Reiki: Hayashi Ryoho Shishin

(the Hayashi Treatment Guide)
Translation (especially for by

Jiro Kozuki

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trichiasis. a e t w . [Takata-sensei had a copy of the Hayashi Ryoho Shishin . liver. o r g 2 . leucoma. etc. ovaries Treat both eyes. depression below the ears. Copyright © 2003 James Deacon] Translation (especially for AETW. as (. however.treat: forehead. external otitis.treat: auditory the Usui Treatment Guide -) it is essentially just a wordlist.w w w .is simply that: a guide . nearsightedness.) . eg: tympanitis and parotitis. and ovaries Teeth . ringing in the ear.depress or pinch the affected part of the tongue. poor hearing. kidneys. womb.treat: eye balls. For headaches. Ears (All manner of ear disorders. inner corners of eyes.a brief series of prompts as to suitable areas for topical treatment. back of the head. womb.with mouth closed. treat externally at the root of the tooth Oral Cavity . treat the bronchi. so too did Hayashi Sensei. Headache . conjunctivitis. hilar by Jiro Kozuki Section 1: The Head Brain disorders.THE HAYASHI TREATMENT GUIDE Just as Usui Sensei is said to have given his students a basic handbook / guide to treating various medical conditions. treat the lips with the palms see also disorders of Digestive Organs Tongue . Treat externally at the root of the tongue _________________________________ James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES . outer corners of eyes. etc. The Hayashi Reiki Treatment Guide [English Version. glaucoma.just like the Usui Treatment Guide . back of the neck Head treatment can be used whatever the condition being treated. tympanitis.though few seem to be aware of this fact] There are several translations of the Hayashi Treatment Guide. raised bone behind ears. back and top of the head. there is little variation between one translation and another. cataract. ptosis. even though the problem is in only one eye.) . The Hayashi Treatment Guide or Hayashi Ryoho Shishin is divided into 9 sections or 'chapters' and . back of the head Treat both ears.for toothache. kidneys. give specific attention to the actual epicentre of pain Eyes (All manner of eye disorders. trachoma. temples. even though the problem is in only one ear. Where the disorder follow a cold.

dilation of the oesophagus. stomach. hyperemia. sacrum. intestines. etc. the prognosis is not very good Stomach disorders (acute and chronic gastritis. ptosis. intestines. kidneys. stomach. liver. abscess. intestines. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Within a few days of treatment. intestines.liver. atrophy. liver. gallstones will break down by themselves pass out of the body. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Where there is cancer of the oesophagus. the prognosis is not very good Peritoneum disorders . bleeding piles. head Disorders of the Oesophagus (stricture of the oesophagus.stomach.) .) . intestines. kidneys. oesophagus. gastrospasm. in area of anus. stomach. neurologic dyspepsia. hypertrophy. o r g 3 .w w w .) . stomach. oesophagus. intestines. etc.stomach.. gallstone. treat the lung area Anal disorders (hemorrhoid. treat by pressing the arches of both feet forward Section 2: Disorders of Digestive Organs Stomatitis/Stomach cancer . etc. hypertrophy. stomach. sclerosis. heart. ileus.mouth. the prognosis is not very good Pancreas disorders (liver cyst. stomach. a e t w . etc) . stomach. heart. etc. anal fistula. pancreas.mouth. kidneys. kidneys Saliva (either deficit or excess) . apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Where cancer obvious. coccyx. pancreas.oesophagus.) . gastric atony.Alternatively. gastroptosis. Where there is cancer of the liver. pancreas. oesophagitis. open sores. intestines. kidneys. jaundice. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Liver disorders (liver congestion. intestines. intestines Treat anal fistula. constipation.liver. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Where there is cancer of the pancreas. liver. intestinal volvulus. gastric dilation. invagination. peritoneum area. tongue. vermiform process. liver. the prognosis is not very good Intestine disorders (intestinal catarrh. heart. heart. etc. appendicitis. stomach. gastric ulcer.) . pancreas.pancreas. kidneys. liver. kidneys. in the same way as intestinal/pulmonary tuberculosis _________________________________ James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES . intestinal bleeding. spinal cord. diarrhoea. neurologic stomach ache.mouth. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] For tuberculous conditions. anal prolapse. lumbar vertebrae. anal inflammation. pancreas. liver Thrush/yeast infection . intestines. solar plexus.the affected area. bladder. stomach cancer. root of the tongue. heart.

hypertrophy. stomach. stomach.trachea. chest. head. back of the head If nosebleeds occur when menstruation is overdue. sclerosis. stomach. etc. nose. etc) . heart. anemia. treat the womb and ovaries Sore Throat (Pharyngitis) and Tonsillitis . kidneys. bronchi. kidney stones. liver. pancreas.bronchi. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] unless patient is very sick or weak Always treat the womb and ovaries.treat as you would heart problems. filariasis. intestines. kidneys.general chest area. kidneys. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Arteriosclerosis. pulmonary tuberculosis. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Asthma . heart For acute asthma attacks. Catarrhal Croup . Tracheitis and Bronchitis . intestines. emphysema. pancreas. spinal cord. various heart symptoms. intestines. intestines. head. pancreas. palpitation. atrophy.nose. throat. tonsils.kidneys. lungs. etc) . apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Nosebleed (Epistaxis) . kidneys. treat patient in seated position Lung disorders (pulmonary oedema. stomach. hypertrophic and atrophic nasal catarrh. heart valve disorders. a e t w .w w w . stomach. stomach. uremia.throat. kidneys. liver. spinal cord. abscess. . pyelitis. liver. intestines. bladder. whatever the age of the female patient. etc) . pancreas. bronchi. heart. depression on upper forehead. throat. bronchi Maxillary Emphysema/Pleurisy . heart. liver. stomach.lungs. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Section 4: Cardiovascular Disorders Heart disorders (endocarditis.) . stomach.nasal bones. pancreas. liver. bronchi. kidneys. _________________________________ James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES .nose. intestines. kidneys.heart. Pleura disorders (both dry and moist) . Cardiac Asthma. pancreas. various pericardial symptoms. lungs. angina pectoris. head Pneumonia. intestines. with addition of bronchi and general chest area Section 5: Urinary Organ Disorders Kidney disorders (kidney congestion. head. heart. liver. etc. Aneurysm. abscess. o r g 4 . intestines. lungs. diaphragm. kidneys.Section 3: Respiratory Disorders Nasal disorders (acute and chronic nasal catarrh.lung area.

liver. liver. kidneys.primarily treat spinal cord. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Epilepsy . intestines. prostate gland. spinal cord. o r g 5 . intestines. head. pancreas. intestines. ovaries. pancreas.head. kidneys. liver. spinal cord. eyes. uremia. intestines. Insomnia . Migraine. liver. bladder. intestines. ovaries. intestines. kidneys. urgent need to urinate. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Nervous Breakdown. kidneys. kidneys. stomach. urethra. edematous or paralyzed area. stomach. liver.womb. eyes. stomach. pain when urinating. bladder Myelitis . primarily back of head and neck Treat areas such as nose. thyroid. liver. a e t w . apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Cystitis (urinary retention. liver. head. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Neuralgia (Palsy. kidneys. pancreas. head. liver. such as gastritis and erysipelas-based pneumonia. intestines. intestines. area of paralysis.spinal cord generally. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] very gently Meningitis . heart. etc. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Graves' Disease . Epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis . liver. bladder. spinal cord. kidneys.heart. head. stomach. spinal cord. sacrum. pancreas. kidneys. intestines.head.stomach. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Cerebral Hemorrhage (intracerebral bleeding. forehead. area of paralysis Polio .head. intestines. head. etc) kidneys. stomach. stomach. bladder. intestines.etc. head. stomach. stomach. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Section 6: Neurological Disorders Cerebral Anemia/Hyperemia .) . stomach. stomach.womb. and inflammation of the head.bladder. womb. stomach.w w w . kidneys. head. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] _________________________________ James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES . head. apply Ketsueki Kokan [bloodcleansing technique] Also focus on the womb and ovaries Beriberi . heart. back of the head and neck. pancreas. cerebral thrombosis. pancreas. Also cover: heart. heart Hysteria . kidneys.affected area. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Bedwetting . intestines. kidneys.) .liver. primarily in order to heal the cause of the disorder. head. heart. eyes.stomach. heart. but also in order to effect reflex-healing in remote organs. Neural spasticity.spinal cord. spinal cord. Also treat as for Lung disorders. intestines.

Cholera .Convulsion .stomach. intestines.liver. bronchi. intestines. intestines. stomach. intestines. solar plexus. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Pertussis. kidneys. wrist. throat. intestines. stomach. heart.throat.stomach. solar plexus. kidneys. stomach. intestines. liver. pancreas.pancreas (spleen). apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Measles . Varicella (Chicken Pox) . apex of the lungs. heart. affected area. head Food or other Poisoning. bronchi. Where the woman is carrying her first child. intestines. head. heart. affected area. back of head. kidneys. stomach. kidneys. kidneys. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Sea/Motion Sickness . trachea. kidneys. kidneys. spinal cord.nose. head Huntington's Disease/Chorea .throat. Chemical Dependancy . spinal cord. stomach. shoulders. lungs.w w w . a e t w . chest. liver. pancreas/spleen.liver. stomach. heart. heart. kidneys. pancreas. stomach.liver. bladder. pancreas. head. trachea. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Section 7: Infectious Disorders (Para)typhoid . throat. trachea. head. bladder. spinal cord... stomach. spinal cord. spleen. spastic area of arms and legs. treat the womb. bronchi. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Influenza . intestines. head. intestines. liver. kidneys. Whooping Cough . lungs. kidneys. area around elbow. intestines. kidneys.stomach. o r g 6 . apply Ketsueki Kokan [bloodcleansing technique] Malaria .stomach. liver. head Scarlet Fever .jawbone. nose. intestines.liver. head. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Shingles. head. spinal cord. kidneys. intestines. intestines. treat the navel also _________________________________ James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES . pancreas. intestines. kidneys. spinal cord for puerperal tetanus.nose. head Dysentery. lungs. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Weil's(?) Disease [acute leptospiral infection] . stomach. kidneys. heart. liver. arms. stomach. stomach. head.throat. throat. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Diphtheria . spinal cord apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Tetanus .

intestines Improperly positioned foetus . stomach.w w w . lumbar region of spine Treating these areas will result in an easy birth after twelve labour pains. kidneys. Death of Foetus . throat. kidneys. spinal cord.affected area. affected area. bladder. kidneys.womb Pregnancy . intestines. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Section 9: Other Disorders Infantile Convulsion .affected area. intestines. intestines.affected area. head. kidneys. heart. stomach. Leukemia. chest. liver. head. stomach. pancreas. pancreas. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] _________________________________ James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES . apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Diabetes . spinal cord. kidneys. head Rabies . affected area. heart. spinal cord.womb. intestines.affected area. intestines.affected area. stomach. kidneys. heart. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Obesity . spinal cord. intestines. a e t w . head. stomach. To ensure easy afterbirth.sacrum. stomach. The mother will soon start lactating Morning Sickness . stomach. intestines Congenital Syphillis in Children . intestines. Scrofula .heart.kidneys. Scurvy . apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Goitre. Muscular Rheumatism . apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Section 8: Whole Body Disorders Anemia. spinal cord Streptococcal Infection/Erysipelas .Articular Rheumatism. heart. continue to treat these areas once the baby has emerged.ongoing treatment of the womb will ensure healthy foetus growth Delivery . intestines. especially mammary gland. kidneys.stomach. spinal cord. head. pancreas. stomach. bladder. intestines. spinal cord. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Hyperhidrosis . head.treating the womb will result in the natural evacuation of the dead foetus no later than the following day Cessation of Lactation . liver. kidneys. liver. head. o r g 7 . solar plexus. spinal cord. heart. liver. pancreas.breast area.heart. apply Ketsueki Kokan [blood-cleansing technique] Dermatological disorders .liver. kidneys. chest.liver. heart. liver. stomach. liver.

perineum.affected area As the pain desists.urethra.hold one hand an inch or two above the affected area. his child is Kahyo. spinal cord. (The father is Kahyo. apply your hand lightly to the testicles Painful Spasms.womb.) (b) Oya ga kahyo nara ko ga kahyo. intestines. Stomach Cramps .assist the patient to disgorge water from the lungs. womb where there is chronic testicular inflammation. liver. on back at the level of the stomach. he can be healed Pain in the fingertips . an electric shock.stomach.affected area Vomiting . singing practice Practice singing: (a) Mukou no koike ni dojo ga sanbiki nyoro nyoro to. Period Pains . bladder. Son. Kahyo and grandson. Hernia should contract automatically when touched lightly * * * * * * * _________________________________ James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES . liver. stomach.) If the patient can sing these songs.) . intestines. head Drowning . etc. head. a e t w . spinal cord at the level of the stomach. Unconsciousness (due to by falling. liver. solar plexus. eventually placing the hand on the burn site as the pain is alleviated Cuts .treat while pressure is applied to the cut with a thumb or a palm to stem bleeding.w w w . head Stuttering .stomach.affected area. head Hernia .Burns . kidneys. head. head Menopause. o r g 8 . kidneys Splinter .diaphragm. the splinter should rise of its own accord and should be withdrawn at this time Gonorrhoea . (Thee loaches are wiggling in the pond over there. treat: heart. treat: heart. Kahyo.throat. pancreas. kidneys.apply katsu (a pressure-point technique). ko kahyo ni mago kahyo. ovaries. apply katsu. cranium Hiccup . stomach and intestines.

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