(An Autonomous Organization under Ministry of HRD) Department of School Education and Literacy) !o"ernment of #ndia $%&' #nstitutional Area Sector%() *oida District !autam$udh *agar +ttar ,radesh - ).& /.0

RECRUITMENT OF POST GRADUATE TEACHERS & TRAINED GRADUATE TEACHERS – 2014 IN JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYAS *a"odaya 1idyalaya Samiti (*1S) an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Human Resource De"elopment Department of School Education 2 Literacy !o"ernment of #ndia in"ites ON LINE applications through the lin3 (RECRUITMENT OF TEACHERS IN NVS - 2014) a"aila4le on *1S 5e4site (i6e6 5556na"odaya6nic6in) from eligi4le #ndian nationals for dra5ing a panel of candidates for filling up of the posts of ,ost !raduate 7eachers (,!7s) 2 7rained !raduate 7eachers (7!7s) on D#RE87 RE8R+#7ME*7 $AS#S in the 9a5ahar *a"odaya 1idyalayas located in "arious districts of the country6 Su4:ect 5ise 2 8ategory 5ise 4rea3 up of tentati"e "acancies is as under;% Post G !"#!t$ T$!%&$ s 'PGTs( S6 *o6 & ) / < ' ( > = 0 &. Su4:ect $iology 8hemistry 8ommerce Economics English !eography Hindi History Maths ,hysics 7otal +R &0 ). .= )' <. &> /> /& &< )< 2)* O$8 .0 &. .= &) .. .( .. .. &0 &. +4 S8 &/ .( .' )0 .' .( .( .= )> .( 111 S7 .. &' .< &. .= .< .= .) )< &0 ,4 7otal <& '& )' >( '/ // '& <& =< '0 *14

T !-.$" G !"#!t$ T$!%&$ s 'TGTs( S6 *o6 & ) / < ' Su4:ect English Hindi Maths Science Social Studies 7otal +R /) <' () )' )( 1,0 O$8 &. .. &' .& .& 2+ S8 &/ &) <' .> .< /1 S7 // .= '> ). .> 7otal == (' &>0 '/ /=

12* 42)

9a5ahar *a"odaya 1idyalayas are co%educational fully residential schools up to

E mar3s in aggregate in the follo5ing su4:ects6 . 2$3o46 #n addition to the pay scale and grade pay selected candidates 5ill 4e entitled to dra5 admissi4le allo5ance 4esides &.L#8A7#O* CORM POST GRADUATE TEACHERS .OS7 .Senior Secondary le"el and are located mainly in rural areas6 At present '== 9*1s are functioning all o"er the country6 9a5ahar *a"odaya 1idyalayas 4eing fully residential institutions the teachers are re?uired to stay in the 1idyalaya campus for 5hich rent free accommodations as a"aila4le 5ill 4e pro"ided6 #n addition to normal teaching duties the teachers are re?uired to perform additional responsi4ilities attached 5ith residential system of schooling li3e House Mastership remedial and super"isory studies organization of co%curricular acti"ities escorting of students on migration and loo3ing after students@ 5elfare in general6 During the period of pro4ation of the incum4ent performance in all these areas is also assessed in addition to the teaching a4ility to determine suita4ility for the :o46 #n "ie5 of the policy that at least &A/ rd students admitted are girlsB efforts 5ill 4e made to post male and female teachers in proportion to the num4er of girl students in *a"odaya 1idyalayas su4:ect to condition that they fulfill the normal eligi4ility conditions6 Ho5e"er there is no separate reser"ation for Cemale 7eachers to this effect6 )6 Details regarding essential and desira4le ?ualifications for "arious categories of posts .ay Scales Age limit RelaDation of age Mode of Selection and other related details ! $ 0-1$. )150152014(5 :UALIFICATIONS6 ESSENTIAL :UALIFICATIONS (a) 75o Gear #ntegrated . 7HE A.OS7 8ODES COR C#LL#*! +.E special pay for performing additional residential duties6 2516 A5 'POST CODE & ELIGI7LITY CRITERIA(6 FOR POST GRADUATE TEACHERS S+$9E87%F#SE . PAY SCALE6 UPPER AGE LIMIT6 Rs5 .ost !raduate M6Sc6 8ourse from Regional 8ollege of Education of *8ER7 in the concerned su4:ect 5ith at least '.OS7 8ODE .)008)4/00 'G !"$ P!9 Rs54/00( 40 YEARS 'As o.OS7 8ODE $iology & !eography ( 8hemistry ) Hindi > 8ommerce / History = Economics < Maths 0 English ' .hysics &.E mar3s in aggregate6 OR Master@s Degree from a recognized uni"ersity 5ith at least '.OS7 ..

)008)4/00 'G !"$ P!9 Rs54.hysicsAApplied .!7(Mathematics) MathematicsAApplied Mathematics (") .!7 (English) English (D) . )150152014(5 :UALIFICATIONS .!7 ($iology) $otony A Hoology A Life Sciences A $io Sciences A !enetics A Micro $ilolgy A $io 7echnology A Molecular $io A .hysiology pro"ided that applicant had studied $otany and Hoology at !raduation le"el6 $6Ed6 or e?ui"alent ?ualification from a recognized +ni"ersity6 .OS7 8ODE English && Hindi &) Maths &/ Science &< Social Studies &' PAY SCALE6 UPPER AGE LIMIT6 Rs5 .lant .hysics) Master@s Degree (4) (c) Hindi ..hysicsAElectronics .!7(8hemistry) 8hemistryA$io 8hemistry (i") . 7HE A.!7(History) History ("ii) .roficiency in 7eaching in Hindi and English languages6 DESIRA7LE :UALIFICATIONS (a) (4) (c) 75 EDperience as 7!7 in recognized institution in concerned su4:ect6 EDperience of 5or3ing in a residential school6 Ino5ledge of 8omputer application6 FOR TRAINED GRADUATE TEACHERS S+$9E87%F#SE .00( )* YEARS 'As o.OS7 .L#8A7#O* CORM TRAINED GRADUATE TEACHERS .!7(.!7(!eography) !eography ("iii) .OS7 (i) .hysics (iii) .S6*o6 .!7(Hindi) (ii) .!7(8ommerce) 8ommerce 5ith AccountingA8ost AccountingA Cinancial Accounting as a ma:or su4:ect of study6 Holders of Degree of M68om6 in AppliedA$usiness Economics shall not 4e eligi4le6 (iD) .hysicsA *uclear .OS7 8ODES COR C#LL#*! +.!7(Economics) EconomicsAApplied EconomicsA$usiness Economics ("i) .

olitical Science (4) (c) (d) $6Ed6 or e?ui"alent from a recognized +ni"ersity6 8ompetence to teach through English and HindiAconcerned Regional language as the case may 4e6 Should pass 8entral 7eacher Eligi4ility 7est (87E7) conducted 4y 8$SE6 DESIRA7LE :UALIFICATIONS (a) (4) EDperience of 5or3ing in a residential school6 Ino5ledge of 8omputer application6 IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR TGT 'MATHS( < TGT 'SCIENCE(& TGT 'SOCIAL STUDIES( 8andidates applying for the post of 7!7 (Mathematics) 7!7(Science) and 7!7 (Social Studies) should ensure 4efore applying that they fulfill the follo5ing criteria for 4eing eligi4le for consideration for appointment to these posts6 .olitical Science or !eography 5ith History A Economics A .ESSENTIAL :UALIFICATION (a) Cour years integrated degree course of Regional 8ollege of Education of *8ER7 5ith at least '.OS7 (i) 7!7(English) (ii) (iii) (i") (") 7!7(Maths) 7!7(Science) 7!7 (Hindi) 7!7 (Social Studies) S+$9E87S English as an Electi"e Su4:ect at Degree Le"el Maths .E mar3s or a4o"e in aggregate as 5ell as in the concerned su4:ect comprising the com4ination as under. S6*O6 .E mar3s in the concerned su4:ect as 5ell as in the aggregate6 OR A $achelor@s Degree or e?ui"alent from a recognized +ni"ersity 5ith '.hysics and 8hemistry $otany Hoology and 8hemistry Hindi as an Electi"e Su4:ect at Degree le"el History 5ith !eography A Economics A .

#st #+ T-T(Maths)! <6 8andidate should also ha"e secured '.hysics and 8hemistry in the first and second years of graduation6 /6 8andidates 5ho ha"e passed $6Sc6 degree 5ith Honours in Maths su4:ect 5ould 4e considered eligi4le only if they ha"e studied .hysics and 8hemistry during all three years of graduation6 )6 #n case of such +ni"ersities 5hich pro"ide for only t5o su4:ects out of the three as mentioned a4o"e in the final year of graduation the candidate should ha"e studied Maths and .E mar3s in a))&e)ate indi"idually in all of these su4:ects during all the years of study6 '6 8andidate should ha"e secured '.hysics in the final year of eDamination and all the three su4:ects "iz Maths .TGT 'M!t&$=!t-%s(6 &6 7he candidate should ha"e studied Maths .%$(6 &6 7he candidate should ha"e studied $otany Hoology and 8hemistry during all the three years of study in graduation6 )6 #n case of such +ni"ersities 5hich pro"ide for only t5o su4:ects in the final year of graduation the candidates should ha"e studied any of the t5o Hoology and 8hemistry in the final year of su4:ects out of $otany eDamination and all the three su4:ects "iz6 $otany Hoology and 8hemistry in the first and second years of graduation6 /6 #n case of Honours Degree in any of the a4o"e mentioned three su4:ects the candidate must ha"e studied other t5o su4:ects in the first and second year of the course6 <6 8andidate should also ha"e secured '.E mar3s in a))&e)ate indi"idually in these su4:ects during all the years of study6 '6 8andidate should ha"e secured at least '.hysics and 8hemistry in first and second year of the course6 Candidates with !S"!(H#ns!) in $h%si"s #& Che'ist&% a&e n#t e(i)i*(e +#& the .E mar3s in aggregate in the graduation degree also6 .E mar3s in aggregate in the graduation degree also6 TGT 'S%-$.

t o? !0$ $3!@!t-o.&6.ersons 5ith disa4ilities (including 5omen) (i) (ii) S8AS7 O$8 E@t$.olitical Science )6 History A !eography as a4o"e should ha"e 4een studied for all three years in the !raduation6 /6 #n case of Honours Degree in History the candidate should ha"e studied !eography A Economics A .-.E mar3s in !00 $0!t$ indi"idually in the su4:ects during all the three years of study6 '6 8andidate should ha"e secured at least '.s Scheduled 8aste A Scheduled 7ri4e Other $ac35ard 8lasses Fomen (S8 A S7 A O$8) *1S Employees 8andidates 5ith / years continuous ser"ice in 8entral !o"t6 pro"ided the posts are in same or allied cadres .ersons ordinarily domiciled in State of 9ammu 2 Iashmir during . A %o.olitical Science in &st and )nd year6 7!7 (Social Studies)6 <6 8andidate should ha"e secured '.%$ss-o.E mar3s in aggregate in the !raduation Degree also6 2 '2(6 S35 No5 (a) (4) (c ) (d) (e) (f) (g) AGE RELA>ATION C!t$0o 9 o? P$ so.olitical Science or 4) !eography 5ith History A Economics A . years ' years ' years ' years MaDimum relaDation in upper age limit 5ill 4e as under. Similarly in case of Honours degree in !eography the candidate should ha"e studied 8andidates 5ith $6A6 (Honours) in Economics or .olitical Science are not eligi4le for the post of &' years &/ years 2 ')(6 T&$ C#t8O?? "!t$ ?o "$t$ =-. a) History 5ith !eography A Economics A . ' years / years &.0 1! -o#s $3-0-2-3-t9 % -t$ -! . to /&6&)6&0=0 .olitical Science in & st and )nd years6 History A Economics A .&6&0=.TGT 'So%-!3 St#"-$s(6 &6 7he candidate should ha"e studied any of the t4o su4:ects out of the follo5ing su4:ect .

)& N!=$ o? t&$ C-t9 9aipur 9ammu Iol3ata Luc3no5 Mum4ai . minutes per hour of eDamination6 All candidates 5ith disa4ility not a"ailing the facility of scri4e may 4e allo5ed additional time of minimum of one hour for eDamination of three hours duration6 #n the instant case '. minutes additional time 5ill 4e allo5ed since the duration of the 5ritten eDam is ) J hours6 Reser"ation for person 5ith disa4ilities in rAo the current year "acancies 5ill 4e gi"en as per the rules6 Ho5e"er posts are identified suita4le for persons 5ith disa4ilities (Orthopedically 2 1isually Handicapped)6 *o candidate 5ill 4e admitted for the 5ritten eDamination 5ithout the proper Admit 8ard6 (d) .!3 :#!3-?-%!t-o.0(si#ns! *um4er of centers in each city 5ill depend upon the num4er of candidates opting for a city6 N!=$ o? t&$ C-t9 Ahmeda4ad $angalore $hopal $hu4anesh5er 8handigarh 8hennai Dehradun Delhi !u5ahati Hydera4ad #mphal (c) C-t9 Co"$ && &) &/ &< &' &( &> &= &0 ).#n the n0'*e& #+ the "andidates and #the& "#'.e&/ the Sa'iti has the &i)ht t# "#nd0"t the w&itten test at a(( the "ities #& an% #ne #+ the "ities de.atna Raipur Ranchi Shimla Srinagar 7hiru"ananthapuran C-t9 Co"$ )) )/ )< )' )( )> )= )0 /.&< 4efore applying6 7he *1S 5ill ta3e up "erification of eligi4ility conditions 5ith reference to original documents only after the candidates ha"e ?ualified for inter"ie56 Only those O$8 categories 5hich are applica4le for appointment under 8entral !o"ernment 5ill 4e considered6 )6 MODE OF SELECTION (a) 8andidates 5ill 4e shortlisted on the 4asis of their performance in 5ritten eDamination and inter"ie5 put together6 7he Samiti reser"es the right to decide the cut off mar3s in 5ritten eDamination and inter"ie56 7he decision of the Samiti a4out the mode of selection to the a4o"e posts and eligi4ility conditions of the applicants for inter"ie5 shall 4e final and 4inding6 *o correspondence 5ill 4e entertained in this regard6 (4) 7he Fritten EDamination for the recruitment to the a4o"e mentioned posts is li3ely to 4e held at follo5ing )) cities (code of the cities is mentioned against the name of the city) 5 H#we. /& /) .&6).endin) 0.E or more if so desires 5ill ha"e to 4ring their o5n scri4e to assist them in the eDamination6 7here is no restriction 5ith regard to educational ?ualification or age etc6 for the scri4e6 8ompensatory time to 4e allo5ed in this case is ).'E"#%!t-o.ersons 5ith disa4ility of <.s< !0$ 3-=-t $t%5( 4-33 2$ )1501520145 Applicants must satisfy a4out their eligi4ility as on /&6.

O2C$%t-1$ t9B$ =#3t-B3$ %&o-%$ E#$st-o.. Mar3sA ) hrs /.&<L6 ii6 iii6 i"6 "6 .OS7S OC .aper S#2C$%t 8OMMO* .%$s< &$As&$ s&o#3" s&! $A =$.$ through *a"odaya 1idyalaya Samiti@s 5e4% site at 5556na"odaya6nic6in No ot&$ =$!. 34 each) 5hile filling up online application form6 Applicants are first re?uired to go to the *a"odaya 1idyalaya Samiti@s 5e4%site at 5556na"odaya6nic6in and open the lin3 LRecruitment of 7eachers in *1S % ).% POST GRADUATE TEACHERS & TRAINED GRADUATE TEACHERS P!B$ !eneral .) and concerned su4:ect 3no5ledge (=.%#=st!.(e) 7he Fritten test 5ill consist of one paper for 4oth .K).o %.!7 and 7!7 separately as under.)."$ .t-o.s on !eneral English A Hindi (<. ).sA=o"$ o? !BB3-%!t-o.) 7eaching Aptitude ().5 #n case a candidate does not ha"e a "alid personal email #D heAshe should % $!t$ &-sA &$ .A.$4 $=!-3 ID 4efore applying Online6 8andidate should ha"e scanned copy of recent colour photograph and signatures (not eDceeding &. minutes6 7here 5ill 4e negati"e mar3ing of .3-.ER COR ALL .)6 7he difficulty le"el of the ?uestion papers for .!7s 5ill 4e of ..!3 $=!-3 ID5 #t should 4e 3ept acti"e during the currency of this recruitment6 7he *a"odaya1idyalayaSamiti through its eDam conducting agency may send call letters for 5ritten test inter"ie5 etc6 through the registered email #D6 U.6)' mar3s for each 5rong ans5er6 (f) Schedule of eDamination 5ill 4e intimated 5ith the Admit 8ard6 Detailed eDamination schedule 5ill also 5556na"odaya6nic6in in due course6 4e notified on Samiti@s 5e4site (g) $ased on the performance in 5ritten eDamination and also 3eeping in "ie5 the num4er of "acancies the candidates 5ill 4e called for inter"ie56 #ntimation to this effect 5ill 4e uploaded on the Samiti@s 5e4site 5556na"odaya6nic6in in due course6 8andidates are re?uired to chec3 the Samiti@s 5e4site from time to time6 7a3ing into account the performance of 4oth 5ritten eDamination and inter"ie5 merit list 5ill 4e prepared6 46 i6 HOW TO APPLY.9 ot&$ B$ so.) !eneral #ntelligence *umerical A4ility 2 Reasoning (/..) !eneral A5areness (/. $=!-3 ID toA o o? !. 4-33 2$ !%%$Bt$"5 8andidates are re?uired to &!1$ ! 1!3-" B$ so. 8andidates are re?uired to !BB39 O.ost !raduation standard and for 7!7s it 5ill 4e of !raduation standard6 M! DsA D# !t-o.!7s 2 7!7s.

."$ !. #B t&$ !BB oB -!t$ O.t B!ssBo t s-H$ B&oto0 !B& !.5 W-t&o#t %o#.0 #B o? ONLINE APPLICATION FORM FOR RECRUITMENT OF PGTs & TGTs 8 2014G as the case may 4e6 C3-%D o.%$ t&$ ?$$ B3#s s$ 1-%$ %&! 0$s -s "$Bos-t$" t&$ s!=$ s&!33 .t$ ?o-3 o? t&$ ?$$ B!9=$.age of the *a"odaya 1idyalaya Samiti@s 5e4site and going to the su4%lin3 FF-33-.t o#t of the LCEES .0A% (i6e6 Application Cee of Rs6'.ot 2$ $?#.< t&$ %!."$" #.$" to s&o4 t&$ ?$$ B!9=$." Wo=$." s-0.0 the Recruitment ."-"!t$s B hence the steps for payment of fees 5ill not 4e applica4le to them in online application form6 O. t&-s s#283-. A -.t %&!33!.5 C!.t %&!33!." #B3o!" 9o# $%$.!t-o.ayment 8hallan duly recei"ed 4y the $an3 5ith '!( 7 !.%#=st!.0 ?$$ ! $ $E#.$ !BB3-%!t-o. JNVs 8 2014L6 "i6 8andidates can apply Online 4y 1-s-t-. 'NVS CoB9( 4-33 &!1$ to 2$ su4mitted 4-t& t&$ %!33 3$tt$ !t t&$ t-=$ o? 4 -tt$. !t t&$ t-=$ o? -. ?o ?#t# $ #s$5 T&os$ 4&o ! $ $@$=Bt$" ? o= B!9-. $@!=-.$ ABB3-%!t-o.ayment 8hallan6 .t %&!33!.!t# $s !t t&$ !BB oB -!t$ B3!%$s as per instructions contained in the online application format and su4mit the same Online6 Login id and pass5ord 5ould 4e generated on successful su4mission of application and 5ill 4e displayed on the screen6 8andidates are ad"ised to note do5n their login id and pass5ord for future use6 T!D$ ! B -.$%o " !."-"!t$s 4-33 .3-.%$s5 C!." s&o#3" .!3 %o#.9 %.< !??-@ ! $%$."-"!t$s ! $< t&$ $?o $< !"1-s$" to D$$B ) B&oto%oB-$s o? t&$ ?$$ B!9=$."-"!t$s ! $ .3-.ot $E#.ay in 8ash Rs6*. IDAJo# ."-"!t$s s&o#3" t!D$ ! B -. $@!=-.A% $an3@s ser"ice charges) in the form of a 4an3 challan as mentioned a4o"e6 *o fee is re?uired to 4e paid 4y candidates 4elonging to SC A ST A PH %!t$0o -$s !.AGME*7 8HALLA*L6 !o to the nearest $ranch of +nion $an3 of #ndia 5ith the Cee . !.s!%t-o.!t-o.ot s$."-"!t$ s&o#3" t!D$ .t B&oto0 !B& !.D 4-33 oB$. Fo =!t5 8arefully fill in the complete details in online application form6 S%!. $@!=-." !%t !%%o "-.0395 O4tain the counterfoil (ApplicantLs 8opy 2 *1S 8opy) of the Cee .t$ ?o-3 o? t&$ ?$$ B!9=$.! o? t&$ o.t$ 1-$45 C!." t&$ s!=$ !t t&$ N!1o"!9! V-"9!3!9! S!=-t-Is !"" $ss "ii6 "iii6 iD6 D6 Di6 Dii6 Diii6 .t %&!33!.$" to ?o33o4 t&-s st$B5 T&$ %!.7hereafter open the Recruitment *otification titled as M RECRUITMENT OF PGTs & TGTs -.$" to s&o4 t&$ $E#-s-t$ %$ t-?-%!t$ '%!st$ %$ t-?-%!t$ A "-s!2-3-t9 %$ t-?-%!t$( !t t&$ t-=$ o? 4 -tt$." B $s$ 1$ -t 4-t& t&$= ?o t&$.t filled 4y the $ranch Official6 Re"isit the *1S 5e4site and login 5ith your login id and pass5ord and complete the process 4y filling in the fee details such as 9ournal *o6 A 7ransaction #D $ranch code date of deposit amount etc6 O -0-."-"!t$s ! $ !3so $E#.A% K Rs6(. t&$ 4 -tt$. %!.ot$ o? t&-s !. %!.ot 2$ !33o4$" to !BB$! -.%& N!=$ & Co"$ N#=2$ '2( T !.t$ 1-$45 Wo=$.!3 No '%( D!t$ o? D$Bos-t & A=o#.

)6)."-"!t$s ! $ !"1-s$" -.t-=!t$" !2o#t t&$ s!=$ t& o#0& $8=!-3 29 t&$ $@!= %o.9 %&!." ot&$ #B"!t$s !2o#t 4 -tt$.0 4-t& t&$ !tt$st$" %oB-$s o? %$ t-?-%!t$s -.)6).o4. C $!=9 L!9$ < P&9s-%!3 "-s!2-3-t9< !s !BB3-%!23$6 @-15 T&$ .&< 2+50452014 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES &6 7he ?uestion paper 2 the Ans5er Iey 5ill 4e put on the 5e4site same day immediately after the 5ritten eDamination is o"er in"iting o4:ections if any from the candidates6 8andidates can su4mit their o4:ections 5ithin / days6 7hereafter o4:ections 5ill 4e referred to eDperts and 3ey 5ill 4e finalized for preparation of result6 )6 Results of the 5ritten eDamination 5ill 4e pu4lished in Samiti@s Fe4site in due course6 *o en?uiry in this regard 5ill 4e entertained 4y *1S6 /6 7he list of candidates called for #nter"ie5 5ill 4e displayed in Samiti@s 5e4site6 <6 7he list of short listed candidates for recruitment to the post of . PGT & o.39 -.$ Bost -.t$ 1-$4s !3o.%$< C!st$< C!st$ V!3-"-t9< No.$ Bost -.0 "o%#=$.t-=!t-o. t&$ 4-t& B&oto0 !B& !??-@$" 4-33 !3so &!1$ to 2$ s#2=-tt$" "# -.$ s#2C$%t5 IMPORTANT DATES68 Registration Open Cee deposit opens Registration 8loses Cee 8loses Su4mission 8loses Admit 8ard Do5nload Starts Date of Fritten 7est *6 @15 @1-5 .$s to "o so5 I.. t&$ !BB3-%!t-o.t$ $st to 1-$4 S!=-t-Is 4$2s-t$ ? o= t-=$ to t-=$ 4-t& $0! " to t&$ %!33 3$tt$ s !." "$s. $@!=-."-"!t$ =!9 !BB39 ?o o."$.o !." -."-"!t$ o &-sA &$ ?!t&$ A &#s2!.t 1$ -?-%!t-o.0 !0$. -. !.ot 0$t t&$ -. !s -t !BB$! s -./6)." $t%5 s&o#3" 2$ sB$3t %o $%t39 -."-"!t$ 4-33 &!1$ to B!9 t&$ $E#-s-t$ F$$ ?o 2ot& t&$ Bosts !BB3-$" ?o 5 Ho4$1$ < 4-t&-. s#%& %!s$s< t&$ %!.t$ 1-$4s< !s t&$9 =!9 ." =!9 "-sE#!3-?9 t&$ %!.$" 29 t&$ S!=-t.!=$ o? t&$ %!. t&$ %$ t-?-%!t$s A =! D s&$$ts5 A.3o!" t&$ %!33 3$tt$ ? o= N!1o"!9! V-"9!3!9! S!=-t-Is 4$2s-t$ -5$5 J4445.&< .&< )=6.$" to "o4.&6."#%t-." s$B! !t$ -.)6).o S!=-t.&< . to t&$ %!. !t t&$ t-=$ o? -."-"!t$ s&!33 !BB39 o.%9 o? t&$ S!=-t-5 Ho4$1$ < %!. s#BBo t o? A0$< :#!3-?-%!t-o.9 ot&$ !"" $ss5 T&$ !BB3-%!t-o. t& o#0& $=!-3 "#$ to t$%&.< E@B$ -$.s&!33 s$. B -.%$ s&o#3" 2$ $./6).&6.0$ A !3t$ !t-o.&6. o."-"!t$s to t&-s $??$%t5 A %!.!1o"!9!5. PGT A TGT %!t$0o 9< ! %!.&< /&6.-%!3 ?!#3t5 No %o $sBo."-"!t$s =!9 2$ -."-"!t$s ! $ $E#.t-=!t-o.!t-o.G5 C!./6./6).t$ t!-.!7s 2 7!7s su4:ect 5ise 5ill also 4e displayed in the Samiti@s 5e4site6 *o separate correspondence shall 4e entertained in this regard6 ."-"!t# $5 C!. ?o#.&< . TGT -? &$ -s $3-0-23$ !.

#&t #+ thei& "(ai' at the ti'e #+ inte&.a(en"e #+ the 20a(i+i"ati#ns with that #+ the n#ti+ied #ne sh#0(d +0&nish d#"0'enta&% e.'6 8an"assing in any form 5ill dis?ualify a candidate6 (6 7he Samiti may ta3e up the "erification of eligi4ility of the candidate at any point of time prior to or after the completion of the selection process6 E"en if Admit 8ard is issued to a candidate due to lac3 of information in the application form or other5ise and if it is found at any stage (including the date of :oining 2 thereafter) that the candidate is not eligi4le then his A her candidature shall 4e summarily re:ected6 >6 7he Samiti may at its discretion hold re%eDamination as and 5hen necessary in case need arises for the same6 #n such an e"entuality candidate 5ill ha"e to appear for such re%eDamination at hisAher o5n cost6 =6 06 *o 7A etc6 5ill 4e paid for appearing in the 5ritten test6 Selected candidates are lia4le to 4e posted any5here in #ndia6 &..6 Selected candidates 5ill initially 4e on pro4ation for a period of t5o years 5hich can 4e eDtended at the discretion of the 8ompetent Authority6 &&6 Nualifications ac?uired 4y the candidates should 4e strictly in accordance 5ith the prescri4ed ?ualifications6 An% "andidate see1in) "(ai' #+ e20i.iden"e in s0.iew3se(e"ti#n/ other5ise such cases 5ill 4e re:ected6 Similarly 5here grades ha"e 4een gi"en the position of the mar3%sheets sho5ing e?ui"alent percentage of mar3s should 4e produced at the time of inter"ie5Aselection6 &)6 #n case any discrepancy or "ariation in the translated "ersion of this ad"ertisement is found in Hindi or any other language the teDt pro"ided in the English "ersion 5ill 4e treated as final6 &/6 7est 4oo3lets ans5er sheets (OMR) application form 5ill 4e preser"ed up to the period of siD months only from the date declaration of final result and thereafter it shall 4e destroyed6 &<6 Any dispute 5ith regard to this recruitment shall 4e su4:ect to the court ha"ing its :urisdiction in Delhi only6 OOOOO66 .

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