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Magazine Analysis

Magazine Analysis

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Published by: Jack Clarke on Sep 28, 2009
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Magazine name

Barcode and website

The magazine ‘Sidewalk’ has a large photograph taking up the whole front cover. Across the top there is the magazine name (Sidewalk), this is in bold lettering so it would be easy to see and is situated at the top because on a magazine stand it would sit above the other magazines so it could be seen. The magazine has the price, issue number, and information about what is inside this issue of Sidewalk. The barcode is on the right hand side above the magazine website.

Relevant information about inside the magazine. Issue number and price

Large Photograph

Use of images

The image on the front cover of this magazine takes up the whole front cover. The image itself is taken with a fisheye, therefore you can see more of what the skateboarder is doing and his surroundings. The pictures used on the covers of Sidewalk have to be a very high standard to draw the readers attention as it’s the first thing the reader will see when they pick up the magazine.

Use of text

The use of text on the front cover of Sidewalk tells you about what is in the magazine, it will have the main points and what the readers will find most interesting so it persuades them to buy the magazine. The title of Sidewalk in this issue has been made so the clouds from the center of the image and the fill for the title.

Colour and font choice

The color on the front cover of Sidewalk is subtle colors. They are not too bright but they are also not dull and dingy. They are colorful enough to attract the readers to look. The font is bold and clear to read.

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