From the Desk of State Senator Royce West

Endorsements - 2014 Primary Election

44th Civil District Court Bonnie Goldstein 101st Civil District Court Marty Lowy 204th Criminal District Court Tammy Kemp 255th Family Court Lori Hockett 265th Criminal District Court Anthony Eiland 282nd Criminal District Court Andy Chatham 291st Criminal District Court Stephanie Mitchell 363rd Criminal District Court Nigel Redmond 301st District Court Mary Brown 304th Family District Court William Mazur

330th District Court Andrea Plumlee County Criminal Court No. 4 Nancy Mulder County Criminal Court No. 5 Etta Mullins County Criminal Court No. 10 Roberto Canas County Criminal Court No. 11 Shequitta Kelly Probate Court No. 2 Chris Wilmoth Probate Court No. 3 Mike Miller Dallas County District Clerk Felicia Pitre Dallas County Treasurer Pauline Medrano

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