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Navy Medi E> ie ~), b« e , \ , es = tt | en Cie onspirator or Hero VADM Ross T. Mclintire Reassessment of an American Hero ‘Steven Lomarow, M.D. physician co Franklin Delano sole in Ocrnber 1919, Roosevelt Presidents eyes very superficial and Re Melntire was personal Wilso’s massive disailicy follwing _ "The pigmented lesion above the seve from 1932 10 1945. befiended Grayson during his temute has never shown any sigh ofan ina Daring tha ime, he rose tothe rank ax Assistant Secretary ofthe Navy in matory nate. You ci rest aesied ie of vce adminal and Surgeon General the Wilton administration, Grayson, x under abseracion atl ies" (3) ofthe Navy. The widespread presently like Mele, was more han ust The existence, teatment and ul held view of Meint’s performance physician tothe presidents he washis mate cansequences of the pigmented in that eapaciy isasan excellent and dar fiend, intodacing Wilson to lesion, knoven to present ay physi competent wartime administrator bt his scond wife, Edith, and was best cane 4s melanoma, only now being an abject hllureas presidential physi-_ man ac thee White House welding, defined. Ths remarkable new infor. ‘lan. While the former is undoubtedly Grayson recommended Melnxre not mation also casts additonal ight on correct the later could noc be farther only for his competence asa EENT the specific tole of VADM Melntire fiom the euth physician, since FDR was eubjet ro ax presidential physician and the high Asa result ofintense research frequent "sinus infections” but also quality of naval medicine in genera which has ld wo remasdable new because of ability ro "laep a closed Roosevelt behavior wich rxpact 0 ‘insights about the health of Franklin mouth 1) his life-defining malady—polio—is a Roosevelt, Melaicccmerges nots the FDResoyed gener good heaeh_ due wo Mele rol presen incompetent ey, eat nove and throstin his Retard the aly pat of his ae physcan a wel The preside 3p special at hivoran have pleured ond erm. Dsing this tims, Mela pled reat energy 0 conguing polo, bin, bt cher a8 maserl head of accompanied Rooseele om most af devoting she years Berean these he 2 diced and highly sled group of his equ lal exapadesslost wan stichen n 1921 wl his rent pyc, moral naa officer who. alway abana US. Nevy el In ine public lien 1928 co undereing tere othe president. aswellas 1998, che Foquency af Mlnties igo program of habitation, his close soci, che highee quality medical eeatment markedly accle- seeking ou the nce doctor the of medial eateavalableat the me. aed, continuing nel FDR’ dexch most exper infomation salable, and Moreover, VADM Mlatire was more_ in 1943. Whe thre ino oficial x- performing intensive personal esarch bana psican his most import papain for his aces atenon, nt devising pele tema, eh patent he was an indpemabie close at about his ime pigmented loon _inghim the nickname around Warm fonfidante anda member of the most above FDR lef yer sce in 1925. Springs of Doctor Roowere” He bo inner cede of usted presidental began noiceably expanding and ak- personally anced che habitation aor ing onthe characceistis of ahighly center and even founded achat ater, ‘Anativeof Ongon, VADM Nn malignant rumor then knw as mel noun st The March of Dimes {e graduaed fiom Willmet School anole sarcoma, one which at hetine_suppoc polio research and aware of Mice in 1912 and joined the wav. vita death emence. fn Jani> While many bigraphers contin #0 ‘avyas an abistane surgeon in 1917. uy 1940, in repose wan inguiy by believe hela publicpronounce- Jn 1982, when FDR wa looking for leading gyneniogial oncologst, Dr. ments of oe of FDR's physicians, 2 peronal physician, hermes ro his Rein Person, Melntie sponded, Howard Brush, chat FDR showed lend RADM Cary. Grayo, in confidence, withthe only known ile nee ns ea, his pase ‘who best remembered athe mit. public acknowledgment af he eons havior ie ample evidence othe tein of the emer up of Woodrow _extence ating: cone. 2) suovaveust 2008 2 Insaco erty Gate escne ‘Seen of DRS nn dab ae om Sie pbbe Rem pea tte sich pb, ar wl a an asec shes we mat of he mon ines prey Tepes roped inhi Mali oct progam (ldiclermason, Ofte ene ‘howd ofimaas in xine of Familia Dele onock ethan an! porey hy scl i i : i # rie Heke i Bae at ¥ a eh compro wi and non of hse Sweep eae Anya Secs or abr pode eh Seu penonly reel by he pres netic cont of te protec lage was wc he ae atbinon hocgaphing ling FDR wide be wan foun. Waheed Whe Hea Sul alain th prose ipsa ang nd ol information ‘ele pruning tthe bebo ‘he prod mar ner Sprmned af ie Commendorin Ci ter emphes) Mace es bihly Aled andcompeese ioscan iin i pe Sig He enon eae ‘dale Room on Menerenaee Nee sfthee acon selnown at, buet 1546 samy by Mele olan eect tity, CDR George A Foe eee iho ial eee spor feel tehmiqrs 3) Metnie ieee ‘alin tbe iat conal- serena {Eh to he com cool tobe Aneta ret: apelin ‘Somone and coy Neeser nseed by rower of word de Pmobel pecals and arae Roos wat etd a Baths ac le 3 ies bres 194 T9444 The ext rae of thse omens canoe apres be Armin a yee Sec by ‘helenae aunty of De el treunderanxmemaly hla ‘coring Howard rset 1970 pe Fala Ran ss ‘ago wth ere congue hee re on 28 Muh 194615) om ‘hist on Bruen, tie fer eth ad ol one pair sb Oneanen okey the Ps {nef Und Sete le Boe convince ape pcs (eran bp Mela emp the ‘eof gas. the tal te: Seftor menbes aah Palin, When Teli asec so Basen recommen the “pablo! aoe of rsa rea 2 key wk of ee nthe St (po Geer (nae al he ae ‘Ee communicnn beeen Brean tl Melt fli gh dee ‘pond rapes snd presen Bd Fry 194 tan 2 roth pir Bren all de tne gc sngrie bt Fe en epdeold no ‘wet maremere om bao the pode ead ae Bako The rary sop ns he Neh ch ‘Fp ange: Googe mes 2 Selby debadesdsevonpen, ‘Wnetcl M. 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