First Class

Setting Preference 1. Select Preferences from the FirstClass toolbar.

2. Click on the Messaging tab and then on the Initial Content tab.

3. 4. 5. 6.

Choose to place the cursor in a reply Before Quote. For Reply tagging, choose Name and Timestamp. Choose Include Header Summary for Forward tagging. Click Apply.

Winchester Public School, 2009

First Class
Setting Preference

Separate the Inbox and Outbox
1. To separate Incoming and Outgoing mail, click on General tab.

2. Check off Register FirstClass 3. Check off Quit on disconnect 4. Leave image as Default 5. Choose Outlook mail form. 6. Choose Separate Inbox/Outlook 7. Choose FirstClass contact form 8. Choose Default map 9. Click Apply; then, click OK Note: This makes FirstClass the default mail client application on your computer, so when you click on an e-mail address on the Web, FirstClass will open automatically. If you would prefer another e-mail application to open remove the check next to Register FirstClass as default mail client under General Tab. At home when you install FirstClass, if you have another Mail Client application that you use to send mail on your home computer, do not check off Register FirstClass.

Winchester Public School, 2009

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