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ANSYS goodies

ANSYS goodies

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How to install ANSYS stuff
How to install ANSYS stuff

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Published by: rezfamilies on Jan 27, 2014
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Installing ACT-based Extensions

Installing from Workbench project page: 1. In the “Extensions” menu, select the “Install Extension …” option 2. It will open a file dialog to select the appropriate “*.wbex” binary file 3. The extension is installed

Notes: • The extension to be installed will be stored in the following location: %AppData%\Ansys\v145\AdvancedAddinPackage\extensions • The installation will create at the same location a folder in addition to the .wbex file • If you already have another (previous) version of this extension installed, please remove both .wbex file & folder before installing the new one
1 © 2011 ANSYS, Inc. January 11, 2013

2013 . select the “Options…” – Select “Extensions” in the pop up panel – Add the extension names under “Default Extensions to Load …” Restart Workbench and confirm the defined extensions are enabled automatically – In the “Extensions” menu. select the “Manage Extensions…” – Confirm the extensions are enabled automatically • 1 2 3 2 © 2011 ANSYS. January 11. define those under Workbench Options – In the “Tools” menu.Default extensions for all Projects • If the user needs certain extensions to be always available for all Mechanical sessions. Inc.

the folders will be analyzed according to the following order: 1. The “extensions” folder part of the current Workbench project (if the project was previously saved with the extension) © 2011 ANSYS. The additional folders defined in the “Additional Extension Folders” property 3.wbex and the folder to any other location – Default path: %AppData%\Ansys\v145\AdvancedAddinPackage\extensions – New path: Any location on your machine. 2013 • If an extension is available in more than one of these locations. shared drive etc. The application data folder 2. January 11.Using extensions from a central location • Once the binary extension is installed at default location. the 1st one according to the scan order is used . select the “Options…” – Select “Extensions” in the pop up panel – Add the path under “Additional Extensions Folder …” 2 3 Define additional folders in which ACT will search for extensions in order to expose them in the Extension Manager 1 3 Notes: • During the scan of the available extensions. • All users interested in using the extension need to include that path in their Workbench Options – In the “Tools” menu. Inc. The installation folder 4. one can move the *.

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