported t Fire Department were able reAssessmen Following the county out of the Chemical that school and vices enrollm crew year. train various ent the in to in grades 6-8 talk cedures is 389, learned 1990s of technology “It was wonderful, re de- Team. that the three men in anhydrous up the  by five drills, student a great they S BY CHAD RICHARDSON ported in s way to meet the compared sent men and into the 2010s. the cab of the engine said to last spring. initially students and STAR GAZETTE PHOTO Grade See high school in Kerk- had to jump out the windows partments streams 6 has 113, to aim gear Grade t and staff to the what areas the board 7 has 138 to greet new families to the day. Classes were to escape the an- respiratory there was no imminen is and Grade 8 also has district. Lines were Although ry hoven for the school there Wednesday. of the engine constan 138 stuThe Annand looking at on page d its elementa t all 320ale PH water tower dents. day with little to no to resume as normal danger, 5A. KMS evacuate students sent andhave wait time will a new look after school in Murdock for Principa 599-431 parents, l Scot Kerbaugh ” Kuehn said. 7 this crew from Maguire submitted the number According to Kuehn, finishes its work aroundIron s for 89 85 Annandale High percent of element to beginning of Septem the School, ary ber. which school at families the time of the The tower was sandbla participated. ■ The fourth annual ing had 530 student meetProm of Pennock Miles N reported and cleaned last week sted 6 1/2 that s. This is 90 perBrandon Beckman and up by 20 students cent of middle Road 1 will be repainted school on County compared with the Memorial-Sugar Lake to the numbers in showed up for Back families new city logo. The May 11 -12 the fall of to goal 2012. run will start at 9 a.m. Day and Kerbaugh School for Mom to complete the work is indicated •Baskets •Patio Pots by that close to 80 percent Grade 9 has 147, Grade Labor Day. Water on Saturday, Aug. 31, MAY 18 & 19 pressure of the HOUSE 10 OPEN OUR has high FOR in 138 , Grade 11 has the city has been school families came at Corinna Township main- WATCH 116 the to tained with pumps and Grade 12 has event. while 138 Hall. dents enrolled. Kerbaug stutower is offline. In the “We are finding that h also of many ■ The first day of photos from Tuesday these reported that 16 students the fees are now being will online, paid 20, the crew set up , Aug. school is Tuesday, be taking advanta Kerbaug h to said. ge reof the move the old paint post secondary option, This was fifth year Sept. 3. from the for Back full tower, an operatio time this fall. to School Registra n that at■ More community tion Day tracted some attentio Preschool enrollm Other items items are on page 3A. ent passers-by on the n from ground. Nicole Wilke reported In other business during on the the preschool enrollm Photos by Paul Downer ent for meeting, the board: fall 2013. Wilke reported ▼ Kindergarten Connec that tion, School which is a school readiness Turn to page 5A

Wednesday, Augus t 28, 2013

ns Train-semi accident ope k ammonia tan ous ydr anh A NN ANDA LE critical
Five to hospital, one
Vol. 125, No. 35

were continuing Containment efforts area hospitals, to spewing from within. of vaporized chemical possibly beyond. Five people were taken as critical. where he was listed well into the night and to the St. Cloud Hospital and one was airlifted



Enrollment, class sizes discussed



Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Annandale Advocate, Paul Downer Artists in the air This photo takes Advocate readers to a place few would dare to venture while holding on with both hands, let alone while working. It is also tied to the paper’s home–Annandale–by the lettering, and I suspect that’s no accident. Rather, I imagine photographer Paul Downer knew what he wanted and waited until it was happening. Good anticipation. Second Place: Lakefield Standard, Mike Jordan Fully engulfed Photographer Mike Jordan has not only captured the story, he has done so with photographic excellence. Too often these photos show only overexposed flames and a silhouette devoid of detail. This story-telling photo shows technical excellence as well. Third Place: Houston County News, La Crescent, Ryan Henry Bills stops in LaCrescent How many other photographers failed to tie the face with the name in this story-telling manner. This is the difference between a skilled news photographer and someone with a camera. Good vision by Ryan Henry.

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School traffic safety improved
By Paul Downer Managing Editor

road n tragic crash on gravel ital
gions Hosp were all transported to Re
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Volume 125, Number 35 2 Sections, 18 Pages Inserts Inside
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Much to the relief of school district staff, bus drivers and parents, traffic flow at the new Annandale Elemen tary will be significantly School different when classes begin on Tuesday, Sept. 3. “At the Bendix building there was a mix of traffic school and after school before every day with busses and cars at the front, and one of the objectives we had with the new was to eliminate that,” building said Superintendent Steve Niklaus. “It was a huge safety issue with the old building.” Shari Danzeisen, operatio ns director for M & M Bus Services, Inc., said foot traffic was also a factor at Bendix. “You not only had gling with the busses,cars minbut you had a lot more pedestri too, parents walking an traffic between busses that were loading in the afternoon,” she said. Sometimes that potentia lly chaotic situation could turn dangerous when the drivers of private vehicles grew impatient.

t was a chilly Saturda y morning in March. Wet snow drifted from the sky and a distant whistle heralded the approach of Soo Line freight train No. 940, unit rolling toward an 85-car Annandale from the west at 39 mph. At that peaceful momen t, just before 7:35 a.m. on 23, 1988, no one could March imagined the disaster have that was about to unfold when the train arrived.


25 years ago, train wr Fire, chemicals, de eck had it all railment, evacuati on
By Paul Downer Managing Editor

Mark Verhey didn’t use his imagination, have to because he saw the destruction commence as the 33rd car in line the tracks, dragging slipped 28 other cars with it. The derailed cars, includin g 11 tankers carrying anhydrous ammonia, methanol, fuel oil – and a pressurized unit In the aerial photo thousands of gallons bearing Photo courtesy of above, firefighters of lethal Mark Verhey left, and derailed spray water on the sulfur dioxide gas – tanker rolled over, smouldering Homest well be the most dangerocars carrying hazardous materia struck electric poles ls in March of 1988. yle Restaurant, and us ever handled tional recognition knocked out power for handling a potentia by the Annandale Fire Department, The incident may to most of which received naAnnandale. lly deadly and unfamil iar situation in all tinued life from the the right ways. Cars smashed through gas main me to the fire station.’ itself. the back of the vacant ” said. “When I went Homestead The 35-year-old assistant “I watched that train across the Restaurant, sheering fall off fire chief railroad tracks to get off didn’t know just how a and electrical connect the gas the tracks,” Verhey rememtown I saw the tank ride up dangerous the situation ions and bered last week. “We cars instantly igniting a heard it ing. At the time I didn’t leakblaze. the moment, but what was at start to go and I said, know least one leaking methan At he knew what it ‘Dad, was bad enough. was, but any time ol come and look.’ We tanker came to a rest watched it you’ve got a tank car near the “As go. soon I ran as up I leaking, looked to the tracks and a devilishly persisten down I that’s not t flames, saw the restaurant good. They’re not neighbor was sitting was on fire. I carrying which were rapidly on the consum said, ‘We’re going to water.” other side of the tracks, the restaurant but drawing ing have to con- Johnson. I said, ‘Melvin Melvin call in all the troops,’ because , get it was that bad right away,” he Train Turn to page 7A

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Woodbury Bulletin, Mike Longaecker Hastings teen dies in tragic crash on gravel road Incredible variety of action/emotion included in this image–prayer, grief, support, disbelief. Perfect moment, sensitively done, technically superb. Second Place: Kanabec County Times, Mora, Kirsten Faurie Bald eagle rescued Good capture of what has to be a very rare occurrence. Well-composed. Third Place: Hastings Star Gazette, Chad Richardson Fire engulfs home near Civic Arena Have seen this image before, but this is an excellent composition and technically above average.




TTE S S TA R G A ZE . . . . . 651-319-4500 T HE HA S T ING ...................... 03 Chad Richardson, Editor

om or 651-437-6153 om or 651-437-6153 net or 888-425-2220 net or 800-284-3402 . . . . . . 651-437-5911

. 651-319-45 ...................... Jane Lightbourn, Staff Writer . . . . . 651-319-4501 ...................... Katrina Styx, Staff Writer . . . 651-319-4511 Rep . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ising Advert r, Tuppe Peggy . . . 651-319-4512 Rep . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathy Prange, Advertising

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2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest Weeklies over 5,000

mer Olympics r resident aims for spot in next sum

or – Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012

the next r gold


2012 Summer , one Excelsior ttention to the

d already U.S. accomplished career thus far, r the ultimate ld medal at the Janeiro. Bowers ghout the years ses of boats, but cialty and what g for in the

Sports: Meet the A.L. Tigers’ quarterback .

ecame a part of Giving age.Stultz By Sarah arly found arah.stu ltimately ltz@albertleatri

Electrical fire dam Details sketchy; restaura ages cafe in Kiest nt that opened in May in now closed indefinit er ely

Albert Lea
Thursday, August 29, 2013
17415 Minnetonka Blvd.

Friday: Don’t miss the Fall Sports Yearbook.

Erik Bowers practices on the Laser class sailboat on Lake Minnetonka. Bowers is going for a spot on the U.S. Olympic team in 2016.

First Place: Excelsior / Shorewood Sun Sailor, Chris Dillmann Olympic dreams Great technique and content. Love the angle, lighting, and great use of the Fstop for the water splatter. Second Place: Champlin-Dayton Press, Chris Dillmann It’s a hot one Very hard to capture fire like this. Great smoke and flames. Third Place: White Bear Press, Kristine Goodrich Bald Eagles fall to namesake street Good angle, color and lighting. Very rare photo to catch.

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(Photo by Chris Dillmann – Sun Newspapers)


• 717 Marshall Flatness St. • Albert Lea www.souther nlockandglas

Owners: Keith

& Angie


thing cool — the TER dKIES The Kee Kafe n Kiest er was exactly isn’t damaged by ort re this morn Bowers ing, accor it,” u do he Faribault County ding to Sheriff’s ffice. TO PAGE 21 MPICS: The cafe, which opened May, is owned by Mi-

Body Dailies under 10,000 fo und in First Place: Albert Lea Tribune, Tim Engstrom 00 $ 50 $ off e the largest showroom in MN! off & Fr in print eebo Get your ad rn online at Firefighters rescue woman from smoke Lake NG iden NOW PLAYI tified The photographer was right on scene and captured a true “life and death” Cause of death llllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll ct liste lllllllllllllllll moment. Nice Job. rfe d lllllllllllllllll as Pe lllllllllllllllll drow lllllllllllllllll ninglllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Koehnen’s BP
Complete Auto Repair

ehicles eported stolen


Two vehicles were rerted stolen in Alber a on Wednesday. t OR SERVICE The GLAS first, TE a 2003 S & MIRR ck Monte Carlo, s reported stolen 4 a.m. from 1409 at COMMERCIAL S MIRROR nham St. It was • Plate glass Forum Walls r found • Mirrored near The 1409 2013 fronts 5,Store Saturday, January • A6 ham St. • Custom mirrors s he second, a 1997 • Glass doors mirrors • Stock ss e Strat Dodg us, • Safety glass reported Beveled • stole ws n at mirrors 2 a.m. from 114 • Desktops • Mirrored closets ss hird Ave. It has not mirrors • Bathroom een found .

FREEBORN — The body found in Hawdon Freeborn by Robin A rollicking comedy Lake on Tuesday been identified ashas MIrror Excelsior Blvd. Char n out at 1:29 p.m. Outlet estimate. lotte Elaine Holland. MN esday, according 815 Highway 169 North • Plymouth, ns Holla Hopki • nd, 64, Blvd 55) was Hwy Excelsior ce. 921 (West frontage road, ¼ mile north of Hartland resident. a Her 763.231.1321 official cause of death 223 • www.glassandmirro 8am-7pm rs 10-5 is drowning, accor Tues, Wed, Thurs 11-7 • Fri & Sat s: Mon, Tues, Fri 8am-5:30pm, Wed-Thu ding to Freeborn Coun ty Sheriff Bob Kind ler. state medical exam A 00 counterfeit iner significant, but said the investiga announced the cause reported at tion is far from over. of death Wednesday anch, 2430 afternoon. “This is a complex case,” Setter By Amy Forliti Ave., at 2:21 Associated Press Holland was found dnesday, acsaid. “We have not excluded anyin the water along to police. ST. CLOUD, Albert LeaMinn. – A man one as a suspect in this case.” firefighters rescue the a 94-year-old woma shoreline of Freeb the Wednesday. The times n from a smoke-fille orn Authorities did not release a poscause of in questioned several the fire was undet to five Lake d house on Bel Aire Tim Engstrom/Albert Lea Tribune aroun d 1 over him ermined. with a.m. the next four Drive a .20-gauge find in Albert sible motive for Decker’s killing. to failed slaying of a Cold Spring police Tuesd Lea search on agents ay. killed hours, Setter said. When Decker was shot and in the slay- An used from investigators and “We are trying to figure out what believed officer fled obitu shotgun had ary Cold in , Thomes appe building By Tim Engst ars the entered to her before depa rom week, author- behind a downtown bar today role is,” Setter said of Thomes. his suicide this on Page died of tim.engs rting ing. 3. Setter said. trom@albertleatribune. for Mayo Clinic Healt tors had Auth hanged Spring, a central Minnesota town com . oritieshimself, When asked if there was a suisaid investigah were ities said Friday Setter 75 Syste investigators found the m in Albert Lea. alerted APOLIS (AP) said He of about 4,000 people about to a times deser several A 94-ye note, Setter said he couldn’t Joseph ted Thomes cide ed car, Eric ar-old on interview Hauk Albert oos wasn’t sure cta of major usedl to kill Decker 1980s mode shotgun a early Lea wom miles northwest of Minneapolis. on an based of it because the investigaan 31, slaying discuss was Decker’s what Thomes, taken about had cause the fire. events plus Chevproperty of a to which Thomes to the local of y Caprice, at ArHe was responding to a report hospital with after a reward rowh Spring, in Fire came sota Staterural Cold t Lea ead PointHe he tip thatAlber for the public’s tion is active. severe smoke inhal asked Coun ty access. possibly suicidal man when the in Depa 31, grew up in the comof offered ation rtme was Park ake for a was aas“person Decker, nt $100,000 near Capt. to up the Lee a result of a fire insid ucting Thomes’ of reconstr incity help DeVries was shot. found Freeb had n the Twin interest” was a six-year veteran said e the and they orn in Wedn no said munity aroun cause He her home case.had been d and conduct” over the s 8:20 esday. “activitie p.m. Mond A suspect – the man Decker had deter” in mine ay. Deputies the force. He was a father of d Thomes’ of Officer stencies killing Alber t Lea firefighter and he weeks. Authorities also of did planned nesota s to check on – was quickly “inconsi last to not gone findfew to carri call anyo seeking . An estimated 3,200 but were ed ne children and near Hele s four Decker, n Modderresponse the State Fire Mars the van connected to Minne- Tom man out a black and made said 2car hal’s arrested, but released days later after conta of them fellow law shortly of many again ct her stopped him es people, Offic home interview e to assist with with her gs and the authoriti been seen on the had husband, that at 410 Bel Aire Drive his Thomes Roge without charges. The investigation r inves , but when they ay calling Thomes tigating. of enforcement officers, attended Holland, 66, in Hart. Wednesd of Minne- short Allian Her t son-in-law, Steve to founder after that. A p.m. night of Decker’s death was recova appeared to Ener fled he gy land. home, service. work n Gopher him Hauk his suspect. at funeral He said he hadn’t a oos, called ers arrived document said Decker’s arrived ered. at about 5:35ing. 911 police declined to nsion seen m are all inBureau Fans Apprehe parents l his p.m. push wife Crimina Decker’s of outbuild short and smoke out the front but didn’ ly after 5 p.m. He away metal Sheriff John t County began door of backed had initially Stearns call inspe as partner eir Minneshortl autho 410 said out death. cting y Bel come Setter after rities to Thomes’ the Aire on and Wade t Albert refused because the developments commen Drive Thomes his endent Lea firefighters wife, Jane, who the of the home. sight losing called she could rescu ums today.Superint Sanner ed a woma interior.from the scene, have left is Modderma n from into Decker’s d to make contact the tion attempte investiga n’s daug the ter, The night before or some damage appeared h- three week the big t shooter. An intense agents apparen had s. been ongoing. and check restricted to the active ing before he woke up time terior “was pure Minnesota death The daughter check inter on is Modderman three black on of the home, DeVr ior Tuesday, which was Haukoos said, “and ,” which is in in the morning. The ed ies times a day, he said. not I said. sonNone unus couldn’t get in.” week of its was visibl ual for her. in-law checked at She had fallen in from the exterior. e June The investigator y Falcon He said he was and called at 3:20 1 p.m. and had been back Lt. Darin called the Freeborn Modderman had told When he arrived p.m. her home for abou in a pulse. the Alber Palmer of Fire t Department and A Gold Cross ambu t Lea Police ence could minutes after 5, a few Austin the inPolice Departme lance and staff tende hallenging nt’s K-9 d t on the 4Rescue, Page 2 4Drowning, Page 5 EEKEND LANNER have a day the Kanls at their llpark. ave a preversus ˾ American Eagle pilot ST. PAUL (AP) Titans to pay $4.5 millio cal officials went — Loprepping to fly from before ome at “would help to make rely on federal aidn and Minnesota lawm for akers phers our communities the rest. Minneapolis to NYC failed Wednesday night whol e to 3 season again.” Eide said the state’ detail storm dama By Kelli Lageson s blood-alcohol test. ge at TCF to raiser The matching money Federal Emergen, and proceeds go their communitie kelli.lageson@albertleat — 25 at 6 p.m. cy Management toward the area cance percent of the eligib Associated Press hopes of securing s in Agency r le difundi auction. The annu n ng costs can A hog roast Sund — saste be used will be drawn r assistance from al aucMINNEAPOLIS – An America for expenses relate a from benefit the Freeb ay will tion held in November existi packa ng ge the Legislatur d to funds orn Area donates Eagle pilot was suspended after e other disaster accou from debris removal, sandCancer Auction. to the 5th District is preparing. he failing a blood-alcohol test as bagging and repai Eagles Cancer Telet that weren’t fully nts The event starts A House-Senate rs to hon. from empat Friday roads, prepared to fly on tied. Legislative 4 p.m. at TB3’s Bar working group sough nty no approval treatm bridges, water in t Friday is needed to move Freeborn. Menu ent plants, Minneapolis to New York City, the input as legisl xcesinclu the courses and other golf • The Pelican Breez money. pork sandwich and des shape a proposal ators g, but authorities said. recreation areas. public II will hold a brats e ings, coleslaw, sweefixStearns County votes in a Sept. 9 due for ather and Police at Minneapolis-St. Paul special emergency “We and dessert. Cost t corn burger night. The cruis never sessio say area in a manager n. e International Airport said offimunity will be the comleaves at 6 p.m., Erin Hausauer said for adults, $4 for is $7 hrough Kris Eide, the state’ and rescers and a Transportation Securis again. We never same combined help is the and free for child children ervations are needed by home say land a secur critic ren age 4 ity al community p.m. by calling Alber ty Administration agent smelled to areas like hers, 3 and younger. emergency mana and will look so is t Lea which gement sustained same again,” Eide the Parks & Music and karao alcohol as they passed the pilot director, told lawm ties to $550,000 ke will Cost is Rec at 377-4370. akframing the goal said, infrastructure dama in be provided by RAH $20, and Green ers that heavy storm 4P. 3 waiting to get on an elevator. The as to ge K. s “brin Mill t g and emergency respo will be servin Activities for child a community back in June caused an pilot was conducting prefligh nse to its feet, and beverages. g food costs and adults start at ren not back to from estimated $18 millio 2 p.m. checks at about 6 a.m. when n in storms andthundernormal.” The event is a funddamage that the Editor airstraight-line Vosburg / Forum Photo federal police boarded the aircraft, The storms Michael winds that knocked gover that nmen swep t will help t 4Planner, Page 2 through Minnesota port spokesman Patrick Hogan power for up to five out defray. The state 10-story structure fell the expects days. damage Friday in Ada, after the said. elevator manager surveys the fire The aid, she said, a 93 A man identified as the grain Officers made him take 4Relief, Page 5 was mostly saved. on : 68 breath test and arrested him before. A $4.5 million expansion
Main St.

11th Ave

Frank ES was reported Glass &

window of cle at 1029

u. back

494 Shady Oak Rd

lllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll dow lllllllllllllllllHwy 7 orte ON d broken Replace your fogged or

of Please present coupon at time purchase. Not valid with other promotions/discounts.

Firefighters rescue woman fro 2 7m s moke
Oil Change
(Lube, Oil and Filter)

chelle Knutson and Tammy Henthorne. The fire reportedly began after 2 a.m., said Nicole Swanson, owner of Courier-Sentinel. the Kiester The cafe did not susta in any exterior damage, and the fire appears to be electr ture, Swanson said. ical in naThe build-

purchased what used old Brickhouse Pizza to be the ing has been close Kiester for a Cure, building around midowners are await d off and the profit group that a local nonMarch after ing the arrival the building had of an insurance adjus to help local peopraises money sat le affected by ter and for 3 1/2 years. They empty fire investigator. cancer. painted, gutted the cleaned, The restaurant’s The restaurant offere basement, d meals completed duct work page states the cafeFacebook similar to the kind and updated the electr closed indefinitel will be home, the owners cooked at y. ical told the TriPeop prior le to opening. commented how bune in May. the community needs the resta The grand opening The Kiester Fire Depa urant was rt. May 6. ment Knutson and Hent Half of all proceeds could not be horne from opening night were morning. No other reached this donated to information was available as of press time.

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• Framed mirrors

terfeit bill rted

damaged thermopanes at 1/3 the cost of window replacement


By Kelli Lageson

s, fair for busy ities day

Home of 94-year-old fills with smoke; cause undeter mined

killing; police found ‘inconsistenc

Second Place: Winona Daily News, Andrew Link Man killed by train Emotional and heart wrenching approach without sensationalizing the in Cold Spring Thomes was never called suspect tragedy. ies’ in responses Third Place: Daily Globe, Worthington, Brian Korthals Water woes Nice use of lines and scale.

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Hog roast, golf, street party lead 3-day weekend



Dailies 10,000 and over


State lawmakers toward bill for di take 1st step saster relief

ng visory

First Place: t The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Michael Vosburg Pilo ested fire arr Grain elevator ore beftouching A very moment that shows the amount of loss that occurred. takeoff Second Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester, Jerry Olson Same-sex marriage amendment passes I like that the photographer got right in the middle of everything to really capture the moment.


tly y

Albert Lea


Jesus to do good works, which Cars for Sale God prepared in advan ce for us to do. — In today's Ephesians 2:10 Crews expected to fight still-s Tr


through the night. Both said water tower was exhausted said damage would still need to they had never seen such a during the night and water was were be added up and insurance sur- large fire in Ada, but they from city the into tanked Now hopeis Avail able of an elevator training sorted through, but he part rounding areas. Freezing 507-379-34 ADA, Minn. – A grain eleva- ful the facility can be rebuilt. 21 in Halstad, about a year the former fire of here west out ran broke water that fire would tor “I would hope that we Ada’s ago. Thursday evening continued to rebuild and not move out of elevator site and across Petry, who has been fire chief Main Street on Friday morn- since 1998, said he was glad his smolder as crews worked to Ada,” he said. ing. smother the smoke billowing 27 volunteers Triple Crown, headquartered res- department of Ada , day . the Friday out sky blue Through the exercise, into a clear in Wayzata, processed whole the took part in The scene of rubble and ash oats and barley for race horse idents stopped and watched which was a controlled burn of had Many the to rubble. contrast - smoking was a stark a similar structure. feed at the Ada plant, Daugher flames the flames watch tall to when gathered night before “We’ve always known if it ty said. the night before. and smoke shot into the night ever starts up it would be The cause of the fire and Longtime resident William extremely difficult to get it after the fire was reported exact point of origin have not the see could he said Kroshus ” Petry said. “Our about 6 p.m. yet been determined. A state from stopped, Fire crews spent much of the fire marshal arrived on scene flames the night before major concern was that it . evening trying to contain the about 1 p.m. Friday but as of his home three blocks away didn’t get to any other busiproperadjaowns an Jim Olson, who fire to the elevator and nesses or properties to do more press time had not released any ty across the street from the damage.” cent storage building to pre- further details about the fire. up during the Residents said Triple Crown vent it from spreading to a operating on elevator, drove was who , Petry Detroit in was considered a mid-size multi-million dollar addition little sleep and donated meals night from his home built last summer by Triple brought to the firehouse by res- Lakes, hoping the fire would employer for the city of about . 1,700, which is about 45 miles not damage his property Crown Nutrition. idents on Friday, said he No surrounding structures northeast of Fargo. Ada Fire Chief Steve Petry expected crews would still be , Petry In 1990, Triple Crown pursaid a sprinkler system caused ashes were heavily damaged smoking the fighting chased the Ada business first said. water damage inside the addiwell into the weekend. Petry said he suspects the built in 1952. Triple Crown tion, but some of Triple in reported were injuries No across the fire started near the top of the operates in 15 mills Crown’s dozen or so employees the fire. The area near the a reputaelevator, which reached 100 feet nation and has built were able to start cleanup Friscene was icy from runoff fire tion in horse racing circles for day morning. - in the air. firefight made and water hose Triple Crown CEO Rob Ada firefighters Scott Erick- its high-quality feed. ers firefight e, challeng a ing Readers can reach Forum reporter Daugherty said Friday he and son and Blaine Erickson – no Wendy Reuer at (701) 241-5530 said. the company are happy “everydirect relation – were on scene Firefighters said the city’s body is safe and sound.” He

ibu ne By Wendy Reuer

Third Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Dave Wallis New Senator and her mom Chart Your Course I love the clean background and sense of intimacy. vator d Ada ele to rebuil hopes molde weekend ring ashes from Thursday blaze into
We are God's workm ship, created in Christ an-

Fall Issue

the suspicion of being under influence of alcohol, Hogan said. Passengers had not yet boarded the flight to New York’s LaGuardia Airport, he said. Hogan said airport police will are wait until blood tests deciding before processed whether to file charges against the the pilot. Police identified pilot as 48-year-old Kolbjorn Jarle to Kristiansen. He was released airline employees several hours after his arrest. Federal rules prohibit pilots of from flying within eight hours a drinking alcohol or if they have blood-alcohol level of 0.04 or highfor er, half the level allowed motorists. Hogan said preliminary results from the breath test were well he over the legal limit, but He declined to release the results. said the “more precise” results be from the blood test would . released when they’re available The pilot has been suspended said ation, investig an pending for an spokesm a Miller, Matt American Airlines, which uses American Eagle to operate shortairer connecting flights. Both lines are owned by AMR Corp. Miller said the company is coopwill and ies authorit erating with aconduct an internal investig tion.

ately to discuss police chief

Page 45 

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Sports Photo

Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: The Exponent, East Grand Forks, Bruce Brierley Noel Anderson wraps up the Norman County West runner as Mike Beiswenger and Blake Sorenson rush in to help finish him off. The Knights won the opening day contest 58-6. Technically, clearly the best action photo in the category; this is magazine-level work. Nice crop as well.
photo by Bruce Brierley

opening The Knights won the help finish him off. Sorenson rush in to Beiswenger and Blake West runner as Mike up the Norman County Noel Anderson wraps day contest 58-6.

l to Climax-Fisher Knights rol West Co an rm No r ove 58-6 win
Climax-Fisher started their 58season with an impressive 6 win over visiting Norman County West. The Knights started out on slow, turning the ball over , but their first three posessions Then their defense held tough. roll, the offense started to on 44 rumbling for 431 yards

Bruce Brierley

The Green Wave girls tenPage 12 | Sco rebo matches last

ry Senior High opens with 22-6 victo Green Wave tennis wins two; 4-3 Beats Perham and Roseau7-0,

carries. “We had a very slow start, we and first game jitters. Once to go settled in, things seemed said alot better for us,” Knights Head Coach Darrin exByklum. “There’s a lot of just of instead there, perience us, it totally heading south on we was just another play and it.” regrouped and got after The Knights scored with 2:09 left in the first quarter

when Justin Cameron rumbled and for 27 yards and the score yard followed it up with a 25 scamper from Matt Sorenson just 1:40 later. The Knights would score half two more times before the with Jonah Sylvester scoring Elifrom three yards out and the jah Swenson recovering for punt that Cameron blocked the score. By the end of the third

built quarter, the Knights had their lead up tyo 58-0. Offensive leaders for the Knights were: Junstin Cameron 15 carries for 230 yards and three touch7 cardowns; Matt Sorenson two ries for 100 yards, and touchdowns; Jonah Sylvester and a 9 carries for 65 yards, 7 touchdown; Nick Donarski carries for 24 yards.

had 230 a tackle. Cameron Justin Cameron breaks yards on 15 carries.

photo by Bruce Brierley

to Crookston will travel Branplayer of the week and Bruce Brierley East Grand Forks this Friday don Loven was our defensive and Coach Oliver isn’t taking player of the week.” on them lightly. Senior High football The Green Wave scored coming off a big “They’re a on the off of season started the their first possession a new coachthey nis team won two | October 31, yard win, they have good note Friday night as game, starting at the 11 2012 and ing staff, they have 22 seniors week beating Perham 7-0, traveled to Dilworth-Glyndon- line and using 14 plays to Look who won one of a Roseau 4-3. the out. They have I think on this week’ Felton and came home with drive the 89 yards, topping s Eden best athletes in the Heart “We had two real good the Valley pass Watkin s Voice Edlund 22-6 win over the Rebels. atwvoice drive off with a 12 yard Head www.ev o’ Lakes, in Josh | wins,” says Green Wave .com “It’s the first time since to Jake Kallock for the touchback and they have a running have Coach Terry Paukert. Wave 2004 the Green down. athlete at quarterIndividual results were: a win to start the would take a very good with High opened Senior run 0 and EGF 7 Perham Wave room back who can throw season,” says Green 12-0 lead into the locker Singles: well so Crookvery ball Brenk the Hannah Oliver. a over Jessamy Jones Head Coach Scott when Austin Holy took going to be Paige Biegler 6-1, 6-0;Chessa Jones over can start the screen pass from Erickson for ston is obviously you time Maggie “Any over East in 6-0, 6-3;Erika Pritchett coming into this game for a Dietrich year with a win it’s great 31 yards and a touchdown Rennicki 7-6 (4) 6-0;Emma very motithree 6-0 to Grand Forks very, over Josie Beachy 6-1, lot of reasons. It rewards with under two minutes vated,” says Oliver. we Doubles: over weeks of hard work that for play in the half. Kelli Radi/Katie Berggren Offensive team leaders Burris have put in since we started The Wave took its first posBetsy Parson/Katie MacKenzie the 6-0;Ashley 64 the wave were: 6-3, Beaowie football, it rewards all session of the second half over Julia Rushing: really yard Normandin/Kaity Randall have nine a that with Cynending players 6-2; 6-0, yards Pearson/Savannah Olson Nick Erickson 14-100, the Burris over worked hard through out touchdown pass to Tanner Brock thia Loven/MacKenzie -96, Boushee18 6-0 our 6-1, to 19- Ryan Alyssa Moris/Aubrey Hill summer and it’s great for Seim to extend the lead Scheving 5-29 EGF 4 Roseau 3 school.” 0. Singles: Receiving: Tangen Senior Quarterback Nick In the fourth quarter, ErickJessamy Jones over Bethany Jake Kallock1-12, Austin three lost to Bailey goal 6-0, 6-0;Chessa Jones Erickson threw for son added a 30 yard field Pritchett Holy 1-31, Tanner Seim1-9 Janzen 6-3, 1-6 (10-7);Erika touchdown passes and rushed to push the lead to 22-0. 6-0; Emma lost to Marissa Jevine 6-1, Passing: 6-3, 6-0 for 100 yards. DGF was able to put one 83 Dietrich over Juli Miller Nick Erickson 3-5-0, Doubles: “Nick has picked up where across to close out the scoring. over Cisyards says Kelli Radi/ Katie Berggren of year,” yards last 308 off had 1-6, 7he left The Wave cily Nelson/Grace Olson aity Oliver. “He (Nick Erickson) offense 225 yards rushing and 6(6),(10-3); Ashley Normandin/K photo by Bruce Brierley Goos/Morgan Randall over Sarina was our McDonald’s offensive 83 yards passing. a volley against Perham. day 6-4; Cynthia Loven/Emily Jones hustles to return

Bicker 6-3, Garcia/C.J. Strezishar lost to Veronica Hulst 3-6, 6-3, (10-8)


Second Place: Carver County News, Watertown, Matt Bunke Drop something? Perfect storytelling moment. Nice catch (so to speak). Third Place: The Parkers Prairie Independent, LLC, Jakki Wehking Panther baseball loses to Menahga, B/E Very clean composition indicates photog put some forethought into setting up for this shot.

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Eden Valley Watkins Voice, Michael Jacobson Austin Pelkey Very nice sports action photo. The expression on the defender and the ball on the fingertips of the receiver come together to make a good peak action photo. Second Place: Jackson County Pilot, Dan Condon Gymnasts finish sixth at state I like the intensity and look of determination on the girl’s face framed by her leg and arm. Third Place: Melrose Beacon, Herman Lensing Volleyball celebration This is the best of the celebration photos. Lot’s of emotions wrapped up in one photo.

of the Week The Exponent Athletes
Jessamy Jones
Senior A senior at East Grand Forks a member of the High School, Jessamy is team. She’s the Green Wave girls tennis Melanie Jones. daughter of Gary and her domLast week, Jessamy continued her two ination in Section 8 winning and 6-0, 6-0 matches 6-1, 6-0 (Perham), (Roseau).

Jessamy later in the 6-1,6-0; and then Jones won her match 6-0. against Roseau 6-0, won the #1 singles

Justin Cameron

School, An Junior at Fisher High Knights footJustin is a member of the of Scott and ball team. He’s the son Justin scored Tracy Cameron. Last week, punt that lead to 3 tochdowns, blocked a ran for 230 another touchdown, and the Knights yards on 15 carries to help roll to a 58-6 win.

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of the The selection of “Athletes upon perWeek” is based mainly week. formance during the past in the seSponsors are not involved are lection process. No attempts between made to divide the awards sports between boy and girl athletes, Grand or between the two East can athlete Forks high schools. No more than receive the recognition season. once during the same sports selections “Athletes of the Week” of the become eligible for “Athletes is anSeason” recognition that of the nounced at the conclusion season.

state kers fall short in 4 O.T. me s one the es
Senior halfback Alex Geislinger (28, above) used a stiffarm to gain extra yards last week, while junior receiver Cain Renner (25, right) secured a diving catch for a two-point conver sion in the third quarter for the Eagles .

the second half, eventually the worst leading to a one-yar penalty in football d touch- said Thielen ,” scored their down plunge by third passing it of the double senior half whamm (in the playoffs). It Alex Geislinger tests you.” y of the loss of yards touchdown of the first half on EV-W with 13 seconds to 0 6 15 6 - 27 down on the Eagles’ fourth and of a crucial down. go to take a Paynesv opening ille 6 14 0 20-6 lead into The possession of the 14 - 34 second half. that EV-W coaches argued just about halftime. James Scoring Summary returned the ensutheir player had After a five-yard penalty been ing kickoff , the chucked into First Quarter for a score, but was Eagles used a AGE! the defender to By Michael Jacobs COVER S trick play to no Paynesville: Nick SPORT run PLAY on down. BY avail. Dingman score on the two-poi With five seconds “I know what n 36 pass from Matthew Quade g nt converNLINE.COM FOR LIVE PLAY from returnin (pass failed); ref) saw,” said Thielen he (the to play , the Eagles got off away sion. step one Lining Despite is team two up for a kick, contact a furious second of the offensive Second Quarte - holder r nomen Indian football plays from the , “but he didn’t half comeback, Pelkey a.m. Paynesville: Caleb y at 11:30 Saturda see Paynesville Burris 5 pass with Semifinals: the to Geislinger, flipped the ball everything (meani 22 but were not from Quade (pass Eagles scoring coming around s 1A state title game. ng the able to failed); three touch- the chuck).” EV-W: DeShaun James score. formation, who threw downs and taking a one-point the from Nick Pauly (kick 20 pass on In the game, Thielen Even after the run to junior Cain lead into the fourth missed); said he Bulldogs Paynesv Renner scored quarter, for two Dingmann 15 pass another touchdown was pleased with the way his from Quadeille: the EV-W varsity football points. (Burris AY: pass from team team kept with SATURD Quade); battling five When lost its first-round minutes to play, they got the ball back AY: to the end Third Quarter Class 3A Section 5A near and SATURD with how they were 3AGeislinge game to Paynesville midfield, the Eagles increasing their lead to 34-21, EV-W: ClassAlex able r 1 run Perham Class 1A to 1A 34-27 on finish drives, even the Eagles kept battling Renner pass from Class Annandale Tuesday withou yd t (Cain , Oct. 23, and ended drove again through the air, Geislinge vs. . With Dawson-Bo senior Brent Stenge EV-W:vs. Pauly completing Mahnomen Austin Pelkey 37 pass r); Earth with Pauly hitting their season. r, their vs five of (1) Blue Pelkey with passes six leading from Pauly vs. Lourdes (Jared Streit kick); Rochester receive a 37-yard scoring on the drive, Geislin Acad. r, who Eagles head coach 4:30 p.m. Bethlehem broke C pass. The ger 2 p.m. Quarte Atwater-C-G his collarb Fourth Jon successful one against 9 a.m. r Thielen said he kick by sophomore scored on a 15-yard screen BBE. a.m. Paynesville: Evan 11:30 was The Eagles have been Bayer 6 run pass with just under with his team’s effort, pleased Jared Streit gave the Eagles able to (Nathan Meyer run); three move the though 21-20 lead. a minutes to go. ball betwee Paynesville: Meyer not the result (a 2 run (pass failed); loss). “It’s most of the year, n the 20s EV-W: Geislinge The Dogs Paynesville retook been the story of r 15 pass from Pauly but have the lead the clock, tried to run out stalled in the our season,” early (kick missed). red zone, he said. “The kids in the fourth quarter but played , stopped the drivethe Eagles Thielen. But last week said convert Individual Result and gave great effort.” hard ing a key 17-yard they Passing s pass field and preserv near mid- were able to put at www.dl-onli (Completions-Att OS on fourth-and-6 from the ball into Yards-TD Trailin emptsed 1:41 on the the g 20-6 at halftime, SPORTS PHOT the Eagle clock s-Ints): Nick Pauly end zone. the 23 on the when they got the 21-42Eagles scored on two first play of the 311-3-0; ball consecu- fourth The back at their own tive possessions quarter and later 25. Pauly hit season Eagles finished their Rushing (Attempts-Yards-TDs): in the third ing scor- Pelkey with Alex with a 2-7 record Geislinger 6-21-1; to lead 28-21. quarter, stopping another long pass Pauly 2-8; DeShaun but James a won two of their to get the ball into 1-(-7); Zach Blonigen The Eagles drove drive on downs near Bulldog final four Receivin Paynesville games 5-(-8); again, midfiel g (Catches-Yards-TD territory after an 0-5 start. d with Pelkey catchin in between, to take s): Austin Pelkey 10-206-1 g a 36-yard and four, but two false starts a 21-20 Teams from the incompletions ended Junior quarterback lead. pass to get the ball down 7-58-1; James 2-23-1; ; Geislinger to the the Eagles’ Minnesota Confer Central 1-13; Cain Renner Nick Paynesville Pauly final chance. ence went Blonigen 1-11. , who threw for 311 22. But, on third6-2 in the first round yards and-13, an In the first half, the in the game, hit of secEV-W completion Team Statistics senior wide was fell behind 12-0 before Eagles tions last week, with wiped out by an offensiv receiver Austin the scoring Eagles sufferin EV-W Pelkey, who pass e midway thru the Pay Rushing g a close caught 10 passes for interference penalty second quar- and 14-14 62-369 206 yards which , ter as freshm Maple Lake beating loss Passing in the game, on an DeShaun There’s 37-7. Total Offense 21-42-311 5-10-74 the second yards includes the loss of 15 James took more parity 56-325 play from scrimm and the loss of a a 20-yard screen 72-443 age to start making down, pass into conference, said Thielenin the First Downs 20 12 the end zone. it fourth-and-28. Fumbles . “You Lost 1 “It’s play a quality 1 The Bulldogs, team every Penalties however, week,” 8-52 7-36 he said. “You’re seeing


first roun nt d coverage sportingineve

half comeback, EV-W Eagles fall

Eagles end seas on with 34-27 se Despite secondction
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
FOOTBALL Community Newspaper The Exponent–East Grand Forks’

Senior Austin Pelkey of the es – shown Athletes of the Athlet catchin round of the Section g a 32-yard pass on the Eagles’ final 5A playoff s on Tuesday, Oct. are drive of the game Week!Photo by Michael Week 23, at Paynesville. Jacobson The Eagles lost 34-27 – caught 10 passes for 206 yards and one touchdown and ended their season Sponsored By: in the first with a 2-7 record.

Page Seven B

season ng up the fall Wrappi just about t Lakes fall sports are all
The Detroi n. Check out how finished for the 2012 seaso course of the fall. the the Laker teams did over
THURSDAY-FRIDAY: Class 4A Class 4A Princeton


State football schedule

Becker vs. Hutchinson 4:30 p.m. Thursday

vs. Holy Family Catholic 4:30 p.m. Friday


14, 2012 • THE TRIBUNE

• 1B


quarterfinal thriller

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Brian Basham A tough loss The total contrast between victory and defeat is captured in the top photo. It well combines action with emotion. While the game shot is also technically excellent–the post game split second tells the story of a loss that will live in the hearts of the young men pictured for a long time.


ass 4A quarterfie between No. 3 etroit Lakes and n became an ine football playoff Saturday at St. ate University, as our overtimes to he victor. was crucial play ucial play made by throughout ams Junior back Nick Pauly Photo by Michael game, a of quarter Jacobson athon passes , in the Eagles’ 34-27 (4) threw for 311 yards, connecting on loss to Paynesville ally in the fourth on Tuesday, Oct. 23. 21 of 42 me, Princeton senning back Austin nded it on a twove play for the 34-31

Photo by Michael Jacobson

Tigers (8-4) came E BRIAN BASHAM/TRIBUN Section 7-4A and (76) sit d (3) and Tyler Gebhart omeback as a proLakes as Lakers Kirk McLeo overtime victory over Detroit is just as remarkcelebrates their 34-31 four after going 0-8 the THE PRINCETON football team night. ay to State University field Saturd the second half started o seasons. dejected on the St. Cloud become interesting. is is just great for rTiger senior quarte mmunity and team, hit fourth overtime stanza back Zack Ludwig where we were the d the winner, decide Travis which main target senior wo seasons,” said Lakers starting the 73-yard with a for Roy Chmielewski eton head coach Tiger with the ball on the touchdown strike, which nburg. and 10-yard line. started as a screen e Tigers advance to for A couple of short ended as a mad dash ass 4A semifinals insetup losses by the Lakers the pylons. the the Metrodome Satfrom fourth and goal looked as if the finIt er y, where they will enbach put Tiger 11. Motsch ishing touches were Holy Family Catholic elected to go for the 29a on by the Tigers with was which beat Hill-Murby yard field goal, which one-yard TD plunge 27-23 in the other hit by senior kicker ChrisLudwig to start the fourth terfinal game. . Tigges lead. tian 21-7 a say with quarter ut the Tigers can e That led to Princeton’s The Princeton defens ard took the long way the turn, with a three-y was able to shut down nd to the Metrodome dive by senior Josh Osg atLakers’ potent rushin by r their four-overtime born, proceeded t and hold junior quartack to sic against Detroi run rd Michael Herzog to for the Feero’s five-ya

 Page 46

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
Second Place: Anoka County Union, Jason Olson Bengals earn state Volleyball is the toughest sport to shoot–speed, direction changes and usually poor lighting mark those contests. This is just a superb set of story-telling photos that could easily capture first in many cases. Third Place: Pipestone County Star, Kevin Kyle The Catch People running with balls and throwing them make up the run of the mill. This is simply a super capture–and the only question it doesn’t answer is, who wound up with the ball? This is splendid photography.
Page 3A



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at 7 p.m. City Council meetin gs are typically held the second and fourth Monday of the month at 7 p.m.

Steer wrestler Joe Busch, of Neola, PHOTO: MARK TROCKM Iowa, gets muddy the Hamel Rodeo AN bringing down his & Bull Ridin’ Bon anza Family Mat bovine rival duri inee Saturday, July ng 13, in Corcoran.

Steer Wrestling Love this non-typical sports shot. Great action shot! Small Dings got you down? Juergen Holze r Second Place: Echo Press, Alexandria, Blaze Fugina Bluedogs Win Resorters West Title Always hard to catch this good of a picture. Great photo. Third Place: Burnsville/Eagan Sun Thisweek, Rick Orndorf D R UKAnd she’s safe UPHOLSTERY Nice picture.
email: Dory@vener ogarde


Just 2 miles west of Excelsior Open By Appointmen t

5985 Seamans Driv e Shorewood

Weeklies over 5,000 e visit! Com First Place: Lakeshore Weekly News, Wayzata, Mark Trockman


The Original “Dentman”

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Golden Valley • 952-4


hassen The City Council will meet on Monday, July 22 at City Hall, 7700 Market Blvd., Chanhassen Inde



Long Lake atwinonad Hall, | sports@ 6:30 p.m. City Counc .3528 | 507.453 il meetin gs are typically held tor Jeff Brown the first and third Tuesd of the month at 6:30 ay p.m.

The City Council will meet on Tuesday, July 16 at City 450 Virgina Ave.,

endence at 7:30 p.m.SPONSORED BY City Council meetin BOARD gs are typica MLB lly SCORE held the second and MORE Tuesday of the month fourth3 SCORES at 7:30 p.m. Padres 5 Twins 5 INSIDE Blue Jays 6 (10) Brewers

pendence The City Council will meet on Tuesday, July 23 at City Hall, 1920 County Road 90, Indep Long Lake

of the month at 7 p.m.

The City Council will meet on Tuesday, July 16 at City Hall Community Room, 600 council is expected E. Rice St., Wayzata at 7 p.m. The to recognize the retire Klapprich from the ment of Paul Wayzata Fire Depa rtment. City Council meetin gs are
typically held the first


and third Tuesday

— Compiled by Casey


TUESDAY, October 2, 2012


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Dailies under 10,000
First Place: Winona Daily News, Andrew Link Warriors prevail Great peak action shot in a sport that anticipation is crucial. Second Place: Austin Daily Herald, Eric Johnson Survive and advance Nice photo of a hustling basketball play. Third Place: Mesabi Daily News, Virginia, Mark Sauer Bull Ride Guy on bull. Doesn’t get much more exciting than that. Sharp and clean photo.

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rson ting ind gear

gs are typically held the second and fourth Monday of the month at 7 p.m.

le Plain The City Council will meet 1620 Maple Ave., Maple on Monday, July 22 at City Hall, Plain at 7 p.m. City Council meetin




City Council meetin gs are typically held the first and third Tuesd of the month at 7 p.m. ay

Medina The City Council will meet for a special July 16 at City Hall, meeting on Tuesday, 2052 This is a closed sessio County Road 24, Medina at 6 p.m. n regar ding a pending (Stonegate Farm, Inc. and Property Resou litigation Corporation Inc. v. City of Medina). The rces Development ties & capital impro 2014 Budget — utilivement plan as well Department assets as the Hamel Fire are The City Council will also expected to be discussed. meet on Tuesday, July 16 at City Hall, 2052 County Road 24, expected to appro Medina at 7 p.m. The Council is ve language for a Tom Crosby plaque the new facility at at 600 Clydesdale Trail.

meetings are typica lly held the second the Tuesd while aydefying and fourth of the month Even at 7 p.m. constructive knee sureason opener, Adrian Orono re that recaptu to City Counc ing The il will meet on Mond and burst of juice bit 2780 ay, July 22 at City Kelley he went Hall, ay, Orono at 7 p.m. had before Parkw heCity Council meetings are December. typically held on the n in Monday of second and fourth theVikings ota month at 7 p.m. he Minnes running back spent the g plowin three weeks Shorewood The the carries Cityall taking Counc d, il will meet on Mond to shake ay, July 22 at City to try to him Count n 5755 ry Club Hall, Road, Shorewood up that loosen at 7 p.m. City off, rust Counc il meetings are get back to typically held the second and knee Monday /WINONA DAILY NEWS and fourth of the month PHOTOS BY ANDREW LINK at 7 p.m. pping jaws and leaving a Schmidt (5) watch during Scharmer (14) and Paige backers in his wake. the ball as teammates Audrey Blacklock (15) and and Paige Schmidt (5) try to carry first St. Boni rom his very faciu s Dulcey Milek dives to save Winona’ s The ABOVE: . BELOW: Winona’s Ellen City Monday on Counc Detroit ia the il Caledon will against against meet day match on nonconf Wednesday erence Hall, , July at the net. 8535 Kenne 17 Fruechte n looked at City Maria dymore ia’s ns, Peterso Memorial Drive Caledon by tip Bonif block ,aSt. self. City ying acius at 7 p.m. il meetin old electrif hisCounc gs are typically held cut the first and third Wedn esday a razor-s made of theharp month at 7 p.m. owed by a burst of speed r a 12-yard gain, setting Tonk ota’s a Bay Minnes in effort ardCity he Counc

Mound The City Council will meet on Tuesday, July 23 at City Hall, 5341 Maywood Road, Mound 7 p.m. City Council

23 at City Hall, Manitou Road, of old Bay Tonka like the Adrian at 7 p.m. re ty Counc il meetings ” season, are typica in this young lly held the second esday and fourth of Monday the month . “He at 7had p.m. r said on


il will meet on Tuesd

Warriors prevail
ay, July

p.m. y Council meetings are typically held on the second and fourth nday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

ria e City Council will meet on Monday, July 22 at City Hall, 51 Rose St., Victor ia at 6:30



g back Adrian Peterson runs as oit safety Ricardo Sliva (39) Stephen Tulloch (55), defen(92) and defensive tackle 91) chase after him on Sunday etroit.


Caledonia shuts out Winona in three straight sets



s’ ular ref *Please note, an asterisk11 indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry. lps he n ur 4 kers pick Page 47  2 p pace
Digs for Caledonia’s Lottie Augedahl after getting 21 n Sept. against Rushford-Peterso 19. 27. Winona’s Steph Lilla had Aces for Winona, of which Dulcey Milek had two after loss to serving 11 in Winona’s 3-0 Lange Owatonna Sept. 25. Emma aces. had two of Caledonia’s five Losses in a row for Winona which faces Rochester John Big Nine Marshall — second in the Thursday. Conference standings — Winona is third.

offense was Solid serves and quick School volleyall the Caledonia High to get past for quick ball team needed Monday That positioning allowed Taylor . to Caledonia setter Winona allowed the passes Those two things (32 set assists), who quickly usual, spread- Winjum ball to one of the the ted Warriors to operate per distribu before put. ing out Winona’s defense s’ many offensive options area during a Warrior blockers ting the ball in the open In the first set Winona nonconferFruechte, 3-0 (25-21, 25-20, 25-13) started to focus on Maria Warriors’ points in the ence win. Winona who had three Caledonia’s serving moved made it 4-0 run that game them a 23-18 lead. offense (12 kills) around while its quick That’s when Emma Lange (15-3) to corCaledonia’s hard for the Winhawks stepped up and scored points for the win. rect. d the ball, final two g on one When Winona returne “When they are focusin ,” said another can set it to Caledonia was ready. every sin- player, we 14 “I keep working defense who led the match with saying our Fruechte, there gle day, and we keep “It makes it easier when the better, and we kills. and then options defense needs to get many so are I’m going to going keep doing drills, and until it gets defense doesn’t know where it’s keep doing the same thing Katie Gove as well.” Caledonia better,” Winona coach a majority During the second set, at the said. “They were in system to serve continued to have a presence was of the night. Our goal out of sys- net, making five blocks. them m

Times in beaten Winona, five of them 8 three sets. in a row Caledonia has

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest POST-BULLETIN • www. Page edited by Craig Swalboski / swalbo@post

10,000 and over plays to 4th second time Dailies son sea rtans beat Rockets for of tie First Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester, Joe Michaud-Scorza
Diving In Excellent in many ways. Love that the perspective creates depth, which conveys the sense of motion better than simply having someone frozen in air. Perfect timing, too. Second Place: Brainerd Dispatch, Steve Kohls Big house blues Raw emotion here. Even though we can’t see the kid’s face, we can sense that he’s weeping. Third Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester, Jerry Olson Service Ace Great composition, especially the decision to keep the whole flag in the frame. Captured a great moment of grace and poise.
0 0 0 Century .......................... Robin Lindemann Coon Rapids: Goalie: 18 saves. Wittlief 6 saves. Century: Goalie: Haylee

Photo Sports al Sports

CTOBER 8, 2012




score d and Gabe Saler no Lourdes, goals in each half for d good and the Eagles playe Post-Bulletin staff one just ing defen se, allow got Elder. Roch ester Cent ury to two secondshot on goalie Will goals ical plenty of kicks but no a nond beat John “It was a very phys in y city wind show for it Saturday r game n an intragame on a cold and socce girls to rence Tom day confe me Satur day,” said Lourdes coach not at Century Stadium. was ar season. Kane. “The first half came in we Desp ite a 3-to-1 edge d for the second our best effort but ry settle shots on goal Centu n, although this out better in with Coon for 0-0 overtime tie gnated a nonthe seco nd s. Rapid me. Earlier this half and the last It was the third tie in artans won 6-2 controlled ry which four games for Centu n with ne Conference play better. closed the regular seaso Coon “We had d. recor ll a 6-6-4 overa half, the Sparother chances Rapids is 5-8-3. was less-t hanto put it away way to “No shots found their nst a stiff wind,” but were not ry coach the net,” said Centu of scoroach Char les on target with t Karen LaDue. “Shor they rose to the our shots.” well yhing Salerno ing, we did evert he second half.” Lourdes is out there.” ts third straight the No. 1 seed LaDue said ament regular season in the Section 1A tournNo. 16 the Panthers to and will play host 12-4-0 mark into possessed the a quar1AA playo ffs Caledonia (1-10-1) in Tuesball more and terfinal game at 7 p.m. nal his week. JM is had a 18-6 Regio day at Rochester l. edge in actual Stadium. s Sport gener could shots on goal eam of the round d both as secon e The to show for ffens and day, Thurs is cold t a on amen it. tourn re solid Saturday. are JM inals ined semif expla the ay,” She also is Tuesgame of h hip “Muc . pions Birch Cham said the day, Oct. 16. as played in the defense — Edvenson on@po sjacobs on/ middle third Scott Jacobs led by Clara Lourdes 2, Orono 1 2 of the field as nson , a loose ball during Sat- Lourdes .......................... 1 1 — Eisin g, Rach el Edve Alice 0 — 1 all’s Adnan Mustic to a result.” n, Orono .............................1 Zietlow beats John Marsh Rach el Chris tenso yer 1 goal, Luke ’s i-Wisma Mayo e Schembr h t Alan : Kendall In Lourdes JM. Zumbrunnern and at 1 goal; Henry Saling 1 action Salerno Gabe te, urday Coon assist; 1 60th minu capp ed its assist. Goalie: Will Elder 1 save. Leet-Otley — shut down Bock 1 assist. Satu rday and Mayo senior . Hathaway 1 goal; Sawyer ule with Rapids’ attack. Orono: No stats provided Mujic Reid save. regular season sched Esad Muji c over Tweive minutes later, into Goalie: Alex Sedarski 1 is the kind of game Lane Scott 2 2-1 non-conference win “This Goalie: ll: a pass d a e Marsha v i e John rec playoffs,” connected with girls you want going into Orono. spend pass in the the path of junior Liam Reid saves. Page D1: Lourdes boys, ht win d LaDue said. “We will before It was the 14th straig R o c k e t s ’ Hathaway, who scored beyon get No. 1 section seeds brings a time fine-tuning things ready for Lourdes, which pena lty box the reach of JM goalkeeper Thursday and be the section next into d t h recor g .com i r 15-1-0 m ulletin o fr PostB Lane Scott. go.” ranked No. 4 to is JM and r Mayoe ffs d of n e playo f show e d for slide ffs 2, John Marshall 0 A. The Section 1AA playo s e n i o r Mayo 2 — 2 boys soccer game h e s t e r in Class er Mayo .............................0 ORONO — Roc begin Thursday. Alan Schembri-Wismay ck, and Mujic drove John Marshall ................0 0 — 0 went on the road 0 1 assist; Liam Lour des nto the upper left Century 0, Coon Rapids Mayo: Esad Mujic 1 goal, 0 0— 0 ......0 ............. Rapids Coon the net. — 0

Lourdes wins 14th straight; playoffs next

lights and heroes

ended FRIDLEY — Lourdes down a its regular season on Totin o note, fallin g 4-0 to ence onfer Grace in girls non-c soccer on Saturday. 1-0 at Lourdes trailed just Grace o halftime, before Totin soccer eighth went to work. Joe Pathoulas scored his end the on-Mantorville sophomore “Tough way for us to VOLLEYBALL in a 2-1 win over Calebut of the season to lead K-M th goals 09, n on a loss like this, Num seaso ber 31• d with 5-11-0 regular season record. T AMEN ective • Thursday, Jun CANNON FALLS TOURN The KoMets finishe it puts things into persp work e 20, 2013PLACEM ENTS and we have some TEAM • bit a • 3. Karl ;stad play2. Medford , Minnesota 5673 before we begin the eyball do Eau Claire Regis, Wis.; to 1. 2 -Morcham• le-Elysian in the Sarah • 75 Cents • St. Croix Lutheran; 4. WatervilFarmington; 7. play and beat Byron 2-0 offs,” Lourdes coach to put 6. Fillmore atfield went 4-0 in pool ristown; 5. Cannon Falls; Ellsworth, Wis.; eam Byron Invitational. Groven said. “We haveplayed 8. p round to win the eight-t Plainview-Elgin-Milleville; third-place match. Rochester Lourdes; the ball in the net. We half. 9. LeRoy-Ostrander; 10. l swept Kingsland in the Joe Michaud-Scorza/jscorza Totino in the first n Falls InvitaCotter; 12. Lake City. with Canno m Winona 11. in 12-tea the place d shots in gis of Eau Claire, Wis., won championship match. Cannon son Emery took secon In fact, we had seven POOL A the had one John Marshall’s Madi 500-yard freestyle events in Sat25-12, 25-20 s fell in beating Medford 2-1 in the first half and they Cannon Falls def. PEM -Millville seventh, and Lourde both the 200-yard and l girls swimming and diving was fifth, Plainview-Elgin and scored.” Falls def. L-O 25-19, 25-15 tiona r. Cannon Invita trande r Roy-Os pionLe urday’s Packe nth-place match 2-0 to Grace, which is 12-2-2 won the team cham ts PEM def. L-O 25-23, 25-21 Totino Rocke Her n. the state West had 362, meet in Austi and ranked fourth in POOL B runner-up Mankato two quick 25-12, 25-16 ship with 429 points; with 3241⁄2. Farmington def. Lourdes Class A polll, scored 25-17, 27-25 minutes DULES and Century was third Farmington def. Ellsworth goals in the first three 19-25 SECTION SOCCER SCHE Ellsworth def. Lourdes 25-15, 350.2. of the second half. Autumn Laury (Austin) Nack (MW) regular Girls POOL C 25-10, 25-16 100 butterfly — 1. Danielle Lourdes finished its 25-22 25-21, 25-15 d (Mason City) EC Regis def. Cotter 25-19, . It has earned a Triton def. South St. Paul 55.58*; 2. Emma Sougsta (JM) 59.58. CLASS AA 12-4-0 n ONE, N seaso SECTIO 25-17 cher 1A playMedford def. Regis 24-26, 58.24; 3. Allison Schuma ON ONE, CLASS AA POOL B bye in the Section n (AL) 55.73; 25-11 25-17, 25-21 QUARTERFINALS Medford def. Cotter 25-9, 100 free — 1. Anna Anderse 56.21; 3. s play Thursday Chatfield def. Fillmore Central begin ERFINALS and City) offs (Mason Florman 11 25-18, 25-17 2. Crystal Thursday, Oct. POOL D Chatfield def. Goodhue 56.33. y, Oct. 11 night. Lakeville North, 25-16 Wanamingo 25-19, Nicole Lohman (MW) ld, No. 8 Northfield at No. 1 Lutheran def. WEM 25-18, (MW) 5:15.18; Chatfield def. KenyonJohn Marshall at No. 1 Northfie es 0 Lake City 25-11, 500 free — 1. Chantal Nack 3. Sam Kraft 7 p.m. 20-25, 15-4 Totino Grace 4, Lourd St. Croix Lutheran def. Emery (JM) 5:20.00; 0 South,

in s and several others placing Marshall had two winner Austin and win the eight-team hree to score 429 points won the JM junior Taylor Bass ay. Saturd on nal nvitatio relay team — Lauren Kalkstroke, and JM’s 200 medley acher and Taylor Emery Schum i, Anna Becker, Allison finished 1:52.08. Mankato West in a meet record time of third with 324.5, and Mayo was y Centur points, with 362 enth with 172.

wimming and diving

North Star Feature N ews Photo
K-M 2, Caledonia 0
0 — 0 Caledonia .......................0 1 — 2 Kasson-Mantorville ........1 Schiltz 13 saves. Caledonia: Goalie: Devin Pathoulas 2 goals; Kasson-Mantorville: Joe Goalies: Kyle PetersCooper Rose 1 assist. saves. 2 Krueger 4 saves; Sly Zipse his eighth and Notes: Joe Pathoulas scored finished the ... K-M ninth goals of the season. of 5-11. regular season with a record


Totino Grace too much for Lourdes

Continuing publicat

ion as successor to the Karlstad Advocate, Lake Bronson Budget, Lancaster Herald, Kennedy Star and New River Record

Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: North Star News, Karlstad, Dan Nordine City of Karlstad’s water main replacement project A set of stacked pipes could make for an ordinary image. But not this photo–it takes something mundane and makes it rich, detailed and intriguing. It’s an artful depiction of an everyday object. Second Place: Minneota Mascot, Byron Higgin COLLEGE VOLLEYBALL The Mike splits in Farmsite RCTCDowning nt an incredible story all on their own. They capture what rname Thesetou photos tell life is like on this farm–its color, its textures, its activity. You see sites like this all the time, but these images establish a highly unique sense of place and character. Third Place: Carver County News, Watertown, Matt Bunke Granny rides a speeding toilet What a photo, what a moment. The expression on the faces are fantastic and depict the fun nature of what must be a unique community event.
• •

2. Madison 0 0 — 25-12, 25-10 25-6 Lourdes .......................... Chatfield def. Pine Island (Mason City) 5:20.95. 25-7 3 — 4 e 25-21, 25-7 West (Nicole WEM def. Lake City 25-15, Totino Grace ...................1 Fillmore Central def. Goodhu 200 free relay — 1. Mankato Nack, Dan-Wanamingo 7 saves. -UPS Chantal Lourdes: Anna Branstad Fillmore Central def. Kenyon TOURNAMENT MATCH Lohman, Madison Bacon, 12 saves. 25-22, 25-20 City 1:41.35; 3. 25-23 Falls Grace: Mason 2. 25-19, Cannon Totino def. 1:40.65; Regis Nack) EC 25-9 ielle Ellsworth 25-10, Fillmore Central def. Pine Island 25-15, 1:44.08. Lea Albert St. Croix Lutheran def. Lakeville Goodhue 25-22, Taylor Bass (JM) Kenyon-Wanamingo def 25-13 100 backstroke — 1. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 1:03.48; 3. 25-8 25-23 2. Lauren Kalwasinski (JM) Medford def. PEM 25-22, Pine Island 25-15, 59.89; Bacon (MW) 1:03.71. NALS SEMIFINALS 25-14 Kenyon-Wanamingo def. Madison WEM def. Farmington 25-23, seed) higher seed) 1. Lindsey Horejsi ay, Oct. 13 (at higher Saturday, Oct. 13 (at 25-18 100 breaststroke — L-O def. Cotter 25-23, 25-21 ton/ 21-25, 25-23, winner vs. (JM) 1:12.08; Farming vs. Island Becker orthfield Pine winner Anna ld 2. def. ; North/N 25-13 e Northfie Goodhu Lakeville (AL) 1:03.91* Lourdes def. Lake City 25-10, ) 1:12.76. winner 15-6 winner 25-12 3. Erica Perkins (Century Lakeville South/Century Medford def. WEM 25-18, West (Nicole vs. Lakeville vs. Owatonna/ tury/Owatonna winner Lutheran 25-19, PLACE MATCHES 400 free relay — 1. Mankato Bacon, DanFarmington/Mayo winner EC Regis def. St. Croix Madison Lakeville North winner Lohman, Chantal Nack, JM winner Championship 26-24 Mason City 3:44.39; ielle Nack) 3:41.40*; 2. Ellsworth 25-18, 25-17 def Byron 25-20, 26-24 HIP def. Falls MPIONS Chatfield Cannon IONSHIP ad’s water main CHAMP 3. JM 3:49.87. replacement def. PEM 25-21, 25-17 16 (at higher seed) seed) ton Oct. higher place day, Farming (at record. 16 Third ckpi proje meet Oct. ling of materials Post-Bulletin staff * Indicates Tuesday, ct got under way d 25-10, 25-10 at the corner winners this PLACE ES mifinal Fillmore Central def. Kingslan MATCH the stree ctionwinners esof l Pembina Trail will actually begi t from City Hall. Semifina and Lin- Nove MASO N CITY — Roch n on First Stree The City Fifth antic place mber 1. ipates the proje GIRLS SOCCER t South, right Technical First place Kengton ct will ter Community and A across EC Regis def. Medford 19-25, 25-19, 15-8 ngo def. Bloomin TION ONE, CLASS A be completed Wanami CLASS KenyonONE, N es SaturSECTIO by College split match ENCE nedy 25-23, 25-22 ONFER T ROUND NON-C Area place Third FIRST ROUND Dan Nordine phot day in the North Iowa ball 25-18, 25-16 Seventh place day, Oct. 9 3, Stewartville 1 o volley St. Croix def. WEM place 14-25, 15-11 Dover-Eyota 1 Lourdes, Tuesday, Oct. 9 Community College Triton def. Goodhue 25-21, . 16 Caledonia at No. Fifth place Krier 95 set assists, (Friday) No. 1 Lourdes, bye tournament. Byron statistics: Jillian ton 25-22, 25-20 m. Mazeppa at Haley Tostenson Cannon Falls def. Farming .......0 1 — 1 r AcadNo. 9 Pine Island/Zumbrota20 digs, 14 kills, 4 ace serves; Danielle Adams Stewartville ............. Yello wjac kets beat . 9 Red Wing at No. 8 Schaeffe The 3 — 2 serves; p.m. ......1 7 ace 25-11 and Seventh place No. 8 Caledonia, 35 kills, 18 digs, 9 Dover-Eyota ............. 4:30 p.m. NIACC 25-12, 25-19, 25-23 serves, 9 ace blocks; 1 assist; Danika Winona, 5 p.m. 5 Pine Island/ 22-25, PEM def. Ellsworth 25-17, 24 kills, 28 digs, 4 ace Stewartville: Kiley Derr No. 12 Cotter at No. 5 18 o. 12. Lake City at No. Zamzow 14 kills; lost to Kirkwood 25-7, Goalie: Hosanna Biffert No. 4 Byron, 7 Maddie Hintz 23 kills, Mariah Ninth place No. 13 Stewartville at Klunder 36 Dahle 1 goal. brota-Mazeppa, 7 po.m. 25-16, 25-18. 25-22, 25-22 Lexi Barth 12 kills, 13 digs; Reed saves. at No. 4 Byron, 5 Le Roy-Ostrander def. Lourdes 13 Stewartv o. ructio . n was ille Ayers had 50 set expected to begin p.m. andigs, 7 ace serves. yota: No stats provided ay Kasson-M 3 Dover-E Linds No. at City Lake . the 14 move No. they 11th place h of the city’s oldNo. ,7 . She added that they 17 digs in the two 3 Winona and s 25-23 assist 27-25, main lines p.m. City 7 14 Faribault at water will Lake o. torville, def. be diggi as Cotter G had 18 about 300 feet, laying ng out an area MaKenz t to press this week ie Franklin PlainviewFOOTBALL SWIMMING & DIVIN matches. Taylor Aakre kills, . . Falls leaders: of said. “Only a matte 11 Red Wing at No. 6 down and makin No. Cannon g all the r of a minute or two.” nectio r 13 at No. 6 Alnot ns to the new line, needed conactua Huseth 25 kills, 27 antorville lly begun Kasson-M kills, Jenica Gerbe o. 11 as of early Mon43 kills, 15 blocks, Hailey She again pointed R INVITA then filling the Elgin-Millville, 5 p.m. TIONAL NINE CONFERENCE digs and area and movi Hoftstedt 15 kills, to the next 300-f PACKEout that const Madasyn Dover-Eyota, p.m. Sue Dufau Clerk Lea, 7 at No. t City ng one ruction officials didBIG digs, 6 blocks, oot7stretc Marcy Swenson 20 Overall ticipa No. 10 St. Charles Franken h. lt, equip Conf. 7 te any damageSCORES at No.ment digs; Lydia not an-Elgin-Millville Dufault also said Plainview at 10 Katie Noble 14 kills, 10 that No. a Carpenter 19 digs. PF PA time, and Becca TEAM to private prope L Elain 362, rty, p.m. W 7 West assists; L such o 38 there W the the Mankat as event actua Huseth shoul yards, but in l 429, l digging servic Hailey that John d be no p.m. Marshal assists, 69 interr strong happe Crescent , bye uptio n, once highest, 6 Quinn 31 does anywhere Crescent n in 302, Austin the MiKayla Iowa, elevation point water No. 2 Lae total City, digs, .5 0 6 0 264 107 p.m. “We came out very them along the path of the proje that Austin, heuvel 50 ct is comp 324.5, Mason dama14 of7 Vanden Owaton Century the ge will proj- water servic leted, na ............. 0 5 1 180 102 15 Cotter at No. 2 No. be repair constructio Franken beat 172, Minneapolis tersec ed along 28 digs, Mayo n. She tion of Highway 11 e will be rerouted with said Lydia Anna Nelson ERFINALS against NIACC and Mayo .....5 any grass seeding 294, Albert Lea 291, may be Broze Rocheste required, and First QUART to each digs, coach 10 blocks, Carly that r FINALS addreaces, by146.5. being accom UARTER a professional lands ss asKatie seed) the const 1 5 1 228 149 the Noble (at higher South work plishe ruction will in 45 minutes,” RCTC “Kirky, Oct. 11 d, then caping company. Faribault .................4 seed) The residential connected to service 16-4 overall. have higher Falls is is the least Thursda Oct. 11 (at the w said. portio blocks. ursday, 6 new Cannon particular 2 4 2 184 109 THREE Zitzo No. 1 Lourdes, ns lines TOP deal with at rt .........3 of UAL JM once winner area the r Ambe INDIVID r/ proje is ledonia that as Rocheste comp it ct will be comp move PIZM/Ca vs. Schaeffe first, and the mains leted. - leted s along winner ranked . Caledonia Lourdes/ — 1. JM (Lauren Kalwasin 2 3 3 128 223 locate “The only break in IM medley d along id, 200 the const wood is a nationally runs a Rochester Century .3 Highway 59, p.m. cher, will be replaced as service will orTaylor Main Stree INVITATIONAL d Wing winnerruction will progress 7 conne Allison Schuma ew- be the Becker, BYRON team that vs. Byron/St t, .....................2 3 2 4 129 237 II the ski, Anna time winner ion last ew3. it ; ct and more phase Cotter takes Divis Austin Byron/St and vs. 1:55.57 Winona/ of to recon Lea the diswinner water nect to the rerouted fall, with the whole the farther south weren’t PIZM/Lake City 1:52.08*; 2. Albertproject, likely in early ...................2 3 2 4 110 212 Emery) A servic tempo POOL once winner proje rary Winona very fast offense. We a fast again when the lines ct expected to be artville e, then vemb 25-16, tville winner ed nently finished by No- Lea ..............1 4 1 5 128 246 are perma er 1. 20- Austin 2:00.67. vs. P-E-M/R def Bloomington Kennedy Byron vs. K-M/Albert (MW) 1:58.08; conne Albert used to seein g sucha great K-M/Lake City winner cted,” Dufault Faribault/Winona winner 200 free — 1. Chantal Nack 3. Sam Kraft 5 0 6 77 203 25, 15-9 1:59.08; Mankato East .........0 Wing winner tempo. The girls did 25-13 ea winner 2. Madison Emery (JM) t5 0 6 226 134 Byron def. Kingsland 25-13, winner at No. 2 vs. Austin/ adjusting and execu #Mankato West .....0 of City)2:00.73. Dover-Eyota/St. Charles 25-12 job (Mason 25-5, La Crescent/P-E-M winner Paul St. (Mason City) # — Forfeited four victories overall. sets two, Byron def. South La Crescent, 6 p.m. 200 IM — 1. Emma Sougstad otter winner ing our game plan in 25-21 Byron def. Triton 25-16, Bass (JM) 2:10.19; 3. Erica FIRDAY, OCT. 12 gton Kennedy 18-25, 2:08.35*; 2. Taylor three and four.” SEMIFINALS EMIFINALS Kingsland def. Bloomin Marshall at Mayo Perkins (Century) 2:18.25. higher seed) higher seed) MCAC, 14-7 over23.74; John (5-3 (MW) 25-14, 15-10 RCTC Nack Saturday, Oct. 13 (at Saturday, Oct. 13 (at West Danielle at Mankato 50 free — 1. at 6:30 Paul 25-17, 25-15 3. Allison Schu- Century Upper-bracket winners Kingsland def. South St. Bottom-bracket winner all), hosts Riverland 2. Lindsey Horejsi (AL) 24.25; Mankato East at Winona 25-22 Lower-bracket winners Kingsland def. Triton 25-17, p.m. Wednesday. macher (JM) 24.65. Lea at Faribault CHAMPIONSHIP def. Triton 25-21, Andrianna Jacobs Albert Bloomington Kennedy 1-meter diving — 1. na at Austin CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday, Oct. 16 Kriewall (AL) 352; 3. Owaton 25-23 (Century) 373.4; 2. Karli ) Paul St. Stadium South Sports l Tuesday, Oct. 16 def. (At Roch. Regiona Bloomington Kennedy Stadium) p.m. (At Roch. Regional Sports Semifinal winners, 5:30 p.m. Prairi Semifinals winner, 7:30 Mayo, 7 Farmington at No. 4 na, 7 Century at No. 3 Owaton Lakeville No. 5 Century at No. 4 7 p.m. Farmington, 7 No. 6 Mayo at No. 3 p.m. 2 Owatonna, South at No. 2 Lakeville No. 7 John Marshall at No.

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e Fire Children's Theatre, The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council, The City of Karlstad and Tri-County Schoo ls present, "Jack in the Beanstalk" Karlstad auditions for Prairie Fire Children's Theat re “Jack in the Beanstalk” will be held Monday, June 24, at 1:00 p.m. in the small gym of Tri-County High School. Local students are needed to play the roles of Jack, his fellow Villagers, the Carnival Performers, the People of Orchestrani a, the Inhabitants of Feathervill e, and the Trolls. “Jack in the Bean stalk”, with script and original music by Bob Gribas and Angela Rinaldi Gribas, and costume and set design by Deborah Pick continues Prairie Fires's tradition of presenting classic tales as you’ve never seen them before. Follow Jack’s adven ture up and down the beanstalk through the worlds of “Orchestran ia

Prairie Fire holds auditions Monda • y • •

Lusie Cuskey

and stay warm!

d Heral 2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
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ie to Community news from the prair

the lakes!



Hospital construction a y boost for local econom First
rful to ling, “so it was wonde except ” • All construction bids, award all these bids locally. tors. one, go to local contrac The 53,000 square foot for led schedu BY C. A. RAY is hospital quarfirst Editor the tion comple said ter of 2014. Wetterling publish her office plans to When the $15 million ly updates on the confor the month worth of bids were let then, keeping until on structi al ed. new Prairie Ridge Hospit ) the public inform and Health Services (PRHHS With the structural steel an recently, CEO Tom Kooim by the end of the Public arriving and Marketing and people passing by , month Missy Relatio ns Direct or see the building to will start to Wetterling were pleased pretty quickly. one take shape , discover that all except In other developments tors. went to local contrac park on the east trailer the g” “This is very excitin town has been purshould side of they said Wetterling. “It chased by PRHHS, and local the to resibe a huge boost are working with the economy.” dents to relocate them. g The list of local conPRHHS is still workin bids is what to tractors winning the on the logistics of Nelson n Johnso impressive: the Wellness Center the bid do with wing of Masonry, Ashby, got located on the west work; ry mason eye the for all t hospital. The the bid the curren Fergus Drywall got is a separate entity, and ion fin- clinic for exterior insulat PRHHS. l; not owned by old ishing and gypsum drywal The future of the ent Joann’s Window Treatm is unknown got hospital itself building is and Flooring, Elbow Lake, The gs; at this time. not , County the bid for floor coverin Grant Lake owned by Vinco Electric, Elbow bid PRHHS. Eagles blank got the Sprin and Fergus Falls, gfield Wetterling said that is work; to al punc hSeph, ticket just one of the misconcepfor the electric bid for ■ Page Alexandria, got the 13 the hospit al ; Ri- tions about site work and site utilities . Another is that local got the project ley Brothers, Morris, rs will somehow have WEDNESDA paving; taxpaye Y, asphal J U N Et 1 bid for the 2 , 2 0 1 3 to foot the bill for the new dria, got and Brundell, Alexan ping building. the bid for the landsca Construction and irrigation. ys Continued on page A5 “We have alwa Wetterpreached local,” said


Weeklies 1,501-2,500
Place: Grant County Herald, Elbow Lake, Kris Beuckens Cheerleaders Great action shot! Very well timed, very crisp. The clear winner in a field of excellent entries. Second Place: Jackson County Pilot, Marie Zimmerman ROCKIN’ ON THE RIVER Good cut out. I liked that the subject interacts with the newspaper’s flag. Well done.

Cottonwood Co


On to State


River Rainfest

Here Ashton Hagen busy nearly every night. Area cheerleaders are to catch her. full tilt, the West Central and Destiny Sabby prepare With winter sports going Olhoft, Eliza Amundson, ading teammates Mary flies high as her cheerle

Flying high

our best soRTS ISSUE: THIS IN fo INSE urce r co mmunity informa

Weekend wasn’t a wa

office Januar LAUREN Lake were sworn into ■ Plans are for Jacob Tietje from each other in Elbow THOMPSON, House. ors who live a block to start work as four Jay McNamar in the Two Minnesota legislat Windom’s 6, of North m in the Senate and dollars to pave the ed for high in St. Paul: Torrey Westro #5 schedul school y #5 yprinc Mankato, • Highwa ipal in July. 2013 the at the capitol miles of County Highwa . summer daughter of next paving The Windnext om Scho scheduled for paving Windom grad trict has a new RAY ol Disperfor BY C. A.high school summer. He asked Misty (Koch) princ ipal, day Jaco one a b s and Pope. Fairmont. Editor Tietj e of Thompson mission to attend ve part of Dougla sity was a picture uents. State Repres entati conference at the Univer meeting with constit “I’m honored and hum- The schoo l board Elbow – of concentraation unan (DFL ar reclam With friends and family busy ia on McNam nities’ mous ly appro Jay “It’s going to be y of Minnesota ved Tietj bled to be our commu Highwa in tion durin County sworn e to ly as Grant how g Minnesota Senate it official nt the learn was to filling the Rep. new ent Lake) principal at Mond gen of pavem Paul,” said session, and I’m confide the Mites ay’s Tracey VonBar entative voice in St. to er regul ns Repres ers to witness the Engine ar well. decisio State as meeti said Chamb the best one as l the ng. Wacky will be a fruitfu McNamar. “Folks have board Tues- make events on le the told is a county 1997 graduate of create for District 12A as the 88th openin want Tietje Chall the longest life possib enge.g day’s I’ll be working hard to loud and clear that they Fairmontthat talked to the get Senatorsconvened Highhe day, Session Schoo tive state,” on ent. January 8, 2013,DAVE our l and in Legisla focus pavem to is from curre ntly the FJELD 6/12 positive change their legislators District Office about y 8th at the was 044 MnDOT Januar sion on the elect took an oath to uphold kidsrun permis noon ing at After dean said. of stu- need to be taken Westrom the basics: balanc ofsteps board what will State Capitol. Rep. McNamar m county the state constitution, dents the improv Westro sibly, year, at granted FairThis zone budget respon their ility put a reduced speed ’s is beginning his first term to mont g . ficially commencing Prior to discus sed the possib be serving on the Senate ing our schools, and lowerin 2013 that, he thetschool in Ashby. past resurfacing taugh Public in the Minnesota House of membership in the Transportation and was of doing less phys ical eduthe is VonBargen said he Legislature. Representatives serving tar when pavement McNamar cation an speed zone with Big d told school “It’s a humbling expericounties of Grant, Wilkin, out. on page A5 worn healt Continued loh. the chame, and Westrom are studies are done by ence to walk into that Stone, Stevens, Travers “A lot of counties Tietj e was be hand, Continued on page A5 calf agency, which would among ber, raise my right less tar,” said comdoing o u y r here County Highwa c a n d ithe and to realize that I am d a tGrant es missio ner Todd Schnee s who emer Jerome it is too Depart gedment. because my fellow citizen berger, adding that nt from an initia Tietje sent me a packet “So l they sent me here to represe and with the heavy list of 18. He lays we have expensive r 33 steps interv that was out them,” said State Senato iewed being used on farms trucks by two said. group gen Elbow s last VonBar week — a to take,” Torrey Westrom (R – ays, may not last as paren t/sch ool ed pthat he nowad grou explain He staff and an administra Lake). “The responsibility as a good, well maintive/s Ashby por- long chool of my City of . board group sent to serve the needs . the tained gravel surface I will l Tietje starts of the packet for the tions work constituents is one With Highway Genera in Wintake. dom to on have ” July n Steve 1. they steps not take lightly. Maintenance Forema Wormstadt said “Then we will do the rest Last week marks the retiring at the positive qualities Tietje has to go Torgrimson m’s where out Westro that r gen figure seem and start of Senato to fit well end of the week, VonBar in the Wind om ota he has met district. from there.” first term in the Minnes the told the board sly VonBargen also told “He gas a stron State Senate. He previou g back has- estimated in the ground in Posit the he board County board served eight terms ive Behavior Intervention one million Sena. over page A5 cost on House will Syste ota it Continued Minnes Resp oor. to Interms and in will on the House flonse tor Westrom’s time ar check out his desk Wormstadt said. venti on,” Oath s, Jay and Robin McNam “We are at Westrom takes the be spent at floor session the first few steps in getting and of Office. both of those in committee meetings, place These new effort .” s are designed to help intervene on students’ acade mic struggles and help influ ence positive beha vior with in the Sponsored this week by class room and DAVE other areas relate FJELD 6/12 funrun NE OF THE FEW 023 d events that wasn to school. BEYER’s TIRE y the soggy week ’t dampened • Classy Canary end was the Vickie Interviewers were n Run that took & REPAIR Schendel pressed with Tietje also im•American Profile . and 3rd Ave. off from • the corner of 10th ’s exper i00 ence with admi 218-685-51 week! nistr • ation , • Cullens • Dean’s SV disciplineEvery and evaluation • of teachers. D.O.T. Inspections • Nelson Ford “His reco mme Elbow Lake,MN Many Riverfest ndat ions events carried on came back that he has good despite weather. comm on sense , is down to Sale s & earth and taskRep here’s an old postaair orien ted,” l saying that seem Wormstadt added Riverfest 2013. s to . starts with, “Neit her snow nor rain t nor gloom of nor night . . .” After last weekit appears River fest organizers t survived the “rain have at nd, after the sprin ” test. IT WAS SAFE to say that DAVE FJELD 6/12 g we’ve endured, turtleraces 053 Bear Ave. N no performance of his turtle young Michael Marcy was none during Saturday’s too happy with corner of 9th St. the annual Riverfest .E &S and E E RIVE White Turtle Races at the Bear RFES Ave.) T • B A C K P A over him, may have 3rd Ave. Michael with his firefig GE been as frustrated hter rain that started ear Lake with his turtle as dad, Mark, standing falling Saturday he was with the morn steady ing and lasted well A BRIEF into the night. NSHOWER ■ Drop box hours were left cars at moved up a few hours. the Karz & ux Classic Times they are a changin’, ar Show at at least for Wind om’s post ofegels Park fice boxes. BER 26 37 otted, but At the start of WED WED NES NES DAY ’t prevent DAY post office mail June, the , JAN , JUL UAR Y 17, Y 26, 2013 2011 rons from time was moved colle ction from 6:30 p.m. www.whitebearpr cking out to 2:30 p.m. The other boxes ess. com vehicles, were switc hed from 4 p.m. 75 cent $1.0s , out and to 0 1 p.m. he hood, The switc h allow s more too. mail to be route d through the Twin Cities, accor ding to Pete Nowa cki of the U.S. Posta l Services. He added Sam Catron, 6, will still reach its that mail tentative destination ly same hold in the s frame a RAHN tara LARSO ntul time Na 6/12 spid car show as in er043 while the past. his sister


While the Riverfest RING IN JANUARY 8 Parade and SWEA Coo kout were casualtie there was still plen s of a rain-soaked ty of action that sold weekend, iered on during Rive rfest 2013. y 8,

ol resented at the Capit Elbow Lake well rep
Senator Westrom Representative McNama r

Tietje named Windom will tak Cou pr innty cipa l Ashby speed zone study

Third Place: Eagle Bend/Bertha/Hewitt-Independent News Herald, Clarissa, Ray Benning A recent Waterfowl hunt in North Dakota The photographer did a great job silhouetting the subjects. Perfect sun, perfect light. Great! e lead in

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Cottonwood County Citizen, Windom, Dave Fjeld River Rainfest This was a close call for first, but ultimately I was swayed because the expression on this little boy’s face really does say it all: His turtle appears to be going nowhere, much like the rainy weather that dampened festivities. A good example of how a features photo can encapsulate a story–in this case, a festival where the fun is at least somewhat hampered by a stubborn storm.





Second Place: Kanabec County Times, Mora, Trevor Cokley WCAN EF-5 tornado captured by Cokley n Gym Ope day to argue with an image such as this. It conveys power, fear and on It Sun is hard evenings excitement, all contained in what was a massive tornado. Third Place: Pope County Tribune, Glenwood, Tim Douglass Finally, those lazy, hot days of summer This nicely captures a summer evening at the lake. No school and the water is calling . . .


Press Publications 4779 Bloom Avenu e White Bear Lake, MN 55110

ore Estimates moval, etc. Technicians



White Bear Lake, White Bear Townsh Birchwood, Dellwo ip, Mahtomedi, Hug od, Willernie, Gem o, Lake, Pine Springs & Grant

Windom post office gets new drop box hours

ng spor ts seaso DeCock, in just d by weird weath n his second er year of track lden for the Wind , won gold at om the State Track Meet , held eball team and for at Hamline k-Wa lnut Grov University in St. e/ Paul. He won in the triple Central senior Jeff jump, leaping 45-9 and added gle baseb all team sixth-place medals in both the he Section 3A title long jump and high jump. Wind om senio with a 1-0 victo r Mich ael ry gfield at Marshall. Rivera came away from the n, the Eagles qual- state meet with a pair of med6/12 he Class A State als. Rivera finished eighth in JEFF DECOCK track 016 (above) nt for the first time both the 100-meter dash and was a threeevent Wind om’s first 200-meter dash. medalist while See this week’s 30 p.m. Thursday Sports for Rivera (right Michael recaps of the action ) earned . two state meda ls.

Weeklies over 5,000 New use First Place: White Bear Press, Paul Dols rules in Brave face ring season ends up Triangle I love the facial expression! Credit to the photographer for being patient golden for local at hletes District and waiting for a moment with this.
Brave face
Wren, 3, waits for her turn during a presentation by Bruce the Bug Guy (Bruce Giebink) at the White Bea r Lake Library Frid ay, July 12. The interactive prog ram, featuring live insects, spiders, scorpions and millipedes, attracted a capacity crow THE EAGLE d baseball of children and adults. Find mor team e photos online in the gallery at www mobbed by Kristine Goodrich . pitcher Edito r
Collin Lovell after the WHITE BEAR final out of LAKE — The city now has Thursday’s regulations in place 1-0 win over regarding Springfield ramp in parking, comm the Section unity room renta 3A finals was l and sperecorded.cial events in the Mari

6/12 track 005

experts! 507-831-3455 or 800-658-2510 Rick Frederickson, Adam Olson, Jerry White & Mike Schowalte r E-mail your questions to techbytes@

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and click on the photo gallery icon.
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Centerville Road strip mall revived
A similar prop osal was approved 2007 but never was by the council in built due to the council granted poor economy. The seve to let the approval ral extensions but decided in 2011 expire and requ ire Moriarty to ply if his plans reapwere resuscitated. The second occu pant of the mall receive city staff ’s first phase mus app t

na Triangle District. The White Bear Lake City Council approved the new rules last week with little discu ssion. City Call 507-831-3455 or 800-6 Manager Mark 58-2510 Sather said the public even t requirements are not “ove rly specific” in an effor t to allow Publishing Compan y “reasona ble accommoda- Photo by Paul Dols tion.” None of 9/7/2010 10:50:04 the affectAM ed property owners attended the council meet raise any objections ing to .
6/12 baseball 112



Second Place: The Laker, Mound, Theresa Malloy Spirit of the Lakes ends with a bang Great light and sense of place. Third Place: Lakeshore Weekly News, Wayzata, Mark Trockman Kids in the Mud Great moment. Clean background.

Kristine Goodrich tor

WHITE BEAR LAKE — A delay ed strip mall off nterville Road is back on track of and one of the ants will be Anyt first ime he White Bear Lake Fitness. City Council unan ved the first phas imously ape of a retail deve lopmen site b

Marina Triangle lishments will help estabthe public park pay for ing ramp underneath the Boatworks Commons apartments. Eleven of the park ing spaces will be reser ved for Acqua Restaura nt and Bar in remuneration for a portion of the ramp extending into a part of the Acqua property. The remaining 103 parking spac es will be open to all visit ors. Properties adjacent to Lake Street be-

Parking ramp

Page 49 


Your guide to the rides at the Free Fair / 2A

Feature Photo


Loc 2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest announces bid for 24B / 2A

al Libertarian candidate

75 cents Newsstand

It’s clear the photographer knew she had a difficult shot, difficulty making it seen, let alone interesting, but saw the photo she wanted in her mind beforehand and shot it. It’s masterful, essentially overlaying a grid of the carnival ride on the flyer to give it depth and contest and dimension. The fact that the carnival ride is operating without any riders is even better–no riders, but this guy flying through the air. Nice work on what could have been an insufferably boring shot of a far-off man in the air. Second Place: Owatonna People’s Press, Al Strain Fair Free at ps tste foo er’s Plane Talented ws in fath Human cannonball follo The juxtaposition of the whirling propeller with the bucolic farm is what makes this photo. If having the farm in the background wasn’t planned, it should have been. It gives the viewer perception and context–the Clotheslinepragmatic effect of showing how high the plane is and the latent effect plans driveof comparing the whizzing propeller and blowing smoke–along with the for students fact that the plane is at an interesting angle, and rising–with the still-life of the Minnesota farm. Getting dizzy is all in a day’s work Third Place: Winona Daily News, Andrew Link at the Steele County Free Fair Plenty of bones about it Kids photos are easy to take, and easy to screw up. In other words, all photos of kids should be winners, but they’re not. This one is. The difference is in the kids’ expressions, from the joy on the face of the girl holding the femur, to the almost more-excited look on the boy’s face, to the pensive-looking third child. Winning kids photos are those in which one CENT RE TE om TA put dialogue boxes next to each child–it’s that easy to imagine what S nna.c + owato METRO RAINS LEAD can s/he is thinking. A winner is one which makes a viewer linger. This one TO RISING is. This is likely one of several photos shot of this very scene, so editing RED RIVER undoubtedly played a role here. And the editing was done well, obviously.

Officials Dailies under 10,000 investigate First Place: Owatonna People’s Press, Ashley Stewart pair of fires A Family Tradition
es OWATONNA — Local authoriti s suspiciou are continuing to investigate a to a vacant fire that caused smoke damage Owatonna building on West Vine Street in last week. The building, the historic Arnold on fire last House, a former hotel, was set a week, acFriday for the second time in cording to investigators. Owatonna the 5, Aug. of night On the a Fire Police Department and Owatonn from pile Department removed a burning the buildthe building and had to ventilate fire was ing. A scant five days later, another the to set, causing more smoke damage building. intenBoth fires were determined to be ier tionally set. OPD Capt. Eric Rethemeion investigat active an said the police have there though re, fi the to related going on time. Retthis at case the in leads no are of the hemeier encouraged any members on about public who may have informati ent. the fires to contact law enforcem Bank, The property is owned by Equity Recorder’s according to the Steele County ka, Office. The bank is based in Minneton t. Mesbut also has a branch in Claremon seeking tives representa sages left with bank returned not were res fi the comment on on Wednesday. er with Bruce Thomas, a fire command night, said OFD who was on scene Friday smoke the building sustained moderate the of damage, but the structural integrity Fire a building was still intact. Owatonn to difficult Chief Mike Johnson said it is because assess the damage to the building of the condition inside.

August 15, 2013


he has performed At 36, Smith would estimate I knew what was . nerve-racking to get inside because about 6,000 shows in 13 countries exciting career, going to happen to me.” “It’s been a very challenging and cannon. he said. But he kept climbing into the but I’ve done a lot of things,” the to him called father are a family affair. At 19 years old, Smith’s Smith said human cannonballs e Bullet” “Th David told you father designed If — my OWATONNA “We have eight cannons that into a 35-foot business. my dad that said, capable of Smith Jr. he was crazy for climbingthan 100 feet in “There was a message from he said. “Six of them are still more if you would I’d and built,” and himself tour.” back, on my are shooting hurt and them of of ve kind fi cannon ‘Son, I you. tomorrow and operating and enjoys the show aspect of being a he the air, he’d probably agree with I sit at the end like you in Wisconsin the day after the trade?’” said Smith “I don’t know how many times think that’s a you can fill in for me and start learning all. cannonb jumped in it human net and a lot of different said. “I bought a car for $300, Carolina, of that barrel and look at that “We bring a lot of smiles to “But this is what I do.” Smith to Madison, Wis., from North long ways away,” Smith said. year at the Steele and drove first shot, which was 65 feet long. Pa- people,” he said. Smith will climb And it’s what he will do this did my At the Steele County Free Fair, he isn’t new to the and start.” over the Yo Yo County Free Fair 12 times, but thetic as can be, but it was a the 35-foot cannon and shoot inside the to addicted and 150 area. Smith said it was then he became tradition. He ride in the Midway, 70 feet off the ground fairgoers with ds. For years, Smith’s father thrilled performed challenge and the pursuit of the family months feet across the fairgroun ” Smith said. “And I’m six Smith rst fi and the nces in shots performa 100 all his cannonb logged more than “It takes under 5 seconds, up here. father. set his of things place have in we times how a few really pleased with my name in the of his career. continues to travel — a lot. over a major “This is my first time here with And Smith viewing spot. We’re shooting an average of two It’s a good book,” Smith Jr. said. “I don’t stop. I’ve performed in operating in full speed.” a cannon, he was a physiI’ve done shows in ride that’s The first time he shot out of said preparing for the shot is both cities a week since January, and in between, and Smith a, New Jersey, everywhere 17 years old. shows in cal and mental thing. ,” he said. “It was Californi “It was actually pretty terrifying rst time I was Czech Republic,” he said. “I’ve also done The fi we’re just full-time See TRADITION on 3A really scary to get in there again. different countries in a week and thing oof bullet-pr young ” pretty confident — the the road. This is what I do. time was a lot more on and all that — but the second






to go on the was the day I had planned be thinking rides, and I didn’t want to time I was about my tooth at the same like upside down and screaming hanging that had No doubt about it, I should’ve a little girl. upside root canal. And believe me, I was hanging girl. morning early my to a little in like g But going ay, I down and I was screamin Wednesd on that ent had should’ve appointm I dentist Which is why I say dentist said had decided that unless the it didn’t force me to cancel postpone root canal. If r, at least I would have it was an emergency, I would Why? the rides altogethe the root canal until next week. Steele had enough laughing gas and Novocain to the Because I would be out at I didn’t keep me giggling and relatively pain-free and County Free Fair this week, the whole adventure. any sort of throughout want the week spoiled by See DIZZY on 8A dental procedure. ay Wednesd tly, Even more importan
A8 Wednesd

Super Shot 2 being dropped by the Jeffrey Jackson reacts to Fair on Wednesthe Steele County Free ride on the Midway of Press) day. (Ashley Stewart/People’s

the Steele wheel on the Midway of headed toward the Ferris all, flies over the Yoyo ride /People’s Press) Smith Jr., the human cannonb s twice daily during the fair’s run. (Ashley Peterson PICTURED AT TOP: David Smith perform day afternoon.Forum The County Free Fair on Wednes 2013 26, ay, June

day of OWATONNA — The first the Steele school is a few weeks away, and make sure County Clothesline wants to right. off it area children start a great “We want children to be off to to wear start and have the opportunity off,” show something they are proud to of the said Mary Fink, executive director Steele County Clothesline. the And Steele County residents have opportunity to make that happen. the at 20, From 3 to 7 p.m. on Aug. in OwaVeterans of Foreign Wars Post collecting be will ne tonna, the Clothesli children “new or nearly new” clothes for for its from kindergarten to 12th grade back-tofirst-ever “Outfitting the Future” school clothing drive. kids “We want really good clothes for quality to choose from — to get a better said. Fink for children to go to school in,” that make “Our children get new clothes we and ble, them feel good and comforta from want the kids that get their clothes here to feel that way, too.”

See DRIVE on 3A

Vol. 99, No. 189 ©2013

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Light above

FARGO – Thunderstorms page: pushed here late last week minor Fargo the Red River to spring floods, but Leker flood levels. Parks Director Dave time The river is still rising 25 feet said there isn’t enough in and edging closer to bridge which to remove the water in Fargo-Moorhead, response to quick is moderate flood stage. at rises. remain The level was 22.8 feet The bridge will expectthe water 5 p.m. Tuesday. It’s until ed submerg late ed to crest at 23.7 feet y. recedes. Leker said he’s not damage to tonight or early Thursda Tues- worried about minor Anticipated storms may the bridge, although day night and tonight be needed. little repairs may keep it higher a Barrett predicted perioda longer, said Bill Barrett,an ic minor flooding throughmeteorologist technici out the area this summer Weather spring National late the the with of Forks. because levels are typiService in Grand - melt. River Without too much addition much lower by the river is cally al precipitation, the time summer thunderexpected to start receding storms hit. of early next week. “We could see cycles n flooding because The bike and pedestria Oak this minor low bridge connecting river can never get Fargo the Barrett said, Grove Park in north l enough,” a and Moorhead’s Memoria adding that it was “only water Park is already under guess.” storms. reporter following last week’s Readers can reach Forum The older bridge is usualCali Owings at (701) 241-5599 for ly lifted out of the water



levels Track predicted Red River Service on the National Weather

Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Dave Wallis Light from above Lightning is tricky to capture, and the entire scene can be impossible to compose due to the chance nature of nature. Here, it appears the photographer’s great patience and a bit of luck paid off. Well done! Second Place: The Free Press, Mankato, Pat Christman

Forum David Samson / The

on from the swollen Red River Trees and debris collect linking of the pedestrian bridge Tuesday at the base in Fargo. d and Oak Grove Park Memorial Park in Moorhea

Abortion clinicLincoln Park Garden Tour sues ND over What a great job of searching for a moment and seeing the situation de2 recent laws velop. This image is so entertaining as I am sure each reader is wonderDave Wallis / The Forum

Fargo as heavy Catholic Church in south of Sts. Anne and Joachim hits the ground west A bolt of lightning area Tuesday night. rain passes through the

 Page 50

ent claim Judge calls harassm tanding’ ers nd su mi l sa a ‘colos
Judicial DisFARGO – East Central Corwin trict Court Judge Wickham Tuesday that told a disciplinary panel ive, a court from his perspect sexual harassof claims s reporter’ “colossal misunment grew out of a magnified over derstanding” that

By Dave Olson

s to the unambiguous follow-up ride and that “he evening of the bike the possibility was not giving up” on of an affair. an affair, While denying he sought he said things panel the told Corwin he should not to the court reporter have. testimony, own his to g Accordin ts involved vulsome of the statemen he told the garities. In one instance,

to take effect, the six-week 89 By TJ Jerke ban would prohibit about s Forum News Service of the abortion coun- percent performed at the BISMARCK – Legal abor- currently l creating a near-tota sel for the state’s only lawsuit clinic, abortion in North tion clinic filed a on court ban federal in Tuesday over Dakota. of here against the state anti“Faced with a loss such two recently passed patient revenue of would Clinic the e, abortion laws. c- magnitud The Center for Reprodu certainly have to of the almost t says. tive Rights, on behalf in close,” the complain Nancy Red River Women’s Clinic In a news release, arguing president and Fargo, filed the suit abor- Northup, laws that prohibit an t is CEO of the Center for tion once a heartbea ctive Rights, said Reprodu s on detected and abortion is confident the genet- the center or gender of laws as basis these the uncon- court will see assault ic abnormality are an unconstitutional stitutional. on reproductive rights. North Dakota Attorney “In their scorched-earth m, North General Wayne Stenehje campaign to rid AttorState’s reproducCass County and the Dakota of its only that proney Birch Burdick clinic health of tive North Dakota Board list- vides abortions and effecare Medical Examiners legal aborthe law- tively end safe, ed as defendants in the politistate, the in tions Court. suit filed in U.S. District after cians who advanced these to The suit comes a day the laws made their hostility a failed attempt to refer and women clear,” Northup laws to a statewide vote, lawof their 14 said. “In the service joins the clinic’s May t ideology, these suit challenging another extremispoliticians would requirhostile year this law passed ng abortion at a time ing physicians performi g ban even before a woman may abortions to have admittin hospi- know she is pregnant.” privileges at a nearby Bette But state Rep.

ing what conversation is taking place.

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest
Third Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, David Samson Cooling-off period The “salvation” look on the youngster’s face pairs quite nicely with the frozen water plume. Ahhhhhhhh! Refreshing hot weather feature.

Photo Story
page 11
Thursday, July 25, 2013

page 10
Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: Carver County News, Watertown, Matt Bunke Rails to Trails Festival 2013 Loved the granny, rainbow and hula hoop shots. The page made you feel like you were at the event. Good angles. Overall a nice look at the obligatory picnic shots. Most papers phone these in, you didn’t. Good eye :) Second Place: Lake Region Life, Waterville, Lisa Ingebrand Fish Business Good subject. Looks like a hard event to cover. Good representation of the event. Third Place: Maple Lake Messenger, Gabe Licht Retiring Old Glory Good emotion overall and great angle in the third picture.

oat during Peace Lutheran Church’s fl Maisch rides a unicycle alongside Xavier and Grace McCabe Andrew July 20. Young entrepreneur McCabe, Maggie McCabe Trails grand parade on Saturday, marshal. McCabe, Wyatt McCabe, Tommy barrel closer the Rails to from front to back, Patrick served as the parades’s grand to see who can push a suspended Skillings, of X-Man’s Worms, Waterball participants included, in which two teams battle competition for youngsters, during the popular annual Waterball re hose. to the other team with a fi

at Tournament Friday, July 20, Gary Burke Memorial Golf playing Duane Janikula golfs in the capacity with 146 golfers The tournament was over Pioneer Creek Golf Course. the event.

The Basement Band, including, For the second year in a row, on Lewis Avenue. Friday night’s street dance

from left to right, Lee Windsperger,

Mark Bendickson and Chuck

Rieder, played

meaning Watertown-Mayer with a softball on Friday night, Wesley Burns hits his target Tank. water in the Royal Flush Dunk Czinano is doused in cold

High School English teacher


parking lot In Car Show in the public car at the Watertown Rumble Sam Daniels check out a Brandon Kohls, front, and Plaza. (Submitted photo) behind D’Vincis and Riverbend

and Lindsay Zumbrunnen (Kingsley), Sophie Luoma (Joanna), A River Runs (Isaac Lewis), Brigit Larkin of their play, “Watertown: From left to right, Josh Guetzkow their first of six showings with the Theatre Company, perform play was put on in collaboration (Georgiana), of the River City founder Isaac Lewis. The diary and life of Watertown Center. Through It,” based on the annual display in the Community Society, which also had its Watertown Area Historical

Souvenir Section Girls Basketball March 13, 2013
toilet To Trails festival. like granny on a speeding as part of Watertown’s Rails for the event. the annual toilet bowl races Nothing says Rails to Trails both sides of Lewis Avenue Neil Schlagel push during
Friday evening, packing Bunke) as Matt Evans, left, and (News staff photos by Matt hundreds of spectators on on tight and enjoys the ride Jeanne Finsrud, left, holds entry in the event, which drew entertainment for children, lots of food, and much more. up the Winsted Lions Club’s which also included live music, The three competitors made the highlights of the festival, The competition was one of

Pelican Rapids Vikin gs
Kacie a cat painted on her face Holmgren, of Montrose, has Saturday afternoon at Rails to Trails.

Waterball Tournament, rainbow during the annual Mist from firehoses casts a behind Riverbend Plaza. and the public parking lot the former hardware store

grill pork burgers for the Barry Fritzke, background, Above, Jim Burns, front, and seven food venstand, which was one of about Watertown-Mayer FFA Alumni played simultaneright, two 3-on-3 games were dors at Rails to Trails. Above sponsored afternoon as part of a tournament ously on Lewis Avenue on Saturday the Young Funks play drew eight teams. Below right, also by Legends on Main, which The group, led by Caleb Farber, float during Saturday’s parade. stage on Lewis Avenue. Avenue between on a moving Saturday night on the main which was held on Madison played a three-hour set on

who was one of many children Alice Gersema, of Watertown, both Friday and Saturday afternoons. tried out the hula hoops in front of the DJ on Lewis Avenue on


Pelican Rapids Vikings


Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Pelican Rapids Press, Jeff Meyer State Bound Wonderful action shots. Second Place: Eden Valley Watkins Voice, Michael Jacobson The Last Game Love that the pics are black and white. Third Place: St. Peter Herald, Jessica Bies Then & now Ingenious concept.



Fire destroys shed on Cor nerstone Farms
Sauk Centre and Osakis Fire Departments praised for efforts

to Doug Miller dropped to his knees when he arrived farm the scene of the fire on theGene. he shares with his father, hop The machine shed/works and that stored not just tools memoequipment, but many flames ries, was engulfed in to the and slowly crumpling

quarters. the The shop served as point starting point and endingDoug. of each day for Gene and work "We did a lot of our we did in there, and whatever "It was for hobbies," said Gene. It was a pretty important place. the center point of the farm." of The Millers did a lot the of the work on the interior building. "We had a lot of our pershop," sonalities put into that ground. Miller said. was grateful Sauk Centre and Osakis he said Miller after firefighters arrived shortly, June nobody got hurt and that he was out of 7:30 p.m. last Wednesday in able to get his combinebecame it too 26, to find the shed engulfed to con- the shed before flames. They were able to engulfed in flames. a few antrol the fire from spreading "We lost quite located gone by," Gene's home, which is the tiques from our days got hurt very close by. They fought "But nobody said. he imfire until after 11 p.m. or killed and that's the most "The fire department was portant thing because it was a Miller. excellent," said Gene www. dangerous Osakis lrec.c oop situation." "Both Sauk Centre and were said they will build Miller were exceptional. They aw- a new shed/shop. very professional and are "In our operation we can't he said. it," fully good at what they do." without function Located on Stearns Line

corn Road, the Millers raise pristine and soybeans on the where and picturesque farm, the Silver Creek runs through defront yard and an old train living pot has been turned into



Lake Region Electric Coopera

on dropped to husband, Doug, after heWednesday, Bruce Westbrock works Lisa Miller comforts her Sauk Centre firefighter brought down the large machine arriving at the scene his knees in disbelief upon extinguishing flames that Miller farm. June 26. shed/workshop on the Your for The Millers are grateful t Community is the work of the fire departmen helped Proud of and of those who have and offered sympathies. You! "We really appreciate eva erything," he said. "It means Hwy. 59 S. • Pelican Rapids • 863-5750 lot."





Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Sauk Centre Herald, Bryan Zollman Fire Great use of color, angles and technique. The photos really did tell the whole story. Second Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Brian Basham To save a species Very creative way to tell the story in pictures. Fishing is a hard sport to catch visually.

Jamie Kleinschmidt drags Farmers Gene Miller and shed/workshop. his son, Doug, could only watch as flames demolishe d their machine

a hose closer to the flames.

Ron Moritz drags a hose

across the lot where the

fire occurred.

y's off after fighting last Wednesda Jamie Kleinschmidt cools fire.

Page 51 
to the flames. High fighting last week's fire. fire- Chris Blank and Steve Moritz get close shed that Clink takes a breather after for the a section of the machine hot working conditions Cornerstone Ben Scott Kowski wets down temperatures made for last Wednesday night at was engulfed in flamesSauk Centre just off Interstate 94. fighters. s located west of

2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Photo Story A4 | August 11, 2013 | Hutchinson Leader
who ice cream cones to everyone her husband, Art, served Block were happy to Beth Kasal, left, and Mielke and Margie at VFW Park. Eileen attended the party receive the cool treat.

Night Out on Tuesday l, on residents celebrated National visits from public safety personne Several hundred Hutchins parties. Potlucks, games, it an eventful evening. by attending neighborhood ured mischief made and even a little good-nat

One big night out

and an opportunity balls for the children cream cones, rubber Park. Complimentary ice to the party at VFW helped attract residents visit with neighbors


Third Place: Pope County Tribune, Glenwood, Deb Mercier & Angie Cole-Olson How to make a principal sundae I really wasn’t sure when I started looking at the top of the page. But while scrolling, I was completely entranced before I hit the bottom.

Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Hutchinson Leader, Doug Hanneman One big night out Nice big photo on opening page leads eye in. Gives good sampling of event activities without repetition. Cutlines do good job of explaining what’s going on without being too long. Good job on getting names of subjects. Second Place: Hutchinson Leader, Jorge Sosa, Kay Johnson & Doug Hanneman Touching their souls with music Lots of photos for readers to enjoy from this event. Third Place: North News, Minneapolis, Margo Ashmore & Carol Jensen FLOW 2013 Nice variety of photos.



Hutchinson firefighter

Tim Peterson shared

stickers with Matheu

Pillatzki, who attended

the party at VFW Park.

A buffet of food awaited those who attended the party in the Blackbird Drive neighborhood west of the McLeod County Fairgrounds. Livia Achman and Cole Forcier surveyed their options among salads and desserts.

Nick Ehlers got an inside look at the Hutchinson Fire Department’s Rescue 5 truck with help from firefighter Greg Peller and his wife, Bridget. Ehlers’ grandparents, Gail and Sandi, hosted a party at their home along Cleveland Avenue Southeast.

Where’s the party? Organizers of the event at VFW Park wanted to make sure everyone could find their way by posting this sign two blocks away along Century Avenue Southeast.

Carol Burich and Carrie choice Hohenstein served a — or of dogs or bratwurst at both — to partygoers Grace Lutheran. More than 300 people attended the city’s largest National Night Out party.

The Bison football team earned its 10th the third time it’s done it in back-to-ba national title Saturday, ck years 1965, ’68, ’69, ’83, ’85, ’86, ’88, ’90, 2011, ’12


The ForumAll Dailies
Y 6, 2013 | INFORUM .COM

Game MVP Brock Jensen celebrates on the sideline as time winds down Saturday during the FCS title game in Frisco, Texas.
David Samson / The Forum

Bison claim seco straight FCS titlend in dominating fashion

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(Suggested retail

First Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, David Samson Bison win in Frisco This was an easy choice for first place. The photos were spot on and so striking. The detail in the action shots was awesome. This photographer used a great variety of photos from fans to action to emotion to tell the story. All the photos added something different to the story. Second Place: The Free Press, Mankato, Pat Christman Mankato Marathon TITLE GAME COVERAnother AGE great story with top notch images. The photographer really used a variety of images to tell the entire story. From the detail of the feet to the fans cheering on the sidelines, this story is a winner. Check out new Sunday Var iety Third Place: St. Cloud Times, Dave Schwarz Laid to Rest What a hard story to shoot and to tell. There are some truly amazing images in this story.
̈ Saturday was a dream day for players, fans alike, A8-9 ̈ QB Jensen’s play for Bison, C1; plus set tone five full pages of coverag e in SPORTS, C1-5


Today’s weather



Partly cloudy Details, C10

̆ 21° ̄ 16°

Classifieds .. G, H Crossword ...... E6 Metro/State.. D1-8 Nation/World A2-7 Obits .... D2, D6-7 Opinion........ D4-5 Travel .......... E7-8

*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
 Page 52

at Karlsta
2012-2013 Better Newspaper Contest

Portrait and Personality Photo

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g they knew of ed on on Wednesday mornin fire, seven A fire that had been contain lost to the reared its four houses Sunday, September 30 two garages and anon, fu- mobile homes, afterno y Tuesda on head feisty outbuildings. It may miles per other 22 various eled by winds of over 30 and it certainly is to reached seem like a lot, y. But hour and gusts that at times those who lost the propert aim direct took and the fire on nearly 50 mph, many of those who fought d on Tuesat the city of Karlstad. the south side of Karlsta t differen 17 from Fire fighters expected the whole farmers day afternoon communities, DNR, local of Karlstad to burn. and others south side with heavy equipment ting to those who lost end, even Though devasta joined in the fight. In the other property, the damand homes loss serious though there was some been exponentially e near age might have of property, there was nowher worse. d expecte firethe toll that firefighters had Anderson is a professional once they engaged the battle. Grand Forks, ND the with fighter Orlin Night Incident Commander See Fire Page 4 Star News Anderson told the North

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? Weeklies up to 1,500

First Place: North Star News, Karlstad, Dan Nordine Firefighter Chris Oliver took a break at the fire hall Tuesday afternoon This is a great photo. The difficulty of the day shows in the firefighter’s face. Great detail of the burns and soot on his face, too. Second Place: Westbrook Sentinel/Tribune, Tom Merchant Girl in Yellow Sun Bonnet The joy of the moment shows in the little girl’s face and eyes.

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ever have imagined. issues beon Wednesday, there are As Chief Folland stated to be adand DNR that will need tween the Fire Department to be worked And those issues will need eer basis, dressed down the road. volunt serve and protect on a out. We, as the public they people who and every one of these must remember that each safety and so at the risk of their own did n head-o fire the faced their lives. right now. well being, at the risk of doesn't seem to be enough Saying “Thank You” just Dan Nordine, editor

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on Once the smoke had settled of Karlstad Wednesday, residents were quick and the surrounding area policies of to question methods and opportunity the DNR when given the the devason Wednesday following the commutating fire that attacked y. Tuesda nity on made Amb Nick Mayor d Karlsta nding the opening comments, comme d with fightall of the people involve g the mannin ing the fire, from those coffee. hoses to those handing out commu“I am so proud of our just am “I nity,” Amb told the crowd.

Third Place: The Parkers Prairie Independent, LLC, Jakki Wehking Class of 2013 receives diplomas May 31st Great emotion ioned in this picture, both of the graduate and the guy in the suit. y quest R polic

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Jackson County Pilot, Ryan Brinks PURR-FECT ENDING Great photo! Shows the owner’s and cat’s expressions. You can almost hear the cat say, “