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The Second Annual Lives in the Balance Conference: We're Not Done Yet!

will be held in Portland, Maine on November 16th. This years conference is jointly sponsored by the Maine Juvenile Justice Advisory Group (JJAG).

The conference, which is free of charge, features presentations from educators from schools in aine that are participating in the JJAG!funded study on the impact of "r. Greene#s model on school discipline practices. The conference will also feature e$citing %eynote spea%ers, Trailbla&er 'ecognition Awards, a detailed o(er(iew of the model for the unfamiliar, and additional learning e$periences for staff from schools participating in the JJAG project and those already implementing the model. )ast years conference in Augusta attracted a capacity group of o(er *++ participants, this years conference has capacity for more than double that number of participants. -eres the agenda. /.++0/.1+ Re istration!Coffee /.1+02+.++ "e#note Addresses: $he Sta%es Are &i h: Brea%in Pi'eline Richard Ross, University of California, Santa Barbara Barry Stoodley, Associate Commissioner for Juvenile Services, State of Maine Department of Corrections 2+.++!2+.23 Coffee Brea% 2+.23!22.43 $he Model in the Schools: (r ani)in +ata, and Lives Affected ina D!Aran, "rincipal, Central School, South Ber#ic$ Ryan Gleason, Assistant "rincipal, Durham Community School, Durham Michael %boray, "rincipal, Conners &merson School, Bar 'arbor Jeanette McBride, Ran(eley )a$es Re(ional School *om Ambrose, "rincipal, Morse Street School, South +reeport 22.43!2*.++ Lives in the Balance $railbla)er A,ards 2*.++!2.++ Lunch 2.++!1.1+ Brea%out -rou's ,ntroduction to Dr- Greene.s Approach for Solvin( "roblems Collaboratively /Dr- Greene and *om Ambrose0 Sharin( Strate(ies, ,deas, and "lottin( the +uture /1im 'op$ins, 1im Bortle, and leaders from the schools from the JJAG pro2ect0 Location: Portland Marriott at Sable (a%s, .// Sable (a%s +rive, South Portland, Maine the *ffort, &urdles (vercome, the School to Prison