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B.E.S.T Buses in Mumbai Service Sustainability Check through Research 1.) Age : 2.) Gender : 3.

) Occupation : Student Service Business(Owned) Others 4.) Location of Stay : Mumbai Suburbs Centre of the City Outskirts of Mumbai Others 5.) How often do you travel by B.E.S.T Buses? o Rarely o Monthly o Weekly o Daily 6.) On a scale of 1-5, 1 being lowest, how satisfied are you with the overall service provided by B.E.S.T Buses in the city? _________ 7.) Rate the following components of Service Sustainability provided in B.E.S.T Bus services : Criterion Very Good Average Poor Very Good Poor Bus Conductors Mannerism of treating passengers Seating Arrangement in the Bus Types of seats placed in the Bus Placement of Handles for standing passengers B.E.S.T Television for passenger entertainment Speed of Driving the bus by the Bus Driver Overall Cleanliness of the bus 8.) Are you satisfied with the current ticket fare that you pay in the bus to reach your destination? o Yes. It is adequate. o No. It is costly. 9.) Do you feel buses are overcrowded in peak hours of travel? o Yes o No

10.) In your opinion, what is the major problem B.E.S.T services need to look into solving presently? o Traffic o Bus Schedules o Safety o Cost o Others 11.) Rank in order or preference the following service expectations from B.E.S.T Buses : Bus frequency Comfort Level in Buses while travelling Ease at ticketing in buses Overall safety while commuting Price involved in travel