24, 1864.




DIAGEAM OP GOOD TEMPLAES' HALL.S. m 1 ' ANTE-ROOM. W. W. W.A.8. W. . T. W. F. 8. Sent.

Balloting on Candidates. Unfinished Business. Speeches. and action thereon. Reading Journal. 15. Essays. 2. 6. Reports of Officers Committee. Good of the Order. 4. Special Committees . Opening Ceremonies.ORDER OF BUSINESS. Reports of Investigating Committees. etc. and other Special Orders. 10. Installation. Application for Degrees. Closing Ceremonies. Lectures. 5. and New Business. 14. Trustees. Initiatory Ceremonies. 12. Finance 11. Propositions for Membership. 9. Sickness. 1. Charges preferred and referred to Committees. . 13. Election. Violations. 8. 16. Reports. . Communications. and reference to Committees. 3. Roll of Officers and Appointments pro-tern. Papers. 7.

will conduct such candidates to the ante-room. Should candidates refuse to assent to the Obligation. lie is. altar. Officers entering the 4. the Initiation cannot proceed. in front The open Bible should upon the 3.. should always be called to their 2. the feet. of the candidate. the right hand upon the heart. T. 5. Lodge . enter the officially. Lodge room and reporting to the W. The attitude to be assumed on receiving the obligation. M. Whenever an obligation is to be administered. it should rise as room and give the salutation. or their Representatives. give the salutation to that Officer as they report When the Lodge is visited by the Officers of the Grand they Lodge. but the W. C.GENERAL RULES. . 1.

. [ When C. Lodge. their proper places. the (and in his absence the W. The Officers and Members themselves in appropriate regalia and assume their respective positions. W. * These Explanatory Notes and Special Rules. or a P.EITUAL. We are now about to open the will All not members of the Order will please retire. Officers only. The Worthy Vice Templar will see that the Guards of the Lodge are at and guide of the the Ceremony. T. V.*] W. the C. clothe C. are for the information and are not to be spoken in any instance during . r. T.) will take the chair and call the Lodge to order. hour arrives for opening the Lodge. W. T. In italic.

S. the W. To assist you in preserving order . T. after which they will ascertain and report if all present are in possession of the same.~\ will The Marshal and Deputy to communicate me the Pass-word and Explanation of the present term. T. [ The W. V. entitled. Marshal and Deputy resume and report all correct. T. the positions. C."] [ Officers that respond rise. possession of the M. T. T. should re- quire them to leave the room. if once. C. reporting each failure to give them it occurs. Worthy Officers : what are your respective duties? W."] W. D. C. appoint- ments as are necessary open the Lodge. as Should there be any present not in correctly the Quarterly Pass-word and Explanation. . . Explanation and Signals. H. will now make such to pro-tern. C. '[The W.6 RITUAL. S. R. M. the W. commences with the L. with and not will entitled to the same. the W. communicate them at On completing examintheir respective ation. H. and that they are correct in the Quarterly Password.

and in conjunction with the Guards. introduce* candidates. this To keep just and true accounts Lodge and myself. all W. W. Closing. to relation to the same. T. and attend to visiting members. . W. W. To keep* money of the Lodge. unless have charge of the anteroom of this Lodge. and see that Members are properly clothed in regalia. enforce the rules of the Order in directed by you. M. between the Lodge and its members. To keep a correct record of the pro- ceedings of this meeting. C. To receive and recognize the salutation. and pay the same only on the order of the Worthy Chief Templar and Worthy Secretary. S. P. or Initiatory Ceremonies. to keep the regalia in order. F. and pay all money received to the Worthy safely Treasurer. 7 allow none to enter or retire during the Opening. fied to To see that all present are quali- remain. between S.OPENING. T. W.

and especially the inebriate and his family."] [or. Our Father. Lord.8 RITUAL. W. An extempore prayer can be used if preferred. under circumstances of so be pleased to pardon all our transgressions. great mercy. of Divine Inspira-> a passage of Scripture is read). and wilt Thou help us to work for the good of t^ose thus unfortunate. It is my duty and privilege to conduct the devotional exercises of the Lodge Let us look to God for his blessing. Do Thou met to promote the great interests of the Tem- perance cause. during another week. and ours. so as to make our plans and acts may we most potent for good. and forgive us for having As we are loved and served Thee so feebly. We would commend to Thee the suffering everywhere. Chap. Bless. the organization . who Thee. and that we are permitted again to meet together around our common altar. listen to the teachings "Let us tion" (in case PRAYER. be enlightened and strengthened. we thank Thy protecting care has been over us. that art in Heaven.

everything that can intoxicate be driven from our midst. and all Temperance effort in whatever direction. T. The W. and I need not urge faithful discharge upon all. and so advance our Please sing common cause. will [ announce which Ode will be sung. and honor God. Do Thou guide us in our deliberations this evening.OPENING. and us to Kingdom. our re- W. which we dear Son. 9 which we belong. A nobler moral object than ours never called true men and women together in council. and in Thine own good to time. through the journey of finally bring life ever lead us. be scattered by the golden beams of truth and Temperance. their C. C. Officers and Members : spective duties are plain. our Opening Ode. We are here to work. our Redeemer. and the clouds that have may so long darkened our sky. T. Let us do it. Thyself in Thine ask in the name of own Thy Amen.'] .

I now declare the Lodge open for the transaction of business. [ The W. welcome here. C. hurrah ! ! Down As we with the wine glass up with our star. AIR" Tlie Battle Cry of Freedom? for the conflict. should require all the members in the and then proceed with the usual Order of Business. "We are gathering with earnest hearts and true. W. true.] . Proving proving true. hurrah then. with earnest hearts and Shouting the battle cry of Temperance. 1. The Shouting the battle cry of Temperance. T." Friends of Temperance. Cheerful are our hearts to-day . Cold water forever. ' TeH us we would gladly hear How our cause speeds on its way. Here we pledge ourselves anew. gather for a right cause. T ante-room to enter. Not to touch the drunkard's drink faithful.10 RITUAL. .' world will bless our progress in the work we have to do . OPENING ODES. Shouting the battle cry of Temperance. Am " Watchman. 2. We will from no duty shrink. C.

is ready for Initiation. and W. W. T. conflicting with your duties as a citizen I will. may satisfy themselves that the persons have been duly elected. T. T. 71 direct the 'M. should announce their names in full in open Lodge. and collect and W.i INITIATION.. F. others as a beverage. The Past Worthy Chief Templar will repair to the ante- and Financial Secretary the fees and dues. room. anything that will intoxicate ? Answer. . T.] W. they not C. in reporting candidates. or giving to C. C. W. and the ascertain if there are candidates in waiting . 11 [ will When the Lodge W. M. P. W. S. I will. P. 0. C. S.or a Christian ? Ansiver. [The P. and W. will retire. Will you take a solemn pledge to abstain forever from the use of. . T. to retire to the ante-room. the W. the follow:] ing questions are to be answered in the affirmative Will you be obedient to all the laws and rules of this Institution. propound the usual questions. C. that the W.

. and report. the fee is P. Worthy Vice Templar. W. the Officers return to the T. T. W. C. JY. salute the W. V. T. C. M. G. S. Do you believe in the exist- ence of Almighty God. The W. Lodge- room. Worthy Chief Templar. You will attend to it. The Marshal and Deputy will now repair to the ante-room. T. the candidate to the door. gives I. the Ruler and Governor of all things ? Answer. and introduce the candidate. P. F. W. C. C. conducting three distinct raps.12 RITUAL. [These questions having been answered in the affirmative^ and the fee collected. Worthy Chief Templar. T."] W.. only one officer need retire. I do.~\ \If but one candidate. paid. the questions are properly answered. there is an alarm at the inner gate.

welcome to our Order. Welcome. Heaven bless you 2. Welcome. . welcome. pleasure will be won. M. 4 /. welcome here ! . AIR Savior. welcome. You shall have a Welcome. "We shall need your help and care. stranger. Gr. Hearts united cheer you on. to this Temple. stopping at the of the W. Welcome. T. accompanied by a friend. conducts the candidates slowly around the in front of the chair room.~] " close of the Ode 1. . / Honor. welcome. to this Temple. who V. T. W. Admit them. rightful share. C.INITIATION. Strike for Right and Temperance. [While singing. To our altar now advance Join our band of valiant soldiers. the W. ! is our prayer our prayer. In the harvest fields of Temperance. Heaven bless you Welcome. ! is Ara Harwell. stranger. like a shepTterd lead us" "Welcome. seeks admission to our Lodge. 13 It is our Marshal.

H. T. My friend. and falling. or suffered more or less from his 'life. Here you will find encouragement in every laudable purpose. 8. we Welcome ! give you a cordial welcome. It rejoices our hearts that hence- your services are to be given to the great Temperance reform. W. Welcome ! Here you will find friends in the hour of peril. &. after due wishes to become a member of our Order. W. save others from to The enemy with which we have is contend crafty and powerful. and to resist such a foe successfully will require our mightiest efforts. and you see here the entire family place is circle around one common altar. trial. fully determined to reclaim the fallen. H. Worthy Chief Templar. like an . and that to this end. O. L. R. W. M. desire to unite This sacredly dedicated to the cause of Temperance. allow me to introduce to you our friend^ who. T. forth 0. All have felt his power.14 RITUAL. In every walk of intemperance. you your influence with ours. destructive influences.

you will now present our friend to the Worthy Vice Templar for obligation. We aim to unite all moral and social elements of society in an unceasing Our hearts and warfare upon this giant evil. I am. has gnawed at the corrupted the life-blood of the and fairest. ablest and purest of earth.INITIATION. 15 vitals undying worm. j Worthy Marshal. It is an obligation earnest in its nature. as well as to save the young. required to take upon yourself a solemn obligation of total abstinence. willing Regarding proceed ? . friends. there is nothing in this obligation inconsistent with your duties arising from any of the its relations of life.thus. to lift up those who are sunk low in the scale of human degradation. hands are ever open. imperative in requirements. . and restore them from ever to family. but. and lifelong in it its duration. as you have already been assured. pure and virtuous falling into the snares of the tempter. and society. and will You now be to bind yourself to our laws. are you still to Candidate.

who seek thy laws. of Worthy Vice Templar. Teach them thy sword to wield Upon temptation's sin's field. In dark hour. God Bless Those of the Temperance cause. . Man may Must the but Thou alone final conquest crown. M. 2. I here present our friend for Obligation. Am America. M. God of Mercy! be Thou near. While these vows are spoken here Shield the victor. guard and guide Where the lurking tempters hide. AIR PkyeFs Hymn. will [The W. and candidate the remain standing at Altar while one of the following Odes is sung :] 1 . strive. Be Thou to them a shield.16 ' RITUAL. by direction our Worthy Chief Templar. . Owning their power. W.

use. do solemnly and unreservedly promise that you will not make. You will place upon your heart and assent to the following OBLIGATION. or see one wronged. that you will discountenance their use in the munity. V. ? Candidate. You. 17 your right hand W. or cause to be furnished to others. in a full belief in the existence and power of Almighty God. rules and also promise. buy. comalso promise. and that in all things you will yield a cheerful obedience to usages. furnish. and that you will do all in your power to promote the good of this Order and to advance the cause of Temperance. that you will not all knowingly wrong a member of this Order. You our laws. Do you thus promise I do. wine or cider . T. and in the presence of these witnesses. and that. as a beverage. any spirituous or malt liquors.INITIATION. in all honorable ways. . reveal this You you will not any of the private work or business of Order to any one not entitled to know the same. sell.

The remain standing. in this addition to our numbers and influence to and may our union prove a blessing us and many others. The Chaplain will now invoke the Divine blessing. this friend. responsible and whose influence is henceforth to be united with ours to drive Intemperance from Give him strength to discharge every duty arising from this new relation. and. we now implore thy blessing upon who has just assumed a high and obligation. become an honored instrument to virtue in leading many and peace. W. great for name. T. May lie have strength the land. Chap. Our Father who art in Heaven. Be pleased to graciously bless us. in Thy hands. (and all the Lodge in concert.18 RITUAL. W."] . PRAYER. W. to resist every temptation .) We are witnesses of your solemn obligation. C. M. and an honor to Thy . and grace to redeem every pledge. C. Amen. T. ever and to whom be glory and dominion ever. and face the {The Candidate Officers will turn W.

A W. This vow we have fidelity taken it is Let the with which kept by you. will be faithful in much. . Templar's vow is registered in heaven as you value your standing here and your peace in eternity. you will continue to act as guide to our friend. T. . T. and kept. that V. W. He that is faithful in little. None but the brave dare take but a true heart and determined such a vow purpose will accomplish much. C. Chap. keep that vow sacred to the end of life. T. then. W. 19 all P. . be your glory and your shield. Remember your vow. Remember your obligation. W. C.INITIATION. Keep it. to the end of Marshal. Remember your vow. Your you character is at stake in life. will Your sacred honor is given to us keep your obligation. your vow.

conducts them around singing. the [The W.'} room while 1. determined band. all unite. C. The cup of death no more we . . Wine." Hail! all hail! O friends of Right! ! Keep the vows you're made to-night Let no purple wine be poured As you gather at the board. And strike for liberty.. The W. Destroying wine. We give the pledge. wine of the drunkard. O taste not the wine 2. the bosom. That cup no more we give It makes the head. M. In songs of hearty cheer Our cause speeds onward in its might Away with doubt and fear. and brethren.] . the Altar. join the hand. determined band. Resolved on victory We are a bold. And [ strike for liberty. ache Ah! who can drink and live? We give the pledge. take . AIR friends ! Auld Lang Syne. we . will lead the Candidate just in front of T. Come. Resolved on victory We are a bold. we . Destroying wine. join the hand. Taste not. and the officers rise as they respond.20 RITUAL. AIR "Beautiful Star. M. facing the W.

He that contemneth small things shall fall by little and little. T. and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags. all How men exceedingly strong to err that drink it : is wine . T. C. that putteth the bottle to him and maketh him drunken also ! W. W. it C. for it duninisheth strength . W. poor : he that loveth wine shall not be C. causeth Let no drunkenness go with thee in thy journey. Chap. Woe unto him that giveth his neighbor drink. T. and whosoever a mocker. 21 is is W. C. drunkard shall come to poverty. it maketh wounds ! W. Wine is raging. Who hath Borrow ? Who hath Who hath babbling ? Who hath contentions? Who hath wounds without cause? Who hath redness of eyes ? W. He that loveth pleasure shall be rich. T. for the Be not among wine-bjfobers . T. strong drink is deceived thereby not wise. P. for strong drink hath des- troyed many.INITIATION. woe ? . Show not thy valiantness in wine. V.

medi. this Worthy Chaplain. C. and it be well with you now and hereafter. the gems of truth which we have just given you. our friend awaits further instruction. you will now conduct friend to our Worthy Chaplain. they that go to seek mixed wine. when it giveth its color in the At the last cup. upon their teachings and in the hour of in the temptation. W. and evermore. it W. Study well the volume from which they are taken. Chap. ! and stingeth like an adder Worthy Marshal. treasure them in your heart. T. wjien it moveth itself aright. life. M. W. are from Divine revelation will . look to that beginning. declare that no drunkard shall inherit the King- dom tate of Heaven. They that tarry long at the wine . in your hours of reverie. consult them . M.22 RITUAL. is Word which was shall be now. for . In your hours of study. biteth like a serpent. for therein are found words of eternal The and Scriptures teach Temperance in all things. Then look not thou upon the wine when it is red. W. My friend.

to learn this friend is way more of the teachings of our Order. on his Worthy Vice Templar. . perance In nature we find no strong drinks nothing that can intoxicate. learn the lesson of faith. and at the feet of the Son of God. and do good their favors to those upon you. . 23 strength . Many have gone the same road before you. and your charity like the bounty of God. to Worthy Marshal. but is Tem- not alone taught in the Scriptures. and charity if for you love them that love you.INITIATION. you will conduct this friend the Worthy Vice Templar. who bestow your hope be ardent. W. hope. The Almighty and one drink All- wise prepared but pure water. I listened to the voice of revelation. T. M. what do ye more than others ? I charge you let to love God. W. and we hope many may come after. You have V. and keep his commandments . who sendeth the rain and the sunshine alike upon the just and upon the unjust. who will give him further instructions. welcome you on your way. your faith strong.

instruction. his who will still further advance him on way. and acquired Think well of these things. My friend. bounding through the valley. many inventions. you You have heard the warnings of Scripture . distilling in the dew. and I to his strange charge you to be satisfied with the drink furnished by One wiser than we. and has sought Placed at the head of animate creation. T. and Animated natreasured in the mighty deep. conduct our friend to the Past Worthy Chief Templar. whom ture needs no other drink. down the glancing in the sunbeams. He furnished bountifully. is dissatisfied. man is the only creature below the brute that sinks below his element by yielding appetite. and sent it coursing through the earth. Marshal. you have listened to the teachings of nature. but lessons of Temper- . pushing hill-side. to assist C. God made out all upright. M. W.24 This RITUAL. I am directed to present this friend to you for further P. W. Past Worthy Chief Templar. it gives me pleasure in advancing. Man alone.

Ever have before you as though it were written in letters of living light. Remain with u^. widow and orphan of agony sent We up by broken have seen bright hopes and pros- pects blasted. (Stepping dotvn and taking the candidate by the hand. "Whatsoever ye would . beauty clothed with rags and shame. position or Our own obserstrength are proof against it. have seen heard the the tears of the low.INITIATION. Here you destroyer are safe. the Divine rule. 25 History lifts BEWARE OF STRONG ance its are not confined to these. prophets. and manhood shorn of its glory. each repeating daily the sad warning. learning. our Abide with us. saying. vation confirms this testimony. are we banded together here. genius. the innocence of youth old with the deformity of ignorance grown and want. for the can never enter here. of the past BEWARE OF THESE DRINKS! For protection against their deadly and seductive influences. warning voice.] I fraternal now welcome you -to our Lodge home. sad wail hearts. ! DRINK It tells of heroes. We . priests and kings. It shows that neither power. fallen by its potent power. and to hasten the hour when the means of intoxication shall be driven from our land.

Ara America. 1 . . Sent from above! Long may our Brothers stand. pride and love ! MR Old Hundred.26 RITUAL. Nor curses blast our honored name. A cheerful welcome Long live to the good . . Now bound by honor's sacred laws. Offspring of truth and light. our land. you will live to a good and noble purpose the memories of the past will unto them. Nor let the blight fall on thy way Our hopes. Long live our temple bright. then to the Worthy Chief Templar for the closing ceremonies. no Judas e'er betray. And our Order's great renown. happiness each member crown life ! Stand firm in truth while shall last. Be faithful to our holy cause Let truth preserve each member's fame. and our future glorious. . do ye even so Thus. that others should do unto you. and sign the Constitution . Then welcome to our Unionhood. And Sisters glorious band Strong pillars in Our 2." : be pleasant. You will now accompany our Marshal to the desk of the Financial Secretary. may treason never blast Our trust. .

long that You have now undertaken a lifework. which I will now give. [ We The W. Let no deed or word e'er sever Those who gather here to-night. Z day is I 3 Ant To "Lift your heads. and that our association here and elsewhere will be mutually pleasant and profitable. labors and influence will be with us and for us . tJie breaking. and now comes to you for the closing instructions and ceremonies. T. M. W. I charge you to consider well the lessons of this Of necessity they have been brief: ponder them in your mind. test and passwords. T. W. Firm in principles of Temperance. exemplified and set forth.'] .INITIATION. they will be more fully Lodge. have signs of recognition. will here give the instructions." Be a our noble cause forever. C. grips and signals. and as you advance in our noble Order. and we expect that henceforth your C. steady beacon light . Keeping always in remembrance. is King alone. Turn the wine-king from his throne. you will be present at all of our meetings. God. Worthy Chief Templar. our friend has traveled the circuit of our Lodge. Great God.

I proclaim this person Good Tem- a member of this Lodge . H. named. M. T. T.. the W. ByLaws. God's only beverage. C. D.. will now form our circle of [ The members form a circle. (Officers and in this And candidate drink. H. H. the W. T.. with the can- didate on the opposite side. C.28 RITUAL. pure element of water. M. Rules and usages. and candidate glasses of water. S. S. W.~\ and in front of the officers W. By the authority of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of plars.. R. M. on one side of the fountain. M. H. S. and he is to all the rights. and L. hand the W. [The R. hereby declared to be entitled privileges and protection guar- anteed to members by our Constitution. we mutually pledge a life-long fidelity to our sacred cause. and L."] x C. joining hands around the candidate and officers.} . or table on which are the glasses of water. and D. The members unity.. S.

as all worthy members should be. Sparkling and bright. (The R. . Each smiling son and daughter. Will nerve our weakest for the strife Flash out a draught of water cold.INITIATION. 'twill give you wealth. and in our great work." With your sparkling glasses high. friends this C. Then fill your sparkling glasses high ! 2. Or sweet as the sparkling water ! W. S. with proper regalia. H. or L. or It is hoped you will ever wear loth. ! There's nothing so good for the youthful blood.) . AIR "Sparkling and Bright" light. of strength and life.. 'Twas given a blessing from the sky. Be- you join hands with us. health that wine can never buy . hi its liquid Is the water in our glasses . 'Twill give Ye lads you health. officiate. T. emblem of perpetual of hands signifies The union the purpose and fore effort union of hearts. full Cold water. H. S. upon whom you have fraternal claims circle which you see around us being the friendship. we will invest you.) . 1 29 (Cracovienne. young and old. and rosy lasses ! O then resign your ruby wine. Am " There's Fill all much good cheer. With cheerful faces. Thus are you surrounded by .

"] . Love will soothe our woes and pain ."] Now. Blessings follow in our train. and Supporters resume their respective stations. Thus progressing. Am Hail Zion. the candidate made acquainted with all present. behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. May the pleasant ties that now bind us together be severed only hi death.pleasure and profit to yourself. The W. badge with. we now our new made member. and the cause of You will now take your place. [ C. ^During should be the recess for congratulations. T.30 this RITUAL. as we all stand united around our common altar. this institution and honor to Temperance. Linked with us in friendship's chain . and form a part of our circle. Kind and faithful to each other. having plighted our faith together beneath our sacred standard.

Has the Treasurer received the W. T. W. F. Brothers and Sisters. T. W. and members. sacred promises to abstain from intoxicate. . At our altar we have given our most V. we I thank you : your presence and attention this evening us now listen to our parting counsel. T. 0. \ have. shall expect you here at our next meeting. T. same? C. 8. Worthy The Financial Secretary. for let C.CLOSING. We desire the pres- ence of all. let us not forget the principles enjoined upon us by our Order. W. 31 OILOSI1TGK W. T. receipts are * * * Worthy Chief Templar. Worthy Chief Templar. ? what are the receipts of the evening W. all that can and by and all just means in our power to banish intemperance. Worthy officers are about to close this meeting.

shun the way of evil doers. Put our trust alone in thee. all intoxication. Am Ward. We must now separate. 2.32 RITUAL. Am Sicilian Hymn. Great God! hear thou our prayer to-night. And charity and love increase May Providence protect the right. Guide ali our faltering steps aright. The foes of Temperance may we brave. CLOSING ODES. . T. Reclaim the wrong. * Heavenly Father While we now ! give thy blessing. and exhibit by your integrity that the labors and teachings of our Lodge are not in vain. assailed Am Cheney. . That may Save from From its fountain may we flee . In your respective callings. establish peace. W. We will now sing our closing ode. our mind each truth impressing. to thy glory tend. Our fellow men from ruin save. 3. 1. this On meeting end . to mingle again in the pursuits and temptations of life. C. May friendship's chain be ever bright. When by strong temptation.

whatever in our present intercourse may have been displeasing to Thee. . or use the following :] PRAYER. You will now the Closing service [ by the Worthy Chaplain. W. and the glory forever. Guide us by Thy counsels while we live. C. T. and power. and keep us and all our loved ones there ever under the shadow of Thy wing. T.CLOSING. Our Father who Thee and for art in Heaven. eternal in the heavens. in thought. we thank for the privilege of the present meeting. whatever good abled to accomplish. and finally receive us into that temple not made with hands. Deepen every conviction of duty. we may have been enPardon. we entreat Thee. and strengthen every earnest resolution of amendment. 33 give attention to W. C. - Amen. Accompany us to our several homes. offer The Chaplain will a short extempore prayer. word or deed. For thine is the kingdom. pronounce a benediction. The meeting is now closed.

T. M. W. He also brings with him these Brothers ..'] W. M. T.. G. our Lodge is is duly prepared for the installation of its officers. and the Grand Worthy Chief Templar in You waiting in our ante-room to install them. a D. W. and retire to the ante-room. W. [ W. Worthy Marshal. C. retires and introduces the officers. and a G. C. (or. T. When the Lodge ready for installation. I have the honor and pleasure of presenting to you the Grand Worthy Chief Templar. the G. C. M. The proper installing Officer in his absence. and introduce with such will now retire him. S.34 RITUAL. representatives of the officers of the Grand Lodge as may accompany him. W. who is here for the purpose of installing the officers of this Lodge. C. will quietly appoint a G.'] W. W. [ is is the T. Worthy Chief Templar.~) G.

whom he has selected to repre- sent the Grand Lodge. W. TF. 35 (atid Sisters). The W. M. installed. duct the C. as representatives of the will Grand Lodge. C. T. T. C. each to their respective stations. a source of gratification to us to find a Lodge ready for our services. the C. W. a place with you.. The W. T. and waiting' to be pleasant duty to assist Our officers are elected. It is with pleasure that I welcome you within our Lodge. C. who says G. T. and we proceed with the installation ceremonies. and in order to . then steps in front of the G. T. and W. T. S. There are certain laws which must be observed before I am permitted to proceed. It will be our you in any manner you may Gr. now step forward and the con- officers to seats. W. C.INSTALLATION. You have now closed your term Worthy Chief Templar of this Lodge. takes the G. require. as W.. [ All yive the salutation except in public installations^ W. It is You will now give us. the G. S. . T. M.* C. and W. [The W. W.. the G. S. T. W. C.

(if re-elected. They have. with the per centage. you for still further useful- and the Lodge cannot now dispense with services. and. Have the officers elect been chosen in accordance with the laws. C. " as Past . Have been made placed in the hands of the proper officer W. as soon as W. I will ask the usual questions : G. your seat You will therefore take your say among the members" ) Chief Templar of this Lodge Worthy for the ensuing term. C. names of the appointed officers are reThe ported to the Grand Worthy Secretary. G. the Quarterly Returns out. W. C. and have the required bonds been given and approved ? W. T. C. know that you have complied with them. T. G. They have. with the same feeling. ? W. T.36 RITUAL. and. T. I will proceed with the installation. It is with pleasure that we receive your report. yet your ex- perience prepares ness. C. T. the labors of your office are ended.

CHAP. H.INSTALLATION. W. * W. and that diligence in the discharge your duties. I. * W. A. It is no common mark of favor which has thus been bestowed upon you. W. * W. O. T. * * * * 8. except that of will be left at the chairs the Guards and Supporters. R.. H. I feel confident that it has been worthily bestowed. W. but if you rise . will raise you still of all higher in the estimation of your associates. S. W. G. on the desk of the G. you have done well. * . T. W. with blank spaces ready names of the appointed officers. * G. the shown in diagram G. w. W. M. H. 8. are being made by : the Officers elect. the and. C. W. 8.) My Brothers and Sisters. you have been elected to take charge of this Lodge for the ensuing quarter. while the appointments G. M. * T. D. W.. of the officers.. The regalia."] a. (Rising. will T. \_A full list to Jill in the 37 of the officers elect. C. V. together with courteous demeanor. c. W. a T. T. * W. * L. * W. as arrange seats in front of the G. In rising to the position of Officers of this Lodge. should be S. P.

W. rules and usages of the Order. We . Achieve. upon your sacred honor. Our plighted duties shall still . with heart and hand And evermore. will in the discharge of better. T. your duties. C. The Officers will now assume the Good Templar attitude for receiving the OBLIGATION. Officers respond. that you discharge all will faithfully of the duties devolving upon you as Officers of this Lodge. ill. in strict accordance with the laws. through good and By one another stand "Whatever station we may fill In this exalted band. the Constitution and By-Laws of the Grand Lodge. and each of you.38 RITUAL. and of this Lodge. you : do Please sing our Installation Ode Am Whatever "Auld Lang Syne" station we may we fill In this exalted band. Cr. do solemnly promise. You.

Worthy Marshal and Worthy Deputy Marshal. you have just heard the Obligation taken voluntarily by G. T. you will have charge of the Regalia and Odes. T. and immediately enter upon the discharge of your duties. W. here without passing the Guards are qualified to remain . Members respond. 39 Brothers and Sisters. C. W. Worthy Guards. C. T."] G. W.INSTALLATION. your duties require you to take charge of the doors of our it Lodge : see to that no unworthy persons are admitted. your Officers. 0. and will see that they are properly distributed at the opening and collected at the . We are witnesses. You relieve the present Guards. Grand Worthy Marshal galia. you will see that all who enter a. Initiatory and Our Closing ceremonies are not disturbed. and conduct you will will clothe to you in re- your stations. and that our Opening. \ rise as they [ Officers are addressed.

pay Worthy Treasurer. their initiation. You your stations by our Grand Worthy Marshal. at the close receipts to the of each meeting. punctuality and ability of the Worthy Secretary. W. Worthy Secretary and Worthy Assistant Secretary. see to it or wrong is done to the Lodge in any of its members. and the Worthy Treasurer will keep the same subject to the order of the Lodge. G. close of each meeting. C. and upon the precision. the Records of this Lodge are will now be conducted to your keeping. and enter upon the discharge of your duties. conduct candidates at visitors. and introduce Follow our Grand Worthy Marshal. W. Let your fidelity be apparent. all The Worthy Financial Secretary will. G. T. or to yourselves. C. T. and he will conduct you to your places in the Lodge. the financial affairs of this Lodge are now placed that no injustice or your hands . and clothe you with your regalia.\ 40 RITUAL. Worthy Financial Secretary and Worthy Treasurer. and a good conscience your reward. the prosperity and now about to be placed in harmony of the Lodge in a great measure .

So do. T. by the side of the Grand Worthy Secretary. and without which we labor in vain. Endeavor so to conduct the devotional exercises of this Lodge. that they may be beneficial to the mem- bers and acceptable to our Heavenly Father. it is your bless- privilege to invoke the divine favor ings. Worthy Vice Templar. you Sisters. good Secretary is always at his Without prompt action on your part. W. and receive the thanks of Worthy Chaplain. and you this will merit Lodge and of the Grand Lodge. but we feel confident that you have taken it with a determination to perform its duties faithfully. regalia. conduct the You have accepted an arduous place. The Grand Worthy Marshal will now conduct you to your place in the Lodge. The Grand Worthy Marshal will now conduct you to your place. and clothe you with G. post. have. 41 depend. T. successfully affairs A the Worthy Chief Templar cannot of this Lodge. In the to you are required . been placed in an important discharge of your duties.INSTALLATION. C. C. W. by the favor of your Brothers and position. G.

(They remain standing. Let it be your highest aim to merit a continuance Your the of their confidence. and assist him as he shall from time to time direct.42 RITUAL. C. and as you dignified. and that the Lodge. You are presiding and executive officer of this Lodge. your merits be The Grand Worthy Marshal will now conduct you to your place. in all of its workings. T. Chief.} Worthy Chief Templar. and to grow in their esteem. and you will see that order and the rules of the Lodge are enforced. and superintend the Guards. you have been elected to the highest office in the gift of this Lodge. conforms to the Ritual. assist in maintaining order. Worthy Right and Left Hand Supporters. and you will consider it a mark of the esteem and confidence the Lodge reposes in you. so will appreciated by the Lodge. Be faithful. duties are high and arduous. You will support your G. give out nightly a retiring Pass-word. discharge your duties. and clothe you in the regalia of your office. your stations are indicated by the names of your office. and prompt . the laws of the Right Worthy Grand . W.

Worthy Chief Templar. Be prompt. I also present you a copy of the Constitution and These will guide you By-Laws in conducting the ceremonies of our Order. fearless and impartial in your acts. And. you will now clothe the Supporters with regalia. the regalia of your to yourself to office. with the Worthy Chief Templar. and upon the care and fidelity with which you discharge your duties. I present you with the gavel : by this you will . and expected that you will be in your place at every meeting. and you will have the assistance of all the affairs. I now clothe you with Wear it with honor Lodge. and conduct them. to their places. / 43 of this Lodge.I INSTALLATION. which we all expect you will cherish and defend. and the admission of new members. lastly. in time to commence at the regular hour . It is own Grand Lodge. Grand Worthy Marshal. I also give and profit to the your keeping the Charter of the Lodge. to members profit in conducting its your mutual and satisfaction. the welfare and prosperity of the Lodge principally depend. of this Lodge. your Lodge. courteous and kind in your intercourse with the Lodge.

44 control the will call RITUAL. as symbolized in our strive emblem and found in our Charity. good words and works. to * will call up the * * members. in all that pertains to its wel- Act together harmony. a. in honor preto excel in ferring one another. and will * up the officers. your Chief has been fully invested with his I now wish to remind you that he authority. of the Grand Lodge and "Faith. O and Members. and its cardinal principles. Hope. remembering the object for which our noble Order was instituted. W. * * . and The Grand Lodge expects a good motto my own for the past. T. C. and the community that you I return you the thanks will do a good work. He in and expects your assistance fare. movements of the members order. and as you are now in a condition to continue . growing desires and profitable Lodge. will call * * * seats them again. You now enter upon the discharge of your duties." report from you. * * . Worthy Officers alone cannot make this a successful.

Ye soldiers of our cause.. I now * declare the officers of * I. Stand up. T. AIR " The morning light is breaking. Be never wanting there. in this glorious hour Where duty calls. this Forth to mighty conflict Go." Stand up. Against unnumbered foes Your courage rise with danger. And strength to strength oppose. . No. and until their successors are elected and installed. may Heaven bestow upon you increased prosperity. . 0. of G. Please sing our Closing Installation Ode. Till every foe is vanquished And all are free indeed. stand up for Temperance. stand up for Temperance. 18 * * . 45 your noble work. let it suffer loss.INSTALLATION. or danger. * * * Lodge. Nor From victory to victory shall Our army be led. Lift high our royal banner. and authorized to enter upon and discharge their several duties for the term ending * * * 1st. duly installed.

in due form. He may.. that application has been made.46 RITUAL. shall take the Chair . tern. date call up the Lodge. sJiaH be Degree members. may proceed without conferring the Degrees . 8. as acting . he shall waive apjpointments pro after the applicants shall haw been duly initiated. location. W. If however. and that the fee has been paid. but it shall be his duty to confer the Degrees within three months. as assistants. himself. name and number of He will then the Lodge. in good standing. as far as with the election The applicants having been initiated. in due form. Grand and see that it is Officer wiU examine the Charter of the duly filled out with the names of the mem- signatures. until The Grand Officer Witt then proceed with the Initiation Ceremony. sliaU appoint Members of the Order. and proper and proclaim a* follows: . and shall explain the several Charges of the Officers acting in connection with the Initiatory Work. that the G. After which the Lodge. confer the Degrees the following evening. and. there are no Members of the Order } present to assist him. however. so tJiat the members of the newly instituted Lodge shall be enabled to proceed correctly in att 1 future Initiations. that in cases where there are no members of the order present. so that after tJie first quarter (lie Officers. so far as may be in his power. required. bers. with this difference only. T or his Deputy. On the nvjTit appointed for Institution. C. is in possession to the The of the same. as provided in the Ritual. the Officer and installation of the Officers. Officer instituting a new Lodge will satisfy himself. the G W. prior performance of 1m duties. he will confer the Obligation of the Order. for a Charter . Grand Officers.

upon the community which you dwell to reform the inebriate. is our race by intemperance. C.INSTITUTION. and your counsels together be tempered with reason. good live to improve all the higher and better faculties of man's nature and. 47 : G. above all. live to 4 its professions. and of the members thereof. you will be instrumental in accomplishing . if you are but faithful and energetic. Brothers and Sisters all Having complied with demand. It is your prerogative. . than upon its mere precepts or Live above reproach . W. let ask that the example of this Lodge. it is my usages pleasure and duty to welcome * * that our laws and the members of * Lodge into union with our Temperance Fraternity. to assuage the woes and afflictions entailed upon ' to exert a healthy influence . The perpetuity and salvation of an Institution or a Society depends more upon the example and practice of its members. moderation. in traffic in alcoholic poisons. T. dence. And. firmness of true wisdom. shall ever be calculated to me advance its true interests and those of our 1 common cause. and to suppress the one of the holiest Let your efforts ever be in harmony and unison. with the blessings of Provi. and the of callings.

work of regenerating the world. authority of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars. by * Lodge. . after which close the Lodge inform. I hereby declare * * And now. At the close of this Ceremony. No. This Ceremony will be found in Chase's Digest. * * * and organized. and while obedient to the Constitution and decisions of to be duly instituted the Grand Lodge. FUNERAL CEREMONY. page 147. to be fully entitled to the rights and privileges of Lodges of our Order.48 a part of the great RITUAL. any necessary business may be transacted.


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