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Plural Der Substantive Theorie

Plural Der Substantive Theorie

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Published by: cainne on Sep 27, 2009
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Plural der Substantive Theorie

learning target

Aim of this section is to learn how to form the plural of a noun. singular der Junge das Jahr die Tür das Mädchen der Baum das Auto plural die Jungen die Jahre die Türen die Mädchen die Bäume die Autos English boy / boys year /years door / doors girl / girls tree / trees car / cars


The rule is: There is no rule! No, it's no joke. In English you just add a "s" to form a plural. In German are 12 different ways to form a plural and there aren't really rules which help to know which noun requires which way. You have just one choice. When you learn a new noun learn the noun, the article and the plural form. The 12 ways to form a plural in German 1. way: add an "e" to the noun singular der Schuh das Wort das Problem plural die Schuhe die Worte die Probleme translation shoe / shoes word / words problem / problems

2. way: add a "n" to the noun singular die Straße die Schule der Name plural die Straßen die Schulen die Namen translation street / streets schools / schools name / names

3. way: add a "s" to the noun singular der Park das Hotel die Kamera plural die Parks die Hotels die Kameras translation park / parks hotel / hotels camera / cameras

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Plural der Substantive Theorie

4. way: add an "en" to the noun singular der Student das Bett die Tür plural die Studenten die Betten die Türen translation student / students bed / beds door / doors

5. way: add a "er" to the noun singular das Ei das Kind der Geist plural die Eier die Kinder die Geister translation egg/ eggs child / children ghost / ghosts

6. way: add a "se" to the noun singular das Zeugnis das Erlebnis das Verhältnis plural die Zeugnisse die Erlebnisse die Verhältnisse translation school report / school reports experience / experiences relationship / relationships

7. way: add a "nen" to the noun singular die Freundin die Ärztin die Studentin plural die Freundinnen die Ärztinnen die Studentinnen translation friend / friends (female) doctor / doctors (female) student / students (female)

8. way: add nothing to the noun. Singluar and plural are the same. singular der Fehler der Schüler das Fenster plural die Fehler die Schüler die Fenster translation mistake / mistakes pupil / pupils window / windows

9. way: change the stem vowel. singular die Tochter der Vater der Bruder plural die Töchter die Väter die Brüder translation daughter/ daughters father / fathers brother / brothers

10. way: change the stem vowel and add an "e" to the noun singular der Fuß die Stadt der Sohn plural die Füße die Städte die Söhne translation foot / feet city / cities son / sons 2

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Plural der Substantive Theorie

11. way: change the stem vowel and add an "er" to the noun singular das Wort der Mann das Buch plural die Wörter die Männer die Bücher translation word / words man / men book / books

12. way: irregular change of the noun singular das Datum der Bus die Firma last hints As you already recognized the article of the plural nouns is always: die It doesn't matter if the singular form has "der", "die" or "das" as article. plural die Daten die Busse die Firmen translation date / dates bus / buses company / companies

When we learn a new word I will give you always the plural form too. To save space we will shorten the plural form in this way: plural form add an "e" add a "n" add a "s" add an "en" add an "er" add an "se" add an "nen" add nothing stem vowel change stem vowel change and add an "e" stem vowel change and add an "er" irregualar change noun has no plural form abbreviation +e +n +s +en +er +se +nen same ¨ ¨, e ¨, er the word itself no

If there is more than one vowel in a noun then I marked the vowel which has to be changed: der Anzug -> die Anzüge (suit/suits) marked as: ¨ (2nd), +e

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