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Edgar Allan Poe Unit

Choose any combination of projects to earn points toward this unit final worth 100 points. Please recognize that each project is worth the points that are listed, but you may not earn those points if you do not fully complete the requirements. Submit this paper, along with all your projects by the end of the school day Friday, November 22nd.
_____/20 pts Create a poster that would advertise or "sell" your story. It must include the eye catching pictures and short descriptive summary that entices readers to read the story. Your poster must be 11x17 with 80% of the paper filled. Soundtrack. Make a list of 5 songs that you would use with your story. List the song and artist, along with an explanation of why you chose that song and how it fits in with the story. You must provide TWO lines from the song and what specific section of the story you would fit it into. Your explanation must be 5-7 sentences. Write a rap or a song summarizing your story. It must contain all of the major events in the book. It must be original and it cannot be one that Flocabulary wrote. You can work with a partner IF you perform it for the class (10 extra credit points). Rewrite the end of the story. Change the story or add to it by giving us details about what happened after. Your story must be one page handwritten or 300 words typed. Find 10 examples of the following figurative language or literary elements in your story: irony, foreshadowing, metaphors, similes, characterization. Provide a list of examples and your explanation of how they fit the label youve given them. Character sketch. Create a hand created sketch of a character in your story. You must provide 4 quotes from the story that used characterization to guide your sketch. Include those quotes on your finished work. You must fill 80% of a 11x17 paper. You may do this for up to two characters in your story. Non-fiction study. Choose a coordinating non-fiction topic to research. Use a published article from the MOREnet database to complete an article review (250 words). This topic must be preapproved. Graphic Novel. Create a graphic novel of one of our stories (either electronically or hand drawn). It must include at least 15 frames and must include the entire plot of the story (you cant skip any important parts). Vocabulary Crossword. Create a crossword using all of our vocabulary words and definitions. This must be handmade and include and answer key (use graph paper).

____/ 20 pts

____/20 pts

____/25 pts

____/30 pts

___/25 pts

___/ 25 pts

___/ 25 pts

___/15 pts