nina!s galleria

About this book
This is a book of photographs taken over a few years

It was quite di"cult to chose the ones to put in this book because there are so many, but this to me is just the beginning.

Nina!s Galleria
The following are pictures taken of New York City and Woodstock, New York. These two places to me are the most beautiful places to be at any one time. New York City to me is always a #picture postcard$ no matter what season it is. You are always surrounded by many di%erent people, but you can always be alone if that is what you chose. Woodstock, New York is my weekend place where I become the #artist$ that I always wanted to be.


On the road

These were taken on the Thurway, NYC


Entering and walking along Fifth Avenue, NYC

Police Station, New York City Skyline, Buildings in Jersey City, Times Square


22nd Street walking uptown, West 57th Street


The Met, Fifth Avenue, NYC


Reservoir in Central Park



New York Building at 6 a.m., East End at Sunrise


The Tunnel in Central Park, New York Skyline Walking in Central Park


Cooper Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in upstate New York

The #lonely$ tree, My backyard, Walking Along

Snowy Winter Day on the Highway,

Laundromat,Woodstock, NY

Blooming &owers on Cooper Lake


my shining stars

photo book

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