A JOINT RESOLUTION OF KIWANIS CLUB OF QUEENS ROW AND KIWANIS CLUB OF MOLINO TO PETITION THE PROPOSED MERGING OF FIVE (5) CLUBS INTO ONE AS PART OF THE CREATION OF THE BACOOR DIVISION, TO SUBDIVISION INSTEAD, INTO TWO (2) GROUPS AND FURTHER APPOINTING L.T GOV CHITO MORENO TO ACT AND LEAD THE NORTH BACOOR DIVISION FOR AY 2013-2014 RESPECTIVELY. WHEREAS, during the preliminary meeting or caucus of five (5) Bacoor clubs namely; KC Queens Row, KC Molino, KC Metro Bacoor, KC Paliparan Professionals and the newly club chartered, KC Bacoor Sun Riser, held at Jollibee Molino, City of Bacoor, Cavite on August 13, 2013. Said meeting where attended by each club President and some Kiwanian guests from other clubs. WHEREAS, Past-President Agnes Sapenoso from Imus Club who then presided the meeting (which is not supposed to be) echoed the idea regarding the proposal of merging of the five (5) clubs under Bacoor Division to the concept of adapting significant new club building policy and new membership growth and development. WHEREAS, the three (3) clubs namely; KC Metro Bacoor, KC Paliparan Professionals and the newly chartered KC Bacoor Sun Riser, agreed to the idea of merger, however, the two (2) clubs which are KC Queens Row and KC Molino disserted arguing that the merger is counterproductive and it sows divisiveness, simply put it tantamount to the erosions of morale among members’ disillusionment among those club whose members are seriously, genuinely and sincerely committed their concerns and assistance to the children within their captive community most specially the dispossessed and these dissenters are KC Queens Row and KC Molino respectively. WHEREAS, the two (2) dissenters were not in conformity with the merger for reason that their respective club with their concomitant and of their desire to achieve growth – then if given the chance will prove that they can produce a more meaningful and quality members to voluntarily join Kiwanis Organization the soonest possible time, probably on or before the end of the year. Speaking of membership growth and development, KC Molino will charter a new club this coming October 2013 right then, KC Queens Row to follow the induction and chartering of new clubs as well and that will truly commit themselves on said ideal objectives that is being envisioned by Kiwanis in general. Disfavor on merger are based on the discretionary measures of 2 club members notwithstanding their personal sentiments of KC Queens Row significantly animosity, misunderstanding would eventually mend and put into oblivion in due time, depends on sincerity of the party concerned to attain genuine reconciliation.

Chito Moreno appointing him to act and lead as Lieutenant Governor on the proposed NORTH BACOOR DIVISION. GOV. said two (2) clubs jointly agreed to strongly recommend LT. Tan L. THEREFORE. BE IT RESOLVE. Licardo President. Tan. Philippine Luzon District. KC Molino COPY FURNISH: District Governor. Chito Moreno to act and lead on NORTH BACOOR DIVISION as the case may be and to take effect immediately upon approval of the District Governor designate Nelson S.T. KC Queens Row ____________________ KWN. Hence. moreover. Chito Moreno . jointly agreed the sub-divisioning of five (5) Bacoor clubs into two groups. Nelson S. By: ____________________ KWN. Lorna Hernandez President.WHEREAS. AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by KC Queens Row and KC Molino.T. In view of the foregoing. in order to achieve this goal and objective that has been conceptualized and to achieve peace and harmony within club concerned. the petition of merging five (5) Bacoor Clubs. these five (5) clubs concurred the proposal to sub-divide into two (2) groups wherein KC Molino and KC Queens Row would be under NORTH BACOOR DIVISION while the other three (3) clubs would be under SOUTH BACOOR DIVISION. GOV. a man of proven mettle in his field of work and experience and totally cause-oriented good leader as well. recommending LT. NOW. Gov. Daylinda A. Division IV-A L. Lody Asuncion. Gov.

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