‘I’ve come to far to turn around I’ve come too far, and I can’t think of turning around.

My heart; mind, and soul is as low as the ground. Listening for a word from above, but I hear no sound. All I know is how loud, and hard my heart is beginning to pound. I look around for one of my supposed to be friend’s, there are none to be found. My troubles have risen higher than a mound. May my works speak for me that I can be crowned. I’m never lifted up, only downed. The one’s that I met, only looked at me and frowned. They’re insearch of my soul, like a thirsty blood hound. My day will come if I stand fast and hold on to God, then my name will be renowned. I’m trying to figure out a solution so that I can unwound. I can’t give into the devil, knowing that it will only make me hell bound.

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