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Final Report

Final Report

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Published by: Achin Agarwal on Jan 28, 2014
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Any attempt at any level cannot be satisfactorily completed wit o!t t e s!pport and "!idance of learned people# We wo!ld li$e to e%press immense "ratit!de to o!r respected mentor Mr# Arc isman for is constant s!pport and motivation t at as enco!ra"ed !s to come !p wit t is term paper and for clarifyin" o!r !n& endin" '!eries wit !tmost patience# We wo!ld li$e to t an$ all o!r respected fac!lties for "ivin" !s t e opport!nity to !nderta$e t is pro(ect and providin" wit necessary "!idelines from time to time# Last b!t definitely not t e least we wo!ld li$e to t an$ o!r family for providin" !s wit constant s!pport and for bearin" wit o!r late&ni" t wor$# We wo!ld also li$e to t an$ friends for ta$in" time to "o t ro!" t is pro(ect and e%pressin" t eir views and also providin" !s wit vital feedbac$)



T is is to certify t at present report titled “Study of Mar !t"#$ Strat!$"!% of Ma&or Car P'ay!r% "# I#d"a "# t(! L"%t of t(! P'ay!r% Mar !t S(ar!% "# t(! NCR R!$"o#) is based on ori"inal researc and as not been s!bmitted in part or w ole for any diploma or de"ree of any !niversity# T e wor$s of ot er a!t ors) w erever t ey ave been made !se of in t is st!dy) ave been d!ly ac$nowled"ed at relevant places#





Table of Contents

!"$%&!1 T*.E !"#$%&! S#''()* C+(.$!) V R!1#0$ : A2(0*1%1 4 . H/27( '/$/)1 T($( M/$/)1 L$7.! /6 )!1!()"+ "/27#"$!7 R!1!()"+ M!$+/7/0/8* Sample Size C+(. H*#27(% M/$/)1 L$7./) P0(*!)1 V%1%/2 34:34:5 S$)#"$#)! /6 I27%(2 PV 1!8'!2$ M()#$% U7*/8 L$7.$!) III P)/90!' S$($!'!2$ C+(. H%27#1$(2 '/$/)1 C+(.$!) II L%$!)($#)! S#)ve* C+(.$!) IV R!1!()"+ O9.$!) I O&!)&%!Indian four wheeler industry Passenger vehicle production graph Market Segmentation M(.

$!) .3 lakh units in 2002-03 to .C+(. the production of four wheelers in India has increased from 9. VI C/2"0#1%/2 F%27%281 S#88!1$%/21 B%90%/8)(. 'he Indian economy has A22! #)! I Q#!1$%/22(%)! E.EC-T+.+* in 2002-03 to 23 lakh units in 2007-0 reportin! a "#$% of 20&.E /-MMA*0 Over the last five years.

"risis estimates the passen!er vehicle e3ports to cross 7 lakh units (y 20**-*2. 9outh #fr ica. 8urope. 1arket research studies help in this matter a lot. :atin #merica. 'he Indian economy has !rown at an annual rate of more than Over the last five years the production of four wheelers in India has increased from 9. 'his survey will help to know the se!mentation.000 units in 2002-03 to 2 0. and account for over *0& of India/s $.E*. 'his will help in desi!nin! suita(le marketin! strate!y to reach more 7 more customers.e=uipped strate!y for this purpose. #uto industry was licensed.and it is tar!eted to !row five fold (y 20*.+EW !"#$"I#% & . positionin! and tar!etin! approach of various ma. etc. ran!in! from 1iddle 8ast. $rowth is only possi(le when the product is successful in market. $rowth 7 -rofit are the o(.ectives and the development of plans to achieve them. a scale to creatin! a customer. )ut post delicensin! in *99* the industry has !rown at an avera!e rate of *7& . 1arketers !et involved in the marketin! r esearch> this thinkin! is the paradi!m . # (usiness function is concerned with the formation of lon!-term o(.3 lakh units !rown at an annual rate of more than & over the last five years and the industrial production has made an outstandin! contri(ution to this !rowth. 'he effect of various marketin! strate!ies can (e r eviewed.-.. 83ports have increased immensely from 5. #n or!ani<ation should have well set and well.23 lakh units in 2007-0 reportin! a "#$% of 20&. C1A2TE* 3 &O.or car players in India.ective of any (usiness or!ani<ation. #l!eria.000 units in 2007-0 . %ussia. 6ehicle manufacturer s are increasin!ly adoptin! an outward lookin! approach and e3plorin! new markets 7 territories. #utomotive mission plan 0#1-2 e3pects the industry to reach a turnover of 4*+0-200 (illion in the ne3t ten years from the current 45+ (illion levels. 'he industry currently contri(utes a(out +& of the $. controlled and restricted in the early years of independent India and had a limited contri(ution to the economy.

. thou!h there are dominant players in some of the critical se!ments. the sales volumes of @ero @onda. two wheeler industries are e3pected to attract investment amountin! to %s *0 (illion. 'here has also (een a sur!e in e3ports of cars. have set up manufacturin! facilities and are e3pandin! rapidly to serve not only the domestic market (ut also to supply to their !lo(al customers. . such as sales ta3 rela3ations and concessional land. #uto and '69 1otors constitute around 0 percent of the total sales and in the commercial vehicles se!ment. lately the passen!er cars and commercial vehicles se!ment has also seen a !ood !rowth due to hi!h discounts. Aord.India?s automobile sector consists of the passen!er cars and utility vehicles. 'he auto components industry on the other hand is hi!hly fra!mented. 9imilarly. commercial vehicle. 9ince the last four to five years. @owever. utility vehicles and two wheelers.or automobile manufacturers such as $1. .a. to potential investors. #nother attractive area of investment for vehicle and parts makers is research and desi!n. 6isteon. to take advanta!e of India?s low cost advanta!e. and Aiat 0with the e3ception of 6olkswa!en. which is plannin! to set up manufacturin! shortly2 already have made si!nificant investments in India. two wheelers and tractors se!ment. @onda. Import duties on vehicles and parts have (een !radually comin! down and are e3pected to decline further in the ne3t two years. @owever. 9everal passen!er car makers have already achieved near full capacity utili<ation and are e3pandin!. 'he automobile industry is fairly concentrated. @owever. as in most of the se!ments two to three players have cornered a ma. the market leader 'elco controls around +. lower financin! rates and a pickup in industrial activity respectively.& in commercial vehicles and around *0& in two wheelers.or chunk of the total sales.aimler"hrysler. !iven the current si<e and structure of the Indian market. %ecently. #lready several international suppliers such as . '%D. !overnment has li(erali<ed the investment norms for the auto sector. 'ata 1otors and @yundai 1otors control around + percent of the total annual sales. Investment climate $iven the hi!h !rowth e3pectations and a li(eral !overnment policy.ana. "%I9 ICA#" is forecastin! a *2-*+& annual !rowth in the passen!er car sales. 1B:. 9imilarly. Eohnson "ontrols. the passen!er vehicle industry is e3pected to see investments of more than %s 30 (illion. :ocal content re=uirements and e3port o(li!ations have (een scrapped. the two wheelers se!ment has driven the overall volume !rowth on account of the spurt in the sales of motorcycles. 9everal state !overnments also offer attractive incentives. Aor instance.enso and . manufacture of certain components continues to (e reserved for the small-scale sector. In the ne3t 2-3 years. the investment potential in the India auto sector is hu!e. in the two wheelers se!ment. percent of the total annual sales. 'he e3pected !rowth in domestic sales and e3ports of vehicles also offers si!nificant opportunity for investors to invest in the auto ancillary industry. and minimum investment re=uirements also have (een diluted. @yundai. 'oyota. investment in commercial vehicle manufacturin! looks relatively unattractive. in passen!er cars se!ment. ' . 'his reservation is also e3pected to lift !radually over the medium term. )a.elphi. 'he total market si<e of the auto sector in India is appro3imately %s +50 (illion and has (een !rowin! at around percent per annum for the last few years. #lmost all the ma. .

'ractor industry !rowth is likely to turnaround and post a !rowth in volumes in 2005-0+. wide choice of models and easy availa(ility of finance at low interest rates will drive !rowth in passen!er cars se!ment. 'wo wheelers !rowth is likely to mar!inally slow down. thou!h annual !rowth rates may fluctuate widely with the cyclical ups and downs of the economy.percent driven mainly (y the increase in industrial and economic activity on account of the e3pected !rowth in the economy. it will post a moderate !rowth of around 5-+ percent annual !rowth rate over the medium term. 'he commercial vehicles se!ment is likely to !row at a trend rate of . 'he various layers of le!islative #cts sheltered the industry from e3ternal competition for a lon! ( . 'he primary reason for this has (een the all-pervasive re!ulatory atmosphere prevailin! till the openin! up of the industry in the mid-*990s.. @owever. which is likely to (e over *2 percent per annum for the ne3t four to five years.Outlook 'he e3pected rise in income levels. INDIAN FOUR WHEELER INDUSTRY 'he Aour Dheeler industry in India has not =uite matched up to the performance of its counterparts in other parts of the world. (ut still !row at an avera!e annual !rowth rate of around *0 percent.

Initially in the post-li(erali<ation period. $eneral 1otors. 1oreover. posted positive !rowth rates and witnessed the launch of many new models. 'he overall slowdown in the economy and the resultant slowdown in industrial production. )ut the spectacular !rowth in AG2000 was followed (y a decline in AG200* and only a mar!inal !rowth of 0. political uncertainty and inade=uate infrastructure development were some of the factors responsi(le for the slowdown e3perienced (y the automo(ile industry. the industry was considered low-priority as cars were thou!ht of as Funafforda(le lu3uryF. the sector e3perienced a turnaround.+& in AG2002. saw a (oom. improvement in life styles. In AG2000. Aord. increase in purchasin! power 0especially of the upper middle class2. entered the market. which contri(uted su(stantially to industrial !rowth in AG*99.aimler"hrysler2.. especially the passen!er car se!ment. and availa(ility of car finance. @owever.time. 'he automo(ile industry. (oth Indian and forei!n 0like . and . failed to maintain the same momentum (etween AG*997 and AG*999. PASSENGER VEHICLE PRODUCTION GRAPH ) . chan!es in $overnment policies. the smooth sailin! was suddenly disrupted in the last =uarter of AG*99.. 'he (uoyancy in the sector was derived primarily from economic vi(rancy. and many companies. 'he passen!er car industry was finally dere!ulated in *993. the automotive sector.aewoo.

In rural areas where the roads are usually (ad.efense se!ments accounted for the lar!est share of the market. Bttar -radesh and 1aharashtra. the share of the hard top se!ment in total 1B6 sales has re!istered an increase. these vehicles are used as !oods carriers and also for pu(lic transportation. the demand for 1B6s is the lar!est. 'he hard-top version consists of the hi!her-end 9ports Btility 6ehicles 09B6s2 that have (een present in the Indian markets since AG*999. and the . the $overnment and . 'here are three se!ments of (uyers for 1B6sH the private market. 'here are three su(-se!ments of the B6 I 1B6 se!mentH the hard-top. which are lar!ely dependent on sales in the rural and semi ur(an markets where the vehicles serve as modes of mass transportation 0ma3i ta3i2> have witnessed a contraction in volumes in recent years.asthan. 1adhya -radesh. 'he declinin! share of the soft-top su(-se!ment is attri(uta(le lar!ely to the 1* . 9pecifically. $overnment. Bntil the *990s. Corthern and Destern India account for nearly two-thirds of the demand for 1B6. Aollowin! the success of the hi!her-end 9B6s.MUVs 'he 1B6 se!ment consists of vehicles that are suited to (oth rural and ur(an areas. 'his has pushed private sector purchases into !reater prominence. 9oft-top 1B6s.efense. 'he reduction in $overnment and defense spendin! since the *990s has su(stantially reduced sales to these two se!ments. in 9tates like %a. soft-top and pickup.

1aruti )aleno2  2000 cc L 0 9u<uki $rand 6itara. and restraints on the issue of licenses to use soft-top vehicles as rural ta3is. 'ata Indica2  *300 cc J K*+00 cc 0 Aord Aiesta. Aord 8ndeavour2 Based on Design of Car: "ompact 0 1aruti 00. increase in diesel prices. enforcement of strict emission control norms. 'hose apart. 1aruit 8steem2  *+00 cc . increase in sales ta3 in some states. "hevrolet Optra2  9uper -remium 9edan 0 'oyota "orolla2  Btility 6ehicles 0 'oyota Innova. soft-top sales have also (een affected (y a decline in rural income. @yundai $et<2  9edan 0 @yundai #ccent.2000 cc 0 "hevrolet Optra. @yundai 9antro2  "ompact -lus 01aruti 9wift. Aord Ikon2  -remium 9edan 0 Aord Aiesta.iesel Based on Engine Capacity: 00 cc J K*000 cc 0 1aruti 00. @yundai 9antro2  *000 cc J K*300 cc 0 1aruti 9wift. Market Segmentation Based on Fuel used: -etrol  . "hevrolet 'avera2 Ma(or 2layers 11 .increasin! acceptance of 9B6s as an alternative to soft-tops 0and even hi!her end-cars2.

12 .

35 (illion in 200. manufacture for e3ports 0(oth vehicles and components2. *5+ (illion.-20*. would need an incremental investment in the order of B9.N.omestic -roduct and providin! employment to 2+ million persons additionally (y 20*. en!ineerin!. and (ack office operations.ision for t!e Future: 'he opportunity landscape for the Indian auto industry would encompass manufacture of vehicles and components for domestic sales. It is anticipated that the (ulk of this investment will come from e3pansion of capacities (y e3istin! manufacturers operatin! in India and remainin! from !lo(al multinational corporations 01C"s2 seekin! to make India their manufacturin! (ase.2.-20*. 3+50 (illion to come into Indian auto industry over the ne3t ten years 0200. and e3port of services in areas such as desi!n. ision Statement: )ased on the a(ove scenario. "ompetition for attractin! investments in India would come from countries such as "hina and 'hailand. *22-*+9 (illion in 20*.2.200. 13 . 0a su(stantial increase from the si<e of B9. the 6ision 9tatement for India?s automotive sector will (e as followsH M'o emer!e as the destination of choice in #sia for the desi!n and manufacture of automo(iles and automotive components. contri(utin! to more than *0& of India?s $ross . 'he output of India?s automotive sector will (e B9. Implementin! #1. It is estimated that the total turnover of the automotive industry in India would (e in the order of B9.

Btility vehicle se!ment and 1ulti -urpose 6ehicle se!ment.Structure of Indian " segment -assen!er vehicle industry is divided into three se!ments namely -assen!er 6ehicle 0-62 se!ment. Indian passen!er vehicle industry is hi!hly fra!mented especially if we compare it to two wheeler or commercial vehicles Industry. -6 se!ment contri(utes to a(out 0& of the volume while rest 20& is divided (etween B6 and 1-6. 14 . #lthou!h overall 1aruti is the clear market leader with a(out +0& of the market share and the second lar!est player have only one third of the share of 1aruti.

34 IC% 9000 "rores i. Eoint 6enture (etween 9u<uki 1otor "orporation 70& 8=uity the rest is with 1aruti 9u<uki India :imited.elhi.3+ %s2. !o"nt Vent#re S#+s"d"ar' Co%pan"es *+ Eoint 6enture companies. India %e!ional officesH *.iesel en!ines and transmissions for 9u<uki worldwide. D"ese( Po*ertra"n P(ant 9u<uki -owertrain India :imited 09-I:2. Proposed In.MA*-T+ -D0OG LTD# Company Snaps!ot: Incorporated Ae(ruary *9 * Octo(er *9 2 !o"nt Vent#re A$ree%ent E&#"t' E%p(o'ee Stren$t) Fac"("t"es +5. includin! 9u<uki -owertrain India :imited for component supply. 4 2. Gen 2+7 )illion 0 *Gen O 0.-07 $ur!aonH 3 vehicle assem(ly plants. 'rue 6alueH for sale and purchase of pre-owned cars 1aruti InsuranceH for insurance of 1aruti vehicles 01aruti?s companies2 1aruti AinanceH for financin! 1aruti vehicles Net*or0 Reac) F"nanc"a( Year 1. 1anesarH * vehicle assem(ly plant @ead Office in Cew .est%ents t"(( -.2 ./.e. Eapan. 5993 of financial year 200.2& 9u<uki. 1 . (alance with Other Ainancial Institution and -u(lic. IC% 90 )illion.2+ )illion 0* 4 O %s 502 P 9ales 39 Outlets coverin! 22 cities $lo(al hu( for .

'ey ModelsH 1 00. 00 outlets in *. 9wift . 9wift.90 (illion in the e3pansion of its manufacturin! facilities.700 cities (y AG*0.<ire in mid si<e se!ment.Maruti Su#uki India $MSI%& 1aruti 9u<uki is the market leader in the passen!er car industry with a market share of 5.iesel. #lto.+00 outlets in more than *. 19I: has announced an investment of %s. and desi!n facility. $ypsy. 9u<uki 1otor "orporation of Eapan holds a +5& stake in 19I:. 6ersa. $rand 6itara.+& and with a .2 sales outlets coverin! 372 cities. Ren 8stillo.200 cities to 3. 1aruti has around +. 'his investment will (e made over a period of ei!ht years and most of it would (e in capacity e3pansion and settin! up of %7. 9Q5 and . 1aruti has launched 9Q5 and . 1& . O1CI..<ire. In AG07-0 . Da!on %.3& share in the overall compact car se!ment. 1aruti plans to e3pand service its service network from 2.

 Maruti S3ift $45. -riced a little hi!her than the 00. the 8steem was a runaway success in a lar!ely unchallen!ed market. . 'his entry level model sports unmatched fuel efficiency. the esteem has stru!!led to retain its market. 8motional  6rand itara $7258 cc1 488 /!p& # 9B6 directly imported from 9u<uki as a ")B.. J 9elf e3pressive  Maruti Esteem$45. un(eata(le purchase price 7 low cost of ownership."(OD)C*S  Maruti +.cc1 +2/!p& %adical 9tylin! and an ener!etic en!ine has made the 9wift a runaway success.. cc1 -2 /!p& India?s lar!est sellin! cars> the features that have made the difference are its incredi(le milea!e and 8lectronic -ower 9teerin!. Is still a practical value for money 9edan. the #lto has carved a niche for itself as the ideal ur(an commuterJ %ational.cc -. J %ational  Maruti 0lto: $+. It is still considered as the ideal step up. /!p& 'he 1aruti 00 is the (est value for money car on Indian roads.: $+./!p& Introduced in *995. @owever with the advent of new -layers like the @yundai #ccent and the Aord Ikon. is a 9uper premium 9B6. with a variety of features. @owever sales are not very stron! as the vehicle is very steeply priced..9elf 83pressive 1' . 'he car is the leader in the compact plus se!ment due to 1aruti?s (rand name and technolo!ical superiority... cc1 +. the $rand 6itara.

it accounts for over +0 per cent of the domestic car market. In the automo(ile section they finished 7th. and is IndiaSs 1ost %espected #utomo(ile "ompany 0#s per survey conducted (y )usiness Dorld. a reputed Indian 1a!a<ine2. it has produced and sold over .. #lso. It has a sales network of +. is 1( .7+ million vehicles. includin! almost +00. then and now.M0()*I S)9)'I *OD0: 1ore than half the num(ers of cars sold in India were a 1aruti 9u<uki (ad!e.ecem(er 3*. 1aruti?s product ran!e has widened. Over the years. *. in an independent survey conducted (y Aor(es. to make a peopleSs car for middle class India.20072.2 outlets in 372 towns and cities. #s IndiaSs lar!est passen!er car company. with 9u<uki as a minor partner. ownership has chan!ed hands and the customer has evolved. 1aruti has (een rated first in customer satisfaction for ei!ht years in a row in E . It is a su(sidiary of 9u<uki 1otor "orporation Eapan. 'hey stood 9*st. and provides maintenance support to customers at 2+3 workshops in over *200 towns and cities 0as on . Dhat remains unchan!ed.E M0()*I D<0 1aruti was (orn as a !overnment company.000 units in 8urope and other e3port markets. -owerSs 9urveys. 9ince inception."om where they rated top 200 reputed companies on various parameters such as reputation within the customer and employee fraternity.

'his is why. it started e3portin! cars. fewer li!hter. which are inherited from 1aruti?s parent company. :ike 1aruti?s old Ren. a common uniform and common canteen for everyone from the "8O to the workman.was pro. 9imilarly.  )nderstanding of t!e Indian market and a/ility to liaison 3it! t!e government:1) . they e3port entry level models to many :atin #merican and #frican nations. despite a 3-year waitin! period in the domestic market. -roduct =uality. @owever. Dith a heavy focus on Con-8uropean countries 1aruti?s has mana!ed to (rin! incremental sales and 1aruti?s e3ports to these countries have !rown (y 57&. 1aruti?s parent company. and =uality circle teams. it has always stressed on e3ports to remain competitive in !lo(al markets. 1aruti (rou!ht to India. only to ensure that they remain competitive in terms of cost and =uality. 9u<ukiSs technical superiority lies in its a(ility to pack power and performance into a compact. #lto received rave reviews in Cetherlands. safety and cost consciousness are em(edded into 1aruti?s manufacturin! process. 'he same characteristics make 1aruti?s cars e3tremely relevant to Indian customers and Indian conditions. M0()*I S)9)'I E="O(*S #s a forward lookin! or!ani<ation. #ltoSs super( fuel economy entitled its customers to a *000 8uro refund from the $overnment of Cetherlands. daily mornin! e3ercise. li!htwei!ht en!ine that is clean and fuel efficient. Arom the Eapanese work culture 1aruti im(i(ed simple practices like an open office. %i!ht from inception. #t present.1aruti?s mission to motori<e India. shorter and neater. 9ince then they have sold more than 5+0. has (een a !lo(al leader in mini and compact cars for three decades. #n e3posure of !lo(al markets always comes handy in improvin! product =uality and cost. $reece. a common uniform and common canteen for everyone from the 1ana!in! . S>O* 0<0%:SIS OF M0()*I )D:O6 STRENGTHS  Esta/lis!ed distri/ution and after-sales net3orks:1aruti Bdyo! has its distri(ution centers all over the India and it delivers outstandin! after sales service to the customers.+& and 50& in the past three years. a very simple yet powerful Eapanese philosophy Msmaller. 9ome of 1aruti?s cars (ecame (estsellers. $ermany and 9wit<erland.ected as the Dorld "ar and was very well received in 8urope. 9u<uki 1otor "orporation. and =uality circle teams. daily mornin! e3ercise. due to adoption of new emission norms they had to temporarily suspend 1aruti?s e3ports to 8uropean countries and they (e!an developin! a new model for 8uropean markets.irector to the workman. . 'hat?s why 1aruti people have faith in the name 1aruti. in *9 .N Arom the Eapanese work culture they im(i(ed simple practices like an open office.000 cars to more than *00 countries of the world.

1aruti Bdyo! has (een producin! cars for middleclass ran!e. It increases the cost of product. OPPORTUNIT*  Increased purc!asing po3er of Indian middleclass category:Cow a day?s situation has (een chan!ed.1aruti Bdyo! understands the Indian market in a very !ood manner. 1aruti Bdyo! has a lot of a(ility to liaison with the !overnment. 'oday 1aruti Bdyo! has developed their different ima!e in the mind of people. It knows what e3actly Indian people need and provide it accordin!ly.  Ine?perience 3it! foreign 3orkforce If any company recruits forei!n e3perts or forei!n technicians who know have (etter technical knowled!e then it helps in product development in more efficient way.eavy Import tariffs:1aruti Bdyo! spends a lot on import tariffs on imported spare parts.  0/ility to design products 3it! differentiating features:1aruti has produced the different models of their cars. 1aruti has (rou!ht hi-tech technolo!ies in their past models and also usin! some modern techni=ues in their upcomin! models. 'heir purchasin! power is increased so there is lot of scope to 1aruti Bdyo! to increase their volume. 1aruti Bdyo! has created its own (rand ima!e in the country. the Eapanese company. WEAKNESSES  %ack of e?perience 3it! t!e foreign market:'hou!h 1aruti Bdyo! has their name in Indian market. they are not havin! e3perience with forei!n market.  E?perience and 'no3-!o3 in tec!nology:1aruti Bdyo! has colla(orated with 9u<uki. hi!her class ran!e so it is fulfillin! needs of all classes of the country. Cow even Indian middle class people can also afford the lu3uries like cars. Dhen e3ports of any products starts or increases company !ets lot of revenue in forei!n currency. )ut 1aruti is not that much e3perienced with forei!n workforce. 'hou!h same thin! happens with other companies 1aruti incurs more tariffs compare to other companies.  . 1aruti also !ives various and different features in their cars.  Brand Image:)rand ima!e is the important thin! for any (usiness. Dith this colla(oration. 2* .

aewoo.  Indian as 3ell as foreign competitors:9ince this is !lo(ali<ed world. 9ame way 1aruti Bdyo! !ets ta3 (enefits from $overnment which helps them to increase reserves and use it into the research and development and other activities. 'oyota are doin! well in this industry. 9o it?s !ood opportunity for 1aruti Bdyo! to reduce their cost which !ets increase due to various tariffs.  *a? /enefits 'a3 (enefit is an important opportunity for any company. "hinese are well known in producin! (est =uality product in less cost.ue to colla(oration with 9u<uki company. Eapan. there are various Indian as well as forei!n competitors to 1aruti. 6ovt@ su/sidies:1aruti Bdyo! !ets a lot of su(sidies from $ovt.  Foreign colla/oration . THREATS  *!reats from C!inese manufacturers:#ctually speakin! this threat is not only to 1aruti Bdyo! (ut also to all four wheelers manufacturers in the world. 1aruti has !ot various forei!n techni=ues which helps in product development. 1ahindra and forei!n companies like . 21 . Indian companies like 'ata.

re!istered total sales of 5 9.000th e3port car. In the domestic market it clocked a !rowth of 22. @yundai 1otor India also accomplished the landmark of producin! the fastest 20th lakh cars in India in 200 . @yundaiSs new model i*0 made a clean sweep of all the S"ar of the Gear 200 S awards from the leadin! automotive ma!a<ines and '6 channels like )9 1otorin!. i*0 and the -remium hatch(ack i20 in the )U se!ment. continuin! with its tradition of (ein! the fastest !rowin! passen!er car manufacturer. @1I: commissioned its second plant in Ae(ruary 200 which produces an additional 300.+ percent. initiated a uni=ue trans-continental drive from .000km in . "C)"-'6* #uto"ar. @1I: presently markets 37 variants of passen!er cars across se!ments.000 units per annum.ust *7 days after which the i*0s were showcased at the -aris 1otor 9how in Octo(er.5 percent as compared to25+. raisin! @1I:Ss total production capacity to . 'he 9antro in the ) se!ment. #part from the e3pansion of production capacity. 3 7 units in 2007 while overseas sales !rew (y 92. In 200 .+00. @yundai 1otor India :td. 22 . 'he drive created automo(ile history (y completin! a distance of *0. the 9onata 8m(era in the 8 se!ment and the 'ucson in the 9B6 se!ment. 9outh Torea and is the second lar!est car manufacturer and the lar!est passen!er car e3porter from India. @1I:Ss fully inte!rated state-of-the-art manufacturin! plant near "hennai (oasts of the most advanced production. C.'6 -rofit "ar 7 )ike India and Overdrive ma!a<ine. it is !earin! up to step up its foray into new markets.elhi to -aris in two of its hu!ely popular i*0 Tappa cars. which will (e further (olstered in 2009. =uality and testin! capa(ilities in the country. :ike 200 . @1I: currently has 2+* stron! dealer networks across India. @1I: has invested to e3pand capacity in line with its positionin! as @1"Ss !lo(al e3port hu( for compact cars. an increase of 59. In continuation of its commitment to provide the Indian customer with !lo(al technolo!y. 'he i*0 was also the choice of the discernin! automotive media of the country as they conferred the presti!ious SIndian "ar of the GearS 0I"O'G2 award to the i*0 as well. In fact it was at the -aris 1otor 9how that @1I: first unveiled the @yundai i20 and the car received a phenomenal response from the auto enthusiasts across the world. the #ccent and the 6erna in the " se!ment. It achieved a si!nificant milestone (y rollin! out the fastest 500. percent over "G 2007. 2007 also saw the launch of the i*0 and yet another path-(reakin! record in its youn! . @1I: also successfully completed *0 !lorious years of operations in India and to commemorate its achievements.93* units in 200 .000 units per annum.000th car. the year 2007 had also (een a si!nificant year for @yundai 1otor India.00. with e3ports accountin! for 253.10-NDA+ MOTO* +ND+A LTD# @yundai 1otor India :imited 0@1I:2 is a wholly owned su(sidiary of @yundai 1otor "ompany.ourney (y rollin! out the fastest *. the $et< -rime. @yundai e3ported to over 9+ countries !lo(ally> even as it plans to continue its thrust in e3istin! e3port markets..32 vehicles in the calendar year 0"G2 200 .

'he 9antro and the #ccent also received the S'C9 6oice of the "ustomer . the /)est 1id-si<e "ar of the Gear? award from C. 8mployin! over 7+. (illion on a non-consolidated (asis 0usin! the avera!e currency e3chan!e of 929 won per B9 dollar2. Cot only this.200 S award for the -remium "ompact "ar 09antro2 and the 8ntry 1id si<e "ar 0#ccent2.000 dealerships and showrooms.'6 -rofit "ar 7 )ike India had declared the 'ucson as the S9B6 of 'he Gear 200.000th e3port car. 'he 9onata 8m(era won the S83ecutive "ar of 'he Gear 200.S award from )usiness 9tandard 1otorin! ma!a<ine and C. In 2007.000 people worldwide. the /)est 6alue for 1oney "ar? from "C)" #utocar and S-erformance "ar of the GearS from )usiness 9tandard 1otorin!..7. @yundai cars have (een a favorite at all awards ceremonies and has won many awards.'6 -rofit "ar 7 )ike India. the @yundai 6erna had also (a!!ed some of the most presti!ious awards startin! with the Overdrive ma!a<ine?s /"ar of the Gear 2007?. 8sta(lished in *9. @1I: has also (een awarded the (enchmark I9O *500* certification for its sustaina(le environment mana!ement practices. @yundai 1otor "o.9 (illion in 2007 on a consolidated-(asis and B9432. @yundai 1otor posted sales of B9475. In 1arch 200 it achieved yet another milestone (y rollin! out the fastest +00. 23 .S. has !rown into the @yundai-Tia #utomotive $roup which was ranked as the world?s fifth-lar!est automaker in 2007 and includes over two do<en auto-related su(sidiaries and affiliates. @yundai vehicles are sold in *93 countries throu!h some .

@owever due to improper positionin!. the #ccent challen!ed 1aruti supremacy in the sedan se!ment. the 9antro has under!one a num(er chan!es and remains @yundai?s most successful car in India to date. Dith the release of the sporty hatch(ack viva.  *erracan $7B.iesel variants.. an e3cellent car to own.%ational. litre "etrolA 4@. litre C(Di Diesel& #ttractively packa!ed and availa(le in (oth petrol and .+8 cc1 85 /!p& .  0ccent $4@. 24 .  Sonata Em/era $7. /!p& 'he 'erracan was launched as a 9uper premium 9B6.. the 9onata has had several makeovers without much success. the #ccent !ave its consumers multiple varieties to choose from."(OD)C*S  Santro =ing $ 4. Bnconventional looks and a hi!h price ta! have affected its sales.5B cc1 48. and is tar!eted as anOffroader. !ood looks and a responsive en!ine have made the 9antro Qin!. It continues to (e one of @yundai?s most popular models J 8motional. 'he 9onata 8m(era is the 3 rd version of the 9onata and @yundai is confident that this model will outsell its predecessors H 9elf e3pressive. litre C(Di engine& 'his premium sedan (oasts of a variety of features. /!p& 9ince its launch as a -remium sedan in the year 2002.9elf 83pressive..u((ed as the 9unshine car. and pricin! the product failed.. 8ase of maintenance. cc Crdi1 4.  Elantra $4@+ litre "etrolA 7@.

however the launch of the 9u<uki 9wift. has sta!nated the sales of the $et<H 8motional. 6et# $4@5 litres1 +7 /!p& 'he $et< was the first entrant into the "ompact plus se!ment. 2 .

Option availa(le to customer to up!rade their cars (ein! with the company. $ood -romotional strate!y (y endorsin! cele(rities with its cars. -resence in diesel se!ment of cars./WOT ANAL0/+/ O4 10-NDA+ MOTO*/ STRENGTHS • In few years of operation. WEAKNESSES • • :ess num(er of dealers and service stations. • • • • • • -roduct line in all si<es of cars. 2& . Cot a(le to transfer its car specialty as 1aruti is doin! rather more relied on cele(rities. 9tron! )rand 6alue. 'hou!h endorsin! cele(rities was successful initially (ut at the same time company needs to transfer the thou!hts (y tellin! (etter =ualities of the car to its customer as 1B: is doin!. @1I: has secured a challen!er position in the car se!ment (ein! second lar!est car manufacturer of India. #vaila(ility of raw material.

8conomic !rowth of the country is sound and promisin! in future.omestic and #(road. on fuel su(stitution has (ecome must to sustain lon!er in future. • 1aruti is very fast in reaction to developments made (y @1I: to retain its leadership position. • "hina may !ive a !ood competition as they are also plannin! to enter into car se!ment. :i(eral policies of $OI.I en!ines and it was very successful.OPPORTUNIT* • @1I: may also enter into the diesel se!ment for small cars. * :ac and that could !ive a (i! impact on sales of 1B:. THREATS • 'ata 1otors launchin! MC#CON with a price ta! of %s. • • • • %7. 'he company lauched its mid si<e cars in diesel se!ment with "%. It is easier for @1I: to come faster then its competitor 1B:. 2' . )i! 1arketH .

e.are developed. 9+ -roduction Aacilities in 35 countries. and sold in these re!ions @onda?s !lo(al network ena(les the e3chan!e of ideas and information amon! employees to assure a hi!her level of creativity in technolo!y and products. @onda has !ained prominence in the !lo(al community throu!h ceaseless innovation and a commitment to servicin! the needs of society. Over +. # local approach with a !lo(al outlook (est meets the individual needs of diverse markets. -roducts meetin! specific needs in each of four world market re!ions i.. @onda aims to contri(ute to an increasin!ly mo(ile society characteri<ed (y =uality of life. 8urope. #merica. Dith responsi(ility to the environment.3 )illion 8nterprise with over *9. Over 5. and makin! use of local mana!ement resources. every employee knows that our founder?s first commercial product release was 2( . produced.1ONDA MOTO*/ COM"0<: "(OFI%E 0<D . #t @onda. 1iddle 8ast and #fricaI #sia and OceaniaI Eapan .O<D0 MO*O( CO@ C0"0< # B9 4 5. @onda has (een a(le to serve the people (etter of the re!ions in which it operates. @onda?s uni=ue corporate culture and !round(reakin! approach to developin! new technolo!ies ena(le the or!ani<ation to develop e3citin! new products that provide freedom of movement for people around the world. million products sold annually. )y inte!ratin! with local customs and cultures.IS*O(: . million -orta(le -ower -roducts e3istin! customers (ase worldwide. @onda?s philosophy is to produce where there is market demand. a commitment to local markets. and respect for people as its !uidin! principles.9 million -orta(le -ower -roducts sold annually. comfort and convenience. 0BO)* .O<D0 83istin! over the years.

in the world. PRODUCT LINE Honda Jazz Honda City Honda Accord Honda Civic New Honda CR-V . 8ach of these three product cate!ories constitutes a via(le and ro(ust industry in its own ri!ht. In recent years. creatin! everythin! from small electric (icycle motors to some of the lar!est and most powerful automotive racin! en!ines in the world.O<D0: Marketing Management and 6lo/al Business Management *ec!niDue +a. and power e=uipment products. @onda as a whole is enriched (y the diversity of products and enterprises that are (ased.. COM"E*I*O(S 2) . automo(iles. Over the years.. upon the FE8' 8C$IC8F that first made @onda !reat.an en!ine. most popular . @onda has come to lead the industry in en!ine manufacturin!. 8n!ines that are now the cleanest. #s these operations develop and !row. as always. the @onda name evokes ima!es of motorcycle. each with its own distinctive technolo!y and (usiness style.

"ompetition is also increasin! (ecause of many multinational and local companies entered in this (usiness. 9ome are mentioned as  @"rofit  @0ccessi/le *ec!nology  @6lo/ali#ation@ )ecause of handsome amount of profit in a "ar industry many new 1odels entered in the market from the last few years. -roduct differentiation or price leadership can lead to success. 'echnolo!y (rin!s a revolution in every field of life. "urrent Industry competition is hi!h (ecause of the $overnment policies and threat of new stron! entrants. De have three types of competition which are as followsH 3* . #s with other (usinesses.# includes all the local and forei!n "ars manufacturer includin!  9u<uki  'oyota  1itsu(ishi  1ercedes  )1D COM"E*I*IO< 'he fear of threat of competitors is an increase strate!y to deal with competition soon finds itself out of the market. 1achines are used for (etter development of structure.'he competitors of @OC. 'he competition (etween the new entrants is fierce and already mar!ins have collapsed. competition also affects the (usiness of "ompetition is increasin! now a days due to many factors. COM"E*E*IO< 0<0%:SIS 'he competition environment has a lar!e impact on the marketin! operations of the company. )efore launchin! a product. If there is a threat from lar!e competition. it is necessary to analy<e the competition environment of the tar!et market. than a suita(le marketin! strate!y has to (e worked out to overcome the pro(lems.

B@ M0('E* COM"E*I*O(S. Brand competition  Form competition  6eneric competition B(0<D COM"E*E*IO< 'his competition deals directly with the (rand name .ifferent (rands of are availa(le in the market who are directly @onda (rand competitors. producin! same product at same prices.1arket Aollower. Dhen we analy<e the competitors we have to keep four important aspects of the competitors in our mind. 0@ I<D)S*(I0% COM"E*I*O(S@ It means when @onda launches cars then they think a(out the 9ervice and private cotta!e industry. "ompetitors are called sum of those companies which are in same market. for this purpose @onda classified competitors into two classes. It means when we come with tea in the market we are not !oin! to compete only with 'apal (ut also with "offee. 'his e3ample helps us to understand market competitors (ut when we talk a(out the @onda product in the market we see there is not other su(stitute of cars as coffee for tea hence all the industrial competitions are also the competitions of @onda in market. 31 .1arket :eader.E COM"E*I*O(S In identify study an or!ani<ation has to identify the specific competitors of identify its competitors.  . 7@ "%0:E(S OF I<D)S*(:@ @onda cate!ories the (usiness accordin! to this concept into four types  . 4@ IDE<*IF: *.

'oyota is its challen!er and 9u<uki is market nicher. >E0'<ESS  .Increasin! ratio on =uality conscious people.$ood Dill  .S  .(E0*S  .83port (usiness e3pansion  .eeps *.O<D0 S*E<6*.  @onda can increase product line (y introducin! .esi!nin!  .Vuality of "ars  .1arket Cicher In it we have to mention that what type of player our product to (e so @onda is doin! this we compare in realistic manner then we see @onda is market leader. .Old ."omfort a(ility of "ars  .@i!h market share of (randed and refurnished cars 32 .-roduction 'echnolo!y.1arket "hallen!er  .$ovt.:ack of response 0'o and from customer2  :ow #dvertisement throu!h #dds  :ow =uality of (ody structure O""O(*)<I*:  . unsta(le policies due to political unsuita(ility  . S>O* 0<0%:SIS OF .

 .  9trict leasin! polices may not (e removed (y the $ovt. 33 .:imited purchasin! power.

34 .

. & of total sales. reported sales of W*2...o( trainin! pro!rams for each .. 9ales at @onda 1otor "o.00 trillion 0B94**3.o( trainin! desi!ned to provide associates an opportunity to enhance their careers (y developin! new speciali<ed skills or mana!ement capa(ilities. 'o supplement these on-the-. 0n approac! /ased on on-t!e-Eo/ training @ondaSs approach to personnel education is (ased on on-the-.3& versus 2007.& to W*.3* (illion2 for the fiscal year endin! 1arch of 200 . 3 . In 200 ..S0%ES 0<0%:SIS @onda 1otor "o. :td. also saw si!nificant increases in sales in 1otorcycle )usiness 0up *3.o( trainin!H (uildin! speciali<ed skills and professional capa(ilities throu!h direct e3perience. also e3perienced si!nificant increases in sales in 8urope 0up 22.o( description. @onda has esta(lished on-the-.7& to W*.09 trillion. 'his represents an increase of . 'o support associates who wish to take the initiative to learn new skills.095 trillion.. sales in %est of the Dorld were up at a rate that was much hi!her than the company as a whole. which is e=uivalent to +0. @onda also offers off-the-. this re!ionSs sales were W. :td. 'hese pro!rams provide with an opportunity for associates to ac=uire speciali<ed skills and mana!erial capa(ilities while helpin! supervisors assess and foster the aptitude of the associates they mana!e. have increased durin! each of the previous five years.o( trainin! pro!rams. :td.+0 trillion2 and #sia 0up 27. when the companySs sales were W**. @onda 1otor "o.trillion2. settin! =ualitative and =uantitative tar!ets for the knowled!e and skills to (e ac=uired.3* trillion2. @onda 1otor "o.3& to W*. :td.+. Eust over half of the companySs 200 sales were in Corth #mericaH in 200 .

ac=uire knowled!e. and inter-industry e3chan!es. 9elf-improvement trainin! 0career development2 2.o( and off-the-. and the company has put in place a num(er of systems to harness those capa(ilities to contri(ute to its on!oin! reor!ani<ation and !rowth. "rincipal off-t!e-Eo/ training programs #t @onda. with separate trainin! pro!rams for each level. 0ssociate development and evaluation t!roug! t3o-3ay communication %eflectin! @ondaSs emphasis on two-way communication with supervisors in associate development and evaluation. "olla(oration trainin! 0mana!ement trainin!2 (especting associatesF opinions and independence @onda fosters each associateSs drive and independence. distance education. Our off-the-. Dork performance trainin! 0skill development2 3. associates have at least three interviews with 3& . and cultivate themselves in order to fully reali<e their own potential. we match a com(ination of on-the-. *. @onda offers opportunities for lan!ua!e learnin!.o( trainin! to our associatesS aptitudes and aspirations in an effort to help them improve their a(ilities.o( trainin! pro!ram is divided into three main areas.

urin! the first interview in #pril. sellin!. and an on!oin! increase in the num(er of @onda fans. and creatin!.ud!ments. there(y leadin! to repeat (usiness. e3plain the reasonin! (ehind their . the "ustomer 9ervice Operations is strivin! to reali<e optimal service operations in markets worldwide to pursue the priority !oal of creatin! customer . and share an assessment of each associateSs stren!ths and weaknesses. associates descri(e the future in their own words 0includin! aspirations. 8very step of the way.F as stated in @ondaSs 2020 vision.ectives and career directions.2 and clarify their vision for the future and their direction !oin! forward throu!h their supervisorSs advice. the interviews pave the way for associatesS skill improvement.their supervisors each year. . @onda has always worked closely with its dealerships to ma3imi<e customer satisfaction. @onda aims to lead the industry in fan-winnin! customer satisfaction.ectives. 'hey then work out their individual role (ased on the or!ani<ationSs (usiness !oals for the fiscal year in =uestion. afforda(ility and low "O2 emissions. . personal o(. . dealerships work hand in hand with @onda to earn and maintain the trust of customers. from purchase to after-sales service. supervisors evaluate associate performance durin! the precedin! si3 months. the company is workin! with dealers to deli!ht customers (y providin! service that e3ceeds e3pectations. referrals to new customers.oy worldwide throu!h local service. * in customer satisfaction (y an overwhelmin! advanta!e. 'o achieve this level of satisfaction.ects such as future o(. 3' . In order to achieve this. Systems and o/Eectives designed to en!ance 3orld3ide customer satisfaction In order to F-rovide !ood products to our customers with speed.urin! interviews in Eune and . )y facilitatin! a discussion of su(.ondaFs approac! to customer satisfaction In accordance with the @onda philosophy of respect for the individual and the 'hree Eoys of (uyin!. etc.ecem(er. we set our !oals to (e Co.

@avin! em(raced the !oal of (ecomin! a company that society wants to e3ist (y sharin! . weSre workin! to develop support tools and to foster the development of e3perts at overseas su(sidiaries. "ustomer 9ervice Operations has structured its activity policies of improvin! customer satisfaction and reducin! customer complaints. automo(iles. developin! an advanced service environment. En!ancing customer satisfaction @onda is pursuin! measures in every product se!ment to provide lifelon! satisfaction to as many customers as possi(le. Maintenance support initiatives In an effort to provide more e3tensive maintenance support. and power products. @onda is pursuin! a ran!e of corporate activities in order to create new value.'o attain this !oal. e3pand value. I+. and fulfill our commitment to the future while cultivatin! the freedom of associates 3( .'!+!#t"#$ -u%to+!r %at"%fa-t"o# @onda is involved with a variety of initiatives to improve customer satisfaction with motorcycles.oy with the people of the world (ased on the @onda philosophy. It also holds re!ular meetin!s and other events desi!ned to enhance cooperation with each re!ion while focusin! on creatin! an environment in which dealersX@ondaSs point of contact with customersXcan address customer satisfaction enhancement more effectively and efficiently. and ma3imi<in! (usiness efficiency and e3pandin! (usiness operations.

and local communities. and communicatin! effectively with all @onda stakeholders. includin! customers. shareholders. F8nsurin! the . associates. a willin!ness to rise to the challen!es of the future. fulfillin! our social responsi(ility.F 83pandin! the EoysF means reali<in! dreams with more people and contri(utin! to local society to e3pand 'he 'hree Eoys around the world. it is our intention to help (rin! a(out a sustaina(le society. dealers. )y resolutely pursuin! these directions in our activities.oys for the ne3t !enerationF means workin! toward the sustaina(le development of society and achievin! the hi!hest level of environmental and safety performance to ensure 'he 'hree Eoys for the ne3t !eneration. HONDA FUTURE MODELS AND PLANS 3) . suppliers. investors. F"reatin! the EoysF means continuin! to dream and create new value ahead of the times with free-spirited thinkin! to enhance 'he 'hree Eoys. and a spirit of colla(orative creativity.to seek out a (etter way.

Honda’s Path to Transformation Over the past few years. 'he messa!e that I have !iven to @onda associates in the stron!est possi(le terms is that our most important task is to provide afforda(le. and the stren!thenin! of our (usiness activities in emer!in! economies. De need to develop and commerciali<e advanced environmental technolo!ies. the focus of consumer demand for automo(iles in world markets has shifted rapidly toward compact vehicles.oy to our customers. @onda must adapt =uickly to this new era. the stren!thenin! of production systems. 'o achieve a transition to a new phase of !rowth and success. we must continue to offer products that will (rin! . De will turn this messa!e into reality throu!h determined initiatives in three areasH advances in environmental technolo!y. and respond =uickly to the trend toward smaller vehicles. stren!then our activities in emer!in! markets. 'his chan!e reflects a !lo(al upsur!e of environmental awareness as well as structural chan!es in the world economy. low-car(on solutions throu!h the speedy development of =uality products. and we must renew our commitment to @onda?s fundamental philosophy of puttin! the needs of the customer first. 4* . 'hese perceptions are reflected in the direction that we have chosen for @onda over the ne3t *0 years. #(ove all. 'hese are challen!in! times.

@onda takes (oth types of issues very seriously. @onda has actively worked to e3pand its (usiness !lo(ally under its (asic strate!y of (uildin! products close to the customer. we need to stren!then our awareness and accelerate our response. and we have intensively invested mana!ement resources in this area. we have made the reduction of !reenhouse !as emissions a particular priority. such as su(stances of concern. #s a !lo(al enterprise. Its (elieve that we can take @onda forward into a new and si!nificant phase of !rowth and success (y takin! the initiative in thinkin! a(out this difficult =uestionH @ow can we use our advanced environmental technolo!y to reconcile our role in providin! the . De want our customers in every country and re!ion to understand our environmental initiatives. such as water and soil issues. we have also adopted the @onda 8nvironmental 6ision and 2020 -roduct "O2 8missions 'ar!ets. In this time of rapid social and economic chan!e. and for that reason we will pro!ressively pu(lish re!ional editions of the @onda 8nvironmental #nnual %eport. 'here are issues that affect the entire world. and pro(lems that are specific to certain localities and areas. Arom its earliest days.oy of personal mo(ility to consumers with our own role in the sustaina(le societyY 'his will (e a year of important (e!innin!s. @onda must respond to the needs of its customers (y supplyin! low-car(on solutions in the form of products that offer new value. A New Phase of lo!al "#siness E$%ansion It?s (elieved that to (e a company society wants to e3ist. In addition to the . resources and (iodiversity. such as !lo(al warmin!. 41 . De will take our first steps toward the reali<ation of our vision for @onda in 2020 as a !lo(al leader in environmental and ener!y technolo!ies.Honda’s Environmental Awareness One key area of concern in relation to the !lo(al environment is climate chan!e and ener!y issues. #s a manufacturer of personal mo(ility products. we cannot afford to rela3 our awareness of the importance of environmental issues. Instead. @onda has identified this as its most important focus for action. De also need to take a full ran!e of strate!ic actions in response to other environmental issues.irection for the Ce3t *0 Gears. which we formulated in 20*0 (ased on @onda?s principles. 8nvironmental issues occur on two levels.

3+.N 8sta(lished in *95+. -une 01aharashtra2. In 200+.000 employees are !uided (y the vision to (e M(est in the manner in which we operate (est in the products we deliver and (est in our value system and ethics. the first company from India?s en!ineerin! sector to (e listed in the Cew Gork 9tock 83chan!e 09eptem(er 20052. 'he rechristened 'ata . 9outh Torea. with an option to ac=uire the remainin! stake as well. 'oday two-thirds of heavy commercial vehicle e3ports out of 9outh Torea are from 'ata . services and spare parts network comprises over 3+00 touch points> 'ata 1otors also distri(utes and markets Aiat (randed cars in India. 'he company?s 23. 'ata 1otors. 'ata 1otors ac=uired a 2*& stake in @ispano "arrocera. it has set up an industrial . with revenues of %s. 'ata 1otors has operations in the BT. midsi<e car and utility vehicle se!ments. Over 5 million 'ata vehicles ply on Indian roads. and amon! the top three in passen!er vehicles with winnin! products in the compact. 'hrou!h su(sidiaries and associate companies.an!aon 01aharashtra2 to produce (oth Aiat and 'ata cars and Aiat powertrains./ 'ata 1otors :imited is India?s lar!est automo(ile company.+*. (illion2 in 2007-0 . 'he company?s dealership. 'he company is esta(lishin! two new plants at . In 2005. . It is the leader in commercial vehicles in each se!ment. 'hailand and 9pain. 9outh Torea?s second lar!est truck maker.aewoo "ommercial 6ehicles "ompany has launched several new products in the Torean market. it ac=uired the . while also e3portin! these products to several international markets.aewoo.5 crores 0B9. #mon! them is Ea!uar :and %over.harwad 0Tarnataka2 and 9anand 0$u. 'he company is the world?s fourth lar!est truck manufacturer. sales. 'ata 1otors? presence indeed cuts across the len!th and (readth of India. :ucknow 0Bttar -radesh2 and -antna!ar 0Bttarakhand2. @ispano?s presence is (ein! e3panded in 42 .TATA MOTORS LT. since the first rolled out in *9+5. has also emer!ed as an international automo(ile company. a reputed 9panish (us and coach manufacturer.oint venture with Aiat $roup #utomo(iles at %an.aewoo "ommercial 6ehicles "ompany. Aollowin! a strate!ic alliance with Aiat in 200+. a (usiness comprisin! the two iconic )ritish (rands that was ac=uired in 200 . 'he company?s manufacturin! (ase in India is spread across Eamshedpur 0Eharkhand2.arat2. and the world?s second lar!est (us manufacturer.

with the Qenon havin! (een launched in 'hailand at the )an!kok 1otor 9how 200 .. the 1iddle 8ast. Dithin two years of launch. It can comforta(ly seat four persons. )an!ladesh. 'ata 1otors created a new se!ment (y launchin! the 'ata #ce. Dith over 2. India?s first indi!enously developed mini-truck In Eanuary 200 . 'he hi!h fuel efficiency also ensures that the car has low car(on dio3ide emissions. Its mono-volume desi!n will set a new (enchmark amon! small cars. and in 9outh Torea. the company?s 8n!ineerin! %esearch "entre.*00. which India and the world have (een lookin! forward to.esi!ned with a family in mind. It was 'ata 1otors. and the BT. 43 . the 'ata Cano. 'he company today has %7. esta(lished in *9. all rooted in emer!in! customer needs. the Cano (rin!s the comfort and safety of a car within the reach of thousands of families. in *99 . which si!nifies a first for the !lo(al automo(ile industry. 'ata 1otors is also e3pandin! its international footprint. 'he company?s commercial and passen!er vehicles are already (ein! marketed in several countries in 8urope.. # development. It has franchiseeI.*.oint venture assem(ly operations in Tenya. Its tailpipe emission performance too e3ceeds re!ulatory re=uirements. it has a lower pollution level than two-wheelers (ein! manufactured in India today. the 'ata Indica. 'he new plant of 'ata 1otors 0'hailand2 has (e!un production of the Qenon pickup truck. 9pain. In 200+. In 200.oint venture with the )ra<il-(ased 1arcopolo. in India. India?s first fully indi!enous passen!er car. . 'ata Indica (ecame India?s lar!est sellin! car in its se!ment. 'ata 1otors entered into . Dhen launched in India later in 200 .+00 en!ineers and scientists. the car will (e availa(le in (oth standard and delu3e versions. 'he years to come will see the introduction of several other innovative vehicles. and has ena(led pioneerin! technolo!ies and products. In 200. there(y providin! the twin (enefits of an afforda(le transportation solution with a low car(on footprint. %7. it has a roomy passen!er compartment with !enerous le! space and head room. 'he foundation of the company?s !rowth over the last +0 years is a deep understandin! of economic stimuli and customer needs. Eamshedpur. #frica. Its safety performance e3ceeds re!ulatory re=uirements in India. %ussia and 9ene!al. esta(lished throu!h e3ports since *9. it formed a . which helps ma3imi<e performance per unit of ener!y consumed and delivers hi!h fuel efficiency. centers in -une.000 0e3cludin! 6#' and transportation cost2.oint venture with 'hon(uri #utomotive #ssem(ly -lant "ompany of 'hailand to manufacture and market the company?s pickup vehicles in 'hailand. In terms of overall pollutants..other markets. a !lo(al leader in (ody-(uildin! for (uses and coaches to manufacture fully-(uilt (uses and coaches for India and select international markets. :ucknow. )esides product development. 'he standard version has (een priced at %s. which developed the first indi!enously developed :i!ht "ommercial 6ehicle. 'ata 1otors unveiled its -eople?s "ar. Bkraine. is also focusin! on environment-friendly technolo!ies in emissions and alternative fuels. 9outh #sia and 9outh #merica. India?s first 9ports Btility 6ehicle and. and the a(ility to translate them into customer-desired offerin!s throu!h leadin! ed!e %7... 'he lean desi!n strate!y has helped minimi<e wei!ht. 9outh 8ast #sia.

hi!h-precision toolin! and plastic and electronic components for automotive and computer applications. #ra!onese (us manufacturin! company and introduced its hi!hend inter-city (uses in the country. 'ata 1otors ac=uired 2*& stake in @ispano "arrocera 9#. In accordance with this. 49. India %atan 'ata. construction e=uipment manufacturin!. and automotive retailin! and service operations.eadDuarters 'ey people "roducts (evenue <et income "arent *95+ E%. 4575.07 (illion 0200. 'ata 1um(ai.0 million 0200. sensin! the hu!e opportunity in the fully (uilt (us se!ment.acent to its manufacturin! locations. the company is en!a!ed in en!ineerin! and automotive solutions.'hrou!h its su(sidiaries.2 'ata $roup Ea!uar "ars :and %over 'ata . 'ata 1otors is committed in letter and spirit to "orporate 9ocial %esponsi(ility.aewoo "ommercial 6ehicle Su/sidiaries 0o"#t 1!#tur!% In 200+. It is a si!natory to the Bnited Cations $lo(al "ompact. and is en!a!ed in community and social initiatives on la(or and environment standards in compliance with the principles of the $lo(al "ompact. servin! rural communities ad. "hairman #utomo(iles and 8n!ines B9. 'rue to the tradition of the 'ata $roup. machine tools and factory automation solutions.2 B9. automotive vehicle components manufacturin! and supply chain activities. 44 . Founded Founder$s& . it plays an active role in community development.

'his ..#.oint venture is to manufacture and assem(le fully-(uilt (uses and coaches tar!eted at developin! mass rapid transportation systems. and 1arcopolo will provide know-how in processes and systems for (ody(uildin! and (us (ody desi!n. in (us (ody (uildin!. a )ra<il-(ased !lo(al leader. Produ-t% • • • • • 'ata 9ierra 'ata 8state 'ata 9umoI9pacio 'ata 9afari 'ata Indica 4 .oint venture will a(sor( technolo!y and e3pertise in chassis and a!!re!ates from 'ata 1otors. 'he .oint venture with 1arcopolo 9. lead (y )rian )ehrle.'ata 1otors has also formed a +*H59 .

1arch 20092 'ata Qenon Q' 'ata Qover 020092 SWOT ANAL*SIS STRENGTHS -ost li(erali<ation. in order to e3pand rapidly. a 9panish (us manufacturin! company and introducin! its hi!h-end inter-city (uses in the country. # 70& E6 with 'hailand?s 'hon(uri 0auto assem(ler2 which will set up a plant to manufacture pick-ups and will sell them in 'hailand. +*H59 E6 with )ra<ilian (ased 1arcopolo 0(us (uildin!2. it launched "C$ (uses and filled the product line !ap throu!h the introduction of the **09 vehicle which is an intermediate commercial vehicle and is useful for medium tonna!e loads. 'ata 1otors has a hi!h domestic e3posure of Z95& in the 1@"6 se!ment and Z 5& in the :"6 se!ment. Its 83.I2 with direct i!nition technolo!y caters to the customersS re=uirin! one and same vehicle for commercial as well as personal use. 'his E6 is to manufacture and assem(le fully-(uilt (uses and coaches tar!eted at developin! mass rapid transportation systems. the company adopted the route to .• • • • • 'ata Indi!o 'ata Indi!o 1arina 'ata Cano 03%. it started manufacture of hi!h horsepower and emission friendly diesel en!ines in an effort to reduce the pollution in the e3istin! 'ata en!ines and to produce more environmentally friendly en!ines. In 2000. In *993. 'he 2+1' $6D 'ata Covus launched from . 4& .series vehicles have hi!h tonna!e capacity and hi!h pick up and the :"6 0207 ."62.aewoo?s platform 0'.oint ventures 0E62H • • • • • • • • 2*& stake in @ispano "arrocera.

• • • • 'he latest hit of 'ata 1otors is its mini truck #ce which is IndiaSs first indi!enously developed su(-one ton mini-truck. Cot very hi!h car sales volume which hampers their future plans like increasin! their production and e3pansion. 1aruti 9u<uki2 an e3tra ed!e. #ce has rapidly emer!ed as the first choice for transporters and sin!le truck owners for city and rural transport. #lso decision makin! !ets a hard hit due to e3tensive hierarchy prevalent at 'ata 1otors. #ccordin! to auto e3perts. low cost is a stron!er motive at 'ata 1otors that sometimes makes =uality takes a (ackseat. It has a limited product portfolio which has !iven its key competitors 0@yundai motors. 'hey do not have a presence in hi!h volume markets like 8urope and #merica. 8ven after (ein! in the passen!er cars market for =uite some time. 'he only ma. somewhere in the minds of consumers 'ata motors is still synonymous with heavy and commercial vehicle makers and not passen!er car makers. 'he E6 with 1arcopolo will (e (eneficial to (oth companies since the latter will a(sor( technolo!y and e3pertise in chassis and a!!re!ates from 'ata 1otors. #lso."6 in the heavy-tonna!e ran!e and introduce products in India at an appropriate time. 'ata motors have e3tensive (ackward and forward linka!es and it is stron!ly interwoven with machine tools and metals sectors. WEAKNESSES • • 'ata 1otorsS ran!e of passen!er cars is still not comprehensive (y industry standards. • • • • • OPPORTUNITIES • • 'ata plans to levera!e on the stron! presence of '. and 1arcopolo will provide know-how in processes and systems for (ody(uildin! and (us (ody desi!n.or en!ine manufacturer in the world to e3press any formal interest in the tur(ulence-(oostin! cylinder head !rooves 'here is definite cost advanta!e as la(or cost is -9 per cent of sales as a!ainst 30-3+ per cent of sales in developed economies. 4' . 'he company is overstaffed and hence human resource utili<ation is su( optimal. India is an e3cellent source for I' (ased en!ineerin! solution for products 7 process Inte!ration. #lso (ecause of this consumers may think the passen!er cars can lack aesthetics and are more (uilt for ro(ustness.

USTR* 'here are a lot of new competitions comin! up in the commercial vehicles se!ment which threaten the hu!e market share which 'ata 1otors has !arnered. which would (e considered the cheapest vehicle ever made in real terms. I'8" is the leader in medium and heavy trucks and (uses in Corth #merica. 'ata is developin! a car it aims to sell in 200 for a(out 42. :aunch of the !lo(al truck will mark the entry of the company into developed markets like 8urope and the B9#. 'here are favora(le $overnment polices and re!ulations to (oost the auto industry i. • • • • • • • THREATS WITHIN THE IN.evelopment of the national hi!hway development pro!ram will increase '#'# sales in the lon! run. 'here is hu!e demand in domestic markets due to infrastructure developments and 'ata 1otors is a(le to levera!e its knowled!e of Indian market. 0parent C#6I9'#%2. and is the worldSs lar!est manufacturer of medium-duty diesel en!ines. per cent will make commercial vehicles more competitive in the e3port market. to manufacture commercial vehicles. Dorkin! with Iveco means that the desi!ns will (e in sync with the needs of sophisticated 8uropean customers. B9#. Aorce 1otorsH E6 with 1#C for manufacturin! hi!h-tonna!e vehicles Aorce 1otors has paired up with 1#C in a 70H30 E6 to manufacture hi!h-tonna!e and specialty vehicles.. 9ome of the new Eoint 6entures and competitions have (een listed (elowH • • 171 has formed a +*H59 E6 called 1ahindra International with I'8". the two companies have formed another E6 to manufacture (uses in India from end-2007.e. Incentive for %7.• • • E6 with Aiat. Aurther. it is likely to !ain access to Aiat?s diesel technolo!y and to the latter?s stron! overseas distri(ution network for its passen!er cars. are steps which will lead to increased sales for '#'# motors "ommercial vehicle division. 'he cut in e3cise duty that ena(led manufacturers like '#'# 1otors to reduce prices 'he need to transport hi!her volumes of a!ricultural and industrial !oods. $OI policy for moderni<in! of vehicles to arrest de!radation of air =uality and move toward international ta3in! policies linked to a!e of vehicles.+00 B9.. 4( . 'he cut in tariff on petroleum and diesel from per cent to . . 'ata 1otors may e3tend this relationship to other se!ments like pick-ups and 1@"6s.

construction e=uipment. HINDUSTAN MOTORS SWOT ANALYSIS OF HINDUSTAN MOTORS S$)!28$+1 • • • • /industan Motors was the first Indian 0ar 0ompany to start production In India in 1)421 /M has 2ecome a vast company manufacturing cars like the sturdy 3m2assador4 the elegant 0ontessa4 and in colla2oration with Mitsu2ishi of 5apan now manufactures the new Mitsu2ishi 6ancer1 /M started production of the 6andmaster in 1) 44 and in 1) ' 2egan the production of the 3m2assador1 6ater tie7ups with 8eneral Motors 0orporation of 9S34 :au. Increased interest rates have a potential to hit the sales. In India. and aero en!ines has a main focus in the area of fully (uilt (uses.hall Motors4 9.• • #shok :eylandH #c=uisition of "<ech %epu(lic-(ased #via #shok :eyland 0#::2 recently ac=uired the truck unit of "<ech %epu(lic-(ased #via. 'he policies adopted (y $overnment will increase competition in domestic market. THREATS OUTSI. (uses. motivate many forei!n "6 manufactures to set up shops in India. =uality. and environmental care. a leadin! manufacturer of trucks. Its trucks are reputed for their performance and economy and are the fla! (earers in their production activities in India.USTR* • • #n Indian ca(inet panel will soon consider a new automo(ile policy that aims to set fresh investment !uidelines for forei!n firms wishin! to manufacture vehicles in the country. #uto loans have (ecome costly causin! customers to defer their purchase which has impacted the sales of 'ata 1otors. cars.4 Marion Power Shovel 0o4 9S3 led to new products 2eing launched1 In 1)&3 commenced the production of the 3m2assador Mark2 6ater versions and more forays in related vehicle segments followed1 4) . it has focused on providin! economical transport solutions in consonance with its values of safety.E THE IN. 6olvo.

port has 2een steadily increasing4 mainly in the <ritish and 5apanese markets1 =rucks are 2eing e..=he 6icense $aFG =his lack of product activity in the Indian market was mainly due to the Indian governmentEs comple.ports1 * .referred to informally as the Blicense raFBG4 3ny Indian firm that wanted to import technology or products needed a licenseHpermit from the government1 =he difficulty of getting these licenses stifled automo2ile and component imports4 creating a low volume high cost car industry that was inefficient4 unprofita2le4 and technologically o2solete1 =he dominant product 3m2assador4 although customized to the poor road conditions in India4 were 2ased on a stale design concept . regulatory system that effectively 2anned foreign7owned operations1 %ithin this system .port markets1 • • • • • O.ported to <angladesh4 #gypt4 >ew ?ealand4 Sri 6anka and Mauritius1 =he #arth moving #@uipmentAs are 2eing e.with outdated featuresG4 and were also fuel inefficient1 Inefficiency of #mployees4 !utput of each employee was less due to 9nion interference Inefficient management principles 6ess presence in premium segment1 6acks glo2al tic7ups and thus finding it hard to tap e.• • • • • • • • • #./)$#2%$%!1 • • #fficiency through management principles1 #.ported to !man4 5ordan4 Ira@4 <angladesh4 Mauritius and 6i2ya1 /M has a vast service network1 =he Passenger 0ar and 9tility "ehicle market is 2eing attended 2y a 11 strong dealer network4 * Service and Parts dealers and additional &* e.clusive Parts dealers1 4 $egional !ffices and >ation7wide =erritory !ffices support it1 =wo dealers serve the #arthmoving #@uipment and Power Products market from 2 locations spread across the country1 2**&4 /M has invested a BsignificantB amount for three years to 2uild up production capacity for auto components /industan Motors also has an auto components su2sidiary which makes automotive castings4 forgings and stamping !ver a period of time4 sales from auto components could 2e as high as 3*74*C +irst mover advantage in several areas like Internet selling4 sturdy car Mitsu2ishi source components from /industan sourcing components from a low cost 2ase like India through partner /industan Motors will prove 2eneficial for Mitsu2ishi4 especially when it is facing pro2lems1 /industan Motors already supplies engines and other auto components to MD M4 8M and +ord in India1 %ith Mitsu2ishi sourcing components4 and /M possi2ly manufacturing some of them4 the Indian partner would 2e a2le to use some of its idle capacity and shore up its 2ottom line1 W!(<2!11 • • • <efore )*Es .

1aruti closed one of its plants for two days. points out that a com(ination of factors like hi!h interest rates. 'he reason for this lar!ely comes from the e3tent to which a host of other industries depend on the pro!ress of the automo(ile industry. 'he issue is where thin!s are headed from this point onwards with the inflation rate hittin! record hi!hs and the sector itself.N says the company?s spokesperson. 1aruti.ors in the face. 'he issues on hand )ack of the envelope calculations su!!est that raw material prices have increased (y a(out +0& for some players and dou(led for the less fortunate ones. as a conse=uence. 'he passen!er car story is not radically different and the lar!est player. MDe have taken a reasona(le part of increased input costs on to us. passen!er car makers have (een operatin! (elow capacity for a while. the sector has (een on a (it of a rocky path now. 1 . we may not (e a(le to sustain it.ust from a manufacturin! point of view (ut as an e3port (ase as well. researchin! on cheaper materials to su(stitute steel and aluminium. M'o com(at this. 'o su(stantiate that. is ne!otiatin! fresh contracts with its suppliers after lookin! at the overall impact of risin! input costs.E0 "@#-'8% .mainly new age look for carsG L+TE*AT-*E /-*. . In India. # host of new passen!er cars and swanky motor(ikes have in some manner contri(uted to the fact that !lo(al auto ma. reelin! under escalatin! cost of inputs.ors are lookin! at India very seriously X not . lack of easy finance and !lo(al oil prices are starin! the auto ma. 'hose trackin! the industry have (een =uite unam(i!uous in callin! it a slowdown. risin! levels of inflation.• • • 3c@uisitions for strengthening its distri2ution tie7ups1 #ntry into other related diversification categories like =ruck parts manufacture4 and other parts automotives1 0an 2ring out more sophisticated cars with high technology standards T+)!($1 • • • #mergence of strong players in the market mainly overseas competitors 6ack of employee motivation 6ack of design for cars . 9I#1.II It is often remarked that the economic pro!ress of a nation is (est reflected (y the state of its automo(ile industry. Arom a phase when !rowth rates were more than healthy. director !eneral. the form and shape of the industry has chan!ed (eyond reco!nition over the last decade. 'he panic (utton has actually (een pressed for a while now.ilip "henoy. there are a slew of measures that companies are takin! like workin! in colla(oration with component manufacturers. %ecently.N he adds. )ut if the cost pressures continue to mount.

$oin! overseas is one option and those like #shok :eyland speaks of it =uite emphatically. M#s an or!ani<ation.N said a 'ata 1otors official. Its mana!in! director.725 cars from last year?s level of 9. MDhile it may take some time to !et infrastructure in place and develop the technolo!y.oy over 8uropean ones. M:eavin! aside the lar!e demand markets.N says C T 1inda.7*& to 7. 'ata 1otors is in dialo!ue with Corway-(ased 1il. 2 . there are still 5+& of developed markets left for our company to e3plore. 8ven the financials of companies have (een affected. @ 9 :heem is (ullish on the outlook and says the company is stickin! to the tar!et of sellin! more than five lakh cars this year. some players have stuck to their tar!ets and think they can (e achieved. #uto as well.N defends #nil . @ere are the hard num(ers to su(stantiate some of that X the passen!er car se!ment has seen sales fallin! (y *. for instance.ustin! production to tide over the lean season. 'ata 1otors and 171 are !ettin! innovative in difficult times.000 crore for 200 -*0 have (een delayed. 1otorcycle manufacturers have raised prices on two occasions this year. 'he =uestion here to (e asked is rather o(vious X how much of the increased costs can (e passed on to the consumer.N he says. % 9eshasayee. we want to (e ready when the market takes off. is closely lookin! at the option of launchin! electric vehicles and hy(rid versions. 9tran!ely enou!h. there is an increased focus on curtailin! unnecessary processes as we face cost pressures from the O81s 0ori!inal e=uipment manufacturers2 and raw material suppliers. Dhat needs to (e done nowY 'his is not the first time that the automo(ile industry is encounterin! a phase like this. #mon! these is the case of Aord 1otor India which has not firmed up its e3pansion strate!y despite announcin! a fresh investment of %s 2. @onda 1otorcycle and 9cooter India have put off their plans for a second plant. Dorryin!ly. 'his is especially when there is an estimated *H5 advanta!e in development cost that Indian !reenfield pro. 'he e3port (u! has (itten these players and includin! )a. MDe were the last ones in the industry to do so.Other volume players like 'ata 1otors and 1ahindra 7 1ahindra 01712 have (een ad. 'his is lar!ely to counter the risin! fuel prices. @ero @onda. 1eanwhile. 'he country?s lar!est two-wheeler manufacturer. 'he former. #ll this is takin! place at a time when investments worth %s 0.N says the company?s mana!in! director. 'ake a look at @yundai 1otor India for instance.ua. MDe will also dou(le capacity at our 9riperum(udur plant to si3 lakh cars in 2009.+00 across its ran!e. chairman. the company?s senior vice-president 0marketin! and sales2. which also have lar!e manufacturers to support themselves. an automo(ile component manufacturer. 'ata 1otors? profit fi!ures for the most recent =uarter 0second =uarter of AG092 was the worst ever for the company in the last si3 years.*00 crore.a. 1inda $roup.o(il $reenland to develop an electric vehicle on the Cano platform and with "hrysler for the #ce.ust undertaken a price increase ran!in! from %s *00-*.2+0 cars.ects en. India will continue to remain !lo(al hu( for @yundai for producin! small cars. has .

tar!et and position itself and Dhat is the difference (etween se!mentin!.or role in makin! consumer preference. In this kind of scenario if a new -layer has to enter a crowded place like this> it has to under!o an in-depth market analysis of -layers already present and off-course the customers. tar!etin! and positionin!. players will need to look to their (rand/s emotional appeal. %esearch aims at findin! where and how a new player can se!ment.ectives.ect scope and then define pro(lem carefully and formulate the research O(. #mon! these studies is the study of se!mentin!. In order to differentiate. In a 1arket like India. #n old a!e says. tar!etin! and positionin! efforts of present players. # -ro(lem well defined is half solved. In today/s scenario where we have numerous automo(ile -layers present in . "@#-'8% J I6 3 .elhiIC"% havin! similar kind of offerin!s."@#-'8% J IIIH -%O):81 9'#'818C' 'he first step in any 1arketin! %esearch calls for the researcher to define the pro. #s more and 1ore players enter the market> pricin! does not remain a sustaina(le lever to play in lon! term. the (rand plays a ma.

 'o analy<e tar!et approach (y the firms. +or this purpose we have designed a @uestionnaire and had it filled 2y the method of direct personal interview with people1 %e have a sample size of 1**4 which we analyzed and concluded 2y giving our suggestions to the players in the industry1 4 . 'he (asic o(.  'o analy<e pros and cons of vehicles provided (y the firms.ective i.ective\. Once the pro(lem has (een identified and the researcher set the o(.ect is to define the o(.  'o identify how firms are usin! positionin! approach amon! customers..ective of the marketin! survey wasH  'o understand customer re=uirement from the product. the research can (e desi!ned and conducted properly. the researcher should take into account the purpose of the study [main o(.  'o understand (rand se!mentation done (y the firms.(ESE0(C. OBCEC*I E : 'he first and the foremost step in any marketin! research pro.ective and. the relevant information needed and how it will (e used in decision makin!I (ack!round information.e.  'o identify the relevant factors that influence customer.

83ploratory research could (e used for followin! purposesH  # review of market research to identify the relevant factors that influence customer.  'o determine the factors that customers consider important in selectin! vehicles.UCTE.  # comparative analysis of pros and cons of products provided (y different automo(ile firms to !ain some idea of the factors that influence (etter performance.  Interviews with industry e3perts to determine the preference and satisfaction level amon! them. E?ploratory researc!: 83ploratory research is to e3plore or search throu!h a pro(lem or situation to provide insi!hts and understandin!. .T*PE O2 RESEARCH CON.

'his allows for reports to (e produced re!ularly and in predetermined format0s2.O:O$GH 'actical Information 9ystems are desi!ned to support recurrent decision makin! situations therefore the information re=uirements can (e determined ahead of time. ). SO)(CES OF I<FO(M0*IO<: #. $enerally aimed at operatin! and control levels of the or!ani<ation J this precludes they are (ein! prepared (y top-level mana!ement. 'he researcher must decide whether to use non-pro(a(ility samplin! or pro(a(ility samplin! also whether to use samplin! with or without replacement1 ME*.  Cow we look for the Sample frame> it is the representation of the tar!et population. "rimary G Arom Vuestionnaires durin! the market research.OD )SED: 1arket research (y collectin! information. Secondary G Arom Office documents. It usually is a list of population mem(ers used to o(tain a sample. o(servations usin! dis!uised mediums from the 1arketin! 83ecutives.%898#%"@ 18'@O. & . 9electin! samplin! techni=ues involves several decisions of a (roader nature.ects that posses the information sou!ht (y the researcher and a(out which inferences are to (e made. data.  Airst we identify the *arget population> it is the collection of elements or o(. De took a sample si<e 0the num(er of elements to (e included in the study2 of *00. manuals and we(sites of the company.  'hen we selected the Sampling tec!niDues (ein! used.

etc. 0nalytical *ools )sed: • • 9-99 1icrosoft 83cel ' . "%0CE OF S*)D:: -lace of the study were all the ma.or parts of 6urgaon. such as counties.<IH)E: 0(E0 S0M"%I<6 # common form of cluster samplin! is area sampling. (locks.S0M"%E SI9E: 3s the survey of the entire population is not possi2le and feasi2le to conduct due to time and cost constraint4 we have taken a sample size of 1** which represents the entire population1 S0M"%I<6 *EC. in which the clusters consists of !eo!raphic areas.

0"*E( G RESULT 3 ANAL*SIS H@ >!ic! /rand of car do you driveI Arom the a(ove chart we can draw the inference that the people are well satisfied with the 1aruti car and more than +0 & of the sample are currently usin! the vehicles. De find that the 1aruti car is ranked at the top most position.C. 'he or!ani<ation must keep on ( . I<*(E"(E*0*IO< J I<FE(E<CES: 'his shows there (rand loyalty towards the company and their faith towards the company. with such a !ood percenta!e we can easily make out that 1aruti "ars are liked (y most of the people.

conductin! the surveys. to identify the needs of the customer and there(y tryin! to fulfill them for its lon! run and to retain the market share. H@ >ould you prefer to try any car from ot!er /randI Arom the a(ove chart we can draw the inference that the people are well satisfied with their car (rand and are not lookin! forward to prefer any other (rand. ) .

'his could (e useful in the ways that companies should provide (etter compact cars with afforda(le prices so as to attract more and more customers.H@ If given a c!oice1 3!ic! type of car 3ould you preferI Arom the a(ove chart it can (e interpreted that now-days people are mainly focusin! on (uyin! compact cars as compared to others. &* .

& of customers !oin! for 9B6 cars to enhance their lifestyle.e. almost 50 & of the customers admire to have lu3ury car followed (y 2. &1 .H@ >!ic! kind of car do you admire to !aveI Arom the a(ove data we can make out that thou!h people prefer to have a compact car (ut they admire to have a lu3ury car i.

H@ Importance you pay to t!em 3!ile purc!asing a car Arom the a(ove chart we can draw the information that the most of the people !ive much preference to the price and milea!e and also some importance towards performance. I<*(E"(E*0*IO< J I<FE(E<CES: 9ince consumers consider more than one factor for (uyin! a car. etc. after sales services (ecause people of our country are much aware a(out the value of the money. milea!e. performance. 'his car provides and fulfills most of the needs like reasona(ly priced. after sales services etc. !ood milea!e. &2 . 1ost of them have chosen (ecause price.

H@ >ould you prefer a petrol ve!icle or a diesel ve!icleI

Arom the a(ove chart we can make out that people i.e. .* & of the respondent would prefer petrol vehicle over diesel mainly (ecause of hi!h maintenance cost of diesel en!ines.


H@ I 3ill associate t!e attri/ute S)CCESSF)% 3it! K

It?s clear from the !raph a(ove that mostly respondents associate the attri(ute 9B""899AB: to the (rand M1#%B'IN. It is mainly due the presence of the (rand amon! the customers and there(y providin! their customers with (etter servicesIproducts.


H@ I 3ill associate t!e attri/ute *O)6; 3it! K

Arom the chart a(ove we can interpret that in India '#'# is consider as the tou!h (rand amon! other (rands of cars. 'his may (e due to the fact that '#'# 1otors are also famous for providin! heavy vehicles used for various car!o purposes.


#I is consider as the B--'O-. && .H@ I 3ill associate t!e attri/ute F)p-*o-DateF 3it! K Arom the chart a(ove we can interpret that @GBC. 'his may (e due their technolo!y factor (een provided (y the (rand.#'8 (rand amon! other (rands of cars.

&' .ust (ecause these (rands have shown their presence amon! customers either (y providin! them with (etter sales services or (e it their products.H@ I 3ill associate t!e attri/ute LDo3n to Eart!M 3it! K Arom the chart shown a(ove we can interpret that (oth 1#%B'I and '#'# are considered as the .ODC-'O-8#%'@ (rand .

H@ I 3ill associate t!e attri/ute LOutdoorsyM 3it! K Arom the chart a(ove it can (e interpreted that '#'# (rand is considered as a masculine (rand amon! all other (rands. &( . 'his may (e due to the performance level amon! their cars.

&) .H@ I 3ill associate t!e attri/ute (E%I0B%E 3it! K De could interpret from the a(ove chart that (oth 1#%B'I and '#'# are considered as a %8:I#):8 (rand amon! customers.

'* . #:'O. 9Q5. )ut the people of income !roup from 5-*0 and a(ove *0 lakhs would like to (uy the (i! se!ment car like accent. etc.H@ ANALYSIS OF THE CAR BUYERS ON THE BASIS OF INCOME 'he people with the income !roup of up to 5 lakh would like to (uy the small car like 9#C'%O. etc.

'he people from a!e !roup (elow 20-30 years are less (uyers of the vehicle. from 20-30 will have started earnin! and the people at the a!e !roup from 3*-50 and a(ove 50 years.e. 9o they are the ma. who are independent and are settled in the life and are a(le to afford the e3penses. '1 . 'he a!e !roup i.H@ 0<0%:SIS O< *.E B0SIS OF 06E 6(O)"@ 'he ma3imum (uyers of @yundai cars as per the survey show that the customers from the a!e !roup of 3*-50 and 50 years a(ove.ority (uyers of the car.

successful. outdoo rsy and relia(ility to understand the (rand ima!e of each of the (rands. upto-date. provides a clear ima!e profilin! o f each of the (rands amo n! the chosen respondents.I<*E("(E*0*IO< 'he car (rands were evaluated on the (asis of si3 attri(utes. 'he study reveals that 1aruti had an ima!e of (ein ! 9uccessful.own-to-earth and %elia( le while @yundai has an ima!e of (ein! Bp-to-date. down to earth. . 'his !raph t herefore. '2 . 'he respondents feel that '#'# has a 'ou!h and Outdoorsy ima!e while it la!s in up-to-date attri(ute. tou!h.

Interpretation Arom the a(ove !raph we can interpret that respondents (etween a!e !roup of 20 30 years mainly prefer to have either compact o r sports features within their vehicle. whereas people within the a!e !roup of 3*-5 0 years prefers to have sedan or lu3ury car . Aurther people within the a!e !roup of 50 years and a(ove mainly prefer to have lu3ury and 9B6/s. ] '3 .

'4 . It is clearly o(served that respondents havin! income in the (racket of K2 lakhs p. whereas people havin! income in the (racket of 2 to 5 lakhs !ive e=ual wei!hta!e to price.Interpretation 'he respondents were cate!ori<ed on the (asis o f their income !roup to understand importance !iven (y them to various attri(utes while purchasin! a car. -eople havin! the income in the (racket of 5 to *0 lakhs and a(ove *0 lakhs are also price sensitive.a are price sensitive and also !ive preference to milea!e and after sales services. performance and milea!e.

(5 ' .50 "".3% #'0#(.ROLE OF FINANCE IN AUTOMOBILE SECTOR MARUTI SU=UKI FINANCIALS RATIOS : Key Financial Ratios of Maruti Suzuki ndia Mar !"# Mar !"" Mar !"$ Mar !$% nvest&ent Valuation Ratios Face Value Dividend Per Share Operating Profit Per Share ( s! &et Operating Profit Per Share ( s! Free eserves Per Share ( s! 5.6% 5.77 5$0.50 ##5.00 3.50 3#%.7$ #'$65.77 (03.00 7.50 (7(.00 6.00 7.00 #$".%" 7#7.#5 #'$30.3$ 5.%$ 5.50 65.

%0 3$3. atio De<t *+uit.7" (..$3 3$3.6" 6.0% (7".0$ 0.0( #.0( #3.6" %.3( $7.0( #05.0$ 0."# 0.(% (7". #.07 :uic.3( %.37 #3.73 ".0$ 0.6$ 5.#( 0.(7 #..#0 $0.07 0."3 #0.."" $#.7( (0".7% %.%" $#..(5 eturn on 2ssets *4cluding evaluations eturn on 2ssets 1ncluding evaluations eturn on 9ong 3er7 Funds (0! )i*uidity And Solvency Ratios -urrent atio 5$5.65 $%.e Ratios 1nterest -over 3". -apital 'rofita(ility Ratios Operating Profit /argin (0! Profit )efore 1nterest 2nd 3a4 /argin (0! 5ross Profit /argin (0! -ash Profit /argin (0! 2d6usted -ash /argin (0! &et Profit /argin (0! 2d6usted &et Profit /argin (0! eturn On -apital *7plo.76 #0.53 (.07 0."" #$.$" (0". .#3 6.7( ". .7$ 5. %..5$ #0.(5 #7.77 ".$( 6.6" (.7$ #7.7% #0.6" 7.53 #3.6" #6.5# #.%5 7.07 .6% #(.$# '& .ed (0! eturn On &et 8orth (0! 2d6usted eturn on &et 8orth (0! . atio 9ong 3er7 De<t *+uit.)onus in *+uit.6% ".#( 6. atio +e(t Covera.37 %.#3 5.#3 ".05 (.#3 $#.%" 0.(% #.6% 0.65 ". .3" 3(.75 5$5.50 #6.$6 0.%5 #$6.#% 5.

(7 33.%" 3.$$ $.$# 3.%3 #3.0" ".#0 ##.%( $$.ing -apital 'rofit .66 5.%0 #0.0$ #00.#3 $. )oss Account Ratios /aterial -ost -o7position 17ported -o7position of -onsu7ed a= /aterials #3.3otal De<t to O=ners Fund Financial -harges -overage Financial -harges -overage Post 3a4 atio atio 0.33 30.33 3.33 ($.56 $0.0$ #67.00 %.#7 33.%0 3%.$( Selling Distri<ution -ost -o7position *4penses as -o7position of 3otal Sales Cas/ Flow ndicator Ratios Dividend Pa."3 33.67 #0. 3urnover De<tors 3urnover atio atio atio atio atio $$."$ 30."" ##.%$ $."" $.$# #$.07 #30.out atio &et Profit #5.#% 0.06 $.35 0.3$ $.0# (.70 3.(6 #$.#3 30.(6 $6.3" ##.6$ ".(6 $.3% 1nvest7ents 3urnover Fi4ed 2ssets 3urnover 3otal 2ssets 3urnover 2sset 3urnover atio 2verage a= /aterial >olding 2verage Finished 5oods >eld &u7<er of Da.(7 $.%0 #0.5" 3.5% #36.3% 7%.56 77.s 1n 8or.#$ #5.%0 $.33 0.$5 0.70 '' .(6 $.(7 5#.56 7.60 $.07 (%.3( 33.%$ 30.75 Mana.(" 77.66 7".06 #0.3% $.07 60.e&ent -fficiency Ratios 1nventor.06 3%.36 7.

60 5$5... '( . 5.65 ($.5" 7.(5 HYUNDAI MOTORS RATIOS : Key Financial Ratios of Hyundai Motors Mar !"# Mar !"" Mar !"$ Mar !$% nvest&ent Valuation Ratios Face Value Dividend Per Share 5.00 .$5 6.36 etention atio atio -ash *arning etention "0.$# (7".6$ %%.3" 2d6usted -ash Flo= 3i7es Mar !"# Mar !"" Mar !"$ Mar !$% *arnings Per Share )oo.5" "3.6% 7".0% "#.out *arning atio -ash Profit ". #0.#% 3$3..7$ "$.#( "0. Value 56."" %6.(5 (0".Dividend Pa.00 .. #0.#0 6."$ 0.$( 0.7( 0.(( "3.00 .00 .07 %(."$ 0.

73 $%.ed (0! eturn On &et 8orth (0! 2d6usted eturn on &et 8orth (0! .##.$7 .3( 0.0# ".#$.75.%% .7$.0( .$7 .$#."0 (3.5" 0.$$ ..#0.(# .#% 0.5.$(.$07."5 .#3.63 .#6 ."$ .66 0.0% .#0 ."# #. atio .#5%.#$.%."5 .5#%.$%".%( $.5$ .(" 3%.#$.%.((.##. -apital 'rofita(ility Ratios Operating Profit /argin (0! Profit )efore 1nterest 2nd 3a4 /argin (0! 5ross Profit /argin (0! -ash Profit /argin (0! 2d6usted -ash /argin (0! &et Profit /argin (0! 2d6usted &et Profit /argin (0! eturn On -apital *7plo.$.#3 $.3" .53 .#".(5 .##.65 ".#3.37 eturn on 2ssets *4cluding evaluations eturn on 2ssets 1ncluding evaluations eturn on 9ong 3er7 Funds (0! )i*uidity And Solvency Ratios -urrent atio #.(# .$( .#0.$% .#33.65.%7 .6.53 $.#% .0# .#6 .%5 .5# .6( . %.($ ') :uic.$$ .(5 $.3.#" .3.$6 .%5 (.5.37 0.##"."6 "."( .5.".5.$#.%.7".5% .$5 .%.(5 .05 .$(.$5 .5$ .3%.(" .0% .0# .6.5% 0.7$ $.$7 .#0 0.(0 0.%% (.#$.#% .(5 0.55.%.65 0.63 .Operating Profit Per Share ( s! &et Operating Profit Per Share ( s! Free eserves Per Share ( s! )onus in *+uit.33 ."6 .##.3.5( 3%.#6 .(7."" .0" .3(%.

06 .(# #.$% #0.3$ %6.#0 56.5% #.$. atio 9ong 3er7 De<t *+uit. 3urnover De<tors 3urnover atio atio atio atio atio ".%$ $.(6 #0."% ". .60 .60 $0.53 7%.5$ %.0( .65 .s 1n 8or.6( .73 (.e&ent -fficiency Ratios 1nventor.ing -apital 'rofit . atio +e(t Covera.(.$6 0.(#.%# #."" (7.De<t *+uit."5 #0.(5.#7 (.0( .$% (.0( #.55 .55 #.%5 .7.#7 Mana.($ ."6 #.63 (* .3( 3.05 3.57 #.5.%3 36.0" 55.30 1nvest7ents 3urnover Fi4ed 2ssets 3urnover 3otal 2ssets 3urnover 2sset 3urnover atio 2verage a= /aterial >olding 2verage Finished 5oods >eld &u7<er of Da.30.#$.0.00 ".e Ratios 1nterest -over 3otal De<t to O=ners Fund Financial -harges -overage Financial -harges -overage 3a4 atio atio Post 5.%6 3".%0 .06 #.6$ ".## (0.6( ($. .## #.30 $.33 #0.67 (3.6."6 .(6 (.37 #0.#5 (6.5% $.6( 7(.53 0.6( #. )oss Account Ratios /aterial -ost -o7position 17ported -o7position of -onsu7ed a= /aterials .$( #.3% 76.(7 #0.60 5.57 $3.$.(...0% .60 #.(.#$ #."6 $.

.05 ##.73 #..#$ . etention atio atio -ash *arning etention .3" .0# . #00. 2d6usted -ash Flo= 3i7es Mar !"# Mar !"" Mar !"$ Mar !$% *arnings Per Share )oo. ....00 ...%" 0. .00 #00.(5 0. .#.out Dividend Pa.05 ."$ 0.05 $. #00.07 ##.3.. .out *arning atio &et Profit atio -ash Profit .#7 $. .$7 #0. . ..(# 5. 0.... ... Value .Selling Distri<ution -ost -o7position *4penses as -o7position of 3otal Sales Cas/ Flow ndicator Ratios Dividend Pa...00 7.. .#% @onda 1otors )alance 9heets (1 .33 0.$.. . .

.0 57 3. + +.95 7 77*.97 2 *.92 2 . . ."onsolidated )alance 9heets N $millions& *otal current assets Finance su/sidiari es-longterm receiva/l es1 net Investme nts and advances <et property on operating leases "roperty1 plant and eDuipmen t1 net Ot!er assets *otal assets *otal current (2 F:7. 75 3..39. * .7 2 2.*57..3 *.93 2 33.* 57 *. ..2 *.* . +53 5. 2. .7 99 *.07 . **+ 3..37...2 2 2.39.4 4 5.7 25 F:7.72..3 +.90.3 **.*3.2 7.0 .30 .707. 20 2.+.*. 32 2.20 9 9* .3 3+ 2... 2 +.3 7 3.2 99 2.*+.9.237.+70.3.4 ..039. 9*7 5. B 5. F:7..3+7.3 722.. 2.52..29.0.* **.*92.9 *3 7+*.20*.* * *2.2*. .. 9 .7 2* 2.35 . + +95.5*9.*.99 5 **.500.939.+ .+. 2 *2.* 7 F:7. 5. 09 F:7.. * . +00 5..23*.03.

+ 5.7 ... + *2. 5..*72.2 70 7.5 79 .. *27.*30. +00 5. F:7.3*3. (3 .550. **+ 5... 3.90+.32 .+ . 9*7 5..03.0 3+ *..++0. F:7.923.29.2 50 *..2 . 4 **.5+.0+ . 0 .37..4 .+ 30 . 37 *. +53 5.9 *2 **. 50 92 2.559.+70. * . **.29. F:7. *..+ 2. F:7.5 30 **.onda Motor Co@1 %td@ s!are!old ersF eDuity <oncontrollin g interests *otal eDuity *otal lia/ilities and eDuity *3 *.9 7.3 55 **.5 2+ .007. * .7 32 *2..+70. +2 *..93 7 5.*+.. 75 Financial Inde? N $millions& *otal F:7.92. 73 5.2 + *2.79 0 *32..lia/ilities %ongterm de/t Ot!er lia/ilities *otal lia/ilities *otal .. 3.+ 20 7.90 7 *5*.2 5. 2 *2....7 53 *.*+. *.**. *23. 7.5*5. B **.9 7+ *22.525.7 *2 7.+* ..932.+ 30 2.9 .2 + 5.

assets .(0 6.%# ##.onda Motor Co@1 %td@ s!are!old ersF eDuity (eturn on EDuity +00 5.#6 #70.77 $#.67 #".5 2+ . +53 5. -apital 'rofita(ility Ratios Operating Profit /argin (0! 7.53 #7.00 #5.6" $%7.53 #0.00 $0.9 7+ 37.5$ ("".00 6. 50 75 5.00 (.00 70.2 **+ 5.3& 3.00 #3.007.32 .53 #0.9& 37.2& 3 .00 33.559..%( 55.00 7(.+& TATA MOTORS RATIOS : Key Financial Ratios of 0ata Motors Mar !"# Mar !"" Mar !"$ Mar !$% nvest&ent Valuation Ratios Face Value Dividend Per Share Operating Profit Per Share ( s! &et Operating Profit Per Share ( s! Free eserves Per Share ( s! )onus in *+uit."% $$".*& 33.50 #0.$5 #7.5 79 9*7 5.#5 755.70 ".6( ..7# (4 $.++0.6% 6#".$3 $#7.

06 ".(# %.#" ".e Ratios 1nterest -over 3otal De<t to O=ners Fund Financial -harges -overage atio 3.3% %.ed (0! eturn On &et 8orth (0! 2d6usted eturn on &et 8orth (0! (.77 3.0" %."7 6."( 3.%0 0.Profit )efore 1nterest 2nd 3a4 /argin (0! 5ross Profit /argin (0! -ash Profit /argin (0! 2d6usted -ash /argin (0! &et Profit /argin (0! 2d6usted &et Profit /argin (0! eturn On -apital *7plo.03 ##.%0 3."( 6.6# $5".56 $."5 6.$6 6.5$ 0.(" 3#5.7( 6.$0 3.60 eturn on 2ssets *4cluding evaluations eturn on 2ssets 1ncluding evaluations eturn on 9ong 3er7 Funds (0! )i*uidity And Solvency Ratios -urrent atio 6#.(3 #.53 0.57 0.(# 0.(( 0. atio 9ong 3er7 De<t *+uit."0 $.(5 $(0.$6 $(#.#$ 3.57 3.$6 6.06 0.(( 60."7 6.$6 6.7( #0."7 3."3 %.#$ 0.%" 0.70 $.5( 0.03 3.36 6.$6 7.77 6.#5 ".3# #$.$6 #0.(0 0.$6 $.(" :uic."# 6.6# #.37 #5.30 6.6" (. atio +e(t Covera.6( 0.(( 0.5% #.%0 0.0# $5".$6 $.$6 #0.7( 3.06 3.(6 3#(.(6 #$. atio De<t *+uit.($ ".(( #.70 0.6( ( .(7 7.0" 7.5# 0.

Financial -harges -overage 3a4

atio Post





Mana,e&ent -fficiency Ratios 1nventor, 3urnover De<tors 3urnover atio atio atio atio atio #3.37 $0.($ #3.37 $.65 $.$" #.6( #3.%6 #".$0 #3.%6 $.$$ #.35 $.$$ #3.50 #7."$ #3.50 #."5 #.#( #."5 #3.(7 #".## #3.(7 #.%% #.0$ #.%%

1nvest7ents 3urnover Fi4ed 2ssets 3urnover 3otal 2ssets 3urnover 2sset 3urnover atio

2verage a= /aterial >olding 2verage Finished 5oods >eld &u7<er of Da,s 1n 8or;ing -apital 'rofit . )oss Account Ratios /aterial -ost -o7position 17ported -o7position of -onsu7ed a= /aterials

#6."( #7.#$ .6#."%

#".%0 #5.0" .3#.((

#5.66 #7.70 .7(.73

$0."0 #3.6( .$%.#"

75.77 (.%$ (.37 6.7%

73.07 5."0 (.77 7.00

7#.70 5."( (.(7 %.6#

73.$6 5.%$ (.77 ".("

Selling Distri<ution -ost -o7position *4penses as -o7position of 3otal Sales Cas/ Flow ndicator Ratios Dividend Pa,out Dividend Pa,out *arning atio &et Profit atio -ash Profit

##7.7# 5#.3$ #".""

%0."6 ((.7( $$.($

((.$% $".0$ 30.$$

3(.5$ #7."( 6$.(" (&

etention atio

-ash *arning etention


57.(3 3.$#

56.3$ (.73

6#.%( 6.(0

%#.$" 7.#3

2d6usted -ash Flo= 3i7es

Mar !"#

Mar !""

Mar !"$

Mar !$%

*arnings Per Share )oo; Value

3."# 60."5

$%.55 3#(."3

3".$6 $5".03

#".(% $(0.6(

Source 1 +ion 2lo(al Solutions )i&ited



"@#-'8% J 6I
)rand se!mentin!, tar!etin! and positionin! is an essential preliminary activity, or fundamental decision to developin! successful marketin! communication pro!rams. It is only (y havin! a statement, company can decide to whom the (rand should (e tar!eted, what should say a(out the (rand, and what media and messa!e vehicles should contact tar!et customers. "onsumers are (om(arded with information a(out products or services. 'o r e-evaluate products or services every time they make a (uyin! decision is impossi(le. 'o simplify their (uyin! consumers or!ani<e products or services into cate!ories that is they position the products, services and or!ani<ations in their minds. %elatin! the findin!s of the research with )rand -ersonality prism (y #aker we can that @yundai has occupied an ima!e of (ein! a hi!h spirited and charmin! (rand that takes care of its customers and have concern for them whereas 1aruti is a sincere and competent (rand. 'ata is considered to (e a hi!h on ru!!edness as it scores hi!h on (ein! a tou!h (rand. On other parameters, 1aruti is considered to (e the leader when we talk of market shares while 'ata and @yundai need to improve their market shares. 9e!mentin!, tar!etin! and positionin! on this parameter can really help the players as accordin! to the research this I the most important parameter for customers to consider while choosin! a vehicle.


* & of the respondent would prefer petrol vehicle over diesel mainly (ecause of hi!h maintenance cost of diesel en!ines. +2& people associate the attri(ute 9B""899AB: to the (rand M1#%B'IN . • • • • • • • 5*& people are mainly focusin! on (uyin! compact cars as compared to others. () .& of customers !oin! for 9B6 cars to enhance their lifestyle. • )oth 1#%B'I and '#'# are considered as the . +2& people are well satisfied with their car (rand and are not lookin! forward to prefer any other (rand. )ut the people of income !roup from 5-*0 and a(ove *0 lakhs would like to (uy the (i! se!ment car like accent. '#'# is considered as the tou!h (rand amon! other (rands of cars (y 50& people.#'8 (rand amon! other (rands of cars (y 35& people.#I is considered as the B--'O-. etc. -eople with the income !roup of up to 5 lakh would like to (uy the small car like 9#C'%O. @GBC. . 9Q5. 50 & of the customers admire to have lu3ury car followed (y 2. #:'O. • • 1#%B'I and '#'# are considered as a %8:I#):8 (rand amon! customers (y 53& and 5*& people respectively. etc.FI<DI<6S • • De find that the 1aruti car is ranked at the top most position with +3&. 5+& people prefer price while (uyin! a car over other factors.ODC-'O-8#%'@ (rand (y 53& and 5*& of people respectively.

"ompanies should focus on pricin! of the cars that provides value of money. • @yundai needs to work on its /%elia(ility? value as compared to 1aruti 9u<uki and 'ata 1otors (y (etter =uality control measures. )* . "ompanies should focus on diesel cars as they are much more preferred over petrol cars. • • • • "ompanies should focus on (etter compact cars so as to attract more and more customers. to identify the needs of the customer and there(y tryin! to fulfill them for its lon! run and to retain the market share.S)66ES*IO<S • 1aruti 9u<uki must keep on conductin! the surveys. • "ompact car makers should focus on people of income !roup 2-5 lakh as more people of this !roup are interested to (uy compact cars. 'ata 1otors should work hard to create ima!e of 9B""899AB: (rand as comparison to 1aruti 9u<uki (ut lon! term ima!e is hi!hly affected (y service =uality and maintenance in automo(ile industry.

BIB%IO6(0".: BOO'S: • • "!ilip 'otler G Marketing Management <ares! '@ Mal!otra G Marketing (esearc! I<*E(<E* SI*ES: • • http-HHeconomictimes1indiatimes1comHsearch1cms http-HHwww1acmainfo1comH 0#utomotive component manufacturers association of India2 • • • • • http-HHwww1siamindia1comH 09ociety http-HHwww1marutisuzuki1comH http-HHwww1hyundai1co1inH http-HHwww1tatamotors1comH http-HHwww1google1co1inHsearchIhlJenD@ of Indian automo(ile manufacturers2 )1 .

9tron!ly #!ree 2 • • • • • • -rice Vuality Innovative 9pecial Offers -erformance 1ilea!e )2 .2 Dhich kind of car do you admire to haveY "ompact 9edan :u3ury 9ports 9B6 7. 7. which type of car would you preferY "ompact 9edan :u3ury 9ports 9B6 . specify ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Co +.. 2 3.2 . Tindly !o to V +.2 If !iven a choice.2 %ate the followin! parameters on the scale of * to 7 accordin! to the importance you pay to them while purchasin! a car 0*. specify ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CoH 0If Co.2 If yes.o you have a carY GesH 2. which (randY 1aruti @yundai 'ata If other.9tron!ly . which (rand of car do you driveY 1aruti @yundai 'ata If other.ANNE>URE 5-E/T+ONNA+*E *.2 Dould you prefer to try any car from other (randY Ges 5.isa!ree .2 If Ges.

2 I will associate the attri(ute 'OB$@ with P 1aruti @yundai 'ata If other. specify ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *3.iesel *0. specify ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *5.2 I will associate the attri(ute %8:I#):8 with P 1aruti @yundai 'ata If other. specify ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *+.2 I will associate the attri(ute /Outdoorsy? with P 1aruti @yundai 'ata If other.• #fter 9ales 9ervice . specify ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *2.2 I will associate the attri(ute SBp-'o-.2 I will associate the attri(ute 9B""899AB: with P 1aruti @yundai 'ata If other.2 Dould you prefer a petrol vehicle or a diesel vehicleY -etrol . specify ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ )3 . specify ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **.ateS with P 1aruti @yundai 'ata If other.2 I will associate the attri(ute /.2 %ank on the scale of * to + for the vehicle you currently ownH • • • • • -erformance 1ilea!e 'echnolo!y -rice #fter 9ales 9ervice 9.own to 8arth? with P 1aruti @yundai 'ata If other.

a L*0: p.50 years 50 years and a(ove )4 .on?t want to disclose 3*.a ."E(SO<0% "(OFI%E <ame: 6ender: 0ge /racket K 20-30 years Income /racket K K 2: p.a 5 to *0: p.a 2 to 5: p.

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