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Recording Requested by GRANTEE And when Recorded Mail To: GRANTEE1 Grantee Street Address City, State i!

________________________________________________ Space Above this Line for Recorder’s Use Only _________
"#C$MENTAR% TRANS&ER TA' ()*)) * ++++++ co,!uted on the -ull .alue o- !ro!erty con.eyed, #R ++++++ co,!uted on the -ull .alue less liens and/or encu,brances re,aining at ti,e o- sale 0y +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Signature o- "eclarant or Agent "eter,ining Ta1

CORRECTION OF GRANT DEED The undersigned Grantee2s3 hereby ac4nowledges the attached REC#R" #& "EE" C#RRECT5#N -or the -ollowing described Grant "eed: Grantor: Grantee: "ocu,ent 7: "ated: GRANT#R1 and GRANT#R6 GRANTEE1 6)1)))6666668)))) &riday 9une 11 6)1), at )::66:;< AM

-or the -ollowing described real !ro!erty situated in County o- C#$NT%, State o- Cali-ornia, o- #--icial Records in the Recorder=s #--ice C#$NT% county, Cali-ornia, describing land therein as: See >egal "escri!tion attached hereto as Attach,ent ?A@ Also 4nown as: 16AB; So,ething Street, City, State, Cali-ornia

"ated this ++++++ day o- ++++++++++++++++++++, A*"* 6)11 0y: Grantee Signature Na,e STATE o- CA>5&#RN5A C#$NT% o3 3 ss* 3 ACCN#D>E"GMENT

#n ++++++++++++++++, 6)+++++, be-ore ,e, +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++, a Notary Eublic, !ersonally a!!eared GRANTEE who !ro.ed to ,e on the basis o- satis-actory e.idence to be the !ersons whose na,e is subscribed to the within instru,ent and ac4nowledged to ,e that she e1ecuted the sa,e in her authori ed ca!acity, and that by their signatures on the instru,ent the !erson, or the entity u!on behal- o- which the !erson acted, e1ecuted the instru,ent* 5 certi-y under !enalty o- !erFury under the laws o- the State o- Cali-ornia that the -oregoing !aragra!h is true and correct* Ditness ,y hand and o--icial seal* 2Seal3 Signature++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ #--icial Signature MA5> TA' STATEMENTS T#: SAME AS A0#GE

Attachment “A” LEGAL DESCRIPTION The land re-erred to in this "eed is described as -ollows: All that certain real !ro!erty situated in Ne.ada County, Cali-ornia, described as -ollows: Earcel 0, as shown on the Earcel Ma! -or M* Castle, being a !ortion o- the Northwest quarter osection 6), Townshi! 1H North, Range : East, M* "* 0* I M*, as -iled in the o--ice o- the Ne.ada County Recorder on "ece,ber 1H, 1J<1 in 0oo4 6 o- Earcel Ma!s at Eage 1H<* Together with an ease,ent 6B -eet in width -or ingress, egress and utility !ur!oses as set -orth on the Earcel Ma! -iled in the o--ice o- the County Recorder o- Ne.ada County on "ece,ber 1H, 1J<1, in 0oo4 6 o- Earcel ,a!s, Eage 1H<*
KAEN: ;681118A<L