NGO Thumbnail and Full Profiles: Six-Week Girls’ Education Case Study

DOCTOR OF EDUCATION PROGRAM: Contemporary Approaches to Educational Problems – Ed 855.716: Spring 2014
THEMES: Access and Equity | Public Health | Education in Emergencies >> Click on the link to review all Case Study documents<<
Name of Organization URL Contact Information (Project Lead): Name, email, phone, Skype, blog, or other form of reaching you) Focus: Access and Equity, Public Health, Emergencies

Mission, Vision, History (and other information that allows the Hopkins students to know about the organization (two-three paragraphs)

>> Please list each project separately. Feel free to copy the form below<<
CONTEXT: Provide the location and the population being served and if the program is new or ongoing. In other words, provide background on the community. You will be able to describe the challenge below on pg. 2

The Challenge (Capsule Summary)
1-2 sentence capsule summary of the challenge for which research by doctoral students can be of tangible support

The Challenge (Longer Description)
Describe the challenge in terms of what research can do to support progress toward your intended goal. What obstacles are you facing? Examples may include strategic design, resistance from above, policy constraints, resource constraints, integration of new knowledge on gender equality measures. The more focused the target (specific population and specific challenge), the more productive the results will be. Please keep in mind that we need to build a collaborative rapport, select the challenge, create a research design, write a paper, and create a slide presentation in 6 weeks Please review the Case Study documents in

order to facilitate the creation of a profile in order to get started.

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